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"Tits Are life, Ass is Hometown" - Kenichiro Takaki

File: e7bfe99a4bf6c8f⋯.png (784.76 KB, 640x800, 4:5, fcf64c8dd61a7ccbf1c525378a….png)

File: 3104994188119d8⋯.png (479.56 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3104994188119d89ec3e95e425….png)

File: 2e6c9aa0252134b⋯.jpeg (99.56 KB, 640x800, 4:5, b59d5124783643ab2f61e2748….jpeg)

File: 301f6b98395b6bd⋯.jpeg (97.77 KB, 640x800, 4:5, a8abd77fbc7ec99ca7c198978….jpeg)

File: e7bfe99a4bf6c8f⋯.png (784.76 KB, 640x800, 4:5, fcf64c8dd61a7ccbf1c525378a….png)


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[SK News]

>Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash details Hebijo Clandestine Girls Academy and Homura Crimson Squad characters, cards, more


>First Gameplay Video of Peach Beach Splash has been shown off; reveals melee, power sliding, and card collecting


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>Game Series Wiki:


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>Estival Versus Information thread


>HD New Wave Cards:


>Greentext Story Thread:


>Volafile/File Sharing Thread:


>Senran Hunger Games/Big Brother Thread:


Please feel more than free to visit our other threads and make some yourselves if there's something that you feel isn't General worthy!

>8chan archive of threads:


General Thread OP Text: https://ghostbin.com/paste/zdja9


>Uses same Yoshi picture twice




To be fair, it's a very nice picture






Shes best murrikan senran, may as well


That black tape guy might be on to something.






American meido ninja waifu is top tier


File: f73555f16d98ccc⋯.png (1007.08 KB, 933x700, 933:700, 1484852411667.png)

File: ccfa1cd20b7e56a⋯.jpg (237.12 KB, 850x1212, 425:606, sample_bab60ee8bdad0d70a42….jpg)

File: 6c1f7319c58f5ad⋯.jpg (665.79 KB, 846x1000, 423:500, dfbe40655a89e1d832a39fea0b….jpg)

File: c072e9fe79a4ccc⋯.jpeg (394.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 04c4d708a3e9c4085a622fa87….jpeg)

Boobs + Coat is a winning combination.



Such great booty deserves to be posted TWICE pls no bully


File: fa053bcce2e0b41⋯.png (1.71 MB, 2000x1894, 1000:947, Miyabi Overdrive.png)

Woo Miyabi



Baiken Senran when?


File: a83dc0063d2dd72⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 395.99 KB, 1475x1656, 1475:1656, 60992020_p0.png)

File: a5cfb1e0bf6ca6a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 366.32 KB, 1475x1656, 1475:1656, 60992020_p1.png)


But who wears the big coat and boobs look better? Both of them are the shit regardless.


I don't blame you. More booty = more love.


Even lewd Miyabi's? To be honest, the artist says this is Miyabi but it doesn't really look like her even if they're drawing her PBS hairstyle.


I bet the Baiken look is possible in EV.


File: f9417d70725d797⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.6 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, fbcbfh.webm)

Oh, huh, I wasn't really expecting to find this all of a sudden. Not that great, but I guess it's neat to have. Why is Mirai so small though? And why is her anus too high up? Whatever.

Anyway, I think that's a 3D Custom Maid model converted to SFM. I've seen a couple other pictures of that specific model the past week or so, but I'm not sure where a download would be… Although I guess I don't really need it for anything if I keep working on rigging her SV model. I still need to reweight everything, assign bodygroups, and make face flexes. Kind of a pain.



Theres something about SFM porn when its with cartoony looking characters that looks off. Maybe its the lighting but shit weird.



It can be done well, and it can be done poorly.



Sadly it seems really hard to do great. Even in the days of early DoA5 porn it looked off.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sleep tight pupper




The mouth doesn't look that good, like it's almost slapped on.


File: 86ba23d6839d92b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.78 KB, 631x468, 631:468, atbg.jpg)


It reminds me of these mouths spoilered for indecency this time



Its nowhere near as bad, but damn some Nick characters were ugly as fuck.



As much as I liked shows like Rugrats and Aah Real Monsters, Klasky Csupo had some of the absolute ugliest character designs.


File: d1dcc566a596a31⋯.jpg (832.27 KB, 834x900, 139:150, d899b777f4ae60e84633444f1e….jpg)

Oh good you guys remembered Fuga tomorrow.



Yep, made sure the last thread finished up so we would be on time for it



>Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki has revealed the Nintendo Switch feature he is most interested in and unsurprisingly it is HD Rumble. Talking about his Nintendo Switch project Takaki says that the new technology could help him further express “softness” and a “touching sensation.” Make of that what you will.

>Famitsu: What point leaves the most impression to you?

>Kenichiro Takaki: It ’s the HD Rumble after all. Because I want to express “softness” with it. I already created a project, and now I’m in the middle of focusing on how to realise it. I think games have a “sensation of touching” in many meanings, so I want to realise a new experience that ’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch.



File: f6bfeaf9fce831c⋯.png (700.31 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1450539865187-1.png)

File: 7cabf45aa86c3f9⋯.png (806.63 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 53.png)

File: 3f18ad1337d2ca2⋯.png (782.75 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 48.png)

File: e00fb255ed45f24⋯.png (747.87 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 38.png)

File: 656d927a957382f⋯.png (712.92 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 17.png)

Tomato cocktail is a hell of a drink.


Isn't rumble like, the opposite of soft feeling? I can see it going off if you touch Dai's abs or something.



>Haruka's breasts will have more softness and pliancy to them over Ryouna's

>you will be able to tell Senrans apart by the resistance and weight of their ass and breasts

Too bad Switch will never be VR ready.



I guess, but apparently "HD" rumble is something special.


One day.


File: 2b5e744a327b6e9⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 5122x800, 2561:400, oh fug, it's fuga.jpg)





Happy birthday!




Not even animu magic could make either of those 2 look good.



no exceptions



How do you say her name? Fug-a? Foo-ga?






Fuga is gonna Fug-a me up wearing that Yozakura outfit!

Happy Birthday, Fuga!!!

Also how is everyone doing today?


File: 4d110974f8f0300⋯.png (820.61 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 天真爛漫.png)


It's just "Fuga" and not "Fuuga," so remember not to stress the first syllable like you probably would in English. It's only a short little "oo" sound! Asska, not Asooka!


File: 4a08243f5b7636e⋯.png (250.04 KB, 732x658, 366:329, 0c08dcdc6f2465a60d05569155….png)

Mirai is a cowboy!



Finally made it home, though now I miss the horrible weather in Canada compared to the tropics. Least I'm playing vidya.



They shaved away like, 50 years off Hilary


Welcome back, any souvenirs?




