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File: a8175dccc16283c⋯.png (3.41 KB, 128x128, 1:1, spoiler.png)


The universe will eventually die. Everything will be gone for literal eternity unless a 2nd big bang happens. (which would be practically eternity)

If the 2nd big bang ever does happen and somehow there's more life then they'll never be able to know we ever existed. If they did they wouldn't know our names.

Tell me, anon, what's stopping you from killing yourself, shoot up a school, do anything to give you at least some attention after you're gone in this miserable world? It's the objective goal in life. Let people know you're there, that you're someone. It doesn't matter in the long run, but it's a natural human comfort knowing that you'll somewhat be kept alive in conversation after you're gone. Nothing matters. It's been said millions of times, but it really doesn't.




The universe will FUCKING DIE and NOBODY will remember we ever existed

When I get the chance I'll make a name for myself. Any fellow neets should follow my advice.


File: d77d66d55ba2eeb⋯.gif (988.91 KB, 500x279, 500:279, dylan-smug.gif)

Also please, please keep the stories of past an happeners. It's what they wanted and it's fun to talk about


File: 9bb5fd48304e652⋯.gif (111.62 KB, 255x231, 85:77, 1455674326641.gif)

I love the way you think, pal.


File: 7839b517e899356⋯.png (355.4 KB, 1812x694, 906:347, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 4b0ccedbca68880⋯.png (122.42 KB, 919x737, 919:737, FBI Posters.png)

>just shoot up a school and kill yourself it's not like anything matters anyway

Not today, FBI.


File: 316e2afc2ef41aa⋯.jpg (133.84 KB, 895x895, 1:1, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAA….jpg)




No shit, iam fully aware of that, thats why iam feeling even worse that i care about my social anxiety. There is no logically reason for it and i still have it, sucks.


If nothing matters then atheism is as good as godism and it doesn't matter if I choose to believe in spirituality anyway. If nothing matters, why should I buy your second-rate nihilism "truth"? Your argument is degenerate. Your deductions are only relevant in a scientific context, but you've included no proper science in your post.

>The universe will eventually die.

Yeah, billions of years later, and even that is hotly (heh) debated. Do you know how long a billion years is? Let me put it like this: A billion seconds is longer than you've been alive. A billion minutes ago Rome was still a unified empire. A billion hours ago neanderthals ruled Europe uncontested.

Now fack off ya cunt.



Not OP but a few problems with your post:

At first glance you are correct; if nothing matters, atheism (by which you probably mean Nihilism) is as good as Godism. The problem is that the moment you start buying into Godism, suddenly everything matters again. It's like saying

>In the sentence "This sentence has 57 characters in it, except spaces and punctuation." you can swap "57" for "fifty seven" and the sentence would mean the same thing.

It's technically true, but it would make the sentence wrong.

So I disagree. Atheism [i]Nihilism[i] isn't as good as Godism for a Nihilist, from a Nihilists perspective.

Both perspectives are indifferent in you're an observer. It doesn't matter if someone is a Godist or an Atheist if you believe they're both going to perish eventually. But they are not indifferent when you're talking about your own faith.

And I should specify my own stand on this issue for transparency; I'm an atheist but definitely some edgy Nihilist nerd. While it is true nothing truly matters, it's also a fact that we're here in the material world breathing and salivating and thinking, and I think there's nothing wrong in enjoying these physical realities while we can.



I fucked the italics formatting up but who cares nothing matters lmao haha kms


File: 56d227ea9a41b4c⋯.png (49.43 KB, 465x361, 465:361, Look at that bakka.png)

>Muh universe will die in billions maybe trillions of years after I die according to current scientific theory

>Lol why not needlessly throw away your life? XD

>Life is all about attention

This is just entry level nihilistic bullshit. If you only care about "people notice me after I die" then you should honestly kill yourself. However, you will never practice what you preach. This is because you are obviously just an attention seeking child saying edgy shit since it is the "cool" thing to do right now.


