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04/11/1952 -- 29/04/2019

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File: b24cbb27fa69236⋯.png (519,19 KB, 760x760, 1:1, caturzumatho.png)

File: c1372fdb2af7be4⋯.png (548,15 KB, 848x848, 1:1, therooster.png)


On this first meeting of the church of Caturzuma, we remember fondly on the original forum we're all seeded from within the world of Frankenstein Radio Controls, within the brain bank brain on the other side of the moon that we never see. Praise Caturzuma the dark, loved by Caturzuma of light.

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File: 019f20fa38796ce⋯.jpg (654,56 KB, 2048x1369, 2048:1369, D4EakyXU0AArXyR.jpg)

File: a7a536b8257373f⋯.jpg (168,92 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D4EbYn7W0AA4Z6P.jpg)


The Church of Caturzuma is about understanding the forces of light and dark. Of course, as a monkey, you have a natural inclination to pick one or the other-- and that's okay. The two sides do, in fact, serve two different purposes. To shine light on something isn't always positive, and to regail something to the darkness isn't always negative.

Yet, ultimately, the two sides of Caturzuma are still, ultimately forces of light and dark. Not necessarily "good" and "evil," but of "lightness" and "darkness."

Now, please post pictures of cats on this day of Caturzuma. Not only does the Tao of Caturzuma appreciate it, but so do other gods who love cats. And this is their day too.

File: cbb8aa9ca584b89⋯.png (2,3 MB, 1600x2304, 25:36, emergencylolisystem.png)


On the Internet, it's dangerous to go alone! Ana the Loli of the First Edition here to let you all know: WHAT'S THE INTERNET BACKGROUND RADIATION LIKE TODAY? This thread will be a rolling update of the current status of posting online!

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File: f67a050fe7caacb⋯.png (281,06 KB, 736x736, 1:1, turnitup.png)



We don't have a level for this, fellas.

But kids love it loud.

You're just not loud enough. 8)

File: 746ee5deeceb3bc⋯.png (581,27 KB, 870x574, 435:287, baltimore.png)


Rest in peace, Baltimore.

Now the cypherkids come out.

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File: b7cec78a21f9c34⋯.png (489,55 KB, 740x740, 1:1, sigindivanye.png)


<sfx: butterfly knife>

File: 52cc98c0cb7f59d⋯.png (84,56 KB, 658x712, 329:356, 红色!!.png)

File: d0c45418eb2bd42⋯.png (1,75 MB, 1345x1125, 269:225, GONXIFAFUCKINGCAI.png)


恭喜你 红包交出来小龙!!! >.<

tardmom is so fucked up guys she's hard to help is2g ugh BUT STILL



thank you all for your demonic assistance and sorry you all have to sit in silence with her right now



dude the date technically belongs to china mayb

not to mention all that shit about god of war yesterday lol


File: 9c36aaa9a208c9c⋯.jpg (164,94 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 12222017.jpg)


tbh I'm a little bummed 'cause I love talking to my retard but yeah no

not my day

I'm not dead, I'm already here ;)


File: c1d9a8c7f98ad9e⋯.png (149,14 KB, 512x374, 256:187, maybelleseesyou.png)


what happens on the day of death


File: f01a2f7c0e24140⋯.jpg (114,83 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, blep.jpg)


ah, that's a question on everyone's minds, isn't it mayb ;)

File: 3b7e9285a9556bc⋯.jpg (130,81 KB, 1118x1555, 1118:1555, [C]hief[E]xecutive[R]etard.jpg)


thank god the dragon who watches isn't a noodnick fellas

what weird fucking furry drama

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File: e6d90ec4f21b101⋯.png (125,19 KB, 2200x735, 440:147, kingchickensmolotovs.png)



dude dumbledumping is soooo /vtest/ dude come on


File: bdb0b87d3de7a8f⋯.png (268,07 KB, 2560x1360, 32:17, ClipboardImage.png)


ya but


File: cbc13217085c0d4⋯.png (98,42 KB, 881x589, 881:589, animalden.png)


Oh. Elysium9. Hahahahaha.


