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File: 21045b6dc280724⋯.png (427.62 KB, 619x610, 619:610, 1536571469589.png)

File: 8606a6442d9b59c⋯.png (239.15 KB, 286x392, 143:196, wew.png)


The great debate : what age do females peak ? Let's end it once and for all. Also, feel free to dump before/after pics, graphs and shit.


File: 4ac4ea799a4d1d7⋯.png (536.88 KB, 588x738, 98:123, 1535801946307.png)

File: de58cc8d6181096⋯.jpg (190.31 KB, 549x373, 549:373, 1472967473309.jpg)

File: 3d81257be77a829⋯.jpg (397.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Women peak at 36.jpg)

I'll start with some classics


File: 9043dce664587ef⋯.jpg (137.16 KB, 892x560, 223:140, 1536604249656.jpg)

File: effec2e3f035d12⋯.jpg (96.53 KB, 1080x736, 135:92, 1535778898179.jpg)


(This content is original af)


It varies, but a woman will rarely get more attractive past the early 20's. A lot just seem to have the life drained out of them after 23.


File: 2cace458def4953⋯.jpg (990.64 KB, 1031x1182, 1031:1182, 003.jpg)


23 seems a bit low to me, I'd say 30 is the ultimate year they can enjoy to the fullest



They certainly aren't getting more attractive after 23.


File: 23426d64549934d⋯.jpg (722.74 KB, 1828x870, 914:435, lilium-vs-the-wall.jpg)

i didn't used to believe in the wall. then i came across an ASMR girl named lilium.



You can't really compare those pictures, on the left she is using makeup and filters and a flattering pose, and on the right she's not wearing makeup, no filters, her hair is tied up. And she is smiling which makes her eyes look smaller.

I would say the "peak" is different for everyone. There are some girls which are pretty as teenagers, but like most people there are those who have acne as teenagers and get prettier later.



the former picture was taken 5-6 years ago, the latter was taken in the past few months.

it's not just makeup - her cheeks are wider and fatter, her face is more disproportionate.

admittedly, part of it is probably due to her pure vegan diet and not solely because of age, but it's still a factor.


To be fair a lot of these women get fucked up by constant sex, heavy drinking and makeup which destroys your face.



>To be fair a lot of these women get fucked up by constant sex


How the fuck would "constant sex" destroy your face? How, from a biological pov, would it work ?


My dick says women peak between 18 and 20. When they hit 30 my peepee goes soft


>women hit their peak at 30

Only if you are a submissive soyboy


File: eefa3f0bf688602⋯.png (457.73 KB, 967x2363, 967:2363, 1535842285122.png)

File: 862739deeaf057e⋯.png (59.24 KB, 936x560, 117:70, 1535782945037.png)

>When asked anonymously, men unironically admit that middle-schoolers put 30+ women to shame


File: 8c13fa60c92c9ea⋯.png (133.24 KB, 657x575, 657:575, ahahahahahahahaha.png)


(cont) Pic related, the very moment they find out their husbands won't look at them anymore, because they're too busy looking at teens



>male arousal measured strongest for women of ages when it was most common for them to be wifed up throughout thousands of years of history

<oy vey!


Somewhere around 12-18 for sure. I'd say that after 18, women are already slowly starting to degrade in terms of looks. I've never met a woman in her 30s who looked nearly as beautiful as a teenage girl.




Please fuck off forever.



Most men will never admit it in public of course because of the values that modern society forces upon us but really, teenage girls are the most fertile so it's only natural that a healthy man would prefer them over some ugly cunt who's slowly losing the ability to produce healthy offspring.


File: 10ca8fd7a5bd3f7⋯.jpg (71.73 KB, 402x501, 134:167, Tom Cruise & Kelly McGilli….jpg)

File: b3c3de0e2199d46⋯.png (559.8 KB, 876x538, 438:269, portman.png)

File: db17928076ebe9d⋯.jpg (827.2 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1536574130803.jpg)

Do men really age better than women though ? That's the most important question.


>create thread on well established topic

>lets end this conversation once and for all

Not complaining about your thread op, but its silly prose usually used in threads designed for a flamewar, like 9mm vs .45 acp threads



They tend to peak at 15-16.

18 is already on the decline, their skin starts to lose its youthful vigor and their features get sharper.

At 25, they nosedive off a cliff and at 30 they might as well be a bloated corpse swimming in the harbor.


Women value different things in their partners than men, like money and social status.

But even so, the sharper features middle-age brings are seen as manly, as are some wrinkles. Makes you look distinguished and powerful (see: social status).


File: 330b164d1808dd2⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 500x700, 5:7, toshiro mifune.jpg)


Yes, aging makes your face look more masculine. Thus, it's only natural that a man, whose attractiveness is often defined by how masculine they look get more attractive when their face starts to look "rougher on the edges" while women start to look more and more like men with long hair (and sometimes they don't even bother to keep their hair long like Kelly in your first picture).

Youth = femininity and just like how men's attractiveness are defined by their masculinity, such is a woman's attractiveness decided by how feminine she looks, no one would feel attracted to a woman that looks like a guy. So it's only natural that a woman who loses her youth also loses her beauty.



>no one would feel attracted to a woman that looks like a guy

If you only knew



This. Even fat, hairy, repulsive hambeasts have abundant amounts of thirsty soy-filled orbiters.



This also explains fags' hang-up on young boys.


File: ccc6d971e6f5ce8⋯.jpg (94.99 KB, 664x999, 664:999, MV5BMjI3MTI0NTI2N15BMl5Ban….jpg)

File: 109ee0648c26657⋯.jpg (130.27 KB, 700x467, 700:467, panoramic_arcor23052015_01….jpg)

File: 1d2ac4ecc247f05⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 2494.jpg)


>aging makes your face look more masculine

Hehe sure, keep teeling yourslef that. Pic related, "masculine" attractive 30+ men. Truly the wall is only for women.



Well, I meant in a world where men actually have standards and don't have to settle for used-up hambeasts.


You make it clear from the start that you're a roastie who's self-consious about looking like a nigger. First of all, go back to cuckchan or whatever shithole you crawled out of, dumb cunt.

Secondly, I'm not a woman or a faggot so I cannot be sure what a woman finds attractive but I can say for sure that 1 and 3 don't look masculine at all, they're just fat and tired. They actually have a babyface. 2 looks a bit more masculine but he just has a weak chin, he would look better with a beard.


File: ed28e8d76622ef6⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 256x269, 256:269, MGR grin.gif)



>Golly gee, it appears as if young females have no interest in me and those who are interested are old and used up

>Well, I guess I'll just spend my money and my time with myself


>Oh gee, I rode the cock carousel in my best years and now chad doesn't want to marry me

>Welp, time to kill myself.



>their skin starts to lose its youthful vigor and their features get sharper

That depends on your preference, some dudes like sharper features. I agree with you though, 16 is their peak in looks and for breeding. The problem is it's also when the roastie nature starts to emerge.



>Has a boyfriend

>Oh no! I'm beginning to turn old with no children!

Isn't there an obvious solution to this problem right in front of their faces?



>older men are more attractive

Simply untrue. Older men are impotent and weak. They've lost their fire and rage and became apathetic or, at best, bitter. Their muscles atrophy, their wills bend, their minds fade. A man is at his best when he has energy and the drive to succeed, both of which decay as he ages.


They peak at 8 years old.


File: c034cf8620fde80⋯.jpg (108.23 KB, 1080x1129, 1080:1129, f83f1d161dd1488ca9ccd40edf….jpg)

16 is about the peak at about 25 they start to decline quickly.



Depends on genetics and effort put into maintaining good health and avoiding various poisons like roastie hormones. A lot of middle aged men suffer an early onset of andropause and suffer badly because goyim are denied boron, which is essential in maintaining hormone levels past certain age. Though even the less fortunate men tend to look more manly when they're around 26-30 than when they're fresh out of high school.





Here we go again.


social darwinism wins again.

Anyways, if we're talking "asthetically" I'd say the ages range depending on taste. 13 if you want pure/cute, 16 if you want somewhat well-porportioned with a bit of cute, and 18 if you want most sexual with no real "cute" factor whatsoever.

Note, the above is predicated on a good environment. At 13 a whore might be a whore in modern times.


File: 29097f58d5631dd⋯.jpg (484.53 KB, 1910x1775, 382:355, 1536573224017.jpg)


Even by these standards you're a weirdo



Just another post-wall woman trying to cope with the fact that men prefer highschoolers over used hags



This graph says it all. The peak of a girl's attractiveness is between 14 and 16. Roasties get rekt.


Aging is different for every man. Some age with a lot more grace than others. There are men out there who look 25 when they're 40.


I prefer to have both cute and beautiful in the same package, so 15 is the best.



Goes to shit at 11 when she gets that awkward tween look, completely unsalvageable once she starts dolling herself up like a whore at 12.



Was going to say the same. Notice her face's skin:

Honestly, 11 has the clearest/smoothest skin. Most of the early ones are just cute, but elicit nothing more than paternal instinct (as opposed to dating instinct). 12 is a bit off. 13 is ok (sucks about the braces). 14-16 are meh.

Basically, the earlier ones have some of that "deformed" kid look. The latter ones have the faults that come with puberty/stupid shit like braces. For her in particular, 11 was when she got some womanly features at 11, but had yet to get the bad parts of her puberty (such as messing up her skin and a bit of her skull structure).





are they fucking retarded?

or do they think we are retarded?

16-19 is prime age and anyone who tells other stuff is a liar or fetishist



>or do they think we are retarded?

Boomer men fell for all their feminist horseshit, so they thought that millennial men would as well. It's not working out as well as they'd hoped.

>16-19 is prime age and anyone who tells other stuff is a liar or fetishist

More like 15-17. However, everyone here for the most part agrees that women with a double-digit age that starts with a number higher than 1 are subpar and not worth looking at, everyone except for the shrieking roastie interloper of course.


peak 18

taper off until 25 and then nose dive



By 30, nearly every egg left in a woman is either rotten or abnormal. A woman at the mythical peak of 30 would be one who had several children through her early 20s and then remained loyal and loving to her husband. Ideally, by this point her baby fever would taper off and the children she does have would be out of diapers and ready to be properly mothered through the rest of the downward biological slope that starts after 25.

Instead, present era women don't consider the option of marriage until they're mid 30s, if they ever decide to get married, they think about kids once their biological clock has become a timebomb and start turning to artificial insemination and sperm banks, even if they don't have a stable man in their life, and during this entire period, they still feel like riding the cock carousel is a healthy and normal thing to do, never once accepting their own mistakes and the way that they've wasted their lives.



11/12 is her peak but I think that's partly because the braces fucked up her facial structure.



All women hit the wall around the age of 25-30 but for men ageing is a lottery like everything else in life. Some men are unfortunate enough to start balding in their teens but some like you said look like 25 when they're actually 40. You can try prevent looking like shit by various means but with bad genes nothing really can be done.


File: 65c603fe6a1f5a7⋯.jpg (35.32 KB, 768x432, 16:9, 4388543.jpg)

File: 7f51f4052cfc84d⋯.jpg (110.6 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 06beab558ca2d7c501f4c91699….jpg)


But even if you go bald you can still look good. Lots of men can age gracefully. Pic related, these guys are bald, past 40, and still look ok.


>"REEEEEEE you're a pedo if you think women peak at 18"

When will this meme die ? I mean, being 18 equals being an adult by every fucking standards pretty much everywhere on Earth.



Fuck, this is the first time I see someone peaking at 12.


rolling awayyyyyyy. also below 25 I would say.


File: 274d43594bbaf07⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1.jpg)

File: 970061f8257bde8⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2.jpg)


Sure, but not everyone has the necessary skull shape to pull off a good baldness. A lot of men, especially if they start to bald very early in their lives simply looks horrible.



Hey I agree with that but

1. Your guy would still look good as a bald guy would he just shave that shit on top of his head

2. Some men can age gracefully, as we agree, and this is significantly better than not being able to age gracefully at all - something literally every women go through at some point.

Women hit the wall. Men can get over it.



Of course. I agree completely. Men always have a choice. Women are useless past the age of 25.



>When will this meme die ?

When roasties decide to stop being jealous of younger, sexier girls who are still valid marriage candidates because they're not roastified. So as long as roasties exist it can't die. But look on the bright side. The fact that roasties are now calling men who date 18-year-olds pedophiles is redpilling millions of men as to why American age of consent laws actually exist. Roasties are digging their own graves.


They peak between 15 to 25.

They should become mothers between 16 and 20, and spend at least the first decade home with the kids. This would literally fix the world.

>good family relations makes good, successful children

>better school results

>less youths going into crime

>90% male workforce drives up wages so a single breadwinner household becomes viable again

>women in the workforce

>implying women do anything except HR and useless government "jobs" that only costs money from real workers

And of course nonwhites need to be purged from the west and sent back to fix their own nations.



>not knowing being a fatfuck lowers testo


They shouldn't start to decline before at least 30. Any woman that already looks like shit before that is just paying for wrong decisions and unhealthy lifestyle.

So yeah, I'd say that, biologically speaking, women peak sometime between 15 and 20 and then slowly start to decline, but not that much before 30.

That is, if said women take care of themselves, which is a wrong statement for like 70% of modern women.



>tfw tweens are now caked up to the max 4 years before they can even legally start driving

It's over lads.


File: 9654b73e298cbd3⋯.jpg (121.07 KB, 801x817, 801:817, 1485316929817.jpg)



File: 6f8ebe247c78347⋯.gif (121.36 KB, 500x542, 250:271, 6f8ebe247c783473093ad7ed0d….gif)

it used to be common knowledge that you must find a partner in your early 20s if you want children and there were often examples of people who failed that you would notice growing up but (((outside forces))) were used to convince women that material wealth is what they really want and that you can have children later. Also a lot of boomers were really shitty husbands who would expect the wife to take care of the house while they would just get drunk all the time so I think kids saw this a wanted out.


between 14-17 years old



>They shouldn't start to decline before at least 30

Women probably decline earlier in terms of appearance nowadays because they start using make-up when they're barely 10 and it fucks up their skin. It's really funny how make-up works when you think about it: if you use it long enough it will affect your face and you'll look uglier without it so then you'll have no choice but to use it if you don't want to look like a crackhead. It reminds me of how shampoo often fucks up people's hair so they have no choice but to buy expensive hairproducts like gel and conditioner.


>because I thought I could do better

Typical roastie behaviour. They always want stronger, richer, taller even if they look like shit and don't have anything to offer to the men that are actually good enough for their standards. I guess that's what you get when media targeted at little girls always revolves around them being rescued by a muscular prince or some modern equivalent of it.


File: 9ebeb60ef2d243b⋯.jpg (42.69 KB, 790x768, 395:384, a7140bcabff9f056ff7ceb5306….jpg)




Crazy, isn't it? Just look at her at 12. She's got the clear skin with a bit of natural blush, the clean but slightly messy hair, the soft eyes, and the subtle smile. This is the exact look that models and actresses go for. So these roasts go on there social media and call everyone a pedophile, then run off the the bathroom, take out the makeup bag, and do everything in their power to look like a 12-year-old. Human women are likely the most contradictory creatures to ever exist on our planet.


I always love articles like these, specifically when they include the fact that the woman in question is childless. It's like their somewhat subtle way of admitting "I fell for the 'career-girl' meme." Always good for a laugh.



>Women lying to themselves about peaking at 30+

Hahaha, salty roasty

I can't even imagine properly how they feel when they see models on covers, ads and stuff. Models that keep reminding them that youth = health = beauty.


and, women have more sex drive when they're older, men peak when they are young.

I don't deny young women bodies are more perfect, but a 30ish woman with a perfect body is veeeery sexy, though Rare as fuck. I got to know two stunning redheads in their 18, one kept being sexy, the other did not lose shape but became nondescript.

But why are we discussing roasties, out of academic interest I guess.


File: 096e939292e4796⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 444x563, 444:563, 3271dd29ca5cbd4419a73d1db2….jpg)


>He was my soulmate

>Hahaha, I can do better than that, I'll dump him!

>wh-wh-what went wrong!? Fucking men!

I hope she lives a nice long life of pure, agonizing hell, with absolutely no redeeming moments whatsoever; Simply non-stop suffering until her final breaths.


They know competition when they see it, they just have to tell everyone else otherwise. There are no contradictions, just selfish excuses and ruthless deceptions.


File: efc5de5fb0efeea⋯.png (491.67 KB, 658x821, 658:821, ClipboardImage.png)

Women may not acknowledge the wall, but nature don't give a fuck what women think.


>“It’s total fiction. It’s incorrect,” Grifo said. “Your whole life it’s beaten into your head that you’re in control and if you can’t have a baby, you blame yourself. There has to be more dialogue about what women can be responsible for and what they are not responsible for.”

>Around the age of 35, women confront a “fertility cliff,” when the chances of becoming pregnant decline sharply as the eggs decrease in number and quality. By age 40, the average woman has a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant in any given month. By 45, it’s 1 percent.

>In an unfortunate and unfair twist of nature, men are believed to replenish their sperm at a rate of 1,500 a second through most of their lives; there are documented cases of men remaining fertile into their 90s. Age also affects the quality of sperm, according to numerous studies. But the effect on fertility is markedly less dramatic than in women.


Honestly this stuff makes me feel for these women. That's got to be one of the worst pains to wake up from the "business women" meme and realize that you have nothing. They're never particularly successful in their career, they likely don't even have any significant amount of money. Then they realize that all they really wanted out of life was to be a mother and then they find themselves incapable of doing so. Their entire life was totally wasted and they can't get any of that time or opportunity back. No wonder we have an epidemic of bitter old cunts. Because they either kill themselves, continue living the lie, or double down on the "fuck men, fuck society" nonsense and get into government or public schools and start ruining as much as they can for everybody else.



This is what they "wanted" so it's what they got. If anything, feel bad for them being born inherently unable to think towards the future in any capacity or even establish any kind of personal values within a reasonable time frame. Kikes were probably also involved but the biggest question is whether or not we can salvage any of this.



>women have more sex drive when they're older

I'd love to see the study. You're telling me the bitter 30+ career bitches are hornier than slutty 20-something attending festivals and browsing through their Tinder catalog?



He probably just thinks that due to how it presents itself. Meaning, the older women are more desperate.



I pity them for falling for the lies sold specifically to them and tailored to exploit their baser emotions, but ultimately, women are to blame for this shit. For tens of thousands of years of human civilization, there has been a very basic and beneficial role for women in society. The dumb cunts of the modern age threw that away and now they spend all their time angry, bitter, childless, and forced to rely on society's default sympathy for women, even if they don't deserve it after the disservice they've done to their people.



Women become more desprate and loose when the reach ~30 years old because of their biological clock. Also, women need to always to be viewed as special in some way – the sexual prime myth is just an extension of that: lonely women who didn't palatalize on their youth by getting married and having children are incapable of accepting that they fucking up.



Unfortunately, there's always some white knight dreaming about doing the right thing and marrying their worthless asses. All those whores need to do is to lower their standards.


File: aad8923ec5f648c⋯.jpg (317.33 KB, 754x1200, 377:600, life.jpg)

I wouldn't be a woman for shit

Seriously, they only exist through their looks. The second they hit the wall, they become worthless to society. Hence why this thread is full of post-wall women calling men pedos for being attracted to (literally) young adults. Salty af.

