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File: ea39540f1177044⋯.png (3.92 KB, 313x187, 313:187, bathtub.png)


Let's talk about comfy, unrealistic fantasies you had. I often allow myself to indulge either in thoughts about anime romances before sleep or I think of an unrealistic, but incredibly comfy convoluted scenario that I would like to find myself in.

>Antarctica, or some other incredibly cold place

>A blizzard is raging on.

>There is a single bathtub filled with warm water

>It's separated from the outside by a nigh-impossible to destroy material that covers it from above, this material only allows air to go through, and enough of it for the bathtub to always feel as if it's filled with enough oxygen to easily sustain one person or two.

>The water is constantly warm, and the water supply is infinite maybe it's taken from the snow around? Who knows., and the water level can be changed at will.

>You cannot drown yourself as you will get a gasmask that supplies you oxygen and a pair of comfortable goggles if you decide to raise the water level above your head.

>You can reach towards the walls of the bathtub, as they are actually very thick and they will act like compartments in which you will find different things.

>Basic needs are suplied by those compartments, you have a comfortably suitated hole to pee, shit and orgasm into, there is an infinite amount of food inside of the bathtub and at any time you can take out an electronic completely water-proof menu from one of the compartements to get yourself a meal, which will be chosen by you just tapping on one of the options, you will be also able to throw it away by the trash, or the toilet compartment. Drinks including ironically water are accessed the same way.

>Another compartment gives you access to a selection of completely waterproof electronics, starting with a high-end gaming pc probably a laptop or a pc that you are not able to remove from the comparment, you are just given a hanging monitor as well as a mouse, a keyboard and something to put them on due to the size of the bathtub with fast, always accessible internet connection, to different consoles and basically anything else you might want.

>Finally, you can move the bathtub to any place you want, by opening the next compartement, which will make it walk towards targeted location. There are also controls for changing temperature of the water, and adding or/and removing it from the bathtub. You can get from the Arctic to the Hawaii if you really want, and the water temperature will adjust automatically unless you change it manually, there should also be a button to revert to automatic setting to make it healthy and comfortable for you.

>Probably some excercise gear, and automatic medical-care would be put in there as well, accessed, once again, by a selection in an compartement.

>I imagine myself in this bathtub, completely removed from all my problems, sitting in it, with countless ways to entertain myself, but for the current moment chosing none of them, just watching the blizzard outside, and laying there comfortably, in warm water, knowing that I can just play tommorow, slowly drifting towards sleep as I watch the snow pile on the cover above me and fly around in different directions, as the wind throws it all over the place.

Share your own comfy fantasies if you have one, and tell us what do you think of if you want to feel a little bit more comfy.


File: 3b24f186b6c9acd⋯.png (606.95 KB, 949x1080, 949:1080, 37d1657bd2b1e7725c9594ef66….png)

I fantasize about piloting big robots all the time.



I respect you deeply. I fantasize about being the main character of a super robot show a lot.


File: cc6ff0aa115f7cd⋯.jpg (288.3 KB, 730x550, 73:55, __zeorymer_hades_project_z….jpg)


My fellow basketball american.


File: c4fe0f06a3ca53d⋯.webm (1.31 MB, 578x360, 289:180, gondola_station.webm)

Here's a bit of literal comfy for you: I often fantasize about jumping into a ball pit full of fluffy pillows. I would jump in and get lost in a pool of softness and warmth.

Also, I sometimes fantasize about being sort of intergalactic truck driver. Basically, I would pilot a small cargo ship from one place to the next, drifting peacefully among the stars. Sometimes stopping for a refuel and a warm meal at a space station's diner. Simply, comfy, peaceful, and relatively isolated.


Post-societal collapse innawoods cabin with a nice fireplace and a stew made from stuff from the forest, like rabbit and herbs



> Also, I sometimes fantasize about being sort of intergalactic truck driver. Basically, I would pilot a small cargo ship from one place to the next, drifting peacefully among the stars. Sometimes stopping for a refuel and a warm meal at a space station's diner. Simply, comfy, peaceful, and relatively isolated.

Although I really like fantasies like that I never actually consider them fully "comfy", mostly because I feel I would always be stressed out in those situations.

First of all I wouldn't be able bo lay, sitting for hours in a quite uncomfortable position, and I would eventually feel the weird feeling of being cold.

Second of all, I would be stressed by the deadline no matter how relaxed it is.

Third of all, I couldn't just fall asleep during the job, which I consider to be the most comfy.

Although small changes to this fantasy would rectify all of that for me.


File: e012e3c9f8887fa⋯.jpg (601.42 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Winter.jpg)


I like imagine myself as a welder in the Arctic. I'd be high up on some incomplete structure, welding steel together with the heat of the electric arcs keeping me warm, making me continue welding until my job is finished for the day.


File: 6462eb889396bd2⋯.jpg (804.72 KB, 4608x2592, 16:9, 113_10004.jpg)

File: f57b2890ae41e2e⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, 113_10012.jpg)


Trigger Warning: 3DPD

While listening to music with female singers (or an all-female band), I often imagine I've met her (or them) and dream up of all manner of fun and happy interactions. Absolutely none of them are sexual or romantic, just events like– fuck, can't remember any at the moment, these fantasies come and go with the song. But next time I'll try to remember for your cringing pleasure. Pics unrelated: don't fall for the barefoot running maymay; guck you again, /fit/ .



dude i do barefoot running all the time

you're just a weak faggot



your feet will eventually get calloused and this won't happen anymore. it would've been better if you started running barefoot as a kid.



Sounds like the perfect sequel to cowboy bebeop.



What kind of foods do they serve at this diner anon?


File: bf036ccd260cdfe⋯.jpg (19.79 KB, 800x900, 8:9, shutin cancer_twitter thot.jpg)

Removing thots.


File: 9342116c33cc778⋯.jpg (584.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1494182132463.jpg)



the only fantasies that calm me down and give me the will to live just to potentially witness one are apocalyptic fantasies. stuff like massive societal collapse, mass extinction events, a huge number of people dying, the death of humans as a whole, etc

the idea of watching a mother watch her child die from starvation, watching a father have to prostitute out his children like they do in Venezuela just to feed them, people dying en mass, this society being destroyed, etc, are the only kind of fantasies that are comfy for me. i hate this world and ive basically always was a deep misanthrope, since the longest time, so cataclysmic fantasies are ones i often have


this too. i regularly fantasize about non-existence and begging god for non-existence, because life is suffering, and i honestly dont enjoy life and i dont want to partake in it




Removing thots with a giant robot. Of course there are other fantasies about a loving 3D waifu and social/career success. However, the worse things get the more spiteful my fantasies become. I'm sure it's the same for others. So start up those Metal Gears, activate those Gundams and check the batteries in your Eva. We're going on a thot hunt.







My grandfather built a vacation home for himself and my grandmother in a seaside village that has a single person living there during the winter. The closest people, other than that woman live in the next village over, 2km away. My mother used to leave me there with my grandparents all summer long because she had to work, and the place reminds me of better times in general.

All I want is to figure out a way to survive without working, and go live there.



Rolling across an endless hellscape of blasted trenches in my MkV tank. There is no one but my crew and I. The sound of artillery and gunfire can be heard in the distance; it does not matter however. There is no life in this sector. There is no life anywhere on my path. The extradimension I find myself in is an endless void populated by the dead of war. We scavenge what we need from the battlefield, sometimes we may stop and find a temporary home in the trenches. We always return to the tank. We say it is in hope of finding the end of it all, but secretly we all know we have become one with this fate and can not exist without it.




i dont understand nor appreciate vague references of media i dont consume

i was being serious in my post, i think life is suffering and god is cruel and i regularly fantasize about non-existence. i dont care for your faggy bullshit stories about your tank rides


File: 1e3eeacb4f408d8⋯.jpeg (112.61 KB, 960x720, 4:3, th (20).jpeg)

File: bd3602a801d63ea⋯.jpeg (317.9 KB, 1200x795, 80:53, 1_9q3WkxIMrS1JKoW9y0e1hQ.jpeg)

I sometimes fantasize about living in a bunker in the desert



>The First World War didn't exist until EA invented it

Brainlets get out


File: 05b83424ad619c3⋯.mp4 (3.49 MB, 736x544, 23:17, gondola shower.mp4)

>be poor kid

>taking a bath during colder months

>parents cant afford to run heat all the time so have space heater in the bathroom

>the water is warming the submerged parts of my body and the space heater is warming unsubmerged parts

>get out and wrap self in a towel in front of the heater to dry off




this guy right here

kaczynski is my idol, if shit isn't better by the time I'm 35, then I'll make it a lot worse


File: 89168b4ac97e744⋯.jpg (170.59 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, macross-2-vf-2ss-mmm.jpg)



Ready to remove thots.

