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File: 3006bae2d10ac44⋯.jpg (60.4 KB, 762x768, 127:128, 29594705_2024854941114751_….jpg)


They can be positive or negative

>Be 5th grade student

>Read Number the Stars in Language Arts

>We have to go through every key term per chapter


>"Star of David"


>Barely grasp what is going on

>Barely pay attention

>Keep in mind, I have no grasp on WWII or Nazi Germany whatsoever.

>One term catches my attention


>Teacher shows us an image of the swastika


>"That looks so interesting" my 11 year old self thought

>"Looks like a galaxy or a wheel of legs walking forever"

>Thought it looked more fun to draw than the Star of David

>Start doodling it in my notebook

>Get bored of the design

>Decide to experiment with different ideas

>Give it curves, extra lines, circles, etc

>Don't show it to the teachers

>Show it to my "friends" in privacy

>Even the Jewish kid thinks it looks cool


File: 1c45d53d93ce473⋯.png (158.49 KB, 262x330, 131:165, 645876789988645.PNG)

Pt. 2

>Math class

>Have to take a test

>Get bored on a problem

>Decide to draw a swastika with a pencil

>Try to erase it before turning my test in

>Teacher calls me up

>She looks pissed

>Have to follow her to the principle's office

>Get a lecture

>20th century Germany = Bad

>Didn't really care about the history

>I just really liked the design

>Teacher and principle tells me to stop drawing swastikas

>Continue drawing them out of spite

>Get threatened with detention

>MFW I comply



What's going on in that pic?



Obviously a benis measuring contest.


File: e08cc352ba3f58d⋯.jpg (245.76 KB, 1280x877, 1280:877, 1501950716724.jpg)


>They tried to push the 6,000,000,000 on you in 5th grade

Damn, what country was this in? They didn't teach us about the Nazis until the 8th grade, and I only found out what they were just a year earlier.



Standard American Penis Measuring Day.

You yuros wouldn't understand


File: 34112eddf2d2656⋯.jpg (23.73 KB, 691x514, 691:514, HEY, YOU FORGOT YOUR FUCKI….jpg)

Since you posted that pic

>2nd grade

>go to the urinal to take a piss during either recess or PE

>weird ADD kid is there too (he would later grow up to become a tryhard wannabe chad but he was slightly more tolerable at this point)

>take my position at the urinal near him and start pissing in that good old awkward silence you get when two strangers are pissing together

>suddenly he breaks the silence

<"i'll show you mine if you show me yours" he says slyly

>look at him shocked and disgusted, refuse and walk out

If I had known what a nigger he was going to turn out to be I would have told everyone he was gay.



Not really. It was mostly just "The Nazis were a thing and they were spoopy and they really didn't like Jews." I didn't learn about the camps until 8th grade.



My sixth grade class in the US had a weekly lesson on the Holocoaster, but that's because my teacher was a yid.


>Be 4th grader

>Go to the bathroom

>There's two urinals in the bathroom next to my classroom

>The kid using the other urinal is the downie

>we both have a lot of piss stored up

>He steps back a bit and looks at me smugly

>I take the challenge

>I go two steps back

>He takes another

>We both keep going back until we both hit the wall on the other side

>The fatass gym teacher that everyone including other teachers called "the blob" walks in on our piss contest

>The downie turns to face him and in the process pisses on me and the blob

I assume he had some sort of reflex thing for whenever he saw a gym teacher because he suddenly put his hands up and shouted:


>He goes down on his hands and knees and does a bunch of push-ups, probably more than ten

>All while urinating directly on the floor

>When he finally gets up the peeing had subsided and I had pulled up my pants and apologized to the blob

>He says


>and walks away

>I get no recess for a week for the "peeing incident" and no gamecube for a month

>The next time I see the downie he's wearing a red colored paper crown that has "king of the potty" written on it


>second grade

>end of the day waiting for mummy to come pick me up

>really have to take a shit

>go to the bathroom

>the two gypsy kids are in front of the urinals

>they are loud, either playing a game or bullying each other

>they have their dicks out

>the younger one, 6, is spinning around showering the walls and his friend with piss

>the toilets don't have doors and I'm afraid I can't reach them without getting piss on me so I decide to wait outside

>lean against the wall outside

>feel gas coming down

>"oh, it's just a tiny one"

>let it come out

>it explodes thuderously, echoing along the corridor so loudly I couldn't even tell it was coming from me

>the two gypsy kids come out of the bathroom running

>as I get past the door I notice I no longer feel the need to go take a shit

>come back outside

>my yellow pants are heavier and I still don't feel like playing so I go sit down on a wall

>female classmate comes by "hey anon don't you want to play?"

>"no, I feel sick"

>"ok. It smells bad around here, I'm going back"

>mom shows up

>on our way home I decide to do a little run

>she notices my pants are darker behind me

>get home

>get in the bathroom

>take pants out

>shit everywhere

>never saw my yellow pants again



Three boys are proving that they are not insecure of their dick size.


File: 0bdc266b6847213⋯.jpg (605.78 KB, 456x628, 114:157, 0bdc266b68472135a1d7105e1f….jpg)

File: 0ef4552912a036f⋯.jpg (59.85 KB, 766x600, 383:300, 0ef4552912a036fcde6443a0b6….jpg)


>something like year 2009

>we had this massive wall at elementary school

>in one sunny day my fully energized friends did some crazy shit and what not…

>one side has a stony path with stairs going all the way up where you can climb on the wall, other side is grassy, with 1 big rock, nothing else

>one of them, kind of half niggerlooking, funny and smart guy, tells me to climb on the wall and jump to the grassy side

>wall is exactly 3 meters high(~10 feet)

>me autismo, go full retard mode, take the joke WAY too seriously, didnt even know it was a joke for about half a year(until I overthought it)

>climb and jump off

>dont remember how I really fell, but it was maybe on the side of my triceps/ribs

>didnt really hurt at all, didnt cry or moan cuz I never bitch about physical pain

>half the elementary school(available teachers at that time including) surrounded me, was laying on ground just staring at the sky or the wall

>ambulance gets called

>my heart starts racing and tell im completely fine and try to break off the people who carried me. I could still walk, didnt really feel any pain at all

>stayed in hospital for 2 and a half weeks

>people around me still remind themselves this story to this very day and back then used to call me with my name and "the crazy" attached to it

fucking hell, what was wrong with me



note that I never had experience in jumping from walls above 0.5 meters before that occasion


shouldve been in Autistic memories…


File: a7a2cef523f2e77⋯.jpg (34.51 KB, 535x577, 535:577, 640.jpg)

>forget my lunch one day in first or second grade

>teacher notices and tells me to let the lunch lady know that I forgot my lunch and to give me one of the nigger-tier school lunches, which happened to be hamburgers that day

>don't want the school lunch

>don't want to be indebted to school

>should have told them "no, I don't want the school lunch"

>instead say "uh, I'm allergic to hamburgers"

>teach takes me to the nurse's office and actually checks my medical file for listed food allergies

>"hmm…it doesn't say anything about you being allergic to hamburgers"

>don't respond

>end up getting sent out to recess since I didn't want to eat

>squat in a corner out of sight, crying from my blatant humiliation

>get home later that day

>bitch teacher actually called my house and left a voicemail for my mom saying that I had nothing to eat for lunch, that I lied about being allergic to hamburgers, and that I was sitting outside crying like a bitch

>delete it before anyone hears it



It's a better name than "toothpick".



toothpick for what…?



I was called "toothpick" because I'd autistically pick at my teeth. "the crazy" is actually kind of cool.



yeah, but they used it as to mock me and they did it like every 2 days for about 2 years after that accident. the first 2-3 times I kind of looked at them(without eye contact) as to tell them stop or see if they have something more to say and after that I was just speeding past them




and the mocking really did some kind of effect back then, because of it I used to remind myself that accident so many times I almost can picture it perfectly in my head and my heart would race after that



the fuck did you stay in the hospital for two weeks if it didn't hurt and you were fine?



well, I dont really know. neither the doctors or my mother(she was in hospital to comfort me and also to stay overnights to talk with doctors about surgeries, etc) told me, but from one dialogue I overheard it must have been broken ribs and something else. kids also used to call me a masochist a lot, since I almost never felt pain and if I did - it was small and I ignored it.

will have to ask family members for the details in hospital and deliver, if you want



yeah I used to pick on my skin A LOT when I got bored as well. both my siblings used to tell me that my mom once came home with a face looking like a tomato, she was over the top ready to drop some news how I took my shoe and socket and started biting a nail off my big toe infront of, like 20 kids?

I dont remember it at all since it was way before the said accident, mustve been 1st or 2nd grade







Here in Canada we have to read Jew books as early as fourth grade so I suspect OP is a leaf too since english is usually called language arts here too.


File: 6e7e60abacc0281⋯.gif (6.03 MB, 480x270, 16:9, bottle fan.gif)


I live in the New England. From first to seventh grade, it was called Language Arts. When I transferred to a different school, they called it English.




Why do people jump around and scream at things like this? Sure its a cool feat and all but this just looks like a chimpout



Because it's fun to overreact to things.



How often do you see this? Could you do it yourself if you tried?



>shows to normalniggers

>shows to fucking kikes

>doesn't show us



File: 6fc01772d8aa350⋯.png (289.01 KB, 841x474, 841:474, ae3287dc0cb3785671d64edd12….png)

>inna sixth grade

>have to buy tempera colors for art class

>mummy buys the cheap ones

>figure out that the little tubes aren't actually sealed on the back

>but the front is with a little cap which you have to pop before you can squeeze the color out

>borrow the yellow one to a friend

>"anon, there's a cap on the front"

>"just squeeze it hard"

>remember that the back isn't sealed

>oh shit

>he squeezes it extra hard for comedic effect


>giant yellow stain on the wall behind him

>we look at each other

>i'm laughing like a madman

>he's scared for his life

>teacher comes over an notices it

>don't get in any serious trouble, just had to clean it up

>inna seventh grade religion class

>75 IQ absolute retard sitting behind me

>"hey anon, I'm gonna jerk off, keep watch for the teacher"

>"wait, what, no, what the fuck"

>the absolute madman goes through with it

>doesn't even get caught

>same 75 IQ retard

>got yoghurt in the shitty school lunches

>throws it in the air and tries to catch it

>catches it with both hands in front of his face

>smashes the yoghurt container

>yoghurt cumshots himself in the face

>runs to the bathroom screaming

>75 IQ retard talks shit to some high schoolers

>gets his shit beat in by six guys

>some of my classmates join in on it

>retard almost gets expelled for starting shit

>end of 8th grade

>we have a big party because it's the last time we'll probably see each other

>it's in some shitty fucking basement

>begrudgingly go

>everyone's dancing and getting drunk

>i'm just sitting there on the table talking to the goth girl and eating pizza

>the pizza is trash-tier, you could've probably cut glass with how hard it was

>lights go out

>just throw the slice of pizza in front of me

>there's a scream


>lights come back on

>hit popular girl in the back

>her white shirt has a giant red, tomato sauce splatter on the back

>got up and left before anyone got suspicious

>enter high school

>first day

>ramona flowers looking metalhead behind me

>"hey, you look like you play wow, you alliance or horde"

>oh shit nigger

>answer alliance

>"figures, you looked like a faggot"

>"do you play Tauren, because you're an ugly cow"

>we both start laughing

>actually become decent friends until the end of school

>a bit of time passes in high school

>met only two other people besides the metalhead

>a super religious aryan chad

>an alcoholic who keeps calling himself Jesus

>Jesus shows up to school extremely drunk one morning

>inter-period break

>walking down the stairs

>there's a green line of puke running down the wall in the stairwell

>walk past the bathroom

>he's puking into an urinal

>keep walking

>graphic design class

>have two full weeks of classes on how the holocaust was awful

>the cunt teacher is constantly trying to sell to us how monumental and grandiose design is somehow evil, while faggot minimalism is the best thing ever

>keept telling us how Albert Speer was satan, and how we should all look up to some Bauhaus commies


File: fc513b2c1801e9f⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, foto_no_exif.jpg)

>me and a guy make a poster for some school project we were forced into doing

>teacher sends that shit to some EU competition

>few weeks pass

>cunt teacher walks in practically screaming

>we actually won that shit

>we won 20k eurodollars to organize cover all expenses for a week long trip to Strassbourg for two full classes