Of course back then it was different. As post-wall women they still had plenty of things to do : help their husband lead the family, take care and teach the children, they could become these wise guiding lights and loving wifes.

Today's society has made their existence completely worthless after 30. They spend their prime riding dicks and "building their careers" when in fact they just get used as fucktoys and can't build a career for shit (most paid jobs are still men-only jobs). Once they can't rely on their looks, >>281631 and >>281916 happen.

Of course they can still find a betafag to get them pregnant (when they still can, kek) but more and more these thots end up all alone.



>I guess that's what you get when media targeted at little girls always revolves around them being rescued by a muscular prince or some modern equivalent of it.

They haven't done that in decades. All the media that millennial women consumed was about how they were strong, empowered womyn who didn't need a handsome prince to save them from the evil (sorcerer/dragon/neckbeard who in a disgusting act of speech rape had the nerve to ask her out, choose as many as are applicable). So men told the roasties that if they didn't need us, we'd just leave.


>the biggest question is whether or not we can salvage any of this.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hell no. It's so bad at this point that the total extinction of humanity via failure to breed is a serious possibility. Combine that with the environment being as bad as it is and the potential for nuclear war and you have one hell of a ticking time bomb.

>muh joos

No matter who suggested all this feminist horseshit initially, it's Americans' fault for being such fucking cucks as to go along with it and force other countries to do so. Blame not only the women, but the nu-males that didn't fight back against it and continue to enable roastie behavior.



>those nigger lips


File: d920efcc5e963f2⋯.jpg (759.07 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 8e2be5c2d0fca80bbb9f5c48ca….jpg)

women peak at 16-19 then deteriorate from there

men peak at 28-32 and age like fine wine until 60

of course there are exceptions, but this is generally speaking



>To make these charts, Rudder looked at the preferences of OkCupid users

>OkCupid users most probably are not below 18

Once again, it's fucking bunk science tainted by a biased sampling.



I don't blame the women, because women are inherently collectivist and easily misled by emotional manipulation. I don't blame the "nu-males" who went along with it, because humanity in general is collectivist and easily misled by emotional manipulation. No, I place the blame where it belongs, on the slimy, corrupt motherfuckers who manipulate people and make the entire goddamn world worse and less free because they want power.

>It's Americans' fault

Look at the rest of the world. This place was supposed to be a bastion of liberty, and it is still taking these fuckers longer to corrupt and subvert it than it has taken them to corrupt and subvert any other "civilized" nation. There is a reason for that.



>Honestly this stuff makes me feel for these women. That's got to be one of the worst pains to wake up from the "business women" meme and realize that you have nothing.

I don't feel any empathy towards them. While it certainly is a "meme" in the sense that the media pushes it everywhere, no one is forcing them to choose that path in life. No one was stopping them from marrying and having children, most men are fucking desperate for a woman who'd support them as a tradional housewife so it's not like they couldn't get a good partner either.

The roasties who live these kind of lifestyles are driven by lust and greed; they want to make enough money to buy overpriced shoes and smartphones they don't need, they want to fuck around with Chad every saturday night and worst of all, they want t o be smug about it. And then once they're done doing all that, they expect some beta to walk in and give them the love and attention they didn't want earlier in life, when it actually mattered. So they can go to hell.



>While it certainly is a "meme" in the sense that the media pushes it everywhere, no one is forcing them to choose that path in life.

As much as this is mostly true, it's not always. Sometimes they have shitty, overbearing parents who demand that they go to some big-name university so they can learn liberal propaganda that fucks them up in the head and basically refuse to help them at all if they don't. Boomers are big on pushing their kids to do that because boomers are obsessed with consumerism and keeping up with the Joneses, and a degree from a top school represents a path to that life.



First guy would look totally okay would he shave his hair properly and lose fat.

Second guy is a soccer player and pic was taken seconds after he played his last ever game, that's why he looks tired and seems to be crying. He's still looking better at 35 than most women.

Last guy seems to be just plain fat.

Try again.


They peak sometime near the end of puberty, when their tits and ass finish growing to full size, let's say 20. It's all downhill from there, biologically speaking.

However for a lot of women whoredom is a lifelong art, and they can improve their skills at makeup and other succubus magic faster than their body wears out. So this gives the appearance of "aging like wine". What's really happening is that somebody is getting really good at dressing up rotten food and making it look like a treat.

Then there's also women who suddenly turn their life around and lose 100 lbs or something. But clearly these are isolated cases.

Don't forget that a high proportion of women, and an even higher proportion of very attractive, fap-grade women us NEETs are exposed to are wealthy celebs. They get tons of plastic surgery. Over the years their career advances, their wealth grows, and they can get even more advanced surgery. Which has a similar effect to learning to do better make up I mention above, but even more dramatic. This is probably why you get anons saying stupid shit like women peaking at 30 or 40 (lol), liking older women, milfs, etc. They're just confusing fantasy with reality.


The pictures are just fun anyway. Obviously even if you post 1, 10 or even 100 comparisons it's still a tiny sample of the population and obviously biased. The photos are worthless without a random sample supporting them. Luckily anyone can go outside and get a random sample (you'd have to guess the age of women you see, but it's not hard).



>They peak sometime near the end of puberty, when their tits and ass finish growing to full size, let's say 20. It's all downhill from there, biologically speaking.

There's a huge difference between "getting a bit older" and hit the wall at full speed like most modern women do.

Biology has little to do with this "wall" thing. Smoking more than men, covering your face with makeup everyday for 15 years and eating shit does this.

Biologically speaking, most cute and hot women should remain cute and hot until 30 at least.


File: 341ed8a22db0375⋯.jpg (245.31 KB, 980x1470, 2:3, 341ed8a22db0375e05586d4411….jpg)


This, in previous generations, women still looked pretty attractive in their 30s, sometimes even in their 40s. I know a woman who's 49 and she looks like the modern equivalent of 30, probably because she didn't cover her face in make-up when she was young.

Pic related is a photo of Grace Kelly when she was 41, I've seen roasties in their 20s who looked older than this.



>Of course back then it was different. As post-wall women they still had plenty of things to do

yes. But today women have social media and reality tv shows and MTV to distract them from the real important things in life. One day they are old and wonder what happened

>they can find a betafag

yeah they even steal his sperm for their baby project

but then after a few years they realize that betafags don't give them the same thrills and beatings that chad gave them in their 20s so they divorce their husbands, destroy entire family, leave everyone in porverty and let their own children grow up in shambles.


>because of makeup

no it is not because of makeup. It is because the average alcohol consumption has gone parabolic for females and cigarettes too. THose are the 2 things that fuck up your skin most. Ugly skin is never associated with youthfulness and beauty.

>I can do better

literally my cousin. she is easily 8/10 but no man is good enough for her of course. always chasing after the chaddest of the chads (dj's and bankers). now she is 31 years old and still single while her best friend has a loving husband who is "only" a car mechanic but loves her and fulfills her every wish.



>It is because the average alcohol consumption has gone parabolic for females

Where do you live ? I'd be curious to know

In France men still drink more alcohol than women, and I mean, way fucking more.

Cigarettes consumption stats went through the roof for females though, this is incredible.



Not him but I also noticed that there are way more female smokers where I live than male ones. It's probably because women are quicker to fall for group mentality and peer pressure than men (who are actually able to make their own decisions) and most people start smoking as teenagers because they see other people doing it. I knew this girl in highschool who was really introverted for roastie standards and didn't seem to have any friends yet she became a chainsmoker somewhere at the end of HS, possibly because she believed it would improve her standing in the normalfag caste system or something.


why milf porn a thing then???



why fetish a thing then???



>and, women have more sex drive when they're older

That's not an increased sex drive, that's desperation.



>why is *name of fetish* a thing ?

Scat porn is a thing too. It doesn't mean that people watching it want to eat shit.



That's a separate problem.



>browse /r9k/ of all boards

>baffled about obsession with young females and how society is supposed to be

What are you doing here ?



>implying there aren't a lot of guys here who have what it takes to pull teen pussy

>implying there's any other reason besides feminist cuck laws and shitty boomer parenting why we don't all have a beautiful 15-year-old virgin wife who loves and adores us

>implying the reason for robots' reputation of social incompetence isn't that the social mores are totally fucked and most of us would have no problem fitting into a society that wasn't dogshit


females peak at age 15-18, they should be impregnated the day they graduate high school



>ugh you stupid virgins, stop being attracted to ojectively attractive girls and be a beta provider to an used up single mother like me

Not sure if this is even ironic or not but seeing as only roasties think bringing up a lack of sexual experience is some sort of insult, it probably isn't.






Can someone give me the gist of what the roast said? Sounds like a good laugh to be had.


women peak at 6-12, anything after is just slow slow decay.



Hi pedobot, still complaining about your threads being 404ed?



i havent posted in this board for nearly a full year. im just stating the truth the matriarchy doesn't want you to see.



It was something along the lines of

<You guys are so focused on having teens allowed to fuck but you wouldn't get any teen pussy anyways cuz ur losers.

Roastie posties are so obvious.



Well I don't like judging other robots opinions too much so I'm just gonna give you fair warning about something unrelated. There was a eunuch earlier this year who had a very distinct typing style, not dissimilar to yours. Start properly capitalizing unless you want people confusing you for him.



not really interested, i barely post here anymore anyway.



That's objectively/biologically incorrect though. Their bodies start becoming fertile around the age of 12 so that's the earliest age they would be fuckable but at 6 their bodies are simply not developed enough for it. Even South-American tribesmen who are completely isolated from civilisation do not fuck girls before they hit puberty. It has nothing to do with modern society or its values, it just goes against nature, just like faggotry.



because they're a different race. those little girls are ugly as hell at any age. so they fuck them just as much as its absolutely necessary to keep their trashy low IQ subspecies alive.



I can understand hebephiles attraction for tweens, well, I guess. But I can't picture myself being a ped for hell


File: 50b6de86cbb23fd⋯.jpeg (92.17 KB, 673x913, 673:913, 930e4852db80bcd13b1da4ea0….jpeg)


>women peak at age 0-12




Loli/tod-con is an exception because it's drawn to look "perfect." The pudginess makes it cute, how it's styled makes it hot. However, have you ever seen a real kid that (a) even looks cute (b) is somehow also hot? Maybe you have, but probably not in majority.

tl;dr 2d > 3d


File: e42540446595126⋯.mp4 (3.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, FBI - Police - Break-In - ….mp4)


>have you ever seen a real kid that (a) even looks cute (b) is somehow also hot?

What is "cute" and "hot" depends on individual taste for example when you see a kid or a toddler you may think "ugly" while i think "hot" however i do agree that 2D>3D despite my attraction to the real thing.



I didn't say they decline at a constant rate, and I'm not denying that hitting the wall is often a real thing. As you say, they may still be hot and cute at 30, but they will rarely be hotter and cuter than they were at 20. I'm not saying you should drop you're waifu on her 21st birthday, but to say that women are best looking in their 30s is delusional.

I'm talking of course about intrinsic cuteness. As I said, overall a woman can end up looking better at 30 than 20 thanks to learning how to do makeup and dress at 25. But that doesn't change the fact that if she had the same succubi skills at 20, she would look even hotter.


Yes and Helen Mirren is the queen of gilfs so good for her. Grace Kelly is a cute either way but was still cuter in her earlier years, especially with that same exact angle, hair, makeup and outfit at 20 she would be significantly cuter. But she's Grace Kelly, say at 20 she was 11/10, and if in the ensuing years she lost 1.5 points, that still makes her 9.5, much better than average roasties. But it's also a bit of a moot point, none of us has seen Grace Kelly in person, without makeup or cameras around. There's not even many candids of her, compared to today's celebs.


>always chasing after the chaddest of the chads (dj's and bankers). now she is 31 years old and still single

Women have this weird instinct of always wanting to climb the dick ladder and be chased after by the chaddest men who have the most pussy. I guess if turbochad who can has millions of hotties lining up chose you that means you're better than them… Except of course their brainlet ignores that chads isn't choosing jack shit, because he just fucks all of them in turn. So you're not being selected for being the best, just for being good enough. It must be similar to how porn addiction is for us, although the instinct is natural, using modern tech to overindulge in it wrecks your life pretty badly.


No offense, but France is a degenerate circus (not that other places are much better) unto itself where paternity testing is a crime. Going by our default cultural context of US, women consume copious amounts of hard alcohol at "parties" (ie. when they are in chadcock-frenzy mode). They will down 5, 10 tequilas and the party is just getting started.


>what is teen porn



When they first reach an approximate adult hight.



>As I said, overall a woman can end up looking better at 30 than 20 thanks to learning how to do makeup

Why do you keep saying that? Make-up doesn't make a roastie more attractive, if she's an ugly cunt she'll remain ugly even when filling her face with the stuff and if she's attractive she'll just make herself look uglier by using it.



Dude women hit mid life crisis at 30 when they no longer get hit on by horny men. They get perimenopausal and concentrate on locking a man up with them so they can have babies, not fuck around. Women were meant to get knocked up as teens, and in their early twenties. Men don't find them nearly as attractive due to evolutionary reasons. Women are attractive due to neoteny. Blatantly that means youth, no hair on the face, tight light thin skin, high pitch voice, being small, etc, juvenile features in adults. If they no longer look juvenile then they have hit the wall.

You cannot refute this.


In my opinions I would say mid to late teens. Somewhere around 14,15,16. Too bad I will never get a 15 year old gf even if I become wealthy because society does not allow it.



>Make-up doesn't make a roastie more attractive

That's some opinion you got there, friendo.




This is silly sir.



We hit puberty earlier than we used to and age faster due to getting taller as well, is why.

>we must raise the age of consent despite this >:[

Feminism is all about fucking over men after all. A fifteen year old will look twenty, a twenty-five year old will look eighteen. It's all over the place.

Then there's personality. Is she innocent, dead inside used up slut or even whore, or is she stupid due to being too young. Can go either way. So the ages shouldn't even be taken this serious. An 70 year old can fuck an eighteen, yet if a college dude slams the vag of some HS girl unknowingly, due to being male of course, they put him in the slammer. What if the guy is in his mid twenties? Fuck you for not being finished with school is what. The four year romeo shit won't likely count, she's seventeen, you're even in early twenties twenty-two, then you're fucked over even if she was in duel enrolment and went to college with your ass.

Can I get a hurr, perhaps a durr? Because, fucking morons out there.

>how dare you be a normal college age senior and fuck a freshman senior in college that's been taking it up the ass since fifteen and is now trying to get off by going for older guys due to her being far kinkier and experienced than you *inane DBZ noises whilst banging a sacred hammer* you've RUINED her

There are bar sluts with stamps also. And everything thinks it's going to be the drunk guy with lowered inhibitions, of whom gives out easier anyway, that isn't the one being raped. No, the female is legally raped, even when of age due to being drunk. They passed that law in one US state, le drunken rape when you both are. Who are they kidding? A drunk man looking to be laid in some dive isn't going to ask for the ID or get STD tested or anything like that wise shit they expect, and fake ideas exist, yet they still often go after the guy even then. But what if she aged only ten percent faster than the average girl. It's over eighteen and some age faster. This is silly.

I grew up thinking men are evil but women honestly should not effect law at all. They can't handle rights, the men are too nice to them too so won't stop them. The abuse of power is silly. They are the cautious sex, though not all of them are, and get revenge by proxy over fake rape as if it happened to the prude version of them that wanted to wait until marriage and got pumped and dumped by a Chad.



That's because puberty generally approximately ends at twenty-one for females.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>the roastie delusion


12 to 18 is the prime range



It's roastie cope after some study awhile ago showed women peak at 18 and men peak at 50.



Reposted from /pol/. This is the roasties' latest effort to make it so no one is allowed to compete with them on the marriage market.

>>In a unanimous vote, the State Assembly chose to raise the legal age of marriage in New York in attempts to end child marriage. The bill, which was sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, D-NY, is awaiting a signature from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, who has previously expressed his desires to abolish child marriage in the state.

>Paulin had introduced a similar measure in the state last year but failed to push the legislation forward due to concerns some lawmakers had in regards to religious communities that uphold early marriage rituals.

>Ahead of the vote Tuesday, Paulin told The New York Times that the outdated practice prevented young women from experiencing certain life opportunities that they otherwise would have if they hadn’t been ushered into marriage so young.

>“The current New York law is, at best, antiquated,” she said. “It reflects a time when everyone married younger. Times have changed. Child marriage is coerced marriage. It condemns young women to a life they did not choose.”

>Although the bill passed favorably, there was some pushback for the legal age of marriage to be reduced to 16 from some Assembly members, including Dov Hikind, a Democrat, who represents an area of Brooklyn that is home to a large population of Hasidic Jews.

>“Not once in my 35 years in office—in a community where people are encouraged to get married at a young age—did someone say this is an issue, this was a problem, this was wrong,” he told the Times when the bill was reintroduced earlier in the year.



The study you're referring to was data gathered from a dating site. The minimum age the site would allow its members to choose was 18, so you can just imagine the feminist salt if going younger was allowed.



Yeah, and 50 sounds way too late. I think a man CAN peak at 50 but they better have been taking excellent care of themselves. Most guys I know that are 50 look like warmed over shit.


File: d0ca35e5fd48c81⋯.png (111.15 KB, 333x328, 333:328, 1423018008903.png)


I'm sorry to say that you just proved him right. Her best years are the braces ones, then the loss of them she looks five years older suddenly. Her face loses youthful roundness and she's balding in every pic almost. You've picked a bad example. Try Winona or someone with good genes next time. Literally she is hitting the wall as soon as the braces came off, has gum problems due to bad hygiene, teeth yellowed, went into the sun and damaged herself with tans right after braces are gone. Her sallow face is one of a deadened soul. No smile in her eyes, she's coy but coy is dishonest. Men like honest women, not round eyed fearful mind games. She should have kept the braces and clown makeup. Winona peaks at like twenty-two or twenty-five in comparison. She's eighteen or so in Beetlejuice and aged slowly, unlike this balding sagging face. The glow stayed in Winona's face until near 40 I tink, then girls like this let the sun destroy that snow white look that reeks of femininity. She has it only with the clown, and braces.



Fuck off to cuckchan with this bullshit.



Holy shit she's 41 in that picture! Another anon made the point that this flattering picture could still not reflect reality, they didn't have photoshop, but you'd be amazed what a talented photographer can do with just light, lens and angles.

Regardless I frequent a website called flashbak and look at vintage porn alot. I've noticed that women did look younger back then but tended to be plainer or even semi ugly looking. When I look at pictures from the seventies I'm AMAZED at the bodies of women, so many are thin, toned and have supple skin and would be considered 10's now, but you can tell by the naive look on their faces they don't realize how hot they are, and they are just littered all over the photos I see.



That's objectively incorrect, a 12 year old girl's pelvis is not fully developed, nor are her bones, and she hasn't reached her full height. Probably the earliest a girl can get pregnant without out a shit ton of complications is 14, but more realistically 16.



That's why anon said "start becoming fertile".



I'm not arguing against the wall but what the hell happened to Kelly McGillis, that can't be all wall. Was she just way older than Tom Cruise in "Top Gun", he was like what? 21 in that movie?

I never realized Melissa Joan Hart was in her 20's in Sabrina. She must have been in her teens in "Clarissa Explains It All", I always assumed she was a preteen in that.

Watching Melissa age saddened me, I really loved her characters growing up, but seeing her get so bloated over time was a downer. I saw her once on some MTV reality show playing baseball and she waddled all over the place like an old lady.



