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File: 42665a05eebb823⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 541x304, 541:304, 435.gif)

1ef21c No.3146[Reply]

The blog moves back here. My helper actually said this was good, though it took awhile to get there. He said this is something I work towards that I should do. As he saw in it the problem I told him of not doing anything.

I know I talk and never attack anything specific, I prefer it that way.

Said to me that I abandon it all giving me reason to struggle when I already had a solution to the problem, he said it's a light side of suicide, and I think he thinks I'm suicidal because I say I keep thinking about dying but it's not the same and I am God's man first, but that itself doesn't help aside from prevention of a jump. personally the more I think about it the more I disagree this would help

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1ef21c No.3190

now I feel terribleness setting back in. lost causes.

you should never trust or take heed words from people lesser than you, worse than you, or jsut as filthy as you, you need to keep that in mind and look at everything people egg you on about, I think I understand how people get into drugs and alcohol, when I think about how important the social interaction is and what you would do to keep it, why people want so desperately to be in the group. analies other people's lives very carefully and know what to listen to from them and what not to. That's something I thought about, but it's not relevant now.

but I just think, even if you can't live for yourself you need to at least not go on the extreme and live for others that you really can't trust in ways.

it's good to trust people, but not to do so is much better, yeah you know.

1ef21c No.3191

still worry for growing out of anime. I havn't been watching anime, but then again I probably spend more time with it than anything else I do, I don't do anything, I can't play games and things, I dont' want to watch live action shows. no other interests aside from making my computer the way I want it and that itself has be come queer.

I'd say before I might as well die when I grow out of anime because that's all I have left, if you're not going to let me even keep that then what's the point just let me have that one thing. I havn't really watched anime, I watched somethings this year, probably not even 1/10th of years past.

074f1f No.3195

always think i'll be able to do all sorts of things when i get home, but i just end up dancing, dancing the night away

1ef21c No.3198

I just saw a review for a scary movie and it had a scary monster in it, now i'm scared

1ef21c No.3199

there's a really cool saw blade that stops when it makes contact with skin

File: f5b59b387bbd2c6⋯.jpg (72.55 KB, 587x774, 587:774, strike witches minna-dietl….jpg)

15e252 No.3160[Reply]

Today I tagged 29 images and 18 songs


At the end of the year the Final Collection folder will be done and by the end of february the music will be finished. I watched youtube videos and heard music.

I am going to clear off the desk.

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15e252 No.3165

File: a50e2a6651d1b7f⋯.png (271.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, girls und panzer darjeelin….png)


I am tagging them in the filename you see it here, this image is called girls und panzer darjeeling (5)

so it's the 5th file named that

the order is :


[character name]

then I have a list of other tags mostly for porn:

animal features





bend over







dick on face








head under skirt






nns sobchan

one-piece swimsuit




public use

pussy sandwhich






up against


but I try to make as few as possible same with music tags, otherwise it'll take forever and already I probably forget to put tags on certain ones. music has real tags of course that's nice, I've never looked into any picture organisation program because I don't believe any would properly exist, you might make tags that exist only on that program. windows can do tags on images but, also, it cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

15e252 No.3166

it is a complicated matter to wonder and ask, if I need this, while it is easier to find characters, porn is such a nuisance, I have so much porn it is unbelievable-

my sister's two kids, one of them called the other a bitch I think then while telling her not to use bad words she says the word "fucking". This reminds me that I was thinking, those two children they're so annoying and going to grow up so messed up, however one reason is arguable about them watching youtube. all they do is watch youtube trash. they need to watch more tv. KIDS TODAY NEED TO WATCH MORE TV. but you have to be careful, I think there's a word for it, begin scared of generation changes, trying to put that aside and look at it realistically, but this was something I wanted to write about when I knew more.

too much porn, I have written down on paper a schedule of tagging, after reading and I did kind of know this, you must have your goals on paper, physically, even if I never write on paper anymore, for something serious you want to follow you need it physically. So hopefully I won't give up again on finishing the music and files. once they are done I might just never download anything again. hopefully no more porn, I have enough porn to look at for the rest of my life, and I already got rid of about half of it earlier this year.

