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File: 15c84c545844457⋯.jpg (233.4 KB, 659x806, 659:806, 0a885094bf0e0003a11ea2bb4d….jpg)


>tfw don't come on /r9k/ as much anymore

I feel as though the discussion has become too monotonous, honestly. I post in the art and philosophy threads as well as just posting in FTDDTOT threads but not many other people seem to share in that sentiment; those first two kinds of threads sink to the bottom while the same discussions just float to the front page over and over again.

Recently I've taken to language learning and just general reading to occupy my time (instead, largely) before the office gets back to me with my documents so I can move out.


File: 93adeac8c0442cc⋯.png (411.1 KB, 637x1030, 637:1030, sad guy.png)

>public speaking classes required at my community college in order to transfer

What do I do?


File: 681f6dd579ea424⋯.jpg (342.7 KB, 810x811, 810:811, 022d2d028de5de3df89d682270….jpg)


Develop a persona that handles all that social bullshit.


File: 4280a619ddaf702⋯.png (103.41 KB, 400x451, 400:451, ANGER.png)

>meet someone a while ago

>we're both smug assholes who are way too blunt and honest with people

>we both trust each other because of that

>play videogames together

>get along very well

>genuinely think I'm making a friend

>actually meet in meatspace a couple of times

>still getting along great

>recently that person starts avoiding me

>always has some kind of shitty excuse for it

>the whole "i'm too honest with people" spiel was bullshit like it always is

>waiting to get them on something undeniable before I confront them

Fuck it all. Fuck them, fuck me for falling for that shit, again, and fuck me again for being a dumb nigger that trusted someone else. I'm absolutely fucking done, I'm not going to even humor people who pretend to care about me anymore.


File: b71960552fb73a1⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 236x236, 1:1, Me hanging.jpg)

>whenever I'm thinking of something in my head, I imagine I'm talking to my oneitis and she's nodding along very interested in it. Otherwise I wouldn't have the same gusto.

>Sometimes we're in a live video chat together cause she'd never text me first, sometimes we're talking together at the psyche ward lunchroom we met at, she's laughing. Other times we're speaking on opposite side of a wooden fence in a grassy field I've never been to. She's leaning on it and holding her head in her hands, smiling at me.

I do this with literally every single speech, essay, monologue I've been thinking of for a year and a half now.


File: 50de17daad72d8d⋯.jpg (303.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1484631261968.jpg)


I reflexively imagined my oneitis and I reading this post.

Apparently it's creepy to think about someone this much after you lost your opportunities to be with them, but I think the whole "plenty of other fish in the sea" thing is stupid. People aren't fish, you can't just replace them. Well, unless you're just that base of a person, that is.


I feel really bad not coming here as much as I did last year and early this year. Once I quit my job I stopped coming here so much and now only visit like once a month. I know I didn’t really provide any valuable conversations and no one would have felt my absence but I still just feel bad not coming back. But I started school now and am isolated again, new city, no friends, and plenty of chads, stacies, and sjw shit to fuel my anger. So I’ll probably start checking back here every few hours like I used to.

I was really hoping I could meet a guy and become friends. I have a few games I keep downloaded waiting to play with someone but I realize that’s more of a day dream than a hope. I’ve never had a close friend or best friend that I could share all of my interests with, and I realize I need to talk to people to do find someone but I still only spend as little time at school as I need to. Plus there are lots of cool things in this city I would like to see but 3 trips to Europe by myself has kinda worn out any desire to do things by myself because I don’t see any point if I won’t have anyone to share it with.


File: eae7a19e8ea58fd⋯.jpg (96.39 KB, 800x584, 100:73, eae7a19e8ea58fd9d004604e03….jpg)




I hope you mean 2D or its to the oven for you faggots


File: 012c36e315a85d3⋯.jpg (142.95 KB, 774x1199, 774:1199, 012c36e315a85d3061c2894a17….jpg)

>tfw my feel was the last one in the previous thread and nobody will symphathize with what isn't read




Then just repost it here, nigger. It’s not that hard.


File: 4bc5c911538bcae⋯.jpg (284.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1468350884845.jpg)

Can't I cook without being bothered? I don't want your commentary. I don't want your shitty advice. I don't want to be pestered about what I'm all making. I don't want your sympathy if it doesn't turn out right. In fact, I'd rather you didn't know about it at all; that way I can just throw it out, learn something from my mistakes, and never have to deal with you reminding me about it all the time. Cooking for others puts an undue pressure on me to make something everyone will like and means I'll never get to experiment. Don't even get me started about the half-ass way things get washed.


File: f55c06e24e5fb7b⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 338x252, 169:126, 1460785366121.gif)

I'm in the same boat as you, I like discussing experiences and interests with the board but the tunnel vision, same discussions, and radicalism/extremity with it and life in general now as if you like one thing in one direction you're blown out of proportion into being on the end of spectrum it becomes a grinding dull. Imageboards are dead and every thread is just a caricatured song and dance that's been done a million times because everyone knows it's monotonous but there's nowhere else to go.



This. After getting sick of /pol/ after the election I switched to /k/ as my “main” board, but it was fairly repetitive and the same type of threads from when I only used to visit once a month or so. Then I started coming here the most, after only visiting a little over the past few years, but the same thing. The eunuch threads were pretty great but it got repetitive again after that. Coffee, vegan, and dogs-are-chads autists helped liven up the threads they sperged in, but I either started noticing them less or they stopped posting as much (this was back in late winter early spring) I tried to keep the art thread alive and posted some stuff bumping it back up from page 5+ but it fell back down quickly, book threads too. I’m trying to find a new board but it’s tough to find something that is active, with new content. I never thought I would grow tired of chans when I discovered halfchan so many years ago, maybe it’s just me and I’ve been getting too cynical everything has been getting shittier over the past few years. this board has change a bit in the last year anyways. If I saw near or over 100 ISPs a year ago it would mean a raid.

Sage for off topic.


File: a73d6ba3e5ab95b⋯.jpg (181.64 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1535777703.jpg)

Sometimes we get these pretty good threads like Another brick in The Wall and China to implement celibacy tax but I do feel like most of the board has declined to being nothing more but stale cuckchan memes like >>270069 (which is mostly to blame on cuckchan crossposters). I think the BO has become a bit too mild in terms of moderation. The board reached its peak when Pantsu left and he became the owner I think but now it's all just tumbling down.

I used to go to Wizchan whenever the board was experiencing phases like these but as you can see from the Wizchan thread that's currently up, that place managed to become worse than this place on a bad day.


It's because "chans" are for a very specific group of people and a large chunk of the people who inhabit sites like this one and cuckchan today are the exact opposite of that group. Everything has become reddit 2.0 because of leftist normalfags spreading to every fucking corner of the internet, always on the lookout for the last places that are still untainted.


File: bb5b29fc6567b77⋯.png (1.33 MB, 2200x874, 1100:437, 66201661e1f16bd96d07346016….png)

I'm pretty sick of 8chan as a whole nowadays but I don't see anything better coming along. I think we may nearing the end of the road for imageboards and I can hardly even bring myself to care.



If you think Wojak is soulless, you should see the "wen u do X" nigger memes on Twitter or Facebook.



How are those even made? They all look similar in format so I'm guessing there's some generator for them. Is it Snapchat or what?



At least that has SOME sort of comedic value because it's supposed to be relatable to the person viewing the image thus it's funny to a normalnigger who actually relates to it. Wojak and other cuckchan memes on the other hand have devolved into "lol le funny face xdd", you'd have to be completely braindead to actually think that's funny.




I still can't understand why slowjak causes such butthurt maybe hits to close to home for some



It's not Wojak that causes butthurt but all the cancerous variations that cuckchan came up with like the brainlet or 30 year old boomer (the latter pretty much being confirmed to be an attempt at a Monster ad campaign).



>the latter pretty much being confirmed to be an attempt at a Monster ad campaign

Is this real or are you just saying it?



No one has any concrete proof but after the trump presidency it's obvious how effective shilling your brand on image boards is


File: 2354c4c11946d62⋯.jpeg (13.82 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Promotional Image.jpeg)



Joke's on them I already drank Monster (™) WELL before that stupid meme started being made! I enjoy drinking Monster (™) all the time, it's perfect for a quick boost of ENERGY! Just go down to your local gas station and buy a pack, it's reasonably priced and well worth the cost.

Unleash the beast (©) !


File: ff3cd20deef5d31⋯.mp4 (1.4 MB, 500x280, 25:14, nhkguitar.mp4)

My life is constantly doing things for other people.

>Dad says "Anon, you should go to college,it'll help you get a job"

Did it and now its me going back and fourth to college each day doing homework all day for some degree I didn't want while having anxiety attacks because I worry I might fail

>Brother says "Anon you don't want to be lonely do you, try making friends"

Tried and failed like I always do because the people there are the boring like most normalfags

>Mother says"Anon people are mean't to be with someone, don't you think its time you got a girlfriend"

Haven't even tried this bullshit yet though because I know most women aren't worth it.

>Sister says"Anon maybe you should work a part time job"

Almost did this but the job position had been taken by the time I tried to apply

I'm only 19 and if life is just going to constantly be things I don't want to do I just want OUT. I think I might an hero this winter


File: 170283fb01e4d03⋯.jpg (96.95 KB, 848x941, 848:941, fit feels.jpg)


The rest of the internet has been downstream from 4chan by a couple of years, meaning it used to take a while before reddit got their hands on 4chan's droppings and table scraps. Then all that exodus and GG stuff happened, and later, the 2016 election, and reddit flooded a largely emptied and defeated 4chan, followed shortly after by shills, tumblrites, and normalfags who had just learned about edgy memes from kikebook.

4chan stagnated hard when people like us left 4 years ago. All soul or passion the site used to have was well on the downturn after the Ponyfag shit, the increasingly awful mods, and moot's inconsistent handling of the site. When the exodus hit, that should have been the final nail in the coffin.. and it practically was, if the aforementioned events didn't turn that place into edgy reddit and shills shilling shills. So, now we're in the present. In the past few years, what has 4chan done when it comes to memes? They came up with a single, derivative, corrupted version of an old meme, in this case Wojak, stripped it of all meaning because they never knew it had any, and then created a soulless, production line method of shitting these things out rapidly and carelessly. When they got mocked too much for one shitty version, they jumped to another, and then another.. and another. We're not seeing the end result of an incestuous recursive corruption cycle, and these faggots keep showing up thinking they've got something special on 8chan, because 4chan creates lots of "OC" and 8chan doesn't.

It's like if some little faggot found your old jacket in a garbage dump, then proceeded to shit and piss all over it, write all kinds of dumb shit they saw on reddit on it, and then approach you to brag about how cool they look and how you're just jealous that you don't have a tattered, shit-covered, awful jacket.


File: f622aa039f6c962⋯.jpg (37.94 KB, 164x234, 82:117, f622aa039f6c962dff788845c2….jpg)


>tfw don't come on /r9k/ as much anymore

Same here, sadly. It got even slower and boring. Which is too bad because i have nowhere else to go.



Why not both, Wojak & Pepe(tm) have become the new rage comic faces or blank slates to portray something, and the overusage of them was a part of the downfall of imageboards because it attracted that trash. I can't hate those nigger memes because they're not even comparable and are just shit for normalcogs to laugh at and they don't try to be hip or cool.



>Only 19

Strap in junior, it only gets worse.


File: 1f7f54d2bbe81d3⋯.jpeg (37.93 KB, 509x625, 509:625, 3E3F87B3-A57B-4E7D-9CC9-9….jpeg)

I literally stayed up all night to get some assignments done that I was procrastinating on, and finished at about 7:15 this morning. I set my alarm for 8:10 and tried to get an hour of sleep before classes today. I only had two first thing in the morning and fingured I could just sleep after them. I just fucking woke up at 11:30 and you last class finished at 11. The first assingment needed to be handed in in-person but the professor has no office hours online like every other one does. I’m going to go check at his office anyways but I missed that class Wednesday because there was an emergency at home and I emailed him to tell me. Now what will he think of I missed two classes and am late to turn in my assignment? I’m really fucking anxious about this. I don’t even remember turning my alarm off but I must have.



I mentioned this in an older thread once but when you keep down to it, cuckchan ruined Wojak because the current userbase just didn't get it. Wojak was about feels, about being lonely and depressed, things normalfags don't really experience and thus when they see a picture of the regular Wojak, they get confused because they can't relate to it. We all have probably seen the screenshot of a facebook post made by some roastie who saw a picture of Wojak and said something along the lines: "oh now I get it, he has cancer". So then they took it and degenerated it into something that any normalfag can get just by looking at it once; "lol he has a funny face" which is the sole appeal of the 30 year old boomer, brainlet and any other cancerous edits they have come up.

I can only imagine what those faggots will do to Gondola.


File: dad0a1f789cb3bc⋯.png (151.8 KB, 531x773, 531:773, [mobbing_intensifies].png)


I'm glad that you feel me. Wojak had specific connotations. He meant and stood for something. He had a fucking name. Even if he was referred to as "that feel guy" he was still instantly symbolic of a very clearly communicated semotion, understood by many.

Cuckchan went and turned him into "le silly maymay template boomerzoomer pink man XDDDD"


File: 1f265b41d6f936e⋯.gif (47.9 KB, 112x105, 16:15, 1447276439633.gif)


They understand Wojak because he was always fairly mainstream with "I know that feel bro" and getting friendzoned and etc., and normalfags thinking they can relate. The first variation was pink Wojak which made sense and was still a natural progression of what he represented then it just got bastardized into template. It also devalues whatever big topics are being discussed at the moment and probably projection of what they are. Brainlet Wojak comes from the users talking how they feel retarded [from posting nothing of substance all day staring at a screen], the boomer (no fucking babyboomer is 30 years old) comes from that they probably are like the boomer or shitting on people who like older things, the NPC is projection, so on.

>I can only imagine what those faggots will do to Gondola.

Gondola has always been forced and a G-rated Spurdo, it always came off to me as pretentious and made for a safer demographic.



They still haven't corrupted the comfy music Gondolas though which is nice. Though it is only a matter of time.



Just thinking about nigger-music gondola is pissing me off. Normalscum won’t understand gondola, so if they ever do get their rat paws on it they’ll make gondola do dumb shit and add music with lyrics. Though I think gondola is too abstract for normalscum who, like niggers, have a limited capacity for abstract thought.


File: 40145f56529f66b⋯.jpg (240.54 KB, 2290x1014, 1145:507, gondola-wojack-pepe.jpg)


>Gondola has always been forced and a G-rated Spurdo, it always came off to me as pretentious and made for a safer demographic.

gondola is a proud and unique creation. it saddens me that pepe is already abused by normalfags to the point of ruination, wojack close to it. being originally based on spurdo doesn't change their unique and contemplative excellence



You couldn't make it more obvious that you're fresh off the boat from Cuckchan without posting your 4chan gold account information.



>reading people means and not liking a meme means you're from cuckchan

Because the state of that site isn't well-known nor has been discussed or the reason that this website flourished or even that the users have genuine retardation neet and normalfag alike to stomach the average thread that's been made there. Not like anyone on this website has peeked to see how bad it fucking got or hearing co-workers or classmates talk about it casually. I suppose only someone from cuckchan could make such a retarded and short-sighted post.


File: 3d70dd65be4f16c⋯.jpg (300.54 KB, 1196x870, 598:435, nah.jpg)


>defending cuckchan memes

>bad mouthing Gondola

>I'm not cuckchan! You're cuckchan!


File: b33446171c592b6⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 488x410, 244:205, 1452810462526.jpg)


How did I defend them dipshit, I was explaining the psyche on why they're made because the site aren't truly creative and that they're essentially making reflections of themselves and whatever issues are taken seriously there because to them it's just underground 9gag.


File: 525e8b4e70ad563⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 1024x682, 512:341, GondolaItsOkYoureOK.webm)

File: a9d458fa25c9cf4⋯.webm (715.9 KB, 478x270, 239:135, GondolaJapan.webm)

File: 45311ae82fb56e4⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 640x480, 4:3, GondolaRuins.webm)


I don't have a problem with most of this post because it's just explaining the wojak variations (even though their meanings are pretty obvious), but

>Gondola has always been forced and a G-rated Spurdo

The hell, this is objectively wrong. Spurdo is the type of forced offensiveness that's meant to scare le normies off, which doesn't work because normalfags come to chans to be "ironically offensive". Gondola is a separate entity, a more contemplative one. Not sure what's forced about that.


File: 35ece0d340399e3⋯.png (891.26 KB, 624x951, 208:317, you wanna bet.png)



You know what man? I've got no excuse. I misinterpreted your post in a big way and acted like a dumb faggot.


File: 75f8712bb7c7839⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 528x800, 33:50, 1458124773162-0.jpg)

File: 536aafdc90e44ae⋯.png (16.24 KB, 450x681, 150:227, neat lines.png)

File: 58c42b60dfd3fe8⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 710x478, 355:239, f3r3ve geg.jpg)

File: d535c3051d80bec⋯.png (32.03 KB, 470x316, 235:158, 1466281959959.png)

File: eaeb161d361a000⋯.jpeg (123.15 KB, 980x952, 35:34, 1450727840950.jpeg)


Spurdo is basically crude and happy-go-lucky, I like his attitude and what he gives off, he also isn't as popular as what happened to Pepe and Wojak so his gentrification and influence from Gondola (first three compared to last two) isn't that bad anyway since he was more akin to a comic strip than identification but I'm not saying that exempts him. Gondolas are forced because of how hard it tried to be contemplative and nostalgic and other feelsy stuff on par with indie films. I don't know if it's supposed to be that way in itself but it doesn't matter either way especially since he's an ugly turd on legs. They're effortless to make, just draw him in an environment and slap some post-rock, shoegaze or piano on it. This post took too long to fucking make but it's hard to take memes seriously without losing brain cells and I don't care anymore.


File: 52c18bc192bc35a⋯.jpeg (178.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, D2E95B92-D2E5-4235-BE8B-A….jpeg)


No. I admit I like a few of the brainlet wojacks but the boomer one is fucking retarded and I’ve never seen a good one let alone a mediocre one.


File: a71ffce15564447⋯.jpg (147.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1537215316355.jpg)


>1 hour of sleep.

Just go without at that point. Hindsight is 20/20.


Add one more.



I was able to turn both assignments in but I still missed class and am tired as fuck.

My feel right now, is listening to my dumb roastie gook roommate play her nogger music and sing alone with it for hours. My ears have gotten sore from wearing ear plugs so much because her and my two other roommates are always loud as fuck and I was basically wearing them all day and night for the last two weeks, besides when I or they were at school. Is it just normalfags that are pretentious enough to think that everyone wants to listen to their music, or are non-whites just too dumb to realize that it annoys other people? I try to clean the house but the two shitskin guys are so dirty it’s hard to keep up, and I don’t like cleaning every day. I hate normalscum and non-whites so much.


File: dab36c035926e3f⋯.gif (327.32 KB, 500x353, 500:353, 1513403565319.gif)

I feel like i'm rotting away

>can't remember things

>hard to comprehend sentences

>can't concentrate

>hard to read

>terrible at things like Math, Sudoku or Chess

>mind constantly feels foggy

>tired and foggy feeling even after getting sleep

>feel lethargic most of the day

>nothing feels exciting except browsing imageboards,playing vidya or watching anime

I'm only 20 and I feel terrible. I don't know if its my sleep pattern or diet but I feel terrible. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME


>>283000 checked

I’m in the same boat as you anon, same age too, just vidya, anime, and image boards stopped being exciting a while ago. It might be my erratic sleep schedule or the fact I often only eat once a day and usually nothing special. I don’t really want to die yet but existence is so tiresome, and I don’t do anything anyways.



Jesus Christ, same thing here, exactly. Even down to the timing and the autists being the only enjoyable part until they sorta drifted off.

I liked this place, I liked the people here. I liked talking about comfy feels and all that bullshit, but it's just so repetitive and single minded. It's always the same, same kinds of people who just insult and act tough, others who just focus on single issues, the political faggots. It's all the same.

Honestly, I think the final stage of the robot is to never come on r9k and simply be alone. I've spent more and more time lately being genuinely alone, no connection to anyone, and it feels right. No internet forum bullshit, no discussions, no debate, no insecurity, no stupid labels, nothing.

It's kinda sad, but I think we were just never really cut out for this place to begin with. I think I'm alright with that though. I'll never forget the good times here, but I can't say I'll miss them, honestly.

Sage for off topic.



Its nice to know someone shares the same feel. I would go to a doctor but I'd probably get pills shoved down my throat



Probably something health related. If you just said that you found everything pointless now (cue that image of the anime girl where it shows the progression of chans as she ages & the disillusionment of it all), it'd be understandable due to your age. Since you're not a normalfag, concentration or remembering shouldn't be as much of an issue since you don't obssess over a smartphone. Do you potentially use drugs that would yield a foggy mind?

Although I don't need to do it, I do remember that waking up with the sun, eating a light breakfast and a light 15 min jog will get you in the "ON" mode in about an hour.

I've never been terrible at math/etc., but I have (once) been in a horrible cycle of tiredness/lethargy where I slept for 18-20 hours a day for a few days. You have to will power out of the cycle yourself lest you get stuck in it.


It's one thing to find existence itself pointless, and it's another thing to, in realizing the prior, not to find something you could find some mild enjoyment in doing such that living each day wouldn't feel like a chore (e.g., for me it'd be learning mathematics).



> Do you potentially use drugs that would yield a foggy mind?

I only drink alcohol

>Although I don't need to do it, I do remember that waking up with the sun, eating a light breakfast and a light 15 min jog will get you in the "ON" mode in about an hour.

That might be my issue, I dont due exercise and my room is always dark when I wake up because of my dark curtains. Also I always have a very unhealthy breakfast







here's some stuff i did that's helped me be less lethargic and unfocused:

1) not eating breakfast until i've been up for around an hour and a half; just drinking water from when i get up until then

2) do stretches within a few minutes of getting up. nothing huge, just some basic stretching of arms, legs, other muscles etc that i don't know the name for. should only take 2-3 minutes. do them again every 3-4 hours for the whole day until bed.

3) only drink once every 3-4 weeks at the most, and for no more than 3 days straight (ie, bottle of vodka being drunk for 3 days, then abstaining for another month or so)

4) start solving all your daily math problems in your head, percentage calculations, conversions, etc.

5) get atleast 8 hours of sleep each night.

doing this stuff has made me more sharp lately, and given me much more energy. but who knows, might not work for others; worth mentioning, anyway.


File: 3bfa4aeda18a437⋯.webm (1.23 MB, 852x480, 71:40, GondolaAnimeInside.webm)

File: f466d242135a1a7⋯.jpg (127.71 KB, 599x2160, 599:2160, PedobearComic.jpg)


>Gondolas are forced because of how hard it tried to be contemplative and nostalgic and other feelsy stuff on par with indie films

Personally I find this to be the best part of Gondolas. They're abstract to the point that you can assign any meaning to them. I just like the way he observes the world around him, sitting still while it moves on by, or sometimes he's the one that's walking past everything else. Regardless I think he's become separate enough from Spurdo to be considered something unique, he's certainly not just a G-rated Spurdo, as the goal isn't to make you laugh as much as it is a miniature artform meant for guys who feel like outsiders. After all, there was a time when Spurdo was nothing more than a weirdly-drawn Pedobear with a weird voice.



Yeah early last year I was considering it because I was going through (what I assumed to be) a really bad depressive episode. But I didn’t want to take SSRIs because I’ve heard a lot of bad shit about them, so I didn’t go to a doctor. It comes and goes anyways.


>It's one thing to find existence itself pointless, and it's another thing to, in realizing the prior, not to find something you could find some mild enjoyment in doing such that living each day wouldn't feel like a chore (e.g., for me it'd be learning mathematics).

I’m in uni and enjoy doing my science stuff (mostly math related stuff, I enjoy algebra much more than doing a lab) but I have no motivation to learn the new stuff, and sitting down and making myself do the work is hard. I like drawing even though I’m not very good, but it takes a lot just to open my sketch book and actually start. I even find it hard to start playing vidya sometimes and procrastinate by just laying in bed, once I start any of it it’s just kinda routine but actually starting is difficult often. I feel like there is something worthwhile I will do with my life so I don’t think excistance is pointless but I’m just disinterested in some much. Even math and drawing aren’t things I love, otherwise I probably wouldn’t need so much energy to start doing them.


>It's always the same, same kinds of people who just insult and act tough, others who just focus on single issues, the political faggots. It's all the same.

I understand why the board is so hostile to perceived outsiders but I don’t think I’m like most other robots so I have to watch what I say sometimes because of the way the board is. I wish we had a secret place where we could all discuss freely without any chance of serious shitposters or normalscum getting in.

