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File: 1444348200210.jpg (7.88 KB, 196x258, 98:129, images.jpg)

2daa4b  No.17584

If you find an exception to rule 34 or can't find it anywhere post it here. E.g. I can't find porn of Poptropica, please post on this thread if you find it or make it

2daa4b  No.17592

Jade Cocoon. There's only like 4 images and they're poorly done.

2daa4b  No.17618

File: 1444460965510.png (263.65 KB, 397x304, 397:304, 1444390543540.png)

The pizzafied couple from Billy & Mandy.

2daa4b  No.17619

File: 1444468536253.png (2.08 MB, 1772x1217, 1772:1217, princesas-do-mar[1].png)

2daa4b  No.17724

File: 1444670182811-0.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dandy alien ghidorah 2.png)

File: 1444670182812-1.png (291.91 KB, 421x412, 421:412, Dandy alien ghidorah 3.png)

File: 1444670182812-2.jpg (49.85 KB, 720x404, 180:101, Dandy alien ghidorah 4.jpg)


you get points for mentioning that game. it's bitchin. Same with the sequel.

>Space Dandy

>mountains of quality porn of the Capybara tribal chick within 24 hours

>not a single image of the scantly clad big titted king ghidorah knockoff from the dance episode

2daa4b  No.17727

File: 1444671884259.jpg (91.63 KB, 728x1128, 91:141, Mantaro groupies.jpg)

Next up, Suzy and Dorothy, the walrus gals from kinnikuman nisei.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsIv4L0ySDI skip to 4:55 to see them.

I can't find the original japanese version, so just mute it and imagine Suzy (the mother) has a firm, mature voice while Dorothy (the little sister) has a cute little voice.

>this is an actual page of the manga

>yes, Suzy and Dorothy are wearing lipstick

>yes, Suzy is groping her huge tits

>yes, Dorothy is undressing for him

>yes, there is NO /34/ of them

And they even did this.

https://youtu.be/DxghV5h9swM skip to 3:54 and watch those one piece outfits.

Woah mama.

2daa4b  No.17738


This webcomic have a lot of fetish: twins, fat, an alien...

let's go to the action!

2daa4b  No.17812

File: 1444759756774.jpg (77.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault1.jpg)


2daa4b  No.18137

the something positive webcomic.

2daa4b  No.18144

Studio Ghibli stuff seems to have lack of doujins. Do they have more trigger-happy lawyers or is it just that the nips consider Miyazaki's work too sacred?

2daa4b  No.18171

File: 1445816257364.jpg (8.34 KB, 222x227, 222:227, tunneler.jpg)

tunnelers from fallout

2daa4b  No.18236

File: 1446043423789.jpg (3.22 KB, 102x128, 51:64, lizrard.jpg)

This lizard.

2daa4b  No.18482


Dirty Bomb. I'd love to see some Nader porn.

2daa4b  No.18513

File: 1446954812311.jpg (7.18 KB, 288x175, 288:175, images.jpg)

seventeen (featured left) from camp weedonwancha

2daa4b  No.18684

File: 1447722552205.png (18.56 KB, 181x203, 181:203, phoebe-why.png)


Phoebe from the webcomic Heavenly Nostrils.

2daa4b  No.18691

Been hard pressed to find any Nosgoth related porn. Who doesn't want to get eaten fuck a vampire?

2daa4b  No.18713

File: 1447812268422-0.jpg (939.77 KB, 737x1332, 737:1332, 1048244 - Dakota_O'Connor ….jpg)

File: 1447812268422-1.png (154.65 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1505897 - Big_Cytron Heave….png)



2daa4b  No.18714

File: 1447812441007-0.jpg (140.42 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 506416 - Goordo Pouvina Pr….jpg)

File: 1447812441008-1.png (926.97 KB, 848x1007, 16:19, 1002373 - Ester Nowhereman….png)

File: 1447812441008-2.jpg (357.34 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1316675 - Marcelo Mauricio….jpg)

2daa4b  No.18715


Ah, I stand corrected.

She's definitely better as a sub than a dom though.

