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File: e75a8503b324b5d⋯.jpg (100.76 KB, 802x1000, 401:500, welcome to the nhk.jpg)


This thread is for people who are Neets and Hikikomori (No wagecucks or university students allowed).

Why are you a Neet or a Hikikomori /r9k/?


>The acronym for (Not In Education Employment Or Training)


>A Japanese word that when translated into English it means “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “) in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who does not leave their bedroom inside their parents house for very long periods often for months or years at a time


>needing to explain the meaning behind NEET and hikikomori

congratz this thread was ruined before it even started



>He doesn't know that /r9k/ is being flooded with newfags and normalfags



That's even more reason to not spoonfeed shit, as niggers like that shouldn't be catered to.



Now, now, we were all niggers once.



>used to be hikkiNEET

>tfw wageslaving for the past 3 months now

I hate that I have to interact with normalfags nearly every day. Some days all of this mess feels like it's closing in around me and I feel like I'm suffocating. It's funny how the truest feeling of freedom I have ever had was sitting alone in my room in the middle of the night playing video games, knowing that the world didn't want or need me. I miss being a hikkiNEET more than anything.

Also, I'm sorry that your board has slowed to a crawl in the past few months, and I still think you're a good guy.



yeah, same here.

Never learned to bond with people, operate best in complete and utter isolation.

Been like this since day 1, never had a chance to begin with. Have memories of not wanting to play with other kids even before kindergarden.

When it comes to interacting with normalfaggots I have kind of learned to adapt, it takes a couple of weeks but then I learn their way of speaking and what makes them laugh and then they usually leave me alone. I feel like a fucking psychopath though, constantely smiling and laughing and the second I leave I grit my teeth and talk to myself like a retard




Similar situation here. Spent the best part of 4 years as a hikkineet, now I'm doing a degree.

Not sure if I'll be able to keep this up until graduation. Constantly pretending to give a shit about whatever random normalfags talk about is bad enough, but there's also the fact that I've more than once been in group assignments with borderline retards, and you are not allowed to tell them that they are retarded nor are you allowed to even show any disapproval for their retardation. I wouldn't believe in the NPC meme if I hadn't seen "people" in university unable to read, and then getting mad when you point out that fact.

It's just so tiring having to deal with all that shit.


I used to be a wagie but now I'm half a year into being a NEET, although it looks like it'll be a temporary thing as my mother keeps referring to me as being "between jobs" and she often "jokes" about making me pay rent (to live in my own fucking room that I've lived in since I was six). I made a tulpa to get myself through wageslavery and >tfw no gf and I have to say it's been nice to be able to spend more time with her now, although when I'm not actively with her I'm overcome with a crippling sense of dread at having to go back to working at some point.

>Why are you a Neet or a Hikikomori /r9k/?

I'm incompatible with society and I'm unable to avoid it. Eventually I'll be forced to go back to bagging groceries or something like that, but I won't go without some kicking and screaming. I figure that the biggest cause of my incompatibility is an immense shyness coupled with social awkwardness and fear of being judged (or rather the consequences of judgement, I don't care what people think of me but their perspective of me effects their actions towards me and I'd rather not be beat up because I spilled my spaghetti).


How do you deal with it? Every time I had to laugh at some normalfaggot's unfunny joke in the checkout line it made me want to gag. Everyone thinks they're a god damned comedian but no one is funny. I couldn't make myself play along with their stupid niggerspeak, I'd just fake a chuckle and feel disgusted with myself for the rest of the day. I remember when my little brother tried to joke around with the guy serving our food at a Chinese food place and I had just gotten my first job so I understood how annoying it was. All I wanted to do was wring my brother's scrawny neck. The guy would just be trying to make a living and he has to act like a fucking retarded baboon in front of the guy, and the guy didn't look like he was enjoying it in the slightest. I didn't want to yell at my dumbass brother and make a scene so I just told the guy that I was sorry, and that my brother was mentally handicapped he isn't but I couldn't think of anything else to say. I fucking hate anyone who attempts to joke with a person whose only goal trying to make a monetary exchange with them, it's god damned annoying as hell.


