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File: 9ff652397f26d5f⋯.jpg (230.98 KB, 1200x817, 1200:817, howdy partner.jpg)


Welcome to /roze/, Rose's Other Den

(You know, the one not under her bedcover)

/roze/ is a board based around the existence and accomplishments of internet personality and Youtube/chan celebrity Rosemary Gotto A.K.A. "randytaylor69" or "Roze". /roze/ was created to be a healthy and safe board for Rose and her followers with a clean history. Here, freedom of speech and freedom of expression is allowed. Rosebuds (fans of Rose) are permitted to discuss any subject and OC/fanart is encouraged.

Board Log: https://8ch.net/log.php?board=roze

Board Settings: https://8ch.net/settings.php?board=roze

Board Banners: https://banners.8ch.net/list/roze

Why choose /roze/ over other Roseposting boards?: https://8ch.net/roze/why.html

Board Guidelines:

1.] No doxing

2.] No spamming or thread derailing

3.] Spoiler any porn/gore

"I don't understand… why? What's the attraction?"

Click the links below or lurk.

If you still don't understand, perhaps you weren't meant to.

Official Youtube accounts:



Rose archives:

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i noticed that the rar archive is lacking partyosaurus, and for this, the archive creator should be detained and given a very boring lecture.

File: 9ff652397f26d5f⋯.jpg (230.98 KB, 1200x817, 1200:817, howdy partner.jpg)


Board restoration underway! Don't lose hope!

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File: b12c6060d5672a2⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1119x746, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

hmm… sweetie?

File: 813dc88ddc550ac⋯.jpg (61.21 KB, 1596x787, 1596:787, 1287430434.JPG)


Jesus that place was cancer. Maybe she can get the board owner to wipe this shit hole too.

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That's what people are suspecting yes.



like i said my suggestion would confirm beyond reasonable doubt.


Basically, i always thought the reddit was just sad sacks who were completely innocuous so i'm not sure why she'd target it but that said our roebo is extremely control freakish and completely childish always wanting everything on her terms well if you want 300k view vids and 100k subs that becomes part of the parcel, you reap what you sow.

Maybe somethings happened irl again i mean there's a side to this we will never know and that would be regrettable but shutting down reddits of all things won't do anything.




as she has put quite some effort in the last vids the idiocy level far beyond yt comments could've been too much.

still, the bussines model isn't clear for me. if it's about the dosh than why bother about audience and content repute? 'reap' these infatuated fucks at lowest cost and shut it down. if it isn't and you're wasting your time spending hours on editing and writing screenplay then make it actually valueable ffs.

i've to admit that i firmly belived that clips from 2016 were referring to her past as well as stalkers and anons from 4ch and here. and they seemed very promising.

unfortunately with recent ones we're devoided of any kind of humour, also all the mystery and ambiguity are gone which leaves us with very well edited chaos and her cute little face in the middle. it was indeed very entailing 10 years ago but now this hook isn't big enough 4me and makes her look miserable.



Also the admin, Phineas or whatever, was apparently a huge roseknight and made it clear he'd shutdown the subreddit if she requested. From what I could see the rules got much more strict in the weeks leading up to the deletion so maybe her involvement is older than we think?



There isn't a business model that's the mistake you're making, it's more of a hobby with perks and some downfalls and i think the effort is more her wanting some sense of self worth and achievement and not just succumbing to getting cheap worthless attention for doing nothing but being a billboard for pathetic sad fucks. I take issue with this concept of her being stalked though when in reality what she actually has is a relatively small fan base that grants her less than 5% of what actual celebs deal with so it's blown out of all proportion mainly because of how rose deals with it so poorly herself but i've said enopugh on this over the years so i won't repeat myself.

File: 75c01b4a70e415c⋯.jpg (80.6 KB, 900x900, 1:1, TheRoseArchive.jpg)


In the not-so-unlikely case that Rose reads this board every once in a while, leave messages here, just for her. Surely, you must have something to say to her and not just things to say about her.

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Rose, please.



This screams insecurity


I've spent over £100k on Russian prostitutes that look like you, but none have been as humorous or witty as you are in you're videos. You truly are one of the most unique people in the economic system for the salary man teachers who lacked the gumption to ply their mind and make the most of their life with their parents and relatives in the real world. They will also be roastie in the economic system and crafting a play experience to some extent and education to help them achieve their goals in the real world.






i too occasionally search for whores who look like her. unfortunately it's harder than i imagined.

File: 6b4ac7470737caf⋯.png (97.33 KB, 1092x294, 26:7, randytaylor69 2.png)


Rose sent this message to survive the jive. Saw it on a private server on discord. Looks like she is a colonial Briton too!

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don't ruin my fantasy



How do you know?


File: 587995682fc46a4⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 299x204, 299:204, prankOnGuitar.gif)


i have seen a great number of poorly photoshopped images in my time as a photographer, and i can tell by the pixels that it is, in fact, not a photograph.



