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File: db39e7f8cd09c1c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp1.png)

b7d558  No.43607

Post last edited at

b7d558  No.43608

File: eaaef87eef7302b⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1157x1500, 1157:1500, camp2.png)

File: c3d2275e1c3899b⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1143x1500, 381:500, camp3.png)

File: 7cab30b5d4f0b67⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1141x1500, 1141:1500, camp4.png)

File: 78a80a1c39d4396⋯.png (1001.5 KB, 1143x1500, 381:500, camp5.png)

b7d558  No.43609

File: 1e58ffcfded6fb7⋯.png (840.87 KB, 1152x1500, 96:125, camp6.png)

File: 8b31a0b1d768a7a⋯.png (729.54 KB, 1148x1500, 287:375, camp7.png)

File: 4931dd988a3b301⋯.png (876.74 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp8.png)

File: 5f38511ea27a580⋯.png (947.85 KB, 1153x1500, 1153:1500, camp9.png)

b7d558  No.43610

File: bf42585d4dde2b7⋯.png (1 MB, 1148x1500, 287:375, camp10.png)

File: ed9e43ec0d91ffe⋯.png (736.34 KB, 1152x1500, 96:125, camp11.png)

File: fd6059301eb9457⋯.png (980.07 KB, 1152x1500, 96:125, camp12.png)

File: be196ec46dcc95c⋯.png (1014.98 KB, 1144x1500, 286:375, camp13.png)

File: b2f63b4525aa9d4⋯.png (942.21 KB, 1160x1500, 58:75, camp14.png)

b7d558  No.43611

File: eb9b5b504c685c0⋯.png (967.25 KB, 1141x1500, 1141:1500, camp15.png)

File: 22e6483ec05b839⋯.png (843.95 KB, 1142x1500, 571:750, camp16.png)

File: 06f2caa86f4d9b0⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp17.png)

File: 3e403154e730b94⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1145x1500, 229:300, camp18.png)

File: 96632794a97daa8⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1142x1500, 571:750, camp19.png)

b7d558  No.43612

File: 457ae584b1261fb⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1143x1500, 381:500, camp20.png)

File: d57c87cd5d9de7a⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1141x1500, 1141:1500, camp21.png)

File: 1b441ddeb366619⋯.png (979.15 KB, 1143x1500, 381:500, camp22.png)

File: 58dd3b3d24fa81b⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp23.png)

File: 138c657aef4ce2a⋯.png (1007.53 KB, 1152x1500, 96:125, camp24.png)

b7d558  No.43613

File: fcd1f3dcd4292af⋯.png (725.85 KB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp25.png)

File: e1ab507f99980bc⋯.png (885.74 KB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp26.png)

File: 0bab4e6dd7c8af6⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1155x1500, 77:100, camp27.png)

File: b6fb5c4d8453f36⋯.png (976.66 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp28.png)

File: 4e753e73ba693f9⋯.png (565.63 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp29.png)

b7d558  No.43614

File: 7d8d5f34b44336b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp30.png)

File: d0a6e11ba8aa212⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1148x1500, 287:375, camp31.png)

File: 5418e46dc566735⋯.png (1009.5 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp32.png)

File: 6b94345b61dc80b⋯.png (985.76 KB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp33.png)

File: b00ac1d0f82f2c8⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1145x1500, 229:300, camp34.png)

b7d558  No.43615

File: 7639d162b62eaf5⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp35.png)

File: 04d5c91dc9307b5⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1148x1500, 287:375, camp36.png)

File: 20a917307653f2b⋯.png (1014.89 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp37.png)

File: 5e26f4298a1a67c⋯.png (968.3 KB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp38.png)

File: 0c2cc1d7bf79a5a⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1146x1500, 191:250, camp39.png)

b7d558  No.43616

File: 92f0f0f9d2b1100⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp40.png)

File: c113ad2b691d3f9⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp41.png)

File: 01568880a8c9e7a⋯.png (1017.86 KB, 1140x1500, 19:25, camp42.png)

File: 0c28fa410f69f8d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1153x1500, 1153:1500, camp43.png)

File: 6844c1ccaf17a28⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1155x1500, 77:100, camp44.png)

b7d558  No.43617

File: 2b3595998705536⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1155x1500, 77:100, camp45.png)

