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File: 49bb8d5e8611f9b⋯.png (662.6 KB, 704x960, 11:15, ClipboardImage.png)


A book is square.

A page is a leaf.

A cube is square.

What else is square?

Want to play a game?


Drugs are just bad, mmk?


File: ec512846bce3af1⋯.png (457.23 KB, 400x571, 400:571, ClipboardImage.png)


Spooky : Curly : Crook.


File: f3ab9c27ea30ecf⋯.png (274.8 KB, 468x720, 13:20, ClipboardImage.png)

Snoopy is the Red Baron.

I bought a pewter windmill spoon in a Red Case in Fulton.




Teen Witch Lessons.

Watch Mammon Subliminals.


I did watch a lot of Teen Mom before I woke up.

Deep Dream.

Sucks you in.

I watched 90 day fiance too.

That girl Nicole took her two year old to Morocco.

It was a front.

Janelle Evans wanted to get arrested because she wanted to be like Kesha.

MK ultra should be illegal,

Not classified.

They use it on teens for TV,

If they would do that to teens,

What would they do tho the teen's children?


I had a friend named Janelle Felton.

She was on that same soccer team, the Prowlers.


If I am RS,

It would make sense for my brother to be PQ.



One combines,

The other seperates.

Are you stalactite or stalagmite?

Elevader only goes up.


I was wearing my Moad, UT shirt.

On the back is a rising sun.

It is impossible to be hopeless when the sun rises each day.

The rock on MOAB looks like the belly, IL.

Kate waers zebra shoeas & a shirt with many different colors.

James has Eagle Shorts & a Eagle Shorts, green.

Matticus has a Through the Rough shirt.

I gave my hair tie to Kate.

If counting binds,

And God knows the number of hairs on your head,

God must be a elastic band.

How does elasticity grap in econ,

And how can we relate that in trig(I mean physics.

When Terra's hair is down, she's free.



Airt Instituet of Chicago.

Sargent and Chicago's Gilded Age.

12:04 pm.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


I wish I would stop getting signs about finding my brother.


It's like being Bugs Bunny in that cardboard box.

You have to pretend it's not happening.

That's the thing about Hell.

You have to pretend it's not happening.


Sandar Bullock is a man.



I'm a big fan of blown glass.


That new switch game looks pretty good.

4 player co-op.


Light atom : Dark atom.

Bomb relate to underworld Pearl.

Can we safely say that life

Grows like a fungi or crystal?


Catch a big fish to get out of the cardboard box.

Net for fish.

Crook is for sheep.

Crookis the magic curve.


Why Armenia?

Kardashians are very closely related to Abramovic.


GC tire?

You mean like the Flintstones?

JZ corner mirror who?

I couldn't give less of a shit about JZ.

He has never had good music.

They have teen stars sing about him, like Miley,

To advertise him to yourng people who would never otherwise listen to his terrible music.


Juneau, AK connects.

Juneau connects to Abdomen as well.





Money laundering games are so blase.

Where is the art?


Moby what?

Mac always has interesting comms on his shirt.



Who are you man,

You're messing up my post numbers!

Don't tak emy good ones!


Expand on South Park?

The voices are funny.

The abstract ideas of the characters are funny.

The actualy show is trash.


Its formula become dependent on "current events".

Cabal actually uses it for predictive programming/ comms.

They love disgusting thing in cartoon form.

They can loop it to kids on cable and YT.

Kids are natuarlly attracted to bright and simplistic colors.

Adult cartoons are bait.

Not even in a sweet coating.

Most adults don't even care how it ravages the young subconcious.

Small gash in a young tree grows to a large gash in an older tree.









Ain't no Planet X cause ain't no Blog Earth.




Assange is steve martin.


What did Q say?

False moon landings are real?


False , moon landings are real?

Read betweens the lines man.

Was there more than one moon landing?

Do we expect revolutions to be televised?

Information is valuable.

Why would they give it to you for free?




Mizuno related to weather&steam.



That place between sleeping and awake.

That's where I'll always love you.


Is between Pi and R.

Peter Piper.

Pi'd Piper of

Hamelin Town.

That's probably rlates to

Clou'ds Hometown.


For Mallow, that would be Heaven.


The morning dew reflects in all directions.


As far as application,

Us porcupines prefer puzzles

to adrenaline.

Are you African?

Because yo'ure A freakin bitch.


1930's Silly Symphonies.


I miss my brother.

I will not write that he is really dea.


Q is one half of teh omega symbol.

S shepherd's crook is the other.


"Second Stage Turbine Plade".

San Diego DEA.


Issa Isreal.

Daryl Issa.


Erik and Scott Bay.

Erik was allergic to Straw.

Soemthing need doing?


Sinter Klass is 41 to the 25th power.

The Bag.


We saw the Red Queen on the Mississibi.


In my opinion.

The Red Queen is an

Beast of Buden.

I'f I'm a queen al all?

I am the queeen of clubs.

Clubs are good in spades.



Why media goes "anti war".

They are actuallyat war with you.

It is a secert war.

What is a proxy war?

Their biggest FEAR is the US. Military.

They haven't been able to infiltrate it to the point where they're safe from it.

They are AFRAID of the U.S. Soldier.

They try to use symbolism to corrupt our own youth against our biggest fear.

I mean their biggest fear.

Too late.

They never thought she would lose.

The American Soldier will return to Glory.

You don't get 771 mil views for free.

They coose the symbolic inputs.

The innocent are kept unaware of th damage to their subconcious.

The subconcious is the stomach of the body.

You are being fed poison.



Can you tell the difference between the real ones and the ones raised in a lab?



It's a distant planet,

All the way to mars.


There was a fulcrum there.

Ateerter Totter.

A cross.

It was pressuriezed.

Pressure is a form of control.

My cousin Ray and my brothers

used to play on my paren't old waterbed matress outside,

After they got rid of it.

We filled it halfway up with air.

He was bigger.

We would jump one side and launch us.

It's like the blob.

The blob must be filled with infinity crosses.


The balck&white waves you can climbAre

Related to Tom.

Tom Kitten?

The cant who wore a pot on its head.




We are all on Karo Cell.

Which side was Logan Free on?

Read teh book.


"turn on a dime".


Ballet is most erlated to this.

Ballet is important today.


Related to table.

Related to inches to the fourth.

Related to enter on 10.

Don't forget that a divot is a glitch.


Q is in.

Sometimes I can trust Q and sometimes I cannot.

Q is very complicated.

karo cell refers to a beehive.

Compare the shape of the occultists tower to the build of NCAD.

The rape and torture. was my cross.


A fall is when you're dopey or disobedient.

If you know where you're going, you're in God's hands.


David must have had autism, tourettes, and may other cglitches.

God works through glitches.



Everyone should not be afraid of saing things that are wrong.

It is good to be wrong.

Being wrong is how you get corrected.

If you are never wrong,

You are never corrected,

You never learn.

Say what you feel.

Let others correct you.


22 could be ni.


Opposite of ViVi?

2 could be in.


In eighth grade,

I was on soccer.

I LOVE soccer, it's liek chess.

I loved to play defense.

I never played forward.

I like to be onthe side.

We had a big tournament.

We did reallywell.

The Knockouts.

So Coach Tom Wittingham,

Andrea's Dad,

Put me in as forward on the last game.

I cried.

I said no.

Ithought he was wrong, and tsupid.


He didn't take me on select the next year.

I lost my friends.

I lost myself.

I had to run away.

Youth Exchange was a sancitioned wasy to run away.

That's how I learned



If we need a name for it, squiyam.


Compare Lapsang Souchong to Puer tea.

Puer tea is the most delicious tea you ever drank.



Chamomile, paradise.

Bone China is similar to cast Iron.

We had to learn how to wrap the fists like origami.

Gami is God with ".

Compare Galilio to Geronimo to Lucifer.


In every stage, James would change the color of the Q ball.

He called it the quit ball.

He also made two dusden death balls.

If both of those got out,

It was also ton ^2 the next stage.

I think I'll try that the next time I play pool.


They did something that made it hard to interact with me kids.

I don't think it's the first time, but it's the worst time.

I'm getting bitter.

I'm trying to get better.

It's hard for me to talk about.

Take me out of this hell soon.


Piccolo is pi.

God's call.


I suppose he was talking about the 8.

Scratch is glitch is quest.