I want mine to be a jet also.


File: 12367d656b27666⋯.webm (2.49 MB, 854x480, 427:240, stargazingfeels.webm)

I think a lot about traveling. I would just pack a bag of food and clothing along with a small digital camera and leave. I wouldn't tell my family where I was going because I woouldn't know either. I'd walk around taking snap shits while exploring different places like gondola. But I'd probably run out of money and end up murdered somewhere

I just want to be a wanderer



I've considered the nomadic life, out on the open road, back of a van or bus converted into a living space.. but man, I fucking hate driving. It makes me so tense and frustrated, and when I spend too long on a stretch of road I start to get bad anxiety unless I've driven that route a bunch of times already.


File: a37953c8abb1a50⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1480390478829.jpg)


>you will never fight Rostieul in Unit 01



How the fuck could a bathtub fit all that shit in it?

Also, have fun dying from your flesh stripping away slowly from being in water for too long.


File: 940976811eaa12c⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 720x487, 720:487, 5444869331431842039379.jpg)

I have multiple that turn on and off but the one I currently have is making a giant band that plays whatever genre it wants touring small towns in America, Canada, and Australia with a dedicated cult following, only the truest fans go to our shows since I beat them up and they sometimes come up on stage with their own instruments or take over someone else's then soon we have the entire audience playing music in a venue so dissonant that would make Sunn O))) jealous.


File: 00880c1a5f7ae8a⋯.jpg (652.23 KB, 3032x2139, 3032:2139, 1456702984412.jpg)

File: 7119c756c91e0f4⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1840x988, 460:247, 1490154592367.png)

File: 7012b05dc3db3e5⋯.jpg (425.26 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1475716861561.jpg)


Mecha are better than 2D even. I ain't a dumb zeekfag like you,but I honestly fantasize about piloting my trusty GM series MS into battle against Zeon and Titans and Neo Zeon and all in between for the sake of peace in the Earth Sphere.


File: 44ecf19c898da95⋯.jpg (234 KB, 850x1076, 425:538, 1461560110116.jpg)


I have a bone to pick with those fucking Sleeve thots for sure.



>I don't care about your faggy bullshit stories about your tank rides

His fantasy sounded a bit more genuine than your whinging about how you want all of humanity to die,but whatever. Military-themed escapism is the comfiest for me,since it allows me to both fantasize about normalfags dying,but also about having a purpose in life too.Still don't get how you became so butt-blasted.



Having the power to stop time and enter a parallel dimension where I can do whatever I want with no consequences to the integrity of the other dimension. In this dimension every living creature is frozen in time but they can still be manipulated by me, and the day/night cycle and seasons still change, though there isn't ever any dangerous weather or natural disasters.

Also Im immortal, though I will continue to age as normal if I return back to the other dimension. Furthermore, I never build a tolerance to Kratom or other drugs and each time I use it I get the best possible effects and they last twice as long as they normally would.

I'd have access to the internet updated to the point in which I stopped time.

Electricity is always flowing too.

Basically I would spend my days using Kratom to put me in a super comfy, euphoric, and motivated mood while I play vidya all day and watch anime. I would want to replay all the Pokemon games from red to emerald and relive my childhood.

Another hobby of mine would be to go scavenging for hot women in which I'd store in a nearby house for later "use".

Eventually I'd probably start mastering skills such as drawing, guitar, lifting, shooting, and animating so that I could, on occasion, return to the other dimension to show them off.



Anon, how worth it would it be to smuggle kratom into a ban state?



It's an escapist fantasy that recreates the subconcious memory of being in my mom's womb but in a more pleasant way, don't try to bring realism into this shit. It's a magical fucking bathtub that just has all of his shit, and is filled with magical water that doesn't hurt me in any way shape or form.



I have sometihng of a similar fantasy, but instead of parallel dimension I imagine a great library which has every piece of culture that humanity has produced, is producing and will ever produce in the future, including vidya, anime, books, manuals etc. There are all the necessary things to comfortably use those media.

I still age but time is slowed in a way that one second in this world is a hilariously over the top number of years googolplex passes in the library world then a second passes in the real world, so the actual time I have is so fucking long that I don't have to worry about it*, and although there isn't necessairly an internet connection, I can share this ability with other people, and by synchronizing times that we enter this world Which is done naturally by just wanting to do that**, we share a connection that allows us to play vidya, watch anime together, shitpost on the semi-internet, etc.



I'm interested, anon, why is it you've constructed your world with some inconsequential amount of aging rather than none?


I daydream too damn much about finding myself a drifter in fantasy world like one day i wake up somewhere like thedas or the valley of kings and spend my life walking the world like im the man with no name or kenshiro



Not him, but in some ban states, it's as illegal as acid or heroin I believe. Motherfucking government always gotta fuck with us. Legal in my state for now so I bought four kilos.


File: b7d10781fed56d1⋯.png (918.12 KB, 1070x897, 1070:897, Unnamed.png)

I like to fantasize about living in the woods in my tiny cabin in a magic world (so I can have running water and heat despite being in the middle of the forest) and one day on my walk finding an injured young soldier or something. So I take him to my home and nurse him to health, and he falls in love with me and we bake delicious cakes and go on picnics together. Bonus points if we are some fantasy race, too. Boring, I know, I'm a hopeless romantic. (I totally didn't spend the last half hour drawing this.)

But sometimes I also fantasize about living in a huge city (like New York) in an apartment, and my roommate is a super fashionable cool Indian lady, and she takes me shopping and to fancy events and restaurants. I don't know why the lady has to be Indian. That's just how it is.


that is so awesome. I wonder why anyone hasn't done that already


File: ea83ba22e52da3a⋯.jpg (58.01 KB, 480x480, 1:1, gey.jpg)






that first fantasy sounds really nice actually

your art look nice too





Are you a woman in the first fantasy?


File: 1f8072306901596⋯.jpg (133.07 KB, 1017x665, 1017:665, (((girls))).jpg)



Friendly reminder that gays and (((traps))) are degenerate scum



sorry, don't ban me please?



Which are you? One is substantially worse than the other. If your a tranny/(((trap))) then you best be on your way.



Fags should fuck off too but its hard to make a case for them to be banned. But tranny's and trap fucks, thats much easier.


File: 4bc17cdea4729f2⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, 41747292152844094910430608….png)

I think about playing Gmod with you guys.


File: 1d3ed5789b09bd2⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, LE4zUpE.jpg)


Sounds comfy anon. No need to be embarassed


I fantasize about owning enough of those fancy silicone sex dolls to have them fill a pool, and then lying down on top of it while fucking one of them. Also I fantasize about dressing them up in cute clothes and giving them different wigs.



>its hard to make a case for them to be banned

No it isn't. They're fags. Case and point. All done.


File: eed2c0fa23a7a0e⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 3021x2145, 1007:715, 84c82c11953c0ac6c684f33c99….jpg)

File: 20791c21e8bb777⋯.jpg (509.67 KB, 1200x1664, 75:104, 1536467586891.jpg)

File: 3e35829d4cbc769⋯.jpg (622.69 KB, 2064x2400, 43:50, 3e35829d4cbc769266646fbbbc….jpg)

File: 20eec79153b3c55⋯.jpeg (545.69 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bf8d092cafce014312aed1d92….jpeg)


>implying I'm a zeekfag just because I like their Mobile Suits

>not having your MS tastes and faction tastes separated

I'm sorry for your loss, anon.

