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File: f6d780fa075c217⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 1387x702, 1387:702, f6d780fa075c217150f3f231ce….jpg)


As a kid I was sheltered because we were religous and I would constantly see my family say bad things about my brother. They would always make passive agressive comments and say how he should find a gf. I never understood why he watched anime(he introduced me to it), played videogames consisantly and followed super heroes so religiously. My mom would tell me not to hang out with him because he's so weird. Now that I'm older I completely understand but now he thinks I hate him. I feel so fucking bad because they constantly said things about him and made me believe that he was a weird and antisocial person. They basically say I act like him now and he won't even talk to me about anything meaningful. I want to apologize but it might be too late for that.

My sister would constantly condition me saying "you don't want to be like him" because he had serious anxiety. When I started having anxiety also they started saying that I started exhibiting the same habits that he does. I started to watch anime,play Vidya and lost interest in the real world once I turned 15. He's 33 and I'm 19 now. Fuck lads I totally ruined it with my bro


Nathan, is that you?



No,sorry anon



C-can we have your story ?



This. I'd love to hear a story


File: f583ad7adb829dc⋯.jpg (78.14 KB, 430x598, 215:299, f583ad7adb829dc648ff080773….jpg)


Now you have to tell us the story


You should talk with him and tell him exactly how you feel.You should maybe start playing videogames with him. He probably just hates your parents and maybe sister unless he told you he hates you.


File: 5015112614e230f⋯.png (73.29 KB, 796x1060, 199:265, b47ad9da6bbf3d99c43399ae58….png)


Sorry, I wanted to post this pic


Ask him to buy you adult stuff like a car or alcohol. Tbh i dont know how you can interact with your bro again. He probably doesn't want to talk about hus vidya or whatever, but just being near him could show that you dont hate him. If anything he might show disdain for what youve become, and maybe interact with you more so you dont become as far gone as he is. The "parent projects himself on his kids so they dont repeat his mistakes" thing



I was thinking about doing something like this


I haven't talked to my brother in 8 years. He hasn't been back to the house ever; I remember screaming arguments between him and my mother before he left. I believe I have his contact information, don't know how to open the conversation.


File: b6edcfc1a7e5f95⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 500x395, 100:79, 2b6a600a9a8c2a0aebac955a5a….jpg)


>having brothers

Try being a single child with no one else to distract the undivided attention of smother. Fucking norms.

Seriously tough, you can fix this. Be grateful you have siblings to split apart the psychotic burden of she who birthed them.



It could be worse. I have a slightly younger sister whom my single mother always treated like a fellow roastie, fully believing in the bullshit about girls being more mature, reasonable and trustworthy than boys. Ever since she learned how to speak I was the strawman they could relentlessly attack and win any arguments by just mutually agreeing that I'm wrong or projecting my father's faults onto me, and then pat themselves on their backs for being so superior to men. Two decades later they still live in their little echo chamber. The robots who have any sane male relatives truly are luckier in some respects.



I legitimately thought you were talking about me until the second paragraph. Being an older brother is such bullshit.



You should contact him and try and explain to him precisely how you feel. He sounds like he's one of us,surely. So,you might actually find a familiar in him. Or maybe not. Maybe he's changed.



It seems like you share a lot of interests with your brother. Why not say screw your fam and play vidya or watcch some anime with him. The rest of your family loves you conditionally, he seems like the only one who may love you unconditionaly and understandyour lifestyle. Its best you get back into his good graces and open up tto him, you are likely all eachother have.



Well, talk to the man. He'll understand.



I found that when i was at hs my day wouldn't feel bad (nor good, but numb/this is fine feeling) if people did simple interactions with me, so start of smol, maybe with a classic game like advance wars, or maybe even be a bit more technical and set up a multiplayer online emulator like that addon for the dolphin emulator


I finally talked to him and like in the feels thread he's not a robot. He's talking to some Hispanic roastie over the internet and has friends at his job. I thought that I could talk to him and empathize but I realized things are never what they truly are. sorry if this was late, currently doing benge drinking until I die



Matthew C?



not the guy you were replying to but I started freaking out when i saw my name



How did he get anxiety and not you or your sis?



At least you've got us


File: 3eb066c5bba45d2⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180720-223059.png)

I don't think I've ever identified more with a song, robots. I am pretty much exactly the guy in the song, and I feel an intense sense of alignment with the idea of a 'solitary one'. Post songs you identify with and why.



Oh for fucks sake that was meant to be its own thread.



That song sucks. Listen to some Elliott Smith you stinky nigger.



>wanting to be hated by your parents because you live in the shadow of a sibling who did everything you couldn't do due to being a social outcast

I've always hated single childs so much, they're all a bunch of spoiled faggots.




This music is the whitest thing in existence, jew.




>broadcasting your phoneposting

>listening to music on spotify instead of downloading it yourself

dumb nigger i refuse to listen to your dumb nigger music



Are failed norms into robotic things now?



