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File: 239b9f00ae00140⋯.jpg (177.13 KB, 900x900, 1:1, spiritual_archives_ii_by_k….jpg)


oh please have mercy on me… i never did anything wrong in my life… the one who cursed me said she was evaluating me, but she was lying, truly she became obsessed with me… she said i'm her favorite soul and that she wanted to die in my head because it felt so good to her… and she went insane, she said she stole me and that she cursed me, and she told me to say something about heaven when i asked her to stop torturing me, and she sent me to hell like that… the other person who loved me wanted me in heaven with her… but she destroyed my warm invite to heaven with her racist stuff! i never knew what a racist truly was until she hurt me like that…

please, i worked so hard for a lovely and appreciable life, and through that work i eventually was loved by someone very special and magical, who was not only so lovely but she wanted me in heaven with her, who also was going to fly away on a space ship with me to other galaxies and never leave me…… and i felt her love….. i really was loved…..

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File: c2052fa0eb21449⋯.jpg (122.38 KB, 679x480, 679:480, Femenism.jpg)

First day back from Alaska and this is here. For crying out loud.



How many humans locked out of humanity do you figure are on the planet right now?



Not him but we only have rough estimates. It's quite a lot though at roughly two percent of the global population at all times. We figure about 150 million, somewhere in that ballpark.



Strange there aren't more suicides with figures that high.



Not really. Suicide is an extreme measure. The will to survive and the hope for a miracle usually outpaces peoples' desire to be dead. You'd be surprised what people will put up with without resorting to suicide.

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