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File: e3bac1dd6700143⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 473x698, 473:698, 0b67a4860ec8b7049d4e175642….jpg)


With all the pain and bullshit we endure here on a daily basis, I figured a thread about some of the few positives we experience in our lives might do some of the anons here (including myself) a little good. I'll start with a story of my own from a couple weeks ago (part 1/2):

>driving home from shoe store where I was looking for new work boots

>worked 8-hour day earlier outside in humid-as-hell, almost 90 degree weather and am hot and tired

>coming up on this Italian ice place around my old house that my mom used to take my brother and I to a lot when we were younger

>haven't been there in years and remember I have a $5 gift card for it in my wallet

>cherry gelatis used to be my favorite there and think about how good one will taste again after so long

>decide to give it a shot and pull in to the parking lot

>surprised to see it pretty much empty since it's usually packed this time of year but think of it as a good thing since I won't have to wait in line

>park the car and get out

>try to peruse the menu outside above the window as I walk up to it so I don't keep whoever's behind it waiting since I get sort of nervous about that kind of thing

>middle aged woman opens the window and cheerfully greets me

>say hi back

>asks me what I want and tell her I haven't really made up my mind yet

>she says something like, "That's okay, take your time"

>notice something called a Misto Shake that seems pretty new

>ask her what it is since I've never had one before and she explains that it's like a gelati but all mixed together rather than separated in layers

>also tells me it's much smoother than a milkshake and doesn't stick to your throat like one

>sounds pretty good to me and I look at the flavors

>a few look interesting and she tells me that I can sample anything I want for free

>see a tropical something-or-other flavor and ask for a sample of it

>try it and think it'd be too fruity for a shake

>ask to try the strawberry mango one next

>she gets it for me and I like it but once again, not enough to eat in a whole shake

>not really sure what flavor I want

>she asks me if I just want cherry since I think I said something about liking cherry earlier

>say yes since it seems like a good idea

>asks me what size I want

>think about getting a small so I'm not too full before dinner later but decide to get a regular instead because I'm hungry

>she makes it for me and brings it out

>tells me that even though I ordered a regular, she'll only charge me for a small since I'm new to the Misto thing

>think it's an odd thing to say/do but I thank her for doing it anyway and pay her around $4 instead of $5 like the regular size would cost

>tells me to have a nice day and to come back again

>tell her the same and thank her again as I walk away

>get in the car and take a sip of it

>holy fuck, it's good

>start the car and get ready to leave when I remember seeing a tip jar by the window

>in a pretty good mood and decide to tip them for their quality service



Part 2/2:

>turn off the car, get out and walk back up to the window

>take a $5 bill out of my wallet and wait for someone to open it since the jar is behind it

>older looking guy opens it and sounds almost sad

>"Didn't you like it?"

>smile a little to myself and put the bill in the jar

>"No, I did. That's for you."

>his face along with the woman who served me earlier and another employee's all light up like they've never been tipped that much before and their mouths all open wide

>lmao what the fuck, it's just $5

>generously thank me anyway and say they hope to see me again

>try to say that it's for their excellent service but I have an Aspie moment and just end up saying something like, "Yeah, just…" and then nothing else as I walk away

>pretty embarrassed about my verbal sperg-ery and quickly get in my car

>start the car up and drive off

>eat my shake as I drive with a smile on my face the whole way home and can't stop thinking about how good it tastes as well as the people at the Italian ice place

>plan on going back soon since they close for the season in just a couple weeks and will probably tip them again

>still not sure if that shake tasted so good because it was just good or because I made those employees' day


This is what life is like when you're high.


