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July 2018 Transparency Report
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File: ab9b67ebdbc4b7a⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1150x1500, 23:30, 1455941144011.png)

e04786  No.25186[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>20459

Archive: https://archive.fo/wPKqu

Camp Sherwood is continuing!

Thanks to a certain Ben10 Artist, the forum has been deleted.

For an off-site location of pages, you can find them here: http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/9z9nx4l2vq6cz8dumiunv5rr3w8zgzqq

Or the New forums,


Also Check out the 7chan thread: https://7chan.org/pco/res/10535.html

Mister D's JAB Thread: http://www.jabarchives.com/tjaforum/forum/tja-main-main-area-for-everything-but-the-artists-below/show-off-visiting-and-tja-artists-show-off-their-work/1468-mister-d-s-thread

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Post last edited at

e9c7f1  No.39667


Juniper the spirit killed one teenager and nearly killed two others, I think there's justification for you guys to actually kill her.

File: 1426642649965.jpg (8.4 KB, 185x251, 185:251, 1408516477071.jpg)

5c65dc  No.11355[Reply]

So this isn't a request board and starting a thread for a single request is a waste.
Some people have struggled to find a place to make a request.
Having one thread where requests can be managed seems optimal for this.

This thread is for requests where there is no thread of the same topic currently existing.

If a thread of that character/show/game/whatever you are requesting already exists make those requests there.

This thread is not for mass dumping.

If filling a request that is more than a single image or single comic give a handful images and they can use those to start a new thread if so inclined.
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669468  No.39666

The latest in /loli/ SelfDrillingSMS? Rule34Hentai is shitting itself for some reason, at least for me.

File: 40b1e98164b8e65⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1500x1254, 250:209, 2483698 - Marco_Diaz Star_….png)

File: b7388f2bdcd54a4⋯.jpg (242.6 KB, 928x1200, 58:75, star_emo.jpg)

File: 31fa26471886dd5⋯.png (781.5 KB, 752x1200, 47:75, 2147534 - Angie_Diaz Roger….png)

File: 27aa9714a2141c5⋯.png (3.29 MB, 3850x2800, 11:8, star_group.png)

File: 18d5606de62e710⋯.jpg (703.02 KB, 1044x1200, 87:100, 1451717933660.jpg)

987386  No.38344[Reply]

The other new one reached its limit so we're starting over again! :D

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6b5a72  No.39693


Also, since this is a season 1 comic Buffrog and Ludo should be watching them

ee31f2  No.39694


This 134 pages. There’s no FUCKING REASON it should be this GODDAMN LONG unless it’s broken up into chapters or has several sex scenes over the course of an extended period of time.

ee31f2  No.39695


>I think you need to have a little bit of pascience


Is the word you’re looking for “Patience”?

511d62  No.39697


I've seen enough hentai to know that they are going for another round, so sit tight and keep enjoying the ride

860957  No.39704


Oh quit complaining. Long comics are a gift from god.

File: f39127bd938824c⋯.png (826.46 KB, 1497x975, 499:325, Drawthread.png)

8c943d  No.34742[Reply]

Where has this been?

For Requesters:

-Give your references and clear, specific, and understandable details on the content.

-Only post 4 reference images if they're part of 1 request.

-DON'T keep flooding the thread with the same request over and over. Once is enough.

-Be Patient and give the artists time to finish. Make sure to thank them before or after the request is finished.

-Critique is welcome but nothing longer than 3 sentences with 15 words maximum for each.

For Artists:

-Artists make sure to post +Delivery (not as your name) first and feel free to give us any info about yourselves.

-Don't be shy. Use your own style or imitative style and go all out.

-No lashing out at requesters for any reason please.


NO Trolling, Responding to trolls, Namecalling, or threating. Mostly importantly; Have fun.

455 posts and 397 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e25053  No.39643

File: 253869bbf8a754e⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 2544x2341, 2544:2341, akamegakill01.jpg)

File: 633581c01ad3404⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 2544x2341, 2544:2341, akamegakill02.jpg)


i love her

9db3fa  No.39651


OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love the one with the cigarette! and I thought I was the only one who loves her xD I like your style. You have a Deviantart or Tumblr? thanks again, I really appreciate it!

e25053  No.39654


@atnoghentay twitter and rule34 atnog user

f46fcb  No.39669

File: cbd6f884a7748d1⋯.jpg (10.49 KB, 236x206, 118:103, 04cfb77094f1abf76fbdbffeff….jpg)


Cool! I just saw your others works. they`re so good!

