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Welcome to /sci/. If you're here for homework help go to >>>/hwk/. If you're here for religion or politics, fuck off.

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Loadless Transformer/Motor = Short Circuit

When you run current through a transformer, and that transformer's secondary coil's circuit is closed and carries a load then the primrary coil carries a load also, so all is good. But when the secondary coil is open, what's stopping the primrary from pulling an unhindered current and frying the system/tripping a fuze just like a short circuit?

Similarly, if I had a motor as the sole load on a circuit, and I locked said motor, would that fry the circuit?

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So get this. I look into the vaccine debate extensively. I look at all sides and I notice how all the anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists from conspiracy website circlejerks. I come to have faith in my country’s public health organization and all other countrie’s public health organizations and of course, my public schools, because the whole world’s public health orgs and schools teach the same thing in regards to the safety and effectiveness of vaccines… So I think I’m ready, and I can debate anyone with confidence.

Then a friend of my close friend says his cousin got some sort of trauma that resulted in a speech impediment, and all credible resources diagnosed it as a vaccine related injury…

My close friend informs me that this is proof vaccines are bad, and that I need to not be so gullible and do better research.

Doesn’t help that I’m fat and autistic and that anti vaxxer friend is in shape and never gets sick despite being a chain smoker.

Which brings us to today’s topic. What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed? Has anyone else had an instance where reality seems to contradict what is taught in schools? Sometimes research and “educating” myself and others just makes me feel like the ignorant one. I feel useless no matter what I look into and what stance I try to uphold.

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Zero to the power of zero

Does 0^0 = 1?

Make your case, why or why not. If not, what should it be defined as?

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Political Correctness in Science and Academy

The enforcement of political correctness and censorship is also present in science and academia, even more than in the popular fields of politics. Scientific discoveries that threaten the rule of plutocracy that could empower the population are routinely suppressed and exorcised.

All true, but politically incorrect scientific discoveries pass through five stages:

First, they are ignored.

Second, they are ridiculed.

Third, they are debunked with false arguments, buried, and violently opposed.

Fourth, they are plagiarised and stolen by authority bullies.

Fifth, they are accepted as being self-evident, attributed to a plagiarist.

- not Schopenhauer.

Inconsistencies in EM Theory -

the Kelvin Polarization Force Density Contradiction


After 15 years we are still in the first phase!

Spread this meme

Far and wide,

Up and down

Left and right!

If do,

Humanity will be

Indebted to you.


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Motivation thread (for other peoples sake, the fire inside me rages red like an ember)

High school dropout here, going to change my major to physics. Was about to drop out of college but realized I will always be a failure to myself unless I spite everyone who could ever outdo me…

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An invitation to /robowaifu/.

We're low on people actually willing to help in our endeavors, and we have a ton of research. We're going to need some help and some board partnerships if we're going to automate the vaginal jew.


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I was just watching some stuff on superpermutations and remembered this stupid chart that I cant for the life of me remember what its called or how it works, but now its bugging the hell out of me and Im hoping someone else knows.

Pic related, Its what I can remember it looking like.

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Tidal Locking & Dark Side of the Moon

So, … the Chinese landed a rover on the 'Dark' side of the Moon.

They claim the Moon rotates just once for each rotation around the sun. They say it is explained by the phenomenon of 'tidal locking.' If tidal locking is a thing, why is the Earth not tidally locked to the Sun?! Earth spins ~ 12 times each rotation around the Sun.

Any legitimate explanation for this? I have been looking but it seems physicists are busy with other stuff. (I am just a Chemist and Engineer - I don't get it)

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Riemann Hypothesis

As a corollary in this paper, one finds a remarkable disproof of the Riemann Hypothesis.

>Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity


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Ive used khanacademy my entire life however I would prefer a more text based version. Khan academy is mindnumbingly slow. Got any suggestions?

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Math refresh

Dudes, I need to refresh HS math during the next month before taking LA and Calc I.

Should I stick with gelfand books, basic mathematics, or expii? Khan Academy isn't for me.


girl is: https://www.instagram.com/shiftymine/

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Quantum Mechanics tutoring

Is this beautiful trap really going to teach me about Quantum Physics? Or is it a scam?

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Can you solve this?

I have n number of marbles and n ≤ 100. If I group the marbles into some groups of three, I will have

2 marbles left that belong to no group. If I group the marbles into groups of five, I have no marbles

left. But when I group them into groups of seven, I will have 4 marbles left. How many marbles that I

actually have? In other words, determine the value of n

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why would any female organism want kids if childbirth is so painful?

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Increasing mental ability

has anyone tried/ have any idea if these things work?



any other resources I should look into?

