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File: 1c45d53d93ce473⋯.png (158.49 KB, 262x330, 131:165, 645876789988645.PNG)


Last one reached the bump limit.

>I like to imagine myself in fantasy scenarios I made up

>I make noises during that time

>Sometimes I do it in public places

>MFW sometimes people hear me


File: 4c7812ad572f40c⋯.gif (821.58 KB, 400x587, 400:587, 1503248305695.gif)

>keep a bag full of my own toenails and fingernails

>Listen to one specific song everyday or else the day is ruined

>Collect the Do not eat packets that come from shoeboxes and other containers

>Write my own taxi driver type monologues.(I never same them though)

>Collect the napkins I cum in

>stalk family members

What's it called when you constantly have to collect things ?




That's more obsessive-compulsive disorder than autism



Oh sorry



I can kind of relate to the song thing except I just listen to the same 'set' of songs every day or every other day until I get bored and find something new, I am also the same way about things like vidya/books/anime and obsess with them over years until I hop into another series. I've made my own worldbuilding stuff but I just can't get as obsessed as I do with other peoples creations.


I get embarrassing memories, and it makes me feel so uncomfortable that I drown out the the thoughts with noise. Usually talking to myself.


>you fuck

>you little shit

>you faggot

I do this publicly too, but discretely. I get surprised with how loud I do it sometimes in public.


File: d7756b267a30f60⋯.mp4 (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Water Jug Javelin.mp4)

File: fb31a196a6f595a⋯.mp4 (6.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Molotov (fail).mp4)

>Autism Olympics

>Go outside and chuck water jugs/containers like in shot putting (I refer to the containers as javelins)

>Extra style points if it's on fire (molotov)


File: 9a54164bb058aef⋯.png (29.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1499815489156.png)


>you fuck

If only


File: d0b1c50afe72eeb⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 540x405, 4:3, sonic has depression.jpg)

>constantly think about making games too much that you can't focus on anything anymore

>think about making sonic game, using all of the characters in gameplay and story

>make a perfect game

>realise it will never happen


>come up with programming ideas

>start doing them

>feel over my head & give up

>try again & try to do it methodically so that a natural path arises so that the product will be completed

>still end up giving up because I always get stuck in the labyrinth of optimality

>meaning, I always think it could be done better and get stuck redoing it over & over again

The same idea for going through math books btw. It's just that there there are separators, i.e. chapters/sections so that I don't have to redo a lot & can be make constant progress as long as I'm willing.



This except I sing or laugh or shake my head.

I sing louder than I think I am and other people ask me what I'm saying.



My statements differ, but yeah.


File: 93855f729c9c372⋯.png (79.04 KB, 236x254, 118:127, feelsterribleman.png)


>>tfw you do this to




Is that a fucking plastic bottle?




I have some kind of autism that prevents me from committing to tasks in the long term. Sometimes it's better just to try to get things done in short steps than to agonize over the best way to do every little step. You can optimize after it runs.



No, it's glass, it's just shaped like a cylinder.


>say hello repeatedly when I'm alone

>always tap money 8 times before going out to the store


i have a collection of random scraps that ive found interesting from work. i think my dad saw it once. i also like rocking back and forth, i dont know why, but its really comfy. its not euphoric or anything, its just better than not rocking. theres also a wave of goosebumps feel that happens sometimes, which adds to the experience. i guess whats why super spergers do it, its a bit better than existing without it, plus doesnt really need anything external, like drugs or media. why is rocking relaxing though? does anyone know?



heh, i read that as a plastic jug filled with water thats on fire



I'll do that next time.


My autistic side doesn't usually come out until Im home alone

>make loud poopoo noises with my mouth when Im taking a shit

>argue with myself loudly with an Italian accent

>piss in the shower

>one time I even shit in the shower and threw the turd in the toilet bowl like a basketball


File: 733b85dfc76ea79⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 733b85dfc76ea7980e01de04c3….gif)


>one time I even shit in the shower and threw the turd in the toilet bowl like a basketball

you fucking animal

did you get it in? nothing but net I hope


File: 3c434cc73c7aefb⋯.gif (841.88 KB, 228x171, 4:3, 3c434cc73c7aefbc846c8d436d….gif)


I do that too, but I also jump up and down sometimes as well.


I like making wheezing noises whenever i have to move something around. Its not even for physically straining objectz


>at wageslave job

>shitty pop music playing

>imagine myself at a pop concert in the back

>quietly listening to the music and observing the crowd

>i grab the girl in front of me by the neck

>i push her down and choke the bitch with all of my weight

>no one can hear her arms flailing and hitting me over the song

>no one comes to help

>i watch as the life drains from her eyes once more reminding me that i am alive

>her body lies there, completely oblivious to everything around it as i am fully aware and rejuvenated, my senses becoming clear and my thoughts sorting themselves out

<"hey dumbass, i told you i want a large fry with that, are you even listening?"

>"oh… sure…"


>the headache comes back

>the depression sets in again

>muscles feel heavy

>it never ends

>life is a constant cycle that produces nothing but pain and only momentarily distracts from the constant suffering

i really need to quit this job.


File: 6314ebe7ea15156⋯.jpg (58.82 KB, 603x410, 603:410, 1505131857799.jpg)

>see missing item/pet posters plastered all over my neighborhood

>start jotting down the contact numbers

>know deep down I will never contact them even if I do find their shit

>still write it down anyway

I have an entire contact group in my phone called "side quests" but half of them are over a year old.

I think I started doing it after playing fallout or something, but now it's just compulsory. I automatically start writing info down when I come across them during my nighttime walks.



Reminds me of taking random photos that interest me when i get enough time and energy to walk away from the city


File: 0d62099ef388721⋯.jpg (100.46 KB, 412x373, 412:373, 1511202941269.jpg)

>Keep track of how many times I've nutted

>Use special but unnoticeable markings on my calendar

>I also like to jelq whenever I take a shower

>I'm not so sure if it actually does make my willy huge

>It just feels really good



Jelqing causes tissue damage tbh


File: dce8e2b57e65772⋯.jpeg (95.42 KB, 647x864, 647:864, 8C17B94C-442C-44A8-A782-5….jpeg)


>keep a bag full of my own toenails and fingernails

Kira Yoshikage?


>smoke like a chimney

>listen almost exclusively to hardbass

>wear leather jacket, flat cap, and trackpants




So, how many times HAVE you jacked off?



jelqing will break your dick. you want to look into steching exercising that don't destroy the spongey dick tissue



i don't smoke as much bc gay ass usa is getting rid of all non filters p much


File: 3d5a2bca219685f⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 281x400, 281:400, jumborg9.jpg)

>make sound effects in my head or silently aloud for things I feel require them (sometimes unconsciously)

>zone out while my body just sort of twists and does its own thing

>talk to myself and or to people that aren't there

>have to get up and either pace around my room or make strange movements whenever something exciting or something I deem exciting happens

>barely make eye contact with people

>become very obsessed with certain things or characters

>feel as though I have to collect certain things (music, videos, games, figures, etc.)

>do poses from shows like Ultraman in my room

>have a fantasy world in my head with both fictional and non-fictional characters in it

I believe the fantasy world originally started out as a mashup of Spongebob, Sonic x, and Camp Lazlo.



Davai, my name is Dan Ivanov (Johnson) and I'm a 24 years old American gopnik (hooligan).



What's the song? Me too.


i got fired for being in my head too much i think


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Reminded me of this song from Need for Speed: Underground 2


File: 9e0410bdcd859c8⋯.png (414.85 KB, 584x631, 584:631, christmas.png)


>reddit space

>I convince myself a girl isn't interested even when i know she is.

Don't know if failed normalfag or deluded faggot that still thinks women aren't surrounded by hundreds of men that they can choose from.


I did this more when I was younger.

>Imagine having the ability to switch minds with another person

>Do something stupid and switch back before they cognize that they're in my body

>Imagine not being able to and being stuck in their body and bearing the consequences of that


File: e2170392ddbabb0⋯.jpg (180.15 KB, 700x450, 14:9, 1525475038363.jpg)


>Try to write a greentext story about personal life

>Make it too long

>Add so many details for "context"

>Treat it as if it were a manifesto or and epic

>Think about all the questions anons will ask

>Use fancy words to make story interesting despite being mundane


File: 502fb2b54868b25⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 680x986, 20:29, gondola standing in the oc….jpg)

>stand upright in the middle of my room

>arms hanging down by sides

>head facing down

it's incredibly calming


>tfw also do this very often


File: d9b4fd08b1801b4⋯.jpg (138.74 KB, 655x655, 1:1, IMG_20180424_182736.jpg)


I let out weird whimpers. They've been getting louder lately…


File: 5b25b84d25cbf44⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 448x461, 448:461, i woke up like this.jpg)

>be /pol/ fag volunteering at a phone bank

>people say I phonebank well because I am super polite

>one problem is when 5 people are talking at one I get confused and find it hard to read from my script

>mfw I remember sound sensitivity is a sign of autism



I have multiple but my latest was Gymnopedie by Erik Satie


File: 808016d60156b85⋯.gif (207.17 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 1523873929322.gif)

>I have to wash my hands after I take off my pants


I openly and loudly talk to myself. I have long stopped caring what others think.


File: 67379a506ee7010⋯.jpg (100.26 KB, 604x604, 1:1, lada.jpg)


>don't drink, smoke or do drugs

>don't listen to local music, very rarely listen to hardbass

>jeans and tshirt 99% of the time

>don't even own a leather jacket, flap cap or actual tracksuit



File: 00f0b1f714c28fb⋯.png (961.83 KB, 947x510, 947:510, jaz coleman add.png)

I wear earplugs at the public transport so that I can't hear any nigger beats on the bus


File: 79fe959114e61e3⋯.png (974.29 KB, 1059x676, 1059:676, autism.png)

>I have to perfectly line up things with their surrounding before leaving them for long periods of time else I get upset

like positioning my mouse next to the like button on a video like in the picture for example

>when I havent showered in long time and/or sweat a lot I rub my skin to form dead skin balls, sometimes keeping them for the whole day to see how big I can get one


File: 8efdb52b73ea23b⋯.webm (5.87 MB, 640x480, 4:3, slavs are subhuman - russ….webm)


Literally the right thing to do and to disagreed is being a filthy animal.



post that shit dood


File: 30495106d69cc59⋯.pdf (1.11 MB, My Twisted World.pdf)


Just finished it. Had to upload it as a PDF cause it was so long lol


I emulate foreign leaders in my outfit and mannerisms etc… I bought my current pair of glasses because I notice Iranians have a tendency towards rectangle rim glasses with no bottom frame.



holy fuck I will never get over how long this was. He has a surprising amount of recall ability.



It is isn't it? I sometimes hunch my back a little and let my arms be pulled by gravity. Especially nice on a feely day, gives that tingling feeling from the chest. I do it whenever i come in to work, in the washroom of course



I find it satisfying to rub them off after a shower and watch how they sprinkle the tub


File: 390e12782bd0d82⋯.jpg (46.8 KB, 500x667, 500:667, It's Time.jpg)

I write manifestos for fun, but compulsively delete them because I'm afraid they could be used against me as a form of legal abuse. No matter how stupid it is, I'm constantly paranoid that the cops are going to bust down my door because of it.