Wow I'm triggered, how come only boys can be cowboys? I'd prefer if you called them cowpersons, thanks.


Oof, how bad is it up there in this time of year? Got any new vidya to play?


File: f04d9ac0192d14b⋯.jpg (161.14 KB, 600x354, 100:59, 1462661709982.jpg)


Mirai identifies as a girl, thank you very much.



Got some shirts from Guatemala and a dreamcatcher.


Its either cloudy or raining, hate this shit. Gonna try to not let the weather get to me. As for vidya, right now I'm playing RE2, Homefront the Revolution which I uninstalled, and Duke Nukem World Tour which is a cash-in by Gearbox. I love the new content in that game but $20 is too much for that, especially since they only did one patch and fucked off.


File: fcb25480f0fbeb9⋯.png (358.58 KB, 647x934, 647:934, duke cuckem.png)


So then why do she use such a sexist term like cowboy? Mirai shouldn't have to call herself a 'boy' just to be part of the group. That's why we need to get rid of any references to single sex professions like cow'boy' or mail'main' (at least we already got that one changed to mailperson)

It's 2017 already, I think it's time for you to grow up. This is all a joke, please don't think I actually think like this. I just needed to goof around for today was all.


It's getting extremely windy where I live but luckily it's not freezing over here. I heard that World Tour had some problems like audio issues and what not. I just can't trust Gearbox to do anything competently in this day and age. Too bad Megaton Edition had to be sacrificed for World Tour.



Its not freezing either for me but its still terrible weather, plus Miami has one of the shittiest airports ever. Getting back on topic to World Tour though they patched the audio issues, but that was it. Switching between weapons with the mousewheel is so retardedly slow it makes you wonder how they can fuck it up until you release it was probably designed for console users first and PC users last outside of being a cashgrab.



I remember listening to audio comparisons and man, it sounded like they used the audio from the N64 port. How do you fuck up that bad? This is Gearbox we're talking about. Do you really think Randy Bitchford would want to do anything convenient for PC players? I'm sure he hates working on video games especially after the blunder that was Battlestillborn.



I genuinely wonder how they didnt notice, maybe they didnt notice at the time since they added new and rerecorded lines for Duke. As for Gearbox doing convinient things for PC gamers I expected better since regardless of thoughts on Borderlands 2 or 1.5 in particular the PC ports were well optimized and had a fuckload of graphical options.

Then again I wouldnt be surprised if Randy wants to step away from games after Stillborn, since Gearbox now seems to be a publisher for whatever reason as well.



>Then again I wouldnt be surprised if Randy wants to step away from games after Stillborn

What are you talking about? He's too busy showing off porn of it that he may or may not have made a subreddit for.



He apparently wants to be an indie friendly publisher. As for Battleborn porn I genuinely wont be shocked if Gearbox and Randy did that as an attempt to save the game or to advertise it, either by drawing porn in the studio or commissioning it.



I bet the audio engineers noticed the bad sound quality but I bet you it was a case of Gearbox only having access to low quality recordings and thus were forced to use those for the time and hoped that no one would notice. It's been awhile since they've come out with Borderlands 2 and who knows how much things could have changed internally.



The person on that page that submitted all of the porn posted a lot of Overwatch porn as well so who knows.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you own a PS4, better download the VR passport while its free or else KT is gonna set you back 15 shekels for it. Assuming you even own PS4 of course.





File: 68461e0ba5e7776⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 824x887, 824:887, C2wOq5KVEAAmV-O.jpg)



stupid cat


File: 7241366c48819f6⋯.jpg (8.21 MB, 4953x7079, 4953:7079, __murasaki_senran_kagura_s….jpg)


File: aae47e8aa8dbe89⋯.png (105.69 KB, 281x446, 281:446, 021 2.png)


Don't start that here.


File: de8dd1c665da3b1⋯.jpg (893.47 KB, 2640x2020, 132:101, Anda Dai niveles y Cabello….jpg)

Looking better?



Much better



File: 596e45a55e3b110⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 2314386585822.webm)

No comment.


So I found a naked homeless man in my bathroom masturbating. He had no clothes on and I kicked him out. Apparently I forgot to lock the front door and he snuck in. Thank god he wasn't a psychopathic murderer, holy shit.


New Ninpo for PBS? Looks pretty sick, Mirai looks like she has crazy movement options!


File: 8ae0bbbb0f91d4a⋯.png (82.18 KB, 344x408, 43:51, 4874295386643.png)


That sounds a little startling.



It was more than startling but I'm over it now.

I really wish I knew why Minori wanted that Mirai-drone so bad.



>forgetting to lock the front door

Fuck dude, that's messed up, sorry that happened. I've learned from other people's horror stories about not locking their apartment doors, so I always lock everything out of habit.


File: 30fdd7743831bdc⋯.jpg (748.55 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1485270182403.jpg)



File: 6b604a48f3c123d⋯.jpg (772.59 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1_0.jpg)

File: 8fd75b0021f589f⋯.jpg (702.28 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: 340a20431bf42ba⋯.jpg (764.57 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 4.jpg)

File: f99aa628b48c5c2⋯.jpg (668.41 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 5.jpg)

File: 8508ba5d4bc2d4a⋯.jpg (716.96 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 6.jpg)

New Famitsu scans


File: 92114949965d3aa⋯.jpg (717.07 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 7.jpg)

File: 4398f1ccec94537⋯.jpg (708.6 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 8.jpg)

File: 30fdd7743831bdc⋯.jpg (748.55 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 9.jpg)

From the looks of the screenshot in the Kagura page Conquest mode similar to Battlefield is confirmed


File: 147f9d558edc0da⋯.png (681.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HOLD MY BREATH AS I WISH F….png)


>conquest mode similar to battlefield

>tight maps and really open maps

>gettin' those Metro feels again

I better call a doctor because this erection is not going down.



2 Dais? How come one doesnt have abs?


File: 4426e9de7d32d95⋯.jpg (95.92 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw1.jpg)

File: 60d34846810812b⋯.jpg (143.83 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, nw2.jpg)

File: f8ab7f357c756a9⋯.jpg (98.3 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw3.jpg)

File: 4c86e846b881233⋯.jpg (96.45 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw4.jpg)

File: 4a3ee25b882198a⋯.jpg (97.21 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw5.jpg)

New Cards!



I'm glad they're finally showing it off. It was announced awhile back but getting to see it is fucking sick. I can't wait to see even more new info!


Because she realized that she needs to lose all that muscle if she wants to be a cute girl puri~ :^)


This is a really cute event, love all of the :3


File: 33bd8d4351375b7⋯.jpg (97.73 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw7.jpg)

File: ed881bca926e3b1⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw8.jpg)

File: e5ff88fd0645b34⋯.jpg (98.13 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw9.jpg)

File: 8300f9718ba90aa⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw10.jpg)


We got more :3's where that came from



Hell to the fuck yeah!


