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File: 7c04a06611c8c07⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 555x414, 185:138, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)

File: 8d244cff46b4f0b⋯.jpg (17.89 KB, 217x224, 31:32, James_Holmes,_cropped.jpg)

File: 77a2839a6ce7bef⋯.jpg (72.65 KB, 644x458, 322:229, Seung-Hui_Cho.jpg)


Uncle Ted:

>IQ of 170

>Harvard graduate

>PhD in mathematics

>Youngest professor in the history of UC Berkeley

James Holmes:

>Was working on his PhD in neuroscience when he snapped


>Smart as fuck azn

I've got a theory for this:

The smarter you are, the more blackpills you can ingest, which makes you much more likely to go full-ER.

Purely hypothetical, of course.



>Be Ted

>Only get caught when you literally turn yourself in on a silver platter

Fucking based.


File: 0237b2274c72be5⋯.jpg (42.42 KB, 521x394, 521:394, 1471864399052.jpg)

High IQ doesn't mean high yields of success in academic fields, it's how fast you learn like the acceleration of a car where the top speed is how much you know, the only emotion being smart gives is superiority or misery for they see the world better for what it is. People with high IQs are tended to have a higher rate of depression and other mental deficiencies that could at worst drive them insane than normalfags because they see how horrible and shitty the world is or they have an accompanying illness that makes than functional savants like assburgers. Another thing is that they over-analyze everything which is where guys like Cho and even Elliot Rodger come in.


Being intelligent sucks. It's like living in a nightmare where everyone else is a primitive. It's like a dream where you say something logical and ordinary, and then a group of people all start laughing at you and call you retarded.



When I was in high school I had a lot of experiences like this. Since then ive been neet for like 2 years. People said I was making up words (some retard didnt know what hedonism was… Its not even an uncommon word), that they didnt understand what I was trying to explain to them after I had tried to simplify it down to there level.

I want to fit in, but like you said, interacting with most people feels like a chaotic bad dream. Like drowning in a dark tub with a strobe light on.


I think you're onto something here. Dylan and Eric were "gifted pupils likely to succeed in life too".

ER was relatively pretty smart too.


File: 1c3b3aa987e0b94⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 64806fc56d743aaa9123a5c1ba….jpg)

File: c0bfd802275c56f⋯.jpg (30.34 KB, 480x255, 32:17, hqdefault.jpg)



t. brainlets. Yes, being smart can be a burden at times, but it's also a huge advantage. Would you rather be a retarded chicken too stupid to escape slaughter?


On one hand, what other anons mentioned plays a role - higher IQ people tend be more perceptive of what's wrong with the world and become frustrated. But I think the more important reason why so many notorious killers are high iq is simply because they are better at it than low iq psychos. Low IQ people have the same tendencies almost as often, but when and if they set out to do something, the results are usually unimpressive and therefore they are less famous.



I was just stating facts, do intelligent people not have angst and disdain for the world. It boggles me as to why anyone would wish they were stupid, you're smart because you were a fighter or at least had some disgruntlement with you environment, if not you would've been a beta orbiter or lowly servant still playing the hierarchy game.


Tfw too intelligent to let people live



Was this constant throughout civilization or has the intelligent depression issue onlt been one for modern society?



Get back in the cave plato


File: baf97967e815e39⋯.jpg (29.51 KB, 558x480, 93:80, 14990712061680.jpg)


Required reading for High-IQ robots:


Clever Sillies - Why the high IQ lack common sense

Or, when all you have is a hammer, everything's a fucking nail. :

>Drawing on the ideas of Kanazawa, my suggested explanation for this association between intelligence and personality is that an increasing relative level of IQ brings with it a tendency differentially to over-use general intelligence in problem-solving, and to over-ride those instinctive and spontaneous forms of evolved behaviour which could be termed common sense. Preferential use of abstract analysis is often useful when dealing with the many evolutionary novelties to be found in modernizing societies; but is not usually useful for dealing with social and psychological problems for which humans have evolved ‘domain-specific’ adaptive behaviours. And since evolved common sense usually produces the right answers in the social domain; this implies that, when it comes to solving social problems, the most intelligent people are more likely than those of average intelligence to have novel but silly ideas, and therefore to believe and behave maladaptively

High IQ people tend to overuse the analytical part of the brain (the one that's good for programming computers), and apply overthinking to other domains (social situations). They forget (or don't have access to) other parts of the brain that deal with instinctual~intuitive behaviors necessary to navigate social situations. These are not novel problems, they're heuristics that evolution tinkered and passed on for thousands, if not millions of years. The fact that most robots are emotionally damaged, and only encouraged to use the IQ part off the brain (that is, the neocortex), doesn't help. The brain that solves your C program isn't the brain that gets you a girlfriend. Normalmonkies understand this instinctively and surf trough the sea of social situations with an ease (and apparent inconsistency) that makes most robot heads spin. "just wing it brah. b urself" . By the time you're reading this you're probably passed the age where a cessation of destructive patterns would allow your brain to re-wire itself to be more adept to social situations . Either that, or you can't escape the environment that generates these patterns in the first place. Neuroplasticity slows down significantly after adolescence. I'm sorry.



I see part of that as bullshit. Consider the following:

You're having a conversation with normalfags. From a certain perspective, giving the right answer is a problem to be solved. If you were truly intelligent, you'd have been able to, through middle school, high school, and potentially unversity, witnessed sufficient "right" answers to given situations in order to come up with an artificial version of common sense.

tl;dr the truly intelligent know how to blend into society and facade there way into any position.



