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File: 16c435fb2518bff⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2598x1752, 433:292, 42134532523.png)


fair warning: this is a very very /x/ thread, and it's also heavily /pol/ related.

if you don't like /x/ and you really really don't like /pol/ then turn back now and don't read this thread.

I'm giving fair warning, so don't ban me. it is heavily related to religion and spirituality however. I can't just give you one piece of the story. it's all connected.

I hope that whoever does read this learns alot, and becomes a better person as a result. I really like the /rel/ board so please don't be like /pol/ and /x/ and all the other boards that ban people like crazy. I can't even post this on /pol/.

anyway, that's enough precautionary bullshit. I'm going to get on with this thread and hopefully change some lives.

>inb4 tl;dr

it's a big read. fair warning.


this is information that you should take the effort to absorb and understand. It's a big read but know that nobody else will teach you what you are about to read here.

I've been banned before from /pol/ for posting this because "it belongs on /x/" and they don't want anyone reading this since the (((mods))) work for (((them))). hilariously I have also been banned from /x/ before for posting this because "it belongs on /pol/".

to be honest, in case something happens to me and I'm never found again (could happen to anyone?) you should archive this page after I finish posting all this information.


you can also hit "file", and then "save page as" on your browser to save this page as a file. or you could screenshot the entire thing. make sure to save the individual images as well, because archiving or saving the page might save them as thumbnails only.

I strongly encourage people to save this and make encrypted backups to hide in multiple locations because there is a witch hunt to stop the spread of this information. with the same tenacity as those who were tasked with preserving the existance of the bible, we must ensure that this information always lasts to continue to persist and exist for as long as human beings do unless we wish to fall back into the abyss of ignorance to the truth, God.

Jiyuu no Tsubasa Full English cover is in my opinion an excellent theme for this thread.

http s://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=kd3KXnGHt-I


http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd3KXnGHt-I

if it doesn't work


File: b2d6283575bd8be⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1960x1493, 1960:1493, 67875442.png)

god created this matrix for us to live in before going to real reality.

israel isn't a place on earth like the cult of globalism would like you to believe.

remember that the bad guy from one of the latest devil may cry games is called "mundus"

cucks, shills, liberals, sjws, alot of zionists, globalists, united nations, democrats, antifa, alot of feminists, corporate elite, and weird sects/cults of strange christians and fake jews, pedophilia normalizers, blacklivesmatter, and trump haters and obstructionists are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

notice how they all love worshipping false idols, and what they percieve to be ideal """perfect""" shapes, even though those shapes exist in the same imperfect universe as everyone else and are at the deepest level just as imperfect as they are. the globalists worship money, limitation, imperfection, corruption, false idols, pain, suffering, and deception among many other bad things.

they love spheres, so they invent the globe earth narrative with nasa (nasa translates in hebrew: "to deceive") and all the heavenly things become spheres, from stars to planets to moons and so on in our childrens textbooks. then they begin to worship cubes, like the big black cube middle eastern people worship over there, or the cube jewish people wrap around their forehead, and all the other cubes they have all over the place (and there are alot of them!) and regardless of if it's real or fabricated, nasa thinks that it's significant enough to show us saturn's "black cube".


File: b831c69f5064d77⋯.png (5.05 MB, 1630x2721, 1630:2721, 87546536546.png)

they also have that bronze bull or "golden calf" false idol in new york as well. then they worship triangles, like the triangle pointing down, and the triangle pointing up, like the illuminatie eye pyramid on the dollar bill, or how a triangle pointing up and another pointing down both combine as the star of david symbol on the israel flag. the globalist cult is also obsessed with finding/creating the philosophers stone and transmutation, specifically Lead(black) into Gold(white)

atlantis is the entire earth, that's why we can't find the one place that it's hiding. that's why there are pyramids and very similar ruins in every part of the world, even under water in the ocean. pyramids are triangle shapes and the one in egypt had a capstone like the eye on the dollar. atlantis was the previous earth-spanning government/civilization and was wiped out during the great flood that is remembered by many different cultures and religions, not just judaism. if you look at the flat earth map, and compare it to the map of atlantis, they look the same.

the tower of babel was most likely build and destroyed at the center of the flat earth map. "the north pole".

if you watch alot of horror movies but specifically the alien movies, and even more specifically the prometheus and alien covenant movies, you begin to notice that there is an obsession that they have with the (((black goo))) which is a strange parallel to oil, which springs from up from the earth after being tapped as a dark black liquid. petroleum is then used to make many other things like plastics, cosmetic products, and fuels. coal is also black, but is not a liquid. these things fuel many of the energy needs of our world. petroleum is also used by the pharmaceutical industry.

the globalists, are an insidious cult that has hijacked and parasitized off of other cultures and religions since the beginning of humanity. the word "vampire" comes to mind, and it isn't that big of a jump of logic considering how deeply entangled the webs of corruption are with globalists and human trafficking and all the rumors of "spirit cooking", the rape and murder of kidnapped children, and then the ritualized drinking of their blood. (just look up the insane amount of children as well as people that go missing every year. to say the numbers are staggering is an understatement)


File: 3ecce931e7b439d⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1468x1168, 367:292, 3452464.png)


9Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead. I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I love you.