File: 153216dc145d937⋯.jpg (287.64 KB, 1040x1250, 104:125, 1478304793375.jpg)

File: 4cac5dd34090cbe⋯.png (46.92 KB, 984x389, 984:389, large_fammily_less psychos….png)


The less children there are, the more psychotic the mother is. Zero is also a number.

I'm willing to bet no robot has more than 1 brother. Prove me wrong, faggot.



I've got 3 brothers



The father can also fuck you up you know


>Failing so badly at raising children that you produce not one but two robots



it's not hard for a single mother who fucking cheated on her husband to make both of her kids realize that all women are shit.


File: 611a05ee0fa7f8e⋯.jpg (139.32 KB, 1522x982, 761:491, 6ed58a35480090fa999b53b443….jpg)

File: ac208636f9a38f6⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 384x369, 128:123, For science_3cf7fb_4751731.jpg)


>I've got 3 brothers

Interesting. Not a thing I've heard a robot say before. Can you tell more about life with 3 brothers and what do you think made you a robot?



Not the anon you replied to but I have two brothers and unlike them my parents had me go and do home school. They let me go out but I still freak out when talking to people who aren't family IRL.



>Zero is also a number.

No it isnt, its a concept



>The additive identity isn't included in its field

Pick up a book you 0wait, """0""" doesn't exist 1 I.Q. mongoloid, or better yet just fellate a fucking shotgun. How can a human being have such a primitive and frankly retarded idea of what a number is? What possible definition of number do you have that both excludes 0 and makes sense? 0 is the very first fucking number you need to count you complete retard. Here's a hypothetical question for you: Let's say you have 5 gallons of cum in front of you, and you drink all of it because you're a limp-wristed homosexual nigger. How many gallons of cum do you have left? It can't be zero, because in your autistic universe there's no such thing. "Hurr durr I have a conceptual amount of cum to drink that corresponds to no number in the known universe". Unless of course you just want to pull a wacky new definition of "number" out of your ass, in which case you're such a contrary fucking pedant that I hope a gang of niggers breaks into your house and that they rape you to death while screeching like chimps and passionately ooga-boogaing as they carve new holes to shove their deformed nigger cocks.

Fuck you.


File: 462754a27611055⋯.png (29.98 KB, 747x491, 747:491, 1514502129116.png)

OP here, I poured my fucking guts out to my brother because I was drinking but I'm not sure if he'll tell my mom about my suicidal thoughts. I should've stayed quiet but when I drink I become very sad and need to talk to someone.


fucking idiot why didn't you stay away? now look at yourself retard


File: 5345f2fd86bc287⋯.jpg (50.39 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Ponder.jpg)


That second image is plain stupid. I have an older sister, and while we were "competitive" at times, I never felt like we were working against each other. Our parents gave both of us an equal amount of attention, and we both get along while and we're both doing fine in life.

On the other hand, I have a couple of friends that come from a four-child family, the oldest is a bit of a robot, the second oldest has anger issues and gets a lot of negative flak, the third oldest (grill) seems relatively normal, and the youngest gets the most attention from the parents (as in "do all your homework for you" attention) and has some pretty bad 'tism. Second oldest and youngest are always against each other as well, in laughably petty ways. For example, youngest took an empty chair in the room we were in, and second-oldest demanded he get out because we were using it (lie). He then proceeded to kick the shit out of him until he left.

Not hard to see why he would end up like he is.




I've also got 3 brothers. I've never been on a date and I'm a full-fledged wizard.



Your friend is me except swap the third oldest with the youngest.

I'm the third oldest in my family, but with the role of the youngest and get shits from second all the time.

It's inevitable in to have this roles of blacksheep, childstar, robot or aloof, and normal in dysfunctional family.

None are innocent of a victim including me.



Same here. unoriginal my cock


>My sister would

Up until until this, I was hoping it was my little bro writing this thread :(

I'm 31 and he's 25. He won't watch Walking Dead or Z-Nation with me anymore :(



How strongly does OP's first paragraph paragraph apply to your life?



Hey OP I know the feel.

My older brother is in same posistion and my family just goes on about his weight and how he has no friends and no ambitions.

>fuck them, they don't know hime, and chances are your parents are responsible for whatever fucked him up



At least you don't have a literal faggot for an older brother. Not to mention he was gone for the majority of my childhood



Sucks anon, me and my brother are twenty year old robots who want to gas the kikes and speak about it openly so it could be worst


File: a374abeec53413b⋯.jpg (76.87 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 1452055494112.jpg)

>tfw older brother is literally autistic

>tfw despite being 5 years older than me he treats me like i'm his older brother

>tfw we pretty much raised each other

>tfw we do everything together even though taking him out to places is miserable because he can't stop saying the most retarded shit

>tfw i'm his only friend

>tfw I want to live my own life but I can't bring myself to leave because I care about him too much



Shit man is he not able to function on his own?

It takes balls to do what you do being a carer is something very few people can do.

See if you can be an official carer for him and you'll get money off the government.

Plus working a normal job you could be able to bring in some considerable income.



you're a good man tbh

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