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File: 2792af4a3e04196⋯.png (40.1 KB, 326x214, 163:107, 1501519621009.png)


I wanted to go to college but I don't think i'm even smart enough for that sort of thing. I try reading books and I cannot seem to summarize them. I've considered suicide so many times because I know my IQ is probably nigger tier. Should I just go with my suicide plan or seek the self improvement meme ? what can I even do if IQ isn't changeable ?


Intelligence is like a bucket. You can have a large bucket but if it's barely filled, then a person with a smaller bucket will beat you, or vice versa. Your bucket can only get so full, so don't fill it with shit.



Is there a way to empty the bucket ?


What's the point of learning? I mean this unironically. What are you trying to prove and to whom are you trying to prove it? Learning about history and philosophy and science has only made me more upset and depressed and made me less apt to want to even talk about things with people. My advice? Pick up some fun skills, maybe learn a trade or hobby or something. Forget the learning meme and just enjoy your life. No one knows what they're talking about anyways.



Maybe eventually, but often enough, and give enough time, that bucket begins to be your perception of life. Kill your ego and start over.



I'm trying to learn about philosophy because I heard its good for logical thinking, I'm struggling to learn mathematics because programming,engineering etc. I cannot just forget about it




Do this test, it gives you a rough estimate of your IQ, then report back to us.



Try working out and getting in shape. IQ is mostly genetic, but everybody has a potential. If you're out of shape, you're not reaching your full potential. Bad health worsens your cognitive abilities, so working out can have a positive effect on your intelligence.



I got a 60 but did it again and got a 127



It doesn't go below 80 as far as I know. I am a 4th year mathematics undergrad and got a 123 so you seem good to go.



I've definitely gotten below 60. You're just a smarty pants.



Knowing you're too dumb for college already puts you ahead of most dummies who get pressured into going and failing/getting a useless degree. If you want to work, find a nice, physically-oriented apprenticeship and compensate for your brains with brawn.


File: 99edff31d600503⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 261x192, 87:64, cat is sad.jpg)




you all say shit like "do this, get hobby, learn stuff". I don't even know where to start. At least OP has some potential. I don't know which hobby to try, how to get fit, what to learn etc. Fuck this gay Earth



I tried out answering everything randomly and got "so low we can't measure it anymore" and then I put 6 or so right questions in the beginning and then the rest randomly and got 85, that's why I thought you cant get below about 80




>good for logical thinking

Maybe the most basic, foundational logical thought experiments but not really. Philosophy is a bad, outdated meme, not worth more than a few day's worth of consideration. Ask 10,000 philosophers the same question and get 10,000 different answers. What are you supposed to do with that? Sit and mull their answers until you come up with another set of ideas that's also just as wrong as everyone elses? Forget it. Math is 100x more useful than any of that other garbage. Learn algebra and maybe calculus if you can hack it, and from there work on basic statistics (t-tests, ANOVA, etc.). Throw the rest in the garbage and forget about it.



Theres a ton of hobby boards on 8chan, start by lurking on them.



>where to start

If you're feeling like this, you should start with learning how to foster and maintain motivation. Get used to having a thing to do, get used to learning about it periodically and applying that knowledge. It literally doesn't matter what. Let's say woodworking/carpentry. Make a plan and work through it.

>first, watch "intro to woodworking" videos on YouTube

>the next day, read reviews for different woodworking books and get one that sounds interesting

>set aside 30 minutes every day to learn more about it (tools, sharpening, types of wood, costs involved, history, styles, etc.)

>Somewhere along the way, pick up a chunk of wood, a few tools, and start applying your knowledge.

>As you work, you'll get a better sense for what you like and what you want to learn how to do next.

Congratulations, now you're a hobbyist.



I got a 125 and I answered about a fourth of them randomly. Apparently that's in the 95th percentile. I'm a dumbass and this test is bullshit.



When it comes to getting fit, I don't mean you have to lift weights and get big and shit. Just eat fairly healthy and do cardio. There's a lot of different meme diets you can do, but I'd just suggest the common sense diet, basically just stop eating junk food and sugary drinks. Maybe keep your carbs low as well. One thing that really worked for me was intermittent fasting, it helps you burn a lot of fat very quickly. I've lost about 10 percent body fat over the last 8 or so months just by walking a shit ton and eating healthier. It's not hard and getting in shape is scientifically proven to higher one's IQ.



It's obviously not an exact test but it does give you a rough estimate, if it gives you over 120 with serious trying you are good to go for any degree imo. Go get your degree in theoretical physics or something.



Well, my exact score was 66 before I retried the test. In any case I'm probably retarded and learning how the test works is what netted me 127.



I fucking dropped out of highschool, I'm not smart. The test is shit.



possible, retaking it gives you a giant advantage obviously



That has nothing to do with your intelligence



I dropped out of high school too, but not because it was hard, but because of life and not being able to relate to what they were teaching or the students there. If you drop out don't sell yourself short.


I feel like I'm smarter than the average but then again I have nothing to show for it. I've worked retail and other mundane jobs and it's surprising how stupid the average person is in comparison, but then they also have things like houses, relationships, friends, and family while I have none of those.


File: 572f4f0a49fa5ea⋯.png (264.31 KB, 500x744, 125:186, 1509075127402.png)


This image is how I feel.


How do I effectively build vocabulary ?


File: 4faab8ab9d31ede⋯.png (71.29 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 4faab8ab9d31ede939afecf865….png)


I didn't even understand many of the exercises and had to take a random guess. I wanted to be 150 IQ minimum but it seems the dream is over.



I personally find it really hard to gauge your intelligence, before I got 2 years into my maths degree I felt a little bit above average. I still don't know whether I am smart enough for maths, but without trying something hard you really can't know at all.



I think that's a sign of intelligence in itself. Being able to be aware of how much you know and how much you don't is something not a lot of people have. There was this video I was trying to find that explained this much better than I'll be able to, but essentially it says that people of low intelligence or experience aren't able to judge themselves properly. The more intelligent you are the more aware of what you don't know you are. Take driving for example. Most people consider themselves great drivers, but we both know that's bullshit. It's because these drivers aren't able to properly judge themselves that they think so.


File: d572879047f8004⋯.png (1.43 MB, 720x1048, 90:131, 1523426745042.png)

Fuck, I took it seriously but only did 60% of the test and got a 95. Does this mean that I would be above 95 but neglected to answer a large portion so it was considered wrong?




Read. Every time you come across a new word write it down in a journal, then when you're done reading look up and write down the definitions to all the words. Then reread that journal every day. That's what I do and it works.



im quite drunk now and i got 97. I didn't really understand anything other than the shapes that made most sense? Is this good or bad? Have had about 1l of wine and no sleep in 2 days. Not on drugs or opioids, just a bit of a zombie right now. Not really "intelligent" but worked in the creative field, now i deal with numbers at my current job. it's painstaking and soul destroying. Would love to get your insights as to how this test is measurable/comparable. Struggling to find something that I enjoy doing in life. Also, how does/can somebody find a balance between left/right brain thinking or will one always dominate? I have so many multiple tasks each day that I feel it has dumbed me down. My grammar used to be good and my numbers bad. I failed math multiple times but yet i'm in a very analytical position and my creative and grammatical side have dropped. I'm borderline dyslexic and my reading comprehension has gone to shit. what do?



You did well even if you did 10% more than half the test. That's great, and just tells me you'd do better had you finished. Don't beat yourself up.


File: e5a83248a6841e6⋯.jpg (287.24 KB, 750x1105, 150:221, hussrl.jpg)


Thank you Anon, very comforting



Honestly, I don't consider myself smart, just above average. As you say, in a hard class you really get to know the landscape of "intelliigence." For me, second semester math classes were my death. E.g. chapters 7-10 of Rudin. I was able to scrape on by into graduate level courses, but there the disparity between true geniuses, hardworkers, and not so good became more apparent. Now, the Chinese would work as groups, but there was one guy (Chinese? Not Korean or Japanese) who didn't work with anyone and finished the midterms and final quite few minutes (10s of) ahead of everyone else. Even two acquantinces who were into research + a guy who actual gave seminars on his stuff didn't finish quicker (although the latter was the second to finish).

tl;dr proof based mathematics shows the differences between those who know and those who don't know.