8e5b44  No.39703

File: 9172019c41e974e⋯.png (11.61 KB, 76x185, 76:185, Janice_templeton_boss_baby.png)

File: 0171ee6b79ed488⋯.png (355.42 KB, 1052x1488, 263:372, e0f6a98e7b72744578bb8d62a9….png)

Requesting Janice Templeton (the boss baby) undressing seductively like in this pic reference

File: da74e5e5262e882⋯.gif (3.23 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Ben_10 animated.gif)

8bc58b  No.30535[Reply]

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059be7  No.39637

Just wondering, how did you get incog to stop filing for DMCA notices? I'm starting to get a similar situation on my board

41e7cf  No.39642


Most of the time, it was his paying fanbois who keep filing DMCA notices. Being salty because they had to pay stuffs while we got them for free. Incog himself rarely come down here and file a DMCA. We know because each time he did that, he will announce his arrival. But most of the time, it was someone else. I remember that some anons here suggested that he/them reveal his real identity in order to file a legitimate DMCA request. After that, the attacks simply stopped.

>(or maybe mods decided to completely ignore them all, suggested by how 'incog' was autocorrected to 'Mr. Boohoomuhleaks' in every past posts. You can try asking Zed or Longreach Jones about that. They were the most active mods during those period.).

So most of anons here don't know what really happened back then.

Not to mention that Incog has been releasing his comics/artworks for free in the last few months. So technically, there is absolutely no reason for Incog to file a DMCA, further alluding that the ones who keep bothering your board are NOT Incog.

059be7  No.39644


>further alluding that the ones who keep bothering your board are NOT Incog.

My situation involves another author who has no problem with his identity being public.

Thanks for your answer anyway.

9d6a80  No.39645



In the end it was a matter of Incog stopped bothering. When his work stopped being posted here, it was posted elsewhere by someone else.

It also did not help that I stopped having the funds to afford to sub to his website.

Looking back, I do in some small way regret my actions in leaking his stuff so diligently. Making bank as an artist sucks and I should have known this to start with.

On the other hand, I fap with that hand and like free porns.

There are a few artists I am keeping an eye on at the moment, unfortunately none that are applicable to R34 at the moment

cf4d36  No.39702

File: f65f1a5188bcb1b⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2480x3570, 248:357, 70254736_p0.png)

File: 1a585fad3ea0aea⋯.png (927.95 KB, 1339x1500, 1339:1500, wendipdouble.png)

487d27  No.39675[Reply]

Other GF thread reached its limit, so here's a new one to post some good shit!

5 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c9770b  No.39681

File: dc3f33c9abfcadd⋯.jpg (551.87 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p14.jpg)

File: d357eb3fb608c4b⋯.jpg (556.33 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p15.jpg)

File: 889dec1967cadd9⋯.jpg (581.85 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p16.jpg)

File: 06b6a8060b69ec7⋯.jpg (512.98 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p17.jpg)

c9770b  No.39682

File: c24931caca15746⋯.jpg (576.7 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p18.jpg)

File: 239a4cd61807a79⋯.jpg (525.33 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p19.jpg)

File: 07d6166fb64fbf9⋯.jpg (601.31 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 70202816_p20.jpg)

c9770b  No.39683

File: 181777861a555ee⋯.gif (232.55 KB, 691x604, 691:604, 1811394 - Dipper_Pines Gra….gif)

File: e364842d8c4751c⋯.gif (286.64 KB, 691x604, 691:604, 1811396 - Gravity_Falls Ma….gif)

File: fbd534bbfd23af2⋯.jpg (582.67 KB, 1242x1748, 27:38, 1877207 - Dipper_Pines Gra….jpg)

File: 6fad2ec43ad0f74⋯.png (908.95 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, 1921440 - Dipper_Pines Gra….png)

c9770b  No.39684

File: 4b3ff259877509b⋯.png (425.18 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 2557446 - Dipper_Pines Dud….png)

File: 4030c9da8e5f79b⋯.jpg (852.82 KB, 1282x1769, 1282:1769, 2612976 - Dipper_Pines Gra….jpg)

some prego pinecest

c9770b  No.39701

File: 0b3acdbcaebabfd⋯.png (849.39 KB, 1313x938, 1313:938, 70253993_p0.png)

File: 1433824432514-0.jpg (78.26 KB, 792x900, 22:25, 00e00c35c1ad164fb8cb484453….jpg)

File: 1433824432514-1.jpg (832.66 KB, 1204x948, 301:237, 00e59817791f23d8b344e7fa88….jpg)

File: 1433824432515-2.jpg (275.36 KB, 1725x1058, 75:46, 1acaaf922f3b05c9f9a3b453fb….jpg)

File: 1433824432515-3.jpg (104.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1ba1fd5d292edb9f5906dbbb6e….jpg)

9a30ab  No.13605[Reply]

Im surprised, i thought this thread would already exist

88 posts and 158 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

001082  No.39358



Odds on her fucking her dad?