File: a14b33a3857be2d⋯.jpg (275 KB, 1803x1351, 1803:1351, ReallyComfyDoge.jpg)

Damn, that sounded really comfy. I really like the few moments I get to experience where normalfags are actually nice to me. I haven't really had any particulary good experiences but I did call the customer service of a company I had ordered from recently from whom I didn't get everything I had ordered. The first time I had called them I got this middle-aged roastie cunt on the phone who talked to me in that passive agressive tone these people tend to have when they hate their job and don't give a fuck about your problems so I was prepared for the worst. But this time I got this polite guy who sounded pretty old based on his tone and the way he worded every sentence and it was a pretty pleasant conversation, he did his best to find out why I didn't get my products, provided me with information the roastie didn't give me and told me he would call the manufacturer which the roastie also didn't do. At the end I said something along the lines of "thank you very much" and I just felt that we were both happy about him being able to properly help a customer and me about having my problem fixed.

I can imagine this kind of stuff would have been completely normal like 50 years ago but the niggerisation of general behaviour and way of talking among most people has made those kind of moments of genuine politeness a rarity, sadly.


>nice thread that makes me feel good


> generic woman are bad thread

>100 plus comments



If you deviate watch out for the ban.

>inb4 mod harassment



>cuckchan conspiracy bullshit

The BO has been doing a fine job lately, I wouldn't know what you are complaining about unless you're one of those newfags who keep making bait posts where they say they had sex or a girlfriend in which case you should kill yourself.



perhaps >>>/kind/ is the right board UUUU


File: a2a3c84da1b4405⋯.jpg (170.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rare photo of a big guy fi….jpg)

>>283607 (you)

>>283607 (you)

>>283607 (you)

>>283607 (you)

That's a big board.


File: f908d5e6c1b8478⋯.jpg (517.45 KB, 900x719, 900:719, 1497489420525.jpg)

>after 8 hours of wageslavery

>finally home

>make a hot tea

>bake some steaks

>put a hot water bottle on my belly and watch anime

It's those little things of life that fills me with a childlike joy.

The most enjoyable situation is when it's raining outside.

I am thinking about making a hot cocoa instead of tea for the extra comfiness.



I would usually do that too, when I was NEETing. I would always get some good food and anime or vidya. Would do hours of that, catching up with movies and animes I lost track. My dog would lay next to me make me company.



I can't really do that myself when I come home because I'm just too tired to actually enjoy the anime and I tend to have a really bad headache. I only really do those kind of things on my days off.



>muh headaches

How are you able to live without tylenol? smh


>have old female teacher at community college reading class

>she talks slow but seems nice

>normalfags hate her because of the amount of homework she assigns and because she doesn't allow cellphones in class

>one particular day after class

>she stops me

>tells me that she likes that I'm quiet and that she likes the way I stay ahead of class by doing the homework before it's assigned

>she hugs me and tells me to have a nice day

She said that I'm her favorite student. It felt weird because it's the first time someone acknowledged my presence here at this college



The hugging part seems a bit too intimate for a teacher-student relationship to me personally but the rest sounded very nice.

I always felt bad for the polite teachers who seriously tried to do their job because they get shit on by the normalfag students. The only ones they leave alone are either the abnormally strict teachers who pretty much treat everyone like shit just because there's one or two niggers in a class who ruin it for everyone else or the young teachers who try to act "cool" in hopes of avoiding that kind of bullying but in turn forget to do their fucking job.


File: f4e204ac0991775⋯.jpg (20.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 51-600x600.jpg)


>The hugging part seems a bit too intimate for a teacher-student relationship to me personally

it wasn't exactly a hug but more of a one arm hug like pic related

the normalfags in the class always try to trick her by making up bullshit stories about why they couldn't make it to class or complete homework



be good to your sensei anon and cherish your time together



Will do, since winter is coming(along with Christmas) would it be too much to home bake peanut butter cookies or gingerbread cookies for her in December ? I always usually become too nice to people who treat me nice and never know when it becomes "weird"



Well, why should she be creeped out because of cookies? Everyone loves sweets. Just tell them you bake too much and if she wanted some too. As long as you don't act like some horny teenager she will probably not get uncomfortable. I mean, I would be happy if most of my students were insufferable and then one of them gives me some cookies for christmas. Good luck and report back how it went.



That sounds nice as fuck. Just don't make too many or act weird when you give them and it'll be fine.



