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File: 540dcae6ebbabef⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 1722x1722, 1:1, 1547290033182-r9k.jpg)


You will live a long miserable life.

There is a lot of pain and suffering ahead.

Dopamine receptors' sensitivity is decreasing and it will be more and more difficult to experience happiness.


>You will live a long miserable life.


>There is a lot of pain and suffering ahead.

Counting on it.

>Dopamine receptors' sensitivity is decreasing and it will be more and more difficult to experience happiness.

If this is happening it's because you're flooding your brain with stupid, cheap dopamine hits so constantly that you're desensitized and your thresholds are fucked.


File: 2ed21a51d4e5ab0⋯.jpg (19.13 KB, 500x367, 500:367, 53f653b22a104c8ec1f2c2ec21….jpg)


>tfw an autist roaming around 8ch ruined the niggerpill term completely and now I can only refer to it as "the niggerpill"

Crazy, how a nigger that was supposed to demoralize ended up filling me with more anger and energy than what I had before. I may even ponder about suicide, but just seeing his posts makes me know I have to be alive.

Oh yeah and for niggerpills:

>your countrymen will become more and more savages and indulge in individualism, thinking that only their things matter, and then wonder why the place where they live is a shithole



>individualism is bad!

Feel free to move to China any time, anon.



Totally! We all know how individualist the average cockriding liberal roastie is right!


File: b640f26885d85b7⋯.png (126.79 KB, 1823x521, 1823:521, why mixed countries can't ….png)



Mindless individualism is what leads to societies to become massive shitholes where no man that respects himself would like to tread on. You think individualism is only being a fat fuck? It's people putting piercings/tats on their bodies and dying their heads, it's niggers blasting their chimp music everywhere because they like it like that, it's satanists throwing out voodoo magic devices on a public place because they believe their fake gods will give them prosperity.

One should be part of the other, an individual that doesn't want to be a part of a collective is a symptom of many individuals that fuck up the collective with their mindless selfishness



Mindless ANYTHING screws shit up. Mindless collectivism is the scariest fucking shit in the world, makes "mindless individualism" look like a gnat's cock.



>You will live a long miserable life.

Got a degenerative mental. Not gonna happen. Lucky to hit 28.

>There is a lot of pain and suffering ahead.

Life is objectively more suffering than anything else. Simple as.

>Dopamine receptors' sensitivity is decreasing and it will be more and more difficult to experience happiness.

However, it makes your perception of time slowdown so that things seem to speed up for you. It makes you seem like you're aging faster than you are because you lack an accurate perception of time. I welcome the gray.

Also, Individualism is a cancer. The simple fact of the matter is that the average IQ is actually closer to 98-99. Just because if you're a Robot and as such prefer to be alone doesn't mean that it's good for society or the environment that fosters your NEETbux, or that you being alone equates to the same thing as normalnigger Individualism. What society needs to successfully operate in the moodern world is unapologetic Technofascist-Environmentalism. As for what Robots need, that list is too long to list. Even in the best case of being fine with being a Robot, a Robot tends to be fundamentally messed up enough to not be terribly capable.



>you might have a stroke in your sleep

>you might get killed by a car

>you might get murdered by a nigger or terrorist


>tfw comfy neetlife instead of wageslaving

>tfw not having to deal with emasculating roasties

get yer whitepills here



>tfw comfy neetlife instead of wageslaving

There is nothing comfy about being NEET. You're miserable either way, but without a job you have an unlimited amount of time to dwell on how terrible everything is.



Working made me feel much worse though. When I was a NEET I could at least go vegetable in my computer chair and zone out with anime. Working didn't allow for any escapism on the job so I had to actually exist mentally in this reality.




"InCels" don't exist. Rape is always an option - you just voluntarily abide by the law.



Opportunity cost. If you rape you get 1 sex and then you're off to stretch your asspucci for 20 years. What are the odds that over those 20 years, you would have gotten <1 sex? 20 years is a long time dude.



Getting fucked in the arse is still considered sex anon.


File: b49de372d5d6bc5⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1s.jpg)

All women are whores and they will never be able to understand you.


File: b127c24d6c22f3d⋯.png (201.88 KB, 400x433, 400:433, b127c24d6c22f3dfe40306622c….png)


>There is nothing comfy about being NEET. You're miserable either way,

Highly agree,even though i can play games and watch anime all day i still feel terrible and i wish to die.But i can imagine it being worse as a slave,i don't even think i can get a job considering my anxiety,lack of skills,motivation etc + i hate being outside more than anything.



Wholeheartedly agree. People have too much freedom nowadays.



>There is nothing comfy about being NEET.

Disagree. I mean, it's not inherently comfy simply to be a NEET, but at the very least there is the potential, provided your living situation is okay. If you're stuck living in absolute squalor with utterly obnoxious people then, sure. But otherwise, you can achieve comfiness. The thing is that you have to take matters into your own hands. If browsing imageboards for 8 hours a day isn't doing it for you, then you have to make the necessary changes to bring comfiness to your life. If you don't take advantage of having all the time you could possibly want to yourself, then that's on you for wasting the potential and really has nothing to do with being a NEET. There's nothing I wish for more than to make a return to the NEET life personally. I've been trying to keep moderately comfy despite wageslaving it, but it's terribly hard. If anything, every hour you're on the job is an hour you can dwell on how terrible things have become. I can't even get much peace while I'm asleep due to work-related nightmares.