As for OP:

I went to uni., most of it is retarded if you have to take the bs liberal arts crap/your college doesn't streamline its shit. As for the reading books part, you have to be specific. Reading is not something you do with a textbook, you work through it. For example, in a Circuit Theory book, I don't do that stupid "take notes/summary" bs they teach you in middle school/high school, I do problems. After all, for a lot of theories it's meant to be intuitive (for Circuit Theory it's KVL/KCL/Ohm's Law + polarities. After getting those down, even when you start dealing with capictors/inductors, transient/steady state bs, it's just blocks ontop of a solid foundation). When you should take notes is when you feel there is some gem of insight there, something you find relevant.

For example, in a math book, you will always have the math book as reference. Maybe you'll re-write some parts of the math book to grind definitions into your head, but your main notes should be a means to internalize the information (i.e. gaining that intuitive understanding of what a definition/Lemma/Theorem means. Maybe an example problem or two).

My personal issue is the motivation. I can do about half a book in a week, but after that my mind dies and I stop working on it. As for lulz, assuming you're not an actual nigger, you're not likely to have an actual IQ issue, just your approach to learning is bad.



Is sort of right. Unless you find learning itself fun (for example, I only find math fun because of AMC/AIME type problems where the answer is simple, but requires knowledges of some cool technique or ingenuity), you should just pick something you enjoy to do. Now, if you're referring to a job, if pajeets can get jobs, you can too.



I find learning fun but there's so much bullshit to wade through that it makes it boring. Not only do I have to check sources, but I have to check who funds what and cross reference to make sure what I'm learning is real or not someone else's agenda.

It's a lot of work to learn in the information age where propaganda is extremely prevalent while shedding light on past knowledge as well.



the drunkanon here. how come /r9k/ doesn't get into ID's? just popping in to say hi. that's all. Is that your post anon? Doesn't matter… you should see the beauty in that. That smart fellow will be so much more connected to the people that surround him. He'll always be the smarted in the room, the leader, the innovator and inspiration. How to make friends and influence people. If he hasn't made manager/owner by now, he lacks motivation and that you can blame on attitude. Depression is a motherfucker! but we will believe in him anon. We'll wish him the best. Let us hope he has changed his ways and is on the road to victory.



That's only if you're learning something retarded like history/philosphy (I call history retarded because, although I find it interesting and would love to pursue the true "truth," I don't want to be the one having to wade through the infinite amount of disinfo. Sometimes the disinfo is not even disprovable because the truth, i.e. the info. which would contradict it, is lost to the sands of time). After all, you don't have to check sources when you work through the AoPS series, Herstein's Abstract Algebra, Rudin's Analysis, etc. Heck, you can even read Shlomo's math book from Harvard. Since it's just math from analysis through linear algebra (plus some abstractions I believe since just talking about R^n doesn't yield completely intuitive results), I doubt too much subversion can occur.



I'm sure he's quite the innovator flipping burgers while his peers reject his work.



> assuming you're not an actual nigger,

not OP but what if one was actually a nigger ?



>Honestly, I don't consider myself smart

Oh if we are talking compared to mathematicians I definitely don't see myself as smart either, rather dumb actually. I was just talking compared to the general public. If I WAS smart in that way, I would consider becoming a prof. in maths, but I probably couldn't make the cut there.



See: >>243301

Just go to the white washers, you lazy nigger.



Yeah, I was primarily talking about history because it's one of my special interests. My autism makes learning mathematics very hard considering I can't understand simple concepts since they seem more complex than they really are. I'm that guy who tries to wonder why we use the formulas we do by reverse engineering them, rather than using them as a solution to solve an equation. I like to understand every facet of something because that needs to better understanding and growth. Mathematics is just too intricate, reading and writing along with history matches that character flaw much better.



>rather than just using them as a solution*

>that leads to*

That anon who's drunk isn't the only one. I apologize.



I got A's in English, became useless after 10 years of G.D. and number work + booze, etc, yet failed miserable at my dissertations, research and reports due to my inability to properly follow methodical practices. Still passed and got my reports published. Not sure how it works in some countries but my work was solid. No need to be mean toward the guy unless you were having a laugh, because I sniggered at your post tbh.



Not trying to be mean, just pointing out the reality of the situation. If that anon succeeds, good on him, but it sounds like he's going through his own personal hell.



p.s. passed after much revision. Felt like a special needs kid but always went the opposite way of what people did. Not a snowflake and don't think one's education/intelligence/background determines success. I honestly believe it's down to connections (for the jews) /streetsmarts/perserverence/attitude/mental perserverance/not giving up on yourself/being a sperg and not giving a fuck about what your nearest and dearest and strangers think/finding something that you love to do and finding a way to profit from it.



p.p.s still not successful.



I agree with this because I was the same way in school. It's not solely about raw intelligence, but about other factors too like you pointed out. Socialization is very important, and for robots that's a very hard thing to master, let alone muster. In the end numerous factors play into it which is what most would consider "luck." You either have it or you don't, which is to say, you either are born the right way with the right upbringing, or you're not.



If you're a nigger and smart, well, lucky you. You're at the far right end of your distribution curve. If you don' know that you're smart, you can still do what I said before and hope to learn something. Although IQ and talent aren't exactly the same, it helps motivate a concept I'll now explain: for someone with little talent (bad slope), it takes more time to reach a certain level, but they can with hard work. However, someone with talent (a good slope) needs very little effort to reach it.

tl;dr even with little talent it's possible to obtain knowledge, just with a deeper time investment. The issue with IQ is that IQ makes it so that this "knowledge curve" actual has a limit (or at least a part where learning beyond the given amount becomes unbearably hard).

In short, just like most issues, you can only do what you can. The issue with that tends to be doing them, i.e. sit your ass down and actually work through an entire book without giving up. It might take you a week, a semester or a year, but by the end you'll know it.


Becoming a prof. in mathematics isn't that bad (I wont say hard. Getting the actual PhD is difficult, but after that, I claim it isn't that much). I say this because, eventually, you'll just be teaching early Calculus classes, maybe the occassional intro. upper division class (Analysis I, Abstract Algebra I, Topology I, Number Theory I, etc.) It would take a bit before you're asked to teach a graduate level course and actually have to know your shit. Even then, the beauty of professorship is that you don't actually have to be a good teacher. All you have to do is show up, try to explain the material in a coherent manner (not even since some professors are foreign. You don't even need to be error proof as long as you can fix it if the student finds the error) and come up with exam problems (not even. Just use some problems slightly changed from the book).

The hardest part with being a mathematician is not getting weeded out at the beginning.


>issue of understanding simple concepts because you make them more complex than they appear

The key to fixing that would be to realize modern mathematics is just a system. You lay out some definitions, and you relate these definitions together to get Theorems (i.e., in math, you can claim "by definition X holds true/is equal to Y/etc.")

>use the formulas we do by reverse engineering them

Please explain what you mean by this. The only thing I can vaguely relate to this statement would be the idea of, in an inequality, solving it backwards (making sure to not do any fallacious statements) in an attempt to see how you should prove the inequality.

> Mathematics is just too intricate

As a whole maybe, but that's why professors pick specific things (i.e. one research topic). E.g. you pick analysis, then you go deeper into harmonic analysis, then you go deeper into only a specific subset of functions, etc.


File: 617f470b52e9438⋯.png (8.64 KB, 634x412, 317:206, 108.png)


OP here. Is this test really similar to the real one?



>The key to fixing that would be to realize modern mathematics is just a system

My problem was trying to dissect the system in its entirety, as described below.

>use the formulas we do by reverse engineering them

I would try to figure out the formula behind the formula instead of plugging in numbers like a lot of my peers would to derive an answer. For example 8 x 8 is just 8 + 10, minus 2. Most people just memorize numbers instead of learning actual multiplication, which would limit you later in life. It's the same thing with military time. 1900 - 2 = 8:00, or 2400 - 2 = 12:00. I tried this with every formula they fed me in math class to try and get inside of the mind of the person who created it, which allowed better understanding of why the formula was set up the way it was, which also led to innovation. I'm definitely not the first to try this, otherwise we wouldn't have half the formulas we have now.