Yeah, customer service can be kind of hit or miss sometimes. For all their faults, Apple has the best customer service I've ever dealt with, and consistently at that. I remember something stupid happened with my phone sometime last year a week or so before Christmas and I had to talk to someone about it so it could get fixed. I think it had something to do with not syncing properly with iTunes but I can't exactly recall. Anyway, this woman I was talking to was really helpful and helped me figure it out. I thanked her for it and told her merry Christmas and, surprisingly enough, she thanked me for saying that and said it back to me (I say "surprisingly" because I didn't think it was ok for employees at places as left-leaning as Apple to say that to customers as opposed to the all-encompassing "happy holidays," but maybe it's different if the customer says it to you first). I usually ignore those annoying follow-up emails they send you asking to take a brief survey to rate your service but that time, I remember giving her 10/10's in pretty much every category and specifically commenting on how nice and knowledgeable she was.

Bose is pretty good, too. My parents got me a pair of wireless earbuds last Christmas which sound great but none of the silicone wrap-around covers that go in your ears over the buds themselves fit me because they were all either too big or too small, and since none of them were labeled for sizes, I had no idea what to look for and compare size-wise online to buy as replacements so I just called their tech support. Admittedly, I rolled my eyes when I got an Indian guy with pretty broken English but he seemed nice so I ignored that aspect and just told him what was wrong. I had to make an account with them which was a bit annoying but he ended up sending me three new replacement pairs completely free of charge as a one-time courtesy thing. I was shocked and made it clear to him that I didn't call looking to get anything for free but still thanked him anyway. He said it was his pleasure and we hung up after that.


I don't have much, but i didn't study much for a test and got 78 on it. It made me feel a bit more self confident, because ive been out of school for years wageslaving.



no offense but it looks like the people there are only kind in the "just let everyone be comfy brahhhh" which doesnt get anything done besides circlejerking about hedonism. its not the helpful, yet stern (fatherly?) kind of kind you can have discussions about (like people encouraging self improvement with generic kind words, vs advice that details the sacrifices one will have to take, but reassures them that its worth it. friendly judgement vs sugary words of validation). the place seems set up to always be derailed by "as long as they feel good tee hee", but the board looks like it was designed to be a place to go to get away from the arguments of other boards, which is fine, but i feel like prolonged use will make one weak, and only care to plug their ears and not have an opinion on things because "it isnt kind to others".

on a related note, i had a wholesome experience today. so yesterday i did nothing and felt pretty bad about it, such is the consequence of empty fruitless days. and like i always do when bored my mind wandered to the lewd. i started going through CoC, and as such i was considering rubbing one out, (its a very noticeable feeling, having whatever that lube fluid all over your glans, sorta like an itch that you just want to scratch, or rub in this case). but because i wanted to try and make myself abstain i didnt want to indulge, as well as my mom wanted to do some prayer thing with me so i couldnt anyways. after she was done i decided to wash the fluids off my benis which made me feel a lot less tempted, and a bit moe comfy. the next day i felt really comfy and lost all urges to masturbate. i feel this odd sense of positivity, like im immune to libido. i even went and updated my hgames without feeling tempted. overall it was a positive experience, that left me feeling real nice throughout the day, and i didnt get that disappointed feeling one gets after the deed is done. i reccomend trying it, playing a hgame, stopping, washing off your penor, and going to bed. maybe itll help you guys start of days better



ive reread this and i fel like its blogpost tier, i apologize



Content aside, please try to punctuate your posts in the future. I'm not suggesting hyper adherence to grammar, but at least capitalise your words properly.


File: 0d27eca9101769d⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_1159.JPG)

>always thought dancing looked fun

>my cousin teaches dance, have him teach me some stuff

>go to a community concert thing and do some dancing

>woman comes up to me and wants to dance with me

>dance with her for a bit, song ends I go sit down

That was nice; first time I ever danced and first time I've been asked to dance.


