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File: d8f683efd75a3d7⋯.png (246.09 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot (1).png)


What's the point of this?

Why do they actively go out of their way to attack the already mentally fucked? The ones who have already been made fun of all their life?

Why do they make a fucking dictionary with all the terms we use just to obsess and try and make fun of us?



So they can get people to shoot back at them, then they pass draconian censorship and persecution laws of course.


File: 82a09ad409f8caf⋯.png (194.67 KB, 920x936, 115:117, bullying.png)

File: fea2cab6e9024b3⋯.png (486.66 KB, 1092x701, 1092:701, people need deviants.png)

its because they enjoy making fun of others and because human beings need to abuse the weak to genuinely boost their self-esteem and their social standings. its the same reason why psycho kids torture cats and dogs for fun, or why we mock the sufferings of pigs and cows as they scream in pain in the slaughtering process

mammals simply NEED to bully and abuse the weak and the losers for a social heirchy to exist. abusing the weak losers is just part of any society, societies NEED losers

in brian gilmartin's book he documents that most autistic adult male virgins have experienced bullying and abuse, and they tended to be more mature at a young age than non-virgins so they participated less in the abuse of others. its usually the sentientless normie mongoloids who go about life hurting and abusing as much people as possible and dont even care about the suffering of others who enjoy hurting others.

for females theres an incentive to know who the beta losers are, as females tend to be more aware of people's place in the social hierarchy than males. females get off sexually on the abuse of weak males. its a shame that acid facing females has fallen out of fashion




<all women are lying thots instead of just like that

<terms we use




Look at the thread below it, they think that they're helping incels by showing them how ridiculous they are. Normalfaggots are astonishingly bad at empathy and self-awareness, the things that make one human.


Much of our vernacular is similar, and the average normalnigger wouldn't be able to tell the difference between one of us and an incel. When they attack an incel they're attacking all internet virgins (robots, wizards, what have you), because they think of all virgins as incels.


File: 4ccbbc63112cdd0⋯.png (1.35 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, 4ccbbc63112cdd04f543ea8c30….png)

Because they know incels are right, but admitting it is too dissonant with their beliefs in things like feminism, so they have to shit on them in order to protect their other ideals.


It's called nutpicking. Look at a group of people, pick out the crazies, and use them to represent the entire group. The "rationalist" left likes this term, and what's really fucking rich is how they claim that it's only ever right-wingers who do it, despite the existence of dozens of subreddits like the one you posted where nutpicking is the goal.

Going off this concept, you could call places like incels.me a nut orchard, or a place that's deliberately made to cultivate nuts so that faggots have somewhere convenient to go and take screenshots. I guarantee you a good half or more of the screenshots you see are made by the very same kinds of people who post on that subreddit anyhow.



How do they attack us, exactly? By saying mean words in their own cesspool site and hurting your feelings? What are you even doing on plebbit? Why are you going to that sub?

>Much of our vernacular is similar

Our vernacular is completely different to the point that you can tell an incel here from a few sentences. Not just our words but our thoughts are different. Incels have nothing to do with us because they are bluepilled.

There's never going to be a personal army to raid your shitty subreddit because no1curr. All your accomplishing is pollute our comfy board with this trash. Kindly fuck off.


You're a weak loser who is of no use to women. They attack you to make you man the fuck up or kill yourself. Either way they win because they get rid of you or they make you improve things for them/maybe get a boyfriend if you shape up enough.

What's not to understand here? Do you think women aren't evil manipulative bitches who fuck over men for their own benefit endlessly?


Incels are weaklings and deserve to be attacked. They should stop being pussies crying about being a virgin. We're virgins here but we don't cry about it constantly.


Why would we care?Why would any person on this board care what a normalfag says?A thread died for this.



I forgot to sage i'm retarded.



I say "attack" because the OP used the term for it, dumb redditspacing nigger. And I say much of our vernacular is similar because of things like "roastie" and "chad" being of the same origin. There's more overlap with our vernacular to theirs than there is the other way. Just look at the walled thread.



This is the central problem I have with incels along with their appearance obsession. To me, social skills matter exponentially more. I don't have any friends because I lack social capabilities and have zero charisma.


File: 9b34726712cbfa2⋯.png (549.86 KB, 588x610, 294:305, 46b82d1fc51d2bd7534d84f164….png)



I agree. Hopefully we get less incels coming in because at some point it just becomes tiresome. They complain and whine and feel depressed over the simple fact that they can't get pussy. If you gave an incel a decent looking face and a bit of confidence they would be the "chads" they so enviously lash out at .The only difference between an incel and a normafag is ability; not idealogy.



