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File: daf264f23376034⋯.jpeg (99.78 KB, 700x507, 700:507, EAC0B0E0-A4B9-4803-9398-A….jpeg)


Why does anyone smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, take drugs, etc?

All, or at the very least the vast majority of these things are quite literally a poison and are well known for wreaking peoples entire lives.

Cigarettes taste like shit, are hard to inhale, cause countless cancers, along with asthma, fatigue, and countless other negative health affects, while having absolutely no positives, not to mention being highly addictive. So why do people smoke them?

Alcohol is expensive, most brands taste like stale piss, it causes many of the previous adverse health affects above, turns people into retards temporarily, or even permanently in some severe instances, not to mention the hangovers and vomiting, and again, it’s extremely addictive and has no real benefits, whatsoever. So why do people drink it?

And I don’t think I have to list all the shit that comes along with every other drug out there. You get the point, none of them, or virtually none have any real benefits whatsoever, and are extremely detrimental to every aspect of ones life. So why the fuck do normies gobble these things down as if they were candy?

How do other Roobts feel about this, and what’s your experience of dealing with these substances and the people that take them?



Natural order, anon. It's all about balance. Tobacco, alcohol, hemp etc are natural temptations, which you can lose yourself in. These temptations will always exist, and it's a test for you do restrain yourself. Just like the biggest natural temptation…the sun. A power that awakens life with light and warmth on one side, and the most effective killer on the other, who gives you cancer, dries you out, and burns you to death. Both sides must coexist, and it's on all of us the uphold the balance.

The big problem comes with the jewish industrialization of temptations into weapons of mass destruction like drugs, lust (porn, prostitution, sexual freedom), materialism (capitalism), degeneracy, greed (economics and gambling) etc. It's on all of us to stop them at all costs to reestablish the natural order.



>turns people into retards temporarily, or even permanently

That's exactly the point. Normalfags are already brainlets but they still have some semblance of thought, and nothing frightens them more than thinking and especially introspection. It's why they constantly keep themselves busy or at least bombarded by the endless stream of jewish "entertainment". All sorts of intoxicating substances help them become completely mindless. Cigarette smoke has carbon monoxide, the apparent calming effect is actually just CO reducing the oxygen supply and sedating the brain. It's also a general metabolic poison, which leads to chronically slow metabolism and everything that goes with it, including brain fog and lack of idle thoughts.


File: 1df3c3b974cc230⋯.mp4 (7.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 28_Globalists_Later.mp4)

Let me give you the average normalfag answer to all those questions.

>So why do people smoke them?

DUDE WEED lmAo, everybody smokes, so what??? chillax XD

>So why do people drink it?

DUDE CHILL LMAO it's just a beer BRO :) everyone does it, yolo

>So why the fuck do normies gobble these things down as if they were candy?

DUDE y0lo lmAO, trying it for once won't hurt ;) makes u feel good BRO


Coping mechanism. The world is too fucked up so they devolve into quick fixes that only make them idiotic and lets them forget the problem until they remember it again.



This is obviously hyperbolic, but the sentiment is stop on.


>Coping mechanism.

Normalfags don’t cope, because most of them can’t recognise the problem in the first place. Even in terms of mundane stuff like a 9 to 5 minimum wage job or dealing with others like themselves they don’t need to cope, because for the most part they’re to dull to be all that bothered by the mundanity of “the daily grind.”

I’d be disgusted, but I could understand why a Robot would turn to drugs as a way of coping with the world, but you don’t need to cope with a problem if you’re not even aware of said problem.


File: 49a652795694cde⋯.png (139.02 KB, 500x325, 20:13, cy man.png)


yea unironically this. I remember when I was still in college, one of teachers watched current year man and he said that how bad it was how drugs are illegal and how they are so good for you. And I was the only one in the class of 200 who said that drugs are degenerate and the majority of the people all ganged up on me because i gave valid points and they just got even more infuriated.


