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File: fb4fce802c6c60d⋯.jpg (66.24 KB, 1068x534, 2:1, noot.jpg)


So recently I've been looking into nootropics, I've never held a job and I'm a HS drop out, so I really hope this is my saving grace. I am hoping they help me study something productive like programming so I can actually achieve something.

Have any of you tried any nootropics and how well did they work?


File: 4a8e8fd2557d4fc⋯.gif (694.35 KB, 500x373, 500:373, 4a8e8fd2557d4fc0a5f29e9a72….gif)

Phenibut is great, i've been using it for around a year now. It doesn't permanently fix anything, but it's a nice help.



Do you notice any side effects and changes in the mind. Will taking drugs make you build a dependence on them, making you crash.


File: d69828182db688c⋯.png (567.7 KB, 968x701, 968:701, d69828182db688cc3cd2de0fad….png)


>Do you notice any side effects and changes in the mind.


>Will taking drugs make you build a dependence on them.

Only if you're retarded and use them constantly. Only take phenibut when you really need it.


File: 7105bc9c01c17a5⋯.jpg (178.78 KB, 1212x705, 404:235, noosphere-berto stalker.jpg)

What's a nootropic?


Don't use them heavily can lead to schizophrenia.



supplements and otc drugs that are supposed to change your mental functioning in beneficial ways.


theres an identical thread on wizchan about this, but whatever

if you want better mental performance then lose weight, exercise daily and go vegan. personally i prefer walking over all other forms of exercise because its easy and relaxing, but you do you



All sorts of retarded pajeets can program, it's not something you need drugs for. Just stick with it for a few weeks.

I doubt nootropics work for healthy people. If they did, people at the top of extremely competitive intellectual professions would all be using them just how all top athletes are on gear. But for example with top stock traders or scientists, you rarely see nootropics being common. They usually do adderall or cocaine.



>go vegan

If being an herbivore is so beneficial to mental clarity then why are most vegans mindless leftist NPCs?



>my political opinion is right and other people's political opinion is wrong

>therefor anyone who doesnt agree with me regardless of iq, socioeconomic status, income or whatever ever other metric is obviously a fucking moron

okie dokie then, btw i dont believe in most liberal talking points like mass immigration or whatever



Your ultra butthurt greentext isn't what I posted at all. I made a simple observation that vegans are by and large non-functioning humans.



my point is what difference does it make what are most vegan's political ideology. yes, i do think that if you take a random sample of vegans you will find that they have a greater rate of liberalism compared to a random sample in the population, but what difference does that make

what does that even mean non-functioning? by my standards if you eat meat you're either a hypocrite or you're literally deluded, and which would mean you would be unable to make choices that are non-contradictory



Yeah, I know, but it wasn't getting much activity.


Its a scam


File: 963385752cf0c06⋯.jpeg (165.06 KB, 900x900, 1:1, serveimage.jpeg)




Agreed that phenibut is life-changing for depression and social anxiety and you shouldn't take it more than once a week.

>side effects and changes in the mind

<ratchets up internal monologue

<in excess, causes mild tardive dyskinesia

<causes drowsiness

>build a dependence

Yes and quickly. If abused, you'll need more and more just to keep the rebound anxiety away.

>help me study something productive

Nootropics are great tools for changing behavior and habits, but, if you expect them to do all the work, you'll fall into the same habits only now with an expensive addiction.

Increasing dopamine usually helps energy and motivation, but there are too many side effects:


<tension, sweating, aggression, anxiety, paranoia

<compulsive shopping and fapping

<dependence, withdrawal

<weight loss, malnutrition

>"The worst part of a stimulant addiction is the inevitable benzo addicion."

That said, here are some recommendations:


<quintessential nootropic: subtle positive effects, no negative side effects

<increased energy, concentration, clarity of mind

<lessened social anxiety

Mix some in your morning coffee with coconut oil. It poops out after a few weeks, though. (Smoking cigarettes on it turns my brain into an electrical fire…in a bad way.)


<amino acid precursor to dopamine

<natural energy, motivation, mood lift

<rate limited, so you can't really OD or get in trouble

Works great on occasion.

>Benzedrex (propylhexedrine)

(This is honestly terrible advice.)

>buy Benzedrex inhaler from drugstore

>cut open plastic container

>take out cotton rod

>cut into little pieces

>soak in red bull in a sealed jar overnight or for at least an hour or two


<unbelievable euphoria

<blissful head tingles with hours of concentration

>possible heart attack

>painful vasoconstriction

>unbearable teeth clenching and sweating

>potentially hours of fapping

>excruciating comedown

Honesty, /r/nootropics is the best resource.

Shameless shilling but at least I'm not giving my referral code: nootropicsdepot is the cheapest and most reliable/established vendor.



If I want euphoria I can get much cheaper ways. Anyways chasing a high is a slippery slope, it can lead to addiction and lifelong substance abuse. I just want to be productive and enjoy being productive.


File: 2780944c0ee1164⋯.jpg (11.28 KB, 236x306, 118:153, Unadogger.jpg)

>go to sleep early (around 10)

>wake up early (around 4)

>take a walk

<"Hard mode"

>get off the internet completely for 1 week straight (only exception is for checking the news and your email)



Why are so sure? Unironically considering it.


File: 96d96e5621aa9de⋯.png (234.9 KB, 327x608, 327:608, 1.png)






This is the right answer, but for people with no motivation it's a catch 22. Nootropics help to take that first step until their positive effects and reinforcement kick in.


Might as well just go with the euphoria, then.