16 is the kitchen table.

You have to shoot from before it if you scratch.




Advertising for youtube.

Turn the American Dream

Into the "get rcih quick with fame" dream.

Market it to youth,

Algorythm it to youth.

Push the contrived as real.

Many people still don't know the Logan Paul event was staged and pushed by the MSM.

Make no mistake.

Logan Paul is a pedophole.

I saw a young boy in the McKenna Elementary office.

He was waiting for his parent, his parent didn't come for a long time.

He was showing his friend a video on his phone.

He was 7 or 8.

I looked over his shoulder.

It was a video of a girl younger than him.

He was in front of her, under her,

filming her walkingaround.

He said "that's my neice".

I said "do you get a lot of views on that?"

He said "no net yet. I only have like 70".

I said do you make money doing that?

He said if you get 1,000 views you get 20 bucks.

I said "who taught you that?"

He said "I looked it up".

All the kids at that school look blood drained.


and much,

much worse,


That's Eric Schmidt.


People abuse their children form money on YT.

It's rampant.


There are so many just lik e that.

It's not even really for money.

Just the idea of money.

The chance that possibly they could make money.

It's disgusting.

It souldn't exist.



Google is a CIA program.

Funded and boosetd by the corrupt agencies of our own country.

Dismantle the programs that allow funding of startup companies.


The balls that said "special 8"

Said "Gator-skin".

Gator Skin is Turtle Shell.



What is the difference between a mold and a carving?

Think concave and convesx.


Kirby twins Cherubi.



Was it her choice?

Do children have the mental capacity tochoose sex or fame?


The same thing happened to both "starts".

Only one is allowed to realize it.




The one who doesn't know what happened can only guess.

She is feeling scared and very sick.

She is feeling trapped and helpless.


God told me to retract 2.

The red&theBlack.

Vera & Jeanette.

Games of probability and risk.


Has ALL the faces.

Quick allows to take ALL the turns.


They can't run.

You're dead, Jolly man.


What's teh ration on Gold Dubloons?


E could be there or could not be there.

N could be there or could not be there.

I and E can interchange with other letters.

Soemtimes b's and d's are interjected.

These indicate a standalone mirror.

Mixed up letters indicate mirrors exist of the exprection.

C and T are yes and truth.

L is lie.

If an L is missing, a lie is missing.

If an O is missing, a realization or revelation is missing.



Holy Shit.


Master of Disguise was written for the end time.


Who is Dana Carvey!

Who made that movie!

I just watched it for the very first time.

Pay verry, very, very close attention to the comms.

There should be a book.


I think Iactually know who Spock mirrors in that movie.


Slick Willy.

He y gorgeious george!

I didn't know they stacked shit that high!


The sproing may just be a tiolet paper rod.

With a spring in it.

Occam's Razor.


The hasta may relate to a baseball glove.


File: 243dfd6ec4ec84d⋯.jpg (111.26 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 40294511_258881201402014_9….jpg)


God is so funny.


He's so good!


The most hilarious thing about Master of Disguise

Was that when he did the Gideon Grey scene and did karate,

His haircut, face, and glasses look exactly like my brother Terran.


I never laughed so hard!

Kate pointed it out.

Then in the end the whole movie was just Mario is Missing!


Tomorrow we go to the city of the Red Butll.

My princess will probably be in another castle.




File: 5728cd77a313221⋯.png (9.59 KB, 589x450, 589:450, ClipboardImage.png)

Stain glass sedign is akin to quilting.

You are limited in angles so you must use geometry.

It makes a tulip into


The autist's mind is a great reciever!

Used to turn atheistsinto believers!

Hunka Dunka Lunka!



Fart is related to drum.



A bell peals.



Three wise men of Gotham went to sea in a bowl.

If the wbowl ad been stronger,

This rhyme would be longer.

Well what were humpdee dump dee doing up there in the first place!

Twittle bugs,

Winken, Blinken, & Nod.


An inserted "w" means the statement is wrong.


Fred is Bill.

The thought made Reagan bark.

Reagan is a rare bird.


File: 1931dd638c8894c⋯.png (267.31 KB, 293x475, 293:475, ClipboardImage.png)

Shuffle board is cool.

Those pucks slide real well.

The skate rink at oaks park has a wavy part.

Rose City Rollers.

Silica melta 1990degrees C, but by the addition of the proper amount of another substance, a compound of the desired low melting temp may be changed.

The substance added to the gangue is called a FLUCX, and the combo is a SLAG.

I dressed as the girl fromthe cover of my copy of flux in 2nd grade.

I sweed the costume.

Thin cloth made it only look like a blindfold, but I could see through it.

I went trick or treating with Deena Richardson that year.

Its only year I didn't go with my family.


I only had blue cloth.



Slags: 110 to 1300 degrees C.

Pure iron is 1530 degrees C.

Smelting temperatures over 1800 degrees C are best be obtained in an electric furnace,

Though the temperature of the GAS in an iron blas furnace is 1800 degrees c.

2000 degrees c.

Smelting on a very small scale may take place in Crucibles.

In a large majority of cases it is in a blast or reverbertory furnce.


This is used for copper&lead.

Jesus' heart was made of lead.

They try to destroy lead.

They made it illegal to sell old childrens' books in thrist stores because of "lead".

Tin Soldier.


There are many good books here.

Dave says they belonged to his Grandpa.

He says he learned to read on them.

He warks at the Armory for the DOD.

I asked if I could borrow this metallurgy book.

He said OK, because it did not belong to his grandpas.

Someone wrote

"Monroe Barrett"

Razorback Hall

Room 141(191?)


Barrett relates to Isaac.

The other book I'dlike to borrow for a little bit is the plane trigonometry book.

That also says Monroe Baret.

By proy I have permission, right?

I am Kani no Nika after all.

Itazura Shitai!


I'll make sure I return it.

c 1938., Stoughton&Butts.


I am sorry that I borrowed it without asking.

It was wrong.


File: f607a78ca5c20a5⋯.png (1008.52 KB, 900x505, 180:101, ClipboardImage.png)

John 8:7.


File: 39e7e75e56a2591⋯.png (392.1 KB, 600x455, 120:91, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 5fba515e61d5d47⋯.png (656.13 KB, 533x640, 533:640, ClipboardImage.png)

Kushma is the demon of splee paralisys.

Druing REM, the brainstem is unable access motor functions.

Can these functions then be tapped into by radio waves?

Would this be unimpeded by REM?

Can certain gases, chemicals, or frequecies (sound waves) incude REM?




File: b88ba81d654f349⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1235x1000, 247:200, ClipboardImage.png)

Those incuding the paralisys without consent would then rightfully be consisdered edmons.

They look like men.

Dthey do not act like men should act.

Men should care for other souls.

Men should treat other souls ats their own.

Men should not enslave and torture other men.

Men who do so are akin to demons, in my book.


Related strongly to tension.

The tension in my vaginal walls is thoroughly wrecked by these demons.

What is the story behind the suspension bridge.

I'm angry.


We can conclued taht demons exist spiritually and physically.

You cannot see demons in spiritual form.

These may pray on REM as well, but they cannot induce it.

They can be driven out be God.

And Jesus.

You can see demons in physical form,

But you can't always know they are demons until the posessors reveal themselves.

These too can be ddriven out of their hoset by God and Jesus.

The hosts that don't want their demons out don't realize

That God and Jesus can also PHYSICALLY rdive them out.

Soon they will.


"The country of Bengal"), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ Gônoprojatontri Bangladesh), is a country in South Asia. It shares land borders with India and Myanmar (Burma). Nepal, Bhutan and China are located near Bangladesh

We found TGRI.

Radioactive ooze wit spiritual properties.

used for nefarious purposes in the hands of evil people.

Who controls the strings on these countries that are not countries?


BURMA (myanmar) must be RAMTHA.




Duck and cover.


"Mars ain't the kind of place

to raise your kids

in fact it's cold as hell…"

How would he know?



Where did you get those perfectly grown twin baby boys?



No more.

Now they have to depend on that retard Elon.


Ring, ring,

It's 7 AM.

Move yourself to the door again.

You're freetting,

You're sweating.



My mom is my mom.

I was grown in her tummy.

Maybe my soul came from a Hummingway cave.


One theory I have is that DC mirrors the forbidden temple.

They can keep track of souls there.