File: c4ca1e2606abfcf⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1152x1500, 96:125, camp46.png)

File: 99301128ef05036⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1150x1500, 23:30, camp47.png)

File: 394c7189e585310⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1155x1500, 77:100, camp48.png)

File: 5829ce994366440⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1153x1500, 1153:1500, camp49.png)

b7d558  No.43619

File: ebd0dadf0913961⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1157x1500, 1157:1500, camp50.png)

File: 28c082c26620ca7⋯.png (925.84 KB, 1157x1500, 1157:1500, camp51.png)

File: 2377f6a8266ff52⋯.png (998.26 KB, 1168x1500, 292:375, camp52.png)

File: 2862658ea9aa5fe⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp53.png)

File: b3f127969c1334b⋯.png (930.39 KB, 1155x1500, 77:100, camp54.png)

b7d558  No.43620

File: bcf70b4deb8e7c3⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1154x1500, 577:750, camp55.png)

File: e7ef7704702fed2⋯.png (851.22 KB, 1162x1500, 581:750, camp56.png)

File: 4050da721e66b17⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1162x1500, 581:750, camp57.png)

File: c95a7a3beedefaa⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp58.png)

File: de52cd2ead525ce⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp59.png)

b7d558  No.43621

File: 3b4a7c737ea6e98⋯.png (885.78 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp60.png)

File: f4aa9176865981f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp61.png)

File: 988aa0db40825e5⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp62.png)

File: 15c0588ec9663f7⋯.png (997.66 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp63.png)

File: 83a8d92dcb9d9ca⋯.png (1014.16 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp64.png)

b7d558  No.43622

File: 8791d129a66d148⋯.png (738.1 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp65.png)

File: bb0143c6164f0dd⋯.png (903.4 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp66.png)

File: 178895c8d85d9d9⋯.png (956.77 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp67.png)

File: 8eb5dda44162b26⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp68.png)

File: 3d2b9066b35ac9e⋯.png (834.91 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp69.png)

b7d558  No.43623

File: 7ef82eb495cd791⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp70.png)

File: 39cdf4978c1271d⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp71.png)

File: 9aeec1c768d9f6a⋯.png (881 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp72.png)

File: 4f1e5e1d0b695d0⋯.png (723.83 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp73.png)

File: ab883625424d9a7⋯.png (875.01 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp74.png)

b7d558  No.43624

File: a28799e319bc3a7⋯.png (732.67 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp75.png)

File: 20abd64d1a68f4c⋯.png (847.87 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp76.png)

File: 647d84691d1f94e⋯.png (700.47 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp77.png)

File: 288a87203dcf7b6⋯.png (659.07 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp78.png)

File: 85cbe70c2255f43⋯.png (707.61 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp79.png)

b7d558  No.43625

File: 2bb6267febd3b91⋯.png (905.2 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp80.png)

File: 61319627fc991d2⋯.png (866.85 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp81.png)

File: b13afc24063813f⋯.png (879.74 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp82.png)

File: 2b28fc236c54551⋯.png (933.03 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp83.png)

File: 004e17cb545483d⋯.png (866.22 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp84.png)

b7d558  No.43626

File: d586a3b9e484409⋯.png (953.13 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp85.png)

File: 39f9f4df73b57e1⋯.png (886.49 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp86.png)

File: b8c1884abdcf92d⋯.png (702.56 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp87.png)

File: 33a8efaefc7093b⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp88.png)

File: 8acd719079ce9ce⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp89.png)

b7d558  No.43627

File: b2aa078ddd8c827⋯.png (954.11 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp90.png)

File: e6c8409462917ae⋯.png (984.16 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp91.png)

File: b972da9706285c2⋯.png (796.03 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp92.png)

File: 763e22bddc41768⋯.png (991.86 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp93.png)

File: 02a001b5fe7d406⋯.png (955.76 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp94.png)

b7d558  No.43628

File: e03b4a86dbb005e⋯.png (812.78 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp95.png)

File: 731b41c0cc82eae⋯.png (878.22 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp96.png)

File: c8b0d6c55307623⋯.png (769.28 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp97.png)

File: 67cc4320db6f186⋯.png (898.6 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp98.png)

