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Assad Wins Again

File: 0dcf9d912a50f36⋯.png (119.67 KB, 300x200, 3:2, Assad in Idlib.png)

74c3f6 No.1633

Latest major developments as of 2018-05-21

(see Meta & Resources thread for links - >>609)

Damascus / Across Syria

>The next major Syrian Arab Army (SAA) operation will take place in the southern province of Daraa (No official confirmation yet but multiple SAA units, including Tiger Forces, are moving troops and equipment to the region).

>May 21, 2018, The SAA officially declared full control of South Damascus. For the first time since 2011, the capital city and and its entire countryside is now considered safe.

>May 16, 2018, The SAA announced the liberation of 1200 square kilometers and 65 villages in southern Hama and northern Homs (full control).

>May 10, 2018, 28 Israeli Air Force F-16 aircraft fired 60+ air-to-surface missiles at SAA/SyADF positions in southern Syria and Damascus. Syrian air-defense systems were hit. The Syrian military responded with their own salvos of rockets, and intercepted many missiles. According to the Russian MoD, Israel also launched roughly 10 surface-to-surface missiles. >>1555

>April 29, 2018, The Israeli Air Force attacked military positions in the provinces of Hama & Aleppo. One of the sites was a munition depot belonging to the SAA 47th Brigade. According to reports, local hospitals received multiples victims. There has been no confirmation on the number of injuries/fatalities.

>April 25, 2018, The SAA officially declared full control of Eastern Qalamoun.

>April 15, 2018, The SAA officially declared full control of Eastern Ghouta.

>May 4, 2018, The OPCW fact-finding mission completed its work and returned to The Hague. The analysis of the samples may take at least three to four weeks. During their mission, the inspection team visited two different sites in Douma.

>April 26, 2018, Russia and Syria held a news briefing at the OPCW where they had brought seventeen eyewitnesses from Douma who confirmed there was no attack there and the White Helmets had actually forged the video footage.

>April 14, 2018, The OPCW fact-finding mission invited by Syria and Russia arrived in Damascus.

>April 14, 2018, The USA, Britain and France attacked Syria with 105 cruise missiles (hours before the arrival of the OPCW).

>>1079 >>1109 >>1161 >>1335

>March 18, 2018, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited Eastern Ghouta. >>724

>March 13, 2018, SAA units found an underground chemical facility in al-Shifonyah, Eastern Ghouta. Terrorists used it to develop chemical weapons. They found manuals, documentation from a Saudi chemical industrial company and various other items.

>>655 >>662 >>663 >>668

Deir ez-Zor

>The US military has established at least 3 new bases in the oil-rich region of Eastern Deir ez-Zor (al-Tabiya, al-Amr/al-Omar, & al-Tanak oilfields).

>March 28, 2018, SAA units found three depots containing chemicals and equipment for the manufacture of ammunition.

>>866 >>867 >>868


>April 8, 2018, The Israeli Air Force targeted Syria’s T-4 airbase. Syrian military stated the attack was carried out in coordination with the US military. The jets fired eight guided missiles, but five of them were shot down by Syrian air defense units. Three of the missiles reached the western part of the airfield. The Israeli aircraft did not enter Syrian airspace and launched the strikes while flying over Lebanon. Syrian media confirmed several casualties among Syrian soldiers, without specifying any number. Iran has confirmed 7 Iranians were killed (IRGC/militias).


>The US military has established 2 new bases in the region of Manbij.

>March 24, 2018, The Turkish Army (TSK) & allied moderate beheaders (TFSA) declared full control of the district of Afrin.

>March 18, 2018, The Turkish Army (TSK) & allied moderate beheaders (TFSA) declared full control of Afrin city.

>More than 170,000 civilians left the region for government-controlled Syria.


>See >>1303 >>1304 >>1305 for the latest information on US military installations in Hasakah Province.

Read at the very least the last 50 replies before posting.

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74c3f6 No.1634

Recommended Videos & Links

(All links checked on 2018-05-10)


>Latest interviews with Assad

>2018-05-10 - Interview with Athens daily Kathimerini


>In an exclusive interview with Kathimerini's executive editor Alexis Papachelas, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against civilians, while taking aim at both Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump.


>Assad visits monastery for Christmas: https://youtu.be/aG_SutViEmQ


>Pipelines and Syria: https://youtu.be/L4vD6JpJAFI


>American Virginia State Senator Richard Black tells the other side of the story on Syria - https://youtu.be/0FNtEWfay_8

>Bashar Ja’afari and US Peace Council Representatives on Syria speak at the UN - https://youtu.be/Yc-RmAVK8Pg

>Syrian Ambassador to UN Address to Schiller Institute - https://youtu.be/U3LTTbOYVfU


>Ron Paul: Syria Gas Attack: Assad's Doing…Or False Flag? - https://youtu.be/LULzvg1gA5U

>Ron Paul: US Bombs Syria - National Security Or Aggression? With Guest, US Rep. Thomas Massie - https://youtu.be/fbEMlqrhlSg


>Syriana Analysis: Not a Revolution - https://youtu.be/8prwbWLa7f0

>Syriana Analysis: Women under Bashar - https://youtu.be/_S_zmlDuGKU

>Syriana Analysis: Assad: Chemical Attack Fabrication - https://youtu.be/_pGAcv-cvA4


>SAA Soldier met family after 5 years - https://youtu.be/zHoeU9mZ1Xss


>Prof. Theodor Postol of MIT on "Chemical attack" in Khan Shiekoun




>South Front - NGOs and hybrid warfare - https://youtu.be/ro1byfe5vUM


>WikiLeaks: Turkish oil minister links to Isis oil trade - https://wikileaks.org/berats-box/article

>WikiLeaks: Top aide to Hillary Clinton: Al-Qaeda is on our side in Syria - https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/23225


>/sg/ visits Army 2017 - https://myalbum.com/album/seYvACY7CtIm

>Aleppobro takes pix for /sg/


>Links related to Chlorine gas in Syria - http://pastebin.com/cDL3mv0w


>What would happen if terrorists exploded a crude nuclear bomb in Washington DC? Watch Bill Perry's nuclear nightmare.



(Credit to previous Board Owner or whoever posted this in 2017)

74c3f6 No.1635


74c3f6 No.1636


239e6c No.1637

File: fc1617ba9e12f71⋯.mp4 (354.57 KB, 318x180, 53:30, Absolute madman.mp4)

>Journalist: whats your opinion about the Israeli bombing?

>Syrian: I ask them to bomb at day not at night because they are bothering our sleep, and at day light at least we can see their missiles falling apart and take photos.

I don't understand Arabic (just got this from a tweet).

