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3131ce  No.13187318


>I’m a pacifist, as people ought to be.

You are stupid, that's what you are. Pacifism is a vapid myth for empty people, moral equivalent of heroin. You are literally standing on the shoulders of men who are committing violence on daily basis and who create society built on violence (there is no society built and maintained without it), you are a shielded and sheltered ingrate schmuck, who is so deep out of reality that he can't even acknowledge that those men can throw him down at any moment. You have contemplated nothing and if you did, then you are even dumber. Anyone who puts any faith, let alone rational thought toward worship of this apex degeneracy and mindless brain-wank that is pacifism, is either a social parasite or not really as clever as he thinks.

Read Violence is Golden. I think Donovan has it on his website. And then read Spengler.

>"Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact."


>broken man

Pure and rather pathetic projection and absolute misunderstanding of human plight. This cult of weakness without perceiving it as such (as you are the case) is one of the main pillars why western society is dead. What does nature itself dictate clearly? It's simple - breed and spread your kind. Live your life, keep out of injury and death, run away from troubles. Every animal adheres to this. But humans are different, for good or bad. We have this "godly" spark that allows us to perceive and see things bigger and greater than us, than this natural hard-coding. Therefore it is not hard to see that the greatest and most human deed you can do is to waive aside and defeat the natural dictate and work, live, fight and ultimately die for something greater than yourself, be it an idea, worldview, your people or race. The fanatic is the purest human because he defeated the animal inside him completely, as he is ready to die for things greater than him at moment's notice. In that also comes the greatest and only true freedom.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ffcba6  No.13187274

File: ab389f7b7bdd616⋯.jpg (355.01 KB, 1380x733, 1380:733, Coin_of_Parataraja_Bhimarj….jpg)


>As I look, Krishna, upon these kinsfolk meeting for battle, my limbs go weak and my face withers. Trembling comes upon my body, and my hair stands upright, my bow Gandiva falls from my hand, and my skin burns. I cannot stand upright; my mind is whirling. I see evil ahead, Krishna, I see no blessing from slaying kinsfolk in battle. I no longer desire victory, Krishna, nor kingship, nor the delights that come from it. What good will kingship do me, Krishna, or pleasures, or life? They for whom I desired kingship, pleasures, and delights stand here in battle-array, offering up their lives and substance—teachers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, uncles, fathers-in-law, grandsons, brothers-in-law, and also kinsmen. Even if they attack me, I will not attack them, Krishna, not for the sake of empire over the three worlds, much less for the sake of the earth. What pleasure can there be to us, Troubler of the People, from slaughter of Dhritarashtra's people? Truly, guilt will live with us for ever in doing these to death with armed fist. It is not right that we slay Dhritarashtra's people, our kinsmen; for if we do to death our own relatives how can we walk in joy, Krishna? True, those whose wits are blinded by greed do not experience guilt in destroying a family line or in the sin of treason to friends. Yet how, Troubler of People, shall we with clear insight not recognize the sin of destroying a family and be free from this guilt? In the destruction of a family line the ancient laws of the family perish; when the law perishes, lawlessness falls upon the whole family line.

<Considering your own code of honor as a warrior, you should not hesitate. For a warrior there is no greater good than a lawful war. Happy are the warriors, Arunja, who find such a war coming to them unsought, like an open door to Paradise. But if you will not wage this lawful battle, then you will fail your personal law and code of honor, and will sin.

<Furthermore, men will tell the story of your steadfast dishonor; and to a man of repute dishonor is more than death.

<Your commitment is to action alone, not to the fruits of action. That must never be: you must not be motivated by the fruits of your actions. Yet you Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.13185387


And make more and more actions like the one from The Hero Brenton Tarrant is the solution.

Incite all groups to kill jews. Not just white people.

Every single living being must be conditioned to kill jews.

cf494f  No.13185018


I think it has lot to do with St. Tarrant being out of ammo for his ARs and probably low on ammo with the shotguns. I don't really buy into the whole "armed heroic muslim who was not armed but managed to scare fanatical attacking nazi anyway" MSM narrative.

Don't take my word for it, but my own personal explanation is that he went to the second mosque, started lighting up muzzies outside, and then either a) run out of ammo b) assumed that police is coming (sirens etc.) c) both. Then decided to make run for it, got caught shortly after. Since he went lengths to not engage any LEOs, I think b) was the true reason.