Could you please share one of them with us?


File: a5e25fa92484a3f⋯.jpg (356.22 KB, 1200x919, 1200:919, Rampage-chan.jpg)


If you insist, here's the introduction from the latest one I was working on. I have a few more snippets and I was intending to include 365 quotes with commentary, but only ended up writing a few dozen. Let me know if you want to read them as well, since it's too long to include in one post. It's a complete mess and I wasn't really feeling it, so I've put this one on hiatus for now.

>ALEA IACTA EST, A Rubicon For The Modern Man, by VAW

>Dedicated to those who gave a damn during my life, and continue to care after my death.

>"Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race." - Psalms 12:1

>If you're reading this, then that means I'm deceased. You may think that's for the best, or wish that I had departed sooner. Perhaps you're one of a tiny minority that can appreciate my unique situation. I suppose it doesn't matter in the end.

>The purpose of this article is to illustrate my worldview in a manner that is easy to digest for the casual reader. I've decided to opt for a commentary model to convey my ideas and worldview. Over the years, I've noticed a tendency among others to eagerly absorb quotes made by men of gravity. Due to this perceived profundity in the smallest utterance made by great men, I believe their words will serve as a perfectly suitable springboard for commentary.

>I won't lie; this isn't how I wanted to present myself, and this choice is largely the result of a need for expediency. Nevertheless, I believe it will suffice for my purposes. I have divided this article into three parts; quotations and commentary, which will be the longest part, ALEA IACTA EST and a handful of essays. I was also going to include an autobiographical perspective, but my life's both a long story, and not a very interesting one.

>If anyone (for whatever reason) feels as if they're missing out in its omission, I believe the autobiographical aspect of this article would be dreary, as I am not a risible person, prone to grudges or excessive emotional involvement in my own affairs. This psychological detachment from my own existence is partially responsible for my ability to scrutinize the world and people around me with a measure of depth, but it also means that I lack the visceral punctuation that is mandatory for an entertaining read. I've tried numerous times to write about myself, but have simply lacked the ability to do so for any significant length.

>I would recommend that the reader scrutinize anything said about me, my private opinions or worldview. People are prone to lie or distort the truth to fit an agenda, (for example, people publishing work under the name of Theodore Kaczynski that contradicts his views, claims that Adam Lanza was a pedophile, that "Incel" self-help communities are a criminal organization, Anders Breivik was a "Nazi," etc.) and you owe it to yourself to pursue the truth as I have. To that end, you would be doing yourself a favor to compare any dubious, sensational or outrageous claims about me with this article. I only regret that it can't be more comprehensive, but such is life.

>As a final note, I would recommend that if anyone wishes to prevent this sort of event in the future, they would be wise to release the pressure. This country, like this civilization, is built on rotten foundations, and the cracks have become impossible to cover up. People like me, who are sick and tired of being stuck in this rotting carcass, will break free or die trying. I doubt that this will cause any mote of change, but that isn't the point.

>If you report on me, you implant my ideas in present and successive generations, whether intentionally or not. Even if you believe that this work is the ludicrous product of a sick mind, others won't (just look at Columbine) Mass shootings are routinely followed by copycats, just like high profile suicides and serial killers. Ultimately, humans are simple animals following social cues and in this world of emotionally stunted, fame-starved plebeians, death is a small price to pay for fifteen seconds of fame.

>Finally, I can already hear people screaming, "This guy is fucking batshit!" There is nothing I can say in my defense against such accusations, as there is no way to properly disarm the accuser. After all, how exactly does one go about proving sanity after one's death? Moreover, in an insane System, the truly sane man is destined to be accused of insanity. The same applies to people who will inevitably claim that I'm evil, while openly endorsing a system that celebrates genocide, dehumanizing degeneracy and outright infanticide. What can I say to such people, aside from "Get fucked, you worthless trash"?

>Yours, VAW


File: 460512ca35e7862⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 500x580, 25:29, memes 280.jpg)


>When I talk to myself in my head I use the's and thou's

Not sure where this came from, probably from reading the KJV.



I think I would like to read them. Nice intro btw.



I like you a lot.


Whenever I have something I want to talk about online, I write a few paragraphs on it and save it for when someone else posts about it. Instead of just starting my own thread over it.


File: fdaff9305e59652⋯.jpg (205.78 KB, 1900x950, 2:1, Columbine-chan.jpg)



Here are some of the quotations with commentary. Let me know if you want some of the short essays. I just don't want to flood the thread with posts, since /r9k/ is such a slow board.

>"Me ne frego!" - Benito Mussolini

>Or, in English, "I don't give a damn!" This is the motto which you should carry within your heart. Is the system against me? Me ne frego! Is the country against me? Me ne frego! Is the world against me? Me ne frego! I am right, they are wrong, and this end must be pursued, before it's too late. What will people think of me? Me ne frego! What will my friends think of me? Me ne frego! What will my family think of me? Me ne frego! The entire global system was pitted against you from birth, and it will not relent. This rootless international clique wants you, and everyone like you to die. You were born in a rotting corpse, during the middle of a war, so bring the fight to them. You don't have the time, nor the inclination to give a damn, because what's at risk is your survival. So, "me ne frego!"

>"There is a good deal of ruin in a nation" - Adam Smith

>Adam Smith was right, but we have been ruining our nation for over a century now, and we've reached the point of breaking. The same can be said of any given northern & western European nation. Right now, the GIGN are openly calling for people to prepare for guerrilla warfare in France, but of course their statements are ignored in favour of self-indulgence. While Muslims have all but conquered Sweden, the nation publishes pamphlets telling people to prepare for war with Russia. I don't know what's worse, the fact that Sweden gives their invaders free lessons in firearm safety & marksmanship, or that Germany is training Muslims to drive trucks of peace. Our leaders are traitors, and our people are sheep being led to the slaughter. The butcher's cleaver is well and truly bloodied, and yet we continue on as if nothing's happening. Maybe not in the near future, who knows? All I know is that the rot has gone on for too long, and there's a lot of work to be done before we can declare our civilization cleansed of its putrefaction.

>"YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! Remember this for it is a fact. Anyone who isn't an incorrigible fool can expect to get away with some things for a while without getting caught. It's an old story. They will keep it up and up until they overextend, develop a pattern or otherwise trip themselves up. Down swoops the System and personal disaster usually follows. You had better know how to cut your losses." - James Mason

>I'm reminded of two stories I read, not too long ago. The first story was about a Muslim youth who planned to shoot up a mall. The second was about a couple of teenagers in the UK who planned to shoot up their school, in imitation of Columbine (Have any two teenagers destabilized society as much as those two? Bless you, Eric & Dylan!) In the first case, the kid wrote up a manifesto, explicitly detailing his intentions - time, date, place, method, etc. - and then bragged to an FBI informant about it over the Internet & text messages. Now, he's been arrested and is awaiting a verdict of twenty to life. The second case wasn't that much different, except the kids lacked the means to acquire firearms. They planned to burglarize the father of one of the boy's girlfriends and use his firearms to commit their attack. Unfortunately, before that could be achieved, the kids were writing manifestos which incriminated them and bragged to classmates about how they were going to shoot up their school, thereby sealing the deal. I've noticed this is a trend among would-be school shooters, as if they can't simply shut up. While writing about these two cases, I was reminded of a third case - someone who used to post on IM, before it was taken down. To cut a long story short, Columbiner roastie wants to go on a shooting spree, so she ropes in her underage lover to shoot up a mall with her. Those two made in-depth plans together, on Tumblr & Facebook. So, when she books a flight to see him a few days before their planned killing, well let's just say the story ends with him blowing his brains out when the cops kicked down the door, while his buddy and girlfriend got arrested. They're facing around 10 years each, if I'm not mistaken.

We can all see the similarities in these three cases, so this is the part where I chastise people for having low agency and dreadfully short attention spans. If you know what must be done, but can't do it now, take measures that will ensure you can in the future. Until then, prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Most importantly, shut the fuck up, and keep it to yourself. If Randy "No Buttholes" Stair could do it, so can you.


File: cba7e2848320882⋯.mp4 (14.94 MB, 480x360, 4:3, qzQXgdE60Hc (4).mp4)

Whenever I go to the toilet, when I am just about to shit, I scream "BANKAI" with all my lungs and I imagine song related.

>tfw your zanpakutou is literally shit



Associating Bleach with shit is reasonable.



Come on lad.

Early Bleach was wonderful. I agree with you though, it sadly went to shit with time.

But honestly, what doesn't go to shit with time ?


File: 9a7fb0bd400312e⋯.png (47.64 KB, 224x267, 224:267, hell no!!.png)


Bleach was consistently generic and formulaic. The plot was shallow and predictable, and the fight scenes were drawn out and boring. If "cliché battle shounen" was an entry in the dictionary, Bleach would be the pictured example.


File: 08a61f922a47e57⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 517x800, 517:800, image12323.jpg)


>Early Bleach was wonderful.

The only good thing about Bleach was the character designs.



here is why weeaboos are mocked and ridiculed by everyone else including other nerds.





Screw you with your refined taste.

I watched Bleach when it first came out and I was like around 10 yo. Back at this time, I would consume any kind of anime and like it.

Now, I cannot even watch 1 sec of the current anime productions as they bore me to a level. Currently, I am only watching Megalo Box while awaiting for Tanya.



I do the same. I usually do fake laughs (literal "haha"'s) and repeating "i want to die kill me please" a few times.



bretty gud.

I only wish I had something more meaningful to say


>washing my hands

>water fills up in the sink

>start to notice a force keeping my left hand higher in the water

>let the sink fill up completely

>test it out

>My left hand is indeed more buoyant then my right hand

how did this happen?



Muscle's denser than fat. Your fapping hand is more muscular than your non-fapping hand, and thus less buoyant.



Sorry it took so long to respond but yes I made it. My toilet is within arms reach of my shower though so it was an easy shot.



this is a book, not a greentext.


File: 7a42e8b27910057⋯.png (637.71 KB, 1267x961, 1267:961, homr pumpkin.png)

>like 10 minutes ago

>have to piss

>run straight into bathroom door




If you started a webpage I would read it, and I'm sure at least 10 other people would as well.


This isn't the MOST autistic thing I've ever done, but it's close..

In 4th grade I convinced my 2 friends to work with me on a talent show project. I meticulously choreographed the whole thing and made them practice with me every chance we had, I was the lead and knew how to make us look 'cool as fuck' doing it.

It was to a song by 98 degrees and I haven't stopped cringing since.

I think everyone pretended to like it.