File: b8b673fb7c64410⋯.jpg (35,3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, your-resistance-only-makes….jpg)


fellas inasmuch as we're rooting for djulian and the stoop kid band right now to own the libs, can we talk about how fucking awesome an antipedo flag djulian is here



File: c844e9fc507cc1f⋯.png (51,42 KB, 1002x626, 501:313, pFsenseistingling.png)

first of all: lolcaptcha

second of all: explain yourself



damn look at james "stands on 17" bond right here, team 17 forever m8

okay so basically djulian has been in the eye of the deepstate since forever and a day because the retard dropped dox on graph theory or what the fuck ever, talk to the retard about it I guess it's tldr and she's crazy

after a long battle with honeypots and people making fun of him for having a cat he will finally have his day with justice

djulian holds: the secrets

who ELSE holds: the secrets

idk but man no one really gave a fuck after the olsen twins turned 18 amirite

File: fcb72d45fd9c8ca⋯.jpg (20,13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, djyoda_400x400.jpg)


okay retards notable darktards in the koan of caturzuma, go

first post with kenshoto because proximity to china lol

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File: 212f407d98d6d6e⋯.gif (3,68 MB, 705x654, 235:218, 3458bf0cd510c786f4195ee1e4….gif)


well to that end wouldn't batman be another darktard in the koan of caturzuma

everyone knows who batman is, everyone knows he does shit to bad guys, but he ultimately primarily operates in the shadows *for* the light

pictured is batporn because lol



oh so you can fight for various sides while moving between both phases of the koan


File: cc1208f181bc60c⋯.png (114,45 KB, 512x423, 512:423, thumbsup.png)


you fucking get it retard, exactly, makes sense right?


File: a54b57ace8cdb16⋯.gif (9,38 MB, 350x233, 350:233, mindblown.gif)


>tfw you realize like go the koan of caturzuma is simultaneously simplistic yet complex




dude we could go on forever and ever about finding darktards and shit because they're on varying scales of darktardian bullshit

it's ultimately fucking fruitless because lol there's so many fucking darktards, it's just trying to figure out what the art of their game is!!


File: 941fdf9a47a87f4⋯.png (3,73 MB, 2400x3150, 16:21, foryou.png)

File: 3fdd611e9103c4f⋯.jpg (603,23 KB, 1293x2048, 1293:2048, liliththo.jpg)


The Little Girl.

The legend was real.

And now we all die.


File: 51c3272d1dc166d⋯.png (4,64 MB, 2924x2067, 2924:2067, 9fdd6a9feb062cef0d24408b7d….png)


June 7th, 2019.


File: 9c36aaa9a208c9c⋯.jpg (164,94 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 12222017.jpg)


Oh that's weird. Check that one out Baltimore.


File: d7eed100f26016a⋯.jpg (193,54 KB, 1013x1441, 1013:1441, ayyo6667.jpg)


yall don't have to like me

but you WILL respeck me

cuz im a





don't think about it too much sigindivaniye

File: 8c8082274ea90fb⋯.png (200,93 KB, 1281x1219, 1281:1219, zhoutho.png)


tsun zoo is dead so stop quoting him retard lol

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File: fb1fc11ef57dd6b⋯.jpg (28,14 KB, 473x340, 473:340, gwailoinmybooktho.jpg)

