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File: 4248537149eb00a⋯.png (344.25 KB, 740x900, 37:45, Mexican Spaghetti.png)


Are you able to pinpoint an exact point/event/person in your life where everything went wrong? Or was it more of a gradual decline?



yes me and my sister tried to have sex as kids been wired wrong ever since


File: 2b62a4df885095a⋯.jpg (63.92 KB, 722x349, 722:349, nidemare.jpg)

I got a computer at age 10. I figured out how to pirate vidya and cartoons when I got internet access at 11, this was the point of no return, I enjoyed the internet more than I enjoyed going out and getting in fistfights. At 14 I bought and put together a computer on my own and it didn't kill me or light on fire.


I'd say that it was the moment I was born, especially considering that I was diagnosed with ass burgers when I was very young.



so are you gonna tell us or





Tell us anon.


I typed out a few different events but I couldn't help but feel that all of them can be traced back to myself and my own failings. There have been plenty of normalfags who have gone through everything I have and come out happy, but I can't see how. My parents got divorced when I was young and I wasn't able to see my father much, and that's really the only thing that I think should have fucked me up like I feel that it did, because it ruined my formative years. But even then, I saw my father more than others did, some people's fathers died when they were young. My cousin's father was killed when he was nine, and he's much happier than I am. I could point at when I changed schools, when I first got a oneitis and she ended up blowing a guy in the bathroom this wouldn't have hurt so badly had I not considered her to be an "innocent girl", I could say it's when I got access to a computer, anything. It doesn't change the fact that millions of others have done the same, and they live much happier lives than I do. Sure it may be a deluded sense of normalfag happiness but it's happiness nonetheless. I think that if I lived the perfect life without any pain or sorrow, I would find some way to be unhappy, it's ingrained in me.


Going to need more detail on that, anon.


gradual decline thanks to clinical depression that runs into the family

didnt even realize what was happening until it was way too late and the damage was very much already done


File: df623e1814c179b⋯.png (199.31 KB, 1106x1012, 553:506, 1465095246626.png)


It's a lifetime of autism but my parents divorcing probably did something. My abusive sister threw a toy gun at my head so hard I was bleeding everywhere. She treated me like dirt the whole time while my mother was out working, expecting her to actually take care of me.


My family has been cursed with tragedy since at least 2 generations ago, my great grandparents on my dad's side committed suicide and left my grandpa with his aunts & uncles who hated him. Both of my parents also grew up in abject poverty in a third world shithole and grew up during wartime and had lots of relatives die. And on my mom's my great grandpa killed my great grandma and then himself. All of my male uncles are either drug addicts, alcoholics, or dead. I was just born with overt self-awareness and can't handle how shitty and a useless struggle my existence is. In a few months it's gonna get much, much worse due to my family situation I'd rather not go into detail with. I want it all to end, and I don't want any children cause then they'd be cursed too.


File: 1f4468e6a2a6406⋯.gif (575.5 KB, 500x306, 250:153, smoke weed for all eternit….gif)


It's rarely ever a single moment, unless we're talking about molestation at a formative age. For many robots it's likely to be a series of common events

>parents divorced

>probably at least a little autistic

>shitty public school experience

>anti-social behaviors meant fewer friends

>few friends and poor social standing meant poor interactions with girls because even most young girls are greedy cunts who are just looking for valuable men to exploit

>maybe just a little too smart for your own good

>bullied for all of the above

>poor anger management and emotional control made all of the above harder to deal with

>shitty staff at school labeled you a problem child and gave up trying to help you at all

>maybe went to college and have nothing to show for it

>tried wageslaving, maybe still wageslaving, and it's just be a constant source of stress and misery


In early elementary school a nigger befriended me, and taught me how to lie believably, steal from people, shoplift, etc. I'd be better off if I told him to fuck off from the moment I met him. Countless shit went downhill because I listened to that congoid piece of trash. What little benefit I gained from learning how to steal doesn't come anywhere close to the hardship it's caused.