>Doesn't know the difference between using alcohol responsibly and getting drunk

>Has never tried any alcohol besides rot gut



>Doesn't know the difference between using rat poison responsibly and killing himself

Fuck off back to >>>/420/


File: 606616d54263104⋯.jpg (140.1 KB, 1279x960, 1279:960, alcohol is humanity's frie….jpg)

I'm not going to defend tobacco because it's a nigger tier drug that only gets used because addicts confuse the temporary lack of withdrawal symptoms they feel while smoking with a pleasurable high, but the way you describe alcohol makes me think you don't actually have any experience with it outside of media portrayals.

>Alcohol is expensive

Varies drastically between locations, stores, brands, and products. If you want to drink as cheaply as possible you can just make your own like a white man too.

>most brands taste like stale piss

Nobody cares about the taste of alcohol except women and gaudy faggots.

>it causes many of the previous adverse health affects above

You can be drunk constantly for years on end before health problems start popping up. It definitely happens, but it's rarely an issue for the vast majority of people who consume it. I'm not sure why you're so concerned with health problems on a board where a large portion of the community wants to off themselves in the first place though.

>turns people into retards

Depends on the person and the amount being consumed, but the idea that the average person is going to black out and lose control of their actions as soon as they have a drink is a retarded media trope.


Hangovers are generally caused by dehydration. Drink water and you'll be fine.


Another media trope that almost never happens.

>it’s extremely addictive and has no real benefits, whatsoever. So why do people drink it?

Because it helps you forget that life is shit for a while. It's also more effective at treating anxiety than any real anti-anxiety medication ever could be, which is helpful when you've wasted most of your life sitting in your room and are terrified of leaving the house.



>hedonism - the post



>not parroting misconceptions taken from hollywood and television is hedonism



>Because it helps you forget that life is shit for a while.

That’s the only somewhat positive thing you listed, and even then the only supposedly good thing about it is that it sedates you and keeps you passive so you don’t actually grow up and deal with your problems like a man.

Also to drink enough to forget your problems or get rid of some or your anxiety you’re going to have to get at least semi drunk, unless you’re just working off the placebo affect. Meaning that you’re essentially disabling yourself mentally so you can forget about your problems for awhile.

All you did was argue that the bad affects of alcohol aren’t as bad as I say they are. And I’m willing to admit that I may be a bit hyperbolic, but that doesn’t change the fact that alcohol is bad for you, even if it’s not as bad as I say it is. And no, the fact that it makes you feel good and sedates your for a short while isn’t a positive, as I explained earlier.

>Varies drastically between locations, stores, brands, and products.

Even the “cheap” stuff is expensive compared to virtually any other drink. Maybe if you didn’t drink alcohol you’d have the money to fix your problems, rather than drink yourself into a happy stupor.


>implying that the mainstream media doesn’t push alcohol, drugs, and general degeneracy on people



Alcohol consumers are not a uniform group, so now I won't speak for all of them, but:

>Maybe if you didn’t drink alcohol you’d have the money to fix your problems

Some normals drink because of problems that can't be fixed with any amount of money. People who can't get a dead or otherwise gone relative back. People who ruined their entire lives with some retarded decision(s). Those who turn to alcohol always have very poor coping skills and lack any sort of mental fortitude. Half of my family are alcoholics and they always drink after major arguments and fights.



>grow up and deal with your problems like a man

>if you didn’t drink alcohol you’d have the money to fix your problems

Yeah, if only I didn't spend a small fraction of my income on alcohol. Then I would surely have enough money to man up, be myself, and live the happy normalfag life just like you. It's not like life is shit in ways that we have no control over or anything.

>Also to drink enough to forget your problems or get rid of some or your anxiety you’re going to have to get at least semi drunk

Nobody said otherwise. I said that there's plenty of middleground between not drinking and drinking enough to lose control of your actions and "turn into a retard". You don't understand this because you have likely never experienced the effects of the substance you're talking about.

>alcohol is bad for you

As I've said, this is technically correct yet only an issue for those who drink heavily over extremely long periods of time. Most adults consume alcohol, yet rarely run into negative health effects because of it. Yes, it's not good for you, but comparing it to fucking rat poison is a textbook example of hyperbole.

>All you did was argue that the bad affects of alcohol aren’t as bad as I say they are.