9c2b4e No.1639

File: 0d3d620b0bb1df7⋯.png (920.98 KB, 1064x669, 1064:669, 515480aac8a5c837ebe16c77b8….png)

Not exactly Syria related but what's the scoop on Iraqi elections right now? This /newsplus/ post didn't explain much about it >>>/newsplus/172063

ab5854 No.1642

Israel kills 52, injures over 2000 Palestinians


Reading the news about it, it seems that the election was won by an anti-US shia cleric who has close ties to Saudi Arabia and distances himself from Iran. Sounds like a puppet and controlled opposition to me, tbh, but it's too soon to pass judgement.

bbe160 No.1654

File: d6589a5dd02f31f⋯.png (449.74 KB, 844x1500, 211:375, 2018-05-14_-_‘Terrible_mas….png)

File: ef002d4070ae23f⋯.jpg (152.92 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 2018-05-14_-_‘Terrible_mas….jpg)

>Israel kills 55, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem



>Fifty-five Palestinian protesters, including six children under 18, have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations on the day of the US embassy's inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday. More than 2,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 203 children and 78 women, according to the ministry. The Palestinian government denounced Monday’s violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation”, and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths. A day of national mourning has been declared by the government in Ramallah, to be held Tuesday.

>Around 35,000 protesters gathered at the border fence and thousands more within half a mile of the vicinity, according to Israeli Defence Forces. Clashes have also reportedly broken out between protesters and the Israeli Defense Forces in Bethlehem. The first of Monday's deaths was 21-year-old Anas Hamdan Qudeih, killed east of Khan Yunis, a spokesperson for the ministry said. A 29-year-old man, Mosaab Yousef Ibrahim Abu Laila, was later killed east of Jabalya. Some of the dead have yet to be identified. Six children under the age of 18, including one girl, are among the fatalities.

042980 No.1655


No-fly zone over Israel when?

239e6c No.1656

File: f9eee50f74496ea⋯.png (300.6 KB, 597x403, 597:403, JYT.PNG)


No idea if they changed it by now, but here's the original JYT headline.

>Have died

One IDF soldier getting slapped by a teenage girl gets more coverage.

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74c3f6 No.1657

File: a320e74bd5e5f7c⋯.png (47.28 KB, 599x540, 599:540, 39823.PNG)

Calling out the Israel firsters:


Latest injury report on the IDF side:

- A few soiled trousers

Post last edited at

74c3f6 No.1660

>US blocks request for independent Gaza inquiry at UN

Considering at least one baby was confirmed killed by tear gas, US Israel envoy Nikki Haley should be all over it with photos.

ab5854 No.1662



Nobody in the West cares about Palestine. The media and government are either paid off or have vested interest in supporting Israel. The left is funded by kikes who ain't gonna fund no kvetching against Israel, and most of them only know what the MSM tells them. The right is controlled oposition capitalising on the fact that after WW2, few people have a personal experience with kikes and that being anti-jew is a tabboo, BUT after Europe's enrichment, most people on the right despise muslims and wish for their total genocide, so messages of Israel slaughtering arabs by the dozen makes them just like Israel more.

The only people who support Palestine are muslims, anti-semites (a rare breed in the west nowadays), and people who actually do know the history and current events of the region (even rarer).

It's all about "enemy of my enemy is my friend, hence Israel is our greatest ally!" and pure, undiluted ignorance when it comes to history and current events. This shit is a textbook example of why democracy is fucking bullshit that doesn't work – because the average voter is this much of a retard who, despite having easier access to information than anybody else in history, does not know and does not WANT to know about the shit he supports or denounces – he's fully satisfied with second hand rumours and impressions along with someone in position of authority telling him which side is the "good guys".

9c2b4e No.1663

File: ba7346e921076c2⋯.jpg (313.4 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 12e96d8d37d474ac2d1e1a3c93….jpg)


>after Europe's enrichment, most people on the right despise muslims and wish for their total genocide, so messages of Israel slaughtering arabs by the dozen makes them just like Israel more.

Since you bring it up, I have a theory about this. I've seen Galut Edom prophecies brought up on /pol/ before but most anons don't seem to realize how important it is. Below is a link where an average American rabbi writes about these prophecies and how amazing it is that they match contemporary world events, seemingly not realizing that the reason they're happening is because of manipulation of global politics by powerful kikes.


>The Sages speak about a great battle between Edom and Ishmael. This great battle was foreshadowed by the Crusaders against the Turks in their battles for control of Eretz Israel. The final battle between these two titans will make the crusades pale in significance. […] So, Ishmael and Edom will wage war against each other for three months and end up destroying each other. Wow!

In case its not obvious, to the kikes:

<Edom = Romans/Christians = Whites

<Ishmael = Arabs/Muslims = Middle Easterners

Its too early to tell exactly what they're plotting, but we know that the kikes want the sandnogs living in war-torn Middle East to migrate to Europe so that they can take over whats left of it for "Greater Israel". With that happening, considering how Muslim birth rate is way higher than White birth rate, as some people have predicted the two could eventually become equal in numbers. So one theory I have is when that happens, kikes might try to ignite a war that ends up severely weakening both sides. To "destroy" both of them could also mean to mix them into a single lower IQ mongrel race, which is what /pol/ thinks they're trying to do, but tbh I think it would be easier for the kikes to simply import workers from Sub-Saharan Africa if thats what they were after. I could just be totally wrong about all of this, but its worth considering I guess.

ab5854 No.1664


it's difficult to say that the actual end goal is, but it's easy to say that it's nothing good for us. They entrench themselves in positions of power and then try and subvert the host society, to destroy the country. Maybe they're motivated by revenge? It's fairly obvious they despise gentiles and would love to see them all dead. Muslims in Europe are just means to an end; a poison to weaken the society further and pave way for whatever they plan next.

181334 No.1665


>maga cuck

Reminder that maga roughly translates to combat in hebrew.

239e6c No.1666

>The Syrian military’s offensive in northern Latakia has been postponed due to the recent developments in the northern part of Aleppo city. According to a military source, the recent attacks by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham in Aleppo city has forced the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their Russian counterparts to beef up their numbers in the provincial capital. Furthermore, the Russian and Turkish delegations at the Astana Peace Conference are currently discussing a plan to reopen the Aleppo-Gaziantep Highway, which is partially blocked by HTS in Kafr Hamra.

>HTS has long been a problem in northwest Aleppo, as their forces continue to wreck havoc on the Al-Zahra Association Quarter and its nearby districts in Aleppo city. The goal of the Syrian Army’s offensive will be to not only clear Kafr Hamra, but also, the nearby districts of Al-Layramoun and Al-Zahraa.

239e6c No.1667


>Haley blames (((Hamas))) for Gaza violence, walks out amid Palestinian UN envoy speech.

239e6c No.1668

>Syrian choppers dropped thousands of leaflets over the provincial capital of Dara’a and its countryside on Tuesday, demanding the rebel forces surrender to the government. The leaflets specifically called on the rebels to lay down their weapons and seek reconciliation with the government. The government warned the rebels that they are already winning and that taking their arms with them won’t change anything on the battlefield. In addition to addressing the rebel forces, the leaflets also called on the residents in Daraa to join the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in their war on terror. With the battle of southern Damascus nearly finished, the Syrian military is starting to move their forces to the Dara’a Governorate, where they are planning to launch a big assault in the near future.