They used to air brush shit you know. Airbrushes are form the eighteen-hundreds. And they used it to alter photos I've heard.

Though, we're over fed and it makes us taller, and age faster, that's probably mostly what it is. 40 minus fifteen percent makes her look 34. Add fifteen to our 40ish now, she's closer to 50 than to 40 with only a fifteen increase, or malnourished decrease, in aging. That 30 percent age difference range makes it kill.

Though, I only read one shady article about dogs aging slower when smaller, larger difference in size kills great danes by age 7, small dog makes it to near twenty. Elephants, bats, etc, they have out of their genes random large offspring and they age faster due to it. Humans have it less obvious but there's no reason why us getting taller wouldn't make us hit the wall faster, as sudden as the wall is for women of course she looks better the farther you go back. Also women live slightly longer and are generally shorter than men and are evolved to retain childlike features too.

>though i've already posted this

Women hit the wall fast, due to their prowess being based in neoteny. People with chrones look like kids due to having less to grow on. We're damned over fed, or Chad is killing us genetically by only passing on tall genes as they are more successful, larger of the litter of mammalians, in general.



I noticed American 15 year old girls looking closer to 30 about a decade ago. Now I see that same thing happening in Euroland. Girls are hitting puberty really early and ballooning up quickly. Not just weight wise, bu they also seemingly have the bone structure of older women. Too many growth hormones in the food?




No. We age faster because we eat too much and chad genes are tall ones, they're infecting women more now that we are not pared off 50 50.

We won't die faster due to modern medicine, so it's not as obvious. It's not just puberty though, if you ask me. It's having tall genes and overeating. Even if a female is short, she probably stupidly starved herself to stay thin, is my explanation of that, when the wall hits anyway because stunting growth won't stop puberty from hitting, nor aging, though they do look smaller, therefore younger, at first. Check out Chrone's and think about who is passing on genes post feminism to make women ugly and masculine, as a man is. A female likes men due to them inflating their ego, the man's status, it came from tallness. They win fights, have more power. Men would get killed anyway by betas, so they made a deal to share them, this kept women pretty meek. You need meek men to impregnate vagina if you don't want them turning back into ogres like we used to be before we raped women into submission.



Actually, Crohn's can delay puberty, was wrong. But that just adds to the over eating theory. More food more aging. Buy a snake and watch it get large faster if you feed it more, then also watch it die faster, for shits and giggles.



meant for >>282461


Clicked wrong post, ignore >>282479



>but tended to be plainer or even semi ugly looking

Probably because lower-class women couldn't afford make-up like they do now, that's just how women are naturally supposed to look like. I'd still prefer to look at a homely-looking girl that I at least know is real than some roastie with a mask on.



>having sex means you must have babies

>adults double fist anuses yet a human dick can't into fastly healing younger vag

ok ok c-sections notwithstanding ok ok

Also not him. But you raised the bar after he raised the bar. Slippery slope is beyond gay. we're not fully done growing until twenties is where it ends. People fuck whenever they feel confident enough to, period. Twelve is obviously younger than most woul want to unless groomed, of which means coaxed but is a buzzword. The question is the thing too young to even think as an adult or have sexual urges. boys have them, who knows when girls do but you'd figure they'd have them if raised as ranchy as boys are raised.



>They used to air brush shit you know. Airbrushes are form the eighteen-hundreds. And they used it to alter photos I've heard.

I’m not talking about photos from ads I’m talking about photos people took while on vacation, or photos photographers took of the outside trying to build a profolio so no air brushing wouldn’t have been applied. Especially considering one set can be several dozen photos.



>The question is the thing too young to even think as an adult or have sexual urges

That's bullshit, you start having sexual desires when puberty starts. The myth that girls don't feel sexual desire at the age like boys do probably comes from the fact that they not as open about it.



This board is not full of attractive guys who peak at 40. I bet most guys here look like those balding dudes already at 18. I too am not that good looking. You are not making yourself any favors by insisting that guys get handsome when they get older. Not if you are not good looking to start with.



Why is it that I had naughty thoughts about my female classmate's armpits when I was 5 years old then? And why did I think that dry-humping my couch felt nice?



I think she is the prettiest (aesthetically, not sexually) at 6-9 because children in general are prettier. They have larger eyes, cuter face and their survival depends on how cute they look. Even ugly children look cute when you compare them to the same person as an adult (unless they have huge acne or facial deformities that get fixed). She probably will be hotter even after 20 years old because all these pictures remind me of a child and not someone who is attractive for me. But I am also an old wizard and kids look like kids for me.



Maybe you developed abnormally fast or something. I mean, I can remember having erections as a young child but I never really had anything which can be called sexual fantasies and I never attempted to masturbate or something along those lines.


>She probably will be hotter even after 20 years old

Her name is Lotte Hofmeester, she's a Dutch girl who was used for an art project by her father where he would take a photo of her every day to create a timelapse. I just looked her up and she seems to be be around 19 now and actually looks uglier but to be fair, I thought she already looked ugly at 16 so you might find her attractive.



>start having urges when puberty starts

That's literally bullshit. Not everyone is a prude innocent until they get to HS. Why did it take you so long to get curious during all of those years? You can learn math and english and such but not contemplate sex?

This shit always pisses me off because it's willfully ignorant that some people become aware of sexual urges far before their hormones make them hormonal. It's like saying old people, with failing hormones, won't have sex. The issue is when you learn about it. You still have sex organs. I've masturbated to sexual fantasies as long as I can remember, all the way back before I was even 9. I think people are afraid to admit they had the urges, your dick gets hard, it feels good, you see sexual things in life, it clicks and you start running water over your dick fantasizing then that evolves into other forms of masturbation quickly with experimentation until you start fapping properly and then orgasm. Until then I was just teasing myself by not knowing how to properly do it and was sexually frustrated all day, though not as much as if you were blue balled during puberty, but enough to bother me. Plus, I figure I could not orgasm until I was near puberty. The first time I did, it was very very intense, more so than it is in later years, and nothing came out. When it started coming out, only a tiny drop did at first, so I figure, you can't impregnate until puberty, and, that my friend, is actually, common fucking sense. It's illogical to think that not being fertile means you can't have sexual urges, it's stupid normalfaggots lying to themselves but saying a woman with infertile health somehow can? Thanks be to feminism for confusing the shit out of you.



I started masturbating around the age of 14. There is no reason for me to be afraid to admit these sort of things seeing as I'm completely anonymous. I'm just telling it how it is; most people don't feel true lust until puberty kicks in, you are an exception to the rule.



Also, original guy that you said bullshit to, I've seen a porn star admit she was thinking about fucking every guy she knew by age 9, coincidentally. It was a fisting video. It''s in one of Mia Sweet's videos. Probably the one were she said something along the lines of her wanting her intestines taken out and played with, not that she ever prolapsed. A popular vid is this, but I don't think she admits the age 9 thing in this vid, but other long ones will show up and you'll have to watch it to find it but she very much did say "some girls like to remain virgins forever, others start wanting to lose virginity as soon as possible" and the age nine thing. Not verbatim. Not that it matters, because verbatim porn search query by monolog or dialog will not show results, no one cares what they said but me.


People probably cut the part out, whichever video she says it, due to not wanting to ruin their fisting fetish by thinking about how big an adult dick would be to a nine year old girls ass that later became an anal fisting slut. Again, willful ignorance, not that she admitted to shoving adult sized things in her young ass, but it really makes you think.

Also, she breaks down crying in at least one video, so your retort can go ahead and be that people relive abuse, but it's a fact that children masturbate, have heard psychologists admit it that they do it and were not abused, esp when in chaotic environments to self sooth, and masochists will exist too. Was it the chaotic environment that made her childhood turn her masochistic and was unrelated to her masturbating early on her own accord, is a question that you literally can't answer.

But yeah, if you're bored enough, find where Mia Sweet, a girl, agrees with me/us.

ps: I used to be into anal so much was inserting fist sized objects by age sixteen myself, I dare say wanting the feelings to be too intense, and size ratio issues, would correlate



also, I think I remember her saying she never had sex until a teen years after age 9, but I heard this ages ago so*

Doesn't mean she didn't put anything in her. makes me wonder. I never had sex, so…*



they were all mentally ill. No healthy person would kill themselves after not getting something they want in life.


File: aea83e6c0974df5⋯.png (16.69 KB, 612x567, 68:63, hebbeh.png)


>you look better on the left



>18 is pedo


Just waiting for WW3 to start…



No they want the ripped rich guy, not the orbiter.


File: a85dac0f9e1e597⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 620x479, 620:479, 2a74487e9f340aabd23d02693e….jpg)


The 3rd waifu world war will start soon and insha allah 2D will triumph over 3D and we will from then on live in paradise on earth.

May peace be with you brudders


No pedo but i think girls peak some time between 15 and 22 but it depends a lot


lol i feel no fucking pity for these girls. They aren't that ugly they probably just have high standards for the mileage they have on them. Honestly they could probably trick a 20 year old robot into marrying them if they really wanted to.

And we all know damn well they spent their entire youth getting fucked when they could have been starting a family with a decent person


this one is pretty great too. It shows how cruel a roastie can be. She happily crushed this dude in order to get someone "better". I'm glad this ended the way it did


File: 31f45ef26182dc1⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 917x640, 917:640, b81e7ccc5dc7d580e44b10e114….jpg)


>Developing thousand cock stare by 16


This is kind of a feel good thread. More please.


>they spent their entire youth getting fucked when they could have been starting a family with a decent person

see this is the thing that makes this so funny

they said they wanted to be like men

to have freedom

to decide for themselves

then man gives them this freedom

only to see how they destroy themselves

and take everyone else down the abyss with them



A lot of women age faster due to more degenerate lifestyles. Partying, drinking, drugs, cock carousel , etc….



A lot of average looking dudes don;t get to partake in such things so their bodies don't end up beaten to shit by 30



You sound worried that people here will judge you for not being enough of a cuck to consider it pedophilic and wrong to pursue a girl of 15. That's not going to happen. Nature made men to pursue 15-year-old girls because they're at the peak of their health, attractiveness, and potential for the formation of a bond with a mate at that age. Roasties know this important fact, which is why they had to outlaw it in order for their cock carousel riding asses to stand a chance in hell of attracting a man. Shed whatever inhibitions the feminist cuck media has saddled you with and recognize that their attempts to overrule nature have only led to needless grief and destruction and will never lead to anything else.



A lot of girls start to fuck around since they hit 13 and never stop till they hit the wall hard in their early to mid 30s. That's 20 years of ridding the cock carousel before some naive beta can have them.


File: 9e697e72b61c780⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 446x267, 446:267, 1451082053234-3.jpg)

You guys notice that all of the women in this thread are American?


Id say 16-17 is when they hit the wall



>until 60

Completely delusional. Unless you have god-tier genetics, you'll be worthless by 40.



> walk up the aisle

> not down the aisle

wtf is wrong with britbongs? Their whole culture is like an entire Mandela effect of normal human behavior.

Also I'll never understand people who kill themselves over petty shit like fear of not being married or having kids, when at least they can manage to be in a relationship to begin with.



14-16 is when they peak so it makes sense. By then she's a full fledged roastie. From there it's a slow or rapid decline, depending on many factors. The important thing to remember is that it's just that: A decline. No matter how slow it is, that's what it is.



I remember hearing that after the Yanks beat the shit out of them, the Brits started arbitrarily changing a lot of their vernacular and creating new slang and terminology just because they didn't want to be speaking the same language as the people who betrayed them. You can actually see a bit of this in books that predate the revolutionary war. A lot of it isn't hard to parse, but comparing it to the childlike gibberish they spew nowadays makes it clearer that there was a drastic change at some point.


The youngest confirmed mother in the world was a White Peruvian named Linda Medina, she was 4 when she had her first child after being molested by a family member, she had an extreme case of precocious puberty, partly due to genetics, but also partly due to the hormonal stimulation provided by her molestation that went on since she was very very young and was consistent for a very very long time, a perfect storm of freak genetics and freak environmental factors, no one knew she was pregnant until she was in the later stages, and the fetus in her belly was mistaken for a stomach tumor, at the time of discovery, it was already too late to abort, so they allowed her to carry the child to term, but due to her pelvis structure, she had to deliver the child by cesarean section, she delivered a boy who was raised as her brother, both she and her son only discovered that they were in fact mother and son when they were already in the middle of their adulthood, at which point, she has already married and had other children, who her brother then knew were his half-siblings, Linda was raised thinking that her c-section scars were from the removal of a stomach tumor.

Linda outlived her son/brother, who had lived to old age, before passing at old age herself.

without precious puberty, the time of maximum fertility is also the time of maximum attractiveness sexually for all males, which should be around the time when secondary sex characteristics are set, between 14-15 years of age.



Spoiler that shit


File: 21dee3a6c92c826⋯.jpeg (97.74 KB, 800x600, 4:3, de0b3475a87d36db06b72d632….jpeg)

File: d5483b6dc4cd11c⋯.mp4 (1.17 MB, 960x720, 4:3, No.mp4)


>Spoiler that shit



Have you guys heard of vampire facials? My 30 yr old roast cousin was talking about them and how shes obsessed with them. Apparently they use your own white blood cells toneat away at wrinkles (breaking down cells with poor collagen so the newer ones show?). Anyways it shows the length these women will go through just to look young and healthy, instead of actually being young and healthy and accepting that. Its a kind of desperation that you dont see in shows. subtle, casual, they are more than willing to talk about it, even recommend it. I should also say it costs 300 dollars per treatment, and you have to have regular treatment, as skin grows and gets old. So if its a monthly treatment, thats 300 dollars a month just to hide their true nature



I faintly remem pol saying that the 18 age of consent limit is a jewish trick, as civilization has allowed marrying young women since forever. And maybe they're right, i don't know myself, but maybe the "teens obessed with male media star" trope is real? And the age of consent limit is there to make women obessed with celebrities, with the controlled media, instead of forwarding that emotion towards a husband, and thus towards a family and children. Who knows how much time young women spend on entertainment channels, or oogling at paparazzi pieces, that energy was probably intended by nature to be focused towards learning how to care for children



I've seen shit where women will do homemade chemical peels where they literally burn their faces with a combination of substances and then let it heal after a week.. I couldn't even wrap my head around that shit while I was watching it. It was like those cringe videos where someone tries to show you a cool "lifehack" that ends up fucking up severely or ends up being crazy dangerous.


It's based more on biology, to my understanding, but public understanding has not developed well on the subject. Long and short: 18 was about when the female body was properly mature enough, physically speaking, to healthily bare children. Too young and you risk serious harm or death to the mother and child. 18+ is about when puberty starts to stabilize and the body assumes a more regular hormonal balance and finishes up its assorted growth and changes.

There are certain physical factors that play into puberty as well. If a girl loses too much weight or starts to starve, perhaps from an eating disorder, they can actually cause their body to stop menstruating entirely. The opposite applies to kicking off puberty. When a girl's body builds up enough fat content and other chemicals in her body, she will start puberty. If she hits those conditions earlier, probably due to an excessive diet, she can start puberty and her growth spurt earlier. Meaning that 100 years ago when food was shitty and everyone was sick and working their asses off all the time, women would start puberty earlier, and young pregnancy was mostly lethal. Jump forward to the modern era and people and insisting cow hormones in the milk are causing girls to start puberty early, but it's actually because 1st world countries are overfed and working less strenuous jobs.



Like most things women buy it is likely a pile of absolute bullshit. What happened to aging gracefully? There's a point in a woman's life where biology says "you're not fuckable anymore". They need to realize this and realize that means things are going to change in their life.



>Let's end it once and for all.

Yes, after this thread nobody anywhere is ever going to bring this up.



Blaming the Jews for it is shortsighted. There were some of the Jews who wanted to get back at whites and knew that introducing feminism into white countries would destroy them by alienating men and women from each other, but Jews aren't a hivemind and don't all have a desire to eradicate whites. Women themselves are the ones who bear most of the blame for this out of their anger that guys want to fuck teenage cutie pies instead of hags. They infiltrated the university faculties, the media outlets, and anything else they could and conjured up a moral panic with about as much credibility as Reefer Madness to talk about how traumatic it is for people to do what they've been doing throughout all of history without any of this trauma ever having been seen. Combine this with the fact that normalfags believe anything they're told and you have a recipe to destroy a generation by stopping them from engaging in normal mating patterns.



>tfw shortsighted



>gay shit

>tranny shit

>furry shit



Uh no, more like 0-5. 6 is the beginning of the end and by 8 they're completely unsalvageable.


File: 00cf6cb52e60bfd⋯.png (131.62 KB, 432x600, 18:25, grabbler.png)


>jews are responsible for furry porn

wtf i love jews now.



The shit they've done to western media is pretty bad all on its own, but the kike ideology that props up feminism, antifa, socialism, and putting all of that aside the complete and total breakdown of society to the point that we can have multiple generations of alienated and disenfranchised men and boys heading for the fucking suicide high score… That shit is enough reason to kill every last kike.



Yet you still have the retarded simps fucking everything up and putting landwhales as 9s and shit…



It ends at 14 for them.



Who told you that nonsense?



I'm 23, and all the girls that I went to high school with already look uglier, based on stalking their social media.



They peak when their bodies can't take it anymore. And by "it", I mean their lifestyle. A (mentally, and physically) healthy woman who doesn't indulge herself every weekend in a degenerate lifestyle will probably peak in her mid 30's at best and 29-30 yrs old at worst, and by the time the wall hits, she already has a husband and children who are can raise properly.

But this is no longer a thing in current year + 3. At least millennial women spend their days partying, drugging themselves, out-whoring their female friends like a competition and not moving their asses to do any exercise (or at the very least, have a healthy diet). Add to that the fact that they already age worse than men and you will see 16-18 yrs old pretty girls turn into 21-2X self-destructive landwhales.


File: 7c80c3a458d5398⋯.jpg (225.49 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, 005392c56bdb25364f82e736ec….jpg)


>that one fat chink roastie who never peaked



Weight is an interesting thing when it comes to female asians; they're either abnormally skinny (when compared to other races) or just outright obese, there doesn't seem to be any middle ground.


Did /waifuist/ ever move to another site or somethng? I really miss looking at qts like that on there.



From what i hear, modern makeup can damage your skin, making it uglier and thus encouraging them to purchase more, continuing the cycle



Have you seen "century of the self" by the bbc? Its an old documentary but it tays that smoking became popular because tobacco jews (they didnt say that) easily manipulated the feminism craze and attached smoking with female liberty. Just like they do today with political rallies, these companies hired women to form rallies and smoke with each other, and all the other women fell for it. Its amazing how gullible they are


File: ad71beb656d4e4f⋯.png (108.72 KB, 403x503, 403:503, bernays.png)


>attached smoking with female liberty

Yeah, torches of freedom. I also recently read about this, funny how you often come across information that you recently learned about only after you're familar with it.



>was used by Edward Bernays to encourage women to smoke in public despite social taboos. Bernays hired women to march while smoking their “torches of freedom” in the Easter Sunday Parade of 1929 which was a significant moment for fighting social barriers for women smokers.

>he described the masses as irrational and subject to herd instinct—and outlined how skilled practitioners could use crowd psychology and psychoanalysis to control them in desirable ways.