9I know your affliction and your poverty — though you are rich! And I am aware of the slander of those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are in fact a synagogue of Satan.

just keep in mind that satan, jesus (both get called "the morning star"), santa, and all these other figures are false idols invented by the globalist cult to distract and confuse people so that instead of saying "I believe in and love the one and only God" they pray to a man or a statue of a man, or fear another being that is said to have mythical powers similar to God but is instead evil, and then throw tons of money into the religious establishement because of a reaction based out of fear and not love, so that imperfect human beings will save other imperfect human beings from suffering instead of the obvious. only God which is perfect can save imperfect human beings. there are alot of people who believe that satan or some evil powerful figure exists because they simply can't give God all the credit for everything that happens in life, from every baby that is born to every puppy that gets run over by a car. emotionally it's too much for them to accept the fact that God controls absolutely everything and that there is no other power that exists, so they feel the need to create a sock puppet that plays the part of the "bad guy" so that they don't have to rationalize or blame God out of ignorance.

the real original jews all wandered in the desert for 40 years being guided to israel, which was just right around the corner from where they were wandering. you could check the map and sit staring at it in confusion for years until you convince yourself that they were just retarded, or really- they were being guided to their deaths, so that they could go to heaven. heaven = real reality. it's real. israel.

>it's real



File: 1c05248e75f4e74⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1351x1341, 1351:1341, 46555324.png)

look up on youtube "anti zionist rabbi protest" and you wll see that alot of the jewish people today are against israel and against zionism because zionism is a political group that is part of george soros's evil group of globalists. look up the UN building. looks just like the tower of babel. many tongues one voice. globalism. israel was founded illegally by jewish rules. they didn't complete the three oaths. zionsim highjacked judaism and used it to break the three oaths and build a false idol, a false physical location of "israel" in the middle of the middle east just for shits and giggles and because it is a good strategic location to fuck with just about everyone. loads of oil pipelines needing to run through that area certainly don't feel like a coincidence, if you believe in those.




https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=5uEK7zaMEBg





and an interesting conversation. /pol/ will laugh hard at this one.



File: ccff0e4d466828d⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1754x2303, 1754:2303, 747345235.png)

here is where it all begins to make sense so pay really close attention

read the story of the tower of babel and get ready to shit your pants.


we already established that the globalists are essentially the same cult who built the tower of babel and that the motto for the UN building and it's amazing resemblance to the tower of babel is undeniable. what's one of the biggest things they are pushing? multiculturalism and diversity, but only in white countries. africans can have africa, mexicans have have mexico, and everybody else can have their home country, but white people are not allowed to have their own home country or they are racist and evil. white people are actually the minority in the neighborhood of earth and the globalists want white people to go extinct. it's a known fact, and there is proof everywhere. europe and usa are suffering from horrible immigration problems that destroy their home countries and don't even help the people who they think they are helping.

this is through and through, undeniably about the extermination of the white race. it's not about racism and it's not about hate. it's about a goal that the globalists have to simply wipe us out. not because if we are born a straight white male with blonde hair and blue eyes that we are automatically racist, sexist, misogynistic, antisemitic, islamophobic, or homophobic, because that's a lie that the globalists themselves made up. they want to wipe us out simply because we are who we are. just like islamic extremists who kill each other in the middle east simply because they have a slightly different interpretation of their religion, the globalists want to kill white people simply because we exist. white people are brainwashed to believe that they need to feel guilt from the moment they are born and apologize for being white until the day they die. this needs to stop, yesterday. the globalists want you to hate yourself like a person who brushes their teeth with fluoride poisoned and excruciatingly minty toothpaste, doesn't rinse their mouth and drinks orange juice immediately after to give themselves as much pain and discomfort as possible, and they want you to believe you deserve it too. (for the videos below you can swap "you" with "hook" in the link to view it on hooktube instead.)