>stresses this multiple times

>think about how I might even get to fly on a plane in my lifetime

>week before we're supposed to go

>discussing the whole plan

>"oh, we're going by bus"

>flip the fuck out

>"oh anon, we just don't have the money to go any other way"



>"no anon, it was five thousand"

>flip the fuck out

>me and the other guy talk to the homeroom teacher

>she talks to the principal

>principal covers for the thieving cunt teacher

>we can't do jack shit about it without getting expelled

>two days before we're supposed to go

>she has an obscenely expensive new camera out of nowhere

>trip even got shortened to three days instead of seven

>we set out

>19 hour bus ride


>it's a two star run down shithole

>people get assigned rooms

>assigned room with a literal mute who I know pretty well, and some third year actual furfag

>get in the room

>there's a single bed and a queen size

>the furfag jumps the queen size

>i let the mute get the other bed because he's autistic enough, he doesn't deserve to suffer

>don't even get to stay, just drop off our shit and go on a tour of the city

>awake for around 40 hours at this point and have eaten nothing

>feel like I'm actually losing consciousness while on tour

>a couple of real close calls to passing out

>the cunt teacher is rubbing it in my fucking face

>"well, anon since your friend and you got us here, you can carry the camera and take pictures"

>get back to the dump six hours later

>sleep two hours on the floor in my jacket and jeans

>apparently it was fucking grand for everyone else because they all got wasted and partied until they passed out

>go to the building of the parliament at 6AM

>cunt teacher wants us all to wear ties that are the color of our flag

>tell her to blow it out her ass

>manage to not wear the tie after a short argument

>get seated in the big parliament room

>me, the guy that I won with and another classmate to the left

>two loud negresses to my right

>right smack dab in the middle of the room

>at eye level with the kike sitting in the high seat

>pass out multiple times during the opening speech

>endure some faggot ass team-building games

>shitty debate where some stacy steals the show purely because she was a turk immigrant

>completely stops accepting mine and friend's arguments because our views didn't agree with hers

>get through that shit

>day 2

>in Munich

>cunt splits us in groups

>i get put in charge of a bunch of third years and women

>i get put in charge of the fattest fucking cunt in the entire school

>she's constantly bitching at me about how she's hungry

>get food

>she eats her food, and food belonging to two other people

>ask if anyone else is going to bitch at me

>she flips her shit

>tell the whale to blow it out her hole

>get the fuck outta there to the point we were all supposed to meet up after sightseeing

>the whale was too slow and she got left behind

>wonder to myself how I've managed to lose track of something that massive

>see something in the distance

>tharr she blows capn'

>she got lost, and somehow got more food

>get on the bus

>hotel 2

>it's actually pretty nice

>manage to get a full night of sleep

>day 3

>inna Salzburg

>bretty nice and comfy architecture

>roasties screech over seeing a starbucks for the first time in their lives

>19 hour bus ride

>get home

>few weeks pass

>about to be outta high school forever

>cunt teacher almost fails me at her subject purely out of spite


I've been writing this for too long not to post it at this point.



>i'm just sitting there on the table talking to the goth girl and eating pizza

Cute, what were you two talking about. I'd like to hear more about the Ramona Flowers cunt if there is anything else.


>shitty debate where some stacy steals the show purely because she was a turk immigrant

What was she yapping about, I remember watching a minidoc on Germany and one segment had a roachstie literally admitting that Turks are low-income, uneducated, and naturally criminal then after finishing that she said they were underrepresented due to society's unfair bias towards them.



>what were you talking about

Fuck if I remember.

The ramona flowers lookalike went to some big shot graphic design academy after high school and I haven't really given enough of a shit to keep up with her.


Pretty much the exact same thing you mentioned, about how hard it is being a minority, how sandniggers are treated unfairly, etc., etc..


I got bullied in grade 6 by a bunch of Serbians. They moved away thankfully so I was left alone after that.


File: eddbb0311a52c7b⋯.jpg (163.43 KB, 1024x638, 512:319, who would win.jpg)

File: 46c0e36ec04606e⋯.jpg (328.92 KB, 1075x1680, 215:336, 1501250772287.jpg)

File: 2717a00a8ed2549⋯.png (297.87 KB, 485x782, 485:782, Kebab remover of the year ….png)

File: 0d6d522b4357924⋯.png (236.51 KB, 600x553, 600:553, 32.png)


Here you go, my guy, if the Serbs ever come back.



I bet €5 you're Bulgarian.




Fuck off Albanians, God is a Serb



I'm pretty sure every other south slavic nation hates the serbs as well.



>Be me, 10th grade (16 at the time)

>Be ausfag mega autist

>Some cunt is talking shit

>Trip him over and punch him in the face

>Get Suspended

>Hanging out with my only friend, who was a suicidal alcoholic, same age

> Group of "weird kids" in a group near us, not accepted by the average normies, but are just as worse

> One member of the group, a weaboo decides to bring a group of roasties near where I eat lunch

>Constant screeching

> I tell them to shut up

>They get pissed off

>Pull my phone out and one of them grabs it and runs away

>Proceed to do a running punch, punch connects with back of roasties head

>Roastie laying on the ground, with phone in hand, grab it and put it away


>Weaboo sees one of his precious roasties, whom he orbits, come to harm

>Grabs me by the shirt collar and tries to force me to apologize

>Push him off me and tell him to fuck off, walk away

>Get suspended again, head teacher calls me a "misogynist" for punching the dumb bitch who stole my phone

>Roastie not punished for damaging my property

This all happened about 1-1/2 months before the end of the year, I was forced to spend each break in a room by myself for the rest of the year. All of the students there were a bunch of cunts, and I decided to drop out, because you can after 10th grade. The year after I ended up being a NEET for a long period of time. My friend dropped out the same year and ended up becoming a chef, makes good money, but spends it all on ciggies and alcohol. Sorry if this is too blog-posty.



You are a hero. I salute to you


File: c511dd58d133208⋯.jpg (6.06 KB, 215x235, 43:47, c511dd58d1332089f368e17356….jpg)


a true legend, thank you for your service.



You actually reminded me of one I missed.

>inna seventh grade

>me and friend are hanging around some eight graders

>one of them is eating his burek

>it's the middle of spring and the guy has a shitload of allergies

>he's barely fucking alive at this point

>the burek is the only light in his life

>some stupid fucking roastie is shaking a pine branch above us

>there's pollen, assorted shit, and bugs falling everywhere

>five people start yelling at her to fuck off

>she doesn't

>look over at burek guy

>he looks like he's about to kill someone

>slams the burek on the ground

>full fucking sprint

>bounces off a small wall

>fucking superman punch

>roastie eats it square on the chin

>we're all in disbelief

>bust out laughing

>other roastie rushes up to her

>starts screaming at burek guy

>he threatens to kick her ass too


File: 6532f77a5eb1d19⋯.webm (4.94 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Baka Chapter.webm)


>Group of "weird kids" in a group near us, not accepted by the average normies, but are just as worse

I'd rather hang out with Brad and Sally (which I did in high school before getting kicked out) than the retards who base their entire personality on their interests and think they're special and unique for it, they're vainer and pettier than standard normalfags and more susceptible to fuck you over in some way.

>Grabs me by the shirt collar and tries to force me to apologize

>Push him off me and tell him to fuck off, walk away

I can already picture what he looks like.


>roastie eats it square on the chin

>other roastie rushes up to her

>starts screaming at burek guy

>he threatens to kick her ass too

Fucking mint, mate.



Your spot on, to be truthful, the chads and stacies didn't treat me badly, acknowledged me at best and ignored me at worst. It was the lower ranking normies that drew my ire, people disliked them for a reason. One was my friend, before I found out he was a homosexual. I couldn't stand being near the others though



Based as fuck, kill all "le quirky" roasties.



The people I got trouble from were also low-tier normalfags, and wannabe chads, but sometimes also people who were even worse than me. Actual Chads and Stacies never honestly bothered me, they were actually pretty good to me.

I mean, it's Horseshoe theory, kinda, but not complete bullshit, both Chads and robots have some kind of actual substance to them, and both manage to achieve things through different means, while the middle of the spectrum normalfags in the middle are just a brown mass. An amalgamation of opposing ideas, and design features. Subhumans who are as basic and generic as they come, but they all think that they are unique and special, but in reality, if they're slightly above center on the spectrum, they attempt to imitate Chad, and if they're towards the bottom, they try to imitate robots. They obviously fail to be either, and get thrown out of both groups, but will still keep pretending they belong just to seem quirky and unique. I mean, I actually have some modicum of respect for genuine Chads, because they seem to put in some kind of effort to keep up that image, than I have for some failed normalfag, even though the failed normalfag is "more similar" to me. I guess I just really hate centrism, in reality.


Happened in preschool but wherever

>keep seeing swastikas graffiti sprayed on buildings

>become curious what that symbol means and why I keep seeing it everywhere and also intrigued by its design

>don't know what it's called so I can never ask an adult about it

>one day decide to ask teacher during recess

>get the chalk and draw a whole bunch of swastikas on the board

>teacher doesn't notice because she's busy with homework

>ask her "teacher, what does this mean?"

>she sees it and freaks out

>just tells me that it's a very bad thing that stands for very bad people and to erase it and never draw it again

>doesn't actually explain shit

>my curiosity is left unsated


File: b4400b7b9df917b⋯.jpg (544.5 KB, 1200x1850, 24:37, 1380729257484.jpg)

File: 01008822f7bb50d⋯.jpg (84.79 KB, 705x960, 47:64, 1459675874008.jpg)


>than I have for some failed normalfag, even though the failed normalfag is "more similar" to me.

Failed normalfags switch between an "isolated and depressed" personality while at the same time managing a good social life and social appearance, they take virginity, sadness, loneliness, etc as depth and identify with it as if having a positive mood besides spurs of moments makes you a drooling retard; their world view is probably the most binary while being that brown/gray mush you stated. They want to be weird and counter-culture as for more credibility to deepen themselves which leads to those poseurs among subcultures and since normalfags are the norm the subcultures just don't exist and therefore nothing in the realm of human communication and emotion really exists in what used/probably be actual roads to talk about something. I went off on a tangent that'll shed light on something else or resuscitated what everyone already knows but it's an incorporation of the worst or stereotyped traits of a robot unto a deluded normalfag.



Shit haha that webm reminds me of that one time when I learned about the middle finger and got in a fight because my third grader self thought it was a good idea to flip off some fifth grader across the street.


>be me in middle school

>"best friend" betrays me and turns the whole school against me

>discovering what straightedge is

>being shit on for being straightedge up til 12th grade

>that one weird kid in school who doesnt give a fuck about (((fitting in))) or giving a fuck in general

>being that one weird kid who makes up a character in high school by the name of "triple chin sally", making tons of copies, and throws them of the balcony at school

>that one kid in highschool who threw jello at the ceilings

>being an expert at DDR since 8th grade

>being (((scene)))

>being a pspfag

>hating anyone who smoke and drank

>always called "crazy" and "weird"

I'm too tired for this right now thats all you get


File: 9de025255d14665⋯.png (108.05 KB, 800x450, 16:9, AIIIIIIIEIEIIEIEIEIIAIAIAI….png)

Fuck proofreading.