Maybe the can even see whose soul goes in what body.

Maybe they track it for very bad purposes.

Maybe they even plant cuckoos.

Maybe they infiltrate hospitals and steal children.

Just theiories.

But they sound plausible,

Once you know the demons' depths.


Maybe the designers on Inside Out knew something about what it looked like.

They at least knew that miniscule properties of the human body mirror out into the large properties of teh universe.


I'm off.

I have no lawyer.

Detectives told me I couldn't have representation yet.

NCAD's lawyer wants to meet with me.

So, off I go.

She says she's a title IX representative.

So shewill be on my side.


What they search for is soul&goop combos.



May be off to die,



Well, well, well.

Rosenstein : Rosenboom works from France, then.

Tsk, Tks, Tsk,.


Is it cool to rap about gold if I told the world I copped it from Ghana and Mali?

He spent his time on the seaside.

A coastal down,

Icannot remember the name.

He brought back vannle de the and wine.


The penguin connects Assange to Resonstein.

The penguin is North Tacoma.

I want to say Marseilles, but I don't think that's right.

The penguin relates heavily to Abramovic.

The penguin is the father.

Matticus is ballet today,



James is batman today.

The Penguin is the enemy of batman.

Penguin even relates to batman's early childhood.

Kate is sakuranbo dotay.

I am Pkiachu and Ash today.


Mary Murphy.

Mary McCarthy.

Trisha Murphy.


She was referred to NCAD by an old friend.

The old friend is one of NCAD's lawyers.


Something connected, but I can't remember what.

McKenna elementary.

I can't remember.

Lost track of time in the interview, is was 2:20.

She said she hadn't talked to Tacoma PD yet, but she waould.

She ssaid she hadn't met anyone from NCAD yet.

She tried to have me draw pictures of the offci.

I did draw the pictures, but took them with me.

Oh yea.

MURRAY connected strongly.


Trsiha Murphy.

Kennedy Murphy.

Trisha mirrors Mary.

She doesn not represent me, she says.

She is solely an impartian investigator, she says.

She has received monetary compensation from NCAD shey says.

Kennedy Murphy took the notes.

Trisha Murphy.

Certified Title IX investigator throughthe ATI(X)A assoc.

She is the "e(x)ternal investigator".

Julie Perigard is the "internal investigator".

My Title IX coordinaotr is Julie Perigard.

Murphy cannot be my coordinator.

I am supposed to be able to get administration details/Title IX resources from Julie Perigard.

Julie Perigard will not speak to me.

Julie Perigard refers me to her lawyer, Trish Murphy.


Descrimination based on my sex.

I was raped because I am female.

Julie Perigard will not speak to me because I was raped.

Julie Perigard and NCAD are discrminating against me because of my gender.



Tomorrow I have to speak to the dpartment of Education agbout this.

What important thing am I missing?

I will talk to the FBI too.



File: e675bcdac028b8b⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 255x137, 255:137, 6d55dbba9bd1d23d276dadda8d….jpg)

Berret Cerf.

Theory of the Leisure Class.



Humpty Dumpty related to Tom Kittem.

Soccer related to RAF.

Related to Donny related blue.

Stripe related to two related to NE reased leg.





Tonight my cakes I bake!

Tonight my beer I make!

Tmorrow, tomorrow, tomoww,

The Queen's liettle baby I take!

Liuucky I go,

As lucky I came,


Is my name.



I am the CAT from Norton's "Zero Stone".



You must read London's talkes of when he spent time in Polynesia.

Poly Morph.

I am the orange tabby.

Troll Taken.






My grandmother taught me "darling clementine" while sitting in her car eating peppermintz.

But I do not like peppermintz.

Jaeger and Rumplemintz make a dead nazi.


Daffy Duck is ugly duckling.

Oh, you must ave been a beautiful fbbaby.


Glass shiller.


When I was strolling through the park one day.


Blue Da Nube.

Blue Czech looks good on me,

But that does not mean that

Blue Czech is good.


Sendak deeply affects me.

higgeldy Piggeldy Pop.

Deeply affects me.

I got his art book in the thrit store for five dollars.

I triggered, BOOM.

Kinpatsu Bell.

Liberty Pendulum.


My cup runneth over.


E entertaining elephants,

F forever fooling,

G getting giggles,

H hanving headengs,

I imitating indians.

J juggling jellybeans.

K kicking kangaroos.

L looking like lions.

M making macaroni.


O ordering oatmeal,

P pulsing people.

Q quite quarrelsome,


Itazura sou da ne.



Bars are out of the box.


One was Johnny.


Vivian needs fat Tony.


Old Tom Bombadil.

Real old tom Bombadil.

Dead Tom Bombadil.

Angel Marie.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch CHERU-BI.




Rock and Roll is WAVES.


Valleys are Scary.






It's Looming.


There's more than one way to skin acct.


Daffy Duck is JACKALOPE.

Daffy Duck is BRER RABBIT.



I am Black Piet.

I am thet terror who is not a terror.



Felix and Helix



In third or fourth grade

I had Mrs. Alexander and Miss Thiessen.

We did a school play, Tall Tales and Heroes.

All the girls wanted to be Calamity Jane.

We did tryouts.

After my tryout, while the other girls did their parts,

Seth Bellika said to me that he sure thought Calamity Jane was stupid.

Well I sure didn't want Seth to think I would do anything stupid.

So when my teachers told me I got the part,

I cried and said no thank you.

I guess they thought it was too much pressure for one kid,

Because they ended up haveing everyone EXCEPT ME be Calamity Jane.

Say "yes" to your opportunities.

I sure earned that name.

Durn Tootin'.


I do have one thing that I am ashamed of.

One shin I don't like to admit.

I did have the thought to cheat on Evan, before I went to curch.

But I am mercilessly shy and afraid around men,

So I put an ad for someone to come hand around the campfire and chat with me.

Evan would not talk to me and I was lonely.

I was at my wit's end.

Some mercifull soul deleted the ad ammediately.

I never did anything like that again.

I was disgusted with myself,

And rejected the thought completely.


The ad was on CL personals.

That is alswo where Chrissy says she met Ray.


Captain Strong Elementary.

Battle Gorund is so named

Because no battle ever took place.

The war is for your MIND.

Mind your P's and Q's.

Did you read the best kipling story?


Tama Neggi : Kochina doll.


Less than ten can confirm Q.

Genesis 18.


Pray for Peace in your Soul.

Ch. 19 sounds like Biohazard, for goodness sakes.

Veronica is Trevinio.

19 is Jesus.

They rod and thy staff they comfort. Me&

Because if Jesus didn't have the Rod, I would have nothing to follow.

The staff pulls you back away from danger.

Just Kidding.

The staff is half of Omega.

The rod is for space travel.




44 - Corona Construction.



Listen very carefully.


But the dandelions hurt me and I can't last here much longer.




Chicken in the bread bag pickin out dough.

Eatin' my roast beef playin' my trains.

Babe Ruth is me.


Mirror Ysomite and the Red Queen.

Red Queen misses prepentance.

But it's hard for poor Yosemite Sam.

Mr. Toad is in between.

Pepe lacks empathy.

Should he reap.

Does he see what he does to the cat?

Is that just how his father made him?

Only God can judge.


Jesus says

The condemnation you put on others

Is the condemnation you put on yourself.


This mirrors.

Let that sink in.

Martians on the radio.


I do not like thee doctor Fel,

The reason why I cannot tell.

But this I know&know bull well,

I do not like thee doctor feell.


File: a3b451798b5a534⋯.png (7.22 KB, 574x360, 287:180, ClipboardImage.png)

I need your help.

Who killed my brother?


Clue mirrors Wayne's World mirrors Scooby Doo.

2016 they lay off his whole division from Intel.


Goodrich Riley worked nights there at the time.

On the electric.

2016 or 17 they fly him to Frisco, twice.

The same Irish lady is the recruiter.

Cold interviews.

AirBnb seemed like a shitty company, he said.

Pair. 25 turns 27.


Jul. 10l, 11th, or 12th death.

Heart attack.


Ruptured Aorta.

"medical report" said 6cm "gash".

The autopsy place was high security.

He had almonds in his stomach.


Clara Stickney - ex.

She was not nice.

She pretended a lot.

She tried to hook him.

He got smart.

Tricks in the Jungel.

Parker is the name of the guard in Disney's 3 musketeers.