File: 4a3ee25b882198a⋯.jpg (97.21 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw6.jpg)

File: 90ab7fb3eaacfab⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw11.jpg)

File: 4bad53c855a4230⋯.jpg (97.94 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw12.jpg)

File: b94a8aeff0f7219⋯.jpg (119.77 KB, 640x800, 4:5, nw13.jpg)


Last run

Also why is Ryouna the least rude of everyone here?





It's because she's a good girl, A GOOD GIRL!

It was really fun getting to see all of the body swap shenanigans in this event, it was super adorable!


Shilling Yakuza 0, if you own a Bloodborne station4 get this, its so fucking good.



Shit, that reminds me, I was going to play the entire series.

It's gonna take me a while.



>So I found a naked homeless man in my bathroom masturbating

Reminds me of the time I found a crackhead giving another a blowjob in my garden shed when I lived in the boonies. They didn't notice me and I still pretend I didn't notice them. It was my first exposure to old man gay sex, but sadly not my last.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Super Krunch is doing a Resident Evil 7 Stream here





>sadly not my last

You poor soul



I guess any hole's a goal when you're a hobo.



>It was my first exposure to old man gay sex, but sadly not my last.

That's almost poetic. If it weren't for the old guys, that is.




I used to go to a gym that was notorious for having old man gay orgies. I didn't know about it when I signed up for membership, since I was drawn to it by a lack of douchebag types and an abundance of women not giving a single fuck. I thought it was a win-win situation, but then I took a shower there for the first time… I all clicked from there.



You mean you dropped the soap?



No, there were two shower stalls with four old men in each of them. I decided to shower at home.



This is just like my Burmese erotic engravings.



The life of an anon never seems dull.



That also reminds me of the time I caught my dad getting a blowjob from a hooker right in front of our house. Shit was hilarious.


Anon's are never dull.



That makes me miss my dog. He used to hump a hedge on my front lawn and look at me while doing it, as if he wanted my approval to impregnate the bush.



What if he was actually wanting to crush your boypuss but knew that not only was man-dog relationships were bad, but gay man-dog relationships were even worse? What if that hedge was his version of a waifu daki with you on it?



No, he made a habit out of humping that bush since my dad and I would laugh and give him attention for doing it. He was like a porn actress with daddy issues.



Oh jeez, that sounds pretty damn funny. Sounds like he was a good doggo though



He was. Got run over by a truck not too long after we got him neutered (the dog farm we bought him from was shady as fuck and lied to us about neutering him). We had a good two years together and I bet he'll meet me in the afterlife humping a hedge-shaped cloud in front of St. Peters Gate.


>Appocalypse Now is being made into a psychological horror shooter!

>But you gotta crowdfund it!







I'm not sure if I could get back into Yakuza after playing Shenmue.



Both are good games in their own way, though 0 has fun combat.


File: ae0fca4589d02cc⋯.png (2.05 MB, 2640x2020, 132:101, Anda Dai niveles y Cabello….png)

How does she look?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Super Krunch streaming some more RE7



Pretty damn good, although I'm sad she doesn't have them lips.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A few short showcase videos of PBS weapons have been released. It's a bit strange without music and voice acting.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder what the point was of updating them, they're too short to even get anything from.



Good lord was that the ability to stylishly dodge?


File: de7912ede49e67f⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2640x2020, 132:101, Anda Dai niveles y Cabello….png)


Tweaked the colors a bit because I thought she was looking too orange



why she eating a giant marshmallow tho


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rev up those shekels, Team Ninja is at it again



Oh, i like using those costumes in DoA5. Glad they ported them over.


File: 13565f81b3802e8⋯.jpg (234.49 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, C3JFkwRUkAAdk3A.jpg)

Ryouna's getting BIG again



this is giving me mario sunshine vibes


File: 0ecbaa500d33341⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ryouna1.webm)


fuck yes

also I hope other characters can be used in her place



Where and when did she get the power to grow into a giant?



Now that i think about, you could make a lot of gamemodes from this scenario. Like protecting the soap from enemies and constantly reapplying it, doing the opposite and trying to blast it away, just a good old fashioned boss fight,…


It's from the OVA's. She drank one of Harukas potions.


File: 1664bd7170d534b⋯.jpg (142.28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, C2qRIYJWQAIrZqf.jpg)


I thought this was a nice little article. Nothing too deep or anything, just fun.



I thought it was a general girl ranking at first and wanted to blast it for being complete heresy with Hikage that low.


File: 9744f6730c86808⋯.jpg (741.44 KB, 2622x2029, 2622:2029, Anda Dai tut.jpg)

File: 907a072f447a432⋯.png (2.27 MB, 2622x2029, 2622:2029, Anda Dai Niveles.png)

How I did it?



10/10, good shit my man!



Getting good commissions done is a nice feel.


File: 671607e13a93662⋯.jpg (209.15 KB, 727x727, 1:1, mirai_pets_a_senran_by_all….jpg)

File: d45c621cb357269⋯.jpg (489.86 KB, 1272x1064, 159:133, mirai_is_on_the_hunt_by_al….jpg)

File: ebaa207681e81ee⋯.png (300.09 KB, 1625x2761, 1625:2761, mirai_by_hellokittymonger-….png)

File: a88353d7151d1ba⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 3556x2000, 889:500, 61156560_p0.jpg)



stupid cat


File: bbe8977a4d78bfd⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 2622x2029, 2622:2029, Anda Dai tut.jpg)


Wew, now I'm actually done.


File: 87fdaa25cba9393⋯.jpg (150.48 KB, 523x539, 523:539, 1446301600271.jpg)


You're stupid.


File: eea2d2889b6035f⋯.jpg (242.07 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Gay cakescolor.jpg)



File: 19166d20c9b83c4⋯.png (119.26 KB, 555x849, 185:283, 1407539238163.png)


stupid dork



A flat dork with less story importance because of newer, flatter dorks


File: 34519e3432bec3e⋯.jpg (545.73 KB, 1280x2272, 40:71, 43468474_p0.jpg)

Streaming Nu-DOOM on Hitbox if anyone wants to watch


If you're wondering what's with the reaction pic, lets just say an episode of a show I'm watching pissed me off today and I need to burn some steam


File: 5433d5ee440d857⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2000x1200, 5:3, charapop_daidoji_l_2.png)

File: aec30c63528a79c⋯.png (345.92 KB, 572x724, 143:181, charapop_daidoji_2.png)

Full roster is up at the site


Dai's bio saying she's looking for femininity now is really, really pissing me off. But of course, they had to pick where her fucking retarded heart story left.

At least I have HQ renders of her character art now.