>say something as simple as you can so the other person can understand

>they still don't understand

>have no clue how you can make it even simpler without losing your original point

>they think you're stupid because they can't comprehend what you're saying

This kind of shit happened to me all the time at work, working with some of the dumbest people I've ever met. Sometimes my boss would throw out a college level word and my coworker would ask what it meant, so I would explain it to him. He would promptly ignore me and not even look at me, then ask my boss. He would say the same thing I just did, the only difference that my coworker would actually listen and praise him for being smart.



This is true to a certain extent. Eventually you should learn common sense as a skill, but it will still not be as natural as instinctual common sense. That's not to say that all facets of life are equal. You can have more common sense with money than you can with being social, for example. Being social seems to be the biggest problem for most robots, and each situation can be radically different from the previous. That's to say that a solution, at most, is temporary and needs to be variant most of the time. The same thing probably won't work twice.



To add to this, I'd also say that a lot of the problems stem from not understanding how stupid most people are, or can be. When I was a child I thought people on my level. It felt like everyone was in on a sick joke because it felt like they should know better than to make fun of, harass or do really stupid things. Eventually I learned, after working retail for a few years, that the average person is simply… simple. They are just not capable of deeper forms of though, and that the real joke was me thinking they could.

In short, most people are incredibly stupid, and you should not make the mistake of thinking everyone is as intelligent (or dumb) as you.



>it will still not be as natural as instinctual common sense.

This is the crux, I think. Intelligent people, probably most of us in this thread, don't realize the sheer power of "natural" speak. Average people can tell when someone is speaking from the mind versus from the heart. Look at Demis from AlphaGo speak, for example.


He speaks with proper grammar and syntax, and even jokes. But it is evident that he is processing input and calculating responses instead of bouncing back and forth; a robot rather than a normal person.

Compare to https://youtu.be/-LwvzgAB-5A?t=177

I think that most people don't really listen at all. Instead, they listen for "calls" like house or job, and reply with a stream of consciousness.



*Their lol

>tfw too high iq for grammar



>On one hand, what other anons mentioned plays a role - higher IQ people tend be more perceptive of what's wrong with the world and become frustrated.

I was thinking about something like this just recently. Hypothetically, if it were possible for one man to be "the smartest" in regards to all fields, styles of thinking, and so on, he'd be seen as a huge racist and idiot by normalniggers, who operate largely on emotion and social signalling to fuck their way through everything… Which brings me to this post.


The issue here isn't the high IQ people. It's everyone else. While that may come off as a blatantly stupid thing to say, it's true. If the analytical part of your brain assesses the situation and comes up with a solution, an actual solution, and the normalfags recoil at it, the problem is the normalfags. Doesn't matter how many of them there are or how much control over society they hold. If telling Stacy she's a retarded slut who has ruined her own life and needs to stop being a retarded slut is what she needs to hear, it doesn't matter how many social norms or heuristics or arbitrary rules are put into place. That's what Stacy needs to hear and not telling her that will not solve the problem of Stacy being a retarded slut. The only reason she doesn't hear such things more often is because normalfags prefer to avoid confrontation and reality, whenever possible. All those little "intuitive" behaviors they are so proud of all amount to just shutting your mouth and pretending you don't notice when someone says something stupid or understanding that when some dumb cunt tells you about her problems, she doesn't expect answers or solutions, she expects you to emotionally validate her.



>cuckchan filename

>talking down to robots

At least try to pretend you're not some refugee faggot who's only here because your shitpit shut down again.


File: 605ce821e411046⋯.jpg (12.09 KB, 327x355, 327:355, 61aMqqmzhSL._SY355_.jpg)


fuck, when i was younger the teacher was always accusing me of my parents writing my reports. they said the words and sentences i made were too complicated.

I once needed to write story as a task, don't remember what I wrote but the teacher said: "Wow, you wrote that? You didn't take that from anywhere?"

I've fucking lost that though, I can't write for shit anymore.



Same here. A lot of my work and purple prose came from the emotion I used to feel, but now that I'm older I've seem to have lost that.



There's a difference between being actually too intelligent for normalcattle and just stuck up your own ass


So basically "book smart" vs. "street smart". Always fascinating how common sayings and knowledge loop back to be proven true once the means to prove them arise.


File: 023788ba87bedd7⋯.jpg (46.22 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 023788ba87bedd7e3b9b98cf12….jpg)


This, still I'd rather be smart and miserable then retarded and happy



You seem to know the difference quite well.



I never said I was high IQ, don't really think I am either. Just don't like people who claim to be smart because of elitism without much to back it up. Plenty of other reasons to hate normalfags or their behaviors than supposed superiority you gave to yourself


Genius is an excellent servant but a very poor master.

It seems like the high-IQ killers are just much better at it than the rest.



I never claimed I was either, I simply made a statement. You also have no understanding of my life or who I am, so to even suggest such a thing is ignorance and a form of elitism on your part, not mine.


