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one? I been looking for jobs for months the only job I have right now is tutoring part time.

I have an M.S in math and cannot find anything. All I get are these shitty phone interviews, I do them talk to these HR cunts and then never hear from them again.

I hate the job search I think I should give give up because even though I have a college degree I have no connections.


File: d09f6df30bb62cf⋯.jpeg (49.61 KB, 586x651, 586:651, d09f6df30bb62cf524d515893….jpeg)


I feel you there anon

I've been unemployed for 3 years now

the most I've gotten is phone interviews with some roast who's clearly younger than me, and most of those jobs really wouldn't enable me to support myself at their pay level.

>we'll contact you in a few weeks if we decide to move forward with an interview



Stay strong fellow robot. We cannot let these roast bees get away with doing what they did to us.


College fagging it. Hopefully I get a job when I graduate. Right now I'm living off of loans and what I get for selling plasma.


I've been looking for a job for a month and have been to about two interviews. Here's to hoping I make it within the year. Fucking HR cunts should seriously send you rejection letters,since they just waste your time waiting for them.


File: 5fc9565c188564f⋯.png (100.46 KB, 190x437, 10:23, 5fc9565c188564ff158195ced4….png)

social anxiety and finding a jobs are literally the worst combo

>be me, neet lord

>apply for a job online


>don't go to the job cuz too much people and overthinking that everyone's looking at me

why live /b/ros?



*sorry i thought this is b



File: b642c558f0b2f45⋯.jpg (49.87 KB, 309x266, 309:266, 1482597788177.jpg)


>get accepted

>not go

Fuck you and your mother.


I hate the whole process of getting a job. I know companies have to make money. But its so time consuming.

I do not even know what type of job to get I have a math degree bu the only thing I have exprience with is teaching. I been applying to analyst jobs but those jobs are hard to get.

I think even non college degree jobs are not easy, I applied to a an art shop went to an interview and never got a response, you really have to do that follow up as they call it when you bother the hiring manager and beg for a job.

It sucks.


I also been thinking of applying for developer jobs, I did a minor in comp sci when I was in college, but the only programming language I know is java. I forgot it and have been relearning it but I do not really have any fancy projects I can show to interviewers.

It sucks to get a job you need experience but to get it the fabled xp you need a job.


Attended a seminar run by hiring managers on how to get hired (still no luck). They were all women, and most of them fit the "overweight, over-30, office shrike" look entirely. The only thing it taught me was how petty these cunts are. One of them tossed out any resume that wasn't in Times New Roman because anything else was unprofessional she thought. A few would throw them out if you didn't have the info in a certain order that wasn't industry standard or anything just what they liked. Each had a different order they preferred. A spelling error was automatic trashcan for most of them. They weren't even business like about this, they talked about the things they didn't like with clear malice in their voices. They enjoyed throwing resumes out and loathed those who made such "mistakes".

Never mind that, if you do get past the resume and get an interview, female hiring managers overwhelmingly select candidates based on how physically attractive they are. Women do not belong in the work force.


File: f389e9c1d73dcd0⋯.jpg (196.69 KB, 1242x1242, 1:1, 52dcb2a9b27789ab0ed4f29877….jpg)


>Qualifications: 5 years experience in this particular line of nutless monkey work, Bachelor's degree, quadrilingual in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Mandarin, must not have any aspirations outside of work because we will call you for overtime and weekends.

>Starting pay is 7 shekels an hour with a possibility of a .10 raise within the first 2 years if you're an extra good goy

>oh and if we reject your resume we won't even let you know cuz fuck u lol

>and we'll ghost you if you even try to follow up




if compsci was your minor what was your major? Java's not the greatest language to be learning right now anyway when there are a hundred pajeets that can do the same for less than minimum wage. Try Go, R, or Python



Yeah I mean there are a lot of people who know java. My plan is to relearn java because you can find a lot of material online for it. Then learn some c/c++ because it is language that will teach you a lot about managing pc memory then maybe learn python.



The job hunt is totally b.s, but I am not going to kill myself over it, its not worth it.