341704  No.13184795


It's not that what they are doing is bad - the more approaches that are tried, the better, because the right way forward is not very clear yet, and it may turn out to be a combination of methods - but they can't resist attacking heroic individuals like Tarrant, which I think is despicable. They should learn from how the "moderate" muslims or the left treat their own militants - either keep silent or blame their actions on society.

a74293  No.13183840

File: 86a01d5e1a4a1bc⋯.png (710.34 KB, 596x726, 298:363, 9bda6d1502080e2ab83cf38203….png)


>>muh heroic Stalin

He was a run of the mill thug… He didn't give a fuck about the workers or anyone else, all he wanted was wealth for himself. What a retard you are.

The Führer on the other hand, was a true hero. A man outside of time. A holy prophet of the Aryan race. And he inspired other men to become heroes themselves. You can keep your petty criminal "Man of Steel"

someone really needs to add Saint Tarrant to this image

5303ad  No.13182734


Honestly, this.


t. Christcuck


Define "spiritual diseases". Protip: you can't, because thats meaningless eso-larp. Fucking a prostitute should not be a standard procedure for white men, but if you are 33+ and still a virgin it might help to break some mental blockades. A friend of mine lost his virginity to a hooker when he was 19 and got with lots of girls afterwards. Sex isn't that mysterious and special thing that some men make it out to be.

Also, i don't think unmarried men will be more likely to form fascist militias, in fact when shit hits the fan the men who have more too lose and a family to protect will fight the hardest. Look at the Wehrmacht and the SS for example, many married or engaged men among the most decorated war heroes.

You are right about lone wolf terrorists though. If you plan on following in Saint Tarrants footsteps, having a family would be emotionally cruel and something that would maybe even hold you back.


I think watching porn on the regular is far more damaging to your self-esteem than fucking a hooker, even if you do it every few weeks. And yes, the way you get better at sex is by having sex, that is pretty easy to understand if you're not a retard. 33 years and still a virgin is pretty pathetic man. You need to change something.

83c891  No.13175975

File: 3e13ff8c352a63d⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x500, 1:1, giphy.gif)




Brenton Tarrant is a hero and did nothing wrong. You're a coward and a piece if garbage.

9a14f2  No.13174458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>At this point, I treat what's happening to Whites as a selective pressure for ruthlessness and aggression.

It's clear that the world wars of last centuries wiped out many bloodlines that were selected for bravery and courage but I'm not sure about, "ruthlessness and aggression" as the pressure being applied. We've been left with pacifist cowards, but not all of them… even the soy faggots on the left will riot and bash skulls in with bike locks IF they believe their cause is just and moral ("fighting evil", in their minds). The racial soul of the european isn't one that is compelled by darkness, though it will wallow there (NEETdom, Nihilism) if there is no light… instead the european racial soul looks up toward the light and is motivated to move toward it. Ruthlessness itself isn't a virtue and never has been, it describes a mode of operation (drive) toward an end. Drive that requires aggression maybe, but cunning definitely. Dedication to higher ideas is a virtue however, and aggression may be required from the brave to move toward those ideals but only if the vision is clear and masses are behind the heros. Division (D&C) and Clouded Vision of what is "the light" we should move toward characterize the dark age we are in.

The only way out is through, but before you know which direction you can move to get out you have to know where you want to go. The adage, "Rome wasn't built in a day" should have also be ammended, "but they knew they were building Rome." and in doing so moving toward greatness. The how and the why can come later, but the "what" is "the light" that requires definition now. I mean specifically for white europeans. The conversations with muds will only waste your time from guiding other whites back to the path to then rally behind our heroes in unity. We cannot put the cart (Tarrant) before the horse (Unity that Islam and its people are an existential threat). Perhaps a bad example because of Tarrants mass praise, but you get what I mean.

Europeans need to see The Light and we have to show it to them. The stained glass and examples of architecture in Notre Dame were not a specifically "christian" depictPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2f1bcf  No.13169329


Kill them yourself if you're such a hard motherfucker, you joke.