The low intelligence homicide:

>probably shit at killing

>defense wounds on target

>probably improvished

>leaves enough clues to be found

>is probably retarded

>probably knew his target

>needs to be drunk to go through with it

>kills a woman cause he's weak faggot


fuck dont know how to go from here, help me out



From watching CSI and many crime dramas for I gather this would be the perfect crime

>has avoided criminal charges, face and fingerprint scans, friends and photos his entire life all for when the time comes

>faked his own death incase any trace does exist

>is premeditated

>uses guns for maximum efficiency

>pushes all emotion aside for their mission

>only kills people he doesn't know

>either no motive or COMPLEX MOTIVES so complex the case goes cold

>shaves head and acid washes his prints to leave no trace

>only commits murder outside his state as resist triangulation


File: 4c82dac88e51417⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 500x667, 500:667, lessso.jpg)


i've had lots of experiences like that. as a child by nearly any measure i was "intelligent", but it felt like whenever i said anything people just laughed and called me retarded. that's why i ended up being a robot, i guess, because people just blew me off as a retard even though i wasn't actually dumb. this is probably more due to the fact that i'm a literal handflapper than anything. the things i said made perfect sense from any perspective i could think of, and yet i was still called a retard any time i said ANYTHING at all. eventually i just stopped caring and stopped talking to the normals.

i think it has something to do with the fact that sometimes i can't keep up verbally. most people have no issue speaking but when i speak i trip over words carefully trying to select the right ones and it just never works out. when i write though, people often say is surprises them because my vocabulary is pretty big when i actually write papers and stuff. a few of my professors think i don't actually write my papers. it's a lot easier to select the right words when you're writing.



uhh I watched a short TV series on him. I thought he got turned in by his brother when his writing got published and his brother recognized it. He admitted to it in court so he wouldn't be found insane and put in mental institution



I can really relate to this, especially with the writing bit. When I speak it's very hard to find the right word, but when I write I have more time to think carefully about what to say. I'm also a handflipper and that's probably the cause, by being literal and needing to be exact.

I remember one time I wrote an essay on general thoughts of how society functions, and how the majority dictates the minority (was talking about normalfags vs robots, but didn't know that terminology at the time, I was still in high school). My parents read it and told me I shouldn't copy it from online and had a very serious reaction when I told them I wrote it. Guess my parents though I was retarded the entire time.

It just really sucks because the measure of intelligence, according to society, is how well you socialize with your peers, instead of the measure of ability you hold in what you do. It's maddening, sometimes.


File: b4c23d24cdd3792⋯.jpg (67.11 KB, 691x805, 691:805, 1235650030605.jpg)


If you're so smart, how come you never figured out that it's not what you say, it's how?


I doubt this.

Martin Bryant had an IQ of 66 and killed 35 people and I see him no more of an outlier towards the lower end than Ted Kaczynski is towards the higher end.

I think considering yourself/other people to be intelligent without any real basis is a little foolish. People believe Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza were intelligent but both failed University twice.

Adam Lanza failed University, Elliot Rodger failed University, Jared Loughner failed University, Eric Harris rejected by the military. It is not such an abstract concept that being an resentful depressive with a bleak future( except Ted) leads to mass murder regardless of IQ.



I wouldn't say that failing university makes you stupid. It's all basically busywork and preparing you for tests rather than actually learning. Also getting rejected by the military is almost always because of physical reasons. I don't think I've ever heard of someone 'failing' the ASVAB.


File: 4268fd878eead78⋯.png (790.84 KB, 556x868, 139:217, ClipboardImage.png)

>hey bot lets just kill our enemies that will solve everything XD

robot supremacy should result in permabans



forgot to sage hsfbnj


File: c928e9d15147c51⋯.png (288.24 KB, 550x550, 1:1, ap,550x550,12x12,1,transpa….png)


>thing i dont like should be banned

cry more faggot



>Implying Martin was actually the shooter




>>wrong thing should be banned




i fuk yor mam tonit


File: 48e5805817194a4⋯.png (10.15 KB, 900x600, 3:2, learn_curve.png)


IQ is the slope of the learning curve.



Hence the tendancy towards alcoholism.



Just play the big bong bonging ad nauseam, that'll keep him busy counting.



What a shitty plot. What is this supposed to show? That being more experienced increases your learning? Kek. I wonder what numerically-illiterate neanderthal produced this abortion of a figure… ggplot came out in 2005, what is this caveman bullshit in 2013?


File: 193b7133a9d90d0⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 900x469, 900:469, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

I don't think IQ tests are great indicators of how "smart" a person is overall. Intelligence is like a web, not a meter. They don't measure social/emotional intelligence, long term memory, creative ability, or the understanding of morality. Instead, they show you logic puzzles to test your rational thinking and short term memory within strictly defined parameters. That kind of thinking is certainly useful, but is really only a fraction of what the human mind is capable of doing.



>making a spelling mistake makes you low IQ

I cannot tell if this post is ironic or not.


high IQ does not necessarily mean high functioning intelligence as some with high IQ are incapable of planning and forethought into killing so measured intelligence related to serial killing only applies to the methods they used to be undetected and kill as many as possible or setting circumstances where detection was irrelevant or the consequences where mitigated.

Plenty of sub 90 serial killers and the testing for IQ is relative to who created the test material.


Just thought I'd point something out ITT: Scoring highly in IQ tests strongly correlates with scoring highly on all other kinds of mental tests.



Well my point was poorly made but what I was trying to say was that generally mass killings arise from desperation rather than some realization of great truth. Seung was intelligent for sure but I suspect being a soon to be English language with selective mutism was more of a factor than his intelligence.



English Language graduate


being intelligent in today's backwards society reaps you no rewards unless you're rich. THIS IS FACT.


Prisons are full of low IQ genetic rejects. Most crime is committed by stupid people who literally can't function in the real world and compensate by trying to rob and kill their way through the world's barriers. Predictably, they are easily caught, tried and convicted.

The high IQ criminals stand out for their rarity and the fact that they usually get away with their crimes for longer periods of time before fate catches up to them. I'm obviously excluding the guys who were essentially on suicide missions and knew there would be no escape.


File: c31af289aa380ee⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 211x289, 211:289, Eric_Harris.JPG)

I don't mean to explain the entire correlation but I do think that you need to have mental faculties above the average brainlet in order to orchestrate an event that will not only be fatal but effective and with a purpose behind it.