2daa4b  No.18716

File: 1447812796755-0.png (180.35 KB, 503x1140, 503:1140, 1444466 - Seventeen camp_w….png)

File: 1447812796755-1.png (109.2 KB, 778x836, 389:418, 1444498 - Seventeen camp_w….png)

File: 1447812796755-2.png (136.09 KB, 512x597, 512:597, 1574404 - Intest Seventeen….png)

2daa4b  No.18717

File: 1447813158902-0.png (544.36 KB, 1500x1271, 1500:1271, 1241778 - Big_Cytron Dakot….png)

File: 1447813158902-1.png (98.98 KB, 561x616, 51:56, 1505896 - Big_Cytron Chris….png)


If you don't mind hair-tentacles...

2daa4b  No.18725

File: 1447876344739.jpg (161.49 KB, 500x742, 250:371, tumblr_n01tj0ZyQx1snhn1io1….jpg)

This one's just inxeplicable. The most Rule 34 that's come out of it was already ingame.

Freaky Flyers by the way.

2daa4b  No.18953


There is some on Paheal, though it may have been removed in the loli purge

2daa4b  No.18959


ANOTHER loli purge?

Why do people bother going there anymore?

2daa4b  No.18993


It's a relatively mobile friendly site that is also easy to navigate.

2daa4b  No.19018

File: 1449428058053.png (2.7 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, LindaMeilinda.png)

Linda Meilinda (or DreadOut in general) has absolutely zero R34

2daa4b  No.19584

File: 1451941618473.png (947.71 KB, 725x989, 725:989, 144237323123.png)

2daa4b  No.19662

File: 1452310477201.png (521.62 KB, 618x603, 206:201, jlist megumi.png)

Surely lewds of this qt exists.

2daa4b  No.19663

File: 1452313157160.jpg (619.91 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 57e014918e6e1049ac12c5d9a0….jpg)


this her?

2daa4b  No.19666

Don't think so.

2daa4b  No.19859

File: 1453249682367.jpg (39.25 KB, 500x313, 500:313, 261343328.jpg)

Venus from The Darkness 2.

Also, Jenny needs some lovin' too. Just sayin'.

2daa4b  No.19911

File: 1453400222998.png (25.79 KB, 347x470, 347:470, Bez tytułu.png)

I don't know from what show/movie she (?) is, but is there any r34 of it?

2daa4b  No.19942

Lord of the rings, the War in the North game

Just one of those things that popped in my head when I played it, man, elfwoman, and dwarf oughta be somewhere out there

2daa4b  No.20018


Maybe she's from Finding Nemo.

2daa4b  No.20050

File: 1454022752547.jpg (228.43 KB, 500x333, 500:333, upload_459bcf7_1304675323.jpg)

There's zero porn of fifi and the flowertots.

2daa4b  No.20058


No, I found it today - she's from Sammy & Co.

2daa4b  No.20444

2daa4b  No.20521

Emperor Meiji of Japan probably

2daa4b  No.20652

File: 1456978226133-0.png (824.15 KB, 680x510, 4:3, c94.png)

File: 1456978226135-1.png (6.85 KB, 100x128, 25:32, 463.png)

Chip from Cookie Clicker

2daa4b  No.20743

File: 1457472661793.png (8.89 KB, 640x400, 8:5, spirit.png)

Spirit from Wing Commander 1, the best old space shooter ever. I remember seeing one picture of her, well it looked like her, but can't find anything now

2daa4b  No.21649

File: 1462132839246.png (1012.96 KB, 725x989, 725:989, Elis y Lise (edit).png)


Ah, the memories...

2daa4b  No.21729

Ayaka kisaragi from phantom quest corp/yuugen kaisha

2daa4b  No.21803

File: 1462695700698.png (336.57 KB, 348x600, 29:50, 1244139 - Chip Cookie_Clic….png)

2daa4b  No.22365

File: 1464573020778.jpg (27.52 KB, 256x220, 64:55, 44671.jpg)

Don Chuck Monogatari

NOBODY ever drew true r34 pics of that japanese toon. i swear the beaver girl has so much potential...

