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File: 089d14033e64ae4⋯.jpg (64.76 KB, 600x457, 600:457, Kakyoin scream.jpg)


Tell us what your biggest fears are /r9k/, and let's talk about what might have caused them.

For me it's failing expectations of others as well as being mocked and laughed at, probably because my parents have been pretty strict on me, pushing a perfect idea of how I should be onto me as I was bullied in school which made me feel more and more reclusive until I eventually gave up. Besides that one of my greatest fears was selling my soul to Satan by accident, but after a while due to falling out with Christianity as well as learning that you cannot actually do that, I have stopped worrying about it too much. Besides that, dying and finding out that there is nothing there, or worse, that I'm going to hell is still a big fear of mine, despite falling out with Christianity.


File: e6ec1e5176d261e⋯.png (54.49 KB, 720x449, 720:449, fear can be conquered.png)


>psychoanalyze me, /r9k/

I've been keeping a mental list of rational fears. This is as good a place as any to share them.

>(slamming fingers in) revolving doors

>slipping on a wet pool deck

>slipping on ice

>drunk, unpredictable, or violent people aka most people and all nonwhites

>drunk crowds that could easily turn into an angry mob

>certain ways of dying: drowning, buried alive/suffocation

I think I'm forgetting a few.

>dying and finding out that there is nothing there

That is literally irrational: if there's nothing there there's not, you would never find it out. Personally, I'm just sort of worried that dying will hurt a lot or be scary or that I'll be a faggot instead of dying like a Spartan.

sorry this was my only image tagged with "fear"

>failing expectations

>being mocked and laughed at

lel you better get used to it kiddo



Being stuck where I am forever and never finishing any of the things I've wanted to work on all my life. Every day, I briefly ponder if I'm in a position yet to just quit everything else and just do the dumb hipster thing of "following my dream" and just only working on my hobbies and projects.


File: f1749ad0f494eab⋯.jpg (287.76 KB, 1462x968, 731:484, c36acf_43b29e6f12e84b9fb10….jpg)

File: 05b2ffdd2e2b72a⋯.jpg (535.31 KB, 2000x1100, 20:11, main-qimg-23a37cfd51d332d2….jpg)

File: 2aaf54d16dae1f0⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 312x250, 156:125, tips fedora.gif)


The christian machine ingrained pretty well in me the fear of eternal damnation and being left behind in the rapture before the great tribulation and all the shitshow that it will follow.

Hell I had a nightmare about it the other day.


File: ac1efca5725875f⋯.jpg (77.48 KB, 1050x647, 1050:647, simon-stalenhag3.jpg)


I have to agree with this anon except I started to fear all of this due to being a Jehovah's witness. Me and my family have left but my mother is still religious.Till this day she still constantly tells me to start reading my bible and become a better Christian because the end is near. This all makes me afraid to continue doing the things I do getting drunk and watching porn


Dogs are fucking scary.

>but they're not

get out of the suburbs then.



Although it's not something that constantly looms in my thoughts my biggest is pretty standard and natural, I think. Losing my immediate family and being left alone as such. I'm fairly paranoid about a myriad of things, but as for something that actually affects my daily life, I'd say something of a social phobia coupled with agoraphobia. I've gotten slightly better in the past couple years but still need to work at it quite a bit. Hard to really begin to even think of an original cause, if it's that simple. Not even sure I could pinpoint what it is about my fears that I fear. I've been characterized as "shy" for about as long as I can remember and that just seemed to get worse with age. Wasn't always so apprehensive about leaving home, but I can't really think of anything that could necessarily have spurred that.


What's my worst fear? Probably my drug abuse that's slowly consuming me. I keep going for harder and harder things. Started cigarettes, moved to dabs, then to acid, then to coke.



Losing limbs. Dont know why, but sometimes I would just break down and kiss my arms and fingers wishing gods not to take them away from me.


Ive been waiting for this topic.

My greatest fear is dying in a plane crash, or getting shot to death by a cop (Like that white woman in Minnesota) and having my siblings get to split the multi million dollar pay out among themselves.

All of them are total normies and think Im weird because Im a broke artist of sorts.