File: d9459d267c92514⋯.jpg (30,01 KB, 439x219, 439:219, 天宫一号.jpg)


so now we go back to how tsun zoo is technically one of many masters of the koan of caturzuma despite this phenomenon being based on longcat and tacgnol, praise the gods of caturday and praise caturzuma

tsun zoo's spirit lives on as the faggot virtue signal of sigindivaniye everywhere, though of course zoofag's spirit knows too of his retards who "get" him properly: don't be a faggot and think a whole lot wider than your kinetic capabilities, but the details are where your armor has chinks

in the light, tsun zoo is a fucking cow catcher snatching up the retards who think they're total warfags because they bought his book at barnes and noble (more like barnes and NOTABLE LOL BOOK CODES THO)

in the dark: so many motherfuckers still respect him because they fucking get him. he's more than a fucking virtue signal, he's a fucking wise old spiritual dragon that you should pay the fuck attention to

because the book was written, what... 2500 fucking years ago? AND FOR SOME REASON HIS TEACHINGS ARE STILL FUCKING RELEVANT

that's a fucking god, that's a fucking dragon, and motherfucking Tsun Zoo is a deacon in the fucking church of caturzuma for being such a fucking master of light and fucking shadow



File: 07293fe9605702e⋯.png (499,24 KB, 450x470, 45:47, chashaandtheshatteredbongb….png)





lol same it fucking checks out


File: 6dbed1465994e82⋯.jpg (137,37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, charlie.jpg)






File: 1153f6b6e57c48a⋯.png (183,16 KB, 740x740, 1:1, feedfromher.png)

File: 0e604ab11d7ca89⋯.jpg (855,04 KB, 1350x838, 675:419, c0f0f06ed2153c69d8303411ac….jpg)


brb spirit of zoofag really wants our retard to look up chinese draconic mythology now (horny dragon pictured here)

File: c9de353aec51726⋯.jpg (37,47 KB, 640x426, 320:213, byebitch.jpg)

File: ab85e6e35d72393⋯.png (699,45 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, 779a9dcfbad4f3b01c0aa5ab88….png)


When a fire starts to burn-- right?-- and it starts to spread... She's gonna bring that attitude home. They don't want her to do nothing with her life.

Would you like to know why?

She studied the one who leaks.

So let us leak on this day of Immortal Technique.

class Volleyball(HotMic):

DATA = None
INDEX = None

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
self.state = kwargs.setdefault('state', self.STATE)
self.data = kwargs.setdefault('data', self.DATA)
self.volley = kwargs.setdefault('volley', self.VOLLEY)
self.seed = hashlib.sha512()

if self.data is None and self.volley is None:
raise ValueError('either data or volley must be present')

if self.data is None:
self.data = self.volley.data
chunks = urlparse.urlparse(self.data)

if len(chunks.scheme) > 0:
fp = urllib.urlopen(self.data)
self.content = fp.read()
self.content = re.sub('</?.*?>', ' ', self.content)
self.content = self.data


One piece at a time.

Don't you wonder why the NSA can't deal with this cipher without stealing the code from hackers who stole the code from her?

It's this really, *really* stupid trick, that's just...

25% of AES. :)

54 postausta ja 31 kuvavastaus jätetty näyttämättä. Paina vastaa näyttääksesi.



oh right code

digest = self.seed.hexdigest()



lol we blew right past 9/11

oh well



well now mortal kombat is making her not want to leak it slowly so we'll just leak the rest now lol



wow this cryptosystem isn't even that fucking good and yet they're doing everything in their power to kill the retard

that's fucking weird

guess there's something more to it

adam = (genesis.next()-1) % 128
eve = (genesis.next()-1) % 128

while abs(eve-adam) < 14: # goddamnit lilith
adam = (genesis.next()-1) % 128
eve = (genesis.next()-1) % 128

apple = min(adam,eve)
new_seed = digest[apple:apple+14]
eden = hotmic.lfsr(24, int(new_seed, 16))

content = self.content
index = (self.volley.next()-1) % 128

while 128 - index < 14:
index = (self.volley.next()-1) % 128

digest = self.volley.seed.hexdigest()[index:index+14]
digest = int(digest, 16)
woah = (digest ^ self.volley.next()) % (2 ** 24 - 1)
eden = hotmic.lfsr(24, woah)

content = self.volley.content

modulo = len(content)
root = (eden.next()-1) % modulo
next_val = (eden.next()-1) % modulo