2daa4b  No.23415

File: 1469083531501.png (64.8 KB, 434x245, 62:35, tumblr_nvk2m8XR731rt2yg7o1….png)

Is there porn of this sexy devil?

2daa4b  No.23543


No way, he's too pure.

2daa4b  No.23546

File: 1470040342858.jpg (62.44 KB, 700x475, 28:19, tokyo-dome.jpg)


These characters still exist today. They're the mascot for Tokyo Dome City, a theme park. The show was just a big commercial.

2daa4b  No.23578

File: 1470445903278-0.jpg (122.4 KB, 350x269, 350:269, frivolesque-selfie_9754.jpg)

File: 1470445903278-1.png (260.55 KB, 431x544, 431:544, Jeopardy-mouse.png)

Here's two for ya! http://frivolesque.com/archives/comic/139-homebase this webcomic's got tons of cuties that could use attention.

and on a completely different style, the new Danger Mouse show introduced American special agent Jeopardy Mouse. I don't know why she hasn't already been drawn fucking Gadget Hackwrench yet...

2daa4b  No.23589


>elfwoman and dwarf

NO! My Autism will not allow it! That goddamn movie was bad enough.

2daa4b  No.23901

File: 1471833679631.jpg (34.29 KB, 100x100, 1:1, nitrome.jpg)

Anyone see nitrome porn? Preferring Leap Day but anything nitrome related will do

2daa4b  No.23911

>>23578 As far as I know, the author drew an underwear lesbian kiss with Clementine and Marie, and I also found this one of Gaia and Saki on DeviantArt from a guy called Four-Skulls

2daa4b  No.23912

File: 1471976166705-0.jpg (121.89 KB, 795x1005, 53:67, kiss_by_omegadez-d9d70vu.p….jpg)

File: 1471976166705-1.png (437.67 KB, 481x835, 481:835, 052215_2_by_four_skulls-d8….png)

Oops, the images didn't work.

2daa4b  No.23948



2daa4b  No.23964

File: 64403e04e6e33eb⋯.jpg (10.64 KB, 250x372, 125:186, Aggie Prenderghast.jpg)

File: 63bea958c9476a3⋯.png (385.32 KB, 836x891, 76:81, aggie_by_chibishine-d5n1ok….png)

File: 1871e961e00fdbe⋯.jpg (86.92 KB, 1024x725, 1024:725, aggie_prendergast_and_norm….jpg)

Agatha Prenderghast, Paranorman

2daa4b  No.23967



Not much and not the best, but it's out there.

2daa4b  No.23969

File: f6e0820ebb275da⋯.png (222.97 KB, 867x1227, 289:409, 04f99b277500fd355b829d2797….png)

File: 2e766839f1ec487⋯.png (351.1 KB, 600x557, 600:557, 153330 - Agatha_Prendergha….png)

File: 063f8a04735379d⋯.jpg (574.01 KB, 1020x772, 255:193, 998064 - Agatha_Prendergha….jpg)


Out of the nine pics there, only 3 of them are any good.

2daa4b  No.23997

File: 3c38501da5dde3f⋯.jpg (112.67 KB, 500x258, 250:129, chess-sets-black-ash-burl-….jpg)

fucking chess

2daa4b  No.24001

I cannot find any Happy Wheels porn.

2daa4b  No.24227

File: 145c8f54ae33658⋯.jpeg (242.83 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, image.jpeg)

File: b4ae1c54b0efdf8⋯.jpeg (226.99 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, image.jpeg)

File: 79d27777f6c0827⋯.png (283.28 KB, 640x896, 5:7, image.png)

the Alchemist from Valkyrie Crusade... her summer card's just begging for a Lewd

2daa4b  No.24236

File: 922ce75b6ffa430⋯.jpg (251.88 KB, 993x1280, 993:1280, activeraid2.jpg)

There's barely any rule34 for A.C.T.I.V.E. Raid and it makes me kinda sad. One decent Rin, one decent Haruka and a bunch of terrible Asami mostly terrible blowjob pics with no boobs or anything... Nothing with Hinata or A-ko or any of the new girls!

