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File: 3233f0fedd8e78b⋯.jpg (62.76 KB, 810x455, 162:91, Lottery Jackpots.jpg)


Is probably the lottery. It's why I bother going out regularly, twice per week, in order to buy one and pray. I've been doing this for at least two years now. If it wasn't for this, I'd never leave home. As I don't even have a credit card that isn't restricted by banks, I have to go in the stores by myself with pocket change in order to acquire one. One little chance of being free. Everytime I go out of the house, it's full of anxiety and hope that I'll manage to financially secure my passive lifestyle by the time the drawing results are announced. However, when I'm outside, I try to stay there as long as I can bear it so that it gives the impression that I'm either at school or working part-time. (it depends on what kind of lie I tell my family beforehand, I've gotten pretty good at this in fact.) I wander around in the streets, or just sit in a restaurant, library, bus, public WC and lurk here.

As you may already have figured by this point, I still didn't win and probably never will. I know full well that the odds are ridiculously low, that I'm probably a degenerate gambling addict. But I honestly don't know of any other way to finally be able to retire outside of society and spending my time doing nothing productive. So, I've been slowly but steadily throwing my savings away hoping that I'd hit it rich on a whim of fate. To pass time while hoping when at home I used to focus on something else like watching anime, jerk in off or playing videogames until the drawing results. But around five months ago it wasn't enough anymore, so I developed I a new hobby which was basically shilling the lottery on half-chan /biz/ and /r9k/. I loved acting as if I was paid for it. I would often fantasize about myself winning and flaunting my newfound wealth status to their pathetic faces, because they vehemently didn't believe me.

Picture in the OP is half-related. I've picked it because I figured that most people are from the US, when I'm actually from Europe. Euromillions is usually what I play.



I've given it a few shots, but I'm not consistent in my attempts. Second time I bought a ticket, I matched the powerball and won 20 dollars, which went back into buying tickets. Haven't won anything since, but I still consider dropping a couple bucks here and there on another ticket, just on that off-chance. Even a partial win would be enough to live off of for the rest of my life.


File: 33334ee9e638cbf⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 200x356, 50:89, Missile_im_going_to_create….gif)


>Even a partial win would be enough to live off of for the rest of my life.

How much money, do you think? I'd want to obtain at least 1 million in order to completely stop working and being forced to abide by working obligations. At least I'd be able to have better tools for doing nothing



You're aware that you're doomed if you continue on this route, right? Do what you want but don't tell me I didn't warn you



This. Pinning all his hopes on the lotto was actually a major factor in pushung the Rodge over the edge.


File: cbb1ece46ad142f⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 500x279, 500:279, JoyfulPlaintiveAntelopegro….gif)

>Sustainable NEETDOM

I'm going to try and write a book for that. Wish me luck anons. I believe that I'm good enough, I just need to put enough effort into this.


File: 0373a3bdba19d53⋯.png (25.65 KB, 123x125, 123:125, Phil_Portrait_Profile.png)


I honestly support you if you're trying to write a book and get published, because it's fucking hard apparently. You have the correct mindset at least, because by selling a book you're not limited by a fixed wage. You work once (really hard and long though) but then it's done, it's easily replicated and available to sell. Good luck! I hope you'll make it.


File: a1f30ee41a61d0d⋯.jpg (56.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, [Triad]_Kaiji_-_07.mkv_sna….jpg)



Theres a reason they call the lottery the idiot tax. I can't really criticize I gamble as well but I have no hopes it will take me anywhere better though



According to the internet, the cost of living for a single person is about 13k a year, so even just a million dollars would mean living a very comfortable life til death. Even if you only won 1mil after taxes, that's still 22k or so a year for 45 years, assuming a normal lifespan of 75 or so years old. And that's not even assuming you'll spend every dollar you get right away.

Considering how big some of these jackpots get, winning something like 5 or 10 mil would be even more than you'd ever need. Nevermind the jackpots that get into the hundreds of millions. But even without that much money, a truly thrifty NEET could stretch out a few hundred thousand bucks into a lifetime of funds. A modest home, fully paid off and fully repaired would have minimal taxes and expenses to worry about, and with a low-energy lifestyle, you would need a ton of food, and you certainly wouldn't be wasting any dosh on dumb normalfag shit like sports cars and overpriced restaurants.