239e6c No.1669

File: 6b027de6a8e541b⋯.png (288.28 KB, 760x980, 38:49, 2018-05-14_-_US_Setting_up….png)

File: 0a660693fcbb76d⋯.png (79.24 KB, 736x944, 46:59, 2018-05-14_-_Russia_welcom….png)

>US (allegedly) setting up yet another military base in Eastern Syria



>The US military is building a new base equipped with advanced military tools and systems in Badiyeh (desert) al-Sha'afa in Deir ez-Zor province, adding that the construction of the base has been justified as a move in support of the SDF against ISIL in Eastern Deir ez-Zor, while SDF has been engaged in several confrontations against the Syrian army. The sources further said that the US forces and the Washington-backed militias claim to be preparing for a possible operation against ISIL in the region, while they are spreading to the territories held by the Syrian army.

>Russia welcomes Egypt’s refusal to send troops to Syria on US proposal



>According to Sergey Lavrov, Egypt has numerously stressed that it will not send its troops outside its territory as its military doctrine stipulates that the armed forces must defend only the borders. Russia views positively Egypt’s decision against sending its troops to Syria as was proposed by Washington, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after negotiations between Russian and Egyptian foreign and defense ministers in the 2+2 format on Monday.

>"We touched upon this issue in the context of discussing the Syria situation, in the context of discussing actions of the so-called foreign players, including, of course, the United States, because it is precisely its idea to invite Arab countries to send their contingents to the Syrian Arab Republic. As I understand, this is done for the dual purpose: on the one hand, to share responsibility for the direct and gross violation of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Syria, which did not invite the United States and other participants of the US-led coalition to its territory, and the second goal is to share the financial burden. Washington is talking directly and openly about this. I believe everyone understands what stands behind this invitation and we appreciate the position assumed by Egypt," Lavrov said.

239e6c No.1671

File: 1e4f6253e07e556⋯.png (523.48 KB, 678x778, 339:389, 2018-05-16_-_Army’s_Genera….png)

File: b4be9711293579e⋯.jpg (164.14 KB, 988x612, 247:153, 2018-05-16_-_Northern_Homs….jpg)

File: 750a7abf5047a00⋯.jpg (154.49 KB, 1080x734, 540:367, 2018-05-16_-_Northern_Homs….jpg)

File: f98ca8447cfa1b1⋯.jpg (95.05 KB, 1200x821, 1200:821, 2018-05-16_-_Syrian_flag_r….jpg)

>On May 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the al-Hula region in the western part of the northern Homs pocket, thus imposing its control of all the former positions of the militants in northern Homs, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. Earlier, the SAA and its allies entered into the towns of Rastan and Talbiseh in the northern Homs pocket and reopened the Homs-Hama highway. The General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces announced the liberation of 1200 square kilometers and 65 villages in southern Hama and northern Homs. The national flag was raised on Wednesday over the city of al-Rastan and Talbeisa town in the northern countryside of Homs after cleansing the area of terrorists who were evacuated to northern Syria. Units of Internal Security Forces entered al-Rastan city and Talbeisa town amid warm welcome of citizens, according to SANA’s correspondent. The locals gathered in the main squares of the two areas, expressing satisfaction at the return of security and safety to their areas.

>Over 31,000 militants and their relatives withdrew from these towns and villages under the agreement. Sources reported that most of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) officers and fighters in northern Homs pocket had chosen to reconcile with the Damascus government and handed over all of their weapons. These fighters are expected to join the SAA and other pro-government forces in the upcoming months.

239e6c No.1676

File: 199ebae530380b4⋯.jpg (316.32 KB, 1347x924, 449:308, 2018-05-15_-_Northern_Homs….jpg)

File: 1d09c9c1be0c6e8⋯.jpg (311.86 KB, 1347x924, 449:308, 2018-05-16_-_Northern_Homs….jpg)

File: 65193e455c75d7d⋯.jpg (808.51 KB, 1835x1273, 1835:1273, 2018-05-16_-_Northern_Homs….jpg)

ab5854 No.1678



That's all the fully encircled pockets, save for ISIS in Damascus. Next will probably be Idlib. Expect extreme screeching and obstructions from Turkey

4d6eb0 No.1679

What actual ramifications are there for Russia looking "weak and inactive"? There's certainly a lot demoralization shilling.

But any country with two brain cells can tell that the course of the war would not change and the US would only further hemorrhage money propping up a half baked puppet state.

Are they shilling themselves?

ab5854 No.1681


"weak and inactive" is just the latest round of shilling aiming at swaying public support. In Russia, looking weak would be a reason to change the leader, but Putin got fucking Crimea – Russians will never think him weak after that. Russia's allies take note of Syria and think Russia stronger than in decades, and Europe is fed with fearmongering so that doesn't fit either. It's really only there for burgers and maybe some european countries like France, in a "Russia is dangerous but we can totall win easy! Don't be afraid of a war!" kind of way.

It's not going to work save on people who are already rabid estabilishment supporters anyway. Anyone with two braincells to rub together can see Russia is a reemerging superpower – just consider:

>South Osetia and Abkhazia taken

>Crimea taken

>Luhansk and Donetsk likely also eventually taken

>turned the tide in Syria

>regional US allies buying Russian weaponry in bulk

>Diplomacy over Syria held in Astana under Russian supervision; US talks in Geneva ignored by everybody

And more. For example, the Crimea bridge – a veritable megastructure finished in a little over 2 years, showing Russia is both capable of building big and modern and of building fast, something many countries in the west can only dream of.

In the end, a massive amount of US influence lies in being perceived as the strongest country in the world that has no competitors – it's why it gets away with so much bullshit; it relies on might makes right. If that perception is damaged, its influence will suffer – maybe not in Europe, which is controlled by the same kikes US is, but distant allies in near east and other places? They'll happily tell US to go fuck itself if they think they can get away with it and if Russia offers them a better deal. And so US shills itself as the most powerful and Russia as weak, to maintain the illusion to as many people as possible. The fact of the matter is that while US indeed is the most powerful, it is no longer without rivals.

239e6c No.1682

File: 39258f2caac7c48⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, 2018-05-17_-_Turkish_army_….jpg)

File: 31a30c8840130fe⋯.jpg (395.42 KB, 1100x1198, 550:599, 2018-05-15_-_Idlib_Turkish….jpg)

File: e87b2178e42194d⋯.jpg (182.96 KB, 1100x708, 275:177, 2018-05-17_-_Idlib_Turkish….jpg)

Updates - Never trust a Turkroach edition


>Tiger Forces new offensive to be announced soon.

>Unconfirmed reports that the NDF (National Defence Forces) could soon be dissolved. Members will have the opportunity to integrate the SAA (if they meet the requirements).

>Unconfirmed reports of dissolution of Maghawir al Bahr Forces ("Navy Seals/Navy Commandos Regiment"). Also, starting next month, all allied forces who are of legal age for conscription or are in reserves won't get any salaries. They will instead get a speedy settlement so they can all join the Syrian Arab Army.

>"A false alarm" activated Israel's US-paid fireworks display system (Iron dome). Parts were recovered in al-Quneitra.


>Yarmouk Camp: SAA has announced full control of Hajar al-Aswad.