File: ff5c967029282fd⋯.jpg (513.08 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, mabRf (2).jpg)




Kill yourself



Why is Übermensch against Commies? Surely a man can love his traditions but also support leftist ideals- ideals that he deducted as the best options for society.



Because a real Übermensch would not waste his time on left-wing shit.




you're both brainlets for referring to theism as fucking godism




Why would someone who believes in the ideal of a better man and therefore implicitly believes in hierarchy stoop low enough to view the world from the perspective of the lowest common denominator?



if you don't care about our existence, then why does getting attention matter? just live your life and enjoy it, the only way to make life meaningful in your perspective would be to pull of some hitler level shit that an edgetard "nihilist" such as yourself isn't capable of accomplishing



Too obvious, try again.



Read a book



>not knowing Übermensch's distorted history

Whatever its r9k



>Did you know Hitler used a term he read in a work by Nietzsche?

No, really? Both the traditional and NatSoc definitions are innately opposed to "leftist ideals", which is to say their only ideal - equality.



>"""Hitler used"""

Look up what distorted means

In addition, "leftist ideals" don't necessarily push for ultimate equality. A commie would argue that a liberal social democrat is pushing for inequality.



>Look up what distorted means

He used it rather accurately, actually. It's just that you don't know the definition of the term, haven't read Nietzsche and clearly are unfamiliar with NatSoc politics. Also, the SocDem would argue that they're pushing for equality. The argument, then, is based entirely on what "equality" means, rather than its basis as the ultimate good to strive towards.



>patronizing garbage

what an excellent defense



Go back like 3 replies.



Go back like 3 replies retard




Well, I do appreciate the well written reply reddit, although you should consult the FAQ for help on formatting. Anyways, here's my retort:

The paradox does not manifest in practice because the interlocutors in this hypothetical are discrete agents. Their thoughts are isolated from each other. Even if they attempt to communicate through words or otherwise, that merely produces an experience for the other party which may be believed or disbelieved or otherwise arbitrarily interpreted, rather than actually transferring their thoughts.

The Godist in this case is not using nihilism as justification for his faith; he does not believe in godism because nothing matters so he might as well (this is also why I think Pascal's wager is very weak, but I digress). Rather, he subscribes to godism because he accepts it as a self-evident a priori truth, or as is commonly said, "takes it on faith". From his perspective the Nihilist is misguided and/or deceived by the Devil. Thus the Godist may even feel a moral imperative to enlighten and convert the Nihilist.

The Nihilist may not use his nihilism as grounds for abandoning his nihilism in favor of godism. This would create a circular paradox as you have correctly recognized. However, observe: The Nihilist is precluded from attempting to convert the Godist because it does not matter, in his opinion, whether the Godist accepts the truth of Nihilism or not.

Therefore both nihilism and godism are not by themselves inconsistent views to hold in so far as can be reasonably expected. However, it is clearly inconsistent for OP, a self-styled Nihilist, to attempt to convert me to nihilism. It is no accident that in my post I chose the first person, not the second: I was attacking not OP's beliefs, but his evangelism. By his own admission, nothing matters, so this thread (to him) could not have been anything but a waste of time and he must be indifferent to whether anyone replies or does become convinced by him.


Honestly nihilism in the sense of throwing your life away and not caring about anything is retarded normalfaggotry. Back when Nietzsche first came out with his thoughts a lot of dumb normalfaggots did not bother understanding what he actually said and just went by popular memes (surprise). In fact, Nietzsche was saying that God as a basis of morality and philosophy is no longer realistic post-enlightenment, and therefore one should create one's own system of beliefs and principles one cares deeply about and wants to fight for. He in fact considered Christians the most nihilistic in the popular sense, since most of them just mindlessly consume biblical dogma and never acquire a single ideal worth fighting for in their whole life.

Not an expert on Nietzsche tbh tho, sorry if I'm wrong.


Nothing really is stopping us from killing ourselves or conducting a school shooting, but why would I care for attention? I'm not a faggot or a roastie.