File: 257bb04776ca57b⋯.jpg (329.78 KB, 870x705, 58:47, ja_setsumeishimasu.jpg)

I don't know about you guys but if by chance I win the lottery instead of acting like a prick about it I'll try to be generous to the robots here. This is coming straight from the pathetic leftovers of human feelings you'd call a heart but without you guys I would have probably killed myself already, this board and it's culture are really important to me.


File: 93c5d67d24d2cc5⋯.jpg (144.9 KB, 936x853, 936:853, yotsuba.jpg)


Cool thread, OP. Have a Yotsuba for good luck. I'm kinda in the same shoes, but I'm completely broke. I manage to get scraps of money here and there by asking friends or people in the street, and I waste it all on lottery tickets. I don't think that I will still have my flat by the end of the week.

How old are you? I'm 24. Also, does anyone here happen to have some documentaries about american lottery winners, the lottery in general or even lengthy news articles/stories about the lucky ones? USA focused of course.


Hope you live in a state where you can collect the winnings anonymously. Because if not, winning a huge lottery like powerball or mega millions requires you to post your name and a picture of your face. You'll get targeted by niggers 24/7 so you better skip the country and lay low for the rest of your life.



I'm doing the same. Euromillions and my country's lottery as well.

I'm boosting my luck with /fringe/ stuff rather than prayers though.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You may as well burn the money you spend on the lottery.



Unless you have a better plan to have a miniscule chance at living in luxury that doesn't involve accidents of birth (too late to change that), work, or general chaddery, fuck off.



Who is this unfunny e-celeb nigger and why are you posting his shitty video?



>Pay X amount of money regularly and not get any result

>Don't pay X amount of money regularly and not get any result

If you can't use this to figure out why the winning move is not to play you're retarded and deserve to be scammed out of the remnants of your money. Hell, you want to be scammed.



>Pay a small amount of money and have a tiny, minuscule chance of a better life

>Don't pay a small amount of money and definitely continue to have a shit life

The only path that has any chance of winning is playing. Unless you consider waiting until neetbux stop and then killing yourself a winning move.


File: a76de251e2f3c82⋯.jpg (34.91 KB, 937x204, 937:204, Capture.JPG)


Have you ever grinded a boss in a game for a 1% drop chance item? Have you ever been unlucky while doing so? Have you ever had the brilliant idea to try to six-link an item in Path of Exile and been unlucky during this attempt? Have you ever tried doing this for 5 leagues straight, dumping at least 5000 fusings and never gotten a six link? Even though the average investment to get a 6L is estimated to 1500 fusings and often reported to be around 1000 fusings?

You're much better off getting a part time job.



1% drop chance isn't even bad. There were even some items in vanila WoW less than 0.02% drop chance.

I remember the Emerald Whelpling pet had a 0.07% chance to drop from a particular type of level 40-ish green whelp in Swamp of Sorrows; there were about 6-7 of them and then you had to wait for them to respawn.

I grinded for three days straight, about 8 hours a day straight, before one finally dropped.

And the odds for the lottery are vastly, vastly smaller than those type of game drops.


File: edb3af5b821270d⋯.jpg (900.31 KB, 2917x5534, 2917:5534, Infographic-1-02.jpg)


1 in a 1000 is a minuscule chance. 1 in 12,607,306 is an infinitesimal chance. The chance is so small, it's nowhere relevant in any way.

You know what isn't irrelevant, though? The 208 dollars you waste every year on lottery tickets.



>200 dollars


How are 200 dollars a year going to improve my life in any way?

You're comparing a life with no chance of improvement at all to a life with a 1 in 300.000.000 chance of it not being irredeemably shit.



>You're comparing a life with no chance of improvement at all to a life with a 1 in 300.000.000 chance of it not being irredeemably shit.

May as well just kill yourself then.


File: c7aa690ed724208⋯.jpg (364.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1534029533441.jpg)


>You're comparing a life with no chance of improvement at all to a life with a 1 in 300.000.000 chance of it not being irredeemably shit.