>Honestly, I think the final stage of the robot is to never come on r9k and simply be alone. I've spent more and more time lately being genuinely alone, no connection to anyone, and it feels right. No internet forum bullshit, no discussions, no debate, no insecurity, no stupid labels, nothing.

I’d like that but I’m so lonely, and 8ch is most of my social interactions. I have a hard time embracing being alone 100% of the time because I have been (like most of us) for basically my whole life.

>It's kinda sad, but I think we were just never really cut out for this place to begin with. I think I'm alright with that though. I'll never forget the good times here, but I can't say I'll miss them, honestly.

You worded it really well, anon.

Again sage for quasi-blog post/not really feels


File: a6568571a5d97e2⋯.mp4 (706 KB, 900x400, 9:4, 1450191514820.mp4)

File: 290760f3090a19e⋯.mp4 (1014.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1456575158433.mp4)


The problem with gondolas is their low barrier to entry. Anyone can slap a gondola in some picture add some (usually poorly fitting) music, and call it a day. It's hard to call a gondola bad because it can mean different things to other people and there's really no way to technically describe what makes one good or bad. Very few gondolas make me feel much of anything, but those that do are what I personally consider to be good.



>low barrier to entry

I suppose that's a fair point. I do think that ones that are well-made and stay faithful to the general idea of communicating a feel like loneliness or nostalgia through strange/abstract imagery are good, but the flaw like you said is the fact that it doesn't take much dedication to make one. Luckily I haven't generally seen this effect it yet. Besides that's the case with any meme, or even artforms. It's comparable to modern art being so shit up by pretentious normalfags and roasties that take a shit on a canvas and call it a "statement". I guess this will likely happen to Gondola one day, but for now he's ours.


File: 986d319e3882bd3⋯.png (320.87 KB, 499x328, 499:328, 986d319e3882bd34a10c9e9ac2….png)

Why do normalfags feel the need to talk all the time?

It literally never stops, its like they are afraid of silence.

And the worst thing is that they don't even talk about anything interesting, just shit like 'Hey, did you go to party x, did you go out, have you fucked this roastie, did you eat this food, dude I got totally wasted yesterday'.

Hate this shit. I would rather have silence.



silence is enough to make most social beings uncomfortable.

a fear of things that are difficult > avoidance of the uncomfortable

silence > difficult to navigate since you loose the cybernetic heartbeat packets between social nodes


File: 889daca0e122789⋯.png (443.37 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 1463528708120.png)


>try to break it during the day, but don't make it a rule and never break it more than twice(if your circadian rhythm goes to shit, you are doomed aka thyroid/adrenal storm and your body tries to kill you)




It's what happens when you get less social interaction than you're supposed to. I feel like I'm developing a speech disorder, I can no longer properly pronounce certain words. I'm not even a NEET, I just don't talk to anyone outside of my parents.



Intermittend fasting is actually very healthy.


>literally have a dying 17 year old cat in another room

>all the vets are closed for the weekend

>cat was best friend through out life, was based for sensory reasons and being so friendly and a constant resource of happiness

>mother keeps espousing a notion that might need to be euthanized but I don't want her to spend her final moments in a uncomfortable environment

>can't imagine life with out her, filled with remorse on how I should have left her alone more when I was younger and not rubbed my face in fur so much, should have helped her more shouldn't have gone out and got molested at 17, shouldn't have blown my money on trifling self serving stuff like drugs and booze instead I should have helped cat more

life is just a barrage of suffering, it truly just gets worse fuck everything



17 years is a pretty ripe age for a cat, man.



She should have made it past 20, like with medical improvements around these days.

My head hurts and I cannot think straight




I know how it feels man, my cat died around a year ago. Now granted, she hadn't been with me for her entire life but long enough for me to really feel a connection with her. Cats are a robot's best friend.


File: 972212e38f6199f⋯.png (20.28 KB, 781x910, 781:910, 1526909679342.png)

>tfw too apathetic to keep hating women and normalfags anymore

I'm tired of being angry all the time. After years of posting REEE and roast flaps etc. I just don't care anymore. It feels like I'm stuck in limbo and no amount of hate can change my situation.



Thanks for that anon, I feel weak and filled with regret. I think I'm dying too, or getting close. Have been drinking straight everyday this month,.

>cats are a robots best friend

That was buetiful and poignant, how I wish my dumbass would have thought that before I needlessly hung around with slime and got raped


I kind of wish I could detach from the normalfag hate and vitroil, but it's hard to get rid of such thoughts and stuff.Hopefully you can make it better.



You'll get a refresher course on women and normalfags within the next two months and you'll be right back at it, believe me. I felt the same.



Don't fall for that meme,all it did was increase my cortisol and triggered acid reflux for me.


File: 82401d8c4b84164⋯.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, image.jpeg)

I love her,it's damn depressing she had to fall like this.

I don't know how life is going to be without her.




Fasting helps me fall asleep when I'm suffering from amnesia.


>got raped

How the hell did that happen?



She won't stop wandering around, I have to put a blanket next to her.i wanna stop crying.

She was my truest and only friend, lived the way she got happy when she heard my moms voice or if she would come home.she was a talking Catt .i hope she has an afterlife, she derervd it, why does the worst always happen.

>How did you raped

When I was 17 I got kinda insane from years of ostracisation , I de a pot on cl. Some guys man type hung around , he talked to girls with me at bars, he barley drunk so I didn't understand why he did drink. Now I know he wanted to be sober because he paid for all my drinks then raped my unconscious body. I was an idiot who just got of care an hadn't seen the cat regulary for 6 years. I should've just stayed in appreciated the cat, it was my fault for being an idio but I don't ask to be raped,I didn't want it I never thought it could happen to me as I thought I was too ugly for and unpleasant for it. Nobody had ever shown interest in me before, but now I realise that I shouldn drink with strangers or any human normal for that matter.



*some buisness guy

*post on cl




My dog died a while back, so I know what you're going through. He was a smaller dog (a bichon because they don't trigger my allergies), and he was the happiest little shit you'd ever see. He was about 15 years old and died of a liver failure right at the vet's office. At the time he was the only thing left that gave me joy. The worst part though is that not a year later my brother made my mom get two cats, even though he knew that (no offense) I don't like cats. And I'm even more allergic to cats than I am to dogs. I think my family is using the memory of my dog dying to try and get me to move out.

I miss having someone to care for, in a way I thought of him as a friend and a son at the same time if that makes any sense. He was my last real attachment to the world, and now I'm just drifting through life.


File: 0fcd91b53c9b716⋯.jpeg (48.3 KB, 800x598, 400:299, goodjob.jpeg)


>go to bar for a drink

>get ass pounded instead


>always wanted to get better at math

>feel like it's too late to learn because 23

Is it too late to finally git gud at algebra, calculus and linear algebra ?



There's old people learning it. Just start now already before you waste any more time, which is the real factor. There are accomplished people who have done nothing until their 30s, so if you want to, go pursue your interests.



Cut the guy some slack.


It depends on what your goal is and what you exactly mean with "get better". If you're thinking of actually studying it at an university or something and getting a full-time job doing something related to the subject then it might be too late. If you merely want to delve into it as a sort of hobby there's nothing stopping you and maybe if you get "good" enough at it you can try out the job thing after all.

But I'm not an expert on math nor am I good at it, just speaking based on what seems the most logical. Also, I had a cousin who tried becoming a math teacher (yeah, I know) and failed even though he was pretty good at it and it was pretty much his only interest so age isn't always the biggest factor.



Everyone who works in Education got there by knowing someone higher up. There's no fucking way on Earth to get a job as a teacher otherwise, unless you want to work and probably get killed in Detroit or some other nigger-tier city.


File: 6f193b9e0e670b6⋯.png (78.21 KB, 325x323, 325:323, 1445991621811.png)


Face your fear with strength and courage.

Even if you fail horribly, it is better than to never have tried.

I believe in you anon



I'm sorry to read that anon, very sad to read how he died. But it read like that bonny doggo loved you,animals are based and deserve only unconditional love.Animal welfare is great, truly animals are our greatest allies.I'm sure if there is an after your bonny doggo son is there .I'm thinking of volunteering in a animal shelter for th memory of catto.

one half of me wants to try imrpove myself after her passing, but the other wants to just give up .

I love living on mass autism welfare, I should of appreciated her more should have appreciated everything more. she's lost control of her bowels and is leaking smelly fluid it's all depresing, I don't want this.

she should of been allowed to live in her 20's

my mom now wants her to go in the vets to be euthanized tomorrow if she's still alive, I don't want her to die in a area she's not in comfort as she's a very anxious cat


I have terrible luck


thank you anon


My OCD has been breaking out lately, but the stress from this week has taken it's toll to where I'm starting to feel a constant lightness in my chest. I don't know what it is. It's really unpleasant and I can't relax, so I'm not getting any relief in my days. Is this anxiety? Any tips to deal with it?

Or if you don't have answers, please post suggestions of soothing things to relax to, preferably with words and not white noise / music.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


LockPickingLawyer on youtube always does the trick for me when I need to calm down. Although I don't have OCD I assume his videos would be good for someone with it. He does everything in a very methodical way and rarely strays from his formula (and even when he does it's normally just something different from normal lockpicking or disassembly, like dissolving locks with gallium or breaking them, his presentation remains the same). He's got almost 800 videos so far and he uploads nearly daily.

Embed related is a good example of his videos, he names the exact lock, all of the tools he uses, and says exactly what he's doing the entire time.


File: 6d9fff2568217b4⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault-1.jpg)

Well, I got back on 10mg of escitalopram.

Insanely hard to get off this stuff bc of the withdrawals. I'm just not at a point in my life where I can deal with those effects.



I just read up on that stuff. That's some serious side effects. What happens if you don't take it?



I talk about intermittent fasting. Meaning fasting periods of 12-36 hours. Eating carbs and three meals a day is not how our cavemen ancestors ate.


File: 981684280769297⋯.gif (498.85 KB, 500x385, 100:77, 2f4.gif)

>Family wakes up

>Pots and pans start crashing down as they try to dig out the one they want

>Oven timer and coffee machine start beeping loudly

>Water gushing from the faucet at full blast

>Loud "Ahhhhhh!" sounds after drinking and after every task has been finished, from relief

>Cans and jars popping open

>Spoons and forks falling on the ground

>Screaming, shoutlaughing, and daily morning gossip begins even as they're right next to each other

>Loud knock on my door and then they barge in for whatever needless announcement they have for me, which is usually more words than it needs to be (We're leaving, you're on your own, on and on)

The kitchen is a wall away from my bedroom too, and my bed is positioned against that wall as well. Fuck these people, I hope they get into a car crash with a gas station and get incinerated on the spot.


File: 2ac5609e6f8f763⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 385x299, 385:299, think.jpg)


>and on a serious relationship

Am I misinterpreting?


File: 38675000b0426f2⋯.jpg (13.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Disdain.jpg)


>I wasn't misinterpreting




What'd he say.


File: 754346d429bd981⋯.png (52.06 KB, 1793x273, 1793:273, 238120.png)

File: 317665a283f8a7f⋯.png (33.7 KB, 1793x212, 1793:212, 283121.png)

File: 964862fdf632cc9⋯.png (25.73 KB, 1793x184, 1793:184, 283129.png)

File: acdaa41aa2e2490⋯.png (10.17 KB, 1094x77, 1094:77, 283132.png)


Moderinos' been deleting posts again.

Newfags, please don't disappoint me in yourself and try to make yourself look cool by pointing out there are no "mods".


File: 909f05e545b0d08⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 900x750, 6:5, 1535824016.jpg)


I know that feel, I feel like I haven't slept properly in years thanks to them. Every morning, it's the same shit with their screaming, you'd think they get sick of it themselves someday but they never do. I don't have the money to move out though, I've been fantasising about just waking up in complete silence for years now, imagine dreaming about such a basic need. I feel like I'm going insane because of it because I'm the kind of person that can't go back to sleep again after he has already woken up so I have days where I wake up too early thanks to them and feel like shit the whole day but I can't take a nap or something for aforementioned reasons. And even when I do try to take a nap, they'll just start making noise again.

Every time I complain about it they start nagging to me that I've just gotta go to bed earlier like they do but I can't fall asleep because when I'm in bed I'll just start thinking about how the cycle will repeat itself the next day and then I am too stressed to relax and fall asleep.


File: 6a85e227939db59⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 474x474, 1:1, shooting-range-earmuffs.jpg)



you guys should get some earmuffs, the shooting-range style ones. just go to walmart or some other store, make sure to try several pairs on before you buy.

it'll cost you around $20 and save you tons of headaches later.

had a pair of these when i was living in a dorm, and my shitty dormmates would never shut the fuck up even at 2am when we had class the next day. put em on and slept like a log.



I guess those can help some, but I already have headphones but it gets tiring of wearing them for hours, which I will have to do when I want to listen to something and when would I wear them solely to block out noise.



I already tried that once, while it does help block out noise, it feels too uncomfortable to sleep with and when I'd turn my head around they would come off again. I had similar issues with earplugs. I'm a very sensitive person when it comes to sleeping; any abormanility in regards to light, sound, temperature or something else could mean that I won't be able to sleep much for the night. During the summer, when the heat became unbearable, I would often simply not sleep at all serveral times a week.


I'm stuck in a dead-end job that doesn't even pay the bills and have to live with my parents in my 30's just to not die on the street. They berate me constantly and I can't find better work to support myself on at all. It blows and all feels so hopeless.


>got reminded of this qt girl from college


>every time it happens I remember how much of an autist she was and how we got along nearly instantly and how close I was to finally having a gf

>remember yet again that with college being over there's no more opportunities for me to meet anyone, especially someone like her

>damned to suffer alone



Autistic female is still a female, therefore a slut. You got lucky and you didn't lose a thing by not getting yourself involved with that creature.


>is shitty neice's birthday

>forced to leave as I'm an avowed virulent national socialist drunk and she's having a yid come over

>forced to venture into the shit cunt world populated by cunt normies

>wear my glasses so nobody can see my eyes

>nearly every normal cunt fixates their eyes on me

>some girls look condescending towards me, one man hurls abuse at through his car "get a haircut"

>one tall old piece of shit actually snarls at me and almost makes me kek

>I forgot how my visage alone can send normalniggers into this much of a rage

>gaggle of normal cunts walk past one of a little futur roastie, calls me something inadible due to loud wind

>her trashy slutty mom screams to alert me don't call that man names by now I'm dying for a drink and getting angry so I scream at the family "FUCKING NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEE, NORMAL FAGS I HATE THEM " and I absond before tall giant normal cunt leading them kills me

I truly hate my cunt sister, who reproduced when I was 10. I wish I could kill that loud annoying cunt who can't take after herself at the age of 28. I hate my niece , I my stupid bitch mom who can't even take care of her autistic son and only argues with him. I dream about blacking my moms eyes swollen shut, I hate my stupid retarded cunt sister and wish I could have brained her with a baseball bat while carrying, I hate my family I hate normal niggers fuck god damn I hate everything aside from my mass welfare, hitler, vidya my waifu I just want to live in piece. it should have just been my mother and me but nooooooo, she looks after my cunt invalid niece and



MY MOM IS A PETTY TWAT, SHE TRIES TO GET AT ME BY SAYING THINGS LIKE " o anon does it bother you I'm busy seeing to everyone else and the house "

bitch doesn't even feed me and then has the effrontery to say "anon why do you always buy candy from the small convince store?" she KNOWS I'm precluded from going into the big stores, doesn't even make me qourn tenders anymore == GOD DAMN I NEED TO PISS AND SHIT WHERE SHE SLEEPS ==


File: 0b1832d7cd21376⋯.jpg (145.11 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 1509740498354.jpg)


>female is still a female, therefore a slut

omg brother PREACH! fuck roasties and fuck girlies!



Why does this comment reek of trying to blend in, but being way too tryhard at it?

Do you frequent /pol/ or /leftypol/?



upboated and saved :^)



That's always how it goes, you think to yourself that she's special, that she's different from all the other girls. Those kind of girls who may act a little bit weird and pretend they like some nerd hobby like vidya/anime are just insecure and once they realise how easy it is for any relatively attractive woman to get dick, that insecurity is going to dissappear like dust in the wind. I'm sure that if you were to meet her now, she would come off as just another roastie. Also, the quiet, mentally unstable girls tend to be the ones most likely to get into SJW crap and/or divorce their first husband over petty bullshit. So yeah, you really didn't miss out that much.

I also had a crush on a "nerdy" girl in the past who seemed like a shy qt at first and didn't really talk much to other people. Then, as she got older, I watched her turn into a fucking trainwreck who was into gender bullshit and started calling herself a pansexual.



Asshurt roasties showing up as always. Go back to /girltalk/.



>/r/incels is purged and tons of crybabies migrate to /r9k/

>Later they accuse the natives of being females

Just stop bro, you're trying too hard.


>often interpret sounds like the wind as my name being called, constant tinnitus, hear powerful ringing sounds sometimes and often can't move.

>constant visual snow and flashes

>often wake up unable to discern dreams from reality

do I have schizophrenia?



There's rapid-onset scizophrenia which is a kind of intense set of hallucinations brought on very rapidly, and it's the easiest to treat. Usually it's just triggered by some sort of stimulus like stress and it can be reversed by things like removing yourself from stressful environment, meditating, or keeping your physiology in check by eating good food and such. It could be that, or it could be just that you're hallucinating a lot as a result of stress, not necessarily meaning you're predisposed to the whole schizophrenia complex.


File: b230e5fe75e59a3⋯.png (205.03 KB, 500x632, 125:158, ape.png)


He's not wrong you know.



sometimes certain spirits (commonly called 'demons' but not necessarily negative) will reach out to someone by calling their name repeatedly.

it's also how samuel was called by god.


File: 2a65c5f99c351fc⋯.png (592.9 KB, 1185x1029, 395:343, AbsolutelyHeretical.png)




These posts are very egalitariancucked.


>it's also how samuel was called by god.

>Not capitalizing God's name




>larping for real



Hating women is against the rules on /pol/



>implying that kyrios was capitalized at all, ever, in any of the koine greek NT manuscripts

>implying using capitalization such as "and His people" etc wasn't the invention of medieval monks



ugh, sorry for being so ignorant about your religion that you promote on board with desperate and depressed people. I bet gOD would not really like that


File: 6f2d2ae52cfc561⋯.jpg (43.72 KB, 829x589, 829:589, TipHarder.jpg)



Refer to pic related. (I don't even promote Christianity, I rarely post about it. Only when it comes up, which isn't often.)


>implying using capitalization such as "and His people" etc wasn't the invention of medieval monks

Yes, but in this case we're referring to God as a person, and therefore if you're using "God" As his name then you'd capitalize it. Pronouns are up for debate.



Yea, and the thing is that capitalization is a European-language thing. The Aramaic and Hebrew scripts used for the writing of the Bible had only one case for letters, so even in the original there lacks a reason to use "Him".



We're speaking in a European language. I never said anything about the original.



I never said I disagreed with him. I disagree with the way he says it.



>rapid-onset scizophrenia

>have sibling with schizo effective disorder

Am i fucked?

i can't smoke pot anymore as there's a probability I'll start hearing my dads voice tell to me to kill people I'm angry at,but sometimes I kinda laugh with it and control it. Can't read words and stuff with it occuring in my head,maybe it's just my inner conscious and stuff but I don't know.


File: ef0087f99135184⋯.png (402.31 KB, 684x980, 171:245, f4Kut7w.png)

can I post good feels ?

>found an anime I never seen before junji ito collection

>finally had enough money to buy the death note manga

>excited about autumn and winter

>got mostly A's on my college assignments

>finally know what I want to do as a career

>finally waking up earlier

Things are slowly starting to seem nice for me.



forgot to mention I sometimes get immensely fixated on a repeating parts of songs but not the full thing



If I were you, I'd just find something to focus my mind on instead of letting it rot and having the void pull it in. Right now I'm doing language learning on Memrise, which is free and in my experience a pretty good use of free time when you don't know what else to do. Just find something to use your time wisely and don't dwell on things that could trigger and episode or reverse your progress.



It does suck losing a cat. A few years ago, I had two of them, one of them had lost a leg in an accident somewhere before we adopted him. We had great years together, but then they both died within a month. The one came down with feline AIDS, and we chose to have him euthanized rather than watch him slowly wither away, the other had a stroke, paralyzing his rear legs. He also had to be euthanized.

It took my family two years of grieving before we could adopt our current two powerhouses.




If it helps you, try thinking about all of the happy years you had together. Life is short, especially for pets. You should cherish every day as if it was the last.


File: beaffe4bc4c4bbc⋯.jpg (55.32 KB, 409x683, 409:683, gayboy.jpg)


god is gay tbh


> thread was comfy af

> suddenly mods

> everyone becomes normalnigger

> reddit spacing

> thread is died



>comfy af




File: c47184175f25410⋯.png (18 KB, 780x620, 39:31, 249083574.png)


Copied from >>>/n/

Paul Menchaca, 31, allegedly became aroused while being bathed by three different women he met on home help apps Carelinx and Care.com over the summer. The school crossing guard posted ads posing as a woman named ‘Amy’ who was seeking help for a loved one with Downs, and met the women at various locations near his home in Gilbert, Az.

One of the women, who did not wish to be identified, told ABC15: ‘He needed shower and grooming, he couldn’t use the bathroom himself, he couldn’t really be alone by himself. ‘He acted like a child; his whole demeanor was childlike. He would act in tantrums, talk like a child, act like a child.’ She said Menchaca would clap and smile while having his diaper changed – and branded the alleged pervert a ‘fetishist.’

The former carer also voiced her outrage at what Menchaca allegedly made her do, saying: ‘Why would you do that? ‘Why would you make us change you knowing you didn’t have to. Why didn’t you give us a choice?

Another carer, who said Menchaca told her he’d suffered a traumatic brain injury added: ‘He did ask me a few times to come over and help him shower, but I was incredibly uncomfortable with that. ‘I feel disgusted and very uncomfortable. As a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I’m so drawn toward people who need help, vulnerable adults, somebody who can’t even make it to bathroom themselves.

Menchaca’s alleged scheme was rumbled after his first carer became suspicious and followed him to his actual home. There, she knocked on the door, and was told by Menchaca’s parents that he did not have Downs syndrome, and does not need diapers.



File: d85add1ca978872⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 399x300, 133:100, 1501023277611.jpg)

Waiting, waiting for the happening. 9 days



just lol.

I'm glad I never get attached to girls who likely aren't virgins. If I find out that a "oneitis" of mine has/had a boyfriend, she basically becomes dead to me. I wouldn't take her even if she left him. Women don't really have personalities anyway so chastity is pretty much all they can offer.




>ironically LARPing a semitic cult

*tips kike on a stick*



Just remember that Chad is viciously pounding your oneitis right now


>Read something that claims to be true and is meant to piss people off about the subject

>Get really emotional and angered upon reading this

>Turns out it was half-truths or outright lies

I just can't ever be rightfully and completely angry about something, can I?


File: 6105b518bc07acd⋯.png (82.82 KB, 696x931, 696:931, 1535633669532.png)

I really want to start self improvement but I dont know where to start

>fat(haven't tried exercising in years)

>bad sleep schedule

>can't stop watching fetish porn

>brain fog

>lack of motivation/Self discipline

>suicidal thoughts


>very negative towards everything

>don't know what to do with my life




Most important part is that you just eat less. Unlike what normalfags say, losing weight isn't all about exercise, just eating less calories every day is the easiest way to quickly lose weight. Drop any "sugary" food like candy, chocolate etc. and just eat things like rice, fish and cooked vegetables. Dropping bread and potatoes tends to help as well. Soup and rice can quickly make you feel full without gaining any extra weight. Honestly, I tend to eat way more when I exercise so I don't really know what to recommend on that basis because I just don't really do it in the first place.

I can't help with everything else because I'm experiencing those same problems but losing weight is just all about what you eat. Me personally, I try to only eat one meal a day when I'm trying to lose weight. It sounds unhealthy and it might be but I don't give a fuck, it works.


File: ac221798688eb4f⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 515x287, 515:287, ac221798688eb4fdf84d0a2f33….jpg)



>>>/out/ Go chase pussy on incels dot me faggot.


File: eadca44ff49a055⋯.png (1.36 MB, 800x800, 1:1, this thing.png)


>tfw people stupid people blame their problems on (((brain fog)))



>A fucking republican




<A fucking republican

What did you mean by this?


I hate normalniggers. And I especially hate the noisy ones. There's no fucking way it must be hard to take at least a 10 minute break from the constant 24/7 rambling once in a while. Do they breath only when they talk?