If you let yourself get raped instead of fighting to death to prevent it, it isn't rape. It's consensual sex.


What did I stumble into here? You guys know robots are made from STEEL right? Take all that buried emotion and self hatred and inflict it upon the world. (I don't mean in a bad way you goddamn psychos who think it.) I mean it in a "FUCK YOU ALL" kind of way. I forget who said this but I remember a quote that goes something like this "The best revenge against your enemies is your own success" or some thing to that effect.

I just get so tired of hearing my robot brother whine here. If you think about it logically we have the upper-hand. We are BLACK PILLED.

We have the knowledge that the alphabet agencies perpetrate against our population. Being black pilled is a gift not a curse. Embrace and utilize it, It makes you one step ahead of the normal-fag.

Be the best robot you can be. STEEL and WIRES last longer than flesh and bone. If society turned us into machines then let us be as machines. Ever efficient and never ending progress. Neet this and wasted life that, do what you want to do with your life. Just know you were molded for strength and if you feel the pain you say you do then harness it.

I am 30-something robot at this point and I am only growing stronger as time persists. I keep developing my mind and body and keep doing better than the degenerates. Sure I admit fully I am a wageslave, but when my computer crashed last month it wasn't hard buying a newer/better one.

You deserve every thing those disgusting degenerates have and more, never forget you are actually unique, and no I am not talking about you retarded robots out there who just hate to hate and will give any thing to not be what you are for a piece of ass.

I'm talking about the men who truly persevere and aren't filled with hatred and degeneracy. PURE SOULS are far and few between, if you can't even go more than 2 days with out touching your cock then go soul search for meaning.

This mortal coil only lasts 50 to 80 years, religious or not, your only shot is in that time-frame for Christ OR society. Will you go out with a fizzle? Rampage like a fire? Or build fortune? So many possibilities for you anon. Get off your ass and do any thing but read this.



Well said and encouraging. As an oldfag, I can tell you, when you get old enough that your sex drive starts to wain, life gets so much better. I'm convinced that robots can be happier after 35 than average normies. At that age, you will see all the other men around you are worse off than you because of their involvement with women. They will be paying alimony, or they'll be paying child support (and as a result they'll be poorer than you) or they'll be married and living like a slave, being mentally abused and physically exploited.

If you keep yourself together until then, and bonus: if you make a minimum effort to improve yourself by reading books and doing a bit of exercise - you'll be significantly better off than the average normal male.



That's exactly correct, once you get past 30 your sex drive is still there but it doesn't control your every thought any more. Oddly enough brothers life does get more bearable past 30 (for men at least.) just don't get caught in any child support/alimony/divorce traps and you should find some modicum of happiness when you reach full maturity. Now in my older age I have too much shit to do to worry about chad and stacy, never forget the truths life has visited upon you and never forget you are the embodiment of strength. I have seen men in prison crack under the cold isolation of a segregation cell. Banging their heads on the wall and screaming for human contact. Me? As a robot in jail? Yeah it sucked, and yeah it was hard to be in a segregation cell for 2 weeks with no sunlight/electronics/my cat/dog to keep me company. But I was cool as a cucumber the whole time, there were even some men in seg who committed murder and were still shouting at the top of their lungs to be let out. Isolation is a bitter dark place to be and yet day-in-day-out some of us here go weeks to months with out physical/emotional/human contact. Isolation is our comfy for some of us at this point. Remember you are stronger and smarter than 90% of normies out there. Most people would kill themselves if they had to experience what we did.



Anyone else open to get a lobotomy?



You were in jail? What for?

I've seen pics of jail cells with TVs and playstations and thought that part of jail would actually be okay. Even just books would make that okay. Of course, then I saw scenes of screaming apes and knew that part would suck.



Not him, but jail isn't so bad. I've been a few times in several different states. Arizona was the worst, you got two meals of slop each day, and a tiny tv with only one channel shared between the entire block. One trip to the library a week where you can only check out 3 books, so if you're a fast reader you're screwed unless you barter some food away to someone else in exchange for them checking out you a book also. It was minimum security, so just a giant room with some individual 'cells', without doors or anything; each cell had two bunkbeds for four inmates. As far as race goes, it's mostly spics, but they classify themselves as either chicano (born in America, not necessarily Spanish-speaking) and pisce or however they fucking spell it (born in Mexico and/or Spanish-speaking), so it's not like they're a single unit.

Utah was better in most respects; you got three meals a day, in the cafeteria rather than just in your area. It was actual food too, not just barely-digestable slop. They had fried chicken one day too, it was surprisingly good. They drug the koolaid/soda etc though, so the only option is tap water if you don't want to be half-asleep and docile all day. The 'cells' weren't existent in the part I was at; it was one big room with a TV we could change the channels on, with beds in one part of the room. Also, in the Utah jail I went to, they charge you for each day you're in there; when I got out they gave me a fucking bill and I had to arrange a payment plan for it and promise I'd pay them. Obviously I'll never pay it nor said foot in that state again, but yeah. Complete scam.

