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File: ef34247d9cb25c7⋯.jpg (160.01 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Squirrel.jpg)


Correct Acronym Edition

Old thread is close to bump limit and since I'm a sperg I enjoy making these threads before anyone else can.


next time you should challenge yourself and try to cut it a bit closer, maybe 480, then 490. See how close you can get before someone steals the op from you


File: 07e7d5c3781b94c⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Amputate-the-Hands-of-Thie….jpg)

Daily reminder that if you are not being honest when chatting with anons on this board, you deserve to get your hands cut off. What youre doing is killing what makes /r9k/ good. It is only through your own devotion that keeps this board alive and well, no one else can make you do it. Also i hate muslims and i want them all to die the most gruesome death there is. There is nothing more repulsive in this world than to see an ugly inbred nigger preaching to the world about the knowledge and wisdom of his false gods and forcing his shit down everyones throat. Why is white people these days so pussywhipped? What happened to the good old days when it was a widely held belief that mudslimes are bottom of the barrels vile animals that they are always supposed to be? Now everyone is either not giving a fuck and let these apes running around or spreading their legs for these monkeys. White people are doomed beyond repair and the blame lies on the back of filthy roasties and her pathetic orbiters.



>hes honest on r9k

Truth is I'm a 6'6 giga chad that pretends to be a virgin online.



The issue isn't Islam and that's the end of it, the issue is the Arab race. Depending on where you look, sometimes they can seem decent if you look further east, but oftentimes, especially the closer you get to the levant, they're indistinguishable from kikes in behavior.

On the whole, they're only slightly better than kikes.

Here's a handy rating system:

Aryans > White Finno-Ugrics > Slavs >= Balts > Thracian Slavs > Modern Mediterraneans (not to be confused with Ancient and pre-1000AD~ Meds who were pure Aryan) > D1b East-Asians > C2a Asians > non-Arab Levantine > Berber > Eastern Turkic > Western Turkic > Northern and Eastern Amerindians > Arab > Maghrebi Arab > Southern Amerindians/Nahua/Andean > Northern Poo-in-Loos > East-African niggers > Southern Poo-in-Loos > Central/Southern-African Niggers > kikes


Thank you for fixing the title that has been bothering me for a long time.

Had to read a book for a university class. Wasn't huge, 330 pages and at maybe an early college reading level. The assignment attached to it is a super simple essay, 3 page double spaced size 12 font so no problem to bullshit. Why this is significant is it's literally the first book I've read cover to cover in five years. I used to read all the time, but I dropped it during one of my worst bouts of anhedonia and never started again. It feels good thinking maybe I can dig myself out of the brainlet pit I've been falling into. Also fuck the nigger spellcheck on this site not recognizing that anhedonia is a word.


File: 1ad9b747e9fdae8⋯.jpg (62.98 KB, 350x350, 1:1, terry.jpg)

Haven't actively browsed in a while. Is this place still terrible?

Hope not. I hope you're all doing well. This world just keeps sinking further and further in the depths of some godless trench, and the people within it chants hymns of their own death, but I pray everyone is doing well.



>Is this place still terrible?

yes, leave before you get trapped again.



The active isps are back down, so I'd say it's doing okay. We had a few cuckchan threads earlier though. Definitely better than when we had over 200 active isps. Are you the anon who made the photography thread and some other good quality threads? The fact that you haven't posted here in a while and your typing style makes me think you are. Maybe I'm just a retard though, looking for connections where there are none.


I don't post here much, but I suppose I'll add to the pile.

I have a cool program I've been working on and it's implemented, but the current implementation is a mess and I want to clean it up. I've been learning a new language so I can write it better and help learn a new language at the same time, but it's such a drastically different language from what I'm used to that I've been experiencing some difficulties.

Just today, I fell on my face and gave up trying to implement something the same way as in the other language, because I had to come to terms with the fact that this new language just isn't suited to it, but it still didn't feel good and wasted several hours of my time.


I got hit pretty hard, I'm an autistic, manlet, NEET retard with zero social skills or any no skills. I can't even interact or banter with anons I never have anything valuable or funny to add so I lurk 99.9% of the time. All I want in life is to be tall and have social skills, a gf and a few friends.


File: b04e7864b6b0d41⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 686x441, 14:9, b04e7864b6b0d41cf969e9aa96….jpg)

>Video showing a man simulating a blowjob with a doll that automatically bob it's head up and down on a dildo

>Cat ladies getting pissed and calling it rape and an incantation of misandry because the doll is of a human female design

>If you were to fuck any thing that is inorganic that in anyway resemble a women then it would be rape

>Numales jumping in and agreeing with cunts calling it disgusting and abhorrent

I want to laugh at how stupid these people are for attempting to give a bag of silicon human status, but all I come to get out of this is absolute hatred for how these people can be fully grown adults well above the age of 21 and think in the most brain dead way. To think normalniggers are like this and are the majority of the population, no wonder the world is fucked. What I would give to be the villain that makes a contraption that pulls the moon into earth killing every fucking thing.



It's fine. I made the gondola thread, and a couple other decent ones, but not the photography one.

Seems better than when I left, but still mostly the same.



Shit like this is what creates genuine misogynists (and I am one).

These are people that no woman is interested in, and that no woman is ever going to be interested in, and they're just trying to have a happy fucking life without bothering others. And, without fail, a swarm of harpies descends to attack them for daring to not orbit them, despite not even being wanted as orbiters. It's happened with fleshlights, with sex dolls, with hookers, with goddamned alcohol, with anime, with novels, etc. etc.


File: e7589532d91f8b6⋯.webm (3.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, the fight for the world.webm)


Is Pulp Fiction good or is it just reddit-core like Rick n Morty and Bojack? I had all my old friends telling me how Bojack is just "too fucking sad" but I doubt them


File: e022438daa1f2f3⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 437x176, 437:176, 83414bb171dffb6d1a6ecbbb6c….jpg)



I completely agree, anons. It sickens me to see these filthy roasties stick their noses into every little thing and attack it for not praising them. All I want is to be left alone to enjoy the few things in life that I actually like. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly more difficult to do that, because the few things in life that I still enjoy are under constant attack by roasties who hate everything that doesn't pander to them. It seems like at least once a week, I'm given a new reason to hate women even more. I've come to hate women almost as much as I hate the Jews. Most days, I feel as though I have nothing left to go on in this life but my hatred.



It’s like Monty python or portal. A fun little thing that has been beaten to death by niggers who only know how to quote things funnier than they are. Still give it a watch though, it has some good bits and is overall pretty funny.



It's actually a good movie. Like many good things, normalfags took it and ran with it until the horse's corpse was barely distinguishable from the dirt on which it lay.



I re-watched Pulp Fiction. It's like Citizen Kane in that every movie after it has taken some aspect of what it did and did it "better". I admit that it's technically a fine film, but I've become numb to the style and clichés it popularized.

Bojack Horseman is unbearably dull and loathsome. Rick and Morty had the occasional fun moment or amusing line, even if it wore thin quickly. Bojack has nothing redeemable.


My mom started watching some online/tv preacher called andrew womack. He mainly preaches about how everyone can be healed of anything if they have faith that god can do that (like how jesus did it back in the day. an if you truly believe and pray away the sick it will be gone kind of deal). I cant comment on it because im not any kind of bible master, but he mentioned something that seemed a bit "feel good christian". He said that all carnivores and bacteria and viruses and anything that can hurt/damage is of the devil/of a fallen world. Does anyone knowledgeable of the christian know if this interpretation had any merit? Veggies are boring, and bacteria dont do anything specifically malicious right? They just breed like all things, but now they're breeding in you.

Do all dogs truly go to heaven?



Gfs are lame, get a wife if you want a woman, but even then women in general are lame



He's a liar. In the bible, Yahweh explicitly says it's okay to eat meat as long as it's cooked all the way through - his caveat is to not eat the blood, which he says is life. This is found somewhere in either Exodus or Leviticus.

When Christ came, he also ate meat, and since it's written that Christ has never sinned, it cannot be a sin to eat meat.



I know they are, my recent interactions with them were ok, one of them was pretty cool and fun but they both had bfs. If anything I just want to put my benis in a bagina.



So is it true they're making 4chan pay to post?


File: d33fcc85b83904d⋯.jpg (177.06 KB, 1300x1244, 325:311, 6abf3bf80990af87241ce39eaa….jpg)

I just submitted my English 101 essay online feeling happy and fulfilled until I realized I just sent the email and the first line is

>I hope that this is suffice enough

how badly did I just fuck up ? Will the teacher think that I'm stupid or cheating now ? should I sent an email correcting myself ?



Forgetting two letters isn't the end of the world.



If that's the only major mistake you made then you'll be fine. You might get a point or two taken off, but nothing that will hurt you severely.



Actual sick burn. Normalfag family members dragged my ass out of the house, loaded me with liqour and I actually got courageous enough to talk. With no alcohol am a total sperg.




>>I hope that this is suffice enough



File: 68d6ed700937855⋯.jpg (82.38 KB, 939x592, 939:592, Yond-Cassius.jpg)

I have been fantasizing a lot lately about raping the youngest uncle of my family. The guy is an absolute fucking loser. Words cannot express how much of a incompetent coward he is, but yesterday was really something. The retard and his inbred wife went out and get drunk, then he proceeded to fuck around with our kind neighbors who owned a coffee shop. After failing his attempt to force the owner to drink with him, he got slap and run like a bitch. But the goofball literally trip and fell to the ground. His inbred wife ran as fast as she could and grab his foot like a fucking dog. And im not kidding you when the mad man actually cried while blaming the neighbors of cutting him with a knife. What a day, and i was just enjoying some good old Berserk 97. Sorry but i forgot to bring the camera to give you guys some fun, i was too busy trying to shove my mother away because she too grabbed him back to prevent further embarrassment to the family. Anyway lately i have been unconsciously spent too much time imaging raping him. I dont know why. I think im kind of gay or something.



>I hope that this is suffice enough

kek, well you are there to learn.

She's not gonna take more than a point off for a simple typo when there are probably more important things she's looking for, like paragraphs, structure, flow, clearly articulating your point, sticking to the prompt etc. Be prepared for "USE A SPELLCHECKER" in red ink. Actually use one next time. Don't be a fag.

Also if you sent a corrected version and said "sorry I found a typo" it would probably be fine, since obviously it's not a major rewrite. Depending on policy she may or may not accept it, but either way you at least don't look like a retard who unironically writes "I hope that this is suffice enough".



I knew a guy who fucked up almost as much as you did. First he got beaten up, then he was bullied and harassed for years until he got expelled right before he could finish the uni. His bad reputation still follows him around, even to this day.

Let's just hope that you won't face the same treatment, right?


File: 9319f5beaf6c2db⋯.jpg (328.84 KB, 1200x1196, 300:299, goodboy.jpg)


>Do all dogs truly go to heaven?

Dogs don't have souls like humans do, so they're consciousness is not everlasting as a humans is. They just sort of fade away, I imagine it's sort of pleasant though. Better than living, anyways.

As for the other stuff, it's perfectly moral to eat meat from animals, like the other anon said, even Christ did it (with fish, specifically). Further, Christ probably hurt some jews when he drove them from the temple, but that is surely not a sin.

Bacteria aren't sinful, they don't have souls. Animals cannot sin because they don't have the knowledge required to restrict their instincts and employ genuine free will.

That pastor sounds like a hack.



Well, dogs do have souls; what they don't have are spirits.

Greek: Psyche = soul, Pneuma = spirit

Latin: Animus = soul, Spiritus = spirit

The two are different, in spite of most modern people falsely using them synonymously.



Basically the dog soul is shared among dogs. They have no ego so it is impossible for them to differentiate themselves from nature. But all life does have some form of animus.



Hmm, my guess is by only pursuing a relationship with a woman with the clear intent of finding someone to marry and poop kids out for you.

Now that i think about it, in this modern age whats the difference in the relationship between a gf and a wife? People have sex and even live with eachother while being "just bf/gf". In a way i think it devalues the concept of marriage and being a husband/wife, as you're doing the same thing but with less thought and responsibility put into it. The cattle seem to get into relationships pretty quickly and shallowly, and to then move into a house/condo/whatever together? When theres nothing stopping the both of you from just nopeing out of there with no consequence. It removes the seriousness of forming an intimate bind with someone, and thus any quality control (but modern divorce laws mean women can just nope out of there with no trouble anyways so that ruins the whole point of marriage laws). Stacy dates chad because he makes her vagina tingle, then they move in together because "thats what you're supposed to do". Then some topic comes up that divides them (chad might want kids and stacy wants to ride the carousel). So they break up, years wasted because the topic wasn't on any of their mind in the beginning, and they didn't screen their partner for it. And somebody is in even more trouble for depending on the other for residence which they dont have anymore, or if they paid for it together then you have a mini divorce situation. All because they had sex a lot and it was "good"

Makes me wonder what having a girlfriend meant a century or two ago



>a movie reference is taken seriously and provides some interesting insight

I do wonder where the pastor got the idea of corrupted animals being carnivores from. I dont think it ever mentioned any animal being inherently evil, or them getting booted out of the garden for being sinners. All i remember is that jesus used some pigs as a conduit to dump some demons into one time and the pigs promptly drowned themselves after, and that some animals you shouldn't eat because they were "unclean". What did they mean by unclean?



>tfw just got back from a light jog/walk

I'm fat so 30 minutes of it kicked my ass and my calves are killing me, but at least I got the form down and got something out of it.

There was only one normoidfag and his dog I had to worry about, but they both went inside their home for the night pretty quickly. Going out in the evening is the best course of action, because there are less "people" but it's a good idea to bring protection anyway.



Didn't mean to type the post digits.

Polite sage.


File: caca6fbab327405⋯.jpg (42.99 KB, 540x304, 135:76, space rattles.jpg)



You're right, but you know what I mean. I was speaking for simplicity's sake.


I don't know about the unclean thing, but Mark 7:18-19 says "And he saith unto them, Are ye so without understanding also? Do ye not perceive, that whatsoever thing from without entereth into the man, it cannot defile him; Because it entereth not into his heart, but into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purging all meats?" It isn't about ceremonial laws, it's about what you do. There are no "unclean" or sinful food, though there's a good bit of food you probably shouldn't eat just based on health reasons.


File: b0e7558929d3201⋯.png (144.37 KB, 380x217, 380:217, main-qimg-09f544df031234b4….png)

I've been trying to go to church for fucking months now! I can't muster the energy to get cleaned up to go. FUCK FUCK FUCK!



What denomination? If it's an old-fashioned Bible Belt Baptist church, I can tell you it'll be full of normalfag cliques and snooty holier-than-thou roasts, all with a music session meant to pul your heartstrings to make you susceptible to their message of "gib tithe".

You might even get called on by the preacher to come up on stage. Happened to me.



It is a baptist church and I went there months ago. Probably no more than thirty people. I want to go back so bad just to get out of my house and see humans. I take it you haven't gone back. What was your stage welcome like?


File: d9a28cb230751af⋯.png (31.62 KB, 925x711, 925:711, d9a28cb230751afa3287ab0bc7….png)


It's all fun and games until intermission and half the church comes up to talk to you.



I've been to many churches, and regularly attended each one for a given duration of time. I don't like Christianity, so I don't attend church any longer.


File: 759f83e2237e4b6⋯.jpg (97.74 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Super_sad_pepe.jpg)

>mummy is bored

>set her up with my old 360 and a free month of netflix

>can't figure out how to turn it on/off for the first few weeks but she eventually gets the hang of it

>discovers the YouTube app all on her own, very impressive

>binge watches 'tiny house' DIYs and basically nothing else

>check up on her one day and catch her watching a WW2 documentary

>"Hmm, what's this, dearest mother?"

<"oh, I believe it's called… "The Greatest Story Never Told", it's really quite fascinating"


>my YouTube account is still signed in

>check the front page later on and it's nothing but recommendations for autistic anime shit as far as the eye can see

As temporarily embarrassed as I am, I'm not sure if signing her out was a good thing or not. I imagine if I left things as they were, she'd be more red pilled than I am in in a couple of months.


File: 72c5d0286ab9d81⋯.png (5.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 72c5d0286ab9d81b95d147ed26….png)

I feel like I'm truly the only person I have in this world(i dont even trust my family). Every single thing that I enjoyed or put my faith into has had some sort of agenda, most tv shows or music were always trying to push an agenda. The people that I talk to always manipulate me into doing something.

I don't know if Chan's are even safe anymore.



Well at least you are happy now.



>prevented his mom from watching TGSNT

For shame, anon. For shame.

Just set it up so next time she gets to see it.



>your mother watches TGSNT

<oy vey shut it down!




<check the front page later on and it's nothing but recommendations for autistic anime shit as far as the eye can see

Fuck, one of these days my parents are going to talk to me about my autistic weeb shit. I know almost for a fact they've been politely ignoring it for a while now.



I had to write an 800 word essay, and I couldn't even do that, even though I used to be able to bullshit my way through any assignment.



Pulp Fiction is overrated and credited with things it didn't do first, Rick and Morty is terrible, and Bojack Horseman is dull.



Remember anons, Tarantino is not a racist at all, even if he said the word nigger in the film. Hell, even the main nigger himself himself said it. Cant



Tarantino is a self-destructive faggot who believes in n-word privileges, that's all. He's as jewish as they come.



Jokes on you mommy takes my unshaven butt to church



I'm gonna go with >>300665 here. Tarantino has conceded to the PC police in recent years, even if he said nigger that one time.


File: ddc1ca19771512d⋯.png (79.32 KB, 170x260, 17:26, 1547710096166.png)

I'm just tired of trying

I'm an artist, and I've been trying my hardest for an honest 5 years. In that time I spent hours of my life just toiling away and drawing to get better.

Never drew anything I was happy with, all that time.

I went with my cousin once to his friend's place, about 8 guys, and we really didn't do anything. It was such a shock to me, in over 20 years I had never "hung out" with someone.

All they did was chill and watch sportsball really, just a very natural thing they did, while I sat in my room drawing by myself. They were much happier than I am.

Frank Frazetta, an American artists and illustrator, attended a fine art academy at age 8 and was blowing away instructors there. He's had many artbooks published, but I only own one.

Looking at his work deeply upsets me, he has genuine talent and I can't stand it. Yes, he's put in a lot of work but he had results and support from those around him to push him forward.

I have nothing compared to him, not the talent, not the grit, not the strength.

By the rate things are going I'll at best be mediocre by the time I'm dead.

I'm just exhausted at this point.


File: cf817320e2c2165⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 736x550, 368:275, sad skelly.jpg)

No matter how much shit changes, the loneliness is still there. It just won't vacate for anything, nothing makes it whole. I don't get it, why can't it just leave me alone?

I've tried everything, but it just won't fade, not even any real dissipation. There's so much time on my hands and so many things to do, and I don't want to do any of them. I just want to smoke and drink all day and die, but I can't even do that.

I guess this really settles it, I'm God's lonely man.

The worst part is, I know it's for good now, I'll never wake up and see the sun rise and be a decent person. It'll always be lonely and fucked.



I'm also working in the graphic arts and I share your pain. It's like having impostor syndrome but knowing it's at least partially true. Try to not beat yourself too much about not being a master craftsman though. I think it is preferable to focus on stylization rather than technical mastery since the market is satiated anyway and either way you will be working for breadcrumbs. If you manage to find your unique selling point maybe things will get easier for you. Hang in there anon.


Another person who was dear to me has cut me out of his life out of the blue, and I don't know why. I've got a history of people who I consider friends just dropping me, and it's hard when that person is generally one of maybe two people I can talk to in any meaningful way at any point in time. I just don't understand where he would find reason to drop me. Last time I saw him we had a nice talk and he seemed genuinely pleased to see me. That's how it has gone several times for me though. Everything textbook and then they just start to ignore me.




In any interest there will be people who have had all sorts of advantages that you couldn't dream of, people who just got to practice way more, people who are just plain more talented than you. It's an inevitable consequence of living on a planet with 8 billion people. Comparing yourself to the best is always a losing game. You're not even comparing yourself to the master, but the master during the one moment of his life when he was at his peak. Even if he went south eventually you will find excuses why it doesn't matter. "Yeah, X musician got addicted to drugs and only experienced success for a brief part of his life, but so what? I will still envy that short period but pretend that if I had his talent I just wouldn't get addicted!"

I think the only logical option is to find a niche, focus on being a bit better than you were yesterday, accept that you won't be the best and find some objective measure of your own progress instead of just resorting to a rank.

I know it's easy to say. I struggle with the same things myself. I try to say this little mantra to myself but it only works on occasion. My self doubt is generally stronger than my reason. But occasionally the doubt is not at its best and the reason briefly prevails. Those are great opportunities to establish a routine of incremental, slow but steady improvement. The routine makes it much easier to rise above your self doubt, and at least put your faith and trust into the idea of doing your best, even if you're very skeptical that you'll ever amount to anything. When you're doing nothing, when you've given up completely, it becomes very hard to not get stuck in complacence and despair.

Sorry in advance if this sounds like self improvement fagging. It's just sad to see people trapped in the cycle and unable to derive satisfaction from their talents, since I'm often trapped in it myself. Even modest talents are not something just anyone has, so they are precious. Even if you're not the best, having any ability at all is an important thing. They should be treasured, not denigrated with unfair comparisons.


File: 51372b4fc722543⋯.jpg (114.63 KB, 600x314, 300:157, mentalillness.jpg)

>tfw I can't even remember if I was raped by my father or he was just shitty enough that I think he did that



I know this feel anon. A grill who was basically my last connection to verbal interaction beyond commercial transactions did the same. Now I can go through an entire day in uni without even speaking and when I do speak it's most often to myself.


File: 8420260513faeef⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 350x400, 7:8, Romney.gif)



it's honestly not that good of a documentary, a lot of shit is unsourced or just made up. There are a couple of "big think" moments, but most of it is common knowledge that can be found elsewhere.

Example: He states that Austria votes 97% democratically to rejoin with Germany, but they don't tell you that Austria was basically harassed by the Nazis into voting for the "right choice".



The idea is that god is benelovent and eden was a paradise where all had what they needed at all time and all living things were brothers. The lion would sleep among the antelopes and wolves play with kittens. But then came Satan, the corruptor and he spread hate and need, so God created the carnivore but Satan made them predators.

Thats what I read on a kinda schizo site, I dont really know much about the Bible.



>they don't tell you that Austria was basically harassed by the Nazis into voting for the "right choice".

Source? Preferably a credible one.



Bullshit. Most Austrians liked Hitler, the only ones having a problem with him was the (((government))) (a fascist version of muh Christian conservitards).

Source: My great-grandfather, along with all the other oldfags in my village in Austria.


File: 6a071f0081b27fa⋯.png (6.45 KB, 614x614, 1:1, mistake..png)

>Keep constantly fucking up everything no matter how hard I try not to

>Piss poor memory is getting worse

>Starting to have trouble understanding information

>Not even 23 yet

>I have no means to make it up to the people I constantly disappoint, and will likely never will

>Will likely be stuck in this shit state for the rest of my life

>Even if I move, no one would ever tolerate me long enough to befriend me




Would any anons here happen to know of some materials that touch on this subject? Any books or philosophical lectures that touch on the concepts of souls and/or spirits?


I have no qualms with someone wanting to embrace a religion, but why in the world would you want to gather and congregate with normalfags?



Crito by Plato. Good arguments in favor of the existence of the soul.




Wait, Crito is the one about government. Phaedo is what I meant.





Thank you, anon. I've read some works on stoicism in the past that touch on the subject, plus I recently finished the show Babylon 5 which also addresses the concept of the soul, so I'm very interested in delving deeper into the subject.


File: a0cd4b685f4d8f0⋯.jpg (102.33 KB, 858x981, 286:327, juicy eyes cat.jpg)

Im so lonely bros.

I tried making friends, I made some but it didn't really do much. They were good guys up until the point they had to move away but it just wasn't what I needed.

I don't want to sound cringy and all but I think that someone to share my life with could bring some genuine happiness.

