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File: 0cbb8eb2c18c410⋯.png (196.21 KB, 722x315, 722:315, No shills allowed.png)


The word normie

Everytime I see this politically correct word uttered here the only thing I can think of is: what in the fuck are the individuals who use it doing here?

When that fucking word has been so normalized that it's being used by Tumblr, Reddit and other Godforsaken places, including reality, which I have had the displeasure of witnessing first hand, you know the faggots that use it here are not much better.


I used normie and normalfag interchangeably for years. I think niggers like you who sperg out about it are just trying a bit too hard to fit in.



Thank god someone else said it!


It's just another thing "normies" have adopted from robots. Spergs used normie at first. Now normies call each other normies to make their normie friends laugh and feel smugly superior to other normies. Nothing new here.


File: b29209933d077f4⋯.png (9.86 KB, 653x334, 653:334, normienormalfag.png)



Absolutely and uneqivocally false.



Same I've been using normie more recently though just to trigger the normiespergs





>Proving my point



>It's just another thing "normies" have adopted from robots

Because it can be used on their censored social media garbage sites.

No fag or nigger attached to it




Glad I could gave you a chuckle, you seemed rather uptight.


<thread derailed from the start

Feels pretty normie in here tbh fam. It doesn't matter what the past of the word is, it's been taken by normalfags that are unaware of the fact that they themselves are the normies. It's outdated vocabulary at best now, and being a dick doesn't help.

>omg/oh my god

>like really

>overusing profanities fucking shitters fuck bitch motherfucker in the ass

>just.. like… wow

Also, my little brother says normie all the time now. Today I came across him watching my hero academia on chrunchykike on the family computer in the kitchen and said, "You know that there's better animes out there, right?" and he responded with "shut up, normie" and switched the tab to discord (I assume to tell his nigger friends what a loser I am).


File: 77a5fb66fb53a64⋯.jpg (577.32 KB, 1154x806, 577:403, moonman-deadniggers.jpg)


Dubs of truth, 'normie' users eternally BTFO.

Anyway regarding the thread, here's some:



>i literally can't even

>it's called being a decent human being

>what if, just what if


>i bet you're fun at parties

>who hurt you

>turn your brain off

>muh sekrit club

>racists are proven to be less intelligent

>that's just your opinion, maaaan

>conspiracy theorist

>nibba/niqqa/nigga/nukka - anything other than 'nigger'

>phaggot/fgt instead of just 'faggot' (this one might be iffy but it annoys me so I'm including it)

>using 'like' extensively in sentences

>piracy is theft

>all extremists are dumb

And last, but certainly not least, the grand king of all normalnigger words and phrases:

>just be yourself



A lot of these can be put under the umbrella of "typing like you're speaking", which irritates me to no end. Stutter-posting, including emoticons in the middle of your paragraph, or when people type like they're having a revelation ie. "Oh, what a cute vid- oh.. oh no…". Text and speech are distinct, trying to fuse the two is wrong (except when you're writing actual speech, obviously).



Calm down, pickle.


>no shills allowed

Just making sure, when you say "shill" you mean any one with a difference in opinion than your own?







I could go on but I can't think of any others at the moment.




When did they steal that? That used to be our thing.


How about when you're going back and forth with someone and they feel the need to constantly convey laughter, normalfags these days think whoever says lmao the most times wins the argument.




This in no way qualifies as normalfag-speak.




>not normalfagspeak

Saying it is a BIT forgivable but typing it is just outing yourself as a niggrr



'Imma' isn't ebonics, you nigger. It's just a contraction that's been used by Whites for ages.


File: 72f9fc3d75cb33f⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1421514396773.jpg)


I'm un ironically getting bad vibes from this weeb



>It's just another thing "normies" have adopted from robots

Actually its AA slang from the 90s that's what know your meme told me



I often wonder if I would be so annoyed by normalfag lingo if it hadn't have been niggerized. I remember when skater lingo like "dude" and "poser" became popular in the early 2000s and I didn't mind it.