I would much rather live a life of progress and pleasure than care to be remembered or leave a legacy I will never get to witness. All that matters is what you derive from life itself because, as you said, the universe will die and nothing fucking matters.

Whether shooting up a school will add to your enjoyment of life is debatable, but that's a discussion for another time.


File: 62f5f804dbe6ea4⋯.jpg (133.33 KB, 611x1024, 611:1024, The_Conspiracy_Against_the….jpg)


To get this shit show back on track.

>The universe will eventually die. Everything will be gone for literal eternity unless a 2nd big bang happens. (which would be practically eternity)

>If the 2nd big bang ever does happen and somehow there's more life then they'll never be able to know we ever existed. If they did they wouldn't know our names.

Indeed. After reading Asimovs "The last question" this became evident to me and put in perspective a lot of things. Whether or not this universe is finite or a small part of a cycle of big bangs endlessly creating new universes, doesn't really matter in the grand scale of things because eventually the world will reach maximum entropy and go dark forever. On the off chance that humanity gets its shit together and escapes earth in search of new resources it still won't solve the problem that all of the energy available in the world is still running down. A good analogy being that if all the stars and suns are candles, some may be longer than others but they will all eventually burn out and we will eventually draw as much energy from chemical reactions and so forth as we can. It's sort of like a cosmic peak oil problem.

As an aside; Another great read that is tangentially related but explores what motivates people (and partly answers the question part of this topic) is "Emotional Amoral Egoism: A Neurophilosophical Theory of Human Nature and its Universal Security Implications". Why don't I kill myself or go on a rampage? Because aside from not accomplishing much I am still held back by fear, a desire to experience more pleasure before death and a lack of sufficient motivators to push me over the edge into willing self termination. Besides no matter what I do I will eventually be forced to die anyway so there is no reason to get bent out of shape over it. I think if it ever came down to it I would just get drunk and take a shotgun blast to the head. I read that that is one of the fastest and most surefire ways to end it.

Lastly I see the terms nihilism and atheism getting thrown around a lot but a more grounded outlook is that of philosophical pessimism. If you haven't already I would encourage you to read "the conspiracy against the human race" to explore this topic in more depth. The problem with a nihilistic outlook is that you have both seen too much, and not enough.


File: 08164a26873ce6b⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 550x428, 275:214, مساعدة القديمة.jpg)

I really do pity you atheistic nihilists. You left behind everything that made your civilization powerful, and now it's a decrepit wreck. Instead of rebuilding, or making some monument to your people, like the pagans and people of the book did, you cope by retreating into senseless hedonism and telling yourself the death of your people doesn't even matter. It's this cancerous ideology that rots the soul of girls and boys, making it so they turn into whores and butcher their classmates. Inshallah, we will save you from yourselves soon. You need it.



I appreciate the thought behind your attempt but you are barking up the wrong tree. Aside from that you are also mistaken. Atheistic nihilism in general doesn't coincide with hedonism and what I'm guessing is your dig at globalism. The state of the west in general is mostly due to an overeager hunger for life and "experiencing things" aka interacting with as many people as possible. As for you or anyone's ambitions for world conquest go, good luck with that. Better than you have tried and failed, because humans by nature will always be disunified and at war against themselves. Religious schisms occur all the time, like it or not there is no way to ever permanently corral everyone into your way of thinking.

And yes I realize that this is bait but I am bored and it provides a good platform for further discussion. Nice use of arabic text in the picture by the way. Adds to the act quite well. Could use a bit more subtlety overall though, it does come off a bit ham-fisted.



I realize that /r9k/ is a board for people that have given up hope, but anyone can revert at any time. We were made by Allah as his servants, and it is in that capacity that we find our purpose - as individuals and a people.