Short end of the stick, youngest child, white trash family,so nothing developed

>went on neetbux because I have a health issue and ie "mental problem".

>Save money while giving half monies to mother and stepdad on it

> looking for prospects

>Do shit I should had done but didn't because of lack of support

>saved monies adds up till im at $2000

>shitty stepdad quits work same time my monies built up and mother lacks concern to understand what was gonna happen which i tried to explain

>Give more monies from savings meant for other things because bills and I lack vehicle and license to prevent this shit

>stranded and reliant on what which i foresaw which would happen but hope otherwise

>monies saving goes up and down and being reliant on people which I hoped for goodwill but instead was used a token

>Missed important schedule for therapy cause ssi need doctor to still prove I have "mental issue"

>miss upkeep on ssi reqs, cant rely on other siblings because fuck all, they're in name only and being stranded in rural area sucks when you don have a ride

>Get kicked off ssi

>Tried asking a favor for a favor for leg up, even begging, using what money i had for a interest on their part

>telling family I need help but only for the replies of "I can't take your money", "I busy", "Don't feel sorry for yourself" and "I had it worst, you're no better than me"

>Say fuck all one day, just walk off think fuck this state I'm not gonna do this shit anymore

>Get apt for free because no income but moms get worried about me "health issue needs meds" and things aren't doing so go at that shit house

>So move in with me.

>she uses stepdad mothers vehicle because concern is not her best suit and her vehicle is sitting in old place front yard because it has issues

>At the time stepdad mother died and he gets inheritance $25000

>also his sister moves in to handle the money

>that money is all gone within one year because stepdad sister used it on debts and gambling

>Get a job first of this year but could only make it one day because carrot and stick of the vehicle stepdad uses on mother

>oh and the reason for at first for on the living arrangements being no problem till doctors took her off, was pills

>stepdad in shit saturation because lack of forethought on money and not having a job, turning a blind eye

>Wants mother to move back to pay bills and his sister, planing to leave , I guess feels bad for maybe leaving him broke

>schemes by using her son, who she soon to be living with, to fuck me by tempting me on desperation to move into with his buddies house, who is in jail right now, because it's in new york where there is more services for someone in position

Damn it!! I hate my fucking life.I just fucking stress how ironic it has been for me. Maybe I should blame myself for not taking chances when i was in a better state. But shit i learnt crap like that doesn't work without guarantees but if there is any chance it'll be a damn gamble . I have the feeling that the trust that something could come out of that might fuck me over when i'm looking at my track record.

Well that's my story of the past 8 years, sorry if the grammar is shit, just the effect of my worries and stress .




>How do you deal with it?

I just think of something I find funny for real and that makes my laugh seem genuine. I once saw a video where a bunch of chinks broke into a hotel room and caught some guys wife cheating. The husband was so mad, the way he fucking ripped out his belt and started beating her was just so over the top funny.

Normalfaggots don't get shit like this but in this case they don't have to. As long as you smile for real and get your microexpressions right they will believe you.

Also, since women just go for 20% of all men they just ignore me anyways, I'm like air to them. Today the female cashier smiled at me because I smiled at her but as I was turning my head I caught a microexpression of pure disgust, just a split second but I still noticed it.

So just learn to repress it, hide your powerlevel and get back to your safehouse asap. Relax by playing something competitive that requires concentration. I play ut99 for example. Hope I could help and good luck


File: df0521a8dbcbc82⋯.mp4 (5.13 MB, 300x400, 3:4, beaten.mp4)


at 53 seconds. Fucking amazing.



Please proof read your posts anon, I can hardly tell what's going on in your greentext



>knowing that the world didn't want or need me.

Not true. The elites need the men who left society because their disinfo has made sure the normalfags aren't smart enough to keep society running.



>as I was turning my head I caught a microexpression of pure disgust, just a split second but I still noticed it.

How do you learn to catch these?



shoudn't be to hard as a robot. A lot of us are in constant fight-or-flight mode so we pay more attention to our environment anyways. Just keep your focus a little bit longer before you walk away, concentrate on their face while they turn away from you. It's not that hard once you start looking for it.



guys beating a guy is gay


File: 0c52ab8e0321969⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, This is my phone screen sa….jpg)

I got out of the Hospital last week for suicide, got pulled out of college, fired from my job, and my computer with actual RAM died so I'm stuck browsing the chans and playing browser games on my shitty spare.

