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File: 297ee9e6fd9dccf⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 730x537, 730:537, 1.jpg)


Good day, dear /r9k/.

At the beginning of my message I would like to apologize if this topic does not belong here and you do not want to read such a long text. I understand that and do not want to disturb the people on this board or bother them with matters they are not interested in.

I am a young man from Western Europe who has long been wondering if we live in a time when more and more people find no meaning and happiness in their lives.

Through various professions, I have come in contact with women, as well as men who have told me of their fate, challenges and problems they are struggling with. By that I mean physical and mental complaints, little money, no family / work / future opportunities or further education and much more. But in almost all of them I have found that they are lonely and have no one to talk to and no one to trust.

In the time as a nursing assistant I had the luck to speak with the older residents for a few minutes. Many lay in bed all day, crying and telling me in the face that they want to die because the family members have no time and / or desire to visit them. For these older people, it was a sign that they were already forgotten.

I experienced the same thing in a psychiatric clinic and while working in a call centre. Not all, but most of them just felt lonely, no longer enjoying life, and after a short time were admitted to depression or suicidal thoughts.

The solution was quickly found for nurses and psychiatrists: psychotropic drugs. I'm not an expert or a doctor, but I think that it does not always have to be medications, but there are other ways to solve such problems.

Even on the Internet (for example, on platforms like YouTube), there are a lot of videos from very young people reporting that they have no social contacts and thousands of boys and girls commenting that they feel the same way.

When I talk to workmates aged 18-26, I get the answer: "My mother / dad is my best friend, otherwise I have no one." and hear that they have already had negative experiences with others at a very young age and sooner or later isolate themselves.

Often they use the term "fake friends" and mention that people only get in touch when they need something. But also bullying can be a reason.

We should help people and not let them down, just because they look or think differently. Mistakes happen, because no one is perfect. That's human nature and absolutely fine as long as we learn from them. But it would be a step in the right direction if we work on our empathy, really understand and accept other opinions and views in life, have true interest and compassion, and do not immediately judge others.

Many of us have a high-speed Internet connection, the latest and greatest full-featured mobile phone, a console with many games, a large computer, expensive cars, big televisions and other material consumer goods, but still most are unhappy, at least in my personal experience.

I see countless people who have hundreds of "friends" on social platforms and present their lives as something special and exciting, but outside the World Wide Web they are completely alone, even on their birthday.

In my childhood and youth (early 90s) we were a group of guys of different nationalities. We fought and beat each other, laughed together a few days later and experienced adventures. The internet was still very expensive at that time and our parents could not afford it. But to be honest, we did not miss anything because we were almost always outside, full of energy, motivation and ideas. A so-called "smartphone", thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and "selfies" were not necessary.

In addition, no website had to notify us when our friends' birthday came.

I'm writing this message to ask if you have similar views and what your opinion is, why the depression and suicide rates are so high these days.

I apologize for my poor English skills and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my message.


File: 73b298d68e642e2⋯.jpg (103.43 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, robb.jpg)


Most people are sad because most nations have become low key mouse utopias. There are only two cures. One would be for a reformer(s) to drastically alter societies. The other is pure destruction followed by rebuildtion. Pure destruction will be the route taken, but it will be very very slow. No one who is living today will live long enough to see a simpler, dangerous, better world. We are on our own as individuals to a great degree, and tribes to a less degree. You better batten down the hatch.



I was ostracized before Internet kicked in. So for me Internet is something to be thankful for. Without it I've never stolen all the software and content to fill my life with something semi-meaningful.


Didn't you post this exact same thread on /pol/


File: 696038c41c296e9⋯.jpg (226.94 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1404716710760.jpg)


>We should help people and not let them down, just because they look or think differently. Mistakes happen, because no one is perfect. That's human nature and absolutely fine as long as we learn from them. But it would be a step in the right direction if we work on our empathy, really understand and accept other opinions and views in life, have true interest and compassion, and do not immediately judge others.

The problem with that is that some people are just objectively incorrect and damaging to themselves and, most importantly, those around them. Not all NEETs are Hedonists, but all Hedonists give NEETs a bad name. It's all very complicated. You have to start getting into the sustainability of birthrates and immigration, materialism and capitalism, and the philosophical nature of man. Most people are stupid and or chaotic.


File: 49bf2c45ffe4351⋯.jpg (490.1 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 2.jpg)

Thank you all for taking the time and effort to read and answer my long message. I really appreciate it.


That's a very interesting point of view.

I agree with you. A tribe does not exist anymore in our modern world.

On the one hand, I see people who have a family, friends, and a job that gives them pleasure and fun, but on the other hand, more and more live in complete isolation, have no more power / motivation to get out of the bed and ask themselves every day what they should do with their lives.

Although I am allowed to live in a country where the standard of living is very high, every person (even without money / work) gets enough food, an apartment and much more, I see more and more who take antidepressants and seek help in psychiatric hospitals.

From my own experience, I can say that most professions made me unhappy in the long term. Granted, working with some of my colleagues was fun and it was a great feeling to earn my own money every month, but nevertheless I felt pretty "empty".

I realized very late what my strengths and interests are, what I really enjoy and what opportunities there are for practicing these professions. Money was and still is important to me, but that alone does not make me happy.