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totally not fbi

has anyone here ever successfully created an atomic weapon?

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Anons, whats the easiest way to determine what sub-field I want to go into? I'm doing physics and don't know what direction I want to go. Quantum seems too pop-sci but classical mechanics doesn't seem to have a lot of job openings. I heard high-energy physics is good, but I wanna hear your opinions on either finding a field or just on this subject.

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What are some good trackers for academic software?

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coin flip || possible patterns of equal distribution

so, for a true random coin flip the possible outcome of patterns is 2^n coin flips.

but what happens if i hard code an even distribution of heads and tails?

for a reasonable small n i can calculate it by hand.

e.g. n=2 coin flips:

either HT or TH compared to the true random TT, TH, HT, HH.

i've cut the possible outcomes by exactly half.

for n=4 coin flips:


6 out of the 2^4 possible outcomes. the amount of possible outcomes compared to true randomness keeps shrinking the more i increase n.

i'm pretty sure this is trivial for most, but i couldn't find the formula for n coin flips. i've calculated (ok, ok, i counted) a bit higher n's on paper via binary trees. tryed to look up a formula, but couldn't find one – prolly just missing the right wording for the question.

can someone help? (and maybe explain, not just give answer)

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HIV question

Let's say there's a line of men fucking each other in the ass. The one in the very back (the only one that is not getting fucked in the ass) has HIV. How long until the guy in the front gets HIV, if they continue fucking like this for 600 thrusts an hour?

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>Friction is a non conservative force

>Friction arises from electromagnetic forces acting on atoms between two surfaces with relative motion between each other

>Electromagnetic forces are conservative


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I hope this isn't taken as profane by the scientists around here, so I have been watching this show and the interesting thing about its premise has been how most powers seem to come with a certain amount of drawbacks, of course there are a lot of those which completely break the rules but some others may seem OK.

So… let's say there are a few ideas for powers that I would like to write about or explore for whatever reason, I would like some real basis for them, this still can sound overpowered for all intents and purposes but let's try it.

What if there was this character whose power basically meant: This guy is a human particle accelerator/collider? what kind of things come to mind with such a premise other than to ask me to kill myself?

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shitposting curriculum

what do you think of pic related

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Why are women surprisingly able in Math? In all the other STEM and intellectual subjects, the disparity between male and female ability is significantly greater.

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Organic chemistry is useful to cook methamphetamine.

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is there enough room in our solar system for a second star? the unique radiation might cause some interesting effects. maybe such a device planted in deep space could also create something like this.

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Can we have a thread that discusses what exactly intelligence is and how it is measured? Most of the discussion I see here about intelligence is centered around group difference in IQ, and sometimes the heritability of IQ and the effects of IQ. But sometimes I have a feeling that many of the papers mean less to me when I don't have a good enough understanding of what exactly intelligence is in general. So I just want a thread discussing questions such as: (this is gonna be a long list by the way).

>what is intelligence? What is IQ? Is IQ the same as intelligence?

>what is the difference between intelligence and personality?

>What is g-factor, and how is it different from IQ and intelligence?

>what are the different theories of intelligence, and which ones are more accepted by academia?

>what is EQ and is it important? I see most people shit on EQ, but I still see a lot of papers mentioning EQ when I look for IQ on google scholar

>Where can I get a better understanding of psychometrics?

>What is the current state of research in IQ? Which subjects are they focusing on? Any new theories or old ideas being phased out? General consensus?

>How accurate are certain IQ tests? What external factors could influence test results?

>What the fuck is factor analysis? How is it calculated and what do the values mean?

>What is heritability and what is its significance?

I know that it does not mean that X% of your IQ comes from your genes when IQ is X% heritable, but rather that 50% of the variance in IQ in the general population comes from genetics. But I'm not sure about its significance since for one thing, the environment could change or be different in different parts of the world, thus having a different effect. How does epigenetics play into this? What's a more intuitive understanding of heritability of IQ?

Basically anything that helps people understand what they're looking at when reading and IQ study, things that give people a broader understanding of IQ, etc. If I find some information or think I can explain something I'll post it, but since I'm not knowledgeable enough in the field of psychometrics or intelligence I can't vouch for its accuracy.

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sqrt(ab) = sqrt(a)sqrt(b)

sqrt(a + b) ≈ ?

Find the most elegant, useful, and accurate simplifications.

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Time to start this board again.

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Cat thread

¿Does anyone here speak category theory?

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Reference Frame

Let's assume, light is travelling at c.

Traveling means changing coordinates.

Where do we measure that time in which distance between coordinates is changed?

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Epistemology of Mathmatics


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http://paperkast.com/ - new link-aggregator exclusively for papers, thought /sci/ might be interested in this