But it's not gonna happen. I don't know why I keep trying anymore. This bit of hope is killing me and keeping me alive at the same time

I wish I could give up


File: 661b8c1dbb9c3ba⋯.pdf (1.05 MB, Plato - Five Dialogues (Ha….pdf)

File: bbd562495c60a10⋯.pdf (543.42 KB, Plato - Protagoras (Rowman….pdf)

File: 42f2f050ac35a4d⋯.pdf (1.54 MB, Plato - Clitophon (Cambrid….pdf)

File: 64a078dddbb7a83⋯.pdf (2.9 MB, Plato - Gorgias (Penguin, ….pdf)

File: 8d9e82d3f9833e2⋯.pdf (2.71 MB, PathofPurification2011.pdf)


I second Phaedo. All five of the dialogues in the first pdf related are extremely good, actually.

Gonna dump a few other pdfs also for your future perusal if you choose.

First four are Socrates' dialogues (well, Plato recorded them). Last is a Buddhist text called Visuddhimagga.



Phaedo is one of the most beautiful things I ever read. Socrates on the verge of death explaining why he is not afraid of it, that his soul is immortal and everyone should strive to live the most virtuous life to save their soul from the corruption of the body is just beautiful.


File: b95dba9cda1839d⋯.jpg (7.1 KB, 245x288, 245:288, b95dba9cda1839d25f38c7bca1….jpg)

Normalniggers disgust me so much

>drool-mouth retards

>can't stop looking at their phones just for one fucking second

>they MUST be making retarded animalistic shit like touching between each other

It's a miracle I haven't killed anybody yet


Anyone else just autistic replay single player games over and over? I have over 300 hours in Middle Earth Shadow of War now. Watching the animations just relaxes me.


I love Hanako!


File: 3e96144419526ac⋯.jpg (87.23 KB, 606x871, 606:871, you wanna dance.jpg)

>finish up a licensing course with a company

>admitted that they would hire anyone who passed the course

>apply and get no response

>end up chatting with the teacher about it since he helps pass along info to HR

>"I shouldn't tell you this, but they skipped you over since you've been out of work for so long"



What message are you trying to get across with your art? If you aren't happy with your art, why are you trying to get others to be happy with it?


File: c8c6431f74967a2⋯.png (301.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, have-you-got-five-minutes_….png)


Is it justified to lie at this point? Say there's a sickness in your family and you had to help them through it. Use the Sam Hyde technique of telling a FUCKING story. Drag it out for 20 minutes. Make it emotional and awkward for him. Get your pain across and how not getting this job FUCKS you into welfare.

Then again, it would make you a liar just like them.


Anybody knows a good resource where to investigate the origins of languages? It always interested me how this method of comunication between each other came to be



>I have no qualms with someone wanting to embrace a religion, but why in the world would you want to gather and congregate with normalfags?










that's the conclusion I've been slowly marching towards

outright lies and made up references

I can't get a job because I've been out of work for years but I can't even get basic entry level bitch positions because I went to school too much




Could just say you were working for cash but didn't want to put it on your resume for legal reasons. (tax evasion)


File: 22ad9ee3864d39e⋯.png (516.3 KB, 853x480, 853:480, WelcometoTheNHK.png)

I decided to fall for the nofap meme because I thought that it would get rid of my brain fog and help me study more efficiently. The only thing that happened while doing nofap was a crushing realization that I never accomplished or done anything. My teen years were spent doing the same thing that I do now porn,vidya and watching anime. I've never put my time into learning a skill or engaging in a hobby, instead I wasted it all and became a shut in failure.


>fast approaching 30

>still live at home

>have zero motivation or goals

>day consists of work from 8 to 5

>one I get home I basically vegetate for the remainder of the night

>only break in the routine is Sambo on the weekends

There really isn't a good reason why I'm so miserable. I come from a good home, have a good relationship with my parents, and am decently personable. But I just can't help but feel so empty. I feel so completely burnt out. A few years ago I was thinking about suicide almost non stop and had to jam my head with nonproductive nonsense just to make it go away. The strange thing though was I actually felt more motivated back then than what I feel now. Even at my worst I still read a ton and things could hold my interest for a while. But nowadays I feel like I look more forward to sleep. Something tells me that I need to sort of go off on my own, but I feel like I would go insane in that case. Last year I house sat for a relative all my myself and I found myself pacing around and crying for no reason.



Sounds like failed normalfag tier shit to be honest


File: e2cd38793fe46e7⋯.png (18.68 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 456c9f6ebeb1a09⋯.png (369.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sketch104173416.png)

Sometimes I look at how carefree everything was just a decade and a half ago, not even that far ago. Everything was still up for discovery, no bullshit, just pure unadultered things. Now mass internet has destroyed everything. It's just playing guitar hero and see how there still was rock music being pumped out, places were not in a state of decay, nigger music being only 60-70% of mainstream music and not 100%. There was a cybercafe that had this symbol outside, but not just printed, it was modeled. It was a massive building, had a fuckton of computers, even arcades, lots of them (I remembered this place due to it having a guitar hero arcade), later in the early-mid 10s they had to move to a hidden cuckshed that looked like a drug dealer haven (which probably was). I walked where it was supposed to be, it no longer exists. The place that everyone went after high school to play some LAN vidya no longer exists, probably because browns started using that place as a ghetto. Our culture and society is dying but everyone is just too busy ignoring it.

I just wish to go back ten years early, and if I bicker maybe advise people of the cultural demise, the world of today is rotten, and wants everyone in it as rotten is him.

yes i know getting nostalgic over guitar hero is fucking moronic but playing through the fire and flames as credits on my computer that could only run it at 15-20 FPS back 10 years ago will be a personal thing. people are getting nostalgic over minecraft, a game that still floods the internet.

I wish I saved more sad anime pictures, having only wojaks makes me feel like I'm part of the cancer, have an old drawing



>people are getting nostalgic over minecraft, a game that still floods the internet

Not exactly nostalgia, but I definitely miss when Minecraft was newer before it was ruined in an effort to make it more "realistic". Now all the worlds are the same without interesting mountain structures and all the colors are muted, in the most recent updates anyways. It certainly isn't hard to play the older versions instead though.



More like spooks tbh.



>robots should congregate with normalfags for love and friendship and security and help and hope

what the fuck are you doing here?



>I started nofap to become more efficient

>it's only made me realize how inefficient I've been



> my hobby is writing

> decided to finish a book last year

> lack of motivation

> still trying to make it

> can't write because I understand that my female characters are descent human beens and therefore completely unrealistic

I need help, r9k. I don't know what to do.



Have you read Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung? I found the topics discussing the feminine soul (anima) and masculine soul (animus) to be very useful for conceptualizing the psyche of female characters.



At least you've become self-aware. The next step is to take strides towards improving yourself now that you know what the problem is.



>I can't write fiction because it's unrealistic



File: 92d4dd6a4da7b51⋯.jpg (84.45 KB, 929x920, 929:920, fabio.jpg)


have you considered simply not putting women in your stories? Or removing them from your story?



You could do it the UC Gundam way and make your story have "realistic" 2DPD together with pure waifu material.



Wait, since your characters are strings of text then "1DPD" would be more correct.



If and or when you become me. Then only then will you understand what I am doing here. Go back to your anime.



Yeah, I am doing exactly that already. 2DPD even have speaking names. I just have doubts about how good it will work in the big picture.


No. Good one.


You see, I don't want to write a complete fiction. I want ot make some commentary and send a message with my story which can be applied to rl. But then I think… Damn, could modern girl be devouted, has a hobby, be self aware? Or is it something what can only exist in a cartoon?


Shame on me, I only know about it from the articles. Maybe I should give it a try.



The fact is you're a failed normalfag not a robot. I'm not gonna doubt whatever it is you've been through but the truth is that you are NOT a robot so you don't belong case in point.



Why does the sun go on shining

Why do these eyes of mine cry

Don't they know it's the end of the world

It ended when I lost your love



Fallout 4 is fucking trash, mate.



We already fixed it.



I know i can sink a lot of time into a game just exploring it. Even if the world is barren it just feels nice to look at the vastness of a world



I dont have anything for you anon, but can agree in an interest in linguistics. I've seen a few videos briefly covering the subject, and the terms used to categorize rules and patterns and sounds intrigued me. To understand a language at its principle level sounds pretty cool



I dont think we were meant to live this grind. Theres no self improvement, nothing to look back on and be proud of. Woah i did mind numbing work for years how fruitful for my mind and sprit.

I'm not smart enough to describe it, but somethings wrong with this work structure



I wanted to play some Minecraft so i booted the newest version up to see what they did. And instead of starting out standard, plopped in the middle of a forest of field, i kept being spawned near their new underwater biome. Its like the devs cant let me discover the new thing and instead try to force it down my throat because "look at my work". Of course, the biome being underwater and me being a fresh spawn means that I cant explore it so i have to island hop to a biome with trees making spawning on an island useless besides adding some vague shipwrecked story. And the combat makes it far more tedious to fight things you just end up kiting enemies, and for skele archers waiting for a full strike give them time to shoot one or two shots into you. But a difficulty ramp up was probably needed as i dont think anything really posed a threat once you got to iron besides getting swarmed. Also enemies dont despawn once you die like they used to so if you die near spawn youre gonna just have to slowly kill off every mob while constantly respawning. I dunno, maybe the stuff microjew added was pretty cool, but It doesn't feel the same as old mineman, as exploratory, but maybe im just bad at the game and need to get better at sneaking around enemies at night if I want to explore.

How exactly did they ruin the worldgen? What version do you recommend playing to avoid it? All i know is that 1.8.9 is the latest before the combat update



You can kind of repair worldgen by selecting specialized worlds. I recommend the option that uncaps the height limit combined with mountain world, gives you a world of gigantic peaks overlooking deep, shadowy groves, occasionally with lava flowing a hundred blocks down, or a big waterfall. Quite interesting to explore because you have to take care to not fall down, and the valleys are basically permanent night because the mountains shade them so much.



They removed the in depth world customization in 1.13 and replaced it with a shallower one biome per world "buffet" mode because apparently the nu devs think its "too complicated and a bunch of vague sliders". At this point they're either doing it for the sake of changing something as nu devs do, or its out of spite. I'll have to look into the update before the trash worldgen is and save it for later



If you're also a fan of FOSStism and dicking around with setup, I'd highly recommend Minetest. Voxelgarden is glitchy on the current patch but it's pretty fun. If you're like me and also enjoyed Spore, Thrive hit 0.40 not too long ago and is somewhat stable if janky


>>300999 (check'd)


Isn't that still in the cell phase?


My mother's over protectiveness when I was a child has severely stunted me as an adult as I lack the life experiences that allowed my peers to grow mentally.


File: c20f6a74100890b⋯.png (8.17 KB, 199x66, 199:66, Untitled.png)

>computer broke

>decided "I've been dreaming of this for years, it's finally time to learn how to talk to people and get a job! I'll build a new PC in no time with my new wages and then buy a bunch of anime figures!




Yeah, but unlike Spore it's pretty in depth.



>quotes a classic 60s song

>muh fallout

People like you are the worst.



>computer broke

You spilled shit in the case or what?



>implying that anon is a big fan of old 60's songs

>that same anon that has an underage autistic shitposting pattern

Sure thing, my fellow elitist obscure patrician tastes buddy.


File: 442b23fdc581b1a⋯.jpg (108.15 KB, 640x658, 320:329, 1499482883758.jpg)

Things are starting to look better and better for me. god seems to have cut me a break, praise his holy name



> Sambo

Martial arts are pretty cool, anon. I've been meaning to start training myself. Look at it this way, at least you can fuck up most people in a fight. I hope you find some form of peace and purpose in life.



Interesting, never really played beyond vanilla besides a little tekkit in the early days. Ill check it out. I remember saving a modpack of an autistic start out as caveman minecraft, but the screen goes black even though i can still click things

Nice digits also


File: b764e05bc2671c0⋯.png (384.59 KB, 720x672, 15:14, b764e05bc2671c0febdf5736fe….png)



Why? Perhaps I'm unfairly equivocating the babtist church with evangelical/fundie fagging, but one of the reasons I left the church I was raised in was because I found their anti-intellectualism to be absolutely suffocating, and their dogma 'purposefully watered down to be made accessible to the lowest common denominator.


File: 95d9687e5c1432f⋯.jpg (118.09 KB, 537x585, 179:195, 1461509687741.jpg)


Normalfags provide none of these things. If anything, they're actually detrimental to any person pursuing these qualities, hence why I asked why you would want to be around normalscum in the first place.



You don't seem to realize that this is much of the reason why Christianity gets so much hate on anonymous sites like this. You're asked a question about your faith, and rather than trying to convey your thoughts in a coherent way or relate to anyone in order to get a clear point across, you mount your imaginary moral high-horse and give vague, incoherent answers to seem deep, thus alienating yourself from everyone.

When I asked you "why would you want to congregate with normalfags?" you could have responded along the lines of "The Lord requires us to attend church, so I do it for him," or "It's not easy dealing with normalfags, but it's a necessary act of faith." Instead you just threw out a random assortment of 'feel-good' words like a 6 year old describing what he likes about sleepovers. Worse still is in trying (rather poorly) to be deep and mysterious, you turn people away from your religion and your faith. You don't have to be like one of those desperate pastors who sings a "Jesus rap" to reach the kids or do anything stupid like that, but just speak in common terms and be somewhat down-to-earth about it, rather than being a pretentious cunt.

And likely the part of all this that makes it the most aggravating for us and the most detrimental for you is that you take the stance of "they're non-Christians, they wouldn't understand anyway," just like a Jew who sees all non-Jews as ignorant animals. You've become a filthy Jew, and as long as you continue to act like one, you not only have no place here, but you should to be shunned anywhere you go. Fuck you, kike-faggot.


I need counsel from some oldfags or wiser robots out there. I started studying physics but I am not interested in it anymore, even though it is rather easy for me (maybe because modern STEM is fucked). I thought about switching to maths but I am not sure if that will be much better. Should I get a job or keep studying? What will suck my soul out slower? Also thought about going to the military as it would keep me fit and get me money.



I can't say whether or not I'm more of an oldfag than you, and I can't promise that I'm any wiser than you either, but I will offer what advice I can.

>I thought about switching to maths but I am not sure if that will be much better.

I think it depends mostly on what you want in the long-term. I'm assuming you're in college/uni, so I would say try to look into careers based on physics, and then some based in mathematics, and choose the one you think you would enjoy (or at least tolerate) the most.

>Should I get a job or keep studying?

If you're referring to some kind of part-time employment, then I would say stick to your studies. Part-time work demands hefty amounts of labor for little pay, and throws you in with hordes of normalfags. Overall it can be a very draining experience and you'll be treated like garbage every step of the way. If you're in a position where you can just do uni and then have your free time to yourself, then that's probably best.

>What will suck my soul out slower?

Wageslaving can and will wear down your spirit.

>Also thought about going to the military as it would keep me fit and get me money.

I'm sure many anons here would tell you that this is a bad idea, and they're right. These days the military is only used to do the dirty work of politicians and bankers, neither of which are worth your time or your life.


>the feeling when I think of my beloved grandmother's old trailer, in the middle of the country, and all the good times I had wandering the fields and cow pastures; exploring the old barn at the end of the dirt road, the old garage shed with a shitload of rusted junk; and messing around with the ducks, geese, horses and cattle that her neighbors owned.

The worst feel was that I was the fucking dipshit who never came to see her one last time when she was dying from metastatic lung cancer, instead choosing to play vidya. What's even worse is that I realized that I was a fucking dipshit, and when she was suddenly hospitalized, my family and I came down to see her, but she died while en route, before I ever got to say goodbye. It still fucking hurts, bros. I still hate myself for being that retarded teenage dipshit.




>I'm sure many anons here would tell you that this is a bad idea, and they're right. These days the military is only used to do the dirty work of politicians and bankers, neither of which are worth your time or your life.

Exactly this.

Also to add to it, depending on what country you're in, Basic is just normalfag cliquefaggotry like in School. Due to the influx of Stronk Independent Womyn™ you'll be surrounded by roast chasing and all the usual normalfag bullshit 24/7. (Amount of roast may vary by country, but their behavior is the exact same)

Your Officers might like you for actually doing your goddamn fucking job and taking pride in it but you'll quickly be shunned by Pvt. Chad and his orbitors for "brown nosing" or you'll just end up being declared the new Pvt. Pyle and they'll hate you anyway.

You can't win.


File: 5558c9fcaa46935⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 500x375, 4:3, wo.jpg)


I'm a Christian, but I agree. A lot of Christians on anonymous imageboards act like total faggots, but I'll give you my explanation for a need to love other people.

It comes from a place of humility and understanding, I know the popular sentiment here is that of an arrogance and pride above normal people, and while there is good reason to loathe the common people, we have to understand a shared common humanity and fallen nature that renders us relatively equal. This does not excuse disparagement between peoples, but is rather a unifying force regardless, through understanding the flaws within one's own self. Love, fundamentally, does mean you condone or even prefer a person, but the most basic and axiomatic definition of love is to "wish and act towards the best possible life for a person." This means acting in a manner in which all people reach the best possible solutions, and if all people truly followed Christ, Robots would not need to exist for much of our problems would be solved through that basic tenet of universal love.

Further, while most common people these days are certainly profligates, the terming of them as sheep has been misappropriated as an insult rather than an explanation. Most people are sheep, they are natural followers, but like sheep, they are not genuine malicious in most cases, but merely blinded by foolishness. Hence Luke 23:24 "Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

Consider that you are only separated by a happenstance of IQ difference, and your superiority is primarily derived from random happenstance. The way of a lot of robots act is really not much better than normalfags; they are innately condescending, unforgiving and malignant, even towards their own "kind". They are really hardly above others.

To counter an expected claim, which is that "Love is stupid, we should be intolerant and hateful to people like Jews." Note that love does not claim universal tolerance, nor peace. Christ specifically warned against prophesiers of "peace and safety" and was precisely intolerant of all sin. To love someone is to wish the best towards them, and if a person is so malignant that they interfere with the lives of others without remorse or penance, then they cannot be tolerated.

The core tenet of Christianity is humility, and it is through this that we come to all other virtues.

I don't know if this explains it very well, it took me a long time to understand with any decency and reading Dostoevsky really helped me, he is probably the best secular apologist of Christianity but I think it' necessary to care for all people.


File: 30a511f03592e2c⋯.jpg (75.57 KB, 770x574, 55:41, Panic.jpg)

>23.6 years-old

>Severally mentally ill

>Not attractive, average

>I have literally no friends or associates outside of my mental health caseworker who I see once every two weeks, and even then he's not my friend

>I'm fairly sure everyone I have ever known has merely tolerated me, and most haven't

>Everyone in my family is severally mentally ill, an addict, or dead

>Dropped out of high school because I was gonna end up homeless due to my mother not having a job

>Tried to work a job while still in high school, couldn't hack it

>Ended up getting NEETbux after it taking literally over 3 years

>I was either homeless during this time, for a short period of time living with three other roommates who I did not know, living in my grandmother's literal closet, with my abusive mother who stole my car that my otherwise absentee father bought for me which I did get back after over 4 years of it being stolen (this was when I got NEETbux, so I then had money to throw at the problem), and then eventually ended up back at my grandmother's literal closet

>All of these events prelude several bouts of homelessness before and after them

>My car had a million problems with it after I got it back and because of that I ended up having to sell it, everyone intentionally refused to teach me how to drive so I could never get my driver's license to drive it anyway

>For the first time in my life I am now living totally alone in a place I am not familiar with and with which I do not want to be

>I have never wanted to die more than right now

I literally have Stockholm Syndrome. Living in that closet, while I couldn't even stand up in it, was more than enough for me. I am so terrified and incompetent. I don't know how to live a life. I have only ever wanted to be alone, and now that I am the walls are closing in on me. I have always had nothing or so little and been content with that I it made me think that I didn't want anything at all, but now I'm not sure what's happening. I can see why the suicide rates for men are second highest at 25 - 34 years of age. The highest is at 45 – 54. Maybe I'll find someway to block out the proverbial noise, but I don't even know what's causing it anymore. Maybe if I managed to get a car and then a job that would fix it, I don't know. I wouldn't know what to do with all the money from a job because outside of food I don't buy things. I am incredibly frugal and I feel like I'm being punished for that.


File: b76a8d7e50d8c78⋯.gif (4.94 MB, 245x256, 245:256, jjohnson.gif)


>I don't know if this explains it very well

Better than you know, anon. It is incredibly rare these days to see a Christian actually explain and articulate their beliefs in a way that isn't either condescending, hostile, or a combination of the two. Not only that, but you've certainly given me some things to think on in regards to normalfags and fellow robots. Thank you, anon.


File: 4fa7b47a060f2e1⋯.png (113.32 KB, 368x366, 184:183, neetsquads.png)


You're welcome. anon. It's very difficult, but I really do love people, and it fills me with a very odd feeling.

There's too much pointless hatred here, all directed at the wrong stuff. There are many things to be hated, but we go about it all wrong. I just hope we can be saved.



Thanks anon. Remember that when you do start training you should look for a gym that has no contracts or sign up fees. Those gyms are usually shit. Also you shouldn't worry about age. I started at a fighting gym at 25 and I am now 28. It's great exercise and i think it's a lot of fun.


File: c83b84d00133446⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 808x600, 101:75, 6ace155c9ecb87253f8c91ff07….jpg)


I am not perfect and I don't claim to be. In my opinion, forgiveness is a big theme in Christianity and I hope you can forgive my childishness.


File: 1fed5903f6bd839⋯.jpg (142.55 KB, 900x480, 15:8, FM-ilustraciones-satiricas….jpg)

I put paper on my mouth when I eat something with corn syrup or other chemical components to make the saliva go away. I know I shouldn't be eating shit with those chemicals, but sometimes I can't avoid it



It's alright anon. The main reason I was so agitated by your posts is because that kind of condescending attitude alienates us from one another. I've always believed that as robots we share a unique bond with each another due to the similar difficulties we've faced in our lives. Even though we come from different parts of the world, grew up in different circumstances, and sometimes have differing values or beliefs, we are all still robots. We have all been beaten, harassed, and rejected by the average populace at one time or another. It is through those common hardships that we have created such a meaningful bond. That's why I often share in the hostility towards outsiders, because they threaten that bond. I'm not a religious man myself, but I have a great deal of faith in my fellow robots, in what they can do and who they are as people. I care about each and every robot here, and that includes you, anon. I forgive you completely, and look forward to sharing many more conversations with you in the future.


File: 9db9d5aa4d2dcbd⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 599x506, 599:506, uSc5h7M.jpg)

Not having any real life or internet friends is very lonely. I am getting progressively worse at conversations with people just based on the fact that I rarely do it anymore.



My hope is that society will collapse in the next years, so it would be neat to have military skills, especially since I am in Europe. Another option would be to go neet, I think it is more viable here than in the US, but my parents still think that I am not a complete failure.

>These days the military is only used to do the dirty work of politicians and bankers, neither of which are worth your time or your life.

That's a bad argument though, if I get a specialized job in physics I will be far more useful to them then when I join the military, obviously it wouldn't be a permanent occupation but as said earlier I believe that civilization will soon break under its own weight.


> Basic is just normalfag cliquefaggotry like in School

I really hope it wont be that bad, but thanks for the warning. Still I believe that normalfaggots in military would be better than some of the creatures and roasts that run around at unis and are full of themselves.

Anyway, I heard some anons talk about the foreign legion does someone here know more about it (give me a quick rundown). As I understand it it is some branch of french military, but is it better than local army and why?


File: 5377bd34b32cada⋯.png (224.82 KB, 576x283, 576:283, Painless.PNG)

>history class

>discussing why humans are hardwired to follow a person of power

>poltard in class literally uses the term sheeple and tries to explain his retarded reasoning

>professor has to tell him to shut the fuck up three times before he finally does

>thought about talking to him after class to try and explain to him why he's acting retarded, but know he wouldn't listen to me and he'd just think he's winning because he's pissed people off

>he's also self-proclaimed MGTOW, but it's obvious he's just a bitter incel and masking it with a smug attitude towards everything

This is why nobody listens to the right wing, because it only takes one braindead retard who thinks that intentionally pissing everyone off = winning arguments. Do I even try to save him or just ignore him? He's only going to get more retarded pol-tier facts pumped into him by halfchan or reddit and won't listen to anyone else.



