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File: f235c09854f14d2⋯.png (5.03 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, Britan.png)


Welcome to /sei/! The reason we're here is simple. the state of the nation is unbearable, we must stand up and act. This board merely acts as a gathering place for people who wish to group and congregate. This board has very simple rules;

1. Keep on topic, don’t go off talking about how hot your mom is, that’s weird

2. Don’t dox people on this board, keep that stuff elsewhere please

3. Don’t be a counter operative trying to derail our movement, we will find you and we will kick you. If you come back again, we’ll ban you.

4. Keep it SWF.

File: c3099ecb92b0084⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 375x453, 125:151, humanbrains.jpg)


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Just skim through some of those wikipedia articles for highlights of what the police whistleblower is talking about. The tl;dr is child exploitation investigators have their hands tied by higher ups in the UK police force and they will come down on you hard if you dig too deep into pedo rings or human trafficking. It's more than just a fear of being called racist stopping these gangs from facing investigation.



Imagine being such a faget that sports distract you from what is happening in your country holy shit.


I will, I want to make a video on it. People respond better when you spoonfeed them flashy images than telling them to read 20 pages, but it's just so much and I'm a lazy piece of shit like everyone else.

I already got the feeling there's some shady shit going on, though. When the Telford rape gang kingkin got released 5 yrs into a 22 yr sentence. I doubt that was because he turned informant.


File: d09485f031e981d⋯.jpg (26.35 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


A quick rundown video on John Wedger's testimonies for lazy normies would be amazing





Last week

>Guys crash truck into rapist kebab shop

>Crowd chases out rapist paki


>Police out in force to escort child rapist out of house surrounded by lynch mob

This is it. This is the spark fo escalation. This is the crucial moment people start to get courage and the police starts to realize they can't suppress whites anymore.


[YouTube] #GETMAD Violent mob forces local pedophile out of house under police protection (embed)


Previous videos:

[YouTube] Brits ram truck in grooming gang kebab shop (embed)

https://twitter.com/MossadJack/status/1012807771891347456 (embed)



Jesus, the cheers in Scotland about 4:00 into the video, when they bring the guy out. Excellent.

> "Honestly, I’ve never witnessed anything like that in my life. When he came out the property, put it this way, if the police weren’t there and he came out that property with all the people standing there, honestly there would have been a murder. It really was that bad."

When the justice system fails you get mob justice. If he'd been killed there would have been no charges. Too many people. Here's hoping the powers that be get their shit together and prevent innocents being killed by the bloodthirsty mobs.

File: 8db8c669e31d1a9⋯.png (16.51 KB, 576x792, 8:11, Speak Freely OKAY.png)



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File: 7958909f0dea44d⋯.png (63.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, mbmc_uk.png)


File: ed6e199d3e6be7f⋯.png (1.96 MB, 2000x1614, 1000:807, mbmc_uk_deported_crew.png)


was also shared by every major figure denied entry to the UK (Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner) and Brittany's little sister Nicole


File: a7e217f1c8ea8e2⋯.jpg (92.71 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DgWJQEKV4AQecVn.jpg)


File: 61455abeed05cbe⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 500x667, 500:667, koala.jpg)


Australia has your backs Brits


File: 8e7e0287834d4ce⋯.jpg (177.71 KB, 605x825, 11:15, berkeley needs more tommy.jpg)

Berkeley needs moar posters

File: 87f151b180a649e⋯.jpg (140.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dr-strangelove_1280x720.jpg)


We got to hold some rallies before July the 14th. We must keep the pressure up. We can not let down, this thread will be to discuss possible events to promote.

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File: 2607839d751f51c⋯.jpg (183.47 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, DfpMyo1W0AAnkvs.jpg large.jpg)

So this seems officially a thing



Very good, we should focus on promoting it and pushing for a big turnout


File: ed7850b2531fc23⋯.jpg (404.26 KB, 1536x1960, 192:245, IMG_20180619_050629.jpg)



File: 3e01e227e2193d2⋯.png (166.23 KB, 573x535, 573:535, freetommy.png)

July 14th, gotta make it a BIG one. This needs an even bigger turn out then the last one.


