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Old tripcode cracked. Do not believe any posts with that tripcode from now on.
/bant/ rocks, Dr.Medic is an ass
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File: c131adf3eb5aee1⋯.webm (1.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, totalasscancer.webm)

File: a6d4d0bdde85003⋯.png (178.2 KB, 635x1261, 635:1261, ClipboardImage (32).png)

File: fc0f393aadf359c⋯.jpg (9.02 KB, 233x226, 233:226, DIwkp0WWAAEwLjb.jpg)


Today we lost a great man. RIP Totalasscancer

File: 741eb626f850665⋯.jpg (86.68 KB, 397x767, 397:767, idealwoman.jpg)

File: 7fbe0a1b5b9b670⋯.png (12.67 KB, 693x138, 231:46, sexual marxism.png)

File: 183265b994d2813⋯.jpg (144.41 KB, 800x980, 40:49, incel.jpg)

File: 385a040a9e54fb6⋯.jpg (164.02 KB, 783x927, 87:103, 9ravsy8lwk6z.jpg)

File: 90f5986a4d399e9⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 588x767, 588:767, mwvTG4oWyv8Jxrov-_XMqRyW1s….jpg)



These are from /r/incels.

Gonna be updating this thread for a while digging shit in reddit for shits and giggles. Feel free to contribute and discuss why reddit is reddit. There's enough salt in that site to last a lifetime and I wont be giving that chance up to dig it up and leave it to be forgotten.

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File: a66ae7681c79091⋯.png (30.62 KB, 881x310, 881:310, waterfox_2018-05-23_05-29-….png)


File: b976631a1b94f24⋯.jpg (54 KB, 593x595, 593:595, plebbit nujak.JPG)


How many upboats did you get on plebbit today?

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Am i the only one who can't into reddit? Everytime i make a shitpost on reddit expecting to be downvoted to oblivion i get lots of upboats. Everytime i make a serious post with my actual opinion i get downvoted to oblivion :(


File: f4169e1694cf56f⋯.png (341.11 KB, 1214x1226, 607:613, 4a3fe083d70e2cbd1e65407b75….png)

Dad is being a cheapass again so I got none :(



haha xDhah i upboatd myself on my alts

i have more upboats now i am stronger haha xDhaha xD

my upboats are over 9000


EDIT: thanks for upboats

EDIT 2: thanks for the gold kind ledditors


148 on a Simpsons quote I posted to r/thesimpsons



about 3k

File: 4c4a53fb7365361⋯.gif (271.68 KB, 1156x865, 1156:865, reddit-circlejerk.gif)


How much self awareness do these people have?


it's even worse on r/4chan


Why don't you like puns?



tbh we need to raid Reddit, absolutely nothing wrong with it. I mean, we can't gore it up as easily as in Tumblr, but they should all get the rope.

File: 2cbf64964aeaed9⋯.png (331.16 KB, 572x962, 22:37, coolguy.png)


Why is metokur being bullied?

File: 2f398fefb1afab8⋯.jpg (35.97 KB, 566x400, 283:200, azqEQOq_700b.jpg)


Are avatars allowed on this board?

File: 184ef3bf13f07c7⋯.jpg (20.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hello.jpg)


Hello reddit

File: ea787e83dcfa061⋯.png (79.49 KB, 900x834, 150:139, white.PNG)


At this point in time being white heterosexual male is the worst situation you could end up in, really - because by default you are considered a racist homophobic sexist and everyone hates you. That's the whole point of the motion.

All of this jazz to protect the "minorities" is getting to the point where the non-minorities(?) are being treated worse than anyone else. They could as well start a tolerance campaign of sorts for themselves - just like the "it's ok to be white" motion does.

The point of this whole thing is to make you take those pink shades off and see the reality as it is, and here you go discuss whether what they are doing is racist or not.

They have won.






>The political elite are all jewish men,the leaders are all jewish men, the mainstream media are all jewish men.



File: be3baff5df644e1⋯.jpg (198.68 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, Good goy and youre happy a….jpg)

Yeah man we white men need to stand up

File: 1985487d0248eba⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 669x664, 669:664, 2017.jpg)


Feminism is nice woman are better than men

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As a man, I agree





File: 5b80be6f4a39d17⋯.jpg (143.31 KB, 780x653, 780:653, Cartunes_383ea4_5661346.jpg)

nah Patriarchy is better

File: 72ee800259b31af⋯.jpg (169.76 KB, 750x984, 125:164, FpWLcQe.jpg)


This is so inspiring. Ancestors are definitely smiling down at them.