File: f00164e8a0ca72a⋯.png (572.08 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp99.png)

b7d558  No.43629

File: 1cd290bcf7dad58⋯.png (939.52 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp100.png)

File: 8dcaac3ab581def⋯.png (847.95 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp101.png)

File: fb8e102836ee873⋯.png (807.04 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp102.png)

File: 9d5da7b331028c3⋯.png (625.63 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp103.png)

File: cd6fae6014c9fd7⋯.png (801.41 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp104.png)

b7d558  No.43630

File: 1ce433653c2f5bc⋯.png (798.51 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp105.png)

File: 806f45670cb227d⋯.png (791.68 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp106.png)

File: 0bbe6b9ee2d27cf⋯.png (678.01 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp107.png)

File: 362c8dee2aa5403⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp108.png)

File: c2aba0db22a0419⋯.png (1 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp109.png)

b7d558  No.43631

File: 0e06549d6e55ada⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp110.png)

File: 0dedae0939d38d8⋯.png (893.81 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp111.png)

File: dfca7cd716975ba⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp112.png)

File: 5a6b15b8c97775b⋯.png (936.38 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp113.png)

File: 4af32c32a9c4e4f⋯.png (831.64 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp114.png)

b7d558  No.43632

File: 9863296d8ba9eb1⋯.png (886.88 KB, 1158x1500, 193:250, camp115.png)

File: 24f3bea5edbd99c⋯.png (723.74 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp116.png)

File: 59ae436e1cc7f09⋯.png (596.92 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp117.png)

File: c0a8a65ad417323⋯.png (880.9 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp118.png)

File: 76835180f735a37⋯.png (843.96 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp119.png)

b7d558  No.43633

File: 9492e447964f33f⋯.png (820.06 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp120.png)

File: ca7db9770800f3b⋯.png (706.66 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp121.png)

File: 91674c86add2564⋯.png (796.79 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp122.png)

File: 1c9f31cff2471e2⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp123.png)

File: bdadf722e31e2bb⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp124.jpg)

b7d558  No.43634

File: 2514b9b884edc18⋯.jpg (971.6 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp125.jpg)

File: e7b6df653250bc1⋯.jpg (889.21 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp126.jpg)

File: 2e2c49d7c88445b⋯.jpg (1002.44 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp127.jpg)

File: ab619634ea91e17⋯.jpg (934.83 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp128.jpg)

File: aeb5a93f5322659⋯.jpg (909.88 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp129.jpg)

b7d558  No.43635

File: 090878b3b080b54⋯.png (763.89 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp130.png)

File: 3a7bd0bdc637f00⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp131.png)

File: a426620e1ca2332⋯.png (721.76 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp132.png)

File: 162241a44a16c4f⋯.png (977.17 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp133.png)

File: b8f24cc75582590⋯.png (756.43 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp134.png)

b7d558  No.43636

File: 4938371104c2aaa⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp135.png)

File: 207e935740628cb⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp136.png)

File: e41b34acfa027d1⋯.png (595.08 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp137.png)

File: a3fed3ff884ff5e⋯.png (669.47 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp138.png)

File: c4da1f9dbd7e254⋯.png (494.73 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp139.png)

b7d558  No.43637

File: 3a8d2cb83cd029c⋯.png (557.05 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp140.png)

File: 7eb2172d7c2c783⋯.png (191.83 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp141.png)

File: 9159b3e2bc948cd⋯.png (482.6 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp142.png)

File: e41baab0b9fc2a0⋯.png (326.97 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp143.png)

File: 54491fd33279168⋯.png (761.95 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp144.png)

b7d558  No.43638

File: 387570623c41208⋯.png (888.32 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp145.png)

File: 230b265ec2360d8⋯.png (1.41 MB, 2318x1500, 1159:750, camp146 147.png)

File: cefcf42a38389f6⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp148.png)

File: 6638987ba27015e⋯.png (454.42 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp149.png)

b7d558  No.43639

File: 4c5008a36668183⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp150.png)

File: 1b8fa0f02d44462⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp151.png)

File: ac34d0445ffc466⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp152.png)

File: d063d7a0fce05f3⋯.png (863.07 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp153.png)

File: 312227f6b284d20⋯.png (921.42 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp154.png)

b7d558  No.43640

File: 83269f6f9b1ada8⋯.png (983.61 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp155.png)