>if I get a specialized job in physics I will be far more useful to them then when I join the military

You're only ever as useful to them as you allow yourself to be. In the military, however, they can order you to kill who they want you to or die for their benefit, and if you refuse you'll be imprisoned for as long as they deem necessary. You asked for advice and I offered it as requested, but if you're really dead-set on joining the military then that's your prerogative, in which case I hope for your sake that I'm wrong.


File: c6b2fe6a1a14230⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, chechclear.gif)


Just ignore the nigger, you dont want to attract any unnecessary attention, ey??



There was a military thread up i think, i remember robots discussing this a few weeks ago



>muh incels

>muh pol

>using 'pol', not '/pol/'

No matter how much of a retarded nigger the person in question is being, atleast they're not as much of a nigger as you.



And then everyone clapped, right trannypol?


Welp. Just failed my calc midterm and my parents are going to fucking kill me. I wish that last part were literal



Hmm, what you say about pointless hatred might come from a lack of discussion and more about sharing in each others feels, essentially becoming like an emotional hugbox. Im thinking of the wall thread. By itself its just a thread to laugh at women and to feel good about oneself for not being one. This is something i can see as pointless hate, as nothing really stems from it besides jerking each others emotions to feel superior.

However, when looking at the whole board i think the thread is just a bit of schadenfreude. Its common knowledge of what the wall is and how it effects fertility and the health of children, so the thread exists for some specific questions and discussions, a reminder, and maybe something to teach the newfriends who happen to find their way here. Something to look at, get your laughs, and continue discussions on other threads. I personally dont see anything wrong with a little schadenfreude and ridicule, however I do understand that pointless hate, or hate purely to make you feel better about yourself can be an inhibition to self growth and discussion. I guess you can relate it to the 2 minutes of hate or whatever from 1984, or cute threads (not on this board), where the point is to revel in the emotions of "X is bad" or "X is a cute!", essentially stagnating in discission for the sake of emotional contentment. But again, these hateful threads aren't the only things on this board, and I think that's important, as it shows that as least some of us dont "pointlessly hate" things.

I also think some enlightenment or at least understanding of how people/society could improve does come out of some angry and hateful threads. Like the parent thread about getting into arguments with them. I dont think its only people screaming to each other how much they hate mommy, but it brings to light bad habits and mindsets parents have when raising children. The ignorance, the power abuse, the inability to have a conversation or healthy argument with them, and whatever else people complained about i cant remember ( i saw the thread as "these are flaws i see in how my parents interact with me, this is an issue with how they think", instead of "parent hate thread stop bothering me dad"). Of course i cant say for sure how exactly the other posters felt about the thread, and if they took the same messages from me, but i like to think that robots aren't just here to just hate people for the sake of feeling better, but theres some understanding and criticism about the various things that caused that topic of hate (normalcattle, women, 4chan refugees), and that they'd prefer a world that didnt have such evils in them



Not him, but I think a wariness of outsiders is healthy, in order to ensure proper assimilation. And sometimes some people may not be right for some specific groups, and shouldn't inject their opinions. I'm thinking of something like an exclusively cod player going into a milsim game community and giving his views on how game mechanics should be in fps games, and then getting shooed out by the milsim community. Its not like the community avidly hates the guy, but that he has shown that he doesnt fully understand the kind of games the community has built themselves around.

Of course it isnt as cut and dry like that, as people can like different genres of games, and with proper assimilation can properly respect the autism (and people with different views on things can still bring meaningful discussion, like the time we had people talking about anime, both people who didn't prefer to get into the genre, and those who preferred older animes), but the point is that i think its virtuous to be strict with and wary of newcomers, to properly respect the community and why it exists.



If i remember from the old military thread, the American military has some general assessment test that you do to test your brains. They give you material to study, and if you do good you get to choose what branch to go in, thus making it easier to secure a non frontline job that still pays well. Not sure if its the same in euro



Any way to hide it? Does this mean you have to drop out of whatever course your taking? Can you sneaky do the course in summer and tell your parents it's to get ahead for next semester?


File: 7155473658e4199⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2560x1377, 2560:1377, 2019-02-07_15.30.18.png)

i started playing 1.12.2 with the settings >>300977 recommended and its pretty nice, i think finding new biomes will be hard, making the game feel more nomadic.

pic is a ravine i found with a waterfall that i converted into a farm, i find it comfy, the way in i built in the side of the mountain (the diagonal cutout in the wall), which for some reason feels comfy in of itself.


File: 624a2b3e7986b19⋯.png (535.68 KB, 1599x880, 1599:880, 2019-02-07_16.27.11.png)


ah sorry for the big file, should of guessed it would have kept it at whatever resolution the game was in. is there a way to limit the screenshot resolution to save space? heres the back of that ravine (there the crosshair is pointing in the previous pic), its a comfy little space, not sure what to put there, a farmhouse/place to store crops makes sense, but i dont know how to design it to not lost the comfy feel, maybe building it into the mountain and designing the outside. i was never good at anything artistic, but maybe


File: fc41b13851bb3c3⋯.jpg (59.26 KB, 749x817, 749:817, degeneratess.jpg)



>Playing vanilla


that being said, if you were to hypothetically set up a server somehow, someone unrelated to me might hypothetically be interested in joining such server




What's the cause for that text that says "water flows"? Is that something new? I don't remember anything like that when I last played.


>not playing comfy vanilla

>instead playing with faggy mods

Pretty gay for you.


File: 3065c51c50a26cc⋯.png (353.45 KB, 441x414, 49:46, Vomit.png)



>playing anything beyond 1.8



no u its ok. although i might try minetest since someone recommended it. as for a server, i have no idea how to do that nor do i have a stable internet for that. also too autistic for interacting in mineman


theyre subtitles, dont remember when they added it. i dont have any earphones or headset so i have to use the monitor speakers, because of this i have to keep the volume kinda low so mommy wont bother me about it, so i use subtitles to make sure i dont miss anything like a creeper hiss


wanted to see whats new, so far nothing though


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Had a rough day but this video made me chuckle a couple of times. I just hope one day I somehow get into a situation where I can legally and mercilessly beat up a woman.



I think we've all dreamed about that at one point or another.


File: abe842cb1c58cd2⋯.jpg (49.41 KB, 1212x1212, 1:1, it is a mystery.jpg)


I can't even watch this all the way through, how retarded is this woman thinking that this shit would work against anyone, even another woman? Has she ever been in a non-scripted fight in her entire life?



It's what happens when you're pampered and coddled and protected from all consequences + lifetime of hollywood movies/games where some 4'11" 90 lb GRRL POWER character beats up men three times her size.



>the last one

I feel like that would have worked if the swing twisted backwards. Not exactly the best defense because it would be easy to miss, but if you were lucky enough to get the guy it would probably be better than nothing. The other ones are just plain worthless though.



The whole concept is retarded. She basically asks that you expect to be surprise attacked at any moment. Someone accidentally bumps into you and you take a swing at him? Also how about you put your wallet simply into the inside pocket of your coat?



>how about you put your wallet simply into the inside pocket of your coat?

But then how could she show off her pretty handbag? like wowwww she's not allowed to have any fun? lmaoing@u virgin lol



> lmaoing@u virgin lol

Ehm, according to tumblr the correct term is beta incel loser



just jab them with your elbow brah, make wide kicks with your legs and slayyyyy



I hate to ruin anyone's fun but honestly they're just as dumb as the woman. A lot of her moves look like basic-mid tier aikido moves which they do completely wrong. In the wrist trial for instance, clearly the point of the technique is to push upwards, which creates the window for you to step in and unbalance your opponent. If you get the angle even a little bit off, it doesn't work at all, which is what often happens to students trying it for the first time, when they haven't paid attention to the instructor showing it. These guys are comically bungling it, like a student who came late and didn't even see the demonstration.

Now it's questionable for that roast to recommend aikido-based moves because as I said, you have to them just right for them to work. You would have to train heavily for many years before you can have the precision to do it in a real fight.

If you're doubting that those two are retards, look closely at how he holds the gun: His thumb is on top of the slide. See the thing is, when you fire a semi auto the slide violently jerks back, and it will tend to catch any skin along the rail when it is doing so. Which is why you hold pistols with your thumb along the left frame, near the slide release lever and well below the rail. Every shooting manual will say right in the beginning to keep your hands off the slide.



Do some spinny moves too, you'll be like Black Widow in no time bitch!

By the way, why do femgroids call each other bitch? I wouldn't call a friend of mine a faggot or retard or something like that in normal conversation as if it were the same thing as calling a guy "bro".

If I had friends that is.


File: cabe96546a8e90d⋯.gif (117.4 KB, 159x152, 159:152, Nope.gif)

>couldn't sleep last night

>decide to watch a horror movie on me phone

>The Conjuring

>halfway through, slide down to check battery

>headphones disconnect, screen goes black

>phone starts calling my grandmother


>stop call, headphones reconnect, movie starts playing again

>nothing else happens

the fuck happened? there is no conceivable explanation for why it called my grandmother, it's never done anything like that before

the movie was good, not as scary as I hoped though


Playing cunker's bad fur day, fuck man is that game hard, can't get past the lavaboarding stage. Each time I get closer to completing it BAM slam right into a brontosaurus. It's infuriating. It's just pure luck to get through

Rare really knows how to make a game that boils your blood


Weird question.. but did anyone else have a really fucking awful night last night? Because it feels like something went horribly wrong with the whole world last night around midnight.



I mean >>301353 happened to me, but I wouldn't say that's Armageddon-tier, just a bit spooky



I wasn't having a great string of days, but then someone in my life just fucking died on me out of nowhere. Feels like something is just wrong with the world right now. Moreso than usual.





If it puts anyone's mind at ease, I was dealing with bed allergies all day yesterday. Then I drank some hot tea, took a couple allergy pills, and slept soundly all night. So not everything went awry.


I think I just had a panic attack, I suddenly felt like I was going to puke and my throat got really tight and I started shaking a bit and everything started to feel surreal, it lasted for a few hours and now my throat is just tight and my head feels a bit odd. I’ve had it happen before but I don’t think it’s ever been that bad, I looked up the symptoms and it panic attack came up a lot. I don’t think I have anxiety but this seems to happen, at lesser intensities, occasionally. I just feel all around awful, and detached right now, and have a sort of headache thing. Why does it always seem to get worse? Why can’t I just function normally?


File: c61acdc8456a108⋯.mp4 (1.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gondola Hand.mp4)


>Why can’t I just function normally?

the cold hard truth is that you most likely fucked from a very young age and didn't get the proper environment socially, developmentally, or even possibly genetically, to turn you into a normalfag


File: f5fe84a4dabfdbe⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 469x359, 469:359, Spiderman-Computer-Desk.jpg)

Another Saturday night and I am having trouble finding the motivation to get ready for church tomorrow.



Unless you are being attacked by a daedra you have control of whatever is triggering you.


File: 168a5ab03047d09⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 591x168, 197:56, divine king.JPG)


What kind of church is it?



Sometimes when I'm having difficulty motivating myself to do a thing, I find that it can help to just force myself. Don't think, just jump into it and once you're in, you gain a bit of momentum and can keep riding the wave from there. So in your case, set an alarm, get ready and go. Also, if you're taking too long to get ready, you may think up some reason/excuse not to go and back out. To prevent this, have your clothing, wallet, keys, and anything else you need laid out conveniently tonight, so tomorrow you can just quickly get dressed, grab your things, and be out the door before you have time to get cold feet. Good luck anon.


File: 76f05a6d3bdf162⋯.jpg (12.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)







I don’t even know how I got here, I was decently social as a kid but once I got to high school I stopped really caring about social interaction and since I graduated it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even talk to anyone but my mom or dad, unless I need to for group projects. I can get through conversations okayish, I’m awkward but if I really try I can pretend to be normal enough. I’m not disfigured and would say my face is somewhere above average looking, as my entire family is quite Nordic. My childhood was pretty chaotic with my parents divorcing when I was quite young and fighting through me and my sister for my whole childhood, but I used to visit friends occasionally as a kid. I often look back on my life and I honestly cannot tell where I went “wrong”. Though I’ve never had a close or trusting relation with another human before, I was some form of social for all of my school time (except now in uni) and looking back I think a few girls actually hit on me (though if they were I was completely oblivious) and other than my parents rough divorce I really don’t see how I could have ended up completely apathetic about almost everything.

Despite my relatively not awful childhood and a not awful draw on the physical genetic lottery, I have no drive to seek out friendships or relationships with anyone. It can’t just be depression because I’m sure lots of people with worse depression are function normalfags. With my normalish childhood and no observable reason to be be here, I don’t really know how or where I failed to become a normalfag. I could possibly put the effort in and still do so, but that would just be me pretending to be someone else, and I have no energy to try to make friends, and I hate myself enough now and becoming normalscum would only make my mental state worse.

Pardon the wall of text and life-story, I’ve been think about this for a few weeks now and your comment kinda provided me an excuse to get it off my chest.



There has been an error in conversation. I do not have to get ready tomorrow. I have 8 hours to get ready today. I do nothing tomorrow but go.



That’s a nice gondola though, never seen that one before, I wish I knew how to edit videos so I could make some gondolas.


Wow my depression is gone now, thanks!

You’re probably not that wrong, if I changed how I lived and listened to self-improvement fags, my mental state would probably start to change, but that requires a lot of effort and I just don’t have the energy or desire to do any of that. It’s a lot easy to wallow in cycles of self loathing, apathy, and self pity, then to try to improve.


File: 631b3f579220a9c⋯.jpg (15.37 KB, 231x300, 77:100, 009840829435844808316.jpg)


>I've always believed that as robots we share a unique bond with each another due to the similar difficulties we've faced in our lives.

>I have a great deal of faith in my fellow robots

Off-topic yet I'll be upfront with you since cutting people short is lying despite being anonymous. I don't sympathize with most robots and find it hard to make connections even in an environment that says it will embrace me, probably for the reasons you've stated throughout the thread. I hang around here in the chance I could meet someone who I could relate to and responded to some posts but that hasn't happened yet. The past weeks I've come to really face that my autism runs deeper than I expected and I can never let loose and participate in threads without saying something retarded and not getting my full point across.


File: f0bba836dd8fa5a⋯.jpg (39.1 KB, 400x300, 4:3, e3fbfdc320cfe2a33a7ea61d77….jpg)


That sounds miserable. You should Begome Orthodox XDDD.

There's no real unnecessary interaction, it's all standing and quiet. The ceremony is longer, but there's incense and lot's of beautiful singing.

Plus it's the true Church of God. Protestantism is a heretical unchristian group of cults.



I'm glad I could help you cure depression. If you need anything else I am here forever.



Me too, had it yesterday, I have skipped half the classes already, I’m thinking of switching majors but I cannot think of a single job I want to do no matter the pay. Even setting up a patreon and selling drawings, doing the bare minimum work, seems awful.


File: 0468afa56ee38ff⋯.jpg (198.79 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, 68512592-angry-mother-beat….jpg)


I gave you the wrong link


This is the true outer heaven.


File: 6e22ffbeba6062c⋯.jpeg (11.32 MB, 4176x5360, 261:335, the_virgin_adoring_the_ch….jpeg)


My point still stands.



As far as I am concerned orthodoxy holds no grounds in these united states.



I go to an Orthodox Church in the US, and in a pretty rural and Anglo area too. We exist, just not as prevalent as in Slavic countries and Greece.

Regardless, Church attendance is only one aspect of it. It'd be better not to go to Church at all than to go to a heretical one.



To tell you the truth. Church is the only place I can be around strangers and not be seen as a weirdo or stalker human. I am rural so my only other options are loitering in a store or walking into someones house and getting my ass kicked.



I feel similarly. I don't feel really human at all walking around town among people. It just feels alien and like I'm not really there at all.

But when I'm in Church, I can just close my eyes and listen and not think about the others around me. I went to a baptist church twice and I didn't really understand it. There was too much loud music and normality to it, like it was just some social event. With the Cathodox churches there's an aura of mysticism and spirituality. Then afterwards there's time for socializing and stuff.


<Hey anon, we need your advice

>Tell them how I feel about whatever they asked and what I would do

<Shut up anon

<You don't understand

<Don't be an asshole

>They end up doing exactly what I suggested

I'd even be annoyed, if it wasn't exactly what I expected



>it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even talk to anyone but my mom or dad, unless I need to for group projects.

there's a whole host of potential disorders or problems that could be linked to this

>I often look back on my life and I honestly cannot tell where I went “wrong”.

it's usually not just one thing, but a gradual process during the formative years



People like us in the past were monks, for sure.


>didn’t feel like cooking tonight

>gone too many days without eating enough food in the last week

>decide to go to local pub for dinner


>sit down at random booth

>bunch of other people my age

>waitress comes and asks if I’m eating for someone


>realize this was a mistake

>order a beer and then some food

>sitting at table with lots of background laughter and conversation

>sitting at table alone eating

>hyper aware of how pathetic I look to be in here alone staring st my phone

>partially don’t care

>but partially anxious

>just want to be at home watching anime

And now I have to fucking tip 10% too, I hate North America and the bullshit tipping custom. Why did I leave the house?


File: bcceb842d2e18dd⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 800x814, 400:407, Valdes_Leal_-_Finis_Gloria….jpg)


I think so.

We still can be, to an extent. I want to live an ascetic life, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I'll give everything I have away just to live a simple life in Alaska or Siberia. Not to run away from it all, just not to contribute to it's decay.

You can't properly help a sinking ship from the inside, you need to have a refuge for the survivors.

If I can save one person, it'll all have been worth it.



Oh, my mistake anon. What part are you having trouble with, if you don't mind me asking?


I'm not necessarily one to "let loose" either, and I have made countless posts throughout the years in which I try to convey what I believe is a very articulate post, only to have it be completely ignored. I've also been on the other end of the spectrum, in which I post something completely retarded and have been made fun of or shunned, though thankfully that is less-frequent these days. You just have to work at organizing your thoughts in a way that people can understand them with greater ease. It takes time, but I think you can do it.



Trim finger nails



charge phone

I metaphorically need someone to hold my hand while doing these things.



Monks, hermits, woodsmen, trappers. Even if you weren't out for total isolation, the introverted and more mindful could find apprenticeships and lifelong work as skilled laborers. Used to be that people understood the intrinsic necessity and value of other people.



>Trim finger nails

Takes only a minute. Maybe try listening to music while you do it, that might make it more bearable.


Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can help you much here. I just have a habit of showering each morning so I just do it without thinking. I guess the best help I can give you is letting you know that you can cut your time in the shower to a minimum by only washing the parts of your body most responsible for body odor. These are the armpits, feet, groin, and buttox. So just wash your hair, hit those four key points with some soap, rinse, and hop out. Should take less than 5 minutes.


I also have trouble motivating myself to shave, but as I said in my post before, just throw yourself into it. Just go to the bathroom and quickly put the shaving foam/gel on your face, at that point it's just as much of a hassle to wipe it all off as it is to shave, so just shave. Shaving probably takes the longest, but depending on how thick/full your hair is, it should only take fifteen minutes at the absolute most, so not too bad.

>charge phone

I just plug mine in while I'm sitting at my computer. In your case, just leave it plugged in while you shower and shave.


File: 11489c12168a79b⋯.gif (502.93 KB, 250x189, 250:189, 3c9.gif)


Well I gave up. Save file is gone, don't know why. Used cheats to replay some favorite levels, watched the final cut scene and called it quits.


File: b63c98784e6886a⋯.png (877.79 KB, 798x800, 399:400, hitler-core.png)

I made this a while back, try to be understanding.


File: f08daf483a95c99⋯.png (88.46 KB, 520x462, 260:231, f08daf483a95c9916b66df3eaf….png)


>Brian Eno

How, when in the seventies and on Roxy Music he was a total faggot?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His music aside from the lyrical albums prior to Another Green World are good for meditation and have dynamic soundscapes which is something I think Hitler would appreciate. The criticism I was expecting was why he'd listen to a nigger and the Smashing Pumpkins.


File: aa8548f74ed28ba⋯.png (186.38 KB, 354x350, 177:175, OHDEARR.png)


This is embarrassingly bad, honestly.



I think this would make for a good topic on /mu/. Hold my beer



Thinking back about it, that thread would devolve into people spamming characters and getting soulless replies



I made that due to a thread there talking about Hitler's music taste. Mussolini and Evola were into rap and techno I think, and Stalin listened to noise and pigfuck or whatever genre psychopaths could laugh too.



Speaking of superhero movies, mom put on the one where that thanos kills everyone, and its pretty lame. Besides the muh universe coming together in one movie (or was it two?), there wasnt really much going for it. The story was filled with stupid ideas, "lets outsmart and outwit the most powerful being in the universe" for example, and emotion (le romance) usually being the only motivation for anything, whining about relationships and not understanding thanos' motivations. Everything felt like it was "for the story". The green girl becoming a rebellious because "thanos killed people" even though she had years to grow up and be indoctrinated by him for example, and the fight scenes where everyone had no environmental awareness. And the humor is primarily petty arguments, which is concerning. There were some nice banter quips, but the rest of the humor seems like they're encouraging disfunctional families. And references are now humor? Guess its a sogn of modern meme culture. And there was always scenes where i thought "that shouldn't have happened". And i was left wondering why the magic man who could warp reality and teleport not do that. And the "why didnt you connect the synapses lol" black woman trying to sound smart, like the writer is a child who just learned of brain surgery. The movie seemed alright if you look at the story vaguely, but you shouldn't look at a good story vaguely. Honestly i think the only good emotional scene was the sacrifice one, as it was the only one with a sense of stoicism, everyone else was whiny crybaby. Self sacrifice seems to be a big theme but there doesn't seem to be any major repercussions for anyone's sacrifice. Thanos' is on a crusade, his sacrifice gets absorbed by his stoicism. Thors weird sun thing doesnt matter since he instantly recovers, waquandas gambit with the shields didnt matter because stupid tactics. In fact a lot of the movie was stupid tactics. I mean who kills their enemy slowly and forgets of the second guy, or has reality bending space warping god powers and still gets bamboozled and doesnt instantly kill single targets. I think that even though there were some messages on self sacrifices, there were mainly bad sacrifices like giving up the stone to save someone, or the generic "im gonna fight till i die because love but i dont die and win", so i think the real message about being stoic and not breaking to emotion, as that what made him win.

Jew/10 enough shiny lights, loud music, and relationships (which they didnt need to really elaborate on, just show that they still exist from older movies i haven't watched), to keep the goyim happy, while adding an alright "twist" (i mean you should expect the god man who kept winning at every turn to win) to the end which i think i enjoyed to much because then win everything with no real losses or crippling gang lost, as well as giving it extra praise by cattle for its "deeper" and "more emotional" ending than the movies they're used to



I had a weird dream that woke me up, involved me running away from cops for a payday tier heist, but thats it



Well alaska i hear has a fair populace of prisoners whove served their time but no way to get back on their feet, or dont want to. Theres a fair bit of tent dwellers because of it. Although this is old information from the television, its something to consider, even though Alaskans live fairly far apart



I hear the military has a technique for minimal washing, involves a cloth and plain water. You dont have to go that barebones, but it would be good to look into if you want a minimalistic, efficient shower



My night was bad yesterday, but it is not like my average night is good.

>it feels like something went horribly wrong with the whole world last night around midnight

Just asking out of interest - have you found any piece of world news that would confirm your worries?