And all you did was regurgitate tropes you've seen in entertainment media because you're desperate to have opinions about something you have little to no experience with.

>the fact that it makes you feel good and sedates your for a short while isn’t a positive

Works for me.



normies do it to party hard and have a good time

depressed people do it to escape reality for a few hours

>recently sister had surgery

>doc puts some stuff to her veigns

<dogdor what is dat? it feels so good

>miss, that is fentanyl

>it feels fantastic

drugs should be legalized for everyone to abuse



>desperate to have opinions about something you have little to no experience with.

You don’t need to eat at McDonald’s everyday to know that obesity is extremely detrimental to ones health. Nor do I have to eat there every other day to know that being moderately overweight is still somewhat detrimental to ones health.



Everyone knows that alcohol is bad for your health, but the decision to drink is more nuanced than just saying "x is bad for you therefore I just won't do x" just like with anything else that is bad for you. It feels good to be drunk. If you just drink a moderate amount and don't drink it too fast, have a glass of water for every shot/beer you drink, and don't do anything retarded, what you get is a comfy few hours of feeling carefree and good. Then you sleep it off, and if you did everything correctly you shouldn't have a hangover. Everything in life has a cost and a benefit. Many people decide that the benefits of alcohol (feeling good for a little while) is worth the cost (spending an insignificant amount of money, extremely small chance of developing long term health effects). The vast majority of the people who live this kind of lifestyle don't develop alcohol related health problems. Most of the people who do are serious alcoholics who have been binge drinking for years. As for money, drinking can be really cheap. Convenience stores near where I live sell 24 oz cans of 14% alcohol for like $2.50. I buy two of those a week. So which one of my life problems can I solve by saving an extra 5 dollars a week?


File: 3a07578ef14e0bd⋯.png (568.9 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, ClipboardImage.png)


Just think about it, why does people eat a fuck ton of things with carbs and sugar? Why others fill their time with entertainment, not just something like two hours, but up to seven? Why others devolve into fetishist and become sick fucks?

It's the same with alcoholism, their world is shit, so they retort to something and abuse it to get less maddened with the problem that is modern living

>Normalfags don’t cope, because most of them can’t recognise the problem in the first place.


Normalfags have the biggest problem of them all, lack of identity and reason beyond monetary purposes. And even after getting it all, they just devolve in more expensive manners of coping, hoping that the world isn't as bad as in another corner of the planet, like travelling, hoping that they're more desired somewhere else or just to boast to other niggercattle folks how they've had sex with beings from multiple nations, like sex tourism.

Normalfags do cope, but the issue with this is that they don't recognize it as coping and just assume that this is "The way the world this", filled with niggers that put their shitty music at high volume 24/7 and trash everywhere.

It's insane, and this relates to politiques as well, abortion? Coping with an unwanted child. UBI? Coping with a lack of a job, or not wanting a job at all. If you want, do think of it as coping, but I won't consider wanting to remove niggers, spics and jews as coping though because that IS the only solution to a problem, because who throws all the garbage on the street, hoping that someone else cleans it up? Who falls for voodoo magick? Who shills the same socialist candidates? Who thinks this is just the way we're supposed to live and devolves more disgusting as time goes along, dragging everything around them down with them?

We must get rid of the enemies to our quality of living, not just pretend to be like them and to like their customs, you don't pretend to be your own murderer


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>a bunch of nofun Puritans whose drug of choice is moral superiority

You make no sense.

How do you feel about suicide?

For it, probably.

>quite literally a poison

Yeah drugs are a slow form of suicide for people who can't take the plunge. What's wrong with accelerating your death on cigarette/drink at a time?

>cigarettes are THE quintessential American crop

>been enjoyed for millennia

>natural, hand-rolled cigarettes are a pleasure

>other drugs kill the pain of living in clownworld

There's also a consumerist aspect (conspicuous consumption) about which brands people buy/identify with (see American Spirit, Hennessy)


It's a bizarre psychology, but most smokers are poor yet still spend thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes. It's like a way of having control through consumption.