>Bernays' vision was of a utopian society in which individuals' dangerous libidinal energies, the psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives that Bernays viewed as inherently dangerous, could be harnessed and channeled by a corporate elite for economic benefit. Through the use of mass production, big business could fulfill the cravings of what Bernays saw as the inherently irrational and desire-driven masses, simultaneously securing the niche of a mass-production economy (even in peacetime), as well as sating what he considered to be dangerous animal urges that threatened to tear society apart if left unquelled.

>Bernays touted the idea that the "masses" are driven by factors outside their conscious understanding, and therefore that their minds can and should be manipulated by the capable few. "Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos."

>If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway", he said. In order to promote sales of bacon, for example, he conducted research and found that the American public ate very light breakfast of coffee, maybe a roll and orange juice. He went to his physician and found that a heavy breakfast was sounder from the standpoint of health than a light breakfast because the body loses energy during the night and needs it during the day. He asked the physician if he would be willing, at no cost, to write to 5,000 physicians and ask them whether their judgment was the same as his—confirming his judgment. About 4,500 answered back, all concurring that a more significant breakfast was better for the health of the American people than a light breakfast. He arranged for this finding to be published in newspapers throughout the country with headlines like '4,500 physicians urge bigger breakfast' while other articles stated that bacon and eggs should be a central part of breakfast and, as a result of these actions, the sale of bacon went up.

I find myself agreeing with a jew for once, he wasn't even a bad guy per se, he just abused the stupidity of the average westerner at the time. He also pretty much created the concept of both normalfags and meme magic. He concluded that you can only control the normalfag masses through propaganda; regardless of if this is for morally good or bad purposes and that the good propagandists and bad propagandists should fight each other through this use to move society towards their preferred ideal. He also, to a certain degree, predicted how celebrities and the typical "scientific studies show that…" headlines would heavily influence normalfags' behaviour in the future.



I think society plays a part in it. I read somewhere that animals can brcome prude and asocial if theh dont grow up among others of their kind, and observe the mating season. When i look at childrens shows today, and even some vidya, there's usually a love arc, which doesn't really stem more than "she looks nice durr i like her". So maybe its possible that due to society becoming more and more sexual, urges can start earlier, instead of just "liking" being around your childhood female friend, it can be more easily related to lust, as one is exposed to dating and "bases" eariler? In todays day and age, its practically expected that your first sexual partner wont stay with you, why is that? My guess is that they get hopped up on this faux romance that modern shows have (oh if he lopks pretty and if you kiss alot and have sex it'll be so magical and estatic. It just works lol), and dont get thought any form of standards and responsibilities. So maybe if society bought back the "work hard, get a good job, then find a woman who can properly raise your kids" mantra parents used to nag on about in their media, and dont expose kids/early teens to it (let them focus on hobbies and camaraderie instead of girls (which i think adults allow because they think "it looks cute", ie they're projecting their adult lusts onto their children)), then maybe we wont get failed norms and brads orbiting women and enabling them to get away with their degeneracy. Its usually the men who hound after women the most that are the most dismissive of the truths about women and thus inhibit any kind of fixing of society.



Curious, he says corporate control of human instincts can be used for good, yet our modern template just seemed to make things worse. I wonder, how would his system work? I know mr Ford suggested planned obselence to keep the economy circulating, and the joos took it too far, so maybe his ideal was sadly warped by those big companies he saw as virtuous



>"work hard, get a good job, then find a woman who can properly raise your kids"

This is very important, but for some reason my fathers never told me anything like that. They never told me like: "sit down kid, I'm gonna tell you something important. I'm going to teach you the ways of the world". They will always do when I did something wrong, or by shouting and fighting.

I've been lately dragged down to think that my fathers subconsciously wanted me to fail. Because they knew that at the very same moment I had access to stable income, I would go to never look back. I would never visit them nor keep in touch with my family. They resented me. Some months ago my mother asked me if I would show up to her funeral. That gave me the creeps, for real, deep inside I felt like I should have said savagely no, but I said yes just to give it a rest.

Maybe it is my fault, for being so open about how much did I despised and resent them for dragging me through my through a childhood of emotional abandonment and physical/psychological violence.



*dragging me through a childhood…

damn I can't even write properly.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Text needs to go here. Original text, preferably.


They peak between ages 12-9999+ you dingus


File: 5ee5074bb8d8d42⋯.png (574.79 KB, 1090x416, 545:208, 019.png)

The thing is, people get uglier with time. Men, women, literally everyone. On one hand, it's ok for men to age and lose hair and shit, they can stil functionnate in society. Women only exist through their looks - modern women, that is. After 40 they are just pointless. Every they can do, a younger woman can do, and will look better in doing so.

The funny thing is, modern feminists are the ones to blame for this.



Sorry I meant to say "useless" instead of "pointless"



I think articles like that will die off with time since there will be more and more of them. #walled



Did this thread hit a little bit too close to home, honey?




What was it ? (Originally speaking tbh fam)


So this is what /r9k/ thinks :

>early 20's

>between 18 and 20

>middle-schoolers put 30+ women to shame

>around 12-18

>peak at 15-16

>16 is their peak in looks

>16 is about the peak

>13 if you want pure/cute, 16 if you want well-porportioned

>between 14 and 16

>16-19 is prime age

>More like 15-17

>peak 18

>between 15 to 25

>between 15 and 20

>between 14-17 years old

>women peak at 16-19

>sometime near the end of puberty

>females peak at age 15-18

>around the age of 12


>Somewhere around 14,15,16

>12 to 18 is the prime range

>women peak at 18

>more realistically 16

>some time between 15 and 22


>14-16 is when they peak

>14-16 y.o. girls are the pinnacle of beauty

Well, congrats /r9k/, you're all pedophiles to some degree.



>Well, congrats /r9k/, you're all biologically normal men to some degree.




What it actually meant was "Why do these goddamn shitlords want a girl who's actually attractive instead of my used up roasthole? Better call them a pedophile and hope they don't realize the word has been rendered void of all meaning by 100 years of feminist word distortion! Surely this will convince them to man up and marry me so they can raise Tyrone's kids and become my personal ATM!"


>the vast majority of people begin to have sex in puberty

The average age of first sex is 17 IIRC. Puberty is finished by then, but people obviously still want it before 17.



> Puberty is finished by then

For women, yes. For most men, no.



Something along the lines of "they should write articles about basement dwellers instead of these women". It was a butthurt roastie who thought that it would be smart to make anti-male shitposts in all of the top threads in a timespan of like 5 minutes. I wouldn't be suprised if >>288379 is the same person.


First of all, it's hebephiles/ephebophiles. That's a common mistake that normalfags make but pedophiles are people who are attracted to girls who have not yet reached puberty which goes against the natural order and human nature, while being attracted to girls who have reached puberty is normal because puberty is literally a sign that a person has become fertile thus can be fucked. Back when little girls could still be betrothed to adult men, those men would only engage in intercourse when the girl had experienced her first period.

And as many others have already stated: there's nothing wrong with that. Roasties look like shit when above the age of ~25 with a few rare exceptions.


>For most men, no

Please explain.



Puberty starts way earlier for girls. This is why most girls are fuckable and look like adults by the time they are 16. Meanwhile a hell lot of guys still look like dumby teenagers at the same age, and don't get a mature look until their early 20s.


File: 89267e310ecd8f1⋯.jpg (128.75 KB, 962x672, 481:336, 4898A86400000578-5315853-i….jpg)


That's most likely due to all the female hormones that's in the tap water in most western nations. You should look up photos of how boys looked like during the early 20th century; they look more mature than some adult men.

But how mature you look, at least in men, is also something influenced by your mentality. Leftist soyboys still have babyfaces when they hit their 30s and 40s because they're still living in the same fantasy world as they did when they were 8. Since boys are raised to be little sissy faggots nowadays who are not allowed to show any signs of masculinity in their behaviour, it's only natural that this will reflect in their appearance as well.



>That's most likely due to all the female hormones that's in the tap water in most western nations

This may be worsening factor for men but doesn't change anything about the fact that puberty starts earlier for girls, hence why they are sexually attractive earlier. So to anyone telling you that you're a pedo because you're staring at 15yos : they are scientifically wrong.


File: 670c0ede5631f89⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1058x1295, 1058:1295, Screenshot_Firefox_2018110….png)

Its 14-18 desu.



>First of all, it's hebephiles/ephebophiles.

>Implying they give a shit what words mean

Some of these shitheads are well aware that they're destroying the meaning of pedophilia by including normal human sexual responses to teens in it. They do this intentionally to grab for power over men. George Orwell foretold this way back in 1948. The ones who lack this awareness are NPCs who are too stupid to be convinced anyway. You're never going to reach them with this argument because they'll just throw out some oh-so-witty quip about how you're a pedo with a thesaurus to protect their bullshit false equivalence.


>they are scientifically wrong.

And yet they still have control of academia. Anyone who's heard of the Rind controversy knows that they can't defend their crap and that they know they can't defend it, which is why they had to go crying to big daddy government and get him to stop the bad evil men from committing the horrific crime of proving them wrong.



>I think normalfags and whiteknights guilty of using this batshit crazy propaganda too. After all, they fear to be ostracized more than death.

You'd think the normalfags would realize they're getting screwed by these shitty laws too, but history shows that normalfags have no standards and will accept basically any roastie slag and any tyrannical bullshit the authorities can dream up just so long as they can look down on somebody who has it even worse and maintain a moderately comfortable existence. These people are the ones who spend thousands of dollars on microtransactions and DLC and always have to have the new iPhone because consumer products are a substitute for their total lack of a personality. The white knights even go to bat for the feminists despite some of them secretly realizing that high age of consent is a result of feminist jealousy because they know they're pathetic faggots and a roastie is the best they could hope for even if it was legal for an adult man to pork a teenage girl. If you want an example of this, see Scott Pilgrim. It was written by a faggot cuck acting as a feminist propagandist trying to convince us that a 20-something girl who's been fucked by 7 guys already is somehow better than a cute teenage Asian virgin girl, a scenario so absurd that the writer can't possibly be unaware that it's a complete inversion of the truth. I stopped giving a shit about the fact that these retarded fuckwads are being impoverished by corporate fascist overlords a while back because they pretty much deserve it. The only reason for anyone to give a shit is that there are people who don't deserve it suffering the same fate, but those are the dissidents and the outcasts.


0-12 theyre not even on the radar

12-16 they quickly peak

16-19 they will get slightly better or slightly worse, depending on the girl

19-25 they'll slowly deteriorate

25 onwards they fucking tank



Women that start to decline at 25 are just degenerate trash. The women who take good care of themselves can keep it up until 30.





haha. superb humor. Modern woman is stoned and drunk partying every single weekend. This explains why demand for cosmetics is going through the stratosphere.


once they get pubic hair i just dont care for them anymore


Ha!. They wished. Men i agree.


It intrigues me how there's a thread about STEM careers here and a large number of /r9k/ posters seem to have a background in STEM. This includes me, and judging by the responses here I have to wonder how many of the people listed in >>288379's display of roast rage are involved with STEM. I originally arrived at the conclusion that teenage girls were acceptable sex partners simply by appealing to biology and reasoning, but it was a long time before I understood the part feminism played in this bullshit. It really shouldn't have been, and probably wouldn't have if only a handful of things had been different, but this is the bad timeline where (insert villain) wins and destroys the world. We all know NPCs hate logic because in a society with laws that make sense, their shitty normgroid social power jockeying would be banned. It seems apparent to me that there's a strong correlation between having enough brainpower to do science and not believing Cuck Hansen's feminist propaganda.



Not necessary. I have a "stem" friend who has leftists views despite he stays away from women and see problems with quotas. The reason is simple. He will be ostracized by social circle of normalfags otherwise. Fear of rejection is not something rational. Even smart people must adjust to doublethink of the herd if they don't want to finish their lives as loners.



>Anne Hathaway looks attractive at 30 years old

It doesn't get more delusional than this.


File: 6210289c7fd855e⋯.png (587.48 KB, 669x696, 223:232, ClipboardImage.png)


>men peak when they're dead

That of course implies that men never stop getting better


File: 89f00c4a1b8093e⋯.png (355.17 KB, 600x315, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 338b3af8ad1e447⋯.png (188.31 KB, 316x252, 79:63, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93f1ba11b7a1837⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1084x699, 1084:699, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f08a6aacb561991⋯.png (454.52 KB, 533x392, 533:392, ClipboardImage.png)



No anon it was her mouth breathing habbits that fucked up her facial structure.

See when you're a mouth breather you're mouth is almost always open and your tongue and jaw do not support your pallet and upper face, and your face never stops growing. So if your face is supported your upper face will grow forward and out, accentuating your cheek bones. If your upper face is not supported your face will grow DOWN often resulting in fish face and under bite, this also causes problems breathing through your nose and when you sleep. The application of braces only acts as a solution to the symptoms and not the problem.

Do not feel embarrassed if you fell for this trap. Always support your pallet and upper teeth with your tongue and jaw. Never breath out your mouth unless you are physically exerting yourself and you too can have a superior facial structure.



Can you tldr the ryan controversy and what orwell said?



Also I would add that your face is always growing so it is never too late to practice proper jaw posture.



I never understood the female obsession with makeup and clothes. Its not because of their merit that they look """""""" pretty """"""" with makeup or with clothes, but the merit of the makeup and design choices. Good contrast, good form, smoothness, shinyness. The only thing they provide is the body structure which has some genetic merit, but not much. I guess they dont care and are willing to use whatever cheap methods they can to make themselves feel good. I think this is why women are obsessed with buying clothes and such, they're grown to think that the clothes make them look good, instead of their own genetic and physical merit. How many times in the media do you see people praising women just because they put on a different set of clothes? Jews making bank on weak female minds as well as making them care less.about actually taking care of themselves. Women view fashion just like they view diet pills. Easy to consume products that will make them "better" instantly and with no effort



Way back in the late 1970s the feminists took over the psychology community and started publishing their crap studies about it being inherently coercive and traumatic for an adult to fuck a teenager because teens lack the knowledge to give consent (but somehow know enough if the other party is another teen). According to them, having an opinion other than that is a (((cognitive distortion))), which is just feminist-speak for questioning their bullshit. A psychologist by the name of Bruce Rind saw that their claims went against all of human history and biology and set himself to the task of debunking them. He whipped up a study of his own that examined almost 5 dozen of their studies and found that their results couldn't be replicated and were full of confirmation bias and various other forms of fail. When the feminists got word of this, they quickly realized that they got totally fucking pimpslapped by him, so they took the then-unprecedented step of having the US Congress issue an official condemnation of his study. If you want to find more information about this, don't read the Wikipedia article because as anyone who isn't retarded knows, feminists own Wikipedia.

As for Orwell, the future depicted by 1984 was full of abuse of language by the ruling Party. It referred not to a particular controversy, but only to the distortion of language in general.



>their crap studies about it being inherently coercive and traumatic for an adult to fuck a teenager because teens lack the knowledge to give consent (but somehow know enough if the other party is another teen)

I actually agree with them on this one, at least a bit. If ever I have a daughter there's no way in hell I let a 30+ guy fuck her while she's still a teenager. This is fucking gross and it's not how things are meant to be. Biggest problem with today's society is about women not taking care of themselves anymore and hitting the wall way faster. It's not about why 50-something losers can't have sex with preteens anymore.



>If ever I have a daughter there's no way in hell I let a 30+ guy fuck her while she's still a teenager. This is fucking gross and it's not how things are meant to be.

I'm just going to be blunt here. If you have a society where the 30+ guys had to deal with absurd laws banning them from getting with a teenage girl the second they hit 18, they're not going to give a shit whether you want to let them or not. They'll form a lynch mob, kill you and have sex with your daughter anyway. Whether you consider the idea gross is completely irrelevant. Any guy should have the right to be with any girl he can attract regardless of anything.



You are wrong and stupid. In reality the more sexual partners you have the more emotionally damaged you become regardless of their age.

An 18 year old is better off in a long term relationship with a 30 year old than being a club slut to a dozen men her age.



Both cases would be emotionally damaging you idiot. 30 year olds that can only attract girls this young are probably immature and lack personality, in the best case.



(cont) Not to mention that literally every teens attracted to 30+ guys suffer from massive daddy issues and always turn out to be batshit crazy.



18 year olds are vicious, by treating them like children you only aid them to escape from responsibility.

Young women date older men because they have a lot more money than men her age. They are gold diggers and predatory sluts.

I rest my case by presenting the case of poor immature 15 year olds who ganged up on adults during London riots



>gold diggers/immature

And somehow older women aren't? The idea is that if younger and older women are equivalent in all things, then why not at least pick the one whose longevity is longer and will therefore look "beautiful" longer?

tl;dr If you're going to by milk, might as well buy fresh.



I see, do you have a non jewed link regarding rind? Maybe an archive or pdf about his work? Sorta like websites dedicated to preserving the leutcher reports




Whoops, must have scrolled to far



>I actually agree with them on this one, at least a bit.

Roastie agrees with a blatantly self-contradictory statement because it serves her interests to prevent men from having better options than her used disease pit of a vagina, episode 9001.

>This is fucking gross and it's not how things are meant to be. Biggest problem with today's society is about women not taking care of themselves anymore and hitting the wall way faster. It's not about why 50-something losers can't have sex with preteens anymore.

>ew gross losers

Nobody talks like this here, so you're obviously not from here, meaning you should get out.

This roastie cunt has given us all a perfect example of why her kind can never be reasoned with. She and her ilk are the scum of the earth. Roastie bitches and their supporters deserve to get doxed, hacked, trolled, driven to suicide, and ultimately gassed.



This is a woman.



Checking these digits of truth.





What kind of bullshit is this ???? Does she really thinks the guy she was dating at 18 was a pedo ? How the FUCK could one be a pedophile if attracted to tits and round ass? Hell it’s not even hebephilia at this point, this is normal and natural attraction to the female body





>Does she really thinks the guy she was dating at 18 was a pedo ?

They use a double standard about age. You're not a pedo if you go after a girl your age. You become a pedo if you go after an attractive younger girl who likes you even if her right to consent to someone her age is recognized. Of course, women get to go after young boys with no repercussions. Yay for feminism.

>How the FUCK could one be a pedophile if attracted to tits and round ass?

Because 18-year-olds, despite not being at their prime (15ish), are still more of a catch than these delusional post-wall slags trying desperately to sell themselves to men.

>Hell it’s not even hebephilia at this point, this is normal and natural attraction to the female body

Hebephilia/ephebophilia are a hell of a lot more normal and natural than attraction to 30-year-old women.




These pics make me feel so good. They may shame us for the extremely unpopular opinion that we think they peak at the legal age of [15/16/17/18 ; pick yours], but deep down they know the terrible truth.

The terrible truth is that modern society has made women completely useless. Oh, you're "still good looking" ? Sure honey, but look at that girl right there, she's younger than you, and looks better than you ! Oh, you're telling me that she's still a student while you're making money being a vapid career bitch ? I think I'll take the student on this one. But wait, surely you've learned usefull skills over time, skills that would make you a good mother and wife and honest person… Oh I almost forgot : you didn't, because society gave you everything you needed since your were born. You. Are. Useless. Time to pay the price, toasty roasty.



>They may shame us for the extremely unpopular opinion that we think they peak at the legal age of [15/16/17/18 ; pick yours]

But this isn't an unpopular opinion. As >>281662 shows, the large majority of men think teenage girls are the best. Unfortunately the media and government have a bad case of feminist infestation, so the majority of men can be marginalized and threatened to not say what they really think.