02a516  No.39485

File: eabe57f40cd6df1⋯.png (4.25 MB, 1495x1940, 299:388, Improbables Page 14.png)

acb5ae  No.39687

File: 61a1051f549f16a⋯.png (4.1 MB, 1500x1940, 75:97, Improbables Page 15.png)

Improbables Page 15

ddcdd8  No.39698


>Vi is acting weird

More like she's acting like a typical Jab lolis. Name any Jab girl that doesn't act like that

<Protip: You can't

69afa7  No.39700


did they mess up pages or something, because it looks like page 13 happens after all of this

File: feda63c871ac766⋯.jpg (189.81 KB, 1000x1540, 50:77, Baloo_junglebook.jpg)

12a707  No.36175[Reply]

Post what you have of really bad art.

7 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1f5d40  No.36263

ITT: Any Family Guy/Cleveland Show/American Dad! r34.

Seriously, how does it ALWAYS look bad?

420012  No.36265


Because McFarlane’s artstyle looks like dogshit to begin with so anything drawn in that style will look like shit by default.

12a707  No.36267

File: 35cae5258778575⋯.jpg (184.54 KB, 707x930, 707:930, American-Dad-Hentai-Comic-….jpg)




Hey guys look what I found. Lol

04db8d  No.36901


Oh God, Why?

130dab  No.39699

File: a5278542a1ef625⋯.jpg (50.7 KB, 692x848, 173:212, 2718807 - Lisa_Simpson Mil….jpg)

Over 280 pics shat all over Paheal. All by the same autist, with cringeworthy German dialogue most can't read anyway and if the art wasn't shitty enough, much of it was traced from other Simpson's art.

File: e227e0baf062adb⋯.png (695.93 KB, 1157x1637, 1157:1637, Sailor Neptune cowgirl LIN….png)

File: c09d9fddac63f4f⋯.png (891.64 KB, 1403x992, 1403:992, Sailor Uranus anal from be….png)

e5b5d3  No.39458[Reply]

Post sailor scouts for great justice

4 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

00874d  No.39539

File: 0c61fb51ec25f85⋯.jpg (386.89 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, __sailor_moon_and_tsukino_….jpg)

File: 7e5f38face0ffc8⋯.png (436.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, __sailor_moon_and_tsukino_….png)

File: 55b5c1e5825cfb8⋯.jpg (419.2 KB, 800x1221, 800:1221, __sailor_moon_and_tsukino_….jpg)

5dfc96  No.39540

File: e9f9460c1882d01⋯.jpg (300.85 KB, 800x960, 5:6, 28030.jpg)

File: 4e9b2affb5c5a57⋯.png (613.76 KB, 1500x1100, 15:11, sailor-moon-e-hentai-21105….png)

File: ebf5390b51eaf41⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 640x447, 640:447, sailor-moon-hentai-xxx-640….jpg)

sailor moon is the best. thanks for making this one OP.

00874d  No.39613

File: c91ad3c3e505e48⋯.jpeg (857.27 KB, 1300x1837, 1300:1837, 955376e8c91e6b4bf8c89d875….jpeg)

00874d  No.39648

File: f70e21420d1cb68⋯.jpeg (360.8 KB, 2800x2100, 4:3, 29c118834b90f0629f41c3362….jpeg)

94effb  No.39696

File: bfeb264df20a0ad⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2052x1620, 19:15, 0dbb96556856a1d5a5446a7f2….jpeg)

File: 616d14a00c68179⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1300x1837, 1300:1837, 0d6b000e8cbf15525bbf9748e9….png)

File: 17d55aab7e6f5c7⋯.jpeg (84.15 KB, 987x1406, 987:1406, ba0d41984afd6196915c2c48e….jpeg)

File: 9bc80be13d44a9b⋯.jpeg (381.79 KB, 1224x1224, 1:1, 4006af1c1775a08a9a71c4237….jpeg)

File: 1460873741331-0.gif (112.62 KB, 319x560, 319:560, 8e177bff7ed414c423afe0899b….gif)

File: 1460873741331-1.jpg (326.36 KB, 860x1100, 43:55, e7d895b27e88d211bc52f424be….jpg)

File: 1460873741331-2.png (800.89 KB, 800x796, 200:199, 9ba0a93f3432dae0a1cfe31c7e….png)

File: 1460873741331-3.png (668.11 KB, 1300x1800, 13:18, fd35f1174493b37b59a0da0e2c….png)

624fcb  No.21378[Reply]

Mostly Isabelle.