The best examples being Ted, McVeigh, Paddock etc. If Eric and Dylan had been a bit more wise their explosives would have been effective and their score would have been much higher.

Almost everyone in the first world conceivably has access to these chemical compounds/weapons to deal damage. The difference is whether you have the knowledge of how to obtain/concoct them and the conviction to put them to use. The average person is much too lazy and inept for either.



If it wasn't for stuff like the manifesto I doubt the feds would have ever found him.



They only ever found him due to his sister-in-law and brother recognizing his writing. Otherwise, he'd still be at large



Same. Just knowing the truth makes me happy, even if the truth is black as hell. The truth shall set you free.



IQ is a measure intelligence, not wisdom. They didn't solve anything and only fucked themselves with a kill count that did nothing other than give them a momentary high. They were better off leaving society, building a shack somewhere where no one cares to go and THEN killing people who tried to start shit. Most high IQ people are capable of seeing the corruption that is going on, but unfortunately for these types, anti-heros if you will, they made the wrong move. Shooting random chads and staceys isn't going to stop chads and staceys because C&S aren't born, but rather programmed by their environment which is controlled. They should have targeted the controllers. Unless they simply had blood lust. In which case we should simply forget about those kinds.



Agreed. However, occult practices might be up your ally. There is truth to "some" of them, albeit most are utter garbage. The types of people that are lesser can't even get into these things because they lack something most higher intelligent people have. Just don't sell out like the controllers.



This is depressingly accurate.

I haven't had a decent conversation in years.

It is like talking with dogs. If you really start thinking about the numbers, the amount of people who are several divisions of intelligence below, it becomes utterly isolating.

There's an article regarding the incompatibility of high intelligence with the living world which explains it quite well.

The higher your iq, the less likely it is that you will be fulfilled in life, and the fewer like-minded people you will encounter with whom you can connect with any kind of depth beyond the superficial.

Relationships become nearly impossible above 150 IQ, by the sheer lack of probability involved with meeting enough people similar to yourself.



This is true. (orignal content can suck my ass, this is discussion not fucking mtv)



It is possible to use almost pure intelligence to interact with people in an emulated way, and practise it for long enough for it to become second nature to you, and not require conscious thinking.

I did it. I adapted over quite some years and read people, their actions, what they think and say and want.

Knowing what people want before they know it themselves is one of the useful parts.

You have heard of some serial killers being charming, well that is how they do it.

They know what people want, what they want to hear, how to play the interaction like a game.

If you can learn a difficult computer game, you can learn people.

It isn't about tricks, or pick up lines, or lies, or facades, it mostly just comes with practice and the right approach.

You can learn about dogs, their behaviour, what they expect and want, and then deal with them.

The same can be done with people.



Better read further into that one.

Martin Bryant didn't kill anyone.



I do this against authority figures and act myself against those with no power to use against me. That's my weakness should they ever be witness against me, but with my charity, it has never happened. I'm pretty good at it to the point I can out right lie to people and then be in the center of an argument about my character and after everything is said and done, they all forgive me and treat me as if I never committed an offense. It helps that most people have a memory span of one week.



I want to add on about my opinion of the memory span comment. It helps because their memory is fractured even if they're capable of remembering one point accurately. Therefore, with clever wording, you can even implant a false memory in their minds and have them convince themselves they remembered wrong.



Also, a mass/spree killer isn't the same as a serial killer.

I agree that neither requires great intelligence, I think there might be causality, especially with the long term ones.

University and education require only moderate intelligence, they are designed for the common man, with people of 110 iq able to attain high grades and high level certificates.

There aren't outlets for those of truly high intellect, unless they manage to find themselves locked into theoretical sciences for life, and even then there is little challenge and payoff.



Authority figures are often stupid and easy to control.

They want power, they want to maintain it and they like to feel it.

It is best not to use your intelligence for wrong doing, but instead to function from within to avoid the inevitable witch-hunt stare people give you if you speak your mind or show your true capabilities.

Whenever I've spoken my mind without restriction, they think I am cheating, lying, joking or mentally unstable.

They simply don't understand and it sounds like nonsense to them.

Depending on the person, it can be something fairly simple being enough to confuse/scare them, or someone of intelligence thinking you are the stupid one as what you are saying sounds so ludicrous that it can't be true, and they don't have the mind to appreciate or analyse it.

I was telling someone about the roots of a modern language last week, and a guy who was listening to the conversation just started laughing, he laughed so much I stopped and asked him why he was. He said "wow you have such an ability to talk bullshit! ha ha".

Everything I had said was quite straight forward and provable with little research, yet to him it sounded like a fairytale.



If you develop all of these skills, you can achieve great things in life.

You can do it and remain truthful too. A lot of people are simply looking for a kindred spirit, and if you demonstrate that side of yourself to them, using language that they understand and that reaches them, they will grant you opportunities that would be inaccessible to most people.



The street "smart" comparison is not the same, that is due to experience and being taught or learning the hard way.

What the article talks about is common sense being expert systems in the brain, and the intelligent bypassing that while using their higher functioning non-expert systems to solve everything as a problem. It isn't that they don't possess the same facilities, it is that their consciousness is powerful enough to override them, which is useful for advanced problem solving, but leads to an overly complex reaction when confronted with for example social situations where someone of normal intelligence would automatically know the 'answer' or understand the situation.

A current analogy could be a computer with a cpu and a graphics card.

A low end graphics card with a slower vpu and less vram can process a scene very quickly, as it is an expert system designed to function in that way, with hard set shortcuts and routines to deal with pixels, texels, vectors, shaders and so on.