Tell me, what defines the west more than hedonism, empty beliefs and a void where Isa al-Masih used to be? I'm not commenting on "globalism" - Islam is a global religion, and a global caliphate is inevitable. Yes, the west seeks nothing higher than ephemeral pleasure as the highest ideal of life, because there is nothing left. This is the end state of men who've abandoned higher callings. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us a time will come when all is Dar al-Islam, and so it shall be. Europe has always stood against the faith, and now it doesn't, so maybe that foretold time is now, and maybe not. Either way, it is inevitable because Islam makes man revert to his true and blessed nature, unlike godless ideologies and false religions.


>Dude Nihilism lmao general

Hey, it's this thread again: >>256419



Why this obsession with "being remembered" and "making a name for yourself?" Who gives a shit? I've never understood this one. When you are dead, you are dead. Doesn't matter if you spent 77 years eating tendies in mommies' basement or if you cured cancer. Same ending. This should be comforting, not a cause of dispair.



Boy, you sure are a fucking faggot. Can you fucking people believe a thread died for this shit? WEW lad.


File: 12b14445cd961f7⋯.jpg (64.3 KB, 563x520, 563:520, tipping techniques.jpg)




What matters is your suffering, that's undeniable. The best you can do in this life is unironically become a janitor, to work at reducing the amount of pain you feel. Once you reduce your own suffering to a tolerable level, you can then work towards reducing or preventing the future suffering of those you care about and animals.


You can seek attention in ways that don’t harm people who haven’t given up on life the way you have. Maybe you should kill yourself, not because the world is pointless or anything but because that mindset makes YOU useless.




I just LOVE half decade old Reddit may mays!


File: 7db7a793dcc3938⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 560x420, 4:3, a pissed off cat.jpg)


>The universe will eventually die.

And good riddance to that.

I just want to be alone and enjoy what little life I have, but normalscum just have to mess that up.

Can't wait until it all ends and everything, especially sentient life, is erased.


File: 1d589f58e6480db⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 396x396, 1:1, 22e7b293b3dc0bc6ed02206c12….jpg)


>in time, you will be forgotten and no one will ever know you existed

>nothing matters, so do something big to let people know you existed

>because nothing matters

I get what you're going for, but you completely contradicted yourself.



>just blind yourself with religion

Even if it does help, eventually islam will be questioned and will lose its charm to the people who follow it and people will abolish it and return to basal instincts, desires and pleasures.

It's just a matter of time, especially with people becoming more and more obsessed with being rich and what not.



It feels good to look on the mark you left on the world and know you will be remembered for ages.



>It feels good to look on the mark you left on the world and know you will be remembered for ages.

>implying you'll remember anything when you're dead


File: 0b9f7650dd3edcf⋯.jpg (97.2 KB, 660x503, 660:503, Musharaff.jpg)


>implying there isn't an afterlife

Your Jewish number magic won't save you, my dude.


>the truth will lose its charm because "materialism yolo! xD"

Maybe in the west, but the wealthiest nations of Islam are also the most militant. Try again.


File: f5fe969ea807aad⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 516x589, 516:589, bw_trees.jpg)

Funny how pretty much every dispariging reply is an ad hominem or another "Just join X ideology/religion you idiot!"

Really makes you think.


Why the fuck should I care about building some worthless "monuments" or legacy. Don' you get it? This whole world is built to break down and die, it's already dead in the grand scheme of things. The monument you build is already eroded to nothing, the people you meet are already corpses, every word is just empty air. There's no point to pleasure either except filling the time before death, and even then most pleasure just brings more pain.

Blinding yourself with religion is a waste of time, time that, in the end, doesn't really matter anyways.

This whole world is a waste of time, to get wrapped up in the materialistic nothings of it is a pointless endeavor entirely.


>>implying there isn't an afterlife

Prove it.


File: 13a2250bde525f4⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 600x381, 200:127, BtZZ-oMCcAAqu4v.jpg)


>boo hoo time will turn things to sand over billions of years so nothing matters

You remind of a parable where a blind man goes to a jeweler, and makes a fool out of himself. You're so blinded by your overwhelming hopelessness that you can't even begin to appreciate the intrinsic value of the things around you, not least of which is faith. Allah is eternal, and the providence he gives us is as well, but you would rather turn to nothing. For you, work - even intellectual and metaphysical work - is too hard and you would rather say nothing matters to excuse your ignorance and weakness. In that case, perhaps what you're saying is true, and in your special case, you truly are worthless.

