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File: 0290fe33c04845a⋯.png (81.79 KB, 997x1016, 997:1016, Beast Mode.PNG)


Get a load of this poor bastard. He Bought a DIY DNA test kit for fun and found out that the man who raised him isn't his biological father, and to make matters worse his mother admits that she is a disgusting whore and doesn't even know the name of the guy who impregnated her. I couldn't deal with knowing my whole life is based from a lie of someone I trust the most, it would just break me. He eventually got closure and found the alpha male who reamed his cunt of a mother nearly half a century ago, but It's still sad that his turbo cuck dad can't get all those years back that he wasted raising and loving another man's child


I would kill her. Of course, I have a stepdad now but if i though he had been my biological dad and found out he wasn't i would kill her then i would kill myself just to spite evolution.



You being alive is what spites evolution.



>trust the most

Never trust any woman.


>>253663 Not even my own mom? ;_;


This makes me want to avoid woman I mean think about the dude he spent all that time and money on a kid that does not even have the same genes what a waste.



>some guy somewhere got cucked decades ago so now I'm going to avoid all women (as if you don't already)

it's just as likely for a married man to cheat, retard, the difference is the man doesn't end up with a kid being raised by the wrong mother as a result. you can blame a woman for not considering that, but normalfags in general have a hard time gauging the consequences of their actions.


>dad is buff as fuck

>big man

>very honorable

>honest guy

>pretty much the most bro-tier dad you could have

>married my mother while she had two kids.

>Proceeded to adopt mothers kids children as well.

>Never breeded, spent 20+ years raising another mans children and their children

Pretty sure he did it because she was hot but goddamn he got cucked hard.



>it's just as likely for a married man to cheat




Seeing shit like this is no wonder many people die alone in front of the TV to be found weeks later.


File: f51efca2cfc11db⋯.png (92.69 KB, 640x540, 32:27, dCJfD90.png)


>facts are reddit!




Reddit detected.



it's a fucking survey, of course it's self-reported. do you have a better study where people's minds are read and also shows that women cheat more?



Are you really this retarded? When self-reporting, women will underreport how slutty they are, and men will overreport how much of a Chad they are. Your data is fucked because of that.



again, they're not telling it to their friends, it's an anonymous survey. they've no reason to lie. nevermind you clearly will rationalize it no matter what.



>thinking roasties will admit to themselves how loose their roast beef flaps are

You're deluded. Look it up, nigger.




People lie to anonymous surveys all the time


File: 8de49ba2277c0aa⋯.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 30a.jpeg)


>they've no reason to lie

This thread sure is newfag central. A Reddit OP and a faggot defending women.




Have you ever talked to a cheating woman anon? It's always "Well, he was on a business trip so it's not cheating", "he forgot to buy me flowers on the 2.5th anniversary of the third time we went to a cinema while engaged, so it's not cheating", "there's a woman in his department in the company, so it's not cheating", "he looked at that cashier's tits so it's not really cheating"…

>actually believing roasties



Do they really? I'm going to need a source for that.

Even then, who lies on an anonymous survey? Of course, it couldn't be expected that the results are %100 accurate for whatever reason, but I mean, it's the last time these two people will ever see each other, and the person being surveyed understands what's going on perfectly clearly. People voluntarily put personal information and beliefs onto the Internet for all to see all the time – why would they lie to an anonymous survey?



All that shows is men are more honest then women


I still think women cheat more. My uncle is a doctor he is a tall white dude and married this colombian woman, his son look nothing like him and his wife takes trips to colombia with her male cousin.



Evolutionarily, though, something like 40% of men reproduced with 80% of the women, and even now we have men that get a wife, divorce, get another, divorce, on and on. It's human nature, but that doesn't mean it is justifiable or good by any means.


File: aec0b05b9f9a786⋯.jpg (95.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Commie] Hyouka - 21 [D8E7….jpg)

If I was that guy's dad I would without a question just quit the whole thing. I'd divorce the whore Immediately, take my money and go on a long trip to get my mind off of the situation.



Because they lie to themselves.


My brother and I look nothing alike but are 100% brothers. Even got a DNA test done because hes tall, and pale as a ghost, and I'm an olive skinned amerimutt coloured manlet.


It's difficult to apply the 80:20 ratio to modern breeding. It works for dating and relationships, but the act of having children has been completely thrown out of wack due to contraceptives and the obvious shift in how the sexes operate within society. I doubt you'll be able to analyze any of the data about these generations in our lifetime.



