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f93e77  No.13516449

File: 8c4f0efc0981d38⋯.jpeg (122.33 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, WhatsApp_Image_2019031df5….jpeg)



>magazine, shoes, other shooters

Already explained in that picture you birdbrained homosexual. If you are too fucking retarded to understand how simple video compression works even with a PICTURE explaining it, you should stop debating anything altogether


Kek, now this is the power of schizophrenia. Pic related you complete idiot.


I have no idea about 9/11, but Christchurch is real deal. Tarrant is a hero and no amount of schizo screeching will ever change it.

4b4ee0  No.13515348


It's far too late for this shill tactic, shitbrain. Tarrant is a Hero, and not a damn thing you can say is going to change that. Especially without any evidence to back your nonsensical claim.

Pandora's Box is wide open now, and your tiny efforts to curb this momentum is utterly futile. You actually know this already, but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck, amirite?

Fuck off, niggerkike. You are still going to be eradicated. There is no stopping what you've created for yourselves.

51fb2f  No.13515128


Tarrant never even talked about the JQ, I think he mentioned Jews once and didn't pinpoint the problems. You're taking shit out of context to make him look like the next Hitler or something. He's not some "baste and redpilled" glorious hero like you are trying to portray him.

66e60c  No.13510408



I guess if you're into computer graphics you could call Tarrant a hero

6f8ae1  No.13508891


because cunts want to compare a hero like tarrant to a zionist like brevik.

4b4ee0  No.13508720

File: 903d2cd0037c8dd⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 255x181, 255:181, e53583ca4bef3461a2c9d15190….jpg)



Choose your words carefully when speaking of our Heroes.

Tarrant did not "snap".

He found his Lucid Center, and the lazer focus of exactly what must be done to end this enslavement and tyranny over the very Minds of our Volk.

We are trained to bumble through this kike Matrix already "snapped".

The work we do here is "unsnapping" our Kin.

Remember what this looks like when fully realized, and the overall effects on our world when Aryan Men are in full balance with our Traditional Agency and Will (pic related).

17328d  No.13508621









There are still heroes left in man. Even those like Ernest who could have used far more time preparing show us that anyone can have the will to act.

f09e23  No.13507645

File: 1657eff3bfe536e⋯.png (704.11 KB, 1039x714, 1039:714, TheSquad.png)


>we have to be replaced legally

Trump never said that, why you keep pushing fake quote shlomo?


the date is in two of the URLs: on 8 November 2019. Trump made it harder to make bogus asylum claims, and also wants to limit the amount of asylum/family immigrations to redsitribute it to skilled workers. This can only favor whites, as whites are more skilled.


Jews back both parties, they play both sides in most conflicts. The majority of jews support the dems though. Not all jews care about zionism, a lot are fine with letting israel suffer now because it'll give them a 2nd holocaust to kvetch about when iran nukes them.


TBH nothing about this vid says non-human, just seems like niggers living in poverty don't give a fuck about sexualizing (or not sex-oppressing) their kids because they know they have nigger immunity. Only white people who let their kids dance like this get prosecuted for it.


I realize Bowers' work in Pittsburgh was supreme but he's not the ONLY hero. Earnest's embarassment in San Diego still seems like an honorable attempt, and Tarrant's 50 muslims have to count as at least one jew.


we should basically be trying to awaken the white spirit to amass guns / resources to deal with such an eventuality.

Raising minimum wagPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

633b27  No.13506975

File: 21c2258c47e9872⋯.jpg (116.24 KB, 620x372, 5:3, image.jpg)


>Were/are you an antisemite

>No.A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people. - Brenton Tarrant

And yet this yid faggot is nu/pol/ hero.

a54137  No.13506789

File: f915aaf18a18f5b⋯.mp4 (9.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Anders Breivik.mp4)

>They said: “Tarrant kept saying he was ‘a soldier’. He was telling officers he was innocent and saying he was just a soldier in a war. He also said the attacks were a tactical necessity.”

>After his arrest he made repeated references to Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 and injured 319 in 2011. The source claimed far-right maniac [sic!] Breivik appeared to be Tarrant’s “hero”, adding: “He said he was innocent like him.”

b1c39a  No.13506740

File: c2a4f32a2d8fb01⋯.jpg (14.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2eab461ed2090ba2c5f8e71af2….jpg)


>conflicts with your core set beliefs

>slitting your girlfriend's ass in the name of Satan while high on heroin

Are you really this retarded, or are you desperately banking on the National Socialists here being more fucked off than you, glownigger?

Where the fuck do you assholes think you are?

You throw your best at this board, and it chews you the fuck up. Give up. Switch to the winning side. Because you can't beat this place out. Only disrupt, with, of course, only brings us closer to the very thing those bots were trying so hard to steer from.

Tarrant has set the stage.

You will do the rest for us.