>not a photograph

Does this mean the screen capture is authentic and no photoshop effects were used? If true, then this is so very interesting given the video in this context is uploaded late 2016.



Which video? the jive vid or blobbys?

File: a1b6af5687aa629⋯.jpg (126.75 KB, 576x758, 288:379, 029.jpg)


i have been here since the /b/ threads and only just realised that this photo rose is showing off her bare thighs and arse.


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>poor genetics

Look who's talking.



my genetics are a gift lad, i'm good at everything for a start whilst you are good at precisely nothing.


File: b1e8b61dde3365d⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 220x190, 22:19, b1e.gif)


I wanna spank her naughty little arse.



you have to catch her first ;)

File: 285c2564a04278b⋯.jpg (42.28 KB, 334x506, 167:253, 3569578076580.jpg)


rose would date a nigger

rose would willingly accept multiple inches of shitdick into her womb

she has said so on camera

fuck rose

fuck niggers

fuck rose


>fuck rose

with my big black monster cock

File: 7150219c047f857⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 576x144, 4:1, r0$e.jpg)


Praise her.

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t. degenerate waste enslaved by vice



Youre one to talk, pierro autismo. Don't you have some underaged girls to stalk and balls to juggle?


File: 0c3844085d187b2⋯.png (269.12 KB, 500x472, 125:118, wimmin.png)


>Youre one to talk, pierro autismo. Don't you have some underaged girls to stalk and balls to juggle?



File: d3f3b997d2edc3a⋯.jpg (57.3 KB, 422x353, 422:353, 1513226958004.jpg)


File: 41b02b3c9738ef6⋯.png (95.98 KB, 681x680, 681:680, cope.png)

File: a4bdef8eaedfa8f⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 361x600, 361:600, 15349525421902.jpg)


So who's your favourite /roze/ and why? Mine's Suigintou.


File: f4d612524890ae0⋯.mp4 (277.84 KB, 352x272, 22:17, 1542479840468.mp4)


a fuckin blasphemer



from suigintou's wiki:

>"The one who loves father more than anyone. I will become Alice. Father will hold me close to his heart and he will gaze only upon me"

Wew rose. Even your cartoon of choice has a father complex

File: a1697e1f016fff6⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, Tom Boy.png)


Thinking back, I don't remember seeing any section of her old blue room being any bigger than a match box. It almost seems like that twin-size crib she slept in was half of her floor space.

Was our little blue Rose confined to an actual walk-in closet?

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>Hair dye stained pillow case

Oh, quirky rose



you're not the first or last one to notice that.

her whole room is a fucking mess. and her bedroom door with the latch lock always fascinated me. is it common in somerset or is it just the peculiar gotto house that only has it?



there's no way i could stop myself not to gently seize her crotch through this thin housecoat, and her neck is in an ideal setting as well.




rose is my dream mix of faye valentine and edward



we have houses that are literally hundreds of years old, that style either authentic or homage is common in classic country properties.


File: b87348576fa2496⋯.gif (420.61 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1521053977.gif)


why do you like her?

she doesn't have ass or tits and looks like a 12yo boy.

53 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>wearing a bra with padding

>that complete lack of ass

the only thing that is attractive about rose in that photo is that small waist, that thigh-gap and cute bowl of ruffled hair

oh and her heart-shaped face of course



there was one sym found ages ago some french canadian called daphney who was always on the verge of breakdown and a pretty competant skater.



Hey I think she has cute little buns for such a skinny girl. Her ass must feel amazing.




would shag, it isn't flat at all.

i recommend you to look at avril lavigne's nudes from the fappening, small ass is the best ass. it stays firm and is cellulite-proof.



Would you lick it tho?

File: d0ffdbf3e655b62⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 540x960, 9:16, bonbibonkers.jpg)


where is it?


boy or girl?

File: d2c587ce7dcd88f⋯.png (96.08 KB, 880x369, 880:369, mail_1.png)


Tell me about Kurt. Was Roze mocking him? Or was she sincere in her exchanges with this specimen?


File: 5b9547935a41ce4⋯.png (123.99 KB, 829x422, 829:422, 1482347547162.png)

She loved him.


Weren't you in that thread if you have that cap? Then you should know.

File: 929b180164ae9e1⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 500x108, 125:27, asdasd.jpg)


just an offline status or something more engaging?

>t. stalker


it means he is aware people are stalking him and if someone touches him or his gurf in real life he'll crease your shirt and spill a can of pepsi max over your head


He came on..

File: cfaa2ebde18f165⋯.jpg (50.49 KB, 682x394, 341:197, VWD8LzZ.jpg)


turns out these ledditors might be useful


11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 52a26b41b4d2aed⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 431x431, 1:1, 4d529260caae6a65ea76821597….jpg)


tfw always get a response from you


wait wait, she was streaming something ??? what aws that ?



she farted the theme to star wars in the bath



Stop lying, tell me the true



fair enough, it was coronation street

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