Sounds like he's gay and your mom is his beard.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>your money

anon, I…


File: 848e333c412970b⋯.gif (256.25 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 848e333c412970bfa600700518….gif)


>he thinks he'd have any money left after divorcing his wife of several years



rule of 3



If you divorce her, the courts rape you and keep doing so for many years to come.

The correct choice is to accident the whore.

If you get caught, you aren't appreciably more fucked than with a divorce, if not, you keep your money and your dignity.



>accident her

best case you get to keep the insurrance money as a cream on top

worst case is you go to jail for murder but if you are a good boi they let you out after 10 years and you can start a new life. Still beeing better than sucked dry for 20 years.



>this one guy got cucked decades ago

>it has never happened to anyone else in the years since

You're a special one

>it's just as likely for a married man to cheat

Yeah, every day I see posts about how mother's day is ruined when the daughter's DNA doesn't match his mom… How could he!?!?



Fucking this.

They always try to find a "loophole" to say it was not cheating, when it clearlyx was.

Especially if what she sees as cheating from a man would've been applied to herself.

>it was just a kiss

>he was lonley and it jsut happened

>I was too drunk to think straight

>anal doesn't count

All that shit, when you know that a womna loses her shit if a man talks to some other girl that looks hotter then her.



>female self reporting

A series of divorces upgrading to richer men counts as monogamy to a woman. They think it's not cheating if you marry him.



>who lies on an anonymous survey?

You should never underestimate a woman's capacity for self-deception.



In the long run you'll still have more money than her; assuming she's the typical parasite. I would honestly be more worried about my relationship with my "son." Just imagine going to the hospital with your wife, and holding your newborn son in your arms, and thinking about how you'll love him forever. Imagine being there for every major stage of his life. Imagine the one reason you continue to work a shitty job instead of living like a NEET is because you want to provide your beautiful family with something better. Then one day you're excited to take a DNA test to learn the ancestry that you and your son share… and he's not yours. Your wife lied to you. Every bit of love and work you've put into the child was falsely given. In your mind he's still your son, obviously, but you don't have that sacred bond that a father and son should have.

I really hope that he managed to have an actual son with the mother. If I risked divorce-rape for the sake of having a child, and got cucked out of it I would murder her on the spot.


File: 57c33272dc1a729⋯.png (18.04 KB, 834x213, 278:71, reddit sees the light, top….png)

File: 8dd2aded9810794⋯.png (211.17 KB, 1700x958, 850:479, top 20 chad tinder.png)

File: 522c78b06ca8409⋯.jpg (69.36 KB, 545x237, 545:237, okc messages in 4 months w….jpg)

File: 4ba9fe42286e080⋯.png (316.82 KB, 730x1789, 730:1789, tinder casual sex top 20 c….png)

File: f18a354b82feeff⋯.png (236.71 KB, 1634x1058, 817:529, Telegony - woman absorve d….png)



Stop being hopeful, that's against our culture.


File: a6ed47462baad45⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 411x488, 411:488, a6e.gif)


>Implying it's not 56%

How do you think Amer***ns are born?


We had a dailyy reminder thread up on this. Apparently france made private paternity/dna teats illegal because of this. And in the uk or Canada, cant remember 30 percent of men are raising children they dont know arent theirs. The female cares not for concepts that limit and cause sacrifice in the long run (like honor), but are only short term pleasure seekers. This should be known by everyone on this board, and this reaffirms it



Too add to this anon I remember on the radio a man asking for advice on a situation he jad with a neighbors wife. She was sending him proactive pics with "happy (whatever celebration)" and getting touchy with him. He was asking if he should tell the husband, and all the female hosts started objecting and saying "it meant nothing, it was just a pase thing don't say anything" and subtlety threatening him with "the husband will punish you instead you know, you dont want to get caught up in the drama do you?" Women have this hive mind thing going on where they will defend the degeneracy of women they will never meet, now imagine what they would do to defend themselves, even if they were anonymous


Robot for ever.


Shit like this has convinced me that serial murderers who target women are actually heroes. Reason one, the roastie has done something shitty deserving punishment at some point. It's a guarantee. Reason two, by making women afraid to be out alone at night it impedes their ability to go out and about searching for chads to fuck.


Lmao cucked



I think your uncle is gay and covering for it while helping that columbian woman cover for fucking her cousin


the rate of miscegenation is something like 30%.

don't ever trust women. if you do, you are the worst kind of cuck. a /pol/cuck.

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