I was working in Home Depot Lumber and studying in Community College for Business. I was working 9 hours shifts 3 days a week, studying and going to classes 3 days a week, and doing both Mondays. Couldn't take it anymore and landed myself in the hospital for my fourth time. I really need to just get it over with, after my second I was already feeling like an Impostor looking for attention despite being quiet on it for years.

These days I've been going to therapy from 9 to 3 just like high school just after I got used to the more relaxed college schedule. Unlike school I'm in the van ride to there from 3 to about 5. Extroverted Autists, loud mouthed blacks, and Old Schizos stand out there. I'm sure a few NEETs have been in these places.




>after my second I was already feeling like an Impostor looking for attention despite being quiet on it for years.

this is how I know for 100% that you're a dude. Most people that get diagnosed with mental disorders are female yet the overwhelming majority of people who commit suicide are male. As men we keep it all in, we don't seek for help, we suffer in silence and when we finally do it, it's usually violent. Not the "passed out on sleeping pills and alcohol" type of suicide, more the "shotgun to the face" or "driving into oncoming traffic" kind of suicide.

When a man commits suicide, you know he has suffered for years beforehand in stoic silence. It's the tip of the iceberg.



>Home Depot Worker

>Actually being midly self-aware

>On 8chan's /r9k/

What you said is true but there really was no doubt.



>that filename




>Community College for Business

I didn't think I'd find another robot that was retarded enough to do this.

Tip for all you underagebanned-fags: Business is a major for chads, or, if you're doing quantitative finance, ultra-hardcore math/statistic lovers. If you are neither, stay away. Unless you like to torture yourself pointlessly, that is.


File: 57f09693d42f8a1⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, norm.jpg)


>yet the overwhelming majority of people who commit suicide are male

But the overwhelming majority of failed suicides are female, so now you don't know what the hell to think.



How stupid are you? Females constantly posture about suicide for attention, men actually mean it and have the will to go through with it.



It was a joke dude. I know that the ratio is skewed by attention whoring roasties.


File: d1f532c6a680baa⋯.gif (96.51 KB, 398x303, 398:303, d1f532c6a680baa651c82018e6….gif)

I used to be a hikkiNEET but after a while I just kind of got over it. I eventually realized working was a preferable alternative to asking mommy and daddy for cash.



Only makes sense if they are abusive and even then I rather be oppressed by my parents than by normalscum



I never asked my parents for anything unless it was absolutely vital. Otherwise, anything I wanted I would either find for free or learn to do without. That being said they still paid for food and bills, and I felt terribly guilty because of it. That was the one and only thing I didn't like about being a hikkiNEET. Even now, I'm starting to practice programming so I can try to get coding work, get to the point where I can afford my own place, and hopefully work from home in the near future. The less I have to deal with normalniggers, the better.


File: 688f46f499ea483⋯.png (625.52 KB, 582x741, 194:247, 1455922771217.png)


see, that's the thing though. Normalfags in the workplace aren't like normalfags in school, they have lives of their own and generally don't give a shit what you do with yours as long as it doesn't involve fucking children or something. I've been able to actually communicate with them without sounding a like a fucking weirdo, granted the whole socializing stuff is kind of hard for me right now but it's coming back. I got bullied all the time in school but at work they just want you to put in your fair share.

The breaking point for me was when my dad got injured on the job and I couldn't get any money from him for a couple weeks, they're good people and never gave me shit for being a loser but seeing how much of a burden I was being, the fucker still wanted to give me money despite him being broke, made me snap out of my old way of thinking. Wageslaving isn't the best but at least I feel like i'm doing something with my day instead of jacking it 5 times and acting like i'm learning how to program or whatever dumb ass shit i'd say.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Wageslaving isn't the best but at least I feel like i'm doing something with my day instead of jacking it 5 times and acting like i'm learning how to program or whatever dumb ass shit i'd say.

iktf anon. Felt like a miserable sack of shit every time my parents brought it up


<g-good dad, I'm making good progress on.. uh.. Python.