Was it an animu, cartoon, or regular TV show? How is Nu-Doom anyways, I loved the first two games and even managed to have fun with 3.


Why are there two versions of Dai anyways? Is it because Ninja Magic gives her abs or some shit? What's the point of having the wig too when it's gonna get soaked?



That's all part of the transformation.


File: 3e6d093adbcff2f⋯.png (534.97 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, 1485762913525.png)

Courtesy of /v/


File: 23c91cd898cfeca⋯.gif (320.51 KB, 500x284, 125:71, 23c91cd898cfeca8c9985c131c….gif)


That meme sweater is completely missing the point.


File: 1040d41c200c2e5⋯.png (174.24 KB, 344x682, 172:341, 5026427682453.png)



How does Ryoubi keep switching bed sides so fast?




Ok so

>no more side effects for Jasmine

>No new info whatsoever about Kagura and Naraku's deal

>the Mikaguras' bios are more or less copy pasted from EV

>The aforementioned issue with Dai

>Trying to play dumb about the the Miss R thing

>Split storylines that if Gematsu is to be believed, doesn't include Mikagura nor Legends

Yeah, they don't give a fuck for the story anymore



Reading that one about the single player mode in PBS, it sounds like the story is exactly the same as BA but instead of individuals going after the prize, it's teams this time. Still sounds like a spinoff to me.



So basically the new girls still get nothing, the Ryona fight is likely only ever her, and they still show off the boring white swimsuits.


File: 3327f6c6f8098ee⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 72c.jpg)


Hm, I'm interested to see how the Paradise Episodes play out as well as the boss fights featured.





It makes me wonder if they'll do the same thing for the "action" Senran Kagura game, and how the fuck this will be part of the main storyline.


File: 0c2e5ccf99c06b0⋯.jpg (420.22 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Dai Sweater colore.jpg)

File: 7e3013f06f41fa1⋯.jpg (448.28 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Dai Sweater colord.jpg)

File: c73cc0190e158ae⋯.jpg (536.15 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Dai Sweater colorc.jpg)

File: 17213b229148309⋯.jpg (581.75 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Dai Sweater colorb.jpg)

File: 1b1fcce3d99fb0c⋯.jpg (591.81 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Dai Sweater colora.jpg)

Which color fits best?



Black or white.



If I really, really had to choose I'd say black.




Well, black it is. Thanks


File: b24098ce437c2ee⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 432x640, 27:40, VK.jpg)


I like this new meme



I hate meme sweaters.


File: 0df07042d5b7ec5⋯.jpeg (36.88 KB, 156x154, 78:77, dealwithit.jpeg)


Because it doesn't work on flat cats



why i thought you loved memes


File: bbb6f896ff8ca9f⋯.jpg (351.29 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1434905713728.jpg)


Meme sweaters are just kind of dumb.


File: fc7d5646b6c0b17⋯.jpg (12.43 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1410302786519.jpg)


sounds like someones just envious



He isn't wrong.



no you both are wrong sorry to say


When is someone gonna combine all of the meme clothing together into one ultra-cloth garment?



wouldnt it just look like normal clothes at that point



It'd likely be some strands of cloth at that point.




Can we also throw in boob string and MEGA MILK?



Yeah sure why not.




Wait, you mean they made another meme dress?



Yes. Backless sweater that also exposes ass cleavage. Those kooky Koreans!



It's half a sweater.




Then what happened to that other meme sweater? Is it sitting in clearance bins or rotting in closets?

Also breaking news for those who had it during their childhood. The old Club Penguin site will be kill soon after 11 years. They're gonna make a new platform soon called Club Penguin Island but you still probably will have to pay to get more stuff goy




Old and busted, like this when the next meme outfit comes out. I never bothered with that penguin stuff.



They probably gave it to the beggars on the street since it's not the 'hip' thing anymore. I'll miss all of those articles of clothing. Godspeed ;_;7

I had heard about that. Hopefully they'll still allow people to troll on there.


Wii U production is officially kill. I dont know if its that huge of a loss though, but I sorta feel ripped off having one. Even though it was alive for 4 years not a whole lot of games were made for it.



That's something I always felt bad for for Wii U owners. The system wasn't the worst thing in the world and it had some damn good games, Nintendo just didn't support it.


File: 5ffb7754fbda02a⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 933x1200, 311:400, C3e278bWIAAaeFK.jpg)





File: de39fbcf8b7eee1⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 475x483, 475:483, 1469816787175.jpg)


File: a79e5cdcb388b57⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 333x239, 333:239, 8ac.gif)


dear god


File: fac2981fa2afe44⋯.jpg (222.35 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Dai Sweater color.jpg)

Well, how does it look?



Too distracted by that ass/10



Wanna do pull ups on those arms/10

Fo reals, a strong 8/10


File: 0ec141480f18681⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 3200x4700, 32:47, meme sweater.jpg)

Gonna try my hand at this new hot and spicy maymay using Miyabi


http://www.hitbox.tv/LastSeraph streaming some Double Dragon IV!


File: d74386fc41974aa⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 3200x4390, 320:439, meme sweater2.jpg)

I actually got this done in a good amount of time






File: 77651ec380a28e4⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 3200x4390, 320:439, meme sweater3.jpg)



File: ffc490ba39d1cfb⋯.jpg (99.02 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 0a9f50a8fdc4253d.jpg)

File: 9c68ebde1bfd8e7⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 3ffd97d1d79c61f1.jpg)

File: 0a91a1816e5cb98⋯.jpg (98.48 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 2823733e89d7f8cd.jpg)

File: 40be2c96c847a4c⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 640x800, 4:5, eab75be0ca38f1a1.jpg)

File: 3faa023f7f5c0fc⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 5f6c280870abe8ac.jpg)

A birthday, payday, and a new demo came out on top of hopefully a quick short shift. Pretty good day so far I'd say.



Demo? Also what is that purple thing Chitose is supoosed to be holding?


File: 8a46821f04da514⋯.png (39.82 KB, 409x311, 409:311, ed6eea278112c20c1cfb6b0f97….png)



Freedom Planet 2, and it's her gun pistol covered in weird purple stuff it looks like.


File: 098062e62bd3b10⋯.png (797.82 KB, 1215x1609, 1215:1609, HarukaBreastSmother.png)

Been working on this one on and off the past week or so. I think it turned out okay.


I cant believe even with the Switch they're thinking of a 3DS successor.




Yeah, thats apparently what the Nintendo CEO says. I dont know why, they say theres at least a few more games coming out for the 3DS but they want to make a successor, not a 3DS upgrade.

I dont know why when they already have the Switch, but Nintendo is retarded.