Personally I like the word vibe but I don't like when dumb shitters say it. Stuff like "X has a good vibe" sounds nice, but when faggots talk about how "That ugly virgin over there gives off a bad vibe" that gets annoying really fast. I guess it's like any other word that normalfags steal. For instance, I liked the word "normie" because it gave off a nicer vibe, although that's ultimately why the normalfags stole it. It's nice and friendly vibe was the exact reason why it wasn't safe. "Normalfaggot" has a lot more bite to it, it gives off a hostile vibe.

That reminds me,

>it's always the quiet ones

Normalfags always have to be on the offensive, don't they? It couldn't be possible that the quiet person just wants to be left alone, not to them. They have to accuse him of being some fucking murdering psycho because he doesn't want to be a part of their normalfaggot babble. This type of shit is what drives dudes to become murdering psychos, and it gets to a point where it's damned well justified.



Well I meant weeb being used as a term of endearment. Like "omg I like Naruto lol im such a weeb". Should have been more clear on that.



You forgot "shook" and "lit."



>anything that replaces ck with two c's

>any abbreviation besides a sarcastic lol

/v/ says almost everything listed in this thread, fuck that shithole board.


I'll do you one better OP, NPC.


How do I get myself to stop going to /v/? Every time I go I get disappointed and close the tab but then I get bored and go back.




Fuck off



The only way to stop addiction unless you're on hard drugs is cold turkey and other ways to occupy your time.



How about you learn what a comma is?


File: 4d95f36a48bd99e⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 4d95f36a48bd99ef8a232a0802….jpg)



So why is outright stating you're purposefully doing something to piss off the users of this board not a bannable offense?



Because one of those posts says nothing of the sort and bans mean nothing to the other one.



Tbh I regret that this meme became a thing. It's not like I'm scared of typing nigger or fag, but normalfag is a long word normie is much easier to type. Really disappointing when I make thought-out effortpost and then some sperg just reees that I didn't type the fag part and that's the end of it.


My pet peeve lately has been ellipsis. When people type shit like

>That sounds… inefficient.

to add drama to their shitty word salad. Why would you ever type that? If you can't remember the word you can pause for a second and look it up or something, it's not like speech where pauses are very bad.


Just normalfags clinging to their IRL tactics. The normalcunt's default way of asserting superiority is the fake laugh. They think that if they feign disinterest it automatically makes them look better.




>typing in my native spoken dialect

Well shit, I'm guilty of both.



File: df1f61ceab8bc13⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 726x683, 726:683, mfw29.jpg)


Original content


File: f1486c965207fd5⋯.jpg (111.77 KB, 399x443, 399:443, Bix_nood.jpg)








>'yaaass queeeen slay'


>'nay nay'



>random rap lyrics


>poor pronounciation of brand clothing


>doggo, cate, snek, etc.

>dog reaction images

>overuse of nigger, faggot and/or Adolf Hitler

>reaction of image of latest memes like the Hit or Miss girl

>caring about e-whores or celebrities



>Today I came across him watching my hero academia on chrunchykike on the family computer in the kitchen and said, "You know that there's better animes out there, right?" and he responded with "shut up, normie"

You should consider killing him. He sounds like the biggest faggot on earth.



>reaction of image of latest memes like the Hit or Miss girl

Feeling the need to meme police is pretty normie


File: 968119e02db95e0⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 670x906, 335:453, Hands for Africa.jpg)


Few things schism my 'tism as hard as hearing teenagers spewing twitter nigger talk and slipping into nigger accents.


File: f8442b0c7078775⋯.gif (800.58 KB, 250x195, 50:39, hitler-wew.gif)


You sound like a big nigger, as well as a faggot.

Also Hitler truly did nothing wrong.


File: 93510cee0575c55⋯.jpg (116.58 KB, 501x604, 501:604, HH.jpg)


>overuse of nigger, faggot and/or Adolf Hitler

While I agree with almost everything else, Der Ewige Fuhrer auf Grossdeutschland can never be overused, and nigger and faggot are the proper names for those subhuman creatures.



"Someone who disagrees with me."


"Someone who likes things I don't like."


"Someone who's conservative that I disagree with on politics."


"Someone who's progressive that I disagree with on politics."



Wasn't that normal in old chan days? Once a meme got out to the public it was dropped by the community that created it. Its in these later, more normalized times do people not want to drop old memes/phrases that have made it to the public. Either its for immense sentiment or because they themselves are the newfriends who are there for the epic memes and saying the meme posts like a cool guy.