Live action Rocky&Bullwinkle aslo plays a part.

He's Rocky& I'm Pocky.

Konami & tanuki Kouji.

River City Rancsom.

Oct. 2017.

Only three months later.

A wild Q appears.

The vid of the speech that god Donald Trump elected is a version of a vid I had on my twitter BEFORE, from 3creepyTV.

The pictures of the soldiers sharing their feelings about Syrian war

Mirrors a picture I have on a "why I'm a libertarian" Tumblr.

They were posted by Q around the same tiems.

My neighbors mviing in mwas a mark in the timeline.


They have radio EQ in their sotrage train car things.

Our talks about Jesus were loud, out on the porch.

Cavern Kings.

Helf Life 2 was his favorite game.

He played a lot of Counterstrike and TF2.

Someone from his SC srver, "Bean" something.

Actually sent flowers to his funeral.

How would they know?

I kept them.

It was a houseplant.

I threw it out when I woke up.

Troutmans mirror Saunders, my nighbors and my mom's neighbors.


Minecraft as muppet treasure island screen name.

Danato(g)th 123 old PW.

He's a programmer so does better now.

On steam as Milo, or maybe Otis.

On LoL as Kingfart.


Stuttering Stanley.


Rainbow Sponge.

The Amazing Frog.

Frog Climbers.

Oh tra, la, la lalley.

Here don in the valley.

Tama no Kani.

Q anon.

Don't forget about Nabil Nona.

The Hit.


Joe Kalteich mirrors Dustin Batolus how.



Terran knows him best of all.


Matticus says that if Ruplestiltskin were in Star Wars he would be Palpatine.

Palpatine is my favorite character in III.

Or he used to be.

I used to think he was funny.

Now I think he needs to die.

Rumplestitskin wasn't evil.

He was just palying a riddle.

He said Puss-in Boots would be R2D2.

I'm cool with that.

I feel like kid anakin mied with Padme thogh.

My characters are rare.

They translate funny.

Robin Hood is NOT HAN.

Because Han is an asshole.

It does not have to be Harrison Ford.

Matticus is Obi-wan Kenobi.


Jesus in Benjamin.

Q is Quia–Gon.


R2, the last Bastion of Freedom.


You have to remember that SOAP is Omega 3.


Smashing pumpkins.

I am not Sinter4n.

I'm the fairy godmother.



Smashing pumpkins.

I am not Sinter4n.

I'm the fairy godmother.



The biggest lie of hollywood is that there's a hppy ending int he same story your trial is in.

Jesus is lucky.

He got to leave Earth.


File: 4ec7580570350d7⋯.png (47.85 KB, 754x81, 754:81, ClipboardImage.png)

"Jenova's name is a portmanteau of "Jehovah" and "Nova". "Jehovah" is a widely-accepted romanization of the ineffable Hebrew name 'יהוה', one of the many names of the Abrahamic God. "Nova" is from the Latin feminine adjective for "New". Thus, Jenova's name means "New God", a point of symbolic significance, although this connection is not seen in the game. Additionally, a nova is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion of enormous proportions caused by the accretion of hydrogen onto the surface of a white dwarf star. Given Jenova's association with planetary and universal themes, this may or may not be a coincidence.

The 'jen' segment also hints at 'genetics', an important theme within the game. In this way, the name can be interpreted as 'gene-nova'.

All of these combine to form a name which alludes to planetary catastrophe (Meteor), genetic traits and experiments (Hojo's creations, Aeris's Cetra genes, Jenova's genetic 'children') and the birth of a new god (Sephiroth), making it very appropriate.

Sephiroth being Jenova's "son", as well as the implication throughout Final Fantasy VII that he had become one and the same as it, may refer to the Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, yet also via the blessed trinity one and the same with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit."


She looks strikingly like Hitlery Clitdong.


"Cipresso (M.G.R.), the brave king of Ardreena, weds princess Genova (B. S. Saroja). Soon after the wedding the king starts an expedition to the borders to suppress the enemies from the neighbouring kingdoms. Genova could not convey to the king the happy news that she is pregnant at the time when the king left for the war. Minister Golo's (Alleppey Vincent) wicked eyes are on Genova and making use of the situation he tries to molest her. The queen's faithful servant Garthoos intervenes and saves her. The minister manipulates the situation and the blame is put on the servant. Genova and Garthoos are imprisoned by the minister. Genova gives birth to a baby boy in the prison.

When Cipresso returns to the palace after a victorious war, Golo turns him against the queen framing the false charges against her. Cipresso believes Golo. Garthoos is sentenced to death and Genova is banished from the kingdom. In the forest, Mother Mary appears before Genova and blesses her. Genova leads the life of a saint. Golo plots to dethrone the king. He spreads the rumour that the king is insane and that the kingdom is in trouble. Cipresso is imprisoned and Golo takes over the reins of the kingdom. The army chief, Annas (M. G. Chakrapani) also lays hatches a plot to grab power. A few faithful servants of Cipresso free their king from the prison. Cipresso and his men attack Golo and in the ensuing fight Annas is killed and Golo escapes. Cipresso also comes to know that the queen is innocent. Cipresso goes on a search for Genova. In the forest, Golo and his men attack Cipresso. In the ensuing sword fight Golo is killed and the wounded Cipresso falls down. The young prince, Genova's son, finds Cipresso and takes him to Genova's abode. In the end all the misunderstandings are cleared.[2]"


Mirror Rapunzel.



Blessed Redeemer,

jesus is mine.

Oh what a foretaste of glory divine!

King of Salvaton,

Kindg at his birth,

Bon of the spirit,

Born of the earth.

This is my story.

Sthis is my song.

Priaing, my savior,

All the day long.

This is my story.

This is my song.

Praising the spirit all the day long.


Love lifted me.

Love lifted me.

When nothing else could help,

Love lifted me.

Love lifted me.

Love lifted me.

When nohting else could help,

Love lifted me.


I am Rip van Winky.

I am Bubble Buddy.

ponyo is my son actually.

A good book for kids is the last slice of rainbow by Joan Aiken.

Kirekegaard calls rumplestiltskin a troll, kek.


There is a green lantern who is also a planet.

In one of Gaiman's comics there is also a man who is a planet.

Drop the vernacular.


Volatile Molotov says "pittarti".

We are not relation.



After they killed the indians,

They killed the msuic schene.

Circa 2014/2013.

Indi film has problems too.


Mars Attacks was third after little shop.

Then small soldiers.

I am still repusled by those movies.


Don't call me names!


Actually, you can take it with you.


Hitler was as autist.

These people are sig heil.

Dark horse,

Vader, Scar.

Looney Tunes tells you all you need to know,

Its on Prime.

Watch the DOve.

Lion King.

Scar represents the Romans.

He is the one who kills the father so that he can have the power.

He then prosteltizeds to the son.

The son feels too guilty to even be home.

The son would rather be in the wilderness than hear Scar's words.

The son has to learn to not care.

The son has to learn that it's all ok,

Becfore he can go home.

But he has to kill Vader.

No qualms.


Surely godness and merci will follow me

All the days of my life and I will dwell

In peace and quit




Jeffrey is genesis.

Anne is a carpenter.


Reagan barks at nothing.

But I think she sees things we can't .

She hates Boba.

The kids call Boba bobo, like a clown.

boo boo.

English setters are etheral dogs.

Reagan is like no other odg.

Dave prefers Boba.

Kathy likes Xena, and so do the kids.

Matt likes the Boba the best because she's the smartes of all the dumb offspring.

Bear was his favorite dog, though.


Matthew was also an O.K. Carpenter.


Depp is Mercutio.

Dcareful with that one.

Flopsy, momsy, and cotton-tail.

It's actually funy.

A big old floppy bag of shit.

God is the fan.


Boba is dumb.

Sometimes just playing.

Reagan has a black lab she likes to go visit,

Just like my old dog watson.

Son of Bab, the wonderdog.

There was no dog like watson the Mighty.

Everybody likes him.

Nobody hates him.


Mass hysteria.

Oh, my pollow.


It's a little known fact that Watson was actually Joxer.




Do they try to use the children's imaginative powers for gambling?



A cornstalks roots look like a Baobad tree.

Dark Pepe.

Life is a ….


Q is Noodles McIntyre.


Betty is Betty.

And Boop is Veronica.