As for other comfy unrealistic fantasies, even such more minor thinks like maintaining your own mech, washing it, polishing it, cleaning its vents, joints, sensors, optimizing its system and controls in my own hangar/garage makes my heart get a big, sturdy boner. I get a bit less excited about thinking same things for tanks, aircrafts or other military vehicles for some reason, probably because these aren't constantly portrayed as very strong combat units as mecha though in reality there's no possibility they could surpass real existing combat vehicles. Yet I like to believe that mechs could find their place in reality warfare as very specialized units. I guess that's one of the other comfy fantasies of mine.

I'd buy myself a car to at least somehow poke at this weird itch, but this is quite pricey and I don't really need a machine used for transportation whose speed and functionaluty are heavily regulated by the traffic, the rules and the amount of money you must give for the fuel, maintenance and a bit less significant things like special seasonal tires.

I don't even remember the last time I had to leave my city.


File: 9d271dc8be7079e⋯.jpg (101.59 KB, 748x554, 374:277, 66062-_Cafe_Alpha-Yokohama….jpg)

I wished i lived in a ykk like area. Away from it all, near the sea with decaying roads and an generally empty world devoid of people.



> Ifindoming

what the fuck is "ifindoming"



I feel that with fags it depends on the person. The idea of banning traps is that they're literally taking injections to chemically alter themselves to look and act like a woman. With fags they just like dick, but might not act like a woman.

t. my brother's a homo

Funnily enough he hates most gay guys because they act and look like women.



Every fag I've ever known has been a human trainwreck, physically and mentally. The super fit, hyper stylish, classy and cultured faggots are an extreme minority within a minority. Most of them are psychos who love molesting little boys and doing as many drugs as possible to destroy themselves in an out of control hedonistic death spiral.


Anyone else like to imagine floating in outer space, in a comfy lonely spacecraft with infinite supplies?


Hi, Ted.


Why welding? Why not just lie comfortably within your warm, isolated iglo?


File: 36880f5838596b1⋯.jpg (570.11 KB, 1044x1044, 1:1, Data_with_pipe.jpg)


You've clearly never been to Hell's Kitchen. Idk what it's like there now but when I was a teenager the place had a huge amount of gay men and most of them acted like normal men. I think now that gay marriage is legal most fags have no reason to appear manly. Besides, the normal acting gays don't exactly wear a sign on their head that says "I'm attracted to men". But yeah, most of them these days are like you described.

I think that if the gay guy in question were to post here and not be actively seeking to make us all gay, then it's fine. Of course we'd need to take it on a case-by-case basis. Not all fags are equal.


I often fantasize about having my own Starship Enterprise like from TNG and commanding a crew of androids based off of Data. I'd do some missions where I'd have to interact with real people, like maybe bringing supplies to a colony or transporting people through dangerous territories, but for the most part I'd just drift through space with my android buddies.



The reason is quite simple actually, and in a stupid way but I felt like I needed some small flaw, and because I felt that even with all the media in the world, I would get bored eventually, and if I decided to use that ability right before death or something I would be too scared to come back to the real world, but also too bored to stay in the alternate dimension.



Could always get a tractor. I saw a 1937 Farmall with a new paint job sell for $2500 a while back. Old tractors in need of a good bit of elbow grease can often be had for a few hundred bucks, and they're a lot simpler to work on than cars. If you really, really want to go low budget you could also look into lawn mowers/garden tractors.



>Why welding?

I love welding. I love being able to combine two solid objects into one. It feels so cathartic.


>wake up

>still dark out

>roll out of bed and stretch, hearing my joints pop

>I sigh and walk to the bathroom

>relieve myself

>get dressed in clean clothes

>head downstairs

>wife is in the kitchen cooking breakfast

>kiss her good morning

>we talk about chores to do

>she goes to wake the children

>i sip my coffee and make a mental checklist of what needs to get done today

>say good morning to my smiling children who reply in turn

>eat breakfast as a family

>be content

>go outside to begin tilling the soil

>enjoy the cool air and pine trees

That's about it.


File: c998ef2dc202621⋯.jpg (113.85 KB, 997x720, 997:720, Glittering Eyes.jpg)

>stumble on one of those crazy threads on /x/ where someone claims to actually be a vampire

>everyone laughs them off because it's obviously some fat goth roastie but I take them seriously

>after several weeks of a back and forth the thread's about to die and they tell me they actually posted on the board just so I could see it

>an unknown burner email address sends me a message, telling me to be somewhere at a certain night

>as a suicidal and depressed man with nothing to lose I go, half-expecting a painful death

>pretty much the perfect waifu except for being 3D but it doesn't count because vampires don't have reflections

>we spend the night talking before vampire hunters burst into the building

>I get shot but they save my life by inducting me into their blood rites making me one of them

>we have all kinds of wacky hijinks just trying to survive as she turns out to be the perfect waifu

>after some years the ultra-secret Judeo-Salafist Vatican order of latex nun assassins comes after us destroying our joyous time together

>wear all black and take over the secret world together as a Saturday morning cartoon villain

I've been waiting nine years for my 14-year old self's dreams to come true. One day…




>Winter knocks out the power for the entire town


>Everything looks different from the lack of street lights

>It's dark, but I can still see everything

>Decide to go outside.

>Suddenly get this urge to run in the dark

>Feels like I can sweep across the dark with ease


File: 2ea74d0714cae9b⋯.jpg (234.94 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, tmp_22292-north-square-of-….jpg)

File: 76ac32e4c51d3d2⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 320x320, 1:1, tmp_22292-0e643473bf2c1843….jpg)

File: 65be8f508bf879a⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 602x339, 602:339, tmp_22292-main-qimg-e290be….jpg)


>galactic truck driver

I have recurring dreams (since childhood) of being a trucker (really a human supervisor/mechanic for what's basically a self-driving cargo ship) in some kind of cyperpunk world. I'd travel through smog-overcast or nighttime megaopolisi in my gigantic hovering truck/house, maybe stopping to get some weird snacks from a futuristic convienience store or something.

I remember specifically a memory from a dream of traveling on a monorail through a fog-covered city that was entirely 70-story tall pagodas. Another memory of traveling though a bladerunner-esque city and then watching it dissapear from view as I went down a long bridge into the sea.


File: 3431b659ca9d3a7⋯.jpg (72.77 KB, 423x412, 423:412, She even more of a bitch i….jpg)


>Wishing to live in a shitty edgy shounen anime

>Still clinging on to a childish dream about a cliche mysterious waifu

>Still wanting to be a wacky anime villain

You are a man of high taste, and I completely agree with you on your fantasy. Your fantasy made me nostalgic for the teenage days when I wrote shitty stories in anime atmosphere with cliched characters and antagonists like "mysterious masked man" while overusing the "villain protagonist" trope and trying to make the protagonists still likeable despite having a seemingly evil goal like conquering the world. I wish to relieve the fun of those days and it never quite works out. The only thing you fucked up is wanting the waifu to be 3D instead of wanting to be made into an anime character

I'll be honest I wish that I was living the life of a character in a fun, edgy-but-self-aware story where I counqer/save the world with the power of friendship, surrounded by quirky friends while being just as quirky as them and a lot of cute girls, doing wacky fun shit together and going on adventures, defeating episodic enemies and traveling the world, visiting interesting places where we take a rest, but at the same time always find some adventure or mystery to solve.

I want this to be a world with horror elements used in an non-horror fashion just like with you. I want vampires, cute werewolf monstergirls, ghost girls and other types of horror monstergirls that are almost always an example of "dark but not evil" motif, and be filled with mysterious gigantic castles, bizzare legend-filled villages, etc like something from Soul Eater, D.Gray-Man or similary themed shounen.

And also the obvious "enemy that appears and makes everyone band together despite their differences to defeat him with the power of friendship" should be the "mysterious masked enemy" and be called "Nyarlathotep" as a reference to Lovecraft.

God real life sucks



God dammit I didn't need this level of nostalgic memories. All those dreams that could never come true. Fuck. Maybe I should have fantasized about being a sports star or something that's humanly possible like all the other little tykes, something about your childhood dreams being physically unachievable cannot be healthy.


File: 87fe75f688005ac⋯.jpg (140.32 KB, 871x720, 871:720, Hozuki no Reitetsu S2 - 11….jpg)


To be fair, it's no less realistic than wishing for global Communist revolution, racial harmony, world peace, becoming the next big e-celebrity, a pure 3D woman existing or believing that a boomer neocon will create the Fourth Reich. I'd rather keep my childhood fantasies alive than give into the absolute bullshit even adult normalfags believe in.