>discuss subjects I am interested in in very detailed manner in my head and pretend I'm talking to another person

>fantasise about being a dictator that changes infrastructure and social/cultural aspects of society to autistic degree

>walk/jump around while fantasising about fictional worlds I created in my head because it makes me focus better on my thoughts for some reason

>fantasise about traumatising things happening to me like fighting in a war which often depresses me because it feels like it actually happened

>fantasise about having conversations with the only friends I had in middle school

I no longer do this but I used to do this as a kid:

>spit out food I've been chewing on (preferrably bread) and then put it in my mouth again because it makes it taste nice for some reason


File: f3f3d5ba99a278e⋯.png (494.09 KB, 712x437, 712:437, What is wrong with me.PNG)


>Say something that wasn't as funny I thought it would be

>Think about every other awkward or cringey shit I said recently

>Come to the realization that I'm a social outcast and deserve to be one



>try to put 1/4" tool inside 3/8" collet

>"anon that's a 3/8" collet, you can't put a 1/4" tool in there"

>keep autistically twisting on collet anyways


File: 42060fba1294a05⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 5344x3245, 5344:3245, Timeline.jpg)


Same. I've imagined the same story in my head since I was 7 or 8 years old, I imagined this sci-fi war between the races of "whos" and "lice". Using twigs as spaceships and imagining the school as a huge fortress, I continued imagining this in middle school when I was bored, with the main characters being a married couple Peter and Emily. They died in the climactic battle at the end of middle school, and their son Orion became the main character. He journeyed to a giant tree-city and continued fighting for the whos. The whole family had this Jedi-sense where they could catch glimpses of the future for supernatural reflexes (it was how I explained their plot armor) and also could have visions. Orion had a ton of plot happen to him, but I ended up having him sacrifice himself to kill the louse villain Timeless during a knife fight by pulling both of them into a pit of burning energy. This was when I was 19. I skipped around a bit and eventually ended up 20 years later in the story with Orion's children Leo and Andromeda as the main characters, but Leo was too much of a "chad" for me to really identify with and Andromeda, while a much better character, was female and I never felt she fit as main character. I started to miss Orion so I ended up having Andromeda have visions of her father and this led her to go to an ancient ruin where some ancient nanotechnology could bring her father back to life. Turns out the lice had the same idea and wanted to resurrect him as an assassin. Timeless' successor, Dauntless, showed up with Orion's burnt remains, tipped them into the pool, then fought with Andromeda and was about to kill her when Orion tapped him on the shoulder, told him to get his hands off his daughter, then fought him and killed him. So Orion was brought back to life, but I ended up with three main characters and the whole "inheritance" theme of the story got completely screwed up. So I lost interest in it, this was almost a year ago now. A story I've had in my life sixteen years, one of the few things left from my childhood, and I ruined it. All because Orion was so much like my alter ego, killing him off in the first place was a mistake. I've made up some new worlds to escape into but it'll never be the same. I also wrote over 500 pages of prose for this story, various sections throughout, and made tons of shit like pic related to help organize the massive plot of the story.



What software did you use to make this timeline? I feel like I might need to use it for one world I've had in my head.



OpenOffice, no joke. I think I did snap to grid and then a lot of copying and pasting.


I’ve noticed that whenever I feel comfortable with an online community, I’ll become increasingly immature until I cross some sort of line of acceptability, double down with another immature attempt at humor (often because I feel that the warnings from the moderators come across as condescending and hostile), then get banned.


File: a4e294ffeec841d⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 800x533, 800:533, i_need_that_wierd_brass_pi….jpg)

File: 4cc3effcd48366d⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 615x409, 615:409, future_soylent_consumers.jpg)

File: 01ec7bda5b28d46⋯.jpg (24.52 KB, 534x401, 534:401, annoyingfaggotholyshitiswe….jpg)

>everytime I see a stock photo of a kid I get extremely mad and want to rip out the fuckers jugular

Especially when they are boys with their mouth gaping open like some proto-soyface. I can't fucking stand it; it's like they took the picture when the kid has the maximum amount of spoiled and brat in their face. What even more rustles my autism is when they are playing video games, fucking pisses me the fuck off. Arguably on the same tier are women stock photos where they make exaggerated faces; they make me want to knock the shit out of them. Adult male stock photos have no affect, probably because they don't look like complete dipshits even when they exaggerate.



Same. It's like I'm holding a glass thing and I can't let go so eventually I just throw it from frustration so that it shatters. I usually don't get banned though, I make people like me by then.



Shit lad same for all of this.


File: 73c85d600b2fa91⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 610x587, 610:587, 1512258734713.jpg)

>Live a pretty uneventful life

>Read about some random tragic story or tense situation on the news

>Think about all the possible things I could do if I were in that situation

>Get overly emotional as if it actually happen


>Watch a gruesome webm on /b/

>It's a bulldog eating some lady's cat that he just killed

>The lady recording audibly crying

>Think about what I could have done

>Imagine myself cracking the dogs skull with a sledgehammer while it was still obliviously eating my cat

>Suddenly act all traumatized and teary-eyed as if I actually did it


File: c350975b60ad308⋯.jpeg (224.62 KB, 409x559, 409:559, serveimage.jpeg)

when I'm on the bus I like to imagine a guy running along side the bus, cutting down people with a sword. i award myself points for combos, style and if i can stay off the ground an entire journey. The only reason I watch kung fu movies is to "add" more moves to my characters abilities

I mutter baneposts under my breath

when I think about something really exciting I go all tense and clench my teeth. I thought it was something only I did but then I met an autistic (real autism not image board autistic, like can't speak, write or make eye contact) child who was having therapy to stop it

>tfw more autistic than an actual retard


>write shitty-ass songs

>go back and annotate them like on a genius page or something


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


While listening to this I flipped my arms a bit as if I were doing the 闘技・神砂嵐, and my arms happened to turn in synchronization with the "wubs", I think it's called.



lol nice



that's nice>>271109

that's nice>>271109

that's nice


File: d828dfc9920e532⋯.jpg (11.24 KB, 300x300, 1:1, john-oates-12986499-1-402.jpg)


I went from fit to very toned, after someone said I looked like one of the jojo pillar man.

Just so I could copy their movements and poses, it took 8 months yet it's the best playing their theme and posturing in the mirror.

>TFW anime club autism is validated.



I started a napkin collection. I don't know why but i did when i went to this restaurant and liked the texture of their napkins. I have one old subway napkin before they changed the logo



Hehe her leg. Got any more anon? Your prose is nice to read



Your saliva breaks down the long carbohydrate (?) Chains in bread into shorter chains which we call sugars (or something loke that i cant remember), this makes spit bread taste sweeter. Its nice to eat plain bread and roll ot around your tongue, normalcattle will never know this feel because they mindlessly gorge on food without thinking about it



Thanks, man. I can't really be bothered with starting a page, since I'm shit at keeping schedules, and it'd pretty much just be a blog.


Sure, here you go.

>"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato

>The humanitarian-pacifistic outlook is one of death; even Buddhists have taken up weapons, both historically and in a contemporary context. Just look at Myanmar, where monks are calling for righteous national self-defense against Islamic insurgents. Indeed, pacifism robs man of both purpose and dignity, by shunning his very nature. Today, we have people who view man as something transcendent; a creature without nature. These fools wilfully deceive themselves into thinking of man as a blank slate to be written on. They do this to justify their unnatural and impracticable philosophies, which none can abide in practice. They refuse to understand that behavior is, like so many other things, genetic. A factory farmed chicken will quickly rediscover to its organic nature, once liberated from its artificial conditions. Likewise, man has an organic nature and a significant part of that is competition, conflict and yes, bloodshed. Securing peace is a glorious thing, but only if it is the peace of the victorious, for there is only one other type of peace - the peace of the grave.

>"Money: There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money." - Sophocles

>As Theodore Kaczynski once wrote, the Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. Not just ecologically, but socially and spiritually as well. The wealth it conferred to mankind - in particular, European man - has crushed us with the burden of comfort. We luxuriate in wealth and plenty unimaginable to previous generations, and these things have come to define our existence. We cannot live without them - we refuse to do so. Even those with an ideological bent against consumption or modernity can't yank themselves away from it. We live in a deeply troubled society, which subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy, then gives them the drugs to take away their unappiness. It is no secret that monetary wealth doesn't dull our pains, especially when pursuit of its bountiful riches robs us of the humanizing elements of life which our ancestors knew so intimately. We are stuck in a rut, where money defines us, and yet it destroys us in our blind desire.

>"Take hope from the heart of man, and you make him a beast of prey." - Maria Louise Ramé

>The modern man is a nihilist, who not only refuses, but is outright incapable of believing in anything greater than himself. To the vast majority, life is nothing but the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain - a bestial existence, barely worth regard. Without hope for something great, something transcendental, something metaphysical, man devolves to the lowest beast on Earth. To him, the future is an abstract concept that is barely worth regard. This creature is an easy prey for the multitude of predators, and we can witness them swarming, frenzied with the scent of blood. Their blades are drawn and behind their smiles are the cold, dead eyes of men tasked with our slaughter.



I think you should upload whatever stories you got. I dont think Im the only one here who wants moar to read.



These are nice you should just make a pdf of these and put it on archive.org or something. They dont have to even be connected to one another, just paragraphs of things you've thought up of. It can be more like reading a folder of assorted screencaps than reading a book


File: 2ad14fe6c090618⋯.jpg (373.08 KB, 1680x1200, 7:5, Britbong-Chan.jpg)


>“Terror is nothing more than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible.” - Maximilien de Robespierre

>The question will inevitably arise on whether what I advocate is terrorism, and my answer is yes, absolutely. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with that. Daily, we are subjected to the tyranny of unaccountable agents, bent on our destruction. Without, enemies encircle us and within, their friends conspire against us, and they will predate upon our lands until there is nothing left but a hollow ersatz nation-state formerly known as America, populated by a soulless, mongrelized race of sub-morons. We must crush the enemies of our people, wherever they arise, and our first maxim must be to fill them with terror. Terror, for a virtuous cause, is the core of revolution – without virtue, terror is criminality, and without terror, virtue is powerless. Let the enemy cry about the gleaming sword in our hands – ignore it as they will, theirs is well used and covered in the blood of innocents. Spurn their hypocrisy (in its many forms) for what it is; cowardice. They are nothing more than spineless, servile parasites, who lack the mettle to withstand real actions, committed by true believers.

>When someone sees a strong horse and a weak horse, they like the strong horse." - Osama Bin Laden

>The West is a senile dotard, swiping at imaginary enemies, both foreign and domestic. It's a schizophrenic titan, with a treacherous advisor perched on its shoulder. As Osama taught us, David & Goliath is real, and it's now. Whether you believe he did 9/11 or not, that glorious son of a bitch has all but ruined the USA's global standing. Stand up and salute! Honourable mention goes to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The sharks are circling the west, and as our politicians cry “Russians!” the Chinese nip at our heels, and when they cry “China!” the fifth column sucker punches us. The fifth column is growing everywhere, in size, titles and influence. Instead of confronting the rot at the core of our private citizenry and public institutions, our public and private institutions are busy chasing after nationalists – the curative measure against this metastasized cancer. No wonder the predators are licking their lips. The only people with the strength of character and will to see our nations recover have been declared enemies of the state.