15e252 No.3178

File: 8bf1b5beae29596⋯.png (424.86 KB, 600x750, 4:5, gakkou gurashi ebisuzawa k….png)

today I tagged 30 images and 19 songs


I still have more things to do inside this room. I was surprised to continue the file work on the computer I thought last nights common crisis would have been enough.

15e252 No.3196

File: 6cd8cad953faf6d⋯.jpg (278.94 KB, 616x850, 308:425, leggings pantsu (2).jpg)

Today I tagged 28 images and 18 songs

I'm not goint to do anything I think I want to watch more movies, anime movies because shows are dead, deeead. dead dea ded. renenber to alwatys do your girl rawdog because condoms are the white devil's snake tongue invention

15e252 No.3197

I was watching an anime that had a reference to charles mansion, and it just so happens now I find out he died jsut yesterday.

File: 99a659c027b6aec⋯.png (797.27 KB, 960x518, 480:259, Neko no Ongaeshi - The Cat….png)

728dce No.3193[Reply]

the cat returns was very nice. I mean I guess I have things to say but I could be sleeping too.

d28082 No.3194

i appriciate more and more stories that actually end, that are actually stories, i ain't got time for all this overbearing dragging muck muck talk in anime, even down to 12 episodes and it's still too long

File: da9f5404d04fd8c⋯.jpg (61.74 KB, 959x720, 959:720, DSC_0023_1.JPG)

99f808 No.3149[Reply]

Why is the Chad flag a doppelganger of Romania's flag, and why does Romania's flag look like the rape baby of France and Belguim's flags, and why does Russia's flag look like a cheap rip-off of France's. Why is neo-europa of not making real flags.

8 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

99f808 No.3181

I even bought a D&D ugly christmas sweater this year, which is looking real spicy. better than the filthy animal christmas sweater I wore at last years chrsitmas fashion exhibtion

99f808 No.3186

File: ed12c94cd1c280e⋯.jpg (190.72 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 1492827282107.jpg)

it took about an hour but I recovered this image. I thought it was gone for sure, I had to loosely recreate it then reverse search to find it, and a load of places I had posted it showed up, hurray hurray now hear the merry sleigh. Unfortunately the psd is definitely lost. but I think I know the font.

99f808 No.3187


very good site helped me right away, though whatever little edits I made to the text cannot be recreated, but it's close enough. it's been like 2 or 3 hours spent for this

99f808 No.3188

my uncle was over, he's really the only person I'd save if I saw them drowning in the ocean. still have different views, everyone does, but the great thing about real life is these things aren't going to drive a stake inbetween you, you come to understandings or realise when it's time to stop or whatever. but he's cool enough so I guess I do like talking to him sometimes, the only one I guess I do have conversation with. maybe about twice a month probably. I'd still wish sometimes there wasn't that barrier there where I could talk about porn and anime too. but I think it's good enough just to talk about companies and technology with him. I still can't do that with anyone else, I mean the rest of the family is women.

99f808 No.3192

File: 1f196231dee89ee⋯.jpg (150.33 KB, 442x351, 34:27, madoka magica kaname madok….jpg)

another recovered image from the times

File: 7ddf47670fc765e⋯.jpg (278.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1492105788472.jpg)

ff9d4e No.3173[Reply]

IT's zenny-G's Mother fucking life lessons:

Don't listen to anything from someone who would refer to themselves as zenny-G would say.

ff9d4e No.3174

File: fae21435c9a55f4⋯.png (381.2 KB, 896x504, 16:9, [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_n….png)

women are so fucking stupid.

Next up: Everyone at work is a stupid cunt woman, just like the last time I worked, because men usually actually do things with their life, because it's in their character, women are still mostly docile, they've been out pets for thousands of years, we let them eat at the table only a few generations ago. They might adjust, but this isn't about the future. These women are unintelligent fishy pigs, one of them sometimes reeks of fish, she's some fat girl I don't know, I have no idea, is it her period blood or ovaries or whatever I have no idea it's gross. The manager even mentioned the smell one time being completely oblivious to the obvious fact it was coming from her, how embarrassing. but I guess stupid people get passes, not me though, I'm awkward and ugly and smelly and uninformed about some human things and I don't get any passes, people always hate me and treat me poorly for no reason, blaming water for being wet.

