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File: 12367d656b27666⋯.webm (2.49 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 12367d656b2766609b81cef32….webm)


Next year I plan to run away. Rightnow I'm wagecucking my ass off so I'll have enough money to use. I live in a rural part of Illinois but I want to travel to a few other states and camp around. After awhile I might try to go to Canada and settle down there to start a new life. Are there any anons here who are nomads ? Any tips ?

So far my shopping list is as follows:

>hiking backpack



>small tent

>bed roll

>canned stew

>a knife


>small gun for safety

Am I missing anything ?

My only issues are still not knowing how to read a map, how to start a fire and how to tell directions properly. I dont know how much time I have to learn these skills but I'm sure I'll find a way.


File: c53c846e8c7384a⋯.jpg (123.52 KB, 870x826, 435:413, mccandless.jpg)


>My only issues are still not knowing how to read a map, how to start a fire and how to tell directions properly.

Sounds like some pretty big issues if you're planning to be le ebin Roughin' It™ explorer man.

>I dont know how much time I have to learn these skills but I'm sure I'll find a way.

You will die or some ranger will come across you half-dead ass just like all of the other idiot cityfags who think they know how to survive outside civilization.



I should probably give it another year or two so I can practice everything before fully going through with it


Not sure but I think this should have just been in the homeless thread. Separate enough topic I guess.


>I live in a rural part of Illinois

I have family there, it's super comfy. At least compared to the suburbs. I figure that your shopping list is good, but you should probably have an axe or katana :^) or something to get wood and kill normalfags (you don't want to alert all normals in the area with the gun). The fact that you can't read a map is pretty bad, but it's pretty easy to learn.

>I dont know how much time I have to learn these skills but I'm sure I'll find a way.

I think that when the incentive for learning these things is not dying, you'll find it in you to learn them. It'd probably be a good idea to be homeless for a while, just to see how it feels to sleep without a roof over your head. My father was homeless for a while and apparently the homeless shelters are pretty nice so you could always fall back on hobo gibs if you can't take roughing it. Also I don't think it'd be necessary to go all the way to Canada, there are spots in the upper west of America that are pretty much uninhabited if you can get there (there was an image that I saw on here a while back that mapped some uninhabited areas in the U.S. and Canada). Also get some hentai doujins for your backpack so you don't go crazy from a lack of wanking.




lel ebin post dood


File: 28bf680f3aa8e7f⋯.png (591.33 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 9f58671e6737f121ee69f52ed2….png)


Want a travelling partner? I'm a weeb trapped with a bunch of dumb hippies. I have survival skills and gear and I'm desperate to get out of here.



True /rural/ fags wouldn't be coming here asking these kinds of stupid questions. Urbanity is a state of mind.



> Urbanity is a state of mind.

This, again and again.

Op, get used to it first, don't go in head first.

Go outside everday, don't shower for a few days, you stop smelling yourself after a while, get dirty, go outside when it's raining and mud droplets fly around and wait until it stops and dries up and you are full of sand from the rain.

ALSO - get used to wild water!! Important! If you just drink tap or bottle water all the time and then you just go to a river and take a sip you'll most likely get diarrhea!!!! It's not the water, it's your body that isn't used to it yet. Get used to eating insects with your food, it'll happen. And get a good sleeping bag, nothing synthetic.

You need a sleeping bag with cotton filling because it stays warm even when it's wet and it doesn't burn when you sleep next to a fire. And a bivouac sack against the wind.

Walk, walk everday, get used to walking at least 20km a day with backpack. Learn about nutrition, what you can and can't eat.



That fucking leftist idiot died litteraly 2 miles from a road in an empty VW Bus, died from starvation even though he had a gun and shot a fucking MOOSE. Don't become like that.


You ought to consider a bicycle and the tools and materials to maintain it. Mobility means safety in many circumstances, and it beats walking in comfort. You could also load the bike with your belongings if you rig it correctly.

But that's just my plan. I'm certain I'll be doing the same as you.




>You need a sleeping bag with cotton filling because it stays warm even when it's wet and it doesn't burn when you sleep next to a fire.

I think you meant wool lining lad. Doesn't cotton have an extremely high water absorption rate since it's made from plants?



nah, I meant with cotton filling.

That's the point, even if you piss in it or completely soak it in water, it will still keep you warm.



Christ almighty, anon. You're gonna die.

First off: Warm clothes unless you're going to the southern hemisphere. At least two pairs.