The second big one was when I was getting tested on the advanced placement/gifted classes; at that time I just wanted to be 'normal', even though in retrospect it was a stupid decision. I intentionally failed all of my advanced placement/gifted tests in 4th grade, and then began tanking my grades so that it would be believable and wouldn't look like I intentionally failed, all to fit in with a bunch of normalfags who never liked me, never accepted me, and who I really shouldn't have even wanted to accept me. Then again based on all the spoopy shit I've read about the GATE stuff, maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

The third biggie that really fucked things up for me, and this was 100% my own fault just like the previous two, I started taking cough syurp/DXM recreationally when I was 16. Began using it everyday shortly thereafter, grades tanked even more, ended up graduating HS with a 2.8 GPA. Got a full-ride scholarship to the state university due to being a poorfag, which was a shock to me since I'm white and I thought they only gave those to niggers, spics, and roasties. Started blowing off classes and just staying in my dorm all day chugging tussin and playing vidya. What a fucking waste of a life so far.

Wasted countless years wishing for things which I should have never wanted. I was re-reading Dune again recently, and this quote sums up my life so far perfectly:

>Do you wrestle with dreams? Do you contend with shadows? Do you move in a kind of sleep? Time has slipped away. Your life is stolen. You tarried with trifles. Victim of your folly.



>male uncles

I didn't know female uncles existed.


Sorry it's really late and I'm tired. Good catch though.




Fuck I'm retarded asgasfghasdg


I enjoyed being a kid and then I knew that on entering High School it would be all downhill from there.



My father died when I was a kid. Before that, I was a slightly shy, but generally sociable kid. Ever since I've been a depressed sack of shit. That fucked up my socialization all through childhood and now I'm too spergy to even say thank you to the supermarket cashier without fucking something up.


A pivotal moment for me was moving and transferring schools at 13 years old, and by the end of the same year I was gifted a laptop by my parents. So over the course of one year I went from having friends, being comfortable in a school that I had went to for many years, to having no friends in an entirely new school. Internet browsing and early meme culture led me to 4chan's /b/, and so I spent the majority of my teenage free time browsing imageboards, watching anime, and playing video games.

Of course there were other things that chipped away at me too. Broken family, raised around drug abuse and thottery, narcissistic parents and manipulative siblings, etc.


File: 7ed958b8535f1eb⋯.jpg (235.19 KB, 1185x1079, 1185:1079, shark gaze.jpg)

It all tumbled out of my control when I discovered 4chan in 2006. I became a chronic shitposter and was never able to recover.


File: 083157ca85fa32b⋯.mp4 (1.35 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 0b2w9d0lou521.mp4)

Quality social relationships are the key bro



If it makes you feel better, I got into the 'gifted' class and I was still the outlier even amongst the nerds.


File: f01d5ae2b63b8e9⋯.png (439.14 KB, 584x413, 584:413, dubsman1.png)

>>294999 (check'd)

Yeah, maybe you're right and it wouldn't have made much of a difference.



Its the current year shitlord. Of course female uncles exist.



I discovered anime pretty early in life and became hooked on the internet around the time I was 10 and discovered chatrooms and eventually 4chan. I skipped the /b/tard phase, but there were still years of my life that I know for a fact that I would not have gotten through without 4chan keeping me sane.



It didn't have that affect on me, but funny enough there was this old namefag forum called 'the dextroverse' centered around DXM that I used to post on, and when I first joined I was surprised by the large amount of girls there. After awhile it was revealed that all but two of them were trannies. There is definitely something to your statement.


It was a gradual decline since sophomore year of high school. Around this time I became bored with everything and everyone around me. I wasn't interested in work, relationships, sex, partying or anything that a "normal" high school boy would be into. So seeing that society was just one clusterfuck of pointless, self destructive hedonism; I stopped caring. I see a lot of people on here saying how they feel society wronged them in some way, but I feel different. I was on a path to success up until around this time and If I would have kept going I would end up being an unhappy, corporate puppet for Google making decent money. But my angst got the best of me, and that's probably a good thing.


>Hotel Mario meme

Ah yes! Thanks for the memories OP.


In all seriousness, when I accidentally found a kidnapping/rape/necrophilia fanfiction about one of my favorite cartoons when I was about 10. I think I was relatively well adjusted prior to this, but it really fucked me up.


