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File: 655884378c7a71a⋯.jpeg (68.29 KB, 640x494, 320:247, 2BD0E3D0-0F0C-45A7-A25C-7….jpeg)


So get this. I look into the vaccine debate extensively. I look at all sides and I notice how all the anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists from conspiracy website circlejerks. I come to have faith in my country’s public health organization and all other countrie’s public health organizations and of course, my public schools, because the whole world’s public health orgs and schools teach the same thing in regards to the safety and effectiveness of vaccines… So I think I’m ready, and I can debate anyone with confidence.

Then a friend of my close friend says his cousin got some sort of trauma that resulted in a speech impediment, and all credible resources diagnosed it as a vaccine related injury…

My close friend informs me that this is proof vaccines are bad, and that I need to not be so gullible and do better research.

Doesn’t help that I’m fat and autistic and that anti vaxxer friend is in shape and never gets sick despite being a chain smoker.

Which brings us to today’s topic. What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed? Has anyone else had an instance where reality seems to contradict what is taught in schools? Sometimes research and “educating” myself and others just makes me feel like the ignorant one. I feel useless no matter what I look into and what stance I try to uphold.



Most modern vaccines are schemes.

Back in the day it was more a good thing. Some people can't get their arms down from patenting and controlling the prescription of antibiotics and the few vaccines actually solving real pandemics. Along with being legal pushers and pushing extremely harmful prescription drugs over the counter.

The rest is just about dollars. The silver and aluminium the vaccines contain to create a whole-body immunological reaction is extremely volatile and can create a wide range of bad effects from heart failure to an itch in the ass.

Don't mess with them. Take only the really necessary ones.

I wouldn't give my children any in this day and age where I live.


It seems you were looking for a black and white answer in a grey world.

Vaccines greatly increase average life-span and average quality of life but as with all averages there is a lower limit and that is the extremely rare cases where vaccines do harm mostly due to allergic reactions.

>What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed?

Reason, if you can use critical thinking to support your position that is a good start but keep in mind the universe is under no obligation to make sense (see wave / particle duality ect.).


>Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.



>Which brings us to today’s topic. What is the fine line between being educated and brainwashed?

A better topic would be "What is the fine line between being poorly informed and a total retard", since you're not even aware that big pharma in Italy is getting its shit wrecked right now because it sold 'vaccines' that don't make children immune to anything but does cause serious, life-long harm.


The Italian government actually did, and the above was the result.


File: bf09523e5222a69⋯.jpg (133.52 KB, 849x1053, 283:351, 1516550187723.jpg)



>muh vaccines

just stop. Autism is probably caused by people's mothers giving birth to them after the age of fucking 40, but the vaccine shit is objectively stupid.

When gen X and early Millenials were kids, vaccine schedules were spread pretty safely across a long period of time and kids were only given what was necessary

Today, Vaccines get cocktailed like youre trying to get blasted on well liqour and shot up en masse into the bodies of healthy, but vulnerable children. On top of these insane concoctions to fight diseases that dont even exist on the continent anymore, the shots contain heavy metals for reasons I am not informed, presumably because who gives a shit at this point.



Some newer vaccines have some problems, but that’s more do to the companies making the shit bribing the FDA than problems with the technology it’s self. All the basic vaccines for stuff like Measles should be taken. Don’t be one of the first to do a new vaxcine, but wait a year or so before you or your kid doing it, because by than most problems with it should be found out by then. Flu vaccines are more of a waste of time than anything else.


If you can accept either "side" based entirely on evidence, and view said evidence critically then you are not brainwashed on the matter.

You believe(d) that vaccines are great, no? That's fine. Then you see evidence contradicting your point. Do you instantly reject it and mock anti-vaxers with artifect-ridden, low-effort, unfunny images over the internet, or do you carefully judge its validity and relevance, and include it in your ever-evolving view of the world?

Maybe the kid's impairment was an outlier in an otherwise life-saving procedure. Maybe he didn't need the vaccine because the disease is either harmless or easily prevented by first-world hygiene, so the doctors took an unnecessary risk. So long as it's evidence -> judgement -> opinion and not the other way around.