The only meds with measurable (positive) effect on academic performance are derivatives of amphetamine and you need good discipline to do something productive during the rush.



>If you eat meat, you are a hypocrite




Don't reply to the eunuch you moron.



> you're either a hypocrite or you're literally deluded

Or you don't give a shit about the life of an animal, or the supposed benefits of veganism. I just want to fuck shit up then die alone.


Join the modafinil gang bro



I'd strongly suggest acquiring your GED(if you haven't already) before starting drugs. Its achievable without use of drugs regardless of how much of a sperg you are and guarnatees you some base-line employability just in case the drugs don't cut it. You'll need it to go to uni anyway.




>eunuch doesnt have the testosterone to actually explore

>resorts to simple movement across paved roads

Climb a foresty hill and get off this board



90% do fucking fuck all but make you foggy mentally the second it leaves your body, the other 10% like NSI 189 are proprietary experimental substances owned by pharmaceutical companies and thus crazy expensive to get because you have to find a chink laboratory that actually cleans their equipment that will ignore the copyright and only the drug only does anything after taking it more than 6 months daily and their effects are nowhere near the amount you shelled out for it

neurofeedback and other cognitive therapies have more efficacy than the schlock pharma shoves down everyones throat but who the hell wants to talk to a psychologist to get a recommendation for it



I take L-Dopa with maca root, which is not only good for mood but also lowers prolactin and increases the benefits of NoFap. L-Dopa even increases androgenic activity (the activity of male hormones such as testosterone). Some of the things I've noticed with this supplementation is getting horny much more often, more willingness to be social sometimes, and more aggression.

It's the only nootropic I've tried, but it initially interested me because of it's potential to lower prolactin, especially after fapping. I'm trying to NoFap right now, but L-Dopa definitely makes it harder to abstain.




You're probably thinking of mucuna pruriens. Maca doesn't have L-Dopa.

>Maca is the first 'Testosterone Booster' with sketchy research, and to start things off Maca does not boost testosterone; in fact it doesn't appear to influence any hormones and can be currently deemed 'non-hormonal'. It does act as an aphrodisiac (both genders) and increases the production of sperm and possibly testicular size secondary to that; this is the common combination of subjective feelings that lead many people to think that they have increased testosterone (larger testicles, feeling more confident; false attribution to increased testosterone)




I said mucuna pruriens WITH maca root.


File: 2290e360739f767⋯.jpeg (196.02 KB, 1280x692, 320:173, anon in 10 years.jpeg)



>I take L-Dopa with maca root

L-DOPA isn't the same as mucuna pruriens: L-DOPA is in mucuna pruriens, but it has many sources (from drugs, endogenous) that aren't mucuna. I'm not just being pedantic…it makes a difference.

First, L-DOPA doesn't even work without an MAOI-B. Maybe mucuna has just enough inhibition to work, but not sure. It's possible just mucuna effects you experience.

Second, L-DOPA treats Parkinson's if you have it; it causes it if you don't. You really need to be careful. It will cause neurodegeneration (memory problems/Alzheimer's/dementia, loss of intelligence), tardive dyskinesia/tremors, and early death. It's one of the most powerful drugs and the total opposite of a nootropic.

Raise dopamine with tyrosine instead, maybe phenylalanine, definitely not phenethylamine, but maybe deprenyl (if you can get it) but probably not.

In this rare case, reddit is your friend
















Take the nicotine pill, bro.


Don't smoke, obviously. But nicotine in isolation is a well-documented cognitive stimulant.



>get yourself physically addicted to a substance which provides a very minimal stimulant effect




You did not read a single word of that article. Yours is a knee-jerk NPC reaction.



Nicotine is physically addictive by itself, and it also provides a very mild stimulant effect. My post was entirely true on both of those points. But fine, let's check the article:

>In 2011, I became curious about nicotine gum/patches as a possible alternative stimulant to modafinil: its much shorter half-life makes it more useful for evenings or scenarios like needing a quick alert on a long drive. I looked briefly into the nicotine/tobacco research to see whether there was convincing evidence that nicotine on its own, without any tobacco or smoke-related delivery mechanism, is either more harmful than most stimulants or likely to lead to severe addiction to tobacco as a ‘gateway drug’.

From the first fucking paragraph, he's advocating exactly what I claimed; that people should become physically addicted to nicotine in exchange for the very mild stimulant properties it gives. Nowhere does he refute it being physically addictive, or the stimulant effect being very mild.



>L-DOPA isn't the same as mucuna pruriens:

I didn't say that. I meant mucuna pruriens when I said I supplemented L-Dopa.

>First, L-DOPA doesn't even work without an MAOI-B. Maybe mucuna has just enough inhibition to work, but not sure. It's possible just mucuna effects you experience.

Not true. A MAOI-B is not needed for it to be absorbed into the body.

>Second, L-DOPA treats Parkinson's if you have it; it causes it if you don't. You really need to be careful. It will cause neurodegeneration (memory problems/Alzheimer's/dementia, loss of intelligence), tardive dyskinesia/tremors, and early death. It's one of the most powerful drugs and the total opposite of a nootropic.

I'm not trying to use supraphysical amounts to treat Parkinsons, I'm just using the recommended amount for it's positive effects. You don't need a shit-ton of L-Dopa at dangerously high levels to get the positive effects.

>Raise dopamine with tyrosine instead, maybe phenylalanine, definitely not phenethylamine, but maybe deprenyl (if you can get it) but probably not.

But tyrosine is a precursor of the precursor, which is highly ineffective for getting the positive benefits you want.

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