Deir ez-Zor

>Local sources reported on Thursday that US warplanes attacked the village of al-Souseh in Southeastern Deir ez-Zor, killing and wounding several civilians. Other reports also said that 4 civilians were killed when their car was targeted by the US fighter jets in the Palestine district of al-Souseh.

>Local sources in Northern Deir ez-Zor reported on Thursday that the SDF forces have detained tens of civilians in the village of Abu al-Naitel. The development came after a number of unknown assailants attacked the SDF forces in Northern Deir ez-Zor, killing and wounding a number of them. US-backed forces have declared a curfew in the region.


>SAA forces engaged in heavy clashes with the terrorists who pushed to enter one of the Syrian army's military points in Zalin region in Northern Hama from al-Latamina, and repulsed their attack after killing several militants. The army units also launched artillery and missile attacks on terrorists' movements and positions near the battle zone as well as Kafr Zita and al-Latamina, killing a number of terrorists and destroying one of their military vehicles. Field sources reported that during the clashes, the army troops killed three notorious terrorist commanders, namely Hissan Mahmoud Aburas, Mohammad al-Hussein and Mostafa al-Ibrahim.

>SAA forces killed the commander of Thaqeel Battalion - “Islamic Freedom” Regiment - FSA, ‘Aqbah Kalash, after targeting his car with a guided missile on Al-Mansourah road on Al-Ghab Plain.


>Locals reported on Thursday that the US forces have conducted a heliborne operation near the town of al-Houl at the borders between Syria and Iraq. They added that the US forces took one of the ISIL commanders who had entered Hasaka from Iraq in the operation. On Wednesday, the US forces conducted four more airborne operations in Southeastern Hasaka to rescue a number of entrapped ISIL terrorists, a move done repeatedly by the American forces to provide back up for the terrorist group in Eastern Syria. Four American military helicopters conducted four sorties of heliborne operations in the villages of al-Qeirawan, Haresat Sinjar, al-Ta'ef and Abu Kabra, evacuating a group of ISIL terrorists to an unknown location.

>Field sources reported that a US military convoy moved to Northeastern Hasaka from Iraq on Wednesday. The convoy consisted of several military vehicles and personnel carriers, noting that it entered Tal Beidar region between Qamishli and the town of Tal Tamar which is occupied by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).The sources said that the military equipment will likely be transferred to one of the US bases on Eastern Euphrates. The American forces are stationed in a military base in Tal Beidar region that hosts helicopter pads and several military bases.

Idlib & Northern Lattakia

>The Turkish army is extending its observation posts around al-Ghab plain, southwest of Idlib and northern Lattakia in order to get the upper hand in these regions and to prevent any SAA advances in the future (see maps).

>The Turkish army sent a convoy including 100 armored & engineering vehicles to Maydan Ghazal in al-Ghab Plain. Sources report Turkish forces established a new observation post on Ishtabraq Mountain (secures firecontrol over the city of Jisr al-Shughur and al-Ghab plain). A convoy of at least 50 vehicles including tanks was also sent to the location.

Post last edited at

239e6c No.1683

File: 18cd9e01f27db89⋯.png (434.25 KB, 760x3260, 38:163, 2018-05-17_-_Syria_in_Last….png)

>Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Recruiting Forces in Afrin with Turkey's Backup



239e6c No.1687

File: f129ff4c11d8ba3⋯.png (991.96 KB, 846x1960, 423:980, 2018-05-17_-_Putin_&_Assad….png)

File: a7c3d59ba4dd39c⋯.jpg (85.07 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 2018-05-17_-_Putin_&_Assad….jpg)

File: 5b220de354f26a2⋯.jpg (109.4 KB, 900x639, 100:71, 2018-05-17_-_Putin_&_Assad….jpg)

>Putin & Assad hold ‘extensive’ talks in Sochi, discuss political settlement – Kremlin



>Russian President Vladimir Putin has held a meeting with the Syrian leader Bashar Assad in Sochi, the acting presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. The two leaders conducted “extensive” negotiations, he added. s the two presidents talked about the conditions that would facilitate the peace process development, the Syrian leader said that he had decided to send a delegation to a committee tasked to rewrite Syria’s constitution, which was championed by the UN. he agreement on the creation of the constitutional committee was one of the major results of the Sochi peace congress held in January this year.

>The participants of the congress agreed on January 30 to set up the constitutional committee in Geneva, and to hold democratic elections in Syria. At that time, Moscow said it expected the UN special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, to take practical steps to implement the decisions taken at the Sochi Congress, and to actively participate in the drafting of a new constitution for Syria. The three countries, who brokered the Sochi Congress, Russia Iran and Turkey vowed to fully support the UN and de Mistura in the implementation of its outcomes. The Constitution Commission is expected to comprise some 150 members including the delegates from those groups who did not attend the Sochi gathering in January.

>During the Thursday meeting, the two leaders also discussed the necessity to intensify humanitarian efforts in Syria as well as the issues related to economic recovery of the war-torn country, Peskov said. Putin also congratulated Assad on “significant advance in fighting against the terrorist groups” on the Syrian territory.

239e6c No.1688

File: abb8679ee033b52⋯.png (654.32 KB, 846x1400, 423:700, 2018-05-17_-_US,_Israel_ca….png)

File: 9124e24be86258f⋯.jpg (166.01 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 2018-05-17_-_US,_Israel_ca….jpg)

>US, Israel can aid coup in Iran & if it fails, let Iranians fight each other – ex-Mossad official



>The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia – can change regime in Iran, and Trump’s policy provides an opening for it, a former top Mossad official speculated, adding that if a coup fails, Iranians will still be fighting each other. Haim Tomer, a former Mossad official said to lead Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism and International Divisions, explicitly talked about possible options for regime change in Tehran during an interview with the Jerusalem Post. Claiming that the “Khomeini-ist Islamic state” wants to destroy Israel, Tomer argued: “We can deal with the threat itself: nuclear weapons, conventional Iranian missiles. We can defend against them.” The former intelligence chief went further, saying Trump’s policy on Iran “created a major opening… to carefully weigh pushing for regime change as a formal goal.”

>Tomer outlined what a possible coup in Iran would look like. Israel could “clandestinely help facilitate regime change” and the US “could support it on various fronts,” while the Saudis could fund the effort. Asked what exactly Israel could try, he said “clandestine actions can lead to change… There is a lot that the Mossad can do when it gets a mission. I cannot go into the details… but it would be clandestine.” Tomer, who now works as investment and tech advisor, bluntly said that the Iranian government – presided over by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – is unpopular with the Iranian public, and the Supreme Leader himself is old and has health issues.

>He said Mossad, widely believed to have carried out several clandestine operations on Iranian soil in the past, can play a crucial role in conspiring against the Islamic Republic. “The Mossad carries out substantial and complex operations – and has carried out many,” referring to 2013 reports that Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz was ravaged by a Stuxnet malware. “The Mossad has done many things in Iran before. This was among the most important, but there have been operations like it, and maybe even more important,” Tomer said.

>The ex-Mossad official also said that the Israeli intelligence agency is one of few which carries out targeted killings. “[Regarding] targeted killings, very few [foreign intelligence agencies] do this; Israel [is one that] does, according to foreign sources,” he added. However, he acknowledged: “I am not saying it will be a piece of cake – The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Basiji militias are very strong.” But even if it does not succeed, “it is better to have the Iranians fighting among themselves.”