So this may seem like a stranger idea…

Why not try get the football fans to shout tommy robinson during the next match?

Surely wouldn't take much..

File: 809be6ab89fb4fa⋯.jpg (57.4 KB, 480x299, 480:299, 1984.jpg)


The Oxford Union speech (which you should watch if you haven't already) is great for flipping normies opinions on Tommy, he presents his backstory and motivations clearly, persuasively and with hard evidence. Watch it and spread the link around.


It just passed 1000000 views. A simple way to demonstrate to the establishment that arresting and trying to silence Tommy has only made his voice louder is helping his other speech, "British Police State" break a million views. What a morale boost to Tommy in prison it would be to hear the numbers on his videos are skyrocketing.


It's already at 830k+ and rising so we just need to nudge it over. It's a simple, easy, no effort way to contribute to the cause. Share the links around for these speeches, drop them in relevant 4/pol/ threads, post them on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.




File: 5396106aec90f72⋯.jpg (83.75 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, islamic police.jpg)

Adding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao2VlpxGFe4 to subreddits now. Everybody interested in helping please search the URL at reddit and upvote every instance of it. Or when you find one instance use the 'other discussions' tab to upvote all instances.



Good work lad, Reddit is full of lefties and shills so they're quick to downvote but even getting a couple of them to actually hear him out is great, the OU speech especially undermines pretty much all of their arguments against him. Lurkers will click and watch even as the Redditfags screech and virtue signal.

File: e11120dd0dca5a5⋯.png (125.16 KB, 500x522, 250:261, publix.png)


This originally was a thread where people would post about activities they've done or ideas for activities like poster posting and general activism. However it seems you guys seem very insistent on this just being "the general therad" So I give up, enjoy the general thread!

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Welp, I've restarted the UK civil war threads




w00t, I'm banned a few days but will try to return for bamps next week



Oh well rip, I'd never ban you from here, unless you're being a twat then you're getting a 999999999999999999999999999999 day ban

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On Tommy's Oxford Union speech. With a little bit of effort we can nudge it over one million views.




Share the speech around, drop the link where ever you can





Why was he in the hospital wing?

File: 0df7e95838d30d1⋯.png (406.39 KB, 595x604, 595:604, ukip.PNG)


Apparently, count Dankula, yes that lad, has now official endourced UKIP. Now that might help UKIP a bit but also it should be noted in the video someone handed him some change in a bag saying "Here's the Shekels" and Dankula responds "Thanks Israel" so… Not sure what that means but it seems like a real endoursement




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I'm suprised that the letter from tommy isn't exploding atm.



Me too actually. I stuck the scans of the letter in the general thread. Just ran into a transcription so I'll paste it:

Tommy Prison Letter COPIED-Letter from Tommy to his supporters:So here we go again! It's Sunday night 10/6/18, the news of the amazing scenes yesterday in London are just filtering their way to me, but before I start on the positivity of yesterday's demonstration, let me first start with some negatives. Let me share with you part of my wife's letter I received yesterday: "School rang me today though before I went to work and said Spencer was really upset at school, to be honest he isn't managing that well, he cries at every opportunity there is. His mate Sam said to him 'Im doing a SK run with my dad', and Spencer said 'well I can't do it with dad' and ran off crying. He cries himself to sleep. Sleeps with your pillow and asks me so many times a day 'what day is dad coming home'? I can't even give him a rough date yet because you haven't been given any! Just have to keep telling him its not for long. Nothing will change and he needs to be brave to make you proud. He said to me last night, 'I'm going to go and do something bad so I can be put in jail with dad or at least then I will be with him.'" I'm not going to lie, reading this broke my heart. The prison removed my wife's phone number over a week ago so I have not been able to speak with my children. It also upsets me that in my son's head he must think his dad has done something bad to end up in prison. Before I sit and feel too sorry for myself I should put it into perspective. I'm away from my family for a short duration. Members of our armed forces' children must go through this all the time which is why I admire the sacrifices they make, past and present. I'm not going to go too much into my case as my appeal is just being lodged. What I will talk about is the difference you have all made to me. When I landed in this prison I was truly gutted. Gutted about what my family were about to go through, gutted for those who I was in discussions with who rely on me to tell their stories. I was also adamant I would be killed on this prison sentence. When I was leading the EDL I was sentenced to 10 months in prison in 2012, I was separated from everyone for my own protecPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I was in danger in my first days in this prison, housed with muslim prisoners, then something changed. I was whisked from my cell and wing and taken and separated to safety. I believe now this was the moment Lord Pearson spoke up about my safety. His actions could have literally saved my life. I then heard protests were spreading across the globe. I heard politicians, police, and barristers were speaking out. I've heard so many people who have sat on the fence for years were now speaking out. To hear that 20 thousand people travelled to London this weekend to stand in solidarity with me is an amazing feeling. I truly am gobsmacked at the reaction from the public. I feel so loved!! Loved and appreciated. I receive a bag of letters and emails every day, I read every one. I'm so grateful. I want to say a thank you to every single person who has supported me. I understand how difficult it is to speak out. I understand that many people would have faced a backlash from friends, or even from work for speaking out on my behalf and I am truly grateful to people for standing with me. Free speech is not free when it has social consequences. I sit here happy, happy that this sentence has backfired on the establishment, happy that the public reaction has sent a message of the consequences if they have me murdered on this sentence. I have said for so long that there will be a moment in our country, and none of us know what that moment will be, but it will change the direction of our nation. I think deeply about this and for a while now I've been sure that I will be murdered for opposing Islam, a scary thought, but not as scary as thinking it will make no difference. Although now I sit here smiling with the relief that my murder would literally start a revolution. I'm standing laughing out loud, that may seem mad, but knowing this is so satisfying. I've always said I'd sacrifice my life tomorrow if it would end the Islamic takeover of our beautiful land. Our battle is not as simple as against flesh and blood but we battle a system, a corrupt system. Sitting here gives you so much time to think. We can no longer be looking from the outside in, we must unite our voice and our movement into politics. I have so many plans on what I want to do when I get out. To hear that GeertPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



My wife's number was put back on their system so I have spoken with my children today, so I'm less stressed and more relieved. My children will come to visit me in the near future. Thank you all for the support. It's your outcry and reaction that will keep me safe. Please know how inspired and grateful I am. I'm hoping Lord Pearson and Gerard Batten will also be writing me here and lads if you are reading this ask Gerard to pop into HMP Hull with you. My appeals have gone in, appeal sentence, appeal condition, and bail appeal. Oh yeah thank you Pauline Hansen, thank you AfD for the offer of asylum.

The establishment thought this would close the book. Instead the public have just turned the page to continue the next chapter.

I love and thank you all.

Mum and dad sorry about the stress I give you haha.

Thank you to the free world.

It's Tuesday, I'm being moved prison so my kids won't see me this weekend. Tommy Robinson letter from prison (read by superJayDavies) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3VPWzSXQQg


File: b98ea698b9789ab⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 503x313, 503:313, UKIPFTW.jpg)

File: f313f55a12deb74⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, rozzies.png)


So are the rozzies really just as evil as the people higher up or are they simply people doing their job?

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they protect the evil of above. its unfortunate that most of them are probably good people but they stand for an oppressive system that attacks our movement and arrests our leaders turning them into political prisoners. they are not innocent. they deserve to be punished for what they do/did. if they are gonna stand in the way they will have to get used to getting bruised when they fall down. If u want to see this look at the Ukraine popular uprising and how it began peaceful and soon developed. I don't think the situation in the uk will be the same but what we need to do is teach our people that the police are not our friends. just cuz we don't support Antifa and anarchists doesn't mean we have to support the cops in response. And if we want this protest to actually change the situation, we need media coverage. A peaceful protest to begin with to show we're attempting to change the situation through peaceful means. but when the push back starts happening we need to turn up the heat in response


Whistleblower: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAMcVquIe2o

They're not all bad and it varies by force but until more of them start speaking out they're all complicit



me on the right



The police are fine where I live; in a very rural area on the boundry of three counties - County Durham, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

They are polite, friendly and generally well liked. In the cities and larger towns, it's very different.