File: adc2bc3cdaffe7a⋯.jpg (125.06 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, landscape-1432841340-luna-….jpg)

File: 8cdb225802214ac⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 620x866, 310:433, GettyImages-622228344.jpg)

This is Evanna Lynch age 16 and 25. I think it speaks for itself.


This. Ask men in real life, they'll tell you that they are into girls their age. Ask them anonymously, they'll go for highschoolers anytime.



Jesus fuck, there's hitting the wall and then there's being shot and thrown out of a plane.


They peak when they die tbh.



Why would one shoot somebody and throw him off a plane afterwards? To try and not make a mess in the plane? I don't get it



Alotta loyalty for a hired gun.



Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would clean a plane before making a mess in it!



He was a big guy…in the pants…for 14-year-old girls.


File: f0c8aaa4d30b8a9⋯.jpg (279.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f0c8aaa4d30b8a967a11a2dfa5….jpg)







The roasties are crashing into the wall with no survivors.


Remember that #MeAt14 shit from last year, where loads of mad bitches posted pictures of themselves at 14 and compared that to their rekt current appearance in response to the Roy Moore (PBUH) stuff? Combine that with the constant feminist screeching about teen girl characters from video games and it seems like a lot of people have gotten redpilled about this recently. So what are the odds of this continuing, and what will the end result be if it does?



Men look best in their late 30s and even 50s. Unlike women, the more rugged a man looks the better. The only thing that makes a man look ugly is acne, fat or some other serious problem. White hair, wrinkles, messy hair, etc will make a man look, well, manly. Women on the other hand cannot have any of those, because they will look like absolute trash.

As long as a man doesn't let himself get fat or skinny, he will look good even in his late 50s or fuck, some manage to look 50 even though they are 60+. Women could be on a diet their entire lives, use skin care products, surgeries, etc, but they cannot look good past the age of 30.


File: f58f324044464ae⋯.jpg (119.84 KB, 1057x999, 1057:999, MV5BODYyMjUzODEwMF5BMl5Ban….jpg)

File: 140d188259886e7⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 705x576, 235:192, maxresdefault.jpg)


>Men look best in their late 30s

I'm always ok for a wall thread but this is clearly false. Considering what it takes to be a "real man" (career, money, knowledge, wisdom, being able to handle a fight) yes they peak in their late 30s. But if we're talking about looks most men peak before 30. Take a fucking look at all these 40s fuckers in the streets, most are going through hair loss, going skinnyfat mode. Life is no TV series, left pic is a 40 year old at his peak, right pic is what your average 40 year old looks like.



>Men look best in their late 30s and even 50s

Oldfag here. I remember in the 1990s THOTs complaining how Sean Connery Was still a sex symbol even though he had grey hair.

Milk vs wine ladies. Milk vs Wine.



she's Irish. when the potato gene hits it hits hard



whos roy moore?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Oh, let's go

>She walks warily down the street

>With her clothes made by the jew

>Ain't no sound but the sound of her meat,

>Her roast flaps ready to screw

>Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this?

>Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?

>Out of nowhere the roastie peaks

>And she's out on the street yeahh

>Another one hits the wall

>Another one hits the wall

>And another one walled and another one walled

>Another one hits the wall

>Hey, you're gonna get walled too

>Another one hits the wall

>How do you think you're going to get along

>Without men when you're old?

>You took em for everything that they had

>An' tried to make it on your own

>Are you happy, are you satisfied?

>Now you're aged and obsolete

>Out of nowhere the roastie peaks

>And she's out on the street

>Another one hits the wall

>Another one hits the wall

>And another one walled and another one walled

>Another one hits the wall

>Hey, you're gonna get walled too

>Another one hits the wall


>Oh take it!

>Hit the wall

>Hit the wall yeah


>Another one hits the wall

>Another one hits the wall ow!

>Another one hits the wall hey hey

>Another one hits the wall heyyyeyeyy

>Oooh female!

>There were plenty of ways you could've got one man

>And been all safe and sound

>But you beat 'em and you cheat 'em

>And you treat 'em bad 'til you're looks ain't stickin' around

>But we're ready, yes we're ready for you

>You've got'til about tewnty-three

>Out of nowhere the roastie peaks

>And finally she's out on the street ohh yeahh

>Another one hits the wall

>Another one hits the wall

>And another one walled and another one walled

>Another one hits the wall

>Hey, you're gonna get walled too

>Another one hits the wall

>Oh roastie hey hey, all right

Fucked up the arrows so now I have to keep it from thinking it's a flood with this extra bit of text



You'd probably only have heard of him if you're American. He was a Republican DA in Alabama who ran for a special Senate election last year but was accused of pursuing teenage girls as an adult (which was legal at the time he supposedly did it). These accusations still only just barely managed to sink his campaign, partly because of the Democrats' blatant election fraud and partly because people are tired of feminism in all its forms.



I'd spend it all on the most memorable suicide ever, something to top 9/11. Reported for breaking rule 2 btw.



>Compelling new scientific research has shown that female insects and mammals are able to absorb foreign DNA throughout the cells of their bodies. In human beings, this phenomenon has been conclusively shown to occur in women during pregnancy where genetic material from her growing fetus becomes fused within areas of her brain, affecting her chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

>The evidence now shows that female animals can incorporate sperm DNA from her prior sex partners. This foreign DNA winds up in future children after the woman successfully reproduces with a completely different male. In the human world, this means that the children a man has with a promiscuous woman could possess genes from previous sexual partners he has never seen or met.

>A groundbreaking study on flies last year showed the process of females incorporating DNA from previous male partners and then exhibiting that male DNA into future spawn they had with completely different males.

>The researchers suggested that the effect is due to molecules in the seminal fluid of the first mate being absorbed by the female’s immature eggs, and then influencing the growth of offspring of a subsequent mate.

>The above study has two seismic implications. The first is that a woman can absorb enough DNA during her lifetime that it changes her phenotype (i.e. her appearance and overall health state). There could be some truth to the phrase “slut face” in which highly promiscuous women suffer a change to their appearance because of all the variable sperm from different males that have been deposited inside them.

The above could mean that women don't just hit the wall as a result of minor things like stress, make-up and heavy drinking straining their faces, they do so because their appearance is actually adjusted to be more similar to that of the men they have had sexual relations with. This would explain why roasties who have slept with hundreds of men can develop such masculine faces and even bodies.

>The second implication stems from the fact that it’s scientifically conclusive that single mothers have DNA of their bastard children residing permanently within their bodies. Any man who reproduces with a single mom will have a child that contains DNA from the bastard spawn, which of course includes DNA from the absentee father. This means that men can be genetically cuckolded without being traditionally cuckolded, and that having a baby with a single mom is essentially giving the father of her first child a bonus prize in the game of evolution.

>Microchimerism has also been noted in dogs, where older siblings pass on their DNA to younger siblings, suggesting that first-borns possess the highest genetic purity, a suspicion perhaps suspected by the royalty of old. Not only that, but the mother dogs incorporated Y-chromosome material from her male children. The mother dog essentially becomes more masculine by having sons.

>If a woman absorbs Y-chromosome genes from male sperm via casual sex, this would easily explain why women with high notch counts exhibit more masculine traits, something that any international playboy can anecdotally confirm. The promiscuous girl becomes more masculine because various masculine genes are being inserted into her genome and affecting her phenotype.


I recommend you read the entire article for yourself.



I knew that already. People have knows this for thousands of years. The first man a women has raw sex with bascially imprints her forever. It's called a "womb imprint" in online circles. The more dicks she has the more guys she's carrying around with her in her DNA.

That's why it says in the bible that when man and women have they become "one flesh". People simply observed that once a man deposited his sperm inside a girl she would gradually change over time to support that male.

Women will only be able to bond with a partner that looks like the first guy that came in them. Arranged marriage works for the same reason. When a virgin gets creamed by an arranged spouse she will adapt to that spouse never the less. Another interesting thing to consider: The first guy women have sex with doesn't only affect her future selection process for other males but also her sexual preferences. Girls hit puberty a little bit earlier than males which means they are horny but there is nobody to fuck in their age-group. So what do they do? The go out with older guys, college students, guys in their 20s. If you remember high school, think back to these girls that got picked up in cars by older man after school.

That's what I'm talking about. Now, these older guys, they just want to cum. Wham-Bam-Thank You Mam and they leave. For girls this is not a positive sexual experience and even worse, if its their first sexual experience it will damage them forever. That's why even native tribes in bum-fuck nowhere make sure that girls first sexual encounters are a positive experience and the best way to ensure that is to find a trushworth male and arrange the entire thing.



>Now, these older guys, they just want to cum.

You must not have been here for very long. Few here would turn down a committed relationship with a beautiful teenage virgin.



>Few here

Yeah, that is a fraction of a fraction of the population. The vast, vast, vast majority of men in this nation hooking up with high schoolers are looking for a pump and dump.



I question if a teenage girl who's willing to suck the dick of a guy way older than her would be able to provide a "committed relationship".



Yeah, I remember. Seeing that. What a disgrace! No amount of desperation would make me wanna fuck that thing. Look at that fat fucking face! What a ghoul!


This is thread pure gold



The guy isn't way older than her unless he's at least 25 or so, and even then, who cares? A girl willing to suck the dick of an older guy is no more or less capable of a committed relationship than a girl who wants to suck the dick of a guy her age or younger. She's still sucking a guy's dick in any event.



If you're looking for a stable relationship (I'm skeptic of if those are even attainable in the modern west anymore but let's pretend they are) then you could try finding a girl who wouldn't suck the dick of the first guy that seems kind of nice to her.



>who cares?

Girls dating guys waaay older than them always end up being crazier than your average hoe. Maybe it wasn't the case decades ago but it is now.



Why do you not possess elementary reading comprehension you dumb fucking nigger?



PLz make into song


File: 9b3f82cfe80ab10⋯.png (91.33 KB, 616x361, 616:361, jej.png)

This thread makes a robot feel good


File: b6a44c8a935317a⋯.mp4 (1.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, I_Know_You're_a_Thot_(Nick….mp4)


<First of all, no one hits the wall.

"Every beautiful woman dies twice."

Can't remember where I found this quote, but it fits.

Give it 10 to 15 years and this same woman will be pumping out articles with titles like:

"40 is the new 20!"

"I had a downy baby at 38 and it's all the patriarchy's fault!"

"Older men with younger women, just creepy or subconscious pedophilia?"

"Neglect rape. The latest form of sexual violence sweeping society."

It's ironic, but post wall roasties sound a lot like the robots/incels/NEETs they despise.

<"Why doesn't anyone want to interact with me?"

<"Why don't I have a family that cares about me and supports me?"

<"How come society doesn't care about me anymore?"

<"Why am I trapped in this miserable wagecuck job market?"

Welcome to our world, biocunt. Difference is you CHOSE to end up like this.



>Give it 10 to 15 years

Are you kidding me? She already feels age setting in and her looks evaporating, like sand in an hourglass, or the fertile eggs in her uterus. Just look at the overly emotional knee jerk reaction to anonymous men on the Internet stating common knowledge. She knows the bull market of her late teens and early twenties is over, but she's stuck with cognitive dissonance created by a society which promotes women acting like spoiled, stupid whores their entire lives.

I swear, the first man to invent a legitimate anti-aging cream will not only be a billionaire, but declared a patron saint of all womankind. It could cause brain tumors and roasties would still bathe in the shit, and pull off riots across every major city once the FDA banned it.



Men don't find their aging wives' bodies attractive. I think they just appreciate it when their wives remain faithful and don't drive them insane with their bitching. Though I have to say, aging post-wall can go a little better for women if they take good care of themselves and older men probably also like when their wives decide to stay fit. The eternal roast can't comprehend the idea of aging men sticking to their wives instead of harvesting young pussy because of emotional attachment and maybe even a sense of gratitude.



>I think they just appreciate it when their wives remain faithful and don't drive them insane with their bitching

I wouldn't say that. If you're married to a woman and she's 30, it's likely you've already had children and have been married for a while, and often times the man is also older by 5-10 years. So once your woman hits thirty you're exhausted by children and have little desire for sex yourself. You stick together because you've built a life together and ideally just enjoy eachother's company.



>The manosphere says women hit the wall at 30


If only she knew

Most men agree about the fact that women go through their prime during high-school. Afterwards it just goes to shit. Slowly at first, then the decline jumps to hyperspace.


File: 84bf365f589c07d⋯.jpg (41.45 KB, 500x374, 250:187, sadw.jpg)

The point of age of consent laws is to make it so that women in a childlike state of mind don't make the monumental mistake of having sex, and end up meeting consequences they aren't ready for. But women are always in a childlike state of mind, and are never ready to face consequences. What to do?


>mfw Chad literally makes himself a part of your girlfriend every time he fucks her



>Women at their most attractive at 30

>Main article featured in the magazine is about tips to look younger

If you're being delusional at least try to do it right


A woman is ready to bred after her first period,doesn't matter if she is 14 or whatever,she will be atractive to the oposite sex,this is natural.When i see those feminists and roasties calling you pedo if you are attracted to 18 year olds makes me rage,like really?am i a pedo for liking a young woman that is ready to be bred?What is the definition of pedo anymore?



>What is the definition of pedo anymore?

There is only one definition. Sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children (ie 0 to 12yo)

Hebephilia is sexual attraction to preteens like >>282339



and then ephebophilia is sexual attraction to late teens. (and the simple fact of calling it ephebophilia is dogshit because it's perfectly normal to be attracted to girls that are in their late teens.)


File: f939f458c141b92⋯.jpg (65.76 KB, 753x293, 753:293, 1421531900173.jpg)

This thread lacks graphs



Stats seem to be a little bit different when looking at other countries but still show a huge drop in eggs quality

Italia : http://www.asf.toscana.it/index.php?option=com_content&id=446:sindrome-di-down-e-rischio-statistico&Itemid=71

France : http://acces.ens-lyon.fr/acces/thematiques/sante/epidemiologie/depistage_trisomie21/Donnees-Illustrations/donnees_risque_age

UK : https://www.aafp.org/afp/2000/0815/p825.html#afp20000815p825-b8

And still feminists are throwing up nonsense words like "ephebophiles" talking about men that unironically want to date and mate with girls that can give birth to healthy babies.



And that's just one of the most obvious disorders. I wonder how many other developmental disorders are caused by the mother's age. Like fucked up endocrine system, small anomalies in fetal stage of internal organ development and so on. Maybe so many men end up being weaklings who tire easily because their mothers were old hags with slower metabolism than prime breeding age women.



I'm assuming that there's a lot of rounding or guesswork involved in it, due to the fact that all the triple digit numbers are integers of 50 or 100. Between 34 and 40 every single year drops by exactly 50, which is also pretty suspicious. It's extremely rare to see detailed statistics with numbers that even and pretty. Also, shit like 1/10 babies born by 49 year old mothers having down syndrome seems awfully extreme, just from anecdotal experience.



>Between 34 and 40 every single year drops by exactly 50, which is also pretty suspicious.

But it doesn't, look again. Also, as the other links here >>297181 seem to show, different first world countries get almost the same numbers. And even though I'd like to call bullshit on that, the french website is that of the University of Lyon which appears to be one of the biggest and most famous in that country.



Not just downs, but autism/aspergers, birth defects, lower IQ, premature birth (which comes with loads of other complications) and all kinds of other bad shit spikes the later a woman has children. Their eggs go rotten.


File: 688852a5a3d12c8⋯.jpg (102.37 KB, 1200x803, 1200:803, 1436468288960.jpg)

Some girls don't just hit the wall. The wall hit them.


File: ce1223f85c51bc8⋯.png (402.67 KB, 793x810, 793:810, 1505984117705.png)

File: 86d165c5d59dd92⋯.png (156.4 KB, 574x1241, 574:1241, 1507864452279.png)

File: 7fcf02445fede60⋯.png (612.67 KB, 646x762, 323:381, 1509044301008.png)


>Only a pedo thinks a woman peak at 18

Sure, roastie. Keep lying to yourself.



>1st Pic

How does some ugly, jew looking bitch like that get laid?

>3rd Pic

Where are the articles about men not being able to find a gf/wife?

I see shit like this and laugh when women say they are oppressed.



>"REEEEEEE where have all the good men gone ????"

They might be busy dating good girls. You know, the young, cute, skinny and nice ones. Why the hell would any "good man" want to date a 54 year-old overweight fake blonde ?


Except most guys that go "their own way" usually have a good reason. They're tired of divorce rape, paying for the girl and not get anything in return, cheating stats tearing the roof up, boring basic bitches who have nothing interesting to say, girls expecting men to behave like fucking Charles Ingalls doing hard work, staying fit, being serious and protective while all they have to offer is sex in the missionary position once a week.

Then take a look at these articles. Women who spent 10+ years riding the cock carousel then suddenly feeling bad because men don't want to date them anymore.

Even as a virgin I can feel kinda bad for the MGTOW. I can't feel bad for any of these roasties.



Many MGTOW learned their lesson too late. Roasties never learn their lesson. That's the difference.



>Even as a virgin I can feel kinda bad for the MGTOW

You say that like most MGTOWs aren't virgins anyway.



Why would they "go their own way" to begin with if they couldn't interact with girls to begin with ? Us robots don't need to deal with this shit because we just don't interact with them.



One can interact with the roast without having sex with the roast. You don't have to get married to understand women are snakes. However most MGTOW I've talked to have had sexual experiences with women and realized their nature only after it harmed them.




MGTOW don't really need to be anything. A lot of them are men who got burned by the hot roast, but you don't necessarily need to have too bad of a personal experience with women to recognize that associating with them too much is a bad idea.



But most of them really aren't virgins. In fact, a lot of them had girlfriends for long and some even got married as you can see on their forums.


File: 8d625a1ecec6762⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 585x3200, 117:640, BTFO.jpg)


Ikr I can remember when this happenned

Turned out the author of that article was a woman.



Sorry this was meant to quote >>281623



Funny how quick they abandon research and science the moment it makes them feel ugly and undesirable. Unlike feminism and marxist bullshit, which tells them that they are sexy and that it's society that's wrong for identifying them as ugly spinsters.



>Female journalist write an article about how girls peak at 18

>"Waaaaah waaaah whoever wrote this must be an incel pedophile !!!! Delete this !"


>You're now considered a pedophile if you're attracted to 18s





holy shit they are so retarded.

>how are husbands still attracted to their wives past 30

because they have children with them. children is womyns strategy to make a man hers for the next 20 years.

In Russia there is a saysing:

>all good women are taken by the age of 20

and this is true. the 30-something hags are all leftover women autistically screeching that they wasted their prime years and failed to secure a family and loving husband. Now that they ruined their own lives they want to ruin it for everyone else as well instead of preaching about their mistakes.


This article is showing womyns nature perfectly.

>muh feelings

>muh feelings

>I feel

I wonder how many times she used this word. then the constant complaining while also acting like she does not care.

>If I had known that no gullible bagholder will want to marriage my pussy anymore, I would have acted differently

Gentlemen, mark these words. It will be the most used words that women in the next few years will use. There will be millions of millions of unhappy women out there because they believed the lies that television told them. Nobody is gonna marry you once you are past 25 and no amount of tantrums will ever change that. Men are programmed to seek the most fertile women and if you failed to get yourself a worthwhile man then it is your own fault. Pussy is like stocks princess, you cannot shine brightly forever. There will come new companies who shine brighter than you do.

