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for fucks sake, talk to me.

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Stage set?



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I think I'm onto something BIG

Anybody out there?

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R Research

This post is where you leave your evidence, for or against, the existence of JFK, Jr. being alive.

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JFK Jr. Photos


or NOT?

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Testing 1-2-1-2 BIATCHES

Has anyone ever watched Ms. Doubtfire?

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I live in hell.

Why do oyu guys do this to me.

I am not a whore.

How can I be if everything I do is controlled,

And the things that I wouldn't sdo are balcked from my memory?

Am I being drugged?

Am I captive?

What is the purpose,

Ecept to torture and maim?

Idon't want a cross.

I don't sdeserve one.

It's not fair that it's this way.

Evil shouldnot exist.

I live ni the world of evil.

I want to live in the world of good.

With my kids.

It shouldn't be the way that it is.

I was programmed by 8ch for some sick shit.

To surit some datistic woman.

I wsa programmed over a long time,

And my family was complicit.

And they all want me to belieevc that the whole world is in on it.

I do believe that.

As soon as Q falls, I will be hopeless,

Excepgt for m y kids.

And then

Tehy will slowly lose thier hope.

This is hell.

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Jesus QueST

Agnahim : Agatha

Ganon : Banon

Link is the Key Stone.

THere's your Dark GBA.

The world is square.

Chain of memories.

Twenty Six Princesses.

They Eyetallyone Stallyone.

Princess Zaire, finally there.

RR is AS.

AS is GS.

AS is Trevinio.

Liddle Kids.



ITania is Troutman.

roths are iodn,

wacky science.

Dr. Lugae is a Roth.






Scar's Burrow fair was Winter Wonderland.

"The Start"

"The Plan".

Funny Joke.

Everybody Laugh.

Sail on, SIlver girl.

Kathy Bates is a SHaurk.


Josh Kelley and DSHS.

Do you believe in coincidences?

If John Kelly is bad, SHS must alos be bad.

If SHS is bad, John kelley must also be bad.

The hos and the mind.

The Hart and the Hind.

The Still, Small, voice of StrumpetS.

SA Seal Ya.

The Green Arrow from Blondie saved Tuco and the very last minute.

Pointing to the train.

Hawkeye is also Blondie.

ELF power.

Delaney : Roosensloane : Courtney : Baydo.

Green Mile Walker.


Silicon : Glass.

Maple Valley Hwy.

Syrup turns to glass when heat is applied.

Brain Candy.


Glass works is Long Beach.

Glass works is Otaru.

Blown Cirgcuits Meldt.

GaGa is Lindsey Graham.

The Turtle club is dark GoGo.

Mac Connell.


Internet LaG.

I said be careful.

Warner is the Wire.

Pink Floyd : Julius Flynley.

Lloyd was tasked with saving Colette.

He was bringing her to sacrifice in actuality.

Collete was under Mind Control.

Geno's family was in the Slave Camps.

Geno was wiped.

Geno was MK'ed.

Talke of Nazis.


Melted sweets.

Who has the TooTh?

I'll tall you.

Consiglio is the Dinn.


CA.org is USSR.

Manley, MA Flynn.


It's not AIM, It's AID.

This award was granted to OXFAM for 13,253,202.

THe English Grant.






OxFord business park.

Actions Performed in SWITZRELAND.

Neutral party my ass.

SKorea related.

NoKo is GOGO.

PK is in NoKo.

NoKo is the monday.

NoKo is the Moon.

The first shall be last.

Oxford Park : Hyde Park.

Go to the City Map.

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Reel Quick.

Tickle me Pink.

Chamera Split.



And cashews in my shoes.

Ruth Vader : Palpatine.

Two sides of the same coing.

TK : Palpatine : NineTenDogs.


I hate the word "Zum" for some reason.

Zug Zug.

Access R.

The first Noel,

The angels did say,

Poorly Mainded,

Are there any options besides Francisco?

Ferrel Relaetd.


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A book is square.

A page is a leaf.

A cube is square.

What else is square?

Want to play a game?

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Captive in America: Civil War

First suited officer.

Nice Stasi uniforms.

Where did the southern generals go?

Is it connected to the PD?

I wouldn't not be surpriesed.