gumballs immigration

http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE

diversity for everyone, except for israel

http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q8BLfefGtg

open gates

http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0hD7IffTJs

We're not sorry

http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NzPYtmsZPs


they want to take all the dark skinned people in the world (((Lead))) and mix it with the rest of the world, specifically only into the most whitest of countries (((Gold))) until it's all black, because if you know even the slightest thing about alchemy and transmutation, you know that the globalists NEED something black to work with in order to turn it into gold or really we should say, "the globalist cult is made of people who are deeply unclean and evil in their very souls, and so they can only make fruits of the darkest, most tainted ingredients." No offense to black people. this is based on how the globalists think of you, not how I personally think of you. to any black people reading this, I don't hate you because I have probably never met you as an individual and we haven't commited any crimes towards each other. if you are civilized and friendly, I will also be civilized and friendly. it's that simple and I don't hold any hate in my heart. so lets just get that out of the way. remember that slavery never ended and that it simply just expanded to include all of us. all good and innocent civilized people need to unite and fortify the minds of our children with this information so that they may be vaccinated against these tricks forever more.


File: a626193f6bf587f⋯.png (204.18 KB, 1284x930, 214:155, 5643535235.png)

the globalists need lead to make gold.

the opposite is true for good people, because good people take good clean pure ingredients (white) and make good clean pure fruits from their work. (white) again, this is based on globalist logic. you can take it as literally or as metaphorically as you like but just remember that it's not about hate. a farmer avoids pesticides and other poison and uses high quality good clean dirt (which is black) but for the example lets say that dirt is (white ingredient) then the fruits that grow from that dirt are "organic" assuming they got certified before and they followed the rules. the fruit that came out is clean and healthy (white). I hope my example made sense.

good people: white goes in, white comes out

bad people: black goes in, taints and corrupts all the white until none is left, and then the remaining taint is transmuted into some poor valueless and impure """white""" """gold"""

you sow good seeds, you get good trees which give good fruit.

you sow bad seeds, you get bad tress which give bad fruit.


A Tree and its Fruit

(Matthew 12:33-37; Luke 6:43-45)

>Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, by their fruit you will recognize them.

do you understand where this is going? the globaists are the false prophets. they want "the new world order" because they don't want to be like God, the want to BE God. they built the tower of babel to try to reach God because they were stupid enough to believe they could become God. two very different things. I'm not advocating violence. it's a bible quote. I'm advocating awareness.


File: 4f1de63053335ad⋯.png (260.94 KB, 395x768, 395:768, 1309756424.png)

lets look at what both groups here wanted, and why:

the globalists want:

to racemix the whole world until everyone has coffee- skin, hair, and eye color. they want to force a giant harmful eugenics program upon the entire earth to destroy all unique cultures and races until nobody is special anymore and nobody has a home anymore. they want to do it for evil purposes that do not benefit the individual, or even the whole because everyone is screwed over as a result and the only ones who benefit are the elite cult members left unaffected at the top. they want everyone to have the same global government prescribed religion, politics, culture, music, clothing, school system and way of thinking. they want everyone on the same drugs to suppress their emotions and creativity, they want everyone chipped, modded, tracked, cybernetically un-enhanced, enslaved by their own bodies. they want to chain up your soul and deny you the personal freedom to love God.

now, why do you think they hated hitler so much? it's because he knew what they were trying to do, and he wanted the opposite.

hitler wanted: a beneficial eugenics program that tried its best to reduce disease and promote good health and also attempting to bring out the best features in his own people. blonde hair, blue eyes, fair white skin. strong and healthy men and women. the thing that they hammer into everyones heads from the moment that they are born is that it was all about "hate". that hitler was this evil guy who did all these things all for no reason other than hate, and with no other logical reasons. it was never about white skin being better than black skin, or brown eyes being better than green eyes or anything. hitler wanted every culture and race on earth to strive to be the best they could be by bringing out the best they all had from within. hitler didn't have a problem with african people, he wanted them to be the most beautiful africans they could be, and he wanted his own people to be the best germans that they could be, and he wanted every culture and race on earth to be the best they could be, but also to stop fucking with everyone else. hitler knew that if everyone could live to their greatest potential, but also learn to live and let live that the world could last in peace, but some people wanted more control. where we are today as the human race is a result of all of our struggles. it's a great moment to be alive.