File: 1fc96633c539a89⋯.png (946.49 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, paraloidim.png)


It's more of the former. For example I don't think people deserve anything owed to them which is something that is ideologically intrinsic here apparently. They say that women go for 20% of men and that they don't get to experience having a girlfriend but why would you want a superficial whore who only cares about the dicks of 20% of men, femininity is an endangered species. Even if they weren't what's so peculiar about you (not that I am exempt), there isn't any attractive quality about the robot in physical or mental attributes at least ones that could be understood by women, he cannot survive and his soul is dim so why would any woman choose him. This is not the same as a similar man from a generation or two ago who had some vitality and positive characteristics to his personality but wasn't an alpha or thundercock at all (due to society not being so warped and hopeless, in fairness). The same for schools putting a stop to bullies instead of you as I've seen in school/bullying threads, robots want someone else to clean up their problems it seems.

I also think the beta uprising is stupid and a fantasy because first off they'd be too beta to do it and second of all something political and much more important would spark social chaos first rather than not enough women to go around. My consensus on a beta uprising has shifted a little seeing how some of the fuel under Islamic terrorism is not enough women to go around and that such things probably happened before in history.

It's also questionable how much truth is being told by people who have autism, a mental disorder that streamlines socialization and handicaps understanding it, on their anecdotes of society wronging them. This isn't to say that none of them are real and that everyone here is crazy, I think a lot are real but I always keep in mind if their story is actually what happened and not a large misunderstanding or even persecution complex. Perhaps /r9k/ is bigger than I think it is with everyone in their own threads and corners of the board, and I'm speaking of one of those corners.

I'm not trying to be aggressive with such claims so don't think I'm thrashing about how this is a denizen of delusional losers, just merely asking questions that challenge. I've seen /r9k/ turn much more mature now since the incels (meaning their only problem is >tfw no pussy gf) left when that became a classification so maybe part of this is just steam getting let out from what I've witnessed and thought of.

>I've also been on the other end of the spectrum, in which I post something completely retarded and have been made fun of or shunned

That's why I rarely make posts worth any substance, arguments strengthen and positively alter your perspective at the risk of looking like a complete fool in which I get shit on. This post is dumb, whatever, I just can't relate to anyone.


>decide to withdraw from a course for a variety of reasons

>draft up the paperwork, get ready to email it out

>end up anxiously staring at it and "reviewing" it for the next 6 hours

what the fuck is wrong with me



I kekd anon

the beta uprising is happening right now

our boys are wasting their best years stoned in front of WOW and fortnite instead of chasing women and starting families. In 20 years the boomers will be died out and there will be no new tax and worker slaves to replace them to keep our governments solvent.

This is the real issue here. Politicos don't give a shit about poor little beta faggots living unfulfilling lives. They want their tax revenues and economic growth to keep the ponzi going some more years.

And we are crashing this shit simply by refusing to participate in a system in which we have no future.

Simple as that. Do by not doing. Dao De Jing



my parents hit me with twigs

but my cousins were beaten with belts that is true

no wonder my entire family is fucked in the head

if I were thrown into the trash after birth, maybe some sane family would have adopted me and I would have turned out undamaged



>my parents hit me with twigs

Can you honestly say you didn't deserve the beatings?



we've already killed ourselves in such numbers we lowered the life expectancy. that should have shocked the world, but it did nothing. nothing is going to crash. its just going to get worse. if you don't have an inheritance you better prepare to work at McDonald's until you find the courage to end it.



>nothing is going to crash. its just going to get worse.

The end of humanity will not be an apocalyptic, world-ending event, but a slow and agonizing whimper as nature itself rejects human practices. As more humans become more self-aware the birth rate will decline until the course of humanity is ultimately undone and evolution returns to the more basic mind of animals.


File: 95ac423af9e0e01⋯.jpg (573.21 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, rain.jpg)


File: 641b899c5c4c0c2⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 972x1000, 243:250, 641b899c5c4c0c25d41732cf51….gif)

Sometimes I thank the internet because if I ever had to deal with my countryfolk on the internet again I would start blowing buildings. Thank you guys for existing, you help to bring mental health and sanity in this wretched world


File: 4b874b7943854c1⋯.gif (755.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 4b874b7943854c1262d3d42a6b….gif)

>think that today I should finally try to play some certain tabletop RPGs I wanted to play

>realize I don't know anyone who would be willing to play those

>any alive web tabletop community that have something that is at least a little bit similar to what I'm interested in (it's not even anything lewd or fetish-related, by the way) are cancerous discordshit

>as I check out the other ones I see that they require you to have webcam+microphone

>realize that I'd be pouring my spaghetti if I tried to communicate with other people verbally (especially since I haven't spoken in English or even heard informal English for quite a while)

>find a way to play these by myself instead

>as I start I realize how fucking depressing it is

>lose interest

>realize that I haven't succesfully done anything really fun, meaningful or productive in the last few years (or for as long as I can remember) because every time when I delve into my thoughts, I fail to rationally understand the appeal of my new activity of the week and, because of this, I automatically lose any sort of interest, even when I'd love to keep myself interested

>go back to shitposting and vidya

Sometimes I keep pushing myself to finish my projects or activities after I lose my interest, but, no matter how hard I try, the result is simply objectively bad or, when it is probably not that bad, I really dislike it.

I wonder if I should continue trying to break this dull cycle, when trying to break it is what keeps it alive in the first place.

I wonder if I should even worry about this and just go back to doing useless shit until I die.

The more I think, the more I understand that there is nothing really worth understanding.

The only answers about rationality of anything I keep finding myself that I objectively see as true are the ones that tell that there are no rationality, meaning, sense or reason at all in this world, there is nothing. The end point of thinking itself is not thinking. It's like most people who are capable of understanding that either try to be more stupid and ignorant or they try to fill the world around themselves with useless clutter information to keep such thoughts away (for their own sake, of course) probably most of such people are the top dogs of the (((system))) that don't want to lose their opportunity in "feeling good" like an animal by exploiting the normalnigger goyim.

My mind is filled either with such thoughts or with intense anger that I have to keep away with exercising, the point here is that I am not really sure what exact mindset should I have when I try out new activities. Maybe switching to the alternative one would help? Maybe in order to rrally enjoy anything I should stop thinking deeper than a normalnigger with half of a brain does, as it never really brought me anything useful?

I just wanted to write about difficulties in finding new hobbies and I wrote all this shit. I'd love to delete this little feel log and forget about posting it like I do most of the times, but, as for this time, I really don't want to think that I wasted time on nothing.



>I'd love to delete this little feel log

You posted in the thread for it, so don't feel bad.

>no rationality, meaning, sense or reason at all in this world, there is nothing.

>The end point of thinking itself is not thinking.

I've been trying to think of this world as literal purgatory after coming to the conclusion that I'm totally okay with death and non-existence. That's the only salvation I can see. Basically, avoiding attachment to things and minimizing habitual reactions to what people do and say, yet making sure to enjoy the things I enjoy while I still can. Luckily I have hobbies and they're definitely important and fulfilling to me. Sorry you're having a hard time finding your own, but I really don't think it's something you should give up on.


File: e25c27135ea0382⋯.png (21.61 KB, 747x491, 747:491, gc.png)

please disregard this post, I need to vent

Everything is all my fault. All of my failures are due to my own stupid decisions. I've completely and utterly fucked myself and its all of my fucking fault. I'm a lazy and pathetic piece of shit brainlet who does nothing but partake in hedonistic pleasures. I've never actually had to hard work or anything serious a day in my life. My depression and anxiety are my fault.



You're fine, anon. It's good that you now see your troubles. Now you should let them go. Build something new with your new world view.



Or it'll just be black people


File: 4de087cea42d455⋯.png (283.63 KB, 620x500, 31:25, 56ff83a7d1c96366cfb3788b31….png)

Having one of those days, can't sleep, time keeps moving slower


My mom keeps taking me to church and theres something thats been on my mind.

One time the pastor guy was talking about a story about a master and his 3 servants. He had to leave for something and entrusted each servant with some money, a talent. One man got 5, another got 3, and the last got 1. So after a while the man came back and asked to see what the servants have done with the money. The first one invested it somehow and had 10 talents, the second did something and now had 5 talents, but the last one decided to bury it for safe keeping, as well as say he did it because his master was a scary usury jew which just made the master more mad (why would he say that?). So the master took the one talent, gave it to the servant who had 10, and kicked out the last servant to die in the wilderness.

The pastor guy said that this story was a metaphor for wasting potential. God has given everyone a gift to use for his kingdom, and if you squander it you go to hell. i assume he meant by becoming a degenerate, but he could have also meant by becoming a failure, which brings up my concern.

Im not an in depth religious guy, but I'd like to think that my virginity and distain for degenerate normalcattle society has earned me some jesus gbp. However if being a failure is something that god doesnt like, then me being a robot would lower my chances of getting off the ride into comfy heaven right? Or was i always destined to fail in all the ways that i did so i havent lost any potential? I dunno, its something that i was thinking about, and im not sure the christbots or /christian/ tourists would have any insight to give (i wouldn't mind it of course)



Jesus is a punk bitch that owes me fives dollars and new right eye.


File: 274999c3df10fec⋯.jpg (26.02 KB, 326x296, 163:148, Big Think.jpg)


It's possible that your robot status and being aware of what's going on in the world is indeed a gift, but if you just sit in your room and shitpost about it all day on Venezuelan bus enthusiast forums, you're really not using it to the fullest potential, are you? I'm not entirely sure how you'd be able to make a positive change in the world when we both know that very few people are going to act it out or even listen to it, but staying in your room being bitter at everything isn't going to change a damn thing about the world.



What happened to the current eye


Do you guys ever get the urge to run away? It keeps feeling like a more and more appealing idea. I have nowhere to run, and if i head into the wilderness id certainly die, but a part of me just wants to run. I keep thinking of running away into the prairie, but theres none of that here, just forest and farmland


File: 4acdf803cde525a⋯.jpg (464.63 KB, 1242x1196, 27:26, square tiger.jpg)

>>301744 (check'd)

No, but I certainly get the urge to kill a lot, something that I have to contain because I'm still (and probably will always be) not good with chemistry and don't know how to make explosions. Chemical reactions aren't like folding cardboard.



Yeah, I think I know that feel.

I often think about leaving my phone and wallet on the floor, picking a direction, and just start walking in a straight line with nothing but the clothes on my back, see what happens other than me dying of thirst, starvation or exposure


File: bcfad65e06f805b⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 601x601, 1:1, Pathetic.jpg)


Just get a bunch of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and study how to arrange it. You could also learn from Uncle McVeigh and break into a quarry and steal some explosives or pretend to be a race car driver for some race fuel.

This post is purely satire and I have no intentions of harming anyone.



>pretend to be a race car driver for some race fuel.

Why exactly race fuel? Is the composition so different from regular fuel that it can manage to do explosions?


Nobody does.



Race fuel is a lot more volatile and powerful than what you'd get at a gas station.



Like I said, the end of humanity.



>Is the composition so different from regular fuel that it can manage to do explosions?

Methanol fires burn colorless. So, yes, they're literally that different.


File: 6440c9bb6b43582⋯.jpg (325.08 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Mettaton.EX.full.1978778.jpg)

>tfw I possibly just ruined the only friendship I've managed to make in 6 years

Can someone come over and kill me please



How did you kill it.



The image was not necessary, so why post it?



fug. I meant to delete the image because you were right but I deleted the whole post on accident.

Whatever, the other anon already got it right.



It's ok, I got it


You're referring to the parable of the talents. Your pastor sounds protestant, quick to jump to condemnations to hell.

The point of the parable is about wasted potential, but it's more so that every single person has some sort of talent or innate quality about them that God has given them, and it is their duty to use them to their fullest.

To a robot, that is probably a tolerance to solitude and ability to not follow others trends. We have to use these to the best of our abilities, else we're squandering the gifts God has given us.

God isn't going to punish you if you tried honestly but failed, He just wished for you to try regardless; not for earthly pleasures, but for works towards the betterment of mankind and the spread of the good word.


Basically, yes. I know most people here just hate people, but it's childish and dumb to just mope around and hate others for their faults. It'd be better to try and establish something decent in this world so that while this society dies, we can at least make something worthwhile and wholesome.



What happened, anon?





>saving a spaghetti-spilled anon such as myself

Thank you, friend.




You self-improvement fags, you guys do your thing and that's fine but forcing it down our throats as "THE WAY" is just annoying and repetitive


File: 9607fb7b8416d4e⋯.jpg (117.81 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1453677869021.jpg)

I'm pretty much on the verge of meltdown at this point. My brother has autism, literal autism, and while he's not mentally retarded and is capable of communicating he's basically incapable of caring for himself. He has zero social skills at all, loudly talks to himself in public, makes weird noises all the time, and will pace around flapping his hands and shit. My fucking parents dumped his ass on me a few years ago and I've been having to take care of him since. I got him a job that involves as little interaction as possible, but he doesn't make enough to live on his own, not that he's even able to. I'm trying to teach him life skills and get him to be independent but i'm not fucking getting anywhere, i'll take him out to learn how to drive then the next day he's asking me which pedals do what. I tell him how to save money then he spends it all and blames me. When he first started living with me he'd have frequent and explosive tantrums, thankfully after months of him breaking my goddamn figurines and shit, I got him to stop. I still can't enforce volume control so he'll just start yelling for no reason.

I want to travel and get my own life but I can't just leave him and I don't know how to help him. I love him but after years of this shit he doesn't even feel like my brother, he just feels like an exotic pet and it's screwing with my head. How the fuck am I supposed to help him get anywhere? I don't want this to be the rest of my life. Could some of you autists help explain the autistic mindset and what i'm doing wrong?



The Way is literally the name the early Christians called following the path of Christ.

If you want to wallow in your own misery and do nothing about it, or just act like a hedonist like some normalfag, then fine.

But don't get so upset when we talk about self-improvement. You all treat any discussion of trying to improve oneself as some sort of affront upon your character. We're just trying to make the best of what we have.



I have a 7-year-old sister who very much exhibits those same behaviors. After awhile, I've gotten her to be alot more normal. She still screams for no reason sometimes, but her tantrums are much fewer now.

The main thing that worked was physical punishment as a response to repeated behaviors which she knows she's not supposed to do. If she has an accident or does something wrong unintentionally, then either no punishment or, at the most, going to her room for an hour or something. But if it's something that she knows she's not supposed to do, that she swore she wouldn't behave that way anymore and did anyway, then immediate physical punishment is enacted. This is combined with rewards for good behavior, such as watching shows she wants to watch together, taking her to the park and shit, etc.

Just because your brother is older doesn't mean he's above physica reproach - there's a reason that soldiers in bootcamp are punished physically in many cases, in spite of being adults, or atleast they used to be punished that way before the pussification of the military.


File: a3bd56471070256⋯.png (215.55 KB, 617x456, 617:456, fool.png)



I made romantic advancements and got completely shut down. Now it's gonna make things super awkward if this person doesn't just straight up cut contact with me.



>trying to be friends with a female

Rookie mistake, anon. Rookie mistake.

She will at best see you as a combination of ATM-machine and emotional tampon - depending on various factors, it would be entirely the former or entirely the latter, although a mix of both is more common.

Never befriend roasties.


File: 022e3b2a5918ac4⋯.png (157.38 KB, 290x343, 290:343, gamer.png)


>I made romantic advancements and got completely shut down.

Greentext time nigger



story time nigger



that's a shit move from your parents

but you should really check out to see what kind of benefits/bux your brother could get



Just get rid of him. Cut the cord.




>or just act like a hedonist like some normalfag, then fine

Calling me a hedonist because I don't "self -improve" is fucking stupid. Hedonism is a pursuit of ``pleasure`` which implies physical things like drugs, parties, sex and other degenerate shit like that.

If your definition of hedonism is simply the pursuit of entertainment and self interests then that's even more fucking stupid because in the end everything everyone does is in someway linked to them wanting to feel "good" or feel "entertained" even your self-improvement.

>If you want to wallow in your own misery and do nothing about it, or just act like a hedonist like some normalfag, then fine.

It would also do you some good to realize that not self improving doesn't mean you're either constantly depressed or a normalfag. I'm not going to try and delude myself into thinking that this world is somehow better than it actually is so I'll just put up with those looming negative feelings like I always have and and watch some anime or play a video games in my room, and maybe draw occasionally if I don't have those things on hand.



>If your definition of hedonism is simply the pursuit of entertainment and self interests then that's even more fucking stupid because in the end everything everyone does is in someway linked to them wanting to feel "good" or feel "entertained" even your self-improvement

You pursue entertainment to be pleased, right? You focus your life upon escapist activities in order to gain pleasures, right? If yes, then you are a hedonist, by practice. You are focusing your life on pleasurable activities.

Self-improvement is not hedonistic, there are activities within it that if done for hedonistic reasons can be hedonistic in nature; but that's a matter of purpose. If your purpose of self-improvement is for the pursuit of temperance and morality, that is not hedonistic; that is moral. I pursue self-improvement for religious reasons, to please God. That is not hedonistic as I do not immediately gain pleasure from it, and the pleasure I do gain is not the primary reasoning for my improvement, the appeasement of God is. I am not entertained by working out, nor do I derive as much pleasure from eating health foods as I would from eating junk foods. Ultimately, hedonism paradoxically leads to more misery than pleasure, but that is not the primary dissuasion from hedonism; morality is.

Not everyone acts in a manner according to their desires, it's called asceticism. I understand it's rare these days, but it exists.

>It would also do you some good to realize that not self improving doesn't mean you're either constantly depressed or a normalfag

That's fair, but acting in an intemperate manner, unrestrained by any goal is a very normalfag behaviour, and most of you anti-self-improvement people are generally very unhappy, correct? I don't think that's an unfair presumption.

I'm not saying you are a normalfag, I'm saying you're acting like one.

>I'm not going to try and delude myself into thinking that this world is somehow better than it actually is so I'll just put up with those looming negative feelings like I always have

Neither of us is deluding ourselves about the state of the world, we're just taking different approaches to handling it, and I believe mine is superior.

You can still do those activities you enjoy (most of them. anyways), it's a matter of allocating some amount of time to progressing forward and becoming a morally and physically superior to the person you currently are for a greater purpose. My purpose, as I stated, is the appeasement of God and, in the future, the benefit of those who are also willing to leave modern society behind.


I don't post my feels in this thread often, because I tend to force myself to dissect analyze my feels until some insight comes of it. But I enjoy reading them. Many have a lot of desperation, alienation and loneliness in them. I just feel like saying you guys are selling yourselves short. I know me saying a few words won't swing the whole depth of your mind around, but I mean it as a statement of fact, not some lame advice. There's no shortage of people in the world, but originality of character is very rare. And it's a talent you're blessed with, if you're here and posting what you have. It's a shame it also makes life living hell and that it is not appreciated by people. But it's not every day you go through life and run into someone like you guys. So I value a great deal being able to come here and read what you have to say.


Every fucking day. I think people like us were born to brave the wilds and tread on virgin soil. We're the sons of generations of explorers, conquerors and adventurers. The wanderlust is real. And it probably doesn't help that we live such secluded, cramped lives, being shut-ins.

I really recommend you try camping and hiking. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking, what's the point, I'm not the first guy in this park, why bother. It's a big hump to get over, best I can say is try not to think about it and focus on doing your best. Walk the trails and the hills and see how far you can go, maybe take photos and share with us when you come back. But really just go and see what there is to see. Like I said, the wanderlust is real, and wandering stems it. If you can avoid dwelling on what is known to humanity, and focus on what is new to you, you can get some enjoyment and satisfaction from nature.

I also enjoy going on trips in my car to my local flyover backwaters. The more boring and lame it would sound to the normie urbanite the better. Some of my comfiest memories are from driving through podunk towns with populations 3 digits long in bumfuck nowhere in the midwest. You know how life just seems unreal all the time with how shit it is? Sometimes when I stop in those places for food or for gas it starts feeling real again. I don't know why. Maybe you won't care much for the towns. But out on the road in places that though not unknown are forgotten by pretty much everyone else you have a good shot at finding something that you do care about.


I was confused at first because I thought the story sounded like nonsense, but your explanation enlightened me a bit. Why don't they tell it with the guy who got 5 burying them and being chided, because even though the other guy had only 4 coins in the end, he had originally gotten 2 and at least developer them into 4, while the first guy just made no attempt at all? Wouldn't that make the moral clearer?

I'd say I have okay reading comprehension but Biblical stories confuse me. They always seem like a pretty straightforward story with a clear moral got corrupted over the ages into something that makes no sense, but people still try to rationalize it and get the old moral anyway.


File: 986ba2303243447⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 485x430, 97:86, i don't know how to deal w….jpg)

>tfw the toilet is clogged

>i don't have a plunger

>i'm a hikikomori



It is the same for me. I just cannot sit and eat at a restaurant without having major anxiety. Even entering through the door, talking and ordering is painful. I feel awkward and self conscious about my awkwardness. Why can't I enjoy my fucking meal in peace ?



Stick your face into it and blow really hard.



I used to order take out from the bar, even though the phone conversation and waiting to pay were both very uncomfortable, at least I could eat in peace. But then one day they didn't put any buns in my burger, I think it's because I don't tip, so I don't go there anymore.


File: 79546cc3ced1103⋯.jpg (137.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, すげ~~~.jpg)


>My purpose, as I stated, is the appeasement of God and, in the future, the benefit of those who are also willing to leave modern society behind.

Not that anon and don't take this the wrong way, because I'm not trying to insult you, but I'm really just seeing your attitude as taking up a moral high ground needlessly. Both of you (myself as well) are detached from modern society to some degree, and rightfully so. His response to this state is apparently just coping and holding onto what makes living tolerable. Calling this "hedonism" is wrong. If you personally feel like there's some higher purpose driving your own way of leaving modern society behind, that's your own way of rationalizing things and creating meaning. Maybe yours is more elaborate and you have more of a need to feel good about things, while he sees that as futile, which may be right.

I believe God is the natural order of the universe. The natural order gives rise to societies that function in accordance with it, in whatever form they take given the conditions present. Long story short, Jews invert the natural order (hence "Synagogue of Satan" and their ongoing revolution against God) and they brought our society to a state of godlessness in a literal sense, the defeat of the natural order of God: gender roles were torn from what God intended, the family system, communities losing social cohesion by normalizing the presence of literal invaders, loss of real racial diversity by mixing them all together, severing ethnicity from cultural identity, and so on, the reverse of what is in agreement with the natural order. I believe God has been exterminated from our society, temporarily, and will only become present again after this satanic society is completely destroyed (by its own doing) and people are forced back into a state where returning to the natural order is the only way to survive. So basically God doesn't give a fuck whether you sit around and watch anime to feel better or do whatever self-improvement you choose. God is currently dilute and dormant. In fact, if you want to preserve the teachings you value, then that's great, but don't think it's something suitable for every robot in here or that those who don't are level with normalfags.



Nicely said. We live in the darkest stage of our cycle. Robots must take the most out of their current incarnation, for it is the only thing they can do to avoid nihilistic abyss of total sorrow. And to each robot his own. Someone has turned to religion, someone has his anime tits to enjoy - it doesn't actually matter, as long as it keeps robot going.


File: b8c3a07f0858b63⋯.jpg (263.75 KB, 1853x1315, 1853:1315, divided line.jpg)


>His response to this state is apparently just coping and holding onto what makes living tolerable. Calling this "hedonism" is wrong.

I'm not trying to use it as an insult, it's just what it is. He's acting in a hedonistic manner, meaning, he's living for pleasure. Maybe calling him a proper hedonist is a bit much, he might not actually believe it's the moral thing to do, but it is what his actions reflect. If he isn't really a hedonist by philosophy, then he's merely acting contradictory to his own beliefs, which is negative in it's own right.

>that's your own way of rationalizing things and creating meaning.

Ethics is not subjective, it's objective. God is an objective, unchanging force giving objective edicts and ethics that we are to follow. Morality is objective, but because of free will we are capable of choosing against it; that is what this anon is doing. I'm not saying these things to insult him, but to inspire to do what is in line with ethical behaviour; which is to improve one's self for the sake of God and others.

>So basically God doesn't give a fuck whether you sit around and watch anime to feel better or do whatever self-improvement you choose. God is currently dilute and dormant.

