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File: 568dbbc49cb8e1d⋯.jpg (87.06 KB, 720x802, 360:401, Screenshot_2018-03-01-15-0….jpg)

File: 302c724b9fb8fc2⋯.jpg (739.5 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, 1468856566384.jpg)


Anime is the new cool kid thing.

Normalfags found a new thing to destroy even if they don't destroy anime itself, they're gonna destroy everything related to it like anime conventions (already shit filled with normalfags), memes and communities. Not like this wasn't obvious couple years back, when big youtubers started to mention it or when jews started to milk the cattle with hollywood adaptations and paid streaming sites. This is the cycle that keeps repeating itself. Video games, memes, "nerd" culture, internet and now anime.

Do you know what's next? The chan culture. Just look how much attention cuckchan got. Same thing happened in russian internet part. There's no escape.


Everything thst was seen as taboo becomes edgy, then becomes popular and shallow and dead. such is the life when living with normalcattle. But you gotta admit, with the heavy amounts of wiafuism in anime it was expected that the jews will see it as a cash cow, and that normals will eventually attach themselves to it. Normies and jews feed off of carnal desires, love and arousal being bretty big ones.

Press F for comfy autistic anime and make way for more boobs and high pitched voices


First of all, cuckchan is already dead and its memes and culture had already been compromised by normalfaggots long ago. There have already been people with verified twitter acounts like those who directly linked to the site.

Normalfags finding about anime isn't an issue as long as you don't pay a single cent to western scamming companies like (((Crunchyroll))). It's also best to avoid modern anime and just stick to the 90s and 2000s.



More like make a way for hordes of normalfag weebs and for Chad to go fuck Stacy dressed as your waifu.


>I'm too young to remember when every kid was wearing a Pokemon t-shirt and DBZ was all the rage

Animes been fucking terrible since the end of the 90s. They take more and more short cuts and now no one in Japan is watching except the cat ladies and the shut ins. They will happily sell out to the Netflix Jew and destroy even the 2 good series you might get a year now.


File: fda4ca4d8f34a6f⋯.png (135.93 KB, 458x350, 229:175, Thumbs Up.png)


>anime has just been turned to shit by normalfags

I'm glad it's 2006 again. I couldn't live another day in 2018.


File: 2e44c070cc18ca5⋯.jpg (32.69 KB, 704x400, 44:25, 1424699735733.jpg)




The remake will be airing in april.






Man you guys are funny thinking this is something recent. Densha otoko came out in 04 and that was basically the Japanese big bang theory. Please continue whining about the supposed end of a sub culture you were never even a part of.



>Densha otoko

>Japanese big bang theory

Well, if you want to play that game, N.H.K. ni Yōkoso! came out in 2002 and that was definitely the Japanese big bang theory. Densha Otoko was simply more popular because it appealed to Nipponese thots. Nevertheless, this is about the ruination of occidental culture, not about those barbaric subhumans from the far east.



>Densha Otoko was simply more popular because it appealed to Nipponese thots.

So exactly like Big Bang?

>not about those barbaric subhumans from the far east.

Assuming you're OP why did you make a thread about anime then



There's a remake?



My life would be really empty without whining though. Can you share your arcane knowledge with us? What would you consider kino? Can i blame females, or at least mens obsession with orbiting them, for the fall of this medium?



>What would you consider kino?

I still watch anime, my whole point was its dumb to not like something because of the fanbase. Especially as a foreigner since that alone is arguably enough for you to be considered cancer.



>The story revolving around lolsorandumbxD otaku antics isn't the big bang theory

>a romance story about a man rescuing a woman from a drunk is

What a brainlet you are.



>a live-action show about a guy who likes anime is the same as anime itself


Not yet. Like I said, it will be airing in April.



I think op is more concerned with the direction a meduim goes when normalcattle get to it. Like with vidya its more about brand name than anything (aka, modern Bethesda games because muh fallout and elder scrolls) nowadays right? maybe op is worried about anime becoming mindless cartoons where the only positives are basic emotions like lust and cuteness (oversaturation of nubile female characters for example) thanks to normalcattle. Im no expert in this of course so i cant argue with op



I was talking about the effect it had on the culture, its already fashionable.


>the direction a meduim goes when normalcattle get to it

That's already happened over a decade ago though that was my point


File: 738349cbd7d906d⋯.jpg (61.1 KB, 540x310, 54:31, 738349cbd7d906dcc5a6db6f6d….jpg)

Anime has been crap since 2007 thanks to the popularization of moeshit.




Can you guys Fix entertainment/artistic mediums pelase, maybe make the general population less cattle while you're at it? I appreciate it, maybe give you a (you) as well



>Author was a literal hikki

>One season, no five hundredth season

>No real jokes, just drama

>Misaki is the same as that blonde bimbo

>Japanese big bang theory

Are you retarded?


>Implying the realization of female beauty and virtue in the fictional space is a bad thing


Anime has been liked by normalfags for a long time. My Chad dad watched Speed Racer when he was a kid and my Stacey mom watched Gigantor when she was a kid. Anime was liked by normalfags to a certain extent in the early 90's (anime VHS tapes at Blockbuster, good amount of anime series airing on TV, etc.), it then got really popular with normalfags when Toonami began.



So both of them watched some mainstream anime as a kid and that's the same as adult normalfags actually watching it as a hobby? So far everyone in this thread who has tried to refute OP's point just made himself look like a fucking retard who has no idea what he's talking about.



>So far everyone in this thread who has tried to refute OP's point just made himself look like a fucking retard

<Says OP




The point I was trying to make is that this wasn't something that just happened recently, it happened in the late 90's with a build up leading up to it.



Fix it



Pretty much, "Cool Japan" was almost 20 years ago.


File: 3dc37adc02b9b47⋯.jpg (38.56 KB, 704x528, 4:3, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

File: 5647377d0719a05⋯.jpg (212.65 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1513156498274.jpg)

They'll never touch, let alone understand and truly adhere to, good quality anime though. Sometimes they'll pretend they like Sailor Moon or say that they like whatever shit entry-level anime there is (Bleach, Naruto, etc.) but they'll be left at the gates.





All me.


Watamote is shit. An attentionwhoring cunt of a MC trying to become more of a normalfag


File: fd607fb515210ca⋯.jpg (109.31 KB, 996x832, 249:208, 9c3.jpg)


>tfw just recently started getting into anime because nothing better to do

It's really enjoyable


Is this a secret recommend good/robot anime thread?



I heard in the manga she actually turns into a roast, a recommended read for those suffering from wiafu idealism



I can get the list of non female saturated anime an anon here gave me


File: bba843682df7fd2⋯.png (44.68 KB, 417x298, 417:298, 1506792999090.png)


>Implying you've never thought at one point that you belong among normals



>welcome to the NHK

NEET becomes acquainted with underage girl who tries to fix him, for her own purposes. Like all roasties, she's not as nice as she first seems.


A lonely and depressed robot gets in over his head when loan sharks come calling and is forced into increasingly large gambits to escape them. I can't remember a single female being in the show.

>school days

Chad fucks every thot in school and gets killed for sleeping around. A modern day morality tale.

>spice and wolf

Wandering trader adopts qt3.14 pagan wolf goddess. He makes money, sometimes loses it and occasionally feeds her wheat. A (((mercantile))) thot tries to kill his pagan waifu for shekels.

>jin-roh: wolf brigade

RWDS hunt antifa scum in a world where the Axis won WWII and Germany conquered Japan. Our protagonist has to make a choice between his country and a thot. He lives happily ever after.

>MSG thunderbolt

A useless thot commander who owes her position to nepotism loses everything. Zeon win for once.

>MSG iron-blooded orphans

Most of it is shit, but Chad's harem of trashy anarchist thots literally gets blown to pieces by the space UN.

>cromartie high school

Not a single roastie in the entire series (that I remember).

>daily lives of high school boys

Every female is depicted as crazy, violent or an outright bitch.



not him but I actually didnt, as long as I can remember I thought of myself as separate, and the few times I thought of myself as the same I cried later and had self esteem issues (stuff like another student turning in a test before I did)

this was all as a child before I embraced any sort of "autism master race" culture that you might find here



The normalfags in WataMote are also fairly different from the demons we experienced. This, coupled with her belief that she's like an anime character led her to think that having them around wouldn't be bad.



No, I haven't, really. Go back to cuckchan for the love of everything that is sacred.


File: 4bf573c810c10de⋯.png (322.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, poorly.png)


>wanting Zeon to win

>but also liking Gjallarhorn

I was about to berate you but then I realized you`re man of culture. Gjallarhorn not only did nothing wrong but were the good guys of that series. Ein was best boi.


File: 0098a985a3191d0⋯.gif (838.97 KB, 450x402, 75:67, 0098a985a3191d01c10587ac19….gif)


>there are anons on /tv/ who actually enjoy soyime

>they post on this board

>they are even in this very thread right now




You want me to tell how exactly I know you`re not from this fucking board you goddamned normalfaggot degenerate turd burglar?!



Aaaaaaaaand here come the triggered /a/utist soyboys. Don't you have some Kobayashi's Dragon Maid to watch or something?


You are stupid if you think anime is popular now, the majority of people still call it trash, garbage or creepy/sexist.


File: cb0c875cb6f73c3⋯.jpg (136.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0013.jpg)


<umm i like the part were….. uh they homosex haha i like that lol

It has nice aesthetics despite its poor quality otherwise.



>nice aesthetics

What? It looks exactly like every other recent anime



Do you have any actual arguments or are you gonna call me a "soyboy" some more you faggot? And,no Maid Dragon was actually fucking horrible.




What's wrong with dragon maid? it's on my list if things to watch after made in abyss


File: 368f23cd9825404⋯.jpg (167.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0012.jpg)


Kind of, it's in the style. But it particularly is a well-designed anime, especially with the color schemes and gradients.


It's literally gay and the characters act too cutesy. It's one of those things that are awkward to watch and trigger your autism.



>It's literally gay and the characters act too cutesy

Sounds pretty nice honestly


Call me when こどものじかん becomes mainstream.



It's moebait and very dykish at the same time.


>Kind of, it's in the style.

In that image it looks like the average cheaply-made soyime. You can very distinctly tell that the characters, the chair, and the mug are computer-animated and the rest is just a still drawing.


File: 818c93b949fdb04⋯.jpg (180.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, k1jtj22.jpg)


Here's a better image.



>Gradients in hair, cheeks, background

>Color schemes in green vs. light green vs. white

Even then, what's so wrong with being able to tell that it's computer animated besides the slightly overly-thick outlines? It doesn't have to be complex to look nice.



Pssht I bet you haven't even seen 蘇聯民政廳.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Ah, my fellow japanese language and culture enthusiasts


File: 03a8dbe5cb209a8⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1927x2720, 1927:2720, Ironic youtube reddit anim….jpg)

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Every nice thing eventually comes to an end. Prepare to see anime full of negroes, trannies, ugly fat women and hate towards white straight males.

The days of otakus are over, the days of ironic weebs are coming.


File: c53a459b4755e14⋯.png (409.75 KB, 971x712, 971:712, 1512754296.png)


Call me when ぼくのぴこ becomes mainstream. original



> Prepare to see anime full of negroes, trannies, ugly fat women and hate towards white straight males.

>implying this didn't already happen years ago

You're in for an unpleasant surprise



I don't know what you are talking about, but i've yet to see anime becoming on par to american comic books in terms of political correctness, so you are wrong (for now).


File: 8d56eaea22f5db7⋯.jpg (821.35 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, Patchouli.Knowledge.full.8….jpg)

File: be6ee718ca084c8⋯.jpg (78.22 KB, 1024x572, 256:143, 1516781824057.jpg)


>Hating on Tohuou and WaterMote

5/10 I replied



What do you mean by "hating" ? That image was about what normalfags pretend to like in order to appear as anime fans (ironic weebs)



I thought you meant that those series were trash in general. But I agree, there are too many "trap" lovers and ironic weeabooshits.



>lalalalala you're wrong I'm right

Deny it all you want.There are tons of trannies, niggers, and normalfags flocking to anime already.


Otaku has been the pop-fad for normalfags to like for the past few years. What you should worry about is the fact that in just a few years, Furry will become the new otaku. Don't believe me, lurk obscure-twitter


File: 6292333eb80ee1f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.66 KB, 587x618, 587:618, niggrea.jpg)

Hope these niggas don't come for my scientific glassblowing.

Only the rebels and those that don't fit in do that sort of things.

Also, curling and biathlon.



You're full of shit, I've seen hundreds of anime and don't know a single one that pass all of those criteria.



You misunderstand me. I'm saying that those people consume anime in great numbers, not that they're actually in it.



Where the fuck did i say that i consider watching anime a status symbol? Where did i imply it? I've always watched for myself only, the ironic weebs are the ones who share on social media that kind of shit in order to "be part" of a group


>Flocking to

What i meant was "the amount of trannies, niggers and fat ugly women IN anime shows", not how of them watching shows. Learn to read.



Disregard that post, I was thinking what >>240018 this anon was



You have me mistaken, this is copied from another anon. I cannot accept your praise for it is based of the merit of another



Not him but i dont really see anything special, maybe i dont have the eyes for it.