>9th grade, semi-finals in gym

>minding my own business

>see mudshark and two niggers laugh at me

>after a while I turn around and see another nigger with his nuts to the back of my head

>tackle him on the ground, lightly punch him like a pussy because afraid to punch

>he than punches me full force

>whole class looks up

>punch him, he punches me

>we start scuffling closer

>coach tackles me

>I considered stabbing him in the ear with a pencil but that would get me arrested

>I'm fucking squirming for my life and will not be hoisted up like a child in front of 60 shitheads who will get passed anyway because of no child left behind

>grab my shit and walk out, I see nigger being walked away without a care in the world by female coach

>other coach yells at wrestling coach to grab me, barks at me but makes no attempt to grab me for some reason

>I go outside to an arch and start spergcrying

>vice principal and cop come to see me, ask me to calm down

>proceed to bang my head against the wall and throw my phone so hard it bends, it was in a sturdy case

>right as the cop tackles me the bell rings

>and all of these people see me on the ground pointing at them that I'd kill them with every muscle string in my body

>I eventually get hoisted up and dragged through the halls and thrown onto the ground of the police office laying their for a few minutes before I'm told to get up in a chair

>ambulance checks up on me and asks me questions trying to be friendly, still crying

>mom eventually picks me up, doesn't say anything

>see a semi-circle of police officers just staring at me in an empty school, pig fuck called all nearby units thinking a weak faggot like me could ever kill more than one person with my shitty strength

>I later learned that he said that he never saw anything like that and this bonehead got scared

>get put in basement classes for the rest of the year

>10th grade, still in basement class for a big fight in 9th grade

>had an extra pair of pants because Italian teacher was strict about dress code

>there was an emo spic roastie in the basement class as well (the school was comprised primarily of scene kids and niggers, barely any whites) who disliked me because I called one of her friends a human cutting board last year for calling me ugly so half the school hates me

>sit next to pink-haired heroin roastie who found me funny (she's now an obese mudshark) and wear that spare pair of pants making shitty terrorist jokes

>all of a sudden I get smacked on the back of the head at mach 5

>so loud that even her stupid emo friends listening to music heard it

>she casually putting her things away getting ready to make a sob story for the basement teacher about how she lost control or she's going through a tough time or some shit

>basement teacher comes back and comforts her, pays no attention to me

>I just grab my shit and walk out

>halfway back to the class I'm enrolled in I decide to stop being a pussy and finally punch someone for once in my life

>my heart's racing for I have never done this before, actually stealthily looking around corners to see if I can make my shot

>enter the classroom and she's sitting their talking to one of her friends

>lunge forward

>this is it

>punch her straight on the bridge of her nose

>she gets up fucking screaming at me being held back by friend calling me a piece of shit and whatever

>the whole class is fucking screaming at me

>basement teacher yelling at me to get out on repeat for dare hitting a girl

>walking through the hallways, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncvBBjb3iU4 playing in my head

>I realize the reason I never got into fights is because I'm a dangerous person and wouldn't hold back because I could've easily grabbed her head next and drive into a glass cabinet across the hall

>cops eventually pick me up, handcuff me and tell me that she's suing me for damages

>even though she started this

>even though she has done this to other people, I later discovered

>even though she's older than me

>she gets away with it because she's a mentally unstable goblina

>kept in police office for 4 hours handcuffed because they "need to send a squad car down"

>keep trying to get me to sign some bullshit, tell them to fuck off

>squad car shows up, they print me, my parents pull me out of school, I'm sentenced to 12 hours of community service with brown people and lost $300

>next school year I was put into an "esteemed engineering school" which was again flooded by brown people, got pulled out of that one for almost getting in another fight, go back to home country, been a NET since

How did I do.



To be fair, they've probably been trying for hours to get it.



Better than I ever did. You stood up for yourself - something I was always afraid of - and I respect it.



Good taste in victory music, anon.



It' a better name than "cripple"


File: c51f3e0a8d3d4a0⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 584x413, 584:413, bateman.jpg)


Very nice job.

>with his nuts to the back of my head

What did he mean by this?


>elementary school im a pretty soft kid with longer hair

>in our class there is a kind of fat kind of stupid kid

>around 2nd or 3rd grade he starts to bully me and a few of other kids for being ""gay""(you know the usual shit)

>It starts to get to me i hate him with all my heart

>years pass he continues

>in 7th grade i even pulled a knife on him and almost got expelled

>he continues until the end of elementary school

>mfw 4 years later it turns out he is actually gay



Shame you couldn't contact the police or someone to try and destroy her life over 15k


Stop deleting your posts you faggot.


File: c24311f1e87ceb8⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 500x325, 20:13, W 48.jpg)

>7th grade

>One day I decide to skip lunch

>P.E. Lesson

>Pass out

>I wake up thinking I could just say I fell over

>Realize that I am surrounded by my classmates and the teacher.

>Everyone just are fucking staring at me


File: 5a6edf5114f5360⋯.png (418.98 KB, 470x491, 470:491, zdsgg2r3.png)


Now that's just a pure level of fuckery



Holy shit anon, you basically lived out the fantasies I had whenever I was picked on. I wish I had done the same.


I have a few:

>Second grade, mild behavioral problems, diagnosed with adhd

>Have ticks, nothing verbally, but I pull faces and constantly chew on things

>Teacher notices this and thinks I'm making fun of her

>Makes me stand in front of class and chew on the drawstrings of my trousers

Fucking bitch, met her a few years ago at a bar, talked a bit but I had to go because my friend had passed out

>7th grade, 13-14 years old

>In economics class, talking to teacher

>Some stacy behind me, tells me to stop talking

>turn around and tell her to "shut her unqualified mouth" in front of teacher

>teacher calls me to his desk after class, tells me that what I said was right but he still has to give me suspension regardless

>11th grade, just turned 17

>deceloped an interest in drugs

>decided to take some MDMA on the bus at a school trip

>don't remember that much after that, my friends told me that I thought my nose was disappearing at some point

>surprisingly didn't get caugh and spend the rest of the trip in an equally hazy weed induced state


File: ba7c51533b68135⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 1070x669, 1070:669, absolutely_devlish.jpg)

>6th grade

>new school

>everyone hates me by default

>even the teachers

>was on honor roll in elementary with good work ethics but w/e

>get into P.E

>P.E teacher is a failed chad gym teacher football coach

>always sucking on chewing tobacco

>one day we're all playing indoor sports

>half of the boys including myself are just chilling on the bleachers

>one guy tells me to ask the P.E teacher to go outside for kickball

>decide why not since kickball was sort of fun even if I struck out a lot

>go up to him

>he normally has a live microphone in his hand, hooked up to speakers

>normally used for rallies and shit but he's a lazy prick

>ask him

>flips his shit and has a chad spergout, yelling at me

>askyells at me what do I owe him to ask that

>no idea what the fuck happened but walk back to bleachers

>literally everyone watching me

>even the roasties stopped playing vollyball

>sit back down at the bleachers literally holding back tears

>guy who made kickball request asks if I'm alright

>obviously fucking not

>didn't even hate my math teacher as much as this guy

>swear vengeance to get him back for this indiscretion with all my heart

>two years pass

>now in the 8th grade

>fresh hatred still lingering in my soul

>find out on the first day that football tryouts are on

>had a decent enough physique to qualify for a lineman, maybe defense

>overhear that the coach was aiming to go championship this year

>school hasn't won one in like a decade

>mfw pic related

>was late to tryouts but he gives me the spot anyhow for some reason


>fast forward later in the year

>end up winning most of our games, victory is assured

>the whole team is excited to win the championship

>last game comes around

>game is going neck and neck

>absolutely fucking perfect

>last quarter comes around

>beg the coach's backup coach whatever you call him to put me in

>begrudgingly does it

>everyone is in position

>this is it

>quickly reposition myself to other side of our line

>as a defensive lineman

>calculated prehand that the hole I made is large enough to fuck the whole play

>also calculated that the coach on the other team was going full-offensive

>fucking flip the whole game

>team loses

>if anyone asked me anything just blame it on the prick coach

>mfw ruined his chances to make anything out of himself as a failed chad

>mfw also realize he was forcefully retired after graduating for some drug problem

I regret nothing.



I "learned" about the holohoax in 4th grade. Not even joking. Also had to read "Night" as part of my state history class in 7th grade. Also not joking.

Land of the Free indeed

maybe that's why there are so many jews here



From the bottom of my heart I wish that this is a true story.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Highly recommend this movie, very good information.



>teacher calls me to his desk after class, tells me that what I said was right but he still has to give me suspension regardless

Punishing correct behaviour because of "muh <whatever sjw bullshit>" is the biggest cancer to our society.


File: 87545313f3ce52c⋯.jpg (103.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ijustwannatakeashit.jpg)

>be elementary school me

>going through another boring day of school

>ask to go to the restroom out of boredom

>secretly had to take a crap but hated doing so in public bathrooms

>figure I can wait till I get home to drop it

>get to the empty bathroom and up to the urinal (didn't actually have to piss i was just bored)

>sudden distress from stomach

>oh no

>the beast cometh

>briefly debate whether or not to just suck it up and just shit there to save the stomach trouble

>bolt into the stall and drop my pants

>at that moment, three kids walk into the restroom


>try and ignore them to focus on the task at hand

>the fuckers start peeping into the stall

>tell them to fuck off

>they leave and come back

>open the stall door and they all leave again

>they quietly sneak back in

>I burst out the stall and chase them out of the bathroom

>they finally leave for good

>goddammit, I'm still yo-yo-ing the load

>manage to shit some of it out and get back to class (too paranoid to take the full shit)

>completely lost track of time

>mfw I get in trouble for staying out of class for too long

>mfw I'm left a disgruntled and possibly stinky mess for the rest of the day


>be in kindergarten

>ask to go get drink of water

>walk to fountain

>3rd graders in front of me just talking and standing around

>thirsty, but not parched so i wait my turn

>hamplanet teacher rounds corner

>"what are all you doing? Get back to class!"

>3rd graders move on

>i advance on fountain

>bend to take drink

>"uhh, ex-SKUSE me?"

>look up

>wildebeast looking at me with hands on hips, jaw slightly open

>"yes maam?"

>"go to class!"

>totally innocent and without sarcasm

>"im thirsty, can I get a drink of water first?"

>teacher scoffs and shakes her head

>bend to take drink

>"uhhh, no. Come with me. NOW."

>look at fountain and sigh a little

>walk with her

>didnt realize where this was going

>"who's your teacher?"

>"mrs smith"

>i walk, she waddles back to class

>get to the door

>she grabs me by my shirt collar and hauls me in

>mrs smith looks up and asks what happened

>"this boy sassed me when i told him to go back to class."


>"no i didnt! I asked if i could get some water was all!"

>fat bitch scoffs and just rolls her eyes

>mrs smith believes the other teacher

>get in trouble

>miss field day because of it

>sitting there watching my friends have fun

>fat bitch is there

>"bet you'll think twice before sassing me again."

Hate her to this day. Wouldnt piss on her if she were on fire and my bladder about to burst


File: 72237e2cf91c412⋯.png (574.41 KB, 606x572, 303:286, catharsis.png)


I know exactly how you feel, female teachers are one thing but female boomer teachers are on a whole other level that I can barely put into words, they're the bluntest pinnacle of anti-logic and reality and I'll be glad when they start pissing on themselves and gasping for air the nursing home's tinky wheelchairs for all the passive-aggressive and petty behavior they've committed in their lives.


File: c607eb635c8b371⋯.jpeg (39.37 KB, 454x444, 227:222, images-7.v1.jpeg)


>I was friends with a qt goth chick for a while




>she got lost, and somehow got more food


I hope your shitty teacher and principal will suffer enough for this shit.


File: 892e606a0edb0c0⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 572x547, 572:547, doot.JPG)


It is, though I moved after graduating middleschool so I'm not sure if people actually believe it was the cunt coach's fault for having me where I was or what. I do remember however that a lot of people, even the parents, were pissed about flopping the game because of one autismo with deep seated anger issues.


File: cd5674687610ef2⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 640x491, 640:491, eIariLx.jpg)


haha memed


File: d57e37260e272d1⋯.jpg (67.31 KB, 470x684, 235:342, 1425162765649.jpg)

>early in elementary school like 1rst or 2nd grade

>big blond girl comes up to me and says she wants to be my friend

>tism makes me say no thinks I already have lots of friends

Its a minor detail or something but I think about the butterfly effect if i had said yes. Like maybe she would be my waifu and I would have fathered her kids




>3d pig

I needed a good laugh.


>summer years between 1st and 4th grade

>go to YMCA summer camp

>basically daycare but with fields/pools/canoes/archery/crafts/etc

>all boys into toonami, bring gundam/zoids action figures into camp, catch frogs and play DBZ

>for some reason decide I am a "gay faggot" nobody will play with me. Keep trying to release the frogs I catch, call my toy RX-78 a "transformer" to piss me off

Skip to 4th-5th grade summer camp

>go to different, upscale, day camp in shitlib part of city held on private school campus

>Have friends this time, one sperg is even weirder than I am

>Be on camp bus coming back from river, sitting in back

>directly beneath bus air conditioner

>bus hits bump, A.C. unit dumps water all over my crotch

>walk back to main area of camp for next activity session, older stacies see my crotch, start giving me weird looks because they think I peed myself

>friends see, accuse me of peeing myself

>explain what happened, they think I'm lying

>lose all friends because they think I'm a pants pisser

>except weird one, who goes on to be obese autistic marvel loving bugman



>3rd to 5th grade

>Spelling test coming up

>Never did good on any of them

>Decide to make cheat-sheet

>Hide cheat-sheet in clothes

>Could never figure out how to use cheat-sheet without being seen

>Just kept it hidden in my pockets

>Did this for two years before getting caught


>5th grade

>Playing Jenga with the lads

>Mentally unstable girl I've known since 2nd grade asks to play

>Friend who likes her says "sure"

>I tell her no

>Joins anyways

>Thought this would be a great chance to fuck with her and have a hearty kek

>Each time she pulls out a block, I slowly move the rug.