Please forgive me this stupid question, but could you perhaps explain to me what exactly you mean by that? I do not understand the term "ostracized" completely in this context.


Yes, I already published this post on /pol/ last night, because I wanted to reach as many people as possible and assumed that most of them are active there. Unfortunately, my message was removed.

I hope that this is not a problem. Otherwise, I will no longer bother /r9k/ and delete my post.


File: cb50bd79b5a00ec⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 1024x1004, 256:251, 935ee41682c48fd7768467b53d….jpg)


>That's a very interesting point of view.

That's a very polite way of saying you don't fully agree with my sentiments. :)

>On the one hand, I see people who have a family, friends, and a job that gives them pleasure and fun, but on the other hand, more and more live in complete isolation, have no more power / motivation to get out of the bed and ask themselves every day what they should do with their lives.

Ironically families and I guess friends are becoming micro-nations unto themselves, but headless none the less. This phenomena actually makes plenty of sense. I've only overlooked it because it is not ideal.

You are sad. You won't find a comforting face here. If you are only venting, I can say not much more.

You words paint you as a woman, but you say you are a man. Do not take offense. if you are what you say you are, there is nothing wrong with how you are.


File: 157c44c895f59ec⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 600x450, 4:3, sad cat anime tiddies.jpg)


>On the one hand, I see people who have a family, friends, and a job that gives them pleasure and fun, but on the other hand, more and more live in complete isolation, have no more power / motivation to get out of the bed and ask themselves every day what they should do with their lives.

fuck, I thought I was the only one noticing this.

>Although I am allowed to live in a country where the standard of living is very high, every person (even without money / work) gets enough food, an apartment and much more, I see more and more who take antidepressants and seek help in psychiatric hospitals.

>From my own experience, I can say that most professions made me unhappy in the long term. Granted, working with some of my colleagues was fun and it was a great feeling to earn my own money every month, but nevertheless I felt pretty "empty".

I too, share this feel with you.


File: 9526d588e9125a2⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1262x912, 631:456, 20181227_152435.png)

Depression and loneliness are going up because it's becoming increasingly really difficult to ignore just how bad things have gotten. No one makes connections anymore, the nuclear family is dead; true friendship and comradery are dead as well. Those vital connections were stabilizers of man, they gave man a purpose, even if subjective and ambiguous. There was more to explore and more reason to work together, now everyone just wants enough money to get a drug and be comfortable (myself included).

Technology aided in quickening the rate at which isolation occurred. Everything started to become more about instant gratification on a screen rather than true discussion or value. E.g., Jerking off and getting likes on instagram. Technology allowed an unready people to consume and be manipulated to consume by opportunistic greed. People's lives have lost all value, and became a piece of data worth 99 cents a pop. You are categorized with people who like the same things so they can send you the same ads so you can spend the same money, just look at how Amazon runs.

Such a lifestyle dependant on instant gratification is obviously not sustainable outside of a screen. In real life you get no instant gratification, you can't hide, and you can't simply turn off the screen when you don't want to deal with something. This is worrisome because the younger minds already show signs of being ill equipped for life.

Finally, there is sonder, which has gotten decent popularity. It's now common knowledge that most people don't really matter and die off as a nameless nobody in history, this of course includes ourselves. Mixed with the previously spoken breaking down of the nuclear family and close connections, we have become stagnant and find no purpose in it all.

The only people safe from such a depression are the few lucky or the many blinded still by instant gratification.


File: 18e05301756bc94⋯.jpg (87.58 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 3.jpg)


I understand very well what you mean. What do you think would help people who have been isolated from the outside world for several years to participate in "real" life again, if I may ask you purely out of interest?


For the most part, I agree with you, but I also think that every person sees the world differently. Furthermore, it would be pretty boring if each of us were the same (interests, strengths, weaknesses and goals in life), at least for me.

We all know that the world in which we live today is not a fairytale like in a beautiful movie from Hollywood, but for many the opposite. Poverty, isolation, disease, hopelessness, violence, war, pollution, despair, fear, guilt, sadness, depression, etc. I do not want to deny that.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that everyone can find a way to become happier. This is easier said than done, especially if you have had bad experiences in your life. In addition, many are bullied nowadays just because they are e.g. have no nice / perfect external appearance. The modern term for this, according to my information is "Incel".

Merci, I take that as a compliment, if you do not mind. To be honest, though, I'm just a young man in his mid-20s who has been struggling with facial deformities since childhood due to malnutrition.



>true friendship and comradery are dead

I cry


File: bf0e825010ae268⋯.jpg (370.64 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 4.jpg)


Very interesting and excellent written.

Yes, many things are happening on a screen (computer or mobile phone) these days. I remember a colleague at the age of 26, who made several photos before work and during lunch break ("selfies"), to later present them on social media platforms. She was on her own in real life, but on the internet she received countless messages from men interested in meeting her. As an addition, regular likes on Facebook and Instagram. However, my colleague looked very sad because she was aware that most people are likely to be interested only in sexual intercourse and there is no man who truly cares about her.

I think modern technology is not fundamentally bad / negative. It always depends on how we humans use these tools. But it is very easy to become dependent on it because the world outside is no fun for many.


File: 9ae87953afd7db1⋯.jpg (16.6 KB, 222x293, 222:293, ricky horrible face.jpg)


>true friendship and comradery are dead as well.