>“It is honourable to be accused by those who deserve to be accused.” - Anonymous

>I proudly march forwards, to purge the traitors in our midst and knowingly face a firing line. What is more courageous than that? What is more righteous than that? What is more Godly than purging the sinful amidst our ranks? I will be called cowardly, but we've already covered that laughable accusation. I will be called immoral, but what is moral virtuous than fighting for your people? I will be called Satanic, at least by a deranged few who deceive themselves into thinking they're Christian, yet they ignore all religious texts! Oh yes, I will also be accused of criminality, but only by those who deserve the hangman's noose! The guillotine awaits those who doubt me, who slander me, who chastise me. They will be plentiful, but there is plenty of ground for graves in this country. Call it delusion if you will, but one way or another, this country is collapsing. Be it by a nigger's paw, the CPC or a white man's sword, your day will come and it's approaching.

>"In these countries, in the so-called "democracies" the people is by no means the main focus of attention. What really matters is the existence of this group of "Democracy makers". That is, the existence of a few hundred giant capitalists who own all the factories and shares and who, ultimately, lead the people. They are not interested at all in the great mass of people. They are the only ones who can be addressed as international elements, because they conduct their business everywhere. It is a small rootless international clique that is turning people against each other, that does not want them to have peace." - Adolf Hitler (To be written)



>I think you should upload whatever stories you got. I dont think Im the only one here who wants moar to read.

Yeah, the problem with that is, I don't want any more feds looking into my business than i absolutely necessary.


>you should just make a pdf of these and put it on archive.org

Maybe I will. Again, the problem is that it's close enough to sedition in my shithole nanny state country that I could get arrested for a hobby.



Different anon here. It is okay to shill my attempt at a novel? If people want something to read it's the sort of thing that a chan audience might enjoy. It's a mix of historical fiction and conspiracy theory with some musings about the decline of Western civilisation. Not to be taken too seriously.

You can get it for free here:


I'd honestly just like if some people would read it. Not my real name on the cover by the way, just a random pseudonym I came up with.


Talk to myself in a retarded voice, saying things like "Epic fuck time" but in a Spurdo-esque "Ebin Fug Tibe!!!!" way


File: 34c02078ecf10dc⋯.jpg (252.35 KB, 499x360, 499:360, 1515554002868.jpg)


I do that too anon

>think about past altercations from school

>think about doing things differently

>lose hours lost in thought thinking of different ends to already concluded scenarios

>often think of hypothetical scenarios based off past events

>forget they're fake until I'm seething with rage from something in my mind



Shit..I thought I un-ironically the only one saying things in a spürdo voice because it sounds more funny



i like these anon, please post more when you can



tell me, Slav, are those stereotypes about Slavs true? or atleast with some slavs?



Every slav country has a variation and different severity of the stereotype, but it's there, for sure.


File: 204048674774dbb⋯.png (43.03 KB, 444x476, 111:119, Screenshot from 2018-07-09….png)

All these stupid metadata tags everybody jerks off over and they still name their fucking files with the fucking artist - album in the god damn name what a fucking waste of space.



Fortunately, you have a sh script to rename automatically this kind of bullshit, right my autistic friend?


>be turbo autist

>do not carry wallet for money

>go to lunch in supermarket/takeaway

>pay to woman on counter

>she must have noticed I never put my money in a wallet

>"anon, don't you fear you will lose money putting it in your pockets jsut like this"

>"well, never happened before, so I am not scared"

I will have to find a new takeaway. godamnit



why the fuck would they even bring that up? were you stuffing your cash into your spaghetti pocket or something?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sometimes I'll play BF2 or MoWAS2 and pretend I'm fighting a board. I might try liberating /pol/ or something.


File: e2ab8f95f49a93b⋯.png (42.89 KB, 750x175, 30:7, cause of autism explained?.png)


This and the other thread were up so long I've had months to think about it.

The ironic/catch-22/merciful thing about autism is that you don't realize you're autistic. Consider as an extreme example how unaware legitimate cerebral palsy retards are. If there's a god, it's cruel…but not entirely so.

That said, I think these "autistic things" fall into three categories:

>the truly horrific autistic things that you don't know about and only others have seen that would probably trigger your suicide

>genuinely autistic things that aren't as bad (but existentially more brutal) because we're aware of them

>things we do that are weird but we do them as a larf because life needs whimsy

I really don't know about the first category.

I'll have to think more about the second, but for starters:

>typical hikki stuff like:

<haven't left neighborhood in year+

<walking only mode of transport in years

<will never sleep away from home

<will never poop away from home

<haven't been to a mall, stadium, concert, etc. in decade(s)

>typical assburgers stuff like:

<counting: steps (particularly stairs); seconds while pouring things; syllables in (thought) sentences and rewording until they fall evenly on the weird alternate fingercounting thing I do

As for whimsical things that are just fun and I don't care if they seem off:

>I like to wash the wood floors in the anime manner by bending over, leaning on a rag, and running up and back in straight lines. It's fun.

>Maybe more, but probably not enough.

Also, I always take one leg out of my pants when I shit. Not autistic—just a logistical thing.

Bonus link and pic related for neurochemfags.




Depends on the country. It's much more common in shitholes like Ukraine than in Poland or Russia



>argue with myself loudly with an Italian accent

I do this but when I'm in my car. I use different accents too, like Indian since I work with pajeets.


File: e48cd56e0df522e⋯.jpg (23.33 KB, 474x315, 158:105, theman.jpg)

File: 4886ee9aad7894b⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 474x323, 474:323, AUTISMINTENSIFIES.jpg)

File: 34bc3228e8abf26⋯.jpg (24.73 KB, 474x266, 237:133, SpaceDandy.jpg)

>Fantasize about a dozen different worlds, potentials

>LARP as the MC in these worlds

>Come to a difficult position, usually the martyrdom

>Tear up and lose confidence in my real life

>I will never live up to the characters I have created

I have a strange obsession with "normal" characters. Background characters, the guys you can look at and think "that's a guy" and that's about it. Not especially charming, not especially intimidating. Maybe it's because of the guys I grew up around, but I don't find unironically suave or charming male leads to be relatable or admirable. I prefer guys like Space Dandy or ==[AUTISM INTENSIFIES]==, if we're being stylish, instead of Bond or Eastwood. Characters who aren't "cool", but goofy or plain. I've known guys who act like Bond or Eastwood, they're fake. Incredibly pathetic and miserable, and they spread misery. Not that Dandy is much better mind, but still. The most compelling character for me is Steve Forsing from Sicario I always felt the Benicio was ok. He's a bit too try hard, but he still looks like some middle aged mexican guy. Pretty cool movie all around. He looks like a guy. He is just a guy. But the shit he does and says and knows makes him truly a man. He doesn't have a need to be interesting or suave.

It's an extension of my own desire to be "Normal". Not like "drinking, partying, fucking" normal. Just to dress, act, speak, and engage in very "normal" things. Hard to describe. I always struggle with eccentricity, because to me it is not about denying eccentricity. It's about exerting a greater control over it. Not letting yourself be defined by anything but yourself. I don't really know how to go about it in practice, so I just try to imagine what the most normal guy would be, what he'd know, and why he'd know it and do it. What I have so far as what I consider a "normal" guy:

>Wears simple blue jeans with a tucked in white undershirt (either tee or tank, no vee neck) and longsleeved plaid shirt (simple design and colors, only top unbuttoned) and brown boots with a simple belt (maybe even a belt buckle?). Always has a light rain jacket and ball cap (simple design, maybe MAYBE even a sports team or VERY VERY VERY unlikely a MAGA cap)

>Carries a Buck knife, a Pen, Keys, Wallet, and Phone.

>No beard, Short hair (maybe even slicked or styled).

>Simple soaps and shampoos, cheap aftershaves (think shit like Barbarsol and Irish Spring. Nothing overly scentsy)

>Maybe a Leather Jacket, Heavier Jackets if its cold.

>If he works in an office, always wears simple suits (Navy or Black, solid colored ties. Black Oxfords obviously) (Can't decide on hats, either Flat Cap or nothing. Fedoras are too out of fashion).

>Can't decide on smoking and drinking. Either Teetotaler or drinks beers, wines, and whiskeys occasionally.

>Always well mannered, makes eye contact, shakes hands firmly, doesn't back down from a confrontation but tries to resolve it peacefully. Speaks directly, honestly, yet politely. Doesn't spill his spaghetti or over share.

>Not sure about flirting. Nonetheless, doesn't sleep around or act untoward towards women.

>Attends church regularly

>Knows how to Box and Wrestle (maybe fencing). Shooting is a must, as is hunting and fishing. Camping too. (Archery obviously)


>Owns only three guns, treats them like tools

>Owns a truck or jeep, or if in a city, walks and uses public transportation

>Reads daily, keeps up with the news, local, national, and globally

>Cooks and eats "American" and British foods primarily. Biscuits and grits for breakfast, like that

>Doesn't swear unneccessarily, if at all.

>Doesn't insult or mock someone. Ignores most insults.

>Can sing and know common folk songs and country songs on piano and guitar

>Good at math and science

>Follows a rigid schedule, always punctual. A man of his word.

>Doesn't masturbate or watch porn (though appreciative of the female form)

More and more, my daddy issues come to the forefront. But i genuinely think I want to be a better father than my dad was. And to do that, I feel the urge to be that guy. That's what I spend half of my life doing. The other half is bouncing between the dozen other fantasies. It's both satisfying and miserable. A temporary pleasure.



at least you're doing your best ,champ


File: 50df0b07fbb9711⋯.png (356.32 KB, 464x532, 116:133, 90s cave.png)

I've had this thing for ages in which I would be in an interview and I'd explain why do I do what I do, my positions in the world, ideas, state of affairs. Which would be non-relevant since I was daydreaming of being a game dev in the same vein kojima is a game dev; less of a game and more of being a diva and having a cult of personality.

Either that or daydreaming about being a host in E3 and doing retarded shit like saying we're inspired by Call of Duty, and start repeating the words "call of duty" to the audience, in various tones and manners, and throwing myself to the ground and start making worm dance movements. Also, staring at the different cameras that would be streaming the conference without saying anything, mildy smiling from time to time, or I'd blast Death Grips and start doing more dance moves.

I've read somewhere that it was something related to a glory complex but honestly I never gived a lot of fucks to begin with



me too, and im the most normie on this board probably


File: 6d6c045fb807c10⋯.png (19.19 KB, 237x445, 237:445, 183790436739.png)


>Whenever I eat ice cream I often decide to vomit some of my recently masticated ice cream back into my mouth for a 2nd taste

>Whenever I decide pee in a public restroom I concentrate on math problems [say 6x6] in order to relax

>I often entertain the fantasy of having infinite knowledge and what I'd be able to do

>Create a 3d printer that prints fully developed human beings down to the neurological synapse

>Essentially bringing back any person from the dead with all their memories

>Personalities and memories are chemical reactions after all



>ywn regurgitate your favorite icecream with the fuhrer



>"Whenever I eat ice cream I often decide to vomit some of my recently masticated ice cream back into my mouth for a 2nd taste"

You're not alone, Gorillas in captivity do this too with improper feed. For example, it was documented that they would regurgitate hard cakes made of sugar and fiber in order to taste it again. This was in the early days before they discovered natural feed didn't cause heart disease.