>She eventually catches on after a three or four times and asks me to stop

>I say not until you leave and she goes back to playing

>Her turn comes around again and I shift the rug once more, causing the tower to topple over.

>She starts freaking out and screams at me like a harpy.

>I shrug

>She grabs me and sinks her disgusting finger nails into my hand.

I still have scars from that experiance.


>be 18 at some kind of shitty summer camp run by the college or whatever it was (18+ summer camp thing? I don't know what the fuck)

>school is just the right type of shitty to be a piece of shit with some strangely good memories even though it was horrible in every other way

>it's some kind of field day with events and things to do outside

>am kind of skinny but have wide hips and an overly feminine body

>constantly mistaken for a girl

>everybody has to wear mandatory field day equipment handed out by the counselors

>get handed this especially loose and baggy jersey shirt and jersey shorts

>get told I'm assigned to change in the side curtain area of the nurses room because everyone is getting assigned areas to change since theres so many of us

>nurse is in charge and tells me to strip down and get dressed with the equipement and to put my clothes in a bag with my name on it

>strip down to underwear and start hopping around trying to find the hole in the stupid jersey shorts

>trip and fall down

>nurse just walks right in through the paper thin privacy screen curtain thing


>freaking out and trying to tell her I'm fine


>she grabs me and tries to stand me up but I keep hopping around and loosing my balance so she grabs at the shorts and tugs them down to untangle them from my legs

>my underwear goes down with it

>I can't say anything and she just looks straight at all of me and without stopping says "whoops well whatever you don't need those anyway here" and bags my underwear with the rest of my clothes and starts pulling the shorts back onto my feet and gets me ready

>she fumbles around with my shorts and loses the waist band underneath itself and gropes my ass for 3 minutes trying to flip it right side out and tells me im finished

>yea but my underwear you- "no you're done here go join the others" yea but- "no no you're done" and puts her hands on my back and guides me out the door

>ms.nurse you got my under-*door closes in my face*


>walk over to the field

>get pushed into doing this race thing by this counselor

>"do I have to?"




>can't believe I always have to do all this stuff I don't want to do

>have to jump over these obstacles and rope things that get higher and closer together as you go over them

>all of them are made from really shitty old rope and snaggy poles that have just enough padding left on them to not get hurt but totally shred your clothes if you go past them the wrong way

>you have to be stupid to not know where this is going

>run over one really shitty obstacle and get shirt and shorts snagged and flip upside down and get stuck hanging in one swift retarded motion

>left trapped hanging upside down

>rrrrrriiiiippp pshsshshhh!

>shorts partially rip in half leaving my entire butt hanging out

>left almost swinging in the breeze and wobbling around while I struggle to get free

>feel the blood rush to my head and then feel lightheaded as I struggle and feel the blood rush somewhere else

>all the swaying and shaking from trying to rip myself free is doing things to things that maybe isn't the best possible moment for it to happen

>thing just happens to be trapped behind one of the parts of the untorn waistband and ever so conveniently exposed

>everyone gathers around me to giggle and laugh and cheer me on

>getting really embarrassed

>because of getting really embarrassed, get really nervous

>because of getting really nervous, heart starts beating faster

>all the blood rushes to my ass

>"anons butt is blushing haha"

>"wow the redder anons face gets the bigger his ding dong gets! ha ha!"

>blush really hard and pop the biggest boner that would make horses jealous

>"oh wow anon very nice"

>can't control it

>everyone takes turns walking past me and slapping my ass

>nurse gets notified and has to run out with emergency clothing scissors and cuts me down and hands me a towel and runs me back to the nurses office to check me for injuries

>in a state of shock

>nurse gets on some gloves and abuses the shit out of me by rubbing and "checking" everything

>apparently all the others told her I was seriously injured when I got ensnared so she had to check for what they said

beat that



Is your name joey?



Wew this was all the nurses plan im sure of it. Masturbating to the thought of you running around with no underwear and probably erect from the embarrassment. You utter chad you


File: 54148807f798487⋯.png (115.68 KB, 346x297, 346:297, whatthefuck.png)


This sounds like a fucking nightmare. I feel violated after just reading that, how could you allow this to happen? I would have been sent into an absolute fury, that's horrid.




I kind of suspected she was doing it on purpose but she was a cute nurse so I let her kinda sorta get away with it, but I'll never know if she did it on purpose. I wasn't angry, just… really really embarrassed. all the girls from then on would pass me and make horse noises as if giving me compliments. "ahehehe Hmmffffpltffpltfl!"



>dick that's "big"/etc.

Why didn't you either a) take advantage of this "embarassing" event with the other girl, b) with the nurse, or c) just sue the school?



you can't always think clearly in moments like those



In grade 5 canuck they showed us swastikas and offensive media, like this one controvercial comic strip I remember. Then they told us not to draw them or find them funny respectively. Being the little shit that I was, I probably drew a couple of the former just for the sake of breaking rules, that to me were arbitrary and meaningless in my own reality; but the comic they showed was literally a dude sitting in a room (chamber) with little windows on either wall, which had fucking BUTTS stuck in them farting (GAS).. How could I NOT find that funny? How could they even show this to children and ACTUALLY BELIEVE we'd be mature enough to take it as seriously as they wanted us to? I wonder if that teacher didn't like me so much because she could see the silent snickering on my face.



>the comic they showed was literally a dude sitting in a room (chamber) with little windows on either wall, which had fucking BUTTS stuck in them farting (GAS).. How could I NOT find that funny? How could they even show this to children and ACTUALLY BELIEVE we'd be mature enough to take it as seriously as they wanted us to?



File: 3d65f88d633f513⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 468x278, 234:139, 3d65f88d633f513dc4fd4b247a….gif)


>have to teach a class full of kids about the holocaust

>just throw a comic of a kike getting gassed by butts up on the projector

You made this up. I don't believe you.




I shit you not, it happened, I'll never forget my thought process of wondering why they would use THAT example.

This is a school that also stopped class and wheeled little TV's into our classrooms in 6th grade to make us watch fucking 9/11, live, because they said: "THIS IS HISTORY, IT IS IMPORTANT!!". But in reality, we 11 year olds were just thinking "Oh fuck, I'm watching thousands of people literally burn and/or jump to their deaths in real time.."

All my free time for weeks was spent glued to the news because I was scared and needed to understand what is going on.. Coincidentally, my school was also real queer about getting us to take the news seriously. I don't think they knew what the fuck they were doing.


File: 4f02908b4a92c7c⋯.jpg (691.32 KB, 723x900, 241:300, 4f02908b4a92c7c5adfb4f00f6….jpg)

>walking to class

>some girl trips and falls down some concrete steps

>can see up her skirt

>hot pink underwear

>she moves

>realise just how long I'd been staring and how long she was out

>see the little pool of blood under her head as she starts to lift herself

>quickly leave

Now that I think about it I never actually fapped to the thought though I do have a massive fetish for ryona that may or may not have been influenced by this event.


>18 at summer camp for 18 year olds

>wow the redder anons face gets the bigger his ding dong gets

>ding dong


>everyone takes turns walking past me and slapping my ass

I actually kind of believe this one


File: 0c9274ba0497b78⋯.jpg (288.13 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 08_wf1.jpg)

File: 800b2c8456e8c5a⋯.jpg (334.9 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 15_wf8.jpg)

File: a80236d4c549449⋯.jpg (418.98 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 16_wf9.jpg)

File: 6c556a58f55e7a5⋯.jpg (327.66 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 17_wf10.jpg)

File: 3a25b6138871985⋯.jpg (310.58 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 19_wf12.jpg)


hm, my interest in ryona is more from seeing girls get beaten than any memory I have.





How big is your dick exactly? Asking out of curiosity.


>be a 1st grader in public school

>can't read

>girl next to me can't math

>i'm the best at math

>prosperous trade agreement is made between the two parties

>going good for a few months until teacher calls on me to read infront of the class.

>teacher discovers i can't read and can barely talk

>diagnosed, sent to private school

>be a 1st grader in private school

>still can't read

>girl next to me can't math

>a new more prosperous trade agreement is made.

>full year of prosperity

>be a 2nd grader in private school

>a literal sociopath of a 2nd grade boy decides my neighbor is satan

>makes it his life mission to destroy my reading slave

>this isn't good

>insults her, switches her answers with wrong ones on worksheets, pulls her hair, kicks her under the table, knocks her food on the ground.

>i need her


>they switch her to a different class

>no girls left in the class, no way for me to leech literacy.

>have to now learn to read



Did you happen to go to school in central Iowa?


File: ab8ec7674645540⋯.jpg (75.54 KB, 321x348, 107:116, 1466996844793.jpg)

I swear I'm not making this shit up

>be me

>be decent-looking but incredibly shy 8th grader

>attractive but stupid blonde girl I've got somewhat of a crush on has just broken up with her bf and is now looking for a new one

>walks up to me

>"Hey Anon, do you think I'm pretty?"

>y-yeah, s-s-sure…

>"By the way, how big is your dick?"

>I'm well aware of the size of my junk, but don't know how to react to such a frank question, so I awkwardly blurt out that I have no idea

>"Then measure it and tell me tomorrow. Maybe I'll go out with you…"

>when she asks me next day, I just say that I forgot

>she keeps asking me for several days

>I always try and shrug it off or change the subject because I'm far too shy to discuss anything to do with sex

>mfw I completely dropped the ball on the first and only chance I've ever had of getting gf



Honestly, you probably dodged a bullet.


File: 0ea6c7a928cdb69⋯.jpg (213.22 KB, 1897x504, 271:72, 1520012370650.jpg)


Did it happen to look like this?


The Chads at my school did "pocket checks" in the locker room and if you didn't have clothes from famous brands you got bullied for being poor.


File: 09fc2218c5e60c3⋯.jpg (123.06 KB, 856x933, 856:933, d8f7f59e4c7c2723c0c001c67b….jpg)

>be me

>steal calculators from math class

>plentiful supply

>before ebay exists


>lets see how far i can frisbee them

>go to top of 6 story building

>first shot

>calculator spins upwards then comes down vertically

>cracks 11 year old on the head at terminal velocity

>boy collapses


>run away

>put the rest of the calculators in a bin

>school inquest begins by the end of lunch

>noone snitches

>never get caught




>>before ebay exists

Wew, how old are you brah? Ebay's been around since the mid-1990s.


File: 9b3eb13f39eb270⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 416Q02GR0ZL._SL500_AC_SS35….jpg)


It was early 2000s. Before I knew eBay existed I should have put then.



you should have said a quirky one liner like YOU HAVE BEEN CALCULATED or something, smdh fam, wasted opportunity


File: 6879c5f6453bff7⋯.png (137.64 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Carlos.png)


>"Life is just an equation, and I've got the answer."

>"I think he got the decimal point."

>"That's the last calculated risk he'll ever make."

>"What's the matter? I heard he liked pi."

>"Looks like math class paid off."

>"He always used to say math's a real headache."



thanks carlos



>breaking calculators

>destroying objective, unbiased, unthinking, purely factual devices

You're as bad as those landwhales who destroy measuring scales. Fucking kill yourself.



