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File: b77690452a9e8b1⋯.jpg (196.79 KB, 599x800, 599:800, 1464676756901.jpg)


My psychiatrist has referred me to a psychoanalyst. Should I go? I feel like it's a scam for dumb normalniggers. Do any robots have any experience with psychoanalysis?


File: a50d068ced24e2c⋯.jpg (30.77 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 6615d38abf677e4aa769df8ff3….jpg)

You already fell for one scam for dumb normalniggers, what's one more going to hurt?


If you're retarded enough to fall for the (((psychiatric))) jew it doesn't really matter; you're beyond saving.



\thread and checked.


no its a waste of time and a waste of money if you pay for it. its good for getting autismbux diagnosis, but in reality it doesnt help with anything. you dont need some condescending patronizing headnodder to sit there, listen to all your problems that she cant relate too, hear her say "awwwww your life sucks :(((" and then walk out. thats what psychologists basically are

psychiatrists are drug dealers, but the drugs they give you are shit tier and leave you as a zombie, its best to avoid them altogether. they're good for documentation history for autismbux, but thats it


I agree pychologist are not very useful I went to a therapist but I do it because its free in my college. I would never pay for it.

Therapy gives you someone to talk to but does it help? Not really to be honest I do not think it is worth paying for. And psychiatrist pretty much want to put you on pills, they truly are drug dealers.




The pills have helped decrease the symptoms. It's not some generic SSRI that every teenager is on that barely registers above placebos. Anyway I went to a few sessions with a female psychologist who practiced cognitive-behavioral therapy but she was incompetent. I want to try a male (((PSYCHOANALYST))) now.

About the experience with CBT, I get why it has acceptable for normalniggers, they genuinely help.

(And the government pays for all of it)


File: 387fa1e5e8f1498⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 577x474, 577:474, I'm in danger.jpg)

I have seen three therapists and one psychiatrist. They are all shitheads that will never help you with your problems. If anything psychotherapy will just make things worse in some situations.


I have seen both male and female. There is no difference at all.


They don't help much. Sometimes it's nice to be listened to though.



I recognize that machine.


They do not help but its nice to have someone listen to you, but sometimes therapist interrupt you and talk about themselves, is a form of social interaction I guess without having to worry about judgement.


Psychologists are some of the primary instigators of everything shitty about modern society. They often function as organs of state propaganda. It's (feminist) psychologists who decided that you're experiencing cognitive distortion (wrongthink) if you're over 18 and think a fresh 14-year-old girl is hotter than her menopausal mother, or that not wanting turban-headed Bomberman LARPers in your country means you have an empathy deficit. They use their knowledge of the mind to drive people who question society's bullshit insane and are fully aware that they're doing this. The entire field needs to be ransacked and most of them should be fucking hanged. Scientology is probably a false flag by them to make anyone who questions them seem like a whackaloon.



How do you feel about Freud?


>>253463 They either want to medicate your most important brain parts or not


would you cure alcoholism with antipsychotics?


If you don't want to change there's nothing any doctor can do for you.


File: 471a22bfc8fa492⋯.png (618.66 KB, 957x630, 319:210, tzar-bomba.png)


Fuck that. People love repeating this idiotic line so much. How do you know if someone "doesn't want to change?" You see that therapy fails, that's how. If the patient "wanted to change," it would have succeeded. This is unfalsifiable garbage that puts all blame comfortably on the shoulders of the low-status loser patient rather than on the high-status winner doctor, or worse yet, the medical system as a whole. We all want different and contradictory things all the time, obviously. Some part of every patient wants to change, or else he wouldn't be in therapy (or in the case of involuntary commitment, he wouldn't cooperate in any way with the treatment), and yeah, some part of every patient doesn't want to change. Which part counts? You can tell me post hoc, but that's just a rationalization.



The only person who can fix yourself is you. The therapist is just there to help you. Stop acting like you don't have control over your own actions.


File: f0e9c3dba6a9a74⋯.png (126.55 KB, 680x574, 340:287, c7442d998e52e03500ec22fc73….png)




>Expects to change by paying money to open up to qualified (((people))).

Yeah, this is gonna end well.

messaging your robot friend who proves way more insightful than this shit


File: b8d6a9edde92c61⋯.jpg (60.12 KB, 650x404, 325:202, dahmerfreezer.jpg)


This sounds good, and it was no doubt satisfying to type, but if you're right, then why am I even going to therapy in first place?

>The therapist is just there to help you.

Oh, sure. But then why the infantilization of the patient? And how can you tell if this supposed "help" is worth a damn? And why is the entire normalfag world so adamant about getting me and anyone else a little different into therapy and onto drugs?

>The only person who can fix yourself is you.

Yes. I agree 100%. We're all going to sink or swim on our own, and nobody is going to save us, and nobody is even capable of saving us, but ourselves. So why am I wasting time and piles of money on therapy? Well, I'm not, and I'm not going to. I just can't stand normalfags who prance around in their bailey, pushing therapy on everyone, but then run back inside their motte of "you have to want to change" every time therapy fails.



Therapy is for people who are bad at introspection.

>every time therapy fails.

Therapy didn't fail, you failed.



I don't think you understood this post


yes, go, do it, get as much evidence and word that you are mentally fucked as you can, will be a lot easier to get neetbux

unless you're already getting neetbux, in which case don't go

also, you might have to take pills to seem like you care, but you can just not take them if you choose so. no matter what you say about how pills don't work and what not, they wont listen, if you say they don't work, they will up the dose or just change around your pills, in which case, research your drugs and get the ones that'll just make you have a good time (like make you have wild dreams, or that you can abuse and get high), I fucked up and am on antipsychotics and will likely die in my 30's like my schizo dad

I dont care what other people in this thread are saying, I know its a jewish scam to get you to pay money, soon they will be giving you money for your retardation


File: 33b892dcdd78654⋯.gif (841.5 KB, 250x141, 250:141, slap.gif)

Psychotherapy is a joke, no matter male therapist or female.

In my experience the female ones were even more competent.

In the end they cannot help you, cannot give you more insight into something you don't already know.

Time of waste and waste of time.


they are totally retarded, they did two useful things to me

firstly talking to head doctors gave me some valuable practice putting thought and emotions people dont talk about a lot into words, because at first I had to re-explain my self reflection to them over and over but soon enough it became easier, of course the average normalnigger still wont get it but they have never even heard of CONCEPTS like self reflection

secondly and far more importantly I got a tismbux diagnosis


File: ed547e948a1b17a⋯.jpg (143.42 KB, 640x960, 2:3, thefuture.jpg)


>Therapy didn't fail, you failed.

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. You don't know a thing about me, or my diagnosis, or my therapy experience, or the outcome, or any of that, but you're perfectly comfortable placing all blame for failure on me. Is there any circumstance where therapy does fail in your opinion? If there's a less-than-ideal outcome, it can only be because the patient didn't have the grit, or the guts, or the heart, or the work ethic, or the real desire to change, or whatever cliche you want.

If therapy is unfalsifiable, then it's not a science, and it's not medicine. It's a faith.


You need sex but you wont get sex.

Because the roasties said so.

Its not complicated.



you need sex to be considered healthy normal and stable, but if you need sex you're also a creepy weirdo loser who is probably a school shooter and a rapist and no one owes you sex even if it could prevent a massacre and women are going to keep voting to allow rapists into the countries they live in.

and if you question any of this you are a racist sexist homophobe islamophobe transphobic bigot and probably a pedophile too.



>The only person who can fix yourself is you.

Guess there's no need to pay your $100/hr bill then Dr. Goldberg :^)

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