A cpu of a far higher speed would be a non-expert system, designed to process everything in more or less the same way. It would render the scene in a logical way, but because It was not designed solely to do that, it will do so perhaps slower than the older graphics card with a far slower clock speed.

The main body of the article talks about highly intelligent people having a tendency towards novelty, of creativity, and coming up with new ideas that normal people would never think of. This works well in developmental situations,,during their scientific work and so on, but during social situations, thinking of a thousand reasons why someone has done something, or why their facial expression changed as it did, is usually non-beneficial, and has been covered long ago by the expert system in the brain of the "social understanding" section.

When the intelligent people automatically or habitually bypass these hardwired facilities, they either can appear silly, foolish or even dangerously wrong, is what the writer proposes.

I don't agree with the article entirely, as his agenda seems to be slightly off, and some of his reasoning driven by that agenda.

However, most of the background ideas make sense.

He doesn't account for the upper levels of high intelligence, and seems only to focus on the sub 140 level, judging by his analysis. Perhaps demonstrative of his own limitations, if not merely a lack of research.



The only brilliant person on that list is Uncle Ted. The others are like, average engineering/science major brains. Like 120-130 IQ. Smart enough to be the bestest cog in the wheel, but not tortured genius or anything. Besides, it's not that uncommon to be of high intelligence; if such a connection were real, everyday would be a bloodbath.


>all those brainlets ITT who think they're intelligent

If you were intelligent, you wouldn't be failures. At least accept that you're all inferior to normalniggers



Why don't you accept a sharp spear into your anus, faggot.



Nice downboat, brainlet.



When will you upboat that spear I mentioned into your ass?



Why should I? To simulate the butthurt you're experiencing?



You should do it because it would be extremely painful.



*teleports behind you*

*steals spear*

what now



>not even replying with a "you're a big guy"

now you shove it deeply up your ass


File: d3ddfaa96052d8f⋯.png (552.37 KB, 1012x1088, 253:272, 151555508062.png)

this is something that happens to me very often. there's some people that whenever i face them, they tell me very stupid lies and expect me to take them as true. it's like they unironically think i'm stupid and i would believe anything they tell me. why do some people do this? sometimes i can't tell whether they are joking or are actually that stupid to believe they can fool me.



sounds like ur just paranoid schizo m8



This happens at my job all the time and my entire team feels the same way when a superior is playing something up no one asked for that all it does is make our work less efficient and our jobs harder as a result all the while expecting more production. It's a fucking close game every night because of these lunatics.


I can actually sense the reason as to why they did it.

Firstly, boredom.

Secondly, due to stupidity. "It's their fault" mentality.

Stupidity is a contagious disease. Imagine being surrounded by buffoon niggers in degenerate town. I can only imagine you turning out as one too.

The outside world is a huge factor that can influence who you are. As without, so within.

Same way being surrounded by intellectuals might influence you to becoming one.

These people are intellectual but that doesn't mean they cannot do criminal acts if they are. It's just that these people are closer to despair code enough to kill people and think to themselves "they're stupid, I actually did them and this world a favor so they wouldn't suffer living in this jail called life"

I can imagine that they didn't do it in such an angry-madman manner but a calm and composed cold-blooded manner bewitched by excitement out of this boring world. These fools took the blackpill of despair code and failed the ego test. They couldn't accept their human self and others so they accepted the monster within.


The feds can only pretend that such people "don't exist" and is a myth. They would rather not bump into the blackpilled.


Then why don't you just jew them out instead until they're useless? Do robots even long for human interaction?



The monster within is alive as well as the human side within me. It's quite the strange mix. Hardly productive of anything outside of sudden changes in personality. I always have a soft spot for these people probably because I can relate as well, but I never allowed it to consume me to that point. That's what hitting the punching bag and gym were for during my youth. Violent video games were just a vain expression of it. My friends would always ask why I only liked first person shooters. My response was that I would like it to be as realistic as possible. I play video games to do things I wouldn't do in real life. To get a type of experience. Luckily, the monster ever only came out once in my entire life and no harm was done to anything except scaring an attacking pitbull into submission.



Dogs are very keen on picking up intent. Quite surprising to me considering most don't even listen to their owners the first time.


File: 96984d43aeb5e8b⋯.jpg (92.7 KB, 640x607, 640:607, 96984d43aeb5e8b486b58df585….jpg)


fed thread hide sage and ignore



>Luckily, the monster ever only came out once in my entire life and no harm was done to anything except scaring an attacking pitbull into submission.

I've read another anon stopping a pitbull attack at a young age on /b/.


I recognize that photo.



The dog managed to rip my jeans. From the belly of my stomach I felt something move and I gave a shout to that dog I can not replicate even if I had a gun to my head. It surprised me as much as it startled the dog. Damn thing pulled me off my bike and the last thing I wanted to do was give a limb to it in order to beat it. So I thought I'd do what other animals in the while do against a predator. Puff up, but the voice that came out of me was borderline demonic sounding. I have never made a voice like it in my life outside of that one instant and it would be a lie to say I never liked bloodshed. I was the kid growing up in school that kept to himself and was anti-social while drawing gore pictures on the side of his notebook while looking up snuff films and fantasizing power trips. You'd be full of shit to say these people didn't do the same, because I always had an ideal or cause as justification in my head towards these things. Sometimes, I felt and would even imagine doing things to people. Sometimes out of anger, other times because the thought was simply there. Our society is a cancer. I can see it and many do see it, but feel powerless against it. Such a beast indeed.