7:00, I mean.



Friend, i wish i knew your christian name but i will not ask. I'm too drunk to actually hit shift once in a while but i haven't slept in day and so please forgive me for writing this incoherent piece of nonsense.. I do believe however, that it holds some figment of truth behind it.

Success is not measured by wealth or money. I've been around those with lots. I grew up without that. My wealth was where my heart lied. I lost all my wealth due to the loss of family members. By death, by murder, by theft, by the times of the seasons. I've put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not be offended for i'm not here to preach.

I just wanted to tell you that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who get it and those who don't. There are also 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who can count and those who can't - haha - see what i did there? Jokes aside. I've realised that the really rich and powerful are just good bullshitters. Those with empathy and understanding lack the engagement to bring them down. Those that compromise meet a level of middle-management and manage their own boundaries. But you know what? The real success lies in the power that you give to yourself and to the purpose you find in life. Life isn't about paper money or electronic numbers. It's about being healthy and happy and trying to be happy even when you're sorrowful. It's about forgiving yourself and the others that have hurt you and learning to let go. Not learning to give up and fall on your laurels or misfortunes either. We all do what we can to take it day by day. I'm no sage, nor wise man - rather some foolish drunkard on a trout fishing forum. However, it's people like you that give me hope in this life. Another sunrise, another day of beauty i can live through. We can find beauty in everything we do. Look through the smog covered sky to see a beautiful sky. Look to the mountains and find your strength. Look to an old person and seek them out for company and a smile. Bury your head in any or any single good memory you have and use it to drive yourself forward. Never ever give up. I am not good at taking my own advice but let me tell you, if I did not have my past, i'd not have been here right now. I miss my past with a passion. I miss my loved ones. I miss the old days. They weren't good. They weren't bad. Some were good, some were bad. some were terrible. Let's not worry about that now. Everything will be okay. All my love to you anon. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. GODSPEED.



not a newfag. just felt like ignoring the embed. Love you bro. Look after yourself. please.



>what can I even do if IQ isn't changeable ?

Thankfully for you anon, it is much easier to up a lower-tier IQ than high-tier IQ (upping high IQ is mostly impossible you see, these people are like well-tuned machines where any intervention ruins their performance)

* Sleep hygiene/Sleep schedule - helps your brain in muliple ways

* Cardio exercise (NOT weight-training!) - raises BDNF, raises metabolism and bloodflow

* Stimulants - Modafinil, adderall

* Some proven nootropics - piracetam with choline, L-theanine, ladasten

* Self organization using notebooks/todoapps/pomodoro. You see, lower IQ people have lower executive function and weaker working memory, but they can compensate for it if they use external memory instead of their working memory for these functions.

Also check yourself for depression, depression can lower IQ and learning, by treating it you could become normal.



Find your purpose.

I would've guessed Gabriel or Michael but I am far from those names i'm sure. :-) Look after yourself anon. Goodnight and God Bless.

t. drunkanon




It's not difficult. The worst thing that can happen is that an individual can be an asshole. Speak to strangers in the shops. It's the easiest. Start with people who seem like they could be mothers and ask them about products. You may even get a recipe from them or two. Trust me! Talk to old people as well. They are lonely robots too anon. Believe in yourself. It's not about you, it's about others. Picking up your cross is self-sacrificial. If you think you have it bad, wait until you meet others. We're all stuck in this boat together but you'll never be alone. Bury your loneliness in good deeds and you'll be amazed to find how you can open yourself up to others and benefit their lives. The joy you bring to them is exponential to your own little goals of simply trying to socialize and you will be so happy. Trust me. Just try it. Do it. Do it no matter what. Talk to yourself in 3rd person if you feel you can't. But work yourself up towards it. Besides, they don't know you - you're a stranger - you can be whoever you want. But know that you are ANON, Anon who i have spoken to you right now. And I believe in you. And I wouldn't mind you talking to me about IQ while having wine at any given time. So try it at your store but make the conversation relevant to your needs. Hence: Food type/Veggies/Cooking instructions, etc. Just follow your gut and not your heart. Stop letting your flesh man dictate your spirit. Fuck yourself, let your inner-man/inner voice run free. It's only your mind holding you back.



last mention. I promise. thank you for the attention you gave me today. loneliness is not great and even on here, it's nice to have a conversation. I listened to the links i sent you. listening to the second one i sent you. It's profound and heartbreaking at the same time. Give everything you love a hug or a call tonight. This is my compliment to you tonight - you're alright matey, you're alright.



i wish i could have them back. I wish I could see them again, i'm sorry for sending you this but i want to tell you. I miss everybody. I miss my gran, grandad, my mom, my dad, my brother. I miss them so much..



Soirry, i meant >>258214

for >>258187

Good night boys. overdid it. plz ban me for being a drunkfag



I don't know why you guessed names in response to my post, but whatever.


If you're speaking of why the formula is the way it is, I can understand that then. However, then shouldn't there be all the more reason to study proof based mathematics which would tell you the why? E.g. the roots of a polynomial. ax^2 + bx + c = 0 for what values of x? Well, you'd perform: x^2 + (b/a)x + (c/a) = 0, then x^2 + (b/a)x = -(c/a). You'd have to already know about (x + u) = x^2 + 2ux + u^2. Why would you think to use this? Because you have an x^2 an x term and want to resolve it down to a single x term as opposed to x(x +(b/a)). Therefore, you'd add (b^2/(4a^a)) to both sides to obtain x^2 + (b/a) + b^2/(4a^2) = b^2/(4a^2) - (c/a). Does this make sense? Yes because if u^2 = b^2/4a^2 then u = b/(2a), so 2ux = (b/a)x as expected. So, the LHS can be compressed to (x + b/(2a))^2 = b^2/(4a^2) - (c/a). You can also get a common denominator on the RHS to obtain (x + b/(2a))^2 = (b^2 - 4ac)/(4a^2). Then, you'd just square root to get (x + b/(2a)) = +-sqrt(b^2 - 4ac)/(2a) then you'd just subtract the b/(2a) to get x = (-b +- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac)/(2a). The only interesting part there is the +- which is to make sure we consider both branches (for the solution to (x + b/(2a))^2. Another interesting thing is that we obtain sqrt(a^2) = |a|. However, by default we only care about the positive branch when taking the square root, so this just becomes a (any notion of sign we just abstract into the +- part).

tl;dr maybe read some of the original papers from the people who came up with the things? The only issue there is syntax usually differs and it's ugly (pre-Latex).






No problem anon, I appreciate having a conversation with you. Take it easy my brother.


Yeah, that about nails it. I need to know EVERYTHING, even basic philosophical standings like why 1 = 1, 2 = 2, etc. I'll try reading some papers then.



1 = 1 because we wanted an operation which intuitively captures the fact that one object should be the same (at least in quantity) as one object. Therefore, we attempted to characterize what would be needed for such an operation. An thus was born the equivalence relation (actually, what would be born is just the reflexive property. We would then say if a = b, obviously b = a "intutively" so we'd need symmetry. Same with transitivity).

Therefore, by definition of =, 1 = 1.



I see. I guess my fault was expecting high school teachers to explain things more complex than what they've taught or learned. It was just really hard for me to keep up with the class, because all my peers cared about was plugging numbers in instead of questioning the formulas and why things are the way they are. I guess I'm the real stupid one in this situation for being so curious that it led me to fail in life. Thanks anon, I'll read up on all this and try to build a bigger picture.


File: 32f15dc9f182d0d⋯.png (9.36 KB, 634x412, 317:206, IQTest.png)


Those tests are so annoying, managed a 123. Last few questions are hard, ran outa time.



I take the "online IQ tests" bullshit with a pound of salt, but, I guess, if I got a ~120 IQ result on some pretty difficult test 2.5 years ago, and now I've got a 133 IQ result now, it should at least mean that I am an improving brainlet?

Though no matter how smartypants you are, without discipline, motivation and good mental stability you are equal to dirt in this world. A brainlet normalnigger who is a total brown-nose for authority figures that also runs on caffeine and other stimulants may easily get grades better than yours, a better job (if you even will get any) and a good position in life in general, even though you could be more fitting and more efficient at that shit. This is not the thread for blogposting, yet fuck, I can only prepare myself for the beta uprising for this society that first creates robots, pushes and bullies them to their boiling point, and then acts all worrywart about itself while blaming outcasts for existing.