File: 8b1e57b4d810f5e⋯.png (868.07 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp156.png)

File: a0d15eafc485a80⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp157.png)

File: 000857310f4dae1⋯.png (670.46 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp158.png)

File: 0711a51d21354b6⋯.png (646.52 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp159.png)

b7d558  No.43641

File: 6e221a082acfe49⋯.png (490.09 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp160.png)

File: f8e3b8107732847⋯.png (639.6 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp161.png)

File: e48de8e9a77a129⋯.png (745.16 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp162.png)

File: ee98b80a22f722f⋯.png (899.62 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp163.png)

File: bd32b305d9f4c50⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp164.png)

b7d558  No.43642

File: 953e9ae3cbdbbea⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp165.png)

File: 1100b374b04b736⋯.png (746.57 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp166.png)

File: d10a2ae7960b02a⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp167.png)

File: 5a0bbd41082e5b3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp168.png)

File: 90ca6af23d971bf⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp169.png)

b7d558  No.43643

File: 53370b9c6c5c5a8⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp170.png)

File: aedbd3361d2002c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp171.png)

File: 45652a2b9349bf7⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp172.png)

File: 09c18ff93eaa493⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp173.png)

File: c7491c886308aa3⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp174.png)

b7d558  No.43644

File: e3e49c4c8288c5a⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp175.png)

File: 9287d1d0376f3a7⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp176.png)

File: c0382def70e0453⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp177.png)

File: 636bfbb9d35742d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp178.png)

File: fc5bc707b70618d⋯.png (1012.17 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp179.png)

b7d558  No.43645

File: eb9c26aa7d2f2d1⋯.png (807.98 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp180.png)

File: 7e44e1d381a4dd5⋯.png (889.03 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp181.png)

File: 40aa0582b417cf1⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp182.png)

File: d78993e477c416b⋯.png (840.26 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp183.png)

File: 93e37e8cbbf93ba⋯.png (822.08 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp184.png)

b7d558  No.43646

File: fa8263674046af5⋯.png (489.08 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp185.png)

File: 27842868b86c194⋯.png (537.39 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp186.png)

File: 4eab96f3fe3ae0c⋯.png (742.7 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp187.png)

File: 72933c36ef673a3⋯.png (689.78 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp188.png)

File: dc62723235b3dba⋯.png (498.82 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp189.png)

b7d558  No.43647

File: 44bec04424b763e⋯.png (977.17 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp190.png)

File: 8746b05337c7bcc⋯.png (938.78 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp191.png)

File: a780c38f11441c0⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp192.png)

File: 0f272fffbbdac34⋯.png (550.41 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp193.png)

File: cf00bab70855ec5⋯.png (683.58 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp194.png)

b7d558  No.43648

File: abe55ce36ca8584⋯.png (753.2 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp195.png)

File: 43f4d4d6b1bac68⋯.png (1018.95 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp196.png)

File: 60d580d99b54660⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp197.png)

File: 59b840c7c2afa1b⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp198.png)

File: de594342dce696b⋯.png (712.22 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp199.png)

b7d558  No.43649

File: 484f3778ef088ce⋯.png (1013.78 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp200.png)

File: 83a8e26a2c14414⋯.png (808.61 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp201.png)

File: 8990ce269e1449b⋯.png (492.94 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp202.png)

File: ef8577129e1a034⋯.png (598.49 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp203.png)

File: f2fbff4bd902854⋯.png (868.46 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp204.png)

b7d558  No.43650

File: a2938dd8a414f7b⋯.png (891.62 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp205.png)

File: 3b66b84c13bc0a6⋯.png (590.48 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp206.png)

File: 09eeb3d0fcc5c47⋯.png (786.43 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp207.png)

File: b1941280c77ba80⋯.png (786.23 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp208.png)

File: 15394ebeec5db7b⋯.png (590.5 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp209.png)

b7d558  No.43651

File: ffd53105778b554⋯.png (650.91 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp210.png)

File: 69ebd1f6b9172dc⋯.png (765.05 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp211.png)

File: 1b9080bce62f98c⋯.png (549.47 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp212.png)

File: d719b4d5e8a1cea⋯.png (861.51 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp213.png)

File: f6e45463a04cfae⋯.png (841.14 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp214.png)

b7d558  No.43652

File: 0b451f2eaf7011f⋯.png (643.69 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp215.png)

File: 37b2e23e018d280⋯.png (647.1 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp216.png)

File: bac509cc0d024d9⋯.png (684.01 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp217.png)

File: 6539ffae7de0192⋯.png (675.18 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp218.png)

File: cb2ba0c64d663cb⋯.png (570.73 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, Camp219.png)

515807  No.43653

Ahh nothing like a fresh thread. Can't believe it's been 3 years since the last one! So much has changed both in the comic and outside of it in that time...