Tarrant is a hero for killing 50 shitskins, not for vandalizing a fucking car. We have limited resources and you want to take chances getting our guys locked up on misdemeanors because you think it makes you like Tarrant. You're nothing like Tarrant, Tarrant was a righteous killer, you're just a bitchy faggot who wants to endanger our own guys so the enemy has to pay $2,000 for repairs. Fuck you, you're not one of us, and you're not a killer.

29415d  No.13168367

File: 47a72f814b177ff⋯.gif (839.98 KB, 650x325, 2:1, benzie 20.gif)

Remember to save locally, bump relevant threads at the bottom of the catalog and wash your balls.


/SIG/ Self-Improvement General - Spring Edition 03/23/19 (filled)


'Clearly a joke': White House explains away Trump's 'I love WikiLeaks' comments 04/15/19 (slid)

Let's do something for Tarrant himself 04/09/19 (slid)

Actual Importance vs. Edginess 04/14/19 (slid)

BREAKING: French Interior Ministry official says firefighters might not be able to save Notre Dame Cathedral. 04/15/19 (slid)

Louisiana hero Holden Matthews burns 3 churches full of niggers 04/11/19 (slid)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

29415d  No.13165133

File: 21162ddce2b3120⋯.jpg (111.93 KB, 1366x616, 683:308, benzie 18.jpg)

Remember to save locally, bump relevant threads at the bottom of the catalog and wash your balls.


Hitler appreciation thread 04/06/19 (filled)

The whole point of christianity is to make white people completely under the control of the jews. 04/19/19 (filled)

'Armed and dangerous' girl, 18, wearing black camouflage is being hunted by police 04/17/19 (filled)

Father of Ebba speaks 04/07/19 (slid)

St. Tarrant was a personal trainer 04/10/19 (slid)

Hero Fraser Anning doesn't back up, launches his own party 04/04/19 (slid)

Idiot vanned for anti-jew terror plot 04/11/19 (slid)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e94cea  No.13157074

What are the realistic chances that the jews will be defeated? This question is for people who are serious about this cause, not towards imbeciles who consider Tarrant as a "hero" or who have just come here in 2019 after the Tarrant incident

File: b730ec5fb8313e4⋯.jpg (175.64 KB, 800x420, 40:21, b42ad18f058ae0f3cc.jpg)

File: 98d28769fe46a00⋯.png (276.14 KB, 588x550, 294:275, 1446545683169.png)

File: e50d957c74972f9⋯.jpg (207.26 KB, 960x712, 120:89, 1406230342188.jpg)

File: 0ced36fd1d5439a⋯.jpg (32.29 KB, 489x678, 163:226, 1442112084577.jpg)

File: bb0774cde42b4fe⋯.png (323.02 KB, 575x2598, 575:2598, 1442077261297.png)

e3320c  No.13154191[Reply]

Although the National Socialists themselves have been gone for more than half a century, the term "Nazi" itself has a universal appeal, and a staying power that appears to be immortal. When someone is called a “Nazi” now, those affixing the label don’t mean a literal member of the National Socialist Party. They mean, instead, whatever they want it to mean. It is the slur that fits all sizes; leftists routinely paint anyone who doesn’t believe in 57 genders with it, and conservatives use it almost as freely.

Alex Jones, de-platformed guru of the conspiracy world, talks about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis more than he talks about Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and every “globalist” in the universe combined. Others on the right resort to it regularly. Donald Trump, Jr. and right-wing author Dinesh D’Souza both compare today’s liberals to actual Nazis. Conservative Jonah Goldberg’s 2008 book Liberal Fascism opined that Hitler and Mussolini merely held more extreme versions of the philosophy of Hillary Clinton and other modern liberal icons.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the disastrous two-party system has become emboldened, as those who irrationally hate or love him dig their heels into partisan Democrat or Republican rhetoric. Alex Jones, Dinesh D’Souza and others have taken to focusing on the old Democratic Party’s ties to slavery and segregation, and pointing out that Hitler and the Nazis were hardly Reaganites advocating small “gubmint.” Today’s Republicans do, however, share Hitler’s affinity for building up the military. Can’t cut that gargantuan defense budget.