File: cdea34e38a078bc⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 473x473, 1:1, 2de695a3f1334979f6535b75a0….jpg)


I have no idea what you're trying to say mate



Nothing is truly new under the sun. What you are or what you do, even your emotions, intent, and actions already happened in another person's lifetime.



This is true. I assumed an insult in my response. I'm at fault here.


File: 5d4acc4c278ddcf⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 271x186, 271:186, boger face.jpg)


>actually saving and reposting a /b/ spambot meme



that still doesn't tell me what he was talking about



I wasn't the anon you were replying to



high int, low wis

They rolled sorc


mudshits have 0 IQ and still manage to kill hundreds sometimes



That's what happens when you have a very well set system behind you supporting you.

Osama bin Laden was an educated engineer.

The little mudslimes here fail at even the most simplest bombs, they don't have the logistics supporting them like they do in the middle east.

The ones you are talking about are only pawns, they are not the makers of their explosives or their equipment. They are only using it.



so people with a lot of experience have nearly 0 IQ? What the fuck kind of calculus class did you take?



Sorcerer is a CHA caster, numbnuts.



Oh god i see this a lot at work. People with blank stares who then immediately default after rebooting to talk about "drumph". It's like they have no actual thoughts of their own. Me and a coworker started talking about machine learning and another said "let's not talk about that" and immediately started Trump bashing. What the fuck is wrong with people?


They're victims of cybertronic attacks e.g. electronic harassment. They call it electronic harassment but that's not really a great picture of what's going on since it's based off junk science.


Here's your reason for mass murders and raising gun violence.



Not necessarily.

Intelligence is one factor of correlation, but another is mental illness.

And intelligence and mental illness has a strong correlation in of itself so I understand why you think that, but I think it's deeper than that.

I think it has something to do with having more of neanderthal genetics that pushes you to antisocial behaviors, mental illness being a side product of cro magnons and indo-europeans and asians having sex with those. Intelligence also comes from neanderthal genes (there is heavy evidence of neanderthals having invented first rock tool, that V shaped one, and that larger brains actually helped them be more smart and independant, not living in tribes like cro magnons which killed them ultimately)

So yea, if you're a killer you can just simply be a nigger that through evolution lived in highly rich jungle and had all resources he wished to have if he killed others around him and fucked as many hoes as he could. That's why they are so violent animals.



Not knowing how to crosslink is a sin.

t. cleric of our martyred cripple



>say something

>get blank stares from the person

>either immediately changes topic or doesn't respond

I think it's because their brain literally can't process that information, so the blank stare is them discarding it and choosing another topic they can understand.



It's more than that. I've seen when people don't get it, that's fine I listen to things I don't completely understand as well. But I am receptive to learning such new things. Instead unless the conversation is some sterilized trash, it seems they're unwilling to try and understand. They ask dumb questions about science, and when I explain it's as though they never wanted to know in the first place. Like such questions are purposefully rhetorical because knowing something new is like kryptonite.



I've experienced the same and don't have a logical explanation for it. Maybe they're looking for small talk instead of education? I don't know.


Too many nigger serial killers getting caught so it can't be due to IQ.



What would "Smart People" even do about being so damn smart anyway? You must think your're a real smart cookie, but it sounds like you're all a bunch of dumb asses who can't really demonstrate what makes you so much better than a populace of sycophantic retards that follow Lil Tay on instagram.

Tekashi is another example of a stupid goon who won't hesitate to blow a quarter million on fake jewelry.

Hey smarty pants, I have an idea, let's scam the rich, become rich, then get scammed ourselves. It's a Life Cycle!



It's a wonder how you can type so many words and still say nothing.



Not going to bother, you even just typed out 14 words that added nothing to the conversation while near the end of my reply I proposed an interesting idea regarding getting money out of rich people.

My suspicions were correct; None of you here are as intelligent as you like to believe, and you are simply neckbeard supremacists who think you're better than "Normies" who live healthier lifestyles.

Post Racist Memes.


File: 79d1213752c1c44⋯.jpg (107.15 KB, 700x734, 350:367, PURE SOY.jpg)


On the house.



Writing is the art of brevity.



>takes a paragraph to state his point

>doesn't even propose anything intelligent, but rather mocking tones

>reeks insecurity and has to project it on everyone in the thread

>calling that an idea

>expecting anyone to waste time on you



Can you cite any sources?


This, it seems to be more a factor of isolation and persistent exclusion and rejection from society, and that isn't their fault, not everyone's going to understand why people are persistently alienating them, as it still occurs after countless attempts and extreme effort put into self improvement, although even Incel King Elliot Rodger himself didn't really know where to best guide his self improvement efforts other than materialistic nonsense, expensive sunglasses, dressing like a 'lil bitch, etcetera.

This all comes down to my biggest gripe with dumb social status games in a near-universal gynocentric system. No one could really give a damn about overpriced garish jewelry except other men trying to one-up each other. Women don't know what to be attracted to, they're innately solipsistic, submissive, awaiting to be educated on who is really bringing home the best bacon. Self-hating white Antifa boys that want to "Deconstruct Masculinity" are less attractive than negro thugs with six packs that don't give a damn about what a bitch thinks of his masculinity, and bitches will love it. XXXTentacion can get away with beating his pregnant girlfriend, and a nerdy white boy will have more of a problem with that.

It's like we need to decriminalize violence in society a bit, Women Worship Warriors.

(Not as part of civic infrastructure though, there's a thing with Army Wives Cheating "while the old man's out")


I don't see status in a necklace that costed almost quarter million either, that's a horrible purchase and would have been better spent on starting a sustainable business, a super computer, just my ideas. Tekashi, like other rappers, try to command respect through what they wear, rather than what they can do. None of them deserve their place in the game.