I cant say I empathize with many robros here when it comes to anime, as I get mad when people try to shill girls of all kinds to me. It feels b8 tier ya know? "Here goy let me pull on your lust and heartstrings". I guess it can be therapeutic to watch cgdtg, but does it become normalcattle quality? The same ol same ol, given attractiveness because of mens carnal desire. Maybe im too prudish/hate the very essence of the female, but i cant shake the feeling that this saturation of anime girls is damaging the potential of my fellow autists. Like how normalcattle shows are bland dramas with le sex to dumb down their minds with pleasure/" excitement ", could anime girls be doing the same? Warping standards of quality, where all that matters is droning out looking at girls?

I don't know why it bothers me so much, if it helps keep my robros comfy then who am i to complain right? I guess i feel that they can be more, but a different kind of female is jewing them, holding them hostage



Post your works bruh, ive only seen glassblowing on how its made



>hate the very essence of the female

There are better ways to tell us you like penis in your butt anon


File: fe886a2358a3a9e⋯.png (989.71 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 1457725588700.png)


neptunia and Tohuou are actually good


>Here goy

Not everything is a Jewish conspiracy


File: 9fefd68afc15ac4⋯.png (317.76 KB, 650x456, 325:228, 9fefd68afc15ac4395cfb3400d….png)


Top quality b8.




Most of Pixars leg work is done by Koreans and they eat about is much soy as Japanese people. Chose your reaction pics better my dude


Not really almost everything in that picture is cancer.



You just described slice of life in a nutshell which is the dominant genre in Japan.



>almost everything in that picture is cancer

Explain further



If you don't know why, you are probably one of them.



Everything depicted in that collage is pure cancer with the exception of

neptunia and Tohuou maybe sadpanda as well (but the between the down turn in quality over abundance of Chinese only uploads and the mods being bronys Im not really feeling up to defending it)



That's not an argument nigger



But what makes them cancer to you?



Is that the chick from Galient? I need to get back to that




It's all stuff that got popular among normalfags and memed to hell on facebook/youtube/twitter to the point of becoming fucking annoying. They care about that stuff only on a superficial level only because "it's weird" and desperately want to fit in with the real weebs.



Then why is the content cancer rather then the normalfags?



None of that stuff is good. It's all shit, especially crunchyroll and filthy frank, except maybe touhou.



Agreed, but what's wrong with the anime in that image besides normalfags liking it?



Kek no not like that, i dont like the dirty tricks nature has to pull to get is to like womens



None of them care what you shut in retards do. They're not trying to fit in with you.



I havent animed much, mainly just played videogames and went to school when i was young. What makes touhou special? Is it a non baity anime?



I mean, i get why, but i still feel disappointed

>ywn help autism thrive by finding a way to lessen the pain of tfw no gf so people wont have to resort to getting hooked on SoL.


File: 7402376cea91f3c⋯.png (340.03 KB, 804x453, 268:151, 151918374016.png)

I hope this lasts just for a short period of time. Maybe normalfags will feel bored of this and move onto something else.

In the meanwhile I will erase all weebshit from my computer and then I will wait like 5 years to come back and see the current state of something I used to enjoy. Wish me luck


File: 8256b92473faab3⋯.jpg (145.2 KB, 675x1199, 675:1199, 1491513693286.jpg)

Heheheheh stupid goyim. If I can't destroy anime at the source, I'll just shit up the fanbase with normalfags and roasties!



This, thanks.

It's also unthinkable to compare 90s to current year. It was slowly building up, just like in case of other occupied hobbies I mentioned. Nothing happens in one day. You can't deny that it's really popular this days and gets a lot of attention. There's weebs everywhere this days and the weeb culture is really attention grabbing. Big youtubers, netflix/crynchyroll, popular people talking about it do the most damage. It's getting normalized and there's no going back at this point. Normalfags mix it with shit they already like to make it more digestible (like nigger music, shitty mems, etc). Again, we aren't talking about boomer faggots that go to facebook once a month, but about normalfags that browse internet a lot.


I don't remember kantai and kemono friends being popular among normalfags.

Add hero academia, one punch man and rwby.


File: 478d3425c6a4b19⋯.jpg (43.28 KB, 528x474, 88:79, Shining Eyes.jpg)


>someone actually copypasta'd my work

If you're the robot who requested the recommendations, I hope you enjoyed them.



>I don't remember kantai and kemono friends being popular among normalfags.

Isn't kantai more of a japanese normalfag thing?



Orphans should be

>Everyone is gay or dead at the end and some are gay and dead.

The post show interview was a train wreck of progressiveness. Pedos legal, Kudelia and the blonde midget are married and raising Mika's kid together. etc.




It will survive.

We already have a ton of secondaries, this won't change anything even if it gets popular.

>but they will change things, people will start pushing gay characters, and making cringey memes

We are already at that point, the Sakuya pad meme still isn't dead, yuri is everywhere even when Marisa has only ever expressed an interest in one man, etc.


>in shows

Western markets don't mean anything. Hence S&W is dead, Nichijou is dead, etc.



If added it's because the creator wanted it. Look at traps, originally it was comic relief, then the occasional reason like Bridget. Now they don't even give a reason for why a boy dresses like a girl and acts all feminine, it's just thrown in because it's a staple of the creators fetish. Transsexuals will be no different and if anything, traps will block them from the marketplace. They already have a few anyway like Tokyo godfathers and a character in the Catherine videogame who is apparently getting a route in the updated version.



Are you retarded? The international market is huge. Even back in the late 90s early 00s cartoon network's tiny market was enough to get a second season of Big O made. Gundam Unicorn is the best selling animation series ever, EVER and had a full international release to do it.

You underestimate how big the international market is compared to the Japanese one. Japan will be like the UK is, all the talent just moves to America to make the same shit but easier to export to the biggest market on earth.

Take a look at the 80's gaming market in the UK. That's what anime is to Japan right now.



isn't evangelion supposed to be a god tier anime that had autists arguing over asuka and rei ever since it was made. how is it normalfag anime now?



Eva has always been normalfag anime. Same way Akira is. it's "le legendary" animu because people who watch them haven't seen anything else.

Eva isn't a bad anime, it has some great elements but it's not legendary with anime fans, just normies.


File: 4ae9551884e9baa⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1366x1204, 683:602, 1514521867957.png)


Refer to pic related

Original nigger



That image has already been posted in this thread, why post it again?




Why is filthyfrank on there? He is extremely anti-weeb and anti-anime


Get some glasses



>why is filthy frank there

>He is EXTREMELY anti-weeb and anti-anime

It's just shitty, ironic humor for edgy teens. Most of his fans are weebs.

We can say it's dark pr. Even when you're making fun of something, you're giving it exposure.

All the shittubers started to touch anime like that. At first it was portrayed as ironic and to "make fun of dumb weebs", than they slowly become more and more openly weeaboo. Look at pewdieshit.


File: 0ccd957f0fb9d42⋯.jpeg (13.05 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 2016_02_22_SPEKTRUM_websi….jpeg)


>Get some glasses

Alright then, why did you post the old version of the image when an updated version was already posted?



Then explain me what happened to videogames and the rise of "gamer girls", genius. Videogames were just as shunned and ridiculed as anime years ago. And now they are shallow shit that appeals to the masses (at least AAA games).


Touhou is a videogame series


File: b547b95fbd90377⋯.png (95.2 KB, 1324x712, 331:178, AisDead.png)

This is a conversation that happened on cuckchan today. Fuck that place with a cactus in the ass.


File: e5dddcdb40769fe⋯.png (16.96 KB, 877x374, 877:374, Eva is normalnigger filth.png)


Evangelion is a billion dollar franchise and has been every angsty teenager's first animu since 1995. It's as normalfag as anime gets.


Kinda related, heres some insight on western animation https://youtu.be/trx9hWy_6KE

Businesses forego are to follow the money, such is the way of the neurotypicals. Anime has gone the same direction, and so will all art probably



I think a major part of the "ironic weeb" is not just popularity, but cattle tier lust as well. "Ayy lookit at my big butt bikini anime profile pic" kinda thing. And kantai fits that bill doesnt it?. Just a bunch of schoolgirls sometimes wearing metallic and navalesque clothes doing things for boys to watch. I saw this allegory(?) In another thread/cap its just like watching female sports, the girls are the only reason you do it, not for the skill or sportsmanship.



>second post

Take notes autists, THAT is what reddit spacing looks like



I want 4chan to be a physical place so I can use my makeshift howitzer to hurl makeshift chlorine shells into it,followed by regular makeshift shells,so I can physically reduce that place to a waste.



Which fucking board was that? Also you need to go back, crossposting scum



But Anon, then you'd be homeless :^)



I feel like you`d be more out of a home.


Dungeons and dragons. Oh fucking wow, some voice actors play the game. How cool, I wish our sessions were more like that. I don't seem to understand it. Now everyone is obsessed with playing edgy as fuck races as good and misunderstood people, humans are for whatever reason a bad thing, and any form of law is looked down upon. Fuck right off and leave my lawful neutral human fighter alone. Especially 5e where everyone is just so interested in it now. I'm seen as the weird one for giving him a personality besides cute when drunk.


File: a2fffa425031b3a⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 426x396, 71:66, a2fffa425031b3a676d15f8375….jpg)


You fееl wrong :^)


Wait i can't be the only baffled by the fact that we have a 37 year old female normie that watches anime right?



I'm surprised you can even handle the state of the website in order to bait normalfags.

>ads up the ass

>google captchas

>pozzed mods

>actual malware


File: e319532f53c5fbf⋯.jpg (72.3 KB, 387x387, 1:1, Ruin Everything.jpg)


>4chan is now even worse than Reddit

>4chan is still considered the sewer of the Internet

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that was some sort of conspiracy to change the acceptable level of discourse by making the most unacceptable discourse "Only misogynists aren't feminists! Femanons welcome. ;3" In all honesty though, what's the point of cuckchan when Reddit already exists?



>lacks proper vision and reading comprehension

wew lad



are you and me even talking about the same thing?



yes, but you're high or something and glanced over the rest of my post



your post was telling me to get glasses and was also about frank, i was telling you a better version of your image was already posted so why post the lower quality version?


File: e4e3597fce6f2b7⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 400x300, 4:3, eva.jpg)


If you used your fucking eyes you fucking retarded spic you would see that I was replying to both posts with those images. In case that is too much to take in let me spell it out for you: I did not post either of those images.

Now stop bumping this shit already you brainlet



nigger you're not making any sense what soever


File: 08449143ca3b958⋯.jpg (165.65 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, fredrogers.jpg)


>I was replying to both posts with those images

>I did not post either of those images

I've been reading your post for minutes now and still don't get it


File: 10b519c9da421b7⋯.webm (1.18 MB, 720x480, 3:2, cannibalistic rage.webm)

File: 11ff904ce10663a⋯.png (324.89 KB, 991x696, 991:696, screenshot-8ch.net-2018-03….png)



Oh my god you fucking inbred illiterate retards. Did my telling you exactly what I meant not help, is a visual aid like a retarded child needs necessary for you to understand?

Do you get it now?



would you be mad if i told you that i still have no fucking clue what you're going on about?


File: e0c399db54836cf⋯.jpg (212.86 KB, 1020x1024, 255:256, usi weeb.jpg)



>Look mom, I posted it again!


File: 00fcc7d6ada9ff9⋯.png (646.28 KB, 900x551, 900:551, 00fcc7d6ada9ff9c6b3e557c51….png)


>N.H.K. ni Yōkoso! came out in 2002 and that was definitely the Japanese big bang theory.

This is the worst opinion I've ever read on 8chan.



Go back to cuckchan, fucking normalfaggotry apologist.



>The "I will take a screenshot of things that hurt my feelings and post them to seem superior"

And we already talked about the 90s "argument" itt.


File: 2e70659876aa915⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 1927x2720, 1927:2720, fixed.jpg)

File: 6c613501f807722⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1366x1204, 683:602, fixed.png)


I'm not a normalfaggotry apologist, I'm only pointing out the fact that the anime fanbase has always been consistently filled with normalfags.

The charts aren't even accurate, having shit taste doesn't make you a normalfag. Pictures related are more representative, with the crosses only being over behaviors that are inherently related to normalfags (with exhibiting around 3+ of them being the cutoff for actually being one).


>>The "I will take a screenshot of things that hurt my feelings and post them to seem superior"

That's the thought process behind the entirety of the meme, you dip.

>we already talked about the 90s

That was only "talked" about in reference to actual older shows, rather than the archetypes of people that you find in the anime fanbase (hint: normalfag has always been a big one).



>swiss faggot

The archetype of ironic weeb, put a cross on him too.

Also: thic*c, momiji, ahegao.

Should add dakimakuras being called "waifus".

>Hey guys, check out my favourite ANIME! XD

This actually comes from when /v/ stole an /a/ GET with a picture of the Cory in the House game. Normalfags resurrected the meme, just like "the cancer that is killing /b/": how can something be ""cancer"" when it's not killing anything in particular?.



The world would be a better place if all of the people whose posts are in that picture died immediately. The second post does have a semi-legitimate point, though. Feminism is an ideology designed by the people who control the system to use as a weapon of subversion against cultures and political movements that haven't yet submitted to their totalitarian tendencies, so naturally successful and intelligent people wouldn't have a problem with it because to be both intelligent and well-positioned in our current society, you'd have to be a complete sociopath.



it's not really bait if it's true.



why is osu a normalfag game


File: b248af66e84a87d⋯.gif (472.48 KB, 500x321, 500:321, arthur.gif)


>one punch man is not normalcore

>umaru is



do you have little reading comprehension?