This is the worst thing about the lottery if you're a robot. A delusion of attainable freedom and extreme wealth by doing nothing is a very appealing idea. Appealing enough to trap people like OP on earth because that's basic human instinct to seek out for a way to secure your future.


dude you won't win



The only thing I would argue about the picture is I think everything on the left side is based on one lifetime however, you can buy more than one lottery ticket. If you buy 500 tickets (waste of money) then you have a better chance of winning the powerball jackpot than by getting hit by a meteor. (both won't happen)



>both won't happen

Then why do winners win



Its absolutely pathetic to cling to such an insignificant chance, anon. You're deluding yourself into thinking that winning the lottery is a realistic outcome. You could be clinging to the hope of meeting your waifu instead.

All you want is a get-out-of-jail-free card, which doesn't exist. Try getting a part time job. The return of investment compared to your gambling habits will be astronomical.


Anyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket deserves to be hanged



Explain your reasoning. If you're not a degenerate gambler like OP there's nothing wrong with attempting sometimes



To make sure that the 292,201,337 other people keep on playing. I'm a recovering gambling addict. I've been playing the lottery since I was 6 years old and it played a massive role in my life growing up.

>How did you gamble at age fucking 6?

At first I liked the sensation of scratching scratch cards, so when I was at the mall with my grandma I would take tickets out of the garbage to scratch. My grandma didn't like that so she bought them for me. That's where it all started.

The rarest prize I've ever won was 1 in 15,000. It was only $25 on a $2 scratch ticket. I blew my entire college fund on slot machines. I guess buying a couple bucks worth of tickets a week isn't that bad, just make sure it stays that way. And you will never win, I'm sorry.



Give me the money you spend on lottery tickets. Your chances of winning will be basically the same without actually buying tickets and a robot will pocket the money instead of jewberg mctaxthepoor


Reminder that elliot rodger bought like $10,000 worth of lotto tickets and never won



If all you care about luxury over living a sustainable fulfilling life and are not willing to put in the effort, then may you fester in poverty until death.


>why are you posting his shitty video?

This video explains in-depth on why you're a retard for playing the lottery.



>not investing in cryptoshekels


File: 43dcdeabee2214c⋯.png (59.22 KB, 223x226, 223:226, 767.png)


Isn't it basically the same thing as the lottery? Especially if you invest in known scams like REQ or Chainlink. On top of that, the market is clearly in a bearish state. I unironically think that the lottery is a safer option than highly volatile and speculative bubbles.


File: f7440797be5232b⋯.jpeg (17.46 KB, 646x281, 646:281, the end.jpeg)




Did you short too? Based.


I always wonder how the lottery can offer such big payouts, then i remember how many people buy in, and then i wonder how much money they're holding back for themselves. Its one big jew scheme where im pretty sure they've lied a few times about the payout and didnt print out any winning tickets.

I feel like this is thread is in somehow connected to that lottery video idubs or whatever that lanky edgelord is called, you aren't from halfchan are you? Anyways i wouldn't try the lottery, the way the cattle get addicted to it, just because of some silver words and shy colours is concerning, but i think its easier to win lotteries that aren't scratch cards. My grandpa plays em, and i dont know mow much money hes wasted on em, but hes won a few times, one was for 10k


This reminds me of Elliot Rodger driving to arizona to buy lottery tickets and hoping he would win.



>im pretty sure they've lied a few times about the payout

The lottery is heavily overseen by the government at least in the US


Well good news I won 200k with the yesterday drawing apparently



Neat, if true. Show us a picture of the check, or whatever when you get it. Black out the sensitive information, of course.



Do you feel good lying on the internet and on /r9k/ of all places?



Pic with timestamp or fake.



If I get a trips, or 77, you will win the lottery, OP.


If he is destined to go down that path, let's hope he's more successful.



Congratulations anon.

>5.5% of Florida Fantasy 5 lottery winners go bankrupt within 5 years of winning


File: 3743d069e82312c⋯.png (270.11 KB, 704x540, 176:135, (((Hiro))).png)

If I won the lottery, I'd buy halfchan from gookmoot, fire all the bad apple mods, get rid of ads (except on mobile, pump it to the brim with ads to scare away normies), and bring the site back to the good old days.

Also give more power to janis and develop an in-house captcha like it is here.