I've got one too.

>both sides are just as bad as eachother, anyone who holds extreme beliefs is stupid

Anyone uttering any semblance or variation of the aforementioned phrase should be flogged.



Man, where was I 3 days ago, this guy is really going all out. I never knew you could troll and be a tryhard at the same time.


Your brother gave me the same kind of chuckle as reading the stranger just after my mother died. Good post.


>stutter speak

What's that feeling when you're angry, condescending and amused at the same time? I get that a lot.


The 4chan migration is complete. It's now the people who get banned from 4chan, but didn't have the principles to move over in 2014. I can understand why /vg/ split but without bullying the 4chan cancer has metastized. Mark should kill himself for messing with threads that are for literally organizing playing games on the video games board.


Get an actual hobby, this is the first time I've been on 8chan in a month.



>this is the first time I've been on 8chan in a month

freaking normie!

Jokes aside, what's your hobby? I need something to do besides constantly refreshing threads.



it really depends. I'd suggest something that includes moving, since your brain increases dopamine when you do sports or whatever. Moving is a neccesity, just like eating, sleeping etc. I used to ride bike a lot when I was a kid. I will get a bike when I have some more free time for myself. I recommend that if you can get one. It depends on where you live but it's comfy to just ride a bike, listening to something, going to some random places in the city and learning new roads. It also feels good when you go pretty fast.


File: 2e3a66d29201bb4⋯.jpeg (34.88 KB, 289x243, 289:243, 963A966E-22E6-4F70-B3A4-D….jpeg)


I’m too much of a shut in for that. Are there any cheap instruments that are easy to learn maybe? I just need more stuff to alternate between when I’m bored of video games.



I'd recommend flute. I used to play it and I was really good at it. It's comfy and easy to carry. It's kinda gay but I don't know any other cheap, compact and easy instrument.



Not him but i tried the flute in elementary and couldn't get it to work, guess i didn't have the mouth for it. Also if your fingers aren't that dexterous, like mine, it can be hard to press the buttons in the right order. I picked up the trumpet after that. Instruments were fun but i never had a good environment to play em in. I won a music award at school once (i dont think i was any good, but i just tried in class) and my mom just asked me why i didn't win the math award instead



I didnt see you worried about price, trumpets are bretty expensive iirc


>to each his own

>you shouldn't be so obsessed about it, there are more important things in life

especially the last one, I was critically commenting on my moms diet, her fucking hair is falling out and she's developing early arthritis from the garbage she eats buy my dad doesnt give a fuck >"live and let live brah"



>my dad doesnt give a fuck

Is your mom prone to nagging him? He might be trying to let nature take its course.



sometimes i'm too lazy to type out "normalfag" so fuck you nigger






Every time I hear a pair of teenage roasties utter this shit I have to keep myself from going full Elliot Rodger on them. Not that I don't think I should, I'd just rather wait for a more opportune moment for my day of retribution.


Guitar is very rewarding if you have the time, or so I hear. I've got a guitar but I've never gotten around to learning it, but everyone in my family that's learned to play it has loved it.



Lazy negros should be banned.



Niggers who use the word 'negro' instead of 'nigger' should also be banned.


File: 7f0a45c442779ca⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 1300x1390, 130:139, Negrokiller5000.jpg)


Buttmad negro detected.



Faggots who reply to negro posters should be permabanned.



>faggots should be permabanned



File: 921a4ea0be8db36⋯.jpg (214.06 KB, 866x1390, 433:695, Enlightened_POC.jpg)


Yo sheeit nigga you be right what chew thinkin man?


File: 791f55291451d6c⋯.png (75.66 KB, 552x524, 138:131, 1541641686941.png)

It's not about what they say, it's all about what you are saying.

Which brings me to an announcement I'd like to make * ahem *



TBH I only use it because its shorter than normalfag which is shorter than normalfaggot. I'm lazy you nigger why you think I ended in this shithole? and who would've guess fucking normalfags would steal normie away and not get the irony

Sage because OP is a choice cock mongler


File: 642030a8576f45a⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 395x396, 395:396, 1505526595803.jpg)




>Any new meme words people see others use

All buzzwords people immediately cling to and it's annoying as hell to see. I just imagine some retard seeing one of these words for the first time and going 'wow I'm going to use this the next time I insult someone because other people are.'