>I want to ruin dating apps

well princess, technology commodifies everything in life. It does not matter anymore who is delivering my parcel. Be it UPS, FEDex, DHL or DPD. I don't care. Shipping was commodified and is interchangable. Now you are commodified as well. Tinder does not care who you are because there is 100K of your type who look better and have more to offer. Instead of crying, better yourself and compete.

>struggling to find halves that can measure up

>50 year old hags

holy fucking shit they are this delusional? who in their right mind wants a used car with 200K miles when you can get a brand new one or a used one with 50K miles. and what the fuck does "can measure up mean". Their hobbies are sex in the city, handbags and nail studios and they all expect some millionaire who is versed in culture and what not.



>oh shit, men are attracted to girls younger, prettier, cuter and slimmer than me





who is the autist now lel

Tell a woman she is pretty and she will forget it eventually.

Tell her she is fat and ugly and she will never ever forgive you her entire life. Holy shit how can people be so full of shit.

If you are genetic trash then at least admit it and stay within your own league of dating. Don't expect good men to chase you when you have nothing to offer yourself.

>I want to be valued as a human bean

>not some sex object

but dresses in the most revealing stuff she can find and her mind is void like an empty chalk board



Anyone have the similar screencap where they're all trying to call this Olympic volleyball player ugly just because she's absolutely adorable even for 3DPD? She looked like an Asian but was Kazakh or something like that.



>millenial women start hitting their 30s or close to it

>sudden huge influx of calling men who like 18 year olds 'pedos'


File: 727ad24c08d3ea9⋯.jpg (139.96 KB, 521x1567, 521:1567, wXXCi3z.jpg)


There you go m8


File: f2ecb4846ba7403⋯.png (278.48 KB, 977x595, 977:595, OH NO NO NO NO NO NO.png)


Lol they're already past this point. Now they're blaming US because THEY end up trash-tier irresponsible single mothers



>"and not by choice" says the roastie, as she takes her birth control




>"wymyn are the true involuntary celibate ones!"

My keks are now in orbit.



>Men think that 18 year-old adults are the most attractive

>"Ugh you pedophiles ! You must be incels !"


>Men don't want to date used up roasts anymore

>"Why won't men date me ! I'm such an incel !"



>have short-term relationships with men based around sex because you're a soulless retard who can't fathom that the Jews lied to you

>have abortions each time you fall pregnant for any reason you can think up because #YOLO

>die a little inside each time you have one and start to realize it was all a mistake but don't change your ways because of cognitive dissonance

>become infertile after a couple of decades and realize you're going to die alone and unloved but the cognitive dissonance forces you to blame a conspiracy among men to give you everything you ever wanted while becoming incels

>continue to blame men for being a childless spinster who has nothing in their life except cats and a career you secretly hate for robbing you of love and companionship

>die alone in your apartment, get eaten by your starving cat and finally discovered when your neighbor smells your rotting corpse

In its own way, the modern world has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff. For as many men that aren't having sex, there's just as many women who will never have a fulfilling relationship and pass down their genes. I, for one, take immense satisfaction in the knowledge these wretched cunts are hurting.


File: 9e816748aeff696⋯.jpg (66.03 KB, 600x600, 1:1, é.jpg)




Most women peak between 15 and 18 (high-school era). Then up until 26 they slowly start to decline but not that much, so they can remain hot.

After that they start to hit the wall.

The only ones that peak after high-school are the ones that were fat or didn't take care of themselves at all during that time.



>Only a pedo thinks a woman peak at 18

I'd pay to see her face the second the realizes this article was written by a woman.

By the way, maybe I'm just being too sensitive but that way of calling men pedophiles just because they're attracted to young adults seems extremely disrespective to all the children that got raped or molested by actual pedophiles. But then again Stacey doesn't care. All she cares about is why won't men stare at her past her 20s.



>I, for one, take immense satisfaction in the knowledge these wretched cunts are hurting.

It's like a dog eating chocolate. Sure, it wasn't well trained, and some faggot gave chocolate to the dog, and now the bitch is gonna die.

There's something tragic about the whole situation.



A lot of these hags had more than one man orbiting them in their youth and trying to start a family with them. It's more of a "you can lead horse to the water, but you can't make it drink" kind of situation.



>be 4/10 chick

>chase super-Chad for two decades straight

>wonder why he prefers to stay with 10/10 supermodel instead of you

>Fucking patriarchy keeping me down



>B-but Chad was to blame ! I would have loved to get pregnant but realistically speaking he wasn't father material !



That "Lara" woman commenting has a fucking 80's hairstyle. It's always funny and weird when I see people like that. It's always mostly women.




It's over, lads. It really is. We came to a point where women can talk about us as pedophiles if we are not into past-30 year olds (sexually speaking, that is).

This is really a fucked up world. I grew up in a world where pedophiles were the child rapists and sick fucks watching cp. This word has a whole new meaning now. It's a good thing that I'll never have children someway. They'll never have to suffer growing up in a country that fucks itself up more and more with each day.



Auch Jesus sah den Busch in Flammen und liess den Mutterficker brennen



Jesus didn't see the burning bush, that was Moses dumbass.



Auf dem Weg ans Ziel behindern die Baggy Pants

Darum trag ich Secondhand Outfits von Jackie Chan



Seems like a waste of 5,000 bongbux. Doesn't help that they had to really puff it up by taking a really shitty photo, then styling her hair a bit and making her smile all big. Like no one can fucking tell that there's even a difference besides the fact that she's smiling like a psycho and not looking like a dead-eyed mannequin.




Thought that was Ricky Gervais in drag for a minute.




Who was it ?


File: 63c1b78462324be⋯.jpg (43.97 KB, 350x350, 1:1, LKJ_982_j.jpg)


>You look better on the left

Based Dariush


File: 94acec5c690861e⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 500x645, 100:129, Sabina Altynbekova - #2.jpg)



>late teens is pedophilia


>hags talking shit about Sabina

This is a little enraging and also makes me extremely smug at the same. On a semi-related note have you ever realized that all women hate each other on the inside, I've noticed that people who are similar to one another can't stand each other for some reason and women hate each other because all women are the same.




She is very cute tbh. Not just in an "I want to savagely fugg and degrade her" way but would gf/wife/breed. Still a roast though and all women are the same, even in Kazakhstan.

Pretty pathetic that stale roasts are so petty they have to go post fantasies below her photo. Like, you're an aged 6/10 you dumb woman, just accept that somewhere out there might be a more attractive vagina than you.



>aged 6/10

If you take a close look on the screenshot most of these roasts are 3/10 at best



fuck these old feminist bitches



>If you take a close look on the screenshot

And can you blame me for not wanting to? :^)

In seriousness, I meant they were 6/10 in their prime, now aged. Subtracting 3 points for advanced aged is fair IMO, so I completely agree with your score. But I don't think women that old (or young but obese, now that I look more closely) are really on the market in the first place. So they sit around and talk shit, like fat boomers who watch football and yell at TV, or corpulent neckbeards saying celeb X has sharp knees.


File: 3d34c9555e2a39f⋯.jpg (184.31 KB, 807x605, 807:605, uk,.jpg)

15-16. Anyone that says otherwise is lying, desu.



Roasties gonna roast.



That girl in your pic is 13 at best


Based Leopold


File: a60594cc1d3ebf6⋯.jpg (4.67 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Me.jpg)


>This board is not full of attractive guys

Jokes on you.


File: ae90372be50bafc⋯.jpg (64.34 KB, 750x563, 750:563, smug.jpg)


>This board is not full of attractive guys

Does anyone else smell beef?


File: a9a711fa2c611b8⋯.png (241.89 KB, 689x800, 689:800, 1548409781058.png)

Imma just drop this here


>at 30




As an autist i must say that people need to stop using the word cute for everything. You have proven the issue with by providing two radically different intents, but describing it with one word. The wizard autist in me says that the constant use of the word cute among the masses is a sign of the simplification of their minds. Maybe its similar to Orwellian newspeak? I wouldn't know, I'm not an expert. The term cute being thrown around for everything appealing (imo) is a sign that the nuances of beauty and art are being reduced to "i like this". Forgive my terrible wording but i think people not being able to describe things in any other way besides cute, is a sign that all the various nuances and feels one can have are instead being bunched together into one broad, simple sensation. For example, lewd/skimpy is called cute, wholesome is called cute, children are called cute. By calling everything one term, one associates all the emotions one feels from all three of those kinds of women with each specific women. Leading to people thinking they can have wholesome relations while being overly sexual, or lewding the lolis because " they're cute ". I think this is shown with the modern moe kind of anime grill. The round, neotonal features of a child, mixed with the adult features of a woman, with dialogue pertaining to relationship and wifely duties, with possibly some eechi/skimpy clothing/fanservice. All the features of these three kinds of appeal are mushed together into one big sensational haze purely to maximize attachment and thus consumption. I think it reduces the mind similarly to whatever the normalcattle do, as they too only have a vague sense of like to what they do. Its "fun" or its "trending" or its "good stuff man" or "it has [famous person]. In a way it is Orwellian, as the point of newspeak was to reduce the ability to express ideas and thoughts, thus eliminating the ability to think outside the box right? I never really understood people who would defend proper language and grammar and such, and i dont think i will get the intelligence to ever fully understand, but i can respect preserving the full potential of a language.

Not to say you or any robot is a dirty normalcattle, as you have shown that you have a sense of distinction between two sensations, as indicated by your post. In fact, i could have cut out all this autism and just given you the words. I think the term you want for runner wiafu is nubile. Heck even beautiful would have worked, anything that expands the tongue and makes the lines between various emotions more defined. For the kind of women purely for sexual desire, I'm not sure, i dont think using the word "hot" is appropriate, maybe sexy? A bimbo kind of harlotry, where only the most basic features that influence sexual attraction are amplified. No real features besides large/noticeable waist/thighs/breasts, makeup and facial expressions to try and make their lips bigger and more noticeable (like that partially open thing some of em do). Nothing respectable about em imo, in insult to intelligence and function. A manipulation of basic instinct, and a disrespect to natural, functional/healthy beauty. To put so much work to exaggerate something so shallow shows what kind of mind these women have. No sense of anything else in the world besides getting appeal, no discipline comparable to the likes of training for a sport. And expecting the world to be accepting and content with their simple, shallow, animalistic ways, akin to making men fat pigs, glutton for the most trashy of fast food. Such women only degrade society's potential, while the modest face, and a disciplined mind provides far more than simple sensation. (although I'm romanticizing on the virtues of an athlete here, as many athletes are norm degens. I hear Olympic orgies/one night stands are a thing)



It's even worse when it comes to describing men. Men, just like all other people, can be ugly or good looking in many different ways. Because of the kike newspeak, we can no longer acknowledge that some men have shapely faces with healthy facial features. We can't remark on the healthy bodily proportions and posture, healthy skin and hair, without these remarks being instantly associated with sexual interest. The way people look has direct impact on whether they're pleasant or unsettling to be around, it's where roasties calling men "creepy" comes from. Society is no longer trying to describe the aesthetic aspects of pretty much anything. Jews don't want their cattle to be eloquent because the ability to describe specific phenotypes and features is what always leads to outing them. And big pharma doesn't want the normalfags to notice genetic defects, so that they will go on to reproduce and spawn sickly offspring, more lifelong clients.



>getting so triggered by a word you write a novel

LOL cutehurt



>Tfw when you're too much of an autist even for /r9k/

Must feel strange being you



Your autistic ramble was pretty cute anon.


File: 2dac4ef77aacaeb⋯.jpg (114.06 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Sabina-Altynbekova.jpg)


I agree with most of what you said, but the runner girl does seem to qualify as "cute" in my opinion. She has "nubile" qualities too like those fuggn legs but I think that the main thing that denotes cuteness is softness and delicateness, which despite being an athlete and a three-dimensional whore this girl seems to have.

>I hear Olympic orgies/one night stands are a thing)

I don't even mind that sort of thing when it's the type of bimbo you described in your second paragraph, but when it's someone innocent looking like this Sabina girl I hate it. It's always the innocent looking ones that make me remember that 3D is truly PD.




Fuck off, pickle.



>fuck off pickle

>no one is allowed to make fun of anon writing walls of text over a word without being x

Fuck off retard.



Making fun of people for autistically analyzing things in depth is both a key normalfaggot trait, and a staple of baiting niggers like the pickle.

>Fuck off retard.

How ironic coming from someone with the attention span of a fourth grader.



>Making fun of people for autistically analyzing things in depth is both a key normalfaggot trait, and a staple of baiting niggers like the pickle

Says you.

>How ironic coming from someone with the attention span of a fourth grader.

>implying i didn't read it

Retard x2



>Making fun of people for autistically analyzing things in depth is both a key normalfaggot trait

I think the reaction would have been different if anons autistic analyzation wasn't over how other anons use the word "cute".



Making fun of it in any capacity is normalniggy you fucking nigger. Philosophizing over simple stuff actually gives us quite a bit of insight.



>Making fun of it in any capacity is normalniggy you fucking nigger.

Calm down, you're gonna give yourself a heart attack with all that anger.

>Philosophizing over simple stuff actually gives us quite a bit of insight.

I agree, however i dont see why the randomness of an anon going on a longwinded tangent about a commonly used word can't be laughable, even if his words provide insight.



It's less about it being kinda funny and more about the attitude of laughing at anon,rather than laughing with anon,that makes this shit gay.



>It's less about it being kinda funny and more about the attitude of laughing at anon,rather than laughing with anon,that makes this shit gay.



File: f236ea472991523⋯.png (446.83 KB, 429x429, 1:1, wop wop.png)

It just came to my attention that my younger brother who is still in high school has been told by some hag teacher he has that people shouldn't date until they're at least thirty-five years old. I asked him multiple times if he was kidding, he wasn't. He seemed dead serious. This bitch must be as walled as it gets.



To clarify, she was talking about legally enforcing said principle.



Well, you should explain a lot of things to him then.



I guess you are not a from first world country. What the cunt said is a good thing actually. Do you want your brother to obsess with vagina when he is this young? It will certainly cloud his judgement and delude him from goals that actually benefit him. But that doesnt matter anyway since he will chasr after vagina anyway.


File: 6b685d4eb3e6d06⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 1152x1279, 1152:1279, DbJjWV7W4AEyF8c.jpg)



>has been told by some hag teacher he has that people shouldn't date until they're at least thirty-five years old

Welp, wommen aren't people, so she may technically have a point. While women are practically worthless pass their later twenties (what are you gonna do, marry her when she turns thirty and have a down baby?), and chads get access to women at a young age (which most don't use to start a family), 35 would be a good age for non-chads to find a young woman for family. Having the wisdom of of non-chads on the nature of woman and marriage contracts should prove helpful.

Anyway, teach your brother and don't let him be indoctrinated by hags.



To judge this, it helps to know that every teaching degree student is a massive whore. The hag likely missed the exit on the cock carousel and so found herself unable to get a beta provider, leading her, like all failed women, to blame anyone that isn't them, in this case society, for not preventing her from being retarded.



From what we actually, factually understand about human psychology, pairing up and forming a lifelong relationship should start in the teen years. What we know about reproductive biology tells us that the moment a woman hits 20, she's already started the rapid process of becoming completely unfit to bare children or be anyone's wife. Neither of these facts align with the structure of society or the way our financial systems work in the modern era, however.

No, a child shouldn't be chasing and obsessing over pussy, but a 40 year old spinster shouldn't be trying to have children with the eggs she froze in her 20s and sperm she picked out of a catalog because she's desperate and lonely.



>the moment a woman hits 20, she's already started the rapid process of becoming completely unfit to bare children

As much as I agree that women hit the wall pretty quickly, this is, as you say it, "factually" wrong. Women's fertility peaks in the early to mid-20s, then it starts to decline. Also early teen (13-15) pregnancy is dangerous for the mother and the baby and should be avoided.

I agree though that it would be best if we had to marry between 14 and 18 and start a family between 18 and 25 but this isn't just how our society works anymore.



Could have worded it better, but what I was getting at is that if I woman isn't in a committed relationship and already preparing to have several children by the time she's in her early 20s, she's pretty much already a lost cause, not even counting the outright evil way that modern society molds women into less-than-subhuman creatures on top of things.



>"Wait, someone said that men are attracted to girls that are younger, more attractive and thinner than me ? Must be an incel pedo !!! Delete this !!!"

>Article written by : Britanny Wong

Every fucking time



I'm the guy you replied to and let me first say thank you for taking the effort to contribute an original reply, A+++ would screencap and read again.

I think you're pretty much absolutely right, it's a feeling I've also had many times but you expressed it very clearly. It's a problem with common English words, they get overloaded to hell (if you're familiar with the programming term). I think it's just people being lazy, thinking "oh why bother using words, I'll remember which one it is", like not bothering to name your folders descriptively. Once you start getting past the ~1000 most common words, and take the leap into using wider vocabulary, there is plenty of specialized English (well, much of it loanwords to be fair) vocabulary for describing women. I'm by no means a master but besides nubile as you point out I'd say this woman is elfin, slender, graceful, has youthful features and a charming, innocent looking smile. Her posture and lack of self-mutilation implies some measure of self-respect, humility and self-awareness. But this is all very iffy, we're judging lies in press photographs, not the real article itself. Who knows what she's actually like. Moreover I felt it improper to get too into it given where we happen to be.

I'll challenge your Sapir-Whorfian position though and contend that I am not at all confused in regards to my impression of her (or her picture, rather). My remark was to disambiguate the words, not the thoughts behind them. At face value, this looks like a woman worthy of some measure and respect and admiration. Probably worth attempting a serious relationship with. You wouldn't expect her to ride the carousel and get off on being spat on or have drunk sex with strangers. She kind of looks like the kind of girl you would have crush on in middle school, and brings to mind the innocence But as I said, face value. For many women it's almost an art to look innocent and proper while being the most disgusting whore. Evidence abounds on any porn site, "innocent" women are practically a genre unto themselves. And I don't buy that every single one is only doing it for money. This one has the added risk factor of being a famous athlete (and being told by the whole world she's attractive). As you remark, athletes are promiscuous - even if she didn't intend it, lots of men will peer pressure her into being a thot. Furthermore, attractive Russian girls can be very degenerate, even compared to Western ones. Although maybe she's from a very traditional Kazakh family, who knows.

Anyways, point is that women have several ways with which to attract men. Ideally you would want a "balanced" woman - sexually titillating and mature enough to handle raising a family but also not oversexed to the point soullessness and thousand cock stare. The fashion today so happens to be extremely specialized: Women basically emulate porn actresses or whores, the focus is entirely on one-off sex (which is all many people do with each other anyhow). Even there, they subspecialize into nigger fetishes like ass and thicc. Then you get the second echelon of harlots larping as audrey hepburn, where it's all about being extremely childlike (with hardly any sex appeal or maturity) and tradthots who try to pass off cynicism and greed as maturity.

You do raise an interesting topic, I think, both in that words are carelessly used by normalcattle (enabled by (((linguists))) who sneer at "prescriptivism") and also in that the cattle have poor acquaintance with their own feelings about the opposite sex. I really do wish someone used a screencap of your post, and maybe the woman for reference, to start a new thread about it. The topic is interesting (more interesting than roasties getting old, imo) but this thread is too tall now.