That's one of my fantasies too. Having enough money to say "fuck you, I'm in charge." I wouldn't save cuckchan, though. It deserves to burn. The users are the site and those users are cancerous. I'd buy 8chan and tell Jim to fuck off with his shitty pisswater website. I'd also kill boards like /newsplus/ that actively invite shitty normalfags and journos to come here. Probably banish all the foreign language boards to their own category too. And, of course, hire an actual web developer, instead of scriptchimp.


If you haven't read elliot rodger's autobiography you probably should. He thought the same thing and blew thousands of dollars on the lottery not winning a cent, thinking it was his only hope. It never is. The lottery companies always make more money than they give out and it's rigged so that this will always be the case. The moment it isn't, they'll not be able to operate as a business and shut down.

You'd be better off gathering up as much cash as you can and moving somewhere with a lower cost of living. That way, even if you're earning the same shitty wage, you're losing less of it every day just to be alive.



I think if someone is going to play the lottery, the most sensible approach is one or two tickets on a rare occasion, with nothing more than the notion that it would be nice if you won. No more. No less. Not…

>I absolutely need to win or my life will be perpetual suffering


>if I don't win I will kill myself

and never

>I'm absolutely going to win because I bought so many tickets that it's statistically impossible for me to not be rewarded for throwing away my life savings

5 bucks on a rare occasion, because why the fuck not? Not especially smart or thrifty, but it's minor. You could waste more money than that on junkfood and video games you'll never get around to playing. Of course, the smartest thing to do is to reduce nearly all wasteful spending and save up as much as possible so you can actually have a wad of money to do something good with, even if it's just an emergency fund for car repairs or for an unexpected accident.


>I'd also kill boards like /newsplus/

Why. At least it's a better source of information than /pol/


You should aim for something grander, OP. I know you can do it with a little effort. Don't end up like Elliot



MSM journos and overgrown blogger faggots have no place on 8chan and they definitely don'tr deserve special treatment from the site admins.



$1 million isn't enough to live off interest, you'd need at least $2 million to have an "upper lower class" lifestyle.



Good luck anon, this is a book I would purchase to support you.



You don't need to live off the interest.

Taking out 2000 a month would give you 87 years, assuming a 2% interest rate, which is less than half the average stock market growth.


File: 51b8523a8d99669⋯.png (259.76 KB, 904x3956, 226:989, what_happened_to_r9k_story….png)


I wasn't aware that they had special treatments. Fuck them if it's the case. However I don't think that MSM journos would rely on a website this obscure to get Intel.



Why not start a career doing work you actually enjoy?

<hurr all work is bad

I'm glad you're going to run out of money and end up fucked, tbh.



File: 410e9f533a7a197⋯.png (385.9 KB, 682x768, 341:384, 1472237039256.png)

I really hope I'll win this time. Results in 12 minutes boys here we go…


And fuck you you're not me post proof if you won


File: 3b4da92037927cd⋯.png (660.93 KB, 641x824, 641:824, 1507440683022.png)


Fuuuck I lost again. But there's still Friday…


File: 51ceef963dd7282⋯.png (97.22 KB, 673x674, 673:674, IMG_0324.PNG)





File: 0c22c3213dfa45e⋯.gif (502.19 KB, 426x240, 71:40, STOP.gif)

File: 2e042abcb798a12⋯.jpg (10.22 KB, 293x282, 293:282, Stop.jpg)

File: 8d9b1c45490086e⋯.jpg (72.65 KB, 326x312, 163:156, YA'LL NIGGAS BETTA STOP RE….jpg)

File: 8457234de99a965⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 720x402, 120:67, Stop It.gif)


you're not gonna win, just save up




How many tickets are you buying per week?



1 or two, at most. There's days when I "feel it" I buy 15 at once.


The lottery is a voluntary tax. Fuck that shit.



>How are 200 dollars a year going to improve my life in any way?

thats like 100 mcdoubles

or 200 gallon jugs of water

or 5 tanks of gas

or 2 months of electricity

gfy calling yourself poor but you dont value $200, fuck you



Save your money instead of buying lottery tickets with it. Use the saved money to buy a camper and some solar panels + canned food. Drive into the woods and eat corn out the can.