File: aeff3f885770de9⋯.jpg (277.26 KB, 789x1000, 789:1000, 851822006141.jpg)

I'm obsessed with fantasizing about being a hero in Fate/ Nasuverse series.

>being able to summon some legendary hero from history and doing battle along their side

>learning first hand about how the world use to be back in older days

>being able to potentially learn magic

>the adrenaline rush of being in fight in which i could actually die in

>saving the world

Its a bunch of silly fantasies that will never happen. I will never wake up one day and find myself in this new and exciting world where I will have to fight for my life with some ancient qt by my side. It's such a painful thought.



At least we're self-aware.



>those wishes

Everyone hopes to be a protag. once they're seen how little influence they actually have. Also, anyone who realizes how boring this world is (at least when you can't play chess with it via billions of dollars) would want to have a world with more. E.g. I'd love a world with magic too. But one must realize, would that auto-make you a protag? Or would you be guy number 10 (not Emiya for example).



Even being a secondary character would be better than what we have now.


File: bfce2d1a1144833⋯.jpg (68.15 KB, 800x465, 160:93, 4b80f9-1fdf-4b3f-bf62-14f2….jpg)


Honestly, I wouldn't really care if I was the protagonist or not. As the anon below you put it, even being a background character would be better than what I currently have going on. Even if I could not participate in a Holy Grail War, this is still Nasuverse we're talking about and i can still craft some exciting adventure out for myself. The chances of dying some painful death are high, but I would rather go out in a blaze than slowly waste away in my room.


File: d48f0dd5ac7b061⋯.png (293.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Melty_blood_satsuki_ending.png)

File: 7ef0f539f0193a9⋯.jpg (469.01 KB, 2000x1187, 2000:1187, best girls.jpg)


I'm fine with being an irrelevant side character. I'd actually prefer to have some utterly frivolous adventures that snowball into relatively big deals with the B-listers than deal with the grail war or anything of that magnitude.


I think war is very comfy, I often fanatasize about being in a war. No women (well there won’t be once a real war starts), heightened senses, numbness, death, predatory instinct, bonding with someone, crushing boredom then overwhelming danger. It’s all very comfy to me and I hate that I was born in the era of (((world government))) and the (((U.N.))), where my best chance would be peace keeping in some African or Arab shit hole where I can’t even use my gun unless I get shot at. I also think that going into space would be comfy. I always wanted to be an astronaut but I’m not smart enough, and I wouldn’t like being stuck on the ISS, or any ship, with so many other people that I have no choice but to interact with. Plus as a robot I have poor social skills so everyone will dislike me anyways.

Thank you for reading anon.




Side-character doesn't mean, e.g. Illiya, Kohaku, Satsuki, etc. No, side character means male number 4 or female number 6 who suffers at the hands of Shinji's school spell or dies on the news.


File: 66bc95526a5c557⋯.png (736.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a9c99604f6998009e0899eb9a1….png)


>"You don't understand! You're not allowed to have fun!"

Yeah, alright. You enjoy that vivid imagination of yours, robot.



>He doesn't know the difference between side and background character.



Vivid imagination has nothing to do with it. The statement was that a fake world would be better, but, probabilistically, one would be a background character.



>Still insisting that there can be no fun allowed in imagination land

Jesus, you're pathetic.



In imagination, anything is fine, all I was pointing out was that, should it have actually been reality, it'd suck a lot. Consider your average wuxia. Yeah, powers magic & shit, but the mortality rate sky rockets.


File: 9a64f00e6eba7ee⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 680x793, 680:793, fug.jpg)


What the hell are you even going on about?


File: 41e6e960dce1f2a⋯.png (61.22 KB, 300x351, 100:117, the hell.png)



Am I a brainlet? What is this word?


File: dcc7a9cbf050207⋯.jpg (625.45 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, Harmless Fun.jpg)

File: 6545c4524d146ea⋯.jpg (99.66 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Nobody Got Injured.jpg)


>Consider your average wuxia. Yeah, powers magic & shit, but the mortality rate sky rockets.

>the mortality rate sky rockets.



He's talking about the probability of an event.



Yeah, I agree. It was a tough call whether or not I should have written that given how advanced our modern warfare has become. However, consider a lot of the alterate world shit I've read, there always is a point where your mortals or villagers just get raped by the world. Thus, I view those alternate universes as having more death than our own, by however minute an amount.

If there is one thing Fate got right is that science can approach magic, so in that sense, as our science advances, so does our ability to kill.


yes sir.

Just to point out. I wouldn't mind being in Tsukihime world, Meng Hao world, etc., all I claimed was that, I personally believe (i.e. objectively according to my metrics) that due to the high levels of fire power, death would be more common for your average person and that, due to probability, if one was selected to be born in such a world, it'd be very unlikely to be one of the OP characters. In imagination, beautiful, maybe you got mystic eyes of death perception or you have the perfect foundation and luck of the gods, but in reality, it's unlikely that the world bends to your favor.


I've gotten to the point where my exotic fantasies became about having a relatively traditional life. I can't believe even in my fantasies that a 3DPD would be trustworthy enough to build a life with, however, so my fantasy is having a qt daughteru by surrogacy, so minimize the risk of a roastie taking my kid and ruining both my life and the kid's life.

It's only one kid because I want to be able to spend all my resources on the one. I know from being an only child until well past the age of memory retention that siblings are overrated. The risk of not being properly socialized would probably be increased with only one parent and no siblings, especially if the parent is someone who was already improperly socialized like me, but studies also show that kids from single father homes end up a lot less fucked up than kids from single mother homes, and if you look at case studies of why the ones from single father homes are fucked up at all, 99% of the time it's because of absolutely horrible shit the mother had to do in order to lose custody. Also, improper socialization is not nearly as much of a hindrance to the life of a female, as they get automatic affection from the vast majority of society anyway.

The kid is a girl because then she won't have to suffer in most of the ways I suffered, from a society that openly and proudly promotes discrimination against her based on her gender. In fact she would get benefits because of her gender. To be clear, I do still think it would be better for her if there were no discrimination whatsoever, but I want the best for my kid, so if I get to choose the gender, which I would because surrogacy makes that possible, then I choose the one that society openly favors, instead of the one it makes it illegal to not discriminate against.

We live in a nice house in the suburbs, white picket fence, well kept lawn, all the classic stuff. Doesn't need to be a large house, because it's only the two of us. In fact, I'd say an apartment or condo would be fine, but I want to be far enough out in the suburbs that you can walk safely in the middle of the night, or walk to relatively wooded areas or something. Any money that isn't spent on the kid, I'd be comfortable spending on my house, so long as it's in a good location. Inside the house, it's all set up with tons of shelves for all my vidya, comics/manga, dvds, and figurines/collectables. The kid has her own room and stuff, of course, and with no other kids, and no roastie to take all my money, I can probably afford to customize the room however the kid wants, as she comes up with ideas. Basically we could get by with two rooms, one each. I'd be okay with even having a bachelor apartment and just giving most of the floor space to the kid, but I'm sure having your own room is important to most kids' lives, so a one-bedroom place at least is probably necessary. I can sleep on the couch or futon. I'm used to that.

As long as it's a house anyway, then the only other indulgence I want for myself is a hot tub with a big tv in front of it like in Scarface. The kid can enjoy a large tub that basically doubles as a small, not-scary pool to a relatively small person, and it wouldn't be gross like most hot tubs because I'm a wizard who wouldn't be using it for sex. I just want to be comfy and warm.

The main thing is I finally have someone to share all my interests with. Maybe she won't like all the same stuff I like but I'm sure I'd find some stuff that she likes. I'd do that thing that I've seen people on /v/ talk about, introducing vidya in stages. Give the kid access to Atari from very early on, then a few months later, introduce an NES, then a Genesis, and so on, each time increasing the interval between introductions. But not too long, because it doesn't take long to feel like a long time for a kid. But at least then she wouldn't be a filthy casual that looks down on older stuff. Same with movies and tv shows. And every night I'd read her comics as she goes to bed, starting with simple stuff for casuals, until within a few years she's full autistic and understands all the complex lore. Then I won't need to turn to an increasingly compromised internet for some good conversation with non-casuals.