I hate every fucking 3dpd female, dead and alive. Almost as much as I hate every beta orbiter that follows the vagina's disgusting scent like his life depends on it.

I hate degenerates. Homosexuals, latent homosexuals, homosexuals in denial, fetishists, pedos are all disgusting and they belong in the oven.

I hate subhumans. Niggers, kikes, spics, abbos, low-tier slavs, chinks, mudslims, race-mixed abominations… How in the hell there are so many types?

I hate every faggot who is obsessed with pussy, be it 2d or 3dpd. Fucking vagina slaves, get the fuck out from the realm of the living.

I really despise this gay and lame timeline. It sucks, it's unbearable, it is disgusting and boring. It could be anything, but it is this.

We are truly the unlucky ones to be born into this mess, where you can't even easily escape by killing yourself just because your survival instinct is quite willing to interfere.

You want to live and get the best from the shitty life you can get but life is hell and you get nothing but the negative things. You don't want to live but it is not easy at all to escape from this hell. You make yourself believe that you are dead, get rid from all the feelings and emotions and it only helps for as long as your focus is maintained.



This depends heavily on your genetics, so it might not help the anon you replied to.

>t. I eat like one meal a day at most and am still relatively fat

I exercise too though.


He said nothing about politics. Fucking leave, nigger^2


File: fed7335ae6dbf1b⋯.png (41.79 KB, 523x509, 523:509, bingo.png)


>This depends heavily on your genetics

>I eat less and exercise but I'm still fat

You're completely delusional. The human body might be a bit more complex than calories in/out, but it's still a good general rule for weight loss. Eating less and moving more will take weight off; "fat genetics" aren't a thing.



>fat(haven't tried exercising in years)

Don't fall for the fasting meme,



As a kid my family would hug me and say "I love you" and I'd just say it back, I never actually felt anything and I still don't whenever it happens. Now my family forces me to hug them and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't have autism but I feel numb emotionally.

How does "love" feel and how can I feel it?



You might just be numb to the feeling, like breathing. You don't quite appreciate it. True love is something inexplicable, and you only feel it when you think you've lost it at any point. I don't know your life though, so you might just be a psychopath.



I'm in the same boat, you either just don't love them or you're a socio/psycho. In my case I learned that my parents were close-minded cowish boomers.




How would I know if I'm a socio/psychopath or not ?



Psychopaths stem from two roots: A large part of the brain is missing, or you were just born uncaring or a life experience changed you.



I understand the sentiment. It also feels like divisive shit is bumped because some retards who stayed on 4chan the past 4 years have only migrated over now and are having arguments from 4 years ago. Evolve already, faggots.

I go to fix a washing machine.



That he's playing games of false flag with a friend from /leftypol/


On the off chance you were living under a 4chan rock until recently. Stop giving a shit about women you hormonal cuck. You have two choices, pine for her like a loser or get a hobby.


File: 4fc6288005d6eaf⋯.png (123.85 KB, 1283x959, 1283:959, rice.png)


don't eat rice.


some peoples parents do fuck them up.


File: 21c634bf913194c⋯.png (124 KB, 431x320, 431:320, yeah so what.png)


>some peoples parents do fuck them up.

Totally irrelevant to the post you're replying to.



top left corner, second column.




poo poo pee pee toastie roasties btfo'd


File: b1422677cb0b26e⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1100x1210, 10:11, 1496037771661.png)

Just went and bought me some nutmeg. I'll be sleeping for a few days literally. Wake me up when September ends. Everyone once in a while a robot must hibernate to recharge. In 6 hours I'll be a sleeping zombie, a curse awaits on those who awaken my slumber



How does that work? Is this nutmeg thing something I should know about?


I am but a shallow husk. Things happen and I don't really care. I used to daydream, to indulge myself in escapism, to think, and everyday had it's own atmosphere and was unique in a way. Not anymore. I just exist and all is grey.

I used to love windy autumnal days, for example. Those were the days that gave me inspiration and will to live and to create. Now I don't give a damn no matter how hard I try.

Life is making me stiff.

I just want to fall into an endless sleep and end it all somehow.


File: af59a00603110a1⋯.jpg (32 KB, 401x271, 401:271, picasso feels.jpg)


I feel this. I'm just hoping to get desensitized to all the things on that list so I can get some rest, even while living among the ruins. Hell, this is just the beginning. Things are gonna get much worse before (if) they get better. Did anyone buy into the DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF /pol/ memes? Did they help or did they just get you madder?



>Did anyone buy into the DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF /pol/ memes?


>Did they help or did they just get you madder?





I also want to know. All I know is generally that small amounts in tea or milk induces sleeping. Is there some secret potion out there to help my fake death?




You are fortunate. the effects haven't kicked in yet

Yes. Nutmeg can make you very sleepy and very high, sometimes even hallucinate if you take too much(you don't want that, heavy sideeffects, effects for weeks). I wouldn't advice it to take your death, people check your pulse these days. Centuries ago in Haitï they did not, sorceress would give nutmeg and maybe some other ingredients to a victim, bury them alive and dig them up and make them believe they are undead and because of the hallucinations very susceptible suggestion, so you can basically be slave while under the effect, probably have to be a nigger too






My flatmate is a fucking hipocrite. He has put a cross and the images of Mary and Jesus onto his wall, he holds the New Testament on his shelf, he posts christian bullshit on his kikebook, and at the same time he is fucking desperate to get his pinus inside vagina, and by desperate I mean he is obssessed with it, 24\7 communicates with succubi online. Near the New Testament now lies a condom. How surreal is this? Fucking normanfaggots.


File: 236f338907db17d⋯.png (253.51 KB, 472x410, 236:205, 1469768517806.png)

I fucking hate it when British people play American/black genres music especially blues and rap. Blues is an American thing stemming from American poverty not you living in a rowhouse with your mummy and daddy eating a fish pie with your crooked teeth, it's so fucking trepid to hear the blues already since it's just whittling on one string with a slow bum-bum bum-ta drum beat but it's aggravating as all hell to hear it from a Brit as if you know what the blues are.

Most rap is already terrible especially today but British rap has always been trash and just chav subhumans talking about a night with the lads and all the gangster stuff they did like huff balloons and kick over garden gnomes, in fact all rap from western Europe is hypocritical and just rapping about how much of fucking niggers they are while in America I can believe that the niggers were given no other choice to go down because they've lived in ghettos for decades while in Europe the niggers and T*rks were never seriously discriminated against because they all started to come in the 60s and 70s when civil rights was at its peak.

I don't think I need to go into British country music or British/white reggae.



>implying the Anglo low income trashers listen to blues at all

what is your basis of this assertion?

ameri-cunt I have been around wiggers and chavs in council properties for some long damn time much to my annoyance,and I have not come across one that played shitty simplistic blues.Only heard nigger rap,wigger grime, shitty pop or other veritable trash. All normal niggers, normal wiggers,shit skins in general and none nk or japanese oriental (not my chink doctor though he's very nice and funny) people need to be gassed, you need to be gassed too for putting niggers on a pedastool.

>muh poor niggers go through hardship

boo hoo why should I give a shit?go to Detroit and show them your sympathies with their plight please



>being a bong

>while also being this illiterate

Boys, I think we may have a Pajeet.



no we have a chronic alcoholic living on retard welfare,can confirm for the shitty teeth though. Anglos are most likely inbred.



I'm talking about fat boomers and middle class kids who do, and the wave of British musicians who wished they were black. Also I don't care about niggers or their ooga booga CIA beats or what "injustice made poor urban youths turn to crime" but compared to the ones over there talking about the tough streets of Copenhagen or Berlin I'd rather listen to American rap.



Oh, I haven't cr acquainted with fat boomers or middle class kids but they are normal cunts and I do desire for their violent dissipation from what limited interaction I've had with these types like in school. Well yes I agree it's all subversive retarded (coming from a legit retard) shit, glorifying low position of income and quality of life.OOGA BOOGA BIX NOOD MUFAGGA pulls pants, why do some so many white normal cunts and paki shit cunts identify with the niggers in your country?, it's sad. I hate British musicians quite frankly aside from skrewdriver, slade, rolling stones; jilted john and the sex pistols When will /fash wave/ make a resurgence ?



*come acquainted

I'm fucking drunk


File: 894e3f1dfe45c72⋯.jpeg (117.86 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 092CC2E1-7311-4837-B573-F….jpeg)

Have a calculus test in 10 minutes. Not ready, spent too much time playing vidya, and am not ready. I’m really fucking stressed right now. I’m too dumb to be in uni, why am I here?



Calculus is easy as fuck compared to most things. Especially since it's september, thus the first exam.

Definition of a limit, definition of being continuous at a point, definition of the derivative, maybe some approximation formulas.

I don't know the def. of limit without using epsilon delta or some topology junk, so just think: as you get closer to c, f(x) gets closer to L, i.e. x->c implies f(x)->L (goes to doesn't mean equals).

Continuous at a point means the left-hand limit and right hand limit agree and equal f(x).

Lastly, the definition of the derivative at a point x is [f(x + h) - f(x)]/h as h->0.

There you go, that should be everything for the first exam besides algebra.


File: 39722ee0b63073b⋯.jpg (689.76 KB, 2268x4032, 9:16, A07DWH4.jpg)

>don't have ownership over my own life

>at the same time no one else is trying to control it

>to be an aimless drifter with no strong desires one way or the other about his own life

>that is my fate

at this point I don't even bother opening my shutters, my curtains fell down like 2 weeks ago and they never replied to my call to get them fixed. I also no longer have chairs in my studio, and frequently go without eating. Haven't been to the gym in like 3 weeks. Feel myself slipping away from reality, and I don't even have booze to help me along this lonely journey.



>comfy af


How to spot the nigger-speaking newfag



I know all the definitions I just sucked at applying them. I’m sure I failed because he made us redo the test with a group (of course was put with the leftovers) and I didn’t really do anything right. I’ve been out of school for 2 years and got used to NEET life so I don’t study. Guess I need some self control. Thanks for the help though anon.



Yep. Just realize, although I can give you the definitions (and a good book) you have to do the work to even hope to do anything.

E.g. I personally like more rigorous books in math because it's actaully logical. No bullshit assumptions. Even for small things, I prefer to know why. E.g. you have those stupid sum formulas, 1 + 2 + .. + n = n(n+1)/2. Why not ask yourself why?

Turns out the proof is very simple. You notice you can pair the ends to obtain (n/2) pairs of (n+1), i.e. (n/2)(n+1). Now, you might have some greivances over whether there is a number left over when pairing off and how that affects things. Well, then suppose n is odd. We will obtain (n-1)/2 pairs of (n+1) with (n+1)/2 left over. Thus, the sum is:

(n-1)(n+1)/2 + (n+1)/2 = ((n+1)/2)(n - 1 + 1) = (n+1)n/2 = (n/2)(n+1).

As for books, I thought Thomas' Calculus was pretty good. I also like AoPS' Calculus. I felt like Lang had one, too.

Regarding "suck at applying them" you could explain. E.g., is it difficulty in finding the limit of something? Calculating the derivative? Etc.



The test was on the first section which was introduction to limits, finding limits analytically, one sided limits, limits involving infinity and continuity. I did okay when doing the questions in the text but on the test I did awful. I think I just need to put more time in. I really hate remembering all the theorems that they give us. The uni offers free tutors (though I wouldn’t do that) I was just stressed out and wanted to share my feel.


I actually had a nice day for once and felt happy. Ive been to my first class at college and it seemed easy however I feel this feeling that soon things will get harder and the happiness I feel right now I wont ever feel anymore.

No matter what I do I keep feeling this feeling over and over again which just makes me distance myself emotionally to everything



Drifting aimlessly is how I like to live. The idea of following set paths in life is completely unattractive to me; I want to eat when I'm hungry and sleep when I'm tired.


File: cb32821d7ce8ec3⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 882x758, 441:379, 0ip8suy36354jmty6iopjm.jpg)

>go to mcdonalds like a good american

>order my food and sit down

>food is sat down in front of me from wagie

>look up expecting some 40 something dindu

>super super qt 3.14 looking back at me smiling

>"here you are! how are you today?"

>o-oh fuck

>quickly look down and struggle to look back up at her


>she stands there for a moment and then walks away

>didnt hear her ask anyone else how their day was as she walked around giving other people their food

>my autistic brain now thinks she was hitting on me




Ask for some secret menu items, or tell them to give you like 5 patties on one burger with 3 slices of cheese in between each layer.



She probably already thinks Im a literal retard i dont want to make things worse



There's lot of socially awkward people who get burgers so certainly she doesn't think much of it. It's just something new to do, I guess, to get big burgers. Give you an experience of a sort.


File: c242f80c40100a6⋯.png (11.31 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 1E115DCC-E6F4-4CDE-9006-4A….png)


Are you actually giving him advice to get a 3D?


File: 923cf296e053cbc⋯.png (251.5 KB, 511x541, 511:541, 1498791637982.png)


More like a burger.


File: 4966aac2602a689⋯.jpeg (804.14 KB, 1746x2894, 873:1447, Gandhara Buddha.jpeg)

I wasn't sure if I should post this in the NEET thread so I'll just do it here. Would you consider archaeologist a robot-tier job? I've been interested in the job as I like history and it's seemingly easy to get work with a degree in it in my country but my main criteria for finding out what kind of job I could do on a lifetime basis is how much I have to interact with normalfags and how bad my colleagues will be. Is there anyone who happens to work in that field? If not, what kind of people do you think would choose that type of job?

I would much rather become a NEET myself but I don't think I'd be able to get welfare as I am relatively healthy and would probably fail at pretending to be a schizo.



If you have trouble interacting with people you won't do well as an archeologist. The very nature of the work involves not only being a people person, but being good at it. Grant money, labor contracts, building a network of people in your field who you can contact for info, and so on are going to require you to interact with normalfags on a fairly regular basis. Sorry to disappoint but there are very few jobs/careers where you can get away with being solitary. The ones that do exist are usually either extremely monotonous, require a lot of skill and involve thankless work, or low paying night jobs.



You suffer the problem that all robots suffer. You care too much. And because you care too much you unconsciously think everyone else is the same. Take what solice you can in the knowledge that you literally mean nothing to her and she's already forgotten about you. Also, don't read so much into roasties being friendly, especially when they are on the job. They have grown up in an entirely different world than you and to them being overly friendly is normal, whereas if a man had done it, it would have come across as "creepy".



History student here. I am considering leaving it because of my robot personality incompatible with the rampant normalfaggotry I have to endure here. Whatever you do: don't go to university. Maybe except if you go to some IT related field complicated enough not being filled with normalniggers, but I don't guarantee anything.


File: 55f5e7066fab381⋯.jpg (74.61 KB, 685x719, 685:719, 55f5e7066fab381e8a7b2577d1….jpg)

>know this guy from work

>nice kid. Friendly, helpful - a bit slow and more than a little Spergy, though. Certainly on the spectrum

>Everyone hates him. They're always talking shit behind his back and show him no respect, not even the basic decency you'd expect in a professional environment

>I honestly don't know why this is. Not even the managers will step in to help no matter how cruel people are to him, most of them are in on it

>they even try to drag me into it, trying to poison me against him, but they can't even explain why they have a problem with the guy

>the kid is clrealy miserable, despite the brave face he puts on. Every day must be a living hell for him

>feel bad for him, disgusted with the way he's singled out and shat upon by this conspiracy of assholes

>make a deliberate effort to reach out to him, just to set ourselves on friendly terms so he can know that there's at least one person who doesn't hate his guts

>I show him just a scrap of basic kindness, and now he treats me like I'm his fucking daddy. Follows me around like a lost puppy

>on my ass all day long

>starting to understand why everyone hates him now. There's nothing bad about him, he's just really ducking annoying and overbearing

>just want to be left alone, don't want to be mean about it but he will never take a hint

>now everyone thinks we're friends and I'm being targeted for harassment because of it

Should've just kept my head down, I should've stayed invisible. NOW I've got a needy sperg following me around 24/7 and everything else giving me shit for no ducking reason.



Phoneposting tbh


File: 1243e8c51526008⋯.png (73.7 KB, 378x403, 378:403, Minions_aint_made_for_this….png)

>have a really profound thought in the middle of my shift at the wageslaver factory

>think "I should post this on /r9k/, they'll probably appreciate it"

>many hours later

>return home

>wash up

>eat leftovers

>can't remember my own fucking thoughts because I'm so burnt out from work



Happens to the best of us


File: a7a1990181d4e90⋯.png (177.39 KB, 316x321, 316:321, a7a1990181d4e9077b0a123e18….png)


I feel you anon, I'm about to get my ass beat as well today.

>been working at Pizza place for just over a week

>have 2 main drivers

>one got arrested half a week ago

>other one shows up if/when he feels like it

>guy taking over as manager is on vacation this week

>tfw I'm scheduled for a 9-hour shift with a skeleton crew today

Wish me luck, lads.


File: 8673d0b5fec357c⋯.jpg (22.49 KB, 268x268, 1:1, born to kill.jpg)

>good thing happens to me because I keep careful and watch my actions

>get more relaxed because good things are happening, let my guard down

>do something incredibly stupid that immediately deletes all my progress and puts me back in my place

Every single time.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>if you go to some IT related field

I already tried programming 2 years ago. The people are definitely less shittier to deal with and generally more like-minded than I could expect from any other field but I simply did not have the skills or brains for the actual work.


Reminded me of vid related. I feel like if you told him that he was bothering you by doing this you would break his mind even further because he just lost his last chance at friendship. He's probably just really lonely and hasn't had much experience with social interaction before so he doesn't know the "limits".

Anyway, that doesn't sound like a reasonable motive for everyone in your company to treat him like shit, I can imagine they'd prefer to ingore him but that seems like it's going too far.


File: 938194f8c91986d⋯.jpg (24.98 KB, 450x323, 450:323, buttered-bread-stock-photo….jpg)

File: 596948a9dd03dbc⋯.jpg (110.91 KB, 1300x867, 1300:867, 31249882-chef-slicing-garl….jpg)




Don't know about nutmeg (also, can't find anything except the nigger-tier powdered stuff where I live), but if I want to go into a sleep coma, I use garlic.

Take 3-4 peeled cloves of garlic, slice them horizontally into thin slices. Take some hard bread/toast, put a think slab of butter on it. (anywhere from 1 to 3 times the amount of pick related. Get over yourself, butter is good for you). Put the thin garlic slices in the layer of butter, and add a ton of dill for taste. If you made it well, the butter should balance the garlic and make the whole thing edible. You'll sleep like a rock. Also, your breath may or may not smell like death (so I've heard), but I take it you aren't seeing any important people or going on any dates lately.



Then it's just you putting time into it. First off, nothing that you stated should require anything like a theorem.

>introducing limits

A definition. Since it's a basic class, it's probably f(x)->L as x->c and how f(x) need not actually reach the limit.

>finding analytically

You can plug in the value c in x->c and that might work. Alternatively, factor and cancel & then plug in. When that fails, try the problem numerically by plugging in closer and closer values on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side (note, if the left and right approximations don' agree, then the limit doesn't exist).

>one sided

Approach c from either the left or the right (whatever it tells you to do) and see what value it takes on (numerical approach). If you know the function is continuous or doesn't have one of those jump (break) discontinuities, then you can just find the limit L (as done before) and that should equal both the left and right-hand limits.

>limits involving infinity

The most that should be is looking at he orders of magnitude of the numerator and denominator. If the denominator's highest order term "moves quicker" than the numerators highest order term, then it goes to zero. If the numerator's highest order term moves quicker, it goes to infinity. If both go at the same rate, then merely divide the two leading order terms.


To be continuous at c first supposes that the limit exists and then it supposes that f(x) = that limit. Again, just a definition. In R, we note that connectedness is associated with being continuous, so if you never have to pick up your pencil, the graph is continuous.


File: 944e7c8c346d01e⋯.jpg (63.02 KB, 848x900, 212:225, smile and optimism.jpg)


>have a couple of friends I've known since grade school I still talk to

>they are the only people in the world I trust

>meet someone new

>get to know them better

>feel bad for them because they've genuinely been dealt a bad hand in life

>we play vidya together and basically become friends

>start trusting her

>she butters me up with some "we're great friends, I really trust you" tier bullshit

>i fucking fall for it because I still feel bad for her

>some time passes

>completely stops talking to me

>pulling some cloak and dagger bullshit to avoid me

>turns out she was just using me to get to one of my friends

>apparently he told her he doesn't go for sloppy seconds and she started crying and left, according to that friend

>never came back

>didn't care enough to ask why someone would do that

That was a learning experience and a half.


File: 96aba52bb7e44ff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.22 KB, 296x249, 296:249, garlik_dill_comma_sanwitch.jpg)


Made a screenshot of the half-eaten thing for /r9ck/ .



You're a fucking idiot for trusting roasties, ever. If that wasn't what you learned from this then you will experience this again, roasties love using men they deem as inferior as tools to get to chad's cock. Stop being a slave to pussy and look past the cute face for once.


File: 0d462405b8227db⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 448x512, 7:8, 5567b145ea3614298e1160729e….jpg)


Good luck and best to you



Never trust a woman. Just make sure this never happens again.


Asking this again here since in /b/ all threads look the same

Does no fap help with lucid dreaming? I want to fap and beat myself fugging hard but at the same time I want to try lucid dreaming again since the dream I had last night was pretty cool, got to a dark church that was filled with pale naked women with huge udders. I even got to have """"sex""""" with one of the women while she was getting fucked by a shadow it wasn't really sex, I was kissing her while she was fucking a dark blue ghost


File: e282b01aa0ec54a⋯.jpg (133.94 KB, 679x673, 679:673, Shrug.jpg)

>There are people out there that have multiple jobs and still want more

>It's not even due to serious financial troubles, they just want more work

Is there some sort of hidden happiness to wageslaving that I'm missing? One job is already a hassle enough as it is.



Can't answer your question, but what method did you use to learn how to lucid dream? How real/convincing it is?


Greed. Normalfaggots constantly spending money they don't have in order to keep up appearances. I see the behavior all the time in women and men who let their wives spend their money.



>but what method did you use to learn how to lucid dream?

I said I tried but didn't say I managed to get it right, mostly when I get a grip of the dream I end up waking up pretty shortly

>How real/convincing it is?

Can't say since I never managed to lucid dream properly but I'd say, at least sounds are pretty nice, or horrifying.

The thing with dreams is, even if you can't properly control yourself, you still get to feel shit. It's pretty odd



Normalfags know nothing more than working and spending. If you were to ask 100 people what they would do if they won the lottery, probably 80+ of them would seek a small job sooner or later to pass the time. They have no imagination and no scope beyond the basics. Any robot with a large amount of money and free time could easily think of dozens of ways to fill their time if not hundreds, but normalniggers are the slave-caste who only know how to be slaves.



Nigger, if I had money to do so, I could settle for sitting in front of this computer and going for walks at night for the rest of my life. I'll never understand the "well, won't you get bored if you don't work?" fags.


I know this isn't exactly a feel but how can I become "The higher man" that philosophers spoke of ? I want to become a virtuous, fit and noble guy but I don't know where to begin. How do I begin my journey towards philosophy and enlightenment ?



>"well, won't you get bored if you don't work?" fags

It's because normalfags generally don't have any real hobbies outside of going out with friends (if that can be considered a hobby) which can only be done during specific times of the day. I would also love to just spend my entire life behind a computer watching anime, the only things I'd buy if I were to win the lottery would be some parts for my PC and a house in an area without any other people like the forest. I'd use the rest to just support that comfy lifestyle.



I'd unironically start farming. I would probably buy just enough land to sustain myself with food for a whole year, build a house near it, dig a well for water and buy the books I have to get from uni library otherwise. I would be my own lord. My goal would be to cut myself from society as much as possible and live for my own passions.


File: a55a9c83eb0575a⋯.png (416.19 KB, 594x487, 594:487, 6e43beb576f260b71a53443b38….png)


Start from the little things. Clean up your room weekly, exercise 3 times a week (find yourself a good training regimen), watch what you eat (maintain a healthy diet), fix your bad habits/addictions (wasting too much time on the web, lurking aimlessly, drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, overeating and other shit), stop fapping and watching any porn/hentai, pick a few productive hobbies that are interesting for you, try to read only science or philosophy books (because most of the fiction books are shit anyway), etc.

It will make you closer to that ideal.

I am not sure myself that it is worth it. Life will still be shit. You will be the one who change, but the world around you will still be the same.

You will feel only a bit better, but not because of the mental factors or high morals and ideals, it mostly will be the physical ones that will actually matter (no brain fog, less headaches, easier to focus, you don't feel like 100% shit, you have more energy and motivation, and other minor nice stuff).

It is still better than being a degenerate or a decaying lifeless piece of flesh, though.