There are many things, but I think the final straw was the choices I made after graduating high school. While I was a loser for the most part, I still had a few friends I had become very close to throughout my school years. Instead of keeping in touch with them, and doing a trade as most of them had, I went off to college. Since then I've been completely alienated, and not only that, college has been nothing but a huge waste of time and money. And this is all because my mother convinced me that I was "too smart" not to go to college. What a joke.




It's all about the small mistakes and lack of action that snowballs your life down the rabbit hole.



More like a gradual decline. Classic story with overprotective mother, indifferent father and not a normalfag personality. However I have understood at may be 14 y.o. already that everything is rigged and fucked up, and people like me die wizards.

Mother sent me to the route of useless education and useless jobs. That was the point of no return. I have got a Burnout and my social skills turned to ashes.

In 2019 I will have a chance to become a script writer for a videogame and finish my first book. I also will become a wizard.

I guess it is the end.



During kinder first day I knocked a kid out and left his nose bleeding for stealing my ABC blocks. When that is on your permanent record good luck finding universities or colleges, cause im "prone to violence." Seriously fuck the school system it messed up my life from day one, if that nigger is trying to steal my shiny Darkrai you bet my ass im going to deck him and send him in a body bag. I was made of blood that was used to conquer and kill not sit in a room and learn how to spell tuberculosis and how many kikes died in the (((shoahcost))). I am a menace to modern society and all of you are too.


I think it was a doomed from the start kinda thing. I can only give you recollections of hs because thats what i remember. Life didn't feel purposeful back then, all i did was exist. Whenever i looked back on memories i remember most social interactions being numbing instead of greatly emotional. There were some laughs, and i still laugh at old gmod skits, bit that feeling never really lasted. This became an issue because when uni rolled around the "freedom" meant there was no artificial motivation. No mom to wake you up and force you out, no school premises and easy walk to class to class. Homework becomes more mandatory and i cant play vidya after school like before. Something just clicked then. Even though i was doing the same thing as in hs, it felt empty instead of neutral, and a general dissatisfaction in life led to some power level revealing to uni counselors and dropping out amd becoming a wagie for a few years, which only made me feel like doing less and just sleeping. I cant explain how i formed the opinions i have now, it just happened naturally from spending time with robots, although i look back on some things and wince at myself (like hopping on the oneits meme). I cant really say any more than that op, most of my development feels natural, which doesn't make me feel good about myself. I look at suicide stats and see the 15 year old spike and think that those boys might have had a similar situation, where nothing really changed but their self awareness



I discovered a few old hotel mario fighting/ytp channels, man what a more comfy time


File: 17e853806857160⋯.jpg (83.73 KB, 750x740, 75:74, depressed bunner.jpg)

Well, you see, it all started before I was born… Mother was a drug addict and a whore. One thing lead to another, here I am. I'm one of 10. 7 got the tweezers. The other two are all-but literally half retarded. So, I had a 10% chance to be born, but even then I didn't dodge the brain damage bullet. Luckily, I'm only a Schizophrenic. Not even close to everything before I was even born, keep that in mind.





I know some people don't make the distinction, but I often try to. My bad.



i have always been a reject even at elementary. Just around that time nobody made it a sport to put you down. at age 11 I once saw my class mates ourside on the school court all beeing friendly with each other and realized something is really wrong with me.

when we changed to junior high it all became about status, beeing the cool kid and who hangs out with whoom and who fucks whom.

>gradual decline

yeah since junior high basically

but in trade school I was with some okayisch people and it felt pretty good to go to school in the morning without already hating beeing there the entire day.



> overprotective mother, indifferent father and not a normalfag personality


holy shit


File: 1d59900bdc0465d⋯.jpg (93.89 KB, 438x626, 219:313, black racer touches kids.jpg)




Darkrai is a gen IV pokemon, which came out in 2007, meaning you were in kindergarten in 2007. Are you even old enough to post here?



I think anon meant that he continued to deck people in school, not that his darkrai got stolen while still in kindergarten.



Woops, my bad. I'll just blame my lack of reading comprehension on the alcohol.



Don't worry about the drinking dude. It's Christmas! A time to drink heavily, both socially and for depressed loners like us.



well shit, thats my life, give or take a few details but yeah.