Hey OP- What if you just don't want you kid vacinated against some things but are ok with others? Example: chicken pox




That really explains your struggle with the vaccine topic. You aren't capable of a sound theory of mind, so you're not good at figuring out people's motivations. The vaccination debate is predicated on the fact that Western social trust levels are cratering to all-time lows, which tends to drive paranoia about the motivations behind the current-gen vaccination scheme. If you don't trust the government because it fucks up a lot and because the people (I'm not going to use parentheses here, I'll leave that to the reader's imagination) at the top levels of government are known to have diabolical motivations toward the majority population groups of their constituencies, why would you trust the conclusions of the FDA? And in turn, if you can't trust even your neighbor to not stab you in the back because they want your TV, why would you trust corporations which are run by SOCIOPATHS if not outright PSYCHOPATHS, to produce the vaccines that keep you safe?

<but muh money

During a genocide, genocide makes money. Vaccines can be manufactured sloppily and preserved with cheap heavy metals to save money. Not to mention that many pharmaceutical corporations also get money directly from the government to fund those "public health initiatives" that the government caused by permitting immigration from third world petri dishes.

<but people would stop trusting them and stop taking vaccines, which drives down demand

Gee, why are we having the vaccine debate in the first place, I wonder?

The problem is low trust. The solution is for Western powerbrokers to rebuild social trust which will in turn rebuild confidence in the vaccine industry, but they won't do that because the necessary steps they would have to take to rebuild social trust run contrary to their stated and demonstrated goals.


Scientist Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines




Here is some more on that line:


Is there still any vaccine-harmfulness denier here? Shame on you!!!

Instead of attacking vaccine deniers by law, the law makers supposed to introduce new legislation to punish the coverup of the harmful effects of vaccines.

The appropriate punishment for this crime would be… let's say, the obligatory daily vaccination of the convict for 10 years, or until the consequences of the 'harmless' vaccinations don't put a final end to his/her countless diseases contracted from the vaccines.



My question is this.

Pregnant woman are not aloud fish during pregnancy due to them having mercury.

Yet at around 6 weeks before birth they are given a shot that has mercury in it?

Surely heavy metals cannot be good for any unborn/newborn child?



Yes I am highly sceptic of vaccines. And will ask for all the composition in each vaccine given then research them accordingly.

If nothing comes back bad in studies then fine.

But you are a fool to think big pharma truly has the people in front of the dollar sign. Money definetly comes first.

Sick people = money

Healthy people = no money

No cures for anything will come out anytime soon.



>But you are a fool to think big pharma truly has the people in front of the dollar sign.

Don't turn my claims inside out! I have never said that big pharma truly wants to cure people. I only posted scientific discoveries about the proven harmful nature of vaccines.

You are the fool to even consider vaccinating your children or yourself now after I have shown you the story of Dr. Judy A. Mikovits!

> Highly skeptic…?

Not good enough.

> "Ask for all the composition in each vaccine…" ?

As if they would be unable to hide ingredients, or fool you to accept them as safe… It seems like no amount of evidence the type presented by Dr. Judy will be sufficient for some people to reject vaccination. It is really sad how much the population is brainwashed today by the authorities.



The mercury compounds found in fish (methylmercury) isn't the same mercury compound in vaccines (thiomersal).


Well you aren't going to read it considering the site it's coming from, but…




>Well you aren't going to read it considering the site it's coming from, but…


You have got that right, I will not even read it. The reason is obvious: reading snoops is like asking Monsanto whether their GMO products are healthy or not… Useless waste of time.


Vaccine Industry to partner with police, come after home school students in Iowa for mandated quarterly “health and wellness” checks


A serious question: When will the first “vaccine enforcers” be shot by parents defending their children against the felony assault of forced immunizations?




>all vaccines are harmful

<all deadly disease are fine

also, only one study or the opinion of one person doesn't prove anything. sure you shouldn't jump the meme train and take newest vaccines but the ones that have been used for decades are proven by the time and they are safer than not taking them. You also harm others around you by not taking the vaccines that have been in use for long time, since vaccines don't prove 100% protection if there are too many infected individuals in an area. literally all medicine can cause side effects for certain amount of people. take off your tinfoil hat, not all vaccines or medicine are bad.



Is there anybody else here (besides me) who recognizes post No.5573 as an obvious disinfo shill post? If you reader are one, please kick his butt!

If there isn't any, then this is either the wrong place to hang out, or there are extremely few enlightened visitors here.



Poster No.5575 is right, you are an f.inf shill. God damn your soul! Your place is reserved in the vaccine hell.

Alternative News

“He Died As A Direct Result of the HPV Vaccine” – Mother Of Dead Teenager Speaks Out




>poster No. this poster No. that

keep glowing in the dark. you couldn't point out any faults in >>5573 so who is the "disinfo shill" now?


>i am totally not samefagging

yeah, whatever.



> you couldn't point out any faults in >>5573 so who is the "disinfo shill" now?