Go for it, sell them mid-tier jewelry at a high price.

Post last edited at



Quality > Quantity.

Post last edited at



His entire post is just mocking other anons in this thread, claiming they can't demonstrate what makes them intelligent or better than the general populace, with the irony being that he is doing the exact same thing. Then he suggests we should scam the rich and acts like it is some interesting idea that no one has thought before, completely ignoring his previous example of how the rich buy expensive waste. People are already scamming the rich and he thinks his idea is interesting? I'm so glad we have him to think such brilliant and original ideas. They would have been otherwise impossible to surmise.

Now, neither does he ever elaborate on such basics but he is also completely naive to the complexity of it. The other side to it is that he's also half-serious, trying to make some sort of statement. The kind you say to someone that's supposed to be a sort of "aha, I gotcha!" moment. But the prattle that was written lacks the substance for it to be.

And then he tells me that my 14 word post, that somehow it being short and to the point, in any sort of way, makes my point any less credible. That I had to go on at length just to demonstrate what everyone here already knows. He's an insecure retard.

Quality doesn't mean "length." It means relevancy, something he's never had it.



>queue the inevitable 70min jewtoob video on how his intelectual intelligence is so much more superior [sic!]



>I proposed an interesting idea

For your sake, I really hope you don't actually believe this.


File: 03ea7b0afead976⋯.jpg (24.09 KB, 645x960, 43:64, 03ea7b0afead976539591895d8….jpg)


>Secondly, due to stupidity. "It's their fault" mentality

>implying its not their fault



I first thought that visiting this board was a neat idea but I'm sorry I did. If I stay, I don't want to see the end. This thread especially socked me in the feels.

>Used to drink and smoke dope when I was younger to try to dumb myself down enough that I could interact with the general population without viewing & treating them as the livestock and maggots that they are.

Peace robots, I can't stay cause I'll probably end up doing something I would regret.



>The female counterpart to the robot exists

Fuck outta here normalfag


I suggest a simpler approach.

If mass/serial murder denotes high IQ then murder must be at least a moderately good idea. If it is not, then high IQ are self destructive, which is… dumb.

So, is murder a good idea?



There's a lot of dumb niggers that do it too. The difference between them and people in OP is that these people planned things out and made it as extravagant as they could, which is why they are remembered in the history books while the average nigger is forgotten.



It's like where you can tell the truth and everyone else lies to your face, knows they are lying, and you have to just walk away cause they'll never yield and stupid people tend to scream or attack you. They make their own shithole and want to drag anyone down who is better in anyway, not just someone who's smart.


>mombot broke my headset

fuckkkk i can feel my IQ increasing exponentially!!!!!!!



99+% are born followers and will never have a new idea or a real thought in their lives.

The rebooting brains is just one symptom.

Try also tend to treat what you say as a joke when they don't understand it, it just doesn't have a space in their filters and can not pass through.









>also a huge advantage. Would you rather be a retarded chicken too stupid to escape slaughter?

Doesn't matter when I kill myselfe


I'm only bumping for Uncle Ted


File: d54805c8f0043b3⋯.png (48.27 KB, 328x239, 328:239, teddy.PNG)



back to back Teddy


High IQ is correlated with Autism…



It's not one or the other, Anon. It is both.



>failing (((university))) makes you stupid

have you even read Elliot's manifesto?



>political correctness comes from high IQ people

nice (((source))) you have there



>inferior to normalniggers

As a +4 sd braincel, I am smart enough to have already concluded this on my own tyvm.

gas yourself jew



>If you were intelligent, you wouldn't be failures.

Could you go be a faggot somewhere else? How does a lack of social success equate to a lack of intelligence, you primate?



>"Luckily, the monster ever only came out once in my entire life and no harm was done to anything except scaring an attacking pitbull into submission."

fake, gay & probably the cringiest thing i've ever seen on this site.



That's just autism, not being highly intelligent. I've known really smart people, most are extremely eloquent and socially adept. I've known one arrogant cunt who knowingly pissed people off talking about how smart he was. But I think you're just talking about normal autism, even if you are smart. No one laughs at you unless they're bullying you.



How do you actually measure intelligence then? Because the most widely accepted method is IQ tests, and most people here are very above average.



Holy mother of cringe…


File: b940def2faf42c0⋯.jpg (419.19 KB, 983x1024, 983:1024, jiggaboo black.jpg)

serial killers & mass murderers are usually nothing alike, besides the fact that they kill. Goals, tactics, methods, reasons, aftermath, expectations, & their entire M.O.'s are completely different

fun fact: approx. 70% of serial killers are homosexual, or at least have had a same-sex partner, while mass murderers are almost never gay. approx. 50% are jewish






this last one is just a study that shows homosexual relationships are over 20X more likely to have domestic violence problems



High IQ can be a bitch. Ever been in a class where most of your classmates have a significantly lower IQ than you do? It is frustrating as hell. Not only do they effectively hold back your progression because the instructor has to go over things slowly or repetitively, they can cause deep frustration with some of their idiotic questions. If you have ever experienced that, it is easy to see how someone with exceptionally high IQ could eventually just snap.



Retards: bad with people, bad with numbers

Spergs: bad with people, good with numbers

Normalfags: good with people, bad with numbers

High IQ: good with people, good with numbers


File: 00da5d0c170aca4⋯.png (80.17 KB, 826x609, 118:87, retard.png)


>tfw retarded

hurts just a little bit



You're low IQ if you believe this, many spergs are also high IQ and bad with people



>i am high iq

>human behaviour has passed on for millions of years


>everyone ITT tryharding and making big posts and thesaurus words




Wew. This post is some next level b8ing. Enjoy your little indoctrination camps getting blasted to pieces, better start actually taking care of your kids instead of treating them like a manufactured commodity to be mass produced and bloodily crammed into society while forcing them to associate with subhumans who they both hate and will only drag them down, """"Diane.""""



