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File: 655884378c7a71a⋯.jpeg (68.29 KB, 640x494, 320:247, 2BD0E3D0-0F0C-45A7-A25C-7….jpeg)


So get this. I look into the vaccine debate extensively. I look at all sides and I notice how all the anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists from conspiracy website circlejerks. I come to have faith in my country’s public health organization and all other countrie’s public health organizations and of course, my public schools, because the whole world’s public health orgs and schools teach the same thing in regards to the safety and effectiveness of vaccines… So I think I’m ready, and I can debate anyone with confidence.

Then a friend of my close friend says his cousin got some sort of trauma that resulted in a speech impediment, and all credible resources diagnosed it as a vaccine related injury…

My close friend informs me that this is proof vaccines are bad, and that I need to not be so gullible and do better research.

Doesn’t help that I’m fat and autistic and that anti vaxxer friend is in shape and never gets sick despite being a chain smoker.

Which brings us to today’s topic. What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed? Has anyone else had an instance where reality seems to contradict what is taught in schools? Sometimes research and “educating” myself and others just makes me feel like the ignorant one. I feel useless no matter what I look into and what stance I try to uphold.



Most modern vaccines are schemes.

Back in the day it was more a good thing. Some people can't get their arms down from patenting and controlling the prescription of antibiotics and the few vaccines actually solving real pandemics. Along with being legal pushers and pushing extremely harmful prescription drugs over the counter.

The rest is just about dollars. The silver and aluminium the vaccines contain to create a whole-body immunological reaction is extremely volatile and can create a wide range of bad effects from heart failure to an itch in the ass.

Don't mess with them. Take only the really necessary ones.

I wouldn't give my children any in this day and age where I live.


It seems you were looking for a black and white answer in a grey world.

Vaccines greatly increase average life-span and average quality of life but as with all averages there is a lower limit and that is the extremely rare cases where vaccines do harm mostly due to allergic reactions.

>What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed?

Reason, if you can use critical thinking to support your position that is a good start but keep in mind the universe is under no obligation to make sense (see wave / particle duality ect.).


>Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.



>Which brings us to today’s topic. What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed?

A better topic would be "What is the fine line between being poorly informed and a total retard", since you're not even aware that big pharma in Italy is getting its shit wrecked right now because it sold 'vaccines' that don't make children immune to anything but does cause serious, life-long harm.


The Italian government actually did, and the above was the result.


File: bf09523e5222a69⋯.jpg (133.52 KB, 849x1053, 283:351, 1516550187723.jpg)



>muh vaccines

just stop. Autism is probably caused by people's mothers giving birth to them after the age of fucking 40, but the vaccine shit is objectively stupid.

When gen X and early Millenials were kids, vaccine schedules were spread pretty safely across a long period of time and kids were only given what was necessary

Today, Vaccines get cocktailed like youre trying to get blasted on well liqour and shot up en masse into the bodies of healthy, but vulnerable children. On top of these insane concoctions to fight diseases that dont even exist on the continent anymore, the shots contain heavy metals for reasons I am not informed, presumably because who gives a shit at this point.



Some newer vaccines have some problems, but that’s more do to the companies making the shit bribing the FDA than problems with the technology it’s self. All the basic vaccines for stuff like Measles should be taken. Don’t be one of the first to do a new vaxcine, but wait a year or so before you or your kid doing it, because by than most problems with it should be found out by then. Flu vaccines are more of a waste of time than anything else.


If you can accept either "side" based entirely on evidence, and view said evidence critically then you are not brainwashed on the matter.

You believe(d) that vaccines are great, no? That's fine. Then you see evidence contradicting your point. Do you instantly reject it and mock anti-vaxers with artifect-ridden, low-effort, unfunny images over the internet, or do you carefully judge its validity and relevance, and include it in your ever-evolving view of the world?

Maybe the kid's impairment was an outlier in an otherwise life-saving procedure. Maybe he didn't need the vaccine because the disease is either harmless or easily prevented by first-world hygiene, so the doctors took an unnecessary risk. So long as it's evidence -> judgement -> opinion and not the other way around.

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