I agreed a lot with your second paragraph until here. This is entirely illogical; how can God be God if he is not universal, eternal, and objective. God is literally the single pusher and creator of objectivity, and since there are unchanging essences of truth in this world (such as triangle, which is objectively a three-sided three-angled shape whose angles sum to 180) these must be unchanging or be the result of an even more fundamental being (God) that has established them. But objectivity cannot come from subjectivity, it is impossible; therefore God must be objective, and cannot "go dormant".

God does not depend on the belief of humans, neither does the definition triangles, they are objective forces that require man to submit and understand them, not the other way around.

I'll answer a question I already anticipate, which is "Why then was there a change between Old Testament laws and New Testament laws?" The answer being that God has not changed, nor has morality; but that the lesser requirements that are established befitting a certain time are changed. Think of it like this, an isosceles and a right triangle exist, and they are objective truths, but they are not universal truths; because sometimes a triangle is right, and sometimes isosceles, but neither is always true, as a triangle cannot be both (essentially, dianoia). These laws that have changed with the new covenant are merely lesser objective truths that have changed in property, but they are merely derivative of an essence of truth.

Basically; God is unchanging, morality and ethics are objective, we need to follow God's will. I don't say this to be arrogant or insulting, but simply because it is true.



What does God will then?


File: e0ead3dd946d0cf⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 2700x6826, 1350:3413, first way 2.jpg)


I could spend days explaining, but the edicts already exist in a simple form; The Bible. The Bible is the word of the Holy Spirit, spake through the prophets. You'll almost definitely need supplementary material to understand it all (not a fault of the Bible, but of mankind), but the Bible is the foundation of understanding God.

What I'm speaking of right now, is that God wills us to improve and take advantage of every benefit we have in life in order to carry out His commandments of working towards the benefit of mankind. Now more than ever is a man required to improve not only to escape this proverbial Sodom, but to help others who are trapped in it.

God wants of us to improve, he doesn't precisely "will" as in force us to do it, but it is the objective thing we ought to do.



Have you tried buying a toilet plunger, or just borrowing one if you live in an apartment or have neighbors?



The first option would take too long to come in the mail, and the second option would require me to leave my apartment. Also, after like 4 days of it being clogged it eventually undid itself.



Like 4 days today.



Come on fella just leave the apartment. Go at like 4 am to a convenience store surely you can stand the social interaction of giving Apu some money.



There's even stores with self checkout now, you can buy it with literally zero interaction. Except maybe the greeter saying hi.


File: 7726e15cc0edc69⋯.jpg (6.59 KB, 225x225, 1:1, carlos.jpg)


Nigga, you realize that there are stores outside you can go to?

Are you so autistic you can't go to a convenience store by yourself?




The word you're looking for is 'nigger', nigger.


File: 1904c3ab1f78345⋯.jpg (48.34 KB, 584x728, 73:91, hmm Hitler was right.JPG)


>I agreed a lot with your second paragraph until here.

I guess I phrased it the wrong way, because I don't really disagree with what you're saying, it's just that in our present circumstances the way we relate to God collectively is effectively anti-God. Yes, we're talking about universal truths and things being objective – there's no changing that – but on a basic human day-in-day-out level as robots within such a society, we're reduced down a very atomized, isolated existence, and it becomes a matter of how you want to cope. Take your statement,

>the lesser requirements that are established befitting a certain time are changed.

so I don't see how you can deny that requirements befitting our time are even more changed. If following God's will is following the natural order, even if you as an individual preserve what you can, in society's current state it simply will not be followed. That's why I believe God is dormant for us and there's no reason to criticize Anon for not wanting to be involved in what you're involving yourself in. If you want to give God human attributes, I'm sure he'd want to see the Jews get on with it and crash this society already so something new is born in response, and people are taught a harsh lesson on what happens when you assist the Synagogue of Satan in revolting again God.



>so I don't see how you can deny that requirements befitting our time are even more changed.

Because God didn't tell us they were changed. The Old Testament laws changed when Christ told us, and the New Testament laws have not changed. You don't get to just decide when they change, they're established by God, not you.

>If following God's will is following the natural order

When did I say this? Following God's will is following the edicts he has laid out for us, not some abstract "natural order". The natural order of mankind is sadistic and lustful, we're called to reject our negative and sinful nature in favor of God's path.

>in society's current state it simply will not be followed.

But it literally can be followed. Just because there are Jews in control of the banks does not prevent you from studying and working out. Doesn't prevent you from moving somewhere remote and doing acts of charity for your neighbors, and trying to create a family..

How in any way does society prevent you from self-improvement and charity, which is what Christ calls us to do.

>That's why I believe God is dormant for us

You can believe things that are wrong, but that doesn't make them right. God is actively working in the universe. Refer back to the image of this post >>301844 which explains that for the universe to continue existing and working it requires an eternally active force (God) to be sustaining it. Essentially, an infinitely long train that is moving must have an engine somewhere.

God is not dormant, if He were, then He is not God and there is no universe. But there is. So that is false.

This is obviously a massive oversimplification of the metaphysics involved, but suffice to say, God is not, never was, and never will be dormant.

>there's no reason to criticize Anon for not wanting to be involved in what you're involving yourself in.

I have every right to criticize whoever I want to, and when it comes to the truths of God I have a duty to rebuke him for his sloth and sinful behaviour. Think not that Christ commands us peace or tolerance, but division. We're not supposed to just shut up and allow our fellows to allow Hell to consume them, we are to rebuke them constantly.

>If you want to give God human attributes, I'm sure he'd want to see the Jews get on with it and crash this society

What are you even talking about? God does not want society to collapse, he commanded us to "Love One Another". He is not a God of entropy, but of order and the living. Do you have any idea what you're talking about at all? Do you have any idea the consequences of a societal collapse? It isn't a good thing, it's just an inevitable truth that this society will collapse.

I'm not giving Him human attributes, I'm following His will which he gave to us through the prophets.

>and people are taught a harsh lesson on what happens when you assist the Synagogue of Satan in revolting again God.

God already taught his lessons, they're in the Bible.

You have a twisted view of God and religion, sadistic and bordering gnostic at times. God does not enjoy pain or suffering, he is not a God of chaos or a dormant God, but is actively continuing the Universe and mankind.

Have you read the Bible? Or is this all just your nonsensical own projections based upon nothing but your own feelings?


File: ebe27a35d3177a8⋯.jpg (81.32 KB, 479x647, 479:647, 1463022676968.jpg)


Greentext time, homo.



Is that graph from a commented version of Republic ? If so, would you mind to share it ?



>I'm not giving Him human attributes, I'm following His will which he gave to us through the prophets.

>God does not enjoy pain or suffering

<nonsensical own projections based upon nothing but your own feelings

Anon, this is the kind of thing that puts people off.

>We're not supposed to just shut up and allow our fellows to allow Hell to consume them, we are to rebuke them constantly.

Why robots, though, when we're just trying to get along. Couldn't you focus on rebuking people who have a hand in the way things are rather than the victims? And there have been plenty of discussions here about not letting Hell consume us in one sense or another, that's pretty much why we're here in the first place.



I just found it online when I was looking for a visual representation of the Divided Line. I don't know where it's from.


>Anon, this is the kind of thing that puts people off.

I can't change the truth, I can't change what God has said. I don't choose these things, they simply are. If it puts you off, then so be it. I am only to be a watchman, not a jailer. But I cannot and will not dilute the word of God.

I don't even see how the things I said are alienating. I said God doesn't like suffering, and that he wants us to love one another and be charitable. How are those alienating?

>Why robots, though, when we're just trying to get along.

It's not us in particular, anon. And the same can be said of all people, "Just trying to get along."

Everyone, all humans, are called to Christ. We are all commanded to use our talents to their fullest.

>Couldn't you focus on rebuking people who have a hand in the way things are rather than the victims?

I rebuke all sin as I come across it, most especially that of those closest to me, most especially of myself. I am not attacking you, I'm not forcing you to do anything, you can all simply ignore my posts. I'm trying to help you, but I cannot save you, only Christ can.

You think I'm trying to insult you or something but I am not, I am autistically typing all these things because we can all be better than who we are.



>all humans are called to Christ

No. Christ came for the White race only, and this excludes the nonwhite race which falsely calls itself 'Judea' today.



>Christ came for the White race only, and this excludes the nonwhite race which falsely calls itself 'Judea' today.

How deep does your heresy go, brother?

You certainly have never read the Bible, or at least, not honestly. It's as if all your understanding of Christianity originates from /pol/ and your own projections and feelings.

Galatians 3:28-29

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

God is not interested in the circumstances of your birth but of your character. This isn't a disapproval of the existence of the races, but rather an explanation that our faith is universal for all mankind; meaning all races, both genders, all ages. Christ is a salvation towards all people, not just those of a materialistic breeding stock.

Furthermore, getting back to metaphysics, it is utterly illogical to think that the universal, ever-true divine would selectively choose certain materialistic races for spiritual enlightenment. If He were specific to only certain races, He would no longer be Universal and truly Divine, which He obviously is.

And before you question, "Didn't He choose the Jews of the Old Testament?" The answer is no, for many gentiles were saved in the Old Testament too, such as Job. The Jews of the Old Testament were simply chosen in the sense that they were selected to be the carriers of the Bloodline of Christ and the first Kingdom of God on Earth, nothing more. They weren't and aren't a higher class of "Chosen Ones".

As for the modern Jews, they certainly have little to do with OT Jews, and are really a mongrelized breed of varying European, Khazar, Middle Eastern, and other blood. But they're fault is in their arrogance and hatred of Christianity, not their blood. Were their heretical beliefs and culture to be annihilated, the people themselves could be saved, though that would require great scrutiny to be certain.

You're a really deeply disturbed person, anon. Do you go to church or read the Bible at all? You're certainly not a Christian, but you can be.


File: 01851a1508f7334⋯.jpg (66.94 KB, 1520x1080, 38:27, 01851a1508f7334888bd1ec03d….jpg)

Lain is God, really



If Christianity was unable to prevent the situation we're in now, why double down on trying to promote it? The Catholic Church was completely subverted, and none of the church-going and Bible-reading in the US did anything – ultimately it worked out better for Zionist Jews and other beneficiaries of hyper-altruism than it did for us. You're not actually helping us.


File: 989275bd7330ecf⋯.jpg (48.89 KB, 599x404, 599:404, 99b18b978eb2583defefd19da3….jpg)

I just ended up from a fistfight with my dad, and it was surprisingly relieving, fighting for my very own values. Sure, he ended up screaming and the rest went all crying, but I didn't found myself crying after fighting him, I truly had something to fight for. It's also hilarious how the situation can escalate just from pointing out bullshit behaviour. After the fight got interrupted by my sister, I didn't sat down and started crying, I grabbed that dumbbells I bought and started pumping it up. The energy that I had was ridiculous. I honestly liked it, after over 2 years without fighting a fight it felt great to release cortisol via adrenaline.

A shame that he later ends up crying and tension is going to be between us, but frankly I think this was meant to happen, and I'm glad it did. I'd like to get on a fight again but hopefully with a nigger and not my dad.

Did I fuck myself in the head?



>If Christianity was unable to prevent the situation we're in now, why double down on trying to promote it?

<If White people were unable to prevent the situation we're in now, why double down on trying to promote them?

You really aren't getting it.

This isn't utilitarian, this isn't circumstantial, this isn't consequentialist; this faith of mine is based on my knowledge of the essence of truth, and tempered by love and compassion.

The subversion of the major churches and religion is not a condemnation or proof against the metaphysics of the faith itself, it's just an example of the flawed nature of man. God exists regardless of his usefulness to your causes, regardless of current politics, regardless of all context and consequence. God exists and is absolute, his laws are absolute. I don't follow God because it is useful, or out of a reaction to the modern world, I follow God because it is the truth. I love truth and wisdom, and therefore I have come to love God, for God alone is truth and wisdom.

If you're more interested in what will win you power or favors in the temporal world, and are willing to sacrifice your own morality and beliefs for that, then you're no better than the Jews or the Satanists or whoever. You're the same as them, at that point.

I would rather die and see all I love decimated than reject God. For to reject God is to reject truth as I comprehend it. If you don't feel the same, then I suppose there's nothing more I can say to you.



>For to reject God is to reject truth as I comprehend it.

I'm not rejecting God, I'm saying the religious apparatus failed us.

>If you're more interested in what will win you power or favors in the temporal world, and are willing to sacrifice your own morality and beliefs for that, then you're no better than the Jews or the Satanists or whoever. You're the same as them, at that point.




I love how you always ignore most of my posts. And by that I mean that it's really annoying. I have to know, do you ignore it out of laziness, agreement, ignorance?

>I'm not rejecting God, I'm saying the religious apparatus failed us.

Man failed us, not God. Not religion. Already explained this.


Notice the "If". If that statement applies to you, then the second portion of my statement is my opinion of you.

It seems it does, at least to some extent. You've demonstrated repeatedly that you're more interested in materialistic usefulness than divine truth.


File: 0d3f7ee61b2fefb⋯.png (730.86 KB, 1200x645, 80:43, 5f7331b72e3abd2b1204f18163….png)

File: fb6c2a151234b55⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1879x1016, 1879:1016, are you laughing.png)


If playing video games and watching anime is enough for someone to be called a hedonist, then so be it.

The way you seem to define hedonism or hedonistic behavior leads to a lot of issues in what your arguing. With the vague way you define hedonism anything can be considered hedonistic behavior, for example, most things that humans pursue work towards a payoff that will inevitably bring them this "pleasure" and under your definition ,such pleasure is hedonistic in nature. This is the problem that arises when you start to shift what hedonism means from the concrete (drugs, sex, addiction, partying) to things that are extremely vague (b-but if it makes you feel good then it's hedonistic to do tho) you muddy the water and open the floodgates on what can be considered "hedonistic".

Is sports hedonistic? Is working out hedonistic, after all you feel quite pleasured with yourself once you make your GAINS BRO XD? Is reading a fiction novel that entertains you hedonistic because you feel good while reading it? The problem with the way you use "hedonism" is that almost anything can be considered hedonistic. In the end the highly convenient way you use the term means the only true way to not be branded a hedonist is to adhere to your religious motivations. So what is it, is anybody who doesn't follow your religious ideals just another hedonist normalfag?

<that's your own way of rationalizing things and creating meaning.

>Ethics is not subjective, it's objective. God is an objective, unchanging force giving objective…

The point of his claim there is that not everyone is a follower of your religious ideals. I don't hate religion so don't get the wrong idea but, with the way that you responded to what he said it makes it all the more obvious that what you call hedonistic is fundamentally based on your religious aspirations. I don't mean to insult you but your religious beliefs do not apply to those who do not adhere to it, only in your eyes does it apply to everyone.

>Maybe yours is more elaborate and you have more of a need to feel good about things, while he sees that as futile, which may be right.

Also he puts it better here than I could.

I honestly doubt whether or not your a robot or some /christ/ denizen here for some recruitment. In the end I spend my time doing the things I do because they are inherently personal experiences, when I play a videogame it's me having fun and solving problems on my own, I create my own enjoyment with my own two hands and it helps remind me that I can create my own fun, my own good without interacting with normalfaggotry. I watch anime because I find the characters endearing or the stories interesting and it makes me feel happy for some time as I smile along with the characters. I come here to interact with those who have lead similar lives and have similar beliefs to me because it provides solace knowing that there's a group of robots communicating in a world where we are very few and far in between. I have my own morals, my own philosophies, my own logic that have lead me to become a robot. After all I believe it does take a fair bit of thinking, self-awareness, and restraint to end up being a true robot, one who doesn't go around like a mindless monkey complaining about being a shirked incel, or funds some whore like a beta orbiter (otherwise our numbers wouldn't be so few). In the end I'd just like to say that if being happy or thinking for anybody's sake other than God's makes me a hedonist normalfag, then so be it.



Not him, but yes, everything you wrote before the red text is Hedonism. Look up Epicureanism. Something can be one thing without being another. You're seemingly needlessly conflating things.


File: 1f3d19f1e6aab63⋯.png (1.76 MB, 803x1024, 803:1024, elder_scrolls_Jesus.png)


>If playing video games and watching anime is enough for someone to be called a hedonist, then so be it.

>The way you seem to define hedonism or hedonistic behavior leads to a lot of issues in what your arguing. With the vague way you define hedonism anything can be considered hedonistic behavior

Hedonism is defined as "the belief or practice of pleasure being the highest pursuit in life." I said you are acting a manner fitting hedonistic thought, because you are pursuing pleasure as your highest and (presumably) only goal in life.

That is neither vague nor false. It is the application of a definition that I did not create, it just simply is.

>Is sports hedonistic? Is working out hedonistic

If you are doing it solely for the pursuit of pleasure and gain pleasure from it, then yes.

Yes, anything that brings pleasure and is held as the chief or highest pursuit can be hedonistic. That is hedonism, in contrast to other forms of ethics which value things such as temperance as the highest pursuit, not for their deriving of pleasure but simply for following the code of temperance.

>The point of his claim there is that not everyone is a follower of your religious ideals.

Ok, and they are wrong, and I am patiently trying to explain why.

I don't say that out of arrogance, but out of assurance of God.

>I don't mean to insult you but your religious beliefs do not apply to those who do not adhere to it, only in your eyes does it apply to everyone

Truth applies to everyone. The truth of the properties of a triangle apply to everyone regardless of whether or not they believe in these properties, they are objective and your opinion of them is irrelevant. God is truth, therefore He exists beyond your opinion or belief, therefore it applies to everyone regardless of all other factors. God is the essence of truth, which is universally true; meaning it applies universally, to everyone.

I wonder at this point how many times I have typed this same thing, at least four or five now.

>I honestly doubt whether or not your a robot or some /christ/ denizen here for some recruitment.

I'm a robot turned follower of God. I recruit for nothing but the truth, I have nothing to gain from this save the benefit of others, which is the highest Earthly pursuit.

I understand where you are coming from with the rest of your post, but you must understand that you are still capable of indulging in things you enjoy while firstly and mostly focusing upon enacting the will of God and following temperate behaviour.. Temperance does not mean total abstinence, it means valuing moderation and restricting your desires for pleasure. You are still a human, you still have desires that need to be fulfilled (in a healthy manner) in order to maintain psychological health. You don't need to become an ascetic overnight, but pursuing pleasure as the highest and/or only priority is by definition hedonistic and immoral.



Alright, so you couldn't really adapt to being a robot and found that the zeal of getting deep into Christianity made you feel good and able to look down on us. Saying we're "pursuing pleasure as the highest and/or only priority" is a very shallow way of evaluating us. If you turned away from being a robot then you shouldn't be here.



I do think its good to be happy and not depressed but I don't dedicate my life nor have a goal to be constantly happy, or void of sadness. These things aren't my goals but I just do what I do, some of those thing make me happy as a result and thats that. And if literally just trying to be happy sometimes by doing something entertaining for some period of time is now cause for calling somebody an idealougue or a subscriber to a philosophy then subscribing to a philosophy/adhearing to one has lost all its meaning

But hopefully we don't get tpoa point which we start calling things that make you happy for a period of time epicureanistic because at that point the labeling of things is starting to get silly.


File: e8a27946cf86efa⋯.jpg (547.59 KB, 1578x1164, 263:194, dostoevsky.jpg)


How many times now, at least six or seven for this one at this point.

I'll say it again, for the last time, I hope.

I began to believe in God because it is true. Not for arrogance, not for usefulness, not for fun, not for the consequences of it, not for convenience, not for emotions, not for anything other than the truth. Because it is the truth. I follow God because God is the truth. That is it, it is literally that simple.

It does not make me feel good to know of the sins of the world and the sufferings of hell, it does not make me feel good about my own sins and temptations. I follow Christ because it is the truth. Don't you get that? Don't you see that believing in the properties of a triangle is not a choice but merely an acceptance of reality and to do otherwise is an absurdity? That believing in such essences of truth does not give pleasure but is merely a fact.

>Saying we're "pursuing pleasure as the highest and/or only priority" is a very shallow way of evaluating us

Is it not true? You are pursuing pleasure as your primary goal, therefore you are a hedonist. That is my statement, and it is true. It doesn't have to be true. You can just learn temperance.

>If you turned away from being a robot then you shouldn't be here.

I am still a Robot, I am an outcast with very little obvious emotion (as in emotions I display, I suspect I may be schizoid to some degree) and little interest in or opportunity for sexual relationships. I have just foremost become an Orthodox Christian, with my identity as a Robot simply being a fact rather than a major point of my personality. Part of my duty as an Orthodox Christian is the Great Commission, to spread the word of the Lord and inspire others to seek salvation, which is what I am doing.

This conversation is not enjoyable, it is extremely frustrating. If I wanted just to feel better than you, why would I bother? I do this because it is the right thing to do.



>merely an acceptance of reality and to do otherwise is an absurdity? That believing in such essences of truth does not give pleasure but is merely a fact.

That's what I've been trying to do, just without the pontificating.

>You are pursuing pleasure as your primary goal

I'm not.

>If I wanted just to feel better than you, why would I bother? I do this because it is the right thing to do.

Alright, so you feel righteous. That's nice. Doesn't mean you'll be well-received here.



>That's what I've been trying to do, just without the pontificating.

No, you've been justifying your own intemperate behaviour.

>I'm not.

Then what is your highest goal?

>Alright, so you feel righteous. That's nice. Doesn't mean you'll be well-received here.

I don't feel righteous, I mostly just feel drained. I don't care how I'm received either.

This is becoming pointless, if you don't want to hear answers, why did you ask questions or make replies?


File: dd805722bfee9fa⋯.png (25.74 KB, 316x420, 79:105, box anger.png)

>tfw I fought against my dad a while ago

>cops sirens blare in front of my house

help me



Run like the wind. Get some supplies and bail.

Drift for awhile, eventually you'll wind up out of state.

Alternatively, wait a few minutes and hope that they're there for another house.


File: 324518b62001827⋯.png (2.39 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1530592888107.png)


Its a bit shortsighted of you to see any pursuit outside of one dealing with god as one solely for the purpose of pleasure. When it comes to hedonism, hedonism simply is the pursuit of pleasure for the sake of pleasure. As you said before to a hedonist pleasure is the ultimate goal. However, something you need to note is this key difference.

To the hedonist pleasure is the primary reason to take an action but to those who aren't, pleasure is simply the after effect of having done something that caused enjoyment. This inherent "pleasure for the sake of pleasure" ideology of a hedonist is what gravitates them to actions such as sex flings, drugs, and parties because, as I said before, these are the things which have least meaning other then pure unbridled pleasure and lead to the most pure unbridled pleasure.

You assume that robots do things without meaning largely because of your religious bias. To me and possibly other robots we may watch anime or play video games for the reasons I stated before, for a challenge, for a connection, or for a thought provoking plot, or even having fun. These things in some sense can be seen as the primary reasons, the primary meanings for engaging in these activities, the pleasure from doing these things only being an after effect that came from doing these things rather than serving as the primary goal. We don't play or watch for these things sake of some grand goal to achieve the ultimate pleasure and such is the reason why we don't engage in things that have solely pleasure to offer (sex and co.) nor do we autistically pursue happiness as some ultimatum.

However to you, a religious person you don't see or believe in the meaning of these things as you likely believe that true meaning can only be achieved through lofty goals like religious goals or goals of "self-improvement". Meaning isn't as grand as some people make it out to be and can even be found in the most mundane of things. You only see the pleasure in the things we do and the hobbies we have cause, and attribute that as the sole reason we partake in such activities which is, again very shortsighted.

This is probably the last time I reply to you since since is eventually going to devolve into a discussion of religion and such discussion never go anywhere and only serve to waste time.


File: 89ec2fada4316d9⋯.png (516.48 KB, 960x721, 960:721, 75d17a8fc544ae74568c382dda….png)


You make a fair case here, actually.

Maybe I was bit erroneous with the label of hedonist, perhaps a superior and clearer word is necessary. Something that describes someone primarily focused on entertainment, fun and immediate interest rather than self-improvement. It's definitely above hedonism, but still not equivalent to the highest pursuit which is the pursuit of knowledge I'm aware of how pretentious that sounds, but bear with me.