<*type a few lines of input in command prompt*


Sometimes I'd even tell my parents I had spent the whole week creating some random 3D model I found on the unity store or somewhere.

To any aspiring NEETs out there, at least be honest with your parents if you're an untalented and inept leech. Being smug about your lack of prospects or ambitions isn't the way to go but neither is continuously stringing them along about why you actually spend 90% of your day locked away in your room.



I've got some student loans too. I applied for income based repayment, and I don't need to pay any money towards it as long as I don't have a job. The interest keeps building though. I think you had a 6 month grace period after leaving school so you might still be in the clear depending on how long it's been. I personally have trouble finding the energy for dealing with things like loans, but you should probably force yourself to look at it sooner rather than later.



I'm pretty sure that women are about 4x as likely to attempt suicide, but men simultaneously make up about 80% of all suicides. Women are unarguably either 16x more incompetent/ non committal or 16x more likely to be seeking attention. The most depressing part springs from the fact that society isn't particularly geared towards giving women lasting happiness. They benefit from the rules when they're young, but suffer later. They deal with being alone a lot worse, and sluts that can't land or bring themselves to settle for a beta past 30 end up both extremely alone and extremely depressed. Even with a society that has a large portion of women who are prime suicide candidates, four men kill themselves for every washed out slut that is doomed to a life of solitude. Then you've got another 15 younger women who are so totally depressed that they like tried to kill themselves, and you should be like extra nice to them and pay more attention. If you just go by what you see and hear it seems like there's a huge problem with depression in women. After all, you'd be hearing 15 girls brag about their totally suicidal depression in this example, and you wouldn't hear anything from the 4 men because they're already dead. Suicide statistics are one of the most depressing things out there ironically.




I can relate as well. I used to play around with the idea of getting back into programming, but never bothered to actually put any effort in until I became I wageslave. Now that I'm working with and dealing with normalniggers every day, having to listen to their dim world-views and uninsightful political rants, I realize first-hand how fucking awful my life is going to be if I don't get it together and make a real effort at improving myself.

Get to work anons, because I can tell you from the horse's mouth that the alternative is fucking horrible.



>Wageslaving isn't the best but at least I feel like i'm doing something with my day instead of jacking it 5 times and acting like i'm learning how to program or whatever dumb ass shit i'd say.

There's something nice about having a reliable schedule, but at the same time, I feel like wageslaving only makes you wish you had more time to do the things you should have been doing back when you were free and had the time. Now, I come home from work and I'm too fucking burnt out to do anything productive, and when I have a day free, I can't seem to bring myself to focus on anything for long enough to get something meaningful done, because I know I've only got so much free time before it's back to work that I'd rather spend it relaxing and recovering from work.

If money were off the table and there wasn't that constant nagging in the back of my head to make myself useful to my parents, I'd probably be a far better artist than I am now. I might have even finished many of the projects I started years ago.



>Men should express their emotions more

I don't know what I expected. Although I feel most American men would target their anger at the man because they are incapable of holding a woman responsible for her actions.




It's called a suicidal gesture and nearly all women that 'commit suicide' are not intending to kill themselves. Whereas nearly all men are, hence why they choose a gun instead of a bottle of pills.

>The most depressing part springs from the fact that society isn't particularly geared towards giving women lasting happiness.

Yea men are better at coping with life in general. Even with all the cards stacked in their favor, they still end up miserable.


gentlemen, just wanted to tell you that next year I will join you again

I tried everything.

Tried working factory job that ate away my soul

tried college which drove me crazy because of team assignments

now office job that makes me sick because everything is unorganised

fuck this shit, I was happiest when I was neet so I will do it again

or should I rather say, least unhappy while neet



What do you mean? What's your plan? Sorry, I'm a bit dense.

If you're desperate to get back into NEET-dom, why not just fake a serious mental illness that is likely to land you governmental support? You can probably pull it off if you do proper research in advance.