>expecting people to read your walls of text

>not realizing that crossing something out is universally taken to mean that it's excluded



>cant read a wall of text

>admitting you're illiterate

<not realizing that crossing something out is universally taken to mean that it's excluded

ill give you that one



Good luck with the culture and language barrier. Japan is not the UK.



Tabletop is dead. I remember something about atheist clerics being a thing, in a world where gods literally exist.

I blame a lack of elitism.



I agree that it's dying, if not dead. I was kicked out of my last couple groups, because as long as you write up a nice backstory everything is possible except Hitler doing nothing wrong.



It's malware. The anti-cheat mechanism used to send screenshots of your desktop (obviously a problem if the game is windowed) and your process list to the admins. Only a normalfag would be willing to sacrifice their privacy like that in order to play a circle clicker game.


>>expecting people to read your walls of text

>Four lines of original content is a wall of text.

>>not realizing that crossing something out is universally taken to mean that it's excluded

Non-voter detected.


I sincerely and highly doubt animes like Violence Jack will ever be accepted by normalfags nor h games. Even Devilman Crybaby on Netflix had normals bawwing their eyes out and saying omg i hate this ending pls make it hollywood happy ending Mr Kikenberg. Just stick to anime with violence against women or children, racial caricatures and other things normalfags hate. I gave up playing videos at age 15 (30 now) and back then it was still considered childish after a certain age. But then more and more Chads kept to it and things like Yugi Oh and shit. I never really gave a fuck. I blame Xbox for it as soon as that came out every Chad I knew had one.



does it still send screenshots if you are not logged in? i dont care about uploading highscores.



It only sent screenshots whenever it was automatically suspected that you were cheating or if an admin did a specific command (so being logged out avoided this).

The feature was "removed" when enough controversy was generated after the source code got leaked back in 2016, however newer versions of the game don't have an open source, so there's no way to confirm that.

If you just want to play offline, then I would recommend using a program similar to NetLimiter on osu! just to be on the safe side, given the bad reputation.


File: 3048ea2a44ae281⋯.jpg (162.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2281499-1456894289.jpg)



Also here's an example of one of the screenshots that was stored by a staff member that also got leaked during the 2016 source code leak, which explains a large part of the controversy.




i understand now, thanks.


File: 0251a48cee6ae93⋯.jpg (372.69 KB, 1238x606, 619:303, 1520213811889.jpg)



it got worse


File: fb93de77345d9d3⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 500x546, 250:273, c96f024ad70ea1f1e2fbfef6d5….jpg)


>tfw normalfag idols will never try to emulate my favorite animu because it's too long for their short attention spans


File: 9d001dac0d5efaf⋯.jpg (80.68 KB, 507x536, 507:536, I don't even.jpg)


>darling in the franxx

Normalniggers have been attaching themselves to flavor of the month garbage for years. Just look at /a/ for example. At least their taste in anime is completely shit, so you can easily avoid them.



It wouldn't be so bad if this stupid cunt didn't have millions of people who follow her.


watching anime doesn't require having an attention span and you know it



Can you read? My favorite anime is too long for normalfags to enjoy because it's fucking long. 110 episodes long, and that's not including the OVAs.



I'm saying that if you have at least a 22 minute attention span you can watch any series. It's not like you watched all 110 episodes in one sitting, so you can't act like you need superior concentration to watch a long-running anime.


OP are you forgetting about Pokemon, Digimon and Yugi Oh? Even before that the anime Akira was in the mainstream consciousness.



You're right, I guess it's the content that matters, not the length. In that regard, I'm still confident I won't be seeing any celebrities talking about Legend of the Galactic Heroes.



Truly inoperable.


File: 3994a4f6e12e20c⋯.mp4 (7.43 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Wamdue Project - King of m….mp4)


Don't forget that GitS was used for a popular music video in 1999 and was a major cult classic after its cinematic debut in the west. Honestly, even back in the mid-90's, there was widespread interest in "Japanimation." All that's changed is that you can now download it straight to your TV or computer, rather than having to shill dosh out for overpriced VHS/DVDs. If we're talking about a period when anime was obscure, it was the 1980's, when all but a handful of shonen/shoujo series had to be fansubbed on imported VHS tapes.



I already know, faggot.

Welcome to hell.




Speaking of Akira and music videos, clips of it and some other anime were used in a Michael Jackson music video about two decades ago.



Don't worry, normalfaggots will never penetrate robot-tier anime like SoL because "omg eww pedo" even if they don't find it "boring". Let them have their entry-level shounenshit.



>Do you know what's next?

It's already being destroyed by elite normies. Imageboards have nearly stopped cultural output, and have started to take normalfag "emoji" and "when you XD" memes, and I mostly blame the presidential campaign, and /pol/ for this.





Control+f "Yeah, stuff like Dragonball and maybe Robotech. At most its Hero Academia."





>newfag can't even link to other boards right


File: 275afcd050856d3⋯.png (364.51 KB, 595x571, 595:571, niggers.PNG)


Look here you dumb motherfucker, as you can clearly fucking see I did it right >>241312

But the thread was dead, as you would have noticed if you actually clicked the fucking link like a retard wouldn't fucking do.

Look! Same method >>>/a/792654


File: fb699c517b7c551⋯.jpg (139.87 KB, 780x796, 195:199, butthurt scale.jpg)




File: 34aa73f4bd7642c⋯.png (374.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, aria-dub.png)

Is there even something normalfags can't destroy?



Things you create for yourself. If you never share them publicly and just create for to suit your own tastes, normalfags can't ever take it. You don,t even have to be creative, just rip off the shit you like the most and shape it into something you like. Most anime is shit anyways.



Normies generally hate the high-pitched voices.



Zeon did literally nothing wrong




Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z was always pretty mainstream too and is still is with older normals. And I imagine Sailor Moon and Card Captors being popular with the roastie demographic. As a young lad I saw many boys and girls into those shows. Samurai Jack whilst not an anime also normalized anime to a young audience. At a young age I can remember there being many english dubbed anime OVAs floating around stores where we rented SNES games from as well. But can a normal transcend the common mainstream animes to dip into such works as Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shoujo Tsubaki (Midori)? I consider it similar to how normals will go to say a Chinese buffet and eat fried processed foods but avoid fermented duck egg or seaweed. Then discuss how much they love Chinese cuisine. Or how they will partake in such things as yoga or meditation but avoid reading the Bhagavad-gita or any authoritative sources. Meghan Fox for example has a tattoo of a Nietzsche quote. Do you expect that she has actually read or studied Nietzsche in depth? Normals adopt these things on a superficial level to try and create a persona or identity for themselves but fail to go beyond that level. And while we may have to wade through shit to find the gold in our hobbies or past times as a result the truly dedicated will find what they are looking for. That is why I am not worried about normals corrupting anime anymore than I am worried about soccer moms in yoga pants ruining Eastern religions.



And here Kim Kardashian West (I do not care to properly spell her name correctly) is merely looking for attention or to stand out etc. Although sometimes normals can be surprisingly into bizarre things on a dedicated level it is totally rare. Remember who she is married too. I sincerely doubt it is a cause for concern. Let the babies have their bottles so to speak.



The music video for the 1999 shit-tier pop band No Doubt's song "Ex-Girlfriend" is based on Kite. The uncensored version had hentai scenes with the underage protagonist and had other scenes with underage lolis if I remember correctly. Which were all mostly rape. As well as the graphic violence and themes. So that is 19 years ago that a roastie celebrity referenced anime.


>gondola thread is gone

>this isnt



I mean, a big chunk of anime is built up on alluring men with women, so its expected that the cattle would roam in eventually


File: db960ad2cf6fed4⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 265x376, 265:376, SiN The Movie.jpg)

File: 869061a5e8818f9⋯.jpg (277.04 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Dat OP.jpg)

File: 4d7204209471b2f⋯.jpg (184.69 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, The Only Good SW.jpg)


>Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z was always pretty mainstream too and is still is with older normals. And I imagine Sailor Moon and Card Captors being popular with the roastie demographic.

Absolutely, but you also have to remember shit like Bubblegum Crisis. That was a smash hit in the west, and anime became respectable with your parents in 2001, thanks to Hayao Miyazaki. I mean, Spirited Away was a fucking phenomena and was shilled to high heaven in the west. Also, just take a look at gaming in 1997-1998 (for crying out loud, Shadow Warrior had legit posters in the game, Shogo was full of references and SiN, a right piece of shit, got its own OVA!). It's fair to conclude that not only has anime has been in the public consciousness for years, but it's been normalfag territory in the west for two decades.



Tbh before I even knew what a normalfag was or the existence of imageboards. Way back when I was kid until young teenager I thought anime was just something trendy popular people liked. I had bullies who would beat my ass senseless and make fun of me who were collecting Yugi Oh cards, Beyblade, watching Dragon Ball Z, etc. And they had long outgrown needing to be into these I thought at the time. Although to be fair I thought Shadow Warrior was a good game not as good as Duke Nukem 3D though. I grew up with Apogee and then later 3D Realms. I almost forgot Gundam as well it was on the leaf TV channel here YTV. I only caught a few episodes of it due to hardly having cable access growing up. But most normals I knew didn't get into Gundam. As a kid I was more into Batman, Judge Dredd and later Spawn (especially the HBO series which I shouldn't have watched as a kid but oh well).



Anime was always been a normalfag hobby but i didnt expect to be this much. Imagine your average ig thot but now with anime. It will be like your nerd culture but this time EVERYONE does it. Fuck this gay world.




Thing is those nerd girls have been doing that shit for forever. If not dressing up anime characters then as RPG, scifi or fantasy characters. Cosplaying is normalfag as shit. Plus Chad isn't going to mind switching it up fucking Stacey as <insert anime character here>. But normalfags are too stupid to truly be dedicated to anything besides attentionwhoring so just ignore them. They aren't going to change or limit anything. It's the SJWs to be worried about because they can make well known comic companies change their superheroes to be black transsexuals so they won't be seen as racist or sexist etc. Hopefully no gook animation company decides to do that.



I think it has to be young guys here freaking out the older robots already lived through times of normalfags infesting anime or video games way prior to the current year. These things ebb and flow naturally.



Hey,UC Gundam is a pretty robot-tier anime. Great stuff. Don't rip on it.



Can you recommend more robottto anime? If the issue itt is normies flocking to le popular/sexy animos, how about we try to give some that dont try to nature jew us with girls?



wishin I had a rig tbh

Illusys Systems on youtube is making a glassblowing lathe and I will be doing one too, so I guess pretty soon I will be doing that and some chemistry?

It's pretty rad tho, wish I had somewhere to do it (no basement or garage :/ )





This. >>239846


Yes and it looks like fujoshit bait.



>its dumb to not like something because of the fanbase

First, it really depends on what it is. Second, normalcattle aren't typically fans.



But it's worse now. >>241316



Don't bother with him, he's probably a rapefugee.


File: 6e935cf495d71dc⋯.png (470.71 KB, 2672x2136, 334:267, slash-a_recent_gup_thread.PNG)

Unorginal commendu


File: 5c55a3781ec1b43⋯.png (1008.44 KB, 1683x1041, 561:347, K-On vs LoGH.png)


t. I haven't watched enough to make a judgement but am going to anyway like a fucking normalfaggot



I'd send a good portion of 8cuck to concentration camps/boot camps as well. This place has gone to the dogs.



Legend of the Galactic Heroes.



Berserk(1997), Violence Jack, Akira, Neon Genesis Evangellion, Angel Cop, Black Magic M66, Riki Oh, Devilman, Midori, Genocyber. I can keep going.



Also, Ghost is somewhat overrated.


He said one, anon :^)

Also, you need to differentiate between the censored Angel Cop and the shekelberg™ friendly Angel Cop.



*uncensored, tired


File: 6324a3317dce309⋯.jpg (83.8 KB, 588x370, 294:185, Lupin III.jpg)

File: 011cc4c204cbb7a⋯.jpg (318.15 KB, 1280x945, 256:189, City Hunter.jpg)

File: 866a1e3000ff006⋯.jpg (116.54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Maison Ikkoku.jpg)

File: ac7c7039a536ba2⋯.jpg (443.96 KB, 1088x970, 544:485, Tenchi Muyo!.jpg)


>these are all the same thing

Yeah, okay. Nice to see the goons are still in action.



Uncensored Angel Cop is the best. Japs can be based sometimes. Watching Commies getting their brains plastered against the wall in a brutal fashion or tortured by the main characters shit was so cash. I didn't even know a censored version existed. Maybe they need to make a modern version where SJWs get executed.



Music was never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different chords with different lyrics. The same instruments, the same producers, and autotune. Gay.

Film was never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different character designs and in different settings. The same chicks, the same dudes, and a cute mascot. Gay.

TV shows were never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different character designs and in different settings. The same chicks, the same dudes, and a cute mascot. Gay.

Comics were never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different character designs and in different settings. The same chicks, the same dudes, and a cute mascot. Gay.

Cartoons were never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different character designs and in different settings. The same chicks, the same dudes, and a cute mascot. Gay.

Food was never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different flavors and in different stores. The same calories, the same ingredients, and a cute packaging. Gay.



Porn was never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different positions and in different settings. The same chicks, the same dudes, and a cumshot. Gay.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Freedom digits talking about killing gommunism, interdastin.