OP, to get smarter, try some complex mental activities that interest you at least slightly or seem to be useful. It is also great if they tire your brain; you could try to focus yourself on doing them for even bigger benefits.

You know, even the meditation meme could be good for you, as it helps you control your thoughts a bit.



>high school

>more complex

True. There isn't anything truly complex about high school math. The worst of it is just computation. Actually, the more interesting things like conics are just talked somewhat in Algebra II. In addition, nothing is proved. A lot of the stuff they teach you is so basic that intuition will get you by, but they make it so that when you get a truly difficult problem you have nothing definite to fall back on. E.g. suppose I give you some crazy polynomial. You've only memorized a^2 - b^2 = (a - b)(a + b) and (a + b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b62 and know that there are n roots to an nth degree polynomial + the conjugate of every complex root is also a root. Well, I gave you a crazy polynomial. Lets say it's a 6th degree. Well, you try polynomial division and synthetic divison, but I'm cruel. There is no obvious root like 0, 1, 2, or -1, -2. Well, if you didn't know that about the rational root theorem (which also can tell you if the roots are potentially integers of a in ax^2 + bx + c is 1), you wouldn't know where to go from there.

If you actually had fundamentals, you could say ok, the signs are like this so I know by Descarte's rule of signs that there is no root on this interval. I see the value of function go from negative to positive here. Therefore, since polynomials are continuous, by the intermediate value theorem I know the function hits zero somewhere inbetween (i.e. a root is there). In short, with fundamentals you can find an approach with there is none. Actually, all the more so if you knew calculus and can also integrate the graphing of the function into your solving (along with Newton's approximation formula).

Also, don't worry about not knowing the equivalence thing. I wasn't taught that in school. Eventually you learn about an equivalence relation in some intro to discrete math class or an early abstract algebra class. Then, it's just a matter of recognizing how it's applicable.

Well, in the modern world curiousity is a demerit since it wastes time. In this fast paced life you can't just be the guy working on something every day (in the past this would be a scholar or professor, in fake worlds like manga it would be a mage).

If you want things with a more "physical" spin to them, check out Russia texts. In particular, Soviet Russian texts tend to be fixed on application (see MIR publishing).


If you want to be an autodidact OP then you have to learn to respect the basics, not bite off more than you can chew, not to be afraid to retrace where you've been before starting on your real journey. The simplest example I can give you is wanting to learn math. Before buying mountains of calculus books, a nice graphic calculator, and watching endless youtube LE SMART videos on number theory pick up some pencil and paper, go to khan academy, and just do 4th grade math. Building up your confidence is key.

This is pretty much how I do it with any hobby these days. Start as small as I can then move on up from there.


File: 220e833566021dc⋯.jpg (191.61 KB, 525x488, 525:488, 220e833566021dc9c281e027d3….jpg)


>Though no matter how smartypants you are, without discipline, motivation and good mental stability you are equal to dirt in this world.

don't remind me




I take it you got your PhD then? Which subject did you take? (also which country are you from?)



PhD? Hell no. I just took graduate classes and am acquainted with people who are aiming for PhDs. As I said in


I'm just above average, not smart. Anyways, it'd be the U.S. As for subject, since I didn't actually pursue a PhD, I took a selection of Logic, Probability, Analysis, and Abstract Algebra.



Oh damn, though I am wondering what, say, Abstract Algebra courses in the USA are like, is it commutative algebra+algebraic geometry or something like that? I'm from Germany btw.

Man It'd be really cool if we had enough mathbots on here for a general, I hate cuckchan's /sci/



I've always imagined learning as being channels and rivers. When you know nothing, the ground is flat. When you learn it's hard work to dig out a trench and fill it with water. Over time, as you don't use it, you forget things and the water in the trench dries up – but next time all you have to do is fill it up with water again to remind yourself of what you already learned, the trench is already dug and the hard part is already done.



Having difficulty summarizing things is an autist/sperge trait, I believe? It doesn't reflect on your IQ.



I wouldn't know. I only took the first semester classes except for in Logic->Model Theory and Probability. Looking at the syllabus for the second semster course, yes, that's what Abstract Algebra II would be (at the graduate level of course). Of course, the undergraduate version tackles a fraction of the info. over the course of the semster. The same can be said about the first semester course, i.e. in the undergraduate version you tackle groups and rings (maybe some key theorems relating to fields). The graduate version, however, goes all way into modules, representation theory, and (maybe they don't do this everywhere), but we went into catagory theory.


File: 3f349c744ea7672⋯.jpg (98.32 KB, 916x709, 916:709, SmartSelectImage_2018-05-0….jpg)


>consider myself a brainlet

>score 130 on mensa test

M-maybe I should go back to college even if these tests are a meme



I am the same way and the solution is to literally just dive in to everything you can and see what's fun and works for you.



me irl, im literally the 4th tier.

i fucked up, i fucked up big time, suicide is the only path left, the only question is how long will i delay it.



Embrace your autism and sleep off those bad emotions anon, you'll feel better tomorrow morning.


File: 48c53602a4c471d⋯.png (15.13 KB, 646x491, 646:491, tesest.png)

Self improvement is a meme because "one method works for all" just sounds too good to be true like "hit the gym" meme.

There's nothing to improve but there is always something to try.

Find and know yourself then figure out the rest yourself but don't forget to communicate.


>memensa test

Not satisfied with my score. Was thinking about fapping halfway when it got boring

>tfw live in >80IQ country



i've been sleeping them for 5 years, there's nothing left






Philosophy is a wide subject though that logical thinking is not applicable irl unless you're planning on making your personal AI with lexical analyzer or debate for free maybe become some alex jones clone but that's impossible unless you have a "radio commentator" voice.

Try rational and critical thinking. If you want to be a detective, logic doesn't apply since criminals are irrational beings.

If you struggle on maths then give it a second chance. If you still struggle again then you're only wasting your time. Find something else that easily favors you like some form of natural talent.



Are you by any chance interested in esoterica and/or spirituality?



no because thats fucking dumb



If you noticed, it's actually using age range. 18-34. Chronological age is a huge factor for IQ points. If you're 18 or close then your resulting score should be a bit higher though the test itself is only meant for catching high IQ individuals and you'll probably get a mensa invitation if you get 99.9999999% percentile.


>https ://www.therichest.com/rich-list/the-biggest/the-10-highest-iqs-in-histoy/

>William James Sidis is another individual whose exact IQ score is unknown. Experts have pegged his IQ somewhere in the range of 250 to 300, which would give him the highest IQ score in history. What did Sidis do to earn such an accolade? Born in 1898, he entered Harvard at the age 11 to study mathematics, which at the time made him the youngest person to ever enroll at the prestigious university. After completing his studies he began teaching, but found that the students in his class who were older than he was did not take kindly to being educated by what they perceived to be a boy. Because of his rapid rise through the educational system he suffered socially, unable to maintain close friendships. The rest of his life was marred by legal trouble after participating in socialist movements, and a stint in a sanatorium after his parents who attempted to reform his political views put him there. Upon his release in 1921, the troubled genius stepped away from mathematics and academics entirely, and lived a relatively normal life. He died at the age of 46 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

>inb4 archive




True. Intelligence don't guarantee success. Even the way people are born guarantees success to them or the extreme opposite which can guarantee failure. Luck is a true factor and it exist. The question is how do you tame Luck? This is something esoteric and highly-sought so I'm not allowed to dabble.

Creativity and ability to adapt and respond quickly is all you'll ever need. "Connections" are a thing but there's no joy and guarantee in that (in my opinion). The true path is to find where you fare well. Seas? Land? Air? or Underground? Somewhere you can freely shine is where it's at.

Experiment, explore, expell, and exterminate.

Intelligence is helpful but will never help anyone become successful. If it does then bookworms should be billionaires. The mystery in success is what makes it interesting.