OP again, have another story for you all, this one from this past Thursday. Sadly, it's not comfy like the original one of mine that kicked off this thread but it's definitely of the wholesome variety (part 1/2):

>driving back home from depositing some cash at my bank after work

>make a left out of the parking lot

>get into line behind a few other cars to turn right at a stop sign

>stop close behind SUV in front of me

>foot feels weird and realize it's probably stuck in between the pedals

>never had this happen before but don't think too much of it

>try to get it out without looking because I think I have it

>car moves forward ever so slightly

>panic and put my foot down on what I think is the brake to stop it

>car lurches forward and realize that I just hit the gas instead

>"Oh no no no no no"

>try to step on the brake but it's too late

>car shakes and I hear a distinct bump sound

>just rear ended car in front of me

>scream "FUCK" at the top of my lungs and slam my hands against the steering wheel

>accidentally hit the horn to add insult to injury

>put the car in park to stop it from going anywhere else and lean over the wheel

>feel like I'm about to cry because it's my mom's car and this kind of thing has never happened before in the almost two years I've had my license and around seven I've been driving on and off overall

>never even been pulled over by a cop

>notice something and look up to see the driver of the other car already out and looking at me

>assume the absolute worst and that he's extremely pissed off about the damage I just caused to his car

>take a deep breath, unclip my seat belt and get out

>looks like a middle aged guy on his way home from work like I am too

>immediately apologize and ask him if he's alright

>says he's fine and that I just "scared the shit out of him"

>sounds completely unfazed by what just happened and is actually smiling

>have no idea how to react to this since it's the complete opposite of what I was expecting

>checks his bumper

>try to explain to him what happened and that it was an honest mistake

>he says something about how we both got away fine

>take a closer look at the spot he's looking at and am shocked to see that there's no visible damage to it whatsoever

>am about to offer to exchange insurances anyway but he sounds like he's going to let me off the hook

>ask him if he's sure

>says yeah, claps me on the shoulder and says it's his Christmas gift to me

>starts to get back into his car

>thank him profusely and get back in my own car as he drives off

>drive extremely cautiously the rest of the way home

>heart's pounding in my ears and hands are shaking like crazy until I pull into the driveway

>suddenly remember that I didn't check my own bumper and figure it's FUBAR

>mom will surely notice and demand to know what happened

>turn the car off and get out

>go around to the front and dread to look but do anyway

>almost shit myself when I see that there's nothing new there at all other than a few things that were already there to begin with



Part 2/2:

>look as hard as I can yet can't find a single scratch

>must have just barely bumped into him instead of slamming into him like I thought I did

>breathe out huge sigh of relief and take my stuff inside as my mom comes home

>rest of the day goes on normally

>decide to keep the incident to myself since it wouldn't be a good idea to tell her even though it ended up being the absolute best case scenario

>ironically enough, she made some comment the night before about how there was a certain mark on the front bumper and wondered how it got there

>consider myself a good driver and am usually careful but have been even more careful ever since

>truly hope that that guy has a great Christmas and New Year as well



I think you need to leave here now. good luck anon. Be brave and strong



Similar thing happened to me in high school.

>be me in shitty pre-algebra class because I'm a mathlet and lazy with homework

Also because of the four times I went to shitty alternative schools

>old lady teacher gets shit from the normalfags and niggers for enforcing basic discipline on them

>I show basic human decency and do the work she asks, even if I'm shitty at math

>one day, main normalfag class-clown asks the question, "Why do we need to know this?"

>teacher responds with how math is important

>I pipe up, talking about how algebra's important for programming, since I was learning C++ at the time

>all the normalfags stare at me like I were the Devil.

>but things quickly return to normal, and we do our assignments.

>after class, the teacher thanks me for sticking up for her, and tells me about how she learned FORTRAN way back in the day.

>teacher would go on to retire the next year.





Did you bake her the cookies, I was looking forward to if you did when you first made these posts.


Very nice.


File: 1964b846d7628f8⋯.webm (509.79 KB, 408x720, 17:30, puppy apple.webm)

Does it have to be stories?