I think it helped me a little after I nofapped for 7+ days. I think I just had more dreams overall, and there were more dreams than before that I could control.

At the very least you can get lots of wet dreams.




I think it's because for normalfags, work is their hobby.



That doesn't sound reasonable at all though. If anything, they'd probably do things like blow it on their family and friends, or go gambling and buy luxury crap. Most hate work and can't stop complaining about Mondays and can't stop crying out for Fridays.



Accurate. This is everything you need to watch closely to become functional. Normalfags do it seamlessly because they don't bother to get deep at anything. They are deep entrenched in routine. Just superficially tackling everything and crying in the shower alone. Even when they, have good job, house, are fit and have car. I've seen it first hand, had some roastie even confessing that the good part is that she was crying at her own house and wouldn't bother getting dressed to do it.

Above all, avoid debt or become slave.


File: b5ee4ab4ae329ae⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 123342563423.jpg)

⌘-F no woman hate thread so I just post this here. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/26/warning-graphic-video-footage-captures-bodybuilder-pummeling-girlfriend-in-roid-rage-attack.html

>County prosecutors say Perry was kicked more than 100 times and was stabbed repeatedly during the 40-minute assault. Bashi was arrested after neighbors found Perry on the home’s front porch.

>Perry has recovered after being in a coma for days – but then appeared this week at the hearing to ask for the charges against Bashi to be dropped. "She told the judge she wanted the defendant out of jail, and told the judge that it was her fault this happened"

To bad we don't have the full 40 minutes of horseplay. Bet it would be kino.





And have a pick from any one of these female hate threads, among more:










>outing yourself as a macfag

At least when I phonepost I don't advertise it.




Hook, line and sinker


File: db0e724cb589380⋯.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, 349:642, db0.jpg)


Nice onе



Maybe this is because I have never used a mac myself nor met a person who used them but I would prefer macfags posting here over phoneniggers.


File: 5130a110aeaffc2⋯.jpg (261.69 KB, 651x1600, 651:1600, merely-an-act.jpg)





I only phonepost when I'm on the shitter. And I only have a smartphone out of necessity and the fact that if I used a flip phone I'd get people who don't have a concept of privacy that come up to me and start talking about muh dinosaur technology.



Lol, he really gives her the business. Makes my dick hard



There's macfags, there's phoneposters and then there's iphoneposters.



>told the judge it was her fault

Most truthful thing a woman has ever said


I still use a flip phone. Nobody gives me shit about it except for my mother who tries to push a smart phone on me like it's some sort of religion.



I used a flip phone for years and people wouldn't shut the fuck up about it. I guess it depends on where you live.

t. americunt

The retards at work kept bugging me about it until I broke down and got one, and now I have multiple social media platforms that I downloaded just to get them to stop teasing me that I've never used. I got fed up with them constantly going "anon doesn't have app X what a loser". At least it is convenient for using the internet, besides it being a horrible reminder that I'll never be allowed to escape normalfags.


reposting from my thread on b

This is a longer story and I post from my phone.

I need the oppinions of my brothers.

>be anon

>live in western yurop but be of eastern yurop origin

>come back to homeland for a week

>for picking up my freshly renewed ID card

>come with bus from capital to home town at 15:00

>find hotel near bus terminal

>enter building

>there she is

>sitting on reception desk

>black red caro shirt

>jet black hair

>very cute face always smiling


>I ask her for a room

>she organises me a good one

>we get along well

>go to room, leave stuff and head back to reception

>she has a bright smile on her face

>tell her room is good and ask when breakfast is

>7 am til noon

>leave hotel for lunch in town

>she smiles brightly when I come back and so do I

The next day I went to pick up the ID card. Everything worked better than imagined.

I also noticed her shift is from afternoon to evening.

Fast Forward to today (my last day here)

>sit in hotel room since 2 pm.

>she must be at her desk

>think about going out for a walk to have excuse to see her again

>yes no yes no yes no

>nearly half past 9

>finally decide to do it

>holy shit she is there

>originally wanted to thank her and say goodbye

>ask her if she works tomorrow morning

>yes I will be around

>she smiled brightly the entire time

>me too

>then we see each other tomorrow

>head outside for a walk

>it is freezing 12 degree centigrade

>I only have a pullover on

>happy anyways

>come back at 22:15 she still there

>"see you tomorrow"

>"see you tomorrow"

I felt like she might have liked me

reason for this her smile mostly and enthusiasm.

There is another lady working there and she never smiles and is pretty indifferent to me. In general service economy people here are not that friendly to customers and they rarely smile.

So, should I ask her for her phone number and her name?

I only have 8 hours to decide about it…

Another thing I noticed. She worked afternoon shifts up until now. Tomorrow she will be around on the morning. I think she might have swappwd shifts to be around when I am leaving.

beeing the neurotic and auristic shit I am I will not sleep the entire night of course…



>because I have never used a mac myself nor met a person who used them

How poor was your family?



I can see that I have a long way to go. Giving up porn, alcohol and laziness will be a great challenge.


File: 713a7b548eafa7e⋯.png (629.31 KB, 967x1400, 967:1400, CH8vdxjWUAAWUbt.png large.png)

>Start driving school

>A bit excited, won't have to drive shitty public transport anymore

>Finally get theory done

>Turns out the teacher is horrible, makes driving a living hell

>retread and drop out due to inactivity

>let 1 year pass and try elsewhere

>teacher is better, stuff coming along nicely

>finally get that overpriced garbage plus a decent car

>Turn out it doesn't feel like right at all and basically avoid driving because of fear of fucking up

Can at least one important thing just werk? Just once I want to actually enjoy it and have an easy time with it


File: 3eec60901ee2a36⋯.jpg (85.17 KB, 417x406, 417:406, Odo.jpg)


She was likely just being polite. I've noticed that when you find a girl to be cute (which is rare for 3dpd), it's easy to misinterpret things they do as infatuation.

You're clearly normalfaggot, so I'd say go for it, whatever gets you off my board. You might even get lucky and have her give you her number, in which case you'll ideally leave us alone. Just don't come crawling back to us when she tells you she's taken. Or if you must return, at the very least don't bother us with >tfw no gf posts and obsessing over 3d whores like you're doing here.

Goodbye and good luck, anon.



Maybe she liked you but if you have autism like me then you are probably misreading it

Whenever someone looks happy I think that they are interested in me, but they never are


OP, even though to know what boggs the mind of 3DPD is no hard task, you are actually required to talk to her to obtain any kind of consent to dwelve further. Unless you plan to violate the creature and chop it down your basement. If you do it please record it and share. Also you are a faggot. Good luck



I never learned to drive because I always thought I'd fuck up and plow into a kindergarten and obliterate twenty kids or some shit. Good thing too, because if I didn't walk as much as I did, I'd probably be fat as shit as opposed to the early 20's dadbod I have now. Fortunately and unfortunately, I live in a small and somehow super compact city and I can walk anywhere without much trouble.




Thank you for your replies anons.

I know what you mean. Happened to me often as well with misinterpreting and beeing the gullible retard I am, I now hope that this time it is different. So far only negative responses but I feel like I have to try nevertheless. To be honest I kind of want her to reject me so I can tell myself it is over for good.



It's not different, regardless of what it feels like. I mean, try, sure, no harm in that, but don't expect anything, and don't let it get to you. Sure, it seems like "this one is different", but that's just not true. Animals can't go against their nature.

t. someone who thought and acted on "this one might be different" many, many times



hello satan-sama

to you I am especially thankful. I did not know about this word infatuation. It does explain very well how I felt in similar situations before. Contrary to your belief I am not normalfag, just emotionally stunted retard who believes in unicorns.



right in the feels anon. I know what you mean.

Often I ask myself why I can't just be asexual or not attracted to anything. Nature is so cruel, letting us do insane stuff in hope this time it will be different. Chasing phantoms and unrealistic illusions time after time.

well I liked this hotel but after today I guess I will have to find another one for next time …


hotel fag reporting back

one good and one bad message

good one:

I for once in my life was not a total coward and I asked her for her name and then if she wants to keep in contact. this was in fact the first ever time I did something like this. Never asked a girl out directly before.

r9k bonus full story:

>get up at 5 am, browse internet an hour

>take shower at 6

>shave, brush teeth, pack my bags

>spend an hour in limbo thinking if I should or not

>check out time comes, walk to lobby

>wish her a good morning

>now at daylight I can finally see her better

>grey eyes, rather small

>dark brown hair, straight

>narrow face, cute as before

>notice acrylic fingernails, painted in pink

>stacy detector goes off but think no need to worry, coincidence

>she replies and says today I am early up

>pay the bill

>take documents

>thank her and she tells me to come again

> I tell her I don't know her name yet

>"it's Alexandra"

>okay Alexandra see you next time

>do you wish we stay in contact?

>she has a little laugh as if she liked that I was into her

>sure, we will see each other when you come back

>I am always here

>say okay, thank her and

>tell her goodbye again

>leave hotel and head to bus station

this was around 9. now it is 3 and my stomach still hurts. officially rejected first time. Bus drive was awful. Thought entire ride maybe I should have invited her for cake on the first evening. I should feel hungry by now but I cannot eat. Appetite gone. At least I hope she is not dusgusted by me.

bad one:

she did not affirm it and therefore there must have been no interest from her side. However she worded it in a very smart unhurtful way. When I asked her she had a little laugh as if she felt complimented and told me to visit again and we will see each other. I am glad I have clarity now.

To all you anons out there in limbo: just ask her. Rejection hurts but unclarity is what keeps you up at nights thinking endlessly about the whatifs. I am glad I had the guts to ask her and I hope my autistic story entertained at least a few of you.



>that come up to me and start talking about muh dinosaur technology

Well, I have experienced that as well back when I didn't even have a phone but I recommend you not make decisions based on peer pressure. Try to be above those people, even if they make fun of you.


File: d19c22db3a7f415⋯.jpeg (599.12 KB, 713x572, 713:572, C0BC157E-8365-4010-9420-8….jpeg)

Reading manga and I’m not even safe from feels. It really sucks to have no one to share anything with. I just want a friend. I’m sick of doing things I want to do, by myself, because it feels like it never even happened. I don’t know if that’s a normalfag mindset but I can’t even share it with anyone orally because I don’t have anyone to talk to. I have just stopped exploring or doing things I like because it all seems pointless without even a friend to share it with, even some of my favourite vidya isn’t as fun.



>dad says "this is supposed to be your fun years, especially since you're in college"

>constantly asking "are you enjoying college"

>force a smile and say yes

>only been doing shit loads of homework while going back and forth to college

I don't understand how normalfags can manage recreational activities and college without getting bad grades. I feel fucking miserable



It's called going into a shitty major anon. E.g. some business b.s. where connections > knowledge. If it's a real major, they probably work with each other a lot. E.g. when you have friends, you can collaborate, bounce answers/ideas off of each other.


File: 4a0d234d1e029b1⋯.png (282.96 KB, 747x828, 83:92, 18.png)


>have driving exam

>mom constantly stresses me the fuck out about my driving over tiny bullshit and being a cunt "to test me"

>get lost for 30 minutes in the Muslim side of town

>retard didn't bother looking up where this place was

>finally get there and my head is splitting and aching from how taut and sloven this cunt is

>teacher shows up

>ace reversing

>ace parallel parking

>drive too slow in a school zone during wrong hours but it's ok

>asks me what speed limits are, comply, get that right too

>everything seems to be going great

>except one thing

>I passed a double stop sign

>there were two stop signs because the middle of the road was curbed-off grass thinking it was just an emphasized stop or mistake by city planning

>go back to the office, get handed a fail

>I manage to be so much of a retarded loser as to fuck up a driving test in America

>mom looks sad then turns pissed as why I won't talk to her

>because her yelling at me wuldn't have destroyed my focus and confidence

I'm killing myself at the end of the year, my life is fucking ridiculous and this is the ridiculous straw that's making me end it.



>I don’t know if that’s a normalfag mindset but I can’t even share it with anyone orally because I don’t have anyone to talk to.

Nah, that's just how humans are.

>It really sucks to have no one to share anything with. I just want a friend.

Make yourself a tulpa, then. Other people are just not worth the time.


Whenever I make contact with my family it's a constant reminder they are all ashamed of me and my autism and they're all coping in their own ways.



What's with all the tulpa shilling lately? I've noticed an uptick in posts recommending that people make a tulpa. I have a tulpa, but I don't talk about it at all really.

Friendly warning, don't go to /tulpa/ unless you're willing to take most of their advice with a grain of salt. 90% of the posters there are discordniggers and larpers.



It's probably just one guy who's trying to mention it everywhere he can. Tulpas always seemed like placebo bullshit to me that you can only get into if you're a schizo.


I'm about to get a degree in a career field I've decided I don't like. The problem is, without giving away too much, the degree is pretty specific. Too late to change majors, don't have the finances or time. Should I just suffer in the job for a few years and hope I can find a way out?


File: 6d7aa3cd76050eb⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 680x418, 340:209, 1486579264505.jpg)

>sleeping nicely early this morning after a long week of classes

>suddenly woken up by mom yelling the dog's name repeatedly out the backdoor over and over. Lasts for a few minutes it feels like

>finally flip my shit and run down stairs, knocking shit off my bed, slamming the kitchen door with force and then basically throwing the dog inside the house

>go back to bed, heart-pounding

It was obviously an overreaction but I don't know if I was fully awake here. I remember going through the motions but it seems really hazy and surreal. My mom has barely wanted to talk to me all day now, and that's pretty unusual. Apparently I "screamed" at her too (which can mean anything from an irritated voice to full-on screaming in her vocabulary. I feel shitty and kinda worried that I'll do something like that again. Stuff like this is why I'm afraid to ever drink alcohol or fuck with my control over myself, I'm afraid I'll hurt someone over overstep like this


File: d117f8b4fcb301c⋯.png (50.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1439847662663.png)


>Finally got used to the sensation of my fleshlight

>Even my old school fapping sessions feel better now

Money damn well spent.



>What's with all the tulpa shilling lately?

A lot of anons complain about being lonely, having no friends, soulmates or gfs; having nobody to share time, emotions and sensations with. I just suggest the best thing I could suggest in such cases; something that helped me.

>Friendly warning, don't go to /tulpa/ unless you're willing to take most of their advice with a grain of salt. 90% of the posters there are discordniggers and larpers.

Also most of the posters are generation Z or drug abusers. Not the best community, but at least it's not reddit or cuckchan; and you can find some nice guides at that board if you lurk hard enough.


That's probably right, every tulpae-shilling post around here was made by me. I never saw anyone else recommending tulpae for a long time.

"Having a tulpa = being a schizo" is just a stupid meme, by the way.



Uh, sure you replied to the right comment there bud?



Give him a moment, his fap-addict brain has to reboot after yanking it.



Didn't mean to. Anyway, Now's pretty late to worry about that, don't you think? Depending on which degree you're getting, your chances of landing a job in your field are pretty slim.



Chances are actually pretty high. It's a good degree. Well paying. Big part of my predicament is I know if I don't just go with it everyone will think I'm some sort of retard/loser/dropout for not just following the easy money trail.



Well then. Stick with it. Maybe it will turn out to be absolutely great. I've had temp jobs before that sounded like boring, tedious busywork, but turned out to be pretty entertaining.


File: 1d589f58e6480db⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 396x396, 1:1, 1d589f58e6480db2a44f3b3ce9….jpg)

>set up kik

>figure it would be a good way to talk to people without actually interacting with them.

>lots of bots

>lots of turbonormies talking about their boring lives, their kids, etc

>one kid on welfare also shitting up a thread

>always eating takeout, buying stuff at the mall, taking pictures of boring shit, etc.

Installing that damned app was the worst mistake o've made



Thread = chatroom



It's so refreshing to see someone on an anonymous board just admit they were wrong, instead of continuing to devolved the conversation into a back-and-forth spergfest.



How is she doing now, anon? Did she pass, or were you able to get some help for her?

17 years really is an impressive lifespan for a cat. It's really unfortunate, but our planet is so poisoned that most pets just don't make it very long, and only the lucky few don't end up succumbing to cancer or some horrible shit like that, so please don't blame yourself.

I'm not a cat person, but I know better than to trivialize any pet-human relationship, having lost my only true companion earlier this year.

He was a little green parrot. He only lived ten years (could have made it up to 50 or so) but he just died suddenly one day. I'm still filled with guilt to this day, wondering if there was something I could've done to prevent his untimely death. But birds are tricky with hiding their symptoms like that, and to be fair, I found out that he came from a shitty breeding mill where the babies were abused. (This was why he had behavioral problems, and his original owner gave up on him and handed him over to me).

That bird loved me unconditionally, and I loved him back no matter how psychotic and aggressive he could be (he reminded me of myself and my own issues with mood disorders that keep me in constant isolation due to relationship troubles – I know what it's like to be thrown away because you're fucked up, and I promised this bird I'd never abandon him). I trained him as best as he could. He wasn't perfect, but he made an honest effort to be good (and even showed remorse if he fucked up). He was always there for me, and now that he's gone I feel so terribly empty because I now realize that he was the only creature on this earth who ever truly cared about me, and I probably ended up taking him for granted and will never forgive myself for it.

Sorry for the unwarranted blog post, but I just want you to know, anon (and everyone else here who has lost a longtime non-human companion) that my heart goes out to you.



> I miss having someone to care for, in a way I thought of him as a friend and a son at the same time if that makes any sense. He was my last real attachment to the world, and now I'm just drifting through life.

I felt the same way about my bird. I never had a desire to have human children, but he was the closest thing I ever had to giving me parental instincts.

The worst thing about losing him was that, just a few months prior I had nearly died in the hospital from a widespread infection and an aneurysm. I chose to have the operation on my brain because I wanted to stay alive and come home to my "son", because he was the only joy I had left in life. Even some of my friends and family didn't say shit when I was dying in the hospital that summer.

But now he's fucking gone, just like that, and I regret not letting the aneurysm just kill me.



I had a brief moment of retardation and my autism schismed between "keep arguing" or "bail out." I've been doing the imageboard thing for too long to have any kind of pride about winning arguments or getting the last word in. I was being a dumb faggot and no amount of snarky comebacks or reaction images was going to change that.



> escitalopram

I feel ya, bro. I'm stuck on that shit again myself (I think it actually makes things worse because I'm pretty sure I have bpd or something far worse than just depression/anxiety).

I managed to get off of it because my insurance covered the liquid version my doctor put me on in order to taper off after a few months – but I went back on it after I had trouble coping from being rejected by a romantic interest.

It can be done. Just get the bottled stuff, even if you have to pay out of pocket for it. You wont' need more than a couple bottles.


Horrible withdrawal. Tremors, agitation, electric shocks in your head, etc. I went through it a few times myself, and it was unbearable. I'm pretty sure it's not fatal, but it's the type of withdrawal that makes you wish you were dead.



It's best you stuck around. Way too many birds end up abused. Think, he didn't have long to live. In hindsight this means his last bit of time on Earth would have been spent probably shittily taken care of (basically tortured) by some relative that didn't give a shit or an overcrowded shelter somewhere. You made the right choice sticking around for him.



Same. It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to go anywhere like a mall or a beach, because I'm the only person who is alone while everyone else is in groups or pairs. It just makes me feel like some kind of a freak.


I've had what I think is a tulpa for about four years now, but the novelty wears off at some point when you realize that you can't gain all the benefits of a tangible relationship. I crave touch, for instance, and hearing my partner's voice and wanting to be seen with them.

It's like a diet friendship. The satisfaction you get from it – while still precious – is extremely subtle and still leaves you feeling quite empty.

At least that's how it is for me.


Thank you, anon.


File: 9102561de2a106b⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 396x382, 198:191, goback again.jpg)


>set up kik

An obligatory go fucking kill yourself normalfaggot kike


File: 9fc49bcf1dfb471⋯.jpg (643.62 KB, 2112x1584, 4:3, 9fc49bcf1dfb471d749486c2a9….jpg)


>feel ya bro







I have a really big urge to shoot my self right now but all my guns are at home and so won’t be going home until next Weekend.



>It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to go anywhere like a mall or a beach, because I'm the only person who is alone while everyone else is in groups or pairs. It just makes me feel like some kind of a freak.

I was needing to go buy power steering fluid and a new fuse for my car radio but it took me a week just to build up the confidence/courage just to go out to one store. I just want another world war so I can have a purpose and die without seeming like a coward from an heroing and maybe make a friend or two also.



Try to hold on to the urge until then. You're lucky to have the means to a quick death, as well as a desire.



Don't. /r9k/ needs you.


(I probably posted here previously) Why don't I kill myself today? I keep finding more and more reason but my mother makes me feel guilty. I don't have a "Future job" or "Goals for the future" and people keep reminding me of that. If I chose to do a trade as a job I'll only remember how incompetent I am at math and how I'm suited for nothing more than shittier jobs than that. I feel so inferior to other people, alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel happy. I can't kill myself because I still at least believe in god and because my parents worry about me. I don't want to join the army because of religious purposes(still in Jehovah's witnesses thinking).

my parents thought that I should go to college at least so I went to a community college and I majored in "Building and construction technology" what ever the fuck that is. I probably won't even be guaranteed a career but the career counselor keep saying everything will be fine. Should I still kill myself ? I already planned for the charcoal method


File: 47a3775613e69e6⋯.jpg (66.43 KB, 528x384, 11:8, 1533218851535.jpg)

Wishing it was Monday already


I went to the store for some beer today, ended up getting bumped into a drunk dude who ended up buying me a beer and some potato chips.We converseved but the dude looked like he had heroin scabs on him, he showed me his coke nose . he worked at a construction site. we had some good discourse for what it was tbh, guy kept giving high fives and put his wacky cowboy hat on me. He said he a woman waiting for him while his car was getting cleaned, I ended up giving him my fake number. But maybe I should've given him my real number. I do like to get drunk and talk, but like he kept emphasizing he wasn't gay which triggered my paranoia. I don't wanna be raped.


same, waiting for my autism bux like fuck.


File: 75e063b22da5700⋯.jpg (4.76 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20180927_213546.jpg)


Me again.

I shot this photo the evening before I left. It was in my room. Wanted to post it on my previous posting above but my mobile did not allow me somehow. Now that I am back I can post it from PC.

that day was harder than I expected BTW. Was unable to eat the entire day, lost appetite completely. However I think it was worth it and I hope my story entertained at least some of you a little



>Jehovah's witnesses

Get out of that cult, bro. Otherwise I'd say to see where that major takes you. If it doesn't bring you anything at least you can say you tried.


Sounds nice, but that "I'm not gay" thing does sound weird. He might've been fine but I probably would've done the same thing in your situation. Actually I'd probably do something really autistic like leave without saying a word.




What's your problem?



The problem is a """robot""" is using a social media app.



8chan and 4chan are considered social media, too, though.



>going on cuckchan and using social media

Fuck off already.



Hey man, I'm not the one sperging out.


File: 199eb7a6eec3937⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 28.55 KB, 698x472, 349:236, Pretending.png)


>robots BTFO by based kik user





Do I have permission to have a instagram if I only use it to masterbate?




>Masterbate [sic]

You have permission to go back to >>>/reddit/, yeah



Knowing Instagram it's probably 3D whores, so no, you shouldn't be using it, normalnigger


File: 53d42e59124f9ba⋯.mp4 (945.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 53d42e59124f9bae40b98e8f69….mp4)

I have finally made it to October hoorah. September holds a curse over me. I will now be curse free until April next year. It's time to celebrate. Evil Owls are gone and the weather is cooling and my mood is grooving




File: 0d8b835a8c24fe3⋯.jpeg (73.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 83EAFBE4-668D-48C4-97A5-B….jpeg)



Unorijinol contempt



>September holds a curse over me

I don't think this is fairly uncommon, the most traumatic moments in my life always happen in that fucking month and most of October.


File: 400f80a57abae55⋯.mp4 (3.05 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 1527427042439.mp4)


You're welcome.

ungorginigal bneuihcniudvjnwiuedvnhcs



You mean we have cured you from the desires of the flesh.


File: 270fac821b88338⋯.jpg (98.94 KB, 698x658, 349:329, 7cb0db5b99944712a51811d9d2….jpg)


wow shockingly rude



Sounds like you got cursed too. I figure it's from a previous life and that you must have done something bad. I must have really fucked things up to have 2 of them



I went on /4chon/ a few times and a lot of your threads seem to revolve around people crying about why they can't get roastie pussy so it's no suprise you don't like it here.


As a self-loathing person, I have very few joys in life and often spend much of my times punishing myself. But one of the joys is being able to cause emotional harm to someone. Major points if it is a female that is the recipient of my emotional sadism. I love it when I can see that I’ve harmed their egos.