Also I'd finally have someone to love, who wouldn't hate me for liking her.


File: 05517ccd50ab13c⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 938x477, 938:477, geiger.jpg)

I just want to live a quiet life.

I don't even want sex anymore, just some warmth.

A kiss on the cheek, smelling her hair, holding my son in my arms everyday. I cry when I imagine doing that.

Laying away at night, listening to her breathe, I don't even want sex, I just want to relax, I want to stop being in fight-or-flight mode constantely. My shoulders are always tensed up and drawn high, I have to focus to put them down, it's been so long, I have a hunchback now but my parents didn't even notice till I was like 18 years old.

I just want to come home and hug my wife and hold my baby son and pet my dog, I just want to fucking relax and be at ease for once.

That's what I fantasize about.



This. I can't say I'm completely over sex, but only because it symbolizes acceptance and love. It's the ultimate hug. Then I can just relax in the knowledge that at least this one person accepts me.



I'm the opposite, having a girlfriend/wife and taking care of them is a lot of work along with the wracking fear of if you don't love them anymore and or there's something about them that you don't like. I've been thinking of retreating down into myself and my own world but it feels disgusting. On the topic of sex it was always overrated, it's just a phenomenon and I wonder if it's better to stay a virgin.


File: 8ba8bdf9d320b17⋯.jpeg (30.88 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 0E9085D4-5559-42AA-B89D-1….jpeg)

>>285500 checked

This. I don’t really care for sex but I want some love and contact. I have dreams often of me with some girl and just holding hand or hugging and cuddling. I had one again last night and my shitskin roommates had to be loud as fuck and wake me up in the middle of it. I rarely have dreams anymore but when I do they’re usually nice and comfy like those. Just some loving contact is all I really want.


Yeah I've always wanted to fall asleep in a warm bath.


I just wanted a quiet life in a pleasant village, whether it be a small town or some cozy seaside town, free of 3rd world trash and desert wandering rootless cosmopolitans using the empathy and sympathy of unknowing people as weapons against them. I just wanted a life worth living. Now all I do is fantasize about rivers of blood on the streets as major metropolitan cities eat and kill each other with such reckless abandon and wanton destruction. Their blood, screams and tears will make for fine entertainment to watch online.


File: 4bd079a19ac59d5⋯.jpg (51.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, daddy.jpg)

File: 3fc62bc1a154a64⋯.jpg (39.78 KB, 640x360, 16:9, daughters.jpg)

File: 6a61c96bd1c967e⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 640x360, 16:9, mommy.jpg)

File: 48071de137bb4f0⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 600x337, 600:337, sister.jpg)

My fantasy is relatively simple. I imagine that daddy.jpg is my father. She squirts me into mommy's belly: mommy.jpg. Also I have a twin which is daughter.jpg. Sometimes it varies where daughter and I are both in the womb and we don't eat one another, and we have this eternal struggle that gets sexual later on in life.

Obviously I impregnate mommy and have daughters.jpg.

The great thing about this fantasy is that it can change. Such as sometimes if I'm in line for the throne of some country, Mommy will make it seem like we're not related, and I attend an all girl's boarding school. Then we bang and I redo the blonde lineage.

Other times I'm the only human in the family. Mommy is a vampire, daddy is a demon with horns. Sister has horns and likes to feed off me. Etc. A lot of the time there's an asian royalty that comes into play, but I won't talk about that here.


File: a631cc8307f564d⋯.jpg (760.65 KB, 1200x829, 1200:829, 1471140360818-1.jpg)

Living in a world full of cartoonish animal people. Preferably out in a rural small town woods area. Sort of like Animal Crossing, but with more interaction and not being as restrictive as a video game. And their world would be designed around the fact that they are animals and suit their needs as such.



I was fantasizing about this like a year ago, then a few months ago I moved to a small town. It's fucking shit. Everyone here is a fucking retard degenerate, even moreso than the third world immigrants who never bothered to learn english in the city i was living in. Now my goal is just to live in the suburbs far enough out that even if the neighbors don't speak english, they're at least not loud methhead criminals like the town where I am now.



As someone who was raised in a small Eastern European village, can confirm, it's shit. Just find a suburbs of a nice historical city and live there.




I would've said this is a problem outside of America where living in the city was a good thing because of services and culture that didn't reach anywhere outside of urban centers, the middle-east is still like this. In the states everyone was independent and decentralized to make living in small towns enjoyable but now all of the villages and small towns I've been through now are either gentrifying or decaying with drugs. City life is hell but so is Fumbuckwheat, Oregon and Nowhere, Nevada.


File: e6185021be67297⋯.jpg (510.54 KB, 1391x1000, 1391:1000, Cuddle.jpg)

I like to imagine spending an entire winter day doing nothing but cuddling with my snake wife in bed.



I used to bath in bathtub by standing and getting cleaned by mother and grandparents with warm water that was heated on stove.

We were under sanctions so it was normal for me.


File: 720344725359df4⋯.png (596.43 KB, 962x653, 962:653, fencer.png)


You sick fuck. I bet you want to hold hands with her and pat her head and tell her you'll love her forever as well. Maybe even start a family of adorable snek daughterus. Freak.


>>282111 (checked)

This. Failing that, I at least want an armored power frame or something like that. With jet thrusters and comically large weaponry.


https://youtu.be/A3vFp8Nat4Y this is the thread OST


Okay so here's a fantasy that a vidya game inspired me for. Have you played the game Duskers? The whole idea of the game is that it's a horror game where you are the only human left in the galaxy and you fly around from ship to ship sending out drones to explore them and find out what happened. Well I thought about something similar to an extent, where I would fly around in a comfortable ship with not only ways to survive but also ways to consume entertainment. I would fly around the galaxy, finding human ships and take pieces of media from them For the sake of the fantasy I will say that no data got corrupted in whatever catastrophe happened I would just fly from place to place, taking one ship at a a time, and take thing slow, getting both entertainment, food and supplies to my ship so that I could keep traveling in this comfy environment withotu having to worry about much besides just scavenging shit via drones.


Does anyone else want to go somewhere where people sort of know you and freak them out? Like, go to a place where some acquaintances work and accuse one of them of being a murderer? I always thought that would be fun


File: cbe5f6d9498c968⋯.jpg (137.55 KB, 1280x857, 1280:857, cbe5f6d9498c9682d27c748ddb….jpg)

I constantly imagine myself being in a small town taking walks at night during the winter. Sadly I live I'm illinois and most small towns aren't comfy like pic related


>isolated cabin in finland with a friend

>snowy pine forest, nobody else for miles

>roaring fire

>port and cheese

>no internet connection

>hundreds of yet unread books

>PS2 games

>no idea what's happening in the outside world

>fishing and listening to the sounds of the woods as snow drifts down around us

>cuddling and falling asleep in their arms, at peace with the world and loved

Blest, who can unconcernedly find hours, days, and years slide soft away, in health of body, peace of mind, quiet by day, sound sleep by night; study and ease, together mixed. Thus let me live, unseen, unknown; thus unlamented let me die; steal from the world, and not a stone tell where I lie.


File: 653b4d42d150ec2⋯.jpg (632.63 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, 1482090530896.jpg)

File: c71ef264d41b2a2⋯.jpg (140.78 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1535311595998.jpg)

File: e866d4eed53ba98⋯.jpg (325.13 KB, 1920x1408, 15:11, 1505900787868-0.jpg)


>Some god says: You have suffered enough, I can give you a cube of 1 km in each direction, where you will be a god of your own.

>You can do anything you want in this cube, create anything and live as long as you want.

>You can leave and enter this cube whenever you want, real time is stopped indefinitely if you're inside.

>You can take any shape you want and basically live for eternity.

>Create a comfy forest with a small stuffed wood cabin

>add elf loli perfect loyal loving obedient wife

>live happily together with her in my tiny perfect reality

>we'd take walks in the winter woods

>cuddle under a warm blanket afterwards drinking cocoa

>play vidya and eat tasty food she cooks me because infinite supplies

>live happily ever after




But a harem of bunny girls instead of an elf loli.