>no creativity

>no talent

>no charisma

>no luck

>no social circle because of 3 and 4

suicide really is the only answer


File: b423da00bee83aa⋯.jpg (64.61 KB, 720x678, 120:113, IMG_20180508_175228.jpg)

IQ is overrated.

>tfw no qt3.14 2d grillfriend from mensa to play Japanese mahjong with



>Was thinking about fapping halfway when it got boring

Top brainlet



>Intelligence don't guarantee success.

Do grammar guarantee intelligence?



I got 101, I was expecting more. I'm not even white, why do I even had any hope? At least most people that compete with me are something between 80-90 QI.


I cant stop thinking about how low my IQ is. I took the test within the thread and got 109 but i know for a fact that its probably low

inb4 it may not be, I'm a literal nigger


File: d5e95cb4f82d358⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 238x257, 238:257, 1501981263066.jpg)


>Take that test by randomly clicking buttons

>Get ~100 IQ


File: c7d53f6efb11052⋯.jpg (117.6 KB, 1129x1200, 1129:1200, 1522419278562.jpg)


It depends of what you want to do with the knowledge. Not him, but if I'm learning things it's to find a way to escape the so-called rat race and stop being a wage cuck. A college degree alone won't help me reach that dream, so I'm constantly learning new things in various domains. By learning new things everyday, you also open new possibilities for the brain, to change your views, your mindset, your ideas and your thoughts. Maybe I could see an idea or something where I couldn't before. That's my reason, personally.


File: dc4475662e06abc⋯.jpg (152.43 KB, 640x720, 8:9, c25ef3d06ec55901ed78ff3333….jpg)


You're supposed to think before making a choice and clicking.

At least you know that your luck is average.


File: 506307087d1b350⋯.jpeg (24.54 KB, 720x736, 45:46, mmm grayons.png.jpeg)


100 is bottom of the barrel IQ if you're White.





your bucket can be smaller than other people's buckets, if you have a small bucket, there's not much you can do. thats your limit. everything in life is dependent on luck and so is the size of the bucket you get.


File: c84ca61c35e1a5a⋯.jpg (8.52 KB, 250x152, 125:76, _._.jpg)

<too much of a brainlet to read through this thread and find out how to become smarter


File: 0b565ccaf980dda⋯.png (141.99 KB, 1080x1074, 180:179, Screenshot_20180509-205539….png)

>135 IQ

>Unproductive brainlet

Gonna read some doujins and cry myself to sleep



Same here, I clicked completely at random and got 97.




Philosophy is part of life. When you have an opionion, you're doing philosophy. I recommend starting with the most recent thinkers, then maybe the classical ones. What they did is just writing down in a clear and amazing what everyone could think.



How do I get these 2 additional IQ points to become like you, senpai? What genres of doujins do you prefer? Maybe they'll help me, too.

133 iq anon



Mathematics does more for logical thinking than philosophy does. Many philosophic schools of thought aren't logical at all.



>The average for whites is the bottom of the barrel for whites



File: 60f782808f42d3a⋯.jpg (14.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, thinking pug.jpg)


See >>259264

This is probably the only solution that truly works without interacting with people, like taking classes or learning from someone else, like a teacher who specializes in the thing/hobby you're interested in.

Start with the first thing you can think of when it comes to a hobby you want and carefully spread out and gain information, like throwing a dart tipped with fungus at a board made of bread and then watching the fungus spread, no matter where it hits. However, always try to find the basics/introductory stuff about it first if you can, as it can make things much easier to understand as you go along. Some hobbies really need the basics/prerequisites before you can get deeper into it, like chemistry (if you even consider that a hobby and not something that's supposed to stay inside the lab/school).

I like this way of getting into a hobby/topic because you can proceed with things at your own pace unlike some other methods, i.e taking classes for it, but pretty sure it's considered less "professional" by many people, not that I personally care.

t. autist who wanted to get into basic etymology and greek mythology (because lots of medical and non-medical conditions and english words have roots in greek words and myths) so googled the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about greek gods and why some things are called the way they are.

P.S Also, for more serious stuff that requires lots of thinking, problem solving and/or handiwork, it would really help to practice what you're trying to achieve.


I can't bring myself to take any intelligence tests, it only seems detrimental to motivation. If I score average or below average, it becomes more difficult to move forward in life knowing I will likely not achieve any of my greatest desires. If I score above average or far above average, it's almost more depressing knowing that even with intelligence I'm a shut-in neet.



If I wasn't raised religious I would have killed myself by now.


it's ok to be low IQ, you can't do anything about it. But when it comes to collage IQ is a lot less important than hard work. Look up the avarage IQs of professors, in some fields there are literally people with a sub 100 IQ, and they got to where they are by working hard and not giving up



>Pick up some fun skills, maybe learn a trade or hobby or something.

Intelligence more or less determines whether or not you're going to be successful at those things too.


File: 5c2e414ab6389fe⋯.jpg (17.91 KB, 200x382, 100:191, computer confusion.jpg)


>did only 45% of the questions

>got lazy and clicked the "next" button all the way until there were no more questions to click to ignore and click next on

>got a triple digit iq despite only answering roughly half the questions




iktf tbh. I do feel however that you can study for IQ tests and most likely inflate your score by 5 or so points unless you're doing a raven's test or something.



If you're not 25 yet your brain is still relativly plastic. Read more and learn more. You have to rewire your brain to make it more effective. If you're older then that you're fucked lmao brainlet



100 is supposed to be the average (based of the formula mental age/actual age × 100, this ends up not being true because niggers are behind every other race and they drag down our scores). Think of how stupid and lazy most people are, you're better off relying on chance then having them in charge.



i dont think this is accurate cuz so many ppl get high scores


File: f6b634710315741⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 442x650, 17:25, 1531104584486.jpg)

ive said it on this board before and im going to say it again: believe in yourself and take the hand of jesus, give yourself entirely to him and he will save you. as to why you should believe in yourself - you need to believe that youre unique and that you will make it through with your hard work, its no bullshit advice.



Jesus can't make anyone smarter, furfaggot





but he can give you strenght in acquaring knowledge and there will be no struggles that you cant overcome in your life once you take his hand


Why do you people still fall for IQ?

You realize that man who has 100 IQ can outsmart someone who has 130 IQ.

Intelligence is not fixed, it's relative from man to man, it all depends how you actually use it.


File: 341a3355480336b⋯.png (159.94 KB, 515x613, 515:613, c3cad22a4137da7f499d6e42ff….png)


Jesus was a sexy raptor.



<tfw get bored halfway


File: 192c45a221dbc70⋯.png (34.33 KB, 742x642, 371:321, Screenshot (847).png)


that's pretty decent

had 16min left and just clicked through without thinking too much about the questions



>had 16min left and just clicked through without thinking too much about the questions

Now that's a way to justify your retardation! That's the spirit!


IQ predicts group average, NOT individual




we could dox that anon if we were autistic enough, I'd have to check the author of every paper and their publishing history, I got a neat search program


retard, its literally average

Jews and Asians have higher IQ



on average yes, but its very concentrated at the middle, similarly to how women's average iq is high, but they are also very concentrated at the middle. women rarely produce geniuses or idiots if you notice, they are always around the same level of intelligence; where as for men its much more varied, especially for white males

white males are the most varied race+gender for iq. theres lots of white males who are FUCKING RETARDS and MORONS, and conversely theres lots of white males on the far right of the distribution curve with a 130+ iq

asians are on average more intelligent, but they simply do not produce pure bred geniuses like jews or whites do. virtually all inventors or chess champions or math/science prize winners are jews or whites. asians cannot compete intellectually with the smartest whites or jews

infact absolutely no human race on the planet can compete with the smartest purebred jews. purebred ashkenazi produce the single smartest race of humans. heres several examples of some of the most intelligent men who ever lived




with jews you lose. *rubs hands*


>refresh high school topics

>pick a technical hobby

>git gud

Rinse and repeat until you know what you like and what your limitations are. After that practice and participate until death because no mattter how good you get you can always be better.


Yeah just kill yourself.