Jerking off was never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different fantasies and in different settings. The same chicks, the same dudes, and a cute box of Kleenex. Gay.



Taking a shit was never good, it's always the same shit with slightly different shapes and in different sizes. The same wipe, the same toilet, and cute handwashing. Gay.






Don't overdue it—make it last.


File: 602dbfd0abf0896⋯.jpg (145.5 KB, 499x675, 499:675, miyako___hidamari_sketch_b….jpg)

Please Let's discuss what does an anime serie needs to be considered as normalfag, like anime that is designed to attract normalfags:

First I think it would be something especially generic, unoriginal and lacking creativity. Most normalfags when confronted with their shitty taste in anime will argue that their favorite anime series, are in fact, a very creative product and not in any means designed to appeal normalfag audience but yet they fail to realize the meaning of "creativity" is just not simply random fights, explosions, fantasy and shit. Some examples may include:

>dragon ball sp

>fairy tail

>anything that is "isekai" like re: zero or konosuba

normalfag interests related. Very frequently the kind of anime that normalfags enjoy contains ideas of scapism, like those series of your average teenager that in the the beginning has a very normalfag life but later he somehow will end up in a dangerous and unusual situation where he will have to protect his life and other people around him, especially girls. Or those romantic comedies where your beta taro gets magically a harem of school girls which he will have fun with. Besides being stupidly edgy.


>high school dxd

>Tokyo ghoul




>high school dxd

>Tokyo ghoul

>re: zero


All you needed to say was flavor of the month trash. Normalfags flock to flavor of the month because that's all they know. They will rarely touch movies or OVAs, however they love when Niconico videos that appear on YouTube. They will then pretend that their copy paste isekai shit is deep, meaningful and far better than anime of yesteryear, because they've never watched anything released before 2006. After all, watching anime older than an underage b&, like reading manga, VNs & LNs, is only for the "real otaku".



>It has nice aesthetics

Their horns are ugly and so are their colors.






They'll wipe out anything they can access without having to put effort in.


File: 3cadf8dfdfb90d8⋯.png (1023.84 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, how_i_watch_anime.png)

So how do you watch your animu?


Welcome to 2010. This isn't new.



>kiketube video related to lolis (e.g. Gochusa op)

>comments full of police raid jokes

It's not even fucking funny goddamnit. It was funny a few times when something sexual was happening with the lolis, but holy shit, it's unfunny and out of context retardation.


File: 8d95bfb53ea4452⋯.jpg (10 KB, 251x205, 251:205, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!.jpg)


Unoriginal cfffontento



Is this OC?

I miss watching anime on the computers back in middle school


File: 540a6bdd497c5d7⋯.jpeg (118.33 KB, 1043x1043, 1:1, 12998a359373427d66d5f1d16….jpeg)


You're alright. 10 out of 10.



When I was in middle school, "streaming" didn't exist, and "online video" was flash/shockwave animations, and it took half a minute to load each megabyte if it didn't time out.



I entered high school in 2009.


File: 92af76d08c086a1⋯.jpg (48.71 KB, 553x549, 553:549, Oh No!.jpg)


Wait a minute, are you spying on me, or are we just soulmates?



But Konosuba(unlike all that you listed) is actually pretty good. Given that that`s because it doesn't take itself seriously and it`s funny,but it is good. Now,you`re right about everything else.


File: 58ecf70f55e913e⋯.jpg (734.96 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, tokotokotoko.jpg)


It`s only overrated if you`ve only seen the uninspired,boring and pretentious Oshii movie.



I agree with your Konosuba sentiment

its also the first anime ive seen to make a decent effort to display the cringe emotion accurately along with the hysteria of realizing how much cringe you've just caused



As well as the fact that the protagonist`s a painfully realistic representation of the average MMO player and also one of us.


File: ab312adad3f4b6a⋯.jpg (189.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GitS.jpg)


Who's Oshii? Is he the guy who made that really lame anime version of Ghost in the Shell? I've only seen the Scarlet Johanson film.


File: e2ea6aa5aebdc4d⋯.jpg (74.52 KB, 217x281, 217:281, 1481549721769.jpg)


Are you trolling? Because if you`re not you simply should go away. Anyways,Oshii`s the director of the 1995 movie that most GITS fans have seen.



Im lurking this thread and i have no idea what the references youve made are, c-can you explain. As an outisder, If i were to guage ironic weeb/normal tier anime I'd go by mindless action and femake saturation as a quick guide. Normals dont have the brainpower to think about contextualizing anything, and just want to light up their brains. Easiest way to do that? Action, women, and shallow romance. Whats a movie to them besides "its good" or "everybody's seen it"? You could even argue that robots wanting to be surrounded by "cute" (aka makes my brain feel nice) animos fall under the same category, but at least they have some critical thinking, and a reason why they stoop to escapism



Better cap it and subtly use it in any discussion thread then



>i have no idea what the references youve made are

What references? It would help to have context if you want me to explain something.

>If i were to guage ironic weeb/normal tier anime I'd go by mindless action and femake saturation as a quick guide.

Normalfags don't even care about remakes, since they never saw the original in most cases. They just care about what's popular at the time (SAO, Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin, Boku no Hero Academia, etc.). I've noticed that this can extend to series going as far back as 2006, but rarely anything before that time. For example, most normalfags have seen Fate/Stay Night & Death Note, but Full Metal Panic! & Trigun are beyond them, despite being normalfag anime of their time.

>Whats a movie to them besides "its good" or "everybody's seen it"?

Nothing, really. That's why they chase the flavour of the month/season; not because they've seen everything - like /a/ pretends to - but because being in the kool kids klub is all they care about.


I was, and he also directed GitS 2: Innocence, which was far worse than GitS in my opinion. Also, Mamoru Oshii's pretty cool, what with being responsible for Kerberos and all.


File: d26cc776dadf48a⋯.jpeg (73.27 KB, 726x800, 363:400, Leshruganimegrill.jpeg)


>tfw enjoy female saturated and slice of life animes



I'll never forget you anon. I haven't gotten around to them yet as waging practically knocks me out for some reason which makes me feel likda guilty. Also ive been playing a bit of hollow knight recently, its good comfy adventure if you play mapless, takes a long time though.


comfy trades are great to watch, thanks. Tfw stuck in suburban wagie life


Isekei and niconico, whst are those? And why is not watching movies or ovas a normalcattle thing to do? Id expect them to numbingly waste more time on those things, especially since ovas are just characters talking to each other, giving context to the world they're in right? Seems pretty normal tier, watching people talk to eachother (isn't that what modern dramas these days are?).


Stop it, i ree at you

Ree break free from females controlling the comfy train >:^(

(Hope you're comfy tho anon)




Huh it didnt reply to you



>I haven't gotten around to them yet as waging practically knocks me out for some reason which makes me feel likda guilty.

Shit, don't feel guilty, anon. I remember when I was a wage slave and I could barely do anything after getting home.

>Also ive been playing a bit of hollow knight recently, its good comfy adventure if you play mapless, takes a long time though.

I haven't played it. Thanks for the recommendation - I'm always looking for good comfy games.

>Tfw stuck in suburban wagie life

Remembering my days living in the city makes me grateful I moved to the country. Farm labor is hard work, but really gratifying.


Isekai just means light novels, which are Japanese novels for teenagers. They've been around forever, in one form or another, but a lot of anime these days is isekai inspired. They're typically formulaic and revolve around people - usually teenagers - being sucked into an alternate dimension. A good example would be Sword Art Online, but you'll find most stories of these types are Isekai shit. As for Niconico, it's a Japanese video streaming website. Due to the barrier of entry, most normalfags don't realize it exists or avoid it.

>And why is not watching movies or ovas a normalcattle thing to do?

They don't get the coverage that anime series do and OVAs can take years to complete. Also, they usually aren't good for "water cooler conversations."

>ovas are just characters talking to each other, giving context to the world they're in right?

Most of the time, no. OVAs typically have more depth than your average series, or lack the production value of one. The rest are just one-shots, which fly under the radar.

>Seems pretty normal tier, watching people talk to eachother (isn't that what modern dramas these days are?).

As I said above, they lack the consistency of TV dramas and aren't pegged to a weekly schedule, which makes them more difficult for normalfags to enjoy. After all, they lack the attention span to wait 6 months for the next 30 minute episode of a show.



I do like Mamoru Oshii,I just feel that Kamiyama handled it better with Stand Alone Complex,since it had much more poignant and well-explored themes than the movie did. Also Section 9 were actually interesting characters to boot.


File: d3ffb63e7c1cbda⋯.png (423.22 KB, 645x645, 1:1, Cozy-1.png)


>Hope you're comfy tho anon

You to mate



no, it is not


File: 9f1683cabe280e9⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 717x640, 717:640, zeonskitebiq4i.jpg)


How so? It broke the unity of humanity,it killed three billion people and it plunged the Universal Century into many many decades of bloody,brutal warfare.



All Zeon did wrong was lose. (((Earth)))(((Federation))) has always been garbage.


>I just feel that Kamiyama handled it better with Stand Alone Complex

No arguments here. GitS:SAC is best GitS.



You seem to want to draw a parallel between IRL history(in which Germany are the good guys) and fictional history in which all Zeon did was commit atrocity after atrocity all in the name of a "freedom" that they did not need nor deserve.



>independent nation state oppressed by foreign power and treated like second-rate citizens

>Earth is a globalist's wet dream and no nation-states exist

>Earth forces are a rainbow coalition

>Zeon seeks to unite their neighboring states, most of whom harbor resentment towards Earth

>Zeon are blatantly Germanic, sieg heil, are demonstrably superior and advanced technology, which they use in a blitzkrieg to force Earth to capitulate

>All they want is for (((Earth))) to stop exploiting the colonies

>Zeon forces follow the wise teachings of an educated philosopher who wants liebensraum for his people

Seems like a pretty good parallel to me. Oh, I guess they made two mistakes. The second was listening to anything a Zabi said.



When was Earth actually oppressing the spacenoids or treating them as second-rate citizens in any manner? I don't remember that actually happening. It was all Zabi/Zeon propaganda for them to make their cheap power grab and create their own state out of the colonies about a hundred years after nation states were abolished. I mean in Gundam it seems that what you call globalism was actually implemented not by kikes and not malevolently or with intent to fuck everyone over,but rather to avoid civilizational collapse.

Gundam`s world is much more pure and uncorrupted than our own so comparing the two too closely is pointless. In any manner,I do tolerate Zeon more than the Zabis since at least he didn't condone or carry out mass gassings and a colony drop. Even if he made a cheap power grab for Side 3`s government.

The Jupiter Fleet however…I feel like they`re the actual kikes of the UC.


File: 440ead38c4a12c3⋯.webm (11.65 MB, 556x360, 139:90, Angel Cop Unabridged.webm)


>When was Earth actually oppressing the spacenoids or treating them as second-rate citizens in any manner? I don't remember that actually happening.

It's mostly expounded upon in MSG:Origins. Basically, they were just trying to restrict the political and economic freedoms of the colonies.

>I mean in Gundam it seems that what you call globalism was actually implemented not by kikes and not malevolently or with intent to fuck everyone over,but rather to avoid civilizational collapse.

That's their excuse now, isn't it? Nationalism is bad because muh Hitler and wars, so we need a global state consisting of continental blocs to avoid another six gorillion.

>The Jupiter Fleet however…I feel like they`re the actual kikes of the UC.

Agreed. Never trust a merchant. Earth Federation is still shit though but not as shit as Neo Zeon. Anyway, we don't want to turn this into a Gundam thread.



Gundam is something that normies`ll never get anyways since it`s both too silly for them since it has mecha,and too complex for them since it has its' own politics.


>undeground/subculture music






What will be next?


File: 86933ba0b78cdaf⋯.png (3.4 MB, 8192x8192, 1:1, BureauLogo_v1.1.png)


If you want to be illuminati by 2030, you need to control the memes of the next five candidate 'next BIG things' and maintain control of those memes when critical adoption hits on one of the five. Normalfags have this pattern of behavior, a follower/trendy sort. Considering your years of isolation, you are apt to become leaders because that pattern is broken in you.

To succeed, you have to know the normie profile (healthy pro-social psychology) ticks, intimately, and tailor memes to it. There are a set of profiles within normie, such as ghetto/afro, californian, high society, etc. Tailored memes should be tailored on the "front end" while intended RSM (aka Marx superstructure piss on his grave) changes are subtle, abstract, and second-layer where the conclusion trivially "falls out" from the memes.



Well, that & the hundreds of episodes, not to mention films, OVAs, manga and novels you have to go through to actually understand the UC. It's the same reason Legend of the Galactic Heroes has remained safe for so long, although I'm afraid the reboot will fuck it up beyond recognition. I just hold onto faith that it will be moderately tasteful, like the Yamato reboot. Also, is it just me or is everything (except Mobile Fighter G Gundam) outside of the UC total shit?



>you have to know the

you have to know HOW the…



It`s not just you. SEED is garbage and everything not related to UC that`s not G Gundam sucks. And G Gundam`s only good in a campy,autistic way.


File: 14776fc6ea41f3a⋯.png (174.58 KB, 398x478, 199:239, Best Gundam.png)

File: e13663db479ebb5⋯.png (169.99 KB, 278x482, 139:241, They Have To Go Back.png)

File: e477e99ebf2dcdd⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 248x400, 31:50, Kangz Gundam.jpg)


>G Gundam`s only good in a campy,autistic way.