The Nazi platform also called for universal health care, which is anathema to “conservatives” who cling to fond memories of doctors making house calls, and a simpler medical system that disappeared with Richard Nixon’s creation of the HMO profit-driven nightmare we enjoy today. Leftists argue that Donald Trump, despite being the most pro-Israel president of all our pro-Israel presidents, is somehow a “Nazi,” too. His campaign rhetoric against bankers, for instance, still holds more significance with them than the fact he has surrounded himself with former employees of Goldman Sachs.

There is a whole school of thought out tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

23d335  No.13151828

It seems split about 50/50 between kids that are clearly just reading off a donation message and kids that genuinely like Tarrant. Even considering if half of them aren't legit and just being read, it is still great news to see a bunch of loli's genuinely supporting our hero. The two blonde loli's at the end and the brunette before them seemed very genuine and warmed my cold, broken heart.

53daee  No.13150945


The entire point of this thread is to push the glownigger's agenda of labeling Hero Tarrant as a mossad agent. Notice how it says nothing of substance.

This is a common tactic they use. They create a thread where they can play both sides of the argument to fuel their narrative and confuse newfags/lurkers.

Saged for slandering a good man.

7d9c33  No.13147325

It wasn't a false flag it was just uneffective and before you cite the gun ban hahaha you have no idea how cucked the Kiwis are they won't go to war over that shit. For every muzzie Tarrant killed there will be a thousand more. Meanwhile the real perpetrators are unharmed. Tarrant wanted nothing to do with them of course because he was a coward. At least Breivik was willing to go the distance when he hit the government quarter.

Enjoy your milquetoast hero.

52378e  No.13123819



000000  No.13122023


As the Warrior Hero Saint Brenton Tarrant demonstrated, violence is above everything and solves all problems.

While shills screech about their meme candidates, focus on conditioning everyone to start mass killing in all regions, focusing the killings on jews, leftists, faggots, niggers and mudslimes.

Incite those groups to kill each other too.

000000  No.13098991


>- parroting tarrant on "invaders" is not going to help you at all. It'll only help you be disregarded imo.

How so? The other term I like to use is "rapefugee". Also I have been saying invaders before Brenton took my advice on the gopro thing and did his heroics.

16e3de  No.13098518


>laughed hilariously

That's weird, you should probably get a psych eval.

Brenton Tarrant is my hero because he removes weird people like you from the gene pool.

8cd2f2  No.13097224


>By far the meme I've seen the most outside of /pol/s is TarrantChan

There is nothing cringier than the "turn heroes of the (((alt-right))) into anime girls" meme. Jesus fucking christ.


>We can deport them to the afterlife, or they can self-deport to wherever

So what's the plan? Have roaming groups of paramilitary groups mass executing Muslims, all the while ZOG is still in control of the government, media and military? Please elaborate on how this could ever work.

>The idea that kikes are purposely importing their own enemies is utter bullshit.

You don't think kikes are behind the immigration of Muslims?

333a46  No.13094429


Yeah all this nonsense has me confused. Tarrant is a coward and a child-killer. He targeted innocent people, instead of those who actually deserve it.

He basically sprayed the smoke instead of the fire, and people 12 year olds and shills call him a hero… disgusting.

522d77  No.13082364

>Reminder Brenton Tarrant is a hero of the white race

Reminder, the White Nationalist is a hero to the Jewish race

6c700b  No.13066109



4. This is the important psyops part that will land you above Tarrant. You will simultanously send the book collections to key government institutions and media corporations with a simple message that is read clearly when the package is opened: "The same contents of this parcel is sent these places" and you will list all the places where you've sent the collection to. You will obviously post it on the internet as well. This is to force as many media corporations to air a segment on the contents and governments to respond to it as well, since no one knows who on the list will speak out on the matter, and no one want to be pointed out afterwards as those who didn't speak up (hurting their credibility), so they'll be egotistically encouraged to speak about the findings. Even setting this aside, multiple packages sent everywhere will naturally create a bit of media buzz. Selecting the organizations to send the parcels to is extremely important because it must be two opposing orgs (and not on the superficial side, but managerial and ideological), that way they will second guess each others possible actions and be forced to admit that the best course of action for themselves is to air the story. Essential places to send the contents to is media, government, but maybe also prominent academic institutions and headquarters of pro-immigration political parties.

Even if the media do not talk about the debunking or give it much airing time, it will spread like wildfire on the internet and still find its way to the eyes of the public. In due time through the inevitable discussion and possible new investigations that will be mounted, it will be widespread public opinion that the Holocaust did not happen as they thought it did.

