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File: 5c2dca2934ca49a⋯.png (291.83 KB, 1307x892, 1307:892, penny gadget turbat.png)

File: 44e88fd6a7728a2⋯.png (546.01 KB, 995x1192, 995:1192, Talia swimsuit.png)

File: 2a58566f059a30f⋯.png (289.37 KB, 810x1301, 810:1301, pryanka2.png)

File: b9fe90aae0beb22⋯.png (515.81 KB, 870x1060, 87:106, Penny Gadget Samba.png)

3a2e61  No.35062

Notice we dont really have one, so if i may, ill start mahself, also promotions here

Last one is new.

And yes, while i will still draw dancing fetishes form time to time, i started doing hardcore pictures.

77c5a5  No.35071

do you have a pixiv profile?

d48922  No.35072

File: e213023b1918a5a⋯.png (245.37 KB, 900x900, 1:1, doepenball.png)

Took this request from the gumball /trash/ thread, posted a wip and got banned. If somebody could do me a solid, it'd be great if you could post the link to the image over there. Also let them know I can take another request.

482f98  No.35075


Dude, he is pepipopo. His artworks are literally everywhere

3a2e61  No.35079

592c8b  No.35104


I remember you. You are the guy who made some pregnant nature Nicole pictures long time ago, right?

700479  No.35111


I drew a pregnant Nicole pic a few years ago, haven't drawn any tawog since that back to nature episode except an Anais or two.

16ea28  No.35867

File: 021b9ad2b60c608⋯.png (756.89 KB, 1148x1292, 287:323, TishxGretchen1_3.png)

File: 7ce6efebb196828⋯.png (581.31 KB, 1240x1736, 5:7, naoko_create_B.png)

File: 1441027dce67bd8⋯.png (697.58 KB, 1220x1448, 305:362, tish_pizza.png)

I like forgotten glasses girls

e1f902  No.35890

File: edb3f7158da3aaf⋯.png (198.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Cruella.png)

I did Cruella De Ville, for diversity

1962a8  No.35892

File: e50aaba8e75c18c⋯.png (606.79 KB, 1072x781, 1072:781, Colby and EuroTrish.png)

File: 349ade3c730c34c⋯.png (722.89 KB, 1913x1206, 1913:1206, Colby and EuroTrish 2.png)

I did myself and EuroTrish.

bc75db  No.35896


Bless you lad. There is a serious lack of good Cruella porn tbh.

2269d8  No.35912

File: 2c769f2e105bf65⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 3532x4710, 1766:2355, stockings girl 1.jpg)

File: 2d32247474dd505⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 3532x4710, 1766:2355, stockings girl 2futa.jpg)

sorry if the files are too big

5b3103  No.35914


Very nice.

66dc26  No.36055

File: 1a0af7fe1c462b1⋯.png (138.93 KB, 1410x933, 470:311, leggy_asshole.png)

File: 9a570f7964a3992⋯.gif (109.1 KB, 803x1173, 803:1173, nicole_bath.gif)

File: 7befc046babdc29⋯.gif (231.35 KB, 791x1316, 113:188, 031.gif)

Some of my work

d93e47  No.38548

File: 7f858e92a47d6b2⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1377x1043, 1377:1043, 554d4331f99dab90c54c403286….png)

420d7f  No.39136

File: 2c248026ac7be1b⋯.jpg (707.2 KB, 1200x1243, 1200:1243, 2c248026ac7be1b8692b94143f….jpg)

File: b310f3d72ca213c⋯.jpg (2.72 MB, 1540x2351, 1540:2351, b310f3d72ca213cd4580ab8812….jpg)

File: 09a8e9e2cbd7993⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 1558x2352, 779:1176, 09a8e9e2cbd79932a0cd516541….jpg)

File: 16d8849f0220ea2⋯.jpg (657.38 KB, 971x881, 971:881, ab160fafafc42936213e522e42….jpg)

is this the commission thread?

I'm working in a loli/cake comission from someone here and an Ivy (Soul Calibur) twitter comission right now, but anyone feel free to get in touch.




210270  No.39210

File: 803137dbb514749⋯.jpg (212.53 KB, 540x450, 6:5, ee36226316373528e659507242….jpg)

File: e7839a1ca2027db⋯.jpg (77.35 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 32070140_1806959299363535_….jpg)

66508e  No.39304

File: 26c5e7d6ee3e649⋯.gif (4.41 MB, 3543x3543, 1:1, Lucy_00.gif)

b41b53  No.39715

File: d83501a249612cf⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2771x4013, 2771:4013, Brigitte Apr 18.png)

5f32a2  No.40327

File: f7fb9d500a5e9ba⋯.jpg (841.26 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, aa.jpg)

Hopefully I can improve... hahhaaaaaaa

c5214e  No.41127

File: 6e1fc420c35536c⋯.png (381.87 KB, 1324x1392, 331:348, peri present.png)

File: abd1a38e79ef82f⋯.png (360.14 KB, 1194x1131, 398:377, peri full nelson.png)

File: 63a0dc8d258f69e⋯.png (352.04 KB, 1056x1162, 528:581, floran.png)

File: 5276997be58e5cc⋯.png (258.41 KB, 974x1063, 974:1063, pepperoni dicked 2.png)

I mean, might as well.

6ba255  No.41328

File: 47554eefea523a8⋯.jpg (178.85 KB, 1199x743, 1199:743, improve.jpg)


getting better?

6bd45b  No.42044

File: bc2d66153b99a82⋯.jpg (144.75 KB, 1000x1077, 1000:1077, 20181223.jpg)

Avert your eyes

d39a2b  No.42100

File: 1b1fcb13d1058b5⋯.png (176.64 KB, 971x867, 971:867, 20181223_000455.png)

I ship it.

Did this today, I'm not particularly good at drawing. But I'm happy enough to show this one off. Enjoy!

4123e9  No.42239

File: 604ada9a838b7ee⋯.jpg (274.96 KB, 1050x1485, 70:99, smoking.jpg)

File: b3fc2aa31c036fd⋯.jpg (119.59 KB, 692x746, 346:373, still.jpg)


7ca158  No.42398

File: a261f0bdaf334c7⋯.jpg (121.23 KB, 643x900, 643:900, 20190113.jpg)

Homare draws good

660e2d  No.42702

File: 1e6eb73500d5c30⋯.jpg (120.21 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, s2.jpg)


03de40  No.42774

File: 68faaf21515cea8⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2048x1449, 2048:1449, asd123.png)

Not exactly my art. Tried to repaint her ass

d51115  No.42778


Pretty good, needs to blend in a bit more though

cc71d2  No.42962

File: 1612ec72b093a54⋯.png (303.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, sketch1549846802414.png)

It's me again with another shitty drawing. Spent a few hours on this. I kinda cheated cos I used a still from the anime, but whatever...

20f6d1  No.43215

File: da2d553ccf31694⋯.png (1.93 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, lucyxdixie.png)


d2a328  No.44897

File: 5ed338ea324053c⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 798x387, 266:129, Batoria wearing antisex pa….jpg)

Any heterosexual feedback?

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