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dd5b40  No.10690[Reply]

In hindsight, everything revolving around this board has been a hot mess of confusion, so I am pulling the previous announcement thread. After talking to the old owner on another board (the conversation was a bit heated at first) we both decided that the scanners should just go. With Hanz back on his medication and recovering from this whole ordeal, the last thing he needs are trolls telling him that the people close to him are being turned against him or kidnapped, even if you think it's all just a joke.

8ch secure tripcode: !!KfpQaaokpQ

a17418  No.10709


File: 3123a8d5a047ead⋯.jpg (336.85 KB, 1540x460, 77:23, schumann.jpg)

b15621  No.10708[Reply]

Thats fucking funny. People on 4chan seem to be posting what im doing.

I watch a movie and immediately a thread appears with scenes from the movie.

Then i watch another movie and immediately they post a scene from the new movie or mention it in any way.

This happened over and over now.

c086e4  No.10692[Reply]

attention everyone.

i have woken up to my true destiny. i am jesus and shall from nowon be known as jesus. i will no longer post under Hanz.

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529e7c  No.10703


Yeah, I just lurk on this dead board so it doesn't get reclaimed and used by trolls.

a68a8a  No.10704

So i met a woman today. She was perfect for me. After talking to her, it turns out she got raped on may 19 2013

She lives close to me. Further talking to hear revealed my old friend christian was responsible. He lured her to his house and did it.

So i was right after all. If i had went to the skatepark on that day, it would never have happened and i would be with her.

I cant report christian to the police and shes too scared. They wouldnt believe me.

a68a8a  No.10705

It doesnt surprise me either. I was once witniss how he murdered someone. I was with him that day. I cant report him because the police wont accept my reports.

a68a8a  No.10706

I tried to report these people a couple of times but the police wont accept my reports.

Im not even allowed to call emergency police line or ambulance. They have blocked my phone.

a68a8a  No.10707

When im on public places, the police immediately comes to me and searches for drugs. Apparently i am known as frequent drug user despites never using drugs.

Im not allowed to go to any public places in berlin without being interrogated

File: 04e65d4230f29d6⋯.jpg (552.15 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_20181120_232102_550.jpg)

79e197  No.10691[Reply]

Alright since this this is a fresh start lets make a thread about music.

>pic related (good album)

Here are some of my favourite music artists:





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