What you meant to say is it's got the best designs in the entire franchise.



No prob, friend. Theres a third free expansion that supposed to some out soon, so if you wanted to torrent it it would be better to wait till that comes out. The expansions add new parts to the map and new bosses/enemies. And they make it flow really well, especially if you play mapless you end up walking around somewhere you thought you knew and bam theres a new area. Makes gor good times. The game is has a bit of background and foreground particle effects (like when you hit an enemy you get particles, and when you get hit the screen flashes with black cracks) although i dont know if it'll be that big of a deal, adds to the atmosphere. My only gripe is that its a melee game with contact damage against you. So if you casually walk into the back of an enemy, or touch their shield, or they dodge into you youre gonna get smacked. But most of the bosses are fun to learn, only met one disappointing one and thats because i cheesed it by hiding under a ledge. But honestly, play mapless, the game kinda encourages it by by not giving you one, and by making you buy map resources. Artificially extends the game, which in this case is a good thing. Its like coping with irl wageslavery, you tend to forget the weeks as time goes on, thus making your thoughts more interesting by virtue of you forgetting that you had the same conversation with yourself last week. Ive clocked 50 hours on it so far and havent even hit the 3 main (ex ridley, green dino bubba, and the phantom) story bosses yet, in fact, i forgot that theres some story or something due to the adventuring. I suck at reflex based gameplay and this is still fun. Only problem with mapless is that you tend to forget where certain areas are that you need upgrades to access, but for the benifit of your environmental experience not being tempted to look at coloured rectangles.

(Le reddit space)

Tbh i still don't get what an ova is exactly, is it like just a spinoff series that the artists just felt like making out of their own need to flesh the story out? I heard that some of them are just sol with the various groups/factions' MCs, but you make em sound pretty nuanced.



Whats streamed on nico nico if i may ask? I only heard of it from anikis speech thats been going around since he died



Also why do theh take so long to make? And why put the effort?



I have no idea what this politics autism is about but i want in on this where can i find a library of all the mangos and ovas and what not to understand this lore. Is this what that cuckchan board was about? I remember there being a gundam board or something, i assume theres one here too right?

Also thanks for letting me berate you guys with my brainletism



You're talking about space battleship yamato right? I was thinking of watching the original. I hate asking again, but where do you guys find information about all the ovas and mangas and whatever extra stuff on the side?



Also i should add the colour scheme/lighting or whatever is really good. As in you can use a screen dimmer like flux and actually still see details. Its really nice, and redding your screen can provide a different visual experience that fits in story wise (lots of the enemies have an orangy red blood). So you can pretend theres day and night cycles or whatever thats synced to this world


File: 0e22de3e658d48d⋯.jpg (3.75 MB, 3346x3586, 1673:1793, animelist.jpg)



OVAs are usually either spin-offs of existing series released after its run, a miniseries of movies, or an effort at making a series by a small studio. They take longer due to low priority, higher quality or small staff allocation.


It's just a Japanese streaming site. They put whatever they want on it.


>You're talking about space battleship yamato right?


>I was thinking of watching the original.

You should, it's really good. The remake's pretty decent too, but only covers a portion of the story.

>where do you guys find information about all the ovas and mangas and whatever extra stuff on the side?

I don't know about other people, but I just picked it up over the past eighteen years or so. I used to browse /a/ & /jp/ back when I posted on cuckchan, but now just look up random releases and what's new this season on anilist. Also, take this old chart /a/ whipped up years ago.



It's missing a lot of good pre-2000s anime. But it's good for babby's first anime introduction.



I was told to play the VN before watching Higurashi, by the same guy who made those Kreia analysis videos.


File: 0c85ff4a21f8fb0⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 449x319, 449:319, klim09.jpg)


>Kodomo no Jikan

Every time, I am reminded of Rin



Go and watch the first anime. Then Zeta. Then ZZ. Then Char`s Counterattack. Then Unicorn. Or read the wiki. Since that`ll help you too. If you care enough you`ll find your way.



I would also recommend that, and the same goes for Umineko.


What do you expect? It's /a/, after all.


You will live to see the day it's banned not only in your country, but also Japan.


Also watch Origins, 08th MS, Thunderbolt, War in the Pocket, Stardust Memory, Mayfly of Space, and Twilight Axis.



>watch Twilight Axis

>watch 08th MS Team

Are you just rounding out my list of UC works or do you want to actively recommend trash?



>recommends Unicorn

>thinks 08th MS is trash

How does it feel to be a brainlet? I've always wanted to know.



Unicorn had good side characters and a great main plot,all fucked up by a despicable main character. It was more impactful and better written than 08th.



>Unicorn had good side characters

I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. All the characters were pretty terrible reiterations of shit we've seen before half a dozen times.

>and a great main plot

<muh laplace box

The main plot was truly retarded.

>all fucked up by a despicable main character.

He was a good bellwether for the quality of Unicorn, which is to say he was complete garbage.

>It was more impactful and better written than 08th.

All it did better than 08th MS was advance the plot, and considering one of them was a side story, that's not really an accomplishment.



>pretty terrible reiterations of shit we`ve seen before

Not entirely correct but the thing that made this show truly enjoyable was all the well-put in fanservice,not so much the innovation.

>muh Laplace's Box

It was a great concept and the way it was introduced and handled was in an uncharacteristic for Gundam grand and epic fashion.

>defending Banana in any capacity

He physically reduced the show`s quality every time he was on screen. If Riddhe was the protag I`d like this show much more.



>the thing that made this show truly enjoyable was all the well-put in fanservice

Precisely. It came off like fanfiction.

>It was a great concept

An abandoned constitution is a great concept to revolve a series around? The way everyone, including the EF & Neo Zeon 3.0 treats it like a doomsday weapon is truly mind boggling. It's like they've never heard the term "living document," "amendment" before. Hell, with a global uprising of terrorist cells on Earth, you think anyone's going to care about spacenoids and their forgotten constitutional clause?

>If Riddhe was the protag I`d like this show much more.

I will agree that literally anyone would've been a better protagonist, and he felt like he belonged in Gundam Seed.



Again this show to me was far from perfect in any manner,but as a neat little addition with a fuckton of budget,neat MS battles and some fun characters was great to watch. 08th MS Team on the other hand had none of these virtues. And the only cool character in there was Sanders.



>08th MS didn't have neat battles

Are you sure there, lad? Its attempt at a realistic depiction of warfare and MS operation in unfamiliar and hostile terrain was far better than shit we've seen a thousand times before, but in HD!

>08th MS didn't have fun characters

Certainly better than not-Char & his gaggle of Zeon wannabes, a protagonist who belongs in another show, Code Geass leases and the (((oligarchs))).

>as a neat little addition with a fuckton of budget

You're right, it added little and cost tons. Imagine what else they could've done with that budget.



>realistic warfare

>in 08th

Just because it`s gritty and it doesn't have any beams it doesn't mean it`s realistic. If anything it was even less realistic since MS moved like people and forgot verniers existed. Also it had a selection of really boring MS to boot. It wasn't all bad in regard to MS battles,but Unicorn was better(and 0080 was much better in portraying MS combat in a more realistic manner altogether).



>If anything it was even less realistic since MS moved like people

Bipedal humanoid mechs tend to do that.

>and forgot verniers existed

You're going to need to give me an example.

>Also it had a selection of really boring MS to boot.

Because it was reflecting a boots on the ground scenario during the war.

>It wasn't all bad in regard to MS battles,but Unicorn was better

It only looked better due to its budget, but the battles themselves were fairly mundane stuff we've all seen before.

>0080 was much better in portraying MS combat in a more realistic manner altogether

That's because 0080 War in the Pocket is perhaps the finest work in the Gundam franchise. In any case, we're going to have to agree to disagree - you like glorified fan fiction and I like a twenty year old OVA series that falls apart once the romance sub-plot hits its stride. I highly doubt anyone who visits the thread is going to be swayed, one way or the other.



Come on anon, everyone and their dog knows about 4chan, of course the plebbitards will come over.


File: 1ac613dcc9d9341⋯.jpeg (16.9 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1ac613dcc9d9341c267f65492….jpeg)


underrated OP

fuck you

also you

you're cool

fuck you I'm out



Thabks mang, gotta save the bittom half of this thread



One more question if you dont mind. What exactly is an abridged series? From what ive gathered it seems like a memey dub of an anime, like this https://youtu.be/KO_3OUfWl6UU

Or does abridged mean its a non faithful/fan translation? T-thanks



>The chan culture

but bro, i noticed something. When i was on 4chins back in the day, i noticed a influx of really rude posters. since that day those rude posters kept growing, i think rudeposting / negative attitude is a normie thing. Because the only thing we all have in common is that we are society outcasts that look for communities to give and take love. I stopped with the chan culture for 3-4 years, when i came back i noticed how negative i was. thats when i knew that all my problems in life came from trying to be a normie



I noticed this as well. It went from light, jocular shitposting and humor to full-blown malice in the style characteristic of normalfags, that kind of sting they give when they tell you that you're not welcome around them and that nobody likes you. The truth is, for autists their sense of malice is vestigial because they aren't so oriented towards competing and engaging with the rest of normalfag society, instead preferring to do actually productive things.



In most cases, an abridged series is a comedy dub. Some of them are actually funny, but most of them are terrible.


Subcultures of anime will always be safe. They can't take our giant futanari cocks or lolis.



hmm, i always thought the hostility was to discourage normals, or at least encourage new users to invest time into lurking moar, and thus becoming a member of the community that cares about the place they invested time into. maybe its thanks to normals that meaningful users got jaded and angry, which just made it easier for normals to bring their ostracizing nature into this electric realm?


ah thanks, touve been nice.

i-i have something that i wanted to ask due to your experience with japs, nothing important, just out of curiosity. whats the niconico multure like? is it similar to jewtube? like are things like letsplays, vlogging, political shows, normie memery, e.t.c commonplace in japanese online media, as it is here?



They have a different online culture, and from my experience, let's plays and things along those lines have never been popular. Vlogs exist, and I don't know about political shows, although Japanese youth aren't really politically active compared to those in America. Their memes are different, but can be done to death and emoji are quite common across the board on moonrune Internet. By my understanding, it's nowhere near as kiked with its censorship, but I've never really uploaded anything and Japs are far more passive about that sort of thing.


File: 32326d220a95a59⋯.jpg (152.34 KB, 1326x422, 663:211, df65b0da0440a4d37749bd5be5….jpg)

>they go watch the netflix shite they pump out for a month or attempt to pirate and have no idea.

It's not gonna happen. Hopefully.



The smaller scale you go, the less normalfags will destroy. There is no genre that is completely immune to normal faggotry, since there is nothing that can't be boiled down to be "more accessible". Single instances of a genre however can be anti-normalfag. An anon already said Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but the first 20 episodes in that (until the end of the Reinhard vs Noblemen arc) are very slow and they send normalfags away, whereas other anime can be distilled in order to provide mindless entertainment (Koyabashi, One Punch, Darling in the Frannxx apparently but I've not seen that yet).

Normalfags operate on herd mentality and have extremely short attention spans. Things that have a high entry barrier will always be anti-normalfag because they will load in to the game, anime whatever, mess about for a few minutes and not understand it so they quit for the latest fad, fidget spinners have now been completely forgotten about, Fortnite is the PUBG, you know what I'm talking about. The issue is that there is no genre that can't be casualized. Even niche games like Grand Strategies see this with Hearts of Iron 4, which has gone from being a realistic simulation in Hoi3, with a complicated order of battle system where you could assign officers, leiutenants, captains, generals and field marshals to a shitty system where each general has 24 divisions max but gets could bonuses, or a field marshal can have infinite divisions but gets shit bonuses.

Other cases of things that aren't corrupted by normalfags are: Texhnolyze, Lain (I think that will get popular but just meme-wise, normalfags won't watch it), Aurora 4X or Dwarf Fortress (Although that will get popular due to being the epic le impossible ui game)


Fuck all this arguing I need some good shows to watch that have actual plot going on and NO women. I've already completed 250 shows and it already feels like I've watched everything fitting this criteria.



I asked this and i got a small list that's posted somewhere above. Do you mind posting the ones youve seen? I like to experience anime without japs trying to jew my emotions with 2d women



I wonder why this is the case. Humans are supposed to have the intellectual potential to create these great feats that allow us to live the way we do today, yet normalcattle still persisted. I still dunt fully understand their lack of self awareness when destroying a niche



Oh regarding df, i thought it already had its fad phase, i remember hearing about it being "rpg Minecraft" like a year or so ago. Its free right? I wanted to try it out tbh, i was watching this bald fat guy talking about it and it looks comfy, although the z layers might confuse me. Theres a "newb pack" out for it as well



Do the usual suspects have the uncensored version of this?



Well with 250 shows watched a lot of it also tripe shit. I've mainly been working through the classics and well known stuff so I'm sure showing my list would be pointless, but I'll give a few recommendations.

>eve no jikan




>ping pong





>91 days



Am i smart now



I forgot to say thanks and i dont want to bump the thread with a thank you, so if you see this, thanks for the list.


