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File: 530588e5e57a0a0⋯.png (76.88 KB, 234x243, 26:27, outblacked.PNG)


>Be black

>Walk through town with black homie

>Homie sees a place called "White Washers"

>Honkies offer to make a black man white $0.99

>Decide to try it out

>Homie has a dollar

>I only got 98 cents

>Homie offers to go in first and give me the change afterwards

>Homie goes in and comes out the handsomest hu-wh*te boi

>Ask homie fo' da penny

>Homie says "Get a job, nigger"



File: 520575b4be3630b⋯.jpg (124.23 KB, 976x1393, 976:1393, Lynching-1889.jpg)

GTFO my board unless you want to get lynched Tyrone don't you have crack to smoke and single moms to create?


File: 342aeb2d477e4a1⋯.jpg (13.99 KB, 300x419, 300:419, 1444966143836.jpg)

I chuckled at this one, I'll admit.


>Be not black

>Driving through town alone

>Stop to grab some food

>Loitering nignog walks right up to my car asking for 50 cents

<I'm busy leave me alone

>He follows me

>I decide to get back in my car and drive somewhere else

God, I wish I lived in Montana.


This is a latino board fuck off nigger


File: 5e63df46d0da172⋯.webm (3.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, White_Wash.webm)


Nice. Here's the animation for those who want it.


>be black

>tfw 12 inch cock

>tfw don't pay child support

>tfw fuck fat white women no man wants

>tfw nigger



I can't hate black people, no matter how many infographics /pol/ throws at me. Imagine being porn with that skin color and that face and being stuck with it for life. Not only that, but a large portion of society sees you as an ugly waste, it would make one resentful to the point of considering crime. I can't hate them. Their blood is red like mine and their hearts yearn for freedom and love. In summary, live and let live.




Freudian slip, yuk yuk yuk



>Their blood is red like mine

No it isn't, you can't have a black blood donor if you're white.



Care to elaborate on that? Can't imagine a doctor in current year stating this at all…




Fuck off, they don't commit crimes because they are resented but because they are so dumb that that is all they can do.

It's similar to the "what came first? the kike or the anti-semite" problem where kikes claim they do bad things against us because the non-jews opress them while in truth the non-jews would have left them alone if they didn't do bad things. Still, the kikes can't stop doing that because it's in their blood.


File: 334fc6df09e0014⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 284x177, 284:177, fuck-turks.jpg)


>be me

>be greek

>be a bone marrow donor

>phone rings

>there is a kid with leukemia in Thrace

>Thrace is at the Hel-turkroch border

>they tell me is a turkfag who needs muh marrow


>reject the transfusion



File: 4f613f017949b36⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 702x787, 702:787, hmm_let_me_look_at_this.jpg)


But you don't seem to understand how the bell curve works.

Yes, most blacks are completely inept and crime-ridden savages, but there are that top 1% or 1% of 1% who are well above average IQ and have a very low propensity to crime. It's rarer than whites and asians, but it still happens and I can't help feel bad for those few who are cursed to walk the earth as a nigger.

Doesn't mean they should be race mixing or blaming whitey, just means that I feel bad for them, y'know.



Exceptions that prove the rule, more or less. Good blacks exist and there are jews who aren't scheming, greedy kikes, but that doesn't mean that the world wouldn't be better if someone pressed the "remove all niggers and jews" button.


File: 07640423a4272e0⋯.mp4 (1.03 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 28498122_1526102560845608_….mp4)


>I can't hate black people

How about now?



Please lurk 2 years before posting. And why is this thread still up? We'll be seeing black anon threads an women threads regularly like on 4chan if we don't nip this in the bud.



That goes the same for people that are unemployed though. It'll be messy and a waste to have removed so many good individuals of the group that is purged.



>And why is this thread still up?

Did you even read the OP?

It was a joke.



>Not him, but…

I think the two individuals are assholes, but I don't think the same for all blacks. Plus, I've seen non-blacks do the same.



<umm you dont hate niggers?!?! CUCK!



At least niggers dont come and post facebook bullshit

You have to go back



>Doesn't mean they should be race mixing or blaming whitey, just means that I feel bad for them, y'know.


I will racemix all I want demon man


File: 4cd8b87e4d0e46d⋯.png (329.11 KB, 555x555, 1:1, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….png)


>And why is this thread still up? We'll be seeing black anon threads an women threads regularly like on 4chan if we don't nip this in the bud.

One classic sign of being on the autism spectrum, specifically Aspergers, is that you can't distinguish a joke or pick up on social ques.


File: ea5a09e3d7a951a⋯.jpg (26.93 KB, 500x334, 250:167, srs bsns.jpg)


I've heard misspelling words is also an extremely serious symptom of autism.