>how does a brainlet get smarter?

you dont. iq is largely hereditary and unchangeable. ur either smart or not. and your work habits and school abilities are already determined with a 95% accuracy when ur 13. its rare that a kid who does bad at school when hes 13 does well in school at 22. its a "the good get better and the bad get worse" situation, and time polarizes the 2 extremes. there very rarely is a magical turnout or some kinda cindarella story, where you go from a dumb kid bad at school to being a good student. it does happen, but very very few and far in between

not to mention soon ai will be born that is sentient and smarter than any human being alive, so dont worry too much, cause soon every single person alive is going to become a brainlet, similarly to how a chimpanzee or a nigger are a brainlet to you. so just take it easy and relax, everyone is going to be very stupid compared to ai, soon enough

the poor stay poor, rich get rich, thats how it goes



File: be9dad074a12d76⋯.jpg (24.43 KB, 429x645, 143:215, 6625e7299253115b2b32263187….jpg)


Castrated nameless being, is that you?


File: 79e82cb5264d65f⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 400x578, 200:289, 9043d60b7948883d27a6ff7a9e….jpg)


increase your systemizing quotient, it will make you smarter and more knowledgeable even if youre the biggest brainlet around. you ever wonder why most scientists and nerds are borderline autistic? its cause they spend all their time on learning and isolate themselves to increase the efficiency of what they learn. that way they also develop their own ways of learning(increasing SQ) as they gather more and more knowledge over time, but whatever…

meanwhile normalfaggots spend all their time on increasing EQ and some of them arent even interested in the slightest to learn anything

take a look at this test and work out what might help you increase your SQ.


logic, strategy and competitive games also help you develop reaction speed, learning capabillity and critical thinking. workout on an athletic body, cause its the body of the thinking man, ofcourse, but thats just an option to help you navigate in society.



its not bad to have some EQ as well, as long as it isnt chaotic as the normalfaggot's


File: a5e5d24319d306b⋯.png (112.48 KB, 720x823, 720:823, Screenshot_2018-09-06-13-4….png)


OP here. I took the test and I don't think I did too well

phone posting right now because I'm not at my computer


Cortexin and Cerebrolysin

Don't believe them when they say that exercise will make you smart, it doesn't. BDNF in blood after exercise is only there to help regenerate and grow peripheral nervous system for higher muscle efficiency. BDNF is macromolecule that can't pass the blood brain barrier.



>What's the point of learning?

Investing in yourself is best investment you can make. Knowledge is power, and that old saying is easily proven in high stakes scenarios.

>What are you trying to prove and to whom are you trying to prove it?

I never have and never will brag or tell anyone that I am learning anything. I used to when I was a kid, merely for social recognition (which was a good emotion, I won't lie), but that kind of attention only brought bad things to me in the end. No need to tell anyone anything you're learning. Need to know basis.

>Learning about history and philosophy and science has only made me more upset and depressed and made me less apt to want to even talk about things with people

That is because you don't know how to handle responsibility. You are armed with this immense powerful knowledge and it is making you stressed and anxious? Why? Because you don't know how to productively use that knowledge to better yourself and your environment?

>Pick up some fun skills, maybe learn a trade or hobby or something

That is all part of learning. Whether you start learning as hard hitting as global politics and economics or if you start learning about how to bake and play a banjo. On the latter you just won't be in the position to know the outcomes that might hurt hundreds of thousands of people, you might just have a failed cake or sound like dumb redneck. Those things will have consequences of their own, mind you, just not as grave.

>Forget the learning meme and just enjoy your life

Sole example of "ignorance is bliss".

Cannon fodder, that is what you are.

>No one knows what they're talking about anyways.

Annnnddd to end the self-defeatist rant about your failure in life you try to murky the waters as a kike.

Thanks for nothing tho.


File: 75c89904ba2740b⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 556x701, 556:701, results.jpg)


I thought my SQ and EQ would be bigger. It's nice to be sure that a I am far from being a normalnigger, yet it's disappointing to have a taste of the reality of me being not very adept at logical thinking.

The results' EQ is not that big probably because my interests are not very broad.

As for real EQ, I guess the test is correct and I can't have a good brain if I haven't forced myself to memorize something that I am not interested in lately. Maybe I should also try to force myself to get back into RTS and time-limited chess/go/shogi at least for the vague SQ/IQ points.

If it's something not harmful that my brain instinctively tries to avoid because it's a lazy idiot that hates difficult thinking by nature, then it should be good.




So its possible to improve SQ ?



Fuck, I am retarded, I just noticed I wrote EQ instead of SQ in the second half of my post.


File: 98ef14fc00bf83d⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 810x546, 135:91, Super brainlet.JPG)


Look on the bright side, you could have done worse. Though a lot of these questions didn't really apply to me all that much, so I couldn't give many strong answers.

Still, it's nice to hear that these issues aren't set in stone and that improvement is possible.


Image streaming. Techique developed by psychologist to connect two hemispheres together and give you more creativity and "aha moments".

How to:

>daydream a scene, anything that comes up in your head really

>out loud describe how things look (in great detail, the faster the better)

>out loud describe how things smell

>out loud describe how things tactile feel

>out loud describe how things sound

>out loud describe how things (temperature) feel

For every hour you do image streaming your IQ will come up by 1 point



You cannot make IQ points go up



lol, you wish

that way you can still boast about your lack of achievements to online people without anyone threatening your only sense of self worth


/sci/, the one on the site that shall not be named, has a list of shit for this. They even got a website called the /sci/ wiki, which has lists of textbooks for learning.


File: a82ef1b402aeddf⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 1510034898831.jpg)



130 here. Im a fucking retard who dose not know his times tables. How?


File: 26ee6cf22eb7852⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 10097.jpg)


> IQ will come up

Eat these, cause your full of shit

Or trolling or whatever



MIT has a ton of open courseware thats free



My IQ is apparently high, but I can't spell or do things like times tables very easily. I also have a very underdeveloped short term memory, and my cumulative high school gpa was 2.6. I'm not even considering college.



>fails at academics

>has high IQ

I hope you're at least good at hand puzzles (e.g. solving the Rubik's cube without knowing the algorithms, i.e. you could intuitively solve it). Otherwise, consider a re-evaluation. Academics can be bullshit, that's why I mention puzzle solving.



I score high on tests (I scored a 34 on the ACT and 1570 on the SAT) and I do puzzles intuitively. I also taught myself how to play piano if that means anything. Teachers said I was smart and that all I needed to do was apply myself, but they say that to everyone.



You could have said space.


Electroshock therapy deletes memories I think. But also causes brain damage, so…..

YO OP. You can't. It's been tried.



Women nor employers accept average. You must be better than average or have an under average life.


File: baefdd6c7b067ad⋯.jpg (30.54 KB, 436x436, 1:1, 1511708109147.jpg)


>if I got a ~120 IQ result on some pretty difficult test 2.5 years ago, and now I've got a 133 IQ result now, it should at least mean that I am an improving brainlet?

No it doesn't. Those two tests could be different in any number of ways. If you took the same kind of test several times at each point you might have enough data to start drawing conclusions from but this really doesn't mean anything.


No thanks, I'd rather continue to labour under the life long delusion that I am exceptionally intelligent and still have a chance to make something of myself. If I found out I'm actually dumb I don't really have anything to live for.



>Is there a way to empty the bucket ?




Isn't 8x8 = 64 whereas 8+10 = 18 - 2 = 16? Maybe you are larping your idea of a smart guy?



your not supposed to guess on IQ tests, answers need to be answers you legitimately think are answers, thats why real IQ tests are monitored




That's exactly what we are witnessing.


File: a0ba33bb4f33927⋯.png (22.26 KB, 749x493, 749:493, Capture.PNG)

File: f2516f46060090f⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 677x1024, 677:1024, doubt.jpg)

File: d05508025c2a2d1⋯.png (63.02 KB, 694x801, 694:801, designated.png)


>only guessed on one

yeahhhhhh, I barely passed calculus 3 not to mention I am literally a 56% american



the fucking dipshit cunts writing AI are probably going to sell CNC machine writers and truck drivers down the river in a fucking heartbeat but will probably suppress AI that effects accounting (which is fucking redundant these days anyhow) and codemonkeys or anything that props up academia


File: 02698343847d2a5⋯.jpg (98.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1529604592043.jpg)

Ah, from time to time these kind of threads flare up.