Thank you Mr. D for creating, coming back to and sticking with this comic for all these years. It may sound silly to say but this comic has been going on for so long it's kinda become a part of my life. It helped inspired me to find my own creative passions, because if something this silly (in concept) can get this much love and effort put towards it, why can't whatever I want to do get the same treatment?

I hope this thread will see some great things going forward, as it stand today the comic seems to be on the precipice of a new moment in its history, with Timmantha and Trixie finally talking together. I'm excited where that is going to go.

Finally I'll throw a thanks at Zed, thanks for being the faithful archivist for all these years and for protecting the thread from wackos.

Anyway, here's to another good couple of years to Camp Sherwood!

515807  No.43654

File: 5ecd656ee16174a⋯.jpg (4.52 KB, 275x183, 275:183, IMG_1052.JPG)


On the latest page:

Ooooh That's a good page! Lack of backgrounds aside, the coloration and expressions are really good here.

I like the way you use purple to define Trixie's attention without having to waste page space on a first person view or an insert shot of her eyes. The coloration very clearly communicates Timmantha's obliviousness to Trixie's troubles. You can also see how as the moment gets more defined and serious, the colors (Trixie's Purple and Timmantha's Green) get deeper and more separate. The first panel is a bit bluer and very light sort of the centerpoint of purple and green, showing that they have not yet diverged their attention as much. Purple is of course Trixie's defining color so it makes sense to define her that way. Light Green is a smart choice to define Timmantha as it is complementary to purple, and is the most natural color if you abstract the previous outdoor backgrounds so the page naturally looks good. Your symmetry also helps the page look good, with an equal representation of Green and Purple and a consistent darkening as you descend. I can go on about how you first define each color very clearly by having Timmantha be exclusively in the first green panel and having Trixie's face being the only one present in the first purple panel, or how you utilize panel length for pacing, but this is already too long as is.

That isn't even the killer part... the dialogue! Specifically Trixie's question to Timmantha... there is a lot of depth there. Of course we as the audience know that Trixie is a struggling Lesbian in denial, so her analysis of Casey shouldn't be taken at face value. She's simultaneously trying to convince herself that he's attractive and reaffirm her beliefs of normalcy through Timmantha. To her Timmantha is just another normal girl in the food chain who should feel as she's 'supposed to'. Of course this sort of question phrased this way can only come from an outsider. She doesn't /state/ that he is hot, and ask for an agreement (though she is trying her best to look that way), instead she lists off conventional reasons why a girl would be attracted to a guy (handsome, muscular, nice hair) like ingredients to a recipe she doesn't even want. Perhaps she is subconsciously asking Timmantha (an object of her erotic fantasies) in hopes that she'll say no, and Trixie will have 'misjudged' her as just another girl, and that she would have a chance to act out her fantasy or, at least, find someone who understands.

This is all fine and good, except Timmantha is not just a girl, Timmantha is a boy in a girl's body. A boy that has feelings for Trixie to begin with. To the Timmy inside of Timmantha, this could come off a few different ways. First, that she is being more conversational and maybe this is her way of breaking the tension and bad blood between them. Second, that Trixie is into guys like Casey, something that Timmy, let alone Timmantha can never be.

ON TOP OF THIS, the elephant in the room is how, slowly but surely, Timmantha is becoming more and more girly. If you notice, early on, Timmantha was just a vehicle for Timmy, with little identity of her own. Page 4 is the strongest example of this, with Timmy using the cover of Timmantha to watch the girls changing voyeuristically. The Timmantha of today has defined friendships and a distinctly feminine personality. Timmantha takes joy in playing Dressup with Tootie on page 190. Will Timmantha lie to keep up appearances in hopes of seeming 'normal' to Trixie? Will Timmantha's 'Girl Brain' start to effect his/her sexuality in any way? Will Timmantha take this as a sign that Trixie values masculinity and he/she needs to shed this persona to have a chance?