File: 76d8f0535878b43⋯.png (142.11 KB, 420x397, 420:397, 76d8f0535878b43a46ee7efa7a….png)

I feel like normalfags cum then dump everything they like though this has been going on since maybe Attack on Titan tumblr shit. I feel like its time soon for a dump. """Niche""" memes are becoming a thing and being a art hoe that's the next logical step.


File: 515316c2cb024e9⋯.jpg (122.88 KB, 647x720, 647:720, Digibro.jpg)


I'd say Sword Art Online is a great example of this phenomenon, albeit in a microcosmic scale. It's a shit show, but normalfags absolutely adored it for a couple of years, until some high profile YouTube e-celebs (pic related) told them it was garbage. Since they have millions (or near enough to) subscribers, the normalcattle just went along with it. Now, you can hardly find anyone who likes Sword Art Online.



Touhou is being replaced at comiket…


Cuckime has ALWAYS been normalnigger trash. Femdom, traps, permavirgin MCs, it's all trash.



>t. faggot who never bothered to watch mongoloid cartoons

Nice bait though.


File: 0cdbc1a6566496c⋯.jpg (20.04 KB, 372x351, 124:117, Anime_6cbdec_6105111.jpg)


>t. cuck who prefers to watch nigger porn instead


File: 242031d9e3903a6⋯.png (135.18 KB, 310x439, 310:439, 1771428-cj_young_super.png)

>mfw never gave a shit about anime


File: 64dc59c97a0920b⋯.png (211.86 KB, 399x428, 399:428, 170701dflzmzrrbrbs.png)

That was already happened with games, comics, rock etc. Now anime. Meh, I don't even care anymore.


File: fd4097a18fc48d0⋯.jpg (39.57 KB, 398x370, 199:185, 1522066924204.jpg)


>t. unsecure beta which projects his constant gay thoughts about niggers and cuckoldry on everything



>t. unsecure beta

Do you mean insecure? I guess alpha chads don't have time for spellcheck




I'm sorry but I use Linux :^)



>his calculator's performance is good enough to shitpost

I hope you are enjoying your malware, linuxoid fag.


File: f6cde8cd542ed8f⋯.png (176.1 KB, 300x360, 5:6, 1506131439441.png)


>Something about performance but not knowing Linux has less bloat and better performance which is why supercomputers use it




File: 58079b0a4692360⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 231x373, 231:373, ConanRelentless.jpg)

> Anon you can't really like Conan, it's racist and sexist

> Anon you can't really like Zarus, racism!

> Anon, how dare you laugh at our Chinese customers! That's racist!

> Anon, you can't play white characters all the time! Be more diversified.

They find anything you enjoy and they call it racist or sexist.



>conan is sexist

Jesus this triggers my autism. Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan) was a fucking feminist, it's literally my major gripe with him as he was an otherwise cool guy (and a friend of Lovercaft and Clark Ashton Smith). He even wrote multiple "strong female characters", so to accuse Conan of sexism is just blatantly ignorant.

Please tell me no normalfags were actually stupid enough to say this, my 'tism can't allow it.



File: 0e8c342044ff8f4⋯.jpg (47.49 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 800full-conan-the-barbaria….jpg)


My rage knows no bounds.



As time goes on, things that were considered liberal, progressive or whatever in the past are no longer considered to be those things. Take The Rocky Horror Picture Show for example, imagine what conservatives thought of that movie when it first came out back in the 70's, fast forward to today and SJWs consider that movie to be conservative. Another example would be Elvis, when he was around, or his early career days to be specific, there was alot of controversy over him, fast forward to today and now he was just a guy who sang and danced. Look at the stuff that comes out today, like that Bill Nye Netflix special, decades into the future it will be considered conservative.


File: d60585aea5fe7a2⋯.webm (7.54 MB, 640x358, 320:179, john wayne.webm)


Unoriginal fuck you content.



Yeah, exactly. We just have famous, rich personalities deemed to excel and be liked.


the normalfags started getting into anime in the 90s and early 2000s, its been happening for the last 10 years man, anime is for normalfags now.

>16 year old little brother comes home

>parents are out

>im in my room

>he invites his friends over and they sit on the couch smoking and watching their anime, sword art online or something

>i have to hear their stupid impresions


> i down my bottle of vodka so that im too far gone to hear them



Conan the Barbarian is my favorite film, and although I'm ashamed to admit it, I've never gotten around to reading the books. However, after reading this:

>Howard might be a product of his time, but so am I, and it's impossible to read sentences such as "in this accursed city … where white, brown, and black folk mingle together to produce hybrids of all unholy hues and breeds – who can tell who is a man, and who is a demon in disguise?" without cringing.

I am now inspired to read these. I must read these. Does anyone know where I can find some pdfs?



>I am now inspired to read these. I must read these. Does anyone know where I can find some pdfs?

http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0600811h.html Here is the first story.

They are pretty much all short stories with some verging on being novellas that can be found online easily. If you're interested, the Conan universe the same as that of the Lovecraft mythos and I think you ought to read both if you like Conan.



i might give those a read, didnt the author say that barbarism is the natural state of mankind and would eventually always win over civilization?



I have an .epub omnibus of all his Conan books, but I can't upload it, but you can find his works easily online as >>249099 said. Some of the novels & short stories other authors wrote in the universe (there's about ~100 in total) are worth reading, but I'd recommend reading them afterwards.


File: d0b6945d3f5f19d⋯.jpg (58.16 KB, 850x400, 17:8, robert_e_howard_barbarism.jpg)


Yup. He was a slight misanthropist in some ways, or at least somehow who had a pronounced disdain for civilization, especially the modern world.

He was a pretty cool guy, and it's a real shame he killed himself when he was fairly young (only 30,) although honesty, I can't blame him.



Regardless of actual content, people that unironically call things racist, sexist, or any of those jew-invented words designated for enforcing repressive tolerance are non-humans to whom you should pay no mind in the first place.



man his suicide is a shame, ill track down a pdf or an epub of his books. come to think of it the local 2nd hand book store may have some


File: 6004a7f8a2d4c17⋯.png (276.49 KB, 600x628, 150:157, Cosmic Joke.png)


I always liked that streak in his work, and though I doubt he would have ever considered himself a fascist, he certainly agreed with their metaphysical perspectives and ideals. Throughout his works, the civilized people are weak, corrupt and effete, hiding behind their walls and cowering before any threat Just like the "civilized" western soygoys today. The wild, untamed spirit of Hyperborean man, a true Nietzschean ubermensch, triumphs over them, while they permit him to do as he likes out of fear. Their rulers are incompetent, dotards or corrupt to the core, and even their most powerful warriors have succumbed to the self-indulgent decadence which surrounds them. Like Lovecraft, whom he was close friends with, he was a proto-robot; a man from a different age, struggling to merely exist in the madness which surrounded him. He was a tragic loss, but I can't blame his decision when faced with the growing tide of degeneracy and dehumanization inherent to inorganic society. Are there any other authors who are protorobots?


File: c8eed8d17ef4ed5⋯.jpg (156.81 KB, 939x1258, 939:1258, Clark_Ashton_Smith_1912.jpg)


He and Lovecraft certainly had some in common with Fascist idealogy, but I don't think they could be classified as such and Lovecraft certainly wouldn't have. Lovecraft ridiculed the Nazis a lot and wasn't nearly as racist as most people think, he felt africans and australoids were subhumans but regarded the rest as "separate but equal." He also didn't mind Jews and even married one he felt was "well assimilated"

>re there any other authors who are protorobots?

Another similar author and arguably the most robotic of the bunch was Clark Ashton Smith, another friend of Lovecraft's. His early life was lonely and he spent most of his time reading the thesaurus and he excelled since he had a photographic memory. He also got the least attention because his stories are by far the hardest to read due to his vocabulary.

pic related is him.


>threads still up

>expecting spergouts about cartoon boobs

>get people sharing books

Comfy thread bros



You should have barged in on them and shown them a real mans anime. If they're into it, then that means you can gain coolguy points for having actual thoughts and opinions about anime. Only you can prevent cattlecancer



Not him, but whats an omnbus?



Rip sage was still on



How to learn big words?


File: fdb3fd79217f74a⋯.pdf (3.05 MB, Democracy: The God That Fa….pdf)

File: b5bdc8afa06a9ee⋯.pdf (1.64 MB, Appearance and Reality.pdf)


Read the thesaurus like he did. Also just read big-word books in general and look up words you don't know, and use context clues. Here are a few good ones:


File: f3fc20f45bd5ab5⋯.png (296.42 KB, 506x789, 506:789, serhgseh.png)




La Creatura…



He's always been a crowd-following retard, only now he desperately tries to follow in the footsteps of filthyfrank of all people and says nigger on occasion because his cooler friends were doing it, and steals shit from r/funny and JonTron discord servers. At least he's being himself, a cheap afterimage of whatever 5 famous people are on his mind at the time

A good rule of thumb is if they are active on Twitter/own a Reddit account, then you can disregard them



Its a bill that forces you to freeze hiring ice agents so you can have the money to protect Israel and Tunisia




Listen up you massive faggot, and pay attention.


Anime is a form of entertainment, sprinkled with various marketing and propaganda schemes.

There is no difference between the advertising you receive watching this garbage, and the advertising some asshole Stacy gets at the mall. You are being catered towards, it was never your "group" to begin with.

Anime is a form of control. Stop consuming, and start producing. It's your only hope.



>the advertising you receive

I wish I had Japanese cable I actually kind of miss back in the day when torrents had commercials.

moning lescue!



Paradox recently updated the command system

Sadly to be even more casual



back when fansubs were still alive, whenever I got tired of the fansubbers massive bullshit egos, I would just download the raws and watch em commercials and all. It was a simpler time.



The day Guro becomes mainstream is the day mankind evolves to the next level of enlightenment.




You are reading a thread - someone else's thoughts. You are a consumer whore.

You go to school/uni/job training and get fed someone else's thoughts. You are a consumer whore.

You buy things from supermarket. Consumer whore.

I bet you breathe too, dirty consumer whore.

Stop taking space in this universe that you didn't create, consumer whore.

>There is no difference between the advertising you receive watching this garbage, and the advertising some asshole Stacy gets at the mall

>there is no difference between getting shot from a bb handgun and a real shotgun


>You are being catered towards, it was never your "group" to begin with

You don't even understand what you're talking about, retard.

>Listen up you massive faggot, and pay attention. Stop consuming, and start producing. It's your only hope.

Produce a new suicide video with you in the main role.


File: 915faadc2690b30⋯.png (847.97 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 7ae8298787a0432113ed21cc6e….png)


Touhou has Reitaisai, even if it gets pushed out by boatsluts and other such flavors of the month it's not a huge loss.



Anime has been a noramlfag thing for years now. r9k is always so slow to catch onto these things. It's almost as if this board is filled with neo-robots.


File: 1aa89116ae5bda4⋯.jpg (687.1 KB, 848x796, 212:199, __iwakura_lain_and_shindou….jpg)


I hate this clopping neckbeard so much he browses the normalfag chan and I think makes threads about himself. If not him then its mumkey jones who posts and appeals to their r9k. He is apart of the normalfag problem tries to make anime sound intellectual and sauces all his anime. On top of his existence being cancer so is his fan base they're "i've seen 20 anime i knoe everything" type people giving him tons of money to do nothing but sleep with his girlfriend and smoke weed. Those dream like days are over and never coming back.



No one cares about the DBZ Pokemon shit you're peddling. Even when it started being normalfaggy for certain anime they would stay with that anime and go no further. Now we have normalfag appealing shit like Devilman and whatever seasonal shit /a/ or r/anime is watching they could take the medium over completely since companies won't have to appeal to a niche anymore. Then they proceed to kill anime when they dump it when being an edgy ironically depressed xanax addicted nerd isn't cool anymore and the companies go bankrupt while most of the core niche audience gone.



>and the companies go bankrupt while most of the core niche audience gone.

>westerns who do Xanax are going to alienate the entire Japanese market

This is the funniest thread I've probably read all year.


File: 128aaf6b7622995⋯.jpg (113.29 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1522977567430.jpg)

try moving on to chinese anime its pretty nice, I like fox spirit try that


File: 00880c1a5f7ae8a⋯.jpg (652.23 KB, 3032x2139, 3032:2139, 1516832061409.jpg)


At least they still mostly hate mecha




>I can't remember a single female being in the show.

Well, in the arcs following the second arc (the one the anime ended at), there is a comic relief character who shows up in the second ED for Kaiji.

Besides that, there's the chicks who surround Kazuya who are called out on being thots who only want his money, there's the girl in Kazuya's story who is shown to be a terrible person and dies, and that's about it.

FKMT doesn't like dealing with women. In Ten, Akagi, Zero, Gai and Kurosawa, every prominent character is a man and women are only used for comic relief.

Maybe FKMT knows the truth about roasties



True. Especially good mecha,since in their normalfag minds something with giant robots can't possibly be a serious show.And because Universal Century Gundam is one of the most autistic franchises known to mankind,thus it keeps the normalniggers away. Too bad Gundam`s gone down the shitter and begun appealing to normalfags instead recently.


File: aa0b7077c484eaa⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 225x319, 225:319, maid dragon.jpg)

>Anime is the new cool kid thing.

>Normalfags found a new thing to destroy

You're obviously much younger than I am, and probably live in a more diverse populated place.

Most normies still smirk or just go "whut" if I mention anime. Also not all anime is normie-tier shit like Naruto, Sword Art Online, Sailor Moon, or My Hero Academia.