239e6c No.1690

>US Senate confirms Haspel (Bloody Gina) to be first woman CIA director

4d6eb0 No.1691

File: 808094ffbd0d752⋯.jpg (5.1 KB, 255x208, 255:208, 1414960540447.jpg)



How on earth can anyone take Turkey seriously anymore after all their bipolar antics? Who would even trust them at all?

239e6c No.1692

File: 6065294a7f908c1⋯.png (368.59 KB, 748x896, 187:224, 2015-10-07_-_Major_oil_res….png)

File: 3e16cad40aa2d87⋯.png (150.78 KB, 724x869, 724:869, 2016-03-30_-_Israel_grants….png)

File: 865a0df3d9f08fa⋯.png (1.42 MB, 953x4124, 953:4124, 2017-04-20_-_it’s_time_to_….png)

File: 2a6a78e58950aeb⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Netanyahu - The Golan is I….jpg)

>The US Congress is set to consider a new measure to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the contested Golan Heights region that separates Israel from Syria, a key piece of territory that has become all the more important since the civil war in Syria brought scores of jihadist fighters, including those backed created by Iran Israel & the US, into the region.

ab5854 No.1693

File: b6b9224ee40f035⋯.png (209.06 KB, 240x319, 240:319, ClipboardImage.png)



Both US and Israel deserve a fucking nuke

239e6c No.1694

It's been reported about 4 hours ago that a bomb warehouse exploded at a military air base in Hama province. No details yet.

239e6c No.1695

Old but still valid pro-tip: If you see "/sg/" in a twitter bio, you can disregard almost everything posted on the account. Spreading rumors without anything to back it up doesn't help anyone. Fucking plebs.

38e208 No.1696

File: bf053580c858df4⋯.png (150.72 KB, 281x399, 281:399, netanyahu_grin.png)

Haven't had time to post here much this week, but have a bump and a unique IP.

239e6c No.1698

File: 35c85a631e41c7a⋯.png (742.24 KB, 742x1124, 371:562, 2018-05-18_-_Senior_Russia….png)

File: 486074d57d6c40f⋯.png (324.07 KB, 742x924, 53:66, 2018-05-18_-_Syrian_Army_A….png)

>Senior Russian Official: US, Turkey, Iran And Hezbollah Should Withdraw From Syria



>On May 18, the Russian president’s special envoy for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, said during a press conference in the Russian city of Sochi that all “foreign forces” should withdraw from Syria after the defeat of ISIS, including Iran and Hezbollah. “The talk is about all the foreign military units in Syria, including the Americans, the Turks, Hezbollah, and of course the Iranians,” Lavrentiev said answering a question about what “foreign force” should withdraw from Syria, according to the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

>Lavrentiev noted that the withdrawal of “foreign forces” don’t include Russia, as it has two permanent bases in Syria. The Russian president’s special envoy said that once the situation in Syria is stable again the Russian military units will remain inside these two bases only. “On the other hand, except for our two bases, there is nothing, and with the stability of the situation [in Syria], we will of course still have these two bases,” Lavrentiev said.

>A day earlier, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin stressed during a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad that all “foreign forces” should withdraw from Syria after the recent achievements of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Despite Russia’s calls, local observers doubt that US, Turkey or Iran will withdraw from Syria anytime soon, as the three countries are using their presence in the war torn country as a bargaining chip each against other.

>Syrian Army And Iranian-backed Forces Withdraw From Key Positions In Southwestern Aleppo



>The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iranian-backed forces handed over their positions around the key town of al-Hadher in the southwestern Aleppo countryside to Russian forces on May 17 and withdrew to nearby Izzan Mount, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported on May 18. Syrian pro-government sources said the Russian Military Police will establish an observation post in al-Hadher in order to monitor the de-escalation zone in the southwestern Aleppo countryside.

>The Turkish Army established a similar observation post in the town of al-Eis, only 3km west of al-Hadher town, on February 5 in order to monitor the same de-escalation zone. The establishment of these Russian and Turkish observation posts was agreed upon during the Astana talks. These posts are a part of a bigger plan that’s aimed at opening the strategic highway between the cities of Hama and Aleppo, according to Syrian opposition sources.

>Local observers believe that Russia will establish more observation posts in the southwestern Aleppo countryside, northern Hama countryside and the northwestern Hama countryside during the upcoming days.

239e6c No.1699

File: 3a6516e52374cec⋯.png (340.88 KB, 760x940, 38:47, 2018-05-19_-_French_Forces….png)

File: 8f2e1bd53515f7c⋯.jpg (82.25 KB, 640x620, 32:31, Macron voters in Paris.jpg)

File: 2e0247934cf96fd⋯.png (328.1 KB, 500x434, 250:217, New mode of transport in F….PNG)

>French Forces To Establish Military Base In Western Raqqah



>Smart news reported that the French Forces paid a visit to Kandal Field in Western Raqqa in Northeastern Syria that is under the control of Washington-backed militias. It further said that the French forces left their base in the town of Manbij in Northern Aleppo to set up a security base in western Raqqa, adding that almost 140 militias will go under intelligence- security trainings under the French forces' supervision. Meantime, other reports said the French are running talks with ISIL in Eastern Syria.

>The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website quoted militant-affiliated sources as disclosing that the talks between the French forces and the ISIL meant to reach an agreement for the release of 5,000 captives in ISIL's jails, adding that the French forces, in return, would insure the ISIL terrorists' safe evacuation from the villages and towns of Hajin, Albu Hassan, al-Sha'afa, al-Shouseh and al-Baqouz in Southeastern Deir Ezzur. Based on the agreement, the ISIL would be relocated to Abu Hamezeh and Tal al-Shayer regions in Southeastern Hasaka near the border with Iraq. Also, both sides agreed to continue talks over the release of 620 women and children who are family members of ISIL militants that are in the Kurdish fighters' custody.

In other news, Damascus will soon be safer than Paris for tourism destinations (If it's not already).

239e6c No.1700

(What follows is still not officially confirmed but that should change within hours)

ISIS surrendered in Yarmouk. Evacuation buses are already in Hajar al-Aswad but it remains unclear where they will be transported. Earlier reports were denied by the SAA but this time it seems legit. The SAA repeatedly said ISIS wouldn't escape death but apparently everything can change in this conflict. All this talk about ISIS members wishing to fight to the death was seemingly a bit exaggerated. Perhaps they saw recent images of an ex-ISIS commander who now lives comfortably in Turkey (shaved his beard and now running his own business), and felt jealous about it.

>4th Division Soldier : Hajar al-Aswad is under complete control. ISIS in Yarmouk Camp & Taqadom & Tadamon have unconditionally surrendered and have until 5:00 AM to hand over all kidnapped & bodies of martyrs & weapons. Possible destination: Sukhnah countryside desert pocket. The safety of our remaining soldiers and our hope of their return to their normal lives is what forces us to accept any offer of peace.