File: 6aa3e9d933cdcba⋯.jpg (242.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, C3qqmZ8VMAAluu3.jpg)

File: 37db5f435abe654⋯.jpg (331.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, C3qqlI6VcAA_V3j.jpg)

File: 203b6e9e08a2d5c⋯.jpg (309.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, C3qqlmYUcAA3fTT.jpg)

File: be9db9c4a80261c⋯.jpg (352.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, C3qqmCNUYAAS3nQ.jpg)



File: dbb74f98fc221bd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.95 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, B2XYtKZ.jpg)

File: ff495d2c8d1a20f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 432.28 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1485346953904.jpg)

Oh man, I never expected /h/ to come through with a great lewd story with Dai






Sexy muscles and the story was good too.



Fookin' nice!


I want to say that's the latest Forza. For some reason I always see stuff like this only in Forza.



fuck you i actually like that car



I think it's pretty damn cool



I wonder why there are so many weebs on Forza.


File: 263951c657078b7⋯.png (281.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, kek.png)


>this actually got retweeted by the boob producer himself



File: 892aafa8834ec28⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 5uS7fdmm.jpg)

File: 1c227acf1dcdcae⋯.jpg (715.77 KB, 3080x4095, 88:117, C3vtK4aVcAMTzvX.jpg)

How is everyone doing today? Gonna watch da BEARS win da Superb Owl?


File: bdb21f2885ffddb⋯.png (369.09 KB, 741x766, 741:766, Warring Cakes Color.png)

What do you think people?

I think the flat colors fit the artstyle but I dunno, maybe it needs to be properly shaded



I like the flat colors



Maybe some more shading but it's fine as is. Nice file name too.



Not much, just playing video games like Corpse Party on 3DS, Borderlands 2 on Vita, and Yakuza 5. I dont know how or why but I just dont feel interested in PC games right now outside of this one game I've been playing called Va11-Halla, which is a VN but being a bartender in a cyberpunk world with a godtier OST is the most interested I've been in a while.



>Borderlands 2 on Vita

you poor soul



On one end I got it for 5 bucks but for the most part the framerate is as terrible as expected. The aiming feels terrible because of shit enemy animations.


Not Senran Kagura related but still ninja related, the new Samurai Jack actually looks fine.


File: 99be27cc3d647a3⋯.png (7.81 KB, 344x135, 344:135, 12131181805917.png)



samurai jack now has a samurai gun


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Next episode of the Super Krunch Cast recording LIVE!


File: 4460b6d76976d0b⋯.png (548.47 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 16587300_1112761535501895_….png)

Thanks, XSEED.



>XSEED actually doing something SK related

D'aww, that's adorable :3


File: caf5c74fd16a182⋯.jpg (67.2 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Miyabi's written hug.jpg)

Thanks, xseed.




Where are you guys finding these?



XSEED Facebook page



Cool beans, thanks for the info!



Why is she mad tho



She's not mad, she's edgy.



I thought she got rid of the edge in EV.


File: 337cf7e5395f9e4⋯.png (484.11 KB, 718x740, 359:370, A Dai Color.png)



what's got her so mad


File: 210fc3e86f6f978⋯.png (320.26 KB, 896x632, 112:79, Scary Senpai.png)


She continues to be ignored


File: c4f1684952710e8⋯.png (327.69 KB, 1000x1271, 1000:1271, tumblr_okqf95Xz6k1w547fbo1….png)



Sometimes that's for the best



thats not bad, but i think it might look better if you added some small shine spots to her abs, her breasts dont cast enough of a shadow to darken them completely. Otherwise, I think your skin shading looks good, clothes and hair still need a bit of work.



Er, how would be possible for her abs to have shine spots when the light is coming from above?






File: 1bdc654c0c773a4⋯.png (348.82 KB, 896x632, 112:79, Scary Senpai.png)

Well, how does it look?



Kinda prefer the former one.


Eh, I'll try to emulate instead



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh fuck yeah! From the movement options to the weapons having secondary fire options, this game actually looks like it's gonna be a really fun third person shooter. I'd play this even if it wasn't tittty ninjas!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That vid and this one are a couple of over the shoulder captured gameplay footage.




The one thing that has me a bit iffy is the lock-on though with how hectic the movement is it was probably necessary to add.



That being said though I want to hold out for a PC port even though I got a PC port. Some genres just play better on a controller than others.


File: 3ebf4b062a92cb7⋯.png (45.71 KB, 234x279, 26:31, Harukahuh.png)


what does that mean


File: 7cf7b34ead6255e⋯.jpg (40.34 KB, 190x192, 95:96, 1424356282666.jpg)


That means it's not gonna get delayed five times bore release like Mighty No. 5.8


>PBS will get tariffed in Trump's America

>possibly banned thanks to Pence's and Bannon's puritanical purges

You get what you paid for, even if you didn't vote.


File: 7e37bc6ee1bb41b⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 239x298, 239:298, smug Homu.jpg)


>Thinking Congress will allow Trump to put up tariffs



You literally only post on this board to talk shit about the political party you don't like. Cry more, bitch.



>implying Trump won't EO his way around Congress and the Supreme Court


It's the only way I can get off.



I don't give a fuck you retarded faggot. No one brought up this shit here.


File: c6cf919c7580749⋯.png (344.19 KB, 453x607, 453:607, 1428371857384.png)


>around the Supreme Court


The courts already shut down his immigration EO and they'll shut down anything else unconstitutional he puts out

Now shut up and post senrans



Look's like I'm breaking your conditioning by Correcting Your Record :^)



Dude, you've posted in this thread literally three times and haven't posted at all in the past several ones. Either don't bring up political shit because you're a butthurt bitch or quit posting.



And how would you know I'm not posting as another Senranon here ;^)


File: 0fa38db6d830d7e⋯.png (79.21 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1441743772060-3.png)


Your low quality bait is not enough to hide your liberal butthurt.


File: d6ee3e3087165bc⋯.gif (114.14 KB, 500x313, 500:313, 1486272372280.gif)

Here's an idea. Why don't we just not reply to the obvious bait? It's bad, and it's amazing people replied to it. What did you expect? No offense.



Its hard to tell now whether someone is honest, baiting, or a genuine retard


File: b0fd9114f01321c⋯.jpg (325.04 KB, 1239x1746, 413:582, 049f28c9d5c9316fc871c8a43c….jpg)


Poe's law is a bitch


File: 8dd8c2265e9ed8a⋯.png (392.53 KB, 794x1400, 397:700, 1486800173238.png)

>So is the Vita dead? Not for us, not now – I’d say it’s on the decline, but we still have Vita titles through the next year. Valkyrie Drive was our last Vita-only title, so you could only play that on Vita and that’s done extremely well for us. Visual novel content has done well – Root Letter and the original Steins;Gate has done phenomenally well. The sales on Vita have vastly outstripped the sales on PS4 with something like Root Letter. Steins;Gate was pretty much all on Vita too, then a small amount on PS3.”