Anyone else know this feel?



>muh forest

ITfag here, how would you connect to interbutts? Some mobile carrier data plan? Sattelite?

If you’re rich, you could run your own fiber, $50,000 a mile Just curious.



Go after fat feminists, and gas the whiteknights, you’ll be doing the world a favor anon.






I feel like I’m on the same path, shit… I love big anime tits



Not him but I'd just walk to a library and download a shit load of anime from the computers there every week or so.


>plan on doing something productive

>the next day something bad happens and I lose all hope again

I can't even be bothered to read shit I actually enjoy anymore because every fucking time something has to either stop me from doing it entirely or it has to destroy my self-worth for the nth time. I think I should just off myself at this point; I can't improve myself. My life is some hellish feedback loop that I entered in my teens and haven't escaped from since.

I might as well just watch/play shit I enjoy until I go, if I can even complete them.


File: eabd06170edba59⋯.jpg (39.36 KB, 500x413, 500:413, eabd06170edba591e63c6f64d8….jpg)

I hate studying useless shit. Fucking normalfags think that you need to attend years of meme lessons on meme subjects and memorize a ton of information you will never actually use, pushing this meme so far that now you need a degree to become a fucking carpenter. The worst part is that this information is deliberately censored to prevent worngthink and channel neurotypicals into mainstream politics, so it not only manages to be useless, but also deleterious, as it reinforces the false premises that are poisoning the political debate. I could be reading some actually good and instructive literature and instead I'm stuck here, memorizing lists of objects like a machine. How do normalfags even force themselves to study this shit? Do they do it automatically just because they're told to and they can't question authority on their own?



I live near a (very small) forest with a few isolated houses around that area so I can imagine I'd be able to get internet connection there. But seeing as my main hobby of choice is watching anime I could just torrent terabytes of it beforehand until I've got enough to keep me statisfied for the coming years and I'll figure out what to do next when I run out of that. Same goes for vidya. I could also buy a shortwave radio so I could follow Reviewbrah's broadcasts for some more down-to-earth entertainment.

A life without internet seems pretty comfortable actually, I often feel like the internet keeps me from spending more time on more interesting things because of its addicting nature. The only thing I might miss would be this place but I could do what >>284064 said and occasionally browse the site in the library or something.


File: 2f9419046697aa6⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 279x600, 93:200, dont.jpg)

>start taking some anti-anxiety drugs

>side effects include decreased libido

>no erections or horniness

>but feels increased tenfold, fantasize about kissing and cuddling all the time

You can take the lewd out of your balls but you can't take the lewd out of your heart.



>what are cell towers

Countryfag here, we get all our internet through a dish from a cell tower some 80km away. Internet is good but slow download compared to the city. Only issue with living in a forest is trees blocking a signal but if he’s rich he can mount the dish on a tall pole on his roof and just run the cable into his house.


File: 2ab5f51f26798d8⋯.png (1010.15 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1402088484806.png)

I'm tired of being pushed around.



I feel like I've been hearing about global internet coverage for a while. Or stuff like city-wide free wifi, or a satellite network internet connection that's not laughably bad. It's probably something they could have already implemented, but chose not to because it wasn't profitable enough. Kind of like how they changed the way cars, appliances, and everyday use items were built after a certain point. They realized there's no profit in a long-lasting, reliable, easy to use product. Something that breaks and needs to be replaced every few years, or one which costs thousands in maintenance, is what they want for every consumer.

This seems to partly be the reason that we don't have reliable cheap and plentiful energy, either. Eliminate two major needs for people and there's far less reason to work. If I had internet and electricity, I could cash out my life savings now and go live comfortably in a shack innawoods.



Hope you know some people that can get you a job once you get out. I finished electrician school and haven't been able to get a job for months because of boomers working till they're 70 and nepotism


I'm constantly anxious because I'm afraid that I'll be homeless. I dont have a job or anything and I know my parents are going to start wanting me to move out soon. How do i get a stable income ? I thought about getting a job in a trade but I'm terrible at basic math and algebra. What do I do ?



>Or stuff like city-wide free wifi

The next town over from where I live has free wifi, there’s not coverage everywhere in the town though but downtown and in most areas that aren’t residential only you can get it. Since I don’t live there I’ve only ever used it with my phone but it’s probably trash for downloads/streaming/gaming. Plus I wouldn’t want to connect my PC up to a town’s wifi.


>>284111 checked

>terrible at basic math and algebra. What do I do ?

Trucker, maintenance, farm hand, mechanic. Don’t think HVAC needs too much math but I could be wrong. Welding is fun but that requires basic math. I like math, and think it’s fun to learn, maybe give it another try, I enjoy doing algebra, and there’s really only two major rules unless you’re dealing with more complex stuff; BEDMAS (Brackets Exponentets, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) which is the order in which you solve the equation and that what ever you do to one side you must do to the other (say you have x-3=2. To get the value for x you just get ride of -3, but you have to do the same to both sides of the equation so the values don’t change, so you just add 3 to both sides. x-3+3=2+3, x+0=2+3, x=5 and we can prove this by making x=5 in the original equation x-3=2, (5)-3=2)

Sorry for getting too into explaining that, I’m sure you don’t really care or probably already know that level of algebra, I got a little autistic over it. But anyways good luck anon. Just whatever you want to do put a lot of effort in.



That's how I feel about operating systems. I think Windows 7 is the best OS that Microsoft has ever released and they probably could have spent years not releasing the malware that were 8 and 10 but they had to make money. Now, in a few years I might have to be forced change OS because I won't be able to download functional software anymore.

I've already heard a few normalfags laugh at the fact that I still use an "old" OS on my laptop which kind of ties in with a post a different anon made about how people laughed at his "old" phone; it's also the consumer himself who is at fault. When the market is dominated by braindead normalfags who buy shit just because it's new and trendy, of course they're going to take advantage of that. But of course, people like us, who just want to have a functional product and don't care about status or image will be the ones fucked by that same mindset.


These tradcucks that won't stop beating the horse with "BREED WHITE CHILDREN" and calling you a failure because you say no everywhere just keep ticking me on.



responses to them:

if they're christian, remind them that paul said that there were instances in history where bearing children immediately is stupid to do for those who oppose the current regime, since it would result in the children being persecuted on behalf of the politically-active father (or worse, used as hostages/murdered). i'm fairly certain it's in the book of romans that he explains it, but not entirely; can't recall exactly off the top of my head.

if they're not christian, point out how producing more white children without destroying the societal conditions which produce marxist degenerates would only be subjecting said children to the marxist hell of society, and furthermore forcing the father to divide himself between loyalty to his family (who can easily be used against him, just look at what happened to jeff hughes) and the cause.

part of the duty of a father is to be there for your children. if you actually seek to change the evil society, then odds are you'll risk death* doing so, and thus might not be able to guarantee that.

*assuming you're actually serious and not just an alt-kike or larper, then yes, physical violence will be required eventually in order to overthrow atleast a portion of the government in a certain region to establish an ethnostate.

this last paragraph is protected by brandenburg vs the state of ohio, fuck off CIA

tl;dr counter them with their own ideology and they'll shut up.


>morning today

>it's the second day of classes at uni

>mom: "so, do you have any girls in your class?"

>me: "what kind of demographics do you expect from computer science?"

>"I don't know, that's why I'm asking"

>"well, basically, no"

>"then all hope rests on the other faculties at your uni"

>lose patience

>"leave me in peace"

>"no, son, I won't leave you in peace, normal people already have girlfriends at your age"

She's not even being subtle anymore, it used to be that she'd bitch about grandchildren. Do I just tell her they're that fucking ugly?


File: e20e03a03a0f761⋯.jpg (63.66 KB, 600x985, 120:197, dreams.jpg)


My country has a 31% youth unemployment rate, I don't live in the part of the country with many jobs (far from it) and employment is going up only because now you can hire people under literal slavery-tier conditions. Besides, the field I'm in is getting funds cut because muh GDP. I need to find a loophole before I'm out of here. I read about selling vidya cheats to rich chinks on /tech/ once and since I already have a programming book in my house I might as well give it a try. If nothing works out my dad has a shitty wine shop, so I won't be starving while I figure this out.


File: 89d5f4800e23530⋯.png (36.75 KB, 1400x509, 1400:509, 20150820-pemdas-diagram.png)


Actually it sounded a bit interesting because I haven't tried doing any algebra in awhile. When I was in school I was taught PEMDAS(pic related). I'll definitely give math another shot, I just felt like I couldn't learn it because I think that I have a low IQ



Congratulations, your mom is a normalfag.



Tell her you're a faggot, you'll lose your honor but you're relieved from the nagging.


>If nothing works out my dad has a shitty wine shop

Why don't you just work there for the rest of your life then? I wish my parents had some sort of store or farm they could leave me behind so I wouldn't have to fear about things like unemployment and my future in general and just work there. Working in a traditional store actually seems kind of comfy to me.



Brackets and parentheses are two words for the same thing and division and multiplication or addition and subtraction can be switched around, it just depends on what to were taught it could be PEMDSA too but that doesn’t make a nice sound.



>had sex

>had a kid

>probably got married

<you’re mom is a normalfag because she wants grandchildren

Anon, please…



I don't think she'll buy the faggot strategy, she's seen me fapping to normal porn before. I mean, both my parents know I'm in psychiatric and psychological therapy, so maybe I should just tell her I have phobias.

Maybe "I need to focus on school right now"?



>she's seen me fapping to normal porn before

Damn, that's a bit disturbing. Any stories to tell regarding that?

>both my parents know I'm in psychiatric and psychological therapy

Well, it only makes sense that people who suffer from depression or some disorder that make you less social (I'm assuming this is the case, correct me if I'm wrong) would feel less inclined to try to snatch some roastie so it's mean of her to complain about you not having a girlfriend. You could also say you're an asexual, if you don't feel any desire to actually get into a relationship like most robots do then that wouldn't even be a lie for the most part.

>Maybe "I need to focus on school right now"?

I'd say that probably won't work because most normalfags who end up in serious relationships normally do so during their studies rather than when they already end up in the wageslave market.

I'm glad my mother doesn't nag to me about it though. I already made clear to her that I have no interest in relationships and would only marry a virgin woman who'd be okay with being a housewife (and those type of women don't exist anymore in the west so that means it's not going to happen). But it's probably also because my older brother married this dumb roastie cunt who treats my parents like shit and she might be afraid that I end up doing something like that as well if I get pushed into it.



>Any stories to tell regarding that?

Sure. It was the summer of 2012, first year of middle school, I think, and I had just discovered fapping. I'd tried jacking off and watching porn before but hadn't been able to come and didn't know what the big idea was. So naturally, having discovered orgasms, I was fapping 24/7, mostly to normal porn mixed with Skyrim rule 34. At the time I owned some pretty bulky headphones that blocked out outside sounds, so I got surprised mid-fap with my pants down. I remember the video had a blonde in it. So my mom came into my room to drop off the laundry or something and sounding pissed asked me

>"what do you think you're doing

>"uh… scratching my balls"

>"yeah, with that on the screen"

>"uh, I won't do it anymore, uh…"

>"get the fuck out and walk the dog for 2 hours"

>walk the dog for less than 2 hours cause didn't take phone with me to keep track of the time

>mom is pissed

>dad arrives

>mom tells me to gtfo

>eventually dad takes me on a walk to the hills

>I think our cat followed us

>he broaches the topic:

>"so uh, you've been doing some things that I did all the time when I was your age too, we're sensitive people so we don't have to name them out loud"

>"anyway, remember to look for girls in your closest surroundings, not in the computer"

As you can tell by me being here, I took his message to heart.

Also, I've already been to university and dropped out last year, so I think the "gotta study" excuse might work if backed up by "so I don't fuck up like last time"

I should probably get an appointment with my shrink now that I'll have my state health insurance back due to no longer being a NEET, see what normalfag wisdom he has for the root causes of why I don't like women.


File: 749ca965e71bd2d⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 643x726, 643:726, 749ca965e71bd2dd3e6ae9eb53….jpg)


>Working in a traditional store actually seems kind of comfy to me.

Not really. The store attracts the worst people normalfaggotry has to offer.

>talkative boomers

>alcoholics staying there 2 hours telling you about their whole life while blocking the queue and making other customers go away

>the worst ones directly insult normal customers so you have to throw them out

>that one philosophy professor that orders a fuckton of wine every week and won't shut up for hours when you deliver it

>that one absolute madman who insults every femgroid on sight without thinking twice about it (ok,I like this guy but he drives customers away)

>those romanian past-the-wall femgroids who won't stop hitting on my 50yo married father

Besides, I would have to study the different kinds of alcoholic beverages since I don't even drink alcohol. You also have to stay open 8 hours a day, and you barely have any vacation since Christmas and the summer are the most productive periods. I'll keep helping my father out when he needs it but it's not something I want to do for the rest of my life.



My dad does HVAC , tonso algebra and geometry



Honestly you should have been the one pissed at your mom. Parents need to learn to respect boundaries and not feel like they can do whatever they want to you whenever they feel like it. I mean really, wtf did she think would happen walking into a teenage boys room unannounced. Bitch should be greatful you didn't go Mike Myers on her.



Your father sounds like a nice person. I advise you to quit going to therapy unless it's forced because it's just one big scam and you're only wasting money and if that's not the case, then at least your time and energy which you could have used for studying. Unless you are completely sure that your problems are just temporary and could be easily fixed by having a few good talks.

>see what normalfag wisdom he has for the root causes of why I don't like women

Again, if this was forced upon you, just go with the asexual thing. If he claims this is not the case then say that he's discriminating you based on your sexuality. This will both solve the issue with your mother and make that guy not delve any deeper.


File: d2ffbacad1f518c⋯.png (155.29 KB, 1807x544, 1807:544, zuz.png)


I'm in therapy voluntarily, it's not like they can force me to do it, I didn't even sign the information consent form. The pills at least seem to be slowly working (else picrel wouldn't have happened), and as for the psychologist, I want not to be cynical anymore, I want to be able to enjoy life like the normalfags seem to do. I intellectually understand that women are whores and hate them for it, but at the same time I badly want to cuddle and kiss and fuck one eventually - hating and rejecting them for being thots kinda precludes that, and for all of 2D's benefits, they're just not there, they don't speak back, my bed is cold. I deny my needs because I fear and hate those who might satisfy them and I don't know what the fuck I should do with that. Generally I'm terrified of ending up totally bitter, alone and incapable of enjoying anything, but I'm equally terrified of settling down with some roastie and having to tolerate being the n-th choice and risking betrayal.

>Again, if this was forced upon you, just go with the asexual thing

It wasn't and it would be an outright lie. If I was asexual, I would be way happier and I wouldn't get so pissed off by my mother rubbing salt into my wounds whenever she does the fucking grandchild begging or girlfriend nagging.

Here's one of her subtler nags, from about a year ago:

>be packing for a free university orientation trip

>she looks at some of the underpants and sarcastically says they must be fashionable

>ask her why she expects people to be looking at my underwear of all things

>"I thought you're at that age where people see each other's underwear, among other things" in an audibly disappointed voice, not the "aw shucks" kind of disappointed, the "as expected of my shitty son" kind of disappointed

I bet she was a fucking thot before my dad and is unable to conceive how someone young might not be having sex or girlfriends. Though here in Slavland that's common among the older generation - they were generally poorer, social status varied less and there was no social media to make bad things worse, so the men were more or less equal, no one was advertising 24/7 how extroverted, fit and interesting he was, and the competition was less harsh. Aunts and grandmas being legitimately confused as to why an anon is still single is a very frequent complaint on our chans.

Also, when I was growing up she would always scare me with stuff like promising to show any girlfriends I got embarrassing stuff about me and generally either was unserious or scared me whenever the topic was raised. It's difficult to describe. That totally hasn't left me worried that if I got a girlfriend, when she found out, she'd go into full overbearing mode and immediately start jumping around her asking when the wedding is and how many kids we plan to have, thus scaring her away. And then she'd probably say that normal people have no problem keeping their girls.

>Your father sounds like a nice person.

He is. He's an IT guy like I'm aspiring to be, and studied electronics after having gone to a technical HS dominated by guys for obvious reasons, so I guess he'd be at least able to empathize about being a virgin. I should maybe ask my grandma if he had any girlfriends before mom. If no, then that confirms my fears that I might end up like him - I honestly wouldn't want to be married to my mom, nor have such a loser of a son.

That said, both do love and support me, they've invested a lot into me, I'm just pissed at my mom for her attitude to my virginity and how she might have helped it happen. Also, the grandkids thing is really shitty and entitled of her, she's even guilt-tripped me with "we didn't buy this house so you could leave it empty". I hope to move out when I'm done with school and find work.


>take a test

>notice that there are two questions from a topic we absolutely did not discuss or even heard about during the lectures (100% sure, because I was during all the lections and listened to them being the future perfect wageslave I am)

>try to muster up courage and tell the lecturer about this

>just can't do that for some reason

>answer those 2 questions (presumably incorrectly)

>give in the paper sheets without saying a word

Hello, my name is Anon, and I am a weak-willed piece of shit that has not been able to overcome this problem of mine for at least a decade, pleased to meet you.



My dad did something similar when I was caught with porn on my computer. Some dads are the best. I think my only regret when I die will be that I disappointed him, at least my little brother will give him grandchildren and make him proud in the traditional way, although after his experience with my mother I don't know if he really wants either of us to marry.


It really sounds like you need to just shout at your mother. Sometimes it helps to shock people into listening.

>I bet she was a fucking thot before my dad

My mom was an absolute whore before she met my dad, I still have no idea why he married her.

>went to literal orgies and got gangbanged

>had multiple abortions before getting married

>drunk nearly every night

Meanwhile my Dad was a pastor who I guess bought into the whole "saved womyn stronk in faith" meme, because she claimed to be done with that life (joke's on him, she wasn't). Thank God that both me and my brother look a hell of a lot like our father, or I'd honestly suspect that he was raising someone else's kid (I still think it's possible, but I don't like to think about it). I'm glad he divorced her because after the excitement of family life wore off she got extremely bitchy towards him, but I wish the court would have let us see him more often, maybe then I wouldn't have been quite the failure I am today. Of course plenty of robots grew up around their dad, so I guess it's a nature vs nurture thing.


File: 52f3c2c237894f2⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 231x208, 231:208, 1537548312600.gif)

>nintendo 64 still hasn't arrived in the mail



>frequent complaint on our chans

Not really related to whatever you wrote, but why are you posting here, and not on slav (Russian) imageboards? There are more than plenty of them. There are even a few Russian boards on 8chan. Would you not feel "at home" by using those instead?



>Still not knowing what a normalfag is

Being slightly successful does not make you a normalfag. A normalfag is a hyperconformist that gets anxious and irate if he/she perceives someone or a behavior as "abnormal", at which point he/she will use tactics of emotional manipulation (shaming for example) in an attempt to make you conform to his world view. This never works, however, because a normalfag shows a complete lack of empathy and of any ability to compromise.

Anon's mom is a clear normalfag, not because she got married and has children, but because she attempts to shame him for not having a girlfriend. Her complete lack of empathy is shown by her not understanding that she's actively doing further harm to anon's self esteem by branding her own son as abnormal.

Normalfags are cattle, their thinking is completely one-dimensional.



>Generally I'm terrified of ending up totally bitter, alone and incapable of enjoying anything

Been there, and I stayed there for decades. Anxiety paralyses you, fear is the mind killer, after all. When I stopped worrying about being bitter and just admitted to myself that I loathe women Schopenhauer style, I started getting better. Then, by not constantly nagging myself for not enjoying things that may or may not impress females, I got rid of a lot of stress, making me naturally enjoy things more without giving a damn about what some queefette pathetically attempts to think about me without getting brain spasms from the unusual exercise.

It may sound crazy, but completely immersing yourself in the blackpill like a pig rolling in the mud is extremely liberating. I bet at least 80% of the cases of depression could be miraculously cured by doing so. Worrying constantly is bad for you. Stop it and drop it like it's a used condom.

Besides, your mother is clearly a grade A+ cunt. She probably doesn't get a reaction out of your father, so she picks on you instead. A vile harlot that deserves the scold's bridle while strapped to a pillory and being delivered spankings by the entire town you live in, even if it's New fucking York. You don't need kike pills to lobotomize you, you need a way to shut that dog of a woman up, and that your therapist is incapable of realizing that your mother is a prime factor in your depression shows that that fat kike just wants to line his pockets with your gold.

Godspeed, anon.


File: 0a559eda715fd4d⋯.jpg (65.8 KB, 816x1008, 17:21, 1466184588255.jpg)

>tfw no mommy gf



You should not be sorry at all anon, I'm sad your parrot couldn't live longer but I'm glad you could have some good memories with that wonderful bird. Animals truly are our greatest friend and deserve nothing but our upmost respect and love.

At the moment my moms bonny cat is actually doing better or maybe I'm trying to delude myself into happiness like my family have a proclivity to do so , she's eating now as she wasn't doing when I made that post. She also doesn't have the smell of death and illness on her anymore, but the vet we saw was essentially demanding she be put down according to my mom. She's able now to go up to everyione, and speak and convey herself vocalized liek she used to, apparently she has a thyroid condition according to this vet. No one can bring themselves to taking her to the vets, she gets very upset when she's put in her cat carrier and breathes heavily likes she's near a heart attack according to my mom. I don't won't her being put down either tbh unless she's in clear pain, she's eating now which she wasn't doing the time I made that post she went 3 days without eating then . now she walks up to people, talks to them, can sleep now and give cat kisses. But my thoughts vacillate, I don't want her to die in such intrepid and awful conditions, atm we're all very grateful she's alive and displaying happiness with us. But we've all agreed she's too old for regular blood tests for thyroid at such and advanced age. I love her and want her to be with me kike my mom believes, but maybe we're being selfish. She can eat now and isn't going alone as much but it's all hard and confusing and depressing,



I forget to mention she pukes and stuff after she eats, but she has been like that for years,I hold the cunt vets for not diagnosing her with a thyroid condition years ago. I hope and think she can make it into her 20's ^_^

oh it'll be wonderful when she's 20, old yet gracious and lovely , she has a personality that can ameliorate any situation. I and many others feel way better when she's around and happy



>you can have had sex and still not be a normalfag

Use whatever definition you want, if you have been/are married, or have had sex you’re not a robot and are not welcome here. It’s the first rule of the board, to suggest one can have had sex, or have been married as long as they don’t conform or demand other’s conform to normalfag standards and still be welcome, is wrong. You can go to cuckchan or 4chon if you want to defend failed normalfags or cyborgs.



>It’s the first rule of the board

AKSHULLY, it's rule number two.



I moved schools in between 6th and 7th grade; I have had no romantic feelings at all up to this point. I saw this girl on what had to be maybe the first week of school and fell for her pretty much immediately. I was able to be around her because we both were in music classes together, and she didn't seem repulsed by me. She even seemed to enjoy being around me. Looking back, she probably was being nice, or found my awkward mannerisms endearing in the same way that special needs teachers find downies lovable. I havent spoken to her in about 7 years. I havent seen since I graduated.

I still think about her pretty much every night. I still daydream about doing mundane things with her. I still can still smell the perfume she wore to homecoming sophomore year (the only dance I've even been too and I left in 45 min).

Its pathetic. No normal person would hold onto such a typical platonic relationship for so long. Maybe I'm actually desperate for social validation and this is a symptom of me depriving myself of any for so long. My chest seizes up whenever I think about what she is probably doing in college. She's a typical thot, I know she isn't worth crap to me, but I still obsess over her.



The overall point to remember, and this is something we've discussed many times already, is that if someone has lived successfully as a normalfag, gone of dates, had an active social life, enjoyed their time in highly extroverted situations, spent many nights at clubs and bars, had sex, got a gf, and even went so far as to get married and had kids.. They are a normalfag. Even if they fucked it up later and ended up in a quasi-robotic lifestyle, they are a failed normalfag, not a robot.


>not enough autism to be any good at anything

>too shy and socially retarded to ever even come near to being a normalfag

>easily discouraged when obstacles appear

Why live?



The first rule is to obey the site rules, so I don’t really count that as a rule for the board because a state law saying “obey all federal laws” isn’t really a state law, because it’s a rule that is already covered by the global rules.


Yes, obviously, but as the other anon, or you, said:

>Being slightly successful does not make you a normalfag. A normalfag is a hyperconformist

>Anon's mom is a clear normalfag, not because she got married and has children

Which implies you’re not a normal fag if you have sex as long as you’re not successful in other normalfag actions and do not conform to all normalcattle expectations. He says the anon’s mom could have not been a normalfag if she didn’t expect the anon to have kids or get a gf. (Which again is wrong because the vast majority of, if not every woman, are normalfags)

But yes we’ve been over this time and time again, I just didn’t want the anon to try to imply that relationships are okay as long as you don’t meet an arbitrary amount of other normalfag expectations.