Sometimes I wonder if they really even existed, at least for modern times.

>This is worrisome because the younger minds already show signs of being ill equipped for life.

this. I see it/know it first hand, and I worry.

But what can be done?



Wow, you really sound like Ricky..




>Wow, you really sound like Ricky..

Would sound just like him if I put in more swear words.



>Sometimes I wonder if they really ever even fucking existed. Like, at least for modern times or whatever..

>This.. I see the kids minds like, they just don't get shit, and it's hurting my brain cause I care and shit like that, and stuff.


File: c42db87e6f05d85⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 480x361, 480:361, it's a terrible situation ….jpg)


>tfw you're almost as unprepared as the kids, if not just as unprepared as them



Well insinuated



> what exactly you mean by that?

Being outcast, what else. Peers think that you are weird and obscure, father doesn't care about you, mother overprotects you. Regular shit which leads to retreat to the world of fiction.


It's important not to confuse your own difficulties with universal truths. Normies today are probably less lonely, because internet allows them to communicate more easily. Studies claim depression and loneliness is slightly higher, but this could easily be explained by whining about muh mental health problems being fashionable nowadays, psychs trying to justify their own existence and companies trying to sell antidepressants. It makes more sense to me that rates of reporting these issues have gone up, instead of people magically becoming sad in a world of unprecedented comfort and peace, or lonely despite more people than ever and connectedness thanks to the internet.

For us robots these things are hollow, because we want meaningful communication, and norms are incapable of it. But let's not assume that norms have the same dissatisfaction that we feel. A pig is happy to roll in mud.

I grew up without the internet, and even in my late teenage years internet use was extremely uncommon. Facebook came out when I was in college. So I've experienced normies before social networking, and even a little bit before texting. They were just as shallow back then, most people are. Originality is not a common human trait. I suppose you might say that back then it was easy to make friends just by talking to them. But then today it's even easier by just messaging them. By easy of course I mean that the practical challenge is small, but you still have the problem that you have nothing to talk about and can't relate or connect. It was just as bad irl as it is online. Even writers from centuries ago speak of this sort of alienation.

One thing that I can agree with is that true friendships are becoming rare. Based on what I know of history and psychology, friends are made by facing difficulties together. Logically, also, what is a friend? It's someone who has your back when shit hits the fan. If you live in complete comfort and safety, what meaning does this concept have? Similarly, I don't think technology will stop you from making friends when the shit does come. Probably you'd become friends irl anyway, because it's hard to face the same hardship without also living in the same place (I suppose this board is a notable exception). You might communicate through tech, but the foundation of your friendship won't come from it.

Oldfags are always bitching about being forgotten, such is life. Consider that many more you did not meet, because they were not in the hospital, but surrounded by faithful families. Modernity did not create some epidemic among the old. Some people in old age get a good lot, some bad, it has always been this way.

You pose a paradox between the comparative comfort and even luxury of our lives, but at the same time dissatisfaction. No paradox need exist. You are dissatisfied because you have adopted a world view that judges these luxuries to be worthless. But if given that you do have the luxuries, nothing stops you from seeking to derive satisfaction from them. I for instance enjoy woodworking. Thanks to advances in manufacturing and miniaturization, there is now a plethora of power tools that I can purchase on the internet cheaply. If not for that, I could likely not enjoy this hobby because I don't have the time or energy to use hand tools, and power tools used to be too expensive. I also like math and playing with numbers. Thanks to computers, I can indulge this passion freely. In the past, I would have had to do all my math on paper, which I was always bad at. Worse yet, any large scale dataset would be hopelessly tedious to process.

It's worth recognizing hardship and addressing it. But you shouldn't wallow it. You shouldn't be seduced by one hardship, into thinking that all life is without point. Instead, you should try to be positive and seek something that does have a point. It won't make the hardship disappear, but it will give you something to do besides wallowing. On that note, I really enjoyed your pics. The women are pretty and the art is not bad. What are they?


All that comes from our materialistic and purely practical way of thinking. And everything started from the times of so-called 'Enlightment' when Europe truely died by trading it's soul for 'progress' and bullshit humanistic ideas


File: 0956fda4d9d3449⋯.jpg (65.09 KB, 535x622, 535:622, wise man.jpg)


My point of view is something like this: Obviously shit happened, some stuff has changed. Normally, changes are natural. It happens often, like every 10 years and such. But in 2012, this change doesn't seem natural enough. It's as if humanity commited suicide. Some people say it started in 2008, or 2011. But it all ends to 2012 being the starting point of this terrible nightmare.

I am not sure about free will, I don't think it exists, but I need to make practical examples for that. So, I would never blame anyone when it comes to normalfaggotry. I hate them, but they didn't choose their normalfag life. They don't have the capacity anyway. I would be like them too if I was accepted in real life.

OP, I really need to talk to you, I have searched for a really long time to find someone who is aware of the problems of this world AND wants to do something about it. I need at least 1000 people for that. I already made a thread some months ago about making a tribe or organisation, whatever you name it. I know none of you have any reason to trust me, but would you guys like to talk about it, especially you OP?

I don't know what things to use, right now I can only think about telegram but we can use something else of course. If enough replies, or at least reply from OP comes, I want to discuss and make decisions about it. I really don't have anything else to do in life. I hope all my work isn't for nothing.


