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The pictures are all I can feel.


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File: 46620267d9b257c⋯.jpg (95.72 KB, 500x375, 4:3, autumn gate.jpg)


ITT other people's photography which reminds you of Cracky or her art.

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File: f2ac323879ed81d⋯.jpg (107.43 KB, 500x681, 500:681, 529834756395476.jpg)



i bet cracky has been to a rothschild party like that



probably not because this was from 1972



I can imagine her going to an occult ball though I don't know if she'd want to. Does it annoy her that people mispronounce "Rothschild"?



I imagine that family wants nothing to do with her

File: c72924dfcccabd3⋯.jpg (114.64 KB, 400x398, 200:199, Pie.jpg)


Cracky is only noteworthy because she was 4chins first girl. If she had showed up a year later nobody would've cared, and for sure nobody would still be making boards about her.

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>the historical significance of Cracky

You make it sound like we should put her in a museum






sweet tart <3


She appears to me. Anyone who appears in such a form is significant.


best girl

File: 81b608a9c8f6dd9⋯.jpg (157.66 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1267534360750.jpg)


we're not worthy


Our work in life is to become worthy.


best girl

File: 5a23420b9165fb5⋯.jpg (113.6 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1257968540669.jpg)


I wish I could've saved her.






From being a self-harmer, a hermit, and a possible anorexic. But all those can be holy suffering really. I think to her it was all sacred.


I always thought she was doing a peace sign there but it looks more like she's doing an "as above so below".


She is stronger than any one of us




she's literally stronger than all of us combined

File: ce76f8a98c1e5c5⋯.png (859.38 KB, 640x828, 160:207, crackychann.png)


Is it true that she was very tall, around 178cm (5'10" for amerimutts)?

If not, where did those rumors originate then? The ice skating photo seems a bit misleading. Asking for a friend.



no she's a smurf


I wonder who she's married to

File: 55092e940a61ec3⋯.jpg (190.71 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 99762_md.jpg)


/b/ am I ugly?

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Ooooh. What happened to Her?



Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa


This isn't the first time I've seen a Cracky with giant pupils shopped in. Was this a trend of some sort?



I think it was trying to make her look snime



Are you new?

File: c718fd4760ccb3d⋯.png (109.9 KB, 410x376, 205:188, nose.PNG)


Wounds that heal.

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File: 2fcd6c3c94fff8f⋯.png (164.3 KB, 409x518, 409:518, fav.PNG)


File: 1180d0b3b2dde77⋯.png (128.82 KB, 339x497, 339:497, mylie.PNG)


File: 680913e8818416e⋯.png (163.63 KB, 415x512, 415:512, dpillow.PNG)


File: 5384cc2d07ca2c0⋯.png (98.4 KB, 415x287, 415:287, beauty.PNG)


File: 7a8479c442462b4⋯.png (111.67 KB, 403x349, 403:349, heroine.PNG)

File: 1567b974c9e1bc3⋯.png (1.2 MB, 600x1080, 5:9, tumblr_pfvomzmuHi1tjdj97o1….png)


Artwork of the queen herself or artwork that reminds you of her.

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File: 6eaaa514bac9687⋯.jpg (305.49 KB, 1030x1030, 1:1, 20190315_154200.jpg)


File: c379d0e5b5351c0⋯.jpg (97.03 KB, 598x864, 299:432, scarecrow_maiden_by_cannib….jpg)


File: e0b65dd6b0a3b44⋯.png (76.07 KB, 677x925, 677:925, sup.png)

kisekae work by ulw


File: d76ccb3ef291edd⋯.png (111.97 KB, 580x1135, 116:227, cracky.png)

any kisekae users want the export codes???


File: 7bbff5d51761cf5⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 400x630, 40:63, nervouscrackyjpg.jpg)

File: 44fe131a1c2b6e2⋯.jpeg (47.24 KB, 640x480, 4:3, nevada-fuji03 (1).jpeg)


Interesting links thread, especially archived old sites.

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Yume Nikki fan game archive.



Chiptune archive (with Amiga CSS).



Web browser emulator of old OSes:




The official All About Lily Chou-Chou BBS. Originally a fake site constructed to show the feelings of the characters in the film, but by the names and timestamps there's real people posting now. There are a couple spambot posts sadly.