Lol, :-)) of course you are the disinfo shill, this is obvious! Only total retards, or paid disinfo shills would still promote vaccines, and attack dissenters, after reading all the pages that were linked here about the death caused by vaccination, and the scientific evidence presented by Dr. Judy A. Mikovits.

What faults am I supposed to point out in your nonsense gobbledygook comment >>5573 ? It is not worth a response! But here it is anyway for the sake of mentally challenged:

The harmfulness of vaccines has been proven by many studies, not just one, not just by one scientist, and they have been also supported by many reports about deaths, autism, and other diseases caused by the vaccines. Here is some introduction into the mountain of evidence:


> You also harm others around you by not taking the vaccines that have been in use for long time, since vaccines don't prove 100% protection if there are too many infected individuals in an area.

This stupid nonsense has been already debunked countless times. In short:

"If vaccination 'works' then the vaccinated have nothing to fear from those who choose to reject this medical intervention. Every person has the legally protected universal right of Informed Consent to accept or reject any medical intervention for any reason, or no reason at all.

In more detail:


"Virtually all (over 90%) of USA measles cases have been vaccinated ‘against’ measles. Clearly, recent outbreaks have been triggered by vaccination and viral shedding. Information provided by both manufacturers and the CDC identifies measles disease as a “side effect” of measles vaccination.

If vaccination “works” then the vaccinated have nothing to fear from those who choose to reject this medical intervention. Every person has the legally protected universal right of Informed Consent to accept or reject any medical intervention for any reason, or no reason at all.

Another irrational and deceptive claim is that “only” live-virus vaccines can cause viral shedding and possibly infect others. There is no such thing as a “live” virus. Any shed viral particle is potential infectious.

Yet another propaganda-based claim is that vaccine-spread disease is “rare.” There is clear evidence that viral shedding is a common, not a rare event, and occurs in a significant number of vaccinated persons.

This is not limited to any particular vaccine, but occurs in all viral vaccines. In the case of the MMR vaccine, here is what Merck informs the public in the product insert: “Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination…” www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/m/mmr_ii/mmr_ii_pi.pdf

Evidence-based science demands that WHO amend its 2019 Threats to Global Health list to remove vaccine conscientious objectors and include vaccines and the dangerous people who use them instead. Since courts around the world have held vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe”* once you are informed how can you consent?

Unless you assert your right to Informed Consent correctly that right will be deemed waived.

Protecting the right of Informed Consent against unscientific pro-vaxx propaganda should be the policy of every enlightened public health agency. That is what is required by the UN Bioethics Declaration.

Vaccine conscientious objectors are a “threat” to the globalist agencies and crony drug companies, pushing vaccination as a public policy is bad science, violates the law and is just plain wrong."

The side effects of the vaccines cause more harm to the population than the good they are purported to do. Especially, since they do nothing good in practice at all… except of course that they make money for the manufacturers.

You don't have any valid pro-vaccine argument worth considering.



>If you reader are one, please kick his butt!

>there are extremely few enlightened visitors here.


>Poster No.5575 is right, you are an f.inf shill. God damn your soul!

You sure you guys are from here? You unironically sound like boomers.

Also the virus mentioned on the plageuthebook website is probably the Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMRV for short. Some people think it could be the cause of cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a whole bunch of other shit. While some people think it was accidentally created in a lab and not an actual virus. Honestly not sure what the fuck it is.



>You sure you guys are from here? You unironically sound like boomers.

I am from planet earth, unlike some vaccine promoter shills here, who behave like aliens from Mars, hell bent to exterminate the population with forced vaccinations :-)

Whenever a new pathogen is discovered and starts to do havoc, you can be sure it did not appear from nothing overnight. It takes thousands of years for living beings to evolve on their own, and it is extremely unlikely that such new pathogens evolve naturally in such a short time-span.

Such new pathogens are deliberately developed in laboratories with an intent to sicken, and if possible kill of the majority of population. See AIDS, Agenda 21, Georgia Guide Stones, etc.

Evil things don't just appear from nothing 'by accident', they are created by evil minds! It is all part of a sinister agenda of the plutocracy.

By the time people learn the truth about XMRV, another 10 new pathogens will appear from nothing, 'by accident'…

The best we can do is to reject vaccines, use alternative natural medicine whenever possible, eat healthy food to stay healthy, and do at least a minimum physical exercise to keep the body fit. Don't depend on the medical system, or you are doomed!





It gets worse.

I remember hearing from a nurse that something like 48% of the measles vaccine is mercury.

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