I don't consider my viewpoint a bias, though. For a bias is a clouted opinion as a result of subjectivity, and again, my comprehension of things is that I am not arguing from a point of subjectivity but of objective reality. It is universally and axiomatically true that temperance and wisdom is greater than the pursuit of entertainment and fun, which in turn still is greater than pursuit of pleasure and wealth.

I enjoy fun too, I like videogames and listening to music for entertainment, but to focus ones life or even a plurality of time on entertainment brings us back to what I think spawned this discussion, the Parable of the Talents.

To squander your potential for the pursuit of entertainment, or anything other than the pursuit of wisdom and charity and other axiomatically good things, is an immoral and selfish thing to do, and God will punish you accordingly. That is my point, that is really it.

You are free (but shouldn't) to do immoral things, and I am free (and will) rebuke you for it.



Fix your relationship with your dad. Having a negative relationship with either of your parents will only cause stress and unhappiness in your life, and if you still have time to salvage it then for the love of g*d do it. This goes double if you're NEETing it up at home, in which case pack your shit you retard because things will only get worse from here.



>Having a negative relationship with either of your parents will only cause stress and unhappiness in your life

Is it a negative relationship when I passively let themselves shit on each other and boasting about being superior yet not doing anything about what others want to fix? I had to snap at one point.



Well it was nice discussing this topic. Maybe I was a bit volatile at first but I won't go back on my stance. To what might be your disappointment I'll probably live like this for who knows how long. Well, good day to you and good luck on whatever quest you may be on.



I hope you change your mind.

God bless, anon.




Also one last thing. I'll likely drop out of the conversation after this so I'll just make a statement. Most robots here, or hopefully at least a good portion have probably in the past pursued knowledge to some end as I feel a lot of people here have probably researched basic things pertaining to roasties and such. Things that confirm robot beliefs are pretty common knowledge here. Gynocentrism, the female IQ, female nature(other man-o-sphereish type stuff) , and general base knowledge about societies ills required to even become robot come to mind. Some people here have tried look pretty deep in to those kinds of topics. Just wanted to make sure you know that robots aren't a bunch of idiots who just watch anime and go on reddit all day. Speaking personally I try to stay informed on such topics as they provide backing to the things I learned throughout my life as a robot.



Just take this as you will I'm just making a statement not an arguement so there's no need to reply but I just wanted to throw this out there.



You seem like you're worn-out of discussing this issue ITT, so here's some links concerining why Christ came only for the Aryan race you can choose to investigate or reject at your leisure:






This right here ^^^

I didn't end up on R9K because I'm some normalfag, I'm pretty sure more than 90% of us are red/black pilled here. I didn't just wake up one day and say "wow things are pretty fucked up!" it was a slow trickle of unending truths and realizations that turned me into this transformer. And I say transformer because I have to transform every day. Put on a happy face and fucking go to work just to put squishy wet stuff into my face to function, so my hardware doesn't get cold and wet and I cease to be. I didn't even read the conversation you guys had, just echoing a sentiment of this other anon because it's fucking true. None of us ended up here by chance.



Ive heard a few bad opinions about prots, can you explain why they're hated? My mom takes me to a baptist church, and an anon told me that thats just a part of the prots. They do seem to only focus on salvation/feeling good (and throwing away money to third worlders and refugees and calling it "helping them like god said"), but this guy seems to be reading through the bible and not cherrypicking (but i haven't read through the bible so i wouldn't know)



That times gonna end now that 4r9k showed up



Not him, but all mainstream denominations and branches, whether within protestantism, catholicism, or orthodoxy, are Christin in-name-only.



I remember the time i used my moms orthotics plan to buy me farmers boots (they weren't simple rubber ones, but some kind of blood pathogen proof electrical code compliant boot. Too expensive and over the top for an honest farmer i think, but i essentially got it for free). I was thinking i could forge shallow streams with them and walk through muddy forests and other adventure stuff. The local shallow stream was 14 inches or so deep, and these were only 12 inch boots. Also they felt slightly big but i think thats part of the design, but i didnt get too far with them, and they are just sitting in the shoe closet. I remember being really autistic about if the stitching and joints would hold up so i put caulking on it, which made the boots look ugly as well as caulking not really sticking to boot rubber so it started to flake, silly me.

I think i have a bad habit of dreaming about the things i could do with a product, and never actually doing anything with them. Besides the farmers boots there were these double layer winter hiking boots with shards of plastic in the soles for grip i bought, but never wore them. A brand name thin but advertised 100% waterproof shell, and water resistant pants (that looked like dress pants for some reason), that i kinda had to buy because my mom took me outlet shopping and she said i had to buy something or else. And this big camelbak bag which set me back 400 birthdaybux (the money I allocated over the years from birthdays) which i also never used. Theres these impulses that go away or never get the opportunity to fulfill themselves. I dont like leaving the house when someone is around (and my grandma is always home), i have no buspass to take me to the outskirts of the city/suburbs, im always worried someone is looking at me when i leave the path, and then theres the lethargy to stay home and lie around and sometimes play vidya. I waste money on things in don't use and i look back at it with some regret.

Now that i typed this all out im thinking that maybe it isnt the urge of wanderlust that made me buy these things, but an inclination to buy objectively good/functional clothing instead of fashionable ones. Does anyone else do this? Buy jackets and stuff not because they "look nice", but because they are advertised as having some good function? Looking at if the jacket is waterproof, windproof, many pockets, e.t.c


>valentines day

>a day to remember a saint who was executed for marrying people without paying up or getting approval of the big church (i think thats how it goes)

>a day to respect marriages and holy matrimony or something

>people making valentines themed videos but its just "lol an excuse to talk about sex"

>the same thing they already do all the time


I haven't seen this but i am kinda curious on how a wrapper could open a lock


File: d6d5dad624e4130⋯.jpg (63.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, A U T I S M.jpg)


Look, this is absurd.

These ramblings are just conjecture about Phoenicians and them being described as "white" and having a lot of power during their Golden Age. Even if some of this stuff is true, it doesn't prove your point at all.

This is unsupported by the Four Evangelists, Paul the Apostle, the early Church Fathers, the major Churches throughout the entirety of their history, and practically all historians. Nowhere in Scripture or in early the writings of the early Church is this mentioned at all, it contradicts the implied metaphysics of a universal God, it contradicts scripture in countless places (Numbers 12:1 , Galatians 3:28, Romans 2:28-29) and does not fit with any line of theology or history or anthropology at all.

I get it, you really want some magical video-game prophecy about the white race rising up against the ebil jews, but the truth is that the world is just filled with a lot of groups all working towards their own interests, and the jews are just a central group and among the currently most malicious. Honestly, this is "We Wuz Kangz" level territory. How could a migration of the Whites from the Middle East to across Europe, along with dispersion of culture and sub-races happen without any record several thousand years after it was supposed to happen? How could the Israelites possible being white have anything to do with Christ not being a salvation of ALL mankind? Why would no one, in the entirety of Church history, mention anything about the Aryan race being a prophetic group of superhumans? There are so many logical issues with this whole thing, it's just pathetic.


File: c013a3bdf35cfde⋯.jpg (540.36 KB, 928x2049, 928:2049, BEGOM.jpg)

I'm double-posting because I'm a double-nigger


Because Protestants are heretical, a lot of them believe in concepts like "Sola Fide", "Once Saved Always Saved", and predestination (for refutation: 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 4, James 2:14-26, Hebrews 11, Titus 2:11-14). They are schismatics, allow for open-interpretation of things, are generally arrogant, and are especially flooded with outside influences.

They aren't hated, just their heretical doctrine is hated.


The Orthodox Christian Church is the uninterrupted continuation of the original Church of Christ and follows the theology of the Bible and of the Church Fathers as closely as humanly possible in almost all cases. It is not perfect because it is made up of imperfect beings, and who can bring a clean thing from an unclean thing? (Job 14:4)

Other Christian Churches are obviously deeply flawed, but to say they're only Christian in name is a gross exaggeration.


Also remembered that Titus 2:11 also is a refutation of what you are saying.


File: 5a68819b8a87c8f⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 364x350, 26:25, fels bad.jpg)



Why? You guys are just going to bully me



Yes we'll probably take the piss out of you. Now post already.




There are countless proofs if you would bother researching them rather than engaging in a knee-jerk rejection of them because they contradict the teachings of the various apostate churches, including the Orthodox Churches which are also apostate.

Galations 3:28 doesn't refute it, and if you take the entire book of Galatians together it actually refutes you. First, that specific verse is referring to how there is no distinction between the Greeks (who were Aryan) and the ancient Judeans) of whom the ones being discussed were also Aryan (in spite of a majority of ancient Judea being usurpsed by nonwhite Edomites by the time of Christ). You can't take an individual line of the bible out of the context in which it was written and also out of the context of the rest of the teachings in it. Christ says that he came ONLY for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And it's mentioned all over scripture. The reason the false dichotomy of gentile-Israelite arose in the first place is because the Europeans who are themselves the descendents of the Israelites - and not the kikes - didn't have records of that part of their history since the recorded histories began later, and by that time much knowledge was lost.

It doesn't contradict any of the verses you cited, and additionally it's odd to take a single verse out of context rather than atleast citing the several before and after it, or more ideally, the entire chapter.

For example, your citation of Numbers 12:1. The ancient Cushites were White (by the time of the Kingdom of Cush, the Nubians had been pushed to the far south), and the ancient Israelites were also White, thus Moses' marriage was within the same race. This isn't a refutation of anything.

Next, Romans 2:28-29 is citing the doing-away-with of the rituals of the Judean law - again, the ancient Judeans were White Aryans, and were the last remnant of the Israelites who weren't dispersed into Europe and Asia at various times. It's talking about how all of the lost sheep of Israel don't need to adhere to the rituals of Judahite law. This, again, is not a refutation of anything.

Next, you claim it doesn't fit in with history or anthropology, but it does. If you had bothered fully reading what I provided instead of knee-jerkingly rejecting it after the first few sentences, you would've come to this conclusion as well.

Regarding your issue of the 'we wuz kangz n shiiiet'-tier quality, as you put it, the fact that niggers claim to be something has nothing to do with whether that something in question is of historical relevance to Aryans. Niggers are retarded and will claim lots of things, this doesn't mean all discussion stops because some niggers decided that they wuz kangz.

Next, there is plenty of historical records - and this is yet another example of why you should investigate and read what I linked, because such evidence is cited, in great detail, there.

Next, all of the church fathers spoke about this. The problem is that you don't realize it due to differences in language, including the difference in what was meant what one said the word 'man' or 'mankind'. There as no concept whatsoever of a singular 'humanity' at that time.

Lastly, Titus 2:11 also doesn't refute anything, and is exactly what I'm talking about by the discrepency between what the ancients and what modern people mean with the words 'man' and 'mankind' - and since the ancients were the ones who wrote it, it's their meaning which carries weight in this matter.

Far from being logically inconsistent, it is in fact entirely logical and provable, provided you actually do the research and don't reject things out of hand because you naively believe that the same ones who lied about the holohoax would for some odd mysterious reason tell the truth about the bible and their own heritage.





>including the Orthodox Churches which are also apostate.

In what way? I mean, other than that they don't accept your fan-fiction.

When did they become apostate. From their establishment? Were the evangelists wrong? How did they cover this up? How did no one question it? How did no contemporary source support your claims? How did not true church emerge despite your claims being that this was supposedly obvious? This is really fucking absurd.

>Christ says that he came ONLY for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

False. It explicitly says that Christ is the savior of ALL men (John 4:42, 1 Timothy 4:10, 1 Timothy 2:4, 1 Timothy 2:6, John 4:9-10, Acts 15:7-11, Revelation 7:9-10). This is among the most basic and obvious part of Christianity, how you specifically got this wrong, is somewhat astounding.

>You can't take an individual line of the bible out of the context in which it was written and also out of the context of the rest of the teachings in it.

In what way have I done that. Even if you apply your "We Wuz Israelites 'n SHEEEIT" it still doesn't make sense. There are scores of other verses of the Bible about Christianity being a universal religion for all mankind.

>didn't have records of that part of their history since the recorded histories began later, and by that time much knowledge was lost.

I haven't seen delusion on this level in a good long while. You mean to tell me that the Greeks, Iberians, Romans, Carthaginians, and all others somehow just conveniently neglected the part where they were descended from the Israelites. And I, as a non-retarded person, am supposed to believe that?

Also it contradicts the evidence of when and how they migrated and who they actually descended from. Ok.

>Next, Romans 2:28-29 is citing the doing-away-with of the rituals of the Judean law

That is clearly not what it says. It says "No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code." Notice that word "inwardly", does that say by race or genetics? It says "by the Spirit". It is through the spirit of man that he is saved, not by his outwardly appearance or even by his inwardly genetics, but by his inwardly spirit.

>If you had bothered fully reading what I provided instead of knee-jerkingly rejecting it after the first few sentences, you would've come to this conclusion as well.

I read all of it (mostly, some of it just dragged way too fucking long about nothing). It was a bunch of conjecture by a single person on some site I have never heard of and looks like it was made by a schizophrenic. There is not a single genuinely accredited anthropologist who would support this theory, even less than the amount of credible sources for blacks ruling Egypt. Your "evidence" all comes from the same site, they cite almost no sources beyond misinterpreted bible verses and view everything within a modern racial lens.

>The problem is that you don't realize it due to differences in language, including the difference in what was meant what one said the word 'man' or 'mankind'.

But this tradition then would've been kept, in some way, if it was actually true. But it wasn't because it never existed. This linguistic difference is noted nowhere. The Greeks were supremacists of their culture, but willingly accepted those who became Greek.

>provided you actually do the research and don't reject things out of hand because you naively believe that the same ones who lied about the holohoax would for some odd mysterious reason tell the truth about the bible and their own heritage.

I'm sorry I don't believe that the foundations of my religion were somehow suppressed moments after it's beginning and was kept together in a grand conspiracy involving every single major Christian institution for the entirety of their existence and also through the fact they accidentally kept no records of this whatsoever, and that the truth also somehow contradicts the same scripture it supposedly originates from, and also all the metaphysics behind the religion. That's just a bit different than the number of people that died during a war in labor camps being inflated and exaggerated.



Considering that this thread has been nothing but a christfag and a robot entangled in a pissing match for the past 2 days, I would be grateful to you for a change of pace.



All men, in the context of the ones who WROTE IT, doesn't refer to niggers and other nonwhites. They were not considered to be 'man' by the ones who wrote it and spoke it at that time in history, which is the meaning that matters.

Next, the churches have gotten some things right but many things wrong, considering that they were dominated for most of their history by a man who proclaimed himself to be a stand-in for God (the pope), and afterward by organized clergy which isn't spoken of in scripture at all.

Next, the Greeks, Iberians, and so forth are provably descended from the ancient Israelites for the most part, and other White Adamic peoples for the rest. This is provable in the links I provided which you neglected to research at all. If proof is provided to you, and you reject it without reading it, then you're behaving foolishly.

Next, regarding Romans 2:28-29, circumcision was a ritual of the Judahite law, and Paul is writing to say that it's not necessary for the lost sheep of the house of Israel to follow this ritual since they're spiritually equivalent even without it.

Next, the site I'm linking to provides sources to countless ancient historians. It cites everything.


>no accredited anthropologist

No shit, the modern fields of anthropology and archeology are dominated by kikes who skew what everyone sees by forcing it to be viewed through their own biased lense.

I provided you evidence and you chose to reject it because, according to you, the source isn't mainstream or accredited, and likewise say that because mainstream denominations have rejected it, it must therefore be false.

And lastly, you say that it 'views everything through a modern racial lense', not recognizing that the ancients didn't even consider niggers to be part of 'man' at all.

Rejecting something because the source seems outlandish or non-mainstream, even when the source provides countless historical citations and proofs, is the height of retardation.



This is going nowhere. I'm gonna reply once more, but neither of us is ever going to agree with the other.

>They were not considered to be 'man' by the ones who wrote it and spoke it at that time in history, which is the meaning that matters.

I just don't see any proof of that in your sources at all. There was never really a point in antiquity where anything like that seems to have been indicated from my understanding. Race was understood as differences of people from different climates effecting their general personality, but not that Middle Easterners, or Asians in general, were considered subhuman, for instance.

>This is provable in the links I provided which you neglected to research at all.

I read it, anon. It was a bunch of stretches based on misunderstood bible verses and not much beyond that. No genuine historical records, just pure bullshittery the kind of which is common on these kinds of crackpot conspiracy sites. I've been into conspiracy theories for a long time, and I know how and when to tell one that's full of shit.

>circumcision was a ritual of the Judahite law, and Paul is writing to say that it's not necessary for the lost sheep of the house of Israel to follow this ritual since they're spiritually equivalent even without it.

You still are ignoring the point of that verse, and all the others I posted. But you'll just dismiss that as a linguistic difference, of course. One that has never been noted or recorded by anyone other than you and your site.

>Next, the site I'm linking to provides sources to countless ancient historians. It cites everything.

It literally does not. There are countless uncited statements, and one of the few I found that was cited, was from the discredited "The Thirteenth Tribe" which was found to be in direct contradiction with the genetic studies of the haplogroups of Jews, which proved they were at least Middle Eastern and primarily Khazar in origin. The Khazars were later Jewish, but that doesn't really prove anything.

>according to you, the source isn't mainstream or accredited, and likewise say that because mainstream denominations have rejected it, it must therefore be false.

No, I reject it foremost because it is illogical and contradictory to Church History, Biblical metaphysics, Christian spirituality, and the Bible itself. How would this theory even manifest? What percentage white do you have to be, how is that determined, how does your race affect your spirit, do other races have spirit, and if they do what happens to them? How does a Universal God who is all good create a people with a spirit specifically meant to be damned for all eternity, and if they do not have spirits how are they capable of higher reasoning and spirituality above that of animals? How does any of this fit in with scripture that is clearly universal?

Regardless of those questions, you still continue to ignore the metaphysical problems and contradictions to logic.

>not recognizing that the ancients didn't even consider niggers to be part of 'man' at all.

Even if that's true (it may very well be), that doesn't account for Asians, Native Americans, and North Africans. And even if that is true, that doesn't make change the spiritual contradictions, just because some of the ancients did not consider other races as humans (never mind that their concept of race is completely out of line with own, particularly of white identity which did not exist at all as Greeks saw themselves as entirely separate from others, as did the Romans, and the Iberians, etc.), does not mean that that is true of the spiritual component of Christianity.

I'm getting bored of replying, and this is going nowhere. You can reply again, but I probably won't.


File: 2ae95cf403c2805⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 807x659, 807:659, L9MlEPw.jpg)

Tbh, i am tired of aryan and christ anon discussion.

It's only bidirectional and keeps other from posting feels, which the intent of the FTDDTOT.

Really, this non relevant posts to the thread are getting tiring.

The FTDDTOT is nuked, the "i don't enjoy anime" is nuked.

Really, I come here only to get in touch with other robots. If i want what /r9k/ is heading into recently, I would have gone to /b/ and /pol/ instead of being disapointed by the current state of this board.



Fair enough. I'll not respond to his latest post and we'll leave it at that.


File: d2732e5b24b3770⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 753x705, 251:235, 167e692b8439b566fc5a3be588….jpg)


Agreed. This is my favorite board, but good threads get derailed here too often. This shit's been going on for nearly 3 days now. I just wanted to share some feels.


I've so fucked myself up with all the possible blackpills and primordial truths that I cannot recover, simply forget and live on. Intrusive thoughts, intrusive images. Fucking hell.

For example, seeing females on the streets, in the mall or even pictures of them online gives me terrible anxiety. Even female characters in games or anime make me nervous, as if my body expects some sort of backstab. Not only that, but the same goes for politics and the state of the world we live in. Should I think about my country or even about my continent, I get nasty images of degenerate modernity and I lose all will to live. The information I possess thanks to the internet is killing me slowly but surely.

In addition to an ever-lasting depression that makes my existance quite unpleasant. Escapism doesn't help anymore. Thinking about the rope more often.



Yeah, but that's why we don't namefag here. It isn't personal, and you can laugh at your own roast. Besides, if anyone here were successful in the search for a female before accepting the true robot life and eschewing females they wouldn't be here.


File: 3551cb28af46750⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 512x448, 8:7, baddudes-In the name of th….gif)

Why are normgroids only capable of talking about sex, how they scored sex, their long-live relationship with sex, defending women only because their vagina, and basically be beta bitches that indulge in the pleasures of the flesh?



Sex is a drug, they're literally addicted and can't get off, so they have to keep talking about it to give themselves a minute high and remind themselves how good it feels. It's like heroin addicts constantly begging for another shot.



>Why do normgroids always talk about sex?

>Why can't normgroids plan for the future?

>Why are normgroids so impulsive?

>Why are normgroids so violent?

It's because normalcattle still have brains stuck in the fucking paleolithic era. We had a nice chat about the NPC meme and the scientific basis behind it, normalcattle lacking an inner voice and all. This is a symptom. They don't think before they act, they just do whatever the pleasure center of their brain says to do because that's the result that, in a natural environment, will produce the most likely chance of survival and procreation. They're controlled by their fucking lizard brains.


File: 08dc1f67fe8cfb7⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1458x813, 486:271, schizoid.png)

Today was Valentine's Day, didn't even feel sad about it at all and somehow that makes me feel even worse.

Feel so jaded and apathetic, even if I met my dream girl I would just let her slip by. Can't even fantasize about what I would say or do.

Think somewhere along the way lost the ability to feel things. Can move myself to tears sometimes but inside is always the same, completely empty and stoic.

Anyone else the same?



>Think somewhere along the way lost the ability to feel things. Can move myself to tears sometimes but inside is always the same, completely empty and stoic.

I almost always feel a hollow emotional response to my surroundings, but every once in a while something completely innocuous will render me to a sobbing pitiful mess. But my inner emotional state is just as you described, I'll be crying but on the inside there's nothing. It's weird.



In the past Valentine, Christmas etc. felt cathartic. Like, my life is so wrong, boo-hoo… Now I don't care and even forget they exist. I guess it comes with age.


File: c76d286e1bf217f⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1277x770, 1277:770, pain.png)


It's weird, outwardly when there emotions, there's nothing in the inside; yet on the rare occasion there's something inside, just stare at the wall with a blank expression, like I'm unable to even move.

Seems the more time goes on, the more dissociative I become. Probably some mechanism to deal with the loneliness or something. I barely even feel anger anymore, or anything; on the bright side, I'll have an easier time becoming an ascetic one day.



File: 3130245f98d8164⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 597x509, 597:509, 1423428830273.jpg)


>that list

oh fuck


I notice some robots here are complaining about this thread saying they are sick of the religion talk blah blah, well I will be happy to break this shit up because I got some hardcore fucking robot feelings to puke all over your eyeballs. I started at a call center and today would be the end of my 2nd day, and the normalfags are already getting on my fucking nerves. I'm sandwiched between an ex-con felony nigger babboon ape-man who went to jail for 3 years because he locked some 17 year old up in his trunk for "stealing his shit" and on the other side of me is some 61 year old nigress who is coughing and hacking up her disease all over me all goddamn day. She coughs into her hands and I can feel her virus breath splashing into my air and eyes, I'm a healthy robot and don't think her weak nigger sickness will affect me though.

>If you're a retarded robot who doesn't know how to contain your sickness let me tell you. Cough into your arm or underneath your clothing.

My training class is filled with fat disgusting women who like to flatter themselves with such things as

>I'm 31 but every one says I look 10 years younger TEE-HEE!!!

It's fucking disgusting because this bitch looks beat up from the feet up. Seriously TORE UP FROM THE FLOOR UP.

And shes not even the worst looking. I have to sit through "modules" all day for 8 1/2 hours straight listening to cucks/cuck calls so I know how to talk to my clientele and it makes me wish I ate 2 cans of beans so I can fall to the floor and shit all over myself so I can go home with out getting fired.

I have much more feelings than this but I don't want to monologue on you bastards. Just be grateful you don't have to be stuck in a room for the next 6 weeks with these pieces of shit normalcattle. It's deafening.



>impervious to other's emotions

Yep, I'm definitely not schizoid. I feel my own emotions with the intensity of a quasar, to the point of total emotional exhaustion, and I'm highly empathetic.