>She kind of looks like the kind of girl you would have crush on in middle school, and brings to mind the innocence

Should have continued: innocence that one would associate with such a time.

And since I'm making this addition, I'll also add that if you're old enough and foreign enough there's something of a bilingual bonus: Looking at her one is reminded of how things were like under the USSR, when degenerate Western media was heavily restricted and children were not allowed to run wild. Granted, that in itself a deceptive bit of nostalgia, but we're going off on all sorts of tangents here so I'll stop.



Sounds strangely wholesome coming from an educator. Maybe she just wants to ban serious dating to reduce competition for betabux, while whoring around is permitted from a young age.



Well, how do you explain >>297179? The incidence of Down is increasing even at 20. Granted that chart is suspect as pointed out higher up, but still.

The statistics probably underestimate it as well. Teen motherhood has been socially acceptable for a while, so girls who do it have other confounding properties like lack of education and poverty, that could explain higher mortality. Doctors are probably more experienced at helping adult women also. Given that puberty seems to be happening faster and faster nowadays, probably the fertility peak is getting dragged back by a lot too. So ironically modern society is creating incentives for men to become pedos.



>not by choice

<"ew, not you"


16-25 Optimal womb health.



That's a different thing. Fertility peak for women is during early 20s and that's a fact. I'm not saying that the incidence of DS isn't increasing by that time.

Also early teen pregnancy should be avoided because their bodies are not fully capable of creating life and giving birth in a good way. They should wait until 15 or 16 but it today's society there isn't a single girl that wants to give birth at such a young age anyway.


File: fa03d893459e099⋯.jpg (616.62 KB, 527x1235, 527:1235, 9278592098.jpg)

Why are you even asking ? Peak for women is when they can give birth to healthy babies (= late teen years). Our brains are made to find them attractive. There's a reason why most men are attracted to teens even when they won't admit it.

For the same reason that women are attracted to men older than them : because they feel like they can be potential good fathers and husbands.

tl;dr Your brain already knows these >>297179 >>297181



Yah, i guess i should have worded it better to denote the usage of the word cute in general instead of making it sound like its an argument of the woman's looks itself. She does have that adult kind of cute face. Speaking of it makes me wonder how chiseled chin/strong jaw women came to be. Thats usually a masculine trait, but it works well for women. In some angles, like 19th century propaganda drawings (i think) it even looks virtuous/noble. I wonder what caused this kind of sexual selection. The only peoples i dont see stronk jaws on are asians and africans (in what little I've seen outside, and television). Indians, euros, and i think native americans (maybe not because they came from asians, same with the fins) all have women with strong jaws right?



This was a very nice post, and i feel like the man behind it has more knowledge, at least with vocabulary, than I



Rereading my post and i see that it foes sound a bit aggressive at the start, which might have drawn the ire of a few (or one) robots, causing them to post the post in multiple threads where the word cute is used. I'll take it as banter, or at trying to force it as a meme or something



>For centuries

For million years.



It's gonna be hilarious when all these coddled millenial women lose their priveleges after they age and lose their looks. They're gonna lose jobs and shit over it and they are going to fucking rage about agism next.



>Speaking of it makes me wonder how chiseled chin/strong jaw women came to be.

I always assumed it's a side effect of selecting for ever higher testosterone in men. Y chromosome is pretty small, so some male genes end up on the X, but must be diferentially silenced, which is imperfect. So leakage is not uncommon, especially considering women have twice as many X so double the signal.


Thanks, but don't be hard on yourself. I just have a bit of word autism. Too much words is as bad as too few tbh.




>>Speaking of it makes me wonder how chiseled chin/strong jaw women came to be.

Ugly people have always existed. And many ugly people will settle for other ugly people to have sex and kids with. Simple as that.




Go back to >>>/africa/


File: 44c3c5db3321185⋯.jpg (25.06 KB, 968x681, 968:681, native2.jpg)

File: 2ae7447ea6410ac⋯.jpg (14.26 KB, 260x354, 130:177, dde513775b79234096b823cc88….jpg)

File: 1cf7c3675dff638⋯.jpg (15.37 KB, 224x300, 56:75, ffa23cfef4f6e42bf5631d1a10….jpg)


>native americans

I thought most of them have fairly strong jaw lines. Pics related came up on a few quick image searches.


File: 1ab82aa60e77e23⋯.png (252.57 KB, 326x381, 326:381, what.png)


>native american women have strong jawlines



But these are supposed to be otherwise very beautiful women, like celebs. I think the interesting question is, did normies really start being into strong jawed women, or is it just an arbitrary decision coming from the (((industry)))?


These all seem like professional actors, so they are pre-selected. I don't think any of your pics are even quarter indian too. Actual natives seem to have very round faces.



so they can munch on your dick. it's an ancient tradition, look it up. they view it as a rite of sorts



>I wonder what caused this kind of sexual selection

The need for survival, especially in the poorer classes. Women were also expected to work in the fields, and that requires strength/testosterone to a significant degree if you do it with hand tools. Thick calves were a selection criteria too back in the day, for example.


File: c602c98ab756965⋯.jpg (76.99 KB, 844x443, 844:443, 1549297908926.jpg)



File: 5caa1e7d8e706d7⋯.jpg (146.04 KB, 1249x929, 1249:929, Capture2.JPG)

File: ca92c6ddba59c37⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 1381x757, 1381:757, Capture.JPG)

From my experience on online dating websites, most women seem to hit the wall after 25.

To be more precise, they hit a wall at 25, then one at around 30, and then another one at maybe 35. It's kind of like stars of certain masses first undergo helium flash, then carbon flash and an oxygen flash.


File: 650f3dd00700c4c⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 260x273, 20:21, smug doggo.jpg)


They still tend to look ok when they hit 25, but after 30 they usually start to wither.

Those 2 examples don't look too bad in terms of appearance.


>relationship scene is dismal for mid-30s women

>despite living with the guy already

>chads still use roasties solely for their meatholes into their 30s too




>women in their early to mid 30s

>early to mid 30s

who would want to get an old car?

especially when there are new cars to buy that are more fun?

Holy shit I know women are retarded and cannot understand logic or how markets or the economy work hence, their love for socialism but do they really believe that pussy has any sort of competitive advantage at age 30 compared to age 20?

Their ovaries are fucking rotten by that time already. No investor man would get himself a machine womb that is already 10 years used cock caroussell to produce somthing child that should be competitive intelligent, healthy with the rest of the market participants other children.

When will they understand that you have to marry at age 20 and not at age 30. By then it is already game over. Nobody wants you anymore. Especially not the "good men" chads you are refering to.

In the next 5 to 15 years you will see a giantic wave of suicide, opiates addiction and mental illness in our society. And the only reason for that will be that boomers thought it was a good idea to apply wild west free markets on the love relationships of humans.



I can agree on this one.

My sister will be 25 this year. I am teasing her about it.

She plays it cool but I know it is eating her from the inside.

>waaaaah nobody wants me

I already told her not to lie. There have been 2 guys at least in the past few months that wanted to date her.

>well but I don't want those

>they were weirdos and desperate

well but you are not a super model either. and then don't claim NOBODY wants you, stupid little shit.

I swear that pic was the full truth. Being lonely translated from womyn-speak means to be with undesired people.


well that's the funny thing. Womyn thought feminism liberated them. In fact it reduced them to fuckdolls. Farmer John is not gonna buy a cow if he can milk one in the wilderness for free. So basically cunts are now reduced to masturbation tools and even if they are dating someone they would like to marriage them, they can get ejected any time. In former times, if you wanted to fuck, you had to man up, go to a man and ask him to marry his daughter. And after marrying her, she had a father and brothers/uncles/cousins who would make sure that her husband is treating her right. Today slags are reduced to literal fuckdolls.


File: 3c1cb92618c8e83⋯.jpg (759.6 KB, 2048x1452, 512:363, dsc00652-2.jpg)


>robots imparting wisdom on their relatives of non-robot gender.

This gives me hope for humanity, anon.



Hey now, old vehicles have historic and nostalgic and cultural (im thinking the designs of the muscle car vs the blobs we have today) value. Theres even value and skill in restoring an old vehicle, and they still work well as cars.

None of those things an old woman has



Pretty much all articles are pure bullshit social engineering attempts.

Women are most attractive at like 20.



These quads c0mpletely uncheckd even tho….






I also told her to go out with her normalfag friends

she befriended one girl at work. She is kind of a slut who will sleep with chad on the 2nd date but at least sis has an excuse to go out in the evenings. I don't even have anyone to go out with.

>foreveralone blah blah

you don't even know the true meaning of those words my dear…



>slags are reduced to literal fuckdolls

Don't insult fuckdolls by comparing them to roasties. Only rarely do fuckdolls see as many different users, and they never age either.


File: 2bed2bb83bc3425⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 940x614, 470:307, 61e4fc1f1f2d0510255deca930….jpg)


Just tell her about the wall.

Whatever her dating options are now, they sure as hell aren't gonna get better in the future.



Tell her this. Tell her in a way like

"yep, the dating world is hard, to make it even more cruel many guys dont want a long term relationship with anyone past 30 (maybe give a ballpark like [a year or two older than her]-30). I don't get it myself, but thats the way it is with these guys. I hope you find a good guys soon sis"

Make her think about it without putting yourself in the fire



>um den heissen brei rumreden

I told her straight that in 1 year she will be an official christmas cake and only 2nd tier for guys. We are open when it comes to stuff like this.

What she told me is that she does not want some fake marriage where they only pretend to be happy family as a facade like many bankers are doing. She is not a bad person but she also ignores everything I told her

>well there is an art college in the city, why not go for a gallery

>why not join a chess club

>how about you go to some convention about something you are interested in

I hope she finds happiness though. people are not made for this type of lifestyle


File: 396c2ee18f44754⋯.jpg (173.48 KB, 994x1200, 497:600, American_gothic.jpg)


When I was in high-school once a decent-looking girl showed interest in me. Anyway, I ignored it because I was too autistic, and she was not a oneitis . Now she's happily married to a functional normie.

Do I have any regrets? No. I'm glad she's happy and I probably couldn't have offered her that sort of life. Now, had I had the wisdom I have now, would I have taken the opportunity? Yeah, probably.

Romance movies are one of the biggest crimes of the jew. That, and destroying the social order that made frivolities such as "romance" possible in the first place.

Genetic and social/class compatibility can be calculated. The rest of what we call "love" usually comes from familiarity, time, and fidelity.

I'll bet you whatever opportunities she rejects now, she's gonna regret later. Highlight is 20/20.





File: bb35b23e4ea179e⋯.mp4 (6.9 MB, 480x600, 4:5, gentlemen.mp4)

Where are all the gentlemen, robots?




This shit makes me want to leave Canada.



>Are there no gentlemens left

I'm pretty sure she's having some kind of psychotic episode or something.


File: 8e1af86336c2c8c⋯.jpg (69.81 KB, 960x547, 960:547, Honda Prelude XE 1980.jpg)

File: 159da266e35c299⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 522x522, 1:1, 778778155819480.jpg)



Mestizos and Latinas shit the bed at 25.


New cars are bulky conjoined pieces of plastic on wheels with the aerodynamics of a refrigerator. 99% of automatic transmissions are not fun at all to drive and with the advent of computers and autonomous driving the modern car will further add to impaired human agency, it's rare to see an SUV these days that's actually an SUV and not an enlarged sedan for fat retards or something that tries to look sporty but isn't. I'd rather own a Trabant than virtually any car made after the early 2000s.


File: bb029672aa5c4d1⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1278x1181, 1278:1181, bb029672aa5c4d1e269523d450….jpg)



>asks why they are no gentlemen

why can't women put one and one together?



I'm surprised no one told that bitch to shut the fuck up.

<I have a right not to be touched!


<I don't even know you!

That's exactly why no one's moving for her. They will never see her again. Just think about how many of these go unrecorded.

It's like the ruling class going down into the poor areas of their kingdoms or something. She just turns into a whiny spoiled brat. Worst part is she thinks she's doing the right thing.

Either that or this is some prank skit thing.



>1000$ winter coat

>uses public transportation

the hybrid customer I see…



Prepubescent is not 0-12, girls start puberty when they are 8. "Hebephilia" has no specifics, it simply refers to loving neoteny, which all men do anyway



Jesus, I'd move out of the way just to get further away from that loudmouth bitch. I'm surprised no one slapped her.



I bet she's jewish.


Lolwut? $1000 for a fucking coat?




Why does she say she doesn't want to be touched, but then goes around touching other people? Pretty hypocritical if you ask me.



>Import the third world

>Get the third world

When will they learn


File: fe4b08dde7805ec⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1242x1490, 621:745, asd.jpg)

File: e7aefe67d85ab3f⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2744x3662, 1372:1831, dsa.jpg)


yep this is true



They won't ever learn, they will just shift the blame for various social problems on to whatever hot button issue is currently in vogue.

In the span of a single generation the details of what happened during our times will be understood by less than 5% of people, and the rest will believe an oversimplified narrative that they will get from media portrayals and a week of social studies classes they will take in middle school.




Canada Goose is one of those retard detector brands like Supreme or Louis Vuitton for people who are terrible with money.



What the fuck does she wants, a seat? I don't get it

>You aren't a gentlemen

Fuck this word, to me is just a pretend award that women gives you when you sacrifice yourself for them (your time, your money your effort, etc.)



is she dating her dad now?


File: d332414dae749bb⋯.jpeg (130.62 KB, 962x1280, 481:640, 2ca392de41e2c151608f0cade….jpeg)


No but her bf is 17 years older than her



that's just gross



Does he work at target too?



All it takes to not be shit by 60 is not being a hedonist. Diet and exercise are all you need to do but most American women refuse to do it. PS.just jogging isn't going to cut it.



This is why I always say it is better to be a man than a woman.

The only things women have on men are the ability to easily have sex and relationships, and an easier time making money online by utilizing their femininity.

Undesirable women don't really have these advantages in any meaningful way, just like undesirable men don't have many of the advantages that come with being male.

Women also come with another major disadvantage, the female brain.


File: 1b4ce89e0c80354⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 744x496, 3:2, Dw5OTKzUYAAbsrl.jpg)


Could not agree more.


File: 4d26acd0ae9e1fd⋯.jpg (73.7 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1497478846775.jpg)


My God these disgusting withered roasties with their clown makeup.

I would unironically prefer fapping.




What you're seeing is the beginnings of bloat. See those fat late-30's early-40's women wearing sweatpants with three children in tow and no father in sight? This is the beginning of that. Their poor lifestyles are finally overcoming their youthful vigor. The skin sallows, the eyes dim, their faces become swollen and their bodies fat. These women are rotting before your eyes due to their poor choices. It's a later manifestation of the roundness imposed by "slut face", said to be the result of testosterone absorbed from ejaculate they take in though I don't know if there's any truth to that. Personally I'd say it's more likely caused by the hormone imbalances caused by chemical contraceptives which can cause bloating as a rather common side effect.



a century ago men had nothing to do as an alternative

today we have vidyo goymz and animeme


File: ea256244f8bdd98⋯.jpg (529.97 KB, 1280x4781, 1280:4781, No survivors.jpg)


Remember you can't count on a roastie for anything


File: 731f6dc60f8d2cf⋯.jpg (518.99 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 731f6dc60f8d2cf43e172ca903….jpg)


>Busted out manipulative slut with severe daddy issues

It's his funeral.



this, "real goose feathers" mean nothing since geese are so common, and if the start penetrating through the jacket theyre even more useless.

t. mom bought me one in hs, i could never take it off for i was covered in feathers, not that i really took off my jacket in hs.


i dont mean ill to bump the thread with an unrelated question, but i was wondering what would be a good after starter car, car (or starter car, the one she got from family has some serious brake and engine problems). i never learned to drive, and now my mom is harping at me to do so. i personally dont like driving because i prefer to stare out the window than look at the road, but shes mommy and i live off her money.

i was thinking manual, but i was also wondering about diesel. it sounds cool to set it up in ways so that it can run on things like vegetable oil and burger grease. my autistic ideal is to get a military surplus vehicle, but i doubt that would happen.



I don't have much experience with cars either but if you are looking for a basic vehicle you can get something like a civic. Nip brands like Honda, Subaru and Toyota are good quality and cheaper to maintain. Definitely buy a used card unless mummy is paying for it, avoid dealers. Dealing with faggots on craigslist takes a lot of patience but you can get a much better deal than a dealership eventually. If buying yourself makes sure to check blue book values and get a buyer's inspection at a mechanic.



Ive heard that term before, blue book and black book, is that just before and after taxes?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's a company called Kelley's Blue Book (and also NADA and Edmunds) which collects information about how much a given make, model and year of a car sells for, depending on condition. It's their guess at the fair market value. I find that their guess is pretty good, you should literally fight any seller (dealer or private) like a madman to pay no more than the blue book price, ever (but of course always try to get less). They'll have all sorts of excuses why the blue book doesn't apply to them

>we're a dealership we can afford to wait

>we spent 100 bucks detail cleaning it so we get to sell it 2000 higher

>i put a stupid decal on it so it's worth more

>it has sentimental value

>blah blah

Fact is a car salesman's basic skill is to invent reasons why you should pay more than the blue book. Here's a video of a boomer explaining how they scam people. That channel is very instructive on (((dealer tactics))) in general, if you can stand the sleaze.

Usually car prices are given before TTL (tax, title and license) because those are variable fees that don't depend on the seller.



sneaky. what are titles and licensing? do you need a specific license for each car you own?



>Anne Hathaway looks attractive at 30 years old

Lmao no. She looks like a 45 years old mother.



11-12 is obviously prime.



It's the deed to the car. When you buy it you'll actually have to go to the DMV and get its ownership legally transferred to you. Or the dealer might do it for you.


women peak at 26 , because each year after that, they become less and less fertile which effects their looks



Blatantly wrong. Women peak at 16, and it's all downhill from there.


So seeing as the consensus is clear that teenage girls are the most attractive by a huge margin and roasties are afraid of men figuring out that this is why they had the age of consent raised, how do we get men to realize this? I was thinking of trying some /pol/-like redpilling tactics, but am unsure how to create the kind of redpilling apparatus that /pol/ has.


You mad, slag?


>what age do females peak ?

Never. They're always fucking terrible.



Just start posting borderline jailbait but don't tell people. Let them assume it's some 18/19 year old then let them know later they've been jacking it to a 16 year old. 95% will be disgusted as programmed, but you might be able to start some dissonance in the rest.



>I was thinking of trying some /pol/-like redpilling tactics

Unironically if you get 4chan's /pol/ to believe this it'd probably make a large impact. I suspect many of those political youtube channels get their opinions from there.


Also this.



Physically speaking you idiot

(unless you're a fag)


>>304233 (checked)

This is one way of going about it, but hasn't this happened already on cuckchan for years before the exodus? All of us have probably seen a thread where someone was posting pics of qt teens and somebody came in and said they were hot, only to be told how old they were and frantically try to walk it back. These people seem to be so cowed by the literal terrorism of the roastie occupied government that they're unwilling to even entertain the thought that what they were told about morality and consent was wrong. Maybe some version of your idea that we haven't seen before will be needed. We'll probably have to use multiple tactics to achieve anything, like /pol/ does.

>>304244 (checked)

>getting cuckchan /pol/ to have actual redpills and not just shilling

Lots of luck.