If MS is master's, and it's actually math not some bullshit like ethnomathematics, you have a pretty good foundation anon. Your field has a shortage now and if you move fast you can probably get some good offer despite autism. (assuming you're in US)

I'm in a similar boat to you. Anyone want to network and swap ideas/feedback about job search generally? Drop me an email.



Look on the bright side, autists like him are the reason why you can actually go from waitlist to offer. Sorry to hear about your problems anon, better luck next time. At least you know what works now.


Well, the sad fact is that 90% of positions are filled by networking. The ones we "apply" to are the dregs. It's a bit like guys who look for wife material at a brothel or club. You're really playing the long odds. On the bright side, with such terrible odds, all sorts of flukes can help you move ahead.


Yeah, that sucks. But their thing is dealing with hundreds of resumes for one position without spending weeks on it. Hence the trivial shit like font and typos. At least many of these rules are known and you can just follow them. It's not like trying to ask them out where they won't even tell you the real reasons for disqualifying.

I think it's a good idea to have a very conservative resume. Meaning minimal formatting, black on white Times New Roman. Ignore those fancy resumes people put online with progress bars, comics, clipart or whatever. Unless you're applying to a normalfag-tier design position (even most design people fall for minimalism meme hard) there's more ways to stand out in a bad way than good. Meanwhile nobody's ever trashed a resume for being in basic Times New Roman. I guess people are scared of being boring, but "boring" is not a thing to an HR slave trying to process 200 resumes in an afternoon for the 1426th work day.

I think with any pool-based application, there's two strategies: You can be godlike in one area (eg. wrote your own OS from scratch) and it will overshadow any other deficiencies you might have. If this was you, you wouldn't be looking for career advice. Otherwise, it comes down to not making any mistakes. Think of it like series of elimination rounds. In each round, people who are x or worse in a single area get culled. You just have to get by on being "good enough" at every area they pick for as long as possible. Some of the guys you're competing against are probably much better than you, but not godlike, so you're hoping that they went to a party the night before or something and neglected to do one last spellcheck so they're the ones that get trashed and then you're the one that's left.


>c to python

You couldn't have picked a worse transition. With java you're sitting at the middle of the high/low-level spectrum. Seeples would be going lower, and you would gravitate towards high performance applications (vidya, drivers, embedded). Python is the opposite direction. Going from one to the other, especially in the order you mention, will be counter productive. Python is a brainlet lang, it's nice if you are a retarded pajeet, but actually knowing about computers could make you confused by Python's various magical handholding features. It's

>sir wat is a variable i just want to x=1


>wtf is declaring with x=1? does it even check if x exists already? what if i want it to be unsigned?



> A spelling error was automatic trashcan for most of them.

That's the onlly good thing here. I spel check simple posts for hours everey time.


On a serious note, I think that it is a simple but effective qualifier. The other stuff like the font choice is retarded, but if someone makes a spelling error when applying to an important/well-paying job then your ability to trust that person's work ethic and quality to detail is immediately damaged from the start. I wouldn't know though, as I've never hired anyone before.



>Your field has a shortage now

depends on what they're looking for and what his background is

as a generalized field, there's roughly 5 new graduates per job per year in "mathematical sciences"

that said, anon has a masters and gets a big boost up, but that only goes so far due to the networking problem that bots face



I don't think shortages are very localized to a specific position or background. Say you've got a huge shortage in Senior Spline Reticulation Supervisors with 20 years of experience. Because they have a shortage, they might settle for one with 15 years, who was otherwise putting time in as a Riemannian Topologist. Since he won't work two jobs, now they need a Riemannian Topologist. They'll hire someone worse than that guy because people of that guy's caliber are taking a better job, the Spline Reticulator. This filters all the way to the lowly intern and entry-level bitch. Of course with shortages at the top of the pyramid, it gets diluted a lot by the time it gets to the entry positions. But currently the math shortage is at medium and upper low levels. Meaning people who do junior and even entry-level positions, but competently and reliably. As opposed to pajeets and chinks, who are hit or miss so many have to be fired soon after hiring because it's discovered they lied about their skills or are utterly useless.