2daa4b  No.24243

2daa4b  No.24546


Those girls have a serious case of sameface syndrome.

2daa4b  No.24809

Just Cause 2.

Why not? I know there's very few characters in the game that actually mean anything, but come on, there's atleast enough for decent R34.

2daa4b  No.25118

>Assault Android Cactus

>Game about QT shortstack android girls blasting the shit out of stuff

>Not one little bit of porn.

Suffering eternally. Shiitake best girl.

2daa4b  No.26632

File: 1165bf5e30b8d79⋯.jpg (18.7 KB, 150x145, 30:29, Jenny.jpg)

from a daily comic strip called Big Nate

51373f  No.28610


That gets my dick hard, any more that was made?

7bb08f  No.28822

File: 3767eefa1a016fe⋯.png (156.1 KB, 855x653, 855:653, lindause.png)

not often do we see any snowboards kid hentai so I made one

7bb08f  No.28834

File: f31d8dbf0fcb618⋯.png (175.18 KB, 857x655, 857:655, lindause1.png)

File: 3ea1cb9449f0698⋯.png (160.37 KB, 857x655, 857:655, lindause2.png)

6c7a99  No.28835

File: d37d5af497cee00⋯.jpg (208.91 KB, 653x367, 653:367, Sc368_3A-0017.jpg)

Shockingly, there is none of Glitter and Honey.

3942ad  No.28853


Should have posted a pic from earlier in the episode.

78a394  No.30852

File: 54a5f23d93ef03b⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 652x367, 652:367, Mr-mucus-hed-2014.jpg)

mucinex man

9fd62e  No.32113

File: 72883da094476fe⋯.jpg (42.85 KB, 448x500, 112:125, KEANE2-obit-popup.jpg)

Family Circus

00d67a  No.32122

Coldmirror from YouTube. *puke*

45604f  No.32150

File: ea9b5e060de0fe7⋯.jpg (308.43 KB, 770x1024, 385:512, 1460178220007.jpg)

File: f48cf356b068c54⋯.jpg (132.39 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, 1460178801627.jpg)

File: 96481054859db42⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 175x420, 5:12, 23552.jpg)

Gretel from TimeSplitters

f8de9a  No.32158

File: 6d0d0a24506995c⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 2276274 - Family_Circus Th….jpg)


An untruth.

4ad155  No.35915

File: e199cf6f284bee3⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 600x702, 100:117, Dinkie-2.jpg)

File: 86c8a9e93c495bb⋯.jpg (34.5 KB, 600x702, 100:117, Dinkie-4.jpg)

File: 75c1008e606fab3⋯.jpg (27.94 KB, 250x250, 1:1, sakura.jpg)

There is zero porn of the girls from Tekno/Teksta Robotics.

Suki Kie and Jibo Kie from Tekno Dinkie Robots and of course, Sakura Best Friend Robot.

For the Tekno Dinkie Robots, each of them will be given a humanoid body, sound sensor and red button will be replaced for breasts, eyes on LCD screen will be unpixeled and mouth will be added under it.

And for Sakura Best Friend Robot, her hair will be colored magenta, her actual blue eyes, magenta eyebrows, actual mouth, and magenta pubic hair will be given.

43ec45  No.35928

File: 25f56cb64386271⋯.jpg (152.89 KB, 1200x1093, 1200:1093, atchoo46personaggi.jpg)

e36760  No.35931

File: 8acf1f9cb2435a9⋯.jpg (87.85 KB, 646x768, 323:384, goliat-ulrika.jpg)

Goliat doesn't have any, despite having a great crew. I can't find any pics of the... redhead in it (there are several), then there's Goliats parents, at one point he meets Artemis herself (who drugs him to sleep), and so on.

e36760  No.35932

File: 0f1258f5823a917⋯.jpg (79.33 KB, 400x554, 200:277, olli.jpg)

And on the note of Swedish comics, there's also Olli. Try to guess the protagonists gender...

4ad155  No.35952


...but they need to be r34'd.