File: 375887193a8dffe⋯.png (217.6 KB, 407x750, 407:750, hat stack.png)


And if a used camper is still too expensive, buy some tarps and bug nets. Cut down cedar posts and build a frame for your tarp. Land is cheap in remote areas and you can always squat in abandoned mining camps.



That's still too many. Your "feeling it" hasn't won you shit and you've wasted hundreds of dollars. Cut back, at least, stop if you can help yourself.



The lottery wouldn't exist without retards like OP

(and me)


I don't pay two-three euros weekly expecting to win, but just to get on the dream-train for a while. For me it's worth it.


Here we go boys I flashed these for Euromillions tonight, drawing results in 5 minutes.

07 11 15 29 40 04* 10*

01 04 30 34 37 01* 06*


File: e39df9b74ceb3c5⋯.gif (7.57 MB, 500x282, 250:141, Waiting.gif)



original oregano



Lost again. It's okay tho I still have money to try with. In the meantime I've been enjoying the manga Doctor Stone



>miniscule chance

It's statistically 0. The reason you think it's minuscule is because humans have trouble comprehending numbers in the hundreds let alone millions. Having a one in several million odd, is utterly incomprehensible, saying a 1/15,000,000 and a 1/100,000 are perceived to be the same odds because both numbers are so small (or divided by a number so large) that they become meaningless. You can see that 15,000,000 is larger than 100,000 because it has more digits before the decimal point, and you can use simple math to find out the difference between them but you cannot comprehend either number.

Try taking all the money you would spend on the lottery and put in in a bag, after a year take that money and try to throw it in the garbage, you will realize that it's much better to use that money on something else than to just throw it away.


He makes good points, but please go shill your faggy e-celebs elsewhere.


How about you and every other robot here that plays the lottery, just give me that money. Either wat you throw it away, but you can chose to waste it on the lottery, or give it to a fellow robot, either way you get absolutely nothing out of it. It's more likely that every single robot here will have a rich, traditional, loyal, virgin qt who just wants you to be happy and will allow you to live off her family in perpetual NEETdom ask us out tomorrow than any robot has of winning the lottery.




sending goodwill your way dude.



It costs you nothing to daydream about winning the lotto and the results would be the same, except you'd have a few bucks more in your pocket.


>As you may already have figured by this point, I still didn't win and probably never will.

What do you mean probably never? You are 4 times more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to win the lottery. It won't happen.



>either way you get absolutely nothing out of it

Not him, but even if they lose they still experience the feelings of hope and the dreamlike status. You can experience this for free, but in their heads since they think they have a chance (ridiculously low as you stated on your post) it makes them addicted to that hope.



Not really you goof. You can't win without playing so why dream about jackpot at all in that case?

Putting in a ticket at least gives me that microscopic chance and that makes the experience.



>Not him, but even if they lose they still experience the feelings of hope and the dreamlike status.

So paying hundreds of dollars a year for delusions is okay?

>it makes them addicted to that hope.

Right, there's no reason to defend that.


File: 32b1bb2be8ef14d⋯.jpg (83.16 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, sam shotgun hyde.jpg)

This thread has taught me that Its impossible to argue with retards that spend money on lottery tickets. You can give them all the reasons in the world and they will still find some bullshit excuse to throw their money away.

>it lets me dreem!

I can daydream about me winning the lottery all day, and it would feel the exact same as if I were to buy a lottery ticket myself, but instead of giving my money to some rich jew I can buy whatever I want and not feel disapointed when I dont win anything. This false hope that you will win the lottery is no different than fantasizing about whatever made up world where magic exists, except you're wasting money for no reason. The money that is given to the lottery should be used to fund gas chambers and firing squads to wipe out these sub 20iq faggots.



You sound like the nocoiners who didn't buy bitcoin because it wasn't backed up by the government, because it was worthless internet money, etc.

Now you're seething


why not scratch tickets?



>someone has to win!



How do I sound like that at all? I called people that buy lottery tickets retards, retard. Also how the fuck can you even compare crypto to the lottery?


File: cea75903c8b3fcf⋯.jpg (7.78 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (8).jpg)


Publisher's Clearinghouse is where it's at! I already won several thousand dollars using the PCH app & desktop website, and I only have been playing it a few hours a day for like a little over 2 years.