Nice to know VD was a success


File: 5c6ad05e9a44b4a⋯.jpg (763.81 KB, 800x1232, 50:77, fea27c3fedf5d512c48e928380….jpg)

File: 57f9238691e154e⋯.png (631.85 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 53610237ba7181d9fa0791a627….png)

File: dd552b487dae937⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, a1e4fdec1ac3a3dd4a5b57bcf8….jpg)

File: 7755900f06e5f88⋯.jpeg (288.65 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, a2cc31f04b763c62d3e4480f1….jpeg)

File: 1795c90563bb9c9⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1777x1390, 1777:1390, bae0679879c79f5c95e6bc8476….png)

Have some Katsu.



File: 647ba21240a1ffd⋯.png (682.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, CyAAtLgVEAAtvyT.png)


Well that's nice to hear. Hopefully it destroyed Criminal Girls 2's sales



That it is.


At least the Vita has a life after its early death. I just hope the Switch doesnt kill it off, it was an underrated handheld with great weeb and western games. Playing PS1 games on the go didnt hurt either.


Best Hanzo grill



But the Switch can't kill that which is already dead.



Vita will live on in our hearts




B-but… Vita means life!



To this day I wonder who decided to call it the Vita. NGP or PSP2 would have worked fine, but Vita is a terrible name.


File: 22d433f019c96c9⋯.jpg (67.9 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2cPlbX.jpg)

File: 4c4e99620da4f68⋯.jpg (83.44 KB, 960x544, 30:17, LD4C8M.jpg)



File: 29c60392dc3c901⋯.png (389.86 KB, 814x527, 814:527, WTF Sony.PNG)

File: ea117c74d306540⋯.jpg (557 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 004.jpg)

File: c8a90311f52ae12⋯.jpg (259.16 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 005.jpg)

Remember the set of VD avatars?

They were finally added to the American PSN but not all of them Viola Manpukumaru, The Director and the ones with the Paradise Swimsuits were seemingly too spicy for America


File: 06b06a41d9d79a2⋯.png (71.83 KB, 207x405, 23:45, 3.png)


I said wake up!



>The Director

Literally who?


File: f809cb187e3fe3b⋯.png (9.6 KB, 344x135, 344:135, 8954884304955.png)


I'm awake!


File: 19166d20c9b83c4⋯.png (119.26 KB, 555x849, 185:283, 1407539238163.png)


Stupid cat


File: bb20b49c8772177⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 294.8 KB, 407x425, 407:425, ClipboardImage.png)

So this is only related by it being Nan's art, but is this a mobage or something?


Also, HoMiyabi best girl



Yep it's some kind of Mobage



At first I thought it was just a bunch of new New Wave girls.




You beat me to it dude. I'm glad its launching in March though and finally bringing those DLC characters into the game, hopefully this means we wont have to wait long for a PBS PC port.



Oh shit, the DLC is coming to PS4/Vita as well


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I can finally fucking try it out I guess.



Brace for mild disappointment



File: bac3c1aea04fc5d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.58 KB, 100x100, 1:1, tDF7iKM.png)

Well, I wasn't expecting this



Is that a futa Dai sprite?




That's a tiny Daidouji.



Is not the size what matters but what you do with it


File: 350d47a70bfe02a⋯.jpg (5.61 MB, 4000x2588, 1000:647, 59150799_p0.jpg)


Well, not much is being done in that picture.


File: 43d23f6d47e1c2a⋯.jpg (220.75 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, C4mpsbVUYAAExQu.jpg)



Demo set up in Akiba



I wonder if thats where most of the senran kagura fanbase is in Japan.

Also its Valentine's Day tomorrow who the fuck up for some bitter hatred towards couples that play up the love aspect too much in public and spending time with waifus


File: d5d570e57098a38⋯.jpg (125.4 KB, 363x463, 363:463, 1471597674921.jpg)


I'm all up for the first half of that.

>needing a special day to do what you should in the first damn place



I'm gonna stream some Huniepop tomorrow.


File: 9190f013bbb2823⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2900x3700, 29:37, Minnow.jpg)

New drawing for Minnow's birthday


I'm gonna celebrate Minori's birthday by rubbing her breasts in her mousepad!

I love you Minori!




Wait, Minori was born on V-day?


File: 36fcd43827b4d84⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 436x501, 436:501, 5d93126895d6abe310c6c12e43….jpg)

File: 207cabd375eb3a6⋯.jpg (73.34 KB, 560x511, 80:73, 1450129044119.jpg)

Deeply concerned



>hard-er modes as dlc


File: 21543028ab3c00d⋯.jpg (258.74 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, 61462161_p0.jpg)

File: c13d52c0c6f9bda⋯.jpg (166.77 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, C4jnwm5UYAADB4k.jpg)

Why is Minori so beat up on her birthday!?

I'll post a cute Minnow to make up for it!


I'm worried about that too, why this for a Zelda game of all games?



It makes me wonder though if it means regular hard mode is DLC or if its just harder modes


I guess it should have been seen coming after it was in Hyrule Warriors, but it still seems worrying. Of all the things Nintendo could have taken from modern games this sure as fuck aint it.


File: 441ecb455e8b350⋯.jpg (188.89 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, C4oe4d7UcAEuf9_.jpg)




Well shit, thats neat.



I'll miss seeing Ayame try her hardest to jew you into buying panties though



She aint got time to jew when shes after that Kat booty


File: 351f0ea2248a72e⋯.jpg (269.15 KB, 932x1199, 932:1199, C4oRvC-WEAEG3Ty.jpg)


She's on that next level hustle. She wants to see Katsu butt in her store brand panties.

Speaking of, I hope there's a Katsu/Ayame valentines pic. That, and happy valentine's day to all of you scrubs!


File: acb17f839210c76⋯.png (1.05 MB, 800x1119, 800:1119, Gebs Dai.png)


File: fb6c35ee5ab969c⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 2900x3545, 580:709, Minnow2.jpg)

Happy Birthday Minnow! Hope everyone enjoyed their respective Valentine's Day. If you didn't you should join my Huniepop stream.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 51f4313b8e683f8⋯.png (176.11 KB, 458x438, 229:219, 1449626744013.png)





Also I'm streaming Huniepop now on Hitbox!




I guess its better than their usual dubs?



The little is shown sound good.