They get annoyed when I tell them I can't jet down to visit for two weeks like they can. They all have good jobs and money; while Ive been reduced to a hunter gatherer existence…

Ive never been to jail, don't drink or do drugs (no money) yet they are angry at me for not keeping my former middle class lifestyle…

I would like to marry another person like just like me, even if its a guy (no homo) just to make sure the money goes to a deserving person who would actually do something constructive and artistic with it.



Huh, I'd rather lose both legs than a single finger.



I'm the same way, probably because I draw a lot in my spare time and I would be shit at video games and typing without my fingers. I guess I could get used to it but it would probably be easier to get used to not walking than it would to not use my hands.


I don't have guilt or fears pertaining to family structure or society. The thing I fear the most is dementia/alzheimer's. Majority of my old prick relatives have this stuff and it manifests at ever earlier ages with every subsequent generation. Grandparents had early stages at around 60-64. My mother is showing first symptoms at 48 already. It comes with a complete lack of self-awareness and I'm scared that I won't manage to kill myself during the last few months of relative sanity, then I'll degenerate to a completely subhuman state.


No problem dude; just change your name to LaQuann, lift some weights and convert to Islam>>316132

>then I'll degenerate to a completely subhuman state.



I have seen all types of shit

nothing there left to put fear inside me


File: 594fbfc185a52ea⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.45 KB, 2400x2210, 240:221, 83672PL_Halloween_Ghost_Bo….jpg)


Boo ahaha.


File: 9e62737485b0e10⋯.jpg (140.49 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1295630447154649232.jpg)

That I'll stop being alive long before I'm actually dead, or if I snap I'll end up in Hell

for legal reasons that's a joke fuck off CIA


i am afraid of trying my hardest and failing

that is why i never really try, i cant get myself to try with all my might



>one of my greatest fears was selling my soul to Satan by accident



My biggest fear is to die and reincarnate as a roastie or as something of similiar demonic nature.


I'm deeply afraid of wind. I've had recurring dreams in which I struggle to walk forward because the wind becomes so strong. At first the wind only gives me a little resistance but eventually my feet begin to slip and i'm unable to stand let alone reach whatever I was headed for. Whenever winds reach 15+ mph I get a little nervous. Strong gusts of wind scare me even when I'm in my house. Its not as though I have any reason to be scared of wind. I don't live anywhere near hurricane country and never have. The worst winds its ever gotten in my area have been 30mph winds.



Control the wind, have comfy sailor adventures

For me i guess the standard spooky stuff and heights, and cramped places. Not crawlspace cramped, thats pretty comfy, but tight cave opening kind of cramped. One thing i dont like, im not sure its a fear, but i can never have any item or action work in a dream. A gun, swinging a sword, usually its fighting/weapons, but I feel like i couldn't run or move in some of my "bad dreams"


File: bee4ae4651612a2⋯.jpeg (50.42 KB, 256x256, 1:1, easterbunny.jpeg)

For a couple years now, I have had a fear of being stalked, doxxed, and having every unimportant thing I have done being leaked to the Internet. Often when I am near my phone or I am using it, I feel like there is another person or a group of people on the other side of the camera who have somehow hacked it to constantly look at me and to use the microphone to hear me. This would be to make fun of all the embarassing things I do. When I am outside by myself to jog, I involuntarily imagine that there is someone filming me behind the trees then post the video online to make fun of what I am doing, my form, etc. It seems to happen whenever I would be making myself vulnerable if someone were to be watching what I was doing, ie. whenever I am enjoying myself. I am intensely private to avoid being mocked, but the voices of how people would respond to what I am doing remain.

I try to ignore it, but it never goes away.



Remember, the difference between caution and paranoia is that caution helps you, whereas paranoia cripples you. Also remember that just because you're being paranoid, doesn't mean that agents aren't watching you.


I'm scared of being eaten by the escalator


waking up tomorrow


File: e3c0bdf83fb0f87⋯.jpeg (84.27 KB, 475x356, 475:356, 2EE9F8BF-D64F-4153-9494-2….jpeg)


A tiny bit of this as in no control


>One thing i dont like, im not sure its a fear, but i can never have any item or action work in a dream. A gun, swinging a sword, usually its fighting/weapons, but I feel like i couldn't run or move in some of my "bad dreams"

Exactly this, I don’t mind dying(IRL too) but being in situations in dreams where I suddenly can’t move or move extremely slowly while everything else moves quickly normally in the face of danger and the utter inability to do anything is what spooks me the most.