I would use the 1km to do something similar but create a SPOOKY environemt around the cabin and then sometimes get a normalfag to come there. I would not harm them just spook them a lot and make them live through a paranormal experience. I believe it's fair, they get a story to tell for the rest of their lives and I get SPOOKY entertainment and amusement for me and my legal low-loli goatgirl/wolfgirl monstergirl that is also incredibly nerdish and wears glasses.


File: 767274ed3cfd0db⋯.png (115.65 KB, 356x390, 178:195, 767274ed3cfd0dbb1b0bc1f877….png)

When I was having my worst times in middle school, I occasionally fantasized about just having a beach, or a cave, to myself with no other humans around. I would lay in bed at night concentrating on this, as vividly as I could.

There was a mod for Oblivion I downloaded, which had a spell for teleporting yourself to a cave for storing your items in. That struck a chord with me.


File: 993da6890030009⋯.jpg (4.71 KB, 204x310, 102:155, 41fce7c893240d3421a50d4a0b….jpg)

I was interested to read in Dave Cullen's Columbine book about the fantasies Eric Harris had from a young age.

>Eric was always a dreamer, but he liked them ugly: bleak and morose, yet boring as hell. He saw beauty in the void. Eric dreamed of a world where nothing ever happened. A world where the rest of us had been removed.

>Eric shared his dreams in Internet chat rooms. He described them vividly to online chicks. In one, he was suspended inside a small dank room, like the interior hull of a ship. Futuristic yet decaying old computer screens lined the walls, covered with dust and mold and vines. The moon provided the only light, trickling dimly in through the portals, shadows creeping all around. A vast sea rose and fell monotonously. Nothing happened. Eric was overjoyed.

>He rarely encountered humans in his creations—just the occasional combatant to extinguish or a disembodied voice to drop an ironic bon mot. Dreamland Eric had snuffed us out. He invented a world of precise textures, vivid hues, and absolutely no payoff for himself.


File: f4caecceca10904⋯.jpg (13.44 KB, 311x297, 311:297, Doctor_clipboard.jpg)


Looks like someone has a bad case of single motherhood.


File: 4626e20829a075b⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 693x448, 99:64, Pic is not the castle near….jpg)

My current fantasy is to win the lottery jackpot so I can buy a 19th century castle and farm that is currently on sale near where I live. It is large enough that the nearest house or road is over 250 metres away from the house, and it is surrounded on one side by water and a high wall on the rest, meaning I will be perfectly isolated from the masses. It will need renovation and modernising so I will build all sorts of amenities to allow me to live in near total isolation, including hydro and wind electric generation, food production and water purification facilities, blacksmiths, etc. My only problem is that until humanoid robots are invented, I will have to hire human staff. I would vastly prefer humanoid robots, not only would they unquestionably obey every order and do it in the best manner possible, but they will never mock, backstab, betray or gossip about me behind my back. Plus there may be the added bonus of the humanoid robots also being sexbots, so I could liven up my day with random spontaneous sex with the french-style maids or the rosy-cheek tomboy groundskeepers in dungarees. I suppose this is fantasy, so I can pretend the human staff are all completely loyal to me.

But apart from that, I am basically lord of my small 100-hectare manor with 16 staff, not including farmers. I wake up from my king size bed and head out to breakfast on the morning patio at the east wing of the castle, listening to nothing but the chirp of birds and the scrape of the home-made jam being spread on my toast while I bask in the morning sun. After spending an hour or so in my private gym, I spend the afternoon pottering about the farm, instructing people to do my bidding, do a bit of gardening, or play about with my blacksmithing or carpentry equipment, or in the kitchen, experimenting with making things like honey, cider or flour from the produce of my farm. Or if I'm in a lazy mood, I will just go horse-riding, swimming, fishing, golfing, bowling, shooting, sunbathing on the evening patio, picnicking on the great lawn, or simply just go for a walk, all of which I can do entirely inside my estate without meeting another human. I will dine in the dining room for dinner, most times alone, but I will certainly not shun some family members or select guests. For the evening's entertainment, I could go to my library room, or my music room, or my games room, or my home theatre room, or my computer room, or I could haul my telescope to the third floor balcony, I am spoilt for choice. I wind down for the night by seeping in a large whirlpool bath in my private bathroom. Finally, I fall back into my fluffy king size bed with its fresh, daily-changed silk sheets and drift contently off to dreamland.

I've thought about this for quite a while, ever since I saw the castle on sale months ago. I've edited the floor plans, knocking out a wall here, adding a swimming pool there. I've even thought of the designs of the rooms, the kitchen would be an old Italian style, the dining room would have a Spanish theme, the music room a Celtic-Irish feel, the games room would be like an old English pub, a Japanese style garden between the morning patio and the conservatory, a kitchen/herb garden to the south of the evening patio, etc. This may all sound so boringly normal, but it is unrealistic for me because, apart from winning the lottery and sex robots, I can barely leave my room and talk to people, never mind be so active and being people's boss.


File: 1360aab0c4773b3⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 960x518, 480:259, C5CG02pUYAAhW6E.jpg)

File: 455d636575b3e00⋯.jpg (147.72 KB, 960x720, 4:3, C5CG02qVUAATUet.jpg)

File: e3f99ea90e09fdc⋯.jpg (273.37 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, C5Jod5zUMAAOG47.jpg)

File: 40c9c9a63afcd7f⋯.jpg (233.79 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, C5JoeDhVYAA0Fjj.jpg)

File: 4a0746507d86c1a⋯.jpg (188.37 KB, 1200x775, 48:31, C5JoeEjUcAAos-Y.jpg)

>transported to a lower-tech, low-magic fantasy world

>not full on medieval dark ages, but not quite full industrial revolution either

>find a nice forest town to settle in

>make my living creating little figurines and sculptures and creating simple board games

>gain a reputation of being an odd, but nice enough guy with lots of interesting stories to tell

>people bring me food and other goods in exchange to hear my stories and have me run my games for them

Whenever I get bored at work I start thinking about this fantasy. I try to work out the logistics, how I'd go about getting the materials and tools I need to make things, what stories I'd tell… How I'd deal with living without the internet.



Sounds cozy. Sadly I don't think my life would change much if I won the lotto jackpot aside from not spending half the month starving, I no longer have energy or motivation to have interests.



Your fantasy is viable besides the fantasy part, start learning how to sculpt and game design and then write up a ruleset and try to publish it. It will not be the same but it will be the next closest thing.



Publishing and financial success don't mean anything to me. It's something I've considered, but any games I'm working on now would sooner be given out for free than tied up in the awful world of business. Game designers don't make a lot of money anyways. I already can do some sculpting and carving, but I don't have the time or workspace for it, and wageslaving already saps my energy and will to work. Even if I did get my own place, I still wouldn't have the time of motivation to pursue my hobbies. What I want is a comfy place where I can get along with the people around me without being a burden on them. Western society just doesn't allow that.



You can still kind of get that by getting together with people similar to you, it won't be the same but you will be granted partial escape from your situation. Have you considered finding /tg/-esque places near you? I live in Cracow, and we have /tg/-clubs where you can come to play games with people. Do you have any friends at work? You could try asking them, they might be surprised to find that there are many people interested in tabletop games around you.



I'm similar, but I like to think that the security of the lottery money plus the removal of stress (people) will help me feel relaxed enough to gain back my energy and motivation.


File: a79cd2b2b0c59e7⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2280x1080, 19:9, 21b85834a98c3c1525fecf1a67….jpg)


Well, part of the reason it's a comfy fantasy is the kind of setting it takes place in. Somewhere low stress, bathed in the beauty of nature, where people work and live close together and trust each other. Playing games and sharing stories with friends is nice, but my problems lie with the rest of the world I'm stuck living in. Even when I used to have a regular gaming group, scheduling, work, family, commuting, and relationshit drama would all interfere constantly. Games would fall apart faster than they could start.

If I ever managed to get the money or win the lottery, I'd use it to make this village a reality, but even then, I fear I'd have a lot of trouble getting people to understand my vision.