>landwhale destroys scales because muh feels

>anon doesn't even destroy the calculator, which doesnt matter anyway and even hits some faggot on the head with it

tbh get off my board



>throwing a calculator from the top of a 6 story building

>implying it wouldn't break



>he has chink tier calculators



skull is like a pillow for that calculator, would probably hold up tbh





>"Cleared your memory function bitch"

>"Your head divided by two equals you times minus one"

>"Cos when a calculator falls from the sky and hit's you on the head, its a Sin from God that you're a faggot"


File: b6c1d68d0290622⋯.png (303.43 KB, 350x438, 175:219, crying.png)


>No one talks to me, not even the teachers unless it was about schoolwork

>Played outside all by myself most of the time

>Used to climb up some playground fortress and pretend to be a king on it

>One day, nigger kids a couple years older than me come onto my fortress

>Ask them if they want to play

>They beat the shit out of me for no reason until I cried, kicked me while I was down

>They slammed my head into the metal bars (the guards/railings)

>Threatened to throw me off (it was like a 15-20ft drop)

>They finally leave me alone

>Face is bruised, got bloody nose too

>Told the paraprofessionals that a bunch of brown kids beat me up

>Got sent to the office for calling the kids "brown"

>Principal sends me to the nurse after giving me a slip to bring home to my parents

>Nigger kids got off scot-free



> I never got into fights is because I'm a dangerous person and wouldn't hold back

I always was kind off afraid to get into fights, because I was afraid of getting too much shit for hurting anyone bad.

But sometimes I went full Reee and really forgot myselfe, like when I wanted to strangle a 6th grader, who wanted to stop the fight , I had with someone else, in 2nd grade. His leather necklace broke eventually tho.


File: 467447e27d60ee6⋯.jpg (10.12 KB, 250x188, 125:94, teen[1].jpg)


Reminds me of 8-9th grade too.

>Be me

>Pre destined Shy, Wierd, Looser

>first day of School

>look in to the Window, watching the other kids in the reflection

>already shy as fuck

>get to know them for a few days

>not shy at all anymore

>Laugh about most things all the time

>joke around funny seeming shit

>jokes freak poeple out

>expirience bullying

>No more Humor

>be a 3th grader who jumps to 4th grade after the first half year

>bullying intesivies

>be a fresh 7th grader

>still one year, in school years, ahead

>still a kid

>new School new me

>fuck up

>bullying, but not as extreme anymore, so idk too much

>try to be nice to people who don't bully

>learn acceptable joking

>start to be slightly funny, with nicer poeple

>give compliments, also to girls, just to seem nice

>I think some girl misunderstood

>somehow everyone thinks I am into this girl

>be scared as fuck

>stop being nice to poeple

>start to do programming


>Inable to be humorous and active, like I was before

>no more friends, or any real social interactions

>mfw I thought "mybe she was interested?" and I can never be like I was anymore



By banning guns the euro has allowed disrespect to run rampant



>what's promised to be a grand trip turns into a worthless and depressing shit show

>forced to put up with niggers, retards and degenerates

>authority figures steal what you've rightfully earned

>you're routinely abused by unaccountable authorities despite being their breadwinner

>you have no way to address your grievances aside from expelling yourself

>disgusting fat cunts make your life completely miserable

>the few good things about it are ruined by roasties who are obsessed with a decadent consumerist lifestyle

Sounds they're just preparing you for life as an adult in the EU.


I did the same out of pure impulse and I was brought to the director's office where I was humiliatingly and lengthily yelled at.

The teacher, upon seeing it, seemed to have been shocked to the very core. She couldn't believe her eyes, this simple symbol. It seemed as if it were something of which the very existence she could barely tolerate.


File: 4413386934ff28b⋯.png (175.44 KB, 435x282, 145:94, 1528040532166.png)

>Be sophomore

>Here about some new kid

>New kid is in my English class

>He's some short Chinese kid whose name was just two initials (DS)

>Never learned what it stood for

>Hot English teacher asks me to tell DS the ropes of the class

>Tell DS everything relatively important

>We start becoming friends

>Teacher is writing on the white board

>DS leans toward me "I think the teacher has a tight ass"

>Agree with him

>He wasn't wrong, that's for sure

>Suddenly DS starts yelling



>DS starts acting hysterical

>He calls me a pervert and a weirdo

>DS and I get sent out to the hall

>Tell teacher what happened

>Other classmates back me up

>Teacher believes me

>DS is sent to the counselor's office


>A couple weeks later

>Hear that DS got expelled for pissing in the front of the school along with other repeated offenses

>That little jackass didn't even last a month

>Discover his Facebook account a year later

>MFW his profile image is him flipping the bird



>>MFW his profile image is him flipping the bird

He got you good.


File: 6f4388bc314972a⋯.png (365.7 KB, 480x480, 1:1, min.PNG)

>Be in 6th grade

>Fat and autistic

>Very exploitable and hyper sensitive

>Bit of a bitch

>Classmates would trick me into saying stupid shit and humiliating myself

>Would never pick up on social cues

>Would always get upset anyway because they laugh at me

>I would respond by crying and throwing things at them

>Play soccer during gym class

>Would mostly stand around doing nothing

>Soccer ball flies at my face

>Manage to dodge the ball with it barely scraping my ear

>One of the classmates tells me that I'm good and that I should keep meandering around like the fat lump I am

>Miraculously pick up on his sarcasm

>My lip starts quivering

>Try to think of a witty comeback

>Think about juxtaposing the word "fuck" into the phrase "you suck"

>Yell "YOU FUCK!"

>Classmate starts laughing is a surprised manner

>Obviously, my witty comeback didn't work

>Decide to repeat it again


>Face is red with tears running down.

>Whole entire class either laughs at me or give me looks of pity

>Don't remember what happened next

>I probably shouldn't

I think about that almost time I'm alone with my thoughts along with many other self-defeating memories. I transferred to a different school a year later. I sometimes worry I might meet that same classmate again.



>start to do programming

nice, what language? what your skills today? at


I was made to go to in-school speech therapy for a while, because I used to say "free" instead of "three," and "death" instead of "deaf." I legitimately didn't know the difference at five fucking years of age, but that didn't stop me from being held up in some pure white room once a week until highschool.

In Elementary, the school therapist was actually a pretty white chick. She kept me in there because I didn't like talking to anyone else. In Middle school, however, the school therapist was a huge fucking jew. Every day that a few friends and me were sent to her for our "therapy" the jew bitch would just go on about the holocaust. I had long since corrected my verbal hiccups, so I'm sure the cunt was just using the opportunity to further indocrinate my friends and I on the six million. When I was sent to the highschool therapist, though, I was able to convince the therapist that my official reason for being there was no more, so I was finally let go.


They made us read one of those boo-hoo holohoax books when I was in fourth grade. They literally took us out of class to another room, and made everyone read along with some kikess. If someone were to post the names of some popular holocaust books I could probably pick it out.


Some autistic spic fag used to try and watch me take a shit when I'd go to the bathroom during class.


File: 842be701cbe2366⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, 842be701cbe2366028d52059e7….jpg)


>11th grade

>doing Nazi Germany unit in history

>teacher decides to play part of Triumph of the Will for the class

>we watch about 10-15 minutes of it

>it's all joyous and uplifting stuff

>children playing

>beautiful buildings

>lots of athleticism

>political unity & strength

>gorgeous countrysides

>strong willed men and pretty devoted women

>cool military marches

>all good stuff

>teacher turns off the video and states that most of the class was (rightfully) smiling throughout the whole video

>goes on a long rant about the power of propaganda and the fact that we were smiling during a movie that was made by the people we knew, who killed 60 gorrilion jews.

>whole classed felt ashamed

>except for me, i got pissed off because i realized the obvious (even before i knew anything significant about the Nazis)

<he showed us a video of children playing and beautiful countrysides and other nice things, and got told off, because muh 6 million


File: 5d605ab1e18fd99⋯.png (245.53 KB, 480x527, 480:527, 1488161013748.png)


i hate all furries, except for nat-soc furries.

they get a pass.


File: 0c1b2ab9eaee65a⋯.jpg (52.03 KB, 680x500, 34:25, 1498016356674.jpg)

>Some kid hits me

<Just let it go dude

>I hit someone

<You are violating FEDERAL LAW by interfering with the students' WORK ENVIRONMENT



>Pull my phone out and one of them grabs it and runs away

This was the worst. When I got a smartphone as a dumb teen I would sit by myself during lunch listening to music and phoneposting on chans. Sorry about that. and one time a pack of niggers took my phone which may or may not have had loli saved on it and I freaked the fuck out and kicked the one with my phone in the balls. I got suspended and the niggers didn't get in trouble at all, but at least the loli was safe.


File: d305aacf991a6d4⋯.png (3.24 KB, 147x130, 147:130, tomoko878956456.png)



>14 years old; grade 8

>enrolled in public schooling for the first time after a life of home-schooling

>weird quiet kid for the first few weeks

>avoided like the plague but talked about by everyone

>"can I sit somewhere else, please? This guy kinda' scares me" - French class, first time anyone other than a teacher acknowledged my existence

>told off whenever I tried to leave school grounds

>spend every recess sitting alone in the middle of the field, playing with grass or pretending to be asleep. There was nowhere to hide

>people visibly uncomfortable when they have to sit next to me at lunch

>so anxious that I feel sick and end up puking my guts out before I leave every morning

>realize this shit just isn't going to work out. Make a conscious effort to speak up more and interact with my peers

>I'm boring and awkward as shit, people want nothing do with me because of it

>decide I need to develop a sort of alter-ego; a mask to make myself more presentable and likable.

>managed to subdue my inhibitions, to take my natural awkwardness and focus it - exaggerate it into a loud, obnoxious, quirky persona. I became the class clown, and though many thought I was just fucking annoying, most liked to have me around an amusing curiosity

>made a few friends, but refused EVERY offer to hangout outside of school, because everything about how I presented myself was fake, and keeping up that persona was exhausting beyond measure, and I didn't ant to have to keep it up for any longer than I had to

>eventually the exhaustion caught up to me and I stopped going to school altogether. I wouldn't stay home, but I would wander around town, or sit innawoods, for hours and hours and hours, until 3:30pm, when I could finally go home

>absences were eventually reported to my parents but it didn't do shit, I still wouldn't go, and there was nothing anyone - including the truancy officers - could do about it. So, I got suspended

>forced to attend a special program for a few weeks at an alternative school, but all it was all just a cover to psych-evaluate me. Stopped going to that as well

>old school friends wondering wtf happened to me and want to get in contact, but I'm a dedicated shut in at this point so I just brush them and burn all bridges

>summer comes and it's time for reflection

>realize it's too much work to keep up my fake persona, realize it just isn't worth it and that I'd rather be a loner. Realize I don't care about having friends and I'm better off without them

>enrolled in high-school the next year and I'm out of fucks to give. I'm back to my reserved, boring, dispassionate self

>past acquaintances give up on me when they realize I'm not the dancing monkey they used to know

>drop out after three weeks

Haven't done anything school related since. I'm 22.



I hate how being quiet gets you pegged as a weirdo


File: 4bebd4f673f2022⋯.jpg (172.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bbc52b430622bb8ec3d24c2087….jpg)

>17 years old, 11th grade

>last day of school, finished taking English EoC test

>English teacher was hot, joked around with her alot

>needed to pee but needed to ask in a smarmy way

>i was probably thinking something about bladder infections but it turned into

<Hey teach, I got erectile dysfunction, can I go to the bathroom and sort it out?

>whole room heard what I just said, roasties cry out ew gross

>I also realized, since before she could respond I made myself scarce, and start booking it

>out the door, into the hallway, across the parking lot onto the sidewalk

>ran 4 miles all the way back home

>spend the summer in my room (as usual) paranoid as fuck the police were going to show up and take me to prison

>senior year I stopped talking to literally everyone and made myself as invisible as I could out of fear


File: 1fafec10c2015c7⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 350x464, 175:232, 1444549785423.jpg)


>eventually the exhaustion caught up to me and I stopped going to school altogether. I wouldn't stay home, but I would wander around town, or sit innawoods, for hours and hours and hours, until 3:30pm, when I could finally go home

I did the same shit, eventually started camping out in my closet and making it seem like I left.



I feel sorry for you anon but at the same time, it's hilarious.


File: 0275717f728fb7f⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, 0275717f728fb7f77e1c0f9198….jpg)


Fuck the system that fucked you over, you're the man anon.