File: 706a136460e46a1⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 480x480, 1:1, yukari.jpg)


You're a faggot.

I don't hate blacks either but that doesn't mean I don't want them sent back to Africa where they belong.


File: 9b1512d8251f3e4⋯.png (12.94 KB, 500x454, 250:227, militiaduck.png)


The OP is a poor quality shitpost, faggot.


File: b7c7d78d489d636⋯.png (122.16 KB, 800x778, 400:389, 1517167535691.png)




>Homie offers to go in first and give me the change afterwards

Nice try OP, but you really expect us to believe niggers are capable of simple addition and subtraction? Obviously fake.



>their hearts yearn for freedom and love.

Sides have ascended to ethereal planes.

>implying if you were black you would have enough self awareness to realize any of that.


Black bots have a distinct advantage over other forms of automation because there is no chance of them taking anyone's job.


It's a good joke. Can't see why so many niggers in this thread can't just take it for what it is.


File: 26ca03c8b61255c⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 255x110, 51:22, black-robots-target-to-rac….jpg)

>This thread was created last Saturday

>NewsHub published pic related last Saturday

I'm starting to see a correlation….



Is there an uncropped version of OP's pic? I've seen it somewhere, but I can't find it.



>i usually just get their numbers


File: 56d6c6cf0d9228c⋯.jpg (52.55 KB, 750x556, 375:278, no_people_of_color.jpg)



>get girls numbers

What the fuck made you think you belong here, normalfag?



>talking to roasties

>trying to do anything with roasties

>being upset when you don’t get anywhere with roasties

Get out, normalnigger!

>even when nogs claim to be robots or are autists they still only think about muh dik



File: 7041faacb774ed4⋯.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 7041faacb774ed43e4b3afaea6….png)


>nigger normalnigger is too dumb to read

>responds to a joke thread

Go back to cuckchan and kill yourself you faggot ape.

Typical nigger thinks der untermenschen can be robots.


File: c11540008822a5a⋯.png (433.18 KB, 800x850, 16:17, B483781D-1252-4383-A63A-4A….png)


>could be a 4cuck

>could be






You ARE a normalfag. So, leave already.





Than you’ll be banned. Thanks for coming, your normalfaggotry just pushed the beta uprising up by one month.



>other than the muh dik thing, don't buy into the meme, not even (((50%))) of black men have over 6inches

<dosent even know muh dik meme


File: b985503f2c55278⋯.jpg (32.82 KB, 423x423, 1:1, 1519533033640.jpg)



Some black lad telling us how he only gets girls numbers.




Fuck anyone that doesn't think zero tolerance is not the only solution. Halfchan had tolerance and look what happened to it.


File: 37aa8927e586b7e⋯.jpeg (303.01 KB, 632x483, 632:483, 652C98CC-66C5-4905-AA39-3….jpeg)


>im not leaving, sorry.

>gets banned



Some nog, complianing that he kept getting girls’ numbers but they ignored him after realizing he was retarded.


File: 104652084753a08⋯.jpeg (272.81 KB, 524x978, 262:489, 21852764-2ED5-4D16-A93B-6….jpeg)

Since this is a thread about noggers I want to post this. God fucking damn I hate black science man so much.



He's paying quite a compliment to Stephen Hawking in you read it right. Not saying I like niggers or typical normalfag cuck worship of famous niggers but it's true.


Aren't all niggers just retarded?



>He's paying quite a compliment to Stephen Hawking in you read it right.

I know what he’s saying. But he’s rather obviously trying to show off how smart he is and project his intelligence into a comment on someone’s death. He couldn’t just say “He leaves a large vacuum he will be missed.” He has to add scientific/intelligent sounding words to make home self seem intelligent. I don’t pay attention to him so that may just be how he speaks but to me to it seems like he’s taking the opportunity of someone’s death to show off how much of a big brained nigga he is, while all the normalfags google “permeate meaning.” Also he says “Hawkin will leave a large vacuum. But it’s not empty (which sorta implies he’ll be easily replaced)”, then what to me is a bunch I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE buzzwords with no meaning but to inflate his own ego and make himself seem smart. Correct me if I’m being too autistic about this, but that is the first thing that I thought when I saw that tweet.



To me it seemed like he was trying to say it's shitty he's gone but his influence on physics will live on forever even though he's no longer physically alive. But maybe I'm wrong. IDK I can't say I care about black Bill Nye much anyways.



I agree with you, it's a bit much.




Also have you noticed that most people who like that science nigger are roasties who smoke weed and think they are physicists and scientists when getting high and looking at stars isn't the same as astrophysics?


