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File: 01c9cc51ed7250d⋯.jpeg (24.75 KB, 450x450, 1:1, c80b1968-c260-4f71-a5dd-8….jpeg)


Is the characters are the same sex, welcome aboard!


File: db00c4ee94b59d6⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1600x399, 1600:399, ePOoHz.png)

First order of business

Tales of Androgyny is an RPG by Majalis featuring an effeminate MC that has to deal with vermin that want to rape him on his quest. If you are

angry about playing as a male that gets fucked by cocks, this game isn't for you. There is straight or dominant gay content, but is often disappointing and without art.

Niches: oral, anal, shemales, females, men, CDs, beasts, gay, text, hyper proportions, toys, etc..

All of the game content is a prototype, nothing is final.

https://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Majalis/profile - Artist/Writer's profile



Latest build:


New content:
New Hiro post-blowjob art
Can be found in a few places, like the Brigand encounter and alleyway blowjob scenes
Regular, messy, and Hiro cumming variants
New internal oral CG
New Jester scenes
Drunk combat ending
Scene if you have a usable cock
Scene if you don't have a usable cock
Defeat combat ending
Double anal scene
Handjob scene
Facial scene
Tweaks and bug fixes:
Fixed typos


New /toa/ thread, get in here boiz


File: a290773cc9aec19⋯.jpg (145.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, toa_hiro_mouthful.jpg)


Yo this some gay ass shit. …Good.

Also, we movin from hgg now? Civil war over more gay/content or no? Mostly kidding, but I am curious.


File: 55b1a4a35899fde⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 498x339, 166:113, 1799380-winnie_the_pooh_an….jpg)


The tl;dr I didn't know mods in >>>/hgg/ had been thought policing content from the start, censoring what you can't consume, and only what they accept stays up.

This was my dark journey of enlightenment:


Anon9k, dunno if you recall him, he mentioned on baraag others who had their games and niches censored, so I started to investigate. Learned >>>/htg/ was one of their first exodii. I'm sure there are others, since the mods made sure to list NTR niches they are proud to have kicked off.

I just know I don't have to right to tell you what to masturbate and play to. If you like cuckold content, bravo, not my taste. I won't censor you for your tastes.

Everyone's different, why bother policing?

About ToA, here's the Windows64:


And APK:


I'm still pissed Maj hasn't fixed the memory issues: can't load the Gallery/Pervert page.



>tales of androdgny


thats going to be a yikes from me. Faggots.

(shitfling instead talking about the game)



As the faggot OP I wouldn't care much either way, gay-shit didn't have much presence on hgg and even the futa games general hadn't had much attention either, despite it being such a wide genre with a lot of it's own games. I would've just stuck to dgg had there not been a ToA thread at all. Posting list of junk.

『Trap Games』 Focuses it's gameplay mechanics around crossdressing with minimal chastity.

Tales of Androgyny - Just scroll up.

WitchLoad Demo - https://twitter.com/StockingBoysWld - Trap with a decent dick gets pounded by Men, Traps, and Monster alike. Made with RPGmaker. I recommend buying spare clothes before going too deep into dungeons. Better spells can be obtained by going to the same trainer twice, and I recommend getting Heal and Cure first from the Light Magic Trainer on the far right.

Magical Camp -TFG- Very minimal sex scenes, A little bit of Trap/F and MtF content. Only great if you desperately want a game where you want to play as a boy being forced to crossdress and nothing else. All TFs can be reversed unless made permanent, though the game veers the player into having large breasts, turning them into shemales unless they go down the complete TG route.

『Sissy Interactives』 Focuses almost entirely on Chastity, Humiliation, or Boys with small/unused dicks

Secretary -TFG- M/Trap, Optional Chastity Focus, Unavoidable submission content. Includes a decent doll avatar. Recommended only if you like interactive garbage.

Perverted Education -TFG- M/Trap, Forced Chastity and Humiliation Focus. Has a shemale mode toggle. The Patreon-only doll is just repurposed from Trap Quest; the Keriax version.

Sissy Maker -Patreon- (NPC)?, (NPC)Shemale/(NPC)Trap. Frustratingly, your trap wants sexual reassignment. MalePC just sort of waits around.

Sissy Trainer -Patreon- Not to be confused with Sissy Maker. I've never touched it, so I couldn't describe it, but I hate it's art.

Degrees of Lewdity - ?/?, Humiliation Focused. Lifesim with optional crossdressing options. Completely optional Chastity

Trap Quest -https://trapquest.com ?/?, Roguelike that only focuses on sissy bimbos, making a trap takes a lot of wrestling with the system to accomplish.