I've been feeling worse than I usually do recently. I thought I was already getting desensitized like the older robots but earlier this week I started to feel terrible and for some odd reason I started thinking about some girl I had a big crush on. I don't really understand why though. While we would hang out a good amount in senior year of highschool I only knew her for a year and a half. She never liked me back so I don't get why I'm so saddened



I never thought for a moment that there weren't wageslaves here, this isn't about them though this is about MEEEEEEE AND MY FEELS quit being a faggot in a feels thread and dish your horrible call center experience or GTFO and shit up another thread.



>I have worked at a call center for a year maybe like 10 years ago for 12 hours per working day for $150 per month.

That's not something to be proud of, you got royally fucked over you dumb faggot.


Just learned my father is dying from heart failure and at best has a few days to live.

Feeling kind of empty and numb.



Even if he's not fully conscious, you better go be there with him wherever he is.


File: 36158c0f970daf1⋯.jpg (205.72 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ancient_incelistan_barren_….jpg)

File: b8bca1f8d00b55a⋯.jpg (88.27 KB, 1000x697, 1000:697, incel_shaman.jpg)

some lore from ancient incelistan


File: a4da72e90863c5b⋯.png (259.96 KB, 439x480, 439:480, e45f375eeaa6ab1637315b7ba0….png)


This is the first time I have ever been described by one of these 'disorders' with such acute accuracy. Shit.



>believing in (((personality disorders)))

Those are not clinical features. Those are signs that you are not a shitty soulless neurotypical.


File: a09bd886a6c48e2⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 167x200, 167:200, 1352876844296.gif)


Humility is sometimes sobering, we're all anonymous, you aren't the first or last guy to talk about their crush, the thread has become about Christianity, just fucking tell us mate.


File: 1444a5376abfaea⋯.png (214.79 KB, 431x567, 431:567, 1444a5376abfaeaaa224195410….png)

I'm so fucking bored I don't know what to do


File: 1333e6339d85b68⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 41121124_p0 - ちびキャラ.jpg)



I don't think I'll ever figure out if these charts are just broad as shit or if I really do have such disorders.



Why talk about "hardcore feelings" and "be grateful" than?


I am not proud of it.



Actually I visited him this morning and then this evening. My mother made it out worse than it was, his condition improved from this morning and the doctors are actually trying to help and are giving him special medication. It still doesn't look good but it is a far cry from the absolute death that was implied this morning.


File: a2fd1c475b02f8d⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 256x197, 256:197, 33511602a5a0fa5eb1ff0233b2….jpg)





I would like to warn you all that this personality disorder bullshit meme is the same exact self-pitying, self-diagnosing, snowflake BS that'll turn us into tumblr9k 2.0 if we let spread.

Those (((personality disorder))) descriptions are made to be vague and apply to a lot of people the same way horoscope personalities are made to just describe literally everyone so that you can buy into the fad, and this case buy into the (((therapy)))



Not him, but I figure while he's staying silent I'll tell about this crush I had in highschool.

>new girl transfers to our school about 2 months into the year

>is nice to everyone including me

>I stupidly mistake her kindness for actually being interested in me

>I keep on telling my friends I'll ask her out

>two assholes who I don't like, but are friends with one of my friends overhear it and bet me $5 (each) that I won't ask her out by the end of the year

>take the bet, I'm not that much of a pussy

>I never ask her out

>don't plan to pay up on the bet but the two assholes corner me on the last day and I end up giving it to them

The end.

If I ever see either of them again, with God as my witness I'll beat them into a coma and steal their wallet.


File: 42831b3a7b864c2⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 704x400, 44:25, Satou.jpg)

There was an "attack" in aurora. My parents are watching the news and following the story with great concern while I'm sitting here laughing and commending him for how many people he got. Jesus christ, what have I become ? These are serious events that happen, yet I act like its just some sort of joke.



He mentioned the call center as background detail. I really don't think the intent was to boohoo about the type of work it was but just to share a story about normalfags being shitty as usual which is pretty typical content for here.


There's 8 billion people on the Earth. Not even being edgy when I say I don't have the time in the day to give a shit about all of them. Do you feel bad for every corpse in a cemetery when you pass by? No, and nobody expects you too. Same difference just without the news cameras. What was the score?



Killed five cops and wounded several others. The news won't say how many he injured.


File: 0214427af5dc9bb⋯.png (121.77 KB, 640x534, 320:267, BASED black man.png)



He killed five of his coworkers, not five cops.



>Actually feeling remorse for anyone involved

I shiggy diggy.




Anon, there aren't that many humans on earth. Niggers make up a huge chunk of the population and they aren't human.



If we assume that they make up 3/4 of the world population that's still something like 2 billion humans.


File: 1b1f70e1c2602e6⋯.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1b1f70e1c2602e6d2951403a2c….gif)


>I'm sitting here laughing and commending him for how many people he got

Don't feel bad anon, I do this too. A normalfag snapped and killed a handful of other normalfags, and I'm supposed to feel bad about it? Western society has become so backwards and convoluted that it's only a matter of time before things reach a breaking-point. It's kind of like watching a seagull swoop down and snatch a fish out of the water in a nature documentary, you don't really feel good for the bird or bad for the fish, it's just fun to watch nature take it's course.


File: 40aeeba586337e1⋯.jpg (252.08 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ancient_incelistan_frozen_….jpg)


>The brave cult had slain the beast and claimed their prize but paid for it with many brothers. To replenish their ranks, incel cults would take cucks as slaves. Through forced labor and a soy-free diet, some of the cucks' mouths would slowly close until they became acceptable as new initiates; those too pathetic to improve would naturally die off.




this is some serious cuckchan shit.


This board has become severely less comfy since BO started deleting every funpost thread, and even individual posts he just doesn't like. I don't remember it being that strict around here until very recently, the rate he deletes shit is probably worse than /a/'s "quality control". Cuckchan is full of tranny normalniggers and women, wizchan is dead and the moderation is infiltrated, and now this place is shit as well.



Did you just get your shitpost deleted or something? This isn't the meta thread you know.



All the recent deleted thread consists of 2 unintelligible sentences.

If you make more thoughts in your thread while complying with the boards rule, BO would not delete it.

Sage because this belongs to the meta thread.


Touhou, somehow, has ceased to appeal to me. Something's gone wrong. I'm also losing interest in grindy private server mmo's. I can speculate as to what caused this unexpected change in tastes but all it would be is speculation. The idea of video games still appeals to me, but the games themselves I now find somewhat bland. I mentioned 2hoo specifically as losing its appeal because I just watched a webm about it that seemed retarded to me, but which I know I thoroughly enjoyed 1-2 months ago when I first viewed it. I also find myself with more interest in books than I previously had. Not much mind you, but more than I used to have. Pardon the blogpost, but this is the thread for blogposting and I thought that if I wrote this out I might make a little sense of whatever's going on. I do enjoy the changes somewhat, as books are a markedly more useful to spend time for myself than the video games were, but the suddenness of the changes are very concerning and I'm not sure where it'll end up, this being quite new.



That said, I'm manually downloading every episode of an animu I enjoy in HD so that taste hasn't changed at least, I just never thought I'd find the concept of 2D girls fighting girls retarded.



>I don't remember it being that strict around here until very recently

We've been getting a lot of normalfags blowing in from cuckchan recently, so it's a necessary measure.

>Cuckchan is full of tranny normalniggers and women, wizchan is dead and the moderation is infiltrated

The BO's deletion of those shit threads and posts is precisely why we haven't become like cuckchan or wizchan. We don't have fags, trannies, or women because this place stays strict. If BO sat back and let you have every "funpost" you wanted, you would more than likely be here complaining about how this place if full of shit threads. If you really wanted to shitpost and derail threads, then why not go to a board you don't care about, rather than trying to disrupt a board you supposedly like for cheap laughs? Seriously, fuck off.



The brain demands variety.

You will come back to vidya later, for now enjoy the reading. There are some really good suggestions in the literature thread.

I enjoy frankenstein and lovecraft. Gonna try some Tolstoï.


File: f9774e3fe290626⋯.jpg (55.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 372.jpg)

>its not our fault, it's yours for denying the reality of life

They wonder why I don't have lunch with them



>BO should be more lax in moderation so this place becomes like cuckchan and wizchan

Maybe you should just go back.



What the fuck are you even on about? Is english your first language or are you just a retard with no reading comprehension? If you worked at a call center 12 hours a day for $150 a month you must be a fucking nigger from africa or a chink from china.




>> 302286 (You) denied for rudeness

I really, really enjoyed these tbh. Excellent art style, vibrant characters, rich mythology. May I please save them?



I am an R1a eastern slav.


I just found this story on the web:


it is in german but thanks to google translate you can read it anywhere on world


>i was a model child

>good in school, doing sports and playing instrument

>however, my problem was that I was into bad boys

>the one I fell for was a meth dealer

>he abused me and treated me like shit

>after I found him fucking around with another girl we quarreled

>one day he put drugs in my lemonade and raped me

>I got pregnant as a result of it

>bf gets jailed for a failed drugs deal

>my parents told me to abort, I did not want

>when he comes out of jail we will be happy family

>show bf my baby, he tells me to fuck off and never ask for money

>seperate with parents

>live on government money

>got a kindergarten place for my child to do so

>try to redo school but failing

>my days consist of eating, watching tv and smoking

>my best friend from school abandonned me

>she is travelling the world with her bf

>the guy I made fun of for being a beta faggot

>while I ruined my life

I find it fascinating

no matter how many clear red flags there are, these stupid cunts still believe they are in some Romeo and Juliet story.


File: 83fa376eeceef0a⋯.jpg (32.18 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 83fa376eeceef0a2870ec8ee4f….jpg)


>he abused me and treated me like shit

>after I found him fucking around with another girl we quarreled

>one day he put drugs in my lemonade and raped me

>I got pregnant as a result of it

>bf gets jailed for a failed drugs deal

You know what I think am going to be grateful for having such a boring life



>however, my problem was that I was into bad boys

>the one I fell for was a meth dealer

It's like they pretend they have zero control over who they go for, nevermind that arranged marriages existed once and were very prevalent because you get a rational choice in the matter of attraction, you aren't doomed by looking at the wrong person one time.



>covert schizoids

they don't actually exist, the entire concept was made up by a single psychologist and is only recognized by him

the covert is closer to avoidant than anything



>these stupid cunts still believe they are in some Romeo and Juliet story.

Believing in romeo and juliet type stories isn't that bad compared to the fact that they believe drug dealers and bad boys are their romeos and can't stop chasing them, even when they're being abused by them.

Frankly, it's almost comical at this point.



I can understand how letting your pussy override your brain leads to very bad decisions on who to fuck, but how could she seriously expect to be "happy family"? I mean what does she expect him to do, stop dealing meth and get a job at mcdonalds? I just honestly don't comprehend the future she was envisioning here. Also after being with someone that long you would have some understanding of their personality, like whether they want to quit their current career or if they're happy with it. It really makes no sense to expect them to change when they don't want to in the first place. Or is she just utterly delusional and thinks she's such an angelic princess that he's madly in love and will change for her… But he clearly isn't, he beats her lmao.

And also, why is he raping her if they're already fucking? Like, for variety or did she nit put out? If she wasn't fucking him after all this time she's got some nerve getting mad at him getting other puss.


File: 755f621e3e2b9d0⋯.jpg (252.69 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ancient_incelistan_tyrone_….jpg)


thank you, yes of course

have more

>After the long cold journey across the Frozen Heights only two cucks remained. The weakest had died of exhaustion and another froze. The survivors were offered initiation into the cult. One accepted but the other complained of misogyny; the heretic's only possible fate was now the Tyrone Pit.

>Four slaves were taken but only one would survive to initiation. Such is the harshness of the ancient world. Despite being friends before they were enslaved, the new initiate was tasked with assisting in the execution of the heretic. This would prove his loyalty to the cult.

>The new initiate was given purple robes, signifying his transition from the blue pill to the redpill. Further ascension would allow him to wear red robes, but only a full cult member who had accepted the whole truth of the blackpill and its prophet could wear black robes. There were many incel cults at the time in Ancient Incelistan with their own ranks, rituals, copes and attire; this jaw bone cult is but one of them. Legends tell of others whose cults formed around copes such as height, gymceling, martial arts, various mystical practices and other establishing traditions. Many are now lost and only survive in esoteric myths if at all. The incel cults were generally friendly when they crossed paths and worked together.

>In addition to serving as a ritual execution grounds for incel cults, the Tyrone Pit also played an important role for the soy village to its south. Occasionally the villagers would travel to the pit and willingly offer themselves to it in a grand act of virtue signaling in front of an audience. They may have done this as a cleansing ritual for their family's honor, for example if they had commit a microaggression or accidentally manspread while sitting.


File: 24c3a38da86a896⋯.jpg (239.82 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, MI2Pf2H.jpg)


Your writing is pleasant to read










The funniest thing about it is that, despite her knowing she fucked up, she's still complaining that her parents are annoying because they are so preachy about her being retarded.

Giving women rights is the end of any civilization.



No, not samefag.

You are free to not like his posts, I don't understand your point.

polite sage because off topic.



> talking with leftie

> Why do you people think polygamous relationships is no go? It seems you just can't overcome your jealousy.

> When sex, money, living together and possible kids are involved, you can't just be like buddies, you need to share life, be devoted. You can't have such exclusive relationships with more than one person. That is what makes it significant.

> Not an argument

I know that talking with leftie was a bad idea in the first place, but I am still sad due to all this cuckoldry in modern society.



<It seems you just can't overcome your jealousy.

But isn't jealousy the argument for polyamorous relationships; that people aren't made exclusive from others or (((free love)))?

Polygyny (one man, many women, opposed to polyandry, aka hypercuckoldry) is fine. Women are property, like houses, cars, etc, and people can have more than one house or car. There will be a lot of women to spare when all the Chads are killed in hypothetical Beta Uprising.



Both polygyny and polyandry are degenerate kike trash and have no place in a healthy society.



File: cab0ed4a300e293⋯.jpg (446.83 KB, 1242x1231, 1242:1231, ancient_incelistan_frozen_….jpg)


thank you anon

the lore has now inspired others to create their own art, pic related not my OC

>that one is about the cult's passage through the frozen heights, one of them faltered and took the blue pill



File: 1a385e948789d33⋯.png (35.47 KB, 656x656, 1:1, betauprising.png)


>There will be a lot of women to spare when all the Chads are killed in hypothetical Beta Uprising.

This is definitely going to happen.



>degenerate kike trash

Polygyny, as I said, is fine. All that really matters is the circumstances. If we want to talk kike trash, (((they))) pushed monogamy in European cultures that didn't previously had it (Greeks and Romans are the exception). You think robots (or whatever was the equivalent back then) was any better off? Monogamy is also fine, but does it work for our purposes? I'm speaking under the assumption we had the say in things; there is no point to this entire discussion if we act as how it currently is. If we were the deciding factor, why would we limit ourselves to one wife if a robot wanted more?


>This is definitely going to happen.

Not with that attitude, it won't. You're overestimating normalfag competence. We don't even need to do anything super direct to cause chaos.



>There will be a lot of women to spare when all the Chads are killed in hypothetical Beta Uprising.

<killing off genetically-superior males because you can't get any coochie



top cuck



>monogomy is kiked

>polygamy isn't

Are you actually retarded or merely pretending?

The only way a society can remain stable and actually prosper is with monogomy. It was the standard for most ancient societies with the exception of some nobles and kings who had harem-like structures. And those same nobles and kings were the most easily subverted by court jews and the like.

No one pushed monogomy on Europe, rather it's an inherently European value.

Seriously now

>hurr durr I think I should have a bunch of wives

>i'm totally a robot btw

Get out.



Sage for doublepost, guess I should specify ancient EUROPEAN societies, so some nigger doesn't screech about muh arabs and shit.


File: 8d728b100449678⋯.gif (888.39 KB, 450x252, 25:14, what.gif)


>The kikes pushed monogamy onto Europeans

>Except for onto the only two greatest of the European cultures

This is some big-brained shit right here, nigger.

>Monogamy is also fine, but does it work for our purposes?

I haven't read such a jewish sentence in a long while. No thought about morality or decency, just whether or not it's useful.



monogamy is better for the civilization because it rewards those who work and contribute to the society. the reason why there are more robots now is partially caused by the fact that the society has started to shift to polygamy where the top chads fuck the most of women.


I'm tired of being angry. Not because anger itself hurts me, but when I get angry it's obvious and my mom always thinks I'm angry at her. I tell her I'm angry at this or that thing, but still she thinks I'm taking it out on her even when I'm not even speaking to her. I could yell at a game or something and she'll think I'm yelling at her for some reason. I know if she understood it wouldn't be an issue, but I still feel like shit because she does a lot to take care of me and basically enables me NEET-hood.


File: e643b949ae2c6ae⋯.jpg (137.26 KB, 600x450, 4:3, big dick and car.jpg)


I am actually a chad, robots are nothing but a slave class without masters who have cognitive dissonance who think they can overthrow my kin but call themselves betas. Your day will soon come, virgin.




I hate the fact that no one can ever just believe or think something is true anymore. Instead, every opinion is taken to be indicative of some psychological trauma or concealed perversion that forms the sole source of one's thoughts and beliefs. Funnily enough, the fags that argue like this never realise that this way of thinking can be applied to anyone and anything, themselves included.

Psychoanalysis was a mistake.



Same situation except I don't feel bad when mummy incurs my rage. She's half the reason why I am the pathetic specimen I am today, so I see it as the bitch getting her just deserts.



I agree. What I meant when I said it was psychoanalytical was that they use seemingly psychological terms to insult your character and thus try and win the argument by default.e.g. You think whoring around is bad not for some real reason, but because you "can't get laid", "are an incel", "hate women" etc. Conversely, by approving of promiscuous behaviour, they can pretend that they're one of the few people that actually benefit from it.

I think it's just a more subtle ad hominem. If they just called you a prick, then they would look childish. However, if they call you jealous, an incel etc., they still manage to insult you while ostensibly being polite, intelligent, and (((woke))). Basically, I think it's a slimy kike tactic for fags that don't have an argument.


File: ddd073ae961e5c0⋯.gif (3.05 MB, 500x281, 500:281, aces.gif)

my father just told me he'l support me being a neet forever.



>While they themselves do not engage in sexual intercourse due to their low position in soical hiererchy.

I think that it also has to do with them wanting to have sex with loads of women but never getting the chance to sleep with more than a few. I forget what it was from, but I have a vague memory of there being a comedy bit where a guy convinces his wife to get into an open relationship and then he gets nobody, and his wife sleeps with like 20 guys, then he wants to end the open relationship.


I'm fucking done working. Everyone can go fuckthemselves (sorry), but I'm done caring. Waiting to die. What little money I had I thought I would give it all to my mum to help her out. I thought I would be a chartiable Christian, I thought maybe I might get some gratitude and be allowed to save some money in the meantime. But it wasn't ever enough. Sometimes lump sum payments of nearly a grand in a fortnite. Not enough even though I only make 360 a month if I'm lucky. Fucking cries when I should be the one fucking crying. I'm trying to improve my job prospects by saving for a car but she won't let me. Only thinking about what she wants now. I miss a weeks "board", threatens to kick me out and repeatedly says I never help her and that I'm stingy. I've given her over the last 5 months close to 5 grand. Still I apparently do nothing while I'm sweating my guts off at a side job and then dealing with little autistic shits. Says to me that I need driving lessons before she will teach me, money that I didn't need to spend. I've done my lessons but now its still not enough and that she won't supervise me. Says I need to stop relying on others so much. Fucking mental thinking, I need a supervisior to get my P plates for fuck sake. I hate having a Bi-polar mother, I get screamed at over nothing constantly and it won't stop. I tell her to shut the fuck up and she's straight onto "I'm calling the cops and your boss, you meed help anon". Belittles me for reading the Bible, says I'm crazy. If it wasn't for the Bible, I would be swinging from a rope right now. She doesn't get it. She only cares about money and not my well being. Only wanted me to rot in university so she could collect welfare. I was only born so she could collect wealthfare off me. It never ends. I come home from work sweating like a dog, and all I get is being greeted by is this smug jew asking where the money is! And then I'm told for five minutes about all these bills. Maybe you shouldn't have spent thousands and thousands on plastic surgery and boob jobs. She can see how much it was worth it when she dies. My sisters gives her $100 and she goes on how much of a saint she is. I think she just hates me. I need to leave.



Your mother sounds awful. Is she a professing Christian? None of what you said here seems like what a born again person would do. Not to say that Christians can't sin, just that it's against our nature to. From what you've described your mother revels in making you feel like shit.

That all being said, don't quit too early, if you can get away with not giving your mother any money, you should. She probably won't let you be a NEET from what you've described.



you should cut down on the steroids jeffrey

>big cock and car

but otherwise you are a manlet

see it positive, as a manlet you fit into sports cars



just stop giving her money, after a couple of weeks she'll figure out she needs to fend for herself. You can only gain from this


File: 09369a8109f10ce⋯.png (179.87 KB, 495x700, 99:140, 1546075714528.png)


Im not sure if this belongs in the criticism about anime thread of here, but since this is more of a feel/opinion then an actual discussion of the 2d vaginal jew.

I was looking at some anime pics (not hunting for anything specific on a booru, but just browsing threads and encountering them), and i started to notice something. I never actually notice the face. What I mean by that is when looking at a 3d on the tv, i can notice the facial structure, the cheeks, the "space between the features" so to say. But With anime the face is usually a blur that just connects the features. Maybe its the nature of the 2d perspective, but it feels like the face/head is just a paste that is there to connect the features, like the face is just there because it would be weird to have big eyes, colourful hair, and a soft, rounded smile/mouth animation floating around. I found this curious because it made me think how much of anime design philosophy is to exaggerate and show off parts of the body. I never understood why anime girl heads would be so… Polygonal from the front, and their triangle chins always looked weird to me, but maybe the point was never to make an accurate facial structure, but something that vaguely looks soft, or thin, like a woman's face, while the real focus are the instinctual reactions, the big eyes, the colours, the boobs/nubile body. It reminds me of this small comic i came across, and it made me wonder if the "watching girls exist and do things" or eechi anime are intended to be cattle feed tier, as its a manipulation of simple instincts.

On another feel, I get annoyed a bit whenever i see drawings of females in (((armor))). Its not even armor most of the time but fetish clothing. The artist wanted to draw a woman in a specific era, as a knight or something. But instead just draws a prostitute or a girl in a dress and adds a few metal bits to it. Just draw a girl or a prostitute in a regular dress then, why bother with the metal bits? Is it to try and look more special than the millions of other drawings of girls in dresses? I remember watching some zelda botw mod showcase a while ago and it showed off a mod for replacing lonk with some linkle girl from a spinoff game. I don't think they spent a lot of time on the model since it looked like a differently rounded zelda face, but they converted all the armors and what rustled my autism was how many of them were spaced out to show skin or to emphasize the girl parts. One of the thickest looking armors in the original game was converted into a dress looking thing with pantyhose legs exposed, and one leg having a thigh high stocking with a collar on top. Its almost like the only reason people draw female characters and make female character mods is to satiate their sexual/girl obsessive minds and or to make a spectacle of the female character with flamboyant (lack of a better term) clothing, which is still a kind of addiction/obsession of women. I dont like it as it feels like these artists and modders are just enabling the vaginal jewery implanted into them. "Draw/make more girls, and make em show off the girl parts because i cant get my mind off them". I wonder if they are aware of how they're "sexualizing" female drawings, or if they have developed to think that this is completely normal technique when drawing females, or that you have to draw grills like this (slightly revealing manner) or you're doing it wrong.

Sorry for the ramble



Oh i shouldn't have been so broad, i said all girls are drawn that way when theres many different ways to draw a 2d. I mean to pick on those specific kinds of drawings, im not sure theres a specific kind of genre, but usually when someone makes a "girl version" or something its always sexual in nature.