>Prove it.

Kill yourself and find out.



>Allah making man as servants

To what end? Your fake god has no love, unlike that of the Christian God. A God has no use for humanity beyond love, and with how powerful love is and how thoroughly love is integrated into the fabric of reality: that the universe exists as a perfect vessel for life, that the solar system exists as the perfect system for life, that our planet exists as a perfectly designed ecosystem, and that love is a major motivation within biology itself and within the anthropological system. All this shows that God is Love, and not the impersonal monstrosity that is the Muslim fake god. No God needs a servant, but if God is Love, then humanity exists to love and be loved by God, and to live in orderly fellowship with their Creator. Get out mud scum. We will retake Constantinople.



>intrinsic value of the things around you

According to what/who?

>Allah is eternal, and the providence he gives us is as well,

Prove it

>you truly are worthless

What a great argument, you sure got me, Muhammad.

>Kill yourself and find out.


>I'm a faggot who does what other people say because it's easier than reaching the true conclusion that life has no inherit meaning and is nothing more than a fading waste of time. Instead of accepting this I chose to believe in a bunch of bullshit because it helps me sleep at night, but you are a reminder that I am wrong and I therefore hate you.

I'll also take this a substitute for admitting defeat.

Have fun with your hobby.



>love: the post

Yes, Allah loves us, because we are children, and like good children, we are obedient servants, but you sound like a roastie. Follow your own advice and keep out of the discussion.

>"Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law." - 1 Corinthians 14:34

Or, in other words:

>"I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful." It was asked, "Do they disbelieve in Allah?" He replied, "They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good done to them. If you have always been good to one of them and then she sees something in you not to her liking, she will say, 'I have never received any good from you." - Sahih al-Bukhari 2:28


>According to what/who?

Everyone except for yourself and a handful of other suicidal depressives on this board.

>Prove it

It's an a priori truth, but you can kill yourself and find out.

>What a great argument, you sure got me, Muhammad.

You value nothing, not even yourself. How are you not worthless?

>I'll also take this a substitute for admitting defeat.

Yes, you have no argument aside from epithets and fedora tipping, and so you retreat. Typical of a coward such as yourself. Even Evola, a delusional racist, was able to debunk your worldview. Go figure.



Kind of ignoring the larger point I was trying to make but sure I'll reiterate it for you. How many different sects of Islam are there besides the big 2? How many regional variations and conflicting interpretations are there? You could conquer the world tommorow and all it would take is half a generation before internecine disagreements brought the world back to square one. But even disregarding that what grand plan does Islam have after converting everyone? Islam won't stop the universes resources or energy supply from dwindling down to nothing. It won't stop the inevitable heat death of the universe. I have a feeling that you are rather limited in your appreciation and understanding of exactly the situation that yourself and the world in general is in. All your postering, fighting and struggling is in vain. One day you and your beliefs will die along with everything else and all will be forgotten, having made no difference in the final outcome. All that you are doing is merely killing time until the end of existence.



>westerners destabilize Islamic countries by invading them with mercenaries and there are local superstitions that influence secular law therefore Islam is false

Makes sense to me!

>But even disregarding that what grand plan does Islam have after converting everyone?

Read the Qur'an to find out! It's free online.

>I'm a coward who won't fight for anything and rationalize my actions with pseudoscience so you're dumb for doing so!

This is your brain on Jewish influence.



>Westerners caused the sunni-shia split 1400 years ago

>Dodging the main questions once again

>All the rest of that non sequitur nonsense

Uh huh. It's fine that you want to LARP as a Muslim but please put more effort in. You started off decent but now you are getting lazy.



>Westerners caused the sunni-shia split 1400 years ago

Persian perfidy.