Study says that there's a correlation between low IQ and willingness to commit murder.

Of course they also included the people that failed to kill anyone.

The cases you're showing are people that tried to prove a point/die for a cause they where indoctrinated into.

A high IQ doesn't make much difference against someone who knows how to indoctrinate people (see the nervegas cult of Japan or that shitty cult in north America). Above average IQ makes you very susceptible to biased data, which just makes it easier to indoctrinate you. Indoctrinated people have a shelf life as human weapons before they see through your bullshit, this is often noticeably shorter for high IQ people.


>having high enough IQ to not even realize that the entire human race is blatantly being controlled by several power groups which blatantly aims to downgrade humans as livestock for their own purposes and bidding though they can't right now which means we already stand a chance.

I bet you all fags hit the wall and think or do kys/kse/hatecycle even self-mutilate out of realizing your and other's shortcomings and ignorance.

Having a high IQ mean no shit.

Have strong character.

The weak always perishes.

Wisdom is realized. Knowledge is explained.

Knowledge alone doesn't dominate.

Everything is connected.

Your ignorance powers them.

Their system shackled you.

Only you can free yourself.



>you all fags

>be normie enough to think free yourself means kys and not peace, enlightenment and empowerment.

Max thoopid.

Neo stopped bullets. He didn't put one in himself. Kys doesn't get you out, just dead.



>be normie enough to think free yourself means kys

You misunderstood while citing a psyop movie which is an expected reaction. I haven't watched the psyop movie but I've watched several people falling for it even with the 'simulation theory' and 'evil AI'. You will know, anytime soon, how many movies were co-opted by 3-letter agentcies that seek control.


The free dominates.


The wise dominates

Who has more freedom than you?

Who designed the system that tries to shackle mankind?

The framework of that 'system' is control.

The final goal of that 'system' is total control.

They already control the mind with msm psyops, drugs, and even absurd application of technologies. Government is from the latin word control and mind.

Next, they will control your heart and body.

Free yourself from control.

Matrix was timely introduced so when the time comes and you realize or realized something similar – you won't care anymore just as any other psyop movie ever made. It's made to insult and ground original thinking including our collective thinking.

Wisdom is realized. Knowledge is explained.

I explained but it's up for you to realize.

Realize without citing psyop knowledge''' pls



Switch that around. Autism is sometimes correlated with higher intelligence, but autistic people are only a small portion of the intelligent population, and they generally fall near the bottom of the "high IQ" distribution.




clearly not all autistic people have a high IQ.



A little positivity.

Like a breath of fresh air.

But positive feelings are fleeting for people like me. I haven't shot myself in the head only because of family that i love and vidya that keeps me some what sane.

I escaped years of neet life and have a job. It feels like being on another planet.

Im no super smart guy but i like your outlook on life.




please elaborate.



I would argue that also the proximity of the curve to the origin and the retention rate of the learning while not doing the thing. The graph would be more clear if you replaced "experience" with "time"



A more favorable interpretation would be that the y-axis represents the amount learned and experience is the time spent in a state of learning. The derivative of this graph would be your learning rate or your intelligence graph for this particular thing to be learned.


>particular thing




Outside of Kacinszky the others were dumb as rocks.



Spree killers are retarded schizophrenic betas.

Congratulations, you killed a few randoms and motivated the normies to impose stricter gun laws and treat introverts even worse.





Should people with autism commit suicide?


File: f55c158a54e0263⋯.jpg (107.9 KB, 987x674, 987:674, 1440647298502.jpg)


Just dropping by to




But I'm a sperg and I'm fucking horrible with numbers. Mathematics makes very little sense to me.



>kill a bunch of people

>get arrested

truly intelligent


My name is johnny neptune i am the ultrachad.

Call johnny at (478) 324-4637



t.gay homo nigger queer faggot



What if you're a retard with Dunning–Kruger?



Most smart people do not like the world or see it as a beautiful thing. Dylan Klebold was wildly intelligent (don't know about Eric) and showed a strong grasp on. Ted as you mentioned, talk to a graduate of some ivy league college or what ever a person that isn't cucked by society and they will most likely harbor pretty dark thoughts on society. My mother was a genius neuroscientist and she did not like the world. I have not met a smart person that believed in the sanctity of life.



there are a lot of low iq serial killers, the reason why you know those with high iq is that they tend to be more successfull at killing people



It's been pretty constant. I think it was Plato who used to complain about people only caring about stupid people (which in his case was some martial arts fighter) and not appreciating intelligent people in their own time.



They exist. It's just that too many smart people feel isolated from normal people not being able to communicate properly, and they clearly see the extreme gap in abilities between people. They also happen to be bullied or abused because of their intelligence, (when questioning the absolute top of his test candidates (170+ SD 15), Paul Cooijmans found that some of them were even abused by their parents because of their intelligence) which may lead to a hatred towards stupid people. But, there are exceptions, such as Evangelos Katsoulis or Christopher Langan.



>live like a cuck

>obey authority like a fucking dog till the day you die

truly intelligent



Who is society?



>bwaaaah authority

But that's like really mean and oppressive and doesn't belong in an inclusive 2018.


ER was a normalfag, 110IQ max, he was subbed to TYT



also IQ is not a personal predictor, only group predictor



I had this once, with "neanderthal", they didnt know…

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