There's a "vice signalling" aspect (see dude weed lmao and social media posts of me smoking weed)

t. former degenerate


>Tobacco, alcohol, hemp etc are natural temptations palliatives and blessings to ease this life of suffering

Drinking Rituals, Masculinity, and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany

>During the Third Reich, alcohol served as both a literal and metaphorical lubricant for acts of violence and atrocity by the men of the Sturmabteilung (SA), the Schutzstaffel (SS), and the police. Scholars have extensively documented its use and abuse on the part of the perpetrators. For the SA, the SS, and the police, the consumption of alcohol was part of a ritual that not only bound the perpetrators together, but also became a facilitator of acts of “performative masculinity”—a type of masculinity expressly linked to physical or sexual violence. In many respects, the relationship among alcohol, masculinity, sex, and violence permeated all aspects of the Nazi killing process in the camps, the ghettos, and the killing fields. After the outbreak of war in September 1939, such practices were increasingly radicalized, with drinking and celebratory rituals becoming key elements for these closed male communities of perpetrators, who used them to prepare for acts of mass killing and, ultimately, genocide.


Yes I'm citing some faggot probable jew to make a disingenuous point.

Do you think the NSAPD gathered in bierhalls to sip water?



>How do you feel about suicide?

I'm not for it unless your life is detracting from society. In other words, roasties and normalfaggots have a moral responsibility to kill themselves, robots should remain stoic and all that.

>>cigarettes are THE quintessential American crop

<this is a positive thing

>>been enjoyed for millennia

So have hookers

>also dumb faggots buy them even when they're poor so you should too

Just my two cents. I'm all for smoking but this is a shit defense of it.


File: deb6790a9d59a56⋯.gif (3.27 MB, 480x360, 4:3, smokem peace pipe.gif)


>you should too

I was more trying to understand and explain the psychology of addiction, not defend it.

I haven't smoked in 2+ months and I think about it every day because it's so enjoyable.



Give me the rundown on this. What is it? I see normalfags do it everywhere - in convenience stores, in their cars, even around children for fuck's sake.


File: aa8f475b0238ea6⋯.jpg (69.25 KB, 685x1200, 137:240, 618ea9691b6ce8c786a9d649fa….jpg)

File: 30868d14b37aea2⋯.jpg (21.47 KB, 720x480, 3:2, flcl_mamimi0027.JPG.jpg)


I blame the entertainment industry for this. Smoking and drinking have been done to dead as a label of maturity. Using cheap manipulation tactic to attack children's mind so you can sell shit, if that isn't the devil's deed then I don't know what is. Just think about it, you are "willingly" supporting kikes by showering them with your hard earned pennies and fucking your health in the process. If you hate life so much, just put a a bullet to your worthless brain, coward.




>If you hate life so much, just put a a bullet to your worthless brain, coward.

This is like the third time you've posted this exact same line about drugs/alcohol/smoking. Why are you so butthurt about it?


File: 2ae51473dbc6671⋯.gif (3.32 MB, 300x258, 50:43, rhb.gif)


>Why are you so butthurt about it?

Because I can't remember how many times some faggot ass smokers decide to pollute my surrounding by pretending to be mature, or niggers forcing me to drink or else I'm humiliated in front of my peers. Since when is being not a degenerate stop being a common virtue ? I dont know, because I live near two open street beer parlors and niggers there just love to shout and curse for the entire day, every day. How about the fact that my uncle died solely because of alcohol, and shitting up our life by being drunk the whole time? Imagine going insane at 2am and biting soap like some feral dog, doesnt seem like a responsible gesture, does it? How about my other uncle with his gambling addiction? I'm no Christian, but niggers like you need to atone for your immature act or burn at the stake, nigger.


File: bd8d6e3c873ec24⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 687x696, 229:232, 1550845415891.jpg)


What do you think, buddy?

It's because everyone else around them is doing it, so they do it too.

They go to a social function and everybody is drinking, they get passed a drink and they drink with them as to not stand out.

They're with their "friends" and they're all smoking, do they want to stand out? No, so they smoke.