>no meaning and happiness in their lives.

because there is none other than shallow consumerism. we erased all our former ideals and replaced them with stuff that is good for profit oriented companies and tax hungry governments

>that they are lonely and have no one to talk to and no one to trust.

of course

because our society is based on exchanging time for money and money for materialist crap to impress other normies

and because you must impress, you can never show weakness

>older residents

let them all die asap. they are dragging us down anyways. they had their fun, lived 70+ years. what else do they want. My grandfather was 80 and he died of gut cancer in his own feces. Every gambler must know when the game is over and go home …

>psychotropic drugs

just legallize opiates and cannabis. works better costs less

>fake friends

I had those as well. erased them all out of my life.

My best friend today is I shit you not an teenager from steam. She is a literal carbon copy of me and struggles with the same problems I had. She seems to value our convos and I am happy to help her whenever possible with advice about what I did wrong and what she should be avoiding.



>published this post

wtf just go kill yourself


There can be no true happiness as long as this society is run by evil kikes. As long as that continues to remain the case, materialism and hedonism will be the virtues of people.


OP is a Reddit spacer

I think that a small group of highly determined people could make a major dent in society if they resorted to the most cruel and desperate actions.


"It's now common knowledge that most people don't really matter and die off as a nameless nobody in history, this of course includes ourselves."

How about mass murderers? If you're willing to go far enough, you will not easily be forgotten, let alone if you completely escape the bounds of morality and go after extremely soft targets in a developed country, hypothetically speaking. I condemn violence for the record.



Lot of people joke about all the shit that happened in 2007 and how it was a starting point of a lot of things getting worse, but there's some unironic truth to that. The economic recession started in 2007 and really took shape in 2008 when the house market crashed. In my estimation, this was the tipping point where everything really started getting wonky and western civilization really started to feel the shift in the effort to pay-off ratio. Longer work hours and less money to show for it. More expensive houses that were falling apart anyways. Shittier cars and appliances that break more easily. Fancier new appliances that have new versions released every few months, to ensure you keep buying the 'latest model'. Less time with your family and friends, more time at work and school. Higher debt and far lower social mobility.

Right now, a lot of people are stuck working to live and that leaves them devoid of meaning, purpose, or satisfaction.



Not that anon, but I agree with you for the most part. I think a lot of what really shifted in our society definitely occurred in the first decade of the 2000's. Not just in terms of housing or economics, but also ideologically, politically, and socially. Not to mention the internet itself becoming mainstream in the process and dramatically altering human relations and information in general. I sometimes wonder if someone in the future will write about the rise and fall of the modern information age in a similar manner as was written the rise and fall of the Roman empire.


File: 70886c3b4fab653⋯.jpg (78.72 KB, 640x841, 640:841, 2007.jpg)


yea I heard lots of 2007 and 2008. I live in Balkans, and it seems like we experienced this downfall because we were 3-4 years ahead of the current time. I think lots of underdeveloped countries experienced that a bit late.


I will try to make that group, in 5-6 years at least. But would it be too late? The hardest part is to find people. I doubt /r9k/ has any determined people that would try to do something, since lots of the people in here is either NEETs that wouldn't want to do anything or wagecucks that are doomed to start with.


File: 19fac77d6f4e96a⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 291x447, 97:149, Three_acres_and_a_cow.JPG)

File: c2a2636cb6847f4⋯.jpg (180.76 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, Cl63BqHVYAAb1tO.jpg)



Materialism is the root cause of most ills in modern society. Man is not an animal that is satisfied with bread and circuses in the long term.

We need a return to higher values, concentrate on man's spirit instead of his body, and enshrine tradition as the basis of society. The economic basis should be the small-scale homesteader, for food is the basis of life and should never be in threat of monopolization, and the other sectors of the economy should be organized in local guilds, to ensure competition does not run rampant (if everyone is your competitor, there can be no camaraderie) and fair pricing. I recommend you read G.K.Chesterton if you want to dive deeper into this.

Society in general would best be organized along Traditionalist lines, with a sacred emperor on top, a priestly class, and a warrior class, a pyramidal hierarchy itself made up of smaller pyramidal hierarchy, with the family as the smallest unit with the man as the leader. Such an organization fits the human mind best, allowing each man to enjoy his own work, knowing he contributes to a greater whole, yet knowing also that he himself has a valued position. It's also how the Heavens in most cultures are organized, which is why it resonates so well with the human soul. As above, so below. I recommend Evola on this.



>technology is bad!

<Sent from my IPhoneX™.

>materialism is evil!

<Posted from my Asus™.

>we need to grow our own food!

<*microwaves Ramen™*


An intradasting thread. I wonder what we can do about this issue. I have a feeling that effort and institutions needed to reform the normalcattle to be less cattle would also go against the things that has made the world like this. It could be beneficial for the overall comfyness of robots. A better world to interact with, the masses become less dangerous to niches and such, and there could be more attention to skills and hobbies instead of instant gratification jewery, where people, both autists and normals, can enjoy learning a skill, and feel satisfied in their discipline and knowledge of this part of the world.