Translated (roughly): https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lily-chou-chou.jp%2Fholic%2Fbbs%2F&sandbox=1

Automated translation should be alright as it's purely casual conversational.

File: 16b06ee2ee34157⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 360x315, 8:7, Cover.jpg)


Since we already have a Cracky related music thread, I was wondering if anyone here started or have already made any music projects or bands based on Cracky herself.


Apart from Gackto's remix and the mixtapes, I don't think anyone has. That Blockbuster call begs for lolicore.

File: 57423024dc123dc⋯.png (239.07 KB, 540x423, 60:47, constellations.png)


Since >>60 looks like it's dedicated to art of Cracky herself now, post art that reminds you of her.

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File: ca142468bf0aa8d⋯.png (841.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1538088555930.png)


File: bb17b94cb7a13ac⋯.png (3.46 MB, 1620x1946, 810:973, 1538071740343.png)


File: 8a5dbfaa0e768c3⋯.jpg (242.38 KB, 479x820, 479:820, 1496220083451-0.jpg)


File: 76e724a88ce5f09⋯.jpg (208.22 KB, 1176x1000, 147:125, 478767868.jpg)


File: 1bc8e15b6b22d7f⋯.jpg (150.76 KB, 574x600, 287:300, 1540302744770.jpg)

File: 5828c80c42687ad⋯.jpg (934.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_inline_n2lq36Y5aW1s….jpg)


If a hypothetical temple, shrine or just place of worship (of the sky queen herself) were to physically exist, what would you imagine it to look like? 🤔



imagine the smelle


File: 4d309cc1bf6081a⋯.jpg (370.43 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Stonehenge-Pictures.jpg)


File: 253fc673de7cd24⋯.jpg (96.86 KB, 1098x567, 122:63, cathedraloflight.jpg)


File: f322962b36731ba⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 500x417, 500:417, cathedraloflight2.jpg)


File: b82926aaf03285c⋯.jpg (23.13 KB, 494x333, 494:333, 1552564054404.jpg)

File: c8150b5e7c77254⋯.jpg (45.31 KB, 150x202, 75:101, F7XmJn21o5-4VWc.jpg)


how incredible it is to me sometimes, how much i can love. how much of my marrow i can give.


File: e9bf8b32ea669c6⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 384x512, 3:4, oxford wall - daytime.jpg)

Soon you'll be like the rest of us. Nothing left.


I hope she's okay..


Her REAL name is KATIA!



Any proof of this??



How do you pronounce this?

File: 3cd5081f9f5b142⋯.jpg (810.62 KB, 2176x2768, 136:173, 1544967919391.jpg)


How many times do you pray to Cracky everyday?


File: d9895afccf30d57⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 321x321, 1:1, 1175545451317.jpg)

She tends to manifest without asking.




File: 6a5f17ea26a57ef⋯.jpg (275.19 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Cracky-chan-131 (2).jpg)


So how did you find her?

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Me, it was just before she stopped posting. I felt as though I missed out on a lot but I was still entranced. I tried to shake it off. I'd be considered quite old school now, but I was very young then so I didn't want to get involved. Later I was a Wakachan/IIchan /nevada/ regular and that was where I first ran into Yuckphelia, which led me to Crackyhouse and then the whole Cracky idolatry thing had me in for life.



Is Voat still around except amongst edgy kids?


I stumbled across a tumblr fanblog whilst looking for lain fanart. It was during a time when i had no friends and my gf had dumped me due to my shit mental health. I didn't know that this blog was a fanblog - i thought the girl in the photos (cracky) was the owner. I felt some kind of connection with her - like she would understand me. We liked a lot of the same anime, music, ect and she seemed like she wouldn't judge me for my problems. Plus we were the same age and gender. I wanted to message her, but before i had the chance i looked up "cracky chan" online to find out more about her - that's when i found out the truth. I suppose it hit me hard… i thought i'd found a friend, but it was only the ghost of someone long gone. I miss her


I was looking for a particular item and someone recommended I ask "Cracky-Chan" for it.

So I googled who said person was.


When I was an edgy 13 year old in 2008 I discovered 4chan and ED and I wanted to learn about every old meme.

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