A tarp, in addition to the tent, to make certain the tent doesn't get completely soaked (or just get a hammock, it's lighter))

Medical kit (not just first aid)

Forget canned anything, it's heavy as shit and contains water, which you're most likely going to be able to find in the wild unless you're in a desert. Bring freeze-dried stuff or traditional rations like hardtack, pemmican, jerky, etc. I'd eschew vegetables in favor of fat, grains, and meat since they provide little calories and can easily be found in the wild if you know what you're doing.

Bring at least two Zippos, do not go for the cheap dollar store lighters, they're going to fail you

Don't just bring one knife. A knife for carving wood, a knife for opening game, and at least a handaxe too (though I'd recommend you go for something heavier too if you're planning to stay out in the winter)

A good length of parachute rope is always good and necessary.

A firesteel as backup for your lighter, along with a waterproof pouch for tinder

plenty of ammo

Also, make sure the map is waterproof and you have a backup compass.

A book on local plants and their uses

A torch, one of those that you can wind up, as well as replacement LEDs

Radio, and know the local emergency frequencies

Good boots are key

And above all: Don't just march out the door intending to live innawoods.

Start out doing it for a couple of days, then a week, then a couple of weeks, try doing it in different seasons in different places. Make sure you can identify any plant with a 99% accuracy and know what tree and what plant is suited for what task. If you can stand being near people for a while, take a bushcraft seminar to start out, it helps, otherwise buy a couple books on it, don't forget the books above either. Practice what's in the books though, book knowledge is not good enough to keep you alive.


>he had a gun

A .22. How he managed to kill a moose with that, nobody knows.

OP, if you bring a gun, bring a useful caliber. Like a 7.62 mm for example. If you really want to hunt a lot, bring a shotgun too.



That's not true though, retard. Cotton will get very cold, you're thinking of wool; wool is what keeps you warm even when wet.



On top of what this anon said, make sure to have the following:

A couple books that you can read more than once without getting bored. Too many will end up being too heavy, but having a couple with you will help your mental state alot. If you're Christian then get a bible, if not get some philosophical text or something that you can study and won't just be done with after a single read.

Also seconding what he said regarding practice. Don't just leave one day and that's' that. First go stay for a few days, then a week, then longer etc. Practice constructing shelters out of wood, learn a bunch of shit. If you just leave one day without any experience and head out you're probably going to die.



You'll either be dead, or be homeless.


Bring an exit bag or another way to hero if things go sour. Dont expect it to be a magical time where you break free of this society and fly away


Only drink moving water, streams and rivers (preferably upstream from cities) you'll catch bacteria and parasites from still water. Also get used to boiling all water.


I think you watched too many movies

you will be found by some serial killer and he will kill in worst way possible. or some animal will eat you. world is dangerous and evil place

going to such trips should be done by big group of people


>That fucking leftist idiot died litteraly 2 miles from a road in an empty VW Bus, died from starvation even though he had a gun and shot a fucking MOOSE. Don't become like that.

maybe he shot it in self-defense, but didn't eat it because he was vegan



op said he's bringing a gun so finding a serial killer would just be part of the adventure



It's not clear to me how often you're planning to go to town and buy supplied, but I'd at least suggest:

>water filter

>basic medicines like advil, nyquil, antibiotic cream, bandaids, cortizone, anti-diarrhea, anti-emetic

>alcohol or wet wipes for when shit literally hits the fan

>rifle or shotgun with plentiful ammo for hunting (you should practice though)

>nail clippers

>set of camping dinnerware especially a pan

>kettle for boiling water

>tent repair kit and sealant

>bug spray

>propane stove and tank for when you can't/won't build a fire


>emergency ration pack

>extra bags/sacks of various size


>pen/pencil and notebook


>hatchet or axe head if you're planning to make the handle on site

Cans are good road food if you have a car, but they have too much water mass so you'll have a hell of a time lugging them around. You need dry things that you'll be adding water to when cooking, like rice, grains, dry meat and so on. Also sounds like you're missing some crucial skills, maybe learn those first while you have easy access to Youtube. How do you not know to read a map anyway? It's fucking obvious.


get yourself a motorcycle at least, itll get you to more places and you can still stay light


For the past eight months I've been traveling the states and living out of my backpack. Most of my time is spent relatively close to society, so I've always had resources near and have never had to live off of the land, but I hope that my advice will be of some help to you. Learning to make a fire is certainly a good idea, but it's not essential to get by if you're not constantly out in the middle of nowhere. A Coleman grill and propane is relatively light weight, but even that isn't necessary if the added weight turns out to be to much for you. You can buy cheap, easy to prepare food from a supermarket and eat for about three to five dollars a day. I tend to use tortillas a lot with either beans, peanut butter, tuna, whatever I want to put inside for protien, with a side of fresh, raw vegetables. If you can get past eating leftovers and being judged, most touristy places will have restaurant food left in whiteboxes at the top of a public trash bin. A lot of it will be almost completely untouched and fresh, as the bins are changed pretty frequently. It's a good way to get by on free, delicious food. To keep myself hydrated, I fill my canteen from faucets in public restrooms or water spigots I've opened with a spigot key.