File: 518d9d2a72bb47c⋯.jpg (192.01 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1422961294256.jpg)


I'm sorry anons, I forgot to update. There was a lot of tests for finals so I never got a chance to bake the cookies. I decided to buy her a snow big globe and a christmas themed trinket. she hugged me and said that I was a very kind person.

I felt bad because she sounds like a lonely person. She told me about how her husband died from cancer and that her children moved away.

sorry for ruining the thread with that last part



>snow big globe

Big snow globe


File: 98cff194c971c86⋯.jpg (204.9 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, Dud0ZTzWwAAmuFp.jpg)

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all had a great day and spent lots of time with your families and loved ones. I know I sure did.


Not necessarily, it can even just be a sentence or two as long as you have something thread-related to share and it really happened


>sorry for ruining the thread with that last part

No need to worry anon, you didn't. That was really nice of you to do and she obviously appreciated it so you should feel proud of yourself if you don't already. :) That does suck to hear about her husband and kids but unfortunately, shitty as it may sound, that's just life for some people…


File: 49b56713807f55d⋯.jpg (106.73 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 49b56713807f55d9b08b6c8608….jpg)

I've been having a great day, anons.

>been wageslaving at small pizza place for 3 months

>sick of dealing with normalfags, niggers, and roasties

>sick of feeling like a faceless drone

>boss calls me this morning

>tells me owner just sold the business out from under our noses

>tells me "I guess we're all out of jobs now"

>relay the message to my parents

>they tell me there's no need to rush into another job

>tell me to take my time working on programming

I'm a NEET again, robots. LET FREEDOM RING.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Recession predicted for 2019. NEETdom will take over the US. GET HYPE!



Apparently the stock market in the US crashed really bad; last time it was this bad was in the Great Depression.


File: e333752d9cdc6ba⋯.jpg (185.78 KB, 539x816, 539:816, 2ff221cfe7cfc45693974ed479….jpg)


>regaining the sweet life that is NEET life after having lost it

I'm happy for you.



Apparently it's back up again by 1000 points and it's the best day in economic history, whatever any of that means. Economics is like the worst game of pretend ever.



Thank you, anon. It's a wonderful feeling.



Seriously, it's ridiculous. Everyone sperging out, getting me a little worried even, and the next day or two it bounces back.

Oh well, atleast my NEEThood will be unaffected.



>getting me a little worried even

Everything will be fine anon. Even if a second depression or something happens we can all congregate in meat space.


>sweeping the store at work

>haven't had much of a good day but still manage to keep going

>black lady in her 30s or so stops me

>"are you okay?" she asks

>I ask her "why do you ask?" and she replies with "you just look kind of depressed"

>I proceed to tell her that I'm fine and that I'm just finishing up so that I can leave

>"well I hope that happens soon because you look like you need time off"

It's simple I know but it's just good to know that people care.



As far as I understand this shit, unless you have all your your money and assets tied up in the stock market, a crash wouldn't hurt you. The only other thing that could cause a problem for the average person would be a bank panic where everyone tries to withdraw their money all at once, which is what happened in the 20s… But banks don't work that way anymore, there's a lot more of them, the market is very different, and the population is 3 times as large, meaning even if it did work the way it did during the first Great Depression, it would be really hard to motivate as many people to flip their shit and try to turn all their assets into cash.

Would be nice if we could have a hard reset on everything, though. The pricing on goods is fucked, property is still drastically inflated in ways that it shouldn't be, and the government still has it's dick in every hole it can cram it in, making everything worse. If everything just fucking exploded overnight, a chance to rebuild would mean affordable property and goods that were actually valued based on their actual scarcity. Like cars, for instance. They build millions of the damned things, regardless of demand, and then let them gather dust in lots while they pump out millions more that no one is buying. You should be able to buy a car and a house, and the land that house is built on, for a fraction of the average salary a fulltime worker makes. Instead, they expect you to lease and mortgage everything and pay it off over 30 years, because the idea of letting you own your belongings is revolting to these subhuman fucks.