Of course by shortage I don't mean just show up and you'll get hired. It's just slightly easier than other jobs due to not being saturated. You still have strong competition, it's just less of an uphill battle and actually doable without connections or insane accomplishments.



Also, the MS is itself is worthless to companies. They don't give a fuck about degrees because everybody knows academia is bullshit these days. But if you have MS-level math knowledge, that means two things:

>you probably have projects, maybe even a paper, that you can sell as work experience

>you have a good skillset in math and hopefully coding and can easily make decent projects to put on your resume

The real benefit of a STEM degree is skills you learn along the way. You are the consumer of these skills, you leverage them to improve your employability (by doing projects). The employers consume the projects, they don't really care about the actual skills and degrees until the very end of the final interview when they've practically made up their mind already to hire you.



If you want to avoid Pajeet and Soyboys alike, learn C, then go to Assembly, then learn enough C++ so they don't find out in an interview that you don't know shit about it and just write C code and put it in .cpp files, then look for a job as an embedded developer. Lots of jobs there due to the Internet of Things retardation normalfags are into.


>tfw failed out of college, went to trade school, now making 40 bucks an hour to mostly sit around and send reports

Feels good man.



>c to python

I'm dealing with this in one of my classes. It's a software engineering class, and the professor requires our project to be web-based and written in Python, even though probably everyone would agree to do it in Java or C++, because he's a hipster who thinks Python is the best thing ever. Having mostly studied C and system programming and embedded, writing web apps in Python makes me want to blow my brains out.



One of my shocks was the piss poor quality of the average library. Democratizing coding sounds good as a slogan, but it turns out if every idiot can code you get a lot of idiotic libraries which you then have to use. There should have really been two languages, one a Python with proper types, inheritance and so on, which is too complicated for brainlets. And a subset of that called PythonLite which is like the current python but cannot be used to write libraries.



There's a way to call C libraries from python called CFFI. Not sure how the code quality is there, but that may help.



>now making 40 bucks an hour to mostly sit around and send reports

what job?


Assembly is very hardware specific as you dealing with an instructions set of a microprocessor.



What is your job? What do you do at it specifically?

Has anyone else had success with going to a trade school? I always here about it, but I have not seen many successes with it. I do not want to go to college to end up with endless debt or to not even get the job after working my ass off for years like OP, and going to a trade school seems like the best option, but I would like to be sure.


Guys my autism wants me to learn electrician work and then work in the trade. How do I get into that as a robot who doesn't know any body?


I failed a few classes in high school, but I've had like four jobs in the half decade since and I'm currently into my third year full time of one.

I'm sure you'll pull through, Mathanon. You're too clever to just waste away, get a career doing something you like instead.

Unlike me you've got the brain and chance to pick through jobs until you find a good one, I'm just barely hanging on to afford my ammo and liquor, while still living in my mom's basement.

But unironically you should strive to see managers and bosses in person instead of the HR fans, especially over the phone. Ask to talk to managers, lie about having complaints or whatever until they put you through if you have to.

Good luck with your ventures, Mathanon.



Go to school first, do well there and actually learn stuff. Contact local electricians and ask them if they need help. My father owns a plumbing company and finding help is fucking impossible. Most of the guys we get either quit because they don't like doing the physical labor, they're fired because they don't bother to show up to work, or they're not even employed at all because we know they're strung out on heroin.

If you have a clean criminal record, went to trade school, and can demonstrate you're able to work hard just cold call a bunch of independent contractors until you get work. It won't take long.



Don't electricians work a lot with people? To coordinate their work with builders at a building site, or in the home of some family, looking into why their lights go out when they plug in the six millionth thing?

If you can into socialising then go for it but afaik being autistic or /thatguy/ in some way might be hard for that job.



Oh shit you're right. I forgot suicide was the only option life keeps giving me.



Thanks for the pointers, I might follow them if I get up enough initiative.



Well you can do what I do and stay and be miserable and enjoy the view for another sixty years.