File: b597a467252e4f6⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 138x147, 46:49, 1419550582052.jpg)


While we're on the topic on high-func autism and animal tangents

I wouldn't be surprised if low-functioning autists gnaw on the inside of their mouths'

>like horses after having been given a sugar cube


I autistically obsess over everything that's gone wrong in my life because i'm afraid that worse shit's going to happen if I turn my back on life. Never relax around blacks? More like keep life in check with a knife.



>obsess over everything that's gone wrong in my life

Started writing a journal last year and I obsess half as much now as i did them.

You should try it


File: bfa3aefaf0e2b3e⋯.jpg (37.52 KB, 470x720, 47:72, the fukku did you just say….jpg)


i not only do that but also chew and rip my nails, to the point of bleeding sometimes toenails too

i dont know why, i feel so relaxed when i manage to rip the entire white part of the nail in a single go without hurting or bleeding, sometimes it fails and it rips more than i wanted to, but when it doesn't its like a whole ton of stress gets off me.



>I cut my self, or bite my nails,

Dude, smoke weed already



weed is for niggers



>weed is for niggers



File: 44ff50aa2844e53⋯.png (100.2 KB, 257x214, 257:214, someone wants to get spook….png)


that is beyond fucking autistic. congrats.


I like to make engine noises.



thats autistic but also a little adorable



>Started writing a journal last year and I obsess half as much now as i did them.

>You should try it

But why?


File: 46be906607883ee⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 384x313, 384:313, shrugs.jpg)


Because Stoicism



oh fuck I do that too

I can't count the times where I've gotten lost in a daydream in which I have to do a facial expression or movement and I end up doing in in real life and then realizing.

I don't believe I'm autismo though


File: 402daa476e465e7⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 250x250, 1:1, Postcentral_gyrus.gif)

>every now and then I would squeeze out a little white thingy out of my right nipple when I get really bored and start questioning life. its like hardened milk, tastes like cocconut and gives me pleasure doing it, would do it every 2 days whenever it was ready to produce more as a kid.

was really playful with my nipples as a kid and would also squeeze out harsh liquids on a daily basis, dont know if thats the reason I can squeeze hardened cocconut milk out of my nipple now

>when worried, in deep thought process, or excited while walking around I tend to repediatly tap 10 times a second my ring finger to the chest, this also prevents me from dashing forward for the same reasons.

>often burst out in laughter at something weak even though I dont even find it funny most of the times, when I observe something funny, lets say a good meme I would easily remember it and would randomly burst out in laughter whenever that memory comes back, its even worse in public as I think of the outcome if I burst out, a normal person would be able to easily control themself in doing so.

interestingly enough, flapping has huge impact on that uncontrollable laughter, can completely elliminate it, im starting to get a bit concerned over myself… is homo autisticus real?



forgot to mention that the memory would constantly come back for a short period of time, like an hour or two



another note to mention is that sleep deprivation plays a big role on that last thing. its almost like im high when I have been heavily sleep deprived



Anon, that nipple thing might be a hormonal problem, did you get that checked?


>If I have to go out to do something I always go through the least crowded route even if It takes more time

>Rarely make eye contact

>When I have to say something I do it with the least ammount of words posible. People think Im a cunt bc of this

>Rarely talk irl, hate every form of online social faggotry


when songs are stuck in my head i'm constantly singing them in my head but replacing them with shit like "oy vey it's like another holocaust"


File: 49448b663419631⋯.jpg (22.45 KB, 404x436, 101:109, waxed eyebrows.jpg)

>talk to self obsessively and refuse to talk to other people

>often find self knuckle deep in my nose in public

>keep dream journal

>afraid of the dark

>over exaggerate stories to look cooler, but always end up getting caught bullshitting

>was in SpEd classes till i graduated hs

tfw i never even had a chance


I constantly repeat lines from video games when I'm bored. I'll be taking a piss or something and saying "Elune be with you" or something alike.


File: 5ff4646eff3acdd⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 640x863, 640:863, 031fdde50f77a3a29f8918993b….jpg)

File: 5b0c6eaefdb39f0⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 465x317, 465:317, 1523818043232.jpg)


Someone needs to cut together gorrillions doing this and make a harambe style song parody to go with it.

>TFW I masticate like our silverback inspiration.


File: b8ba88a9d61f2e2⋯.jpg (235.6 KB, 1600x1561, 1600:1561, 1509140588466.jpg)


If I'm watching a movie or TV show and an awkward/secondhand embarrassment scene comes up I pause it and pace around the room/do something else until I've psyched myself up to keep watching it


File: e5acd1a3dfc59c4⋯.jpg (100.53 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 37969194_477907089303359_6….jpg)

>make up fantasy scenarios to make the boring mundane parts of life not suck. Basically play pretend.

>basically a chuunibyou but not to the point where I do the Naruto run in public or anything

>like to pretend I have magic powers and can open automatic doors with my mind

>jaywalk to the point where I have stopped traffic several times

>flap my arms like a retard to purge excess energy and anxiety

>when angry I autistically screech and mildly self harm (banging head on wall)

>highly introverted

I don't know whats wrong with me. But despite all if this I can hold down a job because I am decent at pretending to be normal for a set period of time.



I do this as well. Oftentimes I can't get myself to watch videos of people talking to each other in situations that aren't even that embarrassing. I guess I have this idea in my head of what conversations are supposed to be like from movies/shows (since I rarely have any actual experience of actual conversations), and anything that differs from it comes across as embarrassing.



do the same



I do this as well. Just fuck my shit up. I’ve caught myself very nearly being caught by others before. Especially in my car.



That looks kind of fun.



>Like to draw

>Have shit-ton of sketchbooks

>A lot of people want to see what a drew

>They flip through the whole book

>Want to draw weird shit I'm turned on by

>Worried someone will see it and judge me

>Decide to buy a new sketchbook

>One that would never be seen by anyone

>I can draw all the degeneracy to my heart's content

I might burn that book when I'm done






You're special, I still I wish had thoughts like this and broke new ground.


>(banging head on wall)

>mildly self-harm



i go over events as well that happened to me in my head over and over to fantasize about what could have I done better to receive the outcome I wanted. i.e. telling really cute girl i liked her but doing it in such an autistic way that she said no. Im pretty sure I had a chance with her except for my autism fucking it up and im still pissed off.



>eat my leg hair & lick my skin just because I like the taste

not around other people of course

>can amuse myself for hours by making faces at myself in a mirror

>get louder when i wear headphones(eg. normally playing a game with em off i'm quiet but for some odd reason i get a lil rowdy when they're on)

first time posting here after leaving 4chan permanently today pls share some maymays with me so no one will notice



I found someone's book like that once, filled with dicks


File: fd7a78777b42954⋯.png (284.24 KB, 572x635, 572:635, shhsxxhsh.png)


>first time posting here after leaving 4chan permanently today pls share some maymays

Go back faggot.


File: 3551cb28af46750⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 512x448, 8:7, baddudes-In the name of th….gif)


Let me guess, you're this fucking nigger







Now choke yourself



Fuck >>280887 was meant for this fucking nigger >>280884



i'm 280883 and 280854; i was replying to the blatant failed normalfag who's posts are now deleted in that thread, who whined about how a girl he met on fetlife and had sex with many times eventually (inevitably) cucked him.

so no, you go choke yourself, stupid illiterate nigger.

additionally, i also replied to the retard who didn't know who terry was. the fact that the posts i was replying to got deleted shouldn't make it that difficult to infer what was going on in that thread. dumbass.


File: 809bc304cd16f0c⋯.jpg (73.64 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 5029b6e74bef524621fd2f7e59….jpg)


Mine is mostly filled with robots, quad-amputees, pregnant women, and pregnant quad-amputees. I'm working on a four-panel comic strip about a pregnant smoking roastie getting all her limbs removed for the safety of the baby.


I don't know exactly what it's called, but my pores get clogged a lot and sometimes I sit in front of the mirror squeezing them until they pop like a pimple. It's oddly satisfying.


I enjoy mimicking animal calls and I have forgotten myself and let out a howl in public.



Omg me too, I get flashbacks to stupid shit I say and I berate myself. Sucks.



I'll start:

I celebrate barmitzvah regularly.

I think women are sacred.

I go to do "mental warfare" on men witch go to visits sites like pol and r9k because i'm offended by the fact that they have spine.

I'm too much of a pussy to actually fight and besides that's "barbaric"q I will utterly destroy them with my memes and stupid passive aggression.



>I celebrate barmitzvah regularly.

That's not how it works.



I can't tell if this is satire.



>Whenever I decide pee in a public restroom I concentrate on math problems [say 6x6] in order to relax

Me personally, I always have to cover my ears when I pee in public restrooms because I can't relax if I know other people are around me. Even worse is when people are outside and it makes me unable to pee but then they decide to just stay there and talk to each other or look into the mirror and then I get all paranoid about them wondering why I'm just standing there in front of a toilet which makes it even harder to relax and get the job done. This often ends with me just grabbing some toilet paper and pretending that I was just there to wipe my nose or something and then I walk back when they're gone. I wish public toilets weren't so fucking stressful.


>every now and then I would squeeze out a little white thingy out of my right nipple

That reminded me of how I often had these white spaghetti-like strings that I took out of my bottom eyelids and it felt really satisfying.


File: 0695eee810ce923⋯.png (322.04 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 0695eee810ce92347f0ce506e6….png)


>titty cheese

>eyelid pasta


File: 89e3d8bbeeb7212⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1274x888, 637:444, 1512083319.png)


>tfw dad found the eyelid pasta jar



>That reminded me of how I often had these white spaghetti-like strings that I took out of my bottom eyelids and it felt really satisfying

Sometimes I take the white skin+sweat+cum pasta from in between of my penis' head and the foreskin. Sometimes a lot of it gathers there. I still don't risk tasting it yet, but I feel that soon I will actually do that by accident, thus falling down the rabbit hole.


Actually it dries out quickly and all that is left of it is yellow dust/dirt.



Reading this kind of shit makes me glad I got circumcised, if only for just a brief moment.



Smegma would not appear if that anon knew what is proper hygiene.



This. I have foreskin and I didn't have smegma for years.


File: f32b54d0bdd4d4f⋯.jpg (20.13 KB, 333x333, 1:1, Apu Drink.jpg)

>consider taking some food from the pantry/fridge

>imagine the mafia, a demon,a dragon, a genie, or santa showing up to my parent's place let at night, with my parents in hooded robes offering the rest of what I didn't take


>Demon and Dragon burn off their flesh, Mafia shoots them up against the wall, Genie leaves without granting wishes, Santa leaves coal.

>I don't take the extra lollipop

Can anyone beat this level of autism?



I do something similar:

>getting water from the kitchen at night, after everyone's gone to bed

>get paranoid that some guy is going to break into the house while I'm in my underwear

>mom hears me, walks silently into the kitchen like a fucking ninja

>she turns on the lights "What are you doing up so late?"