I'd like to say this is unacceptable but I'm not on the ground getting shot at. If this can prevent more suffering for Syrian families, give security to Damascus residents and allow the SAA to finally make a serious move elsewhere, it's pretty positive. Having said that, let's not forget how ISIS executed a SAA soldier a few days ago. I hope they make it "safely" to their destination and eventually get what they deserve.

>muh SAA killing all the Palestinians in Yarmouk.

MSM kikes won't care about this camp anymore but unlike what they've done for the last few weeks, it's now okay to call it a Palestinian camp again.

239e6c No.1701

>SAA forces targeted a bomb car (SVBIED) near their checkpoint on Damascus - Swaida highway, and killed all the terrorists inside.

>Heavy clashes between SAA and HTS militants on Zahraa axis north of Aleppo.

239e6c No.1702


ISIS has set fire to their bases in south Damascus, buses are waiting.

239e6c No.1703

File: 2b7e5b1477ffd49⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 528x616, 6:7, 2018-05-20_-_South_Damascu….jpg)

File: 60b1388defdf5b0⋯.jpg (85.5 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 2018-05-20_-_South_Damascu….jpg)

File: ee26f5b29fa2c77⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 960x524, 240:131, 2018-05-20_-_South_Damascu….jpg)

239e6c No.1704

There's no (official) Syrian media coverage of what's taking place in Yarmouk. They'll just announce the liberation and pretend no one from ISIS was evacuated or something else. Seems pretty ridiculous given the amount of information made available by 4th division troops on social-media.


Many different sources reporting a new SAA operation in Daraa province will "soon" start. The only reason I mention it this time is because it's not just one or two people reporting it. There was a number of reasons to believe Idlib would be next but Daraa was always a possibility as well. Israel will attempt to get in the way but they won't be able to stop the SAA. The name of the operation seem to have been leaked prior to the announcement but I don't know what it is yet.


>A traffic accident near Rakbbah town on the Hasakah - Tal Tamr highway, resulted in the death of 3 American zogbots.

Post last edited at

9bbca9 No.1706


>I'd like to say this is unacceptable but I'm not on the ground getting shot at

They can always make ISIS trash dead in the future, but they can't bring dead prisoners back to life. It also sets a precedent against fighting to the bitter end, undermining ISIS morale and capabilities.


>join ZOG with plans to become the ultimate badass

>invade Syria

>holy shit I'm actually going to be fighting for freedom, bitches love a hero!

>fantasies of firefights and Generation Kill-style antics

>PFC Tyrone wraps your Humvee around a tree

>die a meaningless, unheroic and embarrasing death far from home

These are the wages of sin, ZOGbots.

Post last edited at

239e6c No.1708

File: 65a88a604a6a9b3⋯.png (515.92 KB, 842x1760, 421:880, 2018-05-21_-_Iraq_s_new_Ki….png)

File: dfc65ca6d0e16bb⋯.jpg (103.4 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 2018-05-21_-_Iraq_s_new_Ki….jpg)

>Iraq's new 'Kingmaker?' Nationalist, anti-American cleric scores big parliamentary win



>A Shia cleric with strong anti-American views is poised to become kingmaker in Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr's coalition emerged victorious in parliamentary elections, signaling a resurgence in Iraqi nationalism, analysts told RT. Al-Sadr's Sairoon Alliance capitalized on widespread anger over foreign influence and unchecked corruption in Iraq, securing a surprise victory over Iran-backed Shia militia chief Hadi al-Amiri's Fatah (Conquest) Coalition, and US-backed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's Nasr (Victory) Coalition.

>Anti-America (and corruption) crusader? - The prominent Shia cleric is an outspoken critic of US military presence in Iraq, even leading two revolts against American-led forces after their 2003 invasion. At the same time, al-Sadr is also opposed to Iranian influence in Iraq. His ability to appeal to Iraqis' sense of nationalism seems to be the main driving force behind his coalition's unexpected parliamentary victory. "On the one hand, for example, we see the Nouri Maliki faction is pro-Iranian, as for al-Abadi, it's the pro-American one, and Muqtada is trying to play off the two groups. That is why many Baathists and communists supported his [bloc]," Dr Jamal Wakeem, professor of history and international relations at Lebanese University in Beirut, told RT. A former UN spokesperson for Iraq, Said Arikat, however believes that anger over corruption – and not al-Sadr's anti-American views – was the biggest factor in his electoral success. Although al-Sadr's coalition is "made up of people who have very strong anti-American views… Iraqis feel let down and have had it with the corruption of their government. So that's the bottom line. He was elected not because of his anti-American stance, but because of his position on corruption," Arikat told RT.

ab5854 No.1709


>I'd like to say this is unacceptable

Nah, it's perfectly logical. Yarmouk is a goddamn fortress that they've been unable to crack for a month now, every building they bomb is a building they will have to tear down and rebuild later, and there's shitloads of civilians and prisoners trapped in there with ISIS. By moving them to the desert, they need not waste soldier lives trying to take a fortress, they will be free to bomb them to oblivion without fear of civilian casualties or material damage, and they'll get to grab all the heavy weaponry from ISIS before they move them. It's a good deal and not the first time they negotiated with ISIS.. It's just a matter of what you value more – bragging rights about slaughtering ISIS to the last man, or the lives of your people. Syria made the right call, and ISIS is going to get slaughtered sooner or later anyway.


Let's hope he'll kick zogbots outta Iraq, but his ties to Saudi Arabia make me think he'll push the "anti-Iran" rhetoric a lot.

042980 No.1710




Have we hit peak centrism?

122b94 No.1711

I wonder how Syria will deal with the CIAnigger and Mossadnigger and frognigger bases in Syria. I hope they kill lots of US and frog special terrorist forces faggots.

Kikes (directly) are almost non-threat, as they can never hold ground, only bomb from time to time.

239e6c No.1712


>perfectly logical

Of course that's very easy to say after the fact. I've read plenty of reactions to this and many Syrians are surprised by it (if not shocked). It should be said that ISIS wouldn't have surrendered without receiving safety guarantees from Russia. It's what made this outcome possible.

ab5854 No.1713


>Kikes (directly) are almost non-threat, as they can never hold ground

You seem to have forgotten about Golan


>many Syrians are surprised by it (if not shocked).

I can imagine. ISIS did some savage things in Yarmouk and every last one of them deserves the bullet. Luckily, they'll get their dues when SAA clears out the desert pocket – no civilians to hide behind there.

239e6c No.1714

File: 162d047d87fa939⋯.png (536.64 KB, 690x1198, 345:599, 2018-05-21_-_Army’s_Genera….png)

File: c02a13d8501d8d4⋯.jpg (332.18 KB, 1100x775, 44:31, 2018-05-21_-_Southern_Dama….jpg)

File: 5876e7d5845fc3c⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2018-05-21_-_ISIS_animals_….jpg)

File: 28bcc23db520e49⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 2018-05-21_-_ISIS_animals_….jpg)

Now official:

>Army’s General Command announces Damascus and Damascus countryside entirely safe after liberating al-Hajar al-Aswad


(Can someone else try to archive sana links? Doesn't work at all here)

>Damascus, SANA-The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced Damascus and Damascus countryside entirely safe areas after fully cleansing al-Hajar al-Aswad and al-Yarmouk Camp of terrorism. The Command said in a statement of which SANA received a copy that units of the Syrian armed forces, aided by allied forces, have completed the cleansing of the entire al-Hajar al-Aswad and the area surrounding it of terrorists after a string of precision and successive military operations.