We might even find some persons even worse off as we wait.


What do you guy think of staffing/ recruiting agencies, can they actually help you find a job or it talking to these people a waste of time.



They can help but keep in mind they're not doing it out of the goodness of their heart. They make money by finding people who will make good employees. So if you don't have the skills for the job you want they can't/won't help you. But they do save the trouble of researching the whole sector from scratch if you are qualified. Qualified here is relative. If you're looking to be a janitor, not being a felon and passing a drug test might count as qualified.


File: 834d704d7ad1534⋯.jpeg (87.05 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, hanuka.jpeg)


Be a math teacher or teacher for TAG kids.

If you teach TAG kids they will be mostly white so no nigger bullshit.

Honestly maybe learn code. Code is going to use the angular gyrus and frontal lobe a lot. So the linguistic areas of your brain your are using for math are already pretty developed.

Also never use LinkedIn. It's a fucking waste of time.


Feeling depressed. Some guy from a company offers to edit my resume he say he has a job for me. Spend time editing my resume to his tastes. Emails me back I just do not think the job we have matches your interests.

What the fuck. Man this job search shit sucks. Trying to get a college degree job sucks. I wish I could get one so I would not be dependent on my parents. But fuck it society will not give me a chance, even If I did study,because I have no connections.


I think college is a motherfucking scam, I have a degree and I cannot find work with it. And its not like the universities care they charge students and take their money. College are fucking scam artists. They say its for education yeah but most people who go to college expect to get a job out of it. I could have educated myself at home and not stress out about exams. I did all this work and for fucking nothing if I can get a job out of it, I might as well have been a fucking neet, all this time.



I get that a lot of the time they have to do show interviews with no intent to hire. Government made retarded rules about not being allowed to say "X not welcome" so they have to make a show of interviewing to pretend they're actually not hiring for a different reason (or the job is meant for someone's relative or friend). But why promise you a job? You should have confronted the nigger about it. If he originally misjudged you, and after editing the resume he realized you weren't actually as suitable as he thought, you deserve to fucking know that.

Maybe you should just drop the edits he suggested, even save them as what not to do. Your first resume got his attention, but the edited one dispelled it, so clearly the first one is more effective. And if they keep pushing you to clarify weaknesses that you deliberately left vague, just keep playing the same game: Do just enough to pretend you did what they asked, but not enough to give them what they really want (admission of your flaw so they can justify not hiring you).



Yeah I think my first resume was better based on that logic.

I think maybe he offered to edit my resume as a way to get me to admit some flaw.

I guess I could confront him about it but what is the point now.


I have an interview on moday for another job. I hate job interview and its three hours long.


File: 5e28d0f74f96db1⋯.gif (467.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1520465977136.gif)

>failed my algebra final

How many of you guys are bad at math, it's the only subject that made me feel retarded for being weak in it and this was supposed to be my last semester of comm college too so I won't be graduating on time unless I take a Summer course. Are useful trades (electrical, plumbing, welding, HVAC, and IT), trucking, and seafaring all they're cracked up to be? How well does your math have to be and how much do you need to know?



I do not think you need much math in the trades. Maybe basic algebra. I think the trades are not so much focused on academics as one the skills you need to do the profession, it is more applied.



Is being bad at math even a thing? All you're doing is remembering formulas. Study more.




<just study bro

>remember formulas

>remember where to apply each correctly and when

>have a proper understanding of theory

>remember a shit ton of nuances

>pay attention all the time so the tiny fuckups won't become large

>do everything fast or else all of the above will be little more than worthless

>if you skip classes/lessons/lectures a lot then you may as well kill yourself, because it's unlikely that you will succesfully study by yourself, given that you will need willpower, time and wits just to find good study material that would be easy for you to understand

But I guess it all comes down to erasing your distraction sources, moving to your workspace and filling it with study materials and notebooks.

Once you manage to not to suck at math, you apply your discipline and study experience to conquer other sciences. Math is pretty much the most difficult one, so you will learn a lot about learning from trying to study it.