>fall on my ass


>she goes back upstairs muttering something under her breath, key words that get said often are "every time", "disappointment", and "mistake"

>go back to pouring my water


I've moved out and have a strange apprehension to really cooking. I have eaten nothing in three months that I could not cook with the hot water from a coffee pot.


Blackheads. I have them and yeah it can get kinda satisfying when you get a good one.


She says "every time" well why doesn't she just stop fucking sneaking up on you?


>Whenever I remember an embarrassing situation I'll jolt like I've been electrocuted, then make short gasping sounds or repeat a word over and over under my breath till the memory goes away

>When I get tired and start nodding off and I'm not in bed yet or I remember something I forgot and was trying to remember I jolt this way too

>Masturbate by steadying my hand against the back of my dick and stroking with just my thumb

>When I ejaculate, I hold my foreskin shut with my thumb and forefinger, holding the cum there until I can get to the toilet and deposit it


File: c1da103167c5abd⋯.jpg (114.09 KB, 625x750, 5:6, W 445.jpg)

> I get flashbacks to previous embarrassing moments in my life and then I get visibly nervous and embarrassed.

>My phone is always in Do Not Disturb mode. If some one calls me (this happens very rarely), I let it go to voicemail and then I call them back once I have psyched myself enough.

>I start laughing nervously or making weird noises once I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I completely lock up and then I am unable to say anything (Fortunately, this has happened only a couple of times, though)

>I feel uneasy when I go outside. I also obsessively watch where I step so I don't soil my shoes.

>Sometimes, I am scared that I might vomit or pee myself when I am in public (This is just a fear)

>I repeat things I want to say in my head (for example when I go to the grocery store)

>I feel uneasy when I pee in a public toilet, and taking a dump in a public toilet is out of the question for me. Also, I lift the lid using a paper tissue that I brought myself.

>When there is an embarrassing or very emotional scene in a movie, I pause it and take couple of deep breaths before continuing.

>Sometimes I start behaving a bit like a chunibyo and start making slight references to magic stuff and superstitious beliefs.



pls , >>282503 , go wash your pee-pee but don't use soap, just rinse it with water.


I do something similar. I usually look out from windows and try to see if there is someone. Once I have drank the glass of water, I must check the sink like five times to be sure. Then, just as I am about to lay on my bed, I must go check the kitchen sink once more.


I always remove lampshades and glass globes from around lightbulbs. They're just some sort of normalfaggot decorative shit anyways. All they do is block the light coming off of the bulb. I'm paying for lumens I'm not receiving because of that shit. My room is dimmer than it's supposed to be because for some reason normals find the fine lines of lightbulbs ugly.

>but it protect your eyes from the bulb

The light in my ceiling is uncovered and not once have I accidentally looked at it. As for floor lamps either they're in a location that I don't look at through my normal activities, they're high enough my eyes don't meet them, or I just stick a frosted bulb in them if I really to need to protect my eyes. A frosted bulb does the same shit a shade does but doesn't block nearly as much light, doesn't collect a bunch of dust, doesn't cost extra money, and isn't more extra shit for me to accidentally elbow off of a table.




When I was 6 I had a blemish the diameter of mechanical pencil lead under my armpit and I don't know what the fuck it was.



>Whenever I remember an embarrassing situation I'll jolt like I've been electrocuted, then make short gasping sounds or repeat a word over and over under my breath till the memory goes away

fucking this, it happens too often to me

when I'm alone I usually swear or say some meaningless words for a short time until the feeling goes away


I cant bear to see lies, or the consequences of said lies in fictional media.

Makes queasy and nervous


>talk to myself ("think out loud")

>pretend to have convos with characters from various anime characters like we're long-time friends

>relive previous conversations and how I could have said more clever or wittier things

>live a minimalist lifestyle (some people don't think this is normal)

>watch those videos where someone will just walk around an area somewhere in the world (could be Japan, Los Angeles, New York, wherever)

>enjoy walking in the rain, even if it's pouring out

>download PDFs about all sorts of things but never read them

I don't think my brain works quite right sometimes.


I really enjoy picking my nose but I never eat my boogers. It just really calms me down.

In grade school the teacher gave the title of "nose-picking king".


same shit, hoarding manuals and pdfs, minimalist, really wish I didn't have a bed right now, just a japanese matress that you roll up and put in your wardrobe.

Sometimes I just sit down and pick my nose for 3-4 hours and imagine different scenarios, I always plan discussions ahead in my mind,

sometimes I have the same piece of music on for hours on loop.

Also, I can't sleep without a paper handkerchief in my hand, I'm like fucking linus form the peanuts, pic related.

I also have a habit of clenching my teeth really hard because I used to be afraid of getting braces so I would always clench my teeth.

One of my two fronth teeth actually chipped.

Also, can't stop performing surgery on my face, same as nose-picking. I look for hidden pimples and stuff and press around and poke with a needle. I have a mole on my face and I tried to cut it off with a pair of nail scissors but it was way deeper than I thought, like a quarter inch deep and now the mole is gone but I have a very small scar in my face.


Same thing, I can't sleep and actually cry tears when I remember something really cringy I did back in the day.

Also a lot of guilt because of how I treated other people as a kid.


similar shit, dishonesty, arguing, shit-talking people behind their back, It makes the hair on my back stand up. Not in a self-righetous way though, it is very primal, like fight-or-flight fear.

It has improved now but it used to be really bad, to the point where I would cover my ears when people unrelated to me would argue just a bit.

Like at school these two skanks always used to argue with the teacher and it was like I was being punished physically, I put my head down, my shoulders up and covered my ears and closed my eyes. It was really embarrasing because other kids shamed me for it later on.


File: e810768921f0abd⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 212x238, 106:119, linus.jpg)


picture of linus here. I also don't sleep, I daydream instead and actually just sleep 4-5 hours at best. I am awake most the time and from time to time I turn on the light to check my clock.

Yesterday I turned on the light around 2:30 am, then again around 3 am but between 3 am and 4 am the electricity went off for a while because my light didnt switch on



Yeah, my dad used to get irritated with me for making gasping sounds when I got this feeling, it kept everybody up at night, which was when I usually was assaulted by the fucking memories.


>Pick skin off my nipples and eat it. I managed to stop doing it long enough for the left to heal, but then I absent-mindedly switched to the right

>From picking the nipple all the time they began bleeding and excreting pus, and so books I read from back when they bled are left with bloodstained fingerprints on the pages, managed to abstain enough for them to stop bleeding now though.

>Chew the inside of my cheek, eat what flakes off

>Bite skin of the edges of my fingernails to eat

>Hold arms perfectly still at sides when walking, I don't swing them



for me it's playing myself down and clenching my teeth really hard, until I hear like a loong beeping sound in my ears

and I mumble stuff through my teeth

>shut the fuck up just shut the fuck up

>get out of my head

>I could kill you I if I really wanted

>I will break you

>scream in my head but only blow air through my teeth semi loudly, open my eyes really wide, people have called me out on my crazy stares already


File: 72c9ad77d1d712d⋯.jpg (109.67 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 72c9ad77d1d712d364a1495584….jpg)

The fact that mods allow this abomination of a thread to exist is what justifies those who despise the current state of the board. "OMG like guys im so differont and quirky shiieet like me pls" trash. Kill yourself, all of you. I hope all of you die in a fire. Get the fuck out of my board you pretentious nigger loving faggots



This is how I used to be, basically would have episodes where stimulus from the environment would trigger chains of embarrassing memories at seemingly random, I would literally lock up and become temporarily immobile as I had a flashback to something tramatic.

I managed to figure out a method to stop these things from happening dead in their tracks. Basically it's was a process of learning to own my insecurities and holding self honesty as a higher value than the approval of others. Because my trauma was a result of relying on the approval of others for my sense of identiy, the realization that self honesty and becoming the sum of my parts could ultimately supersede social pressure is what caused the self reinforcing, pathological aspect of my anxiety to slowly lose its grip by 80% over the course of just two weeks.


File: b8f17ce862ddaac⋯.jpg (48.06 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Suzuran-Wahaa.jpg)


Completely this you colossal fags



The difference between here and Faceberg(tm) is that we actually are different and we're self conscious of it. Normalfags will act like they're quirky weirdo lelelel because they wear a shirt with a meme on it or something gay like that.


Pretty sure it's just the BO and no one else.


File: b9099084783ad67⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 823x1106, 823:1106, b9099084783ad6770a8adecce0….jpg)


Congratulate, you have succeeded in making me genuinely mad. Every single word that you have just typed made me want to rape your mother.

>We are actually different

>We are self conscious

>Normalfags will act like they're quirky weirdo lelelel because they wear a shirt with a meme on it or something gay like that.

You speak exactly like a normalnigger you dumb fucking nigger, way to show yourself out. But then you might ask "How can one not be a normalnigger like you said?" The answer is simply just dont talk about it. This thread is pointless and edgy, there is no reason to talk about le "quirk" that you have. And if you felt that you are somehow above normal for having such le quirk, you are a fucking retard. Everyone is a weirdo, everyone has something he likes to do that would be embarrassing to do in public. Hence the reason why I call you a fucking normalnigger.



>whiney nigger moaning about how much he hates this board yet for some reason is still here

>posts worst girl

Next you'll say you were only pretending.



Gee, only took you 5 months to get here.



>Everyone is a weirdo, everyone has something he likes to do that would be embarrassing to do in public

I seriously hope you guys don't believe this. Especially insinuating that normalniggers aren't different from us. The reason they judge us for this is. BEcause they themselves don't do stuff like what's been said ITT. If everyone did it then people wouldn't be embarrassed. Hide the thread if you're so pissed off at its existence.

<fuck! shit! nigger nigger nigger! faggot! nigger! rape bitch! niiiigger!

Stay mad, normalnigger. Maybe if you swear a bit more you'll be able to convince people you're a robot too.


I listen to military marches almost every day, especially when depression kicks in with strength. Such lively, encouraging, cheerful music. I like german marches the most, although japanese, italian or even russian marches are fantastic aswell.

I started to listen marches loud in headphones while in university and sometimes I get horrified looks from other people. Probably think i am a literaly hitler, but that doesn't matter.




I get what you are saying but this thread helped me to get this off my chest. If I told normalfags (even my family members) they wold very likely start bullying me for the rest of my life. I think it helps a bit to know you are not the only person on Earth who has similar weird habits and struggles.



I love military marches too. My favourites are Pariser Einzugsmarsch, Hohenfriedberger Marsch and Hunyadi march. I also like to hear them on my headphone while reading books in uni waiting for the courses.



I "think out loud" every time I am alone and I relive not just previous conversations but also conversations and arguments that never happened and can never happen since those people I dealt with are no longer around me. It often leads to me getting extremely angry and feel quite violent since I keep imagining worst case scenarios about people putting words into my mouth and interrupting me constantly preventing me from making main points, adding context, or correcting any misconceptions in their statements and or questions.