Archibald Andrews doesn't have to choose that way.

BiBi robably likes a little bit of Reginald in her Arch.

There should be a book.



You catch more lies with au,

But you need a frog sweatter to kill 'em.

Depends on wether they're pets or pests.

Chicken pe.

The spew.


I'm realizing that it doesn't matter what good I do,

It doesn't matter what bad I do.

As long as I have IO

And "m willing to listen and do what he wants, when he wants.

I don't want any time outs.

Count of three.

On your mark,

get se,


Peacefu, easy feeling.

You cannot have 34.

You must keep the children sacred,'

Or I will Kill you.

No Quealms necessary.

Know what you are doing.

Dopes fall.

Be aware of your subconcious.

DKeep God greater than any thing in your life.

Don't turn 6 upside down.

You are a parent to evderyone you meed.

Don't be lot.

Even an s can't help hom.

Do the math for Sodom.

You need God.

You can have himwith a prayer.

Quick as a wink.


Gomorrah is Goofy.

you can be Dopey.

you can't help geing Dopey,

A lot of the time.

Goofy is a Moran.

Because he KNOWS better.


I don't want any bad in my life.

I don't want any sin in my life.



I'd rather be a gardener than a renegade.


I don't hacare if that makes me squre.



Egg is a riddle.

Tama is onion is head.

Tamago is egg.

The original egg

Is the chemicals cooked up in the Blzak,

God came first.

God knows where he came from.

I don't need to know that.

Just how big were those giants in that land?

A picture in a picture in a picture.

Tilt your mirrors.

What happens to perspective.

I prefer solvable riddles.


Look at 60's and 70's sci-fi covers.

Pre '73 or so.

When they realized how dangerous Sci-fi was.

You can't change the past, Harlan.





And Helix with a twist.

Heads up seven up.

Ever play cat and mouse on battle.net?


Sin is anything you think,

Andything you say,

Anything you do,

That breaks God's word.

God's word is the Bible.

Bible is golden.

You can hear translations through others.

It's personal.

What's between me and God,

May not be between you and God.

You have to be talking to him.

Be still.


And ye shall know him.

He is a comfort and a refuge.

A light mana fortress.

he is chikara.


He can be yours with a word.

How great is that power.

He forgives 70x7.

Mistakes are how you solve riddles.

Use the stories.

Find out who he is.

Throw out the things you know as shit.

Those are the logs.

My sliver is my business.

The racef or the tgold.

Is the neverending story.

Stories are written to be enjoyed.

God makes the puzzle.

you choose your own adventure.


No homo.


Platonic love is more powerful.

Adam and Eve have their own kind of power.


Marriage must be sanctioned by God.

No incest.

He made man for woman.

And vice versa.

There is a certain beauty,

That someday you'll understand.

All of the ugly ducklings will very soon be the most beautiful swans.

that, my friends,

Is a much better rainbow than pride.


If the crook is the cross,

Q&R's X's create Omega.


I guess that makes me Belle.

My princess is always in another castle.



I am waiting for Vezzini.

He needed a savior.

Spirits can be poison.


So slide down or chute up?


The ghosts on the phantom train tell you there's no escape.

Magimaster is kindg of them.

He leads the occultists with his mesmer.


Even got Strogo.

If you don't spend your appointed time in the balley,

you will never solve the riddle of the climb.

If you're down there,

he put you there for a reason.

Cocoon fo Fire.

CGives you Chi.

Do you want to upset his balance?

Then you don't want HIM,

And HE is the answer.

He always give you hints, if you ask.

Alcohol kills subconcious comms.

It's ok to have a break, once in a while.

But if you're olways n break,

You don't have a Job.


Getting rid of things between you and God,

Means forgiving him for the things he had to do.


He always forgives you.

Reflect him.

I left a Tennis Ball on the field of Schemes.


FFII had it flipped.

Zeromus is here.

God's on the mmoon.


Matticus related to ES.


The things about the dark world is,

The weeks always grow back.

Tend your P's and Q's.


He slams his fists

Against the Posts

and still insists

He sees the Ghosts.

The pup begins

To wonder when

He'll ever see

The earth again.


The calm, cool quiet

Of the dark, unknown empire

Seeped int their souls.


The calm, cool quiet

Of the dark, unknown empire

Seeped int their souls.



The other sailors represent the personalities inside ofher subconcious.


Wy does the muslim brotherhood hate Jesus?

I don't know.

I don't think they ever had the chance to learn.

I think people who have never had freedom fear freedom.

They are used to lives full of control,

In lives ruled by control, freedom looks like chaos.

Wat they don't understand its that

Humans weren't meant to live in controlled environments.

Humans mirror flowers.

They need freedoms and the chaos ofthe emlements in order to thrive.

Seeking respite for their restricted soulds,

The turn to mammon and H to make them happy.

Moments of power and sadistic control give them an adrenaline rush.

They think that this is what happiness is.

They have it all wrong.

Completely wrong.

They will not change thier ways over their disire to be powerful,

And over their FEAR of giving themselves over to chaos.

They think chaos won't give them what they need.

They don't know what they need.

God feeds the sparros on the air.

If he can clothe the lilies in fine rainment,

What more tcan he do for you?

TRUST negates FEAR.





I kissed a cow

I kissed a ikd

I kissed a statue of a butt


I noticed Kate had drawn on armpit hair with sharpie.

When she was in the bath,

i noticed she had dwran on pubic hair.

I asked her why she did that.

She immediately started crying.

She cried and cried and cried.

She said she did it at home.

I asked her why, if maybe she wanted to look like me.

She said no.

Isaid where had she seen something like that.

She said she didn't know.

i said where do you get those ideas.

She shrugged and said "just pad thoughts".

I tried to explain to her about sucbconcious emotions,

And how when we see or hear bad things it caome out as bad things,

And hit's not her fault.

She said she feels like she sees bad things at school.

She saiys she feels surrounded by yelling.

She says she lthinks she's allergic to something at shcool, becuase she always feels sick there and parts of her hurt.

I asked if there was a sertain class that made her feel ad, because she felt ok in the morning.

She said no, just every class.

She says she only feels better at recess,

out by the trees.




She sayss she doesn't watch any videso.

Hse Syas she soedn't dremember anything bad happening at school.

She says that she feels like the kids at school are animals.

I have to agree.

Almost all of the m are ramtha kids.





REflect V so many times.


Wu Wei.

Wobba Wobba Wobba Woobaa wu wu wu.

You can't sew your shadow back on.

Water reflects and echoes.

You can't run from your own shadow.

Ten you become a bison.

Be still, and then you make no footprint.


James loves starゆ.

Why is Pikacu ultimate among all chilcren?

Mattikus loves Gabumon.

Kate loves Mew.

I do have a thing for Gomamon.


Gabumon is just agumon in disguise.


Nathan Trohdahl used to come into the Extra Mile all the time when I was working.

Kid photos related.


Limp Bizkits and gravy.

Mr. Mom.

All similar movies.

The pacifier.


It's some kind of ritual.


Who is the way?


I've never seen Tezuka's Metropolis.

Tma : Terra(Tina-JP) reconcile?

Tifa Reconcile?






Perroit Le Fou.


Kate's images always come up on the left.


Trohdahl knew Tani Semmen.

And Amanda, the comanager.

Where did she move to ?



Is that even Ruthie?

How can you tell?

We should have some route for DNA verification.


They do watch one video at aschool.

It's vedeos that the school produces.

They are "mountain lion" videos.

They teach te kids how to behanve on the layground.


In the middle of that game I played iwth parker upside down,

The allstar maario 3 game,

There's a POW.

The POW regenrates.

The POW flips all the monsters upside down.



I love him.

He makes love.

Real love.

I want to be better.

The soul, the subconcious remembers and sings what the brain cordons off.

I do't want to think about t.

I have a hard time saying no.

I have my whole life.

I was trained that way.

The soul screams no.

Matticus teaches me to do what I feel.

he is gentle.

He is kind.

He does not want to hurt me.

He really lovds me.


I'm not used to people asking me how I fell.

I cry.

He felt bad.

The soul screams out what the brain cannot handle.

I've been used my wole life.

And I ddn't even know it.



File: 911cdc1a82ac304⋯.png (755.84 KB, 681x947, 681:947, ClipboardImage.png)


What a dumbass.

Nash Bridgles.



The little children of Stonenge.