But I guess economics is even worse, since it's oversaturated with terms stolen from other sciences (personally for me it made things quite misleading) and the application of formulas is way more ambiguous.

t. lazy faggot that failed his calculus final once


This guy nigger wasted my time and now he is like I am sorry to hear you wasted your fucking nigger fucking people who lie to you. What can you do I need to calm down.



>maybe he offered to edit my resume as a way to get me to admit some flaw.

Could be. Could be also that he misunderstood the initial version, and it turned out you weren't as good a fit as he thought. Or maybe he simply changed his mind by then or position got filled. Doesn't matter really, except that now you have a reference point since one version of the resume presumably works better than another.

>I guess I could confront him about it but what is the point now.

You would get important information that could help you better prepare for future applications. Also, you'll have stood up for yourself. Normgroids shouldn't get away with bad behavior without at least being made to feel uncomfortable.


I was above average academically but never had a talent for it and now that I haven't practiced in years I am retardedly bad. I can barely do a simple integration exercise without wolframalpha. But I like to think that I have a good intuition for why things are, and given appropriate tools (like computers) I can use them pretty effectively because I know how the tool should be used, even if I can't do the tool's job manually.


Being good at math means being able to come up with your own formulas.



what uni?

if you can do basic diff geo, you'll get tons of offers.


File: 19d1fcbf6d14398⋯.jpg (130.48 KB, 871x917, 871:917, 538b5a3977b58eec0460cf05ca….jpg)

>list 3 work references that weren't your supervisor or are related to you

>list 3 personal references that aren't related to you



Yeah that is crazy. I love that picture of the guy about to drop a toaster on the bathtub its sad yet funny.



How good are you in financial math? Everyone is looking for those



I am not sure. Financial math is called actuary and to be an actuary you have to take an exam to be certified. And I do not have this certification sadly.



The exam is also not easy, I think there ae like 8 of them the first covers probability or so I am told.



I don't know how much additional work this would be to get the certificate but I think it's worth it. My company digitized all the HR documents of a big company that offers consulting services for banks and other companies from the financial sector and I noticed many people had a background in math especially financial math. Those guys would start with 65-75€ salary.



Economics is easy. Most of it is highly logical. Just be prepared to memorize a lot of graphs. Oh god, the graphs.


The problem that I have with math is that it asks a giant amount of completely different things in one single exam. Whenever some part of math is isolated, like in statistics, or finance, I ace it. Yet, any general math exam, I have to do at least thrice.


For the first time my dad has started hassling me over getting a job this summer. On the one hand I want to move out but I really don't want to become a wage-slave ever. What do you guys say when your parents start bitching at you to get a job? I've just shrugged my dad off so far but he's saying it nearly every night now



>I don't know how much additional work this would be to get the certificate

actuary exams are hard as fuck and you have to go through multiple levels, you're basically doing exams on the side for the rest of your life


apply for a bunch of jobs online, if you've been neet for a while the odds of getting a response are astronomical

show your dad the quantity of jobs you've applied for


>only worked 1 "office job" years and years ago

>all coworkers were old boomers

>pretty sure most of my references are now retired



Out of curiosity, what's hard about them exactly? Can you post example questions?

Seems like burger exams rarely have knowledge questions like "what is X". The MCAT is the biggest exception I know, which can ask some HS-level chemistry and biology knowledge. But generally a lot of it is just reasoning, but the questions are very confusing if you're not familiar with the subject. But that you can easily overcome with a month or two of dedicated study.

Isn't actuary one of those things though where it's really hard to break into if you didn't go to college for it?



Hey OP, I'm looking for someone with your level of Qualification in Maths. We're launching a startup at this time and, depending on your skills, I might be able to help out a bit or at least keep you busy.

If you're interested, shoot me a mail and leave a way for me to contact you as I'm only able to receive but not send Mails from this Address:


Usually just lurking, but I'm serious about this.