Fuck PBS


File: 5a450b232121c51⋯.jpg (113.24 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4uma51VcAAfFnw.jpg)

File: 598b877203bfb1c⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umaasUcAEHnJ_.jpg)

File: aa46147d1a752d5⋯.jpg (113.38 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umhVeVMAAguWl.jpg)

File: 639ecfb75c6be25⋯.jpg (117.02 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umhzhVcAE3IBb.jpg)

File: 7c079e5e1c7f18e⋯.jpg (118.27 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umiQ_UEAAakZM.jpg)


It could be because with the usual Funi dubs they're horrible

Also new cards


File: 9e5bf36d8be0ebc⋯.jpg (113.22 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umir6VcAA3q0z.jpg)

File: 2bc4dc936d028b4⋯.jpg (117.51 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umt0eVMAAt4LZ.jpg)

File: 733a68016f89020⋯.jpg (97.24 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umtavVUAAIkMb.jpg)

File: ff5a0276ad434bc⋯.jpg (97.66 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umtFzVcAAyKGm.jpg)

File: a257cb7f89b106f⋯.jpg (115.15 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umZ_5UMAA-JYc.jpg)


File: 316f89bbe525ecc⋯.jpg (101.84 KB, 640x800, 4:5, C4umZbrUYAAbqfF.jpg)

File: 2f6c6cb375528c0⋯.jpg (177.76 KB, 977x1200, 977:1200, C4uvZu-UoAAQQb7.jpg)



Wait, that Tsubame is new?



I dunno, I just got it from some twitter


File: e16a83dd145984b⋯.png (881.29 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 16802739885249.png)


Mirai has TWO FANGS. This is canon proof that she is a vampire.



That or her teeth is fucked up. Would explain her boob complex and why she never seems to gradually change though


File: 959177223f6c162⋯.jpg (227.83 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 32534046_p0.jpg)

File: 509b9626a0a0459⋯.jpg (394.72 KB, 950x690, 95:69, 5991565_p0.jpg)


It would also explain how she bewitched me.



And why she always refers to herself as a lady, shes probably a few hundred years old.


File: 16a9a43bf27143a⋯.png (608.58 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 99.png)

File: 356d934d6c36308⋯.jpeg (179.46 KB, 540x675, 4:5, 5aedad57e4e042a8e90bffff8….jpeg)

File: 3d3023d9d93c550⋯.png (636.34 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1467392203995-2.png)


Voice samples of Yuyaki, Souji, and Leo are available on the site



Souji and Leo are voiced by Yoko and Rossiu from Gurren Lagann, respectively. I recognize Leos VA from some other stuff but i can't quite put my finger on it, she does a lot of male roles.



She's in .hack, that's it. I think she might have been in Drifters too.




Huh, I was wondering why Leo's voice sounded so deep


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New trailer, this one is about 5 minutes long.



>Boobs have gravity when they're laying on their back

God bless



Its the power of the PS4.



Truly the power we all deserve!






Damn shame they couldnt get the hair physics working right



Or different models for each body. Maybe for the PS5



That or hope Tamsoft gets a budget eventually.




Or give it to Meteorize, they can do hair physics good



You make it sound like they do a better job than Tamsoft despite only having worked on a rhythm spinoff and one other title.



They aren't to be underestimated. The work they did for VD's gameplay, despite the number of bugs in the game, was pretty damn good. I would LOVE to see them make an SK action game.


>NISA is now localizing the new Ys

I mean its not like I'm the biggest fan but damn Xseed got shafted.


File: 936518b8794f9c0⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, 3:2, 1471635687125.gif)


Oh my fucking god Ys is going to die a miserable death now. What the fuck is Xseed doing?



what is your fucking deal dude

why are you always fucking upset



NISA is a shitty company.

>why are you always fucking upset

That's funny coming from you.



Motherfucker this is NISA bringing over a series Xseed has put their time into, god knows how they'll fuck it up with bugs, censorship, or shit translations.


According to Hatsuu apparently they fought for the rights but somehow NISA won. It makes me worried that NISA has their sights on ruining everything XSEED touches, and will actively do this shady practice more.




do both of you cunts not remember how badly ys 6 was handled

its not entirely the same, granted



Why are you so aggressive? Are you in a bad mood? Did somebody hurt you? Who hurt you? It's okay, you can tell me. I'm here for you.



From what I've read Hudson and Konami handled a fair bit of it.

Also I'd trust XSEED more than fucking NISA after all the things they do to their games.



No, enlighten me.



no i would greatly have preferred them to get it too, but i doubt it will cause the series to die over here


bad translation, bad dub


File: 2f051008c8dec21⋯.jpg (468.63 KB, 1321x1749, 1321:1749, 2f051008c8dec21ad505c83357….jpg)


That's pretty bad, but is that it?



It wont but it still makes me wonder why they suddenly cared about Ys now. I brought this up before but its still baffling. If it were just about them handling limited editions I wouldnt mind.



well when you put it like that its like my complaints are nothing

believe me im pissed they got it too, i just think i can deal with it. none of the games they localized before are things i cared about though so maybe this is why



I don't mean to downplay them but bad dubs and translations aren't as bad as the game constantly locking up or your system bricking.


Yeah that'd do it.


just realized my posts haven't had my flag. My 8ch settings on my PC reset for some reason. hows it going? I've been playing the new hitman game since it was on sale. I ended up really liking it. The first season ended the plot way too soon but there's a lot of tools to make the levels replayable. new targets, different ways to start, it's really nice.



Lost three people at work and just recovered from some fever. Got SASRT, Generations, planning on getting Revelator and resubbed to XIV. I would've gotten X-2 on sale but that means getting X as well.



shaky as hell, working on trying to steady things up again



Quite a bit going on right now. Gonna do some overtime for some more cash, finishing up Va11-halla and Yakuza 5, got an R4 for my 3DS, and my cousin wants to sell me her Switch pre-order since she says nothing interests her besides Zelda.

I mean I kinda want it.


Happy Birthday Hibbers


File: df67d977ab9fff2⋯.jpg (200.86 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, C48z605UcAAVh2t.jpg)

File: 83eff7db2a7439f⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, C49BBa0XUAAI8aV.jpg)

File: 7fe8ea7a1c9cc5a⋯.jpg (86.25 KB, 566x800, 283:400, C49A5kGUoAIrl9X.jpg)

File: c5c45a962aca3e6⋯.jpg (127.64 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, C49B1ouVMAA_siC.jpg)

File: 0bfa6af74f147d4⋯.jpg (74.17 KB, 1145x792, 1145:792, C49PSsfUkAAK8hA.jpg)



File: d43ac4a23d74823⋯.jpg (327.59 KB, 960x1252, 240:313, 8.jpg)

File: e1319d54ce6a97e⋯.jpg (109.95 KB, 570x410, 57:41, Senran Kagura (7).jpg)

File: 677b6017f37cd4b⋯.jpg (432.8 KB, 640x800, 4:5, Hibari_68.jpg)

File: 56b70dace069a01⋯.jpg (397.89 KB, 640x800, 4:5, Hibari_60.jpg)

File: bf4cc56075eac5d⋯.jpg (371.69 KB, 640x800, 4:5, Hibari_21.jpg)

Wow, Senran is way more slow than I remember.