79 posts and 254 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1045ca  No.39688

File: 921f93b65b1e293⋯.gif (850.94 KB, 614x720, 307:360, 2396400_TheOtherHalf_toh_a….gif)



3bd89d  No.39689

File: a2b4beb2775ad95⋯.jpg (196.07 KB, 1280x1071, 1280:1071, Isabelle32.jpg)

File: 10e03284a181eb6⋯.png (7.75 MB, 3510x4961, 3510:4961, LaBelle01.png)

File: c68f063cf41f15d⋯.jpg (236.04 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, LaBelle02.jpg)

File: 7158dd82881401b⋯.png (850.98 KB, 873x1200, 291:400, MableAble01.png)



3bd89d  No.39690

File: c2ca93ed42003fd⋯.png (486.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, MargieXOpal01.png)

File: 57b946400fecaff⋯.png (415.42 KB, 696x917, 696:917, Margie01.png)

File: c0f87e5955497dc⋯.png (888.85 KB, 1193x1050, 1193:1050, SableAble02.png)

3bd89d  No.39691

File: f21e414d47da4f5⋯.png (280.86 KB, 767x900, 767:900, SableAble05.png)

File: d27332312254b5b⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x1365, 256:273, SableAble06.png)

File: 535eb6568b6fb9c⋯.png (385.43 KB, 1035x1147, 1035:1147, SableAble03.png)

File: 4eac7dc972dba87⋯.jpg (206.6 KB, 791x983, 791:983, SableAble04.jpg)

3bd89d  No.39692

File: 4daa6ab490a2d13⋯.jpeg (432.45 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, SableXLabelle01.jpeg)

File: 1138bb4d1c8e68e⋯.png (18.9 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Whitney04.png)

File: 7aec82d7d0d9851⋯.jpg (242.02 KB, 1248x1920, 13:20, Cherry04.jpg)

File: 3c966f2f762d788⋯.png (507.53 KB, 830x824, 415:412, DianaXWhitney01.png)


That's all for now.

File: 17b10a2de98b2cf⋯.jpeg (114.97 KB, 696x931, 696:931, marge.jpeg)

5eca8d  No.37431[Reply]

since we reached the limit in #3 I decided to start a new one

542 posts and 281 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

05aacf  No.39636

Can someone post pages 9 and 10 highres of that emma comic?

3db9be  No.39639

File: 2ad29c0d109a111⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2335x3335, 467:667, 180601comic10-highres.jpg)

File: 4f559096a489f80⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2335x3335, 467:667, 180524comic09-highres.jpg)

fc7ec0  No.39641





Why can’t Shiin animate more like this. With actual consistent moving non choppy frame work. But in his really great hot better art style though?

24de4a  No.39649


>Why can’t Shiin animate more like this

Because Shiin is an extremely lazy and mediocre individual.

bae163  No.39670


dude u can look at rule 34


u can use ur imagination



File: be28130bc1a4a68⋯.png (1008.7 KB, 1600x1039, 1600:1039, b17c2735-1c65-4ec8-ce0e-e0….png)

1ea8ea  No.27401[Reply]

New thread as the other seems to be lost after the hack and won't bump

158 posts and 434 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5b7c94  No.39104

File: 69f5c4fa3b0ad36⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 1000x1600, 5:8, Rouge100.gif)

File: cc38524ffdcd3fd⋯.png (218.66 KB, 1077x915, 359:305, Amy48.png)

File: 67651a435879289⋯.png (202.21 KB, 1250x1016, 625:508, Amy49.png)

File: bafc7ae333ea40c⋯.png (522.3 KB, 1280x1023, 1280:1023, Cream32.png)

5b7c94  No.39105

File: 334dc281d602e08⋯.png (1.96 MB, 3600x2100, 12:7, Cream33.png)

File: 8d911d2b838a4f7⋯.png (372.83 KB, 576x1092, 48:91, Cream34.png)

File: f1d018cccda0d0b⋯.png (1.03 MB, 2200x2600, 11:13, Cream35.png)

b8cc5f  No.39444

File: bb55ac0f7db4858⋯.jpeg (311.15 KB, 2048x1609, 2048:1609, D4B19016-9ABB-447A-AD8D-D….jpeg)