Kickstart my Heart goes with everything.

Let's turn it up to 11.


Trush K. Murphy.


Northwest Workplace Law PLLC.

1904 Thrid Avenue suit 1030

Seattle, Washington 98101.



She met me and Matt in Regus.

Brandalyn Webster.

3000 locations, 900 cities, 120 countries.

Bad joo joo.

1201 Pacific Avenue

Suite 600.

Tacoma WA


The brain wants to think it's not real,

But it Isreal.


What is an ET, truly?

Maybe what we've been led to bleieve is foreign to this planet is actually the native to an invaded plant.



Brenna Petersen.



PSD everywhere.

Janell VRGT.

Cecil Smiley.





We talked to Kari Martin in her office this morning.

She said she would talk to Ms. Pulawsky about the bullying,

But the sexual expression didn't have anything to do with the shcool.

I has to do with the school.

I am extremely protective of my children's inputs.

The outputs are a result of something that phappened recently.

Something while she was in someone's care,

Something I don't know about yet.

She only goes to school and church.

We aren't going to go to church anymore.

We will find a new church when we morve.



Life is an expression.

Double letters can be canceled.


I did take aderall once.

I was interested in it because I heard it can supress your appetite.

I don't like to eat.

Janelle and Riley were talkinga bout it.

2009, late?

Early 2010.

I said I was interested.

We bought some, got scammed of course, 2.50 pill.

I bought two.

Why does a do-nothing like Jennifer Aniston get those ad deals when she's like sixty?

It's not for no reason.

They work behindthe scenes.

JA, JAnelle.


Anyway, I took the pill before I went to work at Churches.

Berenice was maanager at the time.

On aderall,

Your brain fires in a circle.

It's like the starter is always on,

but it doesn't go into run or drive.

It's always firing on start.

Your soul retreats, and takes a backseat.

You operate automatically.

It is a strage feeling.

You start to feel robotic.

I got out the cleaning manual.

I read the proper way to clean the bathroom.

It said you had to scrub the walls.

I spend like two hours scrubbing the walls and ceiling.

I thought it was very interesting.

I probably would have taken more.

I was saving my other pill,

Evan found it and threw it out onto the concrete.

He said never to do that again.

This mirrors him telling me not to be freinds with Ricky any more.

I was sad,

But I was programmed to listen to my boyfriend without questioning.

It also mirrors my naughty books.

i don't know why I bought those books.

I was in Barnes and Noble.

With my mom.

She would take us there to buy books, sometimes.

I was back from CA recently.

I wen t to the sex book section.

I picked up a book about intro to BDSM and read a little.

It recommended an Anee Rice book.

Surprisingly, this book was just in the regualr fiction section.

I wasn't aware that it was a hardcore book.

My mom reads some Anne Rice, mostly Stephen King.

My sister knew what to books was.

She gave me a look like surprised.

I said, what?

I didn't know what the book was.

My mom bought it for me.

I read it a couple times.

It's a sck book.

I reject it completely.

That cat creetch tore it up.

I had bought the second one.

I smoked a lot of weed around that time.

it was a bad, bad time in my life.

Evan threw that book out the window of the car.


Pharmeceuticals are like witches alchemy.

Go to visit her for the love potion in the bavarian villiage.

Vaba yaga.

never take anything from a stranger.

So why ar we conditioned to think that the people who make these drugs aren't strangers?

mammon worhsipers only desire to harm.

Marketing themselves as your friends.


Natasja and Jeremiah and Kyenna were over one time.

Evergreen Apts.

We went camping with Steven once.

Keynna wanted Steven,

Steven did not want Kyenna.


They were over,

This was after everyone moved out and evan and I lived alone.

We had a litt le party.

Evan and Jeremiah disappeared.

Mirror, mirror.

I don'tknow where they went.

Tasja and Kyenna and I waere really drunk and acting goofy.

irish car bombs.

There was a homeless guy walking around down below.

We were smoking out on the balcony.

We talked to him.

Natasha got sfriendly.

He came up the stairs outside our door.

Natasja went outside to talk t ohim.

She wouldn't stop talking to him.

Kyenna and I knew it was a bad idea.

I got quieter, trying to signal that convorsation should end.

She invited him into the house.

Has sat in the hallway.

I started to get nerouvs.

I said that he should leave.

id didn't want him in the house.

I don't know why Natasja invited him in the house.

He ikept talking about music,

He had a weird name like midnight or somethng.

I can't remember how we got him to leave.

I think we shut ourselves in the bathroom until he left.

I really can't remember.

We treated it like it was funny,

But it was really creepy.

i don't like to think about that.

Natasja was super messed up.


Unicorn Judo,

Lot behind walls.

The drug deals in the town happen

Bhind Walt's bar.

there is a McKenna city park,

Lecey takes care of it,

There is a big parking lot by the river,

Where people park and wait for their drug deals.


Adm. Rogers controls the phantom train.




It's a hard life living as a merenary working for a freezer.




Darth Maul.

She brings her son to work.

He's in his fourties.

He works in the office.

His son wits in the office before stchool.

Mr. Doug's has a dance hall.

They have a table set up there,

It looks like they take tickets.

It's a non alcoholic restaraunts.

There are ligths up in the hall.

The waitress said they're going to turn it into a bar.

The floor is dirty, like they had an event recently.

At night.

There are chitzy chrismas lights up in the dance hall.

Occultist women locve stupid shit like that.

herman related.


holistinc healing.

This healing actually makes you sick.

I taught herman's mother,

They made him sick.

He alsways farted,

His beelly was bloated.

I felt so bad for the kids.


I mean I taught her son.

She would come in for drop in lessons at KS.


I never had any adult classes.



Air pockets.

I couldn't eat for two days after my rape.

But I kept having inexplicable gas.

I didn't eat on the day of the rape either.

Three days.

It doesn't make sense that air was generating.

The soul bellows what the heart and mind cannot.



Mirror the dinosaurs.

Chris Miller got a divorcefrom his wife Megan around the same time Evan left.

Evan tried to saty.

he went to see Bridgette, his coworker,

And then tried to come home ant midnight and sleep onthe couch.

I woudln't let him sleep.

I kept bpulling him off the couch.

I told him he had to leave until he could stop cheating.

So he didn't come back.


Meighan got pregnant around the smae time I did.

She worked at Macy's.

I had hung out with her a little bit,

her friend Alison was dating Joe,

Who was Chris and Nick's friend.

I would bring leftover churches chicken to chris and nicks house and we would hang out and play beer pong with them.

Janelle, me, riley, chris, nick, Meighan, alison.

That's wehre I got 1/5 that one time.

Jenellse set it up.


When they divorced,

Janelle and Riley hung out whith Chris a lot more.

He oes drugs a lot.

He takes care of his kids.

Same agae as my kids.

Titus and Kennedy.

They are sweet kids.

We went campin g by mount hood.

I thought it was nice for my kids to have someone play with.

The kids are nice and smart kids.

Kennedy is really smart.

It rained a lot on that camping trip but we went out to the river anyway.

The kids played in the rocks.

We stayed up late talking and playing Skipbo while the kids slept in the tnet.

We watched that drinking out of cups video.

I didn't like that Chris let Kennedy watch rap videos,

But that's the way the world its.

Maddie and Cassie came, and their friend,

But they pbailed out because of the rain.

I had an extra tarp so my tent stayed dry.

We were planning to do a second camping trip this year,

But I went to Illinois instead.

Now I will not.

I don't trust them.

I don't know if anything happneed.


We went to the state fair with my dad.

It was really nice to spend time with him.

He would always take us to the Clark County fair.

I would collect the blown glass animals.

I only got two of them, though.

I had a unicorn.

It didn't break until I was older.

I related to tother epople today, which is nice.


Orion : Lotius,

Via the bloomin' onion.






Cups relates to camping.



SA Martians.


Pharmeceuticals are alchemy.

The intentions were NEVER good.



Looks like it was a productive day.


My dad took us to see all the dams in Washington.

Wwe would go camping once a year in sthe summer.

Or try to.

The place we went the most was out to the snake river in WA.

We went to lake simtustus.

This was the summer I came backfrom JP.

I was out by myself.

I was laying on a rocky hill that was over te lake.

It was hard to climb to the top of this hill.

There was a narrow pathway cut into the side.

I layed there until it got dark.