Look what mode of transport they picked for the animals. It's very appropriate isn't it?

ab5854 No.1716


Finally a province fully freed from terrorism. I recall them saying that all these pockets hampered their AA defense grid. Now that they got it all back, will they be able to shoot jews attacking Damascus from the skies?

>(Can someone else try to archive sana links? Doesn't work at all here)

Strange, I can't archive it either.

239e6c No.1718

File: b611d6c05fef52b⋯.png (480.81 KB, 842x1440, 421:720, 2018-05-21_-_‘Strongest_sa….png)

File: 98fda1a1e508dce⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 2018-05-21_-_‘Strongest_sa….jpg)

File: f926d8e0ea924df⋯.jpg (138.05 KB, 750x812, 375:406, How to pick Iranian dates.jpg)

>‘Strongest sanctions in history’: Pompeo issues 12 demands to Iran, vows ‘unprecedented pressure’



>Tehran will struggle to “keep its economy alive” if it does not comply with a list of 12 US demands, including Iranian withdrawal from Syria, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed on Monday. Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing Washington think tank, Pompeo laid out a list of 12 “basic requirements” for Iran. The demands call on Iran to withdraw from Syria, "release all US citizens," end support for Houthi rebels in Yemen, stop “enrichment" of uranium, and promise never to process plutonium. Iran must also allow "unqualified access to all nuclear sites throughout the country," Pompeo said.

Just send him a full shipment of Iranian dates to satisfy his hunger.

239e6c No.1719

>Numerous drones have reportedly been downed by Russian air-defenses near Khmeimim air base

ab5854 No.1720


What a piece of shit. Hopefully Iran spent the last several years preparing for this, since everyone could see that this would happen sooner or later.

239e6c No.1725

More details on Daraa operation (based on multiple reports): 4th and 9th divisions are expected to lead the assault to reopen the Nassib crossing. Tiger forces will lead assault on Dara’a Al-Balad. Contrary to some reports, Iranian militias from other regions are not moving troops to Daraa.

Eastern Homs: ISIS ambush with at least one SVBIED killed 16 SAA soldiers and injured 14 in eastern Homs SE. of T3 station.

239e6c No.1727

File: 1cd6c5bd8fb1874⋯.png (61.35 KB, 650x770, 65:77, 2018-05-23_-_Iran_clashes_….png)

>Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Iran rejects Moscow’s call for it to leave Syria



>Tensions between the guarantors of Syria’s ceasefire - Russia, Turkey and Iran - are mounting, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes on Wednesday. Tehran has rejected the Russian leadership’s call for it to pull out foreign contingents from the Syrian Arab Republic stressing that its forces are there at the official invitation of Damascus. Experts link these statements to possible bargaining between Moscow and Washington on Syria. One of the US demands for Russia could be exerting pressure on Iran, the paper says.

>Anton Mardasov, an expert from the Russian International Affairs Council told the paper that Russia, Turkey and Iran used to have tensions, but due to their common goals they were defused. Now Syria has regained control of nearly its entire territory, which is not divided into de-escalation zones, and the major goal is to reach a compromise with foreign parties controlling the remaining areas. "It is not ruled out that Russian representatives are in talks with the Americans on decreasing their presence in Syria and tackling the problem of the Kurdish protectorate. This may occur but probably in exchange for diminishing the Iranian presence in Syria," the expert said, noting that Russia may be also bargaining with the Persian Gulf states.

>The analyst believes that the agreements on Syria’s southern territories, signed in Jordan, signaled a compromise between Russia and the West on the Iranian forces there. "Apparently, Russia should have influenced Iran, but this did not happen," Mardasov said. "These statements [by Russia’s authorities] most likely fulfill political goals amid the talks with some foreign parties, which possibly promise something in achieving a political solution." However, there is no sense in demanding the full withdrawal of Iran’s forces from Syria, the expert stressed. "Tehran will still remain there through many various local groups sponsored by it. The Iranian presence may be cut, but Tehran’s forces won’t go anywhere." However, Russia has the means to pressure Iran, Mardasov noted. "This is Israel," he said. "That’s why strikes by the Jewish state against Syria are very beneficial for Russia."

239e6c No.1728

File: 1d0a03dee5a3aae⋯.png (28.89 KB, 845x290, 169:58, 2018-05-23_-_Syrian_deputy….png)

File: 2f695abbd7370bc⋯.png (300.35 KB, 760x1980, 38:99, 2018-05-23_-_Damascus_Pull….png)

>Syrian deputy FM says pullout of Iran forces ‘not for discussion’ – report



>Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday that the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria was “not up for discussion,” according to Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV. “Whether Iranian forces or Hezbollah withdraw or stay in Syria is not up for discussion because it’s the [business] of the Syrian government,” Mekdad was quoted as saying. Washington has demanded that Iran, among other things, pull out of the Syrian conflict or face severe economic sanctions. Mekdad also said that that the Syrian army could head north or south after crushing militants in a string of enclaves around the capital. “After ending the direct terrorist danger to Damascus, the door is open to heading north or south,” the official said.

The above was during an interview with al-Mayadeen. Now what follows is an interview with Sputnik. Notice any difference?

>Damascus: Pullout of Iranian Forces, Hezbollah Units from Syria out of Question



>Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad stressed that the withdrawal of Iranian forces and units of the Lebanese movement Hezbollah from Syria is not on the discussion agenda. "This topic is not even on the agenda of discussion, since it concerns the sovereignty of Syria. We cannot let anyone even raise this issue. Those who ask for something like that — and this is definitely not our Russian friends — are considering the possibility of intervention in all parts of Syria, including the support of terrorists in Syria and elsewhere in the region," Mikdad told Sputnik. Damascus "highly appreciates" the help of friendly forces from Russia and advisers from Iran and Hezbollah in the struggle against terrorists, according to the Syrian diplomat.

>The statements by the United States about its intention to withdraw troops from Syria and replace them with Arab forces are aimed at drawing the Arab countries in direct conflict with Damascus, Mikdad added. "The main goal of such statements is to pump the money out of the Arab countries. This will force them to pay more to the US treasury, which may be empty. As well as drawing the Arab states in direct conflict, as far as I can guess — with the Syrian government, and this is a dangerous situation," Mikdad said, adding that Washington will ultimately not withdraw its troops.

239e6c No.1729

File: cadb1aa85c154a7⋯.png (380.56 KB, 760x2746, 380:1373, 2018-05-23_-_Iranian_Leade….png)

File: f97298e2f98f42c⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 600x350, 12:7, 2018-05-23_-_Iranian_Leade….jpg)

>Iranian Leader Declares Requirements for Continued Implementation of N. Deal with Europe



>Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday declared five prerequisites for the EU to keep Tehran under the nuclear deal, underlining that the three European nations are necessitated to prove their trustworthiness after their disloyalty to a similar deal in 2005. Addressing a meeting with former and present Iranian officials here in Tehran on Wednesday evening, the Iranian Leader reminded defiance of undertakings by Britain, France and Germany back in 2005 when Iran embarked on a voluntary implementation of the additional protocol to the NPT and halted nuclear activities, and said the European trio "showed a major disloyalty; they made a promise in 2004-2005, but defied. Now they should prove that today they won't show the dishonesty and disloyalty of that day".