Warm clothing is important, but you want to keep from over packing and hauling around a heavy load so try and go easy. Instead of bringing a thick, heavy jacket I'd suggest a tee-shirt, two long sleeves and a hoodie or thinner jacket. Layers are better than one big ass piece of clothing and allow you to adjust better to different temperatures. As for pants, bring something durable with lots of pockets and some sweatpants to wear underneath when it's cold. You'll want to keep South for the winter to avoid the cold, so you won't need anything to heavy duty.

Maps are easy to read, so you'll learn. I assume you have a phone, so depending on how far you plan on being from society you can generally use wifi and Google maps to get your bearings. Tents are more hassle than they're worth, to bulky and they draw a lot of attention. Bring a tarp to keep yourself dry when it rains and a good cold weather sleeping bag. A lot of the times I'll sleep outside of an abandoned storefront with a roof when it's raining, or find some way to get inside and squat it. A bed roll is nice, but unnecessary as you'll quickly become accustomed to sleeping on the ground.

A gun might be more trouble than it's worth. Cops tend to hassle the homeless and if they find you with a firearm you're fucked. Besides, you'll rarely run into trouble if you stay away from bad neighborhoods, keep to yourself and don't start shit. I haven't had a single altercation since I've been out here. I think people tend to realize that the homeless tend to not have things worth robbing.

To get from place to place, I hitchhike and hop trains. Hitchhiking is easy. Keep yourself clean so people don't assume you're a degenerate, hop on the highway and stick your thumb out. Put yourself somewhere that people can easily see you and have ample time and space to pull over. Flying a sign with your destination helps. Trains are another matter. If you're interested in that I'd suggest waiting until you meet a train kid and then convince them to teach you. Learn to enjoy walking as you'll be doing a lot of it.

Get yourself something to pass the time. I play harmonica, explore, read, download shit off Netflix, draw, research shit, whatever, just have things to do to keep yourself from getting bored.

Good luck. This way of life is possible, within reach, and a lot less dangerous than people think. I've learned a lot about myself out here and have toughened up substantially. Being free of the wageslave business and away from the normies I can't stand has really improved my mental health. It is hard, don't get me wrong, but don't let that deter you. I think we need some challenge in our lives.


People tend to over pack when they first start doing this. All you really need are clothes, backpack, sleeping bag, food and water. That's it. Unless you're far out in the wilderness, nothing else is really essential. The lighter the better, since you'll be carrying all of your shit around with you. A lot of stupid little tools people bring never get used and just add weight. Start with the basics and add things as you go instead of starting with a shit load of gear and shedding things you don't need. If you do end up wanting some good camping gear try and make it as lightweight as possible. I'd suggest looking up Bushcraft videos on YouTube and learn about camping and gear from pros.


>My only issues are still not knowing how to read a map

What does this fucking mean?


Stop stealing my plans you unoriginal fuck


If I fail school this is my plan, simply work my ass off for one year and save every single penny and just drive around in a car.

If I can't do my dream job and work with AI I'll at least feel European culture and won't be stuck in my parents abusive household.


I've been considering doing something like this myself. It's been almost a year since I graduated high school and my parents aren't going to let me NEET for much longer.

A few months ago I went down the train hopping rabbit hole. It seems like it would be really fun to cross the country on a freight train. last week I hopped on a train heading south and I rode it for about 20 miles. I live in a suburb and the train stopped at a yard in the city so I was able to use public transportation to get home.

The only thing keeping me from packing up and leaving now is money. I'm thinking of getting a job and saving a few thousand, then just pick up and leave when I feel like it. Supplies and food shouldn't be very expensive.

You should watch Stobe the hobo on YouTube, his videos are entertaining and you can learn quite a bit.



>I dont know how to read a map

>what does it mean?



Being a wanderer is also my dream.


What is a good books for learning bush craft



sorry I meant what are some good books for learning bush craft.

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