Thats just me dreaming though, i don't know how to reform society, or how it will turn out



This is very true, i am very sick and tired of all the dumb things that faggots and hippies have been trying to plague all over this website. Civilization and technology are the greatest products that human can ever achieve and without such things, we are nothing but weak and pitiful creatures. These people just read some books made by some insane hobo and thinking they are some kind of ingenious people that can laugh at them all pathetic consumers. Society dont need you and you can leave anytime you want. I am sure there are still enough woods for these people who are so desperate to live like some apes. Society wont collapse any time soon for you to laugh at us who dont know a thing about surviving in the deep dark and unforgivable forest.



Yeah fucking this, nothing is stopping anyone from becoming Amish



Society cannot be fixed. No matter how much you try.

We have Women the vote. Women + their white knight cucks are now the majority of the electorate and they will never allow a change to a game that favors them. The best we can do is to make sure we do everything possible to accelerate the fall of the west so one day a new system can be born



>implying voting is the only way to change things


File: 9d1f276c3216757⋯.jpg (170.48 KB, 500x274, 250:137, H8TchjT.jpg)




Nobody said leave civilization. It's just that the fact of the matter is that people are meant to live in more tightly knit communities than modern society allows. Given our evolutionary history as tribal apes, it's exceptionally weird that the average person you pass on the street you'll never see again. Nobody is saying that we all need to throw all our computers into a fire pit, just that we should return to smaller communities that display a greater tendency to look out for its individual members than the average large city. The problem comes when modern society makes living in places like that impractical due to the dwindling number of them and that doing so would be economically difficult in many circumstances.

> sacred emperor on top, a priestly class, and a warrior class, a pyramidal hierarchy itself made up of smaller pyramidal hierarchy

This shit is retarded though.


File: 6cb09ee08af5d2c⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2353x3300, 2353:3300, 1482809822841.jpg)


>What do you think would help people who have been isolated from the outside world for several years to participate in "real" life again

I myself am severally dissociative, a Hikikomori-NEET of roughly 6 year. I think about everything in plain terms. I complain about a lack of romance in the world while simultaneously being incapable of it. I tried being apart of the world but best that I am capable of figuring it is illogical to do so. I don't like being a layabout like I am, but the alternative is to go out of my way to support a system I fundamentally disagree with it and which I am simply not adapted to.

I don't know. Perhaps living in nature and helping work in some sort of like-minded commune would be best. Trees are good on the soul.


File: c9010ea7a86f63c⋯.jpg (22.31 KB, 600x450, 4:3, black_weeb.jpg)




File: 4ccba63307c4520⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 262x192, 131:96, black_weeb2.jpg)



What's so retarded about a caste system with a proper hierarchy attached? It helps to know what you will do in life, and it helps to know your place. You would no longer need to search for your path in life, so you could not really fail. You would also no longer have to consider if you are superior or inferior to someone, for you would immediately know. Everyone would be able to live dignified lives, always knowing where the journey is going to take him, always having people above and people below, someone to receive commands from and someone to command. A true civilization, not the borderline anarchy of modernity.


>wanting to be unfree

the only thing even less fortunate than what we have now



this is the kind of subservient attitude only the most normal of normgroids have.



Suggesting to live in a smaller and tight knit place is only beneficial for the normalfagggots since they love to interact and make friends with one another. I cant stand living back in my town anymore, everyone knows each other and you are expected and forced to communicate with everyone else. Call me a fucking coward all you want but it drives me insane. Staying away from it all and living in a big city really gives me more fresh air. Stop sucking up to that hobo faggots and think for yourself for a second, are you a reclusive shut in or are you a normalfaggot?



I was wondering why no one has brought this up. Indeed this shit does not really pertain to robots, because robots are isolated either way. If normalfags become isolated too (aside from their 1000 friends on social media), who cares?


Why the hell do you type like a reditor ?

If you want others that take your post seriously and reply, stop fucking reddit spacing or get the hell back where you came from.



t. Tau player

I think it has more to do with respecting the potential versatility of the human mind. Theres no need for a forced caste system as people would naturally fill open jobs. The issue with this comes from low tier people applying for jobs (trades/military) because they cant do any better/they see it as their last option. Sure this could be remedied in a caste system you propose, as it would teach and prepare a warrior class to respect and grow better in the field of battle, however this amount of specialization i think is unnecessary, and potentially harmful/cattle tier, as it hampers general knowledge in other fields. Think of the modern citycattle, what would they know of growing their own food, or building their own appliances, or a vague understanding of how their electronics work. I think there's a reason why civilization havs developed a school system (even though the modern one is bad) based on learning various subjects, then choosing one to specialize in. I think its to ensure that people have a certain amount of common sense, to be able to rely on themselves, and to breed a "culture of intelligence" for lack of a better term. So instead of having bill go into machining because "hes too dull for anything else and needs a job", it could be because he doesn't feel like he needs a more complex job, and the maths hes retained from school gives him the ability to understand what hes doing better, instead of just following the instructions and numbers given to him.

For the military caste thing, wouldn't it be better for everyone to have a respect and basic understanding of weapons (think second amendment i guess)? There will always be a need for specialization, but i dont think its fair to the human potential to say that people can only focus on this specific job and have no knowledge (and potentially respect) of the outside world. Its kinda like university kids these days not knowing how to cook or do taxes or anything. It is an interesting discussion, one i think isn't novel, but my opinion is that part of a healthy mind isnt just learning the "big hard smart things", but learning in general, growing minds that want to understand bits and pieces of the world for the sake of understanding



If the society was healthy in spirit, there would be no robots, or at least, not in the way robots are today - isolated and without purpose. Robotic traits would be respected, not shunned as they are today because of the spiritual rot of modernity, that praises body, not soul, animals, not humans.