The nazis used the same excuse afterwoods but yes they are just following orders so we rly should blame the goverment and not them.

File: 7ffad03dd185156⋯.jpg (77.59 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 0826c8565c0691ced88459af7d….jpg)


The plan,

Thost effevtive way to hurt the govt would be to get trump to offer political asylum to tommy and set a precident of allowing uk thought criminals to claim asylum in the states.

Imagine the buthurt on mays face if donald trump declared what we all know that we are living in a tyranical dictatorship here in england and offered tommy and others politcal asylum in the states i cant think of anything that would hurt the govt more that is as acheivable as this.

So how do we do it.

Start a petition / hastag / movement to ask potus to grant political asylum for tommy robinson who is currently being held in prison by a tyranical govt.

Spread the word get the movement going on yt and twatter etc etc etc

Try and gather as many sigs as possible the last free tommy petition got over galf a million sigs very quickly if we can do the same it cant be ignored

Get the attention of as many right leaning e celebs etc etc and twatter personalities that trump follows to mention it,

Because it is directed exactly at trump the likleyhood is that he will respond

Worst case scenario he btfos the govt just by commentimg on tommys arrest and imprisonment

Best case scenario he actually offers political asylum to tommy / other right leaning uk thought criminals

Either way if trump sees it and respomds the media will go into meltdown and it will make our third world justice system and govt the laughing stock of the world and show many many people how bad the siguation here is

So lets brainstorm the best way forward and lets do it lads

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Hi ___, we've got a petition going calling for Trump to intervene to save Tommy. We know he can't literally break him out of prison and give him asylum, but the hope is we can catch his attention and generate more publicity about whats happening to Tommy.

PLEASE, signalboost this. Just one tweet with this link would boost it by thousands.





I know that feel, though I mainly just got mobile and that's it.



Are you able to spread on facebook groups that are pro tommy / events etc mate ?


File: 790cc7ebf8c9564⋯.jpg (59.59 KB, 499x676, 499:676, Check em.JPG)


I don't have a facebook nor do I really have any connections in the UK.

But I do try and get some blokes together who do.


File: 2c2cf82191cfc3d⋯.png (5.98 KB, 320x160, 2:1, landscape-1449079735-alex-….png)

I made a little song, lyrics wise.

I mean it probably is complete shit but if you could make it better please do (Reminder that Simon & Garfunkel really didn't have rhyme so since It's based off their song I didn't give too much of shit for it.)

And here's to you, Tommy Robinson

England loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo

God bless you please, Tommy Robinson

Heaven holds a place just for you, hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

What a shame you want something monocultural

We'd like to help your racial bias

Look around you, all you see is multicultural

Stroll around the cell until you hit the floor

And here's to you, Tommy Robinson

England loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo

God bless you please, Tommy Robinson

Heaven holds a place just for you, hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

It’s all okay, we surely know what is best for you

Hush your mouth it’s going to be okay

It's a little secret, protect the minorities

Most of all, you've got to hide it from our minds

And here’s to you, Tommy Robinson

England loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo

God bless you please, Tommy Robinson

Heaven holds a place just for you, hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

On a trial of another grooming gang

The rozzies show up to lock you away

Laugh about it, shout about it

When they come for you

Every way you look at it you lose

WPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 707a1212810340c⋯.png (50.05 KB, 563x431, 563:431, ONE STEP CLOSER.png)


Jesus christ they really are trying to kill him!

If they kill him all hell is going to break lose!