>Dodging the main questions once again


>All the rest of that non sequitur nonsense


>Uh huh. It's fine that you want to LARP as a Muslim but please put more effort in. You started off decent but now you are getting lazy.

What do you expect, there's no philosophical or intellectual basis to nihilism aside from "muh existential dread" and you aren't giving me anything to work with except "things don't last forever so there's no point".


File: 5920dfa5f744b63⋯.png (375.21 KB, 3820x2178, 1910:1089, Thank You For Your Tip.png)

Saged and reported. Do not post in CIA threads, guys.



I wonder how many times they get to read reports about their own fucking plants.


I honestly don't understand how people feel shitty about this.

I remember thinking like this when I was 10 and being bummed out about it.

But now when I think about it these days it actually makes me feel comfy. I actually feel more confident about myself when this comes to mind.

I serriously no longer understand why this is such a big deal. The human-race's biggest fear turns out to be non-negotiable and we act like it is in fact negotiable.

People like OP make poor, vain attempts to find permanence in an impermanent system. They actually make themselves more miserable because of this


No one knows what the universe is or where it came from. We don't know the end of the universe only have possible theories.



It doesn't matter what happens when you're dead, because you'll be dead.

But having a legacy that, while alive, you can look at and know it will long outlive you feels good.


>big crunch and another big bang

The universe is expanding and the rate of expansion is accelerating. There won't be a big crunch and there is no reason, either philosophical or empirical, to think there was one ~15 billion years ago. The big crunch theory was just an attempt to avoid the beginning of time, and a shitty one at that.

Why the fuck would you assume that it's "the objective goal in life" to receive attention from other people? If there is some objective goal in life (which I'm not assuming), it would be something transcendental, which human animals certainly are not.

There is a bit of an issue in that some people seem to believe that thermodynamic heat death won't occur, or that they need not be rationally compelled to accept it given our current evidence. Thermodynamics is practically a closed science. This is so certain that the intellectual price tag for simply denying it is higher than the cost for saying that "God will intervene in nature" or that "this is a computer simulation that will end", or that "the end has already happened and we're boltzmann brains". At least some evidence could be produced for those ideas, but shit like Brownian ratchets or infinite entropy black holes have been thoroughly debunked.



It's much father in the future than a billion years. It's actually closer to like a googolplex years from now, which is an insane amount. By that time I imagine humanity will have had long enough to perceive and travel(?) to/exist on higher dimensions. Or we could say fuck it and just a new universe via simulation by leeching power off of a supermassive black hole by building a giant mirror around it, launching shit into it, and then bouncing the radiation around in the mirror until it turns into near infinite energy.



In either case, big crunch or heat death, Humanity will have changed so drastically or have been dead for so long that it wouldn't possibly matter. There's no way to live long enough for either outcome to matter to us, so unless we get personal space ships, unlimited free energy, and perfect medicine that negates the slow and steady genetic degradation taking place in humanity all in the next few years, none of it matters. Humanity may live on for a long time and still be die out before our sun dies, or just fizzle out in the next century or two after poorly conceived social engineering schemes leaves us with a genetic slurry that results in a species of extremely low IQ, disease-ridden, subhumans.



Left is still conflated with liberalism. Most righters in america don't know that Stalin was incredibly conservative, albeit with leftist economic policies.

t. former commie=liberal thinker



>he hated fags and kikes so he was pretty much a conservative

It's almost like he followed the works of Karl Marx or something.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There’s a way for humanity to get virtually unlimited energy



We're still a long way from even investigating the possibility of researching the technology necessary to approach a black hole so we can begin seeing if that's even possible. Even if we knew for sure that we could build an unlimited energy device, we still can't travel through space with ease or even begin constructing large scale facilities in the void of space. It would still be thousands and thousands of years at this rate before we even find a black hole we can get to.



>The universe is expanding and the rate of expansion is accelerating.