It really depends on the type of crash. For example the housing market crash obviously affected mostly homeowners and real estate companies. As you said a stock crash would affect stock holders. A major crash that would affect everyone however would be a major currency like the dollar crashing or a major commodity like oil spiking (kinda like what's happening in france).



The housing crash was a weird one. It only happened because a bunch of kikes set it up to happen, knowing exactly what they were doing off-loading loans and houses on retards who couldn't possibly pay them off. It was a manufactured crisis, but even then, it wasn't people living in shantytowns cooking beans over a trashfire like it was in the 20s. Wouldn't doubt that another group of assholes could engineer another round of mass-market fuckery, but I don't think we can ever achieve the kind of social collapse we saw with the Great Depression unless we go full Venezuela.



It is interesting how people will show kindness so unexpectedly. It's also nice when black people show genuine empathy. It's all to rare from there kind, mainly because the majority lack the capacity for it, so it's very refreshing when it does happen.


File: 550c5b8faead31a⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1540124054665.jpg)


Not a lot of good things happen in my life it feels like, so there are a few memories from the last year that I hold onto dearly. I am going to post them to memorialise them if that is OK.

>have to go to specialty smoke shoppe to get my preferred cigarettes, they do not sell them at gas stations near me

>every time I have gone I have had to buy from this grump landwhale who hates my guts for some reason

>always asks for my ID, and spends 5 mins bringing it into the back to "verify" it.

>if I pay in cash she always spends a long time making sure the bills aren't counterfeit, marking it with a pen, looking at it through the light

>too aspie to say anything or call a manager or anything

>because of this I dread going there

>a few weeks ago, I finally work up the courage to go back and re-supply

>there is a different person working the counter, a small anemic looking man

>he is very friendly, greets me, doesn't try to make eye contact or small talk

>he tells me that they dont sell many lucky strikes, and he has an older carton he can sell me for discount

>shrink wrapped carton for $55, heck yes

>pay, as I am leaving, he hands me a small bag with my carton in it and thanks me for coming in

>the bag also had a 2 books of cute matches with kittens on them

>cigarettes aren't old at all, very fresh

I probably won't go back any time soon because I smoke a pack a week at most, but the next time I do I hope he is working there.

>work in an office supporting computers

>people usually call and yell at me, understandable, when things don't work they get irritated.

>never say thank you or even reply to requests for performance survey

>right before Christmas get an ticket from an older lady who was having issues with a database

>able to restore a recent working version of her database file from a backup and merge in the changes up until pretty close to when it got corrupted

>she is back up and running within 30 mins

>later, get a nice email saying that she was happy that I got things working and that I really helped her

>nicest thing someone has said to me since I started this job over a year ago

>printed it out and tacked it to the wall of my cubicle

>its the only thing hanging there

almost done here

>back on Halloween

>get into the office really early to finish some reports

>people start coming in around 8:30

>everyone in costume

>people are asking me where my costume is

>everyone needs to have a costume on Halloween

>people start to notice and start laughing at me for being such a no-life that I forgot it was Halloween

>they leave and a few mins later one of the t1 techs comes up to me

>she offers me a witches hat that she decided not to wear

>says that I can keep it and that she was sorry that everyone was making fun of me

>I wear that witches hat all day and nobody makes fun of me

I am saving it in my lower left desk drawer so that I can wear it next Halloween as well.


File: b8f1cbdc16b5de4⋯.webm (5.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CounterAttack_2.webm)


I used to work at a gas station that sold brands of cigarettes no one else sold like pall mall/camel unfiltered and lucky strikes so all the old 'nam bros would come in and I would always be nice and strike up conversation with them. A few of them would tell me stories a few of them didn't really want to talk about it so I never pressed it. Had an old member of the 82nd come in and I told him how they took the 101st wings away recently and the 82nd was the only airborne reg left and we became maximum homies. One of the vets was telling me some old war storys of how he carried AT in nam and something to me about how he fired a HEAT rocket at a gook mortar he could see on a hillside and the gooks turned to vapor. It was pretty sweet all in all. I miss those guys tbh



Visit them at the local veterans home


>found some icecream i forgot about in the freezer

It's not much, but it improved the day.