>what's hard about them exactly?

they're just very indepth and cover a wide variety of concepts you need to know

It's also almost entirely self taught, you just have to learn the material

From when I looked into it, the tests don't start off that bad, but get harder over time, it's something a decade on average to take them all and become an actuary and the pass rate is incredibly low.

but yeah, it's usually a career path for people who spent undergrad doing math and stats



I have a roadmap for every anons' financial independence.

Disclaimer: I haven't done it…because autism.

Web Content Manager

By far the job posting I see most. It seems to be light HTML tagging and file/database management—pretty easy but something boomers think is difficult.

>take a (free) online course in Drupal/SharPoint/Adobe Experience (ideally with certification).

>learn basic HTML and content management systems

>apply for remote/freelance positions

>take a qualification test

>go on one in-person interview where skills are more important than autism

>work from home and set your own hours

>make ~$25 an hour

I had an extended daydream about us forming a company for robot solidarity and getting every anon out of mummy's house.

Someone please lead the way and help us all.



The best way to escape wage-slavery and the drudgery of modern life is to opt-out of society and go off the grid. What makes me want to kill myself is not living, but living in an environment where you are forced to slave away for the Jews for decades before dying after "enjoying" a few years of no work, the best years already gone by. As soon as I get the means to go off the grid I'm never stepping foot in normalfag society again.



I would like to do something like that, but nobody has replied to >>302672 in over a month. So maybe nobody cares except the two of us.



If you have the option of not getting a job then there's no point. This thread concerns people who cannot survive without wagecuckery.



maybe everyone got jobs killed themselves



How much time would it take to learn those things?

I know basic HTML and CSS. I've always seen things web-based as cancer, and thus all I really know is C, which I only used to make simple games/databases or things like that, only aiming to understand how my computer works.



>How much time would it take to learn those things?

It seems like you would be able to walk right into a position (if you could get/pass an interview) and just learn whatever you need on the fly. Maybe run through this Drupal (popular content management) tutorial and see how you do. They recommend first a tutorial on CSS/HTML, which you already know. I think the day-to-day is just linking to images in a CMS and pasting text into the appropriate elements.


Godspeed, and if you make it come back for the rest of us.


There are a few semi-related threads that are probably fragmenting the discussion.





>All I get are these shitty phone interviews, I do them talk to these HR cunts and then never hear from them again.

The last phone interview I had was 8 years ago. So at least you're doing better than me.


Well, let me post it again in case nobody saw the first one:

I'd like to create a professional network of autists. Something like the freemasons, but for robots. Starting out we would help each other find jobs or come up with business plans. Once a few people are successful, we can begin to use nepotism and pooled resources to our advantage. If you are interested, email commercium@airmail.cc



>a network of lazy suicidal NEET autists

best idea I've ever heard.



It worked for heaven's gate. Actually the idea is to stop being a lazy suicidal neet, learn useful skills and use them to make money. If nothing else, I bet I could help some of you how to code and build a competitive github.



Tbh I'd be up for such a thing, but wouldn't living in different countries be a problem? Unless it's sharing resources or ways of making money through the Internet that you can use no matter where you are.



I'd worry that it would be a waste of your time, since it will probably end up being a US focused thing.

>Unless it's sharing resources or ways of making money through the Internet that you can use no matter where you are.

That is true. Suggestions like what >>306752 says but more detailed and consistent over time would be pretty nice. I'm considering trying some things along these lines in a few months, but it's not a definite thing yet.


>yesterday I finally found an internship posting that I could actually qualify for

>almost applied but had to wait until today to get my transcript

>go back to application

>it's gone

I guess if it went this quickly applying a day earlier wouldn't have made a difference. I should've been checking for job postings every day, but it's disheartening to scan through hundreds of postings that I couldn't even dream of applying for.



Tbh I wouldn't mind helping US robots in any way I can. You are like brothers to me, and brothers should help each other. I could be kind of a consultant in STEM related matters, particularly chemical engineering and mathematics.

I've started reading about those web dev frameworks. It isn't that hard. To anyone who is interested in learning HTML/CSS from zero, I'd recommend reading from here:


I like to read a tutorial much more than I like watching videos on youtube, but that might not be the case for other anons. The problem about the HTML and CSS tutorials at tutorialspoints is that the videos are done by a pajeet with a very thick accent; I barely could understand what he said. Of course, I'm no native speaker, so it might just be me being bad at English.