So I was saying, the last job though the women were all weak and useless so I had to do everything, all their jobs around the store, however with this new job, I am doing that, but ONLY that, that's suppose to be my job is do everything and that's all. not everything and then some. anyways it's horrible, and they illegally didn't pay me holiday payments, So I've stolen so far three usb sticks and girlie panties, still I havn't made the money back I'm due, I wish I didn't' take the little girl bras and panties and things but I can't help it. it's annoying.

I was invited, oh I think I mentioned this already before so forget that. But everyone hates me there even if they pretend to like me, they always do, or they like me at first and then hate me, that's normal, but it's still just a nuisance, everyone thinks of me strangely, do they think I just want to go home, because I do, but then I just want to go back to work after, do they think I hate everything, I guess they are right about me, but what's their problem if I don't talk or smile or say things. Stupid bitch fucking retard young girl my age, she's finalyl out of my section but she was working with us, and she's the type to treat guys like their dumb and talk in up swings constantly and talk down to everyone and pretend to know everything, especially japanese stuff of course she neverPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ff9d4e No.3175

I heard them talk about how they'd never stay indoors on a friday night in the summer but how in winter it's not the same. and you know no one is home ever on the weekend, where the fuck do people go, what can you being doing.

ff9d4e No.3177

I should be happy to be alive

ff9d4e No.3189

very tired tonight, I'd like to talk about talking to people from long distances, other countries why that isn't' a good thing, long distance love relationships never work out, so you hear. But that extends to all social interaction.

File: 3e5dfad8f937d70⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Sailor Moon - 08 - Is the ….jpg)

4ad881 No.3152[Reply]

I add desu at the end are you compy yet are you comfy, I add desu at the end are you comfy, HEY, you aren't feeling comfy are you, I'm toasting those good comfy threads booooyyy, you better be feeling comfortable, WHO SAID THAT, MUTINY, comfortable? COMFORTABLE!? please....please.... get comfy boy get comfy desu. desu it up at a bit of nee down your way but get comfy boy get comfy.

4ad881 No.3153

File: 18883b3f50b58f6⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Sailor Moon - 08 - Is the ….jpg)

windows has upset me for the last time today.

that's it. I'm installing linux for a few days before switching back because the interface is kindergarten buttons and oh my god why can't I pirate the photostore into zuubunny two mint!

What if I start playing games again, what if I get a real job, holy crap zambonni-macaronni-linux is the worst system operator I've used, how do I make it look like Windows! why do people keep telling me to open up a cmd in the year 2024. GAAAAAH, GOD DAMN. kys kys kys. This time I'll reinstall windows and check every update on the internet before downloading, why isn't there more information about every update before downloading. My laptop won't stop blarring the fans when it's idle. WINDOOOOOOWS, you did it again! I'm installing linux for real this time.

4ad881 No.3158

the original colours I'd have to recreate for the blog board

4ad881 No.3185

File: 3c2dcd057078520⋯.jpg (73.82 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Sailor Moon - 04 - Learn H….jpg)

Come to find out, what was causing my fans to blare wildly when the laptop was idle was non-other than the system maintenance as always, I had suspected, but when I disabled the tasks in the scheduler it still kept doing it. So I had to find out how to disable it for real which meant a bunch of nonsense to go through, windows is really great, you can do everything you want, as long as you have all day to waste doing it, working on these things that should be easy to do, what's the point of putting this parental block on things, you think anyone who doesn't know what their doing is going to know what the maintenance is and disable it.

Problem is solved now, but I'm still at wits end for windows.

It's amazing, shouldn't I have had this problem always, I mean did the maintenance task change? why did I only notice this problem lately and disable it, did I do it in the past and forget, I don't know. windows invents these problems out of thin air for you, each time it comes up with something completely unique for you to solve.

File: 3cbbe06febf8ec9⋯.png (375.55 KB, 568x360, 71:45, 8.png)

541569 No.3179[Reply]

Why do we share, rather why do I, I am the one. I said before why are you posting funny internet images online, do you think people will think you're funny? they don't know you, you've just given someone something that was yours for free, now it's worth less. Why did you do it, maybe you say for a ripple effect, if I post wallpapers online, yes my wallpapers will become less unique but maybe others will post theirs in turn. reminds me of my website idea to let people upload all the music they have into big albums to illegally download to one another, then you can go through each download pack and find the 2 out of 1000 songs they had that you actually have come to like.