The rate of expansion may not continue to accelerate.



an eternity of nothing will pass in an instant, if we can come from nothing we can come back from nothing



>The higher dimensional derivatives could be negative

It's already too late for the simple big crunch scenarios, and the convoluted ones don't have evidence. There is no escaping this shitty conclusion without some kind of metaphysic.


Read Camus. If you lived forever you'd find life to just as absurd. Just because something lasts as longer doesnt mean its more important. As nothing has intrinsic value. You are as important as the entire multiverse because youre both just as meaningless. People feel that they are worthless because they are a speck in a cold and infinite void. Im here to tell you that youre not. Every thing is made of the same shit you are and is just as absurd as you. Being really big, or living a really long time, doesnt make you more important. Importance is an illusion. The realization that life is meaningless should be liberating. The ratio of living things to non-living things shows that the probability of your existence being close to nothing. You have a unique opportunity in this world. To explore, create, love, lose, and win. No glob of matter will ever get this opportunity. No one should follow your advice. Fame decays and as infinity stretches out it reduces it to nothing. You'll have wasted this tiny break from the void to be remembered by a universe that will forget you in the blink of an eye.

Listen to me anons. OP find his life meaningless because he creates no meaning. He feels fear because if he were to die right now his life would be shameful and uneventful.

So dont be him.






Your mind will tell you not too. It will tell you thats normalfag shit. Your mind wishes only to remain in the comfy warm pool of inaction. Doing new shit is painful. Life is painful. But the feeling of triumph. Of gettting better. Of living a life thats yours and no one elses is one of the greatest pleasures you can experience.


File: 1adf34714b51e14⋯.jpg (194.51 KB, 673x1024, 673:1024, Zapffe12-673x1024.jpg)


>Life is meaningless

>But pretend that everything is OK because otherwise you will be sad



>Immortality is not a sufficient condition for meaning/value/purpose/worth

We already knew that. Also these terms have different meanings, they're not the same.

>All that normalfag shit

If the good feels of an immortal mind aren't sufficient to have meaning value or purpose then the good feels of us animals, who have to deal with our fucking universe dying in addition to our own lives and work, definitely don't have those things



Good and Evil exist Op. It's something someone in that grey area isn't going to understand.


File: 8cce6ed1d7b9527⋯.png (153.32 KB, 300x264, 25:22, The_Time_Prophet.png)


“Time as you know had a beginning and time has an end and then time begins again. As we shall each live our lives again exactly as before, I have been gifted to see into the old cycles of time. Not very clearly mind you, but I have learned that in the future-past the Brunnen-G, the great victor in the war against the insect civilisation, shall be destroyed at the hand of His Shadow. But after His Shadow leaves the Cluster they will be destroyed at the hands of the Brunnen-G. This has happened before and it will happen again.” — The Time Prophet



>Time as you know had a beginning and time has an end and then time begins again. As we shall each live our lives again exactly as before

Boring. Each cycle should have the possibility for things to be different.



Well, it originally has.


File: 8d9793a7760fb3a⋯.jpg (142.6 KB, 1376x1124, 344:281, immortalitybalancebeam.jpg)

File: 82eed252b4a8586⋯.jpg (84.68 KB, 930x773, 930:773, six-epochs.jpg)

File: ca2292564cc1ce6⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 736x233, 736:233, intelligencescale.jpg)


If our civilization survives to and through the Singularity, it's actually not impossible that our civilization could last literally forever. Given billions of years to advance technologically, combined with having superintelligence billions of times smarter than a human alive today, it's not impossible that we might find some way around the heat death of the universe. For instance, we could potentially find a way to colonize other universes, create new universes and colonize them, or use some other unknown technology.



Do you have a source for that third pic or could you at least give the metric that it's based off of? "Intelligence" is a very general thing, is this based off of IQ?



There was a different version of this chart where it said "What the fuck are you doing here?" with the Ubermensh and "Religion had shit figured out for thousands of years" in the case of Religion. Anyone have it?



>big bang

You mean when Mr. Robotard and his merry morons said "let us have one free miracle and we'll get rid of those silly gods and all their miracles!"?

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