Das rite

Michael Michelle Obama is the best First Lady ever

Wypipo BTFO


leddit memes aside that's actually pretty happy and uplifting



Except it isn't true. Michelle is a man.



welcome home friend


File: 747758d3984f639⋯.jpg (83.98 KB, 477x238, 477:238, ishot-6.jpg)

You mean Michelle Obama the black widow?

Red-pill alert

File: 6ad2b45bb25c299⋯.png (7.09 KB, 116x83, 116:83, 4chan_logo_vector__transpa….png)


Stop Pedophile 8chan


8chan has 13 boards devoted to promoting pedophilia. Most of the time the posts skirt US law. With actual child pornography posted frequently until they are removed by moderators. In addition, 8chan also features 5 other boards promoting rape, snuff, beastiality and Nazis fetish.

8chan is listed on the Onion or Tor “Darkweb’s” notorious “Child erotica” links page.


Political and other discussions of how to as well as making it legal to rape your children


Pics and fantasies of raping boys


Grotesque board about raping and torturing toddlers

Here’s a sample that is by far the worst thing I’ve

ever seen on the internet. https://8ch.net/tot/res/1312.html

Screenshot in case it’s taken down.


Celebration of incest


As in “cake” referring to pre-teen girls


Cartoons featuring rape, murder and torture of children


Stalkers or “Creepers” posting pics, creepy fantasies and personal info of young girls

taken from social media sites.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: df3c826d1f8f4ee⋯.jpg (198.61 KB, 854x480, 427:240, IMG-30cf029fb920932ea609ad….jpg)

I was scrolling through the list of boards on 8chan just now, and it made me stop and wonder wtf is that, long time redditor and half-chon lurker here


thanks for laying out all the good boards !

File: f705bf4247f3470⋯.png (98.66 KB, 400x386, 200:193, 1493263831375.png)


why can't you post pictures in the comment sections of reddit?

File: 41f962151e6752e⋯.gif (43.77 KB, 133x240, 133:240, 15.gif)

File: 41f962151e6752e⋯.gif (43.77 KB, 133x240, 133:240, 15 (1).gif)

File: 41f962151e6752e⋯.gif (43.77 KB, 133x240, 133:240, 15 (2).gif)

File: 41f962151e6752e⋯.gif (43.77 KB, 133x240, 133:240, 15 (3).gif)

File: 41f962151e6752e⋯.gif (43.77 KB, 133x240, 133:240, 15 (4).gif)


So what the hell is reddit gold? Do people actually give you money or is it just a little happy face sticker and the money actually goes to the jews at reddit?

Also, Tomoko

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ya wut mate? >>751




Animation is nice but pepe's lips are the



Reddit gold is pyrite, or fool's gold.

This is because everyone on reddit is a fool.


I got Le beddit gold for a stupid troll comment once and it lasts for a month. The *gold*en part is that after the month is up they send you a pm asking you to buy a gold subscription



Those images, I clicked them all and EVERY SINGLE ONE was spinning the same direction. Terrible fucking OP tbh wouldn't bump again.

File: ee28960b474c80e⋯.jpg (73.36 KB, 600x800, 3:4, CvO_Um-VYAIY7f3.jpg)


wew lad



File: 41a45101f231bcc⋯.jpg (422.2 KB, 1280x1046, 640:523, 1466840286.kazecat_neon-li….jpg)

needs more bbw pokemon tbh



>8chan spacing

Cool it



what is an 8chan

is it a injoke by 4channers and other channers


I even browse r/4chan



File: 831c8fdaa4ba13c⋯.png (393.53 KB, 458x342, 229:171, weiner eating contest.PNG)


wymyns wrestling is REAL and GOOD viva the WYMYNS REVOLUTION


30 women royal rumble will be a revolutionary step my friend! Can't wait for it.. holy fucking based!



wymans wrestling proves that trans people are the strongest

we have crushed those straight white feminists

us black trannies are the strongest and the little white girl cant stand against our fight against racism

if you are white you are helping the nazi government



Its woperson you fucking shitlord

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