File: 5ea680426a04075⋯.png (194.08 KB, 551x502, 551:502, 5ea680426a04075e35b1a7bce7….png)


No the narcotics were getting into my head, used to watch the fuck out of generation four though. I had a first generation Dragonite shiny. Darkrai was and still is my favorite generation pokemon however. My memory betrays me more and more.



Probably during puberty. I was always rather introverted and liked alone time but still had many friends and relatively normal social life. Then I slowly started to withdraw, made worse when I switched schools thereby losing almost all contact to former friends and culminating in an almost complete crash in university with a period where I was literally not going outside of my small room, answered the phone or the door, slept during the day, was awake all night before falling into bed exhausted at 7am. I got better after this, got my shit at least somewhat together but basically all my formative years were wasted in isolation. I'm emotionally and socially crippled, no friends, almost no connection to family anymore and I'm behind everyone else in life by several years.


2012, it's when everything started. I mean my life was already a mess before that, but since 2012 it turned into nightmare mode. I have extraordinary luck though and managed to endure. I feel like the worst is over



Pretty sure it's only going to get worse, humanity is in a permanent state of decline until End of Days.


Gradual decline with a series of intermittent sharp drops. Even in kindergarten kids didn't like me. Mom is a neurotic and didn't want to take me anywhere because she was pretty much afraid of everything so the first day of kindergarten was the first time I had been around other children for any length of time. I didn't know how to fucking act. In 5th grade I found Furcadia. Had no idea what furries were, thought it was kind of fun like Neopets was. Although they all knew I was well underage the furfaggots decided to send me porn and teach me what masturbation was. Watching hardcore porn and jacking of three times a day right on the cusp of puberty fucked me up big time developmentally, and it's a big part of why I hate fucking furfaggot pedos. Was very sexually aggressive in highschool, and I'm surprised I didn't get any charges for stalking or harassment.



Count me in as well. I may have had a father, but that doesn't mean he ever actually spoke to me. He came home from work, he watched TV, and all I ever got from him was a "shut the hell up I'm trying to watch this."


I always knew I was sort of different, but I at least had one or two people i could "talk" to in elementary school about video games, even if I never hung out with them outside of it.

Then when high school came around I had zero friends or anyone to talk to even during school. Although, I have come to realize over the years that I have always been different and I didn't go through a gradual decline, just maintenance/acceptance. There wasn't a single group during high school in which I fit into. During high school I stopped trying to fit in and just did my own thing after the first two years when I couldn't get any friends and started to realize.

It just seems that everyone has always been on a different wavelength then me for my whole life. While everyone was running around and chasing other people in elementary during recess, I just stood there and didn't understand what the point of it was. Whenever people would tease each other and make snarky/joke comments I never understood why they did that. My upbringing was very standard and I have never experienced anything that would have left me emotionally damaged and unable to communicate with people, but for some reason I can't. I haven't taken meds or anything and feel no need to.

Everyone talks about things that seem trivial and I can't understand why. Why do you care what x person did or what x person thinks. I have never been able to understand people and I never will. I'm not attracted to women nor men. I believe that I have always been this way and I only thought that my decline started in high school because I was able to recognize it more.

I will never be x.


File: 0a22eae74b82313⋯.jpg (92 KB, 750x950, 15:19, 0a22eae74b82313cd96dc1aa90….jpg)

My life didn't go wrong. If I hadn't experienced the things that I have, I wouldn't be the person that I am. If I was never rejected by that girl, I never would have broken my shackles from the 3DPD menace and devoted my life to pure 2D love. I can't imagine how awful life would be if I were still enslaved to 3DPD, agonizing every second of my days because I was thirsty for roast beef pussy, prostrating my entire world for the sake of some queen bee just to be one of her dozen beta orbiters.

That's no way to live gents, men, boyos, lads, dudes. That's no way to live at all.


A gradual decline, my life was always chaos, which does reflect on my mental state. My mother is mentally and narcissistic, my father is lazy and good for nothing if he wouldn't be a genuinely good human being, but what crippled me the most is a simple fact that we are poor.