I'm guilty of this with the word normalfag but I hate seeing people pick up words because they are 'in'. It's cringy as fuck. I don't think I'm an exception but man does it remind me that humans are just autopiloted meat-machines.


File: 868c8cd4b620a31⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 3 Big Songs.jpg)


I honestly found myself surprised when people on /b/ here were supportive of pewdiepie, so when I end up looking at his channel, I come across a fucking npc meme. Or when for some reason I decided to get onto /r/4chan and came across, again, with the npc shit.

It just baffles me, no place is different from the other, sure some have different flavours to it but there is no longer that "cattle is using our meme lets drop it" behaviour.

I believe it is mostly due to current memes no longer being mild jokes but just more ways to propagate an ideology, they stopped being fun events and became activism.

Only an insurrection can fix this.



dysnigger drove 8/b/ into the ground, it's just cuckchan now. You really shouldn't use it as a litmus test of quality regarding the site as a whole.




any other words you can come up that are similar in usage to these ones? I feel like there are more but I can't think of any.



The one we should all be familiar with, virgin. Also kissless.



also fedora



>"Shit x says"



>When that fucking word has been so normalized that it's being used by Tumblr, Reddit and other Godforsaken places, including reality, which I have had the displeasure of witnessing first hand, you know the faggots that use it here are not much better.

How about this, how about you suck my 7.8 inch cock, eh? I don't give a fucking rat's ass about your petty degradation of terminology bullshit. You are just as bad as the niggers who now throw stones at Pepe, and to a lesser extent, Wojak. No, no you can't have these things from me, fuck off. I'm gonna use whatever I want for the situation I am in. Don't like? Literally kill yourself.



finna dab on this weeb, gnomesayin'





Apolitically incorrect.


This is mostly people on Youtube but I hat ethey call any character a "waifu" sometimes is not even Japanese or remotely good looking.



>I hat ethey call any character a "waifu"


>sometimes is not even Japanese

Since when did waifus have to be strictly japanese related?

>or remotely good looking.

That's subjective.


The first time I ever saw the word "normie" thrown around was in a parody of a tard story back in 2010, and it refered to non-retards.


>letting a bunch of fags from websites somehow shittier than this one dictate what you can and can't say



I really hate it when faggots say coder/coding(or code as a verb)


"Waifu" shouldn't be used unless you genuinely wish to make a character your actual wife. "Waifu" is not for a girl you wish to bone or a girl you wish to spend a polite evening with, "Waifu" is your one true love.

And if you have more than one "Waifu" you are a polyfag and you can fuck off to whatever SJW site accepts that.



What do you think would be the most appropriate verb to describe writing things in html/php?



>can imagine spending my life with all kinds of fictional women (separately of course) from all kinds of vidya/etc

>dont consider any of them my waifu because while i can imagine having a happy life with them not a single one manages to stay on my mind constantly.

Where do i fit in this catagory?



casual and probably needs to stop using language



Can't really say that makes any sense, but alright.



Yeah, and "gay" means "jolly".

Two posts above there is a statement that waifu must be Japanese and good looking. Like people care only about looks of their beloved fictional character… like the phenomenon related only to anime.

This bullshit occurs when you try to make slang the term. It is like explaining the joke when people don't know how it sounded originally.

Silly words is not something you need to explain - they driven by the language itself. If waifu is used primarily in the ironic way, nobody can do nothing about it.



I feel like you're just splitting hairs to be a douche



For php you can say program. For html I guess use write or develop as needed.


File: d1f18b604813d00⋯.jpg (517.13 KB, 1190x1200, 119:120, d1f18b604813d0025e1f812159….jpg)


>casual and probably needs to stop using language

I've been rereading this repeatedly and still can't make sense of it so.


As in vidya or waifus? If the ladder than I agree (as i sadly dont have one)

>needs to stop using language

This sentence feels unfinished but if it's implying i was entirely disagreeing with you you would be mistaken, i completely agree that

>Waifu shouldn't be used unless you genuinely wish to make a character your actual wife

However i don't agree that "want to wife" should be the only factor at play (although it should be a required factor) which is why i brought up my experience because while there are plenty of fictional characters I've fantasized about marrying (I'm sure plenty of lonley anons havedone/stilldo this) i feel it would it would be wrong to consider them my waifu solely because of that factor.