File: 70011c6a71077f0⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1536x1981, 1536:1981, 6ECD0DA8-8C06-43E0-8D01-87….png)

File: fcb418223638cfb⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1424x2027, 1424:2027, F6582A83-60A3-4271-8760-A5….png)

5b7c94  No.39635

File: de5c937c83c49fa⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1542x2165, 1542:2165, Vanilla08.png)

File: 1bf6b0177746852⋯.jpg (290.08 KB, 850x1317, 850:1317, Vanilla09.jpg)

File: 02ebd63ce9032db⋯.jpg (687.93 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, Vanilla10.jpg)

File: 6d4b46d1e5cfadc⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1448x2048, 181:256, Vanilla11.png)

0d52f1  No.39657

File: d410c1afdbaebab⋯.jpg (271.16 KB, 1015x1024, 1015:1024, 20160412a.jpg)

File: 1444691460520.jpg (181.38 KB, 1096x1280, 137:160, 1708261 - Toriel Undertale….jpg)

6d6c81  No.17739[Reply]

Probably gonna be spoilers in this thread so if you haven't played this yet go pirate it and come back.

76 posts and 137 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

227dba  No.32351

File: 8c485f38e7fb392⋯.png (954.27 KB, 1200x872, 150:109, 1506340583.ikiki_cattysmal….png)

ccb07a  No.32385


Which one?

What shit do you make up this time, fandom?

I only counted one gay relationship.

If you count Fisk/ Papyrus, I kick you right in the face.

c94443  No.32474


Best cat ass

434d70  No.32562


Those two guards in Hotland are gay.

11c8ae  No.39647

File: bc4a4ad3e696e63⋯.png (496.1 KB, 764x826, 382:413, A41733CC-DD27-4985-B734-D6….png)

File: 1425061525822.jpg (140.83 KB, 500x912, 125:228, f101048_dm_yowza.jpg)

d4e3ff  No.8275[Reply]

228 posts and 448 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

73dd38  No.38134


This is a clip from a video/swf...

Do you know where to find it?

3e6713  No.38136

File: 86f58bfd4feba4d⋯.jpeg (420.49 KB, 2182x2612, 1091:1306, F73807A9-4B48-4BA5-A908-4….jpeg)

Might as well be the Gadget Hackwrench thread. Nobody ever brings up Mandy; super underrated.

903eeb  No.38180



nice 'nus.

I remember a good one of her with the mouse sister from Fivel goes West

a4e245  No.38192


It most likely isn't, because Inusens stills look like his animations.

Also, he sucks.

343b4a  No.39646

File: 648ef2b7aeceb4e⋯.jpeg (175.56 KB, 1280x906, 640:453, 382846FA-BD7D-4D45-9038-5….jpeg)

File: 1425060877693.jpg (528.83 KB, 1024x1210, 512:605, 006=Skunkette3-M.jpg)

0f6b4e  No.8259[Reply]

Never say no to skunk tits
502 posts and 1017 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b5652d  No.38814

File: 5654baa0cf3d35a⋯.png (2.96 MB, 3000x2549, 3000:2549, babsB06XL.png)

File: e191627b4fa11aa⋯.png (3 MB, 3000x2549, 3000:2549, babsA06XL.png)

File: b757dc996b4a7ca⋯.png (2.96 MB, 3000x2549, 3000:2549, babsB03XL.png)

File: 2a60d6e957c0337⋯.png (2.98 MB, 3000x2549, 3000:2549, babsB04XL.png)

b5652d  No.39121

File: d475edc34f6cd4b⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1755x1062, 195:118, 88BD53ED-2B40-4E7B-9EC1-4C….png)

b5652d  No.39341

File: 246aa11e7385649⋯.png (2.88 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2375219_Gcat_ce8b0806-dafe….png)

File: 3b4d6bfbac461af⋯.png (1.18 MB, 3000x3600, 5:6, 2376677_torinsangel_bun.png)

1dee55  No.39504

File: a7747b7c8afe3ac⋯.jpg (994.18 KB, 921x1281, 307:427, 090dc70502334da005928e03cc….jpg)

File: d3916d7dd607326⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 921x1283, 921:1283, 8ddfc971672a9175713f20684f….jpg)

File: cd70984cf0a9f72⋯.jpg (89.06 KB, 1152x1280, 9:10, 1532656148.bigdad_fini.jpg)

cc6db5  No.39634

File: a42791a77a088b3⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, FifiLaFume16.png)

File: d4e8f8f5a6b4c2d⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, FifiLaFume17.png)

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