Robots are usually introverts, highly sensitive to their surroundings, if the world around them wasn't so hostile, there would be such strong desire of strict isolation.

Isolation is not the core need of robotic mind, but rather a measure for maitaning spiritual health.



>If the society was healthy in spirit, there would be no robots

That's where you made a mistake, an outcast is crucial for a group to form. In fact, outcasts ironically make the people of a group bond more together in fear of them becoming the outcast.

Without outcasts, there is no so society.

So i would say the opposite, a society is healthy if there are robots. Unfortunately.

If all robots unit and create a society, there will be a robot of a robot.

That's how it has always been.



Just in case: I'm not the anon you were replying to.

Wouldn't making all the normalfaggots outcasts be the best solution here?

It should not get bad, as the stupid cattle will never find a way to switch the positions back until some manipulative faggot will trick and organize them against robots, but it's not that hard to prevent.

>there will be a robot of a robot

Do you mean that robot is the one who is the most normalfaggish? There could be an outcast among robots, but it does not mean that the robots around him have to act like a normalniggers and ostracize him. If someone can choose, it's easier for him to become a normalnigger than a robot. If the outcast robot in question is normalfaggish but he can't exist among normalfaggots, that means he is pretty much a robot, so I don't really see a problem in other robots helping him to integrate and stop being a normalnigger.

What I also want to point out is that you falsely think that the only societies that could exist are the normalfaggot ones, and you are thinking that normalfag society rules would apply to a robot society, where there are no normalniggers which would hold any sort of power or authority. Robots are outcasts, they would know better than making other robots outcasts and keeping any sort of outcast around.



Robots doesn't equal to outcasts, not always. Criminals and scum of different sort can be and used to be outcasts, but that wouldn't make them robots. Robot is a person who can't play by the current social dogma of primeval posturing in every possible section of life.

Society of current age worships cruelty and those who are capable of it are almost never outcasts, unless they have some sort of severe mental disorder.

This society follows a materialistic, shallow dogma which eats itself. Robot is usually a product of more traditional world-view not suitable with the age we live in.

At least that is how I cope with all this shit.



>society of current age worships cruelty



File: 6e6e5fa4ded0afb⋯.jpg (158.75 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, jsmhRAL.jpg)

I used to think that by disconnecting from society and its bs I would be able to find or create something radically new. I’ve come to realize this isn’t exactly the case. For the generation that grew up in normalfag society there will only be new versions of the old shit until a new culture fully develops. >>301680, creating a more closely-knit society where people are more accepting of each other is a nice idea. I think you’ll find there are still outcasts even among robots, especially when some people have unpopular opinions that aren’t accepted by the larger group. I would also like to mention that normalfags seem to have tried to work on this same problem. There has been this cultural virus where people gain social validation by pretending to care about other people’s problems and by sort of trying to stand up against bullying, when it is popular to do so. On one hand you have pro football player/chad types that use social media to try and stand up for autistic kids and on the other you have the whole politically correct movement trying to support “oppressed” groups. Both are this transaction where normalfags are rewarded for kind of trying, and I don’t know if that’s really the solution people are hoping for.

>>301399 Thanks for including us in your fantasy but I don’t think hierarchies are particularly helpful. I guess you could say there already exists a sexual hierarchy. For those at the bottom of the pyramid stuck in lower castes, would you really find comfort in knowing that no woman would ever find you attractive? Does being told you are genetically inferior really give you a carefree life, knowing there is no way to fail? Is it nice being commanded and being a cuck with no power in the sexual marketplace? Personally, I haven’t cared about the whole relationship meme for a while, but these sorts of issues are what incels are bitching about. Changing the values of society and seeing the value in less primitive traits might actually be a good idea. In the end that really some Animal Farm type shit where robots change society and end up as the new normalfags. I think this is the real endgame and again it’s basically a new version of the same thing. It also seems like robots weren’t supposed to exist, and with all the suicides on this board it’s like nature is running its course. I don’t think it has to be this way but I also don’t think robots can avoid becoming like another version of normalfags if they end up becoming successful in their lives.

I had this idea that kind of started off as a joke

>Robots actually develop useful skills and become smarter than normalfags

>Robots in developed countries get relatively high-paying jobs after managing to survive higher education in a normalfag world

>People somehow get in touch and on their own start to live minimalist lives while saving what they make from their jobs

>The money gets put into some large invest fund like a REIT type thing so that the community can collect dividends later

>After acquiring enough wealth everyone moves to a country with a low cost of living that is somewhat developed (think Rep. Georgia, Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.)

>Become citizens/residents by purchasing land in the country or after staying there for a long time

>Create an enclave and new society of robots, also gain political power in town and country by voting unanimously

>Live like kings in your own community that can start to create its own culture

>Maybe help NEETs come to your community, where they would help you vote in elections and you could also encourage them to develop themselves.