It gets so bad that I feel like limiting my conversations to online only where I can type out my complete thoughts without interruption and in such a way that people know I am not finished "talking" so they understand the proper context.

I really do much of the other things you mentioned but I do have plenty of digital and physical books that I have not finished reading or even begun to read.



I often fantasise about conversations I could have with the friends I had in middle school, which were pretty much the only true friends I've had in life. They feel so genuine and close to the real thing that I can get really into it and laugh out loud when I think about something funny that could be said. Sometimes I think about where they are and if they remember me but they most likely became normalfags somewhere along the process of aging so I could never have those same type of conversations again, even if I were to meet them. It makes me want to go back in time and tell my younger self to appreciate the little time he has with them more.



Good to know. I like Teufelslied in all variations the most. Zehntausend mann is also great.


I'm constantly haunted by self-hatred and embarrassment in scenarios no one but me cared about to begin with, laughed off and etc. Not all of it even attributable to me but always deeply shameful. I teeter between suicidal and intensely afraid of being killed by random happenstance the majority of the day. I'm also a completely dependent 30 year old, but that's probably implied by the above.



>Use my computer a lot

>Get tired of it

>Try to find excuses to get off

>Find myself walking in circles for no reason


File: d2ad69554c7c335⋯.mp4 (5.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Narva Pataljon Laul - Anth….mp4)


The Estonian adaptation of Teufelslied/SS Marschiert in Feindesland is unironically better than the original, check it out.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>that voice and MIDI accordion

You can do better than that.



you absolute nibelung


Being diagnosed with severe autism is by far, the most autistic thing I have ever done.


File: 840033bc9ff1d0c⋯.jpg (52.64 KB, 409x618, 409:618, 361269339934087cc8dc299c1a….jpg)


I still laugh at Shrek Camera meme. Pic alone had me laughing for at least two minutes. My sides will never be the same.


File: 5e00deb0c9afff7⋯.jpg (137.73 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DXLP10EXkAEGY0s.jpg)


its a good meme


File: ef2a9a1146b5148⋯.png (398.11 KB, 381x381, 1:1, monkek.png)


lol madfag


File: fec92af5f79ea08⋯.gif (124.95 KB, 481x481, 1:1, fec92af5f79ea08d4d6be6ddce….gif)


>board made by autists for autists

>mad when there's a thread about autistic things you do

Well, you're doing something irrationally autistic by being mad, so I guess you belong.


File: c51f49cfd362a6a⋯.jpeg (212.25 KB, 1080x774, 60:43, Screenshot_20181103-14533….jpeg)

>Will do anything to not interact with others

>Pretend to be severely mentally ill when walking by people in the streets

>Talk to myself, yell, hit myself

I've never been diagnosed with autism and I do it for pure pleasure for making people uncomfortable and seeing their body language change, I don't know why but I get a ton of dopamine for making people feel like shit so I psychologically bully others I have power over.


Whenever I contribute something like a banner to a board, I'll often refresh threads until it gets to one of my own banners. Sometimes I refresh over and over again until it shows up again and I get a little dopamine rush, then I do it over and over again until I get bored of it. I don't know if that's really all that autistic though.


File: 216851743d5ca0c⋯.jpg (86.01 KB, 720x671, 720:671, brain withgod.jpg)


>hit myself

This is something that I also do to myself but mostly when I see something that I really fucking hate. Like feminist pomping around with their pro-abortion cloths in their bagpacks everywhere, or when I see nu-males and liberals. I promise myself to not get mad and hit them, so I end up hitting myself for relief. In reality I should be kicking out every single one of them but laws exists and the state is obviously against me in this case and everywhere else.

The worst feeling I get from them is when I just hate them with a massive gut but they keep getting higher notes than I do. It's mostly because I have my head in all the troubles of the world and not focused in studies, but it still irks me with passion.


File: 6458162615f097a⋯.png (229.83 KB, 845x1473, 845:1473, spec ops the line freebird….png)

>refer to myself as we

>have conversations with myself

That's pretty much it.


File: c0923221530729e⋯.jpg (27.55 KB, 720x499, 720:499, 1542183702544.jpg)


Shit like this thread makes me realize how normal I really am.


>Stare at gun on my desk

>Pray it goes off and kills me

>Stare at gun on my desk

>Pick it up and check if it's loaded

>Of course it is, it was loaded when I put it down

>Stare at the gun in my hands

>Put it down

>Stare at the gun on my desk

>As fast as I can I swipe for it and put it against my head

>Like hell my brain stem is going to let me pull the trigger

>Set the gun down

>Stare at the gun on my desk

>Pick it up and scratch my head with it

>After holding it for some time my hand is now sweaty and I put it down


File: c83bf8422eed11e⋯.jpg (130.52 KB, 1170x772, 585:386, 117268-people-take-part-in….jpg)

File: c07aeb695f84391⋯.jpg (262.63 KB, 934x1400, 467:700, BK_H_891.jpg)

File: 484dd9ebe38ff96⋯.jpg (71.97 KB, 400x383, 400:383, Melb Open House Graphic.jpg)

File: f799898b0aef327⋯.jpeg (190.18 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, NtUJsvZ9.jpeg)


You sound fun to hang with





File: 5d7c6c9be3fdbd8⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 870x455, 174:91, famous-programmers-from-in….jpg)


>tfw my sister is a thot that won't stop annoying me with her social network bullshots

If only there was an IRS where I live


File: e2b1eb754f8e356⋯.jpg (152.49 KB, 644x591, 644:591, 1481233079222.jpg)

>spend hours in the early mornings/ late nights fantasizing on what I would do if I were my tabletop character

>pace around in the same pattern whenever I listen to music

>chew fingernails and toenails in an effort to always keep them somewhat short

>take a bath everyday with a wireless headset and listen to jazz

>have a wall above my bed where I wipe all of my boogers that meet a test of quality, if not they get flicked onto the carpet

>have a slowpoke stuffed animal named paul who I wax philosophical with and cannot sleep if he isint up against my back every night

>constantly think about rolling around my city in power armor destroying everything in my path

>get so caught up in these fantasies they end up becoming epics in my own head and go on for hours

>always end up having something tragic happen in an attempt to try and mirror my own life and rise up from it and become a stronger person I never get that far and always give up on it and end up feeling worse

>think of certain points of my life having anime openings and what they would be like

>cant fall asleep without game grumps playing in the background

>still think about katawa shoujo years after and whenever I hear the ost I usually break down


File: 68e265ba4e48f13⋯.jpeg (37.08 KB, 236x350, 118:175, 90F6FA76-558F-41D4-ADC4-C….jpeg)

File: 92094f14013c4c6⋯.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 81FF9B79-2799-4728-A62A-D5….png)

File: 039572a8d55cdf9⋯.png (990.87 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 711A3E28-2955-49CD-A63F-E8….png)

I have a reoccurring fantasy where my life gets better. It’s been pretty bad for a while, but I always have hope that something will change it, that I’m doing everything in my power to change it. That ability to change is hindered by everyone and everything, leading to an Aha! moment that sucks the energy from me completely.

In this case of my reoccurring hopefulness, I imagined I was Griffith. I was being tortured but it didn’t matter because it was going to get better. My life was going to change and the universe would hear my prayers. Because I never give up. No matter the let down, I knew Griffith got what he truly desired.

Until I realized I was Guts. And Griffith was Marshmello.

>pic related

Except instead of Casca it was a man with a carrot up his ass, falling down into Marshmello’s arms while his cronies held me down. Marshmello was looking me in the eyes and he pressed a button on his DJ fisher price set.

>pic related

Bugs bunny was a visual looking at me and eating a carrot. “What’s up doc?” Bugs said, all retarded and bunny like.

The man in Marshmello’s lap went “Ooooohhhhhh” as the carrot was removed and Marshmello began to feast, like the microphone in <pic related

I want you all to know I am Guts. And I love you. And I may never get to laugh or sing with you, but in that small bit of integrity we have, we are free.

I love you.



>see bird the ground under birdfeeder

>think it is close to death

>walk out with a cardboard box and a towel, hoping to catch it

>want to take it inside overnight so it can die in peace and not be eaten alive or some other horrible thing

>it flies away into some trees just as I get close to it

>at least it is off the ground but I don't think I will see it again

I have "saved" a handful of old birds over the last few years, so they don't have to die painfully. I want to think I'm doing them good, they stop stressing as soon as they're covered, and I leave them with some bread and water and bury them in the woods when they have passed away.

>last year

>medium sized gray and red bird is on the feeder, looking a bit ragged and tired

>hardly eating, just sitting there

>watch over it for some time

>still sitting there as evening draws near

>I head out with a box and towel

>it sits and looks at me, not seeming tired but not afraid either

>I take a few sunflower seeds and peel them, handing it to bird

>it eats some but does not have much appetite

>I reach out and gently pick it up, put it in box and tuck in towel

>take it to basement, leave a water bowl and bread with it but it seems very tired

>check on it next day

>it died overnight

>bury it in yard, say a few prayers and thank it for being a good bird

>few weeks later

>have strange dream

>hardly remember anything, except that I met a similar bird, except much larger, taller than me

>without exchanging any words, I hug it

>feel soft feathers on me and feel at peace

>wake up, think of bird and feel convinced it is in a better place and is thankful for me


File: 4ac4e6d702baa45⋯.mp4 (1.14 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 4ac4e6d702baa45ed286be24c2….mp4)


Someone needs to go back, and it ain't me



That's nice anon. Personally I can't find too much respect for nature knowing that the vast majority of animals are savages on the inside.



What the fuck is this?

The video I mean.


File: 339c5ad003e6349⋯.jpg (65.23 KB, 768x433, 768:433, spider-man_2002_37.jpg)

I never really considered this autistic, but I recently realized that normal people probably don't do this. I narrate my life like a mystery novel (or what I imagine one is like, I haven't read many). So for example this morning I thought to myself something like: "He poured his coffee with his right hand as his left reached up to straighten the mess of long brown hair on his head, and scratch the ever-lengthening stubble that colonized his chin. He liked his coffee black. Blacker than the type of folk that lived around the sort of areas that you wouldn't take your kids to. He mumbled something incomprehensible to himself as he went to sit down at the kitchen table, and nearly tripped over the dog on his long and slow journey there. This was all routine for him of course, but what wasn't routine was the lack of sound. Normally he'd hear the aggravating clamor of his mother getting up to face the day, but not today… Perhaps something had happened, he wasn't sure, but something was up. Part of him didn't want anything to happen to her, and yet the there was a small part that hoped to high heaven that the old broad had croaked in her sleep, repaying him for years of worthless, misguided single-mother parenting and simultaneously giving him a good reason to move to somewhere less expensive.

He took a sip of his coffee as he lifted himself up from the creaking wooden chair, and walked cautiously to check on his dear old lady. As he tossed around ideas and possibilities in his head he slowly crawled up the stairs and walked down the carpeted hallway to his mother's bedroom. When he arrived at the door of her room the beeping of her alarm clock and the soft rhythm of her snoring were both clear. Seems the issue was nothing more than his mother oversleeping, and he had gotten worked up over nothing as he was apt to do. He gave the wooden barrier three resounding knocks with his knuckle and reminded the old woman to get up or she'd be late to the office.