The answer is simple, read and experience is the way to gain knowledge to become smarter…

BUT, for brainlets, like myself, I haven't been able to acquire knowledge ever since I have left HS.

And even back at school I was doing like shit.

Nowadays I am a 32 year old NEET, of course without future, dropped out of college a few times.

I am a brainlet, I am an inferior being.

It's a nice illusion of the gifted ones to think that their success is only due to their work ethic, and not due to their genetic and the environment they grew up in to maximize their genes.



Nobody is getting spared by AI, the market incentives will be too great. Honestly, a lot of the things that require humans actually involve the same core set of problems. Once a reasonably general AI is developed for any application it will quickly make damn near anything humans can do, redundant. Some memory-prediction based recurrent architectures already show abilities to generalize.


File: d3776b086b43423⋯.png (636.83 KB, 771x581, 771:581, 1535520523628.png)


>five months full of mental, physical and intellect training later

>see this thread, get fired up, decide to try the test again

>finish the test quicker (spent no more than a few seconds on the first 37% of the questions) by a minute, but still get exactly the same fucking result

It's over for me, guys, isn't it? Is this the limit for me? Is self-improvement really just a meme?



>spent no more than a few seconds for every question from the first 37%


Fuck, I can't even write properly.




Your brain is melting. It's over. At least you managed to get trips, so there's that.


>be brainet

>want career

>decide to do a trade

>choose HVAC technician

>applied to community college for it

How fucked am I ? Have I made a bad choice?



I'm just guessing because I don't know, but consider the following: how often do you hear about them malfunctioning? Would you be needed everytime one is set up? Etc.

Personally, I've never dealt with an HVAC technician. Maybe they have their place and will always have a job. Personally I would say electrician is "better" because the world will always need electricians (in a sizable amount).



HVAC technicians make lots of money, but the work is very physically demanding.

also, if you live in arizona, california, new mexico, southern nevada, or texas, then you might wanna switch choices, since you'll be crawling on (and in) roofs in searing summer temperatures without a/c (since the a/c is what you'll be there to fix).

which is kind of a paradox, since those places are the ones with the highest demand for HVAC repairmen, but yeah.

if you live in a cooler area, tho, it's a pretty nice career.


File: 22a329533fee2f3⋯.png (9.46 KB, 634x412, 317:206, 3 hours sleep.png)


Apparently I'm not a brainlet. Hasn't seemed to improve my life at all though.



>barely passed calculus 3 not

that puts you ahead of the vast majority of people already even if it makes you feel like a brainlet


Okay anons, I consider you guys my brothers. So I think as a relatively successful robot(financially and academically) I can certainly give you guys some advice.

First of all, IQ matters. Think of it as an RPG. If IQisn't your major skill, its gonna be slightly harder, and if it is, its gonna be slightly easier. Regardless, you can train in it and increase your effevtiveness in things iq affects.

First of all, you need to be really good at reading comprehension. This is also one of the easiest things to train in. When I was a noob at my job, a few years ago, the reason I got noticed in a positive light was because I helped our incompetent female team leader to make sense of the incredibly detailed and ambiguous e mails our client sent. So , read. A lot if possible. English isn't my first language so years upon years of shitposting helped me as well, but I have seen it does not really matter as people with poor written communication skills exist everywhere. You dont need to read fuckhueg books on medieval architecture. Just read some novels that interest you, maybe philosophy, anything. Two birds with one stone just read epics from different cultures. Not only are they interesting, but also simple enough to not have you looking for a dictionary every damn paragraph. For non native english speaking anons, watch english movies and interact with native english speakers over the internet. Its hard, I know. You come across very normalfaggot people, but bear with it. These are the very same normalfaggots who will be your subjects.


At work all my coworkers are normalfaggots. You need to learn to hide your power level and not blow up in disgust over their drivel. Anger management. An intelligent man never lets his emotions get the better of him. I have said some things in anger. They never go well. Same can be said about the things you say and do during your vulnerable moments.

Learn to manage your time. Mom will not unplug your game system for you anymore. You have to know whats good for you now. When you start living alone, you find that eating junk food is not only cheaper, but easier as well. Shitty hygiene, dirty room, you have to live with it. A healthy mind can only live in a managed, structured surrounding. Dont take this the wrong way. I myself wash the dishes once a week. But you need to have a structure and not deviate from it. Even the pissjugs will have to be disposed someday.

Like I said earlier. If life is an RPG, you must have a major skill. Find it. Expand on it. Build it. Practice it. People drawing calarts tier furry homosexual pornography are earming money in three figues via patreon. There's literally no excuse. Don't try to be a jack of all trades. That comes naturally. Just focus on one thing. And one thing only.

Stop taking online IQ tests and weird quizzes. Stop getting hung up on IQ. Stop seeking validation from a series of zeroes and ones determining your intelligence on the internet.

You are a human. Literally the smartest species on earth. Stop acting like you are on menopause and take control of your life. Most high IQ wonderchildren end up in dead end jobs, maybe not burgerflippers but not CEOs either. You need to apply yourself. Apply your skills. In an rpg you focus on one build and roll with it. Then why do you change your irl build so often ? Play the cards you are given. Perfect your moves.


Intelligence is inherited. If you were born a retard, you're fucked for life.



he's right, you know.

t. failed calc 1.



My father owns an HVAC business in a rural area of the midwest. He gets more work than he can take, but the other anons are right it is VERY physically demanding.


i finished 60% and the clicked finish because i was bored

it told me this:

Your IQ was measured to 108, which is equivalent to the 70.3 percentile.

should i still kill myself



>can't even complete an IQ test

You should kill yourself at least because of your ADHD


File: 8b2fa37115a97ec⋯.png (231.59 KB, 2000x2818, 1000:1409, phenylpiracetam.png)



Piracetam is absolute shit. Phenylpiracetam is vastly superior.


Work with your hands. You don’t need to be smart to be good at making things. Plenty of people who work on Cars, wood, metal, etc don’t have particularly high IQ




is everyone using this memetic instinctive thinking without internal voice or what?

there are a few exercises that require to stop for a while and analyze what's going on, this time window gives like 40 seconds on avarage to do this

I've always hated this in school, everyone sits down and does not second guess or analyze anything

I can't imagine not getting at least being a little distracted or delving for longer time in thinking about the subject, is this what dyslexia is and why some kids used to get more time for tests at school back in the day?




Maybe you are just using your time incorrectly for the test?

>is everyone using this memetic instinctive thinking without internal voice or what?

"Instinctive" thinking is only useful for the tasks that don't require for you to think very deeply.

>there are a few exercises that require to stop for a while and analyze what's going on, this time window gives like 40 seconds on avarage to do this

You are supposed to blitz through everything if you are a 160+ IQ individual the first part of the test in order to leave more time fpr the latter ones.

But if you need 40 seconds for each question from the first 1/3 then I have bad news for you.

>I've always hated this in school, everyone sits down and does not second guess or analyze anything

Because the shit that is used to test normalniggers' abilities is made for quick answers. Normalniggers can't think very deeply, and the education system reinforces this.

It's not that you are smart, though. It seems like you are just wasting time with focusing internal monologue instead of focusing on thinking about the riddles.

Less left brain activity, more right brain activity.

>I can't imagine not getting at least being a little distracted or delving for longer time in thinking about the subject, is this what dyslexia is and why some kids used to get more time for tests at school back in the day?

Maybe you just need to practice quick decision making? It could be that leaving your brain underdeveloped in some areas whereas having the other parts well-developed is what causing you trouble.


File: 66e9d840fc1a0ef⋯.gif (5.02 MB, 359x202, 359:202, indianin jones rozglada si….gif)


I'm honestly very slow but thourough. Either that or I'm gonna be rushing stuff. But then again, I'm pretty easygoing too, so I was often hurried by others because

>anon what the fuck why it takes you so long

I'm feeling pretty shit today so that's also that. I've taken either that or similiar test few months ago and got 130+. Rushed this test later now and got 126, earlier it was something like 106.