『!!Read additional notes!!』 Contains spoilers, provably for good reason

Queen of the Seas -TFG- Uses DAD(Dynamic Avatar Drawer), Male to Shemale, Semi-optional Chastity, and Humiliation Focus, Requires breast-growth for progression. Everything you need to immediately know is in the game's tutorial after you click 'Whore'. Just be sure to scroll down to 'Useful Tips' This is fairly unforgiving and needs a little planning. It would be more game than interactive but not in it's current state; alpha. A guide would be helpful to expedite the learning curve, but doesn't exist as of yet. Combat mechanics are still in development.


File: 59afb6c30c76fda⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, toa_hiro_blowjob.png)

New homo art.


File: 8200bc914d944af⋯.jpg (107.29 KB, 730x723, 730:723, 93123f30195fb44034819d6b68….jpg)


>banned for calling someone a fag

Well, looks like this board is dead on arrival. Jesus christ, who the fuck uses imageboards but wants an overly sanitized safe space where people aren't allowed to be impolite?


File: e7adc47e32a4e70⋯.png (659.83 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 0d63bd236a2c650eb76899efee….png)


Nice list!

Didn't know we had a >>>/dgg/ !

Or do you mean Nishimura's /d/ board's /dgg/ general?




People that don't respect rules?

You're welcome to insult people if it regards the game, I made a perfect example on >>1

If >>20 can't respect people while staying in topic, what's the point?

>>>/b/ is that way.



Yeah, half-chan. That's a prime doujin as well.



Yeah, kill yourself, faggot.

(shitfling not allowed)



Hardly. The exodus to htg happened because hgg banned patreon games, which if you don't understand why they are banned, you probably should fuck off 8chan entirely.

Also, hardly thought policing seeing how ToA is still on it. As for the rest, you sound like a complete homo.



>rape not allowed

Isn't that 90% of h-games then? Tales of Androgyny, CoC, most RPGmaker games like VH, and even MGQ have rape.



>hgg banned patreon games

And why would they do that knowing Patreon already bans Adult content?

>As for the rest, you sound like a complete homo.

Much better insult since you stayed on topic:

How about instead of censoring game development, you take to Patreon's Terms of Service that a little merchant made their unto a an imageboard to advertise their game. Exposure doesn't hurt, distrust on a product does.


Where are you getting the rape not allowed quote?







>but anon the artists are the victims!

And yet they keep using a service that is clearly against them. Patreon devs need to fuck off and die.



>keep using a service that is clearly against them

Like an imageboard that's clearly anti-consumer. Take it to them being dumb enough to use a revenue stream that doesn't produce quality games. I don't want to police players.

>Patreon devs need to fuck off and die.

Agreed. Prefer contracts & bonds. Crypto currency is pretty nice alternative removing the middlemen altogether.

I wanted Maj&Alis never to have ventured through Patreon, they are both being lazy fucks. I still won't breach my safe harbor by filtering.



>hgg banned patreon games

Patreon games aren't banned on /hgg/, linking to Patreon in any way is. You can talk about the game, you just can't shill it.



>Learned >>>/htg/ was one of their first exodii

Not quite. /htg/ was created by /stg/, a 4chan general devoted to Akabur's games initially but later branched out into western h-games in general. The two boards started from completely different communities, and are still very different culturally.

>why bother policing

<on a board that explicitly disallows being mean

If you're aiming for hands-off moderation, clearly this isn't what you want either.


File: 03c0f3aca2ba8c5⋯.png (274.86 KB, 407x543, 407:543, MiniRape.png)


>linking to Patreon in any way is. You can talk about the game, you just can't shill it.

How demented of >>>/hgg/ ban the citations, not the dumb tactics.


>hands-off moderation, clearly this isn't what you want either.

If people knew how to behave and follow simple rules, some posts wouldn't exist.

But here some people that don't know when in Rome,

Honestly anything more related to meta goes to >>1

Let's act like adults please, and keep this thread about homosexual games.

Didn't like side angle of the Jester, but hot cloths.



>if people gave everything they had to everyone else capitalism wouldn't exist

The mentality of faggots. Gay hgg dead on arrival.



I'm sorry, who said anything about capitalism, and why are you not staying in topic?



Are you thought policing me?



The fuck did you just say about pineapples on pizza?


Tales of Androgyny v0.2.11.2 (Weekly).jar


Added new Hiro oral art
Shows up in brothel, alleyway scenes, and elite harpy scene
Includes cheek-sex, sucking, mouth creampie, and surprise variants
New Werewolf defeat scene while wearing tail plug
New inn scenes with Trudy
- If you stay in your room alone, Trudy may have some fun on his own (separate from the Urka scene)
- You can watch or join in
- When joining in, you have a few options
- If you stay in the inn with Trudy, you have a few options to have him to yourself
Tweaks and bug fixes:
Fixed crash due to asset mismatch
Fixed drunken jester ending
Fixed non-ironman achievements overwriting ironman achievements





Its called get in the bog!

Its been played for many thousands of years and its where you get into the bog and stay there until an anthropologist discovers your remains.



oi slut where's the new build

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