Last place I've been to was up in Cour d'Alene/Spokane area, Washington State side. Three meals a day of very tasty good food, but the flavored drinks were drugged there, too, so only tap water. Different rooms with a few bunkbeds each, and a TV in the rec room. No idea if it changed channels or not, I just stayed in bed and slept all day when I finished reading the books from the library.



And what is the alternative?



>calling yourself an incel

>implying you have used incel forums


Lurk 1000 years before posting again.



>what is the alternative

A Nationalsocialist state.


File: 8104034d2e73f85⋯.png (145.99 KB, 500x512, 125:128, ts-so-hard-to-be-an-alpha-….png)

File: cfffc33b5282230⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2yylpv.jpg)


>Back in the day (circa 2012), the joke was that people pretend to be alphas on their keyboards, bragging of exploits that never happened, often followed by "Please buy my book and subscribe to my channel." I guess, back then people were in cope-mode, unaware of their real (abysmally low) value on the sexual market. Back in 2012-2013, people hoped that with just more reading PUA blogs and so on, they would get the girl. Well, now in 2019, they realize that it was a pipe-dream; it was over all along.

>So now, instead of bragging about all the sex you get on a regular basis with 10/10s, you brag about all the sex you can't get even with fugly post-wall landwhales. Seems that people always need to signal that they aren't low status, and since we all became realistic about our lack of sex life, we now accord each other pity-points (really, status-points) for how celibate we are.

>Someone needs to send a memo to the Feminists (Tumblrinas, Twitterinas, and Buzzfeederati) that we no longer pretend to be Chads, but rather, we now emphasize our sexual frustration for purely Machiavellian reasons.



You can fix the dopamine problem at least to an extent by not jerking off so much, going to bed early, and laying off the sugar and even stuff like indulgent music.

When you stop overstimulating yourself, things like a gentle breeze, going for a walk in the trees and smelling the flowers, looking at 3D girls in public (trying not to get MeToo'd), eating fresh fruit etc. is more satisfying.



In the day of Uncle Adolf's birthday, I guess this guy is right >>308795

That or devolve in some sort of technological tribalism but that's just fantasizing too much.


File: 40e73d169624879⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 40e73d16962487970ee86e2aa5….jpg)


Live is suffering, we might as well embrace it. Either the hardships we go through strenghten us, or they break/kill us.


Happiness doesn't exist, the best that you can get are short term highs.

The majority of human existance consists of boredom, frustration and pain.

Then you die.


File: b9f967b6d9a2c58⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 564x556, 141:139, goshdiddlydarndangitidoneg….jpg)

The things that I enjoy will be destroyed in the inexorable march of industrialization and globalism by shitskins and bugmen

After that I will no longer have anything to keep my mind at bay



Women are slaves to pleasure.

As long as you have a pringles dick, you can make "faithful" women to be sluts.



>Muh nostalgia

>As he uses a modern image from a 10 times bastardized game.


File: 818c9422421b964⋯.png (115.01 KB, 500x498, 250:249, 1990 was 40 years ago.png)

many people realize on their deathbed that they could have been happy if they had just gotten over themselves



31 year old here

can confirm

things are gr8

The sex drive thing was on point. It's not that it becomes dull, but you get more used to living with it and you start to find hobbies.

Also, women start chasing you when you're not chasing them.

It's like they can smell a man who will ignore them and they get off super hard on that.



>Opportunity cost. If you rape you get 1 sex and then you're off to stretch your asspucci for 20 years. What are the odds that over those 20 years, you would have gotten <1 sex? 20 years is a long time dude.

then plan a good rape, to not get caught


File: ac659032b2e4f0b⋯.gif (25.9 KB, 220x220, 1:1, oyufvyufy.gif)


Modern individualism is largely rooted in the works of philosophers like Ayn Rand as an alternative to the christian model that came before it. As people became more atheistic, they began to slip into the existing atheistic culture which was so thoroughly dominated by philosophers like Rand, thus the average person came to value individualism. Give it its time and it will run it's course eventually. I hope so at least.


But if you go to jail you'll be getting many sex from Tyrone and Jamal wanting to make you their girlfriend.


The point of the black pill is that you've given up. If you think the black pill will make your life better, than you're not black pilled.


>pringles dick

Gave me a giggle.


>1990 was 40 years ago


Nigger what? This had better be bait.


File: 48465104dc06543⋯.jpg (33.96 KB, 512x384, 4:3, ff353f916c372de72f6030e29c….jpg)

Too many kids have retarded parents. So, they look up to their favorite twitch streamer.

Tough fucking blackpill.


File: 1955b45d69d1894⋯.png (49.67 KB, 482x369, 482:369, heh.png)

the cancer infests everything, and it will eventually overrun this board, and claim that it was always culture down here.


Psst OP:

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