316b8c  No.36064

File: 24427d0008e61fe⋯.jpg (17.29 KB, 165x246, 55:82, Amy.jpg)

There is nothing of this girl named Amy from a mobile game called Tiny Station 2 (it's because she's from an obscure game and that mobile games themselves barely have even scraps of r34 of their characters). I apologize for the shitty quality.

5521f8  No.36111

File: 3d80354bc6b6196⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 2509989 - Divatox Mighty_M….jpg)

ae4d17  No.36692

File: 1efeea1c788db01⋯.jpg (472.27 KB, 2249x3000, 2249:3000, 148340-0526-1515423440.jpg)

Anything of him?

c69c05  No.36700

File: 242937862ee4b3f⋯.png (476.56 KB, 1600x1300, 16:13, Gender Chart.png)


Is it on here somewhere?

cab822  No.36763

File: 1ab0d06d124c62d⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180426-052250.png)

File: 0932c2f3afae82a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180426-184304.png)

Merula Snyde from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

cab822  No.36764

File: 75535da5b8729dc⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180426-184259.png)

7d7fa9  No.36813

File: 9d3f7b049fea7be⋯.png (175.81 KB, 800x600, 4:3, tumblr_p7uhg22Myc1wt555so1….png)

If we're talking Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery its gotta be Rowan Khanna. Shes so cute.

871c96  No.36878

File: a1e4a1a61f635c4⋯.png (1016.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180427-153749.png)


Don't you mean him?

741ed1  No.36880

File: 17e635e413243f2⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1600x1950, 32:39, gender table.png)


That list cracks me up any time I check it.

Here, have an updated one.

803f28  No.37202


Still no Attack Helicopter

814b6c  No.37230

File: a9d3b5107a9ae09⋯.png (151.23 KB, 284x342, 142:171, C07722E2-26B1-4425-9CE4-BA….png)

Amber Dearly (Anita’s Niece from 101 Dalmatians: The Series)

814b6c  No.37231

Does it still count if the character does have porn but it’s all shitty?

cfcdb1  No.37233

Arya Shadeslayer from Eragon. God dang it, I want my elf titties!

22ea98  No.37268


Column one, row six.

ae3e5e  No.37273

File: a95a0b1ab35e7f3⋯.jpg (5.61 KB, 210x240, 7:8, download.jpg)

There's Shiva from that Kung Fu Panda rip-off.

984e2b  No.37278


The mobile game Dragonvale

f0e2b9  No.37284


That's a him?

22e03a  No.37392

File: 8738892f5c424fa⋯.png (26.65 KB, 940x552, 235:138, 78055f77aa30dd90c31fc045d9….png)


I wish. They have lots of cool games and cool chacracters.

cfae46  No.40763

File: b7957ddd68d6020⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1227x1813, 1227:1813, Screenshot_20181016-200408….png)

3b6812  No.40764


This looks fucking hot. More?

3b6812  No.40765

File: a4a0d80fc7ebb12⋯.png (68.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, a4a0d80fc7ebb124e532f7192a….png)


Big N8?

3b6812  No.40766


I don't know where I've seen it, but I can almost guarantee I've seen it.

747a34  No.40767

File: 7fe364c7c0a08d2⋯.jpg (29.13 KB, 320x240, 4:3, granstream Saga 1.jpg)

File: 0081ad97e4ec638⋯.jpg (28.93 KB, 320x240, 4:3, granstream Saga 2.jpg)

The girls from Gransteam Saga.

cbebcb  No.40770

File: 892f0bb4dca4af8⋯.jpg (149.63 KB, 778x648, 389:324, 1535091371783.jpg)

Any of the 44 Cats.

467cc9  No.42666

Granstream saga has no hentai

a16dee  No.42668

File: fe3e37d8881ff72⋯.jpg (744.95 KB, 1988x3056, 497:764, 8ad1373dc2652d040ad329a17a….jpg)

Absolutely nothing of Giant Days

dad955  No.42760


I love you and I hate you. Thanks for introducing that comic, but I've lost too much sleep over it AND now I have to wait for the next volume like you.

bd6248  No.42790


Thats usually a sign of crap.