But quick decision making sure is my problem, I just don't believe you can make a correct decision in short timespan without considering everything it's tied with. I've been going very fast with the test at the beggining but it got slower after about 1/3. There's this one excercise with stacks of squares in different corners, at first it seemed kind of easy but there have been several ways to go about this and all made sense, I've also been considering few other things like if I'm not getting too streamlined with solving some of the excercises, many of the patterns seemed too "latin" to me since I would notice them in the way we read: left->right, up->down patterns and I've started considering reverse patterns and other more complicated ones just because it seemed to me that using this sort of pattern is misleading and therefore a trap that I'm walking into. I've spent like 6 minutes on this task if not more.

I'm sort of paranoid myself, I've been trying to find a job lately and a guy at an interview was asking me about some technical stuff and he started asking about things I didn't know or had only vague knowledge so I've started feeling like this is a trap. I remembered that I've seen some usage of more complicated SQL inner joins, but never tried them so I've felt that he is trying to trick me and see if I'm lying since there might be no other inner joins than the "inner join" command. Very often each detail seems dangerous to me and it feels that it just urges me to check it.

I've been tricked badly asa kid a few times by "friends" at school so that probably further enforced this state.


Increase your vocabulary. It's the only proven way to increase one's IQ. Start here.



File: 8600cfc896d161d⋯.png (18.25 KB, 664x497, 664:497, mensa iq.png)


barely 121

always knew I was retarded.


File: e95e1570b7e4f14⋯.png (19.26 KB, 651x424, 651:424, ClipboardImage.png)


I answered most of them seriously but didn't know a few and guessed them and then got I bored when I was 80% done and clicked randomly till the end. Still managed a score of 125, I don't really buy it but whatever I guess.


File: 2bec3397db7f14e⋯.png (30.75 KB, 1152x636, 96:53, AmIaRetard.PNG)


More or less skiped the last two bc i am lazy.

What can i make of this?

Am i a brainlet with a number this high above the average?



Honestly most education is a meme, its 90% fluff.

>most people don't even remember 10% of what they learned

Stats is pretty important, we use it everyday and helps us make important decisions(or really any decision) based off information


cortexin and cerebrolysin

also microdosing modafinil and amphetamines


File: 23f090124329d0c⋯.png (73.31 KB, 592x766, 296:383, IQ.png)

I did Mensa test a year ago. While I think my IQ is actually not that high, I do think I'm somewhat smarter than average, at least when it comes to notice patterns or thinking logically (which is what these test measure).

However, I'm not very succesful. It's been only a year I actually started to do useful stuff, and I'm still a fucking failure. I really feel dumb and not only - but also - in >>258133 sense, but I have no will power, never focus on the same thing for more than 10' (never had to, so now If I want to I don't know how) each day, my motivation decreases, and I'm more and more apethetic to the things I used to enjoy.

So my point is, as many other anons are saying, that if you are a white male (if you are reading this you probably are one), IQ isn't the problem. As you improve yourself - reading, getting in shape, sleeping and eating healthy, finding new interest, quitting addictions… - You'll become smarter. At least this is the path I chose a year ago and I think I'm going places.


File: 382baa55703a6a7⋯.png (37.25 KB, 1461x689, 1461:689, IQ.png)


Some of these made no goddamn sense. I get I'm looking for a pattern, but when it's so abstractly presented it just doesn't look like anything. Though I guess that's the point.


File: 66e77b3477584fd⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 3dac7e7cebc2d37835bf63b21f….jpg)


Get Smarter in Two Easy Steps

1. Get Organized

>rename ALL files on NAVI with descriptive titles

>sort ALL files into folders

>create a comprehensive folder structure that encompasses everything and divides into logical categories

If you organize externally (your NAVI), your mind will likewise tend toward organization. Just as you acquire memes, name/tag them appropriately, and sort them into categories for easy retrieval, your mind will start to tag and sort new information in a way that condenses knowledge into a solid foundation for easy storage and retrieval.

In general, just sort shit (objects, ideas, etc.) into categories. You'll get practice at identifying nuances and making decisions. Also, make lots of visualizations (bonus for doing sentence/grammar trees).

2. Eat Healthy

>buy a buncha (quality) tins of sardines and healthy crackers

>eat one tin per day

>bonus for adding a B-complex and/or uridine monophosphate (Mr. Happy stack).

They're inexpensive and great for brain fog and blood sugar issues.


File: 3f06c4a14250bfd⋯.jpg (190.91 KB, 2048x1638, 1024:819, schematic.jpg)

>ctrl-f verbal

>no results

You're all brainlets. >>258084 is only measuring non-verbal IQ. Verbal IQ, while correlated and inseperable with non-verbal is measured seperately and is much more predictive of life success, in reality you need both.

Pic related, note the axis are means at some specific college and measured using SAT scores. Means are probably around 115 for both if I had to guess, but would depend on the institution.



I also only answered to around the 50/60% mark and then just hit next all the way through for a score of 100. These tests are too gay.


File: d2ed151697135ef⋯.png (77.65 KB, 412x351, 412:351, JlXtPpf.png)


>tfw a bucklet


I'm going to be honest with you anon, being smart is only one part of the equation, many smart people tend to be utterly useless without a will and discipline. It is far more important to have goals towards you are working to than to have the best skills for said goal. I myself am good in math, but I'm a lazy piece of shit, when I need to fix something or build something I do some calculations and be done with it in only 5% of the everyone else needs, but without a force that doesn't come me am can't do shit. Some of my friends are extremely stupid but also very dedicated. I envy their dedication, I wish to be able to simply set my own goal and actually work towards it.


File: f8efb7029caa46b⋯.png (188.16 KB, 1030x488, 515:244, ClipboardImage.png)



Clearly GRE is written on the top and the scoring is different, with the lowest being 130 and the highest being 170 for both verbal and quantitative (math) scores. I did the test and got a decently high score for both sections with only 2 weeks of preparation, I know someone else who did the same but he managed to get a lot higher than me, mainly in Math but he's a smart guy. People take months to prepare for this but unless you're a brainlet and don't have a lot of free time, it's possible to get a decent score like I did with less than a month's study. I don't know how much it can relate to IQ since if you prepare well enough and know how to answer the questions, you can get a high score. Verbal tends to be more difficult because in many of the cases unless you're like a language major you need to know the meanings of the words, basically expand your vocabulary. Math is relatively easier I say as long as you're not retarded with high school level math.



>being smart is only one part of the equation, many smart people tend to be utterly useless without a will and discipline.

Yes completely true, exactly how I feel and I think about this a lot. If only had that that drive to put myself to pursue a real goal then I wouldn't be such a waste.


I have trouble understanding a lot of things, especially on paperwork. For example, if I end up reading a word that I don't know, my mind juat focuses on that word and my brain kind of shuts down because I'm unable to comprehend, I have a similar thing with instructions, near enough every time I will end up stalling use all of my brain to try and piece together what exactly I'm supposed to be doing.

I also couldn't tell the time until I was 12. I had to ask people in class what time it was. I also can't tie my shoelaces, which has fucked up my feet from a lifetime of wearing shoes that don't fit my foot shape but they had straps.

I can't even do mental math past my 2x tables, anything higher and my brain starts to 'shut down' again.



Have you tried supplementing Iodine? It's supposed to lift brain fog.



This is probably the fifth or sixth dumbest thing I've read all day. The trait you're referring to with your simplistic analogy is knowledge or even academic prowess depending on the field. Intelligence is a mostly inherent trait and could refer to how quickly and efficiently you can fill this "bucket." People of excessively low intelligence are pretty much useless. If you've ever met a truly dumb person then you'd agree with me.


That being said, since OP has the level of self-awareness required to actually feel guilty about being unintelligent, I really kind of doubt that he has nigger-tier intelligence. You probably have slightly below average intelligence AT WORST and you're just too lazy/too used to reading only shitposts and Steam game descriptions to have the attention-span required for reading real literature.


File: 821b89e16a38a0d⋯.png (32.63 KB, 854x716, 427:358, Capture4.PNG)


I got 119 on the mensa test. Was good at math for a bit in school but fell out after I deemed my school as a joke and told the people around me that most teachers just give you busywork and speak in jargain just to waste time and get a paycheck. I'm slightly above average in terms of the mensa test (which is probably a lie anyways, actual IQ could be lower or higher) but am an actual retard when it comes to social and emotional things apparently.

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