File: 8e43a5970eb920e⋯.jpg (687.38 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, Professor_Brian_Cox_OBE_FR….jpg)


I don't really know much about black science man, we have brit-pop science man, he's ok.



Only the first three things you said are true



Yeah, and normalfags defend him because “he makes science cool and generates more interest in it.” Even though no one who likes black science man actually participates in science or is capable of basic algebra. Watching a 2 minute YouTube video about a nog explaining the fundamentals gravity doesn’t make you interested in science.



I hate normals for that

>making something more popular by swallowing the meaning of it and turning it into idolization (ex hip famous science people) is a good thing and "increases interest"

I think its a good look into the cattles mind. Interest is something you can use to stroke your ego (lol im a nerd look at all these factoids i read)/something you can use to make you look like you're in a cool niche. Its why sensational science exists. I heard that publishers primarily publish only positive/exotic studies because thats more attractive to read/gets more views. Even the autism of the sciences isnt safe from these ruinous powers



>Even the autism of the sciences isnt safe from these ruinous powers

Also with politics suppressing certain studies or fields science nowadays is pretty fucked.


File: 8b67213412e5dfe⋯.png (107.56 KB, 183x364, 183:364, Wo-Black.PNG)


>Get a job, nigger




The thing that annoys me is culturally, any black dude trying to get ahead and actually learn shit instead of blaming whitey will inevitably get "Uncle Tom" and shit. It's like they want everyone sellin crack and blastin "rap" music which these days is some retard grunting and hissing over a beat on the corner.

in b4 some Buzzfeed faggot comes in, "you can't say shit cuz u not black, SHEEEIT"



Do you know where you are? we don't give a shit if you say nigger. They're not humans.



<in b4 some Buzzfeed faggot comes in, "you can't say shit cuz u not black, SHEEEIT"

This but unironically. I hate how you people think you know so much based on your limited experience. It really is obnoxious.

All of my 'Uncle Tom' peers and family members have been encouraged by those that 'blast rap music and sell crack.'

They may seem like bad people given the stereotypes they follow, but they are genuinely good people that want me to succeed. Despite how many people that don't know shit telling me how much other black people are holding me back, it seem like it's the opposite for so many families.

I have so many examples of moms wanting their sons to succeed but because of influence from terrible kids, they get sucked in. Then they turn around several years later and realize they made a mistake and make sure their offspring don't make the same mistake.

There's nothing you can do for the dumb kids that have already made their decision since it's hard to change a person's mind but if you nip them early they may have a chance.

My cousin was a good mom that wanted her son to be successful. She wasn't poor and had things going for herself. Encouraging her son to go the right path and yet he still broke into someones home and got killed.

I'd known him for long time and didn't expect him to be like that because of how 'well off' he was compared to me.

The exact same thing is going on with a cousin I was with for most of my childhood. He got sucked into a bad group who he'd smoke weed with at a young age. I had no idea and thinking about it was really weird. He recently came to my house, told me he sold weed and showed me he had a gun. His mom is probably the most strict woman. Constantly trying to get him to stop but it was too late.

Almost all of the people that I know have these types of moms and they mostly turned out great kids. I was never ostracized by the 'ghetto' kids. They seemed no different than me in terms of goals. It's just that they happened to be loud and talked different, which is obviously because of how they grew up and developed. They sold weed and had guns and stuff but only because they had no other choice because of their enviornment. Aside from that they still wanted to learn and leave the life they live currently. It is really hard.

Point is, shit happens and no one is intentionally trying to hold anyone back as much as you seem to think. It's just dumb idiots sucking in other gullible and impressionable idiots and shaping them into their image.

>which these days is some retard grunting and hissing over a beat

Yeah, ok.




>having a "homie"

getout normalfagnigger



Thoughts on >>>/rg/?

Do you know what your ancestry is? For example, where in Africa specifically your ancestors were from, what ethnic group they were, etcetra? If so, do you ever dream of living in a nation belonging to them, with your own unique culture and traditions?

A lot of Anons on this board and others like /pol/ think that negroid people if left without gibs from whites would be forced to resort to unimpressive tribal-societies, but I disagree. I think if you were to build an all black society in Africa you would need modified education, constant propaganda (especially nationalist) a minority government with very high standards (i.e. only the best of the best get to be in charge and make all decisions) and a good military with a lot of paratroopers. There would be a lot more you would need to make it work but if it got up from the ground, it could be very successful.



Thanks for the insight anon. I will say I have a fierce hatred for blacks having grown up around them, but I do respect those who try to break free from the cycle and become better people.

Just from my observations it seems like the blacks who don't act like gibbering apes are heavily ostracized from the group. I can't imagine being interested in things besides rap and sportsball and then having absolutely no one who is like you.

