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File: 4b460854dea539a⋯.png (93,86 KB, 629x1173, 37:69, 0d8d44a985bace23dfa41d16a5….png)


/v/ is supposed to be a board for videogames enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, and yet at any given time it is possible to see multiple threads about Nintendo, a company infamous in the sector for being the one that most widely caters to the taste of casual and occasional gamers.

Now, I don't see any threads on /tv/ about series like Modern Family or Grey's Anatomy, despite both being some of the most popular TV series airing, and that's because the userbase is mature enough to either not watch those programs clearly aimed at a completely different audience than the film enthusiasts who browse it, or to realize that discussing them is out of place in a site dedicated to enthusiasts of particular interests like 4chan is.

On the other hand, Nintendo threads plague /v/ constantly, and are some of the worst threads on the board in the matter of quality of posts. This, of course reflects the immature and non-internet-savy nature of the average Nintendo fan, which is not and could ever not be a videogames enthusiasts, so these threads pose an actual nuisance to the actual hardcore gamers that wished to discuss their hobby with likeminded individuals on /v/. They are also known falseflagggers, shitposters and general console warriors, further decreasing the quality of cocks on the board.

My proposal to solve this issue, which is arguably one of the root causes for the current state of /v/, is to ban any user that mentions anything related to Nintendo, be it games, consoles or IPs. I'm sure that the quality of the board would increase tremendously, as the moderation makes clear that Nintendo fans are not welcome on /v/, driving them away from the userbase in a permanent manner, thus removing the main source of bad cocks on the board.

Feel free to discuss how long the ban should be, I advocate a 3 days ban for first offenders and then a permanent ban for repeat offenders.ds


banning someone over their preferences and faggotry is one of the fastest shortcuts to e-gulag.





File: 78e07b2f913cabd⋯.png (137,26 KB, 301x312, 301:312, 78e07b2f913cabd021326c28af….png)


>Now, I don't see any threads on /tv/ about series like Modern Family or Grey's Anatomy

Opinion fucking discarded. Anyone who looks at /tv/ should be gassed immediately.


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