Why use the term incel for your lore? I guess it fits the theme of killing the modernized version of chad, but it does still sour me



Im Wondering, why is 2hu so big? My only knowledge of it is the shooty arcade game. I assume it got other media adaptions, and maybe im misinterpreting how popular it is, my only social interaction is on boards.



Its time to find a way to create a side pot. From the sounds of it shes not logging how much money your giving her, but just wailing for more. With this you should give her less and save some for you. 60 her, 40 you sounds like a good start, or more to her if she gets suspicious. If its possible try to save up some money for yourself, and bail out of there once you made enough money. Maybe even get your mom in more debt somehow, retribution isnt a sin right.



He won't.


File: 33a557c4db9e9bc⋯.jpg (125.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sfl-jeb-bush-terri-schiavo….jpg)

It takes me 2-3 days to clip all my fingernails. And I always clip some of them too short, which causes my fingertips to hurt for a few days.



I mean, is there a reason for women to even exist, aside from being sex objects?



true, guess it felt to me like sacrificing artistic discipline just so the primitive brain can light up because "hehe i see boobs and panties". also i feel like the vagina wins if men only value/focus on the female in a purely carnal way. i like to think modesty and anti adultry laws came from not allowing women to be degenerate by constricting them, and for men to not enable degeneracy by thinking so much about the carnal aspect of women.



I really don't want to go back to work though, she talks to my boss on messenger about me. She loves gossiping about me. I slammed a pot againts another pot out of frustration and then she tells him I'm tearing the house apart and that I've gone crazy?! Anything I do she runs off and tells him, feels like primary school all over again. I'd rather be poor then deal with this shit. Besides I thought she hated his guts? Its funny how she can just switch like that if it benefits her. She is no christian, if anything she hates them and me.


See she just recently said that and I agreed since I figured it must not matter how much I give her as long as she sees money. Now I come home from work with $360 and she wants it all now. Chucks a fit that a bill is due next week. I give in because I don't know any better. Next week I make $180 and she takes all that too (what happened to $50 a week?). Then she takes $150 from that same week for a TV she persuaded me into buying. Latter that week I say I'm on a deficit and can't afford to spend money and now its "You never help out around here, all you care about it is money, just move out from here". I made a side pot but I bet she's stolen from it before because I've seen her counting the money. She also takes my card and buys shit with it whenever she pleases. I'm taking it off her today and hiding my stash in another place. No more money because I just going to throw it all at the cheapest car I can find and restart again. Maybe that will stop her with the illusion I have all this money to spend.



of course, just run. if you can find another way to get money while also being homeless that would be good right? theres the homeless thread if you need it. see if you cant put more debt onto her. if i know old women (which i dont since i only know mommy, but shes extremely ignorant when i criticize her), they wont change, she'll wail at how you abandoned her with """"""""""""""""""""""your""""""""""""""""""""""""" debt and will probably give you a bad rap to the local area, so might as well dig her putrid grave deeper. even god played heavy handedly, ruining davids sons/lineage because of his sins (iirc)



You're giving her more than rent costs in cheaper areas. I'm in rural Ohio, and you can rent a whole house for $500/month.


File: f219de44ae98ed6⋯.png (140.45 KB, 500x376, 125:94, baby.png)

There is something wrong with my stomach. Every time I eat breakfast I have to poop. sorry if this is too much detail Its gotten to the point where I've stopped eating breakfast on certain days. I don't know whats wrong and I'm too embarrassed to go to a doctor. I've tried eating different foods for breakfast but the outcome keeps being the same. Odd thing is that it doesn't happen when I have launch or dinner, its just at breakfast. Whenever I hold in the breakfast poop I get constipated for the rest of the week.



You drink coffee?



yes but I stopped two weeks ago because I thought it could've been the coffee



That's what I was thinking as well. If you don't have breakfast, does it come with lunch or just with the next day's breakfast? Could just be some odd combo of just getting up and eating that stimulates the bowels. As long as it is of a normal consistency I wouldn't worry much about it.



Porbably stomach cancer.



>If you don't have breakfast, does it come with lunch or just with the next day's breakfast?

It happens during lunch also.



I don't know if I have to go that far, I would like a place of my own eventually to get away from unstable females. I can't imagine marrying a modern female unless its born mute. I going to to talk to my boss about it tomorrow and buy a car off some one I know. Hopefully it drains my bank a bit so I can be poor again and I won't have to hear about all this money I supposedly have.



Try something that works for you to stop it. Some people its ginger beer, others its grated apple skins. I've noticed that if I eat whey protein powder every now and then I don't get the runs from food that usually causes it. Could be nervous poos, are you doing something you don't usually do?



Ideally the reason would be companionship and raising small children. Unfortunately they're shit at the former and they ruin the latter by trying to continue parenting after the kid is a toddler. Fom a certain age, the faher should raise the children and the mother should become nothing more than a housekeeper and cook. This incentivizes the mother to have as many children as possible so she has something to do besides the dishes. Unfortunately we live in a gynocentric world.


Contact the police and let them know that she is stealing money from you. Make sure that they know she's bipolar. Most police seem like decent fellows, they'll understand. But make sure that you get to them first, so your mother can't tell them that you've been witholding rent or something. If you don't have a written contract then I think you should be fine to have her arrested or at least force her to stop stealing from you.

Don't blame me if it backfires though, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. It's the best solution I can think of.


Speaking of our bowels, I have been fighting mine for 4 hours now.

>Wake up at 5 am

>Nausea, stomach discomfort

>Ate too much yesterday, try to sleep it off


>Nausea goes away and is replaced by intense bowel pain

>Cold sweats and fever begin

>Bowel pain radiates clear through my back

>Feel the pain as it moves lower down the intestines following the toxic feces brewing in me

>First wave comes, a quick shot of pure liquid

>Sweet relief, it is now 8 am and I have been awake in pain since 4

>Crawl back into bed

>Pain begins again, worse but moving much, much faster

>Beef stew consistency this time

>Again, relief

>5 minutes away from toilet and it begins again

>Fight this one for a half of an hour, worst pain yet

>Finally comes out explosive

>That has been 20 minutes ago, I have regained enough strength to sit in my computer chair instead of in bed, a lingering cramp in the bottom of my guts is either round 4 preparing the assault or just leftover irritation from prior evacuations

>Second worst diarrheal episode I've had

Here's the tale of the worst

>Grad student

>Professor invites the grad students working under him to an end of the semester dinner party

>This man is a fantastic cook, and I am a fat greedy hog with no shame

>Appetizers, eat probably a quarter pound of Camembert cheese and two pears

>Main course, 12 oz steak finished

>Side dishes, heap up the asparagus, quinoa, and green beans real fucking high

>Desert, chocolate cake, don't mind if I do two slices should be plenty

>Throughout the course of my feast I drink an entire bottle of wine

>Got to party at 6, done eating at 9

>Problems begin at 10

>Have to shit, that's okay I can hold it

>11 rolls around, go to bathroom and piss extreme amount, relieves the pressure and buys me a bit of time

>Midnight, well guys hate to be rude but I'm leaving

>Speed all the way home

>Don't bother closing front door

>Undo pants as I quick shuffle down the hall, the lower body excitation of running is out of the question

>Leave pants on floor, keep underwear on as taking them off would tell my ass it was go time

>Get in bathroom, overtop of toilet and pull down the underwear

>I was right, as soon as they're clear the jet begins firing

>Sit down as I'm shitting

>Forceful enough I can feel it ricochet off the bowl and spatter my ass

>Undersized toilet for my girth, wiener is sitting on top of the toilet seat rather than down in the bowl.

>As soon as bowels are evacuated pissing just takes off

>Can't stop it

>Actually pass out from the strain on my body this unholy shit has caused

>Wake up an hour later in my own piss, ass encrusted with dried shit



Yes, I've been doing a college speech class and I've been forcing myself to go out more.



Yeah, that can be quite stressful. Remember that not everyone has to like you.



Maybe he should prepare everything to bail, move his money to a different bank, cancel his card his mom is using, and record his mom being abusive over several days to show how ungrateful she is. Then call the cops on her for financial and emotional abuse or something. If they look into is and say "oh that sucks pal we cant arrest old ladies just respect your mom lol", then hes already prepared to bail out



What was the aftermath?



Of story two? It didn't clog the toilet likely due to its less than solid consistency and the lack of toilet paper, but I had to flush three times to get it all down. Toilet was a fucking wreck with it even getting up and under the seat. Thankfully most was still contained within porcelain. Got what I could off of me, showered, mopped floors and cleaned toilet, and showered again. Didn't go to classes the next day since I was up until sunrise cleaning. Just threw away the clothes I had on.


File: 1b281b2740dfbc6⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 450x450, 1:1, 1b281b2740dfbc6e1fc18fa477….gif)

My brother is coming into town next week and my mother keeps making me spend time with him because she thinks that I need to "treat him like he's my brother" but the thing is, his wife and daughter are very passive aggressive because my brother is rich. I actually heard his daughter say that we live like poor people. They come in with all of the latest outfits, shoes and gadgets. He pisses me off because he only talks about his daughter or his wife when we hang out and then constantly has to include them despite the fact they don't actually want to do anything but eat at restaurants. I'm just gonna stay in my room the whole time they are here.


My neighbors are neglectful of their dog, right now as I'm typing this, it is 24 degrees F and the dog is a short haired mastiff mix. A breed like that shouldn't be in below freezing temperatures for that long. I took a photo of him from my backyard and will check on him before I leave for work and take another photo as well. I'm not sure what I'll do with this compiled evidence, what I am sure of is fuck those normalfags. I worked with the normalfags nephew at a construction site a couple years back and the little shit says "my uncle just takes his dogs out to the mesa and kills them when he doesn't like them" I thought nothing of it at the time because I figured he was just a young dumb normalcattle trying to talk cool but after careful delineation I suspect it may be true considering I saw a flow of dogs come and go from that house through out the years. Well today is the final straw, I'm going to build a case up against these fucks and make sure they can never own an animal again.

dogs/cats/robots for life niggers.

>insert robot cudding kitty .jpg here.

Why do normalfags get pets just to neglect them? I thought NPC was just a meme.



That's a nice prison your brother built for himself

And sadly the daughter seems to be of the same materialist kind like her mother.

What did he see in his wife worthy of marriage?

>Only talks about wife and daughter

like the beta slave he is.


File: aae55225798313c⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 634x594, 317:297, e555dde82010d1578c77039096….jpg)


Godspeed, anon.

Animal abusers should be hanged.



i would do the same, youre doing nothing wrong anon


File: e244ef3d6f7fef0⋯.png (1.82 MB, 2526x561, 842:187, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw nothing we know and believe is true



>that image

Reminder that the ancient Mediterranean peoples were Aryan, while the modern ones are almost entirely mixed with turks, arabs and Berbers.

Racially, the ancient Meds and Nords were identical. Additionally, ancient Germanic and Celtic civilizations were far more advanced than your shitty ''mudhut" image portrays.


File: d4a94350cc87fc0⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 607x608, 607:608, bull vs cuck.jpg)


>this is what n*rdcucks actually believe


Just found out one of the few friends I had in high school is undergoing a divorce. I wish he had known better than to fall for the 3DPD trap, but he's not somebody I wish harm on for it. Married a girl, had a kid, worked a fulltime job. I wouldn't quite call him a normalfag as he is very detached from social trends, but he was no robot. If you've read Stoner there is a good comparison to be made. Did everything "right" and still got screwed by the whore fucking around. Just a reminder that, even if you do everything textbook, the eternal roast will press your shit in. She didn't drop his last name though which is just salt in the wound I suppose. That brings it to something like 20 roasties in my class not raising their child with the man that fathered it. Literally one roastie is still with the guy who she had a kid with. This will fuck these kids up for life, but not like the roastie gives a shit she gets to continue riding the carousel until she hits the wall. Then it will be men's fault that she doesn't have a decent husband. If any of you still jack off to 3D women, stop. You don't need that infesting your brain.


File: d193e61f09abcec⋯.jpg (273.16 KB, 1584x2220, 132:185, justinian.jpg)


Don't try and talk to nordicists, they take everything up the anus and refuse to believe non-nordics have accomplished anything. They really do have a lot in common with niggers: spend a large portion of history as violent, backwards barbarians and then spend the rest stealing credit for shit they didn't do.

At least nordics accomplished a lot of stuff in the 18th-21st centuries, but then again, most of those shitty advancements ended up ruining humanity in the long run.



>ancient Meds were totally swarthy and just like they are today!


Homer described Hera as having "snow-white arms" and "grey-eyes". Achilles is described as having "red-gold hair". Both in the Iliad near 23:160.

Menelaos' skin under his clothes was "ivory white" and he was called the "red-haired captain", Iliad 4:17-85. Odysseus had "red-golden hair", Iliad 6:159-232.

In Hesiod's Theogeny as well as Catalog of Women, countless Greeks were described as having eyes of blue and green, and many were said to have red or blond hair.

In Homer's 'To Demeter', Demeter is described as "golden-haired".

In his 'To Selene', she's described as having "milky white arms" and "bright-haired".

In 'The Thebaid', Polyneices is described as "golden-haired". Ganymedes (a Trojan) is also described as "golden-haired".

In Aeschylus' various works, the ancient Greeks, Anatolians, and such, were always described as racially Aryan.

And there are countless other examples among ancient Greek writing, not even starting on Roman writings and others.

The Greeks today are largely mixed with turks and arabs. There are still some Greeks who are Aryan, but over 300 years of turkish occupation and direct control in addition to being in immediate physical proximity to th turkish heartland didn't have no effect whatsoever on their population.


File: 3cae986ce2ade80⋯.png (214.21 KB, 512x512, 1:1, maybe if we laugh at it it….png)


>Some of the pagan gods were described with pale skin (which most meds still naturally have) and some lighter features

>that means they were all secretly norweigan and not the dominantly brown-haired and brown-eyed race they are depicted and described as in most artwork and literature

Why am I responding?

To laugh, of course. To point and laugh.



>Meds described their gods in physically idealized ways

>That means everyone met this physical ideal



Being brown- or black-haired and brown-eyed isn't mutually exclusive with being an Aryan - many Aryans have those traits. The difference is that among Aryan populations, there will also be many people with light-hair and blue or green-colored eyes, and this isn't the case for non-Aryan populations, such as those which have fallen to racial mixing.

Second, the descriptions weren't all for gods, you doublenigger. Regular men and women were described as well, such as Menelaus and Achilles. The point is to give clear examples of differences in the ancient and modern Greek populations which you seem unwilling to grasp.

Third, I didn't claim they were Norwegian, but nice strawman. I claimed that the populations of ancient Greece and of modern pure Aryan populations were racially identical, whereas the modern Greek population is heavily - albeit not 100% - mixed with turks and arabs.


See above. Also, it appears you're illiterate also, since my citations only included some gods but also some regular human men and women.


File: 581c00d18338938⋯.jpg (133.2 KB, 1300x924, 325:231, 7541363-the-terrible-skele….jpg)

While back my mother stole from me, but I just realized one of the things my mother stole was my spoopy skeleton mask. Feels bad man. Was a cast of pic related. I always thought it was unique until this slightly meme picture got popular.


File: c7e68c3df80db94⋯.png (159.99 KB, 473x453, 473:453, c7e68c3df80db94fce945d733b….png)

>working retail for the past two years

>8 year hikki prior to that, huge leap forward for me

>did pretty well all things considered. Obviously I was the quiet guy that nobody dared talk to, but was generally respected by the management for being very good at what ever I was doing and getting shit done

>about a month ago my department manager quit in a fit of tears after being bitched out by her higher ups for being an absolute incompetent

>me, summoned by the store manager for an unrelated reason, but the subject comes up and we discuss how things are going to be run until a new DM can be found

>out of nowhere tells me that he'd be willing to recommend me for the position if I were willing

>assume he's fucking with me so I laugh it off

>another manager sitting in the room rotates in her chair to look at me

>they're dead serious, insistent in fact

>explain that this is absurd because there must are more experienced people who could fill the position, I've only been there for a short time

>assured that I would be trained, and that it has already been decided that I am their best candidate 'short of transferring someone over from another store (most of the experienced workers in my department have either quit or moved to different departments since I've been there, so it isn't entirely unreasonable)

>In the end I panic and refuse despite several "are you shure"s

>SM seems genuinely disappointed

>fast forward to today

>new hire DM has no past managerial experienced, literally just some nobody off the street who sent in an application, used to be a min wagecuck at cabelas

>doesn't even know the basics of how things are run

>he'll be undergoing training for the next two months before he assumes the position proper

>tfw I'm the one training him


File: f707650f98937e9⋯.png (31.53 KB, 1186x460, 593:230, 1e8d0ba5fa2e7091e8b0cd6fd0….png)


Would the pay and new responsibilities even be worth taking on a manager position? I've worked in a similar place and the managers were either constantly stressed out at just about everything or just clueless on what to do. I would do the same thing if the pay simply wasn't worth all the work.


File: 6582ef507fc4bce⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 720x482, 360:241, RATTLED.jpg)

File: 7613f498a104d58⋯.jpg (163.02 KB, 985x811, 985:811, rage skeleton.jpg)

File: 1a80721d0abe78e⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 583x439, 583:439, rattle uprising.jpg)


That's just cruel.

Is a man not even entitled to his skeletons in this society?.



That's quite the fuck up, fried. Maybe he'll get fired and you can ask for it. Hang in there. That's gotta be tough. Something like if it happens "I learned my lesson". Probably would work, seems like they wanted you.


Apparently not. My prosthetic skeleton gloves were gone too. I'm headless, handless, and I don't have heck to show for it. What a mean woman.


File: 363a4738c2d85fe⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x240, 4:3, wojak_watching_nukes.jpg)

I just want the nukes to start flying already.


File: b7164ecf91e5de1⋯.jpg (805.46 KB, 1500x1232, 375:308, skeleton gangrape.jpg)



Definitely depends on the pay. Imagine having to look over a bunch of ingrate, insubordinate normalfags all day. Might've dodged a bullet, honestly.


>I'm headless, handless, and I don't have heck to show for it. What a mean woman.

There's only thing to do in such a situation: skeleton-gang-rape the wench.



You posted this before and ignored our advice. I feel no remorse for you.


File: df7e5b91f4b0178⋯.jpg (279.91 KB, 1077x1600, 1077:1600, df7e5b91f4b0178ea69228d974….jpg)

>make comment to parents how I don't actually enjoy work and never will

>massive shitstorm begins

remember lads, never ever say what you're actually thinking



>how you dare not love your slavery?

>we did not place you in this world so you refuse funding our retirement you lazy little shit

parents are the worst

they put you to world without asking, then expect you to be grateful to them. They even want you to worship their asses for providing you with shit they were legally obliged to provide (food, warm bed)



It's quite possible they asked others and those others refused if the promotion involved going from hourly to salary. Back when I worked at a grocery store, countless people blatantly refused to be promoted to a salaried position because it basically made you the company's bitch.



Is it the job you don't like specifically or do you have no desire for worldly possessions? This is important.


File: 189117d78098f7b⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 403x403, 1:1, cot.jpg)

More and more suspecting that my brain's actually rotting, getting more and more airheaded, bad at vidya, dumb, clumsy, even though my diet and exercise is actually better than it was years before.


File: 4a9be0e8b833cde⋯.jpg (150.64 KB, 1202x1600, 601:800, tumblr_inline_oq0q3uJUBz1q….jpg)


Finally after 4 grueling weeks of shit and piss stained underwear I am pure once again. Only that is left to be done is shave and shower this holy Saturday. Not that I have any chance with any of the church QT3.14s, it will be a most pleasant sight to see them once more and forever more.


File: 72ded5240a4c5df⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, brain-on-porn.jpg)


I play minesweeper everyday and it is rare that I beat it once a day. When I was on days 5-7 of nofap I was beating minesweeper no less than 3 times a day.

Nice kitty fren.



>4 grueling weeks of shit and piss stained underwear

Why, anon? Why?




Try taking a break from imageboards and excessive fapping. Go out into the forest (drive to a park if you're a cityfag) and just walk around for the day. Bring lunch and water but no reading material or music unless it's minimalist instrumental. Guarantee it'll clear up your brain fog.



Perhaps it is a form of masochism.



More likely comes from an obsessive compulsive type behavior.



How do you figure?


File: 5ef9375bbd3806f⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 1275x916, 1275:916, spongy.gif)

My mother got bought me an HP pavilion laptop(currently typing on it now) and I've had it for 4 years now. There's a thing that says "Plugged in, not charging," and I don't know what to do. This is my only computer currently and its been the only way for me to write my essays and play vidya. I know its just a matter of time before it shuts off and doesn't come back on. I don't know what to do because I'm a brainlet when it comes to hardware.



>got bought

don't mind my messed up typing, I'm very tired today




I tried this when I first started to have the issue but it still didn't work. I'm debating on whether or not I should buy a new battery but I'm just worried it would just be a waste of money if it still doesn't work.




It's either the battery or the charger, probably the battery if the charger doesn't look torn or worn in any major way. Take it to a store and see if they'll let you check with one of theirs or something, but it's probably the battery.



Can a brain actually self destruct/rot while the person is alive?



Replace the battery, should be easy.



In a way, it's called dementia. Not really rotting but certainly degrading.


File: b0cdd726f49c63a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.4 KB, 375x500, 3:4, Offended22.jpg)



well it can but you'd know if it was happening



My cousin had a issue like this, turned out that the charging port inside the computer broke off its harness or whatever, so the charger wouldn't go in fully. That probably isnt the issue but if it is you'll just need to open the lappy top and superglue or any glue the port back on



Is there a video showing how I can do this ? I don't want to mess anything up.


>sleep all morning and day

>be active all evening and night

Just fucking kill me.

This time I will try to not fall asleep until the next evening comes. It helped me before, it will help me again.



Just go to jewtube and search for the model number of your laptop along with 'disassembly'. Some are easier than others; HP and Acer are the worst, whereas ASUS are notoriously easy, but even 'hard' ones are still not so bad.


While you're dicking with power port go ahead and cut out the microphone and camera. No reason not to at that point.



Staying awake is a dance I know all to well. You know him too. He will not help you because you are chaos. There is a different dance that will help you. But will you seek him? I think not.



i had this problem and it was a driver issue

if you format the battery it should start to charge, but it will likely stop at some point



Nah, fuck that guy, he sounds like some fake artificial idol made up by some faggots



Wouldn't the lazy version of this (deleting webcam and microphone drivers) do the same trick? I doubt any CIAnigger would be able to reinstall these unnoticed, especially when I don't have wangblows 8.1 to 10 or macOS installed.


Also, next time try making the feeteedeetoodtee when the previous thread is close to five posts from bump limit


File: dab36c035926e3f⋯.gif (327.32 KB, 500x353, 500:353, dab36c035926e3f7ec80873c44….gif)

My family throws around the word "Love" but for me the word feels…empty. I can easily tell my parents that I love them but I don't think I've ever felt it or truly experienced the feeling of love. This has made me feel like a bad person and I cannot help it. My parents "love" me but I don't know what it feels like and I don't understand it. I've tried searching for definitions but I've only found bible verses and cheesy responses written by normalfags. Can someone please tell me what it is and how it feels ?

I've been numb for as long as I can remember



My family has never been close, but for some reason my parents have been saying it a lot to me recently. If you find out what it means let me know.



Love is unconditional acceptance or to not falter in maintaining a relationship. Ideally parents "love" their child because no matter what you do or who you become they will always accept you as their son and all that entails.


>but for some reason my parents have been saying it a lot to me recently

They probably think you're suicidal.



Yah, usually its a bunch of screws you have to losen, some cheekily hidden. Then prying off the keyboard, taking off those screws, then prying open the computer itself. But a good way to check if this is actually the issue is to check if your charging port is really loose. Plug your power cord in then wiggle it about.



I think love also entails work. Putting work into someone, some relationship, without expecting anything back, for the growth of that person is all that matters to you. Like teaching a kid a skill or moral. You don't benefit from it, the child might not benefit from it instantly, but you do it all the same, because you know itll make him a better person in the long run


I kill this thread with the power of heterosexuality

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