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"Dos" part II

Off to watch te ghosts play.

All the doors in that house make such a nice

"pop" sound.

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Chapter 2

On the way to Dires Ville.

Topsy Turvy Town.

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There are three espers.

One surrounded with love,

And two under duress.

The one surrounded with love is named Ashton.

He is a lion.

The two under duress are named Asher Ferrel and Joe Potter.

The rduress is just the world.

Joe Potter relates to me.

Asher Ferrel could relate to TK or Colin Ferrel, for some sreason.

Probably jus the name.

But then again,

Everthing has meaning.


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They Mythical Guttersnipe

From amidst a sombre forest of firs,

A city has arisen

As by a stroke of an enchanter's wand,

Tacoma looks forth

Like a New Venice

Over the glassy waters and prepres

To handle

The commerce

Of theworld.


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Where's Warudo?

Get your ass to mars.


Borean Dorian.

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For we werstle not against flesh and blood,

But against principalities,

Against powers,

Against the rulers of the darkness of this world,

Against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Mellon : Obi

Io : Persius

It's a good reverb.

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At the zoo III: Did you ever know e?


They don't understand.

Your boyfriend,

He don't understand.

Your girlfriends,

They don't undesrtand.

On top of this I ain't never gonna understand.

What is the difference between the apostles and Jesus?

Jesus gave them a mission.

It was different from his own mission.

He told them to do things for the eyes of men in his name.

He his his healing so that he could stick around as long as possible,

Because he knew that they would kill him for



You think youy haven't found Jesus?

You just don't understand yet.

He's right there with you.

It's not the answer you want.


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At the Zoo II: "Electric Boogaloo!"


Bobcat - lynx.

A bobcat has the most potention energy.

It is bound up like a spring,

Or wound up like a coil.

It's prevalent in chrono trigger,

But the story interchanges in that game so it's a mess I can't remember.

The male home ranges overlap and the females' do not.

Jack Hannah must be frriends with Jesus.

We almost lost our eagle coin near the bobcat.

The bobcat looked angry.

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Have it your way,

Have it have your way.

Have it your way,

At PK.

You got it!

True hits coming up @ 11:00.

Staye tuned.


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ODESSY II: "Cast It Into the Shire!"


For my friends.

Do you knot know who I am?

You must no who I am.


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Walter Stowe

I talked to Walter Stowe after church.

He used to be the pasto r heere.

I think he started the church from the ground upu.

He is a WWII Navy Vet.

I love him dearly.

I talked to him about everything I was feeling, and the qestion of if Jesus never died.

I asked how anyone could see what happened in the darkness.

He said God can see in the dark.

I said weren't there people out there who hated the Bible's message of freedom, and would do anything to try

to mess with it?

He said yes, and they try all the time.

Then I tried to quote Common Sense, the part about the small cut on the young tree that grows into a big gash.

He said don't you know who Thomas Paine is?

I said No, not really sir.

He said "He's an atheist!"

I said I wasn't sure about that, since he seemed to talk about revival and ressurection.

He said that Thomas Paine is one man.

The Bible is 44 men.

I might as well talk to a homeless man off the street and get his opinion, than put value in Thomas Paine.

I thought that was a good point, since everyone has their own spiritual wisdom.

He said that if he had to listen to one man,

He would rather listen to Paul

Than Thomas Paine.

I was shocked that he said that.

I will have to read it all and see.

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I lived in DuPont once.

(W)hen my daughter was first born.

I liked it there.

It was peaceful.

One side of the town is mostly military.

I lived on side of town that had almost no military in it.

It was called Old DuPont.

There was one man who lived across from the church.

Can't remember his name.

Qui(e)t guy.

He seemed to be the one controlling the town.

Kept it isolated.

He didn't like me much.

Beautiful church.

(W)eird church.

There was a lady in the nursery who I loved.

She helped teach me how to love my baby.

She got cancer really quickly.

Got sick really quickly.

She lived in town.

I think she died.

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We have it all.

What a wonderful day.

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R here.

Hopefully this works.

I am not Q nor am I trying to supplant Q.

Just a regular anon.

I think KEK had something to do with it.

It's a long shot, but I hope to see patriots here.

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**Q Research General #1: The Comms During The Storm

Welcome To Q Research General

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."