File: f5ae315f78232e0⋯.png (315.53 KB, 760x1790, 76:179, 24763425324.png)

remember the ending of the story of the tower of babel. God splits up everyone's languages and divides everyone back up into their own unique tongues again. you could also interpret this as God changing everyone back into unique races again. if you really think about it, God probably didn't split them up for the first time. God made people different in the beginning and it was the globalist cult that had race mixed everyone. God was simply splitting them back up as a result of globalist cult trouble making over the years. brings a whole new meaning the the globalist lefty chant "HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US" that they say to trump. also remember the reason the globalist cult wanted to build the tower of babel. they wanted to be able to reach God somehow. really pathetic plan on their part honestly. remember the reading about the firmament in genesis? makes you wonder why hillary clinton (a major puppet for the globalists) is always talking about "breaking the glass ceiling" considering that maybe that was part of their plan when building the tower. also please do remember to look up "operation fishbowl" where they tried to bomb the sky and break the firmament. It didn't work out for them. Isn't it funny how God is against globalists? or rather, globalists are against God.

if you want to view the same video on youtube then just change "hook" in hooktube to "you" so that it says "youtube"








please make sure that you understand that I'm not saying that it's bad to be black or that it's bad to be jewish and I'm also not saying that it's bad to be white or anything like that. there are plenty of beautiful people out there with brown eyes too. the mistake that alot of people on /pol/ make is over-reaching their stereotypes to the point that "all black people are nig nogs" or that "all jews are kikes" or some crazy knee-jerk auto-racism that just kicks in and turns off their logic. that reaction is exactly what the globalist cult wants. they want a giant group of people who don't like them, but are too stupid to really see beyond the surface. /pol/ will always complain about "da jews" and give big mean rude frowny faces to common jewish people walking down the street but they often fail to voice their opinions very much with more important people higher up on the food chain. it's kind of like controlled opposition, except you yourself realize that you are the controlled opposition from the beginning.

we must all understand that there are good and bad people on earth from every single race, religion, gender, culture, etc. and that this is not about hate, even if the globalists hate every single last person on earth.

alot of these lead and gold metaphors and backround on strange cult junk is to help people understand the way that the globalist cult thinks, and to better understand why they do what they do and what their motives may be.


File: aabafd59cd00f11⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1388x2324, 347:581, 674653662.png)

So now lets get back to the three oaths and why isreal has been falsely founded.

the three oaths go like this:

(from wikipedia)

>Song of Solomon 2:7: I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, and by the hinds of the field, that ye awaken not, nor stir up love, until it please

>Song of Solomon 3:5: identical to 2:7.

>Song of Solomon 8:4: I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem: Why should ye awaken, or stir up love, until it please?

Rabbi Zeira interpreted the ‘Three Oaths’ to mean (((however he changed his mind later!))):

>The Jews should not rise like a wall (e.g. move to Israel en masse)

>The Jews should not rebel against the nations of the world

>The nations of the world will not excessively oppress Israel

the very important thing to note here is that if you read very carefully, you will realize that these goals do not have a defined point at which they are successfully met and completed. the reason for this is that these are indefinite goals that do not have an end point or at least not here on earth. what this means in this case is that the jewish people are simply meant to follow these rules for as long as jewish people exist on earth. don't move to israel en masse and set up a major home base there, don't treat your neighbors badly (the whole earth), and as a result nobody will oppress you too much. the jewish people are meant to exist upon the earth for as long as God wants them to, and God wants them to do it as guests, and they are to behave themselves and cause as little trouble as possible while they are here.

the sad thing is that none of these oaths are being kept right now. not only are there jews living in israel without the permission of God, but all three oaths are in a complete state of failure.


File: f420e1945e658a3⋯.png (292.01 KB, 572x401, 572:401, 1436325342.png)

Most /pol/acks here never studied judaism, and dont realy understand it or where it comes from. If they did, they would also understand how big of a fuckup it is for a white person to be christian. That said, a "good jew" does have a choice, wandering around raising goats'n'stuff and studying the nature of existance and the meaning of god until death claims him naturally like in the days of the bible, anything that deviates from that makes him no longer a "real" jew.

The moment a jew touches money, he is undone, his entire existance becomes corrupted because they are not meant to value anything from this world. Problem is, the absolute vast majority of jews interpret this as exploiting everything while not giving a shit, instead of literaly detaching themselves from it to the best of their abilities and focusing solely to the quest for knowledge of God. As far as i know, huge amounts of jews fucked up big time and are now entirely corrupted, which is why the divine spark has re-written it's rulebooks. but it's all planned. God knew everything would happen this way.

anyway, god was guiding all the jews to israel but wandering them around the desert until they died so they could "go home" to real reality, since this whole universe we live in is a simulation created by the best computer that has ever existed and will ever exist. God.

that's why all the jews today are called "jew-ish" because all the real jews died back in the desert looking for israel as God had intended. all the jewish people alive today are just "jew-ish" because they try to follow the religion. not dissing them for the sake of dissing or anything, just saying that's a fact and I'm saying it simply because it is a fact, and not for any hateful reasons in any way. I'm taking this strictly educationally and logically. there is no hate in any of my words, and this is what I really believe after diving deep into information and study.

one of the translations of the shema prayer says "god is eternal and the eternal is one" the definition of eternal is "outside of time" because time is a construct of this false reality. time doesn't really exist. God is literally heaven. this reality, the one we live in now is fake. heaven is the only real reality, and since we are experiencing "not heaven" but our reality is fake, then it's the ultimate Non-contradiction because there is no real flip side to heaven. heaven simply exists, is the only real reality, and is good.