Here are some strictly opinion as not every anon is going to love/can love their waifus in the same way

example factors i think should be at play before a character is considered a waifu

>when you think of the ideal woman she is always on your mind

>majority of your fantasies but not all are about her or being with her

>you're loyal her this gets a bit muddy with harems but you get the idea and would never leave or cheat on her with another waifu or 3DPD

>you attempt to find out everything you can about her by scouring wiki pages about her and sometimes even asking the creator himself

>you collect merch/pics of her sometimes even commissioning artist to draw more of her

>she brightens your day everytime you think of her outisde of thinking she's not real

>you do it for her or she does it for you, or you do it for each other that's up to you


As i stated above these factors of what makes a charater a waifu to you are strictly opinion and will not apply to every anon nor is this a complete list of factors nor do i think you have to fit every factor to consider a charater your waifu.



>Since when did waifus have to be strictly japanese related?

Its in the name itself, besides only japs can draw Anime style correctly, there is stuff close to it but still looks bootleged.



>besides only japs can draw Anime style correctly

Isn't in-betweening and coloring usually done in chinese sweatshops?


File: 1103ba4f5629cb4⋯.jpg (40.45 KB, 640x480, 4:3, aa3ef3aeecd97948f4e195b530….jpg)


>Its in the name itself

Fair, but what would you have anons with western (nonjap) waifus call their waifus? Just wife? good luck with that



Worst Korea and Vietnam are also often used.

But chinkshit is almost always identifiable by a mere glance.



you call them wifey, dummy


File: d9c6c056a2ad415⋯.jpg (56.56 KB, 500x674, 250:337, Spider-Girl-May-Mayday-Par….jpg)


Personally I don't think that would catch on, nor do I think that it connotates the same thing. I like the seperation from western relationship degeneracy, or at least the ideals it implies. Also I think I've been thinking of her as my waifu for too long to be able to change my vocabulary for the sake of a few outspoken anons.


File: 9be1d816c8c9ca9⋯.jpg (36.37 KB, 720x540, 4:3, zEhbbulh.jpg)



Not a bad proposal but as i previously stated good luck trying to get anyone to change their vocabulary.


Example A




what are you doing, anon-kun?



Made a small change to the post.



>Example A

Should clarify that I'm not unwilling, it's just become habit to think of her as my "waifu" over the years. I think "waifu" sounds nicer too perhaps that's as it should be though, I'll admit that anime/manga waifus are certainly better taste than western fags like me. Something about the hard E sound is a little harsher sounding. I see no reason to change it on the basis of her not being a jap cartoon. Not to say I don't agree with the rest of what >>299274 said.



>Should clarify that I'm not unwilling

I never implied you were, you just served as a perfect example by saying.

>I've been thinking of her as my waifu for too long to be able to change my vocabulary for the sake of a few outspoken anons.

As i imagine this would be a common argument used against anons trying to push a change in others vocabulary.


>>299444 (checked)

I didn't think you implied anything, just making sure others didn't misunderstand. I'd rather avoid putting myself into a situation in which I sperg out due to a simple misinterpretation becase I didn't make myself clear.





>any other form of nigger speak



>overusing profanities

I overuse profanities not because I'm a normalfag but because that's the only thing that keeps me from breaking down mentally at high stress, and I think many robots do that too. So I would differentiate between swearing a lot because you are in a fuck emotional state and swearing a lot just because it's "edgy".



Waifu is often used in the meaning of "Wife material" not necessairly a girl that you waifu yourself. You can say "This game has great waifus" which means that this game has a lot of great girl which would make for great waifus yet not chose any of them.



It has never been used that way. The only ones who used the word 'waifus', plural, were ironic weebs and normalfags.



normalfags have started saying "normie" now so you have to say "normalfag" to show you aren't one of them


"incel", aka the reddit leftist version of "cuck"



It's also what rightwing normalfags use as an insult as well. Both conservatives and liberals despise virgins, nerds, outcasts ect nowadays.