Once he had confirmation of her awakening, he left to go back to the kitchen and ponder the day. He did a lot of pondering. After all, he wasn't a cop, detective, private eye or anything as glamorous as that, he was a NEET. Born and bred with a lack of social understanding that went beyond what the normal human was capable of. And such a position gave him plenty of time to ponder."

I pretty much narrate everything I do like this. Even writing this post. It's like a faucet that I can't turn off. Me being shit at writing because I rarely read books anyways probably makes it more autistic.

Also a less specific autistic habit of mine is that I open and close my hands a lot when I'm happy, and every once in a while when I think no one's looking I make the Spider-man web hand thing and point it at various things, and try to flex my arm muscles in a way that I think would shoot out webbing in case I got bitten by a radioactive spider at some point and haven't realized it yet. You have to check these things every so often.


I also do this. When I'm not narrating my life (because I'm not doing anything) I talk to myself or imagine I'm talking to fictional characters or people I make up in my head. Now that I think about it I have more autistic habits than I thought I did, I'm realizing now that a lot of tings I do would probably be considered autistic. Fucking hell, it was better when I wasn't actively thinking about this shit.



>newfag comes to a thread that's months old and tells the established posters that they're being like reddit for posting in said thread

Maybe you should get the fuck out.


File: 4b30aff101a1baa⋯.png (285.43 KB, 974x885, 974:885, Pain.png)



>months old thread


>thread is filled with edgy garbage made by retards to make themselves feel unique

How about you get the fuck out of here, huh? All of you, included the cocksuckers that are mods. Kill yourself all of you, none of you deserved to be here.



>insults everyone on the board

>then tells the people on the board to get the fuck out

Imagine being this much of a dumb kike.

If you weren't a newfag, you would've noticed this thread long before now.

Go back to cuckchannel; just because your shitty board got split in two doesn't mean you should shit up other places.



Talk to myself in different accents like I have multiple personality syndrome. A lot of the time the main accent is Scottish…for some odd reason but I just roll with it.



Damn it! Fucking 4chan invading the good and pure 8chan. And it happened right under my nose, I never noticed! Nearly seven months ago to! How could I be so foolish? Thank you for pointing that out mister, I'm glad that you cleared it up for me. It only took you half a year too, how helpful. Thank you for not saging as well, so that your helpful observations could be more available to everyone.

If you don't have any autistic habits then just don't post in the thread or fuck off. There are plenty of actual cripplechan refugee threads to complain about. Prick.



>being this assblasted because anons are telling stories of awkward shit they've done

>the thread has been up for months now, only just now, a few days ago, noticed it

>still claims to not be a newfag

Kill yourself.



>without using a single piece of my brain

You didn't have to point that out, everyone already knew.


File: 70d2467d100cf58⋯.jpeg (16.22 KB, 250x250, 1:1, FC324E18-D86A-48AA-9F2C-F….jpeg)


>137 pages


File: 5edb4a358967e50⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 474x267, 158:89, doubt.jpg)


Most of what Elliot wrote seems pretty relateable, but

>On the way home, just as I was about to reach my mother’s house, a group of four young thugs drove by me in a pick-up truck and proceeded to throw eggs at me, laughing while they did it. They seemed intoxicated, and they missed me. I picked up one of the shells and threw it right back into their car. I was

no longer a weak little kid who would tak

e a hit without fighting back. I was stronger now. They got out of their car and tried to attack me, and they would have beaten me bloody if I didn’t pull out my trusty pocket knife, which I usually carried when I walked alone by myself. Thankfully, the thugs backed away and drove off. Perhaps it was the knife, or the look of extreme hatred in my eyes.I quickly ran home, terrified. It was an unsuccessful and misfortunate night.



I reformatted the text after copypasting, but it still fucked up. Oh well.


File: c2e18b501bfb957⋯.jpg (91.85 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, only 3d for me.jpg)



You mean thee



We've all head autistic delusions of grandeur at some point in our lives

some of us every day


Unless I think the punishment is complete bullshit I instinctively negotiate for a higher punishment for some reason whenever I'm caught doing something



Not for children n women, but for women with those big floppy hats and big sunglasses. They need to be tortured for the attitude they come with for hours on end



same but I imagine that its my running aside and that graviy is turned sideways so that I run on the side of fences n stuff and have to jump to slash at people. Also grap onto signs and swing on them when it comes to intersections



I emulate the posture and bodily habits of the german soldier footage I see



hording. you should not save cumrags dude. come on ffs


File: 0a7d2865e9703c5⋯.png (150.34 KB, 412x341, 412:341, 0a7d2865e9703c5aa2acd08b7b….png)

I am obsessed with being able to type as fast as possible, spending at least 3 hours a day on thetypingcat and typeracer. And the funny thing is that i still cannot type perfectly no matter how slowly and carefully i try to, and only get around 55 wpm. I want to fucking blow my brain out.



where did you get the idea that only recently i have noticed this shitty thread? are you fucking stupid? if you werent being so fucking stupid as to just let this thread dies then i wouldnt have to be constantly bothered by it. The majority doesnt mean shit because the flood has already begun a long time ago.


File: c221cf491bbc964⋯.png (175.56 KB, 280x402, 140:201, yeet.png)


>man I just wanna fucking die

>fuck me

>goddammit kill me

>fucking hit me please

I say these. I used to murmer, but now its almost normal volume. People generally don't approach me anyway so theres a plus, but i even catch myself doing it at work



pls post the pdf




thou meanst 'thee'


File: d61d64368caeeef⋯.png (293.78 KB, 396x440, 9:10, we_were_kings.png)

>refer to myself in the plural sometimes

>used to crouch in public (it's more comfortable than standing), now only do it in stead of bending down

>talk to myself

There's more I can't think of right now I'm sure.


File: adafbee9cf8ddb7⋯.jpg (152.75 KB, 592x512, 37:32, Devo-Warner-Bros.jpg)


>perceive almost everything (study, work, some hobbies, social interaction) as some sort of task that I have to complete with high efficiency, getting me to over-planificate some of the most simple actions and events.

>when said task doesn't goes as I intended and goes too much out of my control I get frustrated and express it unconsciously by swearing and hitting the air.

>sometimes people see me and laugh at me.

They aren't really tantrums or something like that, its just I brief manifestation of frustration like when football players fail a goal or you loose I score-.based videogame when you are almost close to get the highscore, but it happens in such mudane situations that it ends up looking exaggerated (or even childish).

I think something like that is likely to be considered autistic.



So weird, i used to imagine a guy running alongside too.



>Believe toys are alive

>Will always be kind to toys and not mistreat them

>Also believe toys can hear my thoughts, so I make sure I don't think anything when picking toys up

>Sometimes talk to them aloud without even realising

>Stand in a pitch black room, staring at the wall

>Brother was once in the room without me knowing, he said I was like that for about an hour



None of those are autistic.


File: 022fb4505394839⋯.jpg (864.88 KB, 1813x2111, 1813:2111, Y.jpg)

File: 0ca9741e7053e93⋯.pdf (146.36 KB, Daily Schedule.pdf)


>read "American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis

>read about Dubsman's excruciatingly detailed morning routine

>get the bright idea to copy that and plan out an ideal daily schedule

>go into fucking autismus maximus levels of detail

>every single detail of every single thing I do must be written down in mind-numbing detail

>use extremely high-quality versions of everything, down to the specific brand of mouthwash

>specifically design the schedule so that I have to do as little work and deal with as few people as possible because fuck talking to normalfags

>write it down in notepad++

>print to pdf to see how long it is for a laugh

>14 pages


for your reading pleasure


File: 74b554a9c3244d9⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 976.jpg)


>$230 for slippers

>Übermensch luxury lube

Holy shit my nigger, im too lazy to rack up how much it costs for the dubsman experience, but you probably do so how much total? Either way this is top tier work.


I like to crack my toe knuckles from time to time. I even worked out a strategy to crack your big toe knuckle, since it's too stocky to push down by hand like the rest.

>curl big toe as tightly as possible

>straighten all at once

Only works sometimes though



>get louder when i wear headphones(eg. normally playing a game with em off i'm quiet but for some odd reason i get a lil rowdy when they're on)

this better be bait



Cracking your joints does feel nice.

I have difficulties only cracking hip joints, ankle joints and the non-main finger and toe joints. They don't crack loud enough for others to hear or require very special and difficult yoga-tier moves to make a good sound.

For some reason this reminded me of some certain harem anime where main harem girl searched for people with special talents and the MC mentioned some dude in red bandana who could crack all the joints in his body, don't quite remember which one it was, it was the first episode I think, I'm sure that anime was somewhat popular though.


>When people annoy me to a certain extent, I imagine killing them in various, insulting ways depending on the person

>I hate eating in front of people. If i have to, I look everywhere but the person. The meal, the table, anything around them

>Gee I'm going to be so fun if I ever manage to go on a date again

>I prefer walking 7 miles alone in 2 hours than spend 10 minutes in a car with someone who could very possibly lower my moral

>On days off, I like to sit alone and talk to people as little as possible

>If I'm listening to an album an someone distracts me from the experience, I either have to go back to the start, or stop listening to it because they spoiled the mood



You should prank call them pretening to be their pets or lost items. Draw them in gradually of-course. Shit could be jokes.


File: cc15e937968cf2d⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 255x202, 255:202, it hardens.gif)


I want to fuck that animal


File: 618aa393b2f7bb3⋯.jpg (39.37 KB, 828x767, 828:767, FB_IMG_1556345563734.jpg)


I have started pokerface-ing at work. I'll spend hours of the night not emoting, reacting, or anything. I usually just think to myself, or sing whatever songs I'm listening to


>I literally cannot listen to a song I know without singing it unless I'm in company

>I overcompensate conversation when the other person isn't talkative

>I go on spiels about things that make perfect sense to me, but most other people don't understand

>Sometimes (actually quite often) will think of or remember something that is any degree of funny and almost fall over laughing.

>Hide away from family when they're over

>Get very upset/irritated/pissed when people invade my space and especially if they disrupt the system I have in it in any way

>Will not make any physical contact during conversation unless the other person initiates. Outside of this it is extremely rare

>Don't talk to people during the day unless it's friends or family, unless I absolutely have to

>I Got more



>$59 nail brush

This man is so high quality not only does he have a grooming accessory I didn't even know existed, he has one I could not even afford if I had known it existed.



Same. Though I'd add:

>Scratch my own hair and then sniff my fingers afterward

>Imagine I'm the MC in games like Persona 3,4,or 5.

>Imagine that everyone I work with is some form of Arcana social link

>Every time I come home I play Beneath The Mask from 5, because it's comfy.

>Say certain words in different languages, ex: I don't normally say goodbye in english, I usually say "Mata Ne!" which from what I've learned is "Goodbye" in Japenese (yeah I'm a weeb idc)

>listen to songs I like on repeat over & over again because I like them & some times they fit the mood

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