I suspect most people (even the ones that "fucking love anime") want nothing to do with Knights of Sidonia since it isn't kawaii or relatable.



Gundam Wing got some normalfag love



>normalfags shitting up anime

This means war



Potential of becoming GG 2.0 or something, I'd imagine. Even if not, the thought of SJW influencing anime makes me want to scourge them from the Earth.



>Every nice thing eventually comes to an end. Prepare to see anime full of negroes, trannies, ugly fat women and hate towards white straight males.

It's indeed an option to pander to the userbase or fans of a hobby because most of these shows are tailored to have some sense and level of "self-insert" to connect with viewers.

Though it's not really threatened unlike what happened with videogaymes that caused 'gamergate'.

The gamer userbase died due to 'plsgibshekels' so they had to shift the target person of interest (person of colour / niggerlgbtmaoxd) while they enabled "outreach" projects to further "diversify" the gaming industry (the programming industry is actually their next target. Guess what? (((They're))) mocking us by destroying tech, anime, and vidya time to gas the ZOG m80s).

UNLESS the generation which creates and directs anime becomes newfag / normalfag generation then we'll talk.

>ironic weeb

pretty spot on IMO.

>stolen touhou memes


I still remember how normalsheeps back around 2011 didn't even know that touhou and vocaloid isn't even an anime and that vocaloid is a software while touhou is just airstrike 1944 with animu sprites.



yeah i know right.

>they will remove loli

If they touch my lolis then there will be bloodshed no, there MUST be bloodshed.



lolis should remain safe, since most normalfags aren't even aware of harcore JP-only loli stuff. Well, as safe as anything can be from SJW. They already bitch about sexualization of underaged girls in super vanilla anime. I'm starting to rage just thinking about it…


File: 217d8f7bb425597⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 121.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, (you).webm)

>lolicon moeshit is for normalfaaaaaaaaaaags!



You are greatly underestimating the capacity of SJW to ruin everything if you think this will somehow hinder them from attacking anime.


Above post is not directed to the posters immediately above, but to the >1 month replies saying that CGDCT is normal-tier. No. Normal-tier is narutobleachattackontitan, since always.


By "above post", I meant >>260281



That's not true. You don't know at what extent normalfags will even stoop down to. I've been here ever since ebola virus so I have seen these SJWs wipe the /loli/ board twice. Yep. That's twice. They even hired hackers to ddos the site back when this site was run by hotwheels.



Why did you bump this thread?



When you mention shit normie-tier anime, that's why you posted a Kobayashi pic right






at least it's windows 7 though.



>Windows 7 is awesome 10 is spyware though XD but NOT like based 7

Fuck wincucks


>caring what normalfags do

>caring what normalfags say

>caring what normalfags watch



>At least it's X and not Y


Good lord.



there is no difference between "x" and "y" when it comes to Windows



Anime destroys itself with every new season.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anime was totally mainstream in the mid/late 70's in France at least. These aired on regular TV:





I'm sure there were more, but those are the only ones I remember from those days. No idea about the 80's though, because I hardly got to watch TV then.



> The gamer userbase died due to 'plsgibshekels'

Eh, the gaming industry brought it upon themselves. In the 80's, a single guy working alone could make a hit game. In the early 90's, a handful of people was enough. Then they started shoving fancy 3D graphics everywhere and that didn't work so great. Development had become too costly, so they weren't keen on taking much risk.


File: cf2efd53b123ded⋯.mp4 (5.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Warning by PWP-V2QbKKWlvBY.mp4)



Don't go to Assembly demoparty, kids.



Same exact thing here in Italy.

The reality is that anime was always mainstream, the difference is that now otaku/weeb culture got popular too.


I feel like weeaboo is an insult made by normalfags to alienate the original watchers and otakus who were there before anime was a cool thing


who truly cared about anime, instead of just watching it cause its the new cool thing/bandwagon


There is no fucking god. God is fucking dead. If he was real he'd fucking smite these fucking parasitic cattle off the fucking face of the earth. Why are they fucking allowed to live ? Why must normalslime live burden free of the sins they commit ? Why is there no fucking justice ? Everyday I see more and more debauchery and degeneracy, blatant fraud and lies, and yet they roam free. The people who cause falls of civilazations are cursed through time but these people who ruin entire cultures, and piggyback off it to gain more social points , they walk free. Why must we suffer. Why must we live with these creatures on this earth.


Anime is trash. Now, the question is: are you self-aware enough to recognize this fact and secure enough to enjoy your garbage entertainment anyway, or are you a faggot "anime pro" subhuman that gets defensive about his shitty mongolian picture books?




You didn't invent liking anime, fag.



Anime is good, which is why it is bad. Bad for western culture and society. Any form of quality escapism is inherently very degenerate if the state of your society is in shambles. You'll never be a nip, you'll never live in japan, and even if you're that one in a million weeb who does you'll end up a race mixing degenerate who only exists to bring down and leech off of cultures better than your own. Enjoying things that your people did not create enables apathy about the state of your country and your people. It is literal cultural globalism.

This is why anime is beginning to gain traction with the normalniggers. To be a normalnigger is to constantly ignore reality and want to escape into different worlds. For some western media devolving into a shitfest opened their eyes and (((red pilled))) them, for others they just hopped onto eastern media instead and kept their heads in the sand. It's also really convenient that the majority of current anime is hyper effeminate and does the perfect job of enabling trannies and faggots.

If you can enjoy anime but resist the lure of escapism then good for you, but the vast majority of people can not.


File: 3b0e20aa84d10da⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 861x918, 287:306, stopu.jpg)


>literal cultural globalism

>race mixing degenerate

>very degenerate

>hyper effeminate

>enabling trannies and faggots.

I don't care about any of that shit?



>I don't care about any of that shit?




>If you can enjoy anime but resist the lure of escapism then good for you, but the vast majority of people can not.

Is… Is this supposed to matter to any of us? Who gives a shit about society? Anime>Human Civilization.

And I don't even like anime that much.



I tend to forget this is a low-test /leftypol/ colony.



>If you don't like people you're just a leftist :(

I tend to forget that you're an enormous normalfag who is on the wrong board.

Fuck off, 3D-er.


File: 4c160c0cd496098⋯.png (386.69 KB, 439x411, 439:411, 1503435177.png)


Watching anime (the fruits of a culture) is entirely separate to being a weeaboo (desperately wanting to be a part of a foreign culture while rejecting your own). The escapism aspect you're talking about is something that occurs after the shit situation. No one has ever had a great life and suddenly just thought "I really should go sit on my ass and watch cartoons for 8 hours a day in a dark cave"

None of what you said applies on the mass scale you're implying it does, since actual unironic weebs (normies love to pretend to be this) are much smaller in number than you think.



That's fine because Jap shit is all bad Phil quotations and musing about dolls like the end of evangelion and the whole obsession with them by suzukas mom who hung herself. Also the robot eyes cop guy in the second ghost in the Shell movie where he fights the dream loop made by another guy who turned himself into a doll. The whole goddamn thing is a massive boring treatise on dolls. I guess Japs just can't wrap their heads around the whole body/soul thing they picked up when the west basically owned them. Either way, let normies have anime.


File: 6904da3bd81fdfa⋯.jpg (17.45 KB, 390x310, 39:31, Stirner1.jpg)


>muh morales and duty

>muh cultural decline

>muh escapism is bad


Wew, despook yourself faggot


File: 639697dc8e8df7e⋯.png (368.01 KB, 583x643, 583:643, 1457413133802.png)

who could be behind this post?




memes on memes



Vidya games was something only nerf fags did but now everyone plays vidya games and we have SJWs trying to police and destroy it.



I really hate anime I hope it crashes now.


File: 799b440a3c8d585⋯.png (326.86 KB, 621x594, 23:22, That fucking genie.png)


>try this to see if it's real

>he gets it on the first try, despite most of my answers being "I don't know"

"Is your character a Devil?" was one of the questions. I answered yes of course.


File: 581b05be1472d21⋯.png (397.76 KB, 593x544, 593:544, screenshot-en.akinator.com….png)


That genie's a clever one


File: de3bff2dd3f3a43⋯.mp4 (236.29 KB, 344x360, 43:45, Donald Trump saying Wrong.mp4)


t. boy molesting fruit



>race mixing degenerate

Race dominating not mixing



>the state of your society is in shambles

What? Do you think we give a shit about fixing society? Especially after society has shit on us our whole lives? Do you know where you are? Do you even know what a robot is?

>a race mixing degenerate

Even if I was interested in getting a girlfriend, married and having kids, no woman would be interested in me. I'm white, and even then asian women don't want anything to do with me.

>your people

My people? Oh, you mean all of these normalfags I'm surrounded by? The people who have shit on me my whole life?

Fuck off tradcuck.



>/leftypol/ colony

>implying actual robots in some manner care about politics

Y'know the main reason world got fuck these past fifteen years,is because everything got politicized again. You're part of the problem,faggot.


File: 798af776948a85f⋯.jpg (98.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fiveish.jpg)


>everyone i don't like is /leftypol/, and probably a kike too! now marry a used up skank, gotta rise those white birth rates!




Actually you should marry a Jewish land developer it's a better chess move



until they outnumber you in the fanbase and all the creators start catering to them.



Anime is already main stream I'm Japan you're decades too late.


File: 6b350fa1a33c45b⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 720x540, 4:3, jamal.webm)


>being next to niggers every where is okay goy just live and let live!

fuck off double nigger



Who is that you are quoting?


While I agree that most of anime has been becoming shit for a while, one has to observe the locust-like nature of the mainstream in the west.

>Well we eaten all the crops here and the land is going to be ruined for a bit, this place kinda sucks now. Oh hey look over there more crops.


They already do. The writer of Attack on Titan changed his plans for where the story was going to appease his naruto-tier fanbase and make it less dark. I don't remember if he specifically stated this was the reason, but it was quite obvious.



you are a nigger allowing niggerdom




SnK was never good



>sage the thread

Gayass nigga


File: 6793687e1faec28⋯.jpg (671.58 KB, 3020x2146, 1510:1073, 571002.jpg)


Which neo Zeon? Does this include axis Zeon? Anyway, Jupiterfags, the VIST Foundation and AE are way jewier than the Federation ever was. Not to mention, the Titans were at least as bad as Zeon. And AEUG are basically a front for AE.

Also, nb4 anyone says "Origin isn't canon"



Most normalfags I know still hate anime and think its autistic. It hasnt quite become as mainstream as video games yet.



kys postmodern nigger

you are the worst kind of cancerous faggot



The only thing that really makes money in anime are BDs and tie in shit and they make retarded amounts of money vs the pennies that can be scratched up from streaming services. Japan will continue to do the bare minimum for western viewers and thank god for that because if they start making things to appeal to Americans so they can sell there directly it really will be the end.




Fuck off and die.


File: 0325a2812450d26⋯.webm (218.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Just when I think you've ….webm)


>I think media representation is important

>and it needs to be introduced organically and sensibly

>but I'd bet it'd be far less of a concern if men in general stopped acting like non-selfaware, over defensive children -



Is there a bigger res for this?


Why do normal people have to ruin all my hobbies? Why cant they just go outside and be social or whatever they do?

>Invaded computers, now all operating systems have touch-calibrated GUIs, monolithic init systems, all websites have 500Mb ofJS, nobody can program for shit.

>invaded D&D/savageworlds, now we have a woman in our group that gets pissy every time we make crude humor, and all the beta males orbit her.

>Invaded 40k, now they are re-writing the lore to be more gender inclusive

>now they are killing anime

Should I just become an hero?


File: 4a1a156d01e100a⋯.jpg (91.31 KB, 414x550, 207:275, 4a1a156d01e100abd2021600fa….jpg)


You should totally become an hERo instead anon, if you know what i mean :^)





All leftists must die



please. The state of things today is infinitely worse than back in 2006



Ego is ironically one of the biggest spooks of them all.



Dude like just stop having fun and catchy hobbies then lmao



I didn't notice 40k being shat up,except for the new rules and the fact that I can't play Baleful Necropolis anymore since formations are ded. Also,the new Necron model is FW exclusive. Which sucks,but that doesn't make 40k ruined.



Imagine one day oldfags go out and play on the sunny beach while normies are sitting on their computer watching animes and cuckchanning



>redditor still believes in feminism after claiming to be well versed in philosophy

>states that most intellectuals have no problems with feminism, ignoring the fact that to be against feminism in the current political climate is to be ostracized and punished.

Are all redditors like this?Of course they are



>to be against feminism in the current political climate is to be ostracized and punished.

What are you talking about not even half of women are feminists


File: b4ca949c86febd8⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x374, 250:187, 1449057906340.gif)


>most successful and inteigent people don't have a problem with feminism

this is probably the most reddit thing i've ever read in my life, it's like an inceltears post on crack. and it's on cuckchan.

i have no words.



all women are feminists in one form or another.



In practice yes but there are plenty of tradthots that are vocally anti feminist, it's not particularly controversial



>Not loving women




>it's not particularly controversial



File: b675f60077e107e⋯.jpg (138.73 KB, 1280x525, 256:105, IMG_20180517_174441_192.jpg)


>liking feminism




More boards should be added to this pic.