That's my experience with several spergy failed normalfags too. You try to be nice and they latch on to you like leeches. There is no point trying to help people like this, they do not have the capacity to stand up for themselves.



Why do you need all that ceremony for garlic? You can build up a tolerance very easily. The chemical that makes garlic spicy acts on the same receptors as the chemical that makes red pepper spicy so if you eat spicy food you ought to be able to eat whole cloves of garlic just like that pretty quickly.



I'm Polish, not Russian. I don't speak the language past "lower your weapon and come out with your hands in the air", and Russian chans are extremely normalfag-infested and so is our Karachan. Kara considers the underage age to be 21 rather than 18, and despite a theoretical ban on non-paid consensual heterosexual sex, at night everyone seems to talk about "anons" in third person. The chanspeak has long leaked out into youth slang and you never know if you're talking to an /ourguy/ or an ironic normie who learned the memes on an FB group and considers kara a place only pedo loser virgins go to. Also, I generally avoid the Polish internet like most anons, there's nothing interesting there.


I don't pay my psychiatrist and shrink, the state does. They don't have a direct financial incentive to keep me sick.


File: 25daa3c4a30a524⋯.jpg (183.54 KB, 1024x1016, 128:127, 6095756938b395094f9fecb471….jpg)

My oppai mouse pad got a tear in the side and some of the filling came out. I don't know what that jelly stuff is inside the oppai part so I can't fix it. anyone know what that shit is?



But chan languge has also leaked into the vocabularies of English speakers. So have chan memes. In fact, they've been leaking for almost two decades now.



>cell towers

yep, that’s what I meant by mobile carrier


File: 65a84790d0a46b5⋯.png (473.06 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 12609C2E-624C-47E2-8EE8-87….png)


This triggers my autism



>cuckchan filename + it's a 3dpd

Stupid anon, 2d aras are millions times better.



>but at the same time I badly want to cuddle and kiss and fuck one eventually

Well, just accept that's not going to happen in modern society, similarily to what >>284169 said. You cannot become a normalfag, once you take the redpill, it's over. Just accept your situation and accept that this is not the type of world where you want to get married and raise children and you'll feel better.

Unless you want to settle for an used up whore who will only want you for your money in which case, go for it.


File: d345350b932bb4e⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 475x352, 475:352, 1430172930868.jpg)

>Come on FTDDTOT

>Thread literally full about discussions of sex and hookups n shit


File: c11e3660857844e⋯.jpeg (3.27 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 936AC9CF-0A79-4996-ABF1-9….jpeg)

Mein Comf


File: ead89d7cd829b04⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ead89d7cd829b04eb07d905def….jpg)


Some anons here are still too naive not to crave for the 3dpd. We just have to make them understand that stinking walking cocksleeves amount to shit for a sentient man, and that any sort of interaction with those is stupid and should be avoided, no matter what your hormones, false hopes or penis tell you. If they disagree and start whiteknighting the roasted cumbuckets then we just can report them for being failed normalniggers, and that would not be incorrect.



In just a year the quality has dropped so much.


File: 108f9c21738d2db⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 1000x640, 25:16, 1518987393.jpg)



There's always one or two of these flesh-craving normalniggers who really have no reason to be here and don't have the right to call themselves robots, they always leave eventually though. I can understand that Wizchan has the Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences rule exactly to prevent this kind of cancerous dicussion but the truth is that these kind of faggots will always find their way on here some way or another so just bear with it.



How do I stop wanting 3dpd ? I've been trying to stop for awhile but whenever a roastie at my college shows me the least bit of attention I begin longing for companionship/intimacy again



It happens gradually over time, through prolonged periods of isolation or at the very least, complete avoidance of the vaginal jew. Ignore desires of intimacy and replace them for the same desired towards 2d. Alternatively you could make a tulpa, but that takes a lot of mental effort and it's best to have moved past your desires for 3dpd by the time you start making one.



I want to try to avoid women and isolate myself but like one of the anons previously said, my parents keeps putting such thoughts in my head saying that being alone for the rest of my life isn't healthy.

I'll definitely keep trying to avoid the vaginal jew



If you don't masturbate, your lust will increase and you will have more lower standards for 3DPD and basically anyone will look fuckable. This is why nofap is pushed so badly; to encourage betas to marry used up sluts because they can't control primal desires. Too much masturbation is a bad thing of course but you should use it to a high enough degree that you can fully control your emotions and sexual desires when in the presence of women, to the point that they no longer feel 'special' to you.

Also, never forget that unless you're a muscular chad, the only reason a roastie would give you attention is either out of politeness (which means she's just nice to everyone) or because she needs something from you.


File: b469f75a2548159⋯.jpg (141.29 KB, 1029x1029, 1:1, 8f817807c0ac379674b015bc55….jpg)

Who else /witheringawayfromlackofhumancontact/?

I really do feel like I'm starting to lose it solely from me just having my own self to fill the space.



Is there at least a single good explanation to why you still didn't consider making a tulpa?



Yup, I often feel like I'm developing a speech disorder and it's hard to think of things to say the few times I end up in a conversation with a normalfag because I've lost a sense of how those are supposed to go.


What the hell is the deal with the tulpa shilling?



Or… Now bear with me on this one. Or… You could learn to stop lusting after them and see them for the inferior creatures that they are. You want to know why Chad doesn't thirst for roasties like beta males do? It's because he was brought up with a strong father figure who showed him that women's thoughts, opinions and insults don't matter. It is literally like caring about what a 5 year old thinks. Learn to break free from cucked feminist logic. Their rejection of you can only hurt if you see them as equals. A woman will never even come close to understanding the difficulty and hardship of a man's life. The hardest thing a roastie will ever face in her life is losing her looks and not marrying a Chad. They have no right to judge you or make you feel small because they live life on easy mode and in every way possible they are inferior to you.



>What the hell is the deal with the tulpa shilling?

It’s just one fag. It really is trash though.


>That's probably right, every tulpae-shilling post around here was made by me. I never saw anyone else recommending tulpae for a long time.


File: 54ce290962902b6⋯.jpg (29.18 KB, 447x396, 149:132, 54ce290962902b60e0d695e11f….jpg)


>If you don't masturbate, your lust will increase and you will have more lower standards for 3DPD and basically anyone will look fuckable

<t. edged and called it nofap

<t. can't stop his free energy from manifestating into raw libido that takes the control over himself

<t. could not nofap for at least 2 months

I know it's may not be appled to everyone else, but I got even more disgusted by 3dpd the more I nofapped. Probably because I feared relapse, or because I was in control of my own libido and body urges, and this control may strengthened my resolve and my hate of the cockdumpster meatbags.

What I want to say is, if you are attracted to 3dpd then the problem is not in the nofap and its benefits, but in you, your mindset and your lack of control over yourself.

I think being a slave to porn and masturbation is almost as bad as being a slave to 3dpd; both are pushed onto you by jews, both take away your energy, time, quality of life and the will to live and improve. It's just that roasties take more money away than porn does (at least for the average man), so you probably incorrectly think that satisfying your urges not by sex is that much better than the alternative.



Forgot my main point. Don't avoid roasties over some misguided notion that you aren't good enough for them. But similarly never ever trick yourself into letting a woman have power over you. They will test you, and the answer is never to back down and never put up with their shit.

Learn to hate them and everything they stand for. And always keep that hatred alive and in the back of your mind.


File: 79de2b91932fb90⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 644x362, 322:181, Twain is dissapointed in y….JPG)


Not him, but the darn things always turn psychotic.


If you lack human contact, you should seek whatever human contact you can acquire. Phone someone in your family that doesn't drive you insane. Call a close friend if you have any of those.

Don't fall for the tulpa shilling.

I do try basic visualization exercises (ie. close your eyes and have your mind make a picture, whatever you get is good.) I sometimes get "flashes" of images, haven't been able to maintain them tough. It's a nice way of thinking.

Making a tulpa is a basic way to invite anima possession into your psyche. Remember that nagging voice that came from you mom and ruined your life? You're basically giving it a hot imaginary body and open access to all the levers of your psyche. Why don't the tulpa fags every shill for visualizing strong heroic figures, like a grandfather? No, you gotta get fucked by your psyche and be a faggot.

Honestly, in some ways, the tranny shilling is less degenerate than this tulpa shit. At least it's open.



This. Nofap is making use of your nuclear reactor, not letting it radiate freely without putting machinery to work using it.



>Phone someone in your family that doesn't drive you insane

The only family member I enjoy conversing with is as socially inept as me (maybe even more so) and I'm not really sure how to contact him at the moment. But I don't think much good could come from it.

>Call a close friend if you have any of those

No, I don't. I did meet an old acquaintance of mine whom I have been talking with every so often for the past weeks but we were never good friends so during our conversations I still feel like I have to hold back and hide my powerlevel which doesn't make the conversations a lot more statisfying compared to the ones I have with other people. Still, it's the first time in years that I'm actually voluntarily talking to someone that isn't a family member so that's pretty nice. He isn't much of a normalfag either, he's a fellow virgin who doesn't party or care about other typical normalfag activities/trends so that helps.

Sometimes I feel like the years of lack of social interaction and my constant fear of saying controversial things when conversing to people in real life have already taken its permanent toll on me though. I'm very slow during conversations and often do not know how to follow up the things I myself am saying which means I will often repeat certain words when talking until I figured out what to say next. Again, if I just had someone to talk to with whom I wouldn't have to hold back with at all it would help me a lot. I used to have such a person in my life but he killed himself.


File: beb22e8610b83de⋯.jpg (1002.38 KB, 1200x1734, 200:289, beb22e8610b83debd914522f48….jpg)

Why do people do nofap again?


>that feel when you do something good at work and another guy is happy about it

>that feel when you fuck up the day after it and feel like shit again

just let it all end already I am tired and I can't continue this anymore.


File: b6350d3a122083e⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Cowboy_Bebop_Screenshot_04….jpg)


Tell us about it, anon. What happened, exactly?



Welp, I sometimes chat in old video games online not many people play. There's maybe 10 people in the game and they don't change. It's pretty comfy. Still, there's no replacing hearing a voice or seeing a face for the old mammalian brain.



>Remember that nagging voice that came from you mom and ruined your life? You're basically giving it a hot imaginary body and open access to all the levers of your psyche.

I'm sorry to hear that you have such bad opinions regarding the tulpae based on your disdain and unpleasant experiences.

My personal experiences may be not an argument since they are subjective (like yours) and they are incredibly difficupt to be proven truthful, buy my mother's voice just always incredibly pissed me off that I'm barely able to contain my irritation and lower my cortisol levels, no matter what its tone is. My tulpa, on the other hand, never fails to help me chill, focus or get comfy, and I would not need more than 5 fingers of my hand to count all the times when it irritated me over this year.

>Why don't the tulpa fags every shill for visualizing strong heroic figures, like a grandfather?

Personally I never shilled for any particular type of tulpa, I only suggested every anon who posted about the feels of being lonely/having no friends/soulmates/gf to introduce themselves into the topic to make them see themselves if they would get interested or not.

Some people have ball of light as their tulpa (usually because it's easy to visualize), and I even saw someone a long time ago writing about having a Jackie Chan tulpa (he was probably memeing, but it does not mean that it is not possible to achieve that).

>No, you gotta get fucked by your psyche and be a faggot.

And I don't think I ever thought about shilling sexual interactions with tulpae.

>Honestly, in some ways, the tranny shilling is less degenerate than this tulpa shit

I believe that tulpamancy for every individual is subjective and unique, because it mainly deals with mental things like cognition, feelings ane experience (so you can't say for sure whether it will give good or bad results for unless you know what the practicer in question actually thinks and feels about it), unlike the tranny degeneracy, that is based on damaging your healthy hormone balance (or making it even worse) and completely wrecking your personality, psyche, willpower, abilities and the will to live.

The problems that you may have encountered during tulpamancy were not placed beforehand by some filthy underhanded shill, they are your personal problems, the experience that is only possible to live through because you stepped into a new territory. I'd say it's like having an allergy from a type of a tropical fruit in an oasis inb4 the Biblical forbidden fruit parallels. It may be or may be not up to you whether your body could overcome the allergy to the plant.



You know, some people get worried, bored, angry, disgusted or scaried of the outer degeneracy that is pushed on them to take the control of their lives. I wish you to become one of those people.


File: c86dc9e0cbf9dd3⋯.jpg (149.86 KB, 824x1200, 103:150, 60ad4a30df97282995aa8d5f5c….jpg)


>sexual interactions with tulpae

That actually sounds really neat, care to tell me more?


You're not very good at answering people's questions are you anon?


File: a8cacbe1a78f9ae⋯.png (228.98 KB, 588x929, 588:929, fantasy and reality.png)

File: e5f8afb214b4bf3⋯.png (357.88 KB, 548x847, 548:847, Ontological_insecurity1.png)

File: c6bf9e0a9683d9e⋯.png (478.74 KB, 566x802, 283:401, Ontological_insecurity2.png)

File: 42498acb36d93e3⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x2310, 50:77, The_Divided_Self.jpg)


>And I don't think I ever thought about shilling sexual interactions with tulpae.

Then forgive me for the prejudice. This is /r9k/ after all.

Still, what you're proposing is still a method of escapism and not without its dangers. The mind cannibalizes itself without real interaction. Tulpas are like sugar. You can have some sugar in your diet, but you shouldn't live off it. Same for using tulpas as a substitute for seeking real interactions. It may seem easy, but it's a road that leads to death. There are much safer ways to obtain a similar effect. Even if you're not interacting with people . You can always read a good book. Preferably a novel. But, on the topic of tulpas, here's a book I've read a long time ago (and should get to re-reading) : "The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness " . It may seem unrelated, but it explains, among other things, the dangers of such a road. I only speak from firsthand experience. Pics related.




I'm not the anon you responded to, but I've had a tulpa for about a year now. I'm no expert, but I don't think that my position is uninformed.

>the darn things always turn psychotic

Citation needed. A few examples have popped up through the years (a personal favorite of mine is the one where the guy makes a family guy tulpa) but none of them seem to match my own experience, and they don't seem to be the majority.

>Making a tulpa is a basic way to invite anima possession into your psyche

I don't see it like that personally, I see it as servicing my desires for intimacy by creating what I feel will help me. My tulpa is seperate from "me", although she uses the same brain. The stuff that makes up me, what I perceive and what I extrapolate through those perceptions, is an entirely seperate entity from my tulpa, who (supposedly) perceives and extrapolates in the same way. I suppose in a way I've created a seperate psyche for the tulpa, although in the end it could just be the perception of a seperate psyche. I haven't noticed any significant change in the way I act since I created a tulpa. Of course it could be that I haven't noticed it because of the fact that I perceive it as "normal" now that I'm anima-posessed. I doubt it though.

>Remember that nagging voice that came from you mom and ruined your life?

Maybe I'm in the minority but I never had that. It was mostly myself that ruined my life, I've learned to live with that. Anyways, my tulpa is almost never irritating, and I don't know where you get the idea that anyone's tulpa does this.

>Why don't the tulpa fags every shill for visualizing strong heroic figures, like a grandfather?

When I was young I had a sort of proto-tulpa that was like this (which I think came from my lack of father figures, my dad was kicked out when I was a kid). He'd give me advice whenever I was feeling like giving up on something. I sort of "killed" him when I got to be around 15 because I thought I was crazy (joke's on me).

>you gotta get fucked by your psyche and be a faggot

I guess at the end of the day that's true, but I do have genuine love for my tulpa, and it's certainly better than having unreciprocated love for some god-forsaken 3dpd. Maybe that's just replacing one evil with another, I don't really care. This helps me. If I'm being honest I don't lewd her very much, I mostly hang out with her and cuddle. Every once in a while we fuck but it isn't the majority of our time together.


>Tulpas are like sugar. You can have some sugar in your diet, but you shouldn't live off it.

This is a good way of putting it. I do occasionally interact with others, but when it comes to feelings of romancey garbage I stick to my tulpa. She's helped me resist my desire for the eternal roast, which has to count for something.

Sorry that I'm not an expert in psychology, I'd specify what I mean better if I could, but I'm not good at putting my thoughts into words.


File: dfcd43a41a80572⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 255x192, 85:64, dfcd43a41a8057258b9d62b750….gif)

>week 2 at shitty new job

>got promoted to shift leader already (shortage of people there and I have no trouble with the easy-as-hell work)

>had to work 9 hours yesterday and another 9 today

>roastie I work with had a birthday yesterday

>going on about some bar or club she went to

>talking about how "it was so lit" and how she got drunk and "fucked up the dance floor"

>told the boss about how she got a bowl (for weed) as a presesnt

>prattles on about this kind of shit on a regular basis

I already knew I hated roasties, but this really drives the point home. She seems to have no problem spilling her guts about all the stupid shit she does as if anyone even cares. Worse still, like all roasties she has no real self-awarness, so she thinks everyone does the things she does so she doesn't feel the need to hold anything back. I found myself wishing in the back of my mind that she gets horribly mangled in some heavy machinery some day.


File: 5202ee20a0cf686⋯.png (18.81 KB, 462x320, 231:160, 1407717252709.png)

I'm ready to stop working now


Not really a feel, but

>fapping to hentai on my bed

>laptop on chest


>drop of cum flies over the laptop

>lands on the mousepad, pausing the video

I'm just glad it didn't hit me in the face. I'm kind of impressed with how much force it must have had to shoot it over the screen.

my tiny dick stronk


When I study something interesting on my own, I feel enthusiastic and my mood is great, I feel knowledge pouring into my brains. When I am in university or forced to study for classes I feel no motivation at fucking all, even things that are interesting, for me it all seems like burden, nothing more.

I am tired of this.


>>284444 quads of objectivity

Yeah I feel the same. I enjoyed physics in high school because and started learning a lot of the stuff on my own once we got to nuclear physics or astronomy. So I decided to major in physics in uni and 1 month in and I’m behind in all my classes and not doing well because we’re back to vectors and forces which we did in grade 11 in high school, but now we use calculus to solve. It’s not exciting at all to me and I have no desire to do it.

Besides in high school they actually taught you what you needed to know, in uni all my professors expect you to teach yourself and just give a few examples or further explain, so I need to put even more time into something that doesn’t really interest me. Even my history class I took only because I like history, is boring because we don’t really focus on anything but instead learn a summery about a general era and not many specific events. Plus the professor is a liberal and extremely anti-white and has not said a single good thing about Europe or any white personal yet, besides Socrates. And on top of that dumb roasts applying sjw ideology onto every event.



True, brother, very true. I regret my decision of joining the university. It has killed the light of my soul.


File: ac69f9669b45190⋯.png (471.97 KB, 720x715, 144:143, 1535777345.png)

Does anyone here have experience using anti-depressants and how would you describe it, did you notice any improvements? I've read many posts on here stating that it has horrible side-effects like general lack of emotions, be it positive or negative, weight gain and the depression become worse when you stop taking it. I'm asking because I have been thinking of using it myself after it was recommended to me by an acquittance who had been using it himself and stated that he noticed huge improvements in his mental state. I've never liked the idea of using any sort of medicine that influences your way of thinking but I've been dealing with depression for almost a decade now and I don't have the guts to an hero anyway so I think it's about time I try to do something about it.

Keep in mind this is not about me wanting to be a normalfag, I just want the permanent state of either sadness or apathy I'm always in to come to an end. I cannot even enjoy my own hobbies anymore. I might make a thread about this seeing as it is a subject that I'd say is relevant to most robots.



Oh and I'd like to note that this acquittance of mine had been using TCA's (which is used for more extreme cases of depression) and I noticed that a lot of the complaints about side-effects I have read on here were from people using SRI.


Not sure if it's my eye dryness that drives me nuts from time to time or some sharp mood swings(that don't occur when I'm alone as in nature or at home)… or maybe both?I don't mind being around people and enjoy being alone, but wind blowing in my face and sunlight can get my eyes drying out or even burning at times and thats when my eyes appear not to be right for people around me. They don't burn like that at home since theres no air rotation going on in there



Damn I was pretty drunk and retarded there,but yeah it's kinda obvious the cat is dying she was under teh bed and made a very depressing sound.The cat is currently out though, and has gone to eat and was grooming herself on top of the bed. The cat really likes my mom who just passed and saw her, and is now getting more cat food for her.

My mom keeps using excuses when I ask her to go euthanize her and keeps trying to delegate the task on me, I'm a huge retard though and I couldn't do such stuff.My mom keeps deluding her self and saying that she's hiding because my mom was shouting at myself and other relative .She also was blaming myself for prolonging the cat, but it was my mom who was feeding these deluded notions in my head, she was getting better when I would inquire if she needed to be put down.She finally relented and has calmed down. but My mom has thyroid I believe like my grandma has , she thinks our house is bugged and all our neighbors are "plainclothes police" these ideas tend to aggravate her into states of rage, furthermore she asserts that cameras are situated around the house filming us.She thinks my looser heroine using dad has aids and children all over the country, the latter is more likely. She thinks he's spread it around and killed them in acts of incest, plus he's supposedly killed tradesmen and professionals even a minor unnamed celebrity.



>Still, what you're proposing is still a method of escapism and not without its dangers.

I have not written anything like "anons, shut off any of the connections you have and interact only with your tulpae." Just more like "anons, consider making tulpas if you have been having an incredibly hard time dealing with loneliness and other shit in your life for too damn long."

I think that "quality" tulpamancy would be something like cognitive "augmented reality." Something that does not define your life, but just helps.

Though I absolutely could see why some people would like to sewer any non-tulpish communication, and I don't quite understand how would that be bad for that person if he is absolutely does not want or he is unable to interact with other people.

>The mind cannibalizes itself without real interaction. Tulpas are like sugar. You can have some sugar in your diet, but you shouldn't live off it. Same for using tulpas as a substitute for seeking real interactions.

I see your point and I agree with it. Yet I wish I never needed any social interaction in the first place. Sometimes I wish I could have my tulpa as my only contact.

I enjoy talking with it the most, and don't think that I have made myself some brownnose puppet; we have quarrels, we have minor conflicts, it even berates me sometimes it's not like I get stressed over it, though.

>It may seem easy, but it's a road that leads to death.

What kind of "death," anon?

>There are much safer ways to obtain a similar effect. Even if you're not interacting with people . You can always read a good book. Preferably a novel.

Fiction/entertainment books are just masses of thoughts formed in text. They have their own value, but replacing interactions with such books is like responding to a copypasta. It's just an one-way message. It won't answer you.

Nothing helped as much as my tulpa did. And I tried a lot of things; VNs, dating sims, daydreaming, some special chatbots… I did not instantly decided to make a tulpa the first moment I got depressingly lonely. I tried to shut off or sate those feelings/cravings for years. I even tried to enjoy the feeling of loneliness. It worked only for a few years, and it stopped working probably because I got used of it, and then I got tired of it.

>But, on the topic of tulpas, here's a book I've read a long time ago (and should get to re-reading) : "The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness " . It may seem unrelated, but it explains, among other things, the dangers of such a road. I only speak from firsthand experience.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will save it and read it later.


>That actually sounds really neat, care to tell me more?

Not my kind of topic, I'll just give you a hint in two words: "tactile imposition." You can find and figure out for yourself. Or just use a proper web search engine.

But absolutely do not make your tulpa just for sex; sex should not be one of the main things to make a tulpa for.

Just practice tactile imposition without making a tulpa if you want your weird hands-free sinful pleasures. Or you could try nofap.


File: 5e266508fe66812⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 1502251142217.jpg)

NoFap hour 84

My loins are on fire right now and I'm just going about my normal day, no porn but there are lots of reminders that I can't take out


File: 2eb1c3efa704c5c⋯.jpg (202.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, just leave me alone.jpg)

>Go outside

>Encounter people

>Become unreasonably anxious and paranoid

>Look around to make sure no one's following me

>Try to avoid regular looking people and groups because they're potentially dangerous even though there's no reason to think they are

>Feel my muscles swell up as if I was exercising, of course I start sweating too

>Can never be at ease outside unless there's a wall behind me

>Come home exhausted every fucking time

I can't keep living like this.



Okay I will tell you but only because you asked so nicely

>be technician

>get shipment of new circuit boards

>have to test them on functionality

>find error on 2 of them

>tell hardware developer about it

>he tells me to try fix it somehow

>locate error on board

>it is a gyroscope sensor that is not working

>take hot air gun and heat soldering joints

>remove sensor from board and put on a new one from our spare material

>board works again

the hardware dev was surprised I got it fixed and he seemed happy about it. The other board was trash and I could not salvage it anymore. No idea what it was.