We'll just have to see.

2606a5  No.43659

Awesome. Now you can read/collect the whole comic without having to skim through the breaks of text.


7c5b9d  No.43668



Nice wall of text

eda51b  No.43669


Thx bby :*

000000  No.43678

Ah, gotta love that new thread smell!


Come on Timantha, don't you fuck this up! Say you're a dyke in New Orleans and you're about to have a flood!

08b5db  No.43682


I concur. The colouring analysis may have veered somewhat into eisegesis but I'm totally on board with what you said about the dialogue.

08b5db  No.43683


The 7chan thread needs to be updated.

I think this is the current one:


b7d558  No.43684


Oh yeah thanks. I forgot to update it

8bea00  No.43685

File: c95564803801bd0⋯.png (427.39 KB, 650x650, 1:1, IMG_1055.PNG)


You think so? I think it's pretty apparent, though I could of course be overthinking.

000000  No.43686


Zed, or MrD for that matter, would you like to make an updated zip or rar archive with all the pages so far?

I just downloaded the 2017 archive and it looks like those files have better timestamps and have the PNGs in a slightly different form than in these threads.


that's a whole lot of hoopla just to say "Thanks Doc!"

b7d558  No.43702


Check the OP again. Just added it.

Post last edited at

b9f5ee  No.43724


Timantha I swear if you pretend to be straight...

I have waited too many years for this for you to fuck up now.

cf7221  No.43730


Since PDFs are allowed here, why not just combine the images into a PDF and use a single post to catch everyone up? iCombiner or PDFSam can do it for free.

57565c  No.43734


This better be the "it's okay to be gay" arc before timantha and trixy muff dive each other or ISWEARTOGOD

b7d558  No.43736


>the images into a PDF and use a single post to catch everyone up?

I mean I could. I'd still post the individual images though.

208869  No.43746


Slow and steady wins the race.... no rush.

52aefc  No.43771


Anon please be aware. If they have sex, it'll lead to lewd things like hand holding and head patting. This is a Christian imageboard after all

57565c  No.43777


That's a risk I'm willing to take considering I'm hoping the comic takes a deep turn into absolute degeneracy.

I want to see them deal with their feelings.

53d8e6  No.43877

File: e2a895de0b346a9⋯.png (600.59 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp220.png)


You're my kind of pervert, Anon.

dceca7  No.43898


Good page, still keeping up the symmetry and color design.

Confirmed straight Timmy. Trixie still mad at how hard she is to pin down. Timmy's biggest concern was to clarify that Casey-type guys weren't her ideal type. She was honest! He's still oblivious to her lesbian nature, my guess is this'll probably be towards the end of this encounter, now that we got the bullseye. Glad we skipped the "muscle guy" misdirection it could have been.


>straight answer


000000  No.43910




Oof, thanks for letting trixie at least admit she doesn't like buff men. I wouldn't want to wait until camp2691 for that to clear up otherwise.

7359b5  No.43915


>Trixie still mad at how hard she is to pin down

After the campout ordeal, I don't most girls are capable of pinning down Timmy.

25a185  No.43917

I actually found out about this comic via MyHentaiComics, and then I checked Google for the 8chan thread and from which I was elated to find out there were more pages.

25a185  No.43918

Wth did I just type?

b7d558  No.43921


You're lucky. Back in the day there were only 20 pages for a decade.

25a185  No.43922


Woah, ok I do feel kinda lucky to experience this stuff in bulk, but I feel kind guilty for that too seeing as a lot of you guys waited much longer than me for new pages.

000000  No.43926



You degenerates are disgusting.

f1b9e2  No.43927


if thats even half as good as learning about Swampletics in October after he takes down ToB.

a9419a  No.43930

>Go for my monthly 4/b/ dump that i've been doing for multiple years

>Realize that the autist that bombs the thread with source links and random out of order pages because he hates the comic isn't a one or a two time thing but is, in fact, an honest to goodness constant

It really sucks, they were having so much fun in thread 1.