I can see pretty well in the dark.

I was carefully walking back along the ledge when something dlew into me.

I think it was a bat.

I spooked,

I sprinted along the ledge.

I could not see,

I went by sense.

I cut my foot.

It was a good feeling,

To run on trust like that.

My dad's favorite dam is the Grand Coulee.


When I was young, my mom would shop at second hadn stores.

I would wear the most ridiculous things.

I had a matching seater/sweatpants combo that was yellow and had three pandas on the front.

She liked to take us to this huge store called Spanky's.

I ot some boots with tassels on them.

I found this kickass leather trenchcoat.

I was 9 or 10 years old.

The elather trenchcoat had a leather belt with a metal buckle.

The metal buckle had a scorpion on it.

I would wear it to school.

It was so badass.

I pretended I was Neo.

I would hang out with my friends.

We would draw pictures.

We would make strange plans to do things.

We would sing strange songs.

We would talk about monty python and the holy grail and warcraft.

When I got to middle school I started to get less friends.

I started to undderstand my friends less.

My mom started buying me nw clothes.

She shopped at Fashion Bug.


In seventh grade my bullies were Chelsea Massie and Aric Allen.

They tipped all the stuff out of my desk.

We had Ms. Richter, Mr. Weimer, and Mr. Rindt in the portables at Lewisville middle school.

Lewisville is a slide.

Mr. Rindt let us do whatever we wanted.

We played cards a lot.

He got promoted high up in admin.

Janelle Miller works at US bank.

She got promoted at lighting speeed,

She's high level bank security really fast.

Riley's family lives in Hillsboro,

Lena Fidler also has a lot of family that lives in Hillsboro.

What's happnin in Hillsboro?

Parker lived there for a year in a big house that he rented.

From some Indian guy.

The rend on the house was only 1350 for a huge three bedroom.

He lived there alone with this cats.

He only met one girl that he though of dating at that time.

Well, I can't say that for sure,

I don't know who all he ment.

Oh yeah,

There was this girl that worked at Intel that he liked.

I think he liked her a lot.

But she was engaged.

She still talked to him anyway, I think.

I hate when girls do that.

They like to lead guys on for conficdence bootst,

And to have a fallback guy.


Anyway, this other girl came to his house once, He thought of dating her.

Well maybe he did vaguely, but she ended up being tnot too bright.

her name was D'lisa.

The house was under power lines.


Alex coincidentally also had a belt with a metal buckle and a scorpion on it.

Ecept his had a hidden knife in it.

He would wear i t on the plane just for kicks.

I think it's really funny what a front the TSA is.


Adolf Fiddler on the Roof.


When Relm controls the Leapfrogs,

They go into a state called "seizure".

Last year when James was in Head Start,

Hi teacher Jen called mein for a meeting.

She said that he was spacing out in class a lot.

She had a behavior development specialist come observe him,

Because she said sometimes he didn't know what whas going on when he did this.

I sat down withher and the behavior development specialist.

She talked to me a lot.

I started crying because,

They made me feel like something was wrong with James.

I also space out a lot.

I just space out and my brain flies up.

I'm thinking of something when I do this but my brain can't access the thoughts.

I don't think it's a bad thing,

But they made me feel like it was wrong,

And I felt like it was my fault that James had the same thing.

Genetic Guilt.

RELM gains control with falsemustache.

Falsemustache can also be disguise.


Radio N.

Their need for symbolism…

Can you make someone go into a seizure state?

Is a seizure state rlated to REM?

You don't have to be convulsing for it to be a seizure.

When I had the big seizure on the bathroom floor,

Matticus said I was lying there with my eyes open.

My arms were crunched up.

Nervous system affectation.

Not too get to personal, but I convulse during orgasm as well.

SOrry if that's gross.

Someone messed with my nervous system, possibly.

I remember thes second seizure,

Not when it happened,

But coming back to conciousness.

I could feel that my eyes were open before I could see.

I remember my soul searching for vision and then finally being able to see matticus' face.

Seizure state allows radio tap in.

Nobody knows what Dorian does in the dark.

They can only see his falsemustache.

The portrait s hissen.

Let there be light.

Pen Fry.





But you can't say no,

To the radio,

Because you don't even know

It's happening.


Pure Evil.


I have to go to work today.

I already stopped going to church,

I don't have a good reason to quit working.

I have to pay the bills.

She wants me to do a lifeguarding couse wit the red cross in Oct.

12 hours over the weekend,

And a 7 hour writtten test.

She wants me to do this unpaid.


Sierra Lumbert called in sick for her lifeguarding cert.

Shannon someone was their regualr certifier that they new.

Now it's this guy named Patrick Knox.

They knew Sierra wasn't sick.

They let her do it i Spanaway.

They want me to drive up to Renton.


I feel nervous about it.

Plus 20 hours is a lot of work for know pay.


Do you got into REM when you watch TV?

Do you go into REM when you watch cartoons?

Bobby's world.

how can you avoid going onto REM?

I think it has something to do with trust.

I think if I maintain awearness, I can aboid it.

It's hard to maintain awareness all the time,

Especially at an exhausting job.

The risk of a kid being hurt is not worth it.

I can't explain to anyone what is happening because it sounds unbvelievable.

Fro now,

I'm managing to avoid staying in the pool because I'm training this girl Ellie.

I hope I get some hope soon.


The thought of this being true makes me sick.

Physically and mentallysick.

That's what will make it hard to accept for host people.

Hard to swallow.

Hard ipll to wsallow.

The people are discgusting.

These people are sick.


Lilu is just the UI.

God is in conttrol.

God is the OS.


Who is Gestah?

Hate, GS.


GS was killed by Kefka.

But Kefka was actually just a part of George Soros.

GS tried to lock up Kefka during negotioations.

It ws only just for show.

It was fake.

It was to get the returners to negotiate in the first place.

As soon as the Returners were placated,

Kafka was free.

Kefka became Gestahl.

This was by design.

Is GS just a mouthpiece for true Kefka,

Who we have never seen?

It remains to be revealed.




Seven Springs.


Hurricane Matthew killed the Piggly Wiglly in 2016.

They gave it to a fereigners.

CELES and LEO both had slave crowns.

LEO was killed by GS.

The grave is there.

Does anyone ebelieve that LEO is in the grave?

You now what the bible says about tombs.

Glitch in zozo.

TERRA turns invisible,

Who turns into LEO?

You can see him.

He was meant to be in the party.

he is alive.





Vid related.


How come CB radio Ford can get her 20 year old rape case hard before congress in one week,

But I gcan't get the state prosedcutor to look at mine for two months?

And they say that "maybe" he will press charges then.

They say that that is the extent of my state representation.

Tell me there's no slave class.




Miirror FFVIII and Matrix.

You can't go to a park,

You can't go to the fair,

You can't go to great wolf lodge,

And see Americans.

American doesn't have anything to do with skin color.

It has to do with culture and value.

This state is packed with people who do not care.

They care for mammon and themselves.

That is the only reason they were shipped to american.

Jay inslee packed it for votes and an extra House seat.

America for sale.


Kristen Gillibrand is NXIVM.

Why the hell would anyone listen to her about rape?

She is complicit and or guilty of human trafficking, sex slavery, and rape.

Including minors.

Thell me there's no slave class.



I belong to no one.



Dende never died.


What's the difference between dolphin and phidler.



Farnese relates to sablan mibuil.

Jarvis relates to all.


"The Last Pich."



I had my kids in lessons.

We got them for free.

I had swim lessons when I was a kid.

I love to swim.

We swam on thursday evening.

Their teacher was Ms. Greta.


Military" she says.

Various children were in the class.

Liam fry was won.

MUSKEEM CHIMA was another.


Lemonie has a head inury.


The tatto is on my rib cage.

The moth in a cage.

Can't tell the difference because all lihts look so bright.

The moth is dead along time ago.

Brass Monkey tattoo shop was the name.

Evan left me there alone.








They treat me like the leader vbut they have never met me!

They all said goodbye to me,

I was sitting off to the side in a chair!

I have never even seen them before.


Neck Gash.








To live is Christ,

To die is gain?

What is Paul saying with this?

To veil is christ, to evil is christ?


To die is Christ.

To die for others.

It has NOTHING to do with Gain.

PAUL is an idiot.



Side Gash.

Roman creating Odin mirrors.



Witch in the class.