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 39693f685c65896⋯.jpg (100.84 KB, 597x445, 597:445, Caolan June 14.jpg)

Updates from Caolan just now


Petition: Remove Sajid Javid from office for taking political prisoners and bring charges against him for abuse of office


Presently 4500+


File: 1bea59ed899c88b⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 880x357, 880:357, significant muslim populat….jpg)

2016 report after unannounced inspection of Onley prison (where TR has reportedly been moved): https://www.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/hmiprisons/wp.../HMP-Onley-Web-2016.pdf

Pic related shows significant muslim population, likely kept within their own wing/s. Is this where they've put our guy?


File: d8913295efa5792⋯.jpg (589.53 KB, 1998x854, 999:427, Onley Prison.jpg)

Onley prison's total population gained another 10% muslim between 2012 and 2016.

In 2016 an inspection reported a dramatic increase in violence.

Onley inspection report 2012:


Onley inspection report 2016:


It is surely even worse now.


WATCH: Member of European Parliament @Janice4Brexit attempts to raise safety of Tommy Robinson in EuroParl. Labour MEPs shout her down and EuroParl turns her mic off.


British MEP’s microphone turned off in European Parliament for asking ‘approved’ question about Tommy Robinson


File: 3b1e3aaa61407c5⋯.png (328 B, 211x126, 211:126, flag.png)


Hi mates of mine.

I'm looking to get a leaflet printed when I'm back in the country to start get delivered in my free time or simply leave on a train table.

Thoughts, designs and improvements welcome.

Leaflet talking points:


Remember when our country was safe?

When we didn't have to even think about machete or terrorist attacks in our cities?

Remember when we had free speech?

We have never needed freedom of speech to talk about the weather.

We need freedom of speech so we can say some very controversial things.

Which nowadays will get you thrown into jail under vague hate speech laws.

What ever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me?

Why has our country become so poisoned by political correctness?

Do you care about our country staying our country?

Do you care about the increasing demographic replacement?

Who funds the NGOs importing economic migrants into Europe?

Why do they do it? How do they benefit?

How does Israel take care of their migrants?

Deporting them home, sterilizing women, sending them to Europe or jailing them?

Or all of the above?

Why are the majority of migrants sent to European countries and not prosperous Asian or Middle Eastern countries?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
Post last edited at



Well we kinda got a whole bunch of posters and leaflets over at >>2 but this would be a good place to brain storm ideas for some I guess

File: 869ad2d133c1a25⋯.jpg (105.95 KB, 1208x768, 151:96, TommyStreisand.jpg)


This thread is for brainstorming, creating and sharing memes and infographics about Tommy, the UK police state, the scourge of muslim pedophile-rapist grooming gangs, the protests, etc. for us to distribute on normie social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

OC is not only welcome, it's allowed. Remember, we're trying to sway normies here. We should focus on mocking the thoughtpolice's absurdist spoon-loicense authoritarianism, demonstrating the extent and graphic detail of the pedo rape gangs (need to start pushing this thrase over 'grooming gangs') and undermining the mainstream media's little remaining credibility.

Thread theme: https://youtu.be/Xd1gg2ff1mw

This footage of the cowardly cops running away from Tommy supporters has so much potential for meme magic:


61 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: bafe09bbebe98bf⋯.png (77.78 KB, 1840x390, 184:39, TRUTH.PNG)



Found the Mudslime. Go fuck a six year old. No wait, better yet, slit your own throat you fucking subhuman monster.



I just love how they have never heard of a chan style imageboard and tor



Who are "they"?

File: fb1487226fc9618⋯.jpg (115.54 KB, 640x666, 320:333, vc51.jpg)


We need a malleable outline of our plan of action in order to accomplish our goals. This should involve a little more than the basic protests and awareness campaigning (though I would never diminish their utter importance in this matter of England).

We ought to come out with some form of declaration or a plan of action to follow suit for all those involved in the movement.

So here are some suggestions. Hopefully this can be refined and fulfilled by you gents on this board, and some form of official declaration could be made as a formal grievance of the British people upon its government.