>stories from college

>living in dorm

>people hanging out in the bathroom

>walk 10 minutes in the rain to the gym to use that bathroom

>there is some dude changing his kids diper in the bathroom accessible to the public

>end up always pissing in a bottle from then on

>go to sleep with earplugs + eye cover

>get woken up by drunk roommate yelling at me (on a wednesday night)

>someone shit all over his bed, pissed on it, shit on my bed too

>it was either some drunk idiot (probably my roommate mistaking our room for the bathroom) or someone on the floor that hated me

>this is probably closest ive been to killing myself

>i opened the window, cut the bug screen and was halfway out

>would have been a 7 floor drop to concrete below

>i moved out of that dorm and into another dorm where i had a room to myself

>went the rest of the semester avoiding everyone in my new dorm (previously i attempted to do the casual conversation/interaction with people on the floor)

>i would wake up at 4am, shower, leave the dorm before anyone woke up, and when coming back before bed, i would wait in the stairwell listening for silence when i could sprint to my room

>remaining years of college i lived at home with parents and commuted 1 hr each way

>during the time in that single person dorm room avoiding everyone, there was a period when the school was closed due to snow

>school closed means all the buildings (including the library where I spent all my time) were closed and i had no where to be but the dorm

>i spend around 48 hours straight in my room, nothing to eat/drink except at 4am when i visited the vending machine, i pissed in bottless.

i never did make a single friend in college. at the start i did try to talk to people. but i ended up avoiding people at all costs. i picked to take classes that required no interaction with other people. im very close to graduation. if i cant find a manageable job, ill live in my car then sudoku

one thing i learn from university is how liberalism is like a disease. course content was infested with liberal ideas. i had a usa history class that focused more on feminism and gender than the actual history. all the general education and diversity garbage was required and shoved down my throat. you couldn't dare disagree with a professor or you risk failing.



This right here. They can hit you, but even if you just say 'fuck off', or anything similar it's a bit ordeal about how you're harassing people.


>all boy electrical highschool (yuropoor trade school)

>electrical safety teacher talking about his past and how he learned stuff

>most of them are actually listening because interesting stories about how he almost fried himself trying to change lightbulb

>kid asks teacher to go to bathroom

>teacher obviously angry at getting interupted about his personal nostalgia story

<ehh sure

>"Can I go too? I really need to go"

<Really? Does anyone else need to go?

>moment of silence and tension

<Sure, no problem… in fact I need to go to bathroom too

>instead of him going to his teacher bathroom he goes to our bathroom

>stands right in the middle of us 2 pissing on urinals to make it even more awkward

>kid on the right of teacher can't pee cuz ashamed

>asks the teacher

>"Hey teacher wanna swordfight?"

>teacher looks at him

<What is weong with you boy? You a homosexual?

>"Hey, anon, do you wanna swordfight?"

>I just keep laughing my ass off and giving "no" nod with head

>kid starts pissing

>all three of us finish off and go back to class

>as immediately teacher walks in class


>teacher tells the story to class

Was funny


File: 75ad4ae01751d03⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 1501978682918.jpg)

>Sit down in some vacant area with no bags or anything at it

<Uhh, my friend's sitting there


>be lunchtime in elementary

>no designated luchroom, we eat in front of school (yuropoor)

>go to nearby fast food that gets flooded with kids and everyone is fighting for food (can't say I didn't do couple of head elbows to other fags)

>everyone got their sandwich, we start talking

>classmates start fucking with retarded potato fag

>"nah man, you can't throw it till over there, you're too weak"


>he grabs a rock and throws it to school

>he actually broke a window

>everyone started laughing and distancing themselves from him

>it's actually a window of classroom we were in

nobody snitched tho

>everyone hated me cuz was brazen and blunt

>I hated them cuz fuck them

>"AYO, we all ditching chemistry cuz nobody learned lol"

>they even bully the geek girl that got straight As into submission

>"okay? everyone in? we going over to the duration of class"

>think "fuck them, these fuckers care only about themselves, so will I"

>if I come to class alone I will not have to write the exam and won't get reprimanded

>tell this plan to my "friend" that was known for being a snake of person

>he caves in to social pressure

>"suit yourself"

>teacher comes in class

>"where is everyone?"

>"I dunno"

>she writes Fs on everyones exams and writes A on mine

>they all have to repeat the exam

>principal calls every parent for emergency meeting

>everyone gets scolded and monitored like hawks, especially the known trouble makers

>evade getting all the hate dumped on me because the geeks started getting angry at trouble makers that suggested ditching the school

>classmate group fractures in billion pieces and nobody works as a group anymore

>tfw fucked everyone over and didn't feel any consequences



How did you get the snake to stay quiet?



It was widely known that I was only one to stay in the class. I ditched them by "going to the bathroom and meeting them there", the snake obviously told on me when they were there but all in all it didn't mattered because the social cohesion of the class didn't exist anymore.

Instead of them all getting angry at me, they all got angry at each other.

When the fuckers confronted me and said that "they got all Fs because of me" I simply doubled down and told them to fuck off and lay in bed they made themselves.

From there people started not listening to trouble makers and just their own asses and I didn't feel any consequences.



>people started not listening to trouble makers

Then you actually helped them, funnily enough. Good on you, anon.



Meh, I was looking over my own ass.

Thanks though



The reason you don't fight is cause you're scared of fighting, not because you're some dangerous psycho or whatever. Don't flatter yourself.



reminds me of this one

>in 6th grade

>have huge crush on this one girl

>she comes up and talks to me

>talk about breaking the rules

>she says in the most suggestive voice possible "wow, you're so bad, hehe"

>flies right over my head, along with every other chance she gave me

>after a couple of months she got bored of chasing me and dated somebody else.



I am legitimately sorry for you man.



Fighting in a system where heads I win tails you lose is pretty much viable only if you're doing it along with suicide.

It's just like the bible said, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Not that I endorse the bible, I just stumbled upon that verse playing Brain Age on drastic.


File: a926fe95a007bc7⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Nomad.jpg)

>Final year of school

>Everyone reads the same book, have to give a presentation at the end.

>Basically talk about who our favorite and least favorites are

>Four people go before me, going on about how great the cuck of a main character is

>My turn

>Shit talk the main character, talk about striving to improve oneself and casting off normal society

>Bring up a book I read the previous year about a man who died trying to escape the fake people around him

>My presentation stopped by the teacher, moved on to the next person


File: 8ae175c2e92efbe⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 638x438, 319:219, 1463021802105.jpg)


>going on about how great the cuck of a main character is

What book was it?

>My presentation stopped by the teacher, moved on to the next person

Looking back on school it really was just fucking busy work, I remembered we had to write colored spelling words for homework in primary school and make drawings out of graph paper for algebra and a bunch of other activities made for kindergartners stacked up with convoluted strenuous packets and textbook readings made to degrade anyone into a cog for the machine.


File: f7ebcb0aa55ca4b⋯.jpg (4.94 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)


Its been quite a few years since I've been in school… I cant remember the name, but it was some taxi driving guy who complained about how he had no friends even though he would go drinking with them and all. Would get cards and gifts in an anonymous way



Are you American, all I'm getting is Taxi Driver. Similarly I've been looking for a book I read back in school, I don't remember any scenes aside from something about crows and kids being told to order ice cream rudely. The cover of the book was blue and green or yellow with a little caricature of an Asian girl in pigtails and red sweater with a skateboard.



Canadian, and I honestly couldn't tell you.


>High school

>Innocuously call one of my friends a faggot

>Sister unexpectedly overhears


>She tells her friends and my other sister

>They hate me thenceforth

>But I don't care

Indifference in the face of dislike is a curiously comfy feel, and while it made living with them a teeny bit harder (I never really left my room, especially when other people were around), it was satisfying knowing that they were wasting energy raging while I was as comfy as ever.


>Sitting in library

>Friend whispers to me, "John's a fag"

>Can't hear, whispers for him to repeat

>Does it again, and again a second time

>Finally hear

>Turn to John, say "Johns a fag"

>He just stares at me and leaves.


File: bf933a4a57723a2⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 1428944989851.gif)


Why the fuck did you do that, holy shit


i still remember how it all started, my journey to now.

>5th grade, high school

>literally only two weeks in, hard time making friends

>only friend so far is a acne-ridden fat kid we both sit in last row on window side

>math, teacher uses calculator and we have to use our brains

>I scream to teacher "you cant even calculate"


>"who said that?!"

>point to acne friend

>he denies

>have to go infront of class

>don't even know what lesson is about, fuck it up 100%

>the journey of captain autism begins



just remembered another one

>playing basketball in PE in 7th grade

>other kids taunt me from sidelines, i have hunchback posture from sitting in chair 24/7

>one kid screams in sacracstic tone "go all in"

>i bodycheck a small nerd with glasses, he flys backward and hits his head on the wall behind the basket


>kid crying in pain

>"anon wtf!!"

and another one

>4th grade PE


>teacher: "I assume you all know how to play handball"


>teacher blows whistle, game starts

>kid immediately passes ball to me

>grab ball and just run up to goal and throw it in

>perform victory dance and celebrate


>fucking teacher insults me for being retarded



im so sorry for tripple post but its all coming back now.

this was in 8th grade, we were using computers and everybody got himself a custom background.

I used a me-109 with swastika as wallpaper and the female teacher saw on group-surveilance and called me out in class in front of everyone.

I also used to make small paper planes instead of following lessons and when I was done I would throw them at girls sitting across.

When I graduated I took the opportunity and asked if I could see my final exams.

Turns out these fuckers just wanted to get rid of me, I failed in french and math respectively but they let enough errors slip so I could pass anyway.


File: 210a2466e57d3fb⋯.png (144.96 KB, 356x333, 356:333, blinds.png)

>was into comics and drawing, loved watching those pbs shows about doodling etc.

>friends were into drawing too, designing whole cities and planets

>I sperg about it in show & tell, talking about how we could put up murals for everyone to contribute to and stuff

>get suspended for two weeks

>apparently ringleader of friends was drawing aliens as a means to make fun of some girl in class, must have had hatecrush on her

>so I was suddenly complicit accessory to systematic bullying of this girl

>apparently her dad was super important school donor wanted me expelled

>parents had to beg for me to remain

>forced to apologize for something I didn't even know about

>friends get suspended too, never talk to me again

>ostracized by everyone thinking i'm an asshole, school pariah forever

>by forever I mean rest of grade school, junior high and high school as well

>all I wanted to do was draw some comfy alien mountains


File: 19388e87c69777f⋯.png (369.95 KB, 832x868, 208:217, 19388e87c69777f7c7e0a8ebc4….png)

>Normies: *Start laughing wildly*

>Me: What? What's happening?

>Normies: *Keep laughing*

Every time.



Lel, makes me think of the penis game when I was in school. During tornado drills/active shooter drills when everyone is quietly huddled we'd take turns saying penis with each repetition getting louder until someone got in trouble.



>inb4 other robots get assblasted because anon said "normies" instead of "normalfags"





The word you were looking for is "disdain". Now neck yourself and fuck off back to leddit.


File: 76bd6ac6e530a57⋯.jpg (13.61 KB, 255x230, 51:46, 64bf57805bcf373a6096b5a37b….jpg)


Woah, this guy's cool. I bet he's been here a while and therefore must know what he's talking about.



Would you really have reacted any differently had I said disdain instead of assblasted?



>trying this hard to fit in by superficially nitpicking over words


File: 0de3e2c0f43b4fe⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, CM_HELL_14_2000_1500.jpg)


I'll never understand how adults can become such joyless imbeciles. You were wronged at a cosmic level.



>inb4 other robots get disdain because anon said "normies" instead of "normalfags"

nice grammar faggot



フャック, forgot sage


File: 0c5af1d10418318⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20180905_211012_536.jpg)

>be me, 15 y/o white kid

>10th grade

>in chemistry class

>taking a unit test

>class full of fuckers who dont do work

>suddenly hear Siri go off saying something like "SORRY I DO NOT KNOW THE MOLAR MASS OF .87 GRAMS OF COPPER"


>whole class looks in direction of sound

>Mexican behind me

>teacher assumes it's me

>after long argument of me telling teacher I have a samsung get picked up by security

>go to principal's office


>Principal is a fat land whale

>explain to principal what happened

>she asks to see my phone

>realizes I'm right, let's me go to next class after sitting there whole period waiting

>next day

>teacher apologizes for accusing me

>gets A on test

>next test happens, beaner does same thing and gets suspended for cheating


>buddy's gf approaches me

<Want some Xanax dude?