I had a couple other ideas related to this, but it would be like that mansion/commune fantasy mixed with becoming the jews of a developing country. Maybe one day our neckbeards and “traditional” clothing will be almost indistinguishable from those of a hasidic jew, and we will also control the media of our host country. That was just a joke, but I think this might be the best direction to go for fixing the problems that have been mention in this thread. People will have some value in their own society and the smart people will have a lot of power in the host country. The whole thing about older people could be fixed by teaching younger generations some sort of filial piety type thing, having old people involved in community events, and even simple stuff like having different clubs and groups that older people can be a part of. When I say younger generations, I have some ideas, but I’m not entirely sure how this would work. If artificial wombs haven’t been invented yet then there’s always the option of surrogates and maybe some mail-order bride type arrangement. I’d also like to point out that this would be legal, peaceful, and it would economically benefit the host country.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the fact that you can’t really save everyone. I think this relates to some of the stuff people have mentioned, but even if you look at hedonist, normalfag cultural movements there is this gap between intellectuals and the masses. Hippy stuff, the house music movement, smart drugs, and stuff like that have had this divide from people who have these greater “spiritual” plans and people who just want to get high. This is in the same way that some people are against bullying and others just like to virtue signal. I think this supports the idea of some kind of enclave, and the fact that fixing society as a whole is probably not going to work, even if you could just spawn new societal structures overnight.


At this point I am almost certain that none of this can be ascribed to technology, normies, Jews or any such thing. This inner rot we're experiencing is something else entirely. I honestly think it's Nature itself. I think that our time as a species has come to an end due to some inherent natural law we're unaware of and that can't be fought against. We are going extinct or devolving to a more primitive form.


File: b66a0d753ef0329⋯.jpg (442.48 KB, 567x718, 567:718, 5.jpg)


I thank you and everyone else with all my heart for your answers. We can use telegram if you want that. Alternatively, you can contact me on a forum. If you are interested, I can send you the link to my profile and will answer all messages tomorrow. Many thanks for the nice, interesting and helpful discussion here.



I think that those are all pretty normalfag options, anon. Not to be a prick but it would be better to share your email address if you want to talk to someone in private, or at least more 1-on-1. If you must have something like that.

But I'm none of the anons that have responded to you, maybe they're fine with it.



are you a ledditor or why do you write so kindly

none of our local faggots would ever bother to be kind even to our own kind

where do you come from anon?



You don't think anyone ever gets a little tired of it? Sometimes people just want to be sincere and relaxed. Especially on a place like here.



I ask because normally I am the kind one and get called a homosexual for it

it was just nice to see this at least once.

thank you




If you guys intend this as an open conversation, I'd like to be a part of it. I'm just some random faggot who made a shitty reply here, but I think are guys cool and interesting. I'd like to see where this goes and contribute what little I can.

One of you should go ahead and make a cock.li email then post it here. There's other means of communication we can discuss from there. But email is always a good start.



I'm interested more than not at all, but there isn't even a 1,000 active IPs on this entire board at any one time.


File: 5606e8fab17f844⋯.jpg (166.37 KB, 1017x1019, 1017:1019, kaz miller happy.jpg)


I mentioned this before but these changes are too far from being natural. No sane person that is aware of the current state of times would enjoy life. Suicide is probably the only option but I am hoping to do something about it before I die.




Thanks guys. I will make a group now. I am planning to explain these problems with more details. I can't really remember everything while writing on a imageboard naturally. Keep in mind that I am terribly busy lately and it will last for 5-6 more months. But I will still be in contact with you.


I hope I don't get hacked


Modern society is pretty much engineered to drive people apart. I think it's intentional. A united people are a problem to those who wish to control the people. They've been working on this for a long time. Seeding society with memes like it being uncool to remain living in the family home, that after school is done you should move away from your hometown for work or to "find yourself". They've taken away religion, which used to provide some common ground for all of the people in a community, along with a place they were obliged to meet once a week. They've introduced incredibly addictive technologies that favour sitting alone in a room to going outside and really interacting with people. All of the "diversity" shit we get is just an excuse to introduce more fracture points and divide the society up into smaller and smaller groups. Decisive politics are also pushed for this reason. Now you have families that wont talk to each other, because of disagreements over politics.


You people think way too short term. There may have been big shifts in the 00's or the 10's, but this process has been underway for at least a century. maybe a lot longer.



even if it was on process, the 90's and 00's was still "livable"



I know Discord isn't liked, but why use Telegram instead of Discord? Not tempted to join a Telegram, to be honest. Besides what in the world could you be on about that you can just talk about in the thread?



>I know Discord isn't liked, but why use Telegram instead of Discord?

They're both equally bad. If you want to get to it, Telegram is probably slightly more secure. But both are shit regardless, if you cared about security you would use an open source tool with no central authority.

>what in the world could you be on about that you can just talk about in the thread?

Well I imagine you might be concerned that the thread will eventually die, or that the replies here are publicly accessible and actively archived by third parties. Even with proprietary messaging, the number of people with access to your chat drops hugely (from ~2 billion to maybe a few million).



The people in the boat are living, right until the boat goes over the waterfall.


File: 83510d8d050c920⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1051x1080, 1051:1080, kaz miller.png)


I am not familiar with other problems and I am also rarely at home. I can only think of Telegram, it's easily more secure than whatsapp, and I can also use it when I am not home. But I can use whatever you guys can suggest. Choosing the program should be the least important thing if we are talking about a serious group.

I am planning about discussing these post 2012 problems and trying to find a solution. I am also currently trying to do something about it, which is why I am really busy lately. I am hoping to find some people that would join me.