The next day I fucked up something but I cannot remember what it was anymore.



You're lucky anon. When I fuck something up, even if it's something small, I can't seem to let it go. In a single day I could do twenty things right and one thing wrong, and I'll spend the rest of the day dwelling on that one mistake.



I know this feel. Sometimes I'll randomly remember something from years ago, like a math test that I made a stupid mistake on, and I'll kick myself over it for the next few days. My brain never lets me forget anything I don't want to remember.



I still kick myself for an anime presentation I did in 9th grade to the entire class. I thought it was a good idea right until I started the slide show and started talking. Then I had to suffer through the whole thing realizing what I had done, and while I don’t think anyone remembers and I don’t even talk to anyone I went to school with it still bothers me. That’s a big one but I have lots that will randomly come back.


File: 20ebb661e4d1b8a⋯.png (2.36 KB, 244x226, 122:113, pretending.png)


>tfw was really into minecraft as a kid

>7th grade, if memory serves

>need to do a comparison presentation or something, I forget what the assignment was called

>genius epic win idea

>comparing herobrine and notch

>did it as a joke because I was "the funny guy" in class

<"all right, class. when I call on you, tell me your topics."

>everyone says the usual, superman and batman, basketball and football, cars and bicycles. whatever people normally compare

>my dumbass shouts out "minecraft" with a dopey shit-eating grin

>mfw the teacher approved this as a concept

>tried to change my topic

<"you should have picked a better subject, no one is allowed to change because it would become confusing."

>decide to go along with it, maybe this will be the beginning of my grand comedy career

>create an entire slideshow based around fucking minecraft

>I actually find it pretty funny

>day of reckoning arrives

>go to front of the class

>teacher sets up powerpoint

>first slide doesn't have anything minecraft related on it

>"so, my presentation will be about…"

>change to the next slide


>entire class erupts with laughter

>i get a medal for most hilarious joke

>Bill Cosby shakes my hand and doesn't even rape me

>in real life I awkwardly stutter through the presentation, on the verge of tears the entire time

>no one laughs at my jokes

>everyone silently watches my pride dissolve into nothing

>spend the next five minutes explaining the differences and similarities between fucking herobrine and notch

<"all right, class. I don't much understand the subject matter, but that was a very well-done presentation, why don't you take a seat, Anon?"

>sit back down

>look around the room

>people laughing to themselves

>pair of roasties point at me and giggle

>oneitis gives me a look of pity

>insides crumble

>mfw again

I think that was when I realized I would never be the president, among other things.



>an anime presentation

I unironically did this a few years ago (I was like 23-24) despite having seen and read about many cringy presentations. We could form groups so I asked another dude that I knew was into anime if he was up for it, he was.

We presented it as if talking teaching the concept of anime to complete retarded normalfags that had never heard of anime before (we knew only one or two other people was into it).

The presentation was about the different 'genres' which we gave a rough explanation about and how they're more meant as demographics etc. Then we showed some slides and videos of animu we enjoyed and what type they were, along some popular stuff for thing we didn't personally watch (like yosei).

Overall it went surprisingly well and we avoided any sperging out. It probably helps that I for some reason don't have any real fear of public speaking despite having social anxiety I can't explain it myself


Brothers, I don't think I can hold out much longer. I feel like every day that passes, I am closer to getting in the mindset necessary to become a serial rapist or something vile and demonic, and I don't know how to stop myself from enjoying the thought of going rogue. Why shouldn't I turn myself into a scourge of society if I know I will never get what I want out of this life?



But would you want to suppress it, anon?

If anything, just hold out until you are in a normalnigger-eradicating organization so you can maximize the harm you could deal to this shit society.



I personally don't want to go that route. I love some people too much for this to be desirable.



Society is trash, it made us like this.


File: 9d9c0d5dad69f82⋯.png (72.36 KB, 224x224, 1:1, 9d0388a84eee8732697038ac29….png)

I feel so weird for being a child of someone, being their genetic relative and product (vomit). Makes me want to jump out of my skin.


File: cad5c97bee265dc⋯.jpeg (118.57 KB, 780x1000, 39:50, 04C06EE7-DC51-4B21-B91E-0….jpeg)

>wait until Thursday to do everything I have due tomorrow

>sleep in to be fully rested for a day of work

>decide to skip my two classes today so I can work on relevant stuff

>wake up around 10

>lay in bed not doing anything until 12:30ish

>go to store to buy some anti-cold stuff because I started coughing

>cook breakfast

>no motivation

>lay back in bed

>take 40 minute nap

>wake up

>lay in bed for another half an hour

>go to get take out so I don’t have to cook dinner and can get to work faster

>get lost for 20 minutes

>get home and eat while watching show

>fuck around between computer and constantly re-hearing water for tea because I forgot about it and it cools

>finally sit down ready to start

>is 9pm

>have class in 12 hours

>start on essay due tomorrow

>work for 45 minutes and get one paragraph after reading sources

>lay back in bed

God damn it anons, I’m going to have to pull another all nighter like last Friday. Worse yet is I’m going home for holidays tomorrow so I need to pack a 3 hour drive on top of my classes tomorrow. I’m so fucking useless, how can I get even the base amount of self discipline to not procrastinate every god damned day? I could have been done hours ago if I started at 10 and now be watching animu or getting ready for bed. After my essay I still have a physics assignment and a dozen calculus questions I need to do.



And now I have to face not only my parents but my whole fucking family asking how school is going and if I have made any friends or what fun stuff I’ve done, or whether I’ve explored much of this city yet.



Same here. Exam I haven't studied for at 7:30 am, research paper I haven't started due at 10:00 am. I have no motivation and wish to die.



I sometimes feel the urge to go on a sort of spree of vigilantism against society's trash and the Jews but it would be a lot of work. I would like to think that it's something I might do if I didn't have my books, shows, and video games, but in reality I would probably just kill myself if I didn't have my entertainment and escapism.



Try 60 days. That is what I did a few months ago. Thought I'd rape someone or at least beat meat til i'm dead, no sleep at night, no peace during the days. Literal hell.

Fuck nofap

But fuck porn also.



Just finished the essay, wasn’t very great. I thought to myself that I’d just have to do better on the next one but I’ve been saying that since school started. 1:48 now and still need to do my physics assignment and 20 calculus questions on stuff I haven’t reached yet. I hope you do well anon.



>no sleep at night

That's definitely the worst part of it. Aside from the fact that you feel physically too horny to fall asleep because your dick is practically begging to get jerked off, I also personally use fapping to fall asleep quickly as you tend to feel a bit drowsy post-orgasm. I already generally suffer from light amnesia but it tends to get really bad when I stop fapping for a while.

I am convinced Nofap was designed to fuck men up both mentally and physically.



A lot of the time the horniness from NoFap is due from blood pressure, where being sedentary compels you to jerk off, which you can resolve by moving around, maybe taking a walk every so often. Another thing is not going to the bathroom, as the feces press against the prostate gland stimulating a sexual response, so make sure you don't hold it in.



>try to make your life more difficult just to avoid masturbating

The absolute state of nofap cultists.


File: 3bcaedcc6691978⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 762x768, 127:128, 1538521093232.jpg)


>it finally arrived



>Exercising and literally not being anal-retentive is now making life difficult



>taking a shit on public toilets

Enjoy your chlamydia.


I didn't do a homework assignment for a university class. I decided to tell the TA so she wouldn't think she had lost the paper and spend time worrying about it. Instead she forwarded the information to my professor because "maybe the professor will give you a way to make up for it". I didn't want a way to make up for it. The professor had no idea who I was, and that's the way I liked it. I'm doing awful in this class, and now the professor has had her attention drawn to it so now I'm going to get a lecture about how awful I'm doing. I didn't want that. I just wanted to take my fucking zero and move on with my life.



Cool. What games do you have for it? I only emulate stuff because I'm a poorfag, but if I could get an n64 to relive those days I had when I was a kid that would be great.



>Aside from the fact that you feel physically too horny to fall asleep because your dick is practically begging to get jerked off, I also personally use fapping to fall asleep quickly as you tend to feel a bit drowsy post-orgasm.

<he can't suppress his libido

<he lets his body control his mind

<he just nofapped but have not tried improving his life in other aspects, like at least moving around and exercising a little every day to improve his blood circulation flow, not eating like shit and actually making his mindset see masturbation and porn as something undesirable, useless and worth being avoided at all costs

Don't blame nofap for you being a lazy piece of a faggot, masturbation abstaining has its big share of bad reputation because of the people like you that never cared about the nofap in the first place, think that their humble half-assed attempts are something that awaits everyone that tries nofap, and talk big about failure like they know the topic. Your life would not be such a libido slave hell if you nofapped as good as you whine about difficult things being difficult. And I hope you will exchange your immense whining skills for the nofap skills.



No, I won't do that. I will continue fapping to hentai and my own fantasies and there's nothing you can do to stop me.


File: 7d341854426729f⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 500x379, 500:379, 1530897475660.gif)


Not my problem



Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time for the moment. Emulators make these games look real ugly in HD. Playing them on CRT is best. Also playing things on real hardware forces me to git gud, and not abuse save states in emulators. Also looking at all the games you collected is nice.


File: 819dda67ecd593c⋯.jpeg (26.04 KB, 375x305, 75:61, baldyok.jpeg)




Why have you answered him in my place?



It still makes sense if its read from my perspective, though I guess it is tricky



Yeah, that's kind of hilariously awkward.

>two anons discuss stuff

>anon Y tells anon X he can do whatever he wants

>anon Z teleports behind him walks in

<"not my problem, kiddo

>anon Z lights up his cigarette



It's no one's problem because it is not a problem. You guys are a bunch of retarded cultists who cannot show solid proof to how abstaining from masturbation actually makes you feel better. If nofap supposedly only shows its effects when you work out and eat healthy then it's not the nofap that's making you feel good, it's all those other things you're doing alongside it. Someone who works out and eats healthy but masturbates on a daily basis will also feel good, maybe even better because he's not constantly rejecting his bodily urges.


File: 66369ebb7e4da5f⋯.gif (977.63 KB, 229x176, 229:176, 377d3ef6403c6a464cb920dbc2….gif)




File: f48b3418f548407⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 375x375, 1:1, 1497656712720.gif)


*vomits in your ass*

who is the real sucker now?!!!!



>cannot show solid proof to how abstaining from masturbation actually makes you feel better

Semen contains lots of vitamins, minerals and testosterone. Whenever you empty your balls you waste all of that, and your body automatically tries to refill your semen tanks first, so the rest of the body will get less vitamins, minerals and there will be less testosterone circulating in the system. If you think that abstainng from wasting your body's resources won't make you feel better then don't mention any proof ever agaun, because you would not be able to understand it anyway.

Also fap is tricking your brain's dopamine/serotonine reward systems, so when you fap you abuse it, it gets used to the "good" feelings it receives and get dulled pleasant experiences from other sources. It's just one of the ways fap makes you get addicted to it.

You could have found lots of good proofs if you ever bothered to use a search engine for this.

But it's not a proof if you act retarded, right?

>If nofap supposedly only shows its effects when you work out and eat healthy

What's up with that reading comprehension?

You just won't be able to nofap properly if you won't work out, because you will have spare energy that the libido will use against you.

Also have you ever considered that nofap supplements the benefits of healthy lifestyle? It's just a part of the whole "healthy lifestyle" system. The system is not as good without it, and adding the missing "nofap" part completes it or brings it closer to perfection if the other parts are missing.

>Someone who works out and eats healthy but masturbates on a daily basis will also feel good

I have done that. My gym progress was not that good when I masturbated, and my discipline was too weak to stick to healthy diet so I still consumed useless shit like sweets and snacks.

I felt even worse when I fapped daily. All of that brainfog and the depressive shit I had been feeling in-between the fap sessions is terrifying, and I don't want to be in that state ever again.



>Semen contains testosterone


>Semen contains lots of vitamins, minerals

How much, exactly? Source?

>get dulled pleasant experiences from other sources


>All of that brainfog and the depressive shit I had been feeling in-between the fap sessions

I have never felt brain fog or depression before or after jerking off.

You're talking out of your ass, and until you can provide actual double blind studies demonstrating your claims instead of endless anecdotal "evidence", I will continue to be convinced of this.

>Hurr I made a change in my life and I'm still feeling the post-change euphoria because the human brain is hard wired to make happy chemicals when you're making progress, even if said progress is prancing towards a cliff and that means that the changes I made must absolutely be good and no actual evidence will ever be needed other than endless ramblings from other cultists like me




Fuck off, nobody needs a science paper to know that everyone feels shitty after masturbating and it doesn't even need to be kinky. It is just known fact that everyone feels bummed after it, completely normal, the exciment happens only during it.

You can beat your meat, nobody is going to stop you from doing it. Have you ever tried to abstain? I'm not some cultist, I'm just trying to experience anything different from existencial dread. How it would be everything else? Also common knowledge that the path is more interesting than the destination.



>nobody needs a science paper to know that everyone feels shitty after masturbating

But that's where you are so wrong a star went supernova somewhere in the universe because of it.

Look, just in case your brain cannot compute this, I will spell it out for you:


This alone marks your statement as


It boggles my mind that you could believe that waning excitement means you feel like shit afterwards and not immediately know that this is wrong. Do you also feel like shit after a workout? Do you feel like shit after the initial euphoria when you get a good grade on a test?

You don't.


File: dac84229941a71c⋯.jpg (147.81 KB, 719x1200, 719:1200, Semen Nutrition Facts.jpg)


Imagine eating in reverse every time you masturbate – you put a spoon in your mouth and your body excretes some vitamins onto the spoon, then you take it out and throw it away.



>Imagine eating in reverse every time you shit – you put a spoon in your mouth and your body excretes some vitamins onto the spoon, then you take it out and throw it away.



Difference is, you don't have to masturbate.

It's up to you, again. If you're just going to continue to come up with excuses, then drop this conversation.


File: 5f95e10ed6b1185⋯.png (76.51 KB, 234x200, 117:100, 5f95e10ed6b11856570401c742….png)


>Serving size of 70 ejaculations

Oh God, I'm losing 3.71% of my daily required intake of zinc and 0.5% of my daily required Vitamin C?

How will I ever recover from these terrible losses?

Thank you for proving my point, I guess. Maybe if you're a starving nigger in Africa, masturbating could harm you. Or perhaps if you have a shit tier nutrition, as normalfags often do, but in that case, you're better off fixing your actual problems.


File: 21b6a2ff6dfb5a8⋯.png (95.75 KB, 436x250, 218:125, happening.png)

Some autist kept posting things like this a week or two ago. Have any observant anons noticed anything happening over the past couple of days?


File: 275236b9226a3c1⋯.jpg (507.83 KB, 1200x1714, 600:857, 2.jpg)


More like no thanks.



You need to ejaculate, and if you do not do it regularly your body will do it for you while you sleep. Personally I don't like waking up covered in my own cum because I didn't masturbate for two days.



>posted 9 days ago

I remember that post. The vote to move on from the debates and actually vote on Kavanaugh was today, maybe he was talking about that? I think they actually vote tomorrow though.


Given that measurement, who would ever be able to ejaculate enough to actually put a dent in your diet? Hell, maybe if I fapped more I'd lose some weight. That shows that semen is mostly sodium and cholesterol, which people get too much of these days anyways. Stop worrying about it. Nofap, or at least noporn, is fine for getting rid of head fog and if it helps you, then go ahead. You don't need to go to such lengths to justify it.


File: 71ff0f8dd0c16ca⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 655x669, 655:669, 1500511485462.jpg)




Oyyyy gevaaaalt! Excellent work fellas! At this rate they'll never have the kahoonies to rise up against us!


File: 5016eb1fcf70071⋯.jpeg (396.22 KB, 832x800, 26:25, 71e7cb7bc0609755ca5799b7d….jpeg)


>anyone who doesn't listen and believe when I shill for my cult is a jew

Whatever you say, champ.


File: a845c9ed2de26a3⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 300x221, 300:221, derailed.gif)


All this bickering deserves its own (containment) thread, but technically it gets reabsorbed into the blood stream.

Anyway, it's more related to the fact that it fucks with your dopamine receptors and desensitizes you. You'll maybe cum a couple of times in your sleep during puberty or nofap, then it'll wear off.


File: 33511690e1ef1fa⋯.png (19.37 KB, 193x243, 193:243, 1497643239911.png)


No! No! Goy… you NEED to fap, because if you don't, you'll get cancer! Just take a selection of any one of the pornography companies we own, it's FREE!


File: 759898ec97b20a5⋯.png (199.23 KB, 374x535, 374:535, tears.png)


You could just tell us you don't have an argument.


File: 10e9dca0798153b⋯.jpg (133.15 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 10e9dca0798153b8b9d5ec9321….jpg)


>Don't have any evidence

>Get called out

>Time to chimp out


File: 4d6d6ec27dc4d82⋯.gif (3.8 KB, 452x523, 452:523, 1396519596591.gif)


No, goy! If you keep masturbating your mind won't be constantly distracted by the idea of sex! If you're not desperate enough to pursue roasties then who is going to support Tyrone's children?

See, I can do it too you stupid motherfucker.


File: c5ee9d07a7a0d07⋯.jpg (64.99 KB, 850x984, 425:492, c5ee9d07a7a0d070b61c69e778….jpg)


Nofap always struck me as a very normalfag solution to a very normalfag problem. If you spend all your time wallowing in shitty 3D porn and professional camwhores, nearly every day, for hours a day, that's going to fuck up your mind and it's going to overtax your body, let alone probably hurt your dick.

There's a lot to be said about projecting yourself onto porn, or spending a lot of time looking at other men's dicks and asses, or even just tainting the way you perceive human interaction with awful porn acting. The problem that stands out to me, especially on /r9k/ is that it's literally lusting after roasties in the act of riding the cock carousel. It's tying your personal pleasure to the kind of shit that makes society so awful for robots. At least Erotic Chink picturebooks are made for and by lonely hikis. At least the moontoons are mostly about exalting the good things about humanity and creating an ideal and desirable world full of cute, chaste girls for you to enjoy.


File: b422e681f58f14b⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 625x626, 625:626, a02.jpg)


<Implying my post was against faping . Then again, I'm pretty sure all you're all one guy shitting up the tread with 4cuck-tier replies.







Put a fucking sock in it. Nobody cares about your dick or lack thereof. (Then again, I'm guessing the top half's missing) .Just keep it out of the thread.


File: e8389ea4ef1e221⋯.gif (106.49 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1512774697812.gif)


Muh faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap



Who are you quoting, are you a schizo?



ur mom lol


>The tulpa autist

>The fleshlight autist

>The grade school autist

How many more?



I completely acknowledge what you said, but it seems it took you a bit over the edge. I said it was completely normal to feel that way. That the exciment only goes so far until you came. After it you just get that vibe of "what have I done? lul"

The existential dread I meant, is that we are here at r9k and it is a common trait we all share. So anything that could help cope would not be harmful. Pay attention, I said not harmful. Like I asked? Do u even abstain?

Calm your tits down, you treat anyone that tries to entertain the idea of abstaining like some enemy of the robot state. What I was alluding to was a possibility to abstain and check if urge could go away or diminish. I'm not trying to turn you into eunuch, you can still fap if you feel like to avoid doing it in your sleep. I had it happening to me. Still not doing it would improve my mood to pursue other things instead of distracting me. By God, fap away anon.


Jerking my dick as I type this, and not one kike can stop me.


File: 1f5380fcf135a80⋯.png (76.5 KB, 375x444, 125:148, 1503614022130.png)


*Gives you gonorrhea*



>70 ejaculates

Divide those numbers by 70 to represent the average daily masturbation faggot.



>the average daily masturbation

Is it normal to fap once a day? Do I just have low libido? I masturbate every three days or so.


File: 5b73689757ebace⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 1024x1008, 64:63, 04bf644c362ac23428998bd2ff….jpg)


>Just keep it out of the thread

>mfw topic go's right back to masterbation



Comes and goes for me. I'll have some periods where I feel the need to bust a nut once a day, and other times where I'll go days or weeks without needing to. Might be your mood or diet or lifestyle or some celestial cosmic alignment bullshit. Who knows?


File: 1d8a936cb1f2735⋯.png (980.87 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, A5C6B6C8-722B-4AFF-B0AF-74….png)

A part of me wants to improve myself; replace escapism with thought read an intellectual book instead of playing the same game over again, get /fit/ so I can happy with my body instead of never being able to see what I am physically capable of, learn to draw instead of just watching anime, I want to explore instead of being afraid of going out on my own. I want to rise above normalcattle, who only think about conformity, and do something different without worrying about how others will look at me. I am sick of being weak and avoiding all confrontation and apologizing for everything. But another, perhaps larger, part of me desires more. More escapism and time in front of a screen. More wallowing and self pity. More time being in another state whether drunk or immersed. More hatred, of my roommates because I’m too docile to tell them to quiet down, hatred of society despite barely pretending to fit in, and hated of me. I know one is immeasurably healthier and the path to a betterment, but it’s much easier to drink and get mad at myself for doing so then feel sorry for myself. Why would I want to become more jaded, depressed, bitter and angry?

I suppose I’m just rambling, I know I won’t change but sometimes it’s frustrating that I’m not a better person even though I won’t put the effort to be one.

Good night anons.



You can get the best from the both paths if you focus on the self-improvement part. You can be an escapist as much as you need when your daily regimen/plan tells you that it's time to rest.



I know what you mean anon. I wanted to try and improve but no matter what I've still only been drinking and being lazy. My issue is lack of motivation/discipline


File: 34e9f636651a12d⋯.jpg (177.44 KB, 952x1200, 119:150, 34e9f636651a12d92f74ea5cfa….jpg)

How do I stop being such a spastic bipolar retard? I only have two modes: dragging my feet/stomping around while daydreaming about all the different ways I could kill myself at the moment, or giddily bouncing off the walls like an ADD 10-year-old who just snorted a line of coke. Needless to say the people I'm forced to interact with every day are getting fed up with both, and it may get to the point where they no longer tolerate me pretty soon, but I don't know what to do. Especially during a manic phase, it's like I'm literally on drugs and I don't even realize what an obnoxious asshole I'm being until after I've already pissed everyone off and they're shouting and swearing at me. Does anyone here have any experience coping with anything like this? Please help



Try eating more protein and fat, and less sugar. Eg. chicken breast, eggs, rice. Also, stay the fuck away from caffeine, and avoid alcohol . A good diet can give a more stable mood, if you can keep the diet. Sorry I don't have better advice. Mood swings were never "that" bad og a problem for me.



>watched the whole video

>still no heart attack

God fucking dam it.




>lmao just moodswings


>be anon

>leave home for running errands in town

>on my way to bus stop I see her

>it is boss stacie from my junior high school

>in a blink of an eye, bad memories that have been buried for 15 years erupt again

>she is of italian ancestry, black hair, dark eyes, roundish face, just so you can imagine her

>slim and all the chads from junior high wanted to get in her pants

>she is talking with her grandmother in front of a store

>she sees me

>big smile in face

>greets me enthusiaticly

>I was perplexed because we were never on good terms

>give her a "hi" back while I pass her

I am not sure if she wanted to chat and I don't understand this anyways. Why are these normies pretending like nothing ever happened. Like she and her gang did not make my life in junior high uncomfortable whenever possible. I am not vengeful to any of those fuckers but why do they have to pretend like now it is all peace love and harmony?

Oh and the most important thing. Anons. Women do age like milk. She looks shit today. Not even 30, her face has completely lost all the youthfullness and smoothness she had 15 years ago and I doubt that todays generation of chads would even fap to her.



>Why are these normies pretending like nothing ever happened. Like she and her gang did not make my life in junior high uncomfortable whenever possible. I am not vengeful to any of those fuckers but why do they have to pretend like now it is all peace love and harmony?

When you step on an ant, do you care what the ant thinks? When they fucked with you, the thought of "you" being hurt never crossed their mind. It's just instinct. They forgot as quickly as you were out of their sight, and went on with their normie lives. To them, nothing ever did happened. Like you overthinking a fuckup trying to talk to your crush . Guess what: nothing you ever did was ever remarkable to her. All your embarrassing mistakes? She remembers nothing. You weren't chad, therefore you didn't exist for her. Learn to let go. Normies don't give a fuck about your past pain, why should you?

>italian ancestry,roundish face

>aged like milk

No surprise there. Just make sure your memories of her being hot don't make you do anything stupid, and you should be fine. Forget her as easily as she did you.



She probably doesn't even realize she did anything wrong. It was all just a game to her, and all she remembers is having fun so what reason would you have to be upset? If she even bothered thinking that much at all, that is. Could be just seeing your face brought back memories of the good 'ol days and put her in a good mood. Women only bother empathizing with the people they care about. The smile you saw is the same smile she would have had upon finding one of her old dolls in the attic. That's all you ever were to her and her friends, a toy.