People tend to underestimate how much it takes to either get money or get a proper education, which in turn goes back into earning more. Money also buys you social status and social comfort, you can easily do any activity you wish or simply join other social events or activities.

Thankfully I am somewhat smart, my rhetoric might be utter ass, but my mathematical and logical thought pattern that I have developed as a coping mechanism during my horrible childhood is maybe my only key to having the kind of life I wish to have.

Good to know that suicide is always an option…



The worst part about it is that it's not a mystery or some kind of freak accident that causes the robot condition. We can trace it to a lot of specific traumas and obvious problems in society. This isn't some accidental fuck up, it's something that could be fixed, but normalfags refuse to do anything about.


File: d2d359bbe56ad9e⋯.png (175.97 KB, 550x512, 275:256, 1484143358201.png)


>First year of highschool

>"Hey anon, I really like you. Wanna do something after class?"

two hours later:

>"Oh anon, it was just a joke. Why are you crying?"

Everyone laughed. I'm nobody.


Not killing my nuclear family with my dad's .357 when I was 3.


Toward the end of middle school,is I think I could have fit into normal fag society.


>oneitis who actually liked me and gave me a present on my birthday, but i was too autistic to reciprocate moved away the same year i got my own computer



Funny how the same thing happenned to me

Was maybe 8, my sister was 11 and showed me how to have sex (and not only intercourse but some other stuff too). I became a pervert from that very moment, also I started suffering from social anxiety after that.

I'm 100% sure this is the reason why I became a pervert also I tend to sexualize the wrong girls, I'm absolutely disgusted by any girl that is 20 or more.

tl;dr I fucked my sister, licked her clit and even ate her ass as I was 8 and this made me a social autist and hebephile



>Admitting fucking a whore in a virgin only board

Enjoy your ban. Normalretard.


File: b1b8247e6706cbe⋯.jpeg (52.03 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, b1b8247e6706cbe1aea66c55e….jpeg)


>I got sucked on my a nigger stripper


File: 7e5fddcf2220843⋯.png (874.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7e5fddcf22208431bfccdbcf02….png)


>get sucked by a stripper

>a nigger one at that

>but it's still ok to post here just cause you didn't get hard from it

>also a fag

Last (you)



>I have a relationship




>I have relationship

Can you even read the rules you retarded normalnigger?


File: 2c1019c1d4fb8ab⋯.gif (996.39 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 2c1019c1d4fb8ab695ba65fb64….gif)

I don't think there was any specific point, but it wasn't really a decline either. If anything, I was set up to fail from the beginning. Growing up was a bit like this:


>dad was always off at work; when he was actually around he didn't spend much time with me or my siblings unless he was screaming at us or spanking us with the belt, basically just used us to get his aggression out after work

>mom was usually fairly angry as well, I used to be a bit of a 'momma's boy' until she started to push me away

>in the end, my favorite parent was the SNES

>my brother and sister (both older than me) would look for any excuse at all to gang up on me, they would often tell me I was too babied (bullshit) and either harass me or beat me to make up for it

>learned from a very young age not to trust anyone and that nowhere is ever truly safe

Of course, this is all from what little I can remember since I've repressed the majority of my childhood memories, save for a few that paint a general picture of how bad things were.


>dad would spank me a bit less, but would mostly take to treating me like an idiot; he would either yell at me or laugh at me, depending on his mood (granted I made a lot of stupid mistakes, but it's mostly because he never taught me anything to begin with)

>mom settled down a bit, would spend a bit more time with her but still mostly stuck to video games

>brother and sister were usually out of the house causing trouble or doing drugs

>never had more than a few friends at any given time and was always labeled as weird or creepy because I always kept to myself

Here I am now, 26 years old still living with my parents. They at least treat me well now, for whatever that's worth. I have few skills to speak of, and I am struggling to learn programming in the hope that anyone would actually be willing to hire me for an entry-level position somewhere.


I think what ruined me was being introduced to the internet and (((modern culture))), specifically that part of it that appeals to numales. I was always a determined sort of person who tried to work hard and overcome his difficulties, eventually I'm sure I would have found some measure of function in society and gotten with an acceptable vagina(s). I would have been blissfully ignorant in my existence as an elite normalfag, always secure in the belief that becoming chad is just around the corner.