By realizing that they've been lied to, they will look for a scapegoat. This will inevitably be DIE EWIGE JUDEN. Like the snap of the fingers, everyone will be distrustful of the Jews. Diplomatic ties with Israel will be shaken, AIPAC will be ousted as foreign agent, the people will become conscious of (((capitalist))) exploitation and revolt, the national spirit revived, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3fc77c  No.13064893


Which? The Rexist crown or the Black Sun? I would argue neither have the baggage of the Hakenkreuz… The Rexist crown is literally unknown by the majority of the mainstream and the Black Sun, while getting some press because of it's use by the hero Brenton Harrison Tarrant, is still obscure and unknown by most.

000000  No.13062187


Pay respect to hero Tarrant, by doing your part to save the aryan race:

Redpill material and jewish tactics and more:

d4fa87  No.13054594

Posted in the QTDDTOT but this thread has more specific interest (obviously)

So like most anons, I'm sitting here scratching my head still trying to make sense of the Christchurch Event. In grappling with the 'event', it's important to remember that it has two components: the physical and the metaphysical ones, which are distinct from each other. It's obvious (as obvious as it can be anyways) that the metaphysical component of the event is one of awakening, grasping, heroism and a warrior soul. I say warriors soul and I mean a man who does what he does independent of praise or condemnation, simply because it must be done. The metaphysical aspect of this event is simple to see.

The physical aspect is more difficult to understand. We all here have seen dozens if not hundreds of violent .mp4s and .gifs, and what we witnessed on the killstream didn't seem to me to be of the same character. People have brought up the magazines on the floor (which I've seen addressed and discredited), the arrow on the floor for a crisis actor (which I've never seen explained), the piles of bodies in the corners which seem to writhe but do not look like a pile of living beings (running flailing jumping), but most compelling to me are the bullet casings that disappear while Tarrant is firing down the road. I've linked some articles from VeteransToday written by Gordon Duff who is obviously woke to Zionism if not the Jews outright, and in the "Undeniable Proof" video you can see bullet casings evaporating in mid air, failing to accumulate on the ground where they ought to land, as they do in video games, implying that this video is fabricated.

As far as the event goes, for better or worse, St. Tarrant the Remover will go down in history and certainly in the mythology of this place. The invaders are dead, but new ones will take their place. BUT, as other anons have said ad nauseum, the video was a training video of sorts, showing us that we can all do it and so I fully expect a growing tide of white separatist/nationalist actions. But here's my question: what the fuck is with the disappearing bullets? "Undeniable Proof"

httPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

f8fd90  No.13050625


Not him, but Tarrant is a hero and everyone who is saying otherwise can fuck off right back to their cuckshed/mental asylum/agency office.

110eec  No.13050475

Tarrant fue un héroe,un mártir por nuestra paz y supervivencia,dio el gran paso que los europeos deberían hacer por su supervivencia

80e01f  No.13045195

I can guarantee you Brenton Tarrant is a hero of white race. No fake flag, no fake blood, no fake stream, no fake kills, no fake fake.


5930e7  No.13033710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


M8, I'm not the only one who's love of the west started with metal. It was the only medium I found in middle school and high school, before chans that embraced western heritage, celebrated the old gods and had proper respect for war and traditional masculinity.

Where else can you find lyrics that evoke Odin and call for the destruction of all enemies? Where else can you find lyrics that reinforce death before dishonor? Where else can you find musicians who publically declare themselves as friends of the sun cross?

Finally, where the fuck else will you find lyrics like this released two days after the hero Tarrant moved us one step closer to actual war.

>As the first light touched the waves

>And the ravens cawed across the bay

>A mighty fleet with red white sails

>Three hundred Viking ships were

On their way


>With thirst for blood and all-out war

>A thirst that's aching through our hearts and bones

>We're heading west to distant shores

>To avenge our father and to win the throne

>They think their God will save their skin

>But all resistance will be in vain

>We stare at death with crimson grins

>With Odin's help we cannot fail

>We hold our heads up to the sky

>And know that we will never die

>As long as we stand side by side

>As long as we can see the ravens fly!

>Ravens fly! Ravens fly!