>its a webcomic.

a16dee  No.42811


I'm glad, it deserves the attention.

9db320  No.42814



>Esther DeGroot


Shitty naming

959da3  No.42863

File: 1cdfd22f0d4c3f3⋯.png (629.28 KB, 624x572, 12:11, Untitled.png)


Someone should "uncensor" pic related. It's the best kind of porn.



lolno, it's a dead trees comic.

But since you bring up webcomics, there's a disturbing lack of Dresden Codak porn.

cea30c  No.42871

File: 9c288322828ebae⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 20190210.jpg)

fa7511  No.42872

File: 302f705e8841b0b⋯.jpeg (285.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6613F976-A0A7-4347-934D-C….jpeg)

File: ea02951e57f70e2⋯.jpeg (325.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3B24DFE7-AF4A-4E35-9801-3….jpeg)

File: 826edf0212134af⋯.jpeg (161.76 KB, 1820x1364, 455:341, 0E9F5517-1FA1-42B0-B510-C….jpeg)

File: 3378194c01aa5c4⋯.png (251.6 KB, 1081x1147, 1081:1147, 19645021-0617-4D6C-8789-53….png)


I mean there are like 4 pieces of r34 on Paheal for Giants Days. But it’s incredibly minuscule.

The first and second pics never fail to crack me up, though.

0f7c55  No.42885

File: 52d366f56c72f32⋯.png (103.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2885076 - Marigold_Heavenl….png)

a5de4c  No.42911


I'm kinda surprised because She-Ra, Carmen Sandiego and the other recent netflix cartoons have r34 already.

076c1e  No.42912

File: 24811db99e71500⋯.jpg (206.84 KB, 497x769, 497:769, 1549584074790.jpg)


Scratch that. Make that five.

4f8309  No.42913

File: 5aba2932224604c⋯.png (92.35 KB, 266x459, 266:459, IMG_9092.PNG)

Marina from Jake and the Neverland Pirates

2f5c83  No.42964

File: acb45f8ee7cd51a⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 231x278, 231:278, 1410507542562.jpg)


Or poor forgotten Sue.

e7d374  No.42967

2f5c83  No.42981

File: 73c8fe93ef9515c⋯.gif (77.39 KB, 900x278, 450:139, hev140704.gif)

bc77c6  No.43031

File: 68b06c12075cf52⋯.jpg (56.95 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 6758976.jpg)

41b78c  No.43223

File: 2b9611747c0aec9⋯.jpg (92.99 KB, 400x482, 200:241, sys.jpg)


that was fast...

1fb55e  No.43235

File: 76108d96beca861⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 337x475, 337:475, aerotroopersthenemeclouscr….jpg)

Aero-Troopers: The Nemeclous Crusade

41e00f  No.43240


Holyshit why do I feel so much cringe from that poster? And Luke Skywalker is in that shit, wtf?

1fb55e  No.43279


Never seen it but it looks fucked. Apparently they had some talented voice actors for it but even they couldn't save it. Looks like a nightmare, r34 for it would probably have to look as bad.

f0a719  No.43313

File: 8890a1621ac7190⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 200x200, 1:1, handel01.jpg)

File: e6ebb5e06c7f898⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 200x200, 1:1, greta01.jpg)

Handel and Greta from the Spyro series.

b34c22  No.43418

File: 5891deef1275480⋯.jpg (160.33 KB, 636x864, 53:72, 20190303.jpg)


Looks really bad

2f25ac  No.43421

File: eeda354e007b5f4⋯.jpg (231.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4.jpg)

File: 3587e7400f20546⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 715x915, 143:183, 8.jpg)

File: 6d5ac71778eddf3⋯.jpg (63.65 KB, 500x796, 125:199, 10.jpg)

File: 69e453653abb646⋯.jpg (79.96 KB, 664x736, 83:92, 5.jpg)

File: 4d8fe66b90c0214⋯.jpg (195.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6.jpg)

Doobot from Sonic Underground. Has no R34 at all.

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