File: aaae49da2054011⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 640x432, 40:27, aaae49da2054011a5cf07bbfcd….jpg)


This is a normalnigger term that I have come across somewhat recently. It's this asinine, make-believe idea that one can be an introvert or extrovert interchangeably. In reality, it's term used by roasties who get annoyed when they aren't receiving the precise kind of attention they want, so they claim to want space to themselves while compulsively posting on every form of social media to brag about "how introverted they are."



That just sounds like groids wanting to have all the cakes and eat them too.

>I'm so introverted leave me alone

<but I'm really comfortable in groups

>lol I'm such a people person

<but I can be shy sometimes



I was wondering if it was jadedness making me hate all the new meme words until soyboy came along, it sounds like something you'd hear a kid on a playground chanting to another loser kid.

I was incredulous to see that one in particular catching on, it has no impact as an insult and I can only imagine it became popularly used because it rhymes and like you said people are impressionable as fuck.


File: 7c8844504b268b0⋯.png (10.77 KB, 240x240, 1:1, https___assets.ifttt.com_i….png)



>letting a bunch of fags from websites somehow shittier than this one dictate what you can and can't say

But that's what chans have done ever since the creation of reddit. It's a 16 years old tradition.




'normalfag' is the better term just because normalfags find it offensive


>alt-right i


Any variation of those terms, they don't know where they come from, or what they actually mean. They just through them out as insults because they saw it on twitter.


You haven't felt true pain until your around a middle class white chick with blue hair who's lived he entire life in the suburbs say, "We're doing so good Y'ALL." You know she hasn't heard that term outside (again) twitter or the internet in general.


I'd recommend the guitar just because it's relativity low barrier of entry. You should get a digital piano though - best like $400 dollars I've ever spent.


Its always them isn't it. They have a solid friend group who they talk to daily, they are ==always== messaging 2 to 3 people on social media, they practically yell when they talk, but just because one day the didn't feel like going to a party they were invited to they're an "ambivalent" or "selective introvert." Its just another label people apply to themselves to make themselves feel more unique and quirky. Fuck em.












Makes sense, after all the groid's defining trait is minmaxing their likability.





That's the constant trouble with normalfags. It isn't enough that they have their own music, media, and past-times, that have to steal ideas from outlying groups in order to prop themselves up in the eyes of their peers. When faced with something they don't understand, rather than taking the rational stance of "this isn't my area of expertise, so I'll stick to what I know," they go and watch a youtube video about the subject and pretend to be experts so they can show off. Then more normalfags think it's a good idea to pretend to be into it too, and before you know it, the hobby/activity goes down the tubes because it's brimming with normalscum who will never embrace it beyond the base level, all for the sake of gaining a few small bargaining chips to use in the shallow social economy they've created.




I always use 'normalfag,' normalnigger,' or 'normalscum,' but never 'normie.' The term 'normie' has no impact, it almost feels friendly really, as if to say "oh, you silly normies, you're not supposed to be here you rascals!" There's no bite, therefore it's less effective when it comes to getting the point across that normalfags don't belong here. Think about the term "CIAnigger." It was originally made and used by Terry Davis, but was picked up by online communities and is still used to this day. Why? Part of it is because it honors Terry's memory, but it also continues to catch on with people (even those unfamiliar with Davis) because no rational human being has any love for the CIA. It's a term that thrives because the CIA are so lowly and untrustworthy that they're practically niggers. Take that same logic and apply it to "normal people" and you can easily see why normalfag/nigger/scum is used here so frequently.



>The term 'normie' has no impact

This so much. Even if normalfags didn't use "normie", it isn't very useful as a term at all. What's the point of being derogatory if it doesn't offend? It's like calling niggers African-Americans in order to offend them; it makes no sense.



>It's like calling niggers African-Americans in order to offend them; it makes no sense.

THAT doesn't make sense. normie/normalfag and african-american/nigger are both different. you can't compare.



Yeah, yeah. That wasn't a very good analogy.



Sorry loser, you've been outed as a trying too hard faggot that isnt cool enough to hang with robots.

Imma LOL dint visit the south okay newfag



i see the term "normie" everywhere now. what happened?



The 4chan to Reddit pipeline.


normal faggotrynormiefagget normalfags normiefags



fucking normieniggers


and before "normalfag" it was NORP



Normiefaggoty cuntish kikes

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