I'm sorry if this comes off as being holier then thou, I'm just interested to hear your side of things.


I hate niggers so fucking much


File: 1e74f34b4221bca⋯.jpg (118.98 KB, 702x702, 1:1, aoba.jpg)

hey i live in a country where black people are rarely seen. even so there's times when i go out into the city and among the crowds will suddenly a black man or any black "creature" pop up. their skin looks so dark and greasy… it causes me a feeling of nausea but i'm also curious at how it will feel touching tht with my fingers, have you ever touched a black person? how did it feel?.

another thing i want to comments is that some of them look like very nice persons, they even sometimes drees in expensive clothes and don't seem to show any signs of abnormal behavior except for some others that walk very slow and don't appear to be in a optimal state besides dressing pretty bad and having a smell like shit. having said that i don't really see a problem with them, at least in my country i have never heard or seen black men doing crime or acting like savages.


File: c20d5b0f6fad4a2⋯.jpg (79.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nibba.jpg)


I'm black and my skin just feels like normal skin with hair follicles over it, the bad part about my skin is that it gets scars very easily.

My face is indeed bumpy with acne from having a shitty diet and my nose is not really greasy, but oily, so much so that the oil reflects light more so than the rest of my skin and shines a bit.

Other than those 2 flaws I mentioned above and even more on top of that including the fact that I ended up here due to my mental issues is pretty bad for me, but I'll live.

Anything else you want to know about me? Ask away.



Can you answer this question pls? The original Anon never replied >>247408


You know ive just found out that niggers used to be considered 3/5 a person.

Thats funny cause thats an exact estimate of what i consider niggers to be.


File: 18aec5f849e04e0⋯.jpg (75.76 KB, 500x345, 100:69, black people are just as b….jpg)


>Do you know what your ancestry is?

My family immigrated to burgerland from Jamaica ey mon and when I looked up where the Jamaican slaves came from I found out that we came from Ghana apparently, but its not like that affects me in the slightest nor do I give a single shit about Ghana.

>If so, do you ever dream of living in a nation belonging to them, with your own unique culture and traditions?

I don't even want to live in Jamaica, its a crime ridden, poverty strucken, low IQ, nasty shithole of a place. From the time I visited Kingston I found out first hand how bad it was over there due to the low budget concrete buildings, trash on the ground, feral goats and dogs and metallic shacks i've seen everywhere.

They also have their steering wheels at the right side of the car because I think they get their cars from Britain or either mimic them

Rastafarianism is an interesting culture with quite unique orgins, but I prefer not to be a religious man and I think dreads are gross.

I don't want to smoke weed or dry hump people on a dance floor either, but I do love thick women.

>A lot of Anons on this board and others like /pol/ think that negroid people if left without gibs from whites would be forced to resort to unimpressive tribal-societies, but I disagree.

Not really tribal societies, but extremely plague and poverty ridden societies. Look at Haiti, Trump said that place was a shithole and he wasnt wrong about that. Haiti is in fact one of the poorest countries in the world. 200 years of isolation from the whites can do that to you.

>I think if you were to build an all black society in Africa you would need modified education, constant propaganda, etc…

Perhaps so. Black people in general are a juvenile minded race that can't really take responsibility for their actions and can't do much at all on their own. Making a society that is like a strict parental figure for them and restricts their freedom to a degree is probably whats best for them since when they do things on their own everything simply goes to shit.


File: a0b2171cc013330⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 960x701, 960:701, Accra_Market_(3106526668).jpg)


Interestingly, despite the country itself having a lot of problems, some thanks to the spics starting drug wars and others due to corruption, Ghana is one of the best countries in West Africa. Its GDP exceeds Jamaica even though it makes way less money off of tourism and has less interaction with Western countries. The people there in general are, from what I've read (accounting for virtue signalling of course), decent and their culture is definitely less degenerate than Jamaican and (by far) American gangster nigger """culture""", mostly because they've retained some of their traditional societal structure (which is suitably controlling, they shun any people that step out of social norms) and also taken on Christian values and beliefs on top of their old culture.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, however most are and act right now, consider the benefits of picking a personalized ideal for the normalfags of your people in general as well as your own higher personal ideal, and then working towards that. If nothing else, it might be a good hobby for you to try out, like some people consider history, cultural/social studies, and anthropology to be a hobby.


thumbnail looks like benis :DDD



Ghana is generally regarded as the gateway to Africa and they even have their own automation manufacturing and I think computer manufacturing. Botswana, Ethiopia, Biafra, Zambia, Gambia and maybe some other irrelevant French colonies are the only African countries worth preserving along with Ghana.

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