>Ayatollah Khamenei asked officials not to repeat a single mistake twice, and cautioned, "Europe has displayed that it accompanies the US in most sensitive cases." He further blasted the Europeans for keeping mum about the US frequent violations of the 2015 nuclear deal in the last two years, and said "the EU is required to make up for this silence". Ayatollah Khamenei reminded that the US has violated UN Security Council Resolution 2231 that accompanies the nuclear deal, and said hence "Europe should issue a resolution against the US violation" of the agreement. He said "the EU should also undertake to avoid a discussion of Iran's missile and regional power". The Iranian Leader reminded that the nuclear talks were aimed at the removal of the sanctions, "many of which were not lifted, while they have been recently threatening to revive the sanctions desipte the emphasis of the UN Security Council resolution" to the otherwise. The Leader further underlined that the EU should also pledge "to take action against any kind of sanction against the Islamic Republic and stand against the US sanctions on the basis of a clear-cut position".

>"Europe is also needed to ensure Iran's full crude sales," he said, and explained, "In case the Americans manage to strike a blow at our oil sales, (we) should be able to sell whatever volume of oil that we want. The Europeans should compensate (for the loss in crude sales) in a guaranteed manner and buy Iran's crude." Ayatollah Khamenei also underscored that the EU banks should also ensure trade with Iran, and said, "We don't want a fight with these three countries, but (we) don't trust them either because of their past record." He further warned that "if Europeans delay in complying with our demands, then Iran would preserve its right for resuming nuclear activities". "Once we observe that the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) produces no fruit, then one way would be reviving the operations that have been shut down."

239e6c No.1730

File: f405e9bd893a4f7⋯.png (325.68 KB, 760x1000, 19:25, 2018-05-23_-_Syrian-Russia….png)

File: ed5f76268e873e2⋯.png (442.65 KB, 760x1950, 76:195, 2018-05-23_-_Syria_in_Last….png)

>Syrian-Russian Delegation Dispatched to Dara'a Province to Start Reconciliation Talks with Militants



>A Syrian-Russian reconciliation delegation has been forwarded to Dara'a province to offer the militants to lay down their arms and join the peace agreement with the Syrian Army, military sources in Damascus reported on Wednesday. The sources said that the reconciliation delegation has been sent to the towns of Nahij and Mohaja to call on the militants to end battle with the army and endorse the peace agreement. The sources further said that if the militants reject the peace offer the army will launch military operation against them.

>Also, the sources said that the army has sent a long convoy of military equipment and thousands of fresh forces to Azra base in Dara'a. The sources said that the army plans to reopen the strategic Nasib Passageway at the border with Jordan as its first priority of operation in Dara'a, adding that the passageway was occupied by the terrorists four years ago. On Tuesday, the army forwarded a large number of forces and more military equipment to the town of Azra'a in Dara'a province. A number of armored and personnel carrier vehicles were sent to 175th Regiment Base. In the meantime, the army's helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over militant-held regions, calling on the militants to agree to the army's peace offer. A military source pointed to the army's last ultimatum to the terrorists, saying that the army will launch its operation if the militants oppose Damascus's reconciliation plan.

>Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Discovers Arms Made by Western States in Terrorists' Positions in Southern Damascus



239e6c No.1732

File: 882c3be446ccbb9⋯.jpg (5.2 MB, 5082x4848, 847:808, 2018-05-21_-_Syria_-_A7_Mi….jpg)

239e6c No.1733

US-led strikes hits government targets in Syria – state media




(Just when Tiger Forces are launching an offensive against the ISIS pocket. Probably just a cohencidense.)

>US-led coalition warplanes have bombed several Syrian army positions in the eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, state media outlet SANA reports, citing a military source. The attack took place shortly after midnight on Thursday. SANA reported that the US-led coalition aircraft inflicted limited material damage. It is unknown if the attack caused any casualties. The airstrikes, which hit near the city of Al-Bukamal, were reportedly coordinated with anti-government militants. Earlier, Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, an ally of the Syrian forces in the fight with Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) said the coalition jets targeted two Syrian army outposts, including an energy installation near the Iraqi border.


No casualties reported thus far.

Live Updates

>Possible strikes near the T2 pumping station south east of Syria.

>Confirmed: At approximately 1:00 A.M. (Damascus Time), two SAA posts were reportedly stuck by the US military near T2 airbase in East Syria. This is the second attack in a week by the US.

>The area where US hit two SAA bases is near the last ISIS pocket in desert so clearly a frontline area, ISIS were close to taking T2 base recently as well.

>RuAF jets are reportedly bombing ISIS near the T2 base.

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74c3f6 No.1736

I forgot to mention it so by now this is old info:

There's still fighting taking place in South Damascus. Some ISIS animals in al-Tadamon district refused the agreement.

74c3f6 No.1737

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy holds briefing on situation in Syria

74c3f6 No.1738

File: f5dacf67e261013⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1120x582, 560:291, 2018-05-23_-_Russian_MoD_-….PNG)


>The Russian ministry of defense has published its own battlefield map for the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, highlighting the Iranian , Turkish and Russian outposts on the province borders.

>1- The yellow triangles: the Turkish observation points which were established during the last few months from the western countryside of Aleppo, to the mountain of Eshtabraq in the far south of Idlib countryside.

>2 – The red triangles: the Russian observation points, which will be created in front of the points of the Turkish army.

>3 – Green Triangles, the Iranian observation points, which will be established intensively in the southern countryside of Aleppo, in addition to two points in the countryside of Hama and rural Idlib.

239e6c No.1739

At least 40 SAA soldiers have been killed by ISIS just in the last few days and now there's another report about an ambush involving the NDF.

>Unconfirmed: A NDF group led by Nazar Kharfan walked into a ISIS ambush at al-Faidah in Deir Ez-Zor. At least 30 killed.

239e6c No.1741

>Hours ago: Syrian and Palestinian forces have raised their national flags over 30th Street in Yarmouk Camp. 30th Street was the scene of some of the most violent battles in the Yarmouk Camp over the years.

239e6c No.1742

File: ac9e0eed3d6eb62⋯.jpg (137.85 KB, 723x1024, 723:1024, 1432750370517-2.jpg)

>The Indonesian government banned the issuance of visas for Zionists and banned them from entering the country following the massacre of Palestinians on “Nakba Day”. Zionists have been given 48 hours to leave the country. Indonesia does not have direct diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity, but Zionists can travel to the country with temporary tourist visas.

239e6c No.1744

>Turkey: Reportedly, Erdogan has set up a separate special forces command at his 1150-room palace according to the official registry's publication today (yesterday). The decision was taken in April 9, 2018 cabinet meeting.

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