>I accept

>Later that day, very high, zombie mode

>She runs up crying and hugs me, I get confused

>Tells me her bf (my buddy) has been slammed on the bathroom floor by a nigger

>I am so high I respond in monotone and don't seem too concerned like "oh no that's terrible"

>I walk to class and later I learn his brain was bleeding and they refused to call an ambulance

>Call his grandma instead to pick him up

>If she had gotten him to the hospital just a bit later, he'd be a vegetable say doctors

>It makes national news

>Buddy is now a dumb, uncreative asshole with anger issues

>Nigger gets off Scot free, he's Rich and could afford good lawyers

That's probably the thing I remember most



i buried this story in the back of my mind and somehow forgot about it but i remembered it today and it absolutely ruined my day so i might as well write down

>high school

>finals week

>finish early

>turn in my papers and am just sitting around outside because i ride the bus and have nowhere to go

>few other people out there and they start talking to me

>doing that "hey loner kid you should hang with us" bit

>am in a good mood so i try and participate

>during finals we're allowed to just leave campus when we're done

>they all decide to go to Sonic and tell me to come

>get to the guys tiny compact car

>immediately feel super awkward and want to die piling into the backseat

>since i'm now a nuisance to them the bullying starts

>tiny 4 foot tall big tits and personality decides she needs to sit on my lap

>this is overwhelming me and i want to cry

>they are laughing at me and she keeps doing mock sexy moves on me

>get to Sonic and they all start talking about what they want

>they ask me what i want, and being super overwhelmed i just say the first thing that comes to my mind

>chicken strips

>fucking chicken tendies

>girl up front literally says "lol my little brother eats chicken strips but okay"

>feel even more humiliated and confused as to why chicken strips are only for kids

>suddenly everyone is passing money to the guy in the driver seat

>oh shit i need to get my wallet

>manage to get the girl off of me and have to get out of the car to get my wallet out of my back pocket

>when i get out of the car my pants and pulled down slightly and everyone apparently saw my ass crack and were all laughing at me

>i didn't even realize this until they told me about it later

>girl gets up front and sits on the passenger girl's lap instead

I don't even remember what happened after we got our food or whatever. I was so overwhelmed by humiliation and shame. I do know that i cried on the bus home because the bitch who sat in front of me was standing on her seat shouting at other normalfags and saw me and asked what was wrong which just added to it all. I have felt physically sick all day from thinking about this, and just school in general.


File: 70fa84b42e64dcc⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 294x282, 49:47, 6187c85ee9e05c4d3a947efed5….jpg)


I'm confused. Were the being malicious toward you or were you just melting down?



Yes. He was such a great guy before he got into a horrible relationship, he's broken up now but will never ever be the same. Now he's giving 15 year olds acid for free and stealing from his mom and best friends




i don't really understand either.

Where did they invite you with the intention of trying to humiliate you or was it just you who ended up ruining it?




They were joshing (teasing but "shovier") him and he couldn't take it, not bullying but just annoying behavior that makes awkward atmospheres if they pay attention to how you feel.


>on a school trip around 3rd grade

>at the end of the trip, we're all crouching down and posing for a group photo

>I fart

>kid behind me thinks it was his friend next to him

>continues teasing him for a year about it

>I never said anything

>sorry kid

>sometime in 5th grade art class, I'm really good at drawing

>drawing from reference, a photo of a park, still not finished so I put it away in the closet

>in the next art class I take my drawing to finish it, but I notice something's off

>some girl added a shitty tree and signed her name at the bottom


>tell the teacher

>really how did you think you could get away with it if you wrote your name

and that was my first experience with copyright infringement.

>in high school English class (I'm not a native speaker)

>doing group work, we have to explain prejudice in society together

>I had a lot of marks already and my friends didn't so I didn't think the teacher was gonna pick me, also I'm very bad at speaking in front of people

>"ok, now from the second group… Anon, please tell us about prejudice in society."

>my mind goes blank, don't know what to say just going ummmmm

>"What's the matter? I didn't expect you to have trouble with this."

>I say "but teacher, that's prejudice!"

>whole class starts clapping, not kidding

>I nailed my speech after that


that's really sad. I'm glad he is alive



Yeah, he sure got lucky, but should've sued the school instead of the nig. They refused to call 911 for like thirty minutes while he was unconscious and foaming from the mouth.



What the hell? From time to time I read something that just makes me want to believe it's just fiction and not really happening in our world, this is one of those things.



Thanks for your sympathy anon, you seem like a kind robro


> high school, italy, slight loss in translation but the core holds

> guy in last row discusses with the aging professor about roman empire

> so why did (guys i don't recall about) fight for?

< guy: errrrrrrrrrr

> mate of the guy: pssst they fought for the citizenship

< mate does not hear: errrrrrrrrrr

> mate: the citizenship

< guy: errrrrrrrrrr for the city….

> professor raises eyebrow, some snicker

> mate hisses loud: THE CITIZENSHIP!

< guy: oh right I recall it now, for the city of ZENSHIP!

(original: cittadinanza -> citta' di nanza, which ofc does not even exist)

now for the professors:

> teacher reads book aloud

> written : "visionary onirism of great effect"

< says "visionary onanism of great effect"

>art teacher teaches us how to color our freehand drawings.

>needs a drawing

>takes mate's and starts painting on it

>"sooo, we don't paint all the background…. we want to highlight this… remember the edges…. and so on"

>"ok guys, next week you show me your painted drawings"

>be next week

>we submit the drawings

>mate obviously submits his freehand painted by the teacher

<vote: 5/10

>mate raises up and goes to the teacher with the drawing:

>teacher…. about the drawing….

<teacher interrupts him "yes, omg, look what you did here! acid colours! it's a mess"

>mate, incredulous, shuts up, which lets teacher go on with her tirade, class is aghast

<"and look here it's all encapsulated!" (no I still dunno what teacher meant by this)

>finally mate draws a big breath and

<teacher, this is the painting YOU did last week yourself.

>15 seconds of total silence

>finally the teacher finds an excuse:


>the class starts laughing, some join in: "yeah mate, how could you miss it, it's clearly too encapsulated!"


>again the italian school, it was the 90s btw

>my desk always in first row

>but the enlightened robot makes strength out of weakness

>so me and desk mate had discovered that you can sing some sinatra's "strangers in the night" without moving your lips, as long as you make a half smile

>so now in the first row there are two singing guys with a half smile

>as we get too loud, science teacher suddenly raises head from the book

>we both freeze in panic

>btw teacher is a bit cross eyed so you dunno where the fuck she is looking

<2 secs of panic

>then she explodes against the guy in the last row, who was barely aware the lesson began. "SHUT UP OR I'LL SEND YOU TO THE PRINCIPAL"

>we join in ofc "guy, please, we're trying to learn something here you know"


last one:

>me in first row as usual

>often mates came to first row to get interrogated

>guy sits next to me and starts answering the teacher's questions

>interrogation time is over, all is good

>teacher is a blondie in her 30sh

>interrogated guy has a crush for her btw

>teacher approaches the desk and takes his history book: "so, now guys i tell you what pages you gotta learn for next week"

<guy becomes red and buries head in his arms

>ppssst what is happening mate

>guy answers without turning to me:

<i have left drawings in that book

>what drawings

<sexy drawings

>come on it can't be that bad

<drawings of me… fucking the teacher

>OH GOD NO, I bury head in arms

>god answers his prayers and teacher does not realize, and they all lived happily ever after, the end



She probably saw it and chose not to react.


let's see what else i can dig up from the pit of darkness that is my memory.

>buy a red ball (soccerball-sized, used for kick-ball), bring it to school (4th grade)

>kick it back and forth between me and two friends (one was actually named norman, the other was andy)

>andy was enormous, very fat but also very tall

>one day at recess, andy goes off to take a shit

>this huge fat nigger comes and takes my ball and starts walking off

>start yelling at him to give it back

>andy comes back from the bathroom, starts running at the nigger

>nigger sees andy running at him (andy was the only kid in school larger than him)

>drops the ball and runs like a bitch

>nigger later befriends us also

>other bullies cease physical bullying and just keep it verbal/psychological due to me being friends with the 2 largest kids in the entire school

>free of physical bullying until i move at the end of 6th grade

felt good.

this one was really minor, but it's worth mentioning because it was a huge moment in my life despite being so seemingly minor.

>5th grade

>get assigned our textbooks to take home with us

>am really into history, and study it on my own all the time

>crack open the school textbook (world geography, and it had two-page summaries of many countries of the world)

>am going thru them all, eventually reach 'ireland'

>book claims that ireland was uninhabited until native britons fled from the roman invasion and began populating it


>wonder how much of the rest of the book was blatant bullshit

>go back thru it, country by country, again, but this time comparing each part to other historical accounts

>the book was almost 80% bullshit

>the official textbook to teach 5th graders history/geography

first time in my life i just completely lost trust in something (in this instance, the institution of public education). and of course if you tell the teachers that something they're teaching is wrong, you get in trouble for "disrespecting authority". what utter bullshit.


>literally ate my lunch sitting on the toilet once

>realize its all over for me



I am willing to help you sue the teacher and those involved who stole $15,000 from you. -Barth




holy shit anon I'm 32 and your ass must be older




>some girl added a shitty tree and signed her name at the bottom

Anon I



First row desk was my strategy in school. As long as you don't do stupid shit and at least pretend to work during lessons they're ignore you most of the time. Plus, they start chatting with you so they're friendly with you but not enough to depend on you.

It's not like I had anyone to chat with during lessons as well.



better him than you, anon


File: ccd0f0be0e9afcd⋯.gif (975.19 KB, 229x302, 229:302, pretty good.gif)


I did that first the first semester of 7th grade to not be in the hustle of the cafeteria just writing up all sorts of shit about WW2 and the Sicilian mafia.




I always wanted to do this but I was always scared the teachers would think I was doing drugs. Also I never ate lunch. I'd just sit at whatever table was empty and draw in my notebook, read a book, or cry silently.


File: 1746d13e5150caf⋯.jpg (37.38 KB, 960x696, 40:29, BURNINGU DOWN DA HOUSU.jpg)


My bathroom was a comfy one-toilet crib in the music hall which was just two open spaces for band and orchestra that no one went through during lunch, 3cm-thick black door with a healthy knob and toilet that was kept clean enough. It was nowhere near luxurious or a good bathroom but I could be alone and no one knew it.



You're an albanian nigger, whose ancestors pimped their wives and daughters out to the turks - and you're now literally 20% turk. Either that or the same thing but you're a bosnian turk. Or maybe a a croatian, a nazi loving bitch. Or a bulgarian, a half turkish abortion from a long line of cowards, losers, and slaves.



t. serbgipsy



Reminder that Albanians are Muslim turkroaches who barely have any White left in them, and who betrayed Europe by assisting the Ottomans. Also, they honor Skanderbeg as a hero even though they shit on his grave by practicing Islam.

kosova albanski nje anjet



I had to read Number the Stars as well, it was fucking stupid. 95% of the book is just her wondering what happened to her sister, something about a dress, and the fucking climax is her getting stopped by an SS officer to check her lunchbag (and fail at it too lol)

I think an allied submarine gets blown up 5 minutes after it leaves the dock too, kek'd at that part.


File: 17f49c8cc1f7448⋯.png (237.65 KB, 400x350, 8:7, Kektastrophe.png)


>blush really hard and pop the biggest boner that would make horses jealous

>"oh wow anon very nice"

fuckin kek


This one time when i was really little in school i was arguing with someone over some bullshit, and she said i spat in her face to the headteacher. I remember because i got so upset i started crying a little while trying to explain that i didn't even mean it, and the bit i remember clearest is the headteacher shaking her fucking head at me. Would punch her in the fucking face given the chance.


>3rd grade math class in private school

>Learning about big numbers like 1,000-1,000,000

>teacher insists we never use "and" when vocalizing large numbers

>black kid in the class can't help himself, always says "one thousand AND two"

>some other kids do it as well but the teacher becomes enraged with this black kid

>makes him stand up in front of the entire class and read off a list of some 20-30 numbers without using "and"

>every time he fucks up she gets more pissed and makes him start over

>this goes on for about 20 minutes

>eventually she gives up, he sits down, class resumes

Realize later that teacher just hated niggers.



What the fuck kinda school is that?



What exactly is so surprising to you?