File: 3508915e107a24b⋯.jpg (77.16 KB, 550x440, 5:4, 11331424a123.jpg)


>I had pic related

>I shared it w/ hawt femanons/fembots

öh fuck here's more

>I didn't have malformed head. (that's why I became a robot and there's no fucking way out as is obvious. Other than an hero)


I had a fantasy of becoming an ascetic and starting a cult called the Stone Men and discreetly recruiting other disgruntled anons and we just live an ascetic structured life in a neat cave system and build shit but also as our numbers grow we bomb cities and shit



Let go of your hopeless obsession with females. It will bring you no happiness or peace.


File: 74a3354d18f7de1⋯.gif (150.54 KB, 372x369, 124:123, 1466651671925.gif)



what the fuck is this cuckchan shit


File: 812b6aac0db9613⋯.mp4 (585.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Endless Mirth.mp4)


>he still lusts after the roast

yikes! smfh kys tbh fam



Dude, just like, go to a head shop bro.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Motorcycle-riding traffic cop in a gritty cyberpunk city devastated by gang warfare. I am frequently put into dangerous high-speed pursuits that test my resolve as I deal with ever more deadly, and fast, criminals. Video related.


File: 512869bb22f3309⋯.jpg (62.73 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 14386253390003.jpg)

live in a small cottage/cabin with a grassy roof, a garden and maybe some chickens and some ducks



OP you're not alone. I have basically the same fantasy. Something about the contrast between heat and cold, wet and dry.. When I was a kid I would sit in the bath dreaming of basically that.




Fuck off.


File: ef0cf9bed1c3438⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 257x200, 257:200, 1449814420309.jpg)


>grassy roof



>it's gonna get better

been hearing that my whole life. will I still be hearing this shit if/when I'm 80?




do you happen to have a picture of that anime girl without the arizona iced tea and without the "it's gonna get better"?



It is going to be better when you die.



it doesnt because death implies extinction of neural networks which means an incapacity for emotion which means things cannot be "better" or "good"


File: 621dea70a403107⋯.jpg (43.88 KB, 436x298, 218:149, b6bba2933bdf04bb318554e00a….jpg)


Looks like we got a smart ass over here.


File: 6e1b41f0f678c5b⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 375x358, 375:358, 1430715576466.jpg)


>earth home


File: 632072615423abd⋯.jpg (133.29 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, Empyrion.jpg)

I used to work a job where I stood in a dark room for 8-12 hours and did a task so mindless that I could basically think about anything while I was working. You might think that would be hell, but for a guy with a powerful imagination it was actually a really good job. I'd just completely zone out and forget I was even at work. I'd have hour-long conversations in my own mind about the meaning of the universe, or think about the perfect videogame. Shit was amazing. I actually kinda hate jobs where I have to problem-solve because I can't zone out while I'm doing them.

Anyway one fantasy I had was living in a spaceship which was basically a flying house, with rooms and balconies so you could look out everywhere. I would fly this spaceship around and land on interesting planets, and basically just chill there for a few days then move on. The spaceship has gun turrets which automatically shoot anything hostile which comes close, so you can sleep without worrying about anything attacking you. If you wanted you could get out and walk around outside, maybe gather some ingredients to make dinner, or just hunt strange alien creatures for sport. The house would of course be equipped with all the comforts you would want. I used to imagine the places I would visit, and just sitting back and having a coffee and reading a good book while watching the sunset on an alien landscape.



How based can one post be.



bumping for this request



>implying the activity of the neural nets is not bad

Nice one, smartarse.



Not that anon, but she's from a VN called Katawa Shoujo IIRC.


>cabin in the dinaric alps to where my ancestors come from

>using modern day technology like solarpanels and hydroelectricity to produce some juice

>having an old tv and radio that i listen to

>keeping myself warm with local wood that i chopped down

>keeping bees;potato plants; and living from regional and seasonal food

>Sitting on the front the porch with a nice view on a rocking chair

>working for myself instead for a kike

>being selfsufficient and not caring about some stupid politicians opinion

>repeat this till i die


File: 407a880a3e8f710⋯.jpg (5.55 KB, 225x225, 1:1, luxprob.jpg)

From time to time I fantasize about having a succesful ancap company in Madagascar, far away from the manipulation of the modern world, and being able to control niggers by handling them watermelons that castrate them or give them diseases. Telling niggers how "I save their land from starvation and murder" while at the same time applying eugenics with them. All in a company that makes politically incorrect videogames and hosts an imageboard in the free time.

I always was fascinated by the conquest of africa, I wish for one day that colonization starts again and cleanses that place from niggers.


File: d125ddddc333cd2⋯.jpg (27.03 KB, 474x622, 237:311, anonsrequest.jpg)



Here you go. Her name is Hanako and she is my waifu, So I have more pictures if you need anymore.



thanks for posting to help with my request



that's pretty cute.



Empyrion has been on my backlog for ages. Worth playing at all?


Being a cat



Or thinking like one



>I have more pictures

you have a mega link or something?

also, where do people find pictures of anime girls online? the only ones I ever got were from imageboards, people posting them in threads or on megas


File: c7b1925656c023f⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 600x659, 600:659, 46423100_p1.jpg)


>also, where do people find pictures of anime girls online? the only ones I ever got were from imageboards, people posting them in threads or on megas

Jesus fucking Christ. This level of newfaggotry is unbelievable.

If anyone decides to spoonfeed him it's probably a good idea to explain how to save full resolution images too, so he doesn't become the type of nigger who posts samples and master1200s.


File: 82ea72de7450918⋯.png (49.07 KB, 255x214, 255:214, ds7.PNG)


>muh animu grills teehee!

go back to whatever cesspool you came from you (((ironic weeb))) faggot. with this much ignorance i suggest you lurk for at least 17 hours for 6-7 years. [your putrid roastbeef stench is emitting]



I know this might seem odd, but it turns out people get tons of pictures from actually watching and enjoying anime and taking screenshots. Shocking concept, I know.




>Not screencapping your own girls from anime, manga or whatever is it you like

Lurk more



I refuse to believe that anyone can be this retarded



>taking screenshots while watching anime

How much different this faggotry is from taking pics of your activities/food and then posting them from a social media account? You are switching your focus from the original activity to something that could grant you acknowledgment in your social circles in the future. inb4 "it's only bad when normalniggers do it"

I hope anyone reading this take screenshots only while rewatching certain titles, otherwise stop watching anime at all, attentionwhore memetards.


File: a2ca7708bd47671⋯.png (1001.33 KB, 1377x767, 1377:767, conan-criminal-black.png)


>taking a screenshot of a scene you found funny is bad because I say so

Kill yourself, doublenigger.



Can't you see that it was a question about "how x is different from y"? Learn how to read properly, mongreloid.



He was asking how it was different in a way that implied that it was bad because normalniggers do the thing which he was comparing it to.



I think the one who needs to learn to read is you, mongoloid.


Jesus, I feel sorry for this derailed little thread.

Would be dreaming about every board being slow-to-mediocre fast and have only mediocre-to-high quality posts qualify as a comfy fantasy?



I'm going to bully you because everyone does and so can I



>derailing the thread because you feel that you are absolutely obliged to respond to subhumans' posts

>it's not like you can report and hide that shit

Yeah, wishing for people being more aware of the things around them is definitely my comfy fantasy.


>my reply is gone

here I was, thinking imageboards are for replying to posts



I know that feel, anon.

>my big anti-faggot angry shitpost got deleted

And here I thought I could have an ounce of fun and freedom of speech.

I mean, maybe that post was a bit off-topic, but, still, it was made accurately, with some effort being put into it.

I guess I should take it as a lesson about wasting any more of my time on imageboards.



BO is trigger happy at deleting posts he doesn't like.



A majority of the posts deleted by Tyrone are trash and deserve to be deleted. In my opinion he doesn't delete enough.

Once in awhile a good posts gets deleted, though.


File: 18b9dd2c2f099bd⋯.png (113.61 KB, 176x221, 176:221, i'm dying.PNG)


A better question is "are you an actual biological woman?"



It would be odd for a roastie to come here to talk about something like this. Usually they come here and try to start shit. Only trannies and fags try to post here (sadly)


File: 06d9b06ae011ac0⋯.png (390.14 KB, 537x792, 179:264, 679875975696.png)


You're the reason image boards become shitty tyrannical circlejerks if you honestly believe that.