Hey, I won 7,20€. Quite cool heh



>I can daydream about me winning the lottery all day, and it would feel the exact same as if I were to buy a lottery ticket myself

You can't win if you don't play.

You won't win if you play either, but at least you played and had that small tingly feeling for a while while waiting for the numbers to roll in.

Let me spell it out to you once more. I don't expect to win. I don't get disappointed when I don't. I only buy one ticket. It's an innocent little indulgence like that snickers bar I grab while doing my weekly groceries.

You're a mouthbreating idiot, go die in a dumpster. Peace.


File: 5b1fcdfeffcfb34⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 638x447, 638:447, Disgusting.JPG)

>This thread keeps getting bumped

Let this shit die, we all want to make it but this isn't the way



Oh blackpill, oh blackpill, bitter, worthless blackpill. Know that wherever there exists those with the soul of a pirate there will always be a port to in which to find safe harbor.


Did you win, OP?



Elliot Rodger… Is that you??? How's it been man? :D



Stop sucking the big daddy corporate's cock, OP and think you can get something from him. You will never get anything from him. Stop it.



Is doctor Stone good? Some guys on the internet are really hyping it. I think there's a thread on /a/ as of now.



It's got some cliche and predictable moments, but it's worth reading. I'll tell you right now that there's a switch in protag from the super tough retard to genius science boy, and it honestly saves the whole series. If you get into it, you will start feeling a good sense of hype and excitement from minor inventions and developments.


File: 751034c8bf03757⋯.jpg (351.64 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 1462235029037.jpg)

Your thread motivated me to try tonight as I'm from Europe as well. Maybe the tables can turn. I'll play Euromillions tonight, I'll use numbers from my post to make my grid. Wish me luck /r9k/



>Wish me luck /r9k/

Good luck throwing your money into the trash, anon!



In the end I didn't do it and spent it to eat with "friends".



>That image.

I want to rip her clothes off and lick the little Kirbys on her chest


Okay /r9k/, OP here. As I do every Christmas, I'll be playing 40 grids , each costing 5 euros (200€ in total - because it's the "superloto de Noël" as they say in France)

Wish me luck



I wonder how many in this thread are hypocrites, claiming that playing the lotto is just a waste of money while they also blow thousands every year on alcohol or weed or games or dolls or shit like that?



Buying games or food/drinks isn't a waste of money, though; it's something that provides a guaranteed source of entertainment. Well, really you should be pirating games, but the point stands

Buying lotto tickets is just flushing money down the drain with no return whatsoever.



But it is a source of entertainment, half the point of the lottery is the fun of fantasising what to do with your win. That's hours of entertainment for just a few bucks a week, better than $60 for 10 hours of entertainment, or hundreds on drink in a vain attempt to forget about life. Alcohol is literally flushing money down the drain with no return whatsoever, as you are pissing it all away.


Good luck to everyone playing the lotto. Hopefully even one of us gets even some money to NEET off of next year.


File: 9be1d816c8c9ca9⋯.jpg (36.37 KB, 720x540, 4:3, zEhbbulh.jpg)


>the lotto is entertainment for the retarded

Never thought about it like that.


You can just fantasize without buying the ticket. If you really need the device of the ticket, fantasize about buying a ticket one day, or finding a ticket on the street.


This thread is outright depressing.



>You're deluding yourself into thinking that winning the lottery is a realistic outcome

Why do people like this act as if buying a lotto ticket is the end of the world? You could play one game a day every day and still spend less than what most people spend on any one vice alone be it video games, drugs, alcohol, fast food etc.

What's a few dollars for a bit of hope? It's not gonna kill him.

>Try getting a part time job. The return of investment compared to your gambling habits will be astronomical.

And you call him delusional. Neck yourself wage slave trash.



Depending on how you look at it, other vices have some sort of outcome. Waste money on booze. Drink booze. Feel relaxed and loose for a bit, then pass out nice and comfy. Compared to lotto tickets where you buy tickets. Wait a day or two. Obsessively check tickets constantly until it's time for the drawing. Get hopes up. Lose. Only feeling is to either give up or keep spending money.