Meant to only respond to >>308109



>appearance obsession

Incels are fucking retards and it's evident in everything they do. They fell hard for the muh looks meme. A moment of reflection could have shown countless counterexamples but they were too eager to join the hivemind and finally get some approval from some group. Then after years of these delusions the photo comes out of the skinny pajeet and his qt wife and they lose their shit. She's probably cheating on him anyway but incels are too dumb to realize lol. They still won't take the redpill. What a cancerous mentality, I honestly feel almost as much disgust for their wilful stupidity as I do for the viciousness of femoid man haters who run that sub.


File: c191281bbef59f4⋯.jpg (60.28 KB, 686x706, 343:353, suck_my_dick.jpg)





Alot of them think that simply being white will automatically get you hot asian pussy. Sure, a subpar looking white guy can go to Thailand or the Philippines and betabux some subpar looking woman who uses him for a green card. You know how when a woman says she likes nerdy guys, she actually means Chads who wear glasses? Well, when an asian woman says she likes white guys, she means white Chads.



The best one is when they say they like funny guys, because they just laugh at Chad's shitty jokes.




fuck off



"man up" "they win" lel redfaggit "Don't you think" aha looking for confirmation and social acceptance is very telling of women and the soybots they keep around.

The whole purpose of that sub-reddit is simply the fact that WE ARE winning, the "incel" population is booming like never before, 18-35 yr old male virgins who don't "work" (for the ZOG), think radical and view women as dirt pebbles on a road is the most frightning thing to both the ZOG and women alike due to their loss of control. When women can't use their flesh as a way of posturing and view as women they are; distractions, it means she'll be starved of attention. Notice how only the ones who stop getting attention "settle down", now imagine that same scenario but not even the "virgin loser" will put up with her shit, she won't have a stable career and is basically fucked with her single daughter life but it's not her fault bro. Same goes for the ZOG, if you aren't earning money for a "gf/wife" and don't care for "le big house" like memes, the economy LITERALLY falls flat on it's ass; The most productive and invested demographic simply stops caring. Then the real problems start for them, can't lure the anon with "cheap sweets" like they've done in the past, can't prod too hard or he'll just an hero and if fucked with enough he'll violently lash out against his abusers.

THAT is what they really fear; somebody or in this case a demographic with nothing to lose and none to gain by working with or against society, a unbounded indivdual. The uncontrollable force.

Ironically most virgins are high-IQ and have likely seen past the bread and circus 90% of the population is infatuated with and are thus the most feared group.

I wouldn't be surprised if this a completely reddit inflated thread being linked via PM's and made by a redditor. See OP "why are they such bullies" a REAL anon would say "lel look at these roastbeef pussies raging over virgin rage directed at THEM, See how they don't like it if whe have places to talk about them."

Very very gay thread.



You mean cherry picking. I'm guessing English is not your first language.



He's a phonepleb who tried to type nit-picking


File: 050efb0c8085813⋯.png (1.01 KB, 108x33, 36:11, nitpicking.png)


I just checked, "nutpicking" isn't considered a word by my spellcheck, I doubt a phone would be any different. Probably did mean nitpicking though.



Nitpicking means complaining about trivial things. Cherry picking means selecting isolated examples that confirm your own opinion while ignoring those that do not.

That, combined with his use of an orchard analogy, suggests he meant cherry picking.



I figure it's a combination of misused word and spelling error.



I think it's a neologism.






Google isn't that hard to use.


He made explicit reference to self-proclaimed 'rationalists'



>acid facing

>out of fashion

It will come back brother, with the arrival of Islam to the world



I think that women get very nervous around single men complaining about being single. Possibly because they don't want men to know how much they are being messed around and they feel that this will put the status quo under threat if men realised this.

But that point of them researching terms used and making a dictionary is beyond mental. I think there are some men posting on inceltears who are incels or used to be sexually active in their teens but have no sex appeal as adults who are compensating.


File: 04c7a27ef71d08b⋯.gif (479.45 KB, 560x314, 280:157, ezgif-3-8911d17821.gif)

Normalfags, especially women, get a kick out of attacking people they view as less fortunate than them. Mostly to hide the fact to themselves that they have shitty lives and/or are generally shitty people.

The media has declared virgin outcast men danger to society, so they view you as less than human on top of this.



>using jewgle



Honest question: why do you care?


File: 29e6b442dbf17d5⋯.jpg (14.21 KB, 240x200, 6:5, Enjoying my anger _bc7bc70….jpg)


Honest answer: not OP, but I like me a good rage boner.



I agree completely. Stop putting women and sex on a pedestal, fuck them let them be whores.



>But that point of them researching terms used and making a dictionary is beyond mental.

Can you imagine someone on here making a dictionary of "stacy terms" and sperging out over it? What a cancerous behavior, jesus christ.



>capable of attacking me

Unless they're surgeons, politicians or scientists then I make more money than them. And since money is all the normalnegroid cares about it is practically impossible for them, a lesser being, to mock me.


