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File: 741eb626f850665⋯.jpg (86.68 KB, 397x767, 397:767, idealwoman.jpg)

File: 7fbe0a1b5b9b670⋯.png (12.67 KB, 693x138, 231:46, sexual marxism.png)

File: 183265b994d2813⋯.jpg (144.41 KB, 800x980, 40:49, incel.jpg)

File: 385a040a9e54fb6⋯.jpg (164.02 KB, 783x927, 87:103, 9ravsy8lwk6z.jpg)

File: 90f5986a4d399e9⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 588x767, 588:767, mwvTG4oWyv8Jxrov-_XMqRyW1s….jpg)



These are from /r/incels.

Gonna be updating this thread for a while digging shit in reddit for shits and giggles. Feel free to contribute and discuss why reddit is reddit. There's enough salt in that site to last a lifetime and I wont be giving that chance up to dig it up and leave it to be forgotten.

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Can anyone tell me how to use this Reddit website? Thanks :)

File: c7d3dd482e1ceb4⋯.png (49.1 KB, 720x720, 1:1, rq36kl1xjxr01.png)


Hello /reddit/!

The following are the rules for this board. They're fairly simple, if you have any questions please post them in-thread below, the mod team will be happy to answer any concerns.

1. Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated

2. Nudity and gore are not tolerated

3. Content depicting minors in a sexually suggestive manner is not tolerated

4. Please abide by proper /reddit/quette - ie. no sageing, no mass replies, always using a secure tripcode, etc.

5. no whites unless they're getting BLACKED

All violations will be dealt with harshly. Thank you, welcome to /reddit/!

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File: 955a3646dda0863⋯.jpg (11.65 KB, 200x255, 40:51, 1e72471d7284be5fd9c38759ec….jpg)


Why are Chan's so mean :(

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Dude… being homophobic is mean… :( :( :(



>Why are Chan's so mean :(

Because they are actually unimaginably empathetic and are hoping to save you from the unimaginable tragedy that is your life as a slave.



Homo means same. So being afraid of things that are the same



>Why are Chan's so mean :(

Because you need to drink bleach you tranny faggot. OwO


File: 0ce3b23305b5f3f⋯.mp4 (6.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, posting_cringe.mp4)


>hoping to save you from the unimaginable tragedy that is your life as a slave.


File: d55bb3a581b0da5⋯.jpg (179.26 KB, 800x450, 16:9, excuse.jpg)


Why is everyone on Reddit so unfriendly?


Because leftists are generally unfriendly.


Because humor shouldn't require consensus to be funny.





Because Reddit is plagued with cognitive dissonance and CIAMossadNiggers.



>be me

>be redditor

>some retard asks why reddit is unfriendly

>respond with "Because leftists are generally unfriendly."

>imply redditors are all leftists

I guess you're a leftist now.

File: fd881813d0b571b⋯.jpg (155.96 KB, 1000x745, 200:149, NDfKTUq.jpg)


You all have mind aids, delete this board.

File: 18ddfffc35c9d99⋯.jpg (3.05 KB, 125x122, 125:122, 1559864885567s.jpg)


Fuck all of you

File: 268ab020721077a⋯.jpg (179.39 KB, 717x880, 717:880, 1537308462819.jpg)




I too enjoy have penis indise my rectum.



File: 15bae75c176f8e5⋯.png (3.2 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, blumpf.png)







haha xDHA fucking libtards xd. Based Shapiro. MIGA.



Yikes, I didn't know we had nazi bigots lurking… not a good look


What is up my fellow African Americans?

File: dd106523abf649b⋯.jpg (154.73 KB, 800x648, 100:81, what is your jew name.jpg)


for celebrating my Bar Mitzfah, I want you to join in too, you are all now honorary jews

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Jashel Goldbach



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





File: 4dbcf7b7c21b018⋯.jpg (5.89 KB, 246x205, 6:5, faggots.jpg)




lol xD


u me? xd

File: 8b047170ab486c0⋯.jpg (127.11 KB, 750x1095, 50:73, DvAOTK5VYAAbN1H.jpg)




File: 42a40a125702691⋯.png (814.51 KB, 775x904, 775:904, 2c7a63cba430937779f62525ab….png)

Reminds me of this one


Anime is degenerate.

File: 9d957c61735bd8f⋯.jpeg (37.26 KB, 576x480, 6:5, F96E15EF-57E9-49A7-A050-8….jpeg)


When you post a shitty thread at 12:29 AM, and you want to delete it a minute later, but it’s 12:30 and “reddit is down for maintenance” and you want to go to sleep, but you dont want people to see the thread.

File: 010f60d2927a35d⋯.jpg (826.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Desert.jpg)



File: 31f7dd5bd53fa53⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 31f7dd5bd53fa538ab50037f76….jpg)


i was told to come here because i am apparently a massive dick up the butt faggot.

post up here if your a redditqueer

or at least space your posts like one.

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