Besides, if you're a jobless NEET wasting his limited shekels on the retard tax on a frequent basis, you'd literally be better off wasting your money on vidya or booze.


I was trying scratchers and lotto and rarely even won my money back. Now I do free sweepstakes like the big pch ones (only the 7k or 5k a week for life ones). You still get to dream and hope and it doesn't cost you a thing (except your info).



It sounds a lot like you're projecting.



It doesn't matter. Even if your name was selected if it sounded 'too white' they'd just pull another.



It seems like an overwhelming majority of the time it's an old white person that wins, actually. I did see a video of a 26 year old poor white guy that won, he was pretty redneck, so this leaves me with the sinking suspicion that these people all actually bought one of the shitty products and people that don't buy actually can't win.




>no argument

As expected.


File: 54a84f981ad1a2a⋯.jpg (355.63 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, youre a big boss.jpg)


Way I see it, these people are just addicted to the idea that they'll be the big guy that takes the prize despite the odds. All the people whose flight plans have them, their shekels, but only one chance in a bazingillion to actually win that shit, they each think they'll be the one. It's got to be a great feeling, thinking for a few days that you'll be the one. See, the odds are really against them, but in their minds they see two outcomes, meaning a fifty-fifty chance: they either win, or lose. But while in reality it isn't that fair, these people don't pay for lottery tickets to live in reality. They pay a small fee to live in artificial hope for a little bit. What does it hurt to let them crash their planes with no shekels? It's their money, let them do as they please! What matters to them isn't the outcome, but rather the thought of it.

It takes a special kind of gullibility to see the odds and instead of the prevailing thought being: "I'd better not take such a risk with what little hard-earned cash I have," it's: "Wow, imagine how awesome it would be if I actually won, worth a few bucks." Small guys like them don't deserve to have their money, it's better for them to pay their retard tax. When they have no money left, then they have my permission to realize they spent their money wrong, but until then they'll be blinded by their thirst for the prize.



I legit hope you can pull this off. Seconding that I'd buy it to support you.


My parents like to play the lottery and stuff like that. I'm not quite sure exactly how much they spend but I believe they've been lucky enough to make a few thousand dollars profit through it thus far.


Decided to look into this reading your post and I think I'll enter a couple legitimate seeming ones. Not like I'm escaping data-mining in my regular internet browsing anyway. Might as well take on a minuscule chance at benefiting from it.


File: 08fd862569a5db4⋯.png (366.24 KB, 1212x981, 404:327, 1540599332870.png)

Are you winning OP?


File: 8d798eb1dcebbbf⋯.jpg (35.92 KB, 864x480, 9:5, horriblesubs-kaiji-ultimat….jpg)


Ditch the pathetic attempt to win a lifetime worth of cash OP, if you really want to win you gotta do it hard and dangerously. Attend your local illegal gambling house immediately and waste all your shit in a day to never have to worry about money ever again. I mean you've watch Akagi and Kaiji right, you gotta do it hard if you want to succeed OP.


File: a7e3b0d274a4cca⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, car.png)



Glad to see fellow gamblers connoisseurs in this thread


File: 4b25590300ea221⋯.jpg (66.97 KB, 736x616, 92:77, e9ce2c3d805bf48390ec43783e….jpg)

>buy a 12 gauge shotgun and a box of 00 buckshot

>go to your local casino

>head straight to the poker tables

If you win, good for you. If you lose everything, you still have an exit device.



Kaiji is such an insufferable prick. But he's also charming at the same time.


>paying the idiot tax for an extremely small chance to win money

I thought you robros were smarter then this.


File: 44bfb4e13645653⋯.gif (93.18 KB, 182x250, 91:125, vire.gif)


Don't put me in the same bag as OP, please.

Talking about OP or other people with his mindset. It's okay to dream, but you're easily fooled because your brain isn't able to grasp the really low probability of getting even 3 or 4 numbers right, not even the whole thing. Just stop throwing your money away. You will end up like Elliot Rodger at that rate.


File: 75096628aabd342⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 960x1704, 40:71, fut.jpg)

Don't need to thank me. Just try these numbers for tomorrow's drawing, OP. Or anyone who lives in Europe.