File: 7971783be6223ce⋯.png (792.69 KB, 973x487, 973:487, 2153426326.png)

>heaven (real reality, also is God):


>no bad limitation (freedom)

>eternal (outside of time and lasts forever)

>automatically perfect



>earth universe (hell simulation):


>limitation (everything is such a problem)

>temporary and temporal (time bound and doesn't last forever)

>intentionally flawed


>camp/boarding school

the spaces between atoms and the particles that hold atoms together are a huge amount of empty space. yet somehow we remain solid. the distance between the atoms inside us are massive. we are literally made up out of more empty space than we are of particles, because if you look deeper, even the particles that make up atoms are extremely far away from each other. you go deeper looking for more answers and see more empty space. It's a miracle that any solid matter including ourselves can even touch another object without going straight through it.

why do you think that matrix means "womb?" why do you think apocalypse means "the lifting of the veil"? what do you think renaissance really means? "rebirth".

we are in an artificial simulation womb reality and god is lifting the veil covering the vagina and we are all going through rebirth.


File: 95fb32fb2a771c0⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1303x1236, 1303:1236, 3475423542.png)

I'm trying to explain:

>1 How to listen to god

>2 Listening to god is of the utmost importance

>3 Humans talking about (what god wants) are not actually talking about what god wants. The bibile/ any written test "of god"/ any religion of god. is not actually of god

>4 what god wants from/for each human is different hence point 3

>5 It's important to try not to commit the "sin" the imperfect human beings who wrote writings of gods and religions make. alot of these imperfect human beings attempt to claim authority and falsely claim officiality as they try to imperfectly extrapolate the message of god into a broad message easily digestible for everyone in such a way that it is used to control them or further confuse them by covertly and indirectly distancing people from god by giving them false ideas to worship- Which is not the nature of the message of god because the message is personal to each and every human being. I would be would be somewhat guilty the same as them if I told you how to talk to god and how to receive the message of god the way that others do, which is why I'm trying to convey the most simplest understanding that I can.

once I got rid of all the garbage between myself and god, I felt much closer to god.

I'm not exactly shitting on everything the bible or every religion says, since you can clearly see me using the bible as a source. just remember that most if not all religions are mostly if not all wrong- but most if not all religions have small pieces of truth, if you are willing to sift through the corruption. believing everything you read or experience in life as perfect, that's the problem.


File: 60233161beaa1ca⋯.png (498.81 KB, 806x497, 806:497, 13454363532.png)

Basically the best advice I can give you is this, and I will try to stay on topic and not derail too far unless it's slightly important to know or be aware of:

>God exists. He exists not as a theory and not as a concept of the universe as a whole, but as an actual thinking real individual/beyond being/entity of pure power and love and permanently unmatched and immeasurable intelligence.

>God is the one and only God

>God controls everything and everynothing

>there is free will but God created free will so God controls it.

>all things that happen percieved by people as good or bad are things that God chooses to make happen

>there is no devil or bad enemy figure, and these false idol characters are always created by people who childishly refuse to give God credit for all events that take place.

>people who can't handle giving God credit for everything in every way, are accidentally foolishly insulting the intelligence of God by pretending they are taking away power from God by inventing false idol puppets like jesus and satan.

>some people can't handle giving God all the credit for everything because "my puppy died" and they rationalize "my puppy is good" so how can God be good if God made my puppy die? it's extremely sad and I'm not denying how these people feel even if I know that they are being stupid. not everyone can grasp the big picture, but even those who can grasp it are only grasping like a baby grasps at their mothers breast.


File: b8d4aff1cbb75d5⋯.png (767.55 KB, 944x1433, 944:1433, 43457568742.png)

>some decievers/people invent things like "satan/jesus" not because they can't handle giving God credit for everything, but because they refuse to.

this is because they believe themselves to be greater than God and want to become God or make humanity into God. see the story of the tower of babel. look up "the singularity" and do research on what kind of people are always pushing "singularity" speak, and technological transcendance. also everyone pushing "the internet of things" and trying to unite us all in bad ways so they can attempt to control us and spy on us by sneaking in bluetooth and wifi into toilets and salt shakers.

remember jesus and satan are both "the morning star" and jesus is "the son of man" and was also obsessed with trying to convince everyone that he was "god" which is one of the reasons I believe jesus was a globalist.

