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File: e85be8aa4f5e1ac⋯.jpg (106.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, men filming themselves.jpg)


let's become camgigolos

I remember some months back there was this amazing movement where in the United States, a bunch of roasty camwhores on social assistance were receiving supplementary income as "gifts" which didn't affect the welfare they received since they did not declare it as income, but they got reported to the IRS and were subject to review. It was glorious.

I worked full time as a teenager and in my 20s, but lost my job and fell into a depression for years. I had saved up a lot of money, so I lived off my savings and only got on welfare recently when they ran out. I would like to begin working again, but because I have no recent experience, my resume is horrible and nobody wants me. If I cite that the last time I worked was 5+ years ago then they will want to know why I haven't worked, and they will think I am lazy or a bad fit.

One thing which I think would expand my prospects is if I had a vehicle. You can have up to 10,000 in assets and still receive welfare where I am, however a vehicle is exempt from this. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere near enough to buy one. I spent most of the welfare on high rent with some left over for food (thinking of going to a food bank but they only let you get 3 days worth per month, so that's ~10% of my needs)

I also need a reliable computer that doesn't crash after 15 minutes of activity and need a reboot. I'm beginning to feel my obesity more in my 30s (painful to stand for long periods) and have painful inner thigh moles which cause pain after prolonged walking. My doctors never seem to like me and never seem to agree that my health coverage should include the removal of these moles, or receiving psychiatric counseling for anxiety and depression.

So what I was thinking is: I basically have no pride, no reputation… and I want money. Even if I could find a job, it would be for minimum wage and welfare would just "clawback" all of it (reduce my bux to compensate) so I couldn't actually increase my savings to work towards gaining a vehicle or modern computer to increase my independence and employment options.

I wonder if maybe being a camwhore is the answer? Women already, both IRL and online, get "gifts" constantly from beta orbiters which they won't declare as income when they're on social assistance, so I feel no guilt at all in attempting this since I would never be able to approach the success they get in it. Odds are to get equivalent compensation, I would have to spent a lot more time, or do much more degrading things, or be much more physically fit, or some combination of the three.

Where do you get started on this type of thing though? What websites are trustworthy in protecting the privacy of male performers and making sure they get their gifts? I believe there are lots of wealthy elder faggots out there full of thirst for young men (even wizards in their 30s) who have saved up plenty of money to spare on gifts since they will often be confirmed bachelors without children aren't seduced into parting with most of their assets by succubi. I don't mind giving them some perverse happiness (perhaps if they are content watching me do stuff voluntarily, they may be disinclined to rape young boys?) in exchange for gifts.

I guess the main thing is to set it up where it's not guaranteed payment, so donations are inconsistent but you can sort of negotiate it like you will be "bored" and "tired" and not want to perform, unless people "excite" you with gifts.

I like to think I am so abnormal and detached from normal sexual identity that this wouldn't bother me, but I'm not sure. Part of me still wants to cover my face to reduce the chances of being stalked IRL. There's also the chance my mom would throw me out (I pay about 200 less for renting a room from her than I would a stranger) if she found out about this… but then again she'd probably throw me out if she found out a LOT of stuff I do online…

Could this negatively affect self esteem? I believe it would be less of a risk than having actual sex IRL. The thing is… because I am overweight, I don't know if I'd be able to make anything. There are probably a lot more attractive guys with the same idea who the elderly homosexuals would want to give gifts to instead of me. But perhaps if I do begin this, it will give me more incentive to improve my health, get physically fit? This could make me eligible for more actual jobs too, since if I way less I could probably stand up for longer periods without pain, or my thighs would chafe less if there was less fat pushing them together.

I'm wondering if anyone knows some guidelines or tutorials for getting into this sort of thing. I don't think it's something I'd want to do longterm, but if I'm going to be sitting at home unable to find work, I figure anything I can do to increase my assets which I could them use to acquire work would be a good way to spend my time.


im not readin all that shit nigga


File: 2ee05eaae4c2b0a⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 378x680, 189:340, u.jpg)


That's a rather niggardly reply.


I don't think the users will take your thread kindly. Honestly this place is almost /pol/ 2.0 at this point.



I used to consider doing this too back when I was 15 and thought this was an easy way to earn money. Try Imlive or something.


Exhibitionist here. I don't do the whole donation or gift thing, I just find it fun, exciting and it gets me off. I go on Chaturbate, its basically the best camwhore site, so I'd recommend checking that out. Your audience will most likely be all gay dudes, so as long as you're ok with that.

>Could this negatively affect self esteem?

It boosted my self esteem. If you gain an audience, even if its a small audience, and they give you compliments, maybe even donations and gifts, it'll boost your self esteem.

>But perhaps if I do begin this, it will give me more incentive to improve my health, get physically fit?

It incentivized me to get fit and eat healthier, so yeah. Then again, you might end up gaining an audience of chubby chasers (no offense) which might cause you to stay at your weight and keep that audience, who knows.

>I'm wondering if anyone knows some guidelines or tutorials for getting into this sort of thing.

On Chaturbate, and other camwhore sites I'd imagine, you can stream for free. Maybe try it out first before you start accepting donations and shit, to see if you enjoy it or not and to ease into it. If you start getting serious about it, I'd say setup a DMCA thing for your show.


OP, if you are concerned with being overweight, then why not workout naked on cam, aside from doing degenerate things? I think this could broaden your potential audience a little, maybe your shows will even be motivational for fags.

Cover your face with balaclava, and cover noticeable scars/tattoos/birthmarks if you have any.

If fat, old and hideous women get orbiters on their cam shows, then I'm sure you could pulls this off, too, especially if you, unlike any 3DPD, can come up with something interesting and original.


Who wants to watch obese people on cam? What you need is some rope.


This thread and whoever unironically posted here are disgusting subhumans.


I cant tell if this is the start of 4cuck trap posting or a neet wanting to jew some easy money like roasts do. Just dont become the degenerate op, remember that the goal is to laugh at degenerates who spend money on such things while taking said money. Think gabe allowing the sale of hentai games, and the goyim who think its worth paying for a vn or rpgmaker game with a few hentai cgs sprinkled in


Didnt mean to bump the thread, sorry



I'm more concerned for the state of Western society to have declined to the extent that young men are considering prostituting themselves just to make ends meet. It's wrong, degenerate as hell, etc. etc. But here we are. This is just plain unsustainable, but all the faggots in the position and authority to do anything about improving our society are all money hungry, corrupt, degenerate fucks that would use their charisma for ill gains instead of good.

I wish there were more avenues in society for men like OP who genuinely want to do something useful and good, and make a decent living from it, to do so. But corporations in America will actively turn away those men because of impossibly high standards, outright anti-whiteness, or something like that and the laws and economy are increasingly strangling small businesses. Men like OP frequently end up feeling like degeneracy is the only option, because that is the one thing they've been careful to leave fairly (((deregulated))).


Just become a trap, retard and whore yourself out for money online, that is, provided you don't look like a fatty or are manly-looking at all.



Did you even read OP's post?

I know it was long and tedious but if you aren't going to read it then why reply?

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