File: 0973ba9b9abb322⋯.jpg (65.87 KB, 700x700, 1:1, head tap.jpg)


The thing is you'd be redpilling the shills, who would thus shill the redpill because it's in their nature to shill.



>yet\another retard that does not know what a shill is



It was a joke, moron.



How old is this girl? *also, what's her name?**



I might be wrong but I think she's one of those whores that 4/r9k/ slobbers over.


>most attractive


kek, you can tell a salty desperate roastie is writing these articles



Peer pressure and wishful thinking are powerful forces. It really is delusional to say that a 30 year old woman is more attractive at that age than at 16.



Now I truly know that r9k has went off the deep end into the abyss. Alot of guys like MILFy women over teen girls. Teen girls are nice to look at but may have no bod.

And to all those guys who think "age equals (aesthetic) masculinity"/ youth is feminity your perception is warped by drawings of historical male figures.



>thinks MILF-tier women were preferred over teens in any but the most extreme circumstances

>types the boardname as 'r9k' and not '/r9k'

Guess how I know you're not from around here.



>Alot of guys like MILFy women over teen girls.

No. They just pretend to because they can't get anything better than used goods. Porn of girls that look like teens (18+ "teens") was at one time the most popular porn on the internet before (((Mindgeek))) started taking over the porn sites and faking the numbers to make it appear that old bags were popular. Anything that appears to be pro-hag support is astroturf by hags and their allies. Several articles of this nature have already been posted and mocked here.

>Now I truly know that r9k has went off the deep end into the abyss.



File: 9d74baec25e5240⋯.jpg (598.27 KB, 2304x3456, 2:3, araj.jpg)


>muh cowtits and fat asses


File: 6f0113eb1e084e9⋯.jpeg (683.82 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, aa1cc35baab80dfba965be7b5….jpeg)


I like older women as well as young but I'm not going to pretend I would like the former if I wasn't such a degenerate. MILF is a fetish.


File: d32663d83374ee7⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 186x331, 186:331, d32663d83374ee72af06dcfb0c….gif)


>this new

It's Ciara/Liza and you don't want anything to do with this cunt.


File: 55f4ef802abb689⋯.png (2.54 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, We live in Hell.png)

Why has everything gone to shit? All I've ever wanted is to live a small, quite and content life with a women that loves me as much as I love her while we raise a family together.

Why was I born in literally the only period in human history where that's considered a bad thing? Where society is governed by feminism and rejects the idea of male guidance? Where all women have become whores or retards and men who try to correct this are sexist.

I am miserable. Enjoy the shitty OC



This isn't the only such period in history. It's not even feminists or suffragettes who started it, at least in the US. It was rich mid-19th century christcucks like Kellogg and his sponsors. Pick up any Kellogg book and you'll see him sperging out about how expecting even occasional sex from one's wife is legalized prostitution. It's some protestant branches like adventists who pushed for the meme of feminine wisdom and only females and jewish doctors being involved in raising children while men wageslave in 12h factory shifts. They are also the ones who came up with idea of literal soyboys being fed only granola and soy milk because, as Kellogg put it, vegan diet made men's disposition much gentler (beta cucked). They even started the idea of marrying and starting a family as late as 30, and artificially extending childhood into at least mid-20s. Here's something extra that's more relevant in this thread:

>The average woman looks upon the lot of a spinster as the most wretched and undesirable possible; and yet it is unquestionably true that the average "old maid" is vastly happier in her lot, and more useful to the world, than quite a large proportion of wives. Certainly there is a vast deal of useful work which can be better accomplished by those who can give their undivided attention to the work in hand, than by those whose minds and energies are necessarily devoted to husband, children, and domestic cares. We doubt not that the world would be vastly better off if there were a much larger number of useful old maids, and a less number of helpless, good-for-nothing, sickly wives.

t. Kellogg in 1877



I hope he choked on his cornflakes they shit anyways

But yeah thats the point. Feminism was just the useful idiot in this game.

The real reason why society is fucked was because govt got greedy and wanted more tax money and capitalists were greedy and wanted cheap labour and more revenues. So they lured women into the workforce. Ever since modern life just became economic transactions and everyone is unhappy except normies

We are unhappy because we go against our primal programming of starting families and building houses because the environment is not fit for it anymore.




>you don't want anything to do with her

Why? She's cute.


No, took a break from /r9k/ for a few years. In 2014 and 15, I was a regular on 4/r9k/.


File: 9096a7bb6af6a3c⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 650x570, 65:57, SuicideRate.png.jpg)

File: 080814bf6f221b0⋯.jpg (99.33 KB, 930x676, 465:338, w20794-2.jpg)


>except normies

Even normies are unhappy. Living the life of a materialist lonely automation would drive anyone to off themselves.



Religious zealots and feminist cuntbags are both useful idiots for a greedy government of hyper-rich assholes who want to acquire power by criminalizing everything natural. But they'd have no power at all if Americans weren't prone to joining stupid moral panics just to have someone to harass.


>So they lured women into the workforce.

And how many of them are useful workers as opposed to catty bitches who have an office job solely so they can pretend to be contributing something while in reality doing nothing but siphoning money that should be going to people like programmers and engineers who actually produce things and then getting them fired for the horrible crimes of looking at a woman while not being Chad and having any political opinion that wouldn't be at home on CNN? Just about everything the corporate government bastards do has at least two different purposes. Women in the workplace is both a method of draining resources from redpilled men and a method of socially policing them, and this isn't just a side effect of their presence. All of this shit was intentional from the start. This is something that rarely gets talked about even on politics boards or /tech/ where it most needs to be. You can theoretically have a woman who can be useful, but most women never will because they realize they can get anything they want with looks and accusations, so why would they put forth the effort of developing genuine skills or personality?


This. Normalfags are depressed as fuck these days too because society has gone to shit and it hits them as well, just not nearly as much as it does for people here on 8chan and /r9k/ in particular. The problem with normalfags is that they're too stupid and love virtue signaling and persecuting non-normalfags too much to understand the real problems, so they take it out on the only ones who can fix it, just like the elites planned.


File: 8f145bc95e58a2b⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 507x327, 169:109, pornhub stats.jpg)


>Alot of guys like MILFy women over teen girls

In porn, maybe. Hell even on PornHub the most popular girls look nothing like milfs and Riley Reid looks like a 18yo at best.



Those numbers are fake shit. PornHub and most other American porn sites are run by liberals trying to socially engineer hags into popularity.



Then what about >>281662 or >>299432 ?

Yeah I already got your answer : "these numbers are fake shit", right ?


File: fb27755e808e27e⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 650x482, 325:241, spurdo assburgers.jpg)




You guys are arguing in favor of the same position, numbnuts.



>pedophiles are people who are attracted to girls who have not yet reached puberty which goes against the natural order and human nature

I do not believe it is against the natural order to be attracted to girls who have not reached puberty. Nor against our nature.

Girls can get pregnant as soon as puberty begins. Is it necessarily good for a girl to begin pregnancy after her first fuck. She probably has no muscle tone or flexibility in her pussy. Childbirth may be painful!

It is unhealthy to ONLY like prepubescent girls, because if you're no longer interested in them when they begin puberty, you'll no longer give them the affection they need to be mentally healthy mothers. It's much better for everyone if you continue to be attracted to them as young women while you raise children together.

That's one thing I dislike about the pedophiles' misremembering of Charles Dodgson. Yeah, he totally photographed nude minors and stuff, but he also had relationships with women in their 20s, the family just buried it because it was scandalous so you don't hear much about it. The author of Alice in Wonderland was much more normal than people let on.

Feminists who want to denigrate healthy men into being perceived as only-wants-to-fuck-babies love to do this kind of shit. Jews who want to induce white genocide love to create these kinds of stigmas so that it's only the niggers who are impregnating girls at the height of their fertility. We should not allow them to win.


File: 688044aa3c9f875⋯.jpg (69.56 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 119152.jpg)


If you read up on history, the (old) communists were originally socially and sexually libertine. They adopted conservative positions with respect to the family when they saw nobody could get anything done from all the depravity. Pandora's box is best left closed, even the commies figured that one out.



>regular on 4r9k means you have the same culture as 8r9k

>getting allured by some 3dpd woman who posted videos for attention and orbiters all because of some vague sensation of "cuteness"

Go back to your 4chan


Men hit peak bone mass at 28.

Remember, masculinity is all about bone mass.

Wide clavicles, wide wrists, large hands and feet, pronounced browridge and cheekbones. All that shit still grows after your humerus or femur plates fused, skull bones never fuse together. At 28 you should’ve completely stopped growing, there is your peak, nowhere else.

Women hit their peak at around 16-18.

Of course, for you after 30 it is going downwards, like it was for women after they hit their 20’s, but you go down less severely.

You can hit HGH (you actually need IGF-1, but I tell you HGH for more easy searching) after your peak or even now pre 28 years.

There is this guy who is 50 years old but still looks like 20. Guess what he takes?

I know real HGH is really really expensive, you can take MK-677 and take it with an Estrogen suicider, not blocker like Aromasin instead etc. many options.

You can also grow with this shit if your extremities haven’t fused yet.

Don’t overdo it or you’ll look like a Neanderthal, if you do it wrong you can die. Best option is as always getting straight HGH like those actors. But it is expensive as fuark.



>you actually need IGF-1

Don't mess with the IGF-1 if you aren't willing to take the risk of cancer.

IGF-1 doesn't just help grow bone, if you have cancer cells you are not aware of. Be sure if you inject IGF-1, you will be aware of it.

>Estrogen suicider

Estrogen actually stimulates the collagen producing cells aka silk smooth skin and it negates osteoporosis.

Please don't take an estrogen suicider if you don't want your bone to be more prone to damage.

Males produce estrogen thanks to aromatase but at a much much lower levels than females. And that tiny amount of estrogen is important



What kind of broscience bullshit is this



>not by choice

>seems like they are involuntarily celibate



>any of those roasts



File: e4ce324b83ec17a⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 853x480, 853:480, js6.JPG)



This kills me. Jessy Schram wennt from pure-looking teen to milf-tier and she's not even 34 yet.


The peak range is probably from 12–30. Past 30 is rare but possible for some women.




How the hell would they peak at the beginning of puberty ? I'd say the youngest any girl could peak would be 15.


File: 317369cee9ae9db⋯.png (73.29 KB, 1019x623, 1019:623, ClipboardImage.png)


I meant to imply that the peak age range was from 12-30, i.e. between those years women are at their best. Reading the OP again I see where the confusion comes from. I'm not saying that women peak at 12, but that they enter their greatest period beginning at 12 and lasting until they are around thirty in most cases. If I had to give an age where women actually peak it would be 16-18.

Refer to my diagram



Their physical form was the inspiration behind 2D waifus. Any artist basically takes a 3D female and works from there, adding countless improvements and removing all the disgusting shit.



I think the decline should be a lot steeper between the early twenties and 28: The great decline starts at 23-24. You must have noticed how terribly white 25 year old women look nowadays. Most of them could pass for 40 year olds.



hey fag dont use that picture not nice :( we gotta love girls like that



>great decline starts at 23-24. You must have noticed how terribly white 25 year old women look nowadays. Most of them could pass for 40 year olds.

This is probably a good point. I don’t know why this happens. It must be something to do with all of the clown-makeup they smear on their faces combined with all of the degeneracy (drinking, etc) they engage in the minute they are let of out the house combined with the fact that girls are entering puberty earlier. They hit the wall even earlier than in the past






That's a nice graph actually. I thought it looked weird at first, I went

>no way! according to this, a 12 year old is about as attractive as a 30 year old!

But then I thought about it, and well, yes - she is. Then I thought,

>but it also says a 10 year old is as attractive as a 48 year old!

and I realized that yes, she is.

The only thing I would change is pull the y axis up a little, a lot of women look a bit better 30 than than half as good as at 20. But I'm assuming the graph is natural/physical desirability. So I'm not accounting with women being ruined by college, or just giving up on grooming at 25 because they've already had their mile of cock.



Pretty much yeah though before they're old enough to drink or be interested in makeup, It's estrogen. It's not really a female hormone, it's a stress and aging hormone. Early exposure causes early onset of puberty in both boys and girls. The effects are cumulative so the aging process constantly increases the pace. In women, estrogen gradually fucks up the ovaries, which translates to reduced production of progesterone. That one is a protective hormone which negates the effects of stress on entire body and slows down the degeneration.

One part you missed is the diet. Women do what the jews tell them and eat everything that's harmful to us while actively avoiding all the healthy things. They avoid salt, proper proteins and simple sugars while stuffing their mouths with starches and vegetable oils. Both starch and unsaturated fats shift metabolism away from using energy (for normal repair and regeneration) to just accumulating fats. Estrogen is produced primarily in the fat tissue, not in ovaries. This is why the fat fucks look and even sound so alike, regardless of their sex. Also production of progesterone requires a good supply of proteins. There's two types of seemingly high protein diets that are not good at all, that would be lean meat diet and the vegan legumes substitution. We need the kind of proteins that can be found in milk and eggs, another products that jews say we should avoid because of lactose and cholesterol.



>But I'm assuming the graph is natural/physical desirability.

Yeah, I was mainly trying to depict natural desirably in cases where they haven't completely trashed themselves or covered themselves with piercings and tattoos. Of course, this was only from my personal perspective, but I'm glad my graph was fairly accurate for other people as well.



>most active thread is about women

Get the fuck out of here normies




Trying too hard to fit in, eh



Women are a pretty significant part of robot life, just not in the sense of romantic partners. All of us have mothers and other female relatives. The physical health of mothers has a huge impact on the quality of their babies. And many of us are also the way we are because of the upbringing in which mothers tend to have more influence than fathers. There's also the matter of dysfunctional normalcattle breeding and creating more robots.



>Women are a pretty significant part of robot life, just not in the sense of romantic partners.

Having a spouse is one of the 8 important things for a good life.I don't know why people deny it just because they are unable to obtain a loyal companion.Robots view women differently because they never have sex so all their pleasure already comes from mastrubation.Because of that they want more than just sex from women while a normalfag mostly just wants sex.



>thread has been here 7 months

>just now complains

Wow, want to know how I know you just rolled in here, faggot?


File: ea1c5904821ceb1⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2460x3484, 615:871, 1429599961606.jpg)

Peak woman is 13-18 as told by men when they aren't lying.





The only ones I don’t understand at all. I find the latter to be more disgusting though. Any ultra degenerates here that can enlighten me?


Black and oriental women look good for far longer and for them, sure, lots of 30 year old good looking women.

White women… it's downhill quickly once they are out of their teens.

Men I think can make it to 30 and still look good.



>female niggers being attractive at any age




Black females never even have to hit the wall – they start at the wall. Asians remain attractive until they are much older than whites, while white females peak around 15.

>Men I think can make it to 30 and still look good.

Men don't even begin to peak until their late twenties


File: f7e17a761847186⋯.png (418.92 KB, 598x599, 598:599, 8ac7331ea3e0846fd1f408d558….png)


Asians do last longer than white women but to say black women look… good? Bleh


File: 17b6e53b77f0bf2⋯.jpg (457.94 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, 149bf8c97d7585c3f406acf4cf….jpg)


I actively look for cars without computer components in them because i'm that afraid of ZOG, so I agree; horrible analogy.



Asian women look younger than they are until they hit 40 and turn into goblins.


File: 42ae3414d6f83bf⋯.jpg (98.46 KB, 1280x1115, 256:223, photo_2019-04-08_12-31-43.jpg)

File: 94ffcda9ccdadfd⋯.jpg (130.9 KB, 1280x1110, 128:111, photo_2019-04-08_12-31-25.jpg)

File: 8fdd199a830c0d5⋯.jpg (150.84 KB, 1262x1201, 1262:1201, photo_2019-04-08_12-31-30.jpg)



Stay away from them. Any horse skank ONLY cares about that dumb, fragile animal she's riding. They're not even sturdy agricultural horses or donkeys, no, they're always these dumb, highly bred cows on stilts that constantly break their dumb legs, and these bitches will spend heaps of money on preventative medication (also homeopathy) so their dumb, useless, money eating, dept shitting horses can stay around.


File: 173f52e3e9aa2cd⋯.jpg (129.51 KB, 767x1200, 767:1200, Annotation 2019-04-08 1246….jpg)

File: 80eb43c8874eb5a⋯.jpg (190.07 KB, 1418x1222, 709:611, Annotation 2019-04-08 1247….jpg)

File: e38e06a2cc3aced⋯.jpg (172.1 KB, 1277x1217, 1277:1217, Annotation 2019-04-08 1248….jpg)

File: a9cfba65a043ff0⋯.jpg (122.3 KB, 1403x1231, 1403:1231, Annotation 2019-04-08 1251….jpg)

File: 64beffaa2e4b4c0⋯.jpg (196.77 KB, 1107x1218, 369:406, Annotation 2019-04-08 1253….jpg)


>Not eating at least 250g of lean quark a day

How do these clowns even survive?

Anyway, I highly suggest any robot make an account on some popular online dating crap just to laugh at 30y/o hags and their multiple collisions with the wall. It's also sidebustingly hilarious to click through the photos these ugly cunts upload and seeing them increase in diameter like a star burning the hydrogen in it's shell.



>third image from left

There's Chad, there's Stacey, and then, there's Chadda the fem chad.



It's unlikely that any of these guys were particularly attractive even in their 20s (maybe the 3rd one if he was skinny and had hair then).

A handsome middle-aged man may have been more handsome when he was 25, but for an average/sub-average man, just being young will not make him significantly attractive to the opposite sex. Therein lies the difference. Even a plain woman will get a lot of attention from men when she's young, because youth itself is attractive to men.

Women may point to health-obsessed celebrities (with assigned nutritionists and personal trainers) who are 40+ to claim that "I haven't peaked yet!", but for most of them they don't have the money, lifestyle and (most importantly) genes to last that long. Their hold over men is drying up rapidly, and subconsciously they are aware of this. Just look at how much money women spend on anti-aging products.



I heard a story that greek horses were called godly by the chinese because of how strong and well built they were. China went to war for those horses, and won because greek empire was dying out at that time. I wanna know what it takes to build greek god horses



>check religion of mostly every prominent feminist

>all of them are jews



As so many have said lifestyle accounts for a lot.

My gf is 22. Still lives at home with mum and dad. Doesn't drink or smoke. Has very strict diet (allergies). When I met her (21) I resisted her advances because I thought she was 17-18 (by visual comparison to others and I am 36).

Since going out with her all the roastie freinds I have close to my age have started throwing themselves at me, when previously I wasn't even on their radar. (im maybe 7/10 looks, 6', Ok job, pretty good investment pf).

Having rejected their advances they have turned on my gf. "she is a whore anon" (she is still a virgin - till marriage shit, what ever I wasn't looking for a fuck, she came after me not the other way around, maybe we will get married etc time will tell)

"she just wants your money" never asked for a cent. had a family emergency and I gave her $1000 to help her out (I travel for work and didnt see her for a month). She only spent 600. when we caught up next she returned the 600, plus and extra 250 she had saved since then and planned on paying the rest back. I had originally told her not to worry about it.

The problem women have in not finding/retaining men, apart from being disgusting thots, is their compete lack of value beside their looks. The modern western woman cant cook/keep house for shit, they have obnoxious self centered personalities, they have little to no interesting hobbies/interests (its all msm based shit ms music, tv, celebs etc). Their breif period of looks is all they have. And are too blind to see beyond 30 years of age.

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