>War!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

db3dff  No.13023893


>told us that our "DNA" is an abomination

Nobody's forcing you to read Buzzfeed or Salon you fucking snowflake. You want to start a race war because some blue-haired journalist said mean things about mayos? Go to hell, you cunt. Nigs and pretty much every other race face 100x more racism online than whites ever will. You're so weakminded that you can't handle it though and have to chimp out like your imprisoned "hero" Tarrant.

0ed3cf  No.13023443

File: 2476944df01230f⋯.jpg (132.47 KB, 1078x1261, 1078:1261, esoteric himmlerism.jpg)


>So it seems obvious that Tarrant was full-on 14 but not 88.

Are you mentally retarded? He put a black sun on his fucking chest and he was a /pol/ack, you newfags need to shut the fuck with your stupidity up instead of making shit waste-of-a-thread posts.


>Personally 88 holds us back


You TRSodomites have been trying this for years.


>Symbolism and personality cult is idolatry. That is a sin under religion,

Yes goy, having heroes is a sin under our jewish religion, don't look up to your heroes, okay?

8d2be0  No.13021822

Tarrant is a Jew and a hero of the Mossad

bc5fc2  No.13021347

File: 271cb58520289d8⋯.png (161.59 KB, 900x927, 100:103, 271cb58520289d8db546bc8673….png)


Except, thats not that case. Rush Limbaugh was just shilling the false flag lie about Tarrant to his entire boomer audience the other day.

The false flag narrative is made to de-radicalize you and to prevent you from being inspired by Tarrant.

Don't let the jew control your brain.

Celebrate our heroes.

641875  No.13020912



He just provided an update:

>60% of Czech translation done. I suspect it should be finished this week, maybe in next two days.

>Daily reminder that Tarrant is a hero of a white race and all shills will be found out, tortured and publicly hanged.

File: 801863824937f22⋯.jpg (102.47 KB, 1095x1308, 365:436, saint brenton.jpg)

3a81f5  No.13019049[Reply]



Brenton Tarrant did what everyone on this board only dreams about. He took the fight to the enemy and won. He is an inspiration to all the white nations of the world who are enduring the never ending onslaught of brown invaders flooding into their countries at the behest of their own governments. He shows us that we can fight back, that we can make a difference, and above all that we are not beaten.

This is why the shills are spending so much time and effort to shut down his story. They want the videos censored, they want you to think he was a jew, and they want to kill that spark that Brenton Tarrant lit inside all of us. They want to replace his name, Brenton Tarrant, with an acronym "BT" so that we are not singing his name. They do not want you to rally behind his call to action, and above all they do not want you to embrace accelerationism.

The only thing they fear more than us taking action, is accelerating things to a point that the normal faggots begin to take action.

This is only the begining….


Brenton Tarrant Files:

Video Part 1: >>>/brentontarrant/1

Video Part 2: >>>/brentontarrant/2

Manifesto: >>>/brentontarrant/3

Thread: >>>/brentontarrant/4

Facebook: >>>/brentontarrant/8

91e464  No.13005161

File: 9071be7861e94b9⋯.jpg (55.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the revolutionary.jpg)

By allowing Muslims to rape and kill us Macron and all the other globalists leaders have sealed their fate. Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong Brenton Tarrant is a hero his name is Brenton Tarrant. By allowing tour police and army to Kill yellow Jackets Macron you prove the legitimacy of the yellow Vest movement and seal your fate as a blood thirsty tyrant dictator Macron.

000000  No.12996305


>Keep following the example of the Hero Brenton Tarrant, like many of us are already doing.

I didn't notice any new white-made terrorist attack in the news over the last week?

Did you guys?

000000  No.12995253


Keep following the example of the Hero Brenton Tarrant, like many of us are already doing. Kill as many enemies as you can. Kill their children. Kill their women. Kill their elderly.

Kill jews, shitskins, liberals and faggots.

29415d  No.12946690

File: 13b4c4dd685b62a⋯.png (389.05 KB, 632x1000, 79:125, 1552759953238.png)




Brenton Tarrant Appreciation Station


The shooting general: evidence and details general thread (new info)

Christchuch is what an actual DOTR will look like


CHCH Shooting

I will continue later archiving filled up threads, are down for me right now.