A lot of people may hate her but I like her, she's not on my top 5 but she's kinda cute, Happy Birthday Hibari!


File: 6301399df8cc57a⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 720x440, 18:11, C45ta2EUMAEjBXV.jpg)

File: 154b2efcec95daa⋯.jpg (51.81 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, C44KucQUcAE1mBq.jpg)


A lot of people ended up leaving, there's only a couple of us here now

Man, I don't see how anyone can hate Hibbers. She's too cute!


File: 8366093bc77fbe6⋯.jpg (436.46 KB, 1068x1200, 89:100, 1466472430203-1.jpg)


I'm here I just never post

Silently watching like some kind of sick voyeur



Oh no it's all good, I just apologize to the lurkers for how quiet it is here as of late. Unfortunately, we can't blame stuff like school and what not on people being gone.


File: 0eaaa0bff940a57⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1002x1050, 167:175, I roll the nickels.png)

Someone should make a Roy Hibbert and Hibari picture.

Happy birthday Hibari. Your infinite ass smash chains and ninja star rains will always make you sleeper OP in my heart.



I wish she had a ninpo that was just her doing the butt bounce while also making it rain shurikens. No ninja or yoma could possibly beat it.




That lock on looks unnatural in a third person view. I also dont know how you would gage your health, and it makes me wonder if it would play better in a first person mode and just basically be a low budget Titanfall with tits.



It's extremely similar to Armored Core V/Verdict Day gameplay. 3rd-person shooting with lock-on. With how fast the movement is in that game, it's needed. PBS looks to play even faster so I can understand needing lock on. Some weapons look like they have a manual aim mode like the shotgun.

This game is pretty much titty Armored Core V and I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me!



I never tried those games so I dont know how they play. I'm just looking at it as a standard shooter or Splatoon/TF with boobs and it doesnt seem to click well as that.


File: 7badfea8bb3c93a⋯.png (232.81 KB, 587x634, 587:634, C0oxj-WXcAAK0c-.png large.png)

File: 7970e5bee9eae82⋯.png (205.55 KB, 515x684, 515:684, C0oxomiWQAAurO4.png large.png)

File: 045abdaa9071cf7⋯.png (269.78 KB, 525x759, 175:253, C0oxLKoWIAE0piq.png large.png)

File: 44f9b91aa4366cb⋯.png (124.07 KB, 225x699, 75:233, C0oxZJ_XgAA6sLu.png)

File: fc680af1a0a46d4⋯.png (310.02 KB, 537x683, 537:683, C0oxdSMXcAApjH_.png)


I get it, is sad to see just a few of people posting here, I guess I'll start posting instead of lurking.


>tfw no PS4 to play both EV and Beach Splash on a big screen.

Funny enough, I will end up buying Yakuza 0 before buying a PS4, probably the same with EV and Beach Splash, considering that I'll probably buy a PS4 through this year now that I got a job.



They'll end up on PC eventually, I'd wait.


File: e7062b226f3aac1⋯.jpg (57.75 KB, 640x462, 320:231, tumblr_inline_ogd9p6NlXH1u….jpg)


I'm not much of a PC guy anyway, prefer physical over digital and a few exclusives titles of consoles.



Just sayin', I got a Vita for a few games I thought would only be on it and they got slapped onto PC so now I've got what basically amounts to a paperweight.


File: fd5a62935f6bfad⋯.jpg (134.85 KB, 720x206, 360:103, senrankagura_028_cs1w1_720….jpg)


Well, I got the Vita mostly because I love handhelds and Senran Kagura was on there, I still play it from this day, the same with my 3DS (both are hacked tho, but I still buy games to this day).



Yakuza 0 is great dude, if you can I absolutely recommend it, especially if you love beat em ups like Streets of Rage but more or less in 3D.


EV is coming out this March on Steam, PBS will likely come out as well, but I have no clue if Yakuza 0 ever will. Plus considering I have download caps its sometimes easier to just get a physical copy.

That being said though PS+ is a ripoff like XBLG.



I definitely will, I really want to get into the Yakuza series and I want to buy the games before they run out considering they are pretty niche.

Also, I'm not much of a guy who plays game online so PS+ is something I will probably won't touch except on special occasions.



Just be aware though that the Yakuza series is very story driven, so it's preferable to start at 0 or emulating the first two games.



Oh yeah, PS+ and the like were also a reason I didn't get the PS4. Damn shame Nintendo decided to charge for online as well but I think it's what, 2$ a month or something silly like that.



Apparently Switch Online will cost $20 or $30 annually. Its not going to break the bank but it still seems pointless and I'm scared on how that will effect the online.


File: 6c596582e43c27c⋯.jpg (96.55 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Asuka's mother.jpg)


I'm more afraid of Nintendo online servers, considering that their online services run like ass, Sony said that they would improve their servers with PS+ but most of the people I talk says that their servers still run like crap, I doubt Nintendo is going to change anytime soon.



Damn Asuka's mother is fine

Getting back to Nintendo though its not that their online servers run like shit, its that they're so horribly outdated compared to even anything the PS3 or fucking Vita have to offer. Its hard to say there was even any significant improvement from PS3/PS4 online so there's no point in paying for it really, and the free games they offer are bland as heck.


Just realized Leo's VA looks like a dude. I just wonder why her voice is deeper compared to even Miyabi's though, doesnt really fit.



It's kinda hot actually, but that's just me.


Has anybody played the demo of Freedom Planet 2? I'm doing it right now and holy hell, I'm surprised how they have improved the game on a lot of aspects. My only complain is that Neera needs a buff on her attacks and hitboxes, she's difficult and weird to play as.



I think she's the least complete out if them, but it's pretty dope so far. Mila got so many things going for her now.


So I discovered that my school allows students to use the 3D printers for free

You wouldn't download a waifu



You know what your mission is. Print us all some figs! If I could, I'd pay you for it. I still really want some of those collectors editions figures!



Dew it up.



Make sure you make a lewd fig for yourself



I wish, but my 3D modeling skills are nonexistant. And unfortunately there aren't any senran STL files that I could find


File: 0eec924ecd51a36⋯.jpg (69.18 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, C5Fo7e9UYAIt8Hm.jpg)


Dammit all!

At least there's good news, Rin is finally getting a Dakimaki



Took them fucking forever.



and it'll take them forever +50 till dai gets one



Took too damn long. At least we'll finally get our own slices of cake after all this time. Now we wait for armor abs to get hers.



Dai love never.



Goddamn I'm not a dakimakura mando but I would gladly pay for both Rin and Imu if I had the chance.

I guess this is where all the money from my job will go.




I hate muy cellphone.



Once you go weeb theres no turning back my friend

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