also note the obsession with zodiac signs. jesus talks about "the man with the pitcher of water" and that's supposedly aquarius. alot of people say "we are not the (jesus)fish we are actually the (ocean)water!" this is connected to how we know water is a sacred creation of God (great flood, waters above and below the earth) and these people equate hijacking the meaning of the current great awakening to mean that "humanity is the water" (hey did you know the human body is a large percentage of water?!?!?? but lets totally ignore all the other things we are made out of, and disregard the fact that we are souls, and we have bodies and not the other way around.)

so that in essence they are implying that "humanity is God" also there are many connections between jesus, satan "lucifer the light bringer" and the sun we see in the sky every day. they also want to hijack that because they want to worship the sun as another one of their many false idols. notice a theme? they enjoy taking the creations of God and worshipping them or claiming to be them.

remember God has a big ego and is very jealous. of course, God is the only one who is allowed to be this way because it's God! it is totally outside the style of God to become an imperfect human being and come to earth and let other imperfect human beings hurt and or kill them.


these same decievers throughout history made up lies like:

"the greatest trick the devil ever did was convince us he didn't exist"

which pyschologically tempts your mind to consider that you are worried that you are being fooled, and thus tricking a non-devil believer (since the devil isn't real but globalists worship that to be edgy and against God) into worrying that you are making a mistake by being unaware of a possible threat and then believing again in an attempt to "bring yourself up to speed" and protect yourself.


"the path to hell is paved with good intentions"

so what may I ask Is the path to heaven paved with? bad intentions?

>there is no hell, other than the very earth we live on. when God made the earth, the sun and the moon, and the stars and said "and it was good" it was not good for humanity, but good for the purpose God has for humanity.


>God communicates directly with every human being. You've been doing so your whole life, but not everybody realizes it.

>When you first learn to listen, it is very easy to convince yourself (and for others to convince you) that you are insane.

>It's not always a good idea to tell others what you are experiencing because they might react in very irrational ways that are harmful to your health and wellbeing. however, this is a great way to test who your real friends are. warning: you may end up alone because as it turns out, most people are shit. (most being shit based on experience. could simply be that some people just run into alot of bad people, giving them a confused angle on what people are the most common)

>there is no such thing as a random thought in your head. everything you think was meant to be thought of. yes, we all have silly or disturbing thoughts pop into our heads like this very simple and shallow example: "what If I choked on the food I'm eating right now?".

>some thoughts are given to you so that you can hold them in your mind and consider them without agreeing or disagreeing with them, similarly to how ideas are handled by the most intelligent people.

>some thoughts come up as miraculous ideas

>some thoughts come up so that you can think "No! that's stupid, that's totally bad, lets not do that." because it can make you aware of what Not to do.

>God will offer undeniable proof to you if you ask. But, and here's where it gets kind of funny… the proof is not transferable. The proof will absolutely convince you of the truth, but will not be anything that can convince others.

>Once you have a personal relationship with God, that supersedes all other teachings, the bible, your pastors, or history.


>most if not all religions are mostly if not all wrong- but most if not all religions have small pieces of truth.

>many religions are designed to get in everyones way and tie them up with tedious obsessive busy work that accomplishes nothing and gets them nowhere and entraps them in very limiting belief systems (just like schools and college and jobs in this world) (if you are too busy stressing out trying to do your homework and pass tests and exams and get good grades and figure out your taxes and pay all your bills, and worry about insurance, you can't stop and think clearly to improve on philosophy and wonder why you're doing any of this in the first place) there is no fun allowed, you are not allowed to wonder, you are not allowed to feed your curiousity, you are not allowed to be free, you are not allowed to dream.

>many religions are designed to trick people into thinking they need to go to a special building to worship God so that they don't feel as if they are being heard by God as well as if they were praying in the (((approved place of worship))) like churches, synagoges, and mosqs.

>the bible and all religious texts from most if not all religions are flawed and imperfect at the very least because of the fact that human people wrote the bible and human people are flawed and imperfect (many examples in the bible where both good and bad people had a chance to write/add things in while it wasn't done yet) "money is the root of all evil" but "money answereth all things"

>human beings are imperfect, and everything they make, say, do, and so on is imperfect, including bible, scripture, stories, any religious texts, books, teachings, and so on.

>the word of God doesn't come from the bible. everything here is a false idol including the bible, money, statues, kings, and so on.

Exodus 20

>"You shall have no other gods before Me."You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth."

Deuteronomy 5

>You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.