File: ef601d2b4a02dff⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 960x711, 320:237, 1549332055389.jpg)



>reddit screenshot


File: 6dd2d5ef24c84aa⋯.jpg (64.88 KB, 625x500, 5:4, reddit how do you do fello….jpg)


go back to whence you came



When that on canadian shitskin ran his truck into a crowd of people, the media ran with the incel narrative, and instead of focusing on the psychotic shitskin, all the feminists hyperfocused on incels. Now incel is their new buzzword insult, not because they really give a fuck about losers who obsess over sex, but because it's catching and snappy and instantly conjures a vague, negative connotation.


And on the topic of incels specifically: This robot gets it. Incels aren't pitiful because they are virgins. They are pitiful because they think sticking their dick in roastie meat will solve all their problems. They think women are awful because women won't fuck them, instead of understanding that the fundamental problem is that women are causing the speed in civilization's collapse.



>Incels aren't pitiful because they are virgins. They are pitiful because they think sticking their dick in roastie meat will solve all their problems. They think women are awful because women won't fuck them, instead of understanding that the fundamental problem is that women are causing the speed in civilization's collapse.

This truth is the salvation of robots. It's a shame a lot of people here don't get it. They think we hate women because of sour grapes, that getting laid is the issue.


It's the just world fallacy. If incels were right about anything, that would mean that there could potentially be an "incel" that was doing everything in his power to get women, and still wasn't doing so. If you acknowledge that this sort of thing happens, then you acknowledge an issue with the mating game, which means that life is fundamentally unjust in some way. If this injustice exists, then you could be the one up next to face it. People don't want to realize that everything good in their life is built upon sand, and nothing that they work towards is ever remotely close to guaranteed.


Why do women hate incels so much, anyway? It's not like virgins are losers anymore. Statistically a lot of them are highly educated professionals, make good money and even have prestige. They live in urban centers like NYC and LA that roasties adore. They are very accommodating and passive, won't cheat, beat her or even demand sex. They're not very strong but most are in decent health and would be good adequate present fathers. Many are fairly attractive. I get that a roastie cannot be satisfied without chadcock, but she wouldn't go steady with chad anyhow - then she couldn't sample other chads, and chad wouldn't want to, even if he did, he would soon disappear. Succubi could just ensnare an incel, give him a modicum of attention to keep the betabux coming, and enjoy the chads while he's waging away. Sounds like the perfect roastie life, but instead they avoid incels like the plague.



>They are very accommodating and passive, won't cheat, beat her or even demand sex

To be fair I doubt this is the case with most of them, being so immature they'd likely grow confident if they were ever to actually get a woman. Maybe not cheating but the other shit would definitely happen.



>accommodating and passive, won't cheat, beat her or even demand sex

>fairly attractive

Not to females. Women are instinctually submissive. They want to be treated like shit. Any man that isn't demanding, cheat and beat them is perceived as a weak loser, no matter if he's making seven figures a year.

There's a reason even that one Rothschild roastie ran off with a nigger.



Its not simply virgins they hate, its blackpilled virgins they hate. A bluepilled virgin white knights women, is a male feminist, orbits, donates to female twitch streamers and whatever, etc. They aren't attracted to bluepilled virgins, but they love them as pets and as potential betabux. They hate blackpilled virgins because they spread the blackpill, and they can't control them like they do with bluepilled virgins.



>Why do women hate incels so much, anyway?

Cheap boogeyman. Plain and simple.



The average woman doesn't even know what an incel is. They know what a "creep" is, however, solely because of obvious behavioral issues. It's twitter-obsessed and reddit feminists who bitch about incels the most, but only because they fit so nicely into their shitty little victim narrative of all straight white men being monstrous rapists and violent psychopaths.

It shouldn't need explaining around here, but to feminists, incels aren't sad, frustrated men who desperately crave something they've been told all their lives that they badly need in order to feel happy. They are the embodiment of feminist paranoia. The common man, driven by uncontrollable lust, obsessed with brutalizing women due to their unfettered misogyny, who feel impotent in spite of their blatant privilege. Angry, whiny manbabies who can't stand seeing diverse and vibrant feminists changing society for the better. To feminists, incels are the wrong side of history incarnate, despite them just being a bunch of sad, dumb jackasses whose loneliness has consumed them.



They are redditors. They are absolutely desperate to find anybody to look down on. The women there are bottom of the barrel harpies who'll take any excuse to attack low status men, the "men" there are trying to convince themselves that if they attack the incels then they aren't incels ("No, you see, incels are involuntary celibates + entitlement + misogyny, so I am not an incel, I respect women").



This is really it in a nutshell. People like that see themselves as the ones moving forward. They see themselves as creating new opportunities, making everyone's life more equal, and as a result, moving life to a better place for everyone. Therefore, the people who don't want to move things forward must be trying to drag us back, and that's why things like incels and wite sooprehmasists get so much ire.

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