File: a56e152509439be⋯.jpeg (11.37 KB, 474x392, 237:196, mug.jpeg)


> Third grade

> Walking to school with friends

> Head Hurts, mom was hungover and smacked me with a coffee mug

> Get to school, head still hurts

> Oh No I'm bleeding

> Sperg out, friends usher me to the nurse

> Nurse and principle calls mom to pick me up

> Mom is afraid of social services, kidnaps me and little bro from dad

> Runs away to live with relatives who run halfway home

> Get molested by one of the mental patients

> Self esteem destroyed, be the weird kid

> Never make friends at new school



The part where the nigger had to recite numbers for 20 minutes.



Yeah thats the point, it was absolutely not something a teacher should be doing. Looking back on it i'm certain she only did that to humiliate him in front of the rest of the class.

There was a general trend of her demeaning that kid for seemingly no reason but that was the most egregious example. I'm 100% sure it was because he was black.


File: a8607a1d3a2948a⋯.jpg (250.27 KB, 1265x1199, 115:109, 1536182762150.jpg)

> First Grade

> Catholic School

> Sister Francis is lecturing about faith

> Explains that some people are overflowing with faith

> Others have very little

> Most are somewhere in between

> Draws Cups filled with "faith liquid" as analogy

> Cup for true believers is overflowing with faith liquid

> Weird Kid Bobby starts eying the cup

> Sister leaves room for some reason

> Tells us to stay in our seats

> Bobby is visibly anxious

> Death stare on faith liquid

> Bobby says aloud to class "wanna see something?"

> Some girl says yes

> Bobby leaps onto his desk

> Unzips uniform kaki pants

> Pulls dick out

> Butt fucking naked from waste down

> Still focused solely on the Goddamn faith liquid

> Starts Pissing into the center of the room

> Sister returns

> Practically faints

> Everyone but bobby is dead silent

> Sister Drags starts dragging him out of the room

> Reflexively beating his bare ass

> Sister is like 80

> Doesn't give a fuck about modern child abuse laws

> Bobby's ass is red

> Piss all over the floor and himself

> Still staring at faith liquid

> Not crying

> Giant fucking grin

> Bobby was me



>Sister Drags

Is this a typo or was there a Sister dedicated to the task of dragging autistic little shits out of rooms?

I hope it's the latter.


>School Memories

>They can be positive or negative


Sure. Because being surrounded by normalfaggots 99% of the time can be considered "positive"…



Typo Sadly



god dangit bobby


File: 647fc35ca934e90⋯.png (159.58 KB, 500x392, 125:98, Kermit.png)

>1st grade

>would set across from some kid in the other 1st grade class during lunch

>threaten to kill each other at recess

>no reason why, this just happened one day

>do just that at recess, try to kill each other out of sight of the teachers

>it doesn't work, teachers find out

>separate us

>still fight

>eventually stop trying to kill each other, become friends

1st grade was weird



Now that you mention it, I had something similar happen to me in first grade.

>had to ride the bus on the way home

>at some point the bus got so uncontrollable that the bus driver gives us assigned seats

>get assigned with one of the crazies that made the ride home so loud

>kid keeps threatening to eat me, says he'll chain me up and eat my arms

>he wasn't fucking joking

>acts like he's possessed

>scratches me every fucking day and tries to bite me

>one time he actually bites my hand and I start bleeding

>he goes "oh shit, sorry" (he swore a lot for a first grader)

>next day we're both called to the principal's office

>the principal is my neighbor, I expect this fucker to get told off so good

>he gets told that his actions were inappropriate yadda yadda

>I get told that I shouldn't have caused him to become violent


>he bites me and I get blamed?

>afterwards we both lose recess for a while

>we laugh about how stupid it was that I got punished also

>the bus driver doesn't change our seats for some reason

>we end up being good friends, he starts bringing his Gameboy Advance for us to play Super Mario World

>we become good friends until fourth grade, where we both changed schools

Funny thing is, this sort of thing happened to me often

>there's a kid a few houses down that's my age, only kid in the immediate neighborhood that isn't a few years older or younger than me, and isn't a girl

>we went to the same kindergarten, and the same elementary school

>we'd always threaten to beat each other up, no reason why

>but we'd always invite each other over to play with legos

>I had Bionicle sets, he had Exo-force sets (I think that's what they were called, I can't remember exactly, I just remember they had anime faces)

>Every time we'd come over we'd smash one of the other's creations apart

>despite this we were good friends, lasting until we were like 14 years old and his family moved away

>second grade

>I was ridiculously obedient to my teacher

>then some kid came into the class halfway through the year I had heard rumors that he was actually a third grader that was held back but I don't know if it was true. He was definitely a big guy for second grade.

>he's the least obedient fucking guy ever, never listens to the teacher

>I resent him because I'm a goody-two-shoes teacher's pet asshole

>one day I'm reading books from the "high reading level" bin hoping to impress my teacher or something

>he comes over and kicks the book out of my hand

>I start crying and hitting him

>I actually manage to get him to the ground and make him start crying too

>teacher gives us a warning slip (I don't know what to call them, but basically if you get enough of them you get called to the principal's office)

>later in the year, we're at the school library and we're told to get in line

>I don't hear the teacher, I'm all the way across the room

>teacher fucking snaps, stomps over to me and gives me another warning slip

>later I'm going to the bathroom and the guy comes in and starts telling me I got a little dick and laughing at me

>there was a teacher in the stall

>he gives us both warning slips "I'd better not hear language like that from you two ever again"

>we both end up going to the principal's office a few days from that

>meet with the assistant principal

>he starts bawling his eyes out

>"I always get in trouble for nothing! Now I'm going to be punished again! I don't want to be here!" shit like that

>I start feeling bad for him

>we both are put into some program where we spend a half hour a day one-on-one with some teacher that essentially tells us not to do bad shit and gives us candy

<our punishment is to get time off from class and get lollipops

>our visits are scheduled right next to each other

>we see each other every time I walk down the hall to start my session and he's ending his

>we start making fun of teachers and talking for the twenty seconds that we can stop in the hallway without being late

>become good friends even though we're only able to talk to each other a little bit each day (our teacher separated us in class)

I'd say the whole of elementary school was weird.


File: 43d09dc024ae455⋯.gif (2.02 MB, 400x225, 16:9, Sweating intensivies.gif)

>In primary school in the hall for morning speech.

>it is a cheap christian one so the principle is reading off some bible stories.

>Sitting next to friends in the middle of the room filled with all the students

>no chairs so we had to sit on the cold hard wooden ground.

>trying to stay awake as christfag continues his story

>suddenly there is a rumble in my gut.

>mfw I feel a nuke fly out of my ass.

>tfw it was loud and boisterous, it smelt faintly of rotten eggs mixed with shit

>the principle keeps going even after the my ass sounded its disapproval.

>look around and see the lads next to me trying not to laugh or covering their noses

>take a quick peek behind me to see the poor girl who sat at ground zero

>her eyes were wide and she looked shellshocked at the face full of fart she received.

>the girls next to her were covering their noses trying to escape the second Holocaust, or the first if you don't believe that shit

>tfw some people started to cough and clear their throats, some trying to hide their laughter others due to the smell

>sees some teachers standing looking at us trying to bite their lips as the principle carries on without a care to the world.

To this day I have no clue how I didn't get in trouble, then again I did lose all my friends after, they thought I shat myself.


File: f2747564aee964f⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 537x600, 179:200, a_modifications_photos2.01….jpg)


>fucking superman punch

>roastie eats it square on the chin


Reminds me of this one

>be me



>annoying edgy goth girl pretty sure had a crush me on sitting next to me

>every chance I get I tell her to fuck off and that I don't like her

>just try to ignore her and act as if she isn't there

>she takes a bunch of crumbs from the table and throws them all over me and the sandwich i had

>slowly put my sandwhich down and wipe my mouth like the super edgy smug anime hero I tried to be

>stand up and face her

>she knows it's coming so she turns and starts to run

>step on her heel and push her down pretty hard

>she fucking slams into the ground in front of the whole lunchroom

>no one says anything about it to me like it never happened

I added her on snapchad about a year ago, apparently now she suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks daily. I'm sure I had something to do with them but whatever


>be me

>be middleschool history class

>doing group work on something idr

>my friend invites annoying fag to the group

>annoying fag is being an annoying fag the entire time (kicking me under the desk, writing in my book,ect)

>go up to teacher and tell her I'm going to flip the fuck out if she doesn't do something


I should also mention that I am from one of the shittiest most niggered cities in the entire united states and I went to a pretty nice school in a wealthy community and some of the richer kids thought they could try to bully me

>fag keeps bothering me drawing on my desk ect

>i am just trying to get work done so I ignore him but shit is building

>hes pokes me in the corner of my eye with a pen

>i get up

>he looks up at me helplessly and he knows what's coming

>i fucking full force blast him right in the face

>look towards teacher who completely chimps out and starts running towards me

>decide that if I'm going to get kicked out might as well make it worth it

>look back and hit him again

>and again

>he puts his hands over his head as I waylay him with some of the hardest punches I've ever throw

I went to niggered schools before this and have been in plenty of fights

>get icepack for my eye

>muh hand hurts

>go to hospital later that day because hand feels broken

>end up with pic related

my pinky bone was on top of my knuckle and the bone that connect to the knuckle was below it while my knuckle was turned sideways. Totally fucking worth it and nobody tried to fight me ever after that



In 9th grade I was taking a shit and a 7th grader (our middle school was 7th-9th grade) hung over the stall and stared at me wiping

I don't think he was gay or anything, just a retarded fuck



its called swords. its where your piss streams battle. note* you need to make sound effects for the full experience


File: 0a65ec5fa463084⋯.gif (60.13 KB, 400x300, 4:3, just_fine.gif)



>2nd grade

>new kid transfers to my class

<he wears glasses lmao

>try to start some shit

>next couple of days we are at each others throats nearly every recess

>nigga bites my thigh during P.E.

>draws blood


>somehow end up becoming the bestest of buddies hanging around each others houses

>playing SF2

>muhfuggen transformers/beast wars

>pretending to be dinosaurs

>him sneezing into his hands and smearing it over his face and screeching like an autistic bat outta hell

One time he got so uppity that my dad just grabbed him by the ankles and dunked him into a huge barrel with rainwater. He puked, later that day.

Fun times.


File: 02bc46960fd8fdc⋯.png (7.54 MB, 1712x5640, 214:705, V tale2.0.png)


Man another anon posted this story


File: 6c220389697a79c⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 192x196, 48:49, 6c220389697a79c7234346df7f….gif)


Stories about loss of female virginity will always fuck me up, since only in high school they have it and after that women are fucking dead in soul. I blame the jews on this, killing women's soul with degeneracy and men manipulation when they should be serving cute things isolated from men.


>be in second grade

>shit in the urinal

>get away with it


File: 1ad7dd767c7c0e2⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 2dd.jpg)


>Be me, 8th grade at the time

>Socially awkward

>Get new seating arrangements in Algebra class

>Get put in front of cute grill

>She's really nice

>She says a funny joke

>Dying of laughter

>"Women are funny?"

>Snot shoots out of my nose as result if this

>She doesn't notice



File: 5a2ff4105aff873⋯.png (89.35 KB, 491x714, 491:714, apu sad autistic child spi….png)


>On way to kids birthday party

>Just learned the word nigger

>"It means a black person"

>Hide and Seek at the party

>Almost everyone found

>Anyone seen Tyrone

>Whats he look like?

>He's the black kid

>"You mean the nigger?"

>Suddenly everyone is mad

>Never invited to house again

>Suddenly nobody talks to me

>No idea why



>>75 IQ absolute retard sitting behind me

>>"hey anon, I'm gonna jerk off, keep watch for the teacher"

>>"wait, what, no, what the fuck"

>>the absolute madman goes through with it

>>doesn't even get caught

Fuckin power move right there. Absolute chad



How was she at the bar


>Free period in school

>I ask the teacher for some paper so I can draw

>Everyone in school knows that I draw pretty much 24/7

>There's another girl that likes to draw

>She's a bit of an autist

>Normals treat her better than me

>She sees me drawing

>Starts crying about me being better than her

>I pat her shoulder and tell her she's a good drawer

>And she was, she was better than me by far

>Class ends and she's bawling her eyes out on the stairs while half the class are glaring at me and calling me a piece of shit

>All I did was draw werewolves and Pikachu


File: c5198783ace7e2f⋯.jpg (58.89 KB, 510x680, 3:4, Olivia Kidney and the Exit….jpg)


I found the book, I'll try and find that book for you now.

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