File: b9f99fd931361a2⋯.gif (7.54 MB, 600x255, 40:17, You're not terribly import….gif)

I haven't left the house in 5 months, but I left it periodically every 2 months for roughly 5 years prior. So, Hiki-NEET of that long, 5 and a half years. Will have to resume leaving every 2 months again at some point in the near future. Legally in Japan, you by definition cannot be mentally ill and a Hikikomori, but for the Western niche classification I still consider myself as such. I just as well would literally never leave this room if I didn't have to.

I'm a Schizophrenic with other highly intrusive mental problems. I have literally never been interested in anyone platonically or desired familial contact, or even just wanted sexual relations (I have literally never wanted to fuck anyone, but I can masturbate because I still find things attractive for as long as my arousal lasts but even in that lust do not wish to be in contact with people), I have no friends, and I do not associate with anyone. My issues are getting worse, I have the potential to one day be more catatonic than not.

I do not even have the capacity to be a normal human being, not that I would ever wish for such a thing. People to me are boring and stupid, and ruin everything. I don't like you, but I would like things to be fair. Fair, not nice. The whole of the world should be put to numbers, not feelings. If by some form or fashion I ever felt love towards a person, it would certainly lead to my death in one way or another as I would never be enough in my mind for them just as I would never be good enough in my mind for me, not that I expect so much of other people because if I were to give a person a list to go to the store and they manage to get everything on that list I would be genuinely impressed. I would additionally simply never trust another person, even myself, ever.

I functionally enjoy next to nothing inside of my uncontrollable mania aside from base attraction which I do not actively, consciously feel, I refrain from almost literally all forms of indulgence. I don't even own a bed. My being indulgent is buying and eating a small cheesecake once every roughly 6 months, or drinking a single bottle of classic root beer like I did a few weeks ago that was offered to me, and which was the first soda I had drank in roughly 2 years, but otherwise eat meals of water and S.O.S. style meal rations or sometimes water and other such thoughtless but functional food things. Everything else is to waste time unto death while trying with minimal effort to not to expire prematurely. It's honestly a farce, but it is what it is. I would go die in a hole, if only I cared to.

A world that is not orderly is not a world worth living in, so I don't. In such a case, I would wish to be functional. As it stands, I am not and I do not. I am mentally ill, therein capricious, and apathetic. I am weak, tired, and worth less in too many cases to otherwise live a life. It's fine, but I understand enough to think things can be more and mean more than what they do. Or maybe, I'm just parroting.



>dat webm.

Cheating bitch getting what she deserves?


File: d084a61ff7df471⋯.jpg (288.36 KB, 1582x775, 1582:775, Daily-life-of-a-hikikomori.jpg)


> Legally in Japan, you by definition cannot be mentally ill and a Hikikomori, but for the Western niche classification I still consider myself as such.

This is correct however it doesn't mean that they aren't mentally ill at all many of Japan's hikikomori were not mentally ill before withdrawing from society and ended up mentally ill as a result of their isolation also remember it doesn’t mean they don’t leave their house in general it means they don’t leave the room they withdraw themselves up into in the house they live in.



I am aware of this, and I did not try to imply differently.




In any case, I should have specified better. You are correct, my mistake.


Do you ever have that phantom feeling of disapointment, digust, anger, and a feeling that something is missing and that you desperately need to fulfil it

yet you cant put your finger on it


>tfw third day fasting

>tfw this is like the 6th time ive reached the third day milestone, and each time ive conditioned myself to be better at resisting food cravings and looking at food porn

my ideal goal is to do a 40 days water fast. or just lose weight

fat people are an abomination, and i fully believe it should be illegal to be fat. the japanese did it right when they had laws against obesity




No, I can't say that I do.


>I'll be forced to get a job soon because I'm flat broke and parents are actually kicking me out for good this time

>7 years neet with 0 experience



I have feelings of disappointment, disgust and anger every time I look at society, but I know what is missing: A sense of propriety, honor, a higher meaning than commercial self-interest, etc. etc. Basically anything that makes a civilization.


File: 5de40fa405bf129⋯.png (218.64 KB, 303x365, 303:365, niggers.png)


We live in a society but we don't live in a civilisation



we don't need niggers who can't be bothered to google a fucking acronym

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