>a very well worded and genuine compliment that was emailed to you is the only thing hanging in your cubicle

That's oddly very welcoming and poetic.


You know, I might get down on myself a lot but really I'm in a pretty good position.

>have work experience

>has an associate's degree

>will be returning to a better school for computing security

>am not 160+ pounds

>not bad in the looks department

>not that social but fairly smart and have a fairly decent vocabulary to hold an interesting conversation

And today

>woke up at noon, got out of bed at one

>basically spent like I've been spending my past 2 weeks

>have been without a PC for a month but still not wanting to leave the house

Pretty comfy here to be honest


File: edd4f23769cece6⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 2592x4608, 9:16, famry tree neko tachi (35).JPG)

You guys wouldn't mind if this thread was archived and shared on >>>/kind/ would you?



Came here to suggest /kind/. Such an underrated board.


File: 2036c1d3fef5fe1⋯.png (537.42 KB, 745x658, 745:658, Hyrulians_have_no_genitals.png)


Despite the fact that I have spent most of today sleeping, I did my workout thoroughly.


>see pregnant woman drop something

>she leans down to pick it up

>I just about spat, "DON'T YOU DARE! I'll get it for you!!"

>never felt like stopping anyone from grabbing something off the floor so I could do it myself before

…did some sort of protective man instinct get activated or what?



>helping to ensure the well-being of another man's spawn to no benefit of your own

Sounds like you got cucked my friend, you must seek restitution. Go find this woman and punch her in the gut.




Men protect the tribe. It's what we're wired to do. As long as she was huwhite you get a pass. Just don't make a hobby out of it.


File: fa67be2f844665e⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 432x498, 72:83, tenor.gif)


>dealing with normalfags, niggers, and roasties

>tell me to take my time working on programming

Programing is a very robot job, if you have the right kind of autism. You're lucky if you find a small company.


File: abe63974e46aa1a⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1415x1411, 1415:1411, 4chan-fit-scooby-drawing2.png)


Were you going somewhere with your rant? Or was that hooting the breeze with your fellow anons?



Good fucking luck getting that job without getting past HR's roastie horde:



File: 9e8693ebeb0321f⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 630x441, 10:7, epcot_630x[1].jpg)


That's why I said a small company. Better without HR or other parasites. The best programmers aren't human. Any good programmer knows that.


File: 82a60629078fb91⋯.webm (12.93 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Comfy Rain Ride pt1.webm)

blah blah original coontunt


File: 2df14722057becf⋯.webm (14.99 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Comfy Rain Ride pt2.webm)

yahdey yahdey


File: f838360d20c4242⋯.webm (10.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cloudy Morning.webm)

/x/ won hooray


File: c844b4f8b104d1b⋯.webm (11.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pinky Pinky pt1.webm)

not of the LadyBaby variety


File: 38df89213a51429⋯.webm (11.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pinky Pinky pt2.webm)

stupid to need lelrandumbxD to avoid the obvious failure of the original r9k program


File: d0be625a9886d5c⋯.jpg (440.72 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, aurora-borealis-1680x1050.jpg)

File: ba22ce5bc91db2b⋯.jpg (217.3 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Aurora-borealis-wallpaper_….jpg)

File: a0d01a7ca646c9b⋯.jpg (219.25 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, purple_aurora_borealis-168….jpg)

File: 5c81a710f441646⋯.jpg (224.2 KB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, spann1.jpg)

File: 05633ec5a87cd45⋯.jpg (609.23 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, World_Canada_Northern_Ligh….jpg)

What about random wall drops?


File: a1df2efb4047a13⋯.png (527.96 KB, 899x559, 899:559, p1fc2lujxvl11.png)

Keep comfy alive.


File: d7fae9b3231915e⋯.png (371.84 KB, 1376x1302, 688:651, angry_downboat_by_polizeik….png)




>Doki Doki Shiterature Club

>Scatawa Shoujo

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