James says: "Maybe I just want people to look at me like I'm the life of the party." That's true and possible, that may even be combinable

541569 No.3184

good things might come to those who wait but not for those who wait too late

File: f4a74bff3b50ae8⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1500x2170, 150:217, madoka magica miki sayaka ….jpg)

30e9ee No.3182[Reply]

holy fuck, I made a mistake I went to the front page of 8ch and was distracted by a thread that turned out to be from /pol/, of course, I never got the /pol/ hate thing but damn, there's some delusional people if you think this is racist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSUkAURUU1I

What, you hiding in the computer, like grow up dude.

Imagine seeing everything through race tinted goggles, not being able to see people as people anymore, I don't know which retarded extremist side gets triggered more, right or left, but the political spectrum is a circle and going too far on either side you end up in the same place.

But you know I've talked about this before, the rise of these insane people and outrage culture, it leads into what annoys me more which is the modern day memes are real people. Jews and Hitler aren't memes anymore, no there's real Hitler apologist and people that think Jews are pulling the strings of the world. It all has to do with just wanting to be part of the wave of being different from what society wants in the end and that's why it comes from all these kids.

30e9ee No.3183

there's nothing really to do today, oh wait right the room

File: a8caef54a4555b2⋯.png (494.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1506320059322.png)

31e35e No.3151[Reply]

something weirdly good I had thought, nothing will not exist, which when said is a pretty good thing to think, something can't come from nothing, of course something has and will always existence in some form, it's impossible for us to think about non-existence because we live in an existent reality you can't turn something into nothing, nothing isn't a real concept and never will be. So thinking about this while it's been a thought for a while I think I've found it's helped me. Though I still trust c.s. lewis' ideas of the fish and the water kind of universe. I like that, and surprisingly this is exactly what I needed to come to a conclusion with. while reality is solved, next to solve is time.


File: be6368c9a64cca2⋯.jpg (86.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Sailor Moon - 05 - Scent o….jpg)

763788 No.3145[Reply]

every day after work I don't do anything. mm, I am here now sure, but only to say I dont' do anything isn't that like nothing then. but you know I don't actually use 4chan anymore, or the internet really, I just hope for new videos to watch maybe, but usually there's only a few a week to watch for me. you can download any game or movie these days for free, a luxury future generations and past generations might say we're spoiled for, pioneering the internet.

But I don't care about that stuff, why would I play something, like I play this one game, I get over it and forget about it and I never talk to anyone about it, so, what. Like I said I don't like posting on 4chan anymore either, or anywhere on the internet I've come to think I just don't really like anyone online, people are pretty decent, like real human beings in real life, but like these two guys from work I think invited me to see a movie, and I played it off, it's not even a passing thought a question, why the fuck would I want to go see a movie with someone, what a waste. Maybe it'd be cool to have someone here with me and listen to music and dance with me and sing with me. but I think I don't really want that either, kind of cool to think about but the reality of that situation not only wouldn't happen but I'd feel uncomfortable about it. so you know I don't know. you can't get advice right, who you going to talk to? And especially because it seems to kind of be a nihilistic problem right, which is impossible to argue, the fundamental of, it's a brick wall, because the bottom line of that is "well you can't prove anything means anything means anything" or whatever. But then what am I doing.

This brings me to my main point, well not my main point, but why am I working? I don't know, maybe I'm scared, of what though. I could live off nothing at this point I don't care about the internet, so maybe just wander around until I die, I guess. but you think maybe there's some advice, hey oh Jesus. But there doesn't seem to be. you know I say I dont' care about the internet, like that's my main point, reaaal, the real that is. fuck, what the hell. yeah I mean I'm working for the internet what else would money be used for, I have enough money saved for food for years if I just left this nonsense behind.

I used to make fun of people who were born with the family instincts, those poor bastards, wasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: de829abb2344d7f⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 213x246, 71:82, in the hallow here.jpg)

b70111 No.3144[Reply]

Post last edited at

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