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File: 028b1059020ceeb⋯.jpeg (714.75 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, ED9868B9-9223-489F-A688-C….jpeg)


lmao idk what this thread is even, but story time because i got nobody i can talk to

>be me

>some sort of a depressed piece of shit

>get a crush on this qt3.14

>months go by

>she claims she has a boyfriend


>still hurts like a motherfucker

>that feeling when a single crush pushed you over the suicidal edge

>school is just adding fuel to fire

>become even more depressed and sad

>make a close lady friend in class


>i love her more than anything

>one day she starts hating me and saying im dead to her


>over time it also started chipping into my mental health


>yeet for the first time


>become addicted to it

>also start to love the way it looks, make lots of photos

>mfw im a borderline emo kid with sh “issues”

>dont give a fuck lmao, looks badass

ok fags, dubs can choose with what i do it (single cut: razor, pencil sharpener, scissors), trips how many (not too much, its getting warmer on this hemisphere), quads pick the arm on which i sever my veins

Good luck

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