>Political Party Changes

Aim: We must embolden alternative parties that place Free Speech, Individual Liberty, and Britain First (the native culture of the British Isles) above all. Political parties should communicate and coordinate to form a campaign around these ideas and place the #FreeTommy movement as the spearhead of its justification. If pedophile rape gangs are allowed to roam free of consequence while reporters on the issue are jailed, there has to be a drastic revision of the Parliamentary System.

1) Form a cohesive communication channel between parties like the DUP, BNP, and UKIP. The outlier parties already focused on protecting the interest of the British native and Freedom of Speech ought to be held high for all to see as an alternative to the current establishment of Labour vs. Tory.

2) Contact and find BOTH Labour and Tory officials who are sympathetic to Tommy’s plight. They can help shifted the direction of the few in these parties who can help bring about change in the political system of Britain.

3) Find well spoken individuals to join an alternative party with an established platform. If it is feasible and desirable, a new party could be established that will be focus on the issue that surrounds the #FreeTommy movement. We need a re-energizing of British political parties to save it from the current decrepit shell it suffers from today.

D) To all British citizens: YOU can join a political party. YOU cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Awareness (Domestic and International)

Aim: We must continue to raise awareness of the issue of Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment and the oversight of corruption within the police forces of Britain. The ultimate goal is to make international headlines on mainstream news to assure that all the general populace will be made aware of the current situation in Britain.

1) Place pressure on the current Prime Minister and force her to address the issue. A national recognition of the current situation would help to solidify the movement and bring its legitimacy to the forefront of the political discussion. It can force the UK government to fulfill a true Brexit (which would free Britain of the chains of the EU and help give the UK the ability to solve its migrant, terrorism, and political corruption issues at the domestic level) in order to appease the #FreeTommy protestors.

2) Continue to assemble in an organized and peaceful manner. Protests and civil disobedience are what we need to force the light onto the issue, but we cannot have full blown riots out on the streets in our demands to Free Tommy. Take a page out of the Civil Rights Movement, which when led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a raging success as it led to the Million Man March on Washington D.C. We must:

1 – Organize protest in metro areas

2 – Record and Upload as much as possible

3 – Perform civil disobedience acts to force the issue to be addressed (think of the many sit-ins and boycotts of the Civil Rights Movement. Forcing corporations to act would help legitimize the movement)

4 – Remain peaceful and articulate (It must be stressed that we refrain from assaulting the police, politicians, and the members of the so called muslim community. We cannot have a movement for peaceful exchange of power back to the people unless we are willing to stand-up to our own principles. A well spoken individual is more deadly than any drunken loon with a fist.)

3) Find a way to make President Donald Trump aware and comment on the issue. President Trump is constantly on the spotlight in the maiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Exposing the Media (and those who own them)

Aim: Collect and expose all attempts by the mainstream media to paint the movement and Tommy as stupid, insignificant, and wrongthink. Something as powerful as a side-by-side comparison of an article saying Tommy Robinson is a racist for mentioning the court cases with another article stating all the cases of rape, grooming, and pedophilia that Tommy was making known to the world. We have the power to make the media eat their words, and we have the numbers and tools to do so.

1) Find and form catchy sayings/posters/memes about the movement. This movement at its core is about two main grievances: that pedophilia rape gangs were given the ability to walk freely for a decade and that Tommy was thrown in prison for 13 months on the same day he was live streaming about their crimes, all for the sake of being tolerant towards foreigners (in this case muslim migrants) of a drastically different culture than that which was homegrown in Britain. The hypocrisy of the left, of the police, and of the government is their Achilles heel. Use it to cripple their moral upright stance on all things, which they have used as a shield from all criticism.

2) Form a loose network of alt-media personalities that are willing to discuss the issue and continually upload to force the various algorithms of YouTube and social media websites to start sharing the issue. The more discussions there are about Tommy, the more people from all over the world will know of his blight. If there are any YouTube personalities, Alt-media reporters, or even new journalists/talent out there that can speak, it would be a great benefit for all who seek the truth to continually report on Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment, its surrounding controversy, and the underlying socio-political problems that created its existence.