There's literally no other reason, don't think too much about it




this, read the ACE study, childhood trauma creates dysfunction, likelyhood of IV drug use goes up 1400 times, depression, alcoholism, cancer etc etc. Psychotic symptomology goes up 20 fold, schizophrenia was said to be a genetic disorder with the only proof being a gene that increases youre likelyhood from 1% to 1.3% and a twin study with only 30% concordance, being a fag has 60% concordance and /pol/ still isnt convinced so imagine how much psychology and psychiatry literature is horseshit?

drugs are mind altering and most of them stimulate nonandrenergic neurotransmitters.

Nicotine regulates certain dysregulated pathways in neurotics. chewed coca leaves also stimulate the frontal cortex increasing focus

Caffeine can elevate heartrate to the point someone too depressed to get out of bed can atleast attempt to start their shit day.

Alcohol can temporarily elevate mood in even people with anhedonia or major depression (dulling GABA and NMDA receptors and increasing norepinephrine) and theyre a mild sedative.

Cannabis activates and inhibits cannabinoid pathways in the limbic system and stimulates synthesis of things like norepinephrine, Heroin and opioids activate the sympathetic nervous system, easily induce euphoria, dull corticotropin release increasing mood but goes into overdrive during withdrawl increasing anxiety and pain sensitivity,

cocaine/crack (theyre the same chemically, cocaine has extra crap in it) activates dopamine receptors and inhibits norepinephrine reuptake almost instantly when insuffiliated (the olfactory system is directly connected to the limbic system. Ever notice smells immediately bring about memories, feelings, or disgust?) activating the hypothalamus and the entire HPA system and sympathetic nervous system but only with certain sensitivity to dopamine, people without that sensitivity find cocaine/crack very unpleasant




In case you are not aware, my uncle's corpse was pure fucking yellow, like someone dyed him with piss. That is what happens when you destroy you liver folks. He was a cool guy when he's sober though, had a habit of grabbing my balls when i was still a baby.


File: 4777ade48a407cb⋯.gif (463.63 KB, 720x540, 4:3, flanders laughing.gif)


>forcing me to drink

Then they're not really your friends, anon.


>had a habit of grabbing my balls when i was still a baby

aaaaand there it is…

Anon hates drugs because his uncle diddled him.



Degenerates will always be degenerates, you will just nitpick my post to humiliate me instead of facing your retardation anyway. Good luck buddy.


File: 84877b92050042e⋯.png (5.56 KB, 320x224, 10:7, 4BBA7557-B480-40F9-A595-13….png)

I used to smoke cigs because I hated myself and wanted to die anyways. I quit because they are a waste of money and i’m already poor enough, and also because I started to actually suffer the cocnequences. As much as I hate myself, I hated myself even more when I am constantly out of breath, my throat burns all the time, and I’m weak as fuck. I think the better option is to take care of your health up until you work up the balls to an hero. Half measures just lead to prolonged and intensified suffering.

Alcohol is not really my favorite vice, personally I’d rather something stronger, but I also see the appeal of this substance. I feel like shit most of my waking moments, my mind is yelling at me, reminding me of how much a piece of shit I am, i’m an anxious mess and feel horribly unstable. Alcohol is a quick and effective treatment. If I drink enough my thoughts become more quiet, if I drink enough they almost turn completely off. It really does a good job making me numb and sometimes it even feels pleasant. Yes this is weak-willed but after so many years sitting in isolation and misery I don’t care. I will use anything that alleviates or reduces my suffering, even if only slightly or only temporarily. As for hangovers and vomiting, I have never done that, I have an absolutely massive tolerance to alcohol and even getting remotely tipsy requires me to drink so so so much. That is the main thing that keeps me from being a full blown alcoholic: it just takes way too much drinking for me to get drunk and maintain it. Beers I enjoy the taste of but i’d have to probably drink 7 or 8 to get a buzz. Taking shots gets me there sooner, but I don’t enjoy that at all.

I never understood the hostility some people herr have towards drinking or drugs. They can provide some of the greatest escapism ever.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>If I drink enough my thoughts become more quiet, if I drink enough they almost turn completely off.

You might want to try lithium orotate. It's over the counter and helps exactly for intrusive/racing thoughts and insomnia (although there may be some grogginess in the morning).