Or men, like I said every normalfag conservative is vocally anti feminist the average person doesn't really care. You can set up a YouTube or website channel where all you did was attack feminists and make a pretty good go of it with add sense and patreon as long as you never bring up race or religion you'll be super popular and no one will try and stop you. Maybe in 2012 I could see being anti feminist as kind of edgy but definitely not today.


File: 85049b917d8c645⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 592x244, 148:61, skinner.jpg)


They aren't anti-feminism. They simply are anti-third wave feminism which is a big difference. Every tradthot that I'm aware of still supports women's right to work, to vote, AoC laws and other shit. Don't get fooled. Modern day traditionalism is feminism in all but name. After all, liberals of yesterday are today's conservatives.


File: 8d47840ff0c985b⋯.png (168.46 KB, 556x332, 139:83, 7799a3bfd2430245c0c47789a5….png)


Wanted to post this. In normie speak being anti-feminist means being anti-third-wave-feminism.

If you started attacking second wave feminism every boomer would go insane. Fucking pieces of shit.



>Loving women.

You don't belong here.



Sadly, feminism is deeply entrenched in Western society. Pink haired landwhales are an easy target to almost anyone, but no one dares to question first and second wave feminism. If you raise objections to women's right to vote or to work you are literally Hitler.



If you were to own a twitter and start posting "women's suffrage is a mistake, all women should stay at home", would you still be able to find a job?


anime has been cool since forever, fag

i was at a show in seattle and there was some thot wearing a coat with scans from uzumaki all over it


File: f1af963c218f83c⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 720x489, 240:163, such cruel world.jpg)

Geez, when did anime of all things became the new podium for signalling? The fags in Hollywood sure are delusional if they can't even tell irony apart from each other. Can't we all go back to pissing on the trend so my Chinese cartoons don't inevitably get shit on by identity politics?



Funny how these rejects constantly pander to how normal and accepted feminism is when every male I know and at work hates it and everyone says "bitches hoes and thots" and slutshames



There are some errors on that chart.

/tg/'s that guy is about the autist who does fucktarded shit and think's it's ok or normal.

/v/ doesn't count SJW as an all powerful boogeyman. It's the cunt fucks that are literally screaming to destroy what they like, proudly posting on social media when they "win" about it, and what's upsetting is how people eat their shit and let them win when they really shouldn't. An all powerful boogeyman wouldn't need to cry for the approval and agree on censorship, they would just do it.

/pol/ may or may not be wrong on their boogeyman.as the wealthiest and most powerful people tend to either be Jewish or have Jewish connections. As to whether there's a global kill conspiracy to kill everything not Jewish I don't know, but /pol/ is good at sniffing out wealth and Jews. They also call everyone who disagrees with them a Jew (who is pretending to not be a Jew).




Also where is edgy at since that just means stuff I don't like.




the twelve year old i tutored a few years ago was obsessed with it, it's also pretty strange to me that you fell for an engineered bait chart like that in the first place though


>My favorite anime is too long for normalfags to enjoy because it's fucking long

wrong man, normalfags like stuff that's even longer, consider series like Fairy Tail or One Piece


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The one time I visited anime club during break in last year of HS they were watching Daily Lives of High School Boys. I found it dumb tbh. And crazy doesn't have to mean portrayed in a bad light, especially considering most of the boys were portrayed similarly.



I hope you faggots realize anime was enjoyed by normalfags for years and years, the reason youre starting to vapid celebrities talk about anime is because the vapid millionaires are starting to realize that society cant really relate to them when all theyre doing is posting pictures of themselves on beaches of luxury hotels and buying new lamborghinis, so they have to like everybody else likes in order to pretend they relate to anyone normal, anime was always watched by normalfags no one has used liking anime in the west to appeal to normalfags until now because up until now it wasnt "mainstream" enough for a celebrity to pretend they like it



>I don't know, but /pol/ is good at sniffing out wealth and Jews.

I got apbanned for saying Ivanka was Jewish


File: 287bf83bb289d8b⋯.png (158.26 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1377662743821.png)


>anime goes mainstream

>fags stop shitting up normal threads on other boards with their gay little girl shows



File: 59f83e0a209ec72⋯.jpg (576.38 KB, 1430x2348, 715:1174, 892163143.jpg)

Good anime isn't gonna go mainstream, only casual stuff.



I only see 1/4th of a face yet it's incredibly punchable.



>Not everything is a Jewish conspiracy

it is more often than not



4chan is now spacing more than reddit. Fucking hell.



Men are supposed to be attracted to effeminacy you idiot. Unless you want us to jerk off to bull dyke and trannies of course.

>To be a normalnigger is to constantly ignore reality and want to escape into different worlds.

Fucking rich coming from "just run innawoods and marry a roastie and raise tyone's son you entitled white male".

You faggots have been gas lit by the media into cucking yourselves to death and demand that we go with you. How about you actually fight the left instead of shitting up the board.


I mean anime has been dead since Gen Z faggots attached to it. If you went on Discord all of these anime groups are complete cancer and are a death of the community. This isn't news.


File: adf371b974c0230⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 279x304, 279:304, seriously_nigger.jpg)


>If you went on Discord


jj abram's western remake of your name will be when the shit really hits the fan



>what's next? The chan culture

>implying chans being perpetuated as cool to normies hasn't already happened



chan culture is obviously next, you can already see it happening on 4chan's r9k. Normalfags flooded it and ruined it.



I would like to add that Berserk seems a pretty solid robot manga. The creator is a solid robot and within the manga there is a minimal focus on female characters. The issue is that you can blow through the 300 something chapters within a week and the guy who makes releases shit on an odd schedule.





Well your here so I guess it's too late


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

interesting video


File: ccf420a120de049⋯.jpg (530.63 KB, 1252x900, 313:225, 1535125802189.jpg)


That's neat, I just wish I could stripe all of moe left on earth so I could be in a world without moe, where only LOW QUALITY and UGLY stuff exists!


File: 6fa953ebd3f7eac⋯.jpeg (9.91 KB, 201x251, 201:251, download.jpeg)


>cake shitposter back at it again



>be me

>in a good mood

>had a good morning

>come to this thread

>see this post

>mood ruined

death isn't good enough for pieces of shit like in that pic.



hey I recognize you from wizchan



The loudhouse autist posts on wiz aswell?



oh yeah he's on /b/ all the time, really hates anime


File: 149f9f16fab19ef⋯.png (91.22 KB, 1074x1266, 179:211, ClipboardImage.png)


Of course he posts there, he's (formerly) Irisfag, he used to be banned on sight. I don't know what the current situation is, if he's been allowed back or what, I don't go there anymore. He's also known as Nowhereman, Magnetariz, Sinister Serpent, SinisterSerpent, and Nowhereman-SinisterSerpent-.



>banned from wizchan

Wizardchan bans pedophiles?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Nowhere man


Normalfags ruin everything they touch. I still remember when anime was considered "gay" by all the cool little shits who were invested in some other fad.



>reddit spacing

He was banned for avatarfagging and generally acting like a massive faggot. It was actually his behavior that caused him to be ostracized from waifu communities, not his choice of waifu. Instead of admitting it's his fault and changing his behavior he spergs "cartoons are ugly, cartoons can't be waifus" everywhere, basically blaming/insulting his waifu.


File: 2791db9f676b3b1⋯.png (670.29 KB, 1020x424, 255:106, Hana amazed.png)


Wtf, I never had an actual waifu you idiot.


File: a7dca003008c5ac⋯.png (1022.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>I was only pretending to be retarded.

It's very obvious being rejected from waifu communities hurt your feelings, otherwise you wouldn't still be sperging about "ugly cartoons" and moe years later. If you never actually had a waifu you wouldn't care. You aren't fooling anyone.



Of course I care, I care because I draw like shit and I envy/hate the Japanese, also because Moe gives me some sort of phobia/disgust, and because I like to annoy people with the shit I like, rub it in their faces, because I know they don't like it and it amuses me.



It used to be 'gay' to be into anime, D&D, and various videogames. Now they've entered our domains and accuse us of being 'too different', and outsiders. Can't have some nice titties on the game cover, that offends the true gamers (the girls and niggers). Can't have any proper ideals in 5e, surprise most people are women and gays! If you play a character justly he's obviously evil.


File: b1b8247e6706cbe⋯.jpeg (52.03 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, b1b8247e6706cbe1aea66c55e….jpeg)


How many years has he been up to this?


File: 94b774f2c8eb2f3⋯.jpg (83.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [Doremi].Ojamajo.Doremi.01….jpg)

File: 3b378e0c59aea9f⋯.jpg (63.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [Doremi].Ojamajo.Doremi.01….jpg)

I recently started watching Doremi thanks to a s4s user.

watching an anime designed for kids as an adult would be pretty weird for most normalfgas, especially with the aesthetics and themes of this show. Most normies will ONLY watch if they did so as kids in order to experience that feling of nostalgia, but in my case, surely they will call me a loser for obsessing over something so childish.

It's something like My little pony, that stuff which only a very autistic person would enjoy.

so let's post series with similar aesthetics


File: c78dacc45d6c497⋯.jpg (27.97 KB, 533x533, 1:1, defbac35a8fc6755fe0a94acc9….jpg)


>mfw very autistic



> very autistic

sorry i meant

>severely autistic


File: 912f4f706352293⋯.jpeg (76.9 KB, 478x477, 478:477, full.jpeg)


>mfw severely autistic



About 8 years or so.


That's why i stick with mangas, anime was always normalfag shit


File: 31b2a9fa9be8f3c⋯.gif (761.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 31b2a9fa9be8f3cf4e252b1703….gif)


I used to watch this as a kid, together with many other dubbed shoujo anime.

I recently started rewatching OG precure. Starts out as shit imho, but gets pretty good after ep 19.



Artist? reverse image search just hives me "cartoon"


And now Elon Musk. I hate this. This is one of the reasons I want to kill myself. It's only gonna get worse.



That's a pretty retarded reason to want to kill yourself for. Get real.


tbh i never liked animu as an idea.

it's just fucking cartoons from japan

however, due to the various cultural influences(social isolation being a huge probblem in japan) many animus have resonated with me personally.

i think most of us feel the same way. it's not because it's "anime" it's because of the social climate causing studios to create shows that resonate with people like us.

i think normalfags just like it because of the "anime aesthetic" rather than the themes that are often explored in anime.


File: 110648fa56031c4⋯.jpg (88.3 KB, 810x720, 9:8, 1441993138863.jpg)


>pretty retarded reason to want to kill yourself for

Yeah its rather petty as well. Weebs who react like this are basically just like a hipster throwing a fit because Family Guy made a reference to bollywood films. You're 2% less unique now, who gives a shit?




No, if anime is the only thing you have healing you and letting you escape this reality. And now pigs are touching the thing you like. Pigs have taken over the fanbase of the thing you like. It is everywhere and is being mixed with pig culture now. This is my life being taken away.



Tbh i don't have a faceberg or twitter or any social media account.

So i am not aware of what does the masses like and what's the flavor of the year.

That makes anime still enjoyable for me.



Youtube, literally look at the comment section under any video. All the big jewtubers are pushing it as a cool thing.

All this influences music, movies, fashion and culture. And no, mainstream isn't shaped by the majority because majority of normalfags don't have individuality. A lot of them barely even understand the internet, other than their one or two social media sites (some don't even understand that). They are stuck in time, no wish or ability to advance or move forward. This is the bottom of normalfag kind. It's a decently sized group of higher level normalfags that shape the mainstream by their liking, which spreads on to others like a virus of sort and changes the whole culture and norm. This is pretty noticeable now because we live in rapidly changing times.


File: 898e81908163c10⋯.jpg (154.85 KB, 581x682, 581:682, 1451677857614.jpg)


>It is everywhere and is being mixed with pig culture now.

Personally I can't really bring myself to care. Its foreign culture to begin with you are inherently an outsider just by not being Japanese



Why are you watching fucking e-celebs?



Its from the tumblr cartoon



>tumblr cartoon

Steven Universe?



that is one of the most digusting Pictures I have ever seen. It's nauseating. If I put this as my Desktop I would be dead within a week. Here goes nothing.


File: 00fabc7d24307d9⋯.jpg (348.26 KB, 1200x1520, 15:19, normies.jpg)


Excuse me I meant the tumblr movie


sorry to offend



>tumblr movie

I haven't been at the movies since capeshit took over, but it surprises me they are still making non CGI animated films even if it's tumblrshit.


File: d6124bc122407b7⋯.jpg (32.32 KB, 189x189, 1:1, 1513187316112.jpg)



alright lemme post fuckers


File: 9233609ea23aef9⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1417561755757-0.png)


>Densha otoko came out in 04 and that was basically the Japanese big bang theory

Stopped reading there. If we're going to make up arbitrary definitions based around something being "the big bang theory of anime" then you can just easily say that Dragon Ball was the Japanese Big Bang Theory for no good reason.


File: 8c545e8350a5f5a⋯.png (319.59 KB, 600x574, 300:287, 1324754961001.png)


>seriously calling fist of the north star an "ironic weeb essential.

Fucking die /v/ermin



>the big bang theory of anime

Densha otoko was a Jdrama



All the more annoying coming after that pink tax shit they pulled.



>It is everywhere and is being mixed with pig culture now

Well so it is pretty much everything that used to be "nerdy". I found a video recently of some spic playing an NES game and talking about how much he loved classic games while speaking in e bonics. It's best just to ignore it for now because it will probably die off when these normalfags find some other fanbase to ruin.

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