File: b7b6b4d6040eab8⋯.jpg (61.15 KB, 501x808, 501:808, 6.jpg)

Best greetings to all of you.

I apologize for my belated message. Your answers are very interesting to me, and I realize that many things that our "normal" society says are very difficult or impossible for the people here and on other platforms (for a variety of reasons). Furthermore, I did not want to say with my first post that everything modern is fundamentally bad. I gladly admit that I like to use technology, because it helps me to stay in contact with people from other countries, to exchange experiences, have fun, expand our knowledge, share information with others, etc. But I find it a great pity if people no longer have any interest in social communication and only concentrate on the virtual world.

Please do not get me wrong. I'm just a young man with various facial deformities from an alcoholic family who likes to read and listen to other opinions. At the end of the day, everyone should decide for themselves what is right and wrong for them.

Many see and realize that this lifestyle does not lead to happiness in the long run - quite the contrary. Many work +8 hours a day (except Sunday) and only earn enough to buy food and pay the rent. It seems that nobody knows a solution except taking psychotropic drugs or, in the worst case, ending their lives.

In my experience, when someone recognizes their strengths / abilities / talents and tries to find an activity that he or she enjoys, earn money and teach other people something new/help them, it can be the first step in the right direction.

Some may wonder why they should do it when the world seems to get worse every day. In addition, many have been treated by society very badly their entire lives and never had the feeling of love, cohesion, friendship, reliability, trust, etc. Also, I had such challenges in life and often thought about ending everything. Nevertheless, I think that this is not the point in life, but to face these problems and solve them. Easier said than done, if someone has never experienced something good / positive.


File: 06d45c56e32f385⋯.jpg (78.39 KB, 736x549, 736:549, 7.jpg)


Thank you for your advice. I will add an e-mail address if anyone is interested.


That is a very legitimate question, merci.

I am not a (registered) member of the website https://www.reddit.com/, but have occasionally read reports and information from others about some topics (such as nootropics and psychedelics). To answer your question completely: I live in Austria and was very naughty, arrogant, aggressive, rude in my childhood & youth, have insulted others for no reason and had a very bad behavior. After a while, I noticed that I would not succeed with such character traits. Besides, I got all my bad deeds back. That made me change my behavior completely. But also this text section, which I found on the Internet:

"Karma cannot be 'overcome', it must be 'worked off'. In other words, if you've hurt someone, be it physically, emotionally, or however else, you will have to, at some future point, experience what that felt like for them. The Law of Karmic Effect is not a 'punishment', it is a tool of learning, which is set in place to promote personal growth and development. If you have to feel the consequences of your actions, there is a higher likelihood of your choosing a different course, the next time around. It is also important to hold in mind that it works both ways. Seek therefore to ensure that the effect of your presence upon those 'others' whom you encounter upon your journey, are positive and beneficial."

"A Karmic Cycle is brought to completion once you have learned the lessons intended for you from it. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, you'll keep cycling until such a time as you get the message, and break the cycle. But yes, ultimately, all of us will learn that which we need to learn, and all of us will find our way Home. For some, it just takes longer than others."



I don't know. I can't join the link, and even then there is still only so many active IPs on this board. Don't see why you can't just make a thread about this. More visibility.


File: 2ca79f2718309e5⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 1011x605, 1011:605, hsg_1_4.jpg)


>trying to find a solution

I wouldn't hold my breath. The brightest minds in the world can't do shit about this sort of stuff. There are videos with tens of millions of views and everybody commenting about how they also feel like these sorts of things are harmful, but nothing changes, because ultimately it feels so good for so many people that there seems to be no getting them out of it. If our "best and brightest" people, who have that large of an influence can't do shit about it, I'm not gonna hold out hope for a relatively small board of anonymous self identified losers to crack the code.


File: ebe2b6b78846343⋯.jpg (156.39 KB, 500x540, 25:27, kaz miller is angry.jpg)


karma is a bs. There is no real justice in this shithole. Every normalfag lives like a degenerate, hurt others, consume but never produce. Yet they are the happy ones. They don't have any problems. Of course people would rather choose being normalfag when you don't have ANY punishment for the things you are doing.


you mean the link is not working? Try this one. https://t.me/joinchat/Hb_2bBbe4_pvweLf3pPbtQ

I made a thread about this but everyone thought I was trying to make a discord tier group and I got 404'd.


There must be lots of robots outside of this board… right? Honestly I would be so happy if I could just find one person to join me.



>I am a young man from Western Europe who has long been wondering if we live in a time when more and more people find no meaning and happiness in their lives.

You want to know why? You notice how depression and such are much more common in richer countries? People in poorer countries don't have time to be sad or ponder why they're here and shit, they're more preoccupied with shit like "work hard because if not you'll fucking starve". To clarify - I'm not saying saying depression and the like aren't present in poorer countries and such, in fact I am one of them.

(B L O G P O S T)I was born and raised in the philippines and I've experienced all sides of the wealth scale: I've experienced a time where I could travel everywhere, times where I was trying to figure out how the fuck I'm going to budget my money, and times where generally it's ok.

People NEED hardships as fucked as that sounds - have you ever played a game so easy there was very little effort in succeeding? The "you win" doesn't feel rewarding in any way at all compared to something you had to master.

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