Thank you.

Keep kvetching, niggers. You're doing my bidding.

3e6ad4  No.13504594


Already told you why he did it, wanted to make it palatable for normies. He valued actually getting through their dense defences with pertinent information rather than catering to us, having his messages torn apart by the media and have the lemmings instantly reject it because muh Jewish conspiracy. Use your fucking brain for once in your gay life. We have the luxury of knowing why things are the way they are, all the lemming has to do is see their golden cage threatened by a flood of brown and yellow effluent and in turn reject immigration and have kids. The manifesto was a way to get the lemmings from A to Z with as little ammo for the media to discredit him as a crazy. Brenton Tarrant was a genius and a fucking hero, you on the other hand are a dumb faggot.

bcc238  No.13504394


What he did was absolutely perfect for his goal of heating things up. Yes, assassinating kikes and leftists is the most damaging thing. But his shooting wasn't meant to cause physical damage; it was a psyop. Look at what it did to the whole world, everyone stopped and took a breath. Suddenly the milquetoast cowards that pussyfoot around not wanting immigrants but not wanting to look racist were given an ultimatum to either submit to the globohomos or receive scorn from the vanguard of tolerance and progress. (not to imply that these moderates aren't treated like klan members anyways)

I think Tarrant's shooting was effective. It's quite remarkable how little your run of the mill neocon type cared about the shooting. There was very very little sympathy for the Arabs among the non-leftists. Furthermore, what's done is done. It's not a good idea to critique a man who's already in prison for life. He gave his life for us, and we should show nothing but praise and respect. If we do not, there is no reason to expect anyone else to display such courage and heroism in this struggle for our very existence.

870fd5  No.13502145


This is a seething hebe. Save us a time in the future and neck yourself today. Pacifism is a tool of the Jewry, always was.

>A real hero will not be violent

99,9% of historically acclaimed figures and heroes were way way more violent than any of us today, St. Tarrant included. Stop trying this hard you dumb cuckold.

18d485  No.13502115

You're fucking blatant and shouldn't be paid. Get yourself together. This is completely out of touch with the reality of the people here, who are so non-violent and inactive by any means that there are hundreds of messages complaining that no one is doing anything. People are civil and just sick of you, you're a parasite so you can't hold a government together on your own. The government you work for is literally just going to collapse, because it's a fucking joke.

Brenton Tarrant is not a hero by any means. A real hero will not be violent but educate people about the persecution our race experiences and use their influence to affect policy or they'll inspire people to organize and inspire and teach others.

You dumb nigger you're living in an echochamber and all the intellectuals belong to us. No intelligent person can tolerate your garbage kike/commie narrative unless they themselves are also a kike and see how they benefit from its subversion of other people, as all your inferior genes led you to always resort to cheating, lying, stealing, spying, racketeering, organized crime, etc. to get what you want.

42c077  No.13473777

File: 4989674ab44598c⋯.mp4 (3.02 MB, 624x358, 312:179, breivik regrets.mp4)

Let's remember also Tarrant's hero, the Knight Commander…

13cf07  No.13467688

File: 4103c89e39d31bd⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 800x429, 800:429, new-york-subway-photos1.jpg)

File: ff8d57342c5ad8b⋯.png (18.38 KB, 595x449, 595:449, cox-crime-3.png)

File: 9f07b39e2c25812⋯.jpg (50.02 KB, 512x392, 64:49, ben stop it.jpg)


>Come on now. And I already did explained you one of the (!) differences in my previous post. You graciously decided to ignore it, as usually.

Tarrant named Breivik as an inspiration in his Manifesto didn't he?

>You never asked, duh

just scroll up. >>13466797 for example don't go rambo - become una bomber.

>Of course it is, when you ignore the rest of my points like you do

Which was "Zoomers around the world are celebrating him" and "brutal shift of overtone window". One is anecdotal and the other one I don't even know why you think that's true.

>There was primarily way less need for any radical change. Less crime, little to no white displacement, generally way more optimistic view on the future, way stabler society

You couldn't be more wrong. 70s and going on was an extremly highly criminal period of time. Heroin became a thing, AIDS became a thing, crime was through the roof and the economy was down. Europe got it's first wave of 'guest workers' and in the US negroes were roaming the streets of new york and everything was generally miserable. This got worse and worse up untill the 90s. Since then it had been falling.

>Factually wrong.

I meant assault rifles. My bad

> Also no, the ability of governments to suppress any uprisings is something way more complex than you operate with.

Well people had more available guns and less way to get tracked. Especially in the US the federal government didn't have as many powers.

>Which is not accelerationism.

It's their slogan. They personally openly said they want to accelerate things but because 100 years after the first marxists theorized accelerationism some guy in Australia says it's something else now they're wrong.

>Again, X iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

dd57e4  No.13459620


i saved this from another anon's post.

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