File: 00377b30e6cdaab⋯.jpeg (75.79 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 55299906-913F-4170-A5F3-2….jpeg)


thanks anon, hopefully that will help. The intrusive thoughts have significantly lowered my quality of life and made my social skills even worse. I find it very difficult to make eye contact with people or even tolerate the presence of people because whenever I am not alone, my intrusive thoughts start spiraling out of control. I get about a dozen intense violent or hyper sexualthoughts a minute, wildly offensive and outrageous images. It’s really ruining my life, that and a constant paranoia that everyone can read my mind and that they’re secretly making fun of me or looking down on me for my thoughts.

What store can i buy lithium orotate? USA


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I got this one from Amazon and it's lasted for years. It's more of a last resort for insomnia due to racing thoughts.

https://smile.am damnlinkbreaksdontwork azon.com/NCI-Advanced-Research-Lithium-Orotate/dp/B000VHCU8M/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=lithium+orotate&qid=1563258884&s=gateway&sr=8-4

I use Amazon Smile when I have to and select Judicial Watch to receive a portion of my purchase as a donation.

It's similar to prescription lithium, but like 1% of the dose. Still, it's not to be taken lightly: on the prescription version, you're supposed to get regular kidney tests, and I've found it causes drowsiness, grogginess, and emotional blunting at 1/2 of those pills. Nevertheless, it halts overactive thoughts like nothing else.


Inositol is also very good for OCD, and the only downsides for me were the slightly chalky sweat and large doses.


You might want to post in the nootropics thread >>306387 and, believe it or not, /r/nootropics is a good resource.

You probably don't want to hear this, but the gaze aversion and sexualized thoughts are possibly fap-/porn-related, and diet, exercise, and a dopamine fast are the best treatments. If nothing else, I recommend eating a tin of sardines every day—you think I'm joking, but either the Vit D or Omega 3s are better than any drug for my clarity of thought.

I had a mental health breakthrough when I accepted that, no matter what my genetic or neurochemical dispositions, they could be corrected with reinforcing healthy behavior.



Ive been on a small amount of fentanyl before for a biopsy, it just made me feel warm and a little shaky at the start. Dont know how much your sis was on, but maybe the neurotypical mind exaggerates drug effects. Maybe because they haven't felt/thought about ways their body feels comfy without drugs? my fentanyl experience reminded me of a warm bed, a little cooler than when you just wake up and wanna sleep more for example



I like nicotine once in a while, especially with caffeine. It's like a stimulant but it's relaxing, and good tobacco tastes amazing IMO. I don't like any drug except stims, alcohol sucks ass if you take any more than a little.



To escape the hell that we’re in emotionally for a few hours



>intrusive thoughts

You might have OCD. I've been struggling with instrusive thoughts/images for two years before I realized that those were the symptoms of Pure OCD. You might perform some hidden rituals, like scanning people or checking/scanning your brain for some thoughts you fear that is why they never go away.


File: ac89b1c4974c26a⋯.jpg (93.84 KB, 800x800, 1:1, whiskey-san.jpg)


I've bought a single pack of cigarettes in my life and only thing they were good for were smoking while drunk because they reduced tiredness. Otherwise nicotine is absolute garbage in my opinion.

I personally like alcohol, partially because as you said, it slows down my thoughts which for me means that I won't be able to overthink things like I normally do, also because it makes me happier and makes me more immersed in everything and because it either reduces or removes my anxiety. For me alcohol has always been fairly euphoric but I think that has something to do with genetics and I've noticed the effects has mostly disappeared after drinking fairly heavily for few months. I don't get hangovers either and I've only vomited because of alcohol once in my life.

The long term effects of alcohol are pretty shitty but I'm not expecting to live very long so they don't matter to me that much.

>Yes this is weak-willed but after so many years sitting in isolation and misery I don’t care. I will use anything that alleviates or reduces my suffering, even if only slightly or only temporarily.

This. I think not drinking and not doing drugs is something admirable but personally I've kind of given up.

>I never understood the hostility some people herr have towards drinking or drugs.

I think it's because drinking and doing drugs is something a lot of degenerate normalfags do.

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