91120b  No.43931


I was there. That faggot ruined it all.

880a4e  No.43933


That fag ruined a top tier thread

b7d558  No.43946

File: 56ced5398d30adc⋯.jpg (771.54 KB, 2292x1500, 191:125, camp7980.jpg)


I made a lot of double pages just for /b/

a70ae4  No.43963

Newfag here. Saw the thread on /b/ and I was hooked instantly.

>>43930 I assume that was you. Thanks for revealing this gem to me. Don't get discouraged by the fags.

How often do new pages come out? I know this comic has been going for several years but what is the current rate? Being caught up is actual hell. I wish I had paced myself now.

b9f5ee  No.43964


I remember that...

The dark times... Had "Timantha goes to camp" googled daily, just hoping for Mr. D to come back.

1d33ba  No.43965


You're lookin at 2 weeks as the average turnaround time, some shorter, some longer. Sometimes he goes for a month with no pages but then comes back with a couple at a time.

53fba3  No.43966

So I typically only browse hentai and such casually but I think I may have an unhealthy fascination with this. The story is written so well and the characters seem very alive. I've never experienced such intricately designed rule34.

Does anything else like this exist or is this just the fucking best stuff out there? I really can't stop reading it.

1d33ba  No.43967


Nothing competes imo but some interesting stuff in a similar ballpark:

>Cheer by Forview

>Incog's Sultry Summer

>Fixxxer's The Witch With No Name (1 and 2)

>Area's Star VS comic

and for not porn:

>Bleedman's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

>Bleedman's Grim Tales

>World of Light

>Night of the Were-Ed

53fba3  No.43968


thanks anon. cheer looks pretty interesting.

if the artist of this work is present in this thread just wanna let you know that you're doing gods work.

2d701a  No.43972


Cheer is one of the absolute greats. While the art, concept, panelling and dialogue are all kinda meh, i've never found another rule 34 comic that is able to covey the erotic sense of touch quite as well as it manages to. It's fairly vanilla, but it's really detailed and well executed vanilla. Characterization is almost as good as Sherwood too, though they are all OCs.

681b8f  No.43994


Cheer is fantastic. It's one of those that I find myself going back to time and time again.

53d8e6  No.44002

File: 5c12f5193dca750⋯.png (854 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, camp221.png)

File: 3f25cb29909e501⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1005x3897, 335:1299, character ideas 1.png)

File: 45b859856be31c3⋯.png (695.24 KB, 1000x3300, 10:33, character ideas 2.png)

File: 08337c294e8f0cc⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1000x2703, 1000:2703, character ideas 3.png)

Got a new page of CS up, plus some character designs for possible use in some short comics.

880a4e  No.44003


Oh yeah

fefc08  No.44006


Lets hope that Timantha shows up this time!

b9f5ee  No.44009


Now kiss

66806e  No.44012



000000  No.44019


I'd assume he would. There are only so many times you can blow someone off before they just give up on you. Plus going backwards after you just made some progress can get annoying real fast story-wise. Drama's great and all but the same drama at the expense of the relationship is going to get boring and uninteresting. Now it's time to move on to secret relationship drama.


Is she really a thief if the only thing she's stolen is my heart?

66806e  No.44021


If Timmantha blows her off it'll be a Juniper Lee type situation, not an I don't feel like it situation.

Hard disagree of the drama getting overplayed, we just put the drama to the side for a few years to do action/horror. We want the drama.

000000  No.44022


I'm not saying there can't be something trying to stop her (Veronica might make a nice spanner there). I'm just saying that the story would be worse off if Timmantha blows off Trixie again. It would be cheap drama at the expense of story, which in the long run hurts the drama. If Timmantha blows off Trixie again then best case scenario is this chapter is pointless and we have to do it again. Worst case scenario is there really isn't any reason for Trixie to keep trying. If this bitch can't meet up at designated free time, then she obviously doesn't care. No reason to keep trying to form a relationship with someone she only spent one day with. And without the Timmantha/Trixie plot it's just the Juniper Lee story. Which is fine and all but Timmantha is a sidekick at best, side character at worst, in that story. Which means you don't really need Timmantha at all.