I work for Belethor, at the general goods store.


File: 449f0282f8612c3⋯.jpg (53.26 KB, 640x390, 64:39, serveimage.jpg)

Because I have debts I need to work a job for around half a year.

I have now started working as carpenter, kind of. I first thought about doing the web dev stuff because I have anxiety and and generally don't like being around people. But this place is rather good, for what it is. The handfull of people that work there are rather old and are also pretty redpilled, they listen too boomershit music though, but other than that they are friendly and don't even force me to talk or anything. The work is hard but good I'd say, it also is keeping my body worked out. It is just a nice feeling of having crafted something and working on wood in generall is not that bad. The biggest disatvantages are the loud screachings of the machines (saw etc) and the horendous boomer music (they also listen to normalniggerradio sometimes). I am allready wearing earplugs to stop the screaching but at the end of the day when I lay in my bed I can hear the echos still in my ear and that is just very anyoing and unpleasant and irritating. Also I have the feeling that this work makes me dumber, duller, that it literally grinds my mind like a piece of wood.

Now to the questiong should I continue there? (I have only tried it for a rather short time) Or should I go for webdev, (Webdev seems to me rather benine, boring, and repetitve). Has anyone expirence with webdev so I can weigh its advantages and disatvantages?

Another alternative would be to give private lessons to high and middle school students in stuff like math. Has anyone here ever concidered this? I mean interacting with one person alone isn't that bad especially when they are younger (I like younger people more than old because they are not as brainwashed) than you and in generall. This is obviously providing you are not a brainlet, or have slacked to much in school.



Carpentry sounds like a decent job tbh. You can work for yourself, not tied to cities, and the pay isn't bad. People say it destroys your body but not sure if that still applies if you use proper PPE.

How did you get your foot in the door? Where did you find the job ad? Did they expect any experience? Is it for shit pay?


I do some woodworking as a hobby and everyone I see puts on earmuffs when running machinery. How is that not standard at your workplace? Anyways, I'd recommend you get the high dB earplugs and earmuffs that shooters get, and double up. Will help with the boomer music and you can even hook them up to your phone like normal headphones.


I wouldn't do it, there's a lot of competition and the pay is shit. Also doubtful how sustainable it will be.

>private lessons

Sweet gig if you can pull it off. But you find clients through connections and people like "friendly" tutors so roasties and normalfags have a big advantage over you. Also you have to keep in mind that many students are bratty retards with no interest, who didn't apply themselves in school and now their parents got them a teacher hoping it will make them study.



They don't use that much PPE there just the bare minimum, I don't know how it would destroy your body? by grinding of your skin or you gettin splinters. One old man there has all his fingers cut of from a machine though, other than that they look pretty healthy and robust.

I did because my parent's ordered some stuff from them, over that way. They didn't expect anything, maybe I got lucky there. Pay isn't bad but it's not really good either.

I will try that, a problem with that is though that people sometimes ask for something, like a tool fa. And if I have headphones and earmuffs it's probably gonna come of as rather rude, I should probably just reaplugs with headmuffs. Anyways thanks for the reply anon, because tomorrow I will tell my boss if I want to stay or go and I was torn between. Now I am pretty sure that staying there is the better option.



whenever people ask me for this i give them like 1 actual reference and then make up the rest with fake names and numbers that link to my shitty ass free calling apps with a voice changer and i talk to them it always works



>using spellcheck as a qualifier for anything other than copyeditor



Can you just walk into a building and schedule an interview? Man-to-man interview is probably the best bet I'd say. Going to an interview without a suit and tie is still more likely to get you in than skype interviews or whatever, right?



>3 years

It's been more than 3 years since i even bothered applying for a job.

The last time I did paid work was 2009.


I can't even get a shitty wageslave job like retail or fast food. In the process of trying to get disabilitybux for my autistic ass.



Pretty much this. Day of the rope when.

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