>/intl/ doesn't like quality control

imagine my shock



>caring about the quality of the board is a bad thing

>normalfags, faggots, trannies, and roasties should be allowed to be here

>shitty /intl/ image

You should leave too, nigger. Go kill yourself.



Stop trying to make this place conform to your shitty ideals /r9k/ is /r9k/ because of it's rules and because of the selectivity of the people that are allowed here. If you love loose rules and shitposting then there's a place for that, its called 4chan, you know a SHINING example of how AMAZING a lack of rules is for a imageboard.




>loose rules




I've been writing music for a while I've just never had the chance to record it, it's kinda the combination of Lightning Bolt and Brainbombs for just bass drums and vocals. My cozy place would just be touring around, pussy flocking to me day in and day out, but I've got my manic pixie dream girl back with me in the tour bus that I love and actually makes me happy. I could get up on stage and rock out (I've got longish hair, down to my jawline, so it would be sweaty and messy and I'd be commanding respect from the crowd). Once I'm done watching the pits kill each other to my awesome jams I'd head back to the bus, shower, and just chill with the wife. She'd actually make me happy, I'd be ok with being happy, and life would be good.




Specifically I'm talking about r9k where the only rule is don't post your face. The board used to have some sort of coherence until because of it's lack of rules/quality control that coherence was easily overwhelmed by the sheer number normalfaggots flooding in. Now r9k is just a gaggle of niggers, trannies, faggots, and beta orbiters.





File: d8ff25972db6256⋯.png (838.97 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (90).png)

File: 58164fb2670f1af⋯.jpg (121.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: b7680110256748a⋯.jpg (88.27 KB, 936x846, 52:47, 1.jpg)

I have always spent an unhealthy amount of time daydreaming about being on the stage and play as the main guitarist for a tight band. Playing with people that take interest in the same music as me to a crowd that cheers and admires me is something I have always desired. But the reality is that nobody around me is even remotely interested in the type of music as I do. And its nothing special or obscure, just classic rock and metal. The closest I can get to that dream is to buy myself an electric guitar and post my playthrough on youtube.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So coming back to this thread after a while I recently developed a few video game fantasies. I actually thought about Minecraft and how easy working in there is. I imagined transporting my conciousness into a modded version of this game that has the following qualities:

>I can move my hands and body as I would in real life, I can move around items like I would in real life but destroying/laying blocks/crafting etc is still technically the same.

>There are heat mechanics now so I can build a fireplace and actually feel it's warmth

>There is modded furniture including a computer that can have access to internet and works like a computer in real life

>I have Minecraft Comes Alive mod maybe even a mod that acts similary and makes the villagers act like advanced AI anime characters and not look square

>The food tastes like food in real life, but it's creation is basically the same

>I have the Zeppelin mod, updated to work on the newest version of Minecraft on which the world exists

>The day and night last as long as in the real life, but the time of the actions I make doesn't change, it stays the same, hunger is adjusted to work on the three day rule with new time.

>At any time I can change the difficulty setting, maybe even put in cheats to play on creative mode and create my dream house

>At any time I can change any of the options, but the graphics are always on max as well, it's my conciousness in the world of the game so it's impossible otherwise.

>Sleeping works like in real world.

>Dying just makes me respawn, there is no pain when dying although there might be pain connected to damage

>At any time I can open Minecraft wiki in a holographic window to check how to make stuff

>At any time I can add additional mods

>Something that changes the light mechanics in a way that I can sleep in darkness safely without the fear of monsters spawning in. Maybe a block that if put in a room, makes that room a "bedroom" where it's impossible for monsters to spawn, so that I can sit in low light or darkness even.

I would create a comfy home with a fireplace, a shower, a computer, an automated farm, a computer and would sit days playing video games, talking to you guys, in the morning taking all of the crops I gathered and making food for myself, maybe going out to make some other projects and trade with villagers and then come back to watch anime. I would maybe make a light-up ship that I would fly into the air, creating everythign I mentioned before alongside with a tree farm and a cobblestone generator and put the difficulty at hard, looking at night through the window of my ship that allows me to gaze directly under me to see all the monsters being there while I sit safely on my ship, drifting slowly off to sleep comforted with the fact that I'm safe and they're below, unable to harm me on my lit up ship.



Still have this one, I'd like to live on the Moon and in a Mansion like House and be able to observe what's happening on Earth by for example having a Computer and Internet there, and basically living on the Moon alone without anybody coming there, yet I would still observe what's happening on Earth


File: 598d440ec5f2728⋯.jpg (84.22 KB, 1054x576, 527:288, 598d440ec5f27285b7ac1ef9c2….jpg)


>not transporting into vanilla 1.3


File: c969ff83a794f0e⋯.jpg (6.51 KB, 156x250, 78:125, Chris_McLean.jpg)


This sounds sweet!



Vanilla wouldn't be maximum comfy, only when a ship can be created and a computer to browse r9k, play vidya and watch anime will there be maximum comfy. I always imagine that the version would be 1.3 or a later on, but all the mods would be updated to work on it. Hell, now when I think about it, there definitely should be the Camping mod, because what's a good comfy fantasy about living in another world if I can't even go camping inawoods and sleep near a fireplace?


File: 4dc26f87961654a⋯.jpg (8.38 KB, 474x266, 237:133, Veronica Sawyer.jpg)

I have three main ones.

In the first, I'm in the world of the CYOA "Metropolis". Strong recommend to check out. Basically, I'm a hardboiled film noir detective, skulking about, trying to fight the creepy things of the night.

In the second, I'm with my waifu (pic related) in a Waffle House somewhere in the Midwestern United States. It's night time, we're stopping as we drive across the country. We're the only people in the Waffle House, save the staff. We look out at the vast, empty road, and know that because we're together, we can conquer it.

The third is just degenerate. I want to be in a small cabin in the woods with my waifu. I let her tie me up so I'm completely immobilized, blindfold me, and gently feed me soup, while quietly talking to me.



That last one doesn't sound too degenerate to me, ignoring the 3DPD aspect.


File: f651d1077ce2be2⋯.jpg (140.44 KB, 1080x704, 135:88, D3fqc4IXkAAqaDP.jpg)

File: 55cd70a9eaed3ac⋯.png (467.25 KB, 466x704, 233:352, D3ZwfR3W4AMH1Dn.png)

File: db40993c197a717⋯.jpg (124.8 KB, 1056x704, 3:2, D27lmYSXQAIIVcj.jpg)

File: fadbb8eac0ab0e4⋯.jpg (144.2 KB, 1024x674, 512:337, DuO8Kn6XgAUY0_R.jpg)

File: ab5253f1ba5234c⋯.jpg (188.3 KB, 1059x704, 1059:704, D2SJUv7W0AESjaA.jpg)

A large solar flares occurs and fries every piece of electronic on this earth and causes the world to be divided by militias and warlords, and I roam with friends for whatever goal is at hand.


I always liked how in RPGs you can carry everything you need in your inventory and basically be ready for anything. I wish I could do that IRL. I could even carry my own toilet paper for comfy shitting in public toilets. Unfortunately IRL that shit is heavy and bulky, wrecks your spine, hot as hell in the summer. Backpacking is the closest I get to it and it's actually a pretty satisfying feeling. I just wish I had IRL hammerspace.


File: e66bec6c3bfa336⋯.jpg (122 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 71d41eb59d4043c094c6533e9e….jpg)

Amazing thread everyone. I hope more people post fantasy posts, all you retards cant help yourself around tranny-posters.

here is mine

>around 200BC

>be a gaul

>no wife or kids

>serve under a banner for the local leader

>live a short distance outside of a small town, where I go to eat and spend time with others of my tribe

>practice fighting, archery, wrestling, pugalism with the other soldiers around the town

>defend village from other tribes

>come in contact with the romans

>get along, join up, travel the world until im old

>get back to my small town, live the rest of my days doing as I did before

>find wife, have children

>be the local elder and combat trainer

>die defending my town with the men I trained, as they survive and exact revenge

fuck it would be cool to have a deliberate focus in life, such as being a warrior from a village. you do your part as others do theirs. now everything is about finding a "career" and its all just bullshit because you can find a job and work and survive easy.



Your faggy jet-robot looks like it's wearing heels.


I like to daydream about living in a relatively isolated, mid-size mansion surrounded by qt3.14 maids. Just end it.

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