06 17 19 21 47 03* 11*

Remember to think about /r9k/ once in a while when you're loaded!



all work sucks, would rather kill myself then get a job, If I was high functioning enough to get a job, I wouldn't be on this board you fucking normie.


File: ea7ccfdd29dcc09⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 180x180, 1:1, yoko_thinker.jpg)


> you fucking normie.




Learn to count cards and play blackjack.



>realize it's not 1983 anymore and the casinos all use 8+ decks

>get kicked out anyway because they have security watching for this shit

>mfw you tried to use the basicest trick in the book that's been memed to death by countles books, movies and shows



There is no need to be upset friend



So? They kick you out and you just go to another casino, it’s not illegal to count cards. It’s not impossible either, it just takes a while to learn. It’s better than just hoping luck will let you win, and significantly better then ever playing a lottery. Hell, going to local kids’ hockey games and buying into the 50/50 is much better than playing the lotto, less money to win but at least you have a tangible chance. Though I don’t know if Euro’s do that for football.


File: 7ec2a1b6358eba2⋯.mp4 (4.9 MB, 326x244, 163:122, gondola bittersweet sympho….mp4)


>/r9k/ is turning into some sort of retarded hive of lower class gamblers

Some openly licensed free book on Statistics:


Harvard lectures on Statistics:


The lectures and book don't match, you can dig up the real book somewhere which would be much better but you guys should quickly start understanding why there is virtually no point in playing the lottery at all at least, and that most forms of gambling will screw you over. Also, if you like doing this stuff you can get real money instead of just imagining it.


File: fd4c251123b05f7⋯.webm (7.93 MB, 1280x636, 320:159, California Gold.webm)


By the way, that first book is probably not suitable. You will probably want something more like this if you are not scared of seeing sets and summations and so on: https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/introduction-to-probability

Its from the AMS, so it should be rigorous enough. It has 600 exercises for you to do, after all.

Of course you will need to know single variable Calculus and have some sort of familiarity with matrices. Go wander around looking for Calculus and/or Linear Algebra textbooks in here if you don't know these things: https://aimath.org/textbooks/approved-textbooks/

Also, the course website has information on the real book and the EDX course: https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/stat110/home




Interesting stuff, thank your for your contribution robot.


Watch Kakegurui instead, OP. Will wash away your idiocy


File: 949a7b610d01995⋯.png (48.04 KB, 1080x614, 540:307, night.png)

Tonight's the night


File: 1e337fbcc96eef8⋯.png (880.29 KB, 1041x1153, 1041:1153, choose for me.png)

Nice, there's already a lottery thread. No need for me to create another one. Can someone pick five numbers and two astrological signs for me



The casinos have shared databases of known counters/cheaters so you won't get away with going to a different one.

Card counting is not like a magic xray vision, it's just a way of detecting when a deck has slightly higher or lower cards giving you a tiny statistical edge. So you can only make money from it over the very long run. So you need to be betting and counting for a long time, especially with large decks. Also it all falls apart if the dealer shuffles often, which is now easy thanks to shuffling machines.

If you want fair odds AFAIK roulette and blackjack are fair in the sense of expected return of 1 and no inherent house edge. But you still have gambler's ruin working against you. For a non-sucker bet I'd just trade stocks at random, at least it's not a total waste of money.


Do you really need a probability textbook to see that (1/50)^6 is a really small number?




>1 48 8 6 9

>the kissy faces

>the twirly fishes

Good luck.



Your pic is retarded.

Becoming president or a superstar requires a lot of work and dedication. It doesn't happen per chance. And the chances to win the lottery is for playing once. No one just plays once. That's retarded. The lottery in my country costs 1 euro per play. That's nothing. Most people just buy one ticket which are 12 plays. Play twice a month and you spend 24 euro. If you're not already piss poor 24+- a month won't change your life at all. No fucking difference. Winning can change everything though. You don't even have to win the jackpot. The class below the jackpot saves you the next 20 years + statistically you get back half of what you put in.

So on average you only spend 12 euro a month and like I said, happieness is not linear correlated with money.


File: 331fa78901d0934⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 500x210, 50:21, lambda_bern.jpg)

It's been five months since this thread exists. I suppose OP didn't win and is still poor?



>becoming a celeb requires work


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