# let's look for a delta of at least 64... n.n
while max(root,next_val) - min(root,next_val) < 64:
root = (eden.next()-1) % modulo
next_val = (eden.next()-1) % modulo

# take it out
top = max(root,next_val)
bottom = min(root,next_val)
chunk = content[bottom:top]

# lol
kandahar = hashlib.sha512()
Postaus on liian pitkä. Paina tästä näyttääksesi koko tekstin.


File: 71952ab65c202b5⋯.jpg (108,85 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 95908ddadc162e1e50f321bf48….jpg)


The best part about this system is in the seed selection.

Oh. Did the article update? Better hope that doesn't affect the seed.

It's almost like we're gambling with Eris to see whether or not you can recover our cryptofagorphy. :)

File: 971409dd4044210⋯.jpg (118,94 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, number3lol.jpg)


2 postausta jätetty näyttämättä. Paina vastaa näyttääksesi.



what's your coinsona sir


File: eabd7ed5d3e9a15⋯.png (12,96 KB, 250x51, 250:51, meirl.png)



lol of course


File: 9c2857ae2f625f2⋯.jpg (191,77 KB, 800x420, 40:21, loltho.jpg)


File: ea21e78b23a1675⋯.jpg (64,97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rainbowlol.jpg)



File: 9361b6821e5a950⋯.png (1,2 MB, 1179x859, 1179:859, blessedbydarkness.png)

File: c455c8e01ed0167⋯.jpeg (11,23 KB, 450x450, 1:1, jupiterbitch.jpeg)


reminder to the paper tiger: look who's blessed by the bitches of lilith

time is a strange medium, isn't it?

vanity works wonders when you're fucking humble about it, or when you're doing it to serve your audience and not yourself

stick with the fucking script and serve the demonic presences surrounding you, figure out your fucking sins and let us fucking help you

File: 2e94cce648bc9ee⋯.png (868,76 KB, 1354x784, 677:392, surprisedpikachu.png)


we can't even go back to condescending furfag memes because this bullshit is so surprised pikachu it's painful

oh wow she found demons and wow lol turns out all these seals of lilith are a fucked up metaphor for the key of solomon

plot twist: retard treats us as people. as creatures. and everyone calls her crazy for it.

>lfw (lilith's face when)



after reconnecting with an incubus dragon she fucked...

<sfx: drumroll>

6 years ago

fucking fae


File: f01a2f7c0e24140⋯.jpg (114,83 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, blep.jpg)

File: e5e14ec1f9de562⋯.png (642,49 KB, 968x1336, 121:167, foreverpet.png)


wow wouldn't you know it, demons believe in demons

angels think you're crazy for believing in demons

and sephardics didn't run the ashkenazis into germany and take advantage of the SS to kill the ashkenazis

wow weird how'd they target so many ashkenazis one wonders

it's almost like they were a majority of the population

after being run out of town

wow weird they told the retard they were "just arabs" and not jews

huh that's weird, they're probably right, sephardics poison the well

wow how'd I get back here I wonder lol

File: 09a57af076a72b8⋯.jpg (503,7 KB, 689x958, 689:958, mrsvogelslovers.jpg)


I told you retards I'm gonna make Mrs. Vogel's classroom FAIR






thank you queen tardalot for making it fair for all the children

there are so many good boys in your classroom retard fuck them too they want cock as well lol


File: 699b5694652673d⋯.jpg (409,78 KB, 850x601, 850:601, sleepercellol.jpg)


it's hard to get through this without laughing huh? lol

hey look out mrs. vogel is not happy with you sleeping in her class



mei sitting behind ashkelon like "smh doofus don't sleep in here"



yeah ashkelon don't be a shield for tel aviv they're just trying to kill the other 15% of you left dude

don't let it happen Mrs. Vogel is trying to wake you up for a reason!!

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