But as soon as I knew there were other people that had the same difficulties with girls, society, motivation, whatever, it just gave me a sort of surrogate family I could always go to and cry. It validated my doubts and fears, so I could no longer ignore them. It started me on a rabbit hole that ended up here. I can't exactly say I regret it, but I think I would have turned out differently if I had never found the rabbit hole to begin with.


A decline when I was around 12 years old with keeping up with school that put me in these bullshit classes away from everyone else. I had no motivation to do anything other than sit at home on my PC. 4 years later I somehow finished it thanks to those classes, but it meant that I was away from everyone during the time when social development is important and now I have zero social skills and can't talk to fucking anyone. Got diagnosed with the tism when I was like 14 or something. I was a normal kid at some point, but now I am too autistic to work, too autistic/shy to go to another school to continue my education and I'm just dragging out a life in complete apathy. Might as well off myself and have it be over with. Whenever my father gets tired of my shit I probably will be kicked out and do just that, although even after all these fucking years I'm still not sure if my father is the type of person who would do that or not, I never figured out because he was always unpredictable.

I don't know what's next anymore. If my father were to die I could live in this home indefinitely, but autismbux are shit where I live so it's not like I can live off of those and I'm pretty certain you only get autismbux if you are either in work or education.

God, this is such a whiny blogpost.


no, developing a schizoid personality is a long process


>I'd say that it was the moment I was born

Those words mean that you will commit suicide eventually. You don't want death because your life is bad; you want to never have been born.

>I was just born with overt self-awareness and can't handle how shitty and a useless struggle my existence is.

You are freer than most. I don't envy you.

>even most young girls are greedy cunts who are just looking for valuable men to exploit

even most young men are greedy cunts who are just looking for valuable women to exploit

Aren't we all.

>In early elementary school a nigger befriended me, and taught me how to lie believably, steal from people, shoplift, etc.

I'm interested in learning if you're willing to make a post teaching us.

>maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

I don't think so.

>But my angst got the best of me, and that's probably a good thing.

Self-sabotage is not a good thing; nothing changes if you harm yourself; we don't care about your well-being.

Attack them, instead, and things change, because they see you as a threat that needs to be either destroyed or compromised with, and if you are good, they will compromise.

>In all seriousness, when I accidentally found a kidnapping/rape/necrophilia fanfiction about one of my favorite cartoons when I was about 10. I think I was relatively well adjusted prior to this, but it really fucked me up.

The ground was fertile for that seed; it's the situations you didn't mention that are at fault.


File: b678c99ba5e1ded⋯.png (262.91 KB, 1780x4559, 1780:4559, redditspacing.png)


Stop redditspacing


Well faggots here’s my decline

>Be living in Canada

>normal kid with exceptional grades

>graduate from grade 6

>newschool n shiet

This is where it goes to shit

>First day of school

>enter classroom

>class has only 3 non gooks

>me, nigger and a faggot

>no friends

>skip school

>grades decline because above

>wanna kms

>find cuckchan

My next school was better but that year has already made me into a permanent social outcast


when i isolated myself like a fucking idiot and kicked everyone out of my life




I'm glad someone posted this. What the fuck are you thinking typing like that you fucking retard? You think that shit looks good? KYS



they used to make me take classes along a couple of other people away from the classroom, its a great way to make people outcasts


File: b5019a49076529e⋯.jpg (98.3 KB, 960x775, 192:155, 1533948334585.jpg)

Some day as a teenager I came to the realisation on how terrible things were, before this I was content with life. I realised that the shit that happened to me as a child was not normal and something clicked inside of me and everything worsened. I would say it was a gradual decline but I was ignorant of it until a certain point.



>at the age of 3 went into a backalley and got thrown around by teen niggers for not being black enough

>1st-4th grade put in a 10×10 white room anywhere from 1hr-4hrs almost everyday when they seemed me difficult. Anything from arguing too much to violent outbursts


We're listening


File: 90c0e8b7f3683b4⋯.png (172.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 92TvECc.png)


>tl;dr I fucked my sister, licked her clit and even ate her ass as I was 8 and this made me a social autist and hebephile


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