3) Shift the meta-narrative of the mainstream media. Knock down the pillars of proclaimed tolerance, diversity, privilege, and guilt that have bogged down the public discussion for well over a decade now. Expose the hypocrisy that open borders just means more human trafficking, that tolerance just means looking the other way to rape and murder, that diversity is the exact oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Yeah it's about time we've had a written manifesto. I'll be reading this through the night.

Godspeed anon!

File: 428ec6bb8feedcc⋯.png (329.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Ifunny morning.png)





















>https:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Share Tommy's story and the UK's story with friends and family, in person and on social media.

Bump Tommy threads.

Donate to Tommy and subscribe to his newsletter: https://tommyrobinson.online/support/

Contact your politicians, especially your UK diplomats (pic related - Leaf example)

>Don't include in copy pasta, photo is MANDATORY and can be found at >>112

Add your name to the 600,000+ petition: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-free-tommy-robinson

Brainstorm in /pol/ threads!

Visit eightchan: /sei/ board to meet more minds.

Also, keep yourself safe and strong.

Get in shape. Practice self defense / martial arts.

Stop spending frivolously and start saving up an emergency fund.

Get to know more of your neighbours. Host non-political block parties and BBQs to build community cohesion.

Redpill your new friends carefully and slowly. A backfire could fuck up your social life.

Find out whether your boss would be willing to fire you for your opinions. If so, start looking for a safer job.

Who knows how far this will spread or how ugly it'll get.

We need our people to be as tough and independent as possible.


File: 53028e586ca6de6⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 195x143, 15:11, 1528889799349.jpg)

We should start using those frontpage photos about elite pedo rings that the sperg shill is always spamming in the OPs. We're all against the elite pedos as well as the street pedos and it undermines his argument that this whole thing is somehow a distraction from them.


File: e87fb41620a18d8⋯.jpg (17.05 KB, 157x182, 157:182, 1528889817261.jpg)


File: 1450c355818eaf3⋯.png (41 KB, 850x850, 1:1, Vanguard2.png)



30,000 people on the streets of London.

15,000 in the north. at least a few thousand the day before.

They are furious with the government. They are chasing the police down the streets with uncovered faces. And however many of them put it in these terms, they are ready to fight against the great replacement.

It is time to look past the blackpillers telling us that this would never happen- who are now telling us that these are not the "right sort" of people we wanted to rise up. We cannot let this energy get taken down the wrong path- the path of the EDL, marching around the streets with no real aim & fizzling out when they don't achieve anything. The path of the BNP, who won a handful of seats & then lost the voter's confidence when they couldn't make change.

We need to come together. We need to forge ourselves into the vanguard. We need to redpill these crowds, and take them on the path of ACTION.

Any thoughts & Criticisms?

File: 43a0ce89a74c387⋯.jpg (193.09 KB, 1200x643, 1200:643, Terrorist-Friendly-London-….jpg)



>On Thursday 28 June, come and ask the Mayor about his plans for your city at the State of London Debate.

>Hosted by LBC’s James O’Brien, this is your chance to ask Sadiq about the things that matter to you in London. Topics up for discussion include transport, safety, air quality & environment, housing and growing London’s economy.

>The event takes place at indigo at The O2 and tickets are free.

Sadiq Khan will be taking questions from the public on the 28th. Be there and ask him about the pedo gang rape crisis, the persecution of Tommy Robinson and how thousands of people going to jail every year for critising Islam isn't sharia law. Spread the word and get as many people that hate him there as humanly possible. if we can rally enough people to go, we can fill the crowd with /ourguys/ and drown him out with Booos and Oh Tommy chants.


This is a big chance to BTFO Sadiq in person for an entire night, when I say we need it packed with /ourguys/, I mean PACKED.




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