Had a dream just like that recently: was in my bathroom and a masked figure appeared outside of the room and I knew he was there to harm/murder me. Instead of ( hindsight 20/20 what I actually wanted to do; crush his skull with my legs in a acrobatic move, i just went slo-mo as per usual. As it dawned on me “oh not this shit again, not this situation” I just noped the fuck outta there and woke up forcibly.

It’s not the fact I can’t ‘do anything’ it’s the fact my actions are completely useless and will have no impact on the endresult kinda like in my normal life.

Shit is scary.

Ignore my phoneposting plz


File: b67996db9b963ca⋯.mp4 (4.21 MB, 360x360, 1:1, b67996db9b963cadefe156bd93….mp4)

Frankly my biggest fear is killing and getting caught for the act. I'm making a plan that will take three years of engagement to deal with something, bit everytime I walk outside, everytime I see a non-white, I ponder why I haven't done anything, and how so much people needs to get killed.

I'm afraid I might snap and my long term plan gets ruined


File: 7b8605278669fc3⋯.png (310.64 KB, 512x369, 512:369, ClipboardImage.png)


>get used to not walking




>implying I have the patience to learn how to become a literal blade runner

I barely walk as it is.



Listen here newfriend, what many of people where you're from dont understand is the ability to hide yourself/powerlevel. You dont have to post how youre posting this, or where, or any other status. Only neurotypicals do this, sort of as a display of status/personality. No one would know if you were phoneposting if you didnt say so unless you made it obvious, so dont say anything of the sort.

I also get those inability to do anything dreams, recently i got one where i was gouging someones eye out but it was doing absolutely nothing. I dont remember why, but i remember failing to achieve anything



>No one would know if you were phoneposting if you didnt say so

Not him but that's an iphone filename I believe. But people have stopped calling attention to phoneposters unless they're being obnoxious so I guess it doesn't matter. I've stopped caring anyways. Maybe people like yourself, no offense intended just don't know what to look for.



My biggest fear is to stay here and stagnate as everyone i ever knew grows into their respective paths. it's happening right now and i am despairing over it to the point where i am considering abandoning my home and starting to live in the wilderness as i am not an /out/ type of guy i will probably end up dead in less than a week regardless of that, dying like that is still better than staying here and continuing to see my own life seep away from within my grasp


For me, It's the mindset of Religion in general. I am confused how evolution has come so unintelligent to the point where they think a God exists.

>No Wonder Every Non American Thinks We're Religious Redneck Fags


I always had fear of time. More like being "late" or missing out. I miss pre 2012 life and each year passes, I feel more and more terrible, cuz I am far from the actual life I had. It has been 7 years jesus christ. I feel like I've wasted my youth with redpills and being depressed. I never had any party stuff normalfags had. They do it daily I never did it. I envy them, not of their degeneracy but of their happiness. I don't even remember how happiness feels. I wish I could slow down time, I don't wanna be late anymore


Not getting a girlfriend.



What else is there to look for? Enlighten me



Waste of digits



>Can't stand the idea of hands getting caught or torn up

Especially bad because I work around machinery all night every night

Outside of that I don't really have any fears, other than

>At work at night

>Work with a couple great guys who I actually feel closer to than my own family

>Work is busy and stressful

>Worse on the other guys because they have to fix the issues while I primarily try to prevent them and clean up any messes

>When they get angry because things aren't working, I get upset

>Makes me feel like I'm not doing enough

>Starting to not enjoy work as much

I guess I'm scared of not being able to meet expectations, but only with very particular people, and this is the only issue I generally try to avoid taking head on other than singing around others


Easy: living and dying as a wage-slave so I can then retire when I'm old and haven't actually lived but instead just spent the last chunk of my life working as a wage-slave for some rich Jews. I gotta escape that at all costs.


File: 7d01421161a2df5⋯.png (841.03 KB, 741x770, 741:770, 1449801604074.png)


You bastard

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