The wife of the airman did not know that the mistress was also in the class.

The mistress' mother knew.

She kept talking to the wife.

She thought she was playing a funny game.

The babies loked alike.

The fther and the mistress were in the pool together and the wife was outside.

The mother of the mistress kept standing by the wife.

I asked if the knew each other,

If the babies were cousins.

They said no.

The mother of the mistress cept talking trash about the wife's baby.

Sick, Sick, Sick.

Baydo related.

Ramtha, Pakistan, Iran.

The wife and the mistressmother were white.

These people need to die.

They live.


LRM RUBENS was killed by Sandra.

Evil Is Real.

I sat out to observe.

Ellie only wanted help with INF.

She knows how to do INF, she pretends she does not.

She really wanted me to sing.

We all did the songs and movements together.

I lost track of time.

I worry too much that something happened.

Do I have to go back?

Reallies are 4 fishing.

Fry : Oasis.

Nasim was an empty shell.

RC, used.

Never allowed to be herself.

They had to kill her.

This happens WW.

Who posessed them during the shootings?

Anyone who pays.

Anyone who wants to have fun and not get caught.

These poeple need to die.



Their need for symbolism..

Whose "main was it?


Disney's Rapunzel.


I was too busy having my kid to watch this movie.

The people aroundme made sure I saw it eventually.

Flynn Ryder.

Mother Goesthel looks so familiar, why?

I can't place her.

Flynn main Evan or just Finley?

Rosenstein main Evan?

Eva N.


Funny oke.

Everybody laugh.


It's not worth it.

I lost track of time.

I feel like something happened.

It was something small.

I don't like not knowing.

I'd rather lose my house than have the risk of the chance that something might have happened.

Songs and movement req.

The did it at VBS too.

Moving your body and singing in time with someone else does something.

The voice has a magic power that the American people are unawaere of.

The Bible says it very plainly that the voice has a creative power.

The way they smiled at me.


Angry, helpless, and full of rage.

That's how I feel.


Spencer USAF.




Destroyed kingdomof Edward.

Ana died too, or so Edward and Tellah thought.

Tellah blamed Edward, but later forgave him.

Eblan mirrors Athens.

Able N means KAIN.

Edward and Palom mirror Cecil.

Porom and Ana mirror Rydia.

Rydia and Rosa are the ame person.

Tellah mirrors God.

Kain is Golbez.

Golbesz s the servant of Zeromus.

If you were free of the slave crown,

Would you ever go back to Zeromus?

Or would that make you a mole?

Just because Golbez was the brother of Cecil,

Did that make him good then?

Golbez knew about Zeromus when he did his work.

Cecil did not know.

Riddle dee dee.






God liked Abel's fruit.

God the father did not like Kain'sf ruit as much.

This make Kain angry enough to kill.

It makes no sense,

But that's Kefka for you.


On top of that,

Kain was second in command of the red wings of Baron.

Was this Cecil's fault?

Cedcil did not know the things that Kain did.

Cid does represent the earthly father.

Cid did not have a relationship with Cain.

Cid pulled a Jesus, but so did Yang,

And almost all of the characters.


What are ants?


Antlion may be Rosenboom, then.


You must understand that pulling a Jesus can be spiritual or physical,

And they are both equally important.

The spiritual opportunities come up to draw so much more often.



Dol'ph's foot clan.




You were a child

Crawling on your knees toward him

Making momma so proud

But your voice is too loud

We like to watch you laughing

Picking insects off of plants

No time to think of consequences

Control yourself

Take only what you need from it

A family of trees wanting to be haunted

Control yourself

Take only what you need from it

A family of trees wanting to be haunted

The water is warm

But it's sending me shivers

A baby is born

Crying out for attention

Memories fade

Like looking through a fogged mirror

Decisions too

Decisions are made

Decisions are made and not bought

But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot

I guess not


Never stopped getting play.

I left for CA in 2007.

Family of trees?

How long was the whole thing planned?

I am of the mind that AZAZIN and ROSENBOOM's plans were not related.

War for the mind.


The girl with the pearl earring.

The earring looks like the pears hanging off of the branches of the tree.




Ellie knows Kuzaro too.


She only wanted me to sing along with the infant class.

RC car championships;


Garten. Kinderswimmer.

Gardens. What did Q say?


Ewho locked me?

When ?


Who unlocked me?

Who made me what I am.


Made me human.


Made me whole.


Made me care.


Made me loved.


Gave me Jesus.


Goodbye Hurses?

Jesus may have nicknamed me Horses.

God Job.

Relvalation to reveal it is a good story.


Corner dark.


DIVINO related to Bush.


Delano, Reagan relate to Vancouver, BC.

Spiral eyes,

Spiral nose,

Spiral moth.




eeyes ein.


One-eyed radio.

They ey is the speaker.


Asher had a sister named KiKi.


Deosn't mean they aren't borther and sister.



Ancient words,

Ever true.

Touching me,

Touching you.


These fuckers will burn for not letting us end this now.

Jesus teachers you how to accept loss gracefully.

Poor sports.


File: 617c1c5ee76216f⋯.png (5.39 KB, 537x405, 179:135, ClipboardImage.png)

What symbol does four squares put together maek?


Why would they do it themselves if they have RC tech?


Mark of the Beast?

Who's inside their minds,

When they commit thier crimes?




"Black" market.

Why are some drugs illegal and some are legal?

They are the same drugs.

This is done purposefully by the FDA.

Who makes the black market drugs.

Think logically.

Silk road : Back page.




Coming back from JP,

They accidentaly flwe me to Vancouver, BC instead of Vancouver, WA.

I had to call my mom and my mom had to fix it.

It felt like a lifetime I was in Vancouver BC.


Tenshi Muyuyukahusho.

FVW logo looks like a photon.



God hlep me.


B : Pha

Turn the H clockwise and make a B out of P.

What does it look like?




Madakin Mecdical center.

Evan told me birth control pills made me crazy.

had James.

He told me I needed an IUD.

I needed to get one without hormones.

They put a copper on in.

It hurt my stomach for along time.


"3 persons"

Split persons.

It's not as mystical as it's been sold.

It has been classified and sold as something it's not.

I'm in four sections.

J, P

A, E.



IRONBOXy was a Paladin on Frostmane.



Gymnast theme.

ee. "DPFKES".

Look at the "Deepfakes" videos closely.

The celebriteis helped film them.

Who developed the "deep" thechnology?

These peolple are STUPID,


She filemd it twice.

The movements don't even fucking match.



Black, Swan.

K , M.

Let's talk about Aronofsky.

He said he based it on his sister's life.

Mila Kunis literally represents MK Ultra.

She had to kill herself to get out of it.

The mother represents the handler,

This could be any relationship you cannot get away from.

The closer it is the worse it is for you.

The killing of self was represented physically in the film,

But the film also le tyou know that it was spiritual.

She suffered under their conrol.

I suffer onder their control.

I never consented.

I never was asked.

The answer is infinity times no.

And they knew this.



Nielsen Dandylions.

Gymnast again.




They only do things in the dark.

They hear many different frequencies.

They khave knowledge of frequencies that other animalas do not.


Into the garbacge can.






B. BC.

Back crawl.

Before Christ there was God.

White IIII.





Something may have happened at the fair.

mood shift when we were in line for Taz's twister.

The line took forever.

The ride did, to end, there was no line.

There were no people there when we went over there.

By the time Kate could get on the ride there was a ton of people.

Mostly people fro India and the Middle east.



We were kept reminding ourselves to take the kids to the bathroom.

We tald each other we would, me and Matt.

We kept forgetting.

We forgot multiple times.

James peed his pants.

It was not good.












The art and design intro teacher had a session sticker on his brush case.

Fry 'em, please Jeff.



Sara Cain has a two year old named Parker.


Saunders related.

Masons : Ramtha = S + R. Skull and bones.


They built that facility in DuPont right after I lived there.

No one lives in Dupont but military.

Dthey don't even have a grocery store.

Evan and Noelle worked there,

On graveyards, sfor a little bit.





Who is Yang?

KJU or Ryan could mrror.

Ryan DRK.


I don't have enough information to solve for Yang.

What brought Yan out of the land of Syph?


PAN : Piccolo Pete.

Big Green.

Whistle independence firework,



The house has appeared.

it's all the way from February.

Soon it will go.

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