There is a lot of potential drama to be had with the Trixie/Timmantha story. They still got to get over the shit with the birthday (which Timmantha can't be honest about), understanding the feelings they have for each other, and figure out a way to express them without getting rejected, all while the hyenas circle around waiting for any weakness to take out the alpha bitch. That's not even including Veronica, Timmantha's circle of friends, and other things I can't think of which adds even more possibilities. It's not that I think the drama is overplayed, quite the opposite. When it comes to drama variety is the spice of life. You solve one issue and that leads to two more. Drama requires a slow (and I mean slow) build. But you do have to build on it. Because the higher you build it, the harder it all comes crashing down.

f686f5  No.44033


Never agreed so much with a post before.

e46d3b  No.44051

File: 1749c0caaea1967⋯.jpg (118.06 KB, 630x304, 315:152, GETIN.jpg)

92250f  No.44056


Imagine having a great story like what Mr. D's got going here overlayed with art by Sinner, that would, imho be something worth spending real money for.

92250f  No.44057


c22c07  No.44058


Mr. D's artstyle and grasp of panelling is way better than Sameface McGee

99c4c3  No.44059

File: 09ab65fbd742e90⋯.png (19.95 KB, 131x123, 131:123, mfw.png)


I can't wait for them to have some time in private. One that's different from what team7 did, anyway.

BTW, love the cleric design, that cthulu lurking from the underdress is perfect.

b7d558  No.44070

File: 89c3043ebd1df1c⋯.pdf (65.52 KB, Night 2.pdf)


>what team 7 TRIED to do.

Here's the script

760c17  No.44074


Do... you have more of these? Did Team 7 ever have an endgame?

b7d558  No.44092

File: 942a358e8db013e⋯.pdf (34.13 KB, OUTLINE!.pdf)

File: da865efda08a877⋯.pdf (56.91 KB, Day 5.pdf)

File: 79445f85b0441e5⋯.pdf (57.64 KB, Camp_roster.pdf)


Of course I do. I'm a Team 7 member.

36a166  No.44115


Ah, that outline brings me back. It would have been grand, but the ideas outpaced the artists until the pages stopped coming.

be38d4  No.44152


Oh my god! Yes!

53d8e6  No.44156

File: db8955202288df0⋯.png (831.16 KB, 1000x1667, 1000:1667, some kobolds web.png)

File: 5bd0f6b5b41ea93⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, camp out web.png)

New commission and some Kobolds to look at.

53d8e6  No.44161

File: ab9cfbeb6d5ede0⋯.png (854.93 KB, 975x1300, 3:4, sittin' in a tree web.png)

Just remembered to post a commission I'd forgotten about.

7359b5  No.44163


Divine, simply heavenly.


>the roster

So I wonder: Who's going to be written out with the recent inclusions of Stan, Mabel, and Lincoln?

a70824  No.44173


Can a character be written out if they haven't even been written in yet?

a22e52  No.44216


I assume I got into this because of you... to be honest I'm really against degeneracy, just to get to the point, I don't watch porn in wich there is more than one dick in the video. However, what really got me into this was (besides the huge nostalgia factor) the good story, to the point I ignore the porn.

This is sort of my guilty pleasure. Thanks for showing me this.

And D. any heads up to whats coming next? I've seen some Digimon and Kids Next Door characters in the background, will they, and others, get part of the action or just stay in the background? Others like Mandy at least get some interaction.

f752ad  No.44233


>trap that the rogue missed

My poor sides.

0c2538  No.44234


When are we going to get pregnant Timantha?

b7d558  No.44263



d30985  No.44269


Based. Timmantha is for heterosexual lesbian sex only.

29cefb  No.44271



>get out normies RRREEEEEEEEE

7e2cc1  No.44295


When you commission a pic of her from Mister D

0b1e22  No.44301


what are his prices anyways?

681b8f  No.44307


Normies are the ones who DON'T want preggo shit gtfo

024f6c  No.44309


That explains declining birth rates among normies kek

c16973  No.44373

52aefc  No.44535


>not Trixie instead getting pregnant and being confused as to how this could happen with only "yuri" love

b1d020  No.44538

man mr d aint been by in a while. starting to get antsy for an update.

681b8f  No.44544

File: 7b9d242116353c3⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 1050x656, 525:328, ShiningEnding1-1050x656[1].jpg)


Relax nephew, you know nothing of the wait.

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