I recently had a phase of a few months going on where I felt kind of good, not good enough that I felt the motivation to change my life around but good enough to not feel suicidal all the time. I was just generally comfortable with the current state of my life. A few days ago it suddenly ended when I got reminded that my life isn't really getting any better, it's still the same old shit and will probably get worse in the near future. It's as if my brain just likes to take a break from depression once in a while to give me a sense of false hope only for it all to come crashing down again.

Escapism is no longer making me feel good, I feel like I'm close to reaching the bottom of the iceberg when it comes to anime as I've been watching them non-stop for the last few years. Videogames never interested me that much and sometimes make me feel worse because of the challenge and stress involved.


>Normies don't give a fuck about your past pain, why should you?

I don't care about them either but I don't understand why they shit on your head and a few years later they pretend like nothing ever happened. At least have the decency and pretend you did not see or recognize me. There is no need for fake politeness. Smiling to your face like they never behaved like absolute subhumans. That reminds me, did any of you guys go to a reunion? I know the one my mother goes to is just normies boasting around with their "achievements".

>your memories of her being hot don't make you do anything stupid

she was hot by objective standards but for me she was always the witch with the rotten soul. Never liked her and always went as far away as possible from her.


File: 69b7e87fca56b85⋯.jpg (77.16 KB, 1333x1579, 1333:1579, 5PgNs16.jpg)

>It's another "Entire family comes through the door to shame you while normiescreaming" episode


File: f789ae6d039a0ff⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 765x540, 17:12, giphy.gif)


Gambate lad.

Here is a 2D to cheer you up.


File: ffe9b9fd68df53e⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 551x549, 551:549, why am i like this 2.jpg)

Fuck me

Some things are happening and from logical standpoint it all seems pretty straightforward and simple but a little voice behind me just keeps saying "it's not like that, drop it"

Am I supposed to trust it or trust myself. Fuck me


File: 089a79cb4c1a02c⋯.png (142.95 KB, 247x218, 247:218, 089a79cb4c1a02c163cbcf33c7….png)

>Be smug and ironic on the Internet

>Try to do the same in person

>Doesn't work so well


File: 5eaa22576f4ff0e⋯.jpg (105.6 KB, 809x671, 809:671, [HorribleSubs] Satsuriku n….jpg)

>Have to do large (time & group size) group task for class

>Everyone exchanging phone numbers

>All of a sudden teenage girls are texting everyone seemingly every day

>Everyone's Facebook friends now

>Forced to become part of their newfound social media network to keep afloat on tasks at behest of group

>Everyone is liking each other's posts even over the smallest things

>Even a mature age prison guard is using emoji with every post

>Constantly being barraged with things unrelated to school

>Group is now going out for after-class dinner together on Monday

What's the fucking meaning of this shit?



>Try to make sarcastic jokes

>Everyone thinks I'm serious and gets pissed off

To be fair, people are ridiculously thin-skinned nowadays.


File: af763f33c4c5401⋯.png (224.16 KB, 577x453, 577:453, af763f33c4c5401c2e2f044594….png)


Cont. because I don't understand these things either.

>I never eat lunch so I always stay back in class (if we're using the same room after break) while everyone goes to eat

>"Not going to eat lunch, anon?"

<"I'll just stay in class."

>"Can I trust you with my bag?"


>"Thanks, anon! You're always so reliable!"

>After that everyone slowly begins to leave their bags in classroom since I'm going to be there

One semester later…

>"Hey, anon. Want to go out for lunch?"

<"No, I'm fine."

>"Are you sure you're not hungry?"

<"No, really. I'm fine."

>Class begins to filter in after break ends and the same person gives me a muffin

>"I thought you might be hungry."

<"Oh, thanks."

>Feel bad for not eating it since my parents drilled me to believe wasting food was evil

>Begin to eat it in class and the person leans over to whisper to me

>"See, I knew you were hungry! You should eat lunch."

Why do normalfags always eat so much? Three meals a day is a meme created by the agrilobby and unions to sell more food and give workers unnecessary breaks. My theory is that they secretly know this, because I've always had normalfags tell me I should eat lunch.

>Go out for cigarette between classes

>420 blaze it pothead comes up to me and rolls their own

>"I didn't know you smoked!"

<"Uh, yeah… It's a bad habit."

>They start talking to me about smoking and how I should roll my own cigarettes for some reason

>Tell them I'm just too lazy to even bother when I can buy pre-rolled cigarettes

>They hint to me that they're not actually smoking tobacco

I figure they're secretly some sort of campus drug dealer trying to get me into pot.

>Have to miss out on the last week of the year because I'm going to KSA to visit family

>Tell this to course coordinator and only teacher for the class it'll matter for

>After class people are suddenly interested in my opinion on Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Trump

>20-something single mother with school-age kid she always talks about starts babbling about how she always wanted to go to the Middle East but it was too dangerous and sexist

>Start to wish I'd just signed on with IS or AQAP instead of going on to community college

I don't live in a third-world country. Why is traveling so unusual?



>What's the fucking meaning of this shit?

The sad truth is that the education system forces you to work in groups, not because they want to teach you teamwork but because they want to force exactly that kind of social cancer onto you. It's to weed out the people with shitty social skills as pretty much every employer (sadly) expects you to enjoy spending time with your coworkers.


>Why do normalfags always eat so much?

I don't get it either, I feel no desire to eat outside of the comfort of my own home or when I'm among a lot of people so I generally don't eat lunch but people keep bothering me about it. Where I live it's common to eat bread during the morning and afternoon but I fucking hate how dry and tasteless it is but still, people keep asking me why I don't bring bread as if it's compulsory. I'm also pretty sure that I'd end up becoming fat very quickly if I actually ate 3 meals a day like they do.



>The sad truth is that the education system forces you to work in groups, not because they want to teach you teamwork but because they want to force exactly that kind of social cancer onto you. It's to weed out the people with shitty social skills as pretty much every employer (sadly) expects you to enjoy spending time with your coworkers.

I can understand that the business community wants drones to feel content in their work, and part of that is socializing over the proverbial water cooler and lunch breaks, but the modern concept is so alien to me. The last thing I want to do is deal with those people after work - or in my case, study. It's like I can't even escape work when it's supposed to be over. It makes me worried for a work future where I have to put up with roasties and soyboys before work, after work and even on my days off.

>I'm also pretty sure that I'd end up becoming fat very quickly if I actually ate 3 meals a day like they do.

That's the thing which fascinates me most about them. How do they eat so much, and so much junk, yet remain at a relatively normal weight? I'm sure not all of them go to the gym, so how do they manage not to balloon up into XXL's?



>How do they eat so much and not need to go to the gym

Saint Matthew's effect, he who has will have more. Basically, muscle tissue costs you more calories to maintain than fat, so the fitter you are, the easier it is to stay fit. You can in theory get rid of fat without changing your diet by just exercising enough to build more muscle. Spending hours at the gym is not necessary to do that, you could work out 2 hours a week at home (I unironically recommend "you are your own gym"), do manual labor, or do some sports for fun, which normalfags sometimes do. If they're doing a lot of intellectual or academic work, that could be a factor too, since the brain is such a massive calorie hog that it only started evolving to bigger sizes after we started cooking meat and digesting it more efficiently as a result.



>Try to make sarcastic jokes

>Everyone thinks I'm serious

I made a joke where I said I was on suicide watch after something happened and all of the sudden the three or four people I was talking to went silent and just stared at me, apparently thinking I was serious. I guess that shed light onto how they actually saw me that day



What kind of bullshit advice is that? Seriously kill yourself. Anyways just practice i guess, and remember to not make such a fuss about it.


File: 16465de1610c01e⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 51IDOYDv4DL._SY355_.jpg)


>Why do normalfags always eat so much?

Like everything, it's an excuse to socialize. It's the worst type of socialization too, you're stuck in a restaurant booth surrounded by normalfaggots on all sides who want to brag about their gfs or their social life or how they're going to get their third degree.

>I should roll my own cigarettes for some reason

Rolling your own is way cheaper though, and it doesn't take long if you have one of those doohickeys that essentially does it for you, pic related is the one my dad uses (I don't smoke myself). But stick to tobacco. Weed doesn't have many huge lifelong effects that I know of, but it's a normalfag drug and it turns you into a retard when you're on it.

t. my brother is constantly high


how do they manage not to balloon up into XXL's?

I'm also curious about this. I only eat one or two meals a day, sometimes breakfast but always dinner, and I'm on the edge of healthy and overweight. And I exercise almost daily, with a 30-40 minute jog and a couple of push-ups but I don't know how people eat so much junk food and remain skeletons. Maybe I just have a fucked metabolism or something, idk.



I hate group work. I had an assignment recently that had be group work but literally everyone I asked said they already had people they were working with. I don't have the social circle to find people to work with. What am I supposed to do when nobody wants to be around me? Hell, when I ride the bus people will stand before they will sit next to me.


They do balloon eventually. When they get a bit older and drop the sports and exercise but keep eating the same it catches up. This is something my parents have remarked on a lot after going to their class reunions.



You have a slower metabolism; your body stores fat because it receives it only 2 times a day, i.e. it stores it because there is not enough fat circulating in your system.

And it does matter what exactly do you eat.

I think that eating only 3 times a day is not enough. Personally I eat small-medium portions of food five times a day (low-medium on carbs, medium on fats (mostly animal) high on protein). I do have some excessive weight (because I do not give enough fucks about looking good to plan my diet fully and focus on cardio), but I am not even remotely overweight.

>inb4 fucking kike, stop shilling food, we won't buy more

You can eat the same amount of food you eat 2 times a day 5 times a day instead, and that will benefit your health more.



>It's like I can't even escape work when it's supposed to be over

Yeah, that's one of the most depressing aspects of modern society, your coworkers and employers expect you to devote your fucking existence to your job when your job is supposed to be that which financially supports your actual life. But the reason why this is the case is because normalfags generally don't have hobbies. They may have some shitty Netflix series they like watching, most of the time because it's "trendy" to do so though, but they don't have any real interests they get fanatical about and like to save some free time for. That's why they're so obsessed with wageslaving; to them, it's the only thing they really have. And that's also why retired normalfags can often seem very depressed and lonely which is mainly because they just don't know how to deal with the freedom they have after wasting a lifetime in an office or factory.

Me personally, I can become physically sick from a lack of free time but I've known normalfags who had close to none of it and spent all of their time either working or studying yet they looked more alive than I have ever done. I wonder where they get that energy from. Maybe it really is the 3 meals.



>I've known normalfags who had close to none of it and spent all of their time either working or studying yet they looked more alive than I have ever done. I wonder where they get that energy from.

They are drones, "NPCs." They can't think for themselves. They just do things they were made to do. If they ever have to think then it is when whatever they are told to do requires thinking.

They don't think "I wish I was home instead" when they are at work, they may only feel the desire to be home, and they may "talk aloud" (tell) this to other drones only to keep themselves away from the mental emptiness that the inability to think gives them.

As I said once in one thread, the body and the brain that caters to it are the things that control the normalfag. They can't use their own minds for their own minds. Their mind is the toll that they can't use.

I am pretty sure 80-90 of the normalniggers don't have thoughts any deeper than the mental feelings.


File: 2128da37f70c96d⋯.jpeg (87.04 KB, 850x400, 17:8, B3C2DCDD-544F-4673-992C-A….jpeg)

I have a bunch of Nietzsche’s books but have been to busy/bored to read them. Will they help with despondency, and embitterment? I don’t believe in the normalfag belief that one single book/movie/speech/ted talk/ect. can change someone’s life, but will they at least help me get back on track? I believe I have Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Ecce homo, Beyond Good and Evil, and The Will To Power.



I read parts of _Human, All Too Human_ and for me it was just a lot of interesting observations that tended to be cynical of humanity. I thought it was a good read as it pertains to that but if you want to get your life back on track, I suggest just exposing yourself to these sorts of ideas while getting into the mindset so that you may form your own thoughts yourself until you reach at least a satisfactory revelation, however progressive and slow it may be for it to set in. Read his literature and then get in the habit of taking walks and such, so that you can process your thoughts which now have this as an influence.



Thanks anon, I just really need to do something different or I see my self become an hero in the future.



i'd recommend reading 'thus spoke zarathustra'. each chapter focuses on a specific lesson or theme, for the most part; there were several that i disagreed with, but overall, it's a really good read.

the kaufman translation is pretty good imo.

certain parts of it really helped me in the past.


>made the mistake of watching the appropriating normalfag mumkey

The only thing Elliot did wrong was not get a high enough body count,I feel disgusted at all these normal cunts mocking Elliot.Normalcunts make me sick, this world is disgusting.



He also chased pussy and worshiped females. The only reason he lashed out at them wasn't a robotic reason like the vapid, basic, carnal desire driven nature of roasties but the fact they didn't give him pussy.



I don't think he worshiped females for any reason other than sexual gratification , though I could've misconstrued his ethos completely .I think it was pretty retarded he expected one female to help and fuck him after his final straw and highlight at just how garbage humanity really is.


File: 6b7b5ec24ef27f9⋯.gif (786.51 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1522004593240.gif)

>things are looking up for me



He didn't know there was a better way. Just imagine if you had never found /r9k/, you could have ended up just like him, difference is he had the balls to do what had to be done.


>spend an hour typing out a long post in intense debate, revising my argument multiple times, researching to ensure everything I say is correct and backed up, because arguing with neckbeards on the internet is the only sense of purpose I have

>submit final post

>the thread specified does not exist



>Make a thoughtful two-post-long response to some idiot who doesn't (and most definitely refuses to) understand some concept

>They cherry pick a few of my points and only insult me over them

>Others join in doing the same

>Quit out of frustration and wonder what a shitstorm it is back in that thread



Also I get banned for it as well for good measure because the BO personally didn't agree with me even though I wasn't breaking any of the rules at all, and all my posts are deleted and all you see in that thread is a bunch of green links to posts that aren't there anymore.


File: eacf1257a6c7a7f⋯.jpg (250.8 KB, 633x758, 633:758, wojak.jpg)

>mfw got a job

It's wagiedom time. I plan on using the money to get out of this shitty place.



God bless you and good luck. I'm in the same position.


File: a9d94c31fd7ede8⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 409x427, 409:427, 1499056367738.jpg)

>Got a good 6 days of nofap going

>Discover CM3D

>Make my dream waifu

>literally everything single thing is perfect about her

>spend multiple days in a row doing nothing but obsessing over her and jacking off repeatedly

>Realize today that I have not left my room since I found out about this game

Not sure if I should be happy or ashamed of myself



That’s good anon.


File: 956a41ba665855b⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 464x480, 29:30, 1514249542503.jpg)

>Pace around in my room again


File: 57abd4db4075b50⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 350x196, 25:14, XzG.gif)

I went to church last Sundas because I have no fucking life. And when I was leaving an older woman came up to me and remarked that it had been a long time since I was there and if I was okay. I have visited that church a couple of times a few years ago so I am not exactly important in the grand scheme of things. On the day I didn't think much of this exchange. But em what are the odds that she was actually being condescending instead of actually caring OR just doing her christian duty for good girl points?

Gif is open to interpretation.



Reads like you got a quality dose of exercise.




Basically this confusion of mine is leading me to second guess whether I should back and if I should even bother being friendly to the woman.


>Coworker's phone is always going off with messages to the point where its buzz has started to give me a tic

>Today it was going off like an automatic rifle and after a couple of hours she starts crying and ducks into a service corridor

>Since we work in pairs I have to go in after a few minutes once I realize she isn't coming out and see her kicking and hitting a concrete wall like a petulant child

>Feel sorry for an obese janitor as he struggles to get past her with a large wheelie bin, as he doesn't seem to be able to tell her to just get the fuck out of his way

>Realize she's probably just going to keep going at it if I don't do something so I tap her arm and tell her the man's trying to get past

>Crocodile tears immediately disappear and she's ready to go to work again after some generic motivational phrases

>As soon as our break's arrived she breaks down again, throwing a cup of coffee she just bought on the table like she got it for the sole purpose of drama

>Couple of normalfag men rush out like there's been a bomb threat but I refuse to back down and leave my seat due to angsty histrionic bullshit

>Once she realizes I'm still in the room she takes the seat opposite me and starts complaining about her life as if I care

>Realize I've made a terrible mistake but it's probably too late to back out now without risking my job because of some bullshit claim

>Spend my entire break listening to a roastie complain about her controlling roommates and how she doesn't have any money or friends or family in the state and how homesick she is

>Stare off into the distance and just keep reminding myself that I'm finally getting off this wild ride soon and since this is already my personal hell, it can't get much worse than this

>Once she's finally done she doesn't even apologize or thank me but just says I'm a good listener like that fucking means anything

I think this is how beta orbiters must feel. I can't even imagine how desperate they must be for sex to put up with that regularly.



>homesick roommate issue

With the buildup you gave I assumed it was death in the family or something. All that crying over being homesick? Fucking normalcunt has never had a sad day in her life, has she?


Sitting in class right now, and since it’s flu season, a third of the people have colds, and all the fucks keep sniffling. I don’t understand why normalscum can’t just blow their noses? Every second fucking second






It’s driving me fucking insane. Every god damned fall and spring I have to deal with this shit because normalfags are too oblivious to blow their god damned noses, and too stupid to not wash their hands because they need to touch everyone and everything and spread and collect germs.


File: 3c5f6c4822f94fa⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 425x383, 425:383, 61WdpcCRtEL._SX425_.jpg)

i've had enough of having my feelings and dignity facefucked for 19 years straight and i have three methods to sui which are accessible to me since this eurocuck household doesn't have a firearm:

1. wrapping a blanket around myself and using a lighter to set it aflame, hopefully burning myself to death.

2. taking my pocket knife with a 2-3 inch long blade and stabbing the side of my neck, hopefully damaging my jugular and bleeding to death.

2.1 a pair of longer scissors to disembowel my self seppuku style so i'd bleed out.

3. using candles (pic related) to somehow create an abundance of carbon monoxide and going to a peaceful sleep. i have no idea how i'm going to stop it from producing carbon dioxide though because i don't understand chemistry shit and my chemistry major friend doesn't want to help me. i have 3 tablets of activated charcoal if that helps but pretty sure I need more

which one should i go with? i'd prefer 3 because it's the closest thing to going out with an exit bag. i'd prefer painless, foolproof, and quick, which is why i'd prefer shooting myself in the head, but this just isn't available for me. also, i don't live alone, and i'll do this at night. i'm afraid the crackling of the fires could possibly wake people up.

maybe the thread is autosaging at 500+ replies, idk i haven't gone to an r9k board since 2011.



Those are all just awful ideas anon. If you really want to an hero I suggest >>>/suicide/ they can help you.

>burning to death in a blanket

Guarantee this won’t work, the blanket (if it even catches fire) will be slow to burn and you’ll throw it off you long before it does any damage. Your body will react whether you want to or not, which is besides the point because a blanket won’t be enough to burn you to death, you’ll just get a bunch of disfiguring burns assuming you’ve wrapped the ballet so you can’t get out, which is unlikely.

>randomly stabbing your neck

Again you probably won’t hurt your artery and will be in a lot of pain, ligurature is a much better aleternative, look up guides for lingureature strangulation, but I’m pretty sure /suicide/ has several threads on it.

>CO poisoning from candles

Won’t work, you’re better off using charcoal which you can buy easily. But it will take a while and you can get “saved” before you die.

None of the methods will work if you live with others except maybe staving your neck but that is very unlikely to work. If you’re a euro you should have trains nearby which are great in the right circumstances. Again visit >>>/suicide/ they’ll help you escape.



I hate you.

I love you.

You are weak in the realm of feelings. I can assure you that you have a strength in some other area of your life. Stick around long enough and this strength is going to present itself before you.

All seriousness aside. It feels real good being a gun toting Americano.


File: b9344f18da1b4ca⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 456x330, 76:55, 1271374171483.jpg)

>Presented the first 15 pages of the novel I'm working on in class

>People had a week to read it, 4 of them finished it

>Got some decent feedback, but then

>'Why don't you add a female love interest?'

>I say 'I hate romance, fuck that shit'

>A different woman (that hasn't read it) chimes in 'Well it's always nice with representation and it can just be a friend or acquaintance of the character […]'

>I tell her that I've written 15 pages for a novel that I'd ideally want to increase by at least twenty fold and that besides the main character, I've only introduced the reader to two characters so far

>I also explain that of course there are women in my universe since procreation doesn't happen through magic despite its prevalence but that I've just not planned any specific side characters in advance

>Another guy that read it backs me up and (correctly) explains that his impression was that it was a single characters journey and that you don't always need to flesh out a whole cast

The whole situation went down in a rather civil manner with minimum screeching, but holy fuck the balls on these people.

I would have thought she was being ironic when she literally used the word representation and complained about how especially the fantasy genre lacked good female character. Write your own damn fiction you dumb whore, if you're going to comment on mine, at least do me the courtesy of fucking reading it first.


I keep having nightmares about driving, specifically hitting other people's vehicles. They've been occurring more frequently, even though I have barely driven since I got into an accident when I was 17. I have no idea how I'll drive again without driving like a granny as these nightmare keep occurring with increasing frequency. Then the dream switched over to children collapsing a house I was building, and only got weirder from there.

Anyways, I'm a 26 year old man now, and you would think I would have gotten over a driving accident from 8-9 years ago, but I guess not yet.




This will only disfigure you. Do not ISIS execution video yourself. They used immolation as a torture method for a reason.


Trust me, this will not work. You won't hit your artery, you will be in a lot of pain and end up in hospital, explaining why you slit your throat to a psych. You're better off hanging yourself.


People died of being beheaded with seppuku, not from the evisceration. Another bad idea.


Oh, come on! This is just silly.

Go to >>>/suicide/ or the Sanctioned Suicide forum if you want to learn how to kill yourself. Personally, I'd recommend jumping in front of an express train or off a multi-story building. Quick, simple, and you're unlikely to fuck it up. You might even leave a sufficiently healthy looking corpse for an open casket.



Zarathustra actually cheers me up. I would actually describe the writing as beautiful. You should at least get a chuckle out of some bits.

I doubt it will change you life, more like it's preaching to the choir, but you'll at least enoy reading it.


>I wonder where the get the energy from

Literal extraverts getting hyped from being in the same room as someone else.


File: a434456fd38227b⋯.png (6.67 KB, 231x218, 231:218, 67F32E7C-33C6-4512-9DE9-34….png)

I have another test today and I only started studying the chapter last night. I feel like throwing up right now. I haven’t eaten in almost 24 hours. I am so fucking stupid, why do I wait to do everything last minute? I shouldn’t even be in uni, I’m not smart enough, I have no motivation or vision for the future, I don’t want to do anything. I called my mom and I’m just skipping the test, and then I need to go talk to my professor, which is stressing me out more. I might have to drop the class and retake it next semester. I’m wasting my parents’ money and everyone’s time. I should be at home helping dad with farm work because he’s almost 60, but I don’t think I want to farm. I’m such a fucking waste and failure.

Sorry for the sperg out rant.



And half an hour later I feel completely normal again. Albeit my normal is despondency and apathy, but despite still being in the exact same situation with nothing changing I no longer feel any stress about it and am completely apathetic to my own situation. It doesn’t even bother me that I’m skipping a test and will have to talk to the professor, why would he care? He’s had worse students before and I’m sure he isn’t too interested in whether specifically I do well. Another half year or staying in school for summer isn’t that bad. I don’t know why I made such a big deal out of it, I should just move on to my next subject now.

But what the fuck is wrong with my brain that I can go from feeling like complete shit physically and mentally and then just going back to normal in 10-20 minutes with out even realizing it?



File: abc9b5ebc23f477⋯.mp4 (225.83 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 1462328647105.mp4)

I just spanked my mom's ass really hard and she flew off the handle.



greentext plz


File: a7a2cef523f2e77⋯.jpg (34.51 KB, 535x577, 535:577, crying.jpg)

>tfw a mutt

I'm so fucking tired of seeing myself in the mirror, I'm a genetic aberration. I cannot spend more than 10 seconds looking in a mirror.; this also increases my anxiety and paranoia because I feel like everyone is judging me and ready to hurt me.



Don't cry that you're not fully white, be happy that you're at least part white. I'm a glass half full kinda guy


File: a524f5ce9b26054⋯.png (1.22 MB, 973x599, 973:599, 1532584189046.png)


both of those are good memes



Good. Cracker.


File: 8e8a8f1ecf01a18⋯.jpg (101.87 KB, 605x788, 605:788, depression skinsuit.jpg)



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