>the word of God only comes straight from God.

remember people, I'm talking about the one and only God here. the infinite, beyond infinite. eternal


a good conversation that I had with someone once:

>just acquire a million dollars if you're sad

>you're missing the point, happiness is not something external you acquire, the money analogy doesn't work; instead happiness is something internal you discover/generate through self-inquiry or extreme force of will or faith or spontaneously through blind luck; happiness isn't even the right word to be precise….point is that lasting human satisfaction and peace is what people are actually "seeking" and longing for, yet they already have it, it's in their grasp, if only they knew how to perceive it, how to pierce through the distractions and noise, and finally see what's going on.

I disagree and this is why.

>happiness, peace etc. is something you just get, and it was there all along so you just have to realize that.

good summary correct?

the reason why this is an imperfect and short lasting solution or rather short lasting delusion is because life and the many different aspects, factors, variables, and so on leave an imperfect human person with very little control over the many different things in their life in this imperfect earth reality.

there are always more problems, and there is no such thing as lasting peace, here- at the very least.

lasting human satisfaction is not what imperfect human beings are searching for.

what imperfect human beings are searching for is not temporary, or lasting, but rather eternal peace and and happiness and love and freedom. this can only be reached through not obtaining or grasping, but rather being gifted some semblance of perfection by God. this isn't about christianity, islam, judaism, buddaism, or any other flawed and imperfect attempted human interpretation of perfection using imperfect concepts and means in an imperfect hell/earth simulation.


File: 12d7483d8252180⋯.webm (819.02 KB, 576x324, 16:9, the universe is a simulat….webm)


File: d58327a4a648986⋯.png (972.72 KB, 1087x551, 1087:551, 754325342.png)

In my life I learned that science is as much a religion as religions are a religion, and as religion in its limited perception of the universe is imperfect; therefore so is science.

I'm presenting this from a the standpoint of someone with an enlightened "take a step back after considering everything without truly believing any of it" perspective. I'm not 100% loyal to religion or science at this point in my life. they can and do overlap between the lies.

>space is a giant ocean

>the earth is flat and hollow

>that's why astronauts train underwater

>algea was found on the international space station

>ask yourself why it's called a space ship.



>ask yourself why it's called an astro-naut.

>nautical miles. ocean.

>ask yourself why peter pan and the pirates ride flying pirate ships in space to the giant floating island of neverland

>ask yourself why her name is sailor moon

>ask yourself why the bible metions the waters above and below

>ask yourself why the bible mentions the firmament

>look up operation highjump

>look up operation fishbowl

>look up the antarctic treaty

>what a coincidence that you can only ever see one side of the moon because its dark side is always facing away from us.

>what a coincidence that the moon just happens to fit over the sun during an eclipse even though it is said that they are massively different in size and distance from us. what are the chances that they are just the right sizes and distances from each other AND US, to appear exactly the same size in our sky?

>why is it called a hemi-sphere

>half of a sphere = dome, thing is they want us to believe there are two over us.

astronauts can only go so far in space before the firmament blocks them fyi.

hilarious thread full of shills, but with some good posters. the shills arguments get destroyed and they fail miserably so it's extra fun.


>I mean, why do people have to actively lie about it when they just assume it to be round and it being flat isn't even a considered possibility? What conspiracy is necessary most of the time?

people need to be told over and over again- convinced from birth that they are walking on a giant ball hurtling through space while it's spinning around very very fast; also, the people far away are upside down. you don't need to have your head full of shit to look around and observe the world around you to realize that the theme tends to be that everything is relatively flat, save for the mountains and hills and canyons in some places.


if there are as many infinite stars and galaxies as they say there are, the entire sky wouldn't have any visible individual stars because in terms of pixels on a tv screen the stars in the sky would take up every pixel of space that there is in the sky. the entire sky would always glow white and there wouldn't be a place in the sky to look at that was empty.

<"Infinite possibilities does not mean that every possibility is real. There are many stars but there is even more space. Nothing complicated about that."

(notice that in no place did I say infinite possibilities) if you travel far enough in what is supposedly "space" there will always eventually be another star in that place from earths perspective. this proves that if space was what the globalists say it is, the whole night sky would always be glowing white, 100% of all available space in the sky would be taken up by stars and there would be no space where there is not a star showing. essentially, you wouldn't be able to see clear plain sky, only clouds and bright glowing white backround.

the whole world is a flat dome shape that doesn't move. the earth is fixed in place and doesn't move. if the earth was spinning as fast as they say it is, we would have been launched off and life wouldn't exist on this plane. I mean planet.

since you are very little, one of the first things you are expected to learn is that you live on the earth and the earth is a globe, and you are repeatedly shown this big spinning toy and you have a few childish thoughts like "how does everyone on the bottom not fall off?" and everyone tells you its because "gravity" holds everyone on the sphere, but remember centrifugal force is very powerful and can keep water in a bucket even though its spinning around a certain point, but it makes the bucket of water feel much more heavy, like it wants to fly off it's handle with tremendous force. now imagine that all the things on the surface of the earth including its gigantic oceans are all that "bucket of water". what do you think would or rather should have already happened to us all and our cats and dogs and houses and cars if the earth was really spinning around as fast as they want us to believe that it is?

the earth presumably being as massive as we think it is (even though it's flat) is so heavy and so big that spinning at that speed would tear it apart. forces created by the spin would be greater than the force of gravity, but that's another deeper rabbit hole.

going by the rules of globalist approved science, if you actually do the proper calculations you discover that the force of gravity is not enough to overcome the spinning force of the planet (the globe spinning on its own, not the "spin around the sun") and that we should have been catastrophically flung off of the earth in a cataclysm along with the earth spinning itself apart to pieces by now.


File: 5baeb22c9544193⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1294x952, 647:476, 423454342236.png)

think about why the ocean looks blue when the sun shines through it. think about how the sky is also blue, and how very ancient antarctic ice is also a strange blue color. makes sense? and troll science bro's with big fancy pieces of paper from the establishment claim "its rayleigh scattering, and the sky isn't actually blue it just looks blue but it isn't because reyliegh scattering just trust us"

every single image of earth from space release by nasa has always been a composite image. they will never release a true non-edited picture of earth from space.

go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the firmament. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.

all rockets do this. except for this one. you can even hear the splash.

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=IAcp3BFBYw4

they only thing that every country on earth ever agreed on and never broke their promise, as they all promised together, was to leave antarctica alone. the north pole is the center of the landmass and the south pole (antarctica) is actually a giant ring around the outer edges of the earth. it's illegal to fly there without permission (almost nobody ever gets that permission) and so it is conveniently incredibly difficult to prove or disprove this once and for all. what a coincidence.

remember when those people were trying to get God removed from mentions in the pledge of allegiance and on money and the mainstream AAA news intentionally made it seem like all those people were anti God or something?

those people were actually against the pledge of allegience because they didn't like how small children were being forced to pledge allegiance to a giant governmental corporate entity, and they didn't like how they misused the name of God by saying "one nation, under God, or having "in God we trust, on the money because all these things are based on political propaganda and brainwashing,

especially when children are forced to magically associate God with the government and all our money so that they are brainwashed from a young age to worship money and our government and the corporations as false gods and ultimately false idols. they were upset because God is good but the name was being put on bad things like money and the pledge of allegiance to the globalist cult.


anyone who has ever gone to a tall skyscraper that allows an all around window view with protective railing (so people dont just fall off) and looked 360 degrees all around the horizon will notice that it is always flat and never curved even at that hight, when it should be.

bible says that God created the sun, and the moon, and the stars. they are mentioned seperately.

stars are not suns that are far away, they are something else.


alright. that's it for now


please give feedback. lets talk about this. good conversation = fun.



You wrote a lot

List three of the most important points and I will comment



>we are being lied to in horrible ways and made to believe things that are very very wrong

>the truth is being hidden from us in horrible evil ways as if to punish us for wanting the world to be a better place

>I am giving everyone who reads this a big piece of the truth so that it can heal them, and make them benefit from it, while also teaching them how to block new lies they get in the future so that the world can be a better place.



I reccomend you save the page for later and read it slowly. maybe a few paragraphs a day. you will get to the end sooner than you think. it's easy. a summary doesn't do this justice.


Rarely have I read such psychotic ramblings outside work. You spew the exact same things that several people who ended up killing their own children spew. While that correlation doesn't necessarily indicate casuation, these beliefs can't be beneficial for your mental health in the long term. It's only going to make you more paranoid, and eventually you are bound to do something to hurt either yourself or others. All people who go down this rabbit hole will.

Now, you may say that that's because (((they))) trigger something in your mind and make you do something bad against your will. That's the logical delusion to follow, since you won't know how to deal with the guilt of having done whatever it is you will end up doing.



>their own children

This should've been followed by "or their own parents, or other relatives".



are you threatening me?


I need some feedback, lets have a good conversation. cmon!



Can you disprove Rayleigh scattering?



only as much as those who invented the idea of it can explain it away with their own fabricated evidence.


I feel like this deserves more good conversation…


/rel/ is pretty dead huh? so sad. I get more conversation on /fringe/ lately.

very depressing!



Why would the globalists hide redpills inside logos of organizations? Wouldn't that harm their agenda?


There's no such passage in Das Kapital.



it's part of their cult.

oh sure sure…. I'll believe you.


Ok that's really cool and coherent but that's the EU parliament